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Over the past century, our Faculty has built and grown a culture of inquiry that develops the next generation of researchers who are addressing the global health care challenges of our time. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of nursing leadership in all areas of healthcare, research included. Nurses bring an important perspective to health-sciences research that is often overlooked, but makes an incredible impact on healthcare delivery and patient outcomes. The groundbreaking and high-quality research that is carried out at Bloomberg Nursing is made possible by the spirit of collaboration, cooperation, and drive to improve care that our researchers embody. Our research promotes better healthcare, shapes policy, helps prevent disease, and develops the scientific knowledge that drives nursing practice and improves patient care and health outcomes around the world.

For the past 100 years, the Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing has been a driving force for positive change in the nursing profession and the health-care system more broadly. Our faculty members have earned reputations as pioneers in research, demonstrating tremendous commitment to making a positive impact in the practice of nursing and in the health of the communities around the globe. The next century challenges nursing researchers with critical imperatives for improving health care, meeting the needs of diverse populations in Canada and around the world in the ever-changing landscape of healthcare. Our faculty members and students — many of whom are increasingly using and developing innovative technological interventions to conduct research and improve care — are well-equipped to continue leading research programs that lead to positive change in healthcare delivery and outcomes. In this year’s research report, we highlight the groundbreaking and meaningful research that our faculty members are engaged in. As we look to the future, we feel confident our Faculty will continue to lead the way, educating the next generation of nurse researchers, and making an impact on the healthcare system as a whole.

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2020 is a momentous year for Bloomberg Nursing and the profession of nursing. This year marks our Faculty’s 100th anniversary — a year to celebrate a century of nursing leadership in education, advocacy, and research. The World Health Organization designated this year as the Year of the Nurse and Midwife in recognition of nurses’ contributions in patient care, health promotion, and disease prevention in healthcare settings around the globe.

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Safe Sedation


The Power of Technology in Managing Pain


Indigenous Patients as Partners


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Building Future Researchers

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Impacts of Genetic Testing Encouraging Undergraduates


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Meet the Research Faculty

PROF. CHARLENE CHU Creating and evaluating technology to support the mobility and function of older adults with dementia in post-acute care






Mental health nursing practice, research and education

Improving patient safety during procedural sedation and analgesia

Enhancing care of the older adult with cognitive impairment

Prevention and treatment of hereditary breast and related cancers

Social inequities in health, social epidemiology and health disparities









Knowledge translation supporting health care providers’ decision-making

Fundamental nursing care needs of acute and critically ill adults craig.dale@utoronto.ca




Maternal and paternal health outcomes and postpartum depression



PROF. MONICA PARRY Patient-Oriented Research; Impact of Sex/Gender and Ethnicity across the Cardiovascular Disease Continuum

History of the nursing profession


Ethical concerns in community nursing, especially home care elizabeth.peter@utoronto.ca


PROF. DENISE GASTALDO Health as a social phenomenon, with focus on migration and gender





Commercial determinants of health and impact on health services and consumer information

The health of women and newborns from a global perspective

Geriatric frailty and oncology, and the health of older adults

Care and management of patients requiring mechanical ventilation




PROF. BONNIE STEVENS Assessment and management of pain in infants and children bonnie.stevens@sickkids.ca






Optimizing quality of cancer care and empowering patients

Patient safety, quality improvement and knowledge translation

Improving quality of life in children and adolescents with cancer







Pain management and long-term outcomes in the neonatal care environment

Optimizing long-term health of cancer survivors

Nurse workforce policy, work environments and patient safety


4 | Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing





Pain and symptom management of children and youth with chronic pain

Improving sleep and health outcomes in infants, children and parents

Nursing-related determinants of health care outcomes





Improving paediatric palliative and end-of-life care

Equitable access to culturally safe health care for Indigenous Peoples in Canada




READ MORE ABOUT OUR FACULTY AT: www.bloomberg.nursing.utoronto.ca /faculty-staff


Research Report 2018-2020 | 5

Digital gaming movement in long-term care Assistant Professor Charlene Chu’s research focuses on designing technological interventions that support the mobility and daily function of older adults in post-acute care settings (e.g. long-term care, rehabilitation, community). Dr. Chu’s goal of improving the lives of older adults and their caregivers means she takes a usercentered design approach to create these interventions. “I strongly believe that we cannot talk about technologies for older adults without talking to the people who use them,” says Chu. “A cornerstone of my research program is to include older adults and caregivers as stakeholders in order to ensure the intervention or technology can be seamlessly integrated into their lives, or the workflow of healthcare professionals, to maximize the likelihood that the intervention can be adopted.”

With the “Baby Boomer” generation aging, healthcare systems around the world will soon be faced with an increasing number of older adults who have multiple health concerns, sensory impairments (e.g., vision and/or hearing loss), and disabilities. Chu began her program of research after years of working as a staff nurse, where she witnessed the profound effects that function and mobility decline can have on the quality of life of older adults. “I saw the distress this caused patients and their caregivers, and I wanted to come up with solutions that would reduce their functional decline.”

6 | Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing

As part of the study, Chu and her team developed the “MouvMat” — an interactive digital gaming surface that is designed for older adults to encourage physical activity in a social and engaging way. MouvMat is comprised of a set of tiles each with an adaptive interactive digital surface with a touch screen, lights and sounds. Older adults can interact and play a game using the mat by stepping on it or tapping it with a pointer.

– Charlene Chu Assistant Professor

The intervention encourages not only physical movement, but social interaction as well, and Chu hopes the results of this research study will guide the development of a framework for an emerging industry of technologies devoted to supporting the health of residents in long-term care. “Institutions can use the MouvMat to encourage the physical mobility, cognitive stimulation and social engagement of nursing home residents. Building on this, our most recent grant from the Center of Aging and Brain Health Innovation is allowing us to see if this platform can be used for cognitive assessment,” says Chu. Chu’s future plans involve exploring multiple paths of applying technologies to support existing interventions or burgeoning areas of research. “Technology has the power to shift landscapes of power to amplify current hierarchies of privilege and marginalize other populations. This understanding forms the backdrop of my research so I’d like to explicitly investigate this as it relates to aging.”

Research Report 2018-2020 | 7



One of Chu’s recent investigations, “Developing and assessing an innovative exergaming technology for older adults living in long-term care homes with a user-centred design approach,” funded by the New Frontiers Research Fund, is a response to the urgent need to develop and assess innovative exergaming technologies — video games combined with physical activity — that can support the physical and cognitive health of long-term care residents.

Institutions can use the MouvMat to encourage the physical mobility, cognitive stimulation and social engagement of nursing home residents. Building on this, our most recent grant from the Center of Aging and Brain Health Innovation is allowing us to see if this platform can be used for cognitive assessment,

Residents living in long-term care homes spend up to 75% of their day in sedentary, socially withdrawn situations, which increases their risk for a number of health-related issues and increased care costs. During her PhD Chu tested the feasibility of an intervention and examined the facilitators and barriers to providing older adults with physical activity. To further address mobility decline in older adults living in long-term care, Chu is looking at using technology and digital health solutions to improve the physical health, cognition and well-being of older adults.

Assistant Professor Aaron Conway’s program of research focuses on making procedural sedation and analgesia as safe and effective as possible In 2018, Conway was appointed the RBC Chair in Cardiovascular Research at the Peter Munk Cardiac Research Centre for a 5-year appointment. The chair supports the integration of research, education and clinical work, with the goal of advancing cardiovascular nursing research – particularly related to the patient experience. As Chair, Conway’s goals including building nursing research capacity at the Peter Munk Cardiac Research Center, and progressing his research with the goal of improving outcomes for patients who undergo procedures involving sedation. Conway’s current research focuses on the safety and efficacy of sedation during cardiac procedures in particular. “The sedative medications we use during procedures can impair respiratory function in a patient, so it is typical for us to monitor ventilation using a device called capnography – essentially, it measures the concentration of carbon dioxide during breathing,” says Conway.


Capnography assists in the detection and diagnosis of specific conditions, such as partial airway obstruction and apnea (i.e., temporarily stopping breathing) during procedures. “Using capnography for respiratory monitoring during sedation is considered a high priority to improve patient safety.” When a patient is undergoing a procedure and sedationinduced respiratory depression takes place, the capnography monitor sounds an alarm to alert the nurse. The challenge — Conway says — is that clinicians may hear a high number of alarms during a procedure. “This can turn into alarm fatigue,” explains Conway. “Providers can get desensitized to alarms and then when more serious things happen, clinicians may respond to those alarms with less urgency than they may have otherwise if there were no alarm fatigue.” How a nurse responds to these alarms can make the difference between a good outcome and a disastrous one for the patient. Conway is setting out to decipher which capnography waveform abnormalities require nurses’ attention and intervention.

8 | Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing AARON CONWAY WITH A HIGH FLOW NASAL OXYGEN DEVICE

“ Using capnography during sedation is considered a high priority for patient safety. – Aaron Conway Assistant Professor

Safe Sedation

Currently, the capnography alarms sound off when an apneic event lasts longer than 10 seconds. “But in some cases, the apneic period may have self-resolved only seconds later, making the alarm unnecessary,” says Conway. “So if we can predict which apneic periods will self-resolve and which ones last longer and require intervention, we can automate alarm parameters for the monitor so that the alerts we get and clinical interventions we implement based on that alert may be more beneficial to a patient’s end-result.” Conway’s next step is a large study that involves examining capnography waveforms that have been collected through the anesthesia monitoring system at the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre at Toronto General Hospital to see if patterns can be identified that would predict when serious apneic events would occur to a person under sedation. This research addresses a fundamental concern patients and clinicians face with procedural anesthesia – how can it be as safe as possible? Identifying markers that can alert clinicians to address small abnormalities in breathing before they become serious issues will be an important step forward in ensuring safe hospital procedures involving sedation for all patients.

Research Report 2018-2020 | 9

The power of technology in managing pain Dr. Jibb is looking for interventions to better support quality patient care and outcomes in children’s home environments, including using mobile apps children and families can use to track their experiences, particularly related to pain.

“I am interested in harnessing the power of technology to support connectedness and provide realtime management to patients and families,” says Jibb. “The research I’ve conducted has included interviews with children and their families to understand their needs and the context within which they live, in order to develop supportive interventions.” Working with patients throughout the entirety of the research process — from study design to intervention implementation — Jibb’s hope is that by engaging patients and families, she will meet the needs of the people who are impacted by pediatric cancer. “I aim to partner with patients and their families to ask research questions—particularly those focused on supporting outpatient-based care—that are meaningful to children with cancer.” One of Jibb’s recent investigations was “Perceptions of Adolescents with Cancer Related to a Pain Management App and Its Evaluation: Qualitative Study Nested Within a Multicenter Pilot Feasibility Study”. The objective of this study was to determine if adolescents with cancer found the Pain Squad+ mobile app — an app intended for kids and adolescents to track and better understand their pain and share with their care teams — helpful. The results of the study found the app to be helpful to patients, and suggestions for improvements that came out of the study have been incorporated into an ongoing study aimed at assessing the effectiveness of the app on health and cost outcomes for adolescents with cancer.

I am interested in harnessing the power of technology to support connectedness and provide real-time management to patients and families.


In 2019, Jibb was appointed as the Signy Hildur Eaton – Lindsay Jibb Chair in Pediatric Nursing Research at the University of Assistant Professor Toronto and the Hospital for Sick Children. “The Chair gives me an amazing opportunity to conduct research while being entrenched in the clinical setting and directly working with children, families, and their interprofessional care teams. The environment is inspirational and extremely conducive to clinical research and education,” says Jibb.

10 | Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing

Children and adolescents with cancer are spending more and more time outside of the hospital, which is a welcome change of setting for both patients and their families. The lack of proximity to their care teams can be problematic when these children face issues that require care, whether they be physical or psychaosocial. But travel to the hospital can be expensive and disruptive to the family’s day-to-day functioning.

Jibb looks forward to developing research capacity in nurses to accelerate innovation in clinical care during her time as Chair. “Nurses are so well-positioned to identify clinical needs, work to develop solutions to issues, and be change agents in patient care, so it’s imperative to support them in advancing care. I have been very fortunate to be the recipient of excellent research and career mentorship and I’m keen to now be able to mentor other nurses to conduct practice-changing children’s health research.”

Research Report 2018-2020 | 11



Assistant Professor Lindsay Jibb’s research focuses on optimizing the care of children with cancer and their families in a holistic way — considering their physical, mental, social and emotional health, particularly when they are out of the hospital.

One of Wright’s recent investigations is “Indigenous mothers’ experiences of using primary care in Hamilton, Ontario, for their infants”. It explored how Indigenous mothers experience using healthcare services to meet the health needs of their infants. “In Canada, the infant mortality rate for Indigenous newborns is 2-3 times higher than average. In some communities, that number is even higher,” says Wright.


Dr. Wright’s experiences working as a Nurse Practitioner in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in Saskatoon, SK initially brought the full scope of these healthcare inequities to her attention. Many of the parents she worked with had to leave their Northern communities for weeks at a time in order to access healthcare. “I began to notice the differences of how these women accessed and experienced care,” says Wright. When she discovered

Wright led a qualitative research study guided by a TwoEyed Seeing framework that involved interviews with 19 Indigenous mothers and 12 health care providers from the Hamilton, Ontario urban area. This study aimed to understand how Indigenous mothers experienced using health services in the city to meet the health needs of their infants. Findings demonstrated that mothers want to build trusting relationships with their health providers and feel safe in their encounters with them. This requires that health providers understand how colonization continues to impact Indigenous families and to strive to understand the unique context and needs of each family they care for. Health providers can help promote access to health care through using effective communication strategies, non-judgmental care and a strength-based approach. “This work demonstrates the need for trauma informed and culturally safe approaches to care,” says Wright. “Nurses pride ourselves on taking a holistic approach to care, and we still have a lot of room for growth and improvement, particularly in thinking about the mental health needs of individuals as well as their emotional and spiritual needs.” Wright’s research findings can help health providers develop contextual-awareness to better recognize and respond to the health and well-being of Indigenous families. Providing culturally safe and family-centered care can lead to positive health care interactions, and may improve health outcomes for Indigenous infants and their families.

Wright and her team have since developed a video series in which the Indigenous mothers included in the research study share their experiences with accessing care. The goal is to share the videos with health providers to improve the care that Indigenous mothers and children receive in Canada. The videos will also be available for use in nursing education programs across the country to support the curriculum nursing schools are providing to their students.

Nurses pride ourselves on taking a holistic approach to care. – Amy Wright Assistant Professor

12 | Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing

Assistant Professor Quinn Grundy’s research program focuses on the commercial determinants of health and their impact on the delivery of health services, health evidence, and consumer health information. Her research encompasses three main themes: 1) the relationships between health professions and medically-related industry; 2) conflicts of interest and industry sponsorship within biomedical research and; 3) commercial influences in mobile health. “I’m particularly interested in how the activities and practices of corporations shape our health behaviours, health policies and health population outcomes, as this has been an overlooked piece of the broader social determinants of health,” says Dr. Grundy. In the United States, the Physician Payments Sunshine Act bill passed in 2010 to bring transparency to the relationships that physicians have with the pharmaceutical and medical device companies. Currently, there is no mechanism for such transparency in Canada. And thus far, there has been little exploration into how industry interacts with nurses and the effect this has on patient care. Through her clinical nursing experience, Grundy was aware that nurses, too, interacted with industry representatives much like their physician colleagues. “There is a false assumption that nurses don’t make decisions because they do not prescribe. This is untrue,” says Grundy. “Nurses have valuable institutional and patient/family knowledge. They’re the hub of a multidisciplinary team. They’re often involved in treatment and purchasing decision-making.”

influence nurses (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2018), she details how through such relationships, industry representatives gain insider access to decision-making within hospitals, raising the question of whether commercial imperatives are driving clinical decisions. Grundy’s future plans involve looking at the broader commercial influences on health information and consumer health beyond the hospital. One of Grundy’s recent investigations, for example, explored the ways that developers of medicines-related apps collect, share, and commercialize user data. Her team found that apps that claimed to be evidencebased delivered highly tailored sponsored content or product placement on the basis of user data. Nurses are often end-users of these apps, or suggest apps for medication adherence to patients and caregivers. “Tracing the flow of user data from these apps can lead to a better understanding of how this information is being used and the impact it has on consumer and public health,” says Grundy. Grundy aims for this research to translate to practice at the policy level. Her research has the potential to help inform decision-makers on how to create more independence from industry, and find ways to strengthen our healthcare system to provide the services, education and information that industry is currently providing.

Grundy began her program of research to understand the way nurses interact with industry representatives in clinical practice and the impact they have on care delivery or health systems. She met nurses who told her they interact with industry representatives every day. Sometimes the relationship was built into the nurses’ jobs — delivering in-services on new products or helping provide technical device support, and delivering free samples and gifts. In her book, Infiltrating healthcare: How marketing works underground to

Nurses have valuable institutional and patient/family knowledge. They’re the hub of a multidisciplinary team. – Quinn Grundy Assistant Professor


To address these inequities, Dr. Wright works closely with the Indigenous community. “My research is community engaged, meaning that it is completely collaborative with the Indigenous community to ensure the work is aligned with Indigenous traditions, needs and values, and meets the research priorities that they have,” she says.

there was very little information on how Indigenous parents access care for their infants and children, Wright set out to address the inequities.

Assistant Professor Amy Wright’s program of research focuses on equitable access to healthcare, cultural safety, and trauma and violence-informed care for Indigenous people. Access to healthcare is widely acknowledged as a social determinant of health, and can help mitigate the negative impacts of social inequity that disproportionately affects Indigenous people in Canada. Despite this, Indigenous people often experience difficulties accessing care.

Infiltrating Healthcare

Indigenous Patients as Partners

Research Report 2018-2020 | 13

Building Future Researchers

Consistently Ranked





Faculty international collaboration countries

*QS (2020)

Fellows in the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences

9 countries around the world

including Canada and US

among Canada’s top-15 research universities for citations in nursing publications

Awards International: 10 // Canadian: 16



Funding sources CIHR ··································································· 52% Foundations/Associations ····················· 33% Other Tricouncil ············································12% Government Agencies································7% SSHRC ·································································5% Women's Xchange········································3% New Frontiers in Research Fund ··········2% 14 | Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing

Jeanna McCuaig, in her third year of Bloomberg Nursing’s doctoral program, wants to ensure that all women with ovarian cancer have genetic testing which could have an impact on their outcomes. She is conducting research on the impact of reflexive (automatic) tumour genetic testing for the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes for women with ovarian cancer. Since 2018, Ontario has made genetic testing of ovarian tumour tissue part of standard protocols. While tumour genetic testing can streamline services and provide timely genetic information to personalize cancer treatments, there is no knowledge of the impact this testing has on clinical genetic services, comprehensive hereditary cancer risk assessments, and the patient experience associated with implementing this model of care.

in the world for H-Index citations *

Under the supervision of Professor Kelly Metcalfe, McCuaig’s research aims to close that knowledge gap by evaluating the impact of reflexive tumour genetic testing for high-grade serous ovarian cancer patients. McCuaig has had incredible success in obtaining funding to support her research, including a CIHR Women’s Health Clinical Mentorship Grant, American Board of Genetic Counseling Inaugural Research Grant, and a Queen Elizabeth II Graduate Scholarship in Science & Technology.

PhD students from

26 #1



Fellows in American Academy of Nursing


Impacts of Genetic Testing

Consistently Ranked in the top ten in the world




Nursing Faculty in Canada




With advances in precision medicine in recent years, women’s options and expectations of care have changed. Between 2007 and 2016, cancer genetics referral volumes have increased by 184% while the related genetic counselling workforce has only increased by 26%. This has led to long wait-times, with patients waiting an average of six months for an initial consultation. “At the same time, advances in personalized cancer treatment have increased the urgency of genetic testing,” says McCuaig. “For example, women with high-grade serous ovarian cancer may qualify for a certain treatment, but only if a BRCA1 or BRCA2 mutation has been identified through genetic testing.” With many hospitals and cancer centres around the world looking to implement new models of genetic service delivery to meet the current need, learnings from Ontario’s model could be far-reaching. McCuaig’s research findings could help change the status quo of genetic counselling and testing, and help improve models of care in Ontario and beyond in order to meet the needs of patients and their families, and ultimately improve patient outcomes.

“The hope is that my research findings would serve to both improve the current model at Princess Margaret, but also guide the national implementation of similar reflexive tumour testing for ovarian cancer.” says McCuaig.

The hope is that my research findings would serve to both improve the current model at Princess Margaret, but also guide the national implementation of similar reflexive tumour testing for ovarian cancer. – Jeanna McCuaig PhD student


Research Report 2018-2020 | 15

Building Future Researchers

“I heard about the Summer Research Program before I had even begun the nursing program at UofT and was excited about the chance to be a part of ongoing nursing research,” says Dana Bourque from the BScN Class of 2020. “I found all of the research topics so interesting and immediately knew that it was something I wanted to be a part of.” In the summer of 2019, 12 students participated in our Undergraduate Student Summer Research Program, which pairs students with faculty members to give them the opportunity to be introduced to research and be integrated into a faculty member’s program of research. Bourque was paired with Assistant Professor Craig Dale to contribute to his scoping review evaluating interventions to facilitate oral access (such as tooth brushing) for intubated adult patients who were critically ill or undergoing surgical procedures.

“With no prior research experience, I walked into the program not knowing what – Dana Bourque to expect. It was exciting Undergraduate student to be able to explore this topic in depth and gain an understanding of how much room for improvement there is regarding the oral access tools available to practitioners, nurses in particular,” says Bourque. “I have enjoyed learning about the process and appreciate the amount of time and effort that goes into every research project.”

16 | Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing

“The issue of early discharges is one that I see a lot in my clinical work at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health,” says Ling, who is an Advanced Practice Clinical Leader in the Medical Withdrawal Service at the hospital. “We know that patients who leave inpatient withdrawal management settings early generally have negative outcomes such as relapse to substance use and subsequent readmission to hospital.”

I want to develop a better understanding of this problem and ultimately identify opportunities to increase patient engagement and prevent early discharges from happening.

Bloomberg Nursing’s Undergraduate program requires applicants to have at least 10 completed university credits to apply. Before starting our nursing program, Bourque earned a bachelor of science degree with a major in biomedical science.

– Sara Ling PhD student

Part of Ling’s research will involve interviewing patients in order to have a deeper understanding of what contributed to their early discharges. At a time when Canada is in the midst of an opioid use crisis and more solutions are needed to help support those who enter treatment, Ling’s research is timely. Until now, there has not been any qualitative interview research on this subject, and Ling is looking forward to filling in the knowledge gaps. Her research also places a special emphasis on sex and gender differences, recognizing that males and females may have different reasons for and predictors of leaving treatment early. Women often face additional barriers to accessing treatment, for example, due to family obligations, such as concerns about childcare. Early discharge from withdrawal management settings is a major barrier for successful patient outcomes — typically defined as a reduction or cessation of substance use and improved physical health and psychosocial functioning. “Since early discharges are so prevalent in addictions settings,” Ling continued, “I want to develop a better understanding of this problem and ultimately identify opportunities to increase patient engagement and prevent early discharges from happening.” In identifying any early discharge predictors through her research, Ling and colleagues could potentially use this information to guide the development of interventions to prevent early discharges from occurring, helping improve patient outcomes.


Bourque enjoyed working on the project so much during her time in the summer program that she’s continued on with the research in a work-study position. “It’s been so fulfilling to see it all come together. My hope for this project is that it will provide the evidence needed to support the development of a tool that is safe and comfortable for patients, uncomplicated to use and cost efficient.”

Sara Ling, in her third year of Bloomberg Nursing’s doctoral program, is conducting research to understand why patients living with substance use disorder discharge early from withdrawal management settings, and what predicts these early — sometimes referred to as “against medical advice” discharges — that commonly occur when a patient leaves an inpatient hospital setting before their treatment goals are complete.

Under the supervision of Assistant Professor Cleverley, Ling is conducting multi-methods research that involves using administrative data to examine potential predictors of early discharge from an inpatient withdrawal management setting.

Once Bourque extracted the required data, she worked with her fellow student and co-reviewer to input all of the data into a master spreadsheet. “Although it can take some time and a lot of tweaking along the way to bring a project to fruition, it’s satisfying to continually make progress,” says Bourque.

Although it can take some time and a lot of tweaking along the way to bring a project to fruition, it’s satisfying to continually make progress.

Improving outcomes for patients in substance use disorder programs

“I looked through thousands of articles and chose to either include or exclude them in the review, first based on the title and abstract, then based on the full text,” says Bourque. She worked collaboratively with another student to resolve any conflicts about the decisions. “Once we decided on which articles to include, I requested full text versions through the library and begin the process of extracting the key data we needed for the study from each one. I also emailed authors to get more details about their reports when required in order to be as thorough as possible.”

Supporting Treatment


Research Report 2018-2020 | 17


Encouraging Undergraduates

Research Collaborations UNITED STATES Ann Arbor, MI (2) Atlanta, GA (1) Aurora, CO (1) Baltimore, MD (5) Bethesda, MD (2) Birmngham, AL (2) Bloomington, IN (1) Boston, MA (5) Burlington, VT (1) Camden, NJ (1) Chapel Hill, NC (2) Chicago, IL (1) Cincinnati, OH (2) Cleveland, OH (2) Columbus, OH (2) Davis, CA (1) Denver, CO (1) Duarte, CA (1) Durham, NC (3) East Garden City, NY (1) East Lansing, MI (1) Evanston, IL (1) Gainsville, FL (1) Greenville, NC (1) Houston, TX (2) Irvine, CA (1)


NORWAY Oslo (3) Kristiansand (1) Bergen (1)


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Jacksonville, FL (1) Kansas City, MO (1) La Jolla, (1) Long Beach, CA (1) Los Angeles, CA (2) Madison, WI (1) Memphis, TN (2) Minneapolis, MN (1) New Brunswick, NJ (1) New Hyde Park, NY (1) New York, NY (6) Omaha, NE (2) Philadelphia, PA (5) Phoenix, AZ (1) Pittsburgh, PA (3) Pomona, CA (1) Rochester MN (1) San Francisco (1) Seattle, WA (1) Stanford, CA (1) Storrs, CT (1) Tallahassee, FL (1) Tampa, FL (2) Washington, DC (2) Rochester, NY (1)

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Leuven (2) Brussels (1)

International PhD Students

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Bloomberg Nursing proudly welcomes and educates some of the best and brightest PhD students from Canada and abroad. Each of these students possesses a remarkable ability to transform intellectual curiosity and research findings into change that benefits patient care and outcomes in healthcare systems around the globe.







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A snapshot of our national and international research partnerships PERU

Our faculty have research partnerships in 38 countries. From Brazil to Switzerland, Cuba to Tasmania, Bloomberg Nursing’s faculty members engage with researchers around the world, making discoveries and sharing knowledge to improve healthcare delivery and outcomes for patients around the world. 18 | Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing

GHANA Accra (2)

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2018-2020 Awards and Distinctions

Inducted into the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences In 2018, Professor Emerita and Former Dean Dorothy Pringle was named a Distinguished Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences. She is one of a select group of Canada’s most accomplished health sciences researchers; there are no more than 10 Distinguished Fellows at any one time. Dr. Pringle’s research focused on the care and quality of daily life of older people with cognitive impairment and the contributions of their family caregivers. Professor Cindy-Lee Dennis was inducted as a Fellow in 2018, and Dean and Professor Linda Johnston and Professor Carles Muntaner were inducted in 2019. Dr. Dennis leads research into perinatal, maternal and paternal mental health; she is an internationally recognized expert on breastfeeding. She currently leads the Canadian arm of the Healthy Lives Trajectory Initiative, which has the goal of improving health and habits even before pregnancy. Dr. Linda Johnston, Dean and Professor, is a leader in nursing education, neonatal nursing research and a strong advocate of the value and necessity of evidence-based healthcare, knowledge translation and advanced practice education and training for the neonatal speciality nursing workforce. Dr. Carles Muntaner’s significant body of research in health equity, social epidemiology, health disparities, and work and health make him a valued contributor to policy development and research in organizations such as the World Health Organization. Bloomberg Nursing has a total of 11 Faculty members who are Fellows of the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences.

Inducted into the American Academy of Nursing Professors Elizabeth Peter, Doris Howell and Robyn Stremler were inducted into the Academy in 2018, and adjunct faculty member Joy Richards was inducted in 2019. Dr. Peter investigates moral distress among nurses, and has a particular interest in nursing ethics. Dr. Doris Howell leads research into cancer care, patient-reported outcomes and self-management with the goal of empowering patients. Dr. Robyn Stremler’s research focuses on sleep from infancy through adolescence; she is developing apps to monitor sleep health. Dr. Joy Richards is Vice President Patient Experience and Chief Health Professions at University Health Network, which has the largest hospital-based research program in Canada. Bloomberg Nursing has a total of 17 Faculty members who are Fellows of the American Academy of Nursing

Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing Dr. Sioban Nelson, former Dean of the Faculty of Nursing, was awarded the 2019 Ethel Johns Award. The Ethel Johns Award recognizes distinguished servicers to nursing education in Canada. Dr. Nelson has made outstanding contributions to nursing education in Canada and internationally, such as through her work on the Canadian Nurses Association’s National Expert Commission for the Future of the Health Care System and through her collaboration with colleagues to develop a model of interprofessional education and practice.

Canadian Association of Nurses in Oncology In 2018, Dr. Martine Puts received the Award of Excellence in Nursing Research for her work to improve health outcomes for older adults diagnosed with cancer.

Inducted into the Canadian Nurse Educator Institute Dr. Linda McGillis Hall was inducted as a Fellow of the Canadian Nurse Educator Institute in 2019. Dr. McGillis Hall was recognized for her contributions to nursing education, particularly through her timely research into the change of license to practice requirements in Canada, as well as her research into the role and integration of internationally educated nurses in the Canadian health care system.

Royal Society of Canada Dr. Jennifer Stinson was admitted as a member of the Royal Society of Canada’s College of New Scholars, Artists and Scientists in 2018. Dr. Stinson is a leading researcher in pain management in children. 20 | Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing

Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association

Dr. Doris Howell received the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2019 for her contributions to oncology nursing in patient-reported outcomes and symptom self-management by oncology patients.

Dr. Kim Widger received the Pediatric Award of Excellence in 2019. She was recognized for her research, mentorship and education in pediatric hospice palliative care. She has led research to improve uptake of palliative care across pediatric hospitals in Canada and to identify end-oflife health care use for children.

Council of Ontario University Programs in Nursing Dr. Martine Puts received the Scholarship into Practice award in 2019, and Dr. Craig Dale received the award in 2020. Dr. Puts received the award for her work on improving care for older adults with cancer by implementing comprehensive geriatric assessment. Dr. Puts holds the Canada Research Chair in Care of Frail Older Adults. Dr. Dale was recognized for his work improving oral health and hygiene in ventilated patients in critical care settings. Dr. Dale was a CIHR Embedded Clinician Scientist (2016-2020).

Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario Dr. Robyn Stremler received the Leadership Award in Nursing Research in 2019. Dr. Stremler was recognized for her outstanding contributions to research into child and family health research, through her work on sleep from infancy to adolescence.

National Leadership Network of Ontario Research Award Dr. Lianne Jeffs was awarded the Research Award in May 2019 in recognition of her research into quality and safety particularly related to transitions in care. Dr. Jeffs is the inaugural Research and Innovation Lead and Scholar in Resident at Sinai Health System.

Sigma Theta Tau International Lambda-Pi-at-Large Dr. Kim Widger received STTI’s Dorothy M. Pringle Award for Excellence in Nursing Research in 2018. Dr. Widger’s research focuses on end-of life-care for children suffering life-threatening illness or conditions.

International Awards

Canadian Association of Psycho-Oncology Dr. Doris Howell received the CAPO-CIHR Institute of Cancer Research Award for Research Excellence in 2018. Dr. Howell’s research has focused on improving health outcomes for people with cancer by incorporating patient-reported outcomes into care management.

Dr. Cindy-Lee Dennis is the recipient of the 2018 International Marcé Medal in recognition of her international work in perinatal mental health. Dr. Martine Puts received the Calabresi Medal in 2018 from the International Society of Geriatric Oncology in recognition of her research and leadership in geriatric oncology. Dr. Sioban Nelson received the University of Virginia’s Agnes Dillon Randolph Award in 2018 for her contributions to the field of nursing history.

Dr. Carles Muntaner received the American Psychological Association/ National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health Gwendolyn Puryear Keita Award for Social Justice and the Welfare of Working People in 2019, in recognition of his outstanding contributions to the field.

Dr. Denise Gastaldo was awarded a doctorate, Honoris Causa, from the Universidade da Coruna, Spain, in 2019 in recognition of the impact of her research and her capacity-building work for Spanish nursing research.

Dr. Quinn Grundy received the Sigma Theta Tau International Emerging Nurse Researcher Award in 2020. Dr. Grundy is interested in the privacy and consumer health information, and commercial interests in health and how they affect health care delivery.

Research Report 2018-2020 | 21

Pediatric Palliative Care Matters

Quality of Life in Older Adults with Cancer

Canada Research Chair focused on advancing understanding and delivery of high-quality pediatric palliative care

Research program for improving quality of life and health outcomes of older adults with cancer

In 2019, Associate Professor Kimberley Widger was awarded a five-year Tier 2 Canada Research Chair in Pediatric Palliative Care. Tier 2 Chairs are awarded to exceptional emerging researchers who are identified as leaders in their field by peers. Dr. Widger’s program of research focuses on examining and enhancing the structures, processes and outcomes of care provided to children living with a life-threatening condition and their families. During her tenure as Chair, Widger will address key knowledge gaps in this area to advance the understanding and delivery of high-quality pediatric palliative care.

Associate Professor Martine Puts was awarded a Tier 2 Canada Research Chair in Care of Frail Older Adults in Fall 2018. An international leader in the field of geriatric oncology, Puts’ research program focuses on improving the quality of life and health outcomes of older adults with cancer — a growing segment of the Canadian population.

“My vision is that every family of a child diagnosed with a life-threatening condition receives optimal pediatric palliative care throughout the illness regardless of where they receive care and the outcome of the illness,” says Widger. To achieve this, she is working to identify indicators and develop validated methods for measuring pediatric palliative care quality, and assess the current quality and impact of pediatric palliative care on patient, family, and health system outcomes. Currently, there are no good tools available for measuring quality of life for children with life-threatening conditions. Widger is looking to change this. One of her first tasks as Chair involves interviewing children, their families and other healthcare professionals on what should be measured to assess quality of life in order to develop such a tool. “Quality of life is one of the most important things we can measure since that is one of the things we are trying to improve as part of delivering high-quality palliative care,” says Widger. “This tool could also be used in research to test a specific intervention or compare different models of palliative care to see which works best at improving quality of life.” The urgency of achieving the vision for Widger’s program of research has grown since Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID) was legalized in Canada in 2016. As a member of the panel convened by the Canadian Council of Academies to synthesize evidence on MAID for mature minors, much of Widger’s previous research on the delivery of specialized pediatric palliative care in Canada

Kim Widger CRC 22 | Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing

was featured prominently in the report, which highlighted the need for all children with life-threatening illness to have access to high-quality palliative care, whether eligible for MAID or not. “Without full access to high-quality palliative care early in the trajectory of a life-threatening condition, children and families who are struggling may feel their only option is to choose MAID,” says Widger. “It is critical to increase the understanding of what constitutes high-quality palliative care and how to deliver it, both to reduce the need for MAID in Canada as well as to address the needs of the estimated 21.5 million children worldwide who might benefit from palliative care.”

“Few older adults are included in clinical studies of cancer,” says Puts, “which means there is limited evidence about which treatments work best for this population and how they affect patient outcomes.” During her tenure as Chair, Puts aims to address this gap in research by evaluating existing interventions by engaging older adults with cancer in research to ensure the interventions are relevant. She has embarked on a multi-stage program of research to develop and evaluate an online tool that patients, caregivers and clinicians can use to determine the most effective care approaches for this population. Puts is currently engaged in a multicentre randomized controlled trial: “Clinical and Cost-effectiveness of a Comprehensive geriatric assessment and management for Canadian elders with Cancer—the 5C study”, which examines the clinical and cost-effectiveness of comprehensive geriatric assessment and management for older adults with cancer across multiple cancer centres throughout Canada. To do this, Puts is recruiting 350 individuals with cancer over age 70 across Canada, who contribute to the research process. “The patients will be involved in the development of all interventions,” says Puts, a novel approach in this field. The goal is to improve the quality of life of older adults living with cancer.

Quality of life is one of the biggest reasons why older adults with cancer consider accepting or refusing treatment with chemotherapy. “This study is the only one we know of that uses quality of life as the primary outcome,” says Puts. While she holds the Chair, Puts aims to not only improve the health and wellbeing of frail older adults, but to build capacity in an underserved and growing population whose health issues comprise a significant portion of Canada’s health expenditures. Puts’ research findings will provide oncologists in cancer treatment centres in Canada and around the world with access to geriatric assessment and recommendations that improve healthcare systems and health outcomes for this vulnerable population, and will empower older adults with improved knowledge about their health and self-management. “In developing these interventions for older adults with cancer, we can make a significant impact on not just the health care delivery, but also health outcomes of this patient population,” says Puts.

“When an older adult is diagnosed with cancer, the first thing clinicians do is perform a screening for frailty called the Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment (CGA),” says Puts. The CGA can help clinicians decide which chemotherapy drugs or combinations are most appropriate based on the patient’s existing health conditions and the medications they currently take. A more targeted treatment approach can reduce side effects and improve the efficacy of medication – leading to better outcomes and better quality of life.

Martine Puts CRC Research Report 2018-2020 | 23

2018-2020 Research Funding Awarded

Improving the Lives of Cancer Survivors Research chair allows assistant professor to optimize the quality of life of those who have completed cancer treatment Assistant Professor Samantha Mayo was appointed as the RBC Financial Group Chair in Oncology Nursing Research in September 2019. This Chair is supported jointly through affiliations with the University Health Network, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre and the Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing at the University of Toronto. Mayo’s research focuses on understanding the needs of cancer survivors — particularly those with blood cancers such as lymphoma and leukemia. Through her work, Mayo aims to optimize the long-term health of cancer survivors by understanding patterns and predictors of late and long-term effects of cancer treatments, investigating biological mechanisms, and designing interventions to mitigate the negative impacts of these effects. “We know that even after their cancer treatment is over, individuals experience ongoing challenges with physical and mental health, which can impact practical aspects of life, such as return to work and social relationships,” says Mayo. “These patients receive very intensive treatments that pose risks for long-term quality of life.” Mayo’s patient-oriented research involves interviewing survivors, which provides a deeper understanding of the emotional and functional impacts on an individual’s everyday life after cancer treatment. In consultation with survivors and point-of-care clinicians from across the country, Mayo has identified a need to continue to develop and test tailored interventions for this population that will help them manage their physical health, mental health, re-integration, and also the need for clinician resources for survivorship care. To address these priorities, Mayo is establishing a multi-pronged, patient-oriented research program in order to determine the long-term physical and psychosocial needs of this population. “By learning more about who is most likely to experience these impairments, interventions can be developed and tailored to help patients and their families minimize any negative impact of these impairments on their everyday lives,” says Mayo. As Chair, Mayo plans to enhance cancer-nursing research by supporting novice nurse researchers to improve the care — and health outcomes — of cancer survivors. “Given the integral role of nurses and the health professions in the care of cancer survivors, one of my priorities as Chair is to enhance the integration of clinicians as trainees within this research program,” says Mayo.

Sam Mayo PMH Chair 24 | Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing

Evidence-based practice is best facilitated by strong mentorship, and many nurses at the point-of-care have clinical questions and research ideas that arise from their practice., Mayo hopes to provide mentorship and research opportunities for nurses and other health profession colleagues who are interested in engaging with research or participating in knowledge translation or scholarship activities to improve patient care and health outcomes of this population. “There have been many treatment advancements that have led to greater control of these diseases, and therefore enhanced survival,” says Mayo. In fact, lymphoma survivors are currently one of the fastest growing groups of cancer survivors in Canada. “So I’m investigating how to enhance this survival, and optimize the quality of life of these individuals.”




Title of Research Project


C. Chu (PI), R. Biss, M. Chignell (Co-Is)

New Frontiers in Research Fund


Developing and assessing an innovative exergaming technology for older adults living in long-term care homes with a user-centred design approach


C. Chu (PI), R. Biss (Co-I)

Centre for Aging and Brain Health Innovation

Spark Program

Developing an at-home sensor system to detect social isolation and functional decline in high-risk older adults in the community


C. Chu (PI), S. Khan (Co-I)

Centre for Aging and Brain Health Innovation

Spark Program

Developing a gamified assessment tool to estimate physical and cognitive decline in older adults living in nursing homes


C. Chu (PI)

Women’s Xchange

15K Challenge

Designing exergames for older women living in long-term care homes to optimize their health


C. Chu (PI), R. Beleno, et al. (Co-Is)

Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Catalyst Grant: Patient-Oriented Research

Assessing the physiological and behavioural effects of orally ingested cannabidiol (CBD) in older adults with dementia living at home


R. Wang, C. Chu (Coapplicants)


Strategic Investment Program

Commercializing games for a haptic rehabilitation robot


K. Cleverley (lead)

University of Toronto

Institutional Strategic Initiatives Seed Fund

Mental health for students and youth


K. Cleverley, D. Shime, E. McCann, (co-PIs), L. Jeffs et al. (Co-Is)

Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Transitions in Care – Evaluation Grants

Facilitating effective mental health care transitions for youth: Evaluation of the transition support worker model


D. Korczak (PI), K. Cleverley, M. Parry, et al. (Co-Is)

Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Project Grant

Measuring cardiovascular Outcomes of Depression in referred Youth (MODIFY)


J.L. Henderson, G. Chaim, A. Cheung, K. Cleverley (co-PIs), MA Barwick, et al. (co-Is)

Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Project Grant

Community-based integrative collaborative care teams to enhance service delivery to youth with mental health and substance use challenges: A multi-site pragmatic randomized controlled trial


D.E. Wiljer (PI), K. Cleverley, et al. (Co-Is)

Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Planning & Dissemination Grant

Disseminating findings from the ‘Bridging the Gap’ Study: A study examining a digital tool to transform mental health and wellness help-seeking in transition-aged youth


D. Korczak (PI), K. Cleverley et al. (Co-Is)

Canadian Children’s Hospital Foundation

Implementation of a youth suicide prevention intervention: Learning how to export nationally


K.J. Bennett (PI), B. Andrade, K. Cleverley, D. Courtney et al. (Co-Is)

Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Planning & Dissemination Grant

TRUSTY: A knowledge dissemination tool to strengthen practice guideline literacy and promote their use in child and youth mental health care decision-making


J.L. Henderson, J. Relihan, L.D. Hawke (PIs), K.D. Cleverley, et al. (Co-Is)

Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Operating Grant; Patient-oriented research impact assessment grants

Impact of youth and caregiver engagement in youth and mental health and substance user service development: A patientoriented research study.


J.L. Henderson, S. MacEachern, S.P. Barbic, L.D. Hawke (Co-PIs), K. Cleverley et al. (Co-Is)

Canadian Institutes of Health Research

COVID-19 Rapid Research – Social Policy and Public Health Responses

Youth mental health and substance use in the context of COVID-19: A rapid response multicomponent program of youthengaged research and action.


Research Report 2018-2020 | 25




Title of Research Project


A. Voineskos (NPI), K. Cleverley (Co-PI), et al., TAY-CAMH Cohort Study Team

Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

Discovery Fund

The Toronto Adolescent and Youth CAMH Cohort Study


A. Conway (PI)

University of Toronto Connaught Fund

New Investigator Award

Pilot randomized controlled trial of nasal high flow oxygen during procedural sedation and analgesia


Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation and Saskatchewan Centre for PatientOriented Research

Sprout Grant

Towards improving the quality of life for long-term care residents: Exploring the current factors affecting healthcare provision and health outcomes


Canadian Gerontological Nursing Association

Research Grant

B. Whitney, C.A. Estabrooks, A.S. Wagg (PIs), L.A. Cranley, et al. (Co-Is).

Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Project Grant

C. Dale (PI)

The Ontario Lung Association: Breathing as One

Allied Health Research Grant

C. Dale (PI)

The Network for Canadian Oral Health Research

R. Compton (PI), L. Cranley et al. (Advisory Committee), M. Wallis et al. (Co-Is)

R. Compton (PI), L. Cranley et al. (Co-Is)

Building capacity among nurses working in long-term care: A systematic review of qualitative evidence





Title of Research Project


J.A. Knight (PI), C-L. Dennis et al. (Co-Is)

Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Catalyst Grant: Canadian Research in Urgent Areas

Parental cannabis use in the perinatal period and child outcomes: Capturing changes with legalization in the Ontario Birth Study


C.S. Birken (PI), C-L.E. Dennis et al. (Co-Is)

Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Project Grant

PRECEDE: Preconception risk factors and Cardiometabolic health in Early childhood


D. Gastaldo

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council


Pathways to precarity facing Canadians in the global gig economy: Implications for public policy


A. Cortinois (PI), D. Gastaldo et al. (Co-Is)

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council

Insight Development Grant

Fractured families, fractured communities: Comparing the lived experiences of temporary foreign workers and indigenous people relocating from rural to urban areas in Canada


I. Sakamoto (PI), D. Gastaldo et al. (Co-Is).

University of Toronto

Dean’s Network Award, Faculty of Social Work

Margins to frameworks: Praxis-ing immigrant/racialized/ marginalized communities’ tacit knowledge in anti-oppressive community organizing


J. Shaw (PI), D. Gastaldo et al. (Co-Is)

University of Toronto

Dalla Lana School of Public Health

A critical analysis of academic impact: A case study of the Centre for Critical Qualitative Health Research


W. Rogers (P.I.), J. Johnson (Co-PI), Q. Grundy et al. (Co-Is)

Australian Research Council

Discovery Grant

Support of sales. Medical device representatives in Australian hospitals

AUD $311,000

Q. Grundy (PI)

University of Toronto Connaught Fund

New Investigator Award

Conflict of interest as ethical shorthand: Articulating and managing the range of “non-financial” interests and their impact on biomedical research


E.M. Hillan & J.S. Aitchison (Co-PIs)

Alva Foundation

Foundation Funding Support



D. Howell, L. Moody (CoPIs), G.M. Devins, et al. (Co-Is)

Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Planning and Dissemination Grant

Canadian Association of Psycho-oncology (CAPO) 2018: Tailored and Targeted Interventions: The new psychosocial frontier


D. Howell

Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Travel Awards

Technology and Innovation supporting the health of older adults (S. Budhwani, doctoral student IHPME))


Study on the personalized recommendation system for symptom management of patients with breast cancer based on big data


SUSTAINMENT, SUSTAINABILITY, AND SPREAD STUDY (SSASSy): An exploratory study of factors that contribute to the sustainment, sustainability and spread of a complex quality improvement intervention in Canadian Nursing Homes


A multi-centre randomized controlled pilot and feasibility study of the implementation of an oral care intervention with concurrent de-adoption of oral chlorhexidine prophylaxis for ventilated critically ill patients (The CHORAL Study)


A multi-centered stepped wedge cluster randomized controlled trial (RCT) of the de-adoption of oral chlorhexidine prophylaxis and implementation of an oral care bundle for ventilated critically ill patients (The CHORAL Study)


Understanding the social determinants of health from the standpoint of patients: An institutional ethnography of mental health, addictions and poverty in the lives of people with chronic pain


Managing Pain in Collaboration in the Intensive Care Unit (MPIC-ICU): Impact on clinical practices and patient outcomes


F. Wu (PI), D. Howell (Co-I)

National Natural Science Foundation of China

Scaling up psychological treatments for perinatal depression and anxiety symptoms via telemedicine


J. Cafazzo et al (Co-PIs), D. Howell, L.A. Jibb, S. Mayo, J.N. Stinson, et al. (Co-Is)

Canadian Cancer Society/Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Cancer Survivorship Team Grant Survivorship

Virtualizing survivorship: Implementing a more timely and comprehensive model of follow-up care


A randomized clinical trial of at-home transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) for depression in pregnancy


M.L. Quan (PI), D.M. Howell, K.A. Metcalfe et al. (Co-Is)

Cancer Survivorship Team Grant Survivorship

Preparing to survive: Improving outcomes for young women with breast cancer


@PandemicPregnancyGuide Study: A cross-sectional survey given via social media to understand sources and level of distress among pregnant individuals during the COVID-19 pandemic


Canadian Cancer Society/Canadian Institutes of Health Research

I. Mucsi (PI) D. Howell et al. (Co-Is)

Kidney Foundation of Canada

Biomedical Research Grant

Patient reported outcome tools for better assessment and patient centred kidney care


F. Webster (PI), C. Dale et al. (Co-Is)

Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Project Grant

C. Gélinas, D.P. Laporta (Co-PIs), C. Dale, L. Rose, et al. (Co-Is)

Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Project Grant

D. Singla (PI), C-L. Dennis et al. (Co-Is)

Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute

S.N. Vigod, D.M. Blumberger (Co-PIs), C-L.E. Dennis, et al. (Co-Is).

Canadian Institutes of Health Research

T. Bolger (PI), C.L. Dennis et al. (Co-Is)

St. Michael’s Hospital Foundation

A. Bérard (PI), C-L Dennis et al. (Co-Is)

Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Rapid Funding for DSEN Targeted Research

Canadian multi-province cohorts of pregnant women and children


I. Mucsi, S.J. Bartlett (Co-PIs), D.M. Howell, et al. (Co-Is)

Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Project Grant

Electronic patient reported outcome measures to improve patient-centered solid organ transplant care


P.A. Gregory et al. (PIs), C.L. Dennis et al. (Co-Is)

Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Transitions in Care

Facilitating transitions and access across the pregnancy continuum of care – A health system intervention for Indigenous women living in northern Manitoba


K. Haase (PI), D. Howell, M. Puts et al. (Co-Is)

Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation

Establishment Grant

A prospective mixed-methods study of self-management in older adults with cancer and multimorbidity in two Canadian provinces


P.A. Gregory (PI), C.L. Dennis et al. (Co-Is)

Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Project Gran

Facilitating access across the pregnancy continuum of care – A health system intervention to improve care transitions and health outcomes for Indigenous women in northern Manitoba


L. McCarthy, S. HahnGoldberg (Co-PIs), L. Jeffs et al. (Co-Is)

Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Transitions in Care – Best and Wise Practices

PODS meets PROMPT: Enhancing medication support at transitions in care


26 | Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing

Project Grant

Research Report 2018-2020 | 27

Investigators R.G. Maunder (PI), L. Jeffs et al. Co-Is)

Sponsor Canadian Institutes of Health Research


Title of Research Project

Operating Grant – COVID-19: Public Health Response and its Impact

Peer Champion Support for Hospital Health Care Workers: It’s a Marathon not a Sprint

Awarded $498,900

L.A. Jibb (PI), et al. (Co-Is)

Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Patient Oriented Research Catalyst Grant

Setting a new research agenda in pediatric cancer: A prioritysetting partnership with patient-, survivor-, family- and clinicianknowledge users


L. Jibb (PI), Q. Grundy (CoPI), et al.

New Frontiers in Research Fund


Children’s privacy and mobile health applications: An analysis of data sharing practices and impact


L.A. Jibb (PI), J.N. Stinson et al. (Co-Is)

Garron Family Cancer Centre Clinical Advisory Council and Pain Centre and Hospital for Sick Children

Innovation Grant

PainSquadTM: Implementation of an app into routine clinical care to help kids with cancer track their pain.


L.A. Jibb (PI), J.N. Stinson et al. (Co-Is)

Rally Foundation

Young Investigator Award

Building mHealth capacity to manage pain in young children with cancer


S. Mayo (PI)

Canadian Association of Nurses in Oncology

Research Grant

Prevalence of cognitive difficulties across tumour sites


K. McGilton, M. Robertson (PIs), M. Puts et al. (Co-Is)

Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Transitions in Care – Best and Wise Practices

Transitional Care Programs: Advancing our understanding of what works


A. Iaboni (PI), K. McGilton, C. Chu et al. (Co-Is)

Age Well – NCE

Core Research Catalyst Grant

Location tracking-based health status indices and their integration into clinical support tools in long-term care


S. Khan, A. Iaboni (Co-PIs), K.S. McGilton, et al. (Co-Is)

Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Catalyst Grant: Analysis of CLSA data

Development of machine learning models to characterize homebound status in older adults in Canada


H. Chertkow, N.D. Anderson, M.K. Andrew, et al., including K.S. McGilton (Co-PIs)

Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Canadian Consortium on Neurodegeneration on Aging

Phase Two of the Canadian Consortium on Neurodegeneration in Aging


J.M. Bethell (PI), K.S. McGilton, et al. (Co-Is)

Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Catalyst Grant: Analysis of CLSA data

The association between loneliness and cognitive decline and the roles personality traits may play


Project Grant

Computer vision for daily monitoring of gait instability to detect an increased risk of falling


CFNU National Nurse Study: Outlook on Nursing Study





Title of Research Project


N. Baxter (PI), K. Metcalfe et al. (Co-I)

Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Planning & Dissemination

BEFORE: Education and dissemination of an oncofertility decision aid


K. Shankardass (PI), C. Muntaner et al. (Co-Is)

Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Project Grant

Strengthening the implementation of “Health in all Policies” at the county/municipal level in Ontario and Quebec using realist explanatory case studies and knowledge mobilization


C. Muntaner (Co-Lead)


Evaluation of the Rio framework on social determinants of health


T. Bodin (PI), C. Muntaner (Co-PI)

Swedish Research Council for Health, Working Life and Welfare (FORTE)

Programme Grants: Working Life Related Challenges 2019

Effects of non-standard work arrangements on health, work and families – solutions for the future in Sweden


P. O’Campo (PI), C. Muntaner et al. (Co-Is)

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council

Insight Development Grant

Improving experimental designs for social science research: refinements to the single case experimental design


S. Nelson (PI)

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council


Understanding the root causes of violence within the nursing profession


M. Parry (PI)

Diabetes Action Canada (SPOR)

Patient-Oriented Research Intercentre Trainee Internship Award in Diabetes and its Complications

Telling Stories: Uncovering the sex and gender influences on the self-management of type 2 diabetes in on-reserve Indigenous Men and Women (H. Kewageshig, doctoral student)


M. Parry (PI)

Ontario SPOR Support Unit


Building capacity for patient-oriented research (POR) in clinical trials, translating the evidence in practice policy and outcomes: The POR STEPP Digital Health Project in Ontario


L. Pilote (NPI), C. Norris & V. Raparelli (Co-PIs), M. Parry (Co-Lead, KTE) et al. (Co-Is)

Canadian Institutes of Health Research/ Gender Net Plus ERA-NET

Co-Fund on Sex, Gender and UN Sustainable Development

Gender Outcomes InterNational Group: To Further Well-being Development (GOING-FWD)


M. Parry, A.K. Bjørnnes (CoPIs), J. Stinson, J. WattWatson et al. (Co-Is)

Women’s XChange

15K Challenge

Her Heart Matters: Uncovering the cardiac pain experiences of women with disabilities through patient journal mapping


A. Dhukai & M. Parry (Co-PIs), R. Stremler et al. (Co-Is)

Women’s XChange

15K Challenge

South Asian women together in a Health Initiative (SATHI): A pilot randomized controlled trial (A. Dhukai, doctoral student)


A. Iaboni, B. Taati (Co-PIs), K.S. McGilton et al. (Co-Is).

Canadian Institutes of Health Research

L. McGillis Hall (PI)

Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions

P. Trbovich & M. Hamilton (Co-PIs), L. McGillis Hall et al. (Co-Is).

Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Project Grant

Developing a pan-Canadian tool to proactively assess hospital opioid controls and improve medication safety


J. Gegus (PI), M. Parry et al. (Co-Is)

University of Toronto

Instructional Technology Innovation Fund

Using interprofessional student-directed simulation to enhance critical thinking and collaboration in emergency situations in community health settings


K. Metcalfe, A. Eisen (CoPIset al. (Co-Is)

Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Project Grant

Outcomes associated with direct rapid genetic testing at time of breast cancer diagnosis


M. Puts (PI)

Canada Research Chairs

Tier 2

Care of Frail Older Adults


K. Metcalfe (PI), J. McCuaig (Co-I)

Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Operating Women’s Health Clinical Mentorship Grant

Genetic testing in females with ovarian cancer: Impact of reflexive tumour genetic testing on clinical care (J. McCuaig, doctoral student)


M. Puts (PI)

Kidney Foundation of Canada

Allied Health Professional Doctoral Fellowship

Predicting patient participation and their outcomes during endstage kidney disease treatment decisions (L. Yeung, doctoral student)


J. Kotsopoulos (PI), K.A. Metcalfe, S.A. Narod (Co-Is)

Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Project Grant

Outcomes following salpingectomy in BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutation carriers


M. Puts (PI)

Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Travel Award

Impact of falls on older adults (S. Sattar, doctoral student)


J. McCuaig, R. Kim, A. Fernando (Co-PIs), K.A. Metcalfe (Co-I)

American Board of Genetic Counselors

Research Grant

The patient experience and psychological response to reflexive BRCA tumor genetic testing (J. McCuaig, doctoral student)


M. Puts (PI)

Canadian Cancer Society Research Institute

Travel Award

Impact of falls on older adults (S. Sattar, doctoral student)


28 | Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing

Research Report 2018-2020 | 29



D. McIsaac (PI), M. Puts et al. (Co-Is)

Physicians Service Incorporated Foundation

S. Alibhai, M. Puts (Co-PIs)

MOHLTC-Ontario Medical Association

S. Alibhai (PI), M. Puts (Co-I)

Prostate Cancer Canada

R. Amin, F. Buchanan, A.S. Gershon, et al., including L. Rose (Co-PIs)

Canadian Institutes of Health Research

L. Rose, B.H. Cuthbertson, M. Srinivas (Co-PIs), C. Dale et al. (Co-Is)


UHN Academic Medical Organization Innovation Fund

Title of Research Project


Catalyst Grant: SPOR Innovative Clinical Trials

Streamlining mhealth education through a Research Kitenabled multiple baseline study of the iCanCope app for youth with chronic pain


Comprehensive Health Assessment for My Plan (CHAMP)


J. Stinson (PI), S. Ahola Kohut, et al. (Co-Is)


2018 ASPIRE SCD Research Program

Skype-based Peer to Peer Support (iP2P) Program for youth with sickle cell disease: A feasibility randomized controlled trial


J. Stinson (PI), L Jibb et al. (Co-Is)

Pediatric Oncology Group of Ontario

Seed Grant

Validating a questionnaire to assess the use of complementary health approaches among children with cancer and their parents (M. Alquudimat, doctoral student)


Q. Pham, J.A. Cafazzo, J. MacIver, et al., (Co-PIs), J.N. Stinson et al. (Co-Is)

Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Project Grant

Actionable analytics for optimized heart failure management and self-care


S.H.L. Lim, E.M. Pullenayegum (Co-PIs), J.N. Stinson et al. (Co-Is)

Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Project Grant

Accelerating discoveries: The employment trajectory of young adults with systemic lupus erythematosus


S. Ali (PI), J. Stinson et al. (Co-Is)

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council

Canada-UK Artificial Intelligence Initiative

Using AI-enhanced social robots to improve children’s healthcare experience


R.P. Bonin, R.L. Bosma (Co-PIs), J.N. Stinson, J.H. Watt-Watson et al. (Co-Is)

Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Planning & dissemination Grant

University of Toronto Summer Institute in Pain


M. Moayedi; M.P. McAndrews (Co-PIs), J.N. Stinson et al. (Co-Is)

Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Project Grant

Baseline brain and behavioural predictors of treatment response in pediatric MSK pain


L. Kelly, C. Moore Hepburn, G.W. ‘t Jong, et al. (Co-PIs), J.N. Stinson et al. (Co-Is)

Canadian Institutes of Health Research and Canadian Cancer Society

Team Grant: Cannabis Research in Priority Areas

Cannabis for symptom management in children with cancer: A demonstration project by the Canadian Childhood Cannabinoid Clinical Trials Platform (C4T)


P. Parkin, M. Colford, L. Rourke, PT Li (Co-PIs), R. Stremler et al. (Co-Is)

Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Catalyst Grant: SPOR Innovative Clinical Trials

PREVENT: Probiotics for EVEry Newborn vs Treatment asNeeded Comparative Effectiveness Trial


K Widger

Canada Research Chairs

Tier 2

Pediatric Palliative Care


K. Widger, A. Jakda (Co-PIs)

Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Project Grant

Predictors of pediatric palliative care involvement and its impact on healthcare intensity, utilization and cost (PPC Impact)


A. Kassam & S. Gupta (CoPIs), K. Widger et al. (Co-Is)

Pediatric Oncology Group of Ontario

Seed Grant

Understanding end-of-life health care utilization in young adults with advanced cancer


K. Widger, C. Feudtner (Co-PIs)

Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Project Grant

Patterns of Pediatric Palliative Care for All Children’s Costs, Outcomes, health-care Utilization and Non-utilization Trajectories (PPC-ACCOUNT)


M. Matsuda-Abedini, A. Dart (Co-PIs), K. Widger et al. (Co-Is)

Children’s Hospital Research Institute of Manitoba

Operating Grant

Development and validation of a patient-reported outcome measure for children with chronic kidney disease (PRO-Kid)


A. Wright (PI)

Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Indigenous Gender and Wellness Travel Awards

The role of Indigenous mothers in caring for the health of their infants


A. Wright (PI)

Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Planning & Dissemination Grant

Promoting access to culturally safe health services for Indigenous mothers and their infants



Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Project Grant

Process Evaluation of the SuDDICU trial: An international randomized cluster crossover trial of the impact of a preventative antibiotic regimen (SDD) on patient outcome and antibiotic resistance within intensive care.


L.D. Burry, H. Wunsch (CoPIs), L. Rose et al. (Co-Is)

Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Project Grant

Sedatives newly prescribed following intensive care unit admission among sedative-naïve elderly patients: Understanding the risks of falls and determining targets for deprescribing (SNOW-FALL)


C. Chambers & D. Maynard (Co-Directors); S. Ali, M. Barwick, A. Bombay, F. Campbell, M. Campbell-Yeo, B. Stevens, J. Stinson et al. (Leads)

Networks of Centres of Excellence

Knowledge Mobilization network

Solutions for Kids in Pain (SKIP)


R.L. Bosma, W. Cachia, F. Campbell, et al., including B.J. Stevens, J.N. Stinson (Co-PIs)

Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Training Grant: SPOR National Training Entity Letter of Intent

The National Training Entity in Patient Oriented Research: Leveraging the Expertise and Experience of the Chronic Pain Community


CT Chambers (PI), B Stevens et al. (Co-Is)

Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Planning and Dissemination

“It doesn’t have to hurt”: Towards a patient- and family-focused digital health tool to improve children’s pain management – A Consensus conference


Building sustainable and meaningful engagement of patients and families in pediatric chronic pain research and care (K. Birnie, Post-doctoral fellow)


#PartneringForPain: Taking action together on family-identified priorities in pediatric chronic pain.


J. Stinson (PI), K. Birnie et al. (Co-Is)



S. Lindsay (PI), J.N. Stinson et al. (Co-Is).

Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Health and Productive Work

Partners for enhancing healthy and productive work for young men and women with disabilities


S.J. Anthony (PI), J. Stinson et al. (Co-Is)

Canadian Institutes of Health Research/ Hospital for Sick Children

New Investigator Grants in Maternal, Reproductive, Child & Youth Health

Measuring what matters: Integrating patient-reported outcome measures into clinical practice


Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Catalyst Grant: Patient-Oriented Research

Partnering for Pain: Mobilizing stakeholders to co-design health care services to prevent pediatric chronic pain

30 | Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing


Canadian Institutes of Health Research

A virtual transition intervention for children and adults transitioning to home ventilation in Ontario: A pragmatic randomized controlled trial

J.N. Stinson, I. Jordan, J. Marianayagam, et al. (Co-PIs)

Title of Research Project

J.N. Stinson, J. MarianayagaM.C. Ouellette et al. (Co-PIs)

Team Grant Transitions in Care: eHIPP solutions for transitions in care gaps

Travel Award




Canadian Institutes of Health Research


Functional improvement trajectories after surgery study: A multicentre prospective cohort study to evaluate the incidence, trajectories, risk factors, impact and healthcare costs

Towards a comprehensive support intervention for older or frail men with mCRPC (TOPCOP2)

J. Stinson (PI)



Research Report 2018-2020 | 31

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Research Report 2018-2020 | 33

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36 | Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing

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Research Report 2018-2020 | 37

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Editor-in-Chief John Daly

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Impact Spotlight

INTEGRATING KNOWLEDGE OF PAIN INTO PATIENT CARE “Hospitalized children receive up to 10 painful procedures per day for diagnostic and treatment purposes,” says Professor Bonnie Stevens. “Pain is a complicated phenomenon that has significant consequences for future behaviour and brain development, and treatments for pain may also have consequences on the developing brain. It is important to find an appropriate balance between the effects of untreated pain and the effects of treatment, to ensure these infants have the best possible outcomes.”

Dr. Stevens is world-renowned for her research on the assessment and management of pain in hospitalized infants. Her focus

now is on integrating this new knowledge into patient care/ practice, so young infants and children are spared from as much pain and related consequences as possible. Stevens developed a knowledge-translation tool to share these findings with clinicians. “We are aiming to ensure that the tool that we have developed to share this knowledge — the Implementation of Infant Pain Practice Change (ImPaC) Resource — is readily available and feasible for use by busy healthcare professionals. Our current study includes 18 Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICUs) across Canada to ensure widespread generalizability.” If the study demonstrates that the ImPAC Resource is effective, Stevens hopes to make it available online for any healthcare facility that provides care for children to access and use, with the hopes that it will ultimately increase the knowledge and skills of healthcare professionals and decrease pain and suffering for hospitalized children.

Hospitalized children receive up to 10 painful procedures per day for diagnostic and treatment purposes...” – Bonnie Stevens Professor

46 | Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing

IMPROVING ADOLESCENTS’ SLEEP “Sleep is a key pillar underpinning health,” says Associate Professor Robyn Stremler. “Missing out on sleep has an effect on all aspects of a person’s physical and mental health. There is also a societal cost to sleep deprivation with increased health care costs, poor school performance, and work absenteeism.” Dr. Stremler’s research is aimed at improving health for families with healthy, typically developing infants and children, and families whose child is experiencing acute or chronic illness. She uses technology such as wearable devices to generate real-time assessments of sleep behaviour in order to deliver tailored interventions to improve sleep and other health outcomes for the populations she studies

Stremler. “Teens found the app very engaging, and using technology to help shape their sleep was very appealing to them.” Stremler’s next step is to conduct a full-scale study of the project and determine how long the benefits of using the SOmNI app can be maintained, and if the additional sleep results in improvements in other health outcomes, such as a reduction in depression and anxiety.

Stremler recently completed a pilot study with 60 adolescents who usually sleep less than 8 hours a night (recommended sleep for teens is 9 hours). Her SOmNI app — paired with a wearable sensor — was designed to help teens set a goal bedtime and slowly move their bedtime earlier each night. The adolescents were given tailored feedback, reminders, and information on their sleep through the app. “Teens who used the app achieved 43 more minutes of sleep on school nights and reported they were better able to get to school on time and pay better attention in class,” says

Sleep is a key pillar underpinning health...” – Robyn Stremler Associate Professor Research Report 2018-2020 | 47

LAWRENCE S. BLOOMBERG FACULTY OF NURSING University of Toronto 155 College Street, Suite 130 · Toronto, ON M5T 1P8 416.978.2392

48 | Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing