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September 2014

Sweet Treat Jurianne Matter launches her much awaited Autumn 2014 Collection of textile and ceramic goodies. Page 3

Bitten by the Travel Bug Bloesem goes international! We share the latest and greatest travel finds in our Amsterdam City Guide. Page 9


but not cheap




Oh My Sweetness

The Perfect Gift

Editor’s Note #B.Instagood Dutch Design

For Everyone Bloesem Class Just the Beginning




Travel Guide

Vintage Ceramics

Coming up! Weaving & Macramé Marketing for Makers

Come travel with Us Around Amsterdam Berry Popsicles

What’s Cooking? Ode to Handmade Do it Yourself!

59 Eng Hoon Street #01-79 Tiong Bahru Singapore


September 2014

Sweet! Never actually realized there are five (or six, if you’re Asian) basic tastes. Perhaps you already knew this but I thought it was quite interesting to find out that similar to what primary colours are for the eyes, our taste buds like the basics of sourness, saltiness, bitterness, savory, spiciness and, last but not least, sweetness! But let’s face it, except for the hard core spice lovers (there might be some of those amongst us perhaps), if you had to make a choice of only one taste (for the rest of your earthly life) surely it would have to be sweetness. Apart from all the pleasures associated with a sweet taste, the word has such a positive connotation (ignoring for a moment the negative rep sugar has these days) it is hard to think of any better word to describe all things beautiful in life. Right? Sweetie, my sweet baby, sweet tooth…should I go on? Well, at Bloesem we agree with you. We like sweetness in all its pleasurable dimensions and sensations, most importantly of course we crave design that is sweet on the eyes. Sweetness in all the things we do at Bloesem, something to nurture and treasure from within. Much like the embryonic lifestyle and fashion that will shape a new era according to the prophecy of trend watchers, we intend to relish in the new softness of the all-encompassing sweetness that surrounds our world of design. New ideas and initiatives that will evolve into innovative models for our industry. Sweet is the new slow. Where the slow movement is asking us to slow down and pause, taking in the world around us in all its sweetness, we want you to use your new found time to connect with you, your true passions and talents. So more down to earth, you guessed it right, we are going sweet this quarter. While munching away on all sorts of sweets in our studio, we decided to have one simple objective for this issue of the Bloesem Gazette. After browsing through our new quarterly, we want you to scream and shout: Sweet! We’ll take you on a sweet tour, with stopovers in Amsterdam, a dive deep into the world of vintage ceramics, pastel colors and floral patterns, gift ideas, recipes and DIYs. Oh my sweetness… Irene xoxo

B.instAgood We could not have gone through doing up another Bloesem Gazette without leaving space to feature our favourite form of social media. Instagram is mostly fun and games Follow Bloesem on Instagram

(you will know that if you join our Be Insta Good! class taught by Jelito de Leon), but it’s


also a great way to catch up with everything Bloesem-related, for us and you both! For us, instagram let’s us do a little innocent stalking of our students to see how they got on in class and how they continued with their crafts back home. Thank goodness for hashtags right? Follow the 3 Bloesem hashtags below for everything Bloesem related. Thank you to everyone who has helped spread the Bloesem word through their beautiful snaps. ps. learn how to make beautiful pics for your instagram then come to our class! #bloesemshop

Images by @zaaras - 2,3,5


@meikwee - 1



Contributors Founder // Irene Hoofs

Ernica Ding Managing Editor // Zara Salahuddin

Contributor // Anouk van der EL

Contributor // Chong Mei Kwee

Irene is a long way

Zara stumbled upon

Mei Kwee Chong is

Anouk is the designer

from home but she


the newest member


definitely isn’t lost. The



mastermind behind

globe trotter and her

world of Instagram,




family have cozied up

decided to jump the

from NUS Division


to sunny Singapore and



of Communications


the result: The Bloesem

ship and has never

and New Media, she

Time Capsules and

Creative Space in Tiong

looked back. She

lives and breathes

most recently, the

Bahru. The energetic

spends her days in

social media both

Little Quote Jar. She

mom of 2 also founded

the Bloesem studio

in and out of school.

is the voice of reason

Bloesem Class, the school you go to be inspired

writing, styling and creating content for the

Apart from managing Bloesem’s social media

and source of comedy in the Bloesem studio,

by the who’s who in the world of design and

Bloesem blogs. After spending too much time in

platforms, she helps out in the organization of

always ready to serve up some useful advice

creativity. This crafty lady also makes her own

university on Youtube and blogs, she found her

creative classes and maintenance of Bloesem’s

or constructive criticism for anything Bloesem

products, from dainty necklaces to hand woven

true passion in social media. Luckily for Zara, her

online shop. She also has a passion in layout

related. Thank you Anouk, you make us smile!

cushions, and shares her love for hand made

day job allows her to dabble in everything from

design and spends her free time scrap-booking

goodness on both of her blogs, Bloesem Living

photography to DIY craft projects.

and cafe-hopping. - insta @zaaras

insta @meikwee

through wonderous



marketing Make of

and Bloesem Kids. - - insta @bloesemblogs - insta @makehistoryco

History products,




September 2014

She was here

Jurianne matter

One of the first teachers to kick off Bloesem class, Dutch designer Jurianne Matter, shares her experience in Singapore and some post class advice. We are also drooling over her 2014 collection, don’t mind us. Bloesem Team // What did you think of teaching your first Bloesem class? Jurianne // It was so exciting! First of all the location was very inspiring of course. Irene and her team have a certain touch, you feel your creative juice start flowing as soon as you enter the Bloesem Creative Space! The Bloesem students were so nice and had diverse backgrounds which made it very interesting to work with them. It is great to pass your experience and knowledge on to people who love to learn from you. And the results were remarkable! BT // Any post-class advice for those who attended you class? M // Don’t forget to get a Pinterest account, so you can practice moodboarding every day. But watch out: It’s highly addictive. And secondly (they heard me saying this several times during the workshop - stay strict in the choices you make for your moodboards!

Don’t opt for second best. Only choose the piece you feel is exactly right. That is what will keep your style as clear as possible! BT // What is one spot in your home town that never fails to turn your day around? M // The village I live in (near Amsterdam) is actually quite boring itself. But I have this huge forest right behind my house. Heather, woods, low hills, Scottish highlands, deer and birds. This is where I start my day, power walking for one hour, even sometimes when it rains. I can’t do without it anymore! BT // If you could teach your next class anywhere in the world, where would it be? M // I would love to teach in Amsterdam of course, London is absolutely on my list and I dream of teaching in Berlin or Munich, would love to teach in German as an extra challenge! BT // What is one thing you miss most while you were in Singapore, and one thing you miss most now that you are back home? M // It was funny, although I loved the tropical climate, what I missed the most was our fresh Dutch spring temperature (20 °C). What I miss here are the polite, kind and relaxed Singaporeans, what nice people! BT // Though you were only in Singapore for a few days, can you tell us 5 spots you loved or visited while you were here? M // Firstly, Tiong Bahru area, where the Bloesem store is located, was my absolute favorite. It has a kind of small town atmosphere, beautiful architecture and some lovely shops. Secondly, Emerald Hill Road, a breathtaking area, a sleepy and authentic kind of village just around the corner of crazy Orchard Road with all its malls, cars and people! The third spot has got to be the Art Science Museum which Irene nicknamed ’The Glove’. Very impressive building! One night Irene took me to the PS café at Dempsey Hill for a mojito and truffle fries...what an awesome place! This is the superlative degree of hip and happening, if you ask me. Huge trees, nice view, very laid back feel, for instant relaxation after a day of hard work! Last but definitely not least, the Botanical Gardens. I took several walks there, admired dozens of varieties of palm trees, saw waterlilies the size of a huge restaurant tray and luckily I didn’t run into the local anaconda! BT // Any places in particular in Singapore that you would definitely bring your family to visit? M // I am sure my husband and sons would be thrilled with one night in the swimming pool at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel with a view over the city. BT // Did you try any of our Singaporean dishes? What did you think of them? M //Oh yes, I was completely blown away by the Singaporean food culture. The food is so tasty and healthy! My favourite dish was Nasi Lemak with Beef Rendang. As soon as I came home to Holland I started looking for recipes and now it’s on my weekly menu, my men love it!

Photography and styling by Valerie Delsman


September 2014

the perfect gift for him

for her Earth tu Face skin care


Put on your skin, what you would put in your mouth. Earth tu Face is a 100% natural skincare line, free of toxins or synthetic







Studio Roof Teknika Traffic

beautiful candles. Even if he isn’t much of a “candle guy” we are sure these candles are going to change his mind. SGD 55

her you care with their great smelling


are captured in this range of

for kids

Let the little ones’ imagination run wild with this cardboard

Skandinavisk candles


products. SGD 43 - 60

Lovely Pigeon notebooks Pearls in neon

traffic pop out toy. It even comes with policemen.. who else is going to keep the streets of toy land safe? SGD 13

Dear hanger

The stylish solution for note taking.

These porcelain hangers are

These A6 sized notebooks feature

available in different animal

Dare to wear pearls! 125 AA+

copper foiled geometric designs

designs. To be used as a hook for

freshwater pearls knotted together

and comes in almost every colour

garments, or just as decoration

with bright neon pink thread to give

under the sun. We are sure you’ll

in your home. SGD 22.50

it a modern and funky look. Just

find one you fancy. SGD 12

right for the trendy go-getter. SGD 120 - 240

Lucie Kaas dishware dishware


blanket or a pram cover to shield the baby from the sun. Comes in

a great gift for him. Each

5 different characters, the pirate,

box contains 23 magnets to

iconic ‘lotus’ design and and pitchers

the Bu! Blankies work as a baby

face magnets are definitely

Lucie Kaas features its comes in bowls,

One of our all-time best sellers,

Let the boys play! Fun tribal

The beautiful range of ceramic

Bu! blankies

Studio Roof magnets

the panda, the bear, the red

create even more patterns


Indian and the bear. SGD 49

and shapes! SGD 26

in multiple

colours. SGD 29 - 89

Tiny Cottons wear Hasami

Keecie Iphone slip The stylish solution for phone

A great gift for any lady of the

scratches and cracked screens.

house. This small oak tray from

Keecie’s full leather handmade

Japanese label, Hasami, is multi-

Iphone slip covers sure are a bang

functional and just an all-round

for your buck, no pun intended.

great product to have in the

SGD 32

kitchen. SGD 65

Desinere concrete paperweights

Tas-ka lamp




from only the best cotton with adorable patterns for everyday comfort and style by new Spanish label, Tiny Cottons for babies and kids ages 0 to 4. SGD 24.90 - 69

Studio Roof stool A small solid beech stool for

This beautiful folded origami

the little ones that can also

paper lamp is a collaboration

double up as a mini kids

between Studio Snowpuppe and Tas-ka and comes all the

table. Use it as a portable

Rok is a paperweight handmade by Singaporean designer, Melvin

way from the Netherlands.

dining table or a surface to

Ong. The industrial and raw nature of concrete works beautifully

The cheery colours are sure to

do colouring on (of course

with this decorative object creating a focal point wherever you

put anyone in a festive mood.


choose to place it. SGD 34 - 42

SGD 99



crayon). SGD 135

Vintage ceramics

Alfredo Gonzales socks set

Castell Avarca sandals 100% leather and handmade


The perfect present for

in Spain, these sandals are all

handpicked vintage ceramics

the fashion forward male

the hype right now. The Avarca

from big names such as Arabia,

loved one. A set of 5 funky

sandals come in a whole range

West Germany, Stig Lindberg

socks with a beautiful gift

of colours and patterns. Say the

and many more, for a gift with

box to boot. SGD 79

magic word ... frozen ... and she

sentimental value! SGD 49 - 179

will love to wear them. SGD 98







between the stool and the


September 2014



// Just the Beginning

We truly scored with this amazing Bloesem Class space! At the heart of a creative and up and coming neighbourhood, the space has a good atmosphere and lots of natural light. Perfect for crafting and getting your hands dirty! With the past 6 months of classes, we have gotten amazing feedback from both students and teachers and could not have asked for a better start to the Bloesem Class journey. Thank you everyone who has attended and supported Bloesem Class thus far, and of course an extra big thank you to our teachers who have come from all over to share their craft with us. You can look forward to many more classes in the months to come, everything from more social media classes to gift wrapping for the jolliest time of the year, so stay tuned!


September 2014

Class Roster

28 - 30 Aug

Shibori Dyeing with Indigo

// Arounna Khounnoraj (Canada)

Textile genius and screen printing expert, Arounna Khounnoraj is the brains and hands

sign up

behind Bookhou designs, beautifully screen printed and sewn products with emphasis on natural materials. Making her way to our sunny

island, she is going to teach us Shibori dyeing techniques – definitely in trend for 2014-2015. Be prepared to get your fingers stained as you learn to transform plain white fabrics into impressive original patterns. You also get to

14 - 15 Oct

walk away with your personalized Shibori tote


bag and scarf and proudly say, “Hey, I did this!”

// Natalie Miller (Australia)

Natalie Miller, the queen of knots, will be heading down to our side of the world this October to teach us macramé – the art of decorative knotting. Learn the basic knotting

23 - 24 Oct

techniques to make a variety of styles, designs and patterns that will definitely

The Art of Visual Story Telling

challenge the old-fogyish accents of the

// Irene Hoofs

1970s. You will also learn to web your very own macramé pot hanger, which we believe

With over 8 years of experience in blogging and

will add a fresh modern look to your home.

creating content online, Irene Hoofs, founder of

With these ‘knotty’ skills at your fingertips,

Bloesem, will be going over all the tips and tricks

you will be able to explore future macramé

of how to create online content for your blogs

projects on a grander scale. So will you be

and other forms of social media like Facebook,

signing up for this class or knot?

Twitter, Instagram etc. Specifically catered to newbie bloggers, the class will be split into two 2-hour sessions - theory and practice - for you to put your best foot forward online. Along with understanding the process of searching and creating original content, the class will also equip you with the basics of Photoshop, such as editing images and creating collages.

10 - 13 Oct

Tapestry Weaving

// Natalie Miller (Australia)

Weaving is no granny’s past time… to this fiber artist, maker and weaver from Australia, Natalie Miller, it is her source of escapism and satisfaction. A registered architect and a mom of 3, Natalie has been creating the most beautiful tapestry weavings in her vibrant and eclectic studio. We are

18 - 21 Sep Be Insta Good!

// Jelito de Leon (Philippines)








photographer from Manila whose photographs

extremely lucky to get to see her live in action on how to weave beautiful woven wall hangings – an interior accessory that has recently found its way onto the walls of many sleek and stylish homes. Be prepared to get your hands tangled with yarns and definitely have a wooly good time!

are inspired by the daily things he sees around him. A very popular Instagrammer with over 50k followers, we couldn’t think of a better person to teach us about Instagram than Jelito

20 - 23 Nov

himself! Learn how to take shots that stand out on Instagram and optimize this platform for your small businesses. And yes, we will be looking forward to seeing your beautiful feeds after the class too!

Candle Making

// Anne & Luke Suthern (Australia)

Anne and Luke Suthern hail from the land down under and the sweet couple are also the makers of the Deckle and Hide candles that Bloesem carries in our store. Their candles come in 5 scents and are made from 100% botanical ingredients. In this class, participants will learn the secret to making beautiful and unique scents using botanical oils. They will then learn how to make soy container candles scented with their own individual scents. You can even bring your own candle jars so each candle is even more special!


September 2014

Letter Press

With fewer and fewer companies offering letter press services, this class is a must-attend! The technique of relief printing using a printing press has been around since the mid 15th century and though it is difficult to get your hands on a letter press, we still see many cards and books being made using the technique. With it’s exquisite finishing, it is no surprise that the demand for letter press stationery is still on the rise. Let us show you the ropes and help you create your own personalized letter press stationery. Visit for more class details.

Coming soon

Gift Wrapping

We have a huge line up of classes you should look out for, so check out our website and social media platforms for more updates!

With the present giving season just around the corner, the Bloesem Team will be organizing a 4-part gift wrapping series. We will be teaching 16 of our favourite gift wrapping techniques over 4 weeks. Join us and make


your gift wrapping as covetable as the gifts themselves, making them even more exciting to receive! Warning:

With the success of our previous calligraphy classes and an

Some recipients might not even bare to open the

overwhelming demand for us to bring back the class, we are

beautifully wrapped presents. You’ll just have to take it as

finally putting down a concrete date for more calligraphy fun!

a compliment. Intrigued? has all the details

If you think that your handwriting is terrible or are worried that

you’ll need about this class.

you have no previous experience with Calligraphy, we want you to remember one saying “ If you never try, you’ll never know.” Sign up for class at

Food Styling Marketing for Makers

One of the most highly-requested classes has

Want to turn your potential into a professional

obviously it does not come as a shock to us

and profitable business? Plug into the energy

being in Singapore, constantly surrounded by

of other like-minded creators and watch your

its great food culture. It has long surpassed

business accelerate in this unique Bloesem

the need for food to just taste good but to be

Class. You will learn how to define and refine a

both presentable and even photogenic. Learn

marketing strategy that you can put into action

the ways of an industry expert, little tricks to

right away. We are firm believers in quality over

make food look enticing whether it’s for your

quantity, so you will walk away with loads of key

business or just making everyone jealous

concepts and action steps on PR, online and

of your food adventures. Book your spot at

visual storytelling, SEO, pricing guidelines and before its all sold out!

got to be Food Styling and Photography, and

work sheets – all wrapped in a nifty handbook. After this class the marketing of your brand will be just as much fun as the creative process. If you mean business as well, visit

Screen Printing If you like creating your own patterns, you will love screen printing. Learning

Tassel Making If




the basics of screen printing on seen


everywhere, we are here to tell you again, tassels are making a huge come back. We see them on dresses, necklaces, keychains, even earrings. They are a great statement piece to jazz up any outfit. Learn to make your own tassels in all kinds of advanced designs and bright colours (choose neon for a real pop!). You’ll be amazed at the number of different tassels you will be able to create, because we are too. Head over to to grab a spot in class.

fabric is just the first step to creating products with your own signature pattern.




baby clothes to personalized tote bags, t-shirts and tea towels. The possibilities are endless! Find out more at


September 2014

A dessert for every season Words and desserts by Andrea Goh

If I had to absolutely pick just one season, it would be Fall. I call it the season of inspiration. It is the most colorful season of the year, the best-dressed and a period where many fall in love. Caramelized pears atop a warm moist vanilla cake is one of the best comfort dessert to enjoy during autumn. I dream of hot chocolate, the marigold flames of a (non-existent) fireplace whenever December arrives. When the thunderstorms hit as it often does during year end, I close my eyes and imagine that it is snow flurries, not raindrops that descend onto the ground. I will hustle over to the stove and whip up this easy-to-bake, decadent hot baked chocolate that is guaranteed to win over any chocoholics. It is best advised to enjoy this in your PJs and in the arms of a loved one.

Hot Baked Chocolate Serves 2 sweeth tooths

Ingredients 130g semi-sweet chocolate chips 45g butter 2 small eggs 2 tbspn caster sugar Icing sugar, mint leaves and berries for decoration

Directions Preheat oven to 180’C. Melt chocolate and butter using the double-boiled method. Whisk eggs and sugar in a separate mixing bowl till frothy. Slowly pour in the melted chocolate mix into the whipped eggs. Divide evenly into 2 ramekins and bake for 12 minutes or till the top forms a crust. Sift icing sugar over, top with some fresh berries and a mint leaf and serve immediately.

Photography by Franz Navarette Art direction by Hosanna Swee & Melody Tan


September 2014

Hit the Sack Stout & Co

Super nice, small scale design hotel. Run by the two architecture agencies on the ground floor. The rooms and garden terrace look smashing, the breakfast is the best hotel breakfast I have ever had and loved the complimentary international design magazines and Aésop body care products! Hoogte Kadijk 71

Hotel IX

Newest and only boutique hotel in the famous ‘9 streets’ shopping area with 5 beautifully designed suites. HARTENSTRAAT 8

Hotel Dwars

The 9 cozy rooms of this hotel each offer a nice ‘home away from home’ vibe. Located just a few steps from the Utrechtsestraat, this is the perfect starting point for your city exploration.

Hit the Sack: Stout & Co


Utrechtsedwarsstraat 79

Our friend and founder of Make History, Anouk van der El acts as our tour guide as she takes us around our favorite city in the world

Hotel Droog

Amsterdam, sharing her favorite and must-visit spots.

This one bedroom hotel is without a doubt the most stunning of them all. If you have a special celebration and your budget allows it, then surrender yourself to the splendour of the Droog dynasty! Enjoy the view, the spacious room with design galore, the ‘room service’ café below, the spa, the beautiful courtyard and all the inspiration that the store and studio of design company, Droog, has to offer.

Although born and raised in Rotterdam – Amsterdam’s biggest rival – I fell in love with Amsterdam instantly when I moved there 12 years ago. A picnic in the Vondelpark, exploring Amsterdam’s fun neighbourhoods (by bike!), boat rides along the canals or visiting a museum, Amsterdam has it all but still feels like a small village. This summer I saw Amsterdam in a whole new light. As I had moved to Singapore the year before, I was now a tourist. So I explored as many new and old hot spots as humanly possible. Here are some of my favourites. Be sure to rent a bike, it’s by

Staalstraat 7B

far the fastest and easiest mode of transport! Shop Stop: Felice

Culture Rijksmuseum

After an entire renovation the ‘Rijks’ opened its doors again in 2013. The stunning architecture and the amazing collection that include the works of Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Vermeer and many others make this a must see. Buy your tickets online and come at 9 am on a weekday to avoid long waiting lines. Museumstraat 1

Stedelijk Museum

A short stroll from the Rijksmuseum, this is Amsterdam’s museum of modern and contemporary art and design. Again, book tickets ahead and online. Museumplein 10


Amsterdam’s Photography museum. Keizersgracht 609

Festival & Festivities Parade

An outdoor theatre festival with colourful tents and a vintage carousel that are surrounded by small food stalls and bars. Usually happens in mid August and lasts 17 days. Martin Luther King Park

Koningsdag (King’s Day)

Shop Stop: Moooi

It’s not only the King who celebrates his birthday on April 27th. The whole country goes crazy and orange for this special day. Street trade is allowed everywhere and there’s a good openair party on every street corner in Amsterdam.


September 2014

Hit the Sack: Hotel De Goudfazant

Shop Stops: Sukha

Shop Stops: The Otherist

Shop Stops: Store without a Home

Thirst Quenchers Hiding in Plain Sight

Shop Stop: Human Beauty

Shop Stops Restored

Award-winning cocktails are shaken here, next door to Gebroeders Hartering (See ‘Time for Food’).

This charming store offers a platform to design talents and tiny labels. The store is a visual treat by itself!

Rapenburg 18

Haarlemmerdijk 39

Vesper Bar

The perfect spot for pre- or after-drinks in the Jordaan neighbourhood! Vinkestraat 57

Hugo’s Bar and Kitchen

Cocktail bar and restaurant. Happy oyster hour every Saturday and Sunday 3-7pm. Hugo de Grootplein 10

The Butcher

This exclusive cocktail bar is hidden in the back of The Butcher burger joint. Reserve your table and you will get access with the latest secret password. Albert Cuypstraat 129

Shop Stop: Hear Hear


Jaw-dropping gorgeous new store in the Pijp neighbourhood with a surprisingly affordable collection of Japanese, Scandinavian and Italian brands. The founders are architects so next to the fashion, you can also shop floors, curtains, kitchen and dining tables here. Gerard Doustraat 88


The most L O V E L Y stationary shop in town. De Clercqstraat 130

Hear Hear

Cute two story shop in the center of the city with a collection of treasures (think cards, prints, jewelry and ceramics) from all over the world. Heisteeg 8

Anna + Nina

Lifestyle, accessories and other wanna (gotta!) haves. Gerard Doustraat 94 // Kloveniersburgwal 44

We Are Labels

Beautiful minimalistic Scandinavian and Japanese clothing, and very affordable! Utrechtsestraat 68 // Huidenstraat 17 // Eerste van der Helststraat 58

Store without a Home

Large collection of home furnishings and design items. Haaalemmerdijk 26

De Vlieger

Biggest collection of paint, paper and anything else your creative heart could wish for. Amstel 34

Shop Stops: Maison Rika


September 2014

Time for Food STACH FOOD

A deli that has the yummiest fresh soups, coffee, sandwiches, treats (sticky toffee!) and take away meals for every hour of the day. With 5 outlets across the town, STACH is your best choice for a quick and healthy meal. Van Woustraat 154 // Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 52 // Nieuwe Hoogstraat 1 // Haarlemmerstraat 150 // Admiraal de Ruiterweg 77


This is the city’s best kept secret for lunch. They serve passion on a plate, all homemade and homegrown in their biological garden just outside of Amsterdam. Make sure you book ahead as its 6 tables fill up quickly.

Time For Food: SLA

Time For Food: Cafe Restaurant Amsterdam

Taksteeg 7 BG


Step into the world of good food at SLA. Their delicious and healthy salads, juices and soups are surrounded by the beautiful design of their shop (the counter is a greenhouse! ). Ceintuurbaan 149 // Westerstraat 34 // Claude Debussylaan 35

Time For Food: Scandinavian Embassy


Indulge Yourself: City Spa

Indulge Yourself The City Street Spa

After a hard day of sightseeing, it might be nice to treat yourself to a divine massage or facial. I highly recommend this beautiful salon on the Prinsengracht. Prinsengracht 764

The Movies

My favourite and the cutest 102-yearold cinema in Amsterdam. It shows the latest blockbusters and cult movies and on Thur-Sun you can eat a cheap movie meal at their restaurant before your movie starts. Haarlemmerdijk 161

Craving Caffeine

Whenever I’m in Amsterdam I want to eat at this restaurant with FrenchFlemish cuisine at least once. The food and wine menu is mouth-watering and the personal service is superb. It is housed near the Amstel, in an old science school, which gives the place a funky vibe.


These people have raised the bar when it comes to making GREAT coffee! Westerstraat 150

Marcusstraat 52

Lot Sixty One

They roast their own beans downstairs, so we can safely say that the Australian owner officially offers the freshest coffee in town.

Gebroeders Hatering

If you have time and want to try something special, book a table at this restaurant run by two food loving brothers. They have a daily six course menu with only seasonal products. And Amsterdam’s best cocktail bar – Hiding in Plain Sight - is just next door.

Kinkerstraat 112

Scandinavian Embassy

Nicolas and Rikard are the two happy Swedish guys behind this cute little coffee bar in Amsterdam‘s Pijp neighbourhood. They introduce the Swedish coffee (Swedes apparently drink A LOT of coffee) culture with Swedish bites along side.

Peperstraat 10


Beautifully presented and delicious Dutch food in a charming historic Felix Meritus building right on the canals.

Sarphatipark 34

Keizersgracht 324

Mossel & Gin

Located in the Westerpark, this new restaurant is an ambassador of the famous mussels from the Dutch coast in Zeeland. They serve all kinds of other seafood as well, all best accompanied by a beautiful glass of Gin and Tonic.

Two for Joy

Shop Stop: Human Beauty

A go-to spot for coffees, breakfast, pastries and sandwiches. Frederiksplein 29

Gosschalklaan 12


The construction (out of old sea containers), this large outdoor hangout, friendly staff and nice food make this the perfect escape from the city. Only a 15 minutes boat ride across the canal from the back exit of Amsterdam’s Central Station. TT Neveritaweg 59


Most delicious takeaway in town. Looiersgracht 12 Hit the Sack: Hotel Droog

Time For Food: Cafe George

Time for Food: STACH Food


September 2014

Available at or visit our showroom at 59 Eng Hoon Street #01-79

kid chic

did it



Working with many young

If you are like us and love a little crafting

independent companies,

once in awhile, join us every Tuesday

Bloesem tries to give our

over on Bloesem Kids for a new craft. We

own spin on each brand. We

promise you’ll enjoy it as much as your kids!

style and photograph the

pieces we receive. For more information on the life and style posts that Bloesem does, visit our styling projects at Bloesem.

Kids apparel by Elly Loves


An Ode to the Handmade Working with makers from all over the world, Bloesem supports the return to crafts, being a team that enjoys creating with our hands as well. The Bloesem store both online and offline carries a collection of carefully curated handmade pieces from our favourite designers. Shop the collection at or visit us in store at 59 Eng Hoon Street #01-79 in Tiong Bahru, Singapore.

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September 2014

// by Mei Kwee Chong

Berry basil iced tea popsicles

Preparation time: 15 - 20 minutes Freeze time: 2 - 3 hours or overnight Serves 4 sweeth tooths

Ingredients 1 punnet of fresh berries, eg. raspberries or blackberries 1 cup of water (depending on popsicle mould) 1 bag of flavoured tea (preferably fruit tea or white tea) 1 tbsp of sugar, to taste 1 tbsp of lemon juice Handful of loosely-plucked basil leaves, to taste

Directions Rinse berries under clean water and add 3-4 to each popsicle mould. Pour a cup of boiling water and allow tea bag to brew for 1-2 minutes. Stir in sugar, lemon juice and coarsely chopped fresh basil leaves. Taste and add sugar or basil leaves if needed. Pour tea mixture through a fine-mesh strainer to remove the basil leaves. Pour the strained mixture over berries and 1-2 pieces of basil leaves, into popsicle moulds. Place in the freezer for 30-60 minutes. Remove popsicle mould from the freezer and place popsicle sticks in the center. Then put back in the freezer to freeze until solid. When ready to eat, run warm water over the outside of the mould for 10 seconds, slowly pull the popsicles out, and enjoy!

what’s cooking? Sugar, spice and everything nice. That’s what little girls are made of? Nah. To us, they make the perfect ingredients for our dream kitchen – a homely space loaded with yummy food and adorned with literally ‘everything nice’. You may think: why bother? Well, we’ve got plenty of reasons for you to spice it up a little. More than just a space for cooking and eating, the kitchen is the place in your home where everyone gathers; hearty conversations are held; life lessons are taught over dinners and memories are shared. And did we mention waking up to the smell of bacon and scrambled eggs lingering from the kitchen? Yes, it’s the true heart of any home. And we have no reason not to add a few decorative touches every now and then. We have got some chic items to add a little freshness to your kitchen, whether it’s through nice pops of colour, durable tableware or stylish countertop accessories. A lovely curation of Irene’s personal finds, be prepared to wave goodbye to boring serveware and plain kitchen accessories. Here’s 5 of Bloesem’s must-haves to transform your old kitchen into a delicious new space.

1. Egg Press Recipe Cards

3. FineLittleDay Pot Mats

4. Mae Engelgeer ISH Tea Towels

2. Tas-ka City Bread Board

No more missing out ingredients or forgetting

Infuse some colour into your kitchen with these

New naperies are like sprinkles on top of

Every kitchen needs an unexpected and

your recipes! The Egg Press recipe cards come

chic Scandinavian pot mats from FineLittleDay,

cupcakes – they bring a new flavour to your

whimsical piece of accessory to warm it up and

in the perfect size to write down your favourite

a Swedish label. Use them to hold your piping

kitchen. Made at the Textile Museum in Tilburg,

give it personality. The Tas-ka city bread board

recipe, featuring an ‘Ingredients List’ column,

hot cooking utensils or to serve breakfast on.

Netherlands, we love how Mae’s ISH collection

will do the trick. We are big fans, not only of

and one for ‘Directions’. The set of 6 folded

The quirky and colour-blocked patterns work

spells playful, colorful, bright and festive. More

hardy beechwood material, but how it will be

recipe cards is great for passing down recipes

with every kitchen decor and will give your

than just a dish rag, use them as placemats to

a real eye-catcher in any home. It can act as a

in the family or giving to friends who love to

kitchen a more lived-in feel. Comes in various

bring new life to your table, line them on tea

stand-alone statement piece, or use it to chop

bake or cook. The lovely card design means

designs, you will be spoilt for choice.

trays for your next tea party or wrap a wine

vegetables, and even to serve cookies and

bottle in style. That’s how versatile it is!

desserts on to make it a centerpiece on your

you can even put them up on your fridge as decoration!

dining table. 5. Lucie Kaas Ceramic Bowls A shipment of ceramics has arrived at the Bloesem Shop featuring cheerful colours that will add a retro twist to your modern home. Clean and Nordic design, these bowls are both practical and beautiful for everyday use during meals or for decorating your kitchen shelves. It’s simple – almost graphic – expression of the “lotus” pattern is a remake of it’s original 1960s design from Norwegian artist Arne Clausen. Wouldn’t you love some happy colours on your dinner table?


September 2014

Coveting ceramics

// words and pictures by Irene Hoofs

I have always been attracted to vintage ceramics.

grail. Ignoring raised eyebrows and funny looks while

It combines all the things I like about design: prints,

turning and examining every piece of ceramics, hoping

colours, illustrations and functionality. Not that I

to spot that cherished mark or logo!

know much about the technique used in producing tableware, porcelain or ceramics in general. My only criteria is whether I think a particular piece is beautiful!

Once you start searching


The variety in vintage ceramics is overwhelming, and

for ceramics it is easy to

Figgjo was founded in 1941, and is located in

name ‘ceramics’ for all items made out of clay (or similar

Figgjo, near Stavanger, on the west coast of Norway. Figgjo’s delicately illustrated ceramics are characterized by the stories they tell. Collections have names as Saga, Viking, Lotte, Daisy and Corsica. When you put Figgjo on the dinner table your guests will never lacking in conversation and the illustrations really fire up the imagination. The colorful designs just put me in a good mood, thinking of a spring picnic or summer garden party.

the jargon can be confusing. I simply use the generic materials, if that is even possible). My own collection of

get lost, it is a collectors’ heaven for sure.

vintage ceramics started out rather modest, consisting only of a few pieces I found at flea markets and garage sales on trips back to the Netherlands. But over the

Scandinavian and Dutch pieces are my true passion,

past few years, these humble beginnings are indeed

so naturally my focus has been on designs from these

a thing of the past and I am proud to say that I have

regions. And the images you see in this Gazette are

managed to collect (or amass one might say) some

from my Nordic collection. Vintage ceramics are great

great pieces.

pieces to add to your home to give the decor a personal and unique touch, creating your own personal

Some of my new vintage finds from the Netherlands

museum. One iconic piece mixed in with some more

(including the ones shown here) are on sale in Bloesem

modern pieces can make a world of difference. Use

Shop, if I can tempt you to drop by and have a look!

beautifully illustrated ceramics as centerpieces for

Truth be told, collecting genuine vintage ceramics

your table, to give a little life and character to the

requires quite a bit of luck and persistence, in addition

space. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes

to a skilful eye. A collector-to-be must have a knack for

to the world of ceramics. There are so many beautiful

patiently and relentlessly browsing

designs out there I just know you will have a great time

through thrift stores in search of the holy (ceramic)

looking out for the perfect ones!


September 2014

TAPIO WIRKKALA I am one of the lucky few owning the Pollo Vase by Tapio Wirkkala, one of my absolute favourite contemporary

artist in the world. His work

had exceptional diversity and he left no area of design unexplored. Although his artwork and unique objects can be found in the world’s leading museums, people have used his more anonymous objects for decades. His work ranges from plastic ketchup bottles and metal ware to advanced unique pieces of glass, ceramics and plywood. Although the long time creative director of Iittala, he also designed for other international companies, for example, glass for Venini and ceramics for Rosenthal - like the Pollo vase.

WEST GERMANY West German ceramics were produced by many manufacturers including companies like Otto, Carsens, Bay and Scheurich. A familiar term used when referring to West German pieces is ‘Fat Lava’, derived from the thick glazes used which look as if the vases have lava running down their sides. A collector’s dream, West German ceramics come in many different sizes, forms, colours, glazes, designers and year of make. There’s a design for every personality and the price range varies widely so to me it is very affordable art. They are super easy to decorate your home with and will give it a special touch because every piece is unique, it will be something no one else has.

shop salu A Childhood Dream Come True Handmade by Zara S, these necklaces are true eye-candy! Incorporating her passion for accessories and her huge sweet tooth, she designed SALU, a collection of marbled polymer clay necklaces that resemble candies and other sweet treats. Each design is unique and one-of-a-kind, so if you see something you like make sure you grab it! It looks so tempting you will want to eat it! Shop online at or visit our showroom at 59 Eng Hoon Street #01-79

Bloesem SERVICES Design Consultancy Concept Store Creative Classes Interior Styling Product Photography The Bloesem Team is always keen on working on new projects, whether it’s getting ideas for your new home or styling products for a shoot, they are just a hop, skip and email away.

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Cover picture Valerie Delsman

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Illustration Ernica Ding

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