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April 2016 BOTA N I C A LS Prints over plants? These new indoor greens are the talk of the town.

BE AU TY P ICK S New discoveries and favourites to pamper yourself with.

BE HE R E Singapore’s highlights through the lens of a new local.

BA L I TR AV E LS Discover the charm of Bali and the book that’ll be your best guide.

BA BY ROC K Launching the Bugaboo by Diesel Rock collection.

BLOE S E M CLA S S Pick up a new skill in our craft and social media classes.

BLOE S E M S H O P Meet our newest collection of curated international designs. | | (Based in Singapore)

E D I TOR ’ S N OT E Image by Bloesem for

B i s w h e re it a l l s ta r t s , w h oever t h ou gh t i t was t h e l et ter A was plain wrong. We ll for u s a t l ea s t. It hi t m e li ke a to n of br i c k s w h en th e tea m a n d I sa t down a t the begin n in g of th e ye a r to g a t h e r ou r th o u gh ts and go over th e pro j ec ts of the pa st mon ths, tha t everythin g s o m eh ow wor ked a ro u n d th e letter ‘ B’. Strange, seei ng th at I fin d the letter ‘B’ quite a cha llen ge w he n i t com es to g ra p h ic o r lo go desi gn, and i ro ni c co m i ng from someon e whose bra n d n a me sta rts w ith a ‘ B ’, I kn ow. Bu t so m eh ow we always li ke to face a di ff icult ta sk hea d on a n d come up with s o m et h i n g we a l l l ove a nd are pro u d of. I tho u g h t i t’d b e f u n to dedi cate th i s i ssu e to th e B. To all the Bs tha t ha ve somehow foun d their way to m e a n d my te a m, ever y th i ng fro m new c li ents to my own pa ssion for b ota n ica l illustra tion s a n d b ea u t y. A s al wa ys I h o p e you f i nd a li ttle so m eth i ng i n th i s i ssu e of the Bloesem Ga zette. Be it gettin g in s p i re d by ou r i n te rvi ews w i th th e c reati ves we h ave h ad th e a bsolute plea sure of workin g with, or s im p l y s om e eyeca n d y to o gle at. Hap py Brows i n g , Iren e Ho of s @ b lo es em b l o g s

TEAM B LO ESEM Th an k yo u to my te a m for mak i n g Is s u e 6 pos s i bl e. Cre a t i ve Za ra Sa l a h u d d i n @ za a ra s

2 Apr 2016

Manager Ch on g Mei Kwee @ m ei k wee

Edi to r i al Intern Char m aine Chew @ c h ar m ai nechews

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B INDS TH AT TIE w i t h Hi l a Es h e l

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BABY ROCK w i t h Bu g a b o o

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BEGUILING ART w i t h Kh i n Sa n s o n i

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BAK I NG PE RFECTE D w i t h Bo s ch

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BLOE SE M CLASS p g. 10 & 11 B E LOUK

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w i t h Li s a Be a z l ey

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BY INVITE ONLY w i t h Tr i x i e Kh o n g

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w i t h Ke r r y & Ma s e

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w i t h Th e Bl o e s e m Te a m

p g. 17

BLO E SE M SH OP pg. 18 & 19


3 Apr 2016

B OOK HOU All-around-maker Arounna Khounnoraj does everything from screen printing to embroidery and even water colouring. Her creative journey with her husband, John, has been nothing short of inspiring, so naturally we had to ask her for some tips.

What did you guys do before Bookhou? How did you get started making bags? Both John and I worked at the Art Gallery of Ontario, both doing painting and sculpture and wanted to create a business that sold more utilitarian objects. At first we made home goods, kids products and just a few bags. We quickly saw that bags grew in popularity and we started to add more to our range. What is one thing you’ve learnt from running your own business? One of the things that stuck with me is that you can’t be too head strong on specific ideas, you have to let them change and develop organically. This will help you find a balance between what the market wants and what you enjoy making.

4 Apr 2016

Where do you draw inspiration for your designs? A lot of our inspiration comes from our surroundings, our urban environment, patterns and colours found in nature. What is the most exciting moment in the course of your business for the both of you? I think the most exciting moment was when we were both able to work on the business full time and did not need to rely on any outside income. If you guys are not working on your creations in the studio, what other interests do you both love to take part in? When we have free time we spend it with our children Lliam and Piper. When I’m not doing production work I really enjoy painting and embroidery.

What are some tips you and John have regarding balancing family and running a business together? Balancing both is hard sometimes, but we try to make the time for each other and have routines. After dinner we like to do a crazy dance and it helps to relieve any stresses that went on during the day. Taking walks together at the end of the day and leaving the studio is always a nice way to enjoy each other without any distractions.

Bookhou’s linen goodies are up for grabs at

B OTA N I C A L S Dutch graphic and interior designer, Maaike Koster’s series of botanical posters are the next best thing to having live plants in your home. Her limited edition prints are all over Instagram and for good reason! If you’re deciding on just one to add to your home decor, good luck! It’s quite a feat! You’re better off buying a whole series. My Deer posters are available at

B E HERE We take a closer look at local sights through the lens of London-born, Singapore-based photographer Elizabeth Chan.

Why I love Singapore Life is always in the fast lane in Singapore, but if you slow down for a minute and observe your surroundings, you may find a beauty you have never noticed before.

Elizabeth Chan shares her passion for photography on Instagram @elizabethchanphotos 5 Apr 2016

BIN DS THAT TIE Ex-chef turned weaving extraordinaire, Hila Eshel’s eclectic weaving style leaves much facination over how different influences can harmonize and be as one.

How did Hili Studio and your passion for weaving come about? After being a full-time mom for almost ten years, I felt ready to start doing something for myself. I’ve always had a love for art, design, photography, and fashion. I have a degree in culinary arts, which is still one of my biggest passions. I knew my next step would be something creative, I just didn’t know what that would be. (I did know that I was ready to graduate from Lego building and making creative school lunches!) I took a year to just explore my interests. My first experience with weaving was during a class I took at Bloesem, and I immediately fell in love. It has been a fun journey, and by the end of the year I knew I’d found my way. How do you get your inspiration for your pieces? It comes from all directions. Colours, textures, materials, textile, art, design. Luckily I have always been surrounded by creative people who inspire me as well. Mostly, I love exploring and working with colour combinations. I always start by choosing a colour palette for the piece and that has the biggest influence on the design. We noticed that you use mix media pieces for your works, is there a particular reason for that? I believe this is what makes the pieces own-able and unique. I like, for example, to add silver or gold leaf because it brings a contrast that makes the piece much more interesting. Other materials add depth and help tell a richer story. Can you pick your favourite piece and tell us the story behind it. I guess my favourite piece is the first one I made. I will always hold on to it as it gave me the confidence to continue and create more. What would you describe as your distinctive weaving style? I love combining materials from all over the world. When I travel I always collect things for my studio. Some pieces have a branch that came from Australia, wool from Japan, and ceramic beads from Tel Aviv. I believe these combinations are what makes each piece truly one of a kind. Why do you think weaving is making such a big come back and how is it relevant to the craft scene right now? Weaving is trendy now with the Boho style in fashion and interior design. The cool thing about it is that it goes well with other, more minimalistic styles. I love how this ancient art is coming back in a very fresh and youthful way. Any advice for people who want to get into weaving? The best way to start is to take a class and understand the basics. From there, your creativity and style will come out naturally. It’s a relaxing craft that is very rewarding.

Hila will be teaching a series of weaving and macrame lessons at Bloesem class. Visit for all the details and follow Hila on Instagram @hilistudio for some gorgeous colour play!

# Bl o e s e m c l a s s

Si gn u p for th i s cla s s a t bloes ems h

6 Apr 2016

BA BY RO C K After a three year long collaboration between Bugaboo and iconic lifestyle brand Diesel, the product is the Bugaboo by Diesel Rock Collection. Following its two successful predecessors, the Military and Denim collections, the Rock collection brings the edge back to parenting products. This stroller, with it’s leather-look handlebar, rock-inspired studs and backrest tattoo all show us that the party doesn’t stop when the baby arrives. The party’s just getting started. The stylish special-edition features a complete Bugaboo Bee³ stroller, along with a bassinet tailored fabric set, ideal for parents who want to set themselves apart. It’s not quite time to hang up that leather jacket, especially when you find the perfect stroller that fits right in with your rocker aesthetic. Both baby and parent travels in style with the sleek all black design and matte metal. Rock and roll is timeless and so is the Bugaboo by Diesel Rock collection.

Capturing the rocker aesthetic perfectly are Tyler and his baby brother Jake. Mom and social media influencer Tjin Lee, met up with the Bloesem team on a sunny afternoon down in Tiong Bahru to show us exactly how cool her kids looked with the Bugaboo from the latest Bugaboo by Diesel Rock collection. We were not let down! Navigating through the uneven roads, dips and hills of Tiong Bahru’s back alley was an easy feat with the smooth wheels and suspension system, giving mommy the confidence to let the little one push his brother along. All while baby Jake sat cool with his studded sun canopy protecting him from the day’s heat. With kids as cool as Tjin’s, it’s not a surprise photographer Rebecca Toh found it a breeze capturing the dynamic duo. After a tour around the neighbourhood, it was time for the two to get out of the heat and off to their next (cooler, hopefully) destination! The Diesel rock folds with ease as it is placed in the boot of the car, and off they go. Guess this is why they say style is effortless. The Bloesem Team is honoured that Dutch Design icon Bugaboo approached us to help them launch all things pretty and new for 2016, so keep an eye out for more exciting Bugaboo x Bloesem news on the Bloesem blog and social media in the coming months.

Bugaboo launches their latest design collaboration, Bugaboo by Diesel Rock collection, on 1 April 2016. Follow all the latest at Join the Endless Stroll by tagging your Bugaboo ride with #bugabootheone and #bugaboodiesel on Instagram & Twitter. Styling: Bloesem Models: Jake & Tyler @tjinlee Images: Rebecca Toh @rebecca_toh Bugaboo Headquarters @bugaboohq

7 Apr 2016

BEG UILING ART Burmese American artist, Khin Sansoni, dives deep into mix media and shares with us the soul searching ways to express her discovery though creativity.

How did you start getting into art? Since I was about 8 or 9. I had paper dolls and loved drawing clothes for them. I believe that’s what initially sparked my love for art and design. I also come from a family of filmmakers, actors and seamstresses, so being consistently surrounded by some sort of art form, whether it be creative or performance, helped reinforce my creative aspirations and allowed me to maintain that connection to my artistic side. Painting wasn’t new to me, but I grew more passionate and excited about painting after my son was born in 2005. It now forms the foundation of my recent works and ultimately made me fall in love with the freedom of abstract and the idea of being able to create something no one else has.

Can you share with us the process involved in your artwork? I don’t particularly start with a solid idea. I just let it come naturally. Sometimes I’ll get inspiration from a floor pattern, architectural lines of a building or even a song. It could be anything. But typically, I always begin with acrylics and pen or pencil sketches. Once I feel that I’m satisfied with the base layers, then I’ll start embroidering. It takes many hours and a degree of creative discovery, but I love the end result. How would you like the viewer to perceive your artwork? My work isn’t intended to be emotionally heavy; they’re meant to be clean, thoughtful and uncomplicated. And hopefully provide a lasting pleasant impression and a possibility for the viewer to derive new meaning in it over time. Could you share with us the inspiration behind one of your pieces of artwork? The inspiration for all my artwork usually comes from a similar thought process. Nature, geometricism, lines and colour all intertwine and play big roles in my pieces.

Logo design by Bloesem

Can you remember the first artwork you ever made? A colourful collage of cartoon characters for my sister when I was 9. What are some of your other passions besides your art? I love interior and jewelry design. How does your culture and background influence your works in art and jewelry? My culture does find its way into the creative process. However, it does not define my pieces. I find that in my paintings, the influence is muted out, whereas in my jewelry designs, it is reflected much more prominently.

Follow Khin on Instagram @khinsansoni

Styling and Photography by Bloesem 8 Apr 2016

BAK I N G PER F EC T E D Navigating the kitchen with a whole new confidence, Bosch Series 8 ovens take us from basic to brilliant.

Installing Bosch’s Series 8 oven in our kitchen has just changed the game completely! We think their intuitive control ring and TFTtouch display truly makes all the difference. Just a small turn of the stainless steel ring, paired with the clear and straightforward design of the display to guide us through the various menu options, we are able to adjust our oven’s settings more conveniently and easily than ever. If you love some early afternoon baking like we do, then you should definitely check this oven out. The PerfectBake sensor offers precise sensitivity, as it constantly measures the moisture level of your dishes and automatically regulates the baking process accordingly. That means we never have to set the heating mode, length of time or temperature ever again, the PerfectBake sensor has it all under control -- score! All you have to do is select the type of dish like “Cake”, press “Start”, and let the oven do the rest as you kick back and look forward to your bread and pastries baked to perfection. Trust us on that! Using it for poultry, meat or fish instead? Likewise, we found that with the PerfectRoast meat probe, we get perfect results every time. Through highly sensitive measuring points, the probe determines the core temperature of your roast to the exact degree and second, guaranteeing perfect roasting results. Extra tip: you can also use the meat probe in the microwave and steam oven mode! How neat is that? Just between us, I feel like a professional chef each time I use the oven, except with total ease. Cooking has truly never been easier.

Find out more about Bosch Series 8 Ovens at

9 Apr 2016

B LOE S EM C LAS S Bloesem classes are creative workshops or seminars, about anything from photography, candle-making to marketing for your business, given by the best creatives from around the world. Sign up and look forward to a fun-filled day of picking up a new skill and meeting likeminded people in a relaxed environment, over some nice treats of course!



CA NDLE MAKIN G Learn the secrets to making beautiful and unique scents using 100% botanical oils. The Bloesem team will teach you how to make soy container candles with your very own individual scents... and yes, you can bring your own jars to give your candles a personal touch! Unlike most candles, soy candles are 100% bio-degradable, chemical-free, produce little soot or smoke, burn cooler, last longer and with all that still smell so heavenly!

P I C T U R E P E R F EC T: A P RO D U C T S T YLI N G , MO B I LE P H OTO G R A P H Y & P H OTOS H O P C LA S S Designed for entrepreneurs, marketeers or anyone interested in creating that perfectly styled photo on your Instagram feed, this workshop will go in-depth into product styling and cover some mobile photography and Photoshop basics. The Bloesem Team will teach you all the technical and product styling skills needed to capture a perfect shot. Learn how to tell a story through images that are believable, intimate and meaningful. We will also share tips and tricks to create a personality through your visuals on Instagram and the importance of community building to create a thriving business. Your newfound Photoshop skills will definitely make a big difference in the content you will create!

10 Apr 2016

Don’t ta ke our word for it, he a r wha t our st ud e nt s ha ve to sa y! @vanderohebeauty

Thank you @bloesemblogs & @truffypi for a beautiful class this morning! Such a calm and creative space - a lovely way to start the weekend. - Olivia from

L EARN TO MACRA- M A K E Are you ready to Macra-make? Forget about those out-dated macrame owl wall hangings that you find on your grandparents’ wall... macramé is making a comeback in a modern and grander way. Embrace this macramé revival and learn from Hila Eshel the art of knotting cord into intricate patterns. She will teach you basic macramé knots and techniques to make your very own wall-hanging-style pot hanger. With these ‘knotty’ skills at your fingertips, you can explore new elaborate textile creations such as lightshades, chairs, rugs, pillow cases and the possibilities are just endless! It’s gonna be an addictive skill, once hooked you will be tying knots in everything!

#Bl oes em cl a s s Fol l ow us on Instag ram fo r more b ehind the sce n e s acti o n .

Love a day to be inspired. How happy I’m to be here attending Botanical Workshop conducted by the sweetest Veronica @truffypi and together with @chloesluv! A pleasant morning and this place is a dream! ❧ - @pooi_chin

Bloesem Design covers just about anything to do with design, styling, homewares and craft-related. With well-organized classes, friendly and passionate instructors, top-notch food and a beau-ti-ful studio at Nassim Road, we recommend them if you want to nurture all things creative and design-related in you. - Shan Shan from

11 Apr 2016

B E LO U K While you might think Maud Felius, owner of a furniture and home accessories store, Belouk, is all for trending designs, she talks about how passing trends are not everything. Her 18th century inspired furniture pieces find their perfect place in any modern home.

How did you start Belouk? I started with reupholstering old furnitures, then went on to design chairs where the colour and fabric are customizable. One by one, we added lamps, side tables, stools and accessories and voila: Belouk was born!

Photography and Styling by Bloesem

Where does your passion for interiors come from? It comes from my husband’s and my family. Although the interior styles in the Netherlands and France are vastly different, I was influenced greatly by their passion! It is so nice to be surrounded with items you hand-picked and created in your own style. To explore, to try and simply be daring! What exciting plans are in Belouk’s future? We will soon expect our first in-house designed coffee tables! For now, we are looking forward to our next event, the Belouk Fair, which we will organize together with Bloesem and other great vendors, at our location at Adam Park! Thoughts about new trends? To be honest, I’m not that much into trends. I believe that you should follow your own style and your own

instincts. It is what you like and not what other people think you should like. Having said that, it is great that there are so many fairs, magazines and shops for inspiration! If the trends and style impress, go for it! Having been in Singapore for quite sometime, what are your favourite restaurants or places to go to? We have indeed been here for the past 10 years and love the variety of restaurants here. An absolute must-go is Andre Restaurant; it is by far the most sophisticated restaurant we have ever been to. We absolutely love the hamburgers at Potato Head, the sushi at Kinki and another great restaurant is Kilo. If you could send a chair to a moviestar, who would you pick and why? That is an interesting question; I would definitely send one of our chairs to Helen Mirren. She is such a beautiful, graceful lady and a great actress. She will look great in any chair you put her in actually!

Belouk’s furniture collection is available at

The Unknown Planet 2 (2016) Chinese Ink & Acrylic on Rice Paper 100 x 100 cm

Founded by B6t9 Design Pte Ltd

02-05 Waterloo Centre 261 Waterloo Street Singapore 180261 T / +65 9665 8473 E / Catalogue and Newsbulletin Available

12 Apr 2016

Insta g ra m Love We’re still totally head over heels with Instagram and are sharing with you our favourite #instamoms, #instafood and #instagood people!

BLO ESE M DESI GN .CO M In te r io r Tren ds You wo u l d Love This 2016, we cover all the trends that we have spotted globally and speak to creatives in the industry that are at the forefront of all the latest in interior and home fashion.

Our brand new informative online platform where you can find all your favourites on travel, design & living. We search for only the best, so you don’t have to.


Easy D IYs to ge t yo u r h ead arou n d Kids DIYs, Food DIYs and Interior DIYs; we are big fans of anything handmade. Get your hands dirty and learn how you can decorate your home with a personal touch.

Tra vel Hotsp ots a round the Gl ob e From the neighbouring Kuala Lumpur, Taipei to Amsterdam, we’ve got you covered with places to go, shops to visit, and food to eat.

St yl ing Id e a s a nd Insp ira t io ns Have them at the tips of your fingers as you style your next instagram-able photo or create a new look in your home.

13 Apr 2016

When did you fall in love with Bali? It was my second trip to Bali. (On my first visit I didn’t really know where to go!). I was with an old friend and we rented a simple beach hut right on the cliff down in Padang Padang on the Bukit Peninsula. I woke up to waves crashing on the rocks below us, and we spent our days surfing, practicing yoga and drinking Bintang beers at sunset in Uluwatu. Why did you decide to write this book? In the summer of 2014, I launched my travel website as a space to share curated travel recommendations for destinations in Asia. Bali soon became one of the most popular places on the website, and people were messaging me daily asking for more of my Bali tips. After visiting Bali numerous times, and having friends that live there, I had built up enough insider knowledge to fill a book! I launched a crowdfunding campaign to test the idea, and finally launched Lost Guides - Bali at the end of 2015. The book is now being sold in stores here is Singapore, as well as Bali, Bangkok, London, The Netherlands, and online.

What makes Bali so special? Bali has something for everyone, whether you want to chill out and have relaxing massages all day, or be more active by taking a surf board out to tackle the waves. The food there is incredible too, with the restaurant scene meeting international standards. There’s a wonderful spiritual side to the island too. You can’t walk a couple of metres without seeing colourful offerings scattered on the pavement, or locals dressed up in traditional clothing to attend a ceremony at the temple. There’s an incredibly rich artistic side to Bali, with unbelievably talented artisans that specialize in wood carvings, mask making, painting and bone carving to name but a few. It’s one of those places you can go to to get away from it all, or party every night if you want to. What’s next for Lost Guides? I’ll continue to do more guidebooks for the Asia region. I’m now deciding if it’s going to be a city destination or another island. I’ll be sure to let Bloesem know!

BA L I TRAV EL As if we have not gotten enough of our neighbouring paradise already, Anna Chittenden reveals how to truly immerse yourself in the colours and shapes of Bali.

Lost Guides – Bali is a new travel guidebook by Anna Chittenden, featuring unique, stylish and offbeat travel tips for Bali. Focusing on five ‘in’ neighbourhoods – Bukit Peninsula, Seminyak, Canggu, Ubud and Nusa Lembongan, the book contains highly curated recommendations for the modern traveller gathered from extensive experience and a network of locals in the know.

Kevala Ceramics

Bingin Beach

Villa Pheonix

14 Apr 2016

Available to buy online at and in selected stockists. Shop in store at Books Actually, Naiise, Edit Lifestyle, Kapok and Basheer Graphics in Singapore.

Available for purchase online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Walmart and more. Find out more about the book at

B O O K C LUB Brace yourself for debut writer Lisa Beazley and her witty book, Keep Me Posted, that will take you on a whirlwind ride of finding yourself and embracing the chaos. The charming novel stars two sisters, two continents and an experiment to stay close.

Lisa traded her corporate communications career for fiction writing when she moved from New York to Singapore with her husband and children. Born and raised in Toledo, Ohio, Lisa has a journalism degree from Ohio University and has lived and worked in Cleveland, Honolulu, and New York City. When she’s not reading or writing, Lisa is sharpening her toad-catching, Lego-building, and deep-breathing skills as the mother of three young boys. Keep Me Posted is her first novel.

What is the inspiration behind the book? I had been living in Singapore for a couple years and my little boys had recently started going to school. I was planning to go back to work, but first I gave myself a bit of time to try something new. When I started writing creatively and decided to attempt a novel, the theme that came to the forefront and ended up driving the whole story, really, was the struggle to maintain my most important relationships across oceans, in my own home and local community while being constantly (and voluntarily!) bombarded by social media. I knew that the quality of my relationships were more important than the quantity. But with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram providing little bursts of comfort and connection anytime I picked up my phone, it became a conscious effort to focus my energies in a way that prioritised my VIPs. Getting to work through these issues in a novel, without being tethered to my own reality, was a blast. Are there any parts of the book that are based on incidents in your life? Well, none of the main plot elements are based on my life, but a lot of the supporting characters and details are. My apartment in New York and my condo in Singapore are where the sisters live. A few anecdotes and back-stories are true-ish. I used a lot of friends’ names in incidental ways, just to give them a little thrill when they come across it in the book. The character of Mandy is actually my friend Mandy - she’s a minor but important character and I just wrote her as she is, so that was fun. Which character in the book do you relate most to? Cassie, the main character, definitely grew out of experiences and feelings that I’ve had. But she quickly became her own character and made decisions I would never make. I absolutely relate to her, and I think a lot of women will -- especially mothers

of young children. But getting into her head was very different from being in my own head. Her sister, Sid, is an invention, but also a composite of friends I’ve had throughout my life so I have a lot of love for her. There’s even a villainous neighbour I relate to a little bit. With social media taking over all our lives, how often do you write letters? You want me to say all the time, right? Wouldn’t that be lovely? But the truth is that I rarely write letters. When my grandmother was alive, I wrote to her sometimes. After my sisters read the book, they were all “gung-ho” about writing letters, and we did -- but our mission petered out pretty quickly and we went back to our more modern methods of staying in touch. On the bright side, the failed letter writing endeavour with my sisters helped reinforce the premise set out in the book -- I think you’d have to commit to it whole-heartedly and drop electronic communication with that one person if you really wanted a letter-writing arrangement to work. What’s been the most exciting part of writing your book and having it published? Getting the book deal was a definite high point. I had finished writing the book, gotten an agent (which was also very exciting) and then she sold the manuscript to Penguin Random House as part of a two-book deal. The process of doing the phone meetings with the different editors, talking strategy with my agent, and then accepting an offer was an absolute thrill. My agent and publisher are based in New York, so I was taking calls all through the night. I had a new baby at home, so I was up at crazy hours anyway. My memories of that time are just joyous and surreal, I was running on new-baby-love and book-deal-adrenaline.

15 Apr 2016

BY I N V I TE O N LY Trixie Khong, Singaporean brand owner and designer spills the beans on her passion, beginnings and inspiration behind starting her jewellery label, By Invite Only.

When did you start making jewellery? I started making jewelry when I was 16. It was a hobby that allowed me to get some pocket money when I was still in school. Where does your passion for gem stones come from? I only started crafting with gemstones in 2010. With gemstones, one is never the same as the other and they are all naturally formed. In a way, it’s perfection without being perfect. This really fascinates me. Which jewelry brand is your favorite? I love Monica Vinader! And they recently launched a shopfront at Ion Orchard. New trends you see for 2017 in jewelry making and fashion? One trend I noticed is that tiny dainty jewelry is really a focus now. Super thin chains with very small charms that are sleek and classy at the same time. Sarah & Sebastian from Australia is one brand that focuses on this aesthetic and they are doing very well! What is your favorite stone and why? For now, the Blue Apatite stone. I really like blue and its hue just really resonates with me. It’s also said to be a manifestation stone so I’m really hoping it’ll make my vision board come true!

Find By Invite Only’s collection at

Styling and Photography by Bloesem

BABY ’S BE S T Birthed out of a mother’s love, Kerry brings the best of modern kidswear to the table.

Tell us how you came up with Kerry&Mase. I started Kerry&Mase when my son Mason was about 3 months old (May 2014). I was looking for cute, comfortable baby shoes to keep his feet warm, but I couldn’t find it anywhere in the Singapore market. So I started sewing a pair for him. From there, I grew to love designing and making baby accessories and kids clothing. So what makes Kerry&Mase different? It is mainly our exotic fabrics like Mulberry silk and cotton silk that I source from my home country, Laos. They’re so stunning, comfortable to wear, and so rare in the market - definitely one of a kind! Apart from that, Kerry&Mase has a new organic cotton range, they’re oh-so-soft and dreamy! Perfect for everyday wear.

What are your dreams for your brand? I would love to see Kerry&Mase being available in all baby boutique stores around the world. I truly believe we have a range of unique products many mothers would buy for their little darlings. Eventually, I would want to have a small boutique, but that might take a bit of time. What can we expect from K&M in the near future? Matching dresses, tops and other items to match with mommies & daddies. Since this issue is all about the letter ‘B’, what is your favourite word that starts with ‘B’? ‘Believe’ - Because when following your dreams, you have to believe.

Shop Kerry&Mase kidswear at

16 Apr 2016

Styling and Photography by Bloesem

ELLIS FAAS Dutch born and raised, Ellis has been touted as one of the most influential make-up artists of her time, by none other than Vouge Paris. That’s not something to take lightly and who wouldn’t be convinced by a testimonial such as that. Having worked with the likes of Mario Testino and Karl Lagerfeld, Ellis’ makeup does not disappoint. Piqued your interest? Put her Creamy Eyes and mascara to the test and you’ll see!

B EAU TY P I C K S No tricks, just treats to pamper ourselves with. The team talks beauty and some great new finds.

BABESCRUB - SEASALT SCRUB Exfoliation, it’s a funny thing. You never make time for it, but when you finally do, you get hooked and can’t get enough. Your skin feels silky smooth especially when you get down to moisturizing. The seasalt scrub with it’s pink sparkly bits isn’t just a pretty sight, but also packs a powerful dirt shedding punch. From one scrub lover to another, this one’s a must-try.


If you find yourself a travel junkie like we are, then getting your beauty essentials in order is an absolute must. How many times have you thought you definitely packed everything only to reach your destination and silently curse at yourself for forgetting the makeup remover! Nooo! It’s the worst, we know. Grab yourself a little (or large. Too many eyeshadows, too little space.) organizer and get set for less of a rude shock when you reach that dream holiday location.

17 Apr 2016

B LO E S E M SHOP .CO M With every new season comes a new collection to the Bloesem shop. Carefully handpicked and curated from all over the world, the Bloesem team wants to share all our favoUrite things from international designers and creatives. Shop all the new items at or book an appointment to view our showroom by dropping us an email at

LINEN POUCHES by Bookhou A staple in the Bloesem shop, these linen pouches are the perfect everyday companion for holding all the things you think you’d definitely need during the day (but most probably never get down to using). For all pouches lovers, these beauties come in 5 designs and 2 different sizes, so get them quick!

LEATHER MOUSEPAD AND RULER by Dowel Jones These irresistible leather desk mates from Australian label, Dowel Jones, turn any table into a seriously chic working environment. Choose from black and natural brown to put you in the working mood.

COPPER POTS by &Klevering Well yes, the copper phase has not passed. Everyone still koo koo for copper and you are too, we’re guessing. These nifty copper pots are a great accent piece that can be anything from a planter to a desk organizer for makeup brushes.

GRAPHIC NOTEBOOKS by Write Sketch & Pretty notebooks alert! Best part? These come with a different pattern on both the back and front. You’ll love all the little patterned details the Write sketch & team put into these. Only problem is we don’t know which design we like best!

18 Apr 2016

ESPRESSO CUP SET by Minka InHouse But first, coffee... Get your dose of coffee fix in this espresso cup set from Minka InHouse. Comes in a set of two for you to enjoy a good brew with a mate! We all know we need a little bit more coffee to beat that daily grind.

SPECKLED CERAMICS by Minka InHouse Everyday items need not be boring. Let these speckled ceramics from Minka InHouse be a fun addition to have in your kitchen or as a gift to light the mood of the recipients. You can claim it as your ‘one-andonly’ cup or bowl as a result of the explosion of enamel crystals forming interesting variations in every piece.

CERAMICS WITH GOLD TRIMMING by Minka InHouse A modern twist to enamel cups, these gold rimmed bowls and cups are the perfect pieces for a classy dinner setting. Handmade to perfection by a team of potters in Santiago, these ceramics prove not to just look divine but also check the box for its high quality.

TOYS by Le Train Fantome These little fellas are happy to seat on your couch or cradled in your little one’s arms. Their individual quirks makes us guilty as adults to want one as our own. But who wouldn’t? Screen printed with water based inks, the pillow cover range is also available for you to satisfy your more grown up cute cravings.

IMPERFECT PLATES by &Klevering Forget about your regular plate, these imperfect plates from &Klevering will add a different character to your usual set of tableware. Too gorgeous to put your food on them? Double it up as an accessory tray to hold all your bits and boobs lying around on your makeup table. Available in pastel pink and gold, be sure to stock them up while they are still around.

19 Apr 2016

Oa k Gl a s s Fra m e s by M OE B E

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