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November 2015


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JAN & EARL Lifestyle bloggers at Poppytalk @Poppytalk CRAFT & DESIGN 6-7




The Artful Desperado, Canadian food stylist


@Artfuldesperado FOOD 14-15

SATSUKI SHIBUYA Canadian painter, artist and spritual thinker @Satsukishibuya CRAFT & DESIGN 6-7

JESSE HANNAH Maker of fine jewelry @Jess_hannah FASHION 12-13

LEAH GOREN Illustrator based in Brooklyn @Leahreenagoren CRAFT & DESIGN 6-7

CAITLIN & MANDA Crafters behind The Merry Thought @Themerrythought

Dear Readers, When I decided that this Gazette would be a collaboration of creative minds residing in far flung places on this globe, it dawned on me that without the Internet I could simply not have done it. Or worse, I would not even be in contact (let alone know of their existence) with what has evolved into a close-knit group of talented people, that for the most part I have never met in person. But still, I work with them based on trust and in mutual admiration for each other’s talents and passions. I keep myself awake at night scrolling through blogs, Instagram feeds and Pinterest boards, getting hyper on ideas and inspiration. All of these creatives have also become my good friends. Being able to reach out to them, connect and swap ideas, makes everything not only more exciting but also makes the world feel a bit smaller. We never cease to be amazed (and impressed) by the close and lasting ties you can form on-line. It makes the web a much more supporting and comforting place to spend (at least) half your day. So, I suppose you never know where the road of technological development leads, but I am glad it led us here, an exciting (albeit somewhat crazy) world of global connectivity. And it will only get better (and crazier) I believe! A big thank you again to Zara and Mei and all the brilliant contributors, and I hope you find a little inspiration in this issue. P.s. Don’t worry we know our map is a bit off, but let’s take it with a pinch of salt :) Happy Browsing, Irene Hoofs @bloesemblogs

2 Oct 2015


KARA & SHEA Dynamic duo behind Soul Sunday @Soul_sunday BEAUTY 16-17

LISA HACKWITH Founder of Hackwith Design House @Hackwithdesign FASHION 12-13

CAROLINE GOMEZ Art director based in France @_Caroline_gomez_ STYLING 4-5

HELENE & JULIEN Craft bloggers of Heju @Hejublog CRAFT & DESIGN 6-7


ANNA PIRKOLA Finnish Designer, interior and prop stylist

From across the globe

@Annapirkola STYLING 4-5

Coming from such different cultures, backgrounds and practices, our 42 contributors are sure to give you somethings to think about. In this issue, we get to pick the brains of some of our favourite personalities online in the fields of interior styling, craft, design, travel, fashion, beauty and food. All our favourite topics in one mega gazette. Hold on to your hats because if reading what goes on behind the minds of these creatives doesn’t give you a blast of inspiration, we don’t know what will. We finally get the answers to the questions that have been bubbling inside both you and us.

SILKE BONDE Graphic designer & artist in Copenhagen @Silkebonde CRAFT & DESIGN 6-7

SARAH VAN PETEGHEM Belgian designer @Sarah_cocolapine STYLING 4-5

JOSSELIN BIJL Illustrator and beauty editor @Josselinbijl BEAUTY 16-17

LAURA & NORA Food stylists and photographers @_Foodstories_ FOOD 14-15



Dutch food and lifestyle editor

Photographer and stylist



FOOD 14-15

JURIANNE MATTER Designer and product stylist @Juriannematter STYLING 4-5


LINDA Dutch blogger at Live Loud Girl @Liveloudgirl STYLING 4-5

EMIEL GERARDU @Emielgerardu BEAUTY 16-17


SHER REEN LIM Architect and cafe hopper in Malaysia @Sherreenl TRAVEL 8-9

Dutch fashion and interior blogger @Mydubio FASHION 12-13

JESSIE & VERA Dutch-based catering cousins @Cousinecatering FOOD 14-15

BIANCA CASH Illustrator from Melbourne @BIANCACASH CRAFT & DESIGN 6-7





Bento making pro in Singapore

Founders of Alexiares & Ani



FOOD 14-15

BEAUTY 16-17



Founder of Beauty Candy

Founder of Mmerci Encore



BEAUTY 16-17

BEAUTY 16-17



Makers and Founders of Fictive Fingers

Creative at Bloesem





CHONG MEI KWEE Project Manager at Bloesem @Meikwee TRAVEL 8-9

Founder of Gather and Feast @Gatherandfeast Blue World by Silke Bonde

Retail manager at Marie-Stella-Maris

FOOD 14-15

3 Oct 2015

Caroline Gomez

Styling by Anna Pirkola Photography by Juno Huttunen

Styling by Anna Pirkola Photography by Juno Huttunen

These interior decorating pros make it look so easy. Caroline Gomez, Jurianne Matter, Cocolapine Design, Anna Pirkola and Live Loud Girl shed a little light on their top tips to achieving an ideal home. They answered 5 questions we’ve been dying to ask them.

In a situation with no internet, where would you go for styling inspiration? CAROLINE’S PICKS: RUM magazine, Milk Decoration, ELLE Decoration Norge and Inside Out. JURIANNE’S PICKS: Since my go-to is usually Pinterest and there are so many nice blogs, I probably only buy 3 magazines a year: Anthology, Elle Decoration (British issue), and my favourite: Cereal Magazine. ANNA’S PICKS: Asun-New Finnish magazine, Kinfolk (because it is just so beautiful), Open House magazine and Apartamento. LIVE LOUD GIRL’S PICKS: For inspiration, I can flip through magazines like Livingetc, VT Wonen and Eigen Huis & Interieur many times.

Photography courtesy of

4 Oct 2015

What if we’re strapped for cash and looking for a change? Secrets to stretching a buck when it comes to decorating. COLOUR It takes very little to create change. Use a lot of white in your decor, some well-chosen colours along with sleek and functional furniture that still has a healthy dose of personality. - Caroline Gomez KEEP IT SIMPLE Keep the basis of your interior decor simple, with neutral colours! All of my walls at home are white. I add colour and shape with accessories. I often change cushion covers on the sofa and vases on the shelves - it’s the budget-friendly way! - Jurianne Matter ACCESSORIZE It’s always wise to buy very timeless and neutral furniture and be more bold with the accessories like pillows, vases, throw blankets, etc. These smaller items are cheaper and easier to change around, but can make a space look so different without having to replace all the furniture. I also like to change artwork around in my home a lot (and design my own, which I sell at cocolapine.bigcartel. com), which has a great effect on the vibe of the room as well. - Cocolapine Design IT TAKES TIME The most important thing is to give it some time. The first solution could be quite expensive and if you think it through, you could probably find something else that is more friendly for your wallet. The easy and cheap way is to paint a wall, or a part of it. It can really change the whole atmosphere of the room even if everything else were to remain the same. - Anna Pirkola EMBRACE THE CHANGE Rule number 1: Don’t be afraid of change. Also, change as often as you like. It makes your house a dynamic place. To make a room look different, you don’t need new furniture. With just a little creativity you can go a long way. I love creating a statement wall by adding color, decorating it with wall stickers or removable magnetic wall paper. The last two options are great for children’s rooms since you can change it as they grow older. Often, I reuse furniture for a different purpose. A changing table for example, can have a second life as a hallway dresser for shoes. - Live Loud Girl

What are some furniture favourites from the past? STRIKING A BALANCE The Rama chair by OX Denmarq. For me, it is a perfect creation, the right balance between aesthetics and form. - Caroline Gomez THE CLASSICS Midcentury modern! They make great use of materials, clean lines, shapes and colours. For me, it’s a kind of nostalgia as I grew up surrounded by the design classics, my parents were fans! - Jurianne Matter STREAMLINING Definitely mid-century modern, which is not really so surprising. I like the clean lines and no-nonsense style of that era. - Cocolapine Design BACK TO THE 50’S 1950’s and 1960’s. Lots of design classics were made in those decades. - Anna Pirkola

Cocolapine Design

BE PRESENT I really enjoy the here and now. The best thing about my job is to search for the perfect mix and match of furniture from any decade. An old classic design item can bring a lot of soul to a room. It’s the combination of elements that make it work.- Live Loud Girl

What does your crystal ball tell you about 2016?

Can we get the scoop for the best furniture buys?

IN THE RAW I think 2016 will bring us even closer to the raw materials and objects will be simplified to be more versatile and include more mixed sets. - Caroline Gomez

CAROLINE’S PICKS: &Tradition, Menu, Muji, Nikari and OX Denmarq.

Live Loud Girl

Caroline Gomez

COLONIAL STYLE In 2015, I have been seeing a lot of colonial style influences in modern interiors and I think this influence will be even stronger next year. I think natural materials like cork and wood will stay in trend as well. - Cocolapine Design WHITE OUT White will stay in the world of decorating, but there’s going to be even more shades of white. There is going to be a bigger focus on life and the way you live it. Slow life is something to evaluate like arts and crafts, cooking, DIY, environmental solutions, etc. - Anna Pirkola

COCOLAPINE DESIGN’S PICKS: Artek, Muuto, Carl Hansen and Søn, Ferm Living and Gubi. ANNA’S PICKS: I think Artek has a special place in every Finns heart. Their simple and modern design never goes out of style.

Cocolapine Design

SAY GOODBYE TO CLUTTER We will see the influence of Marie Kondo (anti-clutter guru) more and more. People will become increasingly aware of what they surround themselves with. Asking themselves: does this item spark joy? What will be left is a beautifully balanced basic and functional interior. - Jurianne Matter

JURIANNE’S PICKS: Well to be honest, I only follow everything designer Patricia Urquiola does. She works for Moroso amongst others. She’s my hero.

LIVE LOUD GIRL’S PICKS: Muuto, Vitra, Oeuf NYC, Piet Hein Eek and HAY.

KEEP ON GOING GREEN Going green is definitely not a short-term trend. I think there will be a lot of new eco-friendly elements. The materials we source will be more natural like wood and leather. Also, I see a trend of bringing the outside in. White or monochrome interiors are often complemented with all different types and sizes of plants to add colour. - Live Loud Girl 5

Photography courtesy of

Oct 2015

6 Oct 2015

The craft-spirational teams Poppytalk, Heju, Fictive Fingers and The Merry Thought talk trends, words of advice and their own sources of inspiration to just keep crafting and carry on. While Bianca Cash, Leah Goren, Satsuki Shibuya and Silke Bonde break all the stereotypes and shed light on the biggest misconceptions people have about designers. We salute these talented ladies!

Some sound advice to people DIY-ing for the first time. DO IT FOR THE STORY What we do here at Fictive Fingers was sparked from the days when we would make personalised gifts for friends. Not saying that everyone will end up making professionally, but we believe there is an inherent comfort and pride that comes from making things. ‘Handmade things’ begin with the story of the making process and continues on with each use. That means even if it turns out badly, the story is so much better and probably funnier than of a trip to the mall. - Fictive Fingers IT’S OKAY! We would say that it’s OK to fail sometimes, it happens all the time and to everyone, even to the people you admire the most! Just keep in mind that tomorrow is a new day and that, maybe, you’ll achieve something far beyond your expectations. - Heju

Where are some places you go online to find DIY inspiration? FUN WITH FAMILY We only find ourselves searching for fun DIY projects when we know our 6-year-old niece, Hannah, will be coming over, so the best website is still Handmade Charlotte. - Fictive Fingers

HEJU LIKES ... Among our favourite DIY blogs: The House that Lars Built by Brittany Watson Jepsen. Her whole universe is really consistent and she is a role model to us. We are also big fans of Beci Orpin’s work. We love her patterns. Last but not least, we would recommend the all white and minimalistic blog, Love Aaesthetics. Simple DIYs made with unusual materials. POPPYTALK LIKES ... The Merrythought, House That Lars Built, Studio DIY, Monsters Circus, A Beautiful Mess, Almost Makes Perfect, Honestly WTF, The Crafted Life, The Purl Bee, Lovely Indeed, Sugar and Cloth, Make and Tell, Vintage Revival, Burkatron, Bookhou and the list goes on.


TIME ONLINE It’s not really original, but we spend a lot of time exploring Pinterest. It’s a great tool to find some DIY ideas, some recipes or just an inspiration to decorate your home. - Heju

PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT Practise and practise before you go for the “good” version. - Poppytalk



JUST DO IT Just go for it! There are a lot of projects that we have tried over the years that have failed but it’s just part of the process. Occasionally those failed projects turn into or inspire you to make a completely different project than what you originally had in mind. - The Merry Thought

What is a craft you would love to have a go at?


CLEVER HANDS We would love to attend a pottery class, though we haven’t because of our lack of free-time. In fact, we have been in love with ceramics since we first discovered Ben Fiess’ work. We are fascinated by the know-how of ceramists and what their hands can create. - Heju Heju

The Merry Thought

WRITING DREAMS We would love to learn calligraphy, but it’s very intimidating and we’re not sure we have the patience for it! - The Merry Thought

7 Oct 2015

BLACK IS BEST Black Indian ink and a Pentel water brush plus matte paper stock. It’s all I’m using at the moment. The brush is great for a lot of different type styles. I always use black ink. I stock up with half litre bottles because it’s easy to go through. I use a Canon Pixma scanner to scan all my work, then my iMac and Adobe Photoshop does the rest. - Bianca Cash

Weaving & Macrame Marbling Polymer Clay Chipboard & Cork Hand Lettering

Bianca Cash

Favourite tools to work with?

The sense of community that is building around smaller, niche interests, especially in the form of publications and workshops. There seems to be a proliferation of people starting up their own magazines covering specific topics that might only interest a small group of individuals or workshops covering a niche category, which I think is great. We are all unique and seek different experiences to enrich our lives. By offering such diverse options, people are able to curate a community that speaks directly to their souls instead of trying to fit into a larger conversation, which might not satisfy all aspects of their being. - Satsuki Shibuya

MATTE IN GOUACHE My favorite materials are Winsor & Newton gouache and Winsor & Newton Series 7 brushes. I love the matte finishing of the gouache, and just by adding water it’s easy to change the feel of a drawing. - Leah Goren JUST THE BASICS Right now, I like to keep things simple with a watercolor brush by Escoda, paints by either M.Graham or Schmincke and beautiful 100% cotton paper. - Satsuki Shibuya

Share your creative process with us?

IS THIS FREE? Sometimes, I find that people don’t think we need to be paid for certain jobs. They think that exposure is an acceptable form of payment for ‘art’. Yes I love what I do, but this is how I earn a living. That’s definitely one misconception or ignorance I find a little frustrating. Also, sometimes people tend to label designers as ‘too cool’ and maybe up themselves, etc. I have so many incredible friends who are the complete opposite of this. - Bianca Cash GOT TO GIVE IT TIME I think people are a bit traditional in their way of characterizing a designer. I have a hard time making people understand how much time it takes to design a brand and to create my own visual identity on all digital platforms. They often think everything is about the product and how it is made, and for some reason forget all the hard work of creating a coherent brand. - Silke Bonde

IN MY STYLE I really like the tide and moon charts I did recently for a local beach magazine, Rockaway Summer. It was challenging because I needed to translate accurate charts into my style, which is often organic and free-form. My process was to draw on paper, scan into the computer, and assemble the final piece. Even though parts of the illustration had to be precise, I included a border of little surfers, fisherman, and sea life to add interest. - Leah Goren FEEL THE ENERGY Free-flowing, directly connected with the Universe and all that is animate and inanimate, allowing what comes intuitively to be directly translated onto paper through colours and images. - Satsuki Shibuya

Heju Bianca Cash

What is the biggest misconception people have about designers?

COMES NATURALLY I usually find a theme that I find interesting. I explore this theme and transfer the input to my sketchbook. Then shortly after, I start working with water and brushes to try out different ideas. Most of it happens on watercolour paper, which gives me an idea of the final look and makes sure that it comes out as I imagined. I might have to use tons of watercolour paper before I am satisfied. - Silke Bonde

What is something to keep in mind? Practise. Practise. Practise and share. - Bianca Cash

BY HAND Definitely handwritten. I think the thing I love about it is that it’s perfectly imperfect. - Bianca Cash

Make a ton of work. Not all of it is going to be good, but as long as you’re making things constantly you will get better and develop a dedicated work ethic. I always look back on things I made and think they were terrible, but in making all that work, I formed who I am today. - Leah Goren

STAY GROUNDED The one that I use for my logo, Bartlett, is what I feel fits me best. Designed during my time in art school, it keeps me connect to the part of myself that never wants to forget where it all began. A way to stay grounded and humble. - Satsuki Shibuya

Leah Goren

A typography that best decribes you.

Of packing tips and wanderlust stories. The avid travellers Adinda De Boer, Sher Reen Lim, Irene Hoofs, Zara Salahuddin and Chong Mei Kwee show us the ropes when it comes to exploring new cities, uncovering hidden gems all while kicking back and enjoying the wonderful journey. Of all the cities you have visited, which one comes out on top? SHER REEN’S PICK … Melbourne because I lived there for six good years, but I think it’s a great city to visit because it’s small enough that it’s intimate, yet there are so many surprises for a traveller to unlock. Cape Town comes in as a close second. It has a wonderful balance of man and nature that will thrill every age group. My favourite attraction has to be Table Mountain, the views over Cape Town from there are breathtaking. I also recommend doing a safari when in South Africa, take it from a non-animal enthusiast. There’s something deeply humbling and human about being so close to elephants, giraffes and zebras in their natural habitat that I can’t explain in words.

Aigua Blava at the “Costa Brava and The

IRENE’S PICK … New York. That’s where I truly found myself. I love the vibe there and my time living there was nothing short of life-changing.

Jordaan in Amsterdam is where I like to be. - Irene Hoofs

ZARA’S PICK … Amsterdam without a doubt. It’s funny how I’ve only been there twice, but feel totally at home there. I feel silly saying I miss it since I haven’t spent long enough there, but a friend once told me that it’s possible to miss a place you have never even been to, so I guess anything’s possible!

” ”

Most picturesque spots to visit MEI KWEE’S PICKS … Yosemite - Make sure you take a lazy afternoon raft down the Merced River and if you are the outdoorsy sort, book a tent at Curry Camp. Just make sure you keep your food in the lockers to keep the bears away! Great Ocean Road - A weekend drive along Great Ocean Road will give you plenty of scenic spots to photograph along the way, but the must-visit spots are definitely the Twelve Apostles and Loch Ard Gorge. ADINDA’S PICKS ... All of Japan, Santorini and Mykonos in Greece, French provence, South of France (Cote d’azur), Capri and Positano in Italy. SHER REEN’S PICKS … The Maldives - I recently had the privilege of visiting and it is out of this world beautiful. The water is not only clear, but are layered in the most unbelievable shades of blue. Its low pollution levels also means it is home to incredible marine life, baby sharks, sting rays and dolphins included! Bath, England - I spent a fair amount of time learning about some architectural icons here before I got to visit (The Circus, Royal Crescent, The Abbey). Bath is a UNESCO world heritage site and evidently so. I love the sprawling greens, the undulating land, the well-preserved architecture and how the light falls in this place. I’d love to be able to go back one day, the city council is doing wonderful things about heritage-sensitive architecture in the city!


Open every weekend, this little market was a great way to start the trip. It’s not very big, but it has a nice selection of local designers and makers selling their wares.


Being her first time in Australia, Zara, Bloesem’s creative, decided to make the most of her 9 day trip to Melbourne, soak in the sights, culture and most importantly fill up her luggage and tummy. Here are the pit stops she made!

A 20 minute walk from our Airbnb, we passed this store while on the tram one day and knew we had to go back. We did and we were not disappointed by their selection of independent labels.

BRUNSWICK The photos on this Airbnb listing definitely sold us. Originally we found ourselves debating whether to stay closer to the city or pick this cosy home in Coburg. Though we had to commute to the city most days, there were no regrets picking this as our home base. The neighbourhood is also a great place to walk around with some cafes and little shops along the way. The tram ride into town was also a nice way to see Melbourne. We also had the most adorable cat as our host.


260 Brunswick St, Fitzroy

The ultimate home and interior inspiration can be found here with their beautiful accessories. Keep in mind the size of your suitcase when visiting this store.


3065, 284 Brunswick St, Fitzroy

This store was so well curated that I think we might have spent a little too long in there looking through everything. There were a lot of brands new to me and the friendly staff were so keen on sharing about the labels. You’ll find fashion pieces and quirky accessories here, great for gifts too.


Photography courtesy of

8 Oct 2015

This event is not a regular occurence but Melbourne is full of amazing local designers and markets where you can buy their items. I walked away from this sale with lots of great deals.

Milk & Sugar


Rose Street Market

102 Lygon St, East Brunswick

Adinda De Boer

SHER REEN’S TIPS ... Firstly, never forget a plug converter. Always check the currency and find out how much cash you might need. Let your bank and mobile service provider know you are travelling. Always pack a spare set of clothing and toiletries in your carry-on, in case your luggage goes missing! If you really need it, get a local SIM card, it’s almost always cheaper. Plan in advance. Before leaving for a trip, make it a point to research your destination. My favourite points of reference outside of the usual guidebooks are people who live there and/or friends with similar interests who have been there. This ensures I get a glimpse of a place as the locals and like-minded see it, which is how I like to experience new places. ZARA’S TIPS … If and when possible, I turn off my wifi or cell reception and just use my phone to take pictures. Other than that, cutting off the connection with the rest of the world is the best way to disconnect and put my mind at ease. I try to be in the moment and enjoy where I am. Sometimes, even taking pictures takes away from really being present in the moment and enjoying the company of my travel companion. I’ll have to switch over to taking mental pictures I guess. ADINDA’S TIPS … Sleep in, don’t plan too much, book a massage treatment and go for long walks in the forest or on the beach. I always make sure to keep these items close by: eyedrops, bottle of water, ear plugs, face and hand cream, neck cushion and lip balm. I need to hydrate when in the plane because my skin and eyes get really dry.

The Kettle Black

MEI KWEE’S TIPS … If you are one to get peckish on long journeys, packing some snacks in your bag always makes for a less ‘hangry’ experience. Sharing your snacks will also make your travel buddies more pleasant people to be around. Also, try to be flexible with your travel plans. You never know when things won’t go as you have planned so being adaptable is key. Make sure you have some alternatives so you don’t waste the day.



287 Coventry St, South Melbourne

After half a day of walking, Bibelot was the perfect pitstop for some tea, cakes and/or ice cream. Their assortment of little cakes make decision making too hard so it is advised to rally a group of friends and order a few to share.


50 Albert Rd, South Melbourne


Corner of Victoria St and Elizabeth St

Spending the last day walking around Queen Victoria Market was a great idea. We first grabbed some food and coffee then we took a leisurely stroll looking at all the stalls and of course the beautiful flowers. There was a lovely couple selling handmade jams with the most incredible blends, like passionfruit and vanilla. They all came in the prettiest packaging, perfect as souvenirs for friends and family.


120 Nicholson St, Brunswick East



Queen Victoria Market

The most raved about spot for sure! Everyone’s list of recommendations included The Kettle Black and for good reason. Their hotcake is too pretty not to snap at least 5 pictures of before digging in.

This cute little café is split into two dining spaces, both lovely but the back is just the ideal brunch spot.


Rear 412 Brunswick St, Fitzroy

The home to a yummy softshell crab burger, Hammer & Tong also does a mean warm chocolate brownie. All in all, expect a food baby.

9 Oct 2015

DREAM When you move into a new space, you’ll find that as you get settled in, furniture pieces are constantly being moved around and sometimes, new pieces have to be added to suit the new environment. Since moving into our new black and white colonial home earlier this year, we have consolidated everything in the Bloesem world into this one space. From family to work, everything goes on in this one location and being able to allocate certain spaces for certain uses makes the entire space very multi-functional and effective. I love making a trip down to the DREAM showroom along River Valley Road. Their showroom is home to a bevy of contemporary designs and they even carry new and emerging designers, such as accessories from Ladies and Gentleman. So when I was redecorating our office, I browsed the DREAM collection and was immediately hooked on the Knoll black marble table. An investment piece that would take center stage in the Bloesem office and be the perfect backdrop for photoshoots and other creative projects. In the coming months, we are excited to be working with DREAM to organize a few events, more interior design related posts and even designing our very first window display. We’ll also be going more indepth into designers.We are eager to start on this new creative journey in our new space and we’ll be bringing you along for the ride. Every tuesday, we’ll be sharing something new in our collaboration with DREAM, whether it’s interior styling, designer features or even event invites, we promise a design-centric fun time!

- Irene Hoofs 10 Oct 2015

Styling & Photography Branding & Webdesign Social Media Campaigns Corporate Events Master Classes

BLOESEM We are a studio of creative professionals in Singapore. We dedicate ourselves to impeccable taste and style. We have an in-depth understanding of existing and future trends in our industry. Our approach is both innovative and holistic. We are leaders in creating content. We are Studio Bloesem. Our client list is rapidly growing. Do visit us at our new website

WWW.BLOESEM.CO 11 Oct 2015

We talk style with the chicest people we know on the internet. Our dream #girlsquad of Jess Hannah, Brittany Bathgate, Lisa Hackwith and MyDubio discuss the fashion Dos and Don’ts while we take detailed notes and make plans for a wardrobe overhaul.

ABOUT JESS HANNAH Combining creativity and her love for jewellery, Jess Hannah makes sure her fine jewellery creations come from the heart, bringing not only beauty but confidence and power to the modern woman.

What is one trend item that you will you never wear? FRINGE ISSUES Never say never! But too much fringe in one look just isn’t my thing. - MyDubio THAT 70’S SHOW The 70’s trend. It comes round nearly every year and each time I can’t stand it. - Brittany Bathgate

Jess Hannah

REIGN IT IN I like the 70’s trend but I think it should be practiced with restraint. We don’t all need to look like we’re heading to a costume party. - Jess Hannah

5 pieces of clothing you can’t live without. MYDUBIO’S ESSENTIALS .. A warm knit because I’m always freezing, sneakers, wide legged trousers, which you can easily dress up or down, a belted jacket (I feel too business-like in a blazer and a belted jacket feels more casual and looks more interesting) and a simple top with a nice neckline, appropriate for every occasion. BRITTANY’S ESSENTIALS .. Black cigarette trousers, navy and white long sleeve breton, Levi’s 501 jeans, a crisp white shirt and a boxy white t-shirt. JESS’ ESSENTIALS .. White T, perfect fitting jeans that are also comfy, white sneakers, leather jacket and layered gold rings. LISA’S ESSENTIALS .. Mother Denim, Hackwith Design House Basics tops, a great long and warm winter coat, a black tencel tank dress and a cozy sweater.

“ I love paying

attention to how costume designers put together outfits on tv shows or for movies. It’s so great to be inspired by everyday occurrences. - Lisa Hackwith

I’m currently obsessing over... JESS’ PICK .. Anything Adidas Originals. LISA’S PICK .. Maryam Nassir Zadeh’s fall shoe collection!

BRITTANY’S PICK .. COS knitwear. MYDUBIO’S PICKS .. Marni fussbed sandals (too expensive for the cold rainy Dutch climate though), and an Acne dark green mohair sweater with turtle neck and crazy long sleeves.

What’s the story behind the most interesting piece in your wardrobe? LBD I think my super long black dress by Wackerhaus. It’s silk, buttoned down and totally impractical, but I always feel extra special wearing it and I got it last year while attending my first fashion week in Copenhagen. Great memories! - MyDubio MOMENTO FROM GRANDMA I have a vintage dior scarf from my grandma that I don’t really wear, I just like to keep it in a drawer. My grandpa was sad one day and gave away all of her clothes ... It’s the only thing besides her jewellery that I have left. - Jess Hannah

HEARTFELT & HANDMADE SINCE 2010 Photography courtesy of


Oct 2015

Sep 2015

ABOUT BRITTANY BATHGATE The face behind the fashion and lifestyle blog, Style and WellBeing, Brittany Bathgate is definitely one of our go-to style inspirations for her classic and effortless looks.


Joyce Croonen

Brittany Bathgate

Founder Joyce Croonen started MyDubio, an online platform for everything a minimalist style lover needs and for her to share everything that inspires her. When she’s not running MyDubio, she gives her attention to sociology and scientific research. Who would have guessed?

ABOUT LISA HACKWITH With Hackwith Design House, you know special care and attention is given to every step of the production process and also every detail of the clothing. Lisa, the founder, aims to provide women with staples that would last both in style and in quality.

Of all the crazy fashion experiments we have seen, this has to be the one that seems the most feasible. The Capsule Wardrobe, a term coined in the 1970s by London boutique owner, Susie Faux, entails a collection of essential and timeless pieces that can be the base of your wardrobe, and some trend pieces can be added as you see fit. The Capsule Wardrobe is all over the internet, with many blogs and websites creating their own versions, even including downloadable PDFs for anyone to follow along and give their wardrobe a makeover of sorts. The most intimidating part? Most of them start with: Empty your entire cupboard. If you are brave enough to enter that dingy back part of your closet which has not seen the light for years and houses that pair of awkwardly cropped pants from 7 seasons ago, here are some versions that have peaked our interest:

PROJECT 333 Dressing with 33 items or less for a period of 3 months, that is the gist of Project 333. Definitely a challenge for those who itch to shop. WWW.THEPROJECT333.COM

UNFANCY On a search for contentment and joy, Caroline found her 37-piece wardrobe which she now shares with her readers.

Hackwith House


INTO MIND With a focus on minimalism, Anuschka has created a helpful workbook to guide you through building a minimalist wardrobe. WWW.INTO-MIND.COM

13 Oct 2015

Marieke Verdenius

When it comes to food, Little Miss Bento, The Artful Desperado, Gather & Feast, Marieke Verdenius, Cousine Catering and Nectar & Stone are the go-to people for drool-worthy reccomendations.

What trends do you see in foodie culture? SHIFT TO HEALTHY I see people caring more and more about the overall nutrition in their meals. Before, it was all about going big or going home (e.g. loads of butter, loads of cream, heaps of sugar), now people want food that looks beautiful, tastes great, and is healthy. I feel foodies currently stand in the intersection of photography, health, and minimal lifestyle. - The Artful Desperado LOCAL FLAVOURS STEP UP TO THE PLATE The rise in popularity of rustic and all-natural healthy food has led to an increase in products such as nut butters, granolas, muesli and chai seeds. Coupled with the digital media trends where people are often on the lookout for the next ‘in’ thing, one would often see the introduction of new or less common flavours and foods, from bamboo charcoal to yuzu for instance. It is also interesting to note that despite the strong emergence of the international food scene such as Seoul food, there is still a constant demand for local flavours, the same reason why flavours such as salted egg, milo and milk tea are often popular. - Little Miss Bento THE FLAVOUR EXTREMES For me, I have observed quite extreme food trends at the moment, really extreme health culture or the other ‘not so healthy’ extreme of burgers, doughnuts etc. I find it really fascinating. - Gather & Feast GOING GOURMET A food trend I’ve noticed lately is the ‘gourmet’ version of ordinary foods. An example is the gourmet hamburger that is now topped with truffle and smoked Italian goat’s cheese. - Vera of Cousine Catering STORY BEHIND THE FOOD I think we are slowly changing our food habits by eating more honest food that is locally produced. People love to hear how and where their bread or cheese is made. These days, it is quite common to drink beer produced by local brewers rather than the mainstream alternatives. Also a positive development is that new local food start-ups are finding support in the community. - Marieke Verdenius

“ I think an attractive food picture

is often one that draws your eyes to the food but yet is not overcrowded. - Little Miss Bento

Name an ingredient you think is the most versatile and why?

RICE SURPRISE As a bento and food artist, rice is one of my most favourite versatile ingredients that I work with. The amazing thing about rice is that not only can it complement the side dishes, it can also be a key highlight of the meal. And of course, rice also has endless possibilities in shaping and making different bento and food art designs. - Little Miss Bento What are 5 places you go to for recipe inspirations?

CHOCOLATE HEAVEN Chocolate! You can use it on both savoury and sweet dishes and, you can eat it by itself. Everyday. If possible. - The Artful Desperado

TEAM WORK We head to the organic supermarket, to the local farmers market, to a great magazine or book shop or just have a conversation with each other. Most of all we inspire each other. - Our Food Stories

ALMOND JOY Almonds! I use them to make almond milk, sprinkle roasted almonds over salads and over fruits, in smoothies, as a gluten-free flour alternative, sweet, savoury and so many things. - Gather & Feast

THE FOOD JOURNALS Food52, Bon Appetit Magazine, Donna Hay, Gather Journal, and Pinterest. - The Artful Desperado

AN EGGCELLENT CHOICE Whole Eggs, yolks and eggwhites: one ingredient and yet you can make so many different desserts. - Nectar & Stone

Photography courtesy of


Oct 2015

Gather & Feast

ADD A LITTLE ZEST I would go for the lemon. It is the best secret ingredient to give your vegetables or pasta dish a kick. Lemons combine with everything, from fish to salads and from cake to cordial, it’s an ingredient that uplifts nearly everything. - Marieke Verdenius

MAMA KNOWS BEST My immediate thoughts are my mum’s kitchen (she is such an awesome cook), Japanese cooking websites and some of the Instagram accounts that I follow. - Little Miss Bento STAY FRESH My go-to for fresh produce inspiration is Maggie Beer and Stephanie Alexander. - Nectar & Stone

Our Food Stories

You are planning a get-together with your best friends; where and what do you eat? CAKE CLUB We would invite them to our place in the countryside and host a gathering with lots of different cakes. - Our Food Stories HOME SWEET HOME Home(s). The best gatherings so far have been hosted at home. While none of us are professional chefs, nothing beats freshly prepared home cooked meals and the quality time spent in such intimate settings. - Little Miss Bento ALWAYS ROOM FOR ICE CREAM We eat out quite often, we have a few favourite places, like pizza from D.O.C or 400 Gradi, and then there will usually be ice cream involved at some point too. - Gather & Feast

The Artful Desperado

SHARING IS CARING When eating at home I often prepare a big table with different kind of mezzes (small plates) to share. Wilde Zwijnen Bar uses this concept as well and is number one on my to-do list in Amsterdam. - Jessie of Cousine Catering

Other than the obvious things you see in the photo, the delicious food, props and backgrounds, these are some of the important guidelines the pros swear by.

LIGHTING Lighting is key. Natural lighting can be your best friend.

KEEP IT FRESH Whether it’s for eating or for photography sake, fresh ingredients should always be the go-to.

GIVE IT SPACE Let the food breathe. The empty space around the food will also let the viewers’ eyes go directly to the subject, the food.

WHAT’S THE STORY? Think of a theme and stick to it. Choose relevant props.

LESS IS MORE Focus on the subject, do not go overboard with the extras.

KEEP IT FRESH Fresh is best, by that I mean using freshly made bread or going to a good quality artisan bread baker. Keep the ingredients simple, but good quality. I like homemade basil pesto with swiss brown mushrooms that have been slightly pan fried with a little butter. - Nectar & Stone NO ONE LIKES A SOGGY SANDWICH Always use something to coat the bread to prevent it from getting soggy. Use something tasty like guacamole, chipotle mayo, or hummus. - The Artful Desperado

Nectar & Stone

Everyone loves a good sandwich. Any tips for making the perfect sandwich?

15 Oct 2015

Top 5 tips for your best skin. SUNSCREEN Use sunscreen every day, without fail. It’s important because the sun is the most damaging single factor. If you’re too lazy to do anything else, apply sunscreen. Not using sunscreen everyday will lead to pigmentation, fine lines and loss of collagen. SPF30 stops about 97% of the damaging rays from reaching your skin, so for most people that’s adequate. - Alexiares & Ani THE SECRET TO YOUNG SKIN Retinol is the one all-round, anti-aging ingredient that benefits all skin-types. It’s an antioxidant and essential if you’re older, but starting with it younger can supplement your skin’s ability to repair itself. Retinol helps boost natural collagen production as well as cell turnover, reduces pigmentation and fine lines, and can even reduce acne. Because it’s the storage format of vitamin A your skin is able to access it when it needs, making it a gentle way to deliver the vitamin. It should be used as a night treatment, followed by SPF during the day, but is not recommended for pregnant women. - Alexiares & Ani MOISTURIZE Moisturisers may seem “low-tech” compared with newer treatments, but they actually work at the cellular level. Without enough water, your skin cells become unable to perform essential functions. Moisturisers are designed to lock water into your skin to avoid this. That’s how a good moisturiser can help delay fine lines, smooth rough texture and reduce irritation. - Alexiares & Ani DON’T BE FOOLED BY PACKAGING Buy products for the skin you have and not just because the packaging is cute or luxe. So many women buy the most expensive cosmetics on counters thinking the more they shell out, the younger they’ll look. Truth is, you can do more damage piling on aggressive anti-aging creams in your 20s if your skin doesn’t really need it. There are plenty of women in their 30s and 40s with super sensitive skin who would be better off focusing on hydration rather than using rich serums that only cause more breakouts and reactions. - Mmerci Encore THE ESSENTIALS It’s important for everyone to become familiar with essential oils and find the oil that works best for them in their routine, because there are endless benefits. - Soul Sunday

What is a little skin remedy Do-It-Yourself we can try? TAMING THE TRESSES An anti-stress hair mask can sooth irritated scalp and prevent dandruff: · Take ¼ cup of clay (the type of clay you’ll need depends on your scalp – if it’s sensitive you’ll want a pink argile clay, if it’s oily you can try a green clay, and for normal to dry scalp you can use white French or Bentonite clay)

clean, clean “ Clean, your skin. Even a painter doesn’t use a dirty canvas. - Josselin Bijl

· Add a teaspooon of baking soda · A dash of vegetable oil (grapeseed, coconut or olive are fine if you’re foraging from your kitchen) · No more than 6 drops of rosemary, lavender, sandalwood and/or lemon essential oils. These have been used for centuries to help heal, soothe and stimulate the scalp. · Mix with water into a paste. Apply directly on scalp (you do not need to cover your locks with the mask). · Wait 10 to 15 minutes and shampoo off. Rinse your tresses with vinegar (warning: the pungent scent takes a bit of getting used to, but so worth it for naturally glossy hair!) - Mmerci Encore

SOFT AND SUPPLE LIPS My own remedy is to use a homemade mask of oats, yoghurt and milk. Grind 1tsp of oats and mix with 1/2tsp milk and 1/2tsp plain yoghurt to form a paste. Press the paste gently onto your lips and leave it there for 5 minutes. Rinse with cool water and pat dry. Be sure to apply a good lip balm after. - Alexiares & Ani

Which beauty or skincare product do you think is the most underrated? DON’T BE AFRAID OF OILS Facial oil is underrated. People get scared of it and think that it will be too oily, but it’s so good for your skin. - Herbivore Botanicals BEAT THOSE PESKY WRINKLES I think there are several. First an eye cream. Everyone thinks that you can use one product for your entire face, but the thinner skin around the eyes really needs a different approach to all the wrinkle soldiers. - Josselin Bijl SMOOTH SKIN FOR THE WIN Body oils! Especially in our humid climates, I sometimes find body moisturisers a little heavy and sticky, whereas with body oils, they’ve got that amazing slip and sheen to them. - Mmerci Encore FRAMING YOUR FACE An eyebrow pencil is greatly underrated. Good eyebrows are really the basis of your face. - Josselin Bijl

TREAT YOURSELF Drink plenty of water, always clean your face before you go to bed, scrub 3 times a week and mask twice a week, find a good moisturizer that doesn’t clog your skin and massage face and neck using facial oil ideally every other day. - Astrie of Beauty Candy

From Top to Bottom:

Awakening Organic Sugar Scrub by Mmerci Encore -- No. 73 Body Lotion Poivre Noire Fraiche by Marie-Stella-Maris -- Rose Hibiscus Coconut Water Hydrating Face Mist by Herbivore Botanicals -- The Siren Hydrating Cleansing Gel by Alexiares

-- Blue Tansy Resurfacing Clarity Mask by Herbivore Botanicals -- Multi-task Body + Shave Oil by Soul Sunday -- Positive Seeds Lip + Skin Balm by Soul Sunday -- Awakening Organic Sugar Scrub by Mmerci Encore -- Bamboo Charcoal Deep Cleans Mask available at Beauty Candy -- RMS Organic Blush and Lipstick available at Beauty Candy Photography courtesy of


Oct 2015

The good folks over at Alexiares & Ani, Herbivore Botanicals, Mmerci Encore, Soul Sunday, Beauty Candy, along with Josselin Bijl and Emiel Gerardu show us that taking care of ourselves is actually quite simple. You just need a little help from the masters.

Is there a step in our skincare regime we should not be skipping no matter how lazy we get? SUNSCREEN It has to be using sunscreen every day. I hated using sunscreen when I was younger because I didn’t like the greasy feeling on my face. That’s what drove us to create a lightweight sunscreen that’s a pleasure to use everyday. I wish I’d been more diligent with sunscreen when I was younger. - Dawn of Alexiares & Ani

Care to share some industry secrets? SWEET LINGERING SCENT Spray your fragrance into your hair. It will last longer. - Emiel Gerardu READ THE LABELS I used to break out in a rash when using commercial skincare products. I was shocked to find out that certain lines marked “natural” can still contain harsh, questionable ingredients and preservatives. My skin finally settled down when I started using natural raw ingredients, and I saw a huge improvement. - Soul Sunday CONTROL THAT MANE I initially didn’t believe in Boar Hair hairbrushes, which I found ridiculously expensive and, moreover, an old one would work just as well right? Until I got one sent over. My hair has since become more shiny and has less static. It really works! - Josselin Bijl MORNING PAMPERING SESSION Masks are underrated, I think. Every morning I use Estee Lauder’s Supreme Revatilizing for ten minutes. It tingles a little bit, but afterwards you feel awake, hydrated and have a healthy glow. That’s not just standard beauty talk, it is really true. - Josselin Bijl

X THE DEAD CELLS OUT Exfoliation seems like a superficial step, but regular exfoliation can actually do a lot of things. By removing dead skin cells it can help unclog pores, boost natural cell turnover, even out fine lines, rough texture and pigmentation, brighten your skin and counterintuitively it can even reduce dryness. So don’t skip that extra step, it can achieve quite a lot! - Keith of Alexiares & Ani STAY HYDRATED Hydration! Whether it’s facial oil, body oil or a moisturizing mask. - Herbivore Botanicals A CLEAN FACE TO BED Cleansing is a critical part of skincare. Many people step into bed with a face full of makeup and then apply another thick layer over that in the morning. That’s a shame because your skin will not improve and the makeup can’t be applied flawlessly. Furthermore, always take a look at your eyebrows. I always use a pencil to see if I can make them even fuller and stronger because they really frame the face. - Josselin Bijl WHERE THE DIRT LURK Don’t forget that you can also maintain healthy skin by regularly cleaning your make-up brushes as well as disinfecting your mobile phones and changing your pillow cases weekly. - Mmerci Encore BACK TO NATURE Switch to a natural beauty routine. Your skin is your biggest organ and absorbs whatever you put on it, and those products should be free of toxins, synthetic fragrances and parabens. - Soul Sunday

s & Ani -- Glow Elixir by Mmerci Encore -- No. 71 Body Lotion Comme Lavande by Marie-Stella-Maris -- RMS Organic Blush and Lipstick available at Beauty Candy

se Detoxifying Soap Bar by Herbivore Botanicals -- No. 73 Shampoo Poivre Noir Fraîche by Marie-Stella-Maris -- Lip Balm by Kiyoko -- Binchotan Facial Cleansing

17 Oct 2015


with Bosch’s Series 8 Ovens The kitchen is the heart of our home. It’s where the family congregates and bonds over new recipes, where little everyday details of our kids’ school days are shared while making an afternoon snack, where countless good times are created. This year we had the privilege of working with Bosch for some projects, so we got a hand at using a variety of their kitchen appliances and have even incorporated some of them in our own home. As longtime users of their products, we must say - they never disappoint! We always find ourselves coming back to Bosch as they are sturdy, reliable and best of all, so easy to use. Anyone can have a go at it. Sleek and modern, we’re delighted that they also fit right into our newly-renovated kitchen. One of the collaborations the Bloesem Team has been working with Bosch and their latest Series 8 ovens on is our Food Styling and Mobile Photography Classes, held at the impressive and well-equipped Bosch Experience Centre. More often than not, we catch ourselves sneaking a bite in-between snapping photos of the food prepared by Bosch’s chefs… how does one resist! - Irene Hoofs

18 Oct 2015

BLOESEM Coming 2016

Art of Visual Storytelling // Irene Hoofs


If you are seeking to create quality content for your brand’s social media platforms, then this class is for you! Learn from the pro herself, Irene Hoofs, founder and editor-inchief of Bloesem, on how to build your online presence with visually compelling content.This 3.5 hour class will provide you with all the tips and tricks to creating and curating online content. And for the design beginners, you will get a crash course on basic photoshop skills to create more visually pleasing images.


4 - 7 Feb

From Oven to Table - Mobile Photography // Bloesem Team + Bosch

Coming 2016

Modern Handwriting @Zaaras

// Josselin Bijl After selling out 3 full classes hours after announcement, this Modern Handwriting class is back by popular demand! Coming all the way from Amsterdam, Josselin Bijl will be teaching you the ever-popular, hand lettering and help you expand your repertoire of writing skills. She will equip you with all the tools of the trade to create different lettering styles and to make the most out of your own unique and individual handwriting. There’s no right or wrong when it comes to our handwriting but she’ll help us take it to the next level.

The Bloesem Team has teamed up with Bosch to bring you a Food Styling Mobile photography class in Bosch’s very own experience centre. Bosch’s chef will teach you how to cook up Christmas recipes (we think there’s sure to be turkey!) with the latest Bosch series 8 ovens, while Bloesem shares with you our tips and tricks on how to style, capture and edit your food photos using your mobile phone!

4 - 7 Feb @Zaaras

Candle Making // Bloesem Team + Mei Kwee

Coming 2016

Marketing for Makers Whether you are undertaking a re-branding effort, developing a marketing campaign or seeking to fast forward the growth of your business (just to name a few), we are here to prepare you with the right tools! Tailored for young businesses, this 3.5 hour deep conditioning marketing class will fill you in with loads of key concepts and action steps on public relations, creating online presence, visual storytelling, search engine optimization (SEO), pricing guidelines and work sheets — all wrapped in a nifty handbook. We are sure to set you on the right course with a personalized marketing strategy you can put right into action!


// Irene Hoofs + Anouk van der El


Searching for the perfect scent to fill your home but just can’t find the one? Then why not grab a friend or two and spend a relaxing afternoon with the Bloesem team where we willshare with you how to make your very own signature scented candle! We are big advocates for using 100% natural ingredients so we promise you will only be working with pure essential oils. Makes for a pretty thoughtful Christmas gift too, don’t you think? 19 Oct 2015

Special thanks to all our contributors: Styling Anna Pirkola, Caroline Gomez, Jurianne Matter, Cocolapine Design, Live Loud Girl, Craft Poppytalk, Heju, Fictive Fingers, The Merry Thought, Design Bianca Cash, Leah Goren, Satsuki Shibuya, Silke Bonde, Travel Adinda De Boer, Sher Reen Lim, Fashion Jess Hannah, Brittany Bathgate, Lisa Hackwith, MyDubio, Food Little Miss Bento, The Artful Desperado, Gather & Feast, Marieke Verdenius, Cousine Catering, Nectar & Stone, Beauty Alexiares & Ani, Herbivore Botanicals, Mmerci Encore, Soul Sunday, Beauty Candy, Josselin Bijl and Emiel Gerardu.

Editor in Chief // Irene Hoofs A BIG thank you to my #BloesemTeam for creating this Bloesem Gazette. If you haven’t met the team yet, please let me introduce to you Zara and Mei Kwee.

Creative // Zara Salahuddin Zara stumbled upon Bloesem through the wonderous world of Instagram and now spends her days in the Bloesem studio writing, styling and creating content for the Bloesem blogs. In 2014, she started her candy-inspired jewellery label, SALU, out of her love for the sugary treats. @Zaaras

Manager // Chong Mei Kwee Mei Kwee Chong is a graduate from NUS Division of Communications and New Media. Apart from managing Bloesem’s social media platforms, she is key in the organization of creative classes. Her latest passion project is her etsy shop where she sells her handmade soy candles. @MeiKwee

The Bloesem Team is always keen on working on new projects, whether it’s getting ideas for your new brand, designing a new website or styling products for a shoot, they are just a hop, skip and email away. Get on board with Bloesem Want to be part of our next issue or book an advertisement banner?

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