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Respect and Save the Environment

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Royal Continental Hotel Via Partenope 38,44 Napoli tel: +39 0812452068 www.royalcontinental.it mail: info@royalcontinental.it

Respect and Save the Environment

Ideated by: Cesare Naldi Gianluca Picone Marco Zuppetta Care and Supervising: Marco Zuppetta Publishing Project: Claudio Curcio Writer: Stefano Ascari Cesare Naldi Andrea Scoppetta Drawings: Andrea Scoppetta Inks: Gianluca Maconi

The pleasure of waking up in our rooms and enjoy a sublime, unique landscape: Vesuvius and the Gulf of Naples.

Colors: Gianluca Maconi Andrea Scoppetta Layout and Graphic Art: Andrea Scoppetta Translation: Camilla Balsamo In collaboration with

Promo Comic of the newborn project Mr. Royal Respect and Save the Environment All characters and drawings by ŠAndrea Scoppetta Printed in July 2011 - Tipolitografia Volpicelli s.n.c. Printed on environmentally friendly paper and FSC certified eco-label

Publishing Management:

Save ! s ’ t t Le ane l P the

We challenged ourselves by getting involved in a project of eco-sustainability since 2008. The target has always been very clear to us: minimize the environmental impact of our hotels. We started up with Royal Continental, Naples, because it gathers in itself all the complexities typically defining the hotel business. We decided to tell the whole story because we would love this path to be shared. We still are astonished of discovering how amazingly this ethic choice matches the real business - especially in those years, flogged by economical crisis.

We decided to share this adventure through a cartoon – easy tool, sweet chuckle – in the hope for those measures displayed to be imitated; both in similar business and houses. In facts, Mr. Royal – allegorical character representing our management – will show some of the actions accomplished by the company to reduce its environmental impact. We chose to involve our suppliers: they helped us more than anyone else to individuate virtuous behaviors and put them into practice. It looks undeniable to us: sustainability requires investments, but goes along with saving resources; this is how it is bound to spread in all companies and houses. Also the ones belonging to the few that still look unaware of how much our planet is changing.

Teresa Naldi, President Royal Group Hotels & Resorts


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19/07/11 09.40

What a mess...

…The planet is in danger… pollution increasing…

Hello… can I speak to nhp? I need your help.

I must do something!

I am willing to reduce at a minimum the environmental impact of my company.

Good morning, this is Mr. Royal Soon afterwards

Nice to meet you, my name is Valerio and… I solve problems

First of all, we have to reduce the amount of products bound to become trash.

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19/07/11 09.40

NHP servizi energetici integrati Via Cornelia dei Gracchi n. 28/C, 80126 Napoli - ITALY Tel.: +39 0812457416 - Fax: +39 0817642528 Web: www.nhp.it - Mail: info@nhp.it

Then we have to reuse as much as possible.

And where reuse isn’t possible, we have to recycle!

It will be tough, but we can make it.

…nor anyone working in the company…

Thank you Valerio! But we shall not forget our clients…

…nor costs, obviously…

…and take care of the environment of course!!!

From now on I have a new mission: SAVE THE PLANET!

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19/07/11 09.40

Good Grief! How many plastic bottles!

Goodness, This is so much plastic to throw away‌ Not to speak of the pollutants related to the transport of all that!

Every year, with the plastic bottles we use, we could be able to cover an entire soccer field.

I have to find a solution.

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Sidea firm...


19/07/11 09.40

S.I.D.E.A. ITALIA Filtered water, cool, sparkling or not, perfect to drink and the planet fears not! OUR SIDEA MAN Pasquale Matrone, tel.: +39 0818507321 - +39 3385235079 mail: pasquale_matrone@fastwebnet.it

Good job!

From now on we will use glasses and jugs.

No more plastic!


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19/07/11 09.40

Nooo! I ran out of blue ink, now I have to change the whole toner!

That’s impossible! This cartridge isn’t compatible with the printer!

We have hundreds of different printers in the offices! It’s Chaos! Everyone needs cartridges of a kind and we don’t ever know whom to call to seek assistance…

Already out of color? I refilled black just last week!

Whatever! What’s going on around here?

With the current prices it’s almost worth buying a new printer every time… Better than get it fixed…

Not to speak about the ton of solid waste we produce! I don’t know where to stuff it anymore!

For every toner’s sake! This is a complex problem! We have to find better printers and we need to use them in a more rational manner… But I guess I know whom to call!

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Hello, Varriale Company?

19/07/11 09.40



Via S. Anna dei Lombardi n. 29/30, 80134 Napoli - ITALY Tel.: +39 0815524070 - +39 0815514517 - Fax +39 0815800111 Web: www.varriale.it Mail: e.varriale@varriale.it And this was the last one to set! The whole net is now complete and working. We also substituted all the refills. Well done!

We will share those new printers… the maintenance will be a lot easier now! And we will at the same time reduce the waste!

Using printers meant for intensive-work we would save a lot in changing components…

And using them as Faxservers we’ll receive fax directly in our email inbox… saving paper!

So, as I frequently say…

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19/07/11 09.40

So, anyway, blah-blah, In particular, here, to say that… blah-blah, Oh, this is true, here…

I am so glad to stay at your HOTEL Mr. Royal, But I am to ask some questions about the management of Hydro-resources … I am very concerned, you know, I really do care about water systems and drains.

Good morning, How may I help you?

Hem, yes! Your curiosity surely is appropriate…

Some time ago we realized how in sanitizing the laundry we needed to wash it all at a very high temperature and with a great waste of water and energy…

So we decided to ask Hotelservice for washing, the laundry of PEDERSOLI group...

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19/07/11 09.40

PEDERSOLI Group Assago (MI) - ITALY Tel.: +39 0248844854 - Fax: +39 0248844852 Web: www.pedersoli.com - Mail: info@pedersoli.com

They assure us a highly sustainable service and helped out in correcting some incorrect, very aggressive washing behaviors…

It happened that a towel might be used for sweeping a window, and a tablecloth could temporary turn into a dishtowel Good Grief!

And at the same time we sensitized our clients’ awareness on the issue… not to be careless of linen and towels!

Well, anyhow, though, you persuaded me. Such a care of the environment is not spread nowadays, isn’t it? Though.

I LOVE saving the planet!

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Exactly! Though.

19/07/11 09.40


Make waaay…! Make way!

Liquid cleaner!

Washing Powder!

But what the heck…? For heavens sake!

We will never be able to get rid of all that, we all will be buried exactly like poor Mr. Royal!

Here I come!

The bunch of empty bottles we stocked up this week has buried Mr. Royal!

Keep Cool. I won’t give up like that.

But this cleaning-stuff problem means a bunch of troubles.

There are too many products and way too many bottles. We have to cut all that!

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Hello, Top Store Distributions?

19/07/11 09.40

TOP STORE DISTRIBUZIONI S.r.l. Via Ponte dei Francesi n. 43, 80146 Napoli - ITALY Tel.: +39 0815593170 - +39 0815590592 - Fax: +39 0815591474 Web: www.topstoredistribuzioni.com - Mail: info@topstoredistribuzioni.com Oh, great! That was fast!!

Based distributoRs makes you able to reuse containers and bottles forever.

And concentrated products are less cumbersome and a lot easier to store.

In this way we reduce the quantity of detergents used and bring to zero the number of non-recyclable bottles! And the work of cleaners will be less hard than before!

I LOVE saving the planet!

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19/07/11 09.40

Gee! Burnt out again!

The bulb is gone. We have to change it.

Hum, bulbs and bills… this and that… the lighting system is so expEnsive…

I’ll ask at the storage, and I also need to show you the electricity bills…

And by the way we can’t decrease the power. Our clients need light to walk around and adequately watch their step!

Right. That’s not easy, but I have an idea…

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19/07/11 09.40


design and manufacture of LED lighting equipment

Via dei Prati n. 22, 84060 Novi Velia (SA) - ITALY Tel. : +39 097470941- Mob.: +39 3290638786 Web: www.amserviceled.it - Mail: info@amserviceled.it

... High efficiency lamps!

We’ll slowly convert all the lights in led lamps; we will save up to 80% on the bills. They cost more, but last longer.

So we do both: reduce the intake and waste less!

Furthermore they were projected to stay on for a long time without warming up too much.

Perfect for a hotel hallway! …and we’ll also save on the air conditioning.

I LOVE saving the planet!

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19/07/11 09.40


You know, I just noticed that… but how come that I see in Naples so many trucks loaded with mineral waters coming from all over? Are they different from local ones?

How does it happen? It seems incredible.

I don’t think so. But have you ever thought of the travelling of mozzarella we use here in the kitchen?

And this it not all… today lots of products come from just about anywhere. Sometimes they really are hard to find around, but mostly…

So we are stuck in this sick distribution-logic, and have trucks travelling night and day carrying stuff we could easily find around the corner.

fumettoENG.indd 14

Something has to be done!

19/07/11 09.40

LA MORGESINA mozzarella di latte of bufala quality is tradition

Stores: Via Francesco De Pinedo n. 133, 80100 Napoli - ITALY - Tel. e Fax: +39 0817363724 Via Solimena n. 131, 80100 Napoli - ITALY - Tel. e Fax: +39 0815565374

Deal! See you in a couple of days for the next load of mozzarella.

Buying local products we reduce to zero the environmental impact of transports. And along with that we help local economy, which is not bad at all!

Not to say thing about taste and quality! Mozzarella morgesina spends less time travelling and gets here fresh and without preservatives!

Ah... I love saving the world!

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And good food as well.

19/07/11 09.40

Hi! Whenever you’re done could you please verify for me the check-in date of De Paolis?

I’ll leave you a note here.

Hem, yeah, I don’t know if I’ll make it, I need to archive all those forms and get all this done!

Could you please go check the archive? I still need the guests’ documents …room 750!

Oh no, the archive is a paper labyrinth…

Hem, Miss, we should correct my data…

Uhm... Sure!

ADamn, this is surely a problem! …a bulky one!

And poor receptionist… she’s going crazy! But I have an idea… I guess…

fumettoENG.indd 16

19/07/11 09.40


Perfect! We controlled the data and I can print your form right away! If you want I can show you your way downtown…

Electronic registration is extremely fast! It allows us to archive and consult clients’ data in such a supple way! We can save up to 500.000 sheets of paper per year!

So we’ll have more time to dedicate to our clients and we’ll assist them at the very best!

But I hate losing at Tetris.

Hem… I LOVE solving problems!

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19/07/11 09.40

Ok, ok! This is the promo flyer of the season, this is the offers catalogue… and here we have the promotions’ booklet, and than hall’s posters, visiting cards, notepads…

Look! This is the new sample, on this new kind of paper, plasticized, water-resistant, anti-wrinkles…

Now, if you want to point me out anything you want to change… and then we’ll carry on printing again…

Ehi, but... ?!?

No! No! Not at all! There’s too much paper around here for real! And by the way, is this plasticized thing recyclable?

Hem, not exactly… It might be used as a table pad I suppose…

Exactly! We absolutely need to find another solution.

Once plasticized, the paper is not recyclable anymore.

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19/07/11 09.41

VOLPICELLI FRANCESCO TIPOLITOGRAFIA s.n.c. Via Monteoliveto n. 86, 80134 Napoli (NA) Tel.: +39 0815510269 - fax: 081 5510269 Mail: guido.volpicelli@fastwebnet.it A little upgrade will be enough. Now everyone can visualize the layout and correct anything on a .pdf file!

Ok, Sounds good to me!

We save time, money and ink, papers won’t go back and forth, and we don’t have to print a thing.

And we print anything strictly necessary on paper marked FSC; this means that it’s made out of wood coming from forests managed in a sustainable and responsible way – and along with ecological, social and economical standards.

I LOVE saving the planet.

fumettoENG.indd 19

So what we decide to print doesn’t bother the environment.

…And be… OK with papers.

19/07/11 09.41

All right, it has been a pleasure, I hope you enjoyed it…

Umf! Congresses are so very tiring every single time!

It sure was! Thank you so much and see you soon!


And… and… what are those?

Well… we always give two bottles to every guest and…

fumettoENG.indd 20

You’re right. But we have to find a way to reduce the output of plastic material… We can’t make any exception… not even when we’re overwhelmed!

19/07/11 09.41

ACQUA SUIO mineral water Regenerating, nitrate-free, with extra calcium – special water for an ideal life.

Via delle Terme, 04021Suio Castelforte (Lt) - ITALY - Tel.: +39 0771672266 Fax: +39 0771 672302 - Web: www.suio.it - Mail: proves@suio.it Here we go!

suio water, rich of calcium and nitratefree, comes to us in glass bottles so to keep best care of our guests.

And with those returnable bottles we put an end to waste and trash.

In this way, along with our depuration system, we bring down to zero our need of water packaged in plastic.

Save the world sometimes is easy, like drinking a glass of water.

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19/07/11 09.41

Good morning!

Good morning! I’m sorry for this chaos, but we are literally covered by…

Ouch! I see a shocking amount of paper to dispose of.

... and also a bunch of undifferentiated garbage!

Everybody be cool!

fumettoENG.indd 22

We have to sharpen up our wits! …but I know whom to look for…

19/07/11 09.41

PARTENUFFICIO office solutions Registered office and sale Via Ponte dei Francesi n. 43, 80146 Napoli - ITALY - Tel.: +39 0817520202 - Fax: +39 0815591940 Punto vendita: Via Guantai Nuovi n. 36, 80133 Napoli - ITALY - Tel.: +39 0815510164 Web: www.partenufficio.it - Mail: info@partenufficio.it I was so right! Through the consultancy of PARTENUFFICIO we solved a lot of problems!

With our paper shredders we reduced a lot the volume of paper we have to get rid of!

And choosing certified paper, we definitely bring down our environmental impact.

With stamps and pens in recyclable plastic material for both our guests and us we also solved the problem of undifferentiated garbage.

And with filters for particulate matter set on our printers we have now a nicer work environment!

I LOVE saving the world!

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19/07/11 09.41


Here are the results of our first year‌

-100.000 33cl.

plastic bottles, using water naturizzatori-dispensers for the staff.

-480.000 sheets of paper, with the new electronic check-in pad.

-440 toners, sharing printers.

-7.600 bottles, using despensers for concentrate (and biodegradable) detergents.

54.300 reused glass bottles!

We also abolished any packaging of cleaning products with a modern dosage system.

80% less material coming from packaging of fruit juice, using a mixer for concentrate fruit juice.

Reduction of any paper material, both in the rooms and in occurrence of meetings.


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19/07/11 09.41

Profile for BLASTNESS Srl

Mr. Royal Let’s Save the Planet!  

Mr. Royal Let’s Save the Planet!

Mr. Royal Let’s Save the Planet!  

Mr. Royal Let’s Save the Planet!

Profile for blastness

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