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FOUNDED: 2006 San Diego, CA ead down to San Diego, CA and you’ll find Jus Pound N’ Lady Riderz, a group of sisters based in San Diego, CA, who are always down to pound. They are not an MC, but rather an organic sisterhood that developed into a well respected riding club. These women embody the true spirit of sisterhood. We are proud to honor them with our 3rd Annual Beautiful Bikers Award on November 21, 2015.


“Jus Pound N’ Lady Riderz intends on doing all we can to put our stamp on the sport of motorcycle riding...” #JUSPOUNDINLADYRIDERZ



Q. Tell us about Jus Pound N’ Lady Riderz... A. Jus Pound N’ Lady Riderz is an all famale “Riding Group” that was established in 2006 by “Shell” and “Shug” in San Diego, Ca. With a shared passion for riding and the intention on remaining independent riders, the two linked up and Jus Pound N’ was formed. Q. What’s the club’s mission or motto? A. Our goal is to replace the misleading stereotype of motorcyclists with an image of people who don’t have to compromise their dignity to ride – especially women. Q. What does your club look for in a member? A. We don’t actively recruit members but when we are approached by those that are interested in riding with Jus Pound N’, we always look for integrity, intelligence and the ability to play well with others. We strongly believe that quality is far more important than quantity. Q. What is your criterion for membership? A. In order to ride with Jus Pound N’ Lady Riderz, a woman must first be confident. Have a motorcycle as well as an M1 license and insurance. She must also be mature, drama-free and understand the true meaning of sisterhood.

Q. What annual events do you promote? We promote any and all annual events that are within our power. We travel long and short distances to support our fellow riders. Q. What are your favorite cities or roads to ride? Our favorite cities to ride to would have to be Los Angeles, of course, Pheonix, Temecula and Imperial County. Q. Are there any last words you’d like to leave us with? A. We can honestly say that even though we are not an actual MC, we have been able to gain the respect and admiration of many of the MC’s on the set. We are fully aware of our place as independents and are always sure to remain in our lane and not overstep our boundaries. Time and time again women have been able to prove themselves to be just as talented and competitive as men. There is a new breed of female riders who have decided that not only will they take the reins, but they will also choose the larger cruisers and sport bikes with all the bells and whistles. The days of women only being seen on the back of bikes is quickly becoming a thing of the past and Jus Pound N’ Lady Riderz intends on doing all we can to put our stamp on the sport of motorcycle riding.



3rd annual

T oundin P for a cure charity cancer ride

Photo Credit: Koi Sojer, Maria Evangelista, Sarah Moreau, Sean Ray, Eric Harris


he 3rd Annual Poundin For A Cure Charity Cancer Ride took place on Saturday, October 10, 2015 to raise money for a cure. Despite the 105 degree heat, riders from all over Southern California met at Chic & Curvy Boutique in Inglewood, CA for a scenic ride through Palos Verdes to the historic Korean Bell in San Pedro, CA, and then to the Magnificent 7 MC picnic in Compton, CA. Everyone came to support, representing in pink. Each registered rider received a gift bag with giveaways. Chic & Curvy Boutique and provided a free continental breakfast and 25% off for all registered riders to shop. Donations from the ride will go to Bikers Against Breast Cancer. Special thanks to our Road Captain, Smoove, President of Traffic Kingz MC and his team. We would like to thank our additional sponsors: Law Tigers, Chic & Curvy Boutique, LA Harley-Davidson of Anaheim, and Magnificent 7 MC.

“I want to to spread unity, continue to help others build friendships and create new riders that establish a love for riding motorcycles...”



f you’re a Hayabusa rider, chances are you’ve heard about BusaFest, the premier festival dedicated to all things for the Suzuki Hayabusa. Now in it’s 3rd year, BusaFest has since expanded to include multiple cities and has been updated to the new Busa and BaggerFest. Let’s meet the Carletta “CJ the BusaGirl” Jamison, the brains and beauty behind this fast growing phenomenon, and the CEO of Busa Girl Motorsports. Please tell us a bit about yourself... My name is CJ Jamison but most people in the motorsports industry know me as CJ the BusaGirl. BusaGirl is a nickname that was given to me in the year 2000 when I started riding my Suzuki Hayabusa motorcycle. I am the CEO of Busa Girl Motorsports which is the umbrella company for various projects such as the annual event Busa and Bagger Fest which is held in multiple cities. I am also a plus size model and a spokesperson for the nationally known custom motorcycle shop Garwood Custom Cycles. In 2011 I wrote and published my first novel titled The Ride. I love riding motorcycles as often as I can, modeling for photo shoots, custom motorcycles, traveling, being creative and writing are a few of my hobbies. How did you get interested in motorcycles and riding? My father and mother rode motorcycles and as a teen I was taught to ride by my dad. My first motorcycle was a Suzuki Katana 600 at age 18.At my age back then there were very few females riding motorcycles, I mostly rode with males. I developed a passion for customizing motorcycles in 2002 when I purchased a Honda CBR 600 that I fully chromed and painted a royal candy blue color. The book that I published gave the dream of creating an event for motorcycle enthusiasts to meet, display and showcase their motorcycles. I am the owner of a custom black and pink Suzuki Hayabusa GSX1300R motorcycle.

Name: Carletta “CJ The BusaGirl” Jamison Bike: Suzuki Hayabusa GSX1300R Company: Busa Girl Motorsports BusaFest has grown into quite a phenomenon. Can you talk more about what drove you to start BusaFest and what keeps you going? I wanted to create an opportunity for people to show off the uniqueness of their custom motorcycles and place them in a fun, exciting and high energy environment that they can look forward to attending on an annual basis. And also to be meet with custom bike builders face to face to trade ideas and get advice. The excitement of the camaraderie the event generates and being able to bring together new people and old friends bring a sense of joy to my heart that is beyond words. What is your vision for the future of BusaFest, say ten years from now? Busa Fest has evolved into Busa and Bagger Fest which highlights all sportbikes, cruisers and automobiles. In the near future, I intend to bring the events to various regions of the United States. However Busa Girl Motorsports has plans to go international with the events by hosting shows in other countries. What has been your best experience while working on BusaFest? Seeing my custom motorcycle unveiled for the first time at at the premier of Busa Fest in 2012. I jumped up and down with joy along with shedding some tears of happiness because I couldn’t believe it was my motorcycle and I was anxious take it for a first ride. And the worst? (Or not so good?) Meeting some untrustworthy people and realizing that some work done by custom builders is inferior.


Can you relate a good story from your motorcycling experiences? Finding out that people have met at my events and created lasting friendships and some have even went on to get married. Many of these people cannot wait to come back to meet their new friends, have fun, show off the things they have done to their motorcycles or their new motorcycle purchases. If you could change anything about the world of motorcycling today, what would it be? I would like to make better the way that we as bikers support and show love for each other. It should not matter if you are male or female or that you ride a certain type of bike you should not be or feel discriminated against. It saddens me that instead working together in our biker communities

sometimes we are pulled apart. In my opinion we still need more unity. What’s your dream bike? If you could design your dream motorcycle, what would it look, sound and feel like? A brand new Hayabusa with a 360 wide tire kit with mega bling. It would have a deep sounding exhaust system, exotic paint and wheels. What is your favorite Sunday ride to do when you’re back home? There is a long country road that runs from North Carolina to South Carolina that is filled with long straightaways to stretch it and curves to lean into for miles and miles. It’s a great back road that is barely traveled on.

What kind of legacy do you hope to leave? By starting Busa Girl Motorsports I want to to spread unity, continue to help others build friendships and create new riders that establish a love for riding motorcycles for many years to come. Any thoughts about Black Girls Ride Magazine? I am honored to be featured in a magazine that spotlights the female motorcyclist. I look forward to reading the articles in each edition of the magazine and I feel that the magazine covers various topics that everyone can appreciate. I’ve seen the magazine grow and I wish the editors much success in all of their future editions.






omen’s fashion doesn’t offer much practical protection when it comes to Denim. So, when Gravitate Denim offered us an opportunity to review their new Moto102 Plus Denim, I was eager to find a day to day denim that offered protection, comfort and breatheabilty. An innovative, patented panel in place of the inseams promises to eliminate the uncomfortable tug of regular jeans by reducing the gathering, pulling and tugging bikers experience on their legs, thighs and seat area when riding. Would they fit the bill? Let’s take a closer look...

Gravitate’s patented inseam

First Impression: Gravitate sent over a pair of all black Moto 102 Plus jeans. From the first look, I could see from the thick, detailed stitching, that these were made to last impact and abrasion. I absolutely love the boot cut. It works with both racing boots and my day to day riders. Where most women’s denim tends to be thin, Gravitate’s denim is heavy, and feels premium. The Fit: I noticed their patented inseam insert right off, and was curious about how they would fit. When it comes to motorcycle gear in plus sizes, I’m always skeptical. I’m 5’6” and a true 18/20 plus size girl, so there’s often a struggle to find comfortable gear, especially denim. I’ve often found that Plus Size gear often runs small. Surprisingly, Gravitate Jeans fit true to size, both in waist and length. I test rode in the size 20/32. When I first put them on, they were snug. The length was perfect. As I wore them throughout the day, I found the fit to loosen and conform to my curves. They became increasingly more comfortable as the day wore on. During our Breast Cancer Ride, the temperature got up to 105. This gave me a great opportunity to test the breathability of the denim. Gravitate’s Jeans did a great job keeping me both cool and dry. Overall: Gravitate’s Moto102 Plus Size Denim are fast becoming my favorite riding jeans. They’re snug when it matters, and expand in areas riders need most. The jeans provide room in the inseam, thighs, and waist, without having the jeans ride up while in motion. There was one final test… would they shrink in the wash or maintain their shape? I’ve washed them a few times, and they seem to be pre-shrunk, as promised. The jeans maintain both their shape and color really well. At $79.95, you get a great looking pair of denim, an amazing fit for riders, and protection where you need it.

Gravitate Moto102 Denim Jeans Retail $79.99 Available at




This information is to give the reader a basic idea of how a group ride can function, I do not profess to be a perfect rider, I am always coachable and I ask that all that read this be that COACHABLE.


The formation is staggered this is to allow the rider space and time to react to any hazards and be able to maneuver in event of an accident. The leader rides in the left third of the lane and the next rider is at least onesecond behind on the right side of the lead and everyone follows staggered.


When going into a curvy road place everyone in a single-file formation with a two-second cushion. Try your best to not have riders roll side by side because if there is a sudden change with a rider there is no room to maneuver.

7 1 2

Please, please, please be on time and come with a full tank.

The lead desires for you to be on time so that she/he can go over hand signals, inform all that the ride will be in stagger formation, the route, fuel stops if any, trail vehicle for mechanical issues, assign Road Captains if the ones that where assigned did not show.

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The lead should always make sure that she/he has some sort of first aide kit, or another rider in the formation.

Conduct a prayer, all may not agree with it but, I try my best to never mount up without asking God to watch over me and all that are with me.

The lead rider can not forget that she/he has others riding with her/him you must remember to use your rear view mirror. You as the lead need to try and make sure that you do not leave the riders behind you. But, there is a gap you do not want the catch up speed to be drastic. If there is a separation it is the Road Captains responsibility to let the lead know that she/he needs to slow down their speed for all to catch up.


If there is a rider that has mechanical issues that is what the trail vehicle is there for, if there is no trail vehicle then the sweeper needs to pull over and wait for assistance with that rider. Which will make the person in front the sweeper become the sweeper. When the rider falls out of formation the rest should re-form the staggered formation by criss-crossing into the empty position. This will allow the formation to stay staggered. At the end of the day ride safe and always remember riding your current skill set will always get you home. You will learn something every time you mount your motorcycle. There should be no rush in anything that you do while you’re riding, unless it’s to react and get out of harms way. ~Tkat









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BGR OCT - NOV 2015  

In this issue, we’ll meet CJ Jamison, the founder of BusaFest! We’ll catch up with our Beautiful Biker Honorees, JUS POUND N’ LADY RIDERZ,...

BGR OCT - NOV 2015  

In this issue, we’ll meet CJ Jamison, the founder of BusaFest! We’ll catch up with our Beautiful Biker Honorees, JUS POUND N’ LADY RIDERZ,...