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FOUNDED: AUG 2013 INLAND EMPIRE, CA Established in August 2013, Secret Service Rider Ladies are an extension of Secret Service Riders, who were established in 2005. These ladies share a beautiful family vibe with their brothers, the men of SSR, while standing on their own. President and Founder Tina “Diva” Brown brought the ladies to our Beautiful Bikers photo shoot and allowed us to catch the SSR Ladies out in the open.

“Family is everything to us. We are SISTERS...” Want your club featured? Email us! blackgirlsridemag@gmail.com 8 BLACKGIRLSRIDE.COM






Q. Give us a brief history of Secret Service Rider Ladies. A. Secret Service Rider Ladies was established in Aug of 2013. We are an extension of the original Secret Service Riders, who were established in 2005. Our Founding Members are: PRESIDENT - DIVA VICE PRES - FOXY SGT AT ARMS - REDBONE SECRETARY - SEXXY PRO - SASSY TREASURER - MS. II MUCH ROAD CAPTAIN - ANGEL

Events, Lupus Charities and Charities for Battered Women and Children. Q. What challenges have you faced as a Female MC? A. Some old school male riders don’t understand our passion for riding is as great as theirs. Q. What should a woman look for in an MC club? A. Always look for likeminded women who have a genuine passion for this sport! We love to ride!

Q. What’s the club’s mission or motto? A. Our Motto is “In Speed We Trust”.

Q. What does your club look for in a member? A. We look for professional family oriented women who have a passion & love for riding. Family is everything to us. We are sisters, even though not by blood!

Q. What are your favorite cities or roads to ride? A. We love to ride the canyons of Ortega Hwy, Palm Springs, Angeles National Forest and San Diego.

Q. Are there any last words you’d like to leave us with? A. Look for SECRET SERVICE RIDER LADIES... We are only going to grow!

Q. What annual events do you promote? We support anything Black Girls Ride does, because they cater to us as female riders. We also support those who support us! We annually support “Boobies & the Beast” Breast Cancer





BMW’S 2015 S1000R BMW has thrown their hat into the streetfighter ring with the updated 2015 BMW S1000R, a luxurious street bike hybrid. When Kevin Foster, of Irv Seaver BMW offered us a first ride, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity. A “streetfighter” is defined as a sport bike that is customized by removing the front or side fairings, giving it an agressive look. Originally, streetfighters were customized by their owners. Over the years, every major manufacturer has added a streetfighter to their line up. The streetfighter set up is a more comfortable, up-right seating. With no front fairing, we were prepared for increased wind resistance, but the ride was surprisingly comfortable, even at high speeds. With a base price of $13,260, the BMW S1000R offers more standard comfort than all streetfighters on the market. The BMW S1000R sets itself apart from the competion with standard and optional luxury features, including no clutch shifting, Race ABS and ASC (automatic stability control), heated hand grips, and three suspension riding modes. Our favorite feature is the cruise control option. This allows a sport bike rider to get comfortable on long distances, where hand and wrist fatigue becomes an issue. The three riding modes digitally alter the suspension of the bike to handle your riding experience. Choose from Rain, Road and Dynamic modes, depending on your needs. The breaks on the S1000R are hard core. Just a tap of the breaks was enough to snatch the bike to a halt. The S1000R definitely looks aggressive, and can keep up with the big boys on the highway. The luxury features make it a joy to maneuver both in traffic, and on long highway rides.



N I S ’ T A H W ? G A B R U YO LS FOR Y IA T N E S S 5E S COUNTR S O R C R U YO ROAD TRIP We asked the cross country ground pounders of our Black Girls Ride Facebook Group to weigh in on their must-haves for a cross country trip. Here’s what they say you should pack for your journey...


CruzTools DMX1 Fanny Pack Metric Tool Kit $ 105

This great tool kit has a ton of essentials, including metric tools, electrical tape, zip ties, and pliers. Add a few tire plugs, flashlight and printed maps with your route.


Joe Rocket Women’s RS-2 Rain Suit $ 63

You never know what the weather will be along the way. Stay prepared with a rain suit to keep you comfortable and dry.





On the road, emergency cash comes in handy. Some businesses may not take debit or credit cards. You may also have a hard time finding ATMs in some areas. Riders suggest at least $200 in emergency cash, plus a spare key to your bike.


mophie Juice Pack Air Plus Battery Case for iPhone 5/5s Bundle $ 90

Your smart phone is an essential tool to your road trip, and a full battery makes a happy ride.



It pays to be prepared with a good road-side assistance towing package. AAA and AMA offer great options for riders planning a long distance or international ride.




ith style and grace, Marian “Ms. Showtime” Peterson has paved the way on the streets of Los Angeles, CA since 1971. Because of her, women ride with our heads held high. Celebrating her 70th birthday, and still on ground, she has fully achieved icon status. We are honored to hear from Ms. Showtime about her bike life on the set, in her own words:

I can remember all my life, having “boy” toys, hating boring “girl” toys. Betsy Wetsy was the top of the line doll in my days. You put the baby bottle full of water in Betsy’s mouth, and the water would come out her bottom. Yay! Now you can change her diaper. It didn’t impress me at all. I wanted a train set for Christmas. My mother got me the biggest train set on the block. This let me know it was alright to play with “boy” toys or have a “male” career. Back in the 60’s, I had a 550 Honda. I’ve always been an adrenaline addict. I remember my first bike. I learned to ride it at a park, going round and round on the grass. Once I caught on, I took to the streets. I’ve always been a daredevil; I should have been a racer. I love speed for some reason. I was always racing my horse. I owned a golden palomino stud horse, back then. So, I would ride my bike to the horse stables. One day at the Horse stable my Clutch... I did a wheelie straight down the alley, and controlled it to my surprise. Everyone thought I did it on purpose. In the 70’s, I got a 750 Honda. I would open it up all the way just for the thrill. I had a thing about challenging myself, flying through traffic, shocking people when they saw it was a girl riding. In the 90’s, I got my 1973 1000 cc Harley Sportster, that was the ultimate. I would ride to work at Northrop Aircraft. All I could think of was getting off work, so I could jump on my bike.


Photos courtesy of Marian Peterson


At work, I remember one guy telling others how I left the pack I was in and caught him. He said if I looked like I was going to pass him, he would have slapped me off my bike. I just laughed. I had this thing about no one is going to pass me. Or, if I saw another bike or bikers way ahead, I had to catch them and pass them with great speed. I remember riding with the Choppers MC on our way to Fresno. This lone biker passed the pack. Here I go, doing my thing... by now, everyone knew my thing, I had a reputation on the set by now. Anyway, I left the pack and took after this young biker, who was splitting lanes on this smaller bike. I’m going to show him, even though, I’m on this big Hog - a Harley Softail Heritage, I can split lanes even faster. So, I pass him as if to say, “Keep Up!” And sure enough, he backed out. So, I punked him. I got a big thrill punking people. To my surprise, here comes this guy again, this time in the slow lane. I’m in the fast lane. He looks over at me, jumps on his seat with his knees, then jumps off his bike and is sliding on his two feet next to his bike. He’s steering the handle bars with

his hands. He looked over at me and threw one leg sideways up in the air. He was saying “Now can you do this?” I wanted to let go of my handle bars and salute him. I slowed down and dropped back in the pack. When we made a stop, all of the guys said I made him come out with his big guns on the highway. I was always calling the brothers out or just plain out-riding them. Not all of them, but enough to make a name for myself. To this day, I never clowned or loud talked any of them. I would just do my thing and that was punking you out on your bike. That was my own self gratification. Guys started respecting me because I respected them and myself. I was still a lady with it. Guys started bragging on me after a while. If you got beat by Ms. Showtime, it wasn’t like you got beat by a girl. It was Ms. Showtime. They saw me as exceptional. They even started sicking me on people. I would have to give the Chosen Few MC OGs a special thanks for making me their baby sister back then. They took me up under their wing and I rode in their pack.

One year, I ended up leading them on a ride because different bikes in front of me kept pulling out of the pack. I was so proud that day! My chest was out, as I was riding. I remember riding with two veteran riders at midnight leaving the (Chosen) Few clubhouse and going to the LA Defiant Ones MC clubhouse. Freddie G, Skinman and I were at the light. The light turned green and we took off racing; them on their hogs, me on my sportster. I whipped them real good, right in front of the LA Defiant Ones. Everyone was out there yelling in dismay. I got off my bike and said quietly, “I was just trying to keep up.” On the inside, I was screaming, “I whipped them!” I would ride anytime and any place. I got up one Saturday morning, put on my gear... I kept my sportster in the living room back then. I opened the door and it was raining hard. I got on it anyway and rode down to the Chosen Few clubhouse. Everyone was up under this tarp, and they looked at me like I was crazy.



Another time we were flying on the freeway, coming from a dance. My partner Jerry went on the other side of the the divider, so I went the same way. I did not clear it and the bike flew straight up in the air. I came completely off the bike. The tips of my fingers were the only thing touching the handle bars. I grabbed the handle bars , the bike cleared the whole divider, came down on the other side, and I came back down on the seat. People probably thought I was trick riding. One year, we were on the highway and I got Big Headed and split a lane at a slant. I got hung up on this car with my crash bars. The people in the car looked at me and I’m looking at them going around 110 miles an hour. This car was in the diamond lane, and put on breaks... the bike went forward like it had been shot by a rubber band. I thought I was going to clear the car, but my rear crash bar caught the bumper of the car and it turned my bike into the fence, doing a high speed wobble. I kicked my left peg down and gave it gas and



barely missed the fence. I stayed on my bike so much, one day I forgot to pay my light bill and I had the money! I had a ramp on my front porch so I would just ride my bike straight into my living room. The lights were out, and I couldn’t get them turned back on until Monday. This was Friday. I didn’t care. All weekend, If I needed light, I used my sportster to light each room in the house. Wherever I needed light, I would roll my sportster and point the headlight toward the room. A few times, I almost ran into my TV with my bike. Sometimes, when the ramp would be wet from Dew, I would fly into the bushes with the bike on top of me. The neighbors would come out at 2 or 3 am and help me out. One of my biggest accomplishments as a motorcycle rider was when 50 Plus voted me into their club. This club is made up of 30 different clubs, all men, and they did not allow female members. But they made an exception for me. I

made history in Los Angeles, when Magnificent 7 MC was formed in 1961, just after the Chosen Few MC. An all male club voted me in as the first and only female fully patched member of a male MC. Because of my riding skills, I was named Road Captain. I have currently maintained this position for 3 terms. When I was first chosen as road captain, a lot of guys teased my members, but there’s one thing they all agree on... I am qualified. Today, a lot of new clubs have female road captains and females in all positions, including presidents. Yet, in 2015, you will not find any OG clubs with a female road captain. Everything I know, the guys taught me. I never would gossip to the women about what their men would be doing because they accepted me as one of them. I would ride like them, sit on my bike like them and dress like them, but always in a sexy way. The one thing I would tell any female on the set... the most important way to earn respect is to STAY A LADY.”


The Trip: Four Corners of the United States - 31 States The Bike: Harley-Davidson Road King Total Miles: 8261.8 miles Timeline: 13 Days


any women and men use the term “Ground Pounder” loosely, without regard for what it truly means. To be a Ground Pounder, you must cross state lines. Our latest contributor, Sarah “Seccret” Moreu is overqualified for this title, with 8 cross country trips under her belt. We’ve asked her to share the experience of her ride to the Four Corners of the United States. We are excited to join her on ground!

I road my motorcycle 8,261 miles in 13 days through 31 states to achieve my dream motorcycle ride. I’ve waited almost seven years to ride my motorcycle to the four states that make up the four corners of the United States of America – Florida, Maine, Washington and California. My journey starts at 10:00pm on August 16, 2014. I made sure to check-in with my mom, dad and daughter to let them know I’m about to take off. I receive hugs and encouraging words from a few fellow motorcycle riders that know how important this motorcycle ride is to me. I take a look at my dirty motorcycle shining in the darkness and I think of my Road Shero Bessie Stringfield and dedicate this ride to her and all the women who love to ride across state lines for the love of the ride! BLACKGIRLSRIDE.COM


I know the gas stops to make when I ride my motorcycle from California on Interstate 10 Eastbound to ensure I don’t run out of gas; Indio, California, Blythe, California and Tonapah, Arizona, after that I try to stop at least every 100 miles to stretch my legs. Since I like to cover at least 1,000 miles within 24 hours when I travel cross country on the first day, it’s all about Gas and Go!!! The best parts about riding my motorcycle in the summer at night through the Arizona desert is I don’t need to wear a jacket, there are very few cages and I get to turn my high beams on and watch large flying insects fly towards my headlights…I have to entertain myself! I like to inspect my fairing and headlight for bug juice and insect wings at gas stops to see how long the road kill remains can hang on during my cross country trips. I had to park my motorcycle on Interstate 10 Eastbound in Texas approximately 5 miles outside Van Horn due to an accident involving an 18 wheeler truck. Good thing I had some snacks to eat and water to drink in my saddlebags. I still haven’t slept since I left California!

After sitting on the side of the road in Texas, my gas light comes on. When I pull up to the Exxon gas station, most of the gas pumps are out of service and the electricity is out due to a rain storm and another one is on the way. The gas station is not accepting credit card transactions to pay for gas, only cash. The ATM machine is also out of service. Customers are waiting in a long line for the generator to start the gas pumps and ATM machine. I pay for my gas with the cash I have on hand and hit the road. After I finally get gas, I continue riding my motorcycle for almost three hours to the East on Interstate 10 riding through a horrible

thunder, lighting and rain storm with very low visibility. I travel over 200 miles before I settle in for the night in Ozona, Texas. I exceeded my 1,000 miles within 24 hours for the first time. I road my motorcycle from Los Angeles, California to Ozona, Texas within 24 hours and no sleep for more than 1,100 miles! My minimum quota of miles to ride after meeting my 1,000 mile goal on day one is at least 700 miles per day unless I’m stopping to visit family and friends or sightseeing. This is one reason I do not ride with a lot of motorcycle riders cross country, most are not able to ride longer than 300 miles without complaining about being tired.

I wake up on day 2 in Ozona, Texas to a Rain Storm. One thing about riding cross country on a motorcycle is you can’t hide from bad weather conditions. So, I put on my rain gear and continue my motorcycle ride for at least 600 miles to the East on Interstate 10 until I reach Lafayette, Louisiana to visit family! I wake up on day 3 in Lafayette, Louisiana and continue traveling East on Interstate 10 to Florida and continue riding until I reach Brunswick, Georgia for the night.

Welcome to Maine... the way life should be!

I wake up on day 4 in Brunswick, Georgia and stop in New York at the Empire Harley Davidson Dealer in New Rochelle, New York. I have to thank Andre Gunny Green and the rest of the staff for outstanding customer service!

After I left Ohio, I road my motorcycle to Uke’s Harley-Davidson the oldest dealership in Wisconsin to get an oil change. Uke’s Harley-Davidson was established April 1, 1930. I had the opportunity to meet and talk to the owner Keith Uke. His father Frank (Uke) Ulicki never owned a car in all of his 92 years. Keith’s mother also road motorcycles! I learn it as against the law to purchase a motorcycle in the state of Wisconsin. Oh well, I guess I’ll purchase the Harley Davidson Road Glide when I return to California!

I stay in Wisconsin for at least three days. I’m super excited about exploring Harley Davidson country and the HarleyDavidson Museum! The 1920 HarleyDavidson Sport Model Opposed Twin was the first motorcycle Harley-Davidson marketed specifically to women, billing it

“The Woman’s Outdoor Companion.” The Sport Twin was also the first Harley with a “Keystone Frame”, in which the engine acts an integral, load-bearing component of the structure. The Sport Win was one of Harley-Davidson’s least successful early models and was withdrawn in 1923.

It is time to hit the road and ride my motorcycle to the West. I stop in Laramie, Wyoming for gas only to find the gas station is out of fuel...hoping there is a gas station up the road before Rawlins, Wyoming which is at least 99 miles away. This is the reason I keep a 2 gallon Harley-Davidson gas can in my saddle bag. I forgot to eat an Idaho Potato because I was enjoying my motorcycle ride on the open highway‌ Washington! I can smell my home state‌. California!

Home Sweet Home – California! If I have the chance, I’d ride my motorcycle again in one trip from California, Florida, Maine and

Washington because You Only Live Once (YOLO). ~ Sarah “SeCCRet” Moreau the Cross Country Rider


he PRO Convention (PROC) is an annual gathering of urban motorcycle clubs from across the nation for the purpose of sharing rider information, news and events. Now in it’s 12th year, the PROC offers informative panels, covering every issue from club establishment and longevity to basic bike maintenance and safety. This year’s convention was held in New Orleans, LA and hosted by All Sports Riders MC. We were honored to represent on the Female Friday Panel, with powerful and dynamic women including Suicide, President and Founder of Blaque Pearls MC, Gin Shear and Tai Day of the Women’s Coalition of Motorcyclist, and 2 Tuff, President of Ebony Angels MC of Raleigh, NC. Congratulations to Ebony Angels MC celebrating over 20 years! Thanks to all of the ladies who showed us love, got patched up and joined the movement!

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Black Girls Ride Magazine - Feb 2015  

Introducing the first ever motorcycle magazine in celebration of women of color! Each month, Black Girls Ride Magazine gives you exclusive a...

Black Girls Ride Magazine - Feb 2015  

Introducing the first ever motorcycle magazine in celebration of women of color! Each month, Black Girls Ride Magazine gives you exclusive a...


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