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Welcome Blackberry Farm has always been a place where people find it easy to connect—with themselves, with nature, with their loved ones. The FarmStead products we create and curate will help you enjoy your everyday life with that same, arms-wide-open intentionality. This year, we’ve significantly expanded the catalog and you’ll find more essentials for a full life in Farm Life—things like feather beds, mint julep cups and picnic totes—plus, we have an entirely new section for you to explore, At the Table. As a wholehearted believer that life’s sweetest moments happen around the table, I love this section! All the beautiful pottery, flatware and linens inspire me to make ordinary meals an occasion. Down the road, I guarantee you won’t remember the day’s to-do list, but you will remember the extra five minutes you spent snuggling your littlest one in crisp sheets, or the pickled ramps you served over a mid-Winter salad, a zing of bright Spring sunshine in your mouth. As you peruse the following pages, I hope you find favorites that will remind you to slow down, share and savor the moment. Sincerely,

Mary Celeste Beall Proprietor

The Pantry A well-stocked pantry is the heart of a happy kitchen—especially when stocked with our dry goods, spice rubs, homemade sauces and mixes.

Oatmeal Cookie Mix The Blackberry Farm take on a classic recipe combines hearty, thick-cut oats with raisins and spices for a wholesome, delicious snack. 29 oz. (110000052913) $20.00

gluten-free Teensy’s Chocolate Nut Chunk Cookie Mix Cameron Beall created this special blend of chocolate chips, crunchy pecans, Southern corn, rice and buckwheat flours—pop them in the oven and be absolutely delighted! 28 oz. (605819) $20.00 | 3

Olive & Sinclair Crafted by Tennessee artisans, this bean-to-bar chocolate is 67% cacao with tantalizing flavors that include coffee bean, sea salt and cinnamon chili. 2.75 oz. (525094) $8.00 Southern Sorghum Shortbread Cookies Nothing says “Blackberry Farm” quite like these tart, crumbly Sorghum Shortbread Cookies made with our very own Blackberry Jam—they’re just begging for teatime on the porch swing. 4 oz. (110000040910) $13.00

Buttermilk Biscuit Mix Our guests call these the fluffiest and most mouthwatering biscuits around; they even earned a spot on the cover of Garden & Gun magazine! Reproduce the magic at home with our classic Southern mix. 21 oz. (605801) $14.00 Benton’s Bacon Smoked by our good friend and neighbor, Allan Benton’s slow-cured bacon is prized by the nation’s top chefs; experience the distinctive, delicious flavor for yourself with every thick slice of Benton’s Hickory Smoked Country Bacon. 1 lb. (525067) $14.00 gluten-free Southern Grain Griddle Cake Mix With this gluten-free mix, you can make the same satisfying Griddle Cakes that our guests love in your own home. 13 oz. (605806) $14.00

gluten-free Grain & Nut Nature’s gifts shine in our beloved mixture of grains and nuts. Toasted oats, benne seeds, cashews, pecans, pine nuts and almonds pair perfectly with creamy yogurt, fruit, as an ice cream topping or simply by itself! 1 lb. bag (605804) $14.00 2 lb. jar (605803) $28.00

Muddy Pond Sorghum Syrup This 100% pure syrup is made from the juice of sorghum cane, and has a deep, lingering sweetness that’s heavenly on hot biscuits. 16 fl. oz. (525020) $13.00

Appalachian Maple Syrup This versatile, wholesome sweetener pairs well with pancakes and waffles, but it’s also perfect for barbecue, in pies and cocktails, over ice cream, or roasted with carrots and Brussels sprouts. 8 oz. (110000020820) $18.00 Blackberry Farm Honey (available seasonally) Local honeybees give our honey delicate notes of tulip poplar, wildflowers and sourwood. Drizzle this pure mountain honey on warm biscuits for breakfast. 10.5 oz. (600085) $18.00 Royal Cup Coffee This certified organic Mexican coffee is roasted exclusively for Blackberry Farm, and has subtle notes of cedar and milk chocolate. Regular | 1 lb. whole bean (525014) $22.00 Decaf | 1 lb. whole bean (525015) $22.00

gluten-free Truly Southern Waffle Mix Made with Southern rice, buckwheat and corn flours, our Waffle Mix cooks up light and crispy waffles that are perfection when topped with Muddy Pond Sorghum Syrup. 10 oz. (605818) $14.00 Benton’s Country Ham Hickory smoked and aged for months, Allan Benton’s famous slow-cured hams have a deep, intense flavor that you won’t soon forget. Each package contains center cuts and mixed, biscuit-sized end pieces of country ham. 8–10 oz. (525066) $14.00 | 5

Smoked BBQ Pecans Made with pecans that are slow-roasted and smoked, then seasoned with a savory assortment of herbs and spices, our Smoked BBQ Pecans are an irresistible snack that packs a punch. 10 oz. (605922) $24.00 Citrus & Pepper Mixed Nuts This mix of almonds, pecans and walnuts gets its citrus flavor from orange juice and zest, and is given further complexity with honey and black pepper. It has quickly become a favorite in our Dogwood dining room and is sure to become a favorite of yours as well. 10 oz. (0110000086505) $24.00 Honeyed Black Walnuts These sweet, crisp black walnuts are tossed in local honey and just perfect on your next salad or cheese tray. 7.75 oz. (850702005281) $20.00

J&S Barbecue Sauce Featured at our signature BBQ Battle event for years, this award-winning sauce features an apple cider vinegar base with sweet and smoky flavors. 16 oz. (600201) $15.00 BBQ Rub This Smoky Mountain blend of dry rub spices brings balanced flavor to any slow-cooked barbecue dish. 1 lb. bag (605802) $14.00 gluten-free Cornbread Mix Made with wholesome cornmeal from Anson Mills, our truly Southern (not sweet!) cornbread mix bakes up a classic batch in no time. 1 lb. (605805) $14.00

Sweet Hot Mustard This tasty, versatile mustard has been a Main House staple for years. It adds complex flavor and a little kick to sandwiches, salumi or salad dressings. 4 oz. (605941) $10.00 Mushroom Ketchup Our very special combination of mushrooms, onions, garlic and sorghum is delicious on burgers and grilled meats, or as a savory dipping sauce. 16 oz. (605911) $15.00 Mushroom Spread Born in our restaurants as a healthy alternative to butter, our Mushroom Spread is perfect on a warm, crusty baguette or stirred into fresh pasta. 7.75 oz. (605833) $18.00

Rich, nutritious, creamy and utterly addictive: you’ll be hooked after one spoonful of our house-crafted Blackberry Farm nut butters, from the classic to locally-inspired creative.

Classic Peanut Butter 16 oz. (600012) $15.00 Black Walnut Honey Butter 7.75 oz. (605895) $20.00 Pecan Sorghum Butter 7.75 oz. (605940) $15.00

Buttermilk and Sage Brined Fried Chicken Mix Bring the Blackberry Farm Sunday supper home with our Buttermilk and Sage Brined Fried Chicken Mix. The light, crispy mix isn’t just for chicken—it also makes a scrumptious batter for fried squash, okra or green tomatoes. 1 lb. (605800) $14.00 gluten-free All-Purpose Flour Our Gluten-Free All-Purpose Flour beautifully evokes the past with traditional Southern grains like brown rice, corn and sorghum. 1 lb. (605943) $9.00 | 7

BRIGHT and BALANCED Blackberry Farm’s beautiful vinegars add a subtle complexity and depth to any dish. Each deliciously unique, they make for wonderful vinaigrettes, marinades and sauces, as well as home pickling.

Strawberry Balsamic Vinegar 5 oz. (605944) $10.00 Spicy Vinegar 5 oz. (605836) $10.00 Mulled Apple Cider Vinegar 5 oz. (605828) $10.00

son. A true taste of the sea

GARDEN Goodness Our Southern-inspired pestos are truly one-of-a-kind interpretations of the classic staple. Crafted with fresh ingredients straight from our farm, including a touch of our Singing Brook Cheese, they add a delicious, rustic finish to pizzas, baguettes, pasta and more. Kale Pesto 7.75 oz. (605896) $18.00 Ramp Pesto 7.75 oz. (605861) $18.50 Basil Pesto 7.75 oz. (605917) $18.50

Georgia Olive Farms Olive Oil This pure, distinctive olive oil is fresh from Georgia Farms, the leading East Coast producer of olive trees and sustainable extra virgin olive oil. 16.9 fl. oz. (525090) $43.00

Ramp Chimichurri Our Ramp Chimichurri is inspired by the classic, bold Argentinian condiment, and absolutely zings as a marinade or topping for virtually any meat, fish or vegetables. 7.75 oz. (110000035565) $16.00 | 9

Meats & Cheeses Lay a beautiful spread for a party or simply treat yourself to award-winning artisanal meats and cheeses.

Charcuterie & Cheese Collection An elegant holiday gift or party platter, our Charcuterie & Cheese Collection perfectly pairs our best cheeses and charcuterie with savory Smoked Onion Jam. (605923) $95.00 | 11

TASTING Tennessee Making is a process of discovery. Inspired by the bounty of the Smokies, our artisans find new flavors to combine and new methods to try. The result is beautiful cheese that tells a story about East Tennessee.

Hawkin’s Haze This ashed surface-ripened sheep’s milk cheese is named after the Hawkin’s line that runs through the farm. Described as “like eating a cloud,” this light, fluffy cheese is perfect with a glass of bubbly. Approx. 1 lb. wheel (110000078128) $28.00

Walland Washed Rind This raw, sheep milk’s cheese is similar to a French muenster. It gets softer and more pungent during the ripening process. Perfect for Autumn and Winter seasons, this is delicious drizzled with Blackberry Farm honey. Approx. 1 lb. wedge (0110000091370) $32.00

Millers Cove Jack With a soft texture that’s perfect for melting, this raw, natural rind sheep’s milk cheese can be enjoyed on its own or in your favorite recipes, such as fondue or classic mac’n’cheese. Approx. 1 lb. wedge (0110000084426 ) $32.00

Mountain Moo Aged two weeks, this cow’s milk, surface-ripened cheese is creamy and tangy, reminiscent of lemon curd. Enjoy with something sweet, like strawberry preserves and a glass of semi-dry white wine. 8 oz. wedge (850702005908) $14.00

Brebis Well-balanced and versatile, rich with a delicate flavor, our Brebis is a fresh sheep’s milk cheese excellent for snacking, sandwiches or pairing with fruit. 8 oz. | pasteurized (605505) $12.00 16 oz. | pasteurized (605506) $20.00 Singing Brook Our flagship cheese, Singing Brook is an aged sheep’s milk cheese with a nutty, buttery flavor, balanced by a sharpness reminiscent of a Pecorino Tuscano. 1 lb. wedge | unpasteurized (605500) $32.00 Fromage Blanc Fromage Blanc is a fresh cow’s milk cheese that is extremely soft and similar in texture to Brebis. Our Fromage Blanc is tangy and rich, making it best enjoyed on a bagel, eaten with fruit or incorporated into a cheesecake recipe. Only offered in Winter. 8 oz. | pasteurized (605807) $10.00 16 oz. | pasteurized (605808) $18.00 Little Ewe This supple, surface-ripened sheep’s milk cheese is aged in a cave-like environment for approximately two weeks, and has a salty, lactic flavor that is lovely with crisp white wine. 8 oz. wedge (850702005465) $14.00 Aged Cheddar Pimento Cheese A longtime guest favorite, our Pimento Cheese is a beautiful marriage of sharp, nutty cheddar and sweet, meaty roasted pimento peppers. 8 oz. | pasteurized (605501) $10.00 16 oz. | pasteurized (605502) $18.00 Appalachian Gold Our Appalachian Gold is a well-balanced, semi-hard cow’s milk cheese that is aged 6–9 months for a rich, almost buttery flavor. 1 lb. wedge (0850702005472) $32.00 | 13

Charcuterie Trio Our Charcuterie Trio brings together three of our artisan-made salumi—Finocchiona, Toscano and Sopressata—each with its own unique flavor. This gourmet trio is an excellent gift idea for the foodie in your life. (3 at 8–10 oz. each) (605846) $49.00

Lard Our Lard is fat rendered from prized heritage Black Duroc hogs that are raised just south of our farm—the clean, pure flavor will quickly become a staple in your kitchen as it is in ours. 24 oz. (0110000063971) $7.50

Guanciale Inspired by the Italian delicacy, our special cured Guanciale is full of rich flavor that adds a smoky accent to a variety of dishes. It’s sliced just like bacon and twice as good! Sliced, 8 oz. (858791006127) $9.00 Finocchiona Finocchiona is a Tuscan Salume that takes its name from wild fennel seeds (fennel is “finocchio” in Italian). Ours is made of finely ground pork and laced with white wine, cracked fennel and fennel pollen. Whole, approx. 8–10 oz. (850702005892) $18.00 Sliced, 3 oz. (858791006226) $8.00

Dry-Cured Sopressata Our dry-cured Sopressata is a perfect harmony of sweet and hot. Made from heirloom-bred pigs, Sopressata was an old-country staple of traditional Italian cuisine. Whole, approx. 8–10 oz. (850702005922) $18.00 Sliced, 3 oz. (858791006219) $8.00

Salume Toscano A classic salume distinguished by its intense aromatic flavor, Toscano combines coarsely ground pork with salt, spices, red wine, red pepper flakes and garlic. Toscano is excellent with figs, cantaloupe or kiwi. Whole, approx. 8–10 oz. (850702005939) $18.00 Sliced, 3 oz. (858791006202) $8.00

Sliced Appalachian Coppa In our Southern version of this Italian cured classic, the meat gets a sea salt and brown sugar cure, followed by a Tennessee whiskey wash and a garden pepper paste, before being smoked and dried. 4 oz. (858791006110) $9.00

Cured with salt, sugar, spices and �erbs.

Southern Breakfast Sausage A guest favorite for more than 25 years, our Southern Breakfast Sausage is made with locally raised Black Duroc hogs, fresh sage from our gardens and just a hint of spice. 16 oz. (0110000063988) $9.50 | 15

Pickles & Preserves Nothing completes a dish or gathering like our garnishes, preserves and complements—they’re beloved for a reason.

Pickled Okra 16 oz. (600076) $14.00

Pickled Farm Eggs 16 oz. (605863) $18.00

Pickled Beets & Strawberries 16 oz. (600036) $13.00

Tomato Brined Okra 16 oz. (850702005427) $16.00

Bread and Butter Pickles 16 oz. (600028) $14.00 | 17

Tennessee Chow Chow Our classic Southern chow chow is a mildly spiced, deeply flavorful relish of local vegetables, including cabbage, peppers, onions and anything fresh in our garden when we make it. 16 oz. (600043) $14.00

Ramp Kraut Made from ramp greens, this kimchiinspired mountain kraut adds a unique tang and depth to any dish. 7.75 oz. (605860) $18.50

Purple Pickled Cabbage Colorful and crunchy, harvested at peak freshness and pickled with our signature spices, this slaw embodies traditional Carolina barbecue at its very best. 12 oz. (605892) $15.00

Appalachian Sauerkraut Traditionally fermented, our tangy Appalachian Sauerkraut is made from locally-harvested cabbages and brings perfect balance to rich, pork-based dishes. 16 oz. (605858) $15.00

Pepper Chutney A Beall family favorite, this bold, spicy chutney makes an outstanding accompaniment to grilled meats or fresh seafood. 7.75 oz. (605893) $13.00

MOUNTAIN Tradition With a complex tanginess that only comes from slow fermentation, our traditional kraut offers a classic balance to rich fare or cheese plates.

Bacon Jam Made from house-cured bacon and the finest Tennessee whiskey, our savory Bacon Jam brings a sweet, smoky flavor to any food you spread it on. The bacon in the jam adds a punch of flavor that’s just enough to make any meal go from good to great! 7.75 oz. (858791006073) $16.00

Pickled Ramps Ramps, a wild spring onion, tell more of the story of our hills than almost any other foraged item. You can almost taste a Tennessee Spring, perfectly preserved in a jar of our signature Pickled Ramps. 7.75 oz. (605843) $16.00

mp Make the magic of ra g. lon ar ye all t season las | 19

SAVORY Sweet STAPLES Jams and preserves make a sophisticated update to typical dips; try them instead of ketchup for a grown-up twist on classic snacks.

Three Sisters Succotash This time-honored Southern relish is made from a traditional combination of corn, beans and pumpkins, affectionately called the “Three Sisters.” 7.75 oz. (605857) $13.00 Strawberry Ramp Jam Step up your beer and cheese pairings with a spoonful of this sweet, earthy and tangy jam. 7.75 oz. (605862) $18.50

Smoked Onion Jam We start with sweet Georgia Vidalia onions, smoke them down to release their natural sugars and add some sherry vinegar and benne seeds, resulting in an onion “jam” that you’ll find unlimited uses for! 7.75 oz. (605908) $13.00

Apple Onion Jam Marrying sweet and savory, our Apple Onion Jam brings together the best of Fall. This smoky spread pairs beautifully on sausage or ham biscuits, or as an elegant accompaniment to your Fall cheese board. 12 oz. (605871) $15.00

Grilled Grape Jam This grown-up classic adds complexity to grilled meats as an excellent marinade base, or as a flavorful complement to wine pairings and cheese displays. The combination of sweet and tart grapes with savory, smoky onions is perfect on sandwiches. 7.75 oz. (605874) $13.00 Tomato Jam Our quintessentially Southern Tomato Jam brings the taste of warm Summer sun to any feast. This bright spread is delicious on everything from biscuits to cheesecake. 7.75 oz. (850702005342) $13.00 | 21

PEAK Season There’s something incredibly satisfying, nostalgic and quintessentially Southern about a beautiful jar of preserves. Savory, sweet and everything in-between, our jams are crafted from fresh, hand-picked, regional ingredients and have been delighting guests for years.

Pumpkin Pear Butter 12 oz. (605914) $15.00

Peach Vidalia Jam 12 oz. (100000000328) $15.00

Blackberry Jam 12 oz. (600057) $15.00

Peach Preserves 12 oz. (600132) $15.00

Mountain Apple Butter 12 oz. (600151) $15.00

Blueberry Jam 12 oz. (605212) $15.00

Strawberry Jam 12 oz. (605850) $15.00

Strawberry Rhubarb Jam 12 oz. (600131) $15.00

Preserved Blueberries A guest favorite, these preserved whole blueberries combine honey with the freshest cane sugar and lemons. With a taste of Summer in every bite, these are a must-have year-round. 7.75 oz. (605844) $14.50

RIPE W I TH FLAVOR Sweet and sun-warmed, our reserve jams are crafted from fresh, local fruit—hand-picked at the very height of the season—and brighten anything you serve with them.

Reserve Strawberry Preserves 7.75 oz. (605813) $18.50 Reserve Blueberry Jam 7.75 oz. (605910) $18.50 Reserve Blackberry Jam 7.75 oz. (100000000267) $18.50

Reserve Black Raspberry Jam 7.75 oz. (600017) $18.50 Reserve Strawberry Balsamic Preserves 7.75 oz. (100000000397) $19.00 | 23

At the Table Beautiful memories are made around the table—and beautiful tables are made with elegant pottery, linens, flatware and accessories.

ONLINE Exclusives

See more exclusive Blackberry Farm tabletop items, like our hand-sketched FarmStead votive by Bernardaud of France, on our website at | 25

Featuring a bold bunch of blackberries, the dainty tea and coffee saucer with matching cup accompany the rest of the exclusive Bernardaud of France collection for Blackberry Farm.

Fern Hurricane Mary Celeste’s favorite, the delicate ferns on this handmade crystal hurricane from William Yeoward evoke lush landscapes and nod to 19th-century English design. 21" / 53.5 cm. (110000085263) $2,750.00

Cup & Saucer Cup (110000021910) $48.00 Saucer (101000002176) $48.00

Globe Hurricane Classic, versatile and enduringly stylish, this American-made, hand-blown hurricane was created using a century-old technique and adds grace to any table setting. Complimentary pillar candle included. 10 ¼" x 8 ½." (110000087199) $258.00 Classic Hurricane This fluted hurricane from Match features a lovely pewter base that can hold either tapers or pillar candles with a simple conversion. 9.6" x 21.3" (110000051503) $655.00

Umbrella Stand Vase A Beall family favorite handmade in Italy, this Match pewter vase is simplicity perfected. Stop your guests in their tracks by adding cut boughs or flowers once rainy season ends. 13.8" W x 17" H, 4.5 gal. (101000011010) $1,705.00

VASES Bring Blackberry Farm style to your own home with our handpicked vases, brimming with colorful flowers, ferns, branches or whatever fresh beauty calls to you. Below, from left to right. Everyday Tabletop Vase (110000087151) $115.00 Glass Rectangle Vase (110000087175) $100.00 Milk Jug Vase (0110000091080) $85.00 Ruffled Rim Vase (0110000091073) $98.00 Small Pewter Vase (110000086758) $245.00 Blackberry Farm Mint Julep Cup (101000017810) $148.00

Farmstead Charger The story and beauty of our FarmStead is captured in this exclusive design by Bernardaud of France, which artfully incorporates Master Gardener John Coykendall’s sketches. 12.5" (101000002138) $208.00

Barn Plate A sketch of the Barn at Blackberry Farm by Master Gardener John Coykendall is featured on this exclusive service plate by Bernardaud of France. 11.75" (101000002145) $108.00

Rooster Service Plate If you’ve spent any time on our farm, you know the roosters rule the roost. Baucy the Rooster stands proud on this service plate. 11.75" (101000002162) $108.00

Dinner Plate This dinner plate by Bernardaud of France features an exclusive design with a green and gold lattice painted edge. 10.25" (101000002152) $108.00 | 27

Sterling Silver Napkin Rings Adds an elegant, engravable touch to the family table. 2" diameter, sold as single ring. (110000089995) $180.00 Blackberry Farm Linen Hemstich Napkin Set Set of 4. (0110000033868) $115.00

Simple Pewter Votives Scatter a few of these lovely Match pewter votive holders and set the table aglow. (110000086789) $98.00

Sommelier’s Favorite All Purpose Wine Glass For everyday wine drinking, this versatile, stylish shape is our somm team's favorite. (110000090021) $18.00 Sommelier’s Favorite Burgundy Glass Ideal for lighter, full-bodied red wines. Our sommelier team loves to use this glass in The Barn. (110000090007) $18.00

Pewter Napkin Rings A Beall family favorite and heirloom piece with stylish heft. 2" diameter, sold as single ring. (110000086871) $45.00

From left to right.

Pewter Water Glass Be it spring water or your favorite wine varietal, the classic silhouette and handcrafted pewter stem of this Match glass make for delightful entertaining. (101000003401) $110.00

Fern Flute Like the matching William Yeoward hurricane, also a Mary Celeste favorite, the lush fern patterns on this special flute, evokes a delicate sense of nature and art. (110000085317) $270.00

Fern Double Old Fashioned A handsome compliment to the Fern Flute, regal meets pastoral with every fireside toast in this William Yeoward tumbler. (0110000085300) $248.00

Double Old Fashioned A favorite of the sommelier team and perfect vessel for Tennessee whiskey, these Match pewter tumblers make fitting gifts for the bourbon connoisseur. Crystal with pewter base. (101000003371) $78.00

Red Wine Goblet Clean lines, generous bowl and perfect for a sunset in the Tennessee mountains, you won’t find a more elegant stemless wineglass. (110000087137) $68.00

All-Purpose Goblet Whether hosting an outdoor supper or strolling with pinot in hand, this contemporary, versatile glass suits every mood and moment. (110000087144) $70.00 | 29

DINING Out Dining in the fresh air with a view of the mountains is our secret party trick. Spread a lovely, laidback table outside, light some candles and make an ordinary dinner unforgettable.

6 Place Settings (110000053330) $1,152.00 8 Place Settings (110000053347) $1,536.00 12 Place Settings (110000053354) $2,304.00 Dinner Plate (1000002404) $45.00 Salad Plate (101000024810) $40.00

B AR N P O T T ERY Hand- thrown by a local artist exclusively for us, this lovely, organic pottery is a favorite of our culinary team. The striking gray glaze is especially meaningful to us—it’s colored with ashes from The Barn’s fireplace. Elegant, yet humble, this pottery looks as stylish on formal tables as it does for family dinners. Place settings include the Dinner Plate, Salad Plate, Bread and Butter Plate, Pasta Bowl and Mug.

BLACKBERRY FARM PI CNI C TABLES Locally crafted in the Foothills of the Smoky Mountains, these iconic cypress picnic tables make a beloved gathering spot for many of our guests.

Bread and Butter Plate (101000002381) $38.00 Pasta Bowl (101000002435) $45.00 Small Bowl (101000002411) $38.00 Mug (110000016427) $38.00

Rectangle Picnic Table 8' long, 38" wide and 30" tall, includes two 7 ft. long benches. (110000090045) $4,700.00

Square Picnic Table (above) 54" by 54", includes four benches that seat two on each side. (110000090052) $3,900.00 | 31

NAP K I N S Luxurious and well-made, our linen napkins come from some of the finest weavers, and the timeless patterns offer casual, yet elegant, style. Gray Multi-Stripe Napkin Belgian linen, 23.5" x 21," machine washable. (110000085034) $28.00 Gray Double-Stripe Napkin Belgian linen, 23.5" x 21," machine washable. (110000085010) $28.00 Cornflower Plaid Napkin Belgian linen, 27" x 27," machine washable. (110000085041) $28.00 Champagne Saber Dramatic, elegant and sure to become a family heirloom, each Berti Saber is handcrafted by a single artisan and bears their initials on the blade. Blade is stainless steel with a lucite handle. (110000085324) $618.00

Blue and Red Plaid Napkin Belgian linen, 27" x 27," machine washable. (110000085027) $28.00 Plaid Straw Napkin Belgian linen, 27" x 27," machine washable. (110000085119) $28.00

Match Flatware An elegant, everyday essential. Engravable and dishwasher safe. 5 piece set. (101000002596) $283.00

ry time. Makes an impression eve

Christolfle Flatware Used in The Barn. Solid nickel core and sterling silver plating. 5 piece set. (110000089988) $440.00

Everyday Flatware Hand-burnished with a rustic, chic look. Stainless steel, dishwasher safe. 5 piece set. (110000087205) $110.00 | 33

Dogwood Pottery Our simple, sophisticated handmade pottery proved to be such a favorite, we asked the local potter to create another edition. Her latest work is this lovely collection of handthrown pottery in a dusty blue inspired by local wildflowers. The muted, distinguished hue adds soft color without overwhelming the table.

6 Place Settings (110000090090) $1,152.00

Cereal Bowl (110000065463) $45.00

8 Place Settings (110000090083) $1,536.00

Mug (110000089490) $38.00

12 Place Settings (110000090016) $2,304.00

Table Runner Also functions beautifully across the table as a placemat. Belgian linen, 21" x 61," machine washable. Flax (110000084990) $68.00 Fog (110000084983) $68.00 Oyster (110000085003) $68.00

Dinner Plate (110000089469) $45.00 Salad Plate (110000089476) $40.00 Bread and Butter Plate (110000089483) $38.00 | 35

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In addition to ordering online, you can also order your FarmStead favorites from your mobile device using the Blackberry Farm app. Simply download the app from the App Store or Google Play and open the app to shop. Use the handy ‘Wishlist’ feature to create a running list of items you love—it makes holiday and birthday gift-giving easy! After your first purchase on the app, you can choose to store your information and enable one-tap ordering.


This service is available in limited areas for an additional fee. | 36

Farm Life Inspire your daily routine and brighten your entertaining with Blackberry Farm essentials for style, comfort and luxury.

BLACKBERRY FARM SLEEP KI T SYSTEM Exclusively made for Blackberry Farm, this sleep system brings the blissful slumber of a night away to every evening at home. Resting on a solid, Amish wood foundation, the made-to-order mattress features high density-comfort and support foams, along with resilient natural latex, to embrace your body’s unique shape, distribute weight evenly and reduce the pressure points that cause tossing and turning. Sink into the luxurious feather topper and drift off into peaceful slumber. Available in sizes twin through California King, with a 20-year guarantee. System includes mattress, foundation, feather topper and four pillows. Twin (110000091783) $3,490.00

King (110000090137) $5,450.00

Full (110000091769) $3,990.00

California King (110000091745) $5,650.00

Queen (110000090120) $4,500.00 | 37

FINISHING Touch Mattress and Foundation A good night’s sleep starts with a solid foundation. Our exclusive mattress combines high-density comfort and support foams with natural latex to create plush support that will conform to your body and distribute weight evenly. Your made-toorder mattress comes with a sturdy Amish wood foundation and a 20-year guarantee. Twin (110000091097) $2,490.00 Full (110000091110) $2,890.00 Queen (110000082798) $3,180.00 King (110000065944) $3,950.00 California King (110000091738) $4,100.00

Hickory Chair Bed Rest beautifully on the handcrafted, American-made Planter’s Bed from Hickory Chair, complete with elegant, smoked gray finish and exquisitely carved details. Queen (110000090144) $8,184.00 King (110000090151) $8,751.00

Understated and elegant, these accent pillows from our friends at Rani Arabella can punctuate a sofa with a pop of contrasting color or complete a calming vignette.

Palermo Pillow Suede accent. 100% cashmere. 21" x 21". Charcoal (110000089421) $450.00 Ivory (110000089445) $450.00

Cambridge Plaid Pillow 100% cashmere. 21" x 21". (110000089414) $450.00

Jockey Cashmere Pillow 70% cashmere, 30% wool. 16" x 24". (110000089452) $450.00 Duke Woven Pillow 70% cashmere, 30% wool. 21" x 21". (110000089438) $450.00 | 39

BL A CK BE RRY FARM BEDDI NG SUI TE We never underestimate the power of restorative, rejuvenating sleep. Recreate the blissful Blackberry Farm sleep experience in your own home with our exclusive line of bedding. Made by distinguished linen purveyor Frette, our luxurious collection features everything you need to create a cozy space, with the perfect softness and sheen. The full bedding suite includes four pillowcases, two flat sheets, one fitted sheet, piped duvet cover, duvet insert, Sferra blanket and mattress cover. Blackberry Farm Bedding Suite Queen (110000090106) $1,170.00 King (110000090113) $1,338.00

Blackberry Farm Flat Sheet Queen (1000000424) $90.00 King (101000000417) $98.00

Blackberry Farm Piped Duvet Cover Queen (110000004010) $188.00 King (101000000356) $198.00

Blackberry Farm Pillow Cases (set of 4) Queen (101000000462) $88.00 King (010100000431) $98.00

Blackberry Farm Fitted Sheet Queen (110000086062) $90.00 King (110000086086) $98.00

Blackberry Farm Piped Euro Shams (set of 2) (110000084518) $88.00

Down Duvet Insert Goose down fill, hypoallergenic. Queen (0101000003710) $368.00 King (010100000363) $428.00 Blackberry Farm Pillow Standard (0110000085904) $178.00 King (0110000085911) $198.00

Euro Down Insert Feathers and down fill, hypoallergenic. 26" x 26". (110000084525) $38.00

us Sferra blanket Layer the luxurio at sheets before between two crisp fl arm duvet. topping with our w

Left Bank Bedside Table All things that begin and end a day have a place on this bedside table’s figured cherry top, featuring Hickory Chair’s thoughtful detailing. For the avid reader or occasional breakfast in bed, a pull-out shelf provides additional surface space. 30" x 32" x 17.5". Individual (0110000090366) $3,153.00 Set of 2 (0110000092131) $5,800.00

Classic Marble Lamp The classic lines of this sleek brown marble table lamp can harmonize with traditional or contemporary settings. Try it anywhere you need a touch of sophisticated warmth. 30" x 17". Individual (0110000090373) $688.00 Set of 2 (0110000092148) $1,238.00

Pewter Bedside Carafe and Tumbler The sleek, stylish lines of this Match pewter carafe and tumbler set bring the beauty of hospitality to any bedside table. (110000086765) $138.00 | 41

ALL Wrapped Up Get cozy with our incredibly soft, utterly luxurious throws. Flawless craftsmanship, fine materials and sophisticated styling make these blankets pretty enough to display when you aren’t curling up for a night by the fire.

Palermo Cashmere Throw Understated, yet utterly stylish, this luxurious pearl gray cashmere throw from Rani Arabella is trimmed in taupe suede. (110000087397) $1,190.00

Merino Wool Throw This luxurious, handwoven throw from our friends at Moore & Giles is made of pure merino wool. Our favorite touch? The stylish leather accent tab. Umber (110000087090) $460.00 Ash (110000087083) $460.00 Roma Cable-Knit Cashmere Throw Add organic texture to any room with this Rani Arabella cashmere throw in a delicious cable-knit. (110000087380) $1,380.00 Duke Cotton Throw Lightweight yet luxurious, Rani Arabella’s cotton throw makes the perfect accent. (110000087373) $990.00

at See more throws online p. ho /s com m. ar blackberryf | 43


Alabama Chanin Founded by textile artist and fashion designer Natalie Chanin, the Alabama Chanin studio is known for its heirloom, hand-sewn designs and goods. Alabama Chanin has been featured in Bergdorf, Barney’s and Saks, among others, and Natalie Chanin is considered a leader in sustainable, zero-waste design. Her aim is to preserve the traditions of community and the living arts—a commitment evidenced in her beautiful, hand-sewn quilts. Each quilt is a work of art itself, but also stands as a link in America’s long chain of vibrant quilt-making. All Alabama Chanin quilts are original, one-of-a-kind pieces. They have been over-dyed by hand in indigo and feature hand-sewn details.

Concentric Shades of Blue Alabama Chanin Quilt Approximately 71" x 78". Wash gently and hang to dry. Handmade in the U.S. (110000090205) $8,000.00

Aerial View Alabama Chanin Quilt Approximately 77" x 69". Wash gently and hang to dry. Handmade in the U.S. (110000090199) $8,000.00

Interlocked Shades of Blue Alabama Chanin Quilt Approximately 63" x 84". Wash gently and hang to dry. Handmade in the U.S. (110000090182) $8,000.00 | 45

Medium Pewter Serving Tray Pampering ourselves starts with setting the mood; beautifully display your favorite products and perfumes on this classic pewter tray from our friends at Match. 13.2" x 8.7" (110000086840) $415.00

Wellhouse Robe Slip into our luxurious Wellhouse Robe, beautifully fitted with a shawl collar, double-needle stitching, satin piping and pleated pockets. (102000002913) $140.00



A nod to our region’s rich heritage, our signature blend of lavender infused bourbon brings relaxing warmth to our most loved spa products. All are free from gluten, paraben and sulfates.

Wild hyssop has been used for centuries as an herbal restorative; we love its fresh, botanical scent in our luxurious and renewing body products—all paraben, sulfate and gluten free.

Shampoo 8 oz. (110000060116) $23.00 16 oz. (110000060154) $45.00

Shampoo 8 oz. (110000077954) $23.00 16 oz. (110000077992) $45.00

Conditioner 8 oz. (110000060123) $30.00 16 oz. (110000060161) $60.00

Conditioner 8 oz. (110000077961) $30.00 16 oz. (110000077992) $45.00

Body Wash 8 oz. (110000060130) $23.00 16 oz. (110000060178) $45.00

Body Wash 8 oz. (110000077978) $23.00 16 oz. (110000078012) $45.00

Body Lotion 8 oz. (110000060147) $38.00 16 oz. (110000060185) $75.00

Body Lotion 8 oz. (110000077985) $38.00 16 oz. (110000078029) $75.00 | 47

Blackberry Farm Sommelier Essentials Perfect for picnics and trips, this essential collection includes the Moore & Giles picnic tote, Blackberry Farm bar towel, William Yeoward Rachel Carafe, an engraved Match gallery tray and our go-to Laguiole corkscrew. (605924) $2,740.00

Ella Decanter Inspired by an 18th-century Georgian carafe, this lovely decanter from William Yeoward is one we reach for again and again. (101000001834) $578.00 Madison Decanter Boasting a wide base for better aeration, the flared neck and clarity of this graceful decanter add balance and beauty to the piece. (110000087168) $188.00

All-Season Wine Chiller Keep your favorite wine chilled to the perfect temperature—and bring some casual elegance to the table—with this classic Match pewter vessel. (110000062165) $398.00

Blackberry Farm Gallery Tray Engraved with a sketch of our Barn, our exclusive Match pewter gallery tray is perfectly at home with any style. Use it to accent décor or make it the star of your next cocktail gathering. (101000003197) $1,388.00 Rachel Decanter William Yeoward’s Rachel Decanter is an iconic piece of crystal used by our very own sommeliers in The Barn. (101000002039) $378.00 Large Pewter Serving Tray Whether you’re presenting cheese and charcuterie or after-dinner coffee, this quietly handsome Match pewter tray makes everything you serve look even more elegant. 16.5" x 11.6" (110000086857) $625.00 Versaille Corkscrew This elegant, handcrafted Laguiole corkscrew is made with 200-year old wood harvested from the gardens of the Chateau de Versailles. (101000001667) $258.00 | 49

Blackberry Farm Champagne Tote The ultimate accoutrement for carrying champagne, sparkling water or spirits, this Moore & Giles tote features the Blackberry Farm logo, waterproof lining, internal insulation and zip-top closure. (110000047988) $438.00

Blackberry Farm Picnic Tote Made by Moore & Giles and stamped with the Blackberry Farm logo, this sturdy, elegant picnic tote is just right for transporting a few bottles of wine or picnic staples. (110000020868) $748.00

GOOD Taste If tools make the chef, then your favorite cook will be all set with these timeless kitchen essentials. From legendary French cast iron to linen aprons, our artisan tools make time in the kitchen a true joy.

Blackberry Farm Chef Essentials This foundational set includes the Le Creuset 6" Farmhouse Iron Skillet, Oval Dutch Oven, Round Dutch Oven, 3" Paring Knife, 8" Pro Chef Knife and 9" Ultimate Chef Knife, along with our Cheese Board and our favorite Blackberry Farm Apron. (531067) $1,712.00 Le Creuset Round Dutch Oven Generations have trusted Le Creuset’s legendary enameled cast iron classics. Our Dutch oven edition features an exclusive Blackberry Farm stainless steel knob. 5.5 qt. (531033) $346.00 Le Creuset Oval Dutch Oven This unique, oblong design makes it easy to roast and braise whole poultry or longer cuts of meat. It features our Blackberry Farm stainless steel knob. 5 qt. (531034) $340.00 Le Creuset 6" Farmhouse Skillet Offered exclusively by Blackberry Farm, this cast iron skillet is finished in matte black enamel, which makes for an easy-to-clean kitchen essential. (531064) $128.00 Blackberry Farm Apron This stone-colored, Belgian linen apron, embroidered with the Blackberry logo, is a favorite of Kreis Beall. (110000016510) $128.00

Heritage Ice Bucket Whether you’re mixing cocktails for guests or setting up a casual drink station, this stylish Match ice bucket is an essential part of effortless entertaining. (110000037408) $265.00

Blackberry Farm Spreader Our branded wood spreader is the perfect size for spreading soft cheeses and jams. (11000009382) $8.00 Blackberry Farm Honey Dipper Turned from natural wood, this dipper is perfect for adding honey to hot tea or biscuits! (11000000351) $10.00 Blackberry Farm Wooden Spoon Our wooden mixing spoon is a classic choice for stirring up your favorite Blackberry recipes. (11000009368) $13.00 | 51

Blackberry Farm Cocktail Shaker This handsome, engraved Match pewter cocktail shaker is our favorite for its classic lines and timeless style. (110000044277) $448.00

Blackberry Farm Mint Julep Cup A classic cocktail charmer, our exclusive pewter mint julep cup by Match is handcrafted in Northern Italy and features a detailed engraving of The Barn at Blackberry Farm. (101000017810) $148.00

Child’s Chef Coat Perfect for inspiring tomorrow’s chefs this Blackberry Farm chef coat is sized for your little one’s big kitchen adventures. 2–4 yr. old (0110000080350) $108.00 5–8 yr. old (0110000080367) $108.00

Cook’s Apron Whether holding court at the grill or preparing a holiday feast with family and friends, our Cook’s Apron is a great way to bring the spirit of the farm into any gathering. Adult (110000098710) $98.00 Child (110000080374) $50.00

Blackberry Farm Tee Classic and comfortable, our signature Blackberry Farm T-shirt is made from the softest cotton for a relaxed fit. Color and fit options available online. (153173) $38.00

Blackberry Farm Flask Enjoy your favorite beverage from this Moore & Giles leather-wrapped stainless steel flask, embossed with Blackberry Farm. (110000047964) $88.00

Blackberry Farm Hat Our Blackberry Farm Hat is perfect as a gift for yourself or a friend. Color and fit options available online. (110000010067) $35.00

Blackberry Farm Cigar Ashtray Handcrafted in Northern Italy, this unique Match pewter cigar ashtray bears an engraving of our Barn and makes an elegant gift. (110000025818) $288.00 Blackberry Farm Brewery Tee Designed by our friends at Billy Reid, this Blackberry Farm Brewery t-shirt, featuring our Classic Saison logo, is as cool as our beer. (515167) $56.00 Blackberry Farm Brewery Hat Wear your favorite brewery proudly with this casual hat made from premium fabric. Color and fit options available online. (110000010067) $35.00 | 53

Brown Crowder Originally from Africa, these field peas came to the American South in the 1840s. They are traditionally slow-cooked and served with their liquid, or pot-likker. Approx. 20 Seeds (605210) $5.00 Ponderosa Tomato Introduced in 1891, Ponderosa Heirloom Tomato Seeds produce large, pink beefsteaktype tomatoes with excellent flavor. Approx. 20 Seeds (605713) $5.00 Homestead Tomato Once widely grown throughout the South, these seeds yield medium-sized, red tomatoes with a wonderful old-time flavor. Approx. 20 Seeds (605712) $5.00 Pencil Cob Corn An old field corn variety with a unique, pencil-thin cob. The kernels are traditionally ground for cornbread, and the stalks can support climbing bean vines. Approx. 20 Seeds (605211) $5.00

Blackberry Farm Heirloom Seed Collection Bring the unmatched flavors of heirloom produce to your own garden with two seed packs each of our five favorite varieties. 10 Packs (605947) $40.00

Genovese Basil This Italian heirloom has pungent flavor and is great for making pesto or pairing alongside any tomato dish! Approx. 20 Seeds (605221) $5.00

The Foothills Cuisine of Blackberry Farm Sharing recipes from our artisans and chefs, our second cookbook is filled with gorgeous photos and wisdom from our kitchen, our farm and the Appalachian communities that surround it. (535553) $60.00

Blackberry Farm Cookbook­ This beautiful volume brings dozens of recipes inspired by our acclaimed culinary experiences to your kitchen, along with insight from our chefs, artisans and late Proprietor/Author Sam Beall. (535372) $60.00

MASTERING the CRAFT Influenced by the rich brewing traditions of the past, inspired by the technology and tastes of today, Blackberry Farm Brewery produces an ever-evolving roster of Old World-style beers, all artisan-crafted and bottle-conditioned.

Only available for purchase on property. | 55

Gifts & Collections Big or small, everyday or extraordinary, all occasions are easy to celebrate with our thoughtfully curated gifts and collections.

Cornbread Collection Nothing is as quintessentially Southern as cornbread. Our collection, naturally gluten-free, includes everything you need to make your own with a 6-inch Le Creuset skillet, towel, apron, signature sweet Cornbread Mix and Pecan Sorghum Butter to top it all off. (110000055624) $275.00 | 57

Farmstead Pantry Box This delicious collection offers some of our pantry favorites in a beautiful wooden box: Blackberry Jam (12 oz.), Strawberry Jam (12 oz.), Strawberry Rhubarb Jam (12 oz.), Blueberry Jam (12 oz.), Apple Butter (12 oz.), Pickled Okra (16 oz.), J&S Barbecue Sauce (16 oz.), 2 whole handcrafted salumi (8–10 oz. each), Grain and Nut (1 lb. bag), Cornbread Mix (1 lb. bag) and 3-pack of Heirloom seeds. (605906) $175.00

Breakfast Collection Our mouth-watering Breakfast Collection includes a range of sunrise staples: one pound of Blackberry Farm Coffee, Griddle Cake Mix, Biscuit Mix, Apple Butter, Blackberry Jam, Honey, Appalachian Maple Syrup, plus Allan Benton’s bacon. Serves 6–8 (605903) $105.00

Farmstead Pantry Box (Create Your Own) Perfect for gift-giving or treating yourself, our ‘create-your-own’ pantry collection comes with a handcrafted box and leaves the contents up to you! When you call, our team will help you curate a selection of everything from preserves to artisan cheeses. Box only (600040) $28.00

Biscuit Collection Whip up a batch of our famous biscuits with this delicious collection, which includes a perfectly sized batter bowl, towel, signature biscuit mix and spoon, plus local honey to drizzle over the flaky biscuits when they’re fresh from the oven. (110000055617) $95.00

Seasons of Blackberry Farm Jams Inspired by seasonal harvests, this charming collection of preserves includes Strawberry Jam (12 oz.), Blueberry Jam (12 oz.), Apple Butter (12 oz.), Pumpkin Pear Butter (12 oz.) and Blackberry Jam (12 oz.). (605905) $95.00

Jam Duo This charming box fits two of our 12 oz. products. Add it to your order when shopping our jams, jellies or pickles and make an easy, thoughtful gift. Box only (600124) $13.00 | 59

FarmStead COLLECTION CLUB This curated club features our farm favorites for each season, from dry mixes to cheeses to jams and more, all in a hand-packed box. Selections vary each quarter, but you’ll enjoy fresh artisan products delivered to your door every time. This club is available annually, as well as by season. Annual Subscription (110000055617) $750.00

Beans & Cornbread Collection This classic collection makes a simple Southern meal even more simple: you get a quart of dried pinto beans, ¼ Benton’s smoked ham hock, Cornbread Mix, Chow-Chow (16 oz.) and Pickled Okra (16 oz.) in a convenient box. Serves 6–8 (605901) $49.50

Ramp Lovers Collection Our chefs love the bright, oniony Springtime flavor of ramps. This popular collection includes Ramp Chimichurri (7.75 oz.), Ramp Kraut (7.75 oz.), Pickled Ramps (7.75 oz.) and Ramp Pesto (7.75 oz.). (605949) $60.00

food-lover! A unique gift for the

Grilling Collection Handcrafted by our chefs, this collection includes everything you need for a great meal on the grill: B&B Pickles (16 oz.), J&S Barbecue Sauce (16 oz.), BBQ Rub (1 lb. bag), Appalachian Sauerkraut (16 oz.), Smoked Onion Jam (7.75 oz.) and Chow-Chow (16 oz.). (605937) $65.00

Pesto Trio Rich with garden-fresh greens, this seasonal pesto trio brightens pizzas, pastas, crostinis, meats and butter. The collection includes: Kale Pesto (7.75 oz.), Ramp Pesto (7.75 oz.) and Basil Pesto (7.75 oz.). (605948) $50.00 | 61

THE ANSWER IS Yes Part of the magic of Blackberry Farm is our commitment to making it happen—whatever ‘it’ may be. Sunrise picnic in view of the Smokies? Done. A custom gift box to cheer up a close friend? Consider it packed and shipped. Whether you’re here on the farm or many miles away, it’s our joy to share the kind of hospitality that makes you feel right at home. We hope you’ve found something you love in this year’s collection—but if you have something else in mind, even something extraordinary, just ask us.




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In your backyard. Suspended from the great tree of the Main House lawn, our iconic swing offers one of the farm’s best views. Guests young and old swing and soar as they look out into the views of the Smokies. This hardwood swing is inspired by Blackberry’s classic front lawn fixture. 25 ft. rope | 32" x 8" seat. (10000068273) $268.00

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