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n.e.w.s. letter August 2009 n.e.w.s. ( is a platform for participatory development of artistic and curatorial projects in contemporary art and new media framed by contributions from around the globe, bringing together voices and images from North, East, West and South. n.e.w.s. reflects geographic diversity and facilitates a framework for collaboration, content and visions of change outside the normal parameters of the established art world networks. Comments and feedback welcome! Please sign up as a user and contribute and/or subscribe to our newsletter for further announcements.

n.e.w.s.@ISEA2009 August 29, 2009 N.e.w.s. celebrates one-year! with an invitation to present at ISEA 2009 (International Symposium on Electronic Art) on the island of Ireland. N.e.w.s. delivered the powerpoint presentation ‘Ruminations on Remuneration’ on Saturday, August 29, 2009 at 12:30, University of Ulster, Belfast. In this presentation (n.e.w.s.) addressed the artistic context of an emergent community investing in creative production on the Internet, mapped out through notions of the gift, immaterial labour, debt and participatory technologies. We also introduced our forthcoming book 'Arbitrating Attention: reinvesting attention surplus in plausible artworlds' that rethinks the social and economic conditions of art and explores alternative models of remuneration. Thanks to Mondriaan Foundation fo r their support.

Negotiating Equity at DAI January-July 2009 Negotiating Equity at the DAI (Dutch Art Institute/Master Programme /ArtEZ Institute of the Arts) aims to offer a participatory platform to address the ethics and practice of curatorship as a mode of art production. The nature and format of this project favors cooperative endeavor, while considering the implications of self-curation. Specificially, this project addresses collaborative curation and the position of the artist as curator- investigating experimental and conceptual art practices under physical as well as virtual conditions. The past months contributors from the n.e.w.s. platform presented their individual approaches to curating and their particular social and economic criteria regarding art production. Using the ‘temporary reside’ from id11 and STeC in Delft as a space in which to engage the above practices, DAI lectures and seminars focused on ‘creating context’ in the broadest sense of this term. Drawing upon a wide range of artistic and art-related practices, some off the radar, undocumented and under-theorized, others representative of art historical paradigms, we examined how to use temporary housing as an exhibition and presentation model along with addressing and finding other audiences, virtual or otherwise, implicitly or explicitly challenging dominant regimes of spectatorship all too often considered selfevident. Negotiating Equity website contextualises the project that will continue next year at DAI. Participants: Raymond Huizinga, Hidenori Mitsue, Marina Tomic, Jimini Hignett, Julio Pastor, Laetitia Queyranne, Manami Yoshimoto, James Skunca, Amanda Koelman, Suzanne van Rest, Veridiana Zurita

ERRARE HUMANUM EST May 32-September 32 2009 Since first thing Monday morning, the 32nd of May, n.e.w.s. has been disorganizing an online forum on error and errorism, without quite getting around to mentioning it. Here then, in a gesture of performative errorism, is the official announcement in the form of an invitation to partake in our quest for error. Though this may be a thorough error in judgment, this forum will consist of posting a number of theoretical and philosophical and political texts – Errorist Manifestos, videos and images and odd and sundry, and then engaging a conversation in no particular direction with everyone and all error involved. The Forum is thus a place to concoct, theorize on, commit, and to contaminate the world with error. Error is its constituent principle.

This online forum paves the way for next year’s International Congress of Error and Errorism to be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on the occasion of the bicentennial of South American independence – or two hundred years of error in Latin America. The point is to deepen our level of error in anticipation of the Congress. So to get the ball rolling (in the wrong direction of course, and with as many balls as required) let this online forum acknowledge that it has already begun. With: Loreto Garin, Federico Geller, Brian Holmes, Manray Hsu, Eduardo Molinari, Stephen Wright, Federico Zuckerfeld and International Errorists

Unspeakably More October 1-4 2009 n.e.w.s. is co-organising a seminar 'Unspeakably More: Naming, Deframing: a lexicon for contemporary curatorship' (Art after Space) in cooperation with KHOJ and Periferry in Guwahati in northeast India. Invited curators, artists, anthropologists, economists, critics, technici, interested parties and contributors from n.e.w.s. will all gather during a four-day weekend to initiate a new model of discourse. Participants: Raqs Media Collective, CMP: Howard Chan, Siu King Chung, Tushar Joag, Sharmila Samant, Nishant Shah, Sanjay Bhangar, Nancy Adajania, Kaushik Bhaumik, Sonal Jain, Mriganka Madhukaillya, Pooja Sood, Stephen Wright, Prayas Abhinav, Renée Ridgway. More to follow.

n.e.w.s. website now The past months we have been working behind the scenes gathering research for our forthcoming book, facilitating reconnaissance trips to Paris, Amsterdam, Delft, Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi, lecturing and teaching en route along with redesigning and working on the website. Not yet complete, we will be multilingual very shortly and the website will change and progress during the next months. We are also in the process of recruiting contributors, interns, advisors as well as seeking funding for content. Interested parties should please see the future online forums and join in or send an email to: n.e.w.s. foundation: Tiong Ang, Saskia van der Kroef, Renée Ridgway n.e.w.s. is presently supported by Arts Collaboratory and by the enthusiasm and generosity of invisible people worldwide. Are you invisible? n.e.w.s. pilot project was supported by:

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n.e.w.s. ( is a platform for participatory development of artistic and curatorial projects in contemporary art...