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2018 FOURTEEN YEARS IN THE MAKING Make sure you’re at the biggest-ever COREbike show

21st-23rd January, Whittlebury Hall, NN12 8QH

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Hayley Ferguson Editor

‘The sector that benefits most from advocacy is retail – more cyclists equal more consumers’

Carlton Reid Editor-at-Large Kieran Howells Staff Writer Dan Bennett Designer


Warren Kelly Production Executive

Our publishing New Year’s resolution

Richard Setters Sales Manager James McKeown Content Director

IN RECENT weeks, we received a number of comments that raised an important issue. To paraphrase one respondent to our readership survey, preaching to the converted is redundant – we need to communicate with non-cyclists to get to the heart of why engagement is lower than necessary for the UK cycling industry to be thriving. Outreach extends to people who don’t know how to ride a bike, who’ve never cycled as adults, and who’ve stopped cycling for whatever reason, and we need to reflect that as a publication. Only then will we be able to ascertain what can be done to secure the future of the bike industry, and especially IBDs. It has also become clear that, while the largest segment of our readership is made up of independent bike dealers, we could be doing more to shine light on the work being done in advocacy. Ultimately, the sector that benefits most from this work is retail – more cyclists equal more consumers. So, for the upcoming year, we’ve resolved to do two things. Firstly, we plan to report even more on advocacy, and secondly, we will correspond regularly with non-cyclists to investigate what can be done at an industry-wide level to spark their curiosity in riding bikes. Happy New Year, everybody – here’s to a profitable 2018.

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Kieran Howells

Carlton Reid

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staff writer


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The Core Bike show issue



Dockless discoverers


The ContadorPolartec partnership


Home and dry

Kieran Howells speaks to a pathfinder in the dockless revolution to find out what they’re doing to differentiate from their competitors

Laura Laker heads to the States to see Alberto Contador, where she hears about his career, and his admiration of Polartec’s products

Chris Dodd of Dexshell tells us about establishing the waterproof brand in the UK, and talks marketing to consumers in various outdoor pursuits

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6 | January 2018

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Establishing a business

Cycling startups: it’s all about the learning curve


by Timothy McCrea, founder, Helmetor

elmetor was a name that came to me about four years ago in the middle of the night – apparently the time when the brain is at its most creative. However, the desire for a solution to helmet storage started a while before that; borne from a frustration of finishing a ride only for the first seconds of post-ride ecstasy to be spoilt by wondering what to do with my helmet.

media, websites, VAT returns, press kits, and more. We It was whilst playing with a wire coat hanger that the had to figure out how to connect with the cycle industry. solution presented itself: a spring-leaf mechanism that could fit a range of helmet vent sizes! At some point you have to take a leap and jump in with both feet first. Keep testing the water with your big toe Many late nights followed with a tub of remouldable and you’ll lose momentum, time and money. That’s why plastic, trying to get the perfect shape. A hole was we took a calculated financial risk and headed to the added to the end of the arm for the addition of a lock. It Cycle Show 2017. Aside from the hours of took a lot of perseverance to get the basic preparation, the biggest unknown was form, but to bring it on further required how the general public and the trade my brother Jonnie and family friend ‘Marketing would react to Helmetor. From children Dessie to come onboard. to pensioners, praise and encouragement From then on it was a steep learning and became as valued as hard currency. People curve - looking for funding, finding a good promotion are were genuinely interested in our story, and product designer, applying for patents – basically learning a new language! After most effective we realised that marketing and promotion are most effective when you stick to being another long stretch of perseverance that when you yourself. We were pleasantly surprised by tested us financially, emotionally, and stick to being the warm welcome given by the creatively, three years later we had our established cycling brands, media and product, with which we were pleased. yourself’ personalities to startups such as ours. Having the physical product was one thing; With a bit of self-belief and a smile, you showing it to the world was quite another will at least be given the chance to – and knowing how to do that effectively introduce your product. It will continue to be a learning with no prior knowledge or experience of sales or curve, but one of the best parts so far has been the marketing appeared an even bigger task, and still is! opportunity to make new friends and experience the So once again it was back to school, familiarising inner workings of the sport we love. ourselves with a whole new world of promotion, social

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January 2018 | 7

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8 | January 2018

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Building a sustainable unicorn sanctuary


by Steve Peat, founder, Peaty’s Products

016 marked the first time in 23 years in which I did not compete full time. It’s been quite a shock to the system not being between the tapes every weekend. With my newfound free time, I decided the moment was right to put some effort into designing and making some new products for riders.

After the success of our sealant, we created a I got together with cyclist and environmental scientist professional-grade bike cleaner called Loam Foam. Tom Makin and development guru Bryn Morgan to Keeping our range biodegradable was high on the brainstorm some ideas. agenda and we feel like we’ve maintained a great mix, We started off with Peaty’s Tubeless Sealant, with the with a fresh spearmint-y smell. Things have taken off realisation that riders needed something more ecohugely in a short period of time, and we’ve been friendly and less hazardous for their trusty steeds. We fortunate enough to work alongside some great wanted to be as environmentally friendly as possible, distributors around the world. We also while still formulating a sealant that can took our time to decide on the right UK handle the tough times. We managed this partner – we eventually decided on from the outset with a fully biodegradable ‘Our company Greenover. A good friend of mine and solution, and soon realised from testing ex-racer is heading up the bike side of its conducted in the laboratory and on the ethos is business. Martin Murray has been in the race circuits that adding our unique, about making industry for many years now, so his biodegradable nanoplatelets gave the sealant a bit of jazz that also helps with one-of-a-kind experience and willingness to grow with us has been a huge help so far. He also functionality by clogging up the bigger products likes to ride and drink beers with us, so holes, just like the platelets in your blood. while having that’s a double bonus. When a friend of Tom’s mentioned that It’s great to be able to use my 23-plus the sealant looked like a... certain secretion fun’ years of racing experience to put something that might be produced by a unicorn... we back into the biking community. We like to decided to have a bit of fun and run with keep it fun, and we’re enjoying building this the idea. It aligns with our company ethos, responsible and sustainable unicorn sanctuary here at which is all about making one-of-a-kind products while Peaty’s, so we can keep spreading the unicorn love to you having fun and not taking ourselves too seriously. We guys for many years to come. Cheers for reading my story like to meet up, go for a ride and drink a few beers. This – see you in a pub or on a ride sometime soon. is where all our ideas are born and brought to fruition.

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January 2018 | 9

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Supporting the IBD

Trade or retailer? Time to choose by Sean McAdam, manager, Ken Foster’s Cycles


ver recent years, some trade suppliers have been guilty of dumping excess product to larger, webbased suppliers at extremely low prices.

the sale, plus VAT. At the far end of the same scale, one children’s cycle was listed at just over £70 to the public; it would still cost me £2 more than the consumer, plus VAT. These are just two examples of the most absurd marketing attempt I have ever seen made by a company of this type – and trust me, I’ve had my fair share of past dealings with suppliers. Many distributors claim to be working in partnership I could go on forever about shorter selling seasons, the with the IBD, and this one is no exception. But this need to change models every year, and the one-sided custom has the earmarks of a certain sheriff overproduction of product that saturates what should be who was known for taking taxes from the poor, and this a lucrative industry, but instead, I wish to use this space time, there’s no Robin Hood to protect the ordinary to highlight to the industry the damage that Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales run by major suppliers can cause people. But, jokes aside, the independent bike dealer is the shop window for and ambassador of the industry. It is to their IBD partners. the IBD that showcases the brands, and engages with the As part of a trade agreement, whenever we sell an item community to support any cycle projects made by one such business, we are undertaken by major companies. In their required to furnish the supplier with our actions, this business may have caused client’s contact details, so as to allow the ‘This is the irreversible damage to my hard-earned consumer to take advantage of a customer base with a single click. Already, guarantee that accompanies these most absurd several customers have asked to price products. My suspicion towards this marketing match; one even came in demanding to practice was finally given credence attempt I’ve know how a cycle purchased in recently, when a mailshot was sent out to September can, just seven weeks later, be some of my own, along with other IBDs’, ever seen’ marked down by £1,000 direct. customers by this company. The email A marketing move like this begs the advertised cycles and accessories which question: in what way, exactly, is the IBD were part of an offer that would allow the being supported when suppliers are price-slashing stock consumer to save up to 50 per cent. These products were well below trade price? I hope the shops whose staff read to be delivered free, or, to add insult to injury, even by this, and who are selected partners within this dealer way of click and collect via our stores. network, react as I do. It will be important to make wise One high-end bicycle, which retailed at a good deal decisions about investing in product from companies that more than £2,000, was made available with a discount of support this practice if we are to secure the future of the £1,000, inclusive of delivery. If I were to attempt to buy IBD. These companies may not have burnt all their this bike now via their B2B site, it would cost me almost bridges yet – but some are definitely on fire. £200 more than the consumer would have paid during Sean McAdam manages Ken Foster’s Cycles in Chorlton, Manchester. Any industry member with an opinion on this issue is more than welcome to write to with their take. Published opinions are not those of the editorial team.

10 | January 2018

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20th - 22nd February 2018

Indulge yourself. Food, drink, cycling, and good company. Register now for iceBike* 2018 Madison and Sportline is bringing the party back and have three fun-filled



evenings for guests to enjoy once the work at the show is over. On Tuesday night, we’ll be bringing a taste of Japan to Milton Keynes with sake and sushi! Wednesday night, we are taking inspiration from the home of cycling and

Bringing Japan to Milton

A classic Belgian evening

Keynes with sushi and saki

with moules and frites



Celebrate American-style

Register now at

providing Belgian moules and frites while some classic cycling races will be played all night for you to re-live. On Thursday night, we’ll be bringing the hamburgers and fries so bust out the cowboy hat and go big at our USA-themed night. With a different theme and entertainment every night, it will be a case of heading over to Madison HQ and indulging yourself with great food and better company. Register for the show now to get all the latest updates. Exclusive show offers from over 70 brands such as:

with hambugers and fries

iceBike* is a trade show hosted by Madison and Sportline

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The future is bright

Ten years. One decade. It’s a long time whichever way you say it by Mark Almond, founder, Red Cloud Marketing


ince founding Red Cloud Marketing in 2007, I have been fortunate enough to work in an industry I love, with people I respect and brands that innovate and whilst this has remained constant, the landscape we operate in has changed immeasurably.

Fighting it won’t make it go away. With all this internet usage going on, it amazes me that anyone has time to ride bikes in 2017, but ride they do. Mass participation events such as sportives have thrived whilst trail centres and bike parks have increased in size, variation and popularity. The introduction of e-bikes has widened the appeal of cycling to a larger audience but the infrastructure in cities has largely not kept pace. I hope that cycle commuters in 2027 look back at 2017 and shake their heads in disbelief at how poor it once was. Women’s cycling has grown both as a sport and a hobby. “Shrink it and pink it” belongs in the past with Let me take you back to 2007. There had been no global more product choice for women than ever before, and economic crash, online retail was still in the relatively whilst I hope to see far greater improvements in women’s early stages of development, British Cycling didn’t rule cycling in the next ten years, it has certainly come a long the track and we had forgotten what a Brit in yellow way. Laura Kenny, Helen Wyman and looked like. MTB wheels were one size Rachel Atherton are world-beaters and featured few standards, enduro was a long may this continue and brands keep marathon, shifting was manual, Strava was ‘Social media pace with them. unheard of, Steve Peat had still not won There are so many more changes I that World Championship and social is here to could ramble about, but the issue would media was reading the newspaper with stay, so we all need to be renamed The old man friends. Simple times eh? need to reminiscing issue. You get the picture. Well maybe. However the changes to I’m a marketer, so have to end on this our industry over the past decade have embrace it. note. In 2007 many people looked at me been largely, for the good. Yes, really! setting up a bike industry marketing In this period, the traditional route to company and said ‘what do you sell market has changed dramatically and then?’. Marketing was just a posh name for sales, after all. continues to with recent news from Intense and Scott. Now it is very different. The bike industry has adopted Brands going direct to consumer and direct to retail marketing, and whilst many brands still need to do more, fuelled by the shift in the market to online purchasing is the industry sees the value of talking directly to its unlikely to slow down. Similar to the way we, the public, consumers and working with them as opposed to now research purchases and consume media, online has preaching at them. The bike industry in 2017 has so many simplified the buying process and availability of facets, areas for business growth and promotional information to a point where even ten years ago, long opportunities for all of us – you just need to identify after the dawn of the internet, we could only dream of. which ones will work for you and run with it. The future is Online and social media is here to stay and will only so bright we all need shades! become more powerful, so we all need to embrace it. Mark Almond founded Red Cloud Marketing in 2007. You can contact him by telephone on 01938 500200

12 | January 2018

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IN-TEGRATED Bosch Powertube 500wH integrated battery

IN-SIDER OST+ suspension 150mm rear travel


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12/12/2017 10:08:47

@ @dexshelleurope dexshell dexshelluk xx-xx BB142_final.indd 1 Untitled-1 1

30/11/2017 12:38:13



30/11/2017 12:38:13 25/10/2017 10:57:22


Giving it 100 per cent Laura Laker speaks to racing legend Alberto Contador about building the Fundacion Alberto Contador, and finds out how its partnership with Polartec has helped to take competitive cycling to the next level for the team


n 2015, Polartec’s CEO, Gary Smith, was introduced to modern cycling great Alberto Contador, whose exciting, attacking style enlivened the Grand Tours and won him fans around the world – as well as seven Grand Tour titles. At the time, Contador, who retired this year following the Vuelta Espana, was building the Fundacion Alberto Contador, a development team with the aim of bringing forward the next generation of professional cyclists, with the attitude and dedication he has carried through his career. Polartec became one of the title sponsors of the team in 2016, along with Italian food company Kometa. You can see the attraction of the Fundacion, and Contador, one of just six riders in history to win the Tour, the Giro and the Vuelta. However, as Gary Smith explains on a ContadorPolartec promotional training camp in Arizona, sponsoring a cycling team wasn’t part of the company plan. “I don’t know if we chose [the team] as much as it chose us,” says Smith. In what Smith describes as a “fairly organic situation”, Polartec and Contador met via a clothing partner, “and from there it sort of just grew naturally”, he says. “We weren’t looking to sponsor a cycling team. As a company there’s lots of places you can pay to have your 16 | January 2018

16-17 19-20 BB144 LauraLakerfinal.indd 1

“I don’t know if we chose [the team] as much as it chose us,” Gary Smith, Polartec

logo and I’m not a big believer in that, it’s fairly superficial.” Smith talks of values and chemistry, and an ideological meeting of minds. As does Contador, who describes the Polartec relationship as a “big surprise”. “We are very proud of the relationship with Polartec,” says Contador. “Of course the cycling team needs a sponsor but also for us it was really important that we have similar [outlooks] in the foundation and also the

14/12/2017 11:47


Basso hopes his experience will help build the next generation of pro riders

people. We are very happy to have Polartec in the team because we share the same philosophy but we also have a very good feeling, looking to the future, and I think this is crucial.” The team, with Contador as Sport Director and former pro cyclist Ivan Basso as manager, will also take on management of a TrekSegafredo development squad – a team within which the two men met. As well as junior and U23 riders, older team members will race at Continental level. The watchwords teamwork, solidarity, perseverance and sacrifice are ideals Basso, Contador, and Contador’s brother Fran, who holds an administrative role in the team, share. It’s a family affair. Contador frequently refers to his system of work, and respect. Regardless of how the rider fares as an adult athlete, Contador believes, they will hold those ideologies, which he and Basso believe in, throughout their lives. Both talk of a work ethic in which you give 100 per cent, translating to a rider dedicated to the sport, someone who lives and breathes it. Basso and Contador rode together with Trek Segafredo for just six months, but they recognised kindred spirits in one another and became friends. Basso describes the Spaniard as “a big man, not only a big rider”. Contador, in return, says a mutual respect for each other developed during those months in which they spent 24 hours a day together, at gruelling training camps and races, and this shared determination to give 100 per cent was a “big motivation” for them working together – and an opportunity they both recognised. Basso also hopes his experience will help build the next great generation of pro riders. For him, giving your all means “you’re confident, and also you’re never afraid. You’re suffering but you’ve done everything you can”.


Polartec’s innovations have made various iterations of keeping people cool, from its Power Stretch to Power Wool, blending natural (merino wool) and synthetic fibres in a bid to

optimise the properties of both. Polartec’s new fabrics include: Alpha was originally designed for US Special Forces to provide “advanced insulating material in combat uniforms”, the company describes the product as the “first high performance fabric to materialise the concept of active insulation”. The goal is to provide insulation during active and static activities, with the ideal layers don’t need to be shed between being stopped and riding with light, fast drying and breathable material designed to keep riders warm. To do this, it uses a dual layer of lofted knit, hydrophobic fibres designed to maintain their distribution across the fabric, layered under a protective outer woven layer, to repel water. Delta is Polartec’s warm weather material, used in jerseys and parts of other garments, such as the back of gilets and the upper backs of bib shorts – where ventilation is the primary goal. As sweat works to cool the body, Delta fabric seeks to promote cooling by not simply wicking sweat away, but regulating drying. “Elevated structures”, knitted across the fabric surface aim to do this, while increasing air flow, reducing friction and dissipating heat. Neoshell is aimed at tackling the eternal problem of breathability in waterproof garments. Polartec claims it is yet to be achieved in a hard shell garment. The company says Neoshell contains a sub-micron membrane which allows vapour to permeate at a lower internal pressure than in previous iterations of protective materials. This, says Polartec, eliminates the need for pit zips and the like, which expose the skin to the elements.

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January 2018 | 17

14/12/2017 11:47

01772 459 887




Tornado Thermal Jacket Gents available in black/yellow, black/red, black/blue

TORNADO WJ-1326/WJ-1328 TPU THERMAL JACKET Ladies available in black, black/merlot

WHAT IS TPU? TPU fabric is created by laminating the membrane to high-performance textiles that are extremely breathable, then sealing them with an innovative solution for 100% waterproof protection. The TPU membrane contains microscopic pores, which are a 1000 times smaller than a drop of water, but 100 times bigger than a molecule of moisture vapour. So whilst water droplets cannot penetrate the TPU membrane, moisture vapour can easily escape.

Lightweight and versatile, with a close-fitting cut designed to suit the seating position of both mountain bikers and road racers. The Tornado combines protection from the elements with the ability to regulate body temperature. n Three layer microfleece fabric n TPU coating on front/arms n Microfleece water-repellent Lycra back n Windproof n Angled shoulders n Ergonomic rider cut n Comfortable, non-restrictive movement n Forearm and front panel zipped pockets n Reflective trim on front and back n Back panel storm vent with mesh liningtackle any extreme weather that may come your way.



Find your Local stockist at: or contact us on: Tel: 01772 459 887

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14/12/2017 14:06:48


You're not like your friends of 22, 23 years old. He can go to the disco, to the bar, to get pizza – wherever he likes. You can't.

STROKE AWARENESS Contador suffered a stroke as a young rider in 2004, and part of the Fundacion’s work will be to raise money and awareness of stroke. Though stroke is most common in over 55s, a lack of awareness of stroke among younger people means symptoms aren’t recognised early, and people delay going to hospital, which can impede their recovery. In younger people, a lifetime of after-effects can mean many decades, with economic implications for that person and their family. Contador describes the stroke as “a big motivation” because "my illness can help a lot of people”. Contador cites his Tour Down Under victory in 2005, after recovering from the stroke, as his greatest achievement. “I will remember for the rest of my life. Before cycling is life, before the cyclist is the person, and the victory in 2005 in the Tour Down Under was more for the life, than cycling. This moment was emotional because you can come back to the cycling, to your passion, and win.”

It also means sacrifice. He says: “All the time when I meet riders I say: ‘remember you’re a bike racer, not a bike rider. You’re not like your friends of 22, 23 years old. He can go to the disco, to the bar, to get pizza, to work, wherever he likes – but you can’t. You can when you’re 40 years old, like me and Alberto." Problem solving – and details Arguably it’s those with the dedication to forego enjoyments for their passion who go on to be the greats of cycling. “Now every team has a good coach, a good bike,” says Basso. “The big difference is in the small details, from the clothing to the bike, eating well, sleeping well, making the perfect life to go on the bike.” Improving these details – at least where clothing is concerned – is where Polartec comes in. Gary Smith puts it: “We make fabric and we try to solve problems with fabric and working with this team.” Smith says it’s a “great experience” working with the foundation. “There are good people, there’s a compelling

16-17 19-20 BB144 LauraLakerfinal.indd 3

issue behind what Alberto, Ivan and Fran and everybody are trying to do, and to be able to do that in an environment where you can experiment, you can try things, and get immediate feedback, it’s fairly powerful.” “Yesterday I wore the kit the [under 23] team had been racing with last year. On the jersey the zipper doesn’t lie as flat as the kit this year because the stretch wasn’t adequate. This platform gives us the opportunity to keep pushing, so something as simple as having a zipper be able to lie flat and not be wrinkled, it’s really important to us, and it’s just a great vehicle for us to do that.” Smith jokes about the company’s move into cycling its next step in world domination. “Obviously that’s tongue in cheek,” he says, “but we want to solve problems through textiles, and there are lots of problems. “I’m a recreational cyclist, I’m part of a Saturday morning group ride, and am horrified by what people wear. It’s just there’s a lot of bodies out there that need better kit for lots of reasons. That’s cycling, right? “We have military customers, outdoor customers,

January 2018 | 19

14/12/2017 11:48


workwear customers; cycling is a relatively small part of our business and it’s a relatively small market in the grand scheme of things, but cycling is [about] marginal gains. “Think about a Grand Tour - 21 stages, thousands of kilometres, separated by seconds, and if you can make someone more comfortable in a moment it can be the difference between victory or not. “There aren’t many things that are that precise, so just making that zipper lie flatter could be the difference. That’s motivating, if you’re a problem solver, to get you out of bed in the morning.” “Our objective is to have the clothing disappear, so the rider can only think about riding.” Being part of a family, a team “For me this [family, team element] is crucial,” says Contador. “The people where you come from give you confidence. Maybe I’m not objective but we have incredible staff who believe in the project 100 per cent. It’s not a big team but it’s people who believe in the project and the system of work, which is crucial. “I have incredible confidence in this project. I think with this work and motivation this team will be very big.”

afterwards you will have the rest of your life to do the other things that you cannot do during the professional years. Also you will enjoy more of these things when you give 100 per cent during the professional part of your career.” Contador’s heart, the instinct to pick a moment and attack, give it everything he has, whether he can win it or not, has made him exciting to watch, and it’s something he’s proud of. He says: “I’m more proud when people come to me and say 'I enjoy watching you on TV and seeing one attack, after another.’ “I only won one stage in this year’s Vuelta but I think it was the perfect stage. Every day for me was a victory because of the support from people during the race, during the stages, after the race, in the bus, in the hotel, and I think people know I have a good race behind me.”

A QUICK POLARTEC HISTORY The company was founded as Malden Mills in 1906. In 1981 Polartec created the synthetic fleece, an item found in practically every wardrobe by the 1990s. The company’s modus operandi is its commitment to “solve problems at source” with its fabrics. A recent newcomer to cycling, Polartec now supply materials to big-name brands such as Rapha (i.e. the Brevet Insulated Jacket), Castelli (Potenza Jersey, among others) and Sportful.

Cycling is a relatively small market, but it's all about marginal gains

Contador’s inspiring narrative Finally Contador is asked, now he’s finished his career as a professional rider, if he has any regrets. “No, I wouldn't change anything. In 15 years as a professional cyclist I give 100 per cent because I think if you have a professional license [that doesn’t automatically make you professional]. In all the races I give 100 per cent and I am happy with this. In the midst of the press conference, he turns toward the line of young riders. “I want to say some words for the riders here, that during all these 15 years I give 100 per cent; I cannot go on holidays when I want, because I need to race; I cannot eat what I want because I need to stay very skinny always. “Of course you cannot go to the disco, you cannot drink beer, you cannot drink any wine, you need to control how many hours you sleep but in the end it’s very important you are professional, take the maximum that you can, because

20 | January 2018

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14/12/2017 11:48

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28/11/2017 12:16:29



Fighters The dockless model has seen a fierce rise in investment over the past 12 months. Kieran Howells talks to key influencers to find out why

23-26 BB144 DocklessBikeShare_final.indd 1

LIKE IT or lump it, the dockless bike share trend that has swept the nation over the last 12 months looks set to stick around for the foreseeable future. And why shouldn’t it? When Santander bikes (or Barclays Bikes as they were known then) hit the city in 2010 they swiftly became not only a convenient and (relatively) cheap way of navigating London’s sprawling boroughs, they also became an iconic element of the city’s story, woven into the very fabric of what makes London so fantastic. The bikes had a significant January 2018 | 23

12/12/2017 13:08

DOCKLESS BIKES part to play in the growing cycling advocacy scene, and along with a radar boost from then-mayor Boris Johnson, the city’s infrastructure has continued to change and mould around the only truly viable and ethical means of urban transportation. Don’t believe me? Then track the route leading down to Southwark Bridge from Liverpool Street station in the early weekday morning and count the hordes of cyclists passing you by. The problem is, not every city is London, and even if it were, eight years later you may still find yourself facing a long walk to find a docking station. The solution to this is simple: create a similar bike share scheme, but do away with the dock and add in a versatile app that simply tracks your progress and leads you to your nearest and most convenient hire bike. The concept got off to a rocky start in the UK – after a distinct lack of regulation and a rather bold move on behalf of one of the industry’s biggest players, bikes were swept from the streets pending a full review into how the concept could work. The resulting document drafted by Transport for London, the Dockless Code of Practice, was introduced in September to largely positive reactions from companies like ofo and oBike for its constructive and progressive view on bike shares. Along with explaining regulations on when and where dockless bikes are appropriate, the document also made it clear that councils are ready to embrace a more versatile business model: “The potential to get more people cycling is huge. Dockless bikes are a way to make cycling more accessible and will complement London’s existing public transport network.” “We believe the code of conduct is fair,” oBike’s Annebeth Wijtenburg tells me. “It ensures that the various dockless bike operators in the city operate to the highest standards, so 24 | January 2018

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Cyclists take a spin on dockless bikes

we fully endorse it and adhere to it.” The company was one of the first to truly evaluate the potential for a scheme to operate in the city, and quickly came across some teething issues. “oBike has learnt its lessons from entering certain markets too enthusiastically,” she admits. But as the regulations around dockless schemes were implemented, the brand was one of the first to adapt and conform to the wishes of local councils. “Liaising with the government is key; we are fully committed to complying with regulations put in place by the authorities, including codes of conducts and official legislation. We recently launched in Oxford and that was after thorough conversations with the council there.” Despite early hiccups, getting in on the ground floor has enabled oBike to corner a large part of the market, and it is now reaping the rewards of the relatively untapped sector. “Just to give you an idea about our growth so far, operations started in January 2017, with 1,000 bikes deployed on the streets the next month. By April 2017, we’ve achieved over 500,000 signups, and we now operate in 50 cities across 14 markets.”

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“The advancements in bike and smartphone technology have meant that the urban mobility of short trips around cities can be revolutionised ” Tom McGovern, Urbo

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The impressive numbers evidence the willingness from urban commuters to embrace dockless cycling, but if a willing audience has always been there, why has it taken until now for the concept to truly find its legs? Irish company Urbo’s founder Tom McGovern believes that this is down to technology: “The advancements in bike and smartphone technology have meant that the urban mobility of short trips around cities can be revolutionised,” he tells me. “The monetary cost for a council to implement such a scheme is nothing. This has led to councils who, up until now, could never afford to install a docked bike share scheme, the opportunity to introduce bike sharing to their community.” Compared to the bigger Asian schemes, Urbo is taking a more controlled approach to the potentially unlimited nature of rolling out bike fleets. “We currently have 230 bikes in Waltham Forest, London. The reason we don’t have millions of bikes on the street like the Asian providers is that Urbo is a purely European dockless provider. We are concentrating on the European markets and plan on launching in collaboration with governments across January 2018 | 25

12/12/2017 13:08


the continent. This will in time lead to many more bikes being on the street in 2018 and beyond.” Of course, a practically brand new area of the industry is not going to operate without its own significant challenges. Reports on emerging fleets have been quick to highlight the dumping potential of the relatively vulnerable bikes, and one of the largest issues dockless schemes seem to be facing is acts of vandalism. “It’s a challenge that all dockless bike sharing providers face,” Tom comments. “However, rather than burying our head in the sand about it we face the challenge head on. We can’t completely stop vandalism and theft but we can mitigate the level of damage caused. This can range from GPS tracking and tamper proof parts, to collaboration with local law enforcements.” This makes constant maintenance extremely important, which McGovern believes will nurture a mutually beneficial relationship with local bike shops. “Cycling shops are the backbone of every local cycling community. We partner with local bike shops for maintenance. It’s vital that our bikes are both redistributed correctly and maintained to the highest standards.” The other great threat to the dockless model is what some critics are calling the potential for a “bubble industry to burst”. In November last year, we heard the news that one of Asia’s largest dockless companies Bluegogo had collapsed in spectacular fashion. At the time, our editor-atlarge, Carlton Reid, wrote: “The collapse of Bluegogo – billed as “Bluegonegone” – is sending ripples through China’s dockless bike-share sector. Some commentators see the the dockless sector as a bubble about to burst, with the number of players likely to reduce as companies either 26 | January 2018

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“We can’t stop theft, but we can mitigate the level of damage caused”

run out of cash or merge.” In light of this revelation, should dockless firms be worried about similar instances to come? McGovern believes that this is simply part of the medium’s evolution. “Urban mobility, in general, is ever-evolving, so having open dialogue with everyone is essential, whether they agree with you or not. What I will say is that we believe dockless bike sharing will have a massive benefit to multiple cities and towns in the immediate future, and for years to come.”

“Urban mobility is evolving, so open dialogue is essential” Tom McGovern, Urbo

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Catch us at the 2018 Core Bike Show, over in the Melbourne Suite. We’ll be displaying a range of forthcoming products from over 25 brands, including previously unseen bikes and accessories. We’ll have exciting opportunities for all retailers, like joining our Elite Dealer Program where you can get extra discounts, free carriage and better terms. Plus we’ll have some show only special offers. Come and chat to us about how we can work together to make your business more profitable.

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27/11/2017 12:13:16


Walk this way Hayley E. Ferguson speaks to Dexshell’s Chris Dodd about establishing and marketing a waterproof brand in the cycling industry

You’ve got a general sporting background. How does marketing a product like Dexshell in the cycling market compare to other sport industries? Yes, I spent seven years at Adidas, three years with Asics, and two at Puma. I’ve also worked for Pentland, and as an agent in the fashion market before taking this role as European brand manager on for Fordville, Dexshell’s European distributor. I love the cycle trade. It’s more relaxed than other industries, but there is also a business-focused atmosphere. All in all, cycling is a vibrant market to be involved in. I think that the consumer is still very much driven to independents by word-ofmouth recommendations from friends, family, and colleagues. This enhances a thriving independent market. Online can be challenging but, as of yet, there’s no oversaturation of high street multiples. We see in other channels that this is a real bonus, and especially a testament to how strong the independents are.

29-30 BB144 Dexshell_final.indd 1

All your ambassadors are cyclists. On the surface, Dexshell seems to target cycling more than other industries. Why is this? Cycling was our first focus when we came to market with Dexshell three years ago. We have some very good agents in the industry, so this was the obvious way to go. And, combined with an internal sales team who all come from a sporting background, we obtained market share very quickly. In 2017, we felt we needed more coverage. Because of that, we invested in using ambassadors and race sponsorship within the cycle market to help secure our growth plans and to help us be seen as a serious player in this industry. This has led to greater brand

“Basically, if you’re going to get wet, you need Dexshell.” Chris Dodd, Dexshell

January 2018 | 29

14/12/2017 08:46

DEXSHELL “We have to make sure we’re working in both markets” awareness, and it really helped to push the brand in 2017. Do your consumers’ needs differ notably across markets? If so, how? No, I don’t really think so. In all markets, there are two types of consumer needs. You have the price-driven consumer, whose purchase is made on price, and the service-driven consumer who’s looking for the best advice and service. We, as a brand, have to make sure that we’re working in both markets. This means our product ranges need to be correct to support both areas without compromising our market position and existing customers. In what cycling sector do you see the most interest in element-repellent wear? Are you targeting other sectors? I would say that the product is sold 50/50 to road and mountain bike users. But, basically, if you’re going to get wet, you need Dexshell. As you can imagine, the product is very diverse and offers itself to many segments. We want to be a brand that is available to everyone and not just the elite performers. We want both customers, which our pricing architecture shows. Our recommended retail prices start at £18.95, and go up to £45. Cheaper doesn’t mean inferior. What’s your marketing and product development process? We try to keep our product names generic so that we can let the retailers buy what they think is the right product for their customer base. SKU efficiency is very important, to avoid overcomplicating things at both retailer and consumer level. We do however listen to the feedback and create product and bring to market

“I think that the consumer is still very much driven to independents by word-of-mouth recommendations.” Chris Dodd, Dexshell

30 | January 2018

29-30 BB144 Dexshell_final.indd 2

product that is required rather than just bringing something new out that hasn’t got a starting point. So an example of that is the Ultra Dri Sports sock, the cycle market was asking us for a crew length sock (normal length) with a water seal. So we developed this sock specifically in mind using the feedback we received from retailers. But going back to the point earlier of using a generic name for the product we can also sell this to running stores, outdoor stores, military etc as its name doesn’t tie is to a specific segment of the market. What are your plans for 2018? One of the objectives this year is to target the “commuter rider” – the Brompton city guys and girls – more with our Ultra Thin socks as they can be used with any type of footwear due to the thinness of the product, all the while remaining 100 per cent waterproof. In addition to that, using Bamboo outers and inners provides the extra benefit of comfort, flexibility and antibacterial properties.

14/12/2017 08:46

NONSTOP Mobility! The new CONTACT Plus: Reaching your destination safely and comfortably. Permitted for e-bikes up to 50 km/h.

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A racing frame and the perfect balance between performance and comfort. The Cento10NDR will let you spend long hours in the saddle, thanks to its specially designed endurance geometry and ACTIFLEX system. Speak to Hotlines today to become a 2018 dealer.

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2018 Show Guide Bring this issue to the Core Bike Show with you to help you find your way to the venue, to keep you on the straight and narrow once you get there, to help you decide how to divide your time at the show, and to give you an idea of which products might be relevant to your business

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January 2018 | 33

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WHERE DO I GO? The Core Bike Show

Sunday 21 January 9:00 – 17:30

Whittlebury Hall Hotel

Monday 22 January 9:00 – 17:30

Whittlebury, Northamptonshire

Tuesday 23 January 9:00 – 16:00

NN12 8QH

Registration closes the week before the show, so get your tickets as soon as possible.

Rooms at Whittlebury Hall Hotel are only available by invite. If you’re a dealer carrying a wide variety of products from a particular exhibitor, you may get an invite. Contact for more information.

HOW DO I GET THERE? You’re best off driving to the show, but if you absolutely insist on taking public transport, you can take the bus to Whittlebury Hall! If you’re coming from London and the south, take the X91 bus from Milton Keynes. If you’re coming from the north, take the 500 bus from Banbury, and change on to the X91 bus at Brackley.

34 | January 2018

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As we recently discussed in the December issue, events like Core are an enormously important element of the trade calendar. Kieran Howells followed up on our recent interview with face of Core Keith Jepson to ask him some further questions about the show, and to discuss making trade events relevant and useful

What makes an event truly immersive for dealers? A truly great trade event is all about the product; if you have excellent product displayed in an interesting, creative and relaxed environment, that is the perfect combination for the dealers. Core has always been really strong from a quality of brands and product perspective, which is ultimately what entices and immerses the dealers. If you ally this with unique access to product people, brand managers, distributors and sales representatives, it really feels like the show is invested in the dealers and they respond to this partnership. Do you think a lot of events in the UK calendar miss the mark in keeping their audiences captivated? Possibly. I do think it’s hard, as there are a large number of events in the calendar now. The most successful, whether it be L’Eroica, ‘Ard Rock, Ride London or the NEC Cycle Show for example, offer a balance between features that the public or dealers can participate in and amazing product on show. Creating great riding or interactive ideas alongside show stopping product is key. Whether the focus is demoing product, direct sales or offering a unique ride experience, you have to make it memorable.

“Offering variety is essential, whether in trade stands or activities for riders and families to do”

36 | January 2018

36-37 BB144 CoreBike-Interview_final.indd 1

Offering variety is essential, I think, whether it be variety in trade stands or activities for riders and families to do! Core provides dealers with a great environment to meet and discuss business; was this key in its planning? Oh yes, Core was first organised as a relaxed environment to meet, discuss business and to hang out with contacts and friends in the industry. It was deliberately created with more of a conference feel than just your standard Expo would have. The individual exhibition rooms give the dealers unique access to brands and the individuals behind them. The private space allows both the dealer and exhibitor more time to go through the range and engage with it. This continues today, even with the growth of Core from both a visitor numbers perspective and participating exhibitors, the show still retains its family-like atmosphere. This ethos was key in the early years’ planning and remains today. I believe that’s why we have so many visitors and exhibitors returning each new blood!

14/12/2017 08:56


We work hard to create an event that’s fun! How do you ensure that the show is always engaging? The key to this, is again the product! We encourage exhibitors to display new and exciting product from the world’s leading manufacturers. If you continue to do this, in an environment that is relaxed and enjoyable, then the dealers will be engaged. We work hard to create an event that’s fun, informative and useful for both dealer and exhibitor. Whether show casing, filling order books or sending dealers away with all the information they need to go back to store and use B2B sites, Core has always been a strong environment for sales and promotion. Many of the exhibitors launch new product at the event, have show offers on and organise special hospitality for their dealers, making it more hands-on than some other events may be. Do you think a casual atmosphere is essential for the cycling industry? Essential? I’m not sure...but it certainly helps with Core...with hospitality provided by the Core group in a relaxed and high-quality conference hotel setting, the event still offers something unique. You’ve shaken things up a bit this year – what can we expect from the next installment of Core? Yes, for 2018 we have engaged the help of Upper Street Events – the organisers of The NEC Cycle Show. We really want to take Core to the next level and believe that through working with Chris Holman and his team, we can bring more dealers and exhibitors to the event, while at the same time retaining the events Core values. I will still be the face of Core at the show, and will be representing the Core Group, working closely with Upper Street Events, who bring their expertise, manpower and promotional clout to the event.

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January 2018 | 37

14/12/2017 08:56

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14/12/2017 08:11:49

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Upgrade........................................................................... Bentleys Room Windwave...................................................................... Bentleys Room Hope................................................................................. Reception Area Extra................................................................................. Grand Prix Suite ZyroFisher...................................................................... Astons Restaurant Silverfish........................................................................ The Courtyard Moore Large.................................................................. Silverstone Courtyard Gore................................................................................... S1 Assos................................................................................. S2 i-Ride................................................................................. Melbourne/S27 Hotlines........................................................................... S8 – S9 Ison................................................................................... Indianopolis/ Hungaroring 2Pure................................................................................. Monza Chicken CycleKit......................................................... Nurburgring Endura............................................................................. Magny Cours CSG.................................................................................... Catalunya Oakley.............................................................................. S5 Siwis................................................................................. S10 Citrus Lime.................................................................... S11 Magura............................................................................ Monaco USE.................................................................................... Imola

40 | January 2018

40-41 BB144 CoreBike-Floorplan_final.indd 1

14/12/2017 09:00


40-41 BB144 CoreBike-Floorplan_final.indd 2

January 2018 | 41

14/12/2017 09:00

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18/12/2017 10:44:50


As Kieran Howells discussed in the December edition, trade shows present a great opportunity to catch up with a massive host of brands and companies in one location. Whereas this spares the dealer trips around the country to different distributors’ HQs, catching all of those key new products is an impossible task. Fear not, though – we’ve compiled a handy guide to the top products and brands to hit up during your visit.

2 1

4 3









NS Bikes SNABB 160 C2

Clarks Cycle Systems M2


Yeti SB5 Beti

New from NS Bikes, the versatile SNABB model is made for downhill and XC rides alike. Designed from the highest grades of carbon fibre, the bike features over 600g in weight savings over alloy versions. The models have significant anti-squatt in the horst-link design and feature a one-piece rocker arm to keep the rear triangle rigid, whilst a slacker head angle and a new Race Face Affect crankset are updates for 2018. With 170mm front and 160mm rear travel and Fox performance suspension, the SNABB is an agile bike, which comes shipped with a Shimano XT 1x11 drivetrain and SN Enigma Rock & Roll rims.

Clarks is far from a new name in cycling. In fact, the brand has been delivering affordable kit to the industry for over 60 years. It will bring a broad range of products to the show, with the M2 taking pride of place as an item of interest. The M2 has been designed specifically for the cycling enthusiast. It brings high-level performance and braking power to the MTB and hybrid rider, at an entry-level price. The twin-piston callipers of the M2 deliver superb braking performance in all weather conditions. Supported by a sleek and compact lever design, this braking system will provide exceptional reliability and consistent performance.

The Stop Thorn Ultimate (STU) tyre has an extremely thick, approximately 4mm rubber buffer produced from a special compound placed between tread and carcass. Thanks to its properties and size it prevents punctures for the majority of sharp objects under standard usage. While riding in traffic, the rider’s safety is enhanced by the reflective stripe applied on every STU tyre. The buffer increases stiffness and strength in the crown area and as such reduces drag while keeping adhesion. With a SRP of £19.99 this is a very competitively priced tyre.

The Yeti SB5 Beti was designed to, “excel in the most demanding conditions”. The bike went through rigorous trials from a team of female pros and product testers, and is designed to offer a light yet durable ride. Yeti claims the bike is ideal for enduro and trail use due to its strong carbon design and 127mm frame travel. It is also made to offer optimum userability regardless of height and size due to a lowered top tube on the XS-SM models.

43-44 BB144 CorePreviewProducts x8_final.indd 1

January 2018 | 43

12/12/2017 13:10














Equipe RS

Muc-Off Bike Care Essentials Kit


MonTrailer MIPS

SRAM has been a leader in bicycle componentry since its inception in 1987. Without wires or cables, its team has designed a simpler way to shift. Now, the intuitive simplicity of SRAM RED eTap is available with the added performance of hydraulic road disc brakes. The SRAM RED Tap HRD shift-brake control offers the world’s first wireless drivetrain with the brand’s most advanced HRD platform yet: HydroHC.

ABUS believes that increasingly challenging off-road trails and seasoned cycling ability demand increased protection. Due to the successful design of its ActiCage, structural reinforcement integrated into the EPS to optimise stability, the ABUS MonTrailer MIPS provides maximum protection on rough terrain. Additionally, the MIPS provides protection in certain impacts, significantly reducing the risk of injury. The ABUS MonTrailer MIPS’ deep air stream channels ensure good ventilation while GoggFit enables secure goggle positioning and stowage.

Swiss brand ASSOS has built an impressive increased presence in the UK over the past year with the opening of its brand-new concept store in central London. Returning to Core once again, the brand will have a full range to browse, including the Schlosshund. The jacket enters the ASSOS collection in 2018 as the offspring of the legendary rS.sturmprinz, sporting an all-new ergonomic cut and consists of a purpose-created Schloss textile that is significantly lighter, more compact and more packable than the heavier sturmPrinz. To ensure it delivers the ultimate waterproof performance and insulation, the design employs fewer panels and seams. 44 | January 2018

43-44 BB144 CorePreviewProducts x8_final.indd 2

Muc-Off has spent the last 12 months expanding its diverse range to include an impressive range of rider-focused items, alongside its famous bike maintenance products. A concise kit will be on display at the show, which includes biodegradable Nanotech Bike Cleaner, water dispersing Bike Protect, an ergonomically-shaped Micro Cell Sponge and a Wheel and Component Brush, specifically shaped and contoured to fit in all the hard-to-reach spoke and rim areas where dirt builds up. The kit is shipped in a handy cardboard box featuring Muc-Off’s distinctive black and pink branding.

12/12/2017 13:10

Only a few months into her first bike shop venture, Jenny at Ride Bikes in Ulverston serves another happy customer. Photo by Citrus-Lime Account Management Team member, Lizzie.

Visit us at these shows The Bike Place: 14th - 16th Jan

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COREbike: 21 st - 23rd of Jan

12/12/2017 13:24:10

Friday 23rd February 2018 / The Bridge, ExCeL London In partnership with

Event partner

Event partner

Award sponsor

WE ARE CELEBRATING 10 YEARS OF BIKEBIZ AWARDS After receiving hundreds of nominations across 18 different categories, with accolades ranging from Specialist Retailer to Best Bike Brand, the BikeBiz Awards 2018 have now officially closed entries. A shortlist of nominees will be announced on the BikeBiz website on December 7th – soon after, our readers will have the opportunity to cast their vote on who should win on the night. This year, the award ceremony will take place on Friday, February 23rd at The Bridge ExCeL London. Now in its tenth year, the awards present a chance for the industry to honour the people and companies whose hard work behind the scenes keeps the cycle world’s wheels turning, whilst enjoying a night of entertainment, industry chat and networking. The event takes place on the same site of the London Bike Show, making attendance ideal for exhibitors who have had a hard day setting up their stands and for visitors travelling to the show.

46 | January 2018

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12/12/2017 11:58






NEW FOR 201 8!












@bikebiz @bikebizonline @bikebiz

23rd February 2018 The Bikebiz Awards

CONTACT US EDITORIAL ENQUIRIES Hayley Ferguson Editor, BikeBiz E: T: +44(0)207 354 6018

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MARKETING ENQUIRIES Becky Hancock Marketing Manager E: T: +44(0)203 871 7370

TICKET ENQUIRIES Johanna O’Brien Ticket Sales E: T: +44(0)203 354 6005

SPONSORSHIP ENQUIRIES Richard Setters Sales Manager E: T: +44(0)207 354 6028

January 2018 | 47

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THE NEW KID ON THE BLOCK... SINCE 1973 Oxford is all about making dealers’ lives as simple and profitable as possible. Which is why we of fer the following benefit s: • 100,000 sq ft distribution facility provides next-day delivery for orders placed before 3pm • Full range of products and brands from a single supply D





• Attractive margins and price-points U







• Free product swap if lines are not right for your store X



• Free merchandising units and merchandisers to


keep the stock tight and on the shelf • Brands backed by PR and advertising • Regular promotions to boost rate of sale • Extended terms in the off-season to ease cash flow ACROS produce exceptionally high-quality cycle components all centred around some of the best bearings available to the cycle industry. Their headsets, bottom brackets, hubs, wheelsets and pedals all use ACROS bearings made in Germany. They have up to three extra seals to keep the dirt, water and detergents out, making them completely rider-proof and lasting longer than regular products.



Ad Template.indd 1







12/12/2017 12:22























Oxford is launching a new range of ADVANCED CYCLE ACCESSORIES, focusing on the enthusiast’s market,with more premium products and presentation

150 products in the advanced accessory range NEW packaging design

NEW space-efficient packaging types NEW merchandising units

Exclusive to OXFORD


CONTACT US TODAY... Ad Template.indd 2



RIDERWEAR // 01993 862 300 //

12/12/2017 12:22

INSURANCE FOR ALL TYPES OF INDEPENDENT CYCLE SHOPS JUST AS YOU WOULD BUILD A CUSTOM BIKE, WE BUILD BESPOKE INSURANCE POLICIES. Each is tailored to the very specific needs of individual cycle shops, because every shop is different. That said, our policies all come with certain things as standard. Just like a custom bike. Mechanical failure claims from your customers

Event liability and cancellation Work at shows, cycling events and sportives

Claims against your advice or design services Stock shortages due to incidents with suppliers Cyber security Off-site trading, repairs and events protection

Bikes out on hire or used for demo purposes Deterioration of stock, including refrigerated stock up to £5k

…and much more

We’ll happily visit you in person to discuss your requirements. Simply give us a call on 0333 433 0827

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700c is a trading name of Lucas Fettes & Partners Limited, insurance intermediaries authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. The insurance is underwritten by Hiscox Insurance Company Limited, Registered in England number 00070234. 1Source: Start Your Business Magazine.

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A retail revolution…

Page 54 Velorution’s Gretta Cole writes in to share some retail tips that will keep independent bike dealers on their toes


his month, our guest columnists discuss inspirational cycling industry women, and business plans that can set cycling businesses apart from the crowd and draw consumers in


Remembering role models

In a New Year’s special, workshop expert, electric bike enthusiast and Beaumont Bicycle owner Liz Colebrook pays respect to the pioneering women who lit a fire under her and who have inspired girls all over the world to get involved with the cycling industry.

51 BB144 TricksOfTheTrade-Cover_final.indd 1

January 2018 | 51

14/12/2017 15:46


52 | January 2018

52-53 BB144 Workshop-LizColebrook_final.indd 1

14/12/2017 14:27


The path of inspiration…. Liz Colebrook, Beaumont Bicycle


t’s not until you talk and ask questions that you discover how many of us who regularly turn a pedal are part of a much bigger revolution

Eileen Sheridan is 94, and in her day broke all 23 of the Women’s Road Records Association distance records. She rode for Hercules and was known as the “mighty atom”. Her outstanding achievements were inspirational. She was a pioneer for women’s cycling and we really do owe her a great debt for blazing the trail. She lives in London, and I went to visit her last month to present a very special record of her achievements with fellow framebuilder Trevor Jarvis. Over lunch we asked her if she had ever feared for her life. She told us about a time she rode alone over a desolate moor, darkness fell, the road quickly turned to ice – she had to dismount. Fearing hypothermia Eileen’s only option was to hitch a ride to safety. The only lorry to pass did stop and being 5’2”, she sized up the 5’5” driver. Relying on instinct and all the weight training she’d done in her homemade gym, she accepted his offer and everything was okay. “Ooh the muscle I had in my shoulders back then, he wouldn’t have stood a chance”. Another inspirational industry woman is Victoria Hazael of Cycling UK. We talked recently about how she values “quantity” cycling with her young family as much as “quality” cycling. I agree totally. I was inspired to cycle from just seeing a bicycle and quickly realised it was a fun thing to do. Seeing my dad put his trouser clips on and head off up the road sealed it for me. Never underestimate the effect you have on your children by simply getting on a bicycle. I only remember my mum riding a bicycle once, but I have never forgotten it. I wish she had ridden more, as to ride a bike alongside your “significant adult” is a seriously undervalued life experience. Vic rides a great deal with her children and makes a point of letting other parents know that she’ll be riding in the park with her kids on such and such a day so she can subtlety help

52-53 BB144 Workshop-LizColebrook_final.indd 2

‘Eileen Sheridan was a pioneer for women’s cycling, and we really do owe her a great debt for blazing the trail’

Liz Colebrook BSc OT BA Framebuilder

teach her friends’ children to ride. Many adults walk the dog or do another activity while the kids are left to ride their bikes, but it’s this joint activity that creates a connection with your young person. Being a role model inspires them to see cycling as something adults do to get about, get the shopping, and visit friends. I was invited to a Christmas lunch with a local cycling group where the average age was 79. Opposite me was Jacquie, who another member referred to as a ‘very fast lady’. Jacquie rode a trike competitively and said it was also the best way to get to work if it was at all icy. “Really?” I asked, “Yes,” she replied, “you just go with it, don’t fight it; it was much safer then with [fewer] cars and the roads weren’t as bad.” Jacquie’s now in her 80s and helps organise the group runs. To say I was humbled by this experience would be an understatement. There were 24 people at this lunch and I was the youngest there by a long chalk. Conversation on my table was: “Who’s done the end-to-end?” and: “Well, I didn’t do last week’s ride as I wanted to do a bit more canoeing before it got too cold.” In every example, cycling is an integral part of what makes us who we are and who we inspire. I’m honoured to have met all these cyclists in the last month. When you work in the cycle trade, it’s important not to forget who inspired you and your role in enabling all generations to get out there and enjoy their riding. January 2018 | 53

14/12/2017 14:27


Diversifying to keep retail fresh Gretta Cole, marketing director, Velorution


nfortunately, many cycling retailers have seen the writing on the wall with uninspired merchandise and dated store windows. They’ve not been able to evolve or grow organically because the business has become antiquated with little or no vision outside the “off the shelf” range of product.

At Velorution, we came into this with a fresh entrepreneurial approach to build a lifestyle cycling brand and mass produce an individual experience. We analyse which products are selling well, focusing on our top brands, and securing exclusive and semiexclusive relationships with our suppliers. Velorution is never boring; we carefully manage our product lines and embrace new technology. This ensures that our stores look fresh and attractive to customers. It’s also about recognising that different brands sell better in some locations than others, and making sure we are offering a high quality of product. This vision gives us opportunity to experiment with other areas that appeal to our customers – like Sonos home audio and Taschen books. One of our customers recently told us: “You’re not selling bikes, you’re selling a fabulous personal experience.” Getting consumers’ hands on bikes is critical – having the confidence that if people try our products, then they will buy. The central message in our stores is to get the casual browser on the bikes. Our bikes are not necessarily hand-built, but they do offer a customised riding experience. It’s not just about having a premium product range. We go the extra mile to provide a world-class service, winning back customers over a long period of time. One way we’ve done this is by growing our global e-tail business over the past two years. Customers who can’t visit our physical stores feel the Velorution experience by reading the Velorutionaries stories in our magazine and online. These are genuine customers, real people talking about their bikes. The magazine and The Little Black Book of Bikes are both published in-house. 54 | January 2018

54 BB144 Workshop-Velorution_final.indd 1

‘Retailers need to be entrepreneurial and consider creating spin-off businesses’

Gretta Cole, marketing director

Retailers need to be entrepreneurial and consider creating spin-off businesses that suit their budgets. In light of this, we launched our own Velo2work scheme, which allows companies to loan cycles and cyclists’ safety equipment to employees as a tax-free benefit introduced under the Government’s Green Transport Plan, along with our corporate sales package launching in 2018. We also stock own-brand clothing and accessories with the introduction of our After Dark 360 visibility jackets for both men and women. Velorution is a hub for forwardthinking brands who want to tap into our sales and marketing expertise, and reputation as a destination for affordable premium product. Our bottom line is to never be complacent, to know your product, and to keep a competitive edge by being creative, innovative and exciting. That way, customers see something new every time they step into our stores.

14/12/2017 14:49


Quality Brands - Quality Venue Quality Exhibitors - Quality Business

Quality Time!


THE WING, SILVERSTONE Sunday 14th Jan 2018 - 9.30am to 5pm Monday 15th Jan 2018 - 9.30am to 5.30pm Tuesday 16th Jan 2018 - 9.30am to 4pm


WWW.THEBIKEPLACESHOW.CO.UK   @bikeplaceshow Untitled-1 1

11/12/2017 09:04:44



Helmets 1

3 4









uvex city light


Formula MIPS

Fixture MIPS

Distributor: ZyroFisher

Distributor: ZyroFisher

There’s no reason to skimp on comfort and protection while trying to maintain a budget. The Formula benefits from the same technologies that make Bell road helmets champions of comfort and safety; it is available with optional MIPS impact management and features the Float Fit retention system and innovative Sweat Guide liner. Its elegant shape, fluid aerodynamics and ample ventilation ensure the Formula’s place as a classy all-rounder.

The Fixture MIPS brings confident, mountain bike style and breezy ventilation together in a compact design. In-mold construction coupled with the ease and comfort of the Roc Loc Sport fit system offer the versatility you need to ride everything from fire-road adventures to swooping singletrack trails. The Roc Loc is also seamlessly integrated with the Multi-Directional Impact Protection System (MIPS), which can redirect energy and provide more protection in certain impacts.

Distributor: Raleigh UK Light up the night with the new uvex city light helmet. The intelligent lighting system of the helmet significantly increases visibility in road traffic. This makes the uvex city light a safe companion for the city. Contact: aliciawheatley@

Distributor: Oneway Distribution This CUBE road bike helmet is available in four different colors, and is equipped with 24 vents for maximum cooling and air circulation. The CUBE Premium Fit System can be fine-tuned with one hand for a perfect fit. (adjustable height and width) It features removable, washable fit pads, and EPS double-in-mould construction. It weighs in at 210g. All CUBE products are designed and tested in CUBE’s test centre in Germany. Contact: 0031 10 340 3502

56 | January 2018

56-59 BB144 SG-Helmets_final.indd 1

Contact: www.zyrofisherb2b.

Contact: www.zyrofisherb2b.

12/12/2017 13:14


5 6

7 8






Sweet Protection

Sweet Protection


MonTrailer MIPS


Falconer Aero


Distributor: ZyroFisher

Distributor: Jungle Products

Distributor: Jungle Products

Distributor: Madison

Due to its ActiCage, structural reinforcement integrated into the EPS to optimize stability, the ABUS MonTrailer MIPS provides maximum protection on rough terrain. Additionally, the MIPS provides protection in certain impacts. The ABUS MonTrailer MIPS’ deep air stream channels ensure ventilation while GoggFit enables secure goggle positioning and stowage.

The Dissenter benefits massively from Sweet’s research and development on their high-end helmets. A single piece polycarbonate shell, with in-mold technology and Sweet Protection’s proven geometry combine to provide allmountian coverage in a low weight, low profile package that weighs 300g.

The Falconer Aero is designed for fast-paced cycling with additional Aerocovers to lower the aerodynamic drag even further. Aerocovers snap on and off with magnets for simple, on-the-go adjustments. The four-piece in-mold shell structure optimises fit and protection performance, while the Occigrip turn dial adjusts reach and fit, and STACC channels direct air flow over the temporal artery but without exposing the temples. It weighs 235g; the Aerocovers are an additional 50g.

With styling taken from the top-of-the-range Z1, the Lazer Blade has the look and performance of a high-end lid with a price tag that’s far easier on the wallet. Just named
 BikesEtc’s lid of the year, the Blade features the Advanced Rollsys retention system, 22 vents to keep you cool, and is compatible with the removable aeroshell if you’re after a little more speed. Now available in XS and XL sizes.

Contact: www.zyrofisherb2b.

Contact: 01423 780088

Contact: comms@madison.

Contact: 01423 780088

56-59 BB144 SG-Helmets_final.indd 2

January 2018 | 57

12/12/2017 13:14















Mini Hornit LIDS


Distributor: AWE

Distributor: Direct to retailer

Distributor: Extra UK

Distributor: Ison Distribution

The AWESpeed represents fantastic value for money for a fully in-moulded helmet including lower skirts for added protection. Ergonomic and highly compact, its 32 air vents ensure maximum cooling, while the compact headlock with triple height adjustment ensures the perfect fit for sizes medium 56-58cm and large 58-62cm. Five colour options are available including high-visibility yellow. Conforms to CE EN-1078 European Standards and the much tougher CPSC American Standards. RRP ÂŁ79.99

This helmet was made for ASSOS exclusively by Ranking, a professional cycling helmet brand and factory-based company with renowned R&D capabilities. The R91 Feather helmet impresses with its extremely light weight (170 g) small volume, ergonomically correct shape, excellent ventilation and overall clean, great look.

Painstakingly designed to look stylish and fun (or quietly understated in the case of Stealth!), Mini Hornit helmets are fully adjustable, comfortable, and lightweight. They are designed to be something children will actually want to wear. Kids should also love the integrated LED, which is an added safety feature, useful for riding home after school in the winter. Safety tested to European standards, EN1078.

The Meta is an all-sport city helmet. It features a shell with 11 holes to keep your head highly ventilated, and utilises an in-mold construction to create a super-lightweight helmet tested to the highest standards for safety. It has a low fit and four sizes ranging from 50cm to 63cm along the easy-to-adjust dial fit system.


Contact: 0203 621 1555

Contact: 01353 662662

Contact: +44 (0)7944 384 827

Contact: 01625 873130 58 | January 2018

56-59 BB144 SG-Helmets_final.indd 3

12/12/2017 13:14




15 16





661 Protection




Reset Full Face Helmet

Spiuk Obuss TT & Triathlon helmet

Uvex Race 8

Distributor: Hotlines

Distributor: Oneway Distribution

Distributor: Extra UK The Harrier, Brooks first performance road helmet, has a slim, sleek, aerodynamic form that combines with uncomplicated colours for a timeless look. Four cooling channels provide airflow over the head. The helmet includes a micro-adjustable headband and straps for a secure, comfortable fit. It’s EN 1078 and CPSCcertified, available in two sizes: medium and large, and weighs 300g. RRP £129.00. Contact: 01933672170


The 661 Reset Full Face helmet has been crafted and developed from the ground up to become the highlight of the 2018 661 range. The all new Reset has been designed with bold, dramatic features, aggressive angles and strong lead lines while maintaining core ventilation and maximum protection to offer riders a performance, lightweight helmet at an affordable price point. The Reset features more than ten ventilation ports, enlarged eye port and specific goggle fitment.

This time-trial and triathlon helmet is designed to be especially aerodynamic and safe, and comfortable. With this in mind, even the tiniest detail can make a difference. The single shell in-mold construction and W-Precision X3 rear fit with two-position angle clip adjustment offers extra comfort. It comes with a dark aerodynamic front visor.

Distributor: Raleigh UK The fastest uvex helmet. The uvex engineers and cycling professionals of the BMC Etixx Pro Triathlon team were responsible for the development of the uvex race 8. Together they have developed the fastest uvex helmet of all time. Contact: aliciawheatley@


Contact: 0131 319 1444

56-59 BB144 SG-Helmets_final.indd 4

January 2018 | 59

12/12/2017 13:14








Core Bike – BikeBiz_183x115mm-W17 habu Man.indd 2

21/11/17 15:41

Convert to 1x11 in 5 easy steps with components 1

11 speed right-hand shifter


11 speed cassette Available 11/40T to 11/50T



Narrow wide alloy chainring

Spider for narrow wide crankset

Available 30T to 40T

(Inc. bottom bracket)


11 speed chain

IN STOCK NOW 0845 0508 500 0845 0508 400

 

 


Bike security 2


4 3










BORDO Lite 6055

Evolution Standard

Distributor: ZyroFisher

Distributor: ZyroFisher

Distributor: Madison

AIRLOK is the first secure, wall-mounted bicycle storage hanger. Elegant design meets maximum gold SOLD SECURE rating with an integrated hardened steel lock. Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, it is suitable for a wide variety of bike frames.

New for 2018 and weighing only 500g, the ABUS BORDO Lite 6055 and BORDO Lite 6055 Mini are the newest members of the Bordo folding lock family and are designed to be incredibly easy to transport. 5mm bars with a core of light steel and synthetic coating prevent damage to the bicycle’s paintwork while the bars and the lock body are made of particularly light materials and ferrous alloy, providing lightweight flexibility in a compact design.

The Evolution Standard feature’s Kryptonite’s new hardened double deadbolt system reinforcing the lock against twist attacks. The high-security disc-style cylinder is pick and drill resistant, and the lock features a new, smaller crossbar design as well as including the Transit FlexFrame-U system for carrying the lock with you wherever you go. It comes with three keys – one of which has a built-in light – and is rated 8\10 on Kryptonite’s security scale.

Distributor: Raleigh UK This lock features a X4P Quattro Bolt, with hardened body and double rubber coating. The chain is made of massive, hardened steel, and is titanium reinforced. It has a hexagonal link structure and rotatable dust protector. The lock cylinder is protected against drilling and picking. The rounded-off design eliminates leverage points for crow bars. There is an included chain cover for frame protection, along with one LED key precision Contact: aliciawheatley@

61-62 BB144 SG-BikeSecurity_final.indd 1

Contact: www.zyrofisherb2b.

Contact: www.zyrofisherb2b.


Contact: comms@madison. January 2018 | 61

12/12/2017 13:16












AXA Bike Security

Frankie Lock

Foldylock Compact


Distributor: Silverfish UK

Distributor: Frog Bikes

Distributor: ZyroFisher

AXA Set Solid Plus Framelock & Newton PI (Plug-in) 150 Mudguard Lock

The Frankie is the new sausage on the block. It takes its form from the popular Party Frank, but is improved in every key element. A reinforced key, and a reinforced lock housing make the Frankie stronger, sturdier, more reliable and sometimes tastier. Featuring patented seamless overmould industrial grade UV stable silicone, this ensures you will not mark or scratch your ride. Contact: antonio@silverfish-uk. com


Foldylock Compact is the Lightest Foldable Lock to meet the SOLD SECURE Silver Standard. It is a premium folding bike lock that features a combination of protection, weight and design. The Foldylock Compact is made out of high-end materials, integrating a variety of structural solutions and top-quality mechanisms, taking the experience of operating this lock to a whole new level. Contact: 01784 557300/ info@

Hiplok’s bestselling wearable chain lock comes with a fully reflective waterproof sleeve, perfect for winter riding. Featuring Hiplok’s patented wearable fastening which adjusts to fit the rider’s waist without being locked to the body, this is a strong, high-quality, SOLD SECURE-rated hardened steel chain and shackle that is easy to carry on the waist. With an ultra-reflective high-visibility sleeve the SUPERBRIGHT chain locks are also available in ORIGINAL and GOLD security level. From £54.99. Contact: 01926 298 747

62 | January 2018

61-62 BB144 SG-BikeSecurity_final.indd 2

Distributor: Bob Elliot & Co The AXA Solid Plus is a high-quality frame lock with an extra wide opening and the option to link a plug in cable or chain to the lock so you can lock your bike to a fixed object. The Solid Plus ring lock offers optimal safety with its anti-drilling cylinder and hardened steel bracket. The ergonomic design of the push button and the online key service offer maximum comfort. Contact: 1625 873130/

12/12/2017 13:16

Untitled-1 1

18/12/2017 10:48:29

An extensive selection of mid range parts and accessories well priced to offer excellent value for money and good margins for dealers. Available for next day delivery on our easy to use B2B ordering system. GREYVILLE ENTERPRISES



AD DEADLINE: 12TH JANUARY ISSUE THEME: THE COMMUTER ISSUE Sector Guide: Urban bikes: hybrids, folding bikes, etc; cycle luggage – panniers, cases & bags Special: Cycling advocacy and infrastructure. Bike loans: how to make money and who are the trailblazers Extra Distribution: London Bike Show

March 2018

AD DEADLINE: 14TH FEBRARY ISSUE THEME: THE WORKSHOP ISSUE Sector Guide: Workshop: cleaning, tools and repair spares; training courses Specials: Made in Britain: Ten manufacturers innovating the bike market. 30 under 30 – who are the industry’s rising stars?

April 2018

AD DEADLINE: 13TH MARCH ISSUE THEME: THE INNOVATION ISSUE Sector Guide: Cycle computers; cycle fashion – clothing, eyewear & accessories Specials: Innovative retail in the IBD channel. Marketing focus: innovative brands, manufacturers and retailers

May 2018

AD DEADLINE: 12TH APRIL ISSUE THEME: THE PARTS AND ACCESSORIES ISSUE Sector Guide: Brakes; BMX – bikes, parts and accessories; energy and nutrition Specials: The ten accessories you need to be stocking in your shop. EPOS, POS, and retailer services: top five firms driving the market

TO ADVERTISE IN ANY OF THESE ISSUES, CALL: Richard Setters on 0207 354 6028

64 BB144_final.indd 1

14/12/2017 10:00


Triathlon 2


3 4







Metron 4D Flat M.A.S Handlebar

Transition Bag

Vanquish MIPS

Tri Box

Distributor: Silverfish UK

Distributor: ZyroFisher

Distributor: Madison

The EVOC Transition Bag is packed full of elaborate compartments. A removable, foldable and washable changing mat is stowed in the end compartment, while a drink bottles pocket is accessible for a super-quick transition time. Also features separate sections for wet items within the main pack, and space bike and time trial helmets. 55l in capacity and available in three colours, slate, black and lime.

The Vanquish MIPS is the pinnacle of high-performance road cycling helmets, featuring the innovative TransformAir design that actively streamlines airflow to reduce drag. Inside the Vanquish is an EPS liner with progressive layering, and Giro’s renowned RocLoc Air system seamlessly integrated with MIPS Technology to enhance comfort and cooling power while providing an additional measure of protection.

Elite’s Tri Box, is designed to keep everything you need perfectly organised so pre-race preparations aren’t any more stressful than they need to be. It has multiple setup options depending on how you want the transition area to look and, better than that, you can fold it all up and ride with everything in place in your backpack. Multisport has never been simpler.


Distributor: Windwave The Metron 4D Flat handlebar combines the superb ergonomics and aerodynamics of the Metron 4D, with a lower hand position and an innovative optional Modular Aero System (MAS) direct-mount clip-on system for additional versatility. Reinforced carbon fibre construction gives a great strength-to-weight ratio. The 4D features internal cable routing, with guides that accommodate wiring for electronic shifting. Contact: 02392 521912/

65-66 BB144 SG-TriBikes&Gear_final.indd 1

Contact: antonio@silverfish-uk. com

Contact: www.zyrofisherb2b.


Contact: comms@madison.

January 2018 | 65

12/12/2017 13:17










CUBE Bikes



TR3 Aero TriSuit

CUBE Aerium C:68 SLT


Carbon Kona Shoes

Distributor: AWE

Distributor: Hotlines

New for 2018, the AWE fully-recharging range cycle lights spans up to 1,000 lumen output. The AWEBlitz range of front and rear lights are ideally suited to triathlon/road racing due to their size/weight and power output, The AWE150 Punches out a strong fourfunction 150 lumen beam from a compact 50x25x20mm housing and is exceptionally lightweight at only 35 grams. The AWEBlitz rear has a five function and 40 lumen output and is super compact in size at 35x35x22mm and only 24 grams in weight.

The Kona has everything you’d expect from a true tri shoe, and more. The upper is cut from one piece, with minimal seams to guarantee barefoot comfort. A large heel loop and double Velcro closures allow quick adjustment, and the wide vented area maximises breathability and water expulsion. Combine this with low weight and the handmade attention to detail and this shoe is ideal for tackling any triathlon.

Distributor: 2pure Ltd Rough, opaque and smooth surfaces enhance aerodynamism, thermo-regulation and comfort. Targeted compression limits fatigue, cramps and muscle tears. Silicon grips on outer pad prevent slipping on the saddle. Three pockets allow intelligent and accessible storage of gels and bars. Ultra-fit armholes feature a fine strip of flat elastic to adapt well to the arms. Ultralight zones of ventilated mesh aid in breathing and optimal evacuation of heat and perspiration. Contact: 0844 811 2001/ 66 | January 2018

65-66 BB144 SG-TriBikes&Gear_final.indd 2


Distributor: Oneway Bike Industry With the development of the CUBE Aerium C:68 SLT the engineers had a very simple goal in mind: ultimate speed. Instead of building a fast bike and then putting the rider on it as an afterthought, CUBE took a holistic approach from the beginning. In combination with SRAM eTap, an incorporated food storage, and a drinking system, they’ve thought of every singe detail to help the rider go faster. RRP £8,499 Contact: uk.

Contact: / 0131 319 1444

Contact: 01625 873130/

12/12/2017 13:17

Untitled-1 1

18/12/2017 10:56:05

In association with

Bob Elliot and Co Ltd Unit C4 Binary Court, Matrix Park, Western Avenue, Buckshaw Village, Chorley, PR7 7NB Tel: 01772 459 887 Web:

Cooke Components Unit 7C Cufaude Business Park, Cufaude Lane, Bramley, Hants, RG28 5DL Tel: 01256 880739 Web:

EBCO 5 Pegasus House, Olympus Ave, Warwick, CV34 6LW Tel: Tel +01926 437700 Web:

Fibrax Ltd Queensway, Wrexham. LL13 8YR Tel: +44 (0)1978 356744 Web:

Jungle Products Ltd Unit 3, The Cedar, New York Mills, Summerbridge, HG3 4LA Tel: 01423 780088 Web: and

M & J Distributors Ltd Unit A, Hanix Buildings, Windmill Lane, Denton, Manchester, M34 3SP Tel: 0161 337 9600 Web:

Met Helmets / Bluegrass 22-24 Ely Place, London, EC1N6TE Tel: 0207 1937 496 Web:

Moore Large & Co Grampian Buildings, Shinfin Lane, Derby, DE249GL Tel: 01332274200 Web:

North Sports 102 Charleston House, 87–95 Neilston Road, Paisley, PA26ES Web:

Oneway Distribution BV PO BOX 12, 3000 AA Rotterdam Tel: 0031 10345 3510 Web:

Oxford Products Ltd De Havilland Way, Range Road, Witney, Oxon, OX290YA Tel: 01993 862 300 Web:

Pitbitz Ltd Unit 6 Thorpe Drive, Thorpe Way Industrial Estate, Banbury, Oxon, OX16 4UZ Tel: 01295 269333 Web: and

The Bikebiz DIRECTORY 2018 is out now, providing the industry with a must-have guide to the UK’s retailers, distributors, manufacturers and related businesses. If you’d like to find out more or require additional copies please contact or call him on 020 7354 6028

BB Directory2018-DPS-AD_final.indd 1

20/11/2017 11:15







Assos 57 Farringdon Road, London, EC1M 3JB Tel: 0203 621 1555 Web:

Clarks Cycle Systems Head Office, Unit 1 The Old Dairy, Pessall Lane, Edingale , Tamworth, Staffordshire, B79 9JL Tel: 01827 382800

Reece Cycles plc 100 Alcester Street, Birmingham, B12 0QB Tel: 0121 622 0180 Web:

Bike Rental Manager c/o H W Fisher & Co Acre House, 11-15 William Road, London. NW1 3ER Tel: +33 4 66 03 14 32 Web:

Schwalbe Tyres UK Ltd Schwalbe Centre, Hortonwood 30, Telford, Shropshire, TF1 7ET Tel: 01952602680 Web:

AWE® Unit 80, Courthill House, 60 Water Lane Wilmslow, Cheshire. SK9 5AJ Tel: 01625-873130 Web:

The Cycle Division Unit 27 Gatehouse Enterprise Centre, Albert Street, Lockwood, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, HD1 3QD Tel: 01484 456137 Web:

Walkers Cycle Components Ltd 22 Holywell Road, Leicester, LE2 8SG Tel: 01162 833885 Web:

ZyroFisher Ltd Roundhouse Road, Faverdale Industrial Estate, Darlington, DL3 0UR Tel: 01325 741200

Web: /

Citrus-Lime Limited Lantern House, The Ellers, Ulverston, LA12 0AA Tel: 01229 588 628 Web:

Dexshell Unit F1-F3 Longford Trading Estate, Thomas Street, Manchester, M32 1JT Tel: 01618644666 Web:




Cycleguard Insurance Southgate House, Southgate Street, Gloucester, GL1 1UB Tel: 0333 004 3444 Web:

Cycling UK Parklands, Railton Road, Guildford, GU2 9JX 01483238300 Web:

Aqua Blue Sport LTD 4 Cleve Quarter, Monahan Road, Cork, Ireland Tel: 00353214847477 Web:

Yellow Jersey Cycle Insurance Prospero, 73 London Road, Redhill, Surrey, RH1 1LQ Tel: 0333 003 0046 Web:

Invisiframe Tel: 01743 232297 Web:

Rozone Limited Queen Street, Darlaston, Wednesbury West Midlands. WS10 8JB Tel: 0121 526 8181 Web:

Smartmotion International Ltd RM C, 13/F, Harvard Commercial Building, 105-111 Thomson Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong Tel: 8615895656508 Web:

700c Cycle Shop Insurance Plough Court, 37 Lombard Street, London. EC3V 9BQ Tel: 0333 433 0827 Web:

Weldtite Products Ltd Unit 9 Harrier Road, Humber Bridge Industrial Estate, Barton-on-Humber, Lincs, DN18 5RP Tel: 01652 660000 Web:

The Bikebiz DIRECTORY 2018 is available to view online at

BB Directory2018-DPS-AD_final.indd 2

20/11/2017 11:15








Untitled-1 1

70 | January 2018 Untitled-1 1 70-74 BB144 MARKETPLACE_final.indd 1


16/11/2017 15:13:59 16/11/2017Untitled-1 15:13:19 1

16/11/2017 15:12:37 12/12/2017 15:24



C Bear Quarter page 88x107mm_Bike Biz_Nov 17_Layout 1 08/11/2017 10:42 Page 1 Untitled-1 1



15/11/2017 Untitled-2 13:33:07 1

15/11/2017 13:34:49

Shhh!... Silent Speed Performance

As used by Andre Greipel Lotto Soudal

The Mechanics Choice! Creak-free ceramic bottom bracket solutions for Road, CX/Winter & MTB


33 integrated, CNC machined aluminium complete BB Solutions

No spacers...C-Bear ceramic bearings are placed next to the crankarm for optimal stiffness & maximum power transfer •

bility Performance, longevity, durability, affordability Ceramic BB solutions from £57.50 to £149.99 RRP

• •

Bearing presses, Hangers and Sealed bearings Now with double sealed Enduro bearings Online BB Adaptor finder:

Trade enquiries: % 0845 475 5339

January 2018 | 71 WMFG 88 x 107mm.indd 1

70-74 BB144 MARKETPLACE_final.indd 2

16/08/2017 12:00

12/12/2017 15:24




Add a free copy to your next order


0845 0508 500 EMAIL

“It’s full of really useful stuff!”







e S t oc k O ff

U lt i



New 2017/18 trade catalogue available


5 s O ver £



72 | January 2018

70-74 BB144 MARKETPLACE_final.indd 3 | 01798 839 300


12/12/2017 15:24







70-74 BB144 MARKETPLACE_final.indd 4


January 2018 | 73

12/12/2017 15:24




Santa Cruz V10 shown with custom paint

Professional bicycle frame respray service · · · · · ·

Trade prices available Specialist frame repairs High quality service & end product Quick & reliable turnaround Replacement decals available Established 1974

0117 972 4730


Contact: Richard Setters 74 | January 2018

70-74 BB144 MARKETPLACE_final.indd 5

0207 354 6028

12/12/2017 15:24



Cycle industry members: do you think that doping scandals have a negative impact on bike sales?

38% Yes 62% No Polls are conducted via twitter @bikebiz_online

Do you think that with improved infrastructure, cycling would grow in the UK to match the scale of the Netherlands and Scandinavia?

77% yes 23% no

75 BB144 StatsAndFigures_final.indd 1

OF OUR READERSHIP, AN OVERWHELMING MAJORITY IS MADE UP OF IBDS 30% of our readership survey respondents reported that they work at an IBD, followed most closely by manufacturers and brands at 15%, and distributors at 11.5%. The remaining 43.5% is made up of an incredibly diverse variety of roles, including mobile bike mechanics, local government officials, inclusive cycling organisers, and independent product designers. Only 5% claimed to work for a major retailer. January 2018 | 75

14/12/2017 12:19


Tannus This month, we speak to Tannus, the manufacturer of airless tyres, about maintaining a strong team spirit, even while some of the group is based remotely Who are the members of your team, and what are their roles? Jazz Walia is our European director, and Ricky Gawera works in sales and marketing. Sophie Reed provides us with marketing support, while James Delderfield does design, Maura Pianaro works on social media, and Rekha Guijalu manages our accounts. Who’s your most passionate cyclist? We are all keen cyclists, but James is definitely the most passionate one. He cycles nearly an hour everyday, to and from the office. That said, we all make the effort to get on our bikes as much as we can!

76 | January 2018

76-77 BB144_InMyTeam-Tannus_final.indd 1

What are your greatest workplace strengths as individuals? We’re lucky to have such a versatile team. Everybody brings something different to the table. Jazz has been involved in the bike industry for nearly 17 years, and Ricky was previously involved in the in-store execution side of things from a consumer electronics background. Sophie and Maura both come from a marketing background, and the two of them specialise in growing social media. It’s great, because we can all play off one another’s strengths.

“We only have one team goal: to get as many people riding Tannus as possible”

What are your team goals? We only really have one team goal, and that’s to get as many people riding bikes fitted with

14/12/2017 13:20

Left to right: Maura Pianaro, Ricky Gawera, Rekha Gujjalu, Sophie Reed, Jazz Walia and James Delderfield

Tannus airless tyres as possible. So, spread the word. We’re coming for each and every one of you.

Walia. As the European director for Tannus, he’s been distributing the products for nearly four years now.

What motivates your team? We’re most motivated by envisioning the industry-wide perception of Tannus changing for the better. Being able to see that in the future just makes us want to achieve our goals even more!

Tell us about your past successes! Well, outside of his work for Tannus, Jazz previously acted as cofounder of a company called Create Bikes. The product was a hugely successful fixie bike. It was priced extremely competitively, and just took the market by storm! We’re fortunate to be able to use that past expertise to build our own brand.

What do you do to have fun as a team? As a London-based team, we’re well-placed to regularly go out and eat at some of the incredbile restaurants that are based on Brick Lane. Of course, we’re also known to go down the pub together for few on a Friday night.

What are you currently working on? We are currently working on futureproofing Tannus. We are continually developing and testing to make the tyre even better.

Key brand: Tannus airless tyre Key Contacts: Jazz Walia tel: 020 7247 2447 Marketing Sophie Reed

Who’s the longest-standing team member? Our longest-standing team member is Jazz

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Is dockless a disrupter or a dud-in-waiting? By Carlton Reid, editor-at-large


HINA’S BLUEGOGO has gone to the great dockless bike graveyard in the sky (along with people’s deposits), but China’s Ofo is reported to have secured another $1bn of venture capital. Cynics believe that once Ofo has burnt through this cash, it will go the way of Bluegogo. The global dockless bike boom certainly won’t have multiple winners. Mobike is hoping to muscle its way past its main Chinese competitor, but Ofo is still the biggest of the dockless companies, and is going all out to become the Amazon of its space. Its goal of putting 150,000 bikes on the streets of London is a lofty one, and perhaps unrealistic. But what about bike shops? To date it’s unlikely many people have put off buying their own bikes because there are dockless ones available – they just aren’t ubiquitous enough to be able to guarantee seamless journeys. In China, it’s different. The streets of many Chinese cities have been blanketed with cheap-aschips dockless bikes – the ones we see in the UK are higher-quality third-generation models – and while the multitude of dockless bikes cost about 15p to hire in China, they cost 50p per half hour in the UK. Naturally, 50p per ride doesn’t leave much room for profit. Indeed, the Mobike CEO has admitted as much. Wang Xiaofeng told reporters: “Mobike currently does not have a clear method to monetise, and we are relying on investors’ money. To attract customers, bike sharing companies charge very low rental fees… We will aim to gain market share as much as possible first, and then discuss how to become profitable.” A dockless company to watch is Urbo – it’s from Dublin, not China. It is owned by switched-on

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‘It’s unlikely many people have been put off buying their own bikes because there are dockless ones available’ young entrepreneurs using their own money, made from previous startup businesses. While Ofo and Mobike are spending big, Urbo is operating more modestly, and perhaps more sustainably. It’s a fascinating sector and one that *could* disappear as quickly as it appeared, but one or more of today’s operators could survive and, eventually, prosper. Lots of investors lost money in the dotcom bubble, but Amazon didn’t disappear, did it?

All the latest news online at Bike loan trailblazers: turning profit

SG: Urban bikes: hybrids, folding; cycle luggage

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21 -23 st







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Register today for your free entry, visit: 79 BB144_final.indd 1


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COREbike has been a key date in the trade calendar since 2005 and it’s grown every year since with over 1350 visitors from 680 dealers visiting the show in 2017. It’s a great opportunity to kick off the year and spend quality time with distributors and suppliers. Over 250 brands from 28 of the UK’s leading bike companies will be showcased to bike retailers at Whittlebury Hall so don’t delay and register to attend COREbike 2018 today.

Free parking and lunch provided New for 2018 – CSG with Cannondale, GT, Fabric and Charge Register now at:

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