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18th - 20th Feb 2020 Marshall Arena, Milton Keynes, MK1 1ST Register at: Exclusive show offers from over 70 brands including:

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A MESSAGE FROM DOMINIC LANGAN Welcome to the roaring twenties or at least it should be our shared ambition to make it a roaring decade for all of our businesses. iceBike* is designed to inspire you, motivate you, refresh you, stimulate you, educate you and reinvigorate you and your team. We know you get a buzz out of seeing new product and brands at iceBike* and it is a really important part of the show, but it is much more than that. You get to meet the amazing people behind the brands. Business people passionate about product and cycling, just like you. Brands and products are only part of the iceBike* offering. We want to help you sell them with confidence and provide the best consumer experience possible. iceBike* has always placed a huge emphasis on education. Mark O’Dolan will be located in our popular “demo store” to provide one to one help on visual merchandising techniques and how to range plan effectively. As in other years we also have many technical training sessions, led by our Head of Training, Julian Thrasher.

Shimano Service Centre The Shimano Service Centre programme is growing after opening its 1000th store in Europe this year. Learn how you can be a part of the network and get access to free Shimano training as well as loads of other benefits.

Meet Sir Chris Hoy SiS ambassador and cycling legend, Sir Chris Hoy will be attending the show on the Wednesday, so make sure you come by to meet the man himself. He will be hosting nutrition talks on the SiS stand every hour on Wednesday afternoon.

Once again, we have the business lounge area where we can have private conversations covering your specific business needs. We will have representatives from the Association of Cycle Traders, The Aylesbury Training Group, Bikmo Insurance and the Bicycle Association, all promoting their various retailer services. We will also be demonstrating how you can become part of the fast growing Freewheel Retailer Union network. We believe we have put together our best iceBike* yet. We hope you can look at it as an investment in yourselves and your business which really does deliver a return. Sure, we’ll have amazing offers and promotions exclusive to only those who attend to help boost your profits for the whole season. However, we also hope to give you the chance to think about your business and how you are going to approach this season to make sure you guarantee 2020 is a great year for you. Finally, iceBike* is a great opportunity to network and socialise. We’d love you to stay over and join us for the various evening entertainment. iceBike* is made for you, so without you it is nothing. Please register and I guarantee it will pay you dividends.

Gear up for Gravel! As if you didn’t know, 2020 is the year of the gravel bike. Fortunately, there will be loads of gravel products to see at iceBike* this year from the likes of Genesis, PRO, Shimano, PEARL iZUMi and Saracen.

SHOW 2020 Register online at

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Free access to the Sportline Show and iceTackle* Show with iceBike* entrance

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‘Whatever comes our way, I fully expect to witness another cracking year of innovation and collaboration’

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The year of the… As we enter the second month of a new decade, I can’t help but feel, at least from a cycling point of view, that the year has not truly begun. At the time of writing, the BikeBiz team has not yet embarked upon our annual trip to COREbike. September, our most hectic time of the year, feels like a distant memory, and even the news appears to be stirring from its Christmas slumber. We’re still awaiting confirmation surrounding the potential closure of a certain British bike chain, which, if true, comes less than 18 months after Sports Direct’s rescue of Evans Cycles. As such, we’re still very much waiting to see what 2020 will bring. The year of the e-bike in the UK? It seems unlikely. While we’ll no doubt see continued growth in this space, our nation is some way behind the rest of Europe, not only in terms of sales, but in wider acceptance, and, more importantly, in infrastructure (see p21). We’ll likely see a better variety of e-bikes available in the UK, but a quantum leap appears improbable. How about indoor trainers? With a 12-month season, a significant increase in global Strava activity, not to mention that Wahoo, Tacx and SRM are all releasing new builds this year, it’s undeniable that this trend will continue to flourish in 2020 – the only question is how far it will go. And then there’s tubeless. Could it finally make its mainstream breakthrough after making strides in MTB in recent years? There is simply too much potential to cover (I haven’t even touched on gravel, or the 2020 Olympics) in this short introduction to our February edition. Whatever comes our way, I fully expect to witness another cracking year of innovation and collaboration throughout our industry.

James Groves


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iceBike* Madison and Sportline CEO Dominic Langan looks ahead to the 14th edition of iceBike*


Riding the wave of e-mobility Rebecca Morley visits Gocycle in Chessington to find out what we should expect from the e-mobility sector as we enter a new decade


14 33

Where will Londoners park their e-bikes? As e-bikes become more and more prominent in the UK, how can infrastructure in our capital evolve to accommodate?


For the riders BikeBiz catches up with Peaty’s to uncover the benefits of being a rider-owned company and being eco-friendly


The Winds of Winter Following an uncertain 2019 for retail, Rebecca Morley asks bike shops how they have fared so far during the winter period

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24/01/2020 13:30

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The greatest gift of them all By Karen Gee, founder and editor of family cycling website Cycle Sprog


hen a parent with a young child discovers that I run the Cycle Sprog family cycling website, I usually get one of several responses. The most common, sadly, goes like this: “My Freddie/Freda hasn’t taken to cycling – they won’t ride the bike I bought them”. Sometimes they go on to inform me that they won’t be buying the next size bike unless this changes, and this really saddens me. They then ask for advice on how to get their little one to enjoy cycling. When this started happening, I’d offer hints and tips about having fun, practising lots, and being patient. Then it began to dawn on me there was a common theme. Now I ask one question: “What bike are they riding?” Usually it’s a “bike-shaped object” purchased from the toy section of a non-cycling retailer – at a significantly lower price than a similarly sized bike from their local bike shop. The parent always confirms the bike is very heavy. It’s often been purchased because it’s their child’s favourite movie character, or because it has cool stickers. However, in other cases, it’s all the parent could afford. The other answer I sometimes get is that the child has been bought a bike “a size too big – so it lasts longer”. Often, I get told they were doing so well on their little bike, but for some reason they just haven’t taken to this bigger one. I have yet to meet a parent who has bought a lightweight, decently specified bike in the correct size who complains their child doesn’t enjoy riding it. Instead, these parents lament about one of two things – unsafe roads and the costs of keeping their offspring on bikes.

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Kids grow so quickly and as families find their finances increasingly stretched, a bike can become a luxury item rather than a necessity if not used for daily transport, especially once the child has ticked off that crucial milestone of being able to pedal. Add in the worry of older kids demanding the freedom to head off on their own, mixing it with traffic, it’s not surprising a lack of bike can seem tempting. This results in a situation of great inequality. Children in families who can afford to buy the quality brands and replace a bike every time it’s outgrown are the lucky ones. Not only do they have the fun of riding a bike, they may also join their local cycling clubs, start racing, commute to school (safe routes permitting) and will have been gifted one of the most precious of things – a lifelong love of cycling. Then there’s the other children who, because their parents either couldn’t afford a quality bike or didn’t realise the enormous difference one makes to the enjoyment of cycling, don’t receive that gift. It goes without saying that for children without access to a bike, the presence of safe places to ride is immaterial. These children are unable to benefit from the physical and mental health benefits cycling brings. Thankfully, there are a growing number of initiatives that tackle this inequality. Retailers who, in the past, have been associated with lower quality kids bikes, are starting to introduce improved ranges with a lower price point (and shorter warranty) than some of the more established kids bike brands.

February 2020 | 7

24/01/2020 11:05


Bike leasing schemes, with monthly payments and the ability to swap the bike every time the child grows, are an increasingly popular way of spreading the cost of a quality kids bike (with the Bike Club leading the way). However, leasing is only suitable for those able to meet the credit requirements. Because a quality kids bike is likely to be outgrown rather than fall apart (one of the other sad things I hear about “bike shaped objects”), there is now a thriving market in second-hand kids bikes. There are a number of Facebook groups for parents seeking preloved bikes, with brand-specific groups including Frog, Squish and Islabikes. Local second-hand groups, plus eBay and Gumtree, are also popular. As well as the financial benefit of leasing and buying secondhand, there’s also the environmental benefit, something playing an increasingly important part in purchasing decisions. There’s the potential for local bike shops to lead the way in this new economy. By offering trade-in deals and a good stock of serviced pre-loved bikes, they can take away the worry many parents have of being sold a “dud” through a private sale – plus help ensure a child is riding the correct sized bike. Frog Bikes is about to relaunch its “Leap Frog” programme, which will reintroduce pre-loved bikes traded-in through stockists.

8 | February 2020

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However, a preloved quality bike costs more than many parents can afford. This makes schemes offering free access to bikes so important. One of the most successful is the Yorkshire Bank Bike Library scheme (a legacy of the 2014 Tour de France Grand Départ) which aims to give every child in Yorkshire free access to a bike. Last summer, British Cycling launched a scheme to provide 500 bikes and equipment to some of the most disadvantaged children in Birmingham. There’s also a growing number of Go Ride cycling clubs with bikes to loan out. Another barrier to family cycling is the cost and complexity of purchasing equipment needed to cycle with babies and young children. Initiatives such as the Hackney Family Cycling Library and Bambino Biking in Manchester give parents the chance to try cargo bikes, seats, trailers and tagalongs. They have acted as a catalyst in helping families with small children switch to cycling as a mode of transport. There’s still a huge way to go until every child in the UK has the option to cycle safely wherever they want to go. Most campaigning is, quite correctly, focused on investment in infrastructure, but we mustn’t forget that accessibility also means having a bike to ride. Wouldn’t it be incredible if every child was gifted a lifelong love of cycling? 

24/01/2020 11:05

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Stimulate, educate, motivate

BikeBiz catches up with Madison and Sportline CEO Dominic Langan ahead of the 14th edition of iceBike* How have preparations for iceBike* 2020 been so far? Preparations for the show are always manic, but in a good way. Every year, we try to mix things up and improve the show to keep it fresh and interesting for our visitors. We are on track and cannot wait to welcome visitors again this month. What are the main attractions this year? One area that has proved popular for the last two years is the Business Services Area. Once again, we have expanded this part of the show and called in even more external partners such as ACT, ATG, the Bicycle Association,

10 | February 2020

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Bikmo and Citrus-Lime who are on-site to speak to retailers about how best they can benefit from such services. Sitting alongside our own internal services such as Freewheel, Credit Control and B2B, we are told that visitors really get a lot out of this part of the show. Obviously, the seminars will be another big part of the show, so stay tuned for the confirmed schedule, which will be announced soon. Then, of course, expect to see and meet cycling royalty in the form of Sir Chris Hoy and the Madison Saracen Factory Race Team. All of this without even mentioning over 60 huge brands all coming to Milton Keynes, dressed to impress.

24/01/2020 11:07


Are there any particular brand(s) that you’re looking forward to seeing? I am definitely excited to see ODI at iceBike* this year. We announced ODI back in October and have big plans for the brand for 2020 and beyond, so they will definitely be one to check out at the show particularly as founder Colby Young will be around to chat to visitors. Genesis is also heading in an exciting direction for 2020, with some big marketing initiatives to tell you all about, including one which is launching at the show. It has long been the adventure bike brand of choice for people all over the world, so we have a big focus on telling that story this year. It goes without saying that the likes of Shimano, Lazer, Park Tool and Kryptonite will be out in force, with a plethora of new products to check out. I always think it is a great opportunity to meet and chat with the people behind these brands, get to know them and talk about bikes over a coffee or a beer.

10-12 BBFeb20 iceBike_Final.indd 2

Brands aside, is there anything new to keep an eye out for at the show? I’ve already mentioned the Business Services Area and seminars, but we have also brought our concept store back to iceBike* alongside retail expert Mark O’Dolan. It always goes down well and gives retailers a chance to sharpen up on their POS and visual merchandising knowledge. Evening entertainment is another highlight, with three themed nights and good food and drink. So once you’ve had a productive and informative time at the show, there is plenty of time to relax with old and new friends alike. Finally, we always have incredible show-only offers on at iceBike* that only retailers that attend the show can take advantage of. What are your hopes for the show in 2020, and how do you plan to evolve the show in 2021 and beyond? The hopes for this show are the same as every other year, we want to stimulate, educate and motivate our customers and their staff ahead of the season start.

February 2020 | 11

24/01/2020 11:07


The show needs to add value and I think that is why iceBike* has been such a successful format. The days of traipsing around show booths in labyrinthine hotels, while staff are more occupied by their laptops or phones than engaging with the customer, are over. Showing product is important, but showing customers how to sell it confidently, successfully and profitably, is key. iceBike* is constantly evolving, as is the market. For the show to survive, and indeed for Madison to survive, we have to remain relevant. This relates to the brands we carry, our go-to market strategy and the various initiatives we have in place to help our brands and our customers remain successful.

12 | February 2020

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How do you feel about the general industry show landscape – are in-house shows the way forward? Is the need for industry-wide trade shows deteriorating? All of us are busy and have endless demands on our time and a million excuses for not leaving the store to go to a trade show. We understand that and we work very hard to make sure that the investment in time made by the store to visit iceBike* is amply rewarded. As a business owner or business manager you owe it to yourself and your staff to be constantly looking for new ways to move your business forward – it’s your responsibility. You need to stay as fresh and as motivated as you did on the day you started. You need to be excited about what you do and give it 100% because your competitors will be doing exactly that, and that is exactly the motivation we aim to deliver with iceBike* each year. n

24/01/2020 11:07

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Riding the wave of e-mobility

Rebecca Morley visits Gocycle in Chessington to find out what we should expect from the e-bike market as we enter a new decade


he e-bike industry has grown substantially in recent times, with major retailers experiencing a doubling in sales year-on-year over the past three years. A recent survey, on behalf of Shimano, of 1,000 people in the UK, found that 34% would choose an e-bike over public transport. This huge growth in the market has been hard to miss – particularly with events such as the inaugural eBike Summit in 2019 discussing any barriers involved and what the industry can do to overcome them. The Summit will return to Oxford in April this year, and a month later we’ll see the first London e-Bike Festival come to Battersea Evolution, launched by the organisers of the Cycle Show.

14 | February 2020

14-16 BBFeb20 Gocycle_Final.indd 1

One exhibitor will be Gocycle, based in Chessington, which enjoyed its best-ever year in 2019 with the launch of the fast-folding GX driving significant growth globally. The company finished the year with 26% growth in terms of volume year-on-year. It has ambitious plans to grow further in 2020, with the launch of the GXi, and has increased its global sales and support team by 40% in the last three months. Global adoption So with the company’s own growth, and the rising e-bike market, what should we expect as we enter a new decade?

24/01/2020 13:28


“It’s a very strong category,” says Richard Thorpe, designer and founder of Gocycle. “If you look at the US market as an indicator of the broader adoption of e-bikes, within the last year or two, it has picked up very strongly. It’s now our third top market: Germany, the UK and then the US. “I’ve always looked at the US as being about five years behind the UK, but I think it’s coming on much faster than that. And I think that’s an indication that the broader global adoption of e-bikes is there.” Thorpe also thinks the UK is going to be a very strong market: “I’ve been commuting on a Gocycle for 15 to 20 years, and just this year I’ve seen a tenfold increase in the number of e-bikes that I pass on my commute. “We’re not directly in the heart of the city. You think e-bikes are everywhere, but they’re still very underexposed. In the last six months, I’ve seen a number of e-scooters cruising by, so it’s a very exciting time. Any retailer out there that is still on the fence has got to come off and get into e-bikes. They need to take a wide portfolio approach.” Thorpe says that a strong increase in the e-road category was seen at last year’s Eurobike. “I think the industry thought that road cyclists will never put a motor on their bikes,” he says. “It’s happened because people want to ride together socially for longer and go further, and electric motors enable people to do that. “So there’s a huge number of e-road bikes coming onto the market, and I would say the bulk of the market is that e-mountain bike segment. Then within the urban segment, you’ve got the traditional urban electric bikes, and then you’ve got this very interesting e-folding category, which we are pretty much leading at this time. “Any retailer out there that’s thinking about getting into e-bikes, do it now. They need to stack their store out probably with 70% minimum, that’s what is needed to really get everyone in the shop committed to it.” Ultimate confidence Gocycle has focused on folding bikes from the beginning, which has been partly due to Thorpe’s own experiences. “I left McLaren cars in 2002 to start the company,” he explains. “I lived in a one bedroom flat in London and I had two big wheel traditional bikes stolen. I had them locked in underground parking with CCTV cameras. “And so when I developed Gocycle, I was always looking at a product that I would have the ultimate confidence and security of having it inside my flat or office. “That’s why all the Gocycle is clean – it’s designed to be taken inside. Every Gocycle from the beginning has been a portable product that you can store inside.” 2019 marked the tenth anniversary of the launch of Gocycle’s first production model, the G1.

14-16 BBFeb20 Gocycle_Final.indd 2

The G1 became the first injection-moulded magnesium alloy bicycle in history and set the core Gocycle values of “stylish design, desirability, no compromises approach and pioneering spirit”. Thorpe says the shift in the company and the product portfolio recently is its movement into the ‘fast-folding’ category – its GX is said to be capable of being folded and stowed in under ten seconds, and it can therefore be taken on a train or into an office easily. The battery is fully-integrated in the GX’s frame for ease of travel and can be removed for charging or maintenance if required. “Traditional urban electric bikes that are designed for the city, that don’t fold, to me are a compromise,” Thorpe continues. “That’s why Gocycle folds, whether it’s for theft or just the convenience of having it with you. It just opens up a whole new aspect to living with the bicycle.” The health benefits of riding a bike are also widely known, and these still apply to e-bikes as they encourage some to take up exercise.

February 2020 | 15

24/01/2020 13:28


“The health aspect is great, because you’re living a more active lifestyle. But with my background and my interest as an engineer coming from McLaren cars and motor racing industry, I learned and honed a craft of developing lightweight structures. “And that’s what’s applied to Gocycle, the DNA of the product has come from that industry.” E-bike miles Gocycle is also aiming to increase incentives in order to encourage people to ride e-bikes. The company is paying its employees for commuting to work by e-bike, in a scheme that was announced at the eBike Summit in Oxford in April of last year. “It’s a really exciting programme. Having commuted on e-bikes for so long, I went through a period where, about two years ago, you’re competing in the rain, and it’s really windy or cold,” Thorpe says. “Or you’re out there and looking around and everyone’s talking about ‘you need to get on a bike’, and ‘you need to do something more healthy and sustainable’. Most people are in cars and you’re out there on your bicycle. “I felt like I needed to personally do something more. I founded a company with a mission to both build the best urban electric bike on the planet, but also to help people make better choices and live a more healthy and sustainable lifestyle. “So what can I do as a director of a company? I thought we need to start paying people to make those choices. And that’s where e-bike miles came from.”

16 | February 2020

14-16 BBFeb20 Gocycle_Final.indd 3

It’s set at 40p a mile, which Thorpe says is about what people get paid for a car. The reason for this was that he felt there should be parity between riding and driving. “It shouldn’t be that the e-bike is less worthwhile than a car per mile,” he says. “In fact, most research shows that cars cost society more money per mile than other forms of sustainable transport. “I think we’re still the only company in the UK that’s doing it. Our message is not necessarily, ‘let’s go and lobby the Government’, but if you’re a small company, you can just make a decision right now today to do something about global warming. “Hopefully there will be more companies that will do things like that. And then the Government can look at it and maybe give us tax credits or something for all the miles travelled. “I think there’s a lot of finger-pointing that goes on. And I just decided that we’re going to do something ourselves.” Get off the fence Thorpe says it’s a crucial time for the market and for UK dealers, to get off the fence and get into e-bikes. “We are one of the leaders in a very exciting category within that urban electric spectrum. “We have a no compromise product that rides brilliantly, but you have the freedom of that folding to be able to take it into your office. “We’re a British company here and we do a lot more than just import products. We design and develop our own products here, and we test them here. We’ve even made them in the UK.” n

24/01/2020 13:28

18th - 20th Feb 2020 Marshall Arena, MK1 1ST

GET YOUR BUSINESS If you would like to know what new services are available to you and your shop in 2020, then head to the Business Services Area on the first-floor mezzanine at the show. At Madison, we pride ourselves in putting local bike shops first by trying to offer them the best experience possible when dealing with us. This has been a clear strategy

13 iceBike Ad 2020 iceBike Cover Wrap Print.indd & IFC 210 x1 265mm 2020 AW.indd 5

for many years and is clearly embodied in the evolution of the Madison B2B platform, which has been on a constant path of improvement since it was launched. Now more than ever, the additional services on offer from Madison and its partners are here to help retailers streamline their businesses.

the Business Services Area has expanded for 2020 to work with several external partners, including:

After proving very popular over the last three years,

Each stand in the Business Services Area will have a

- The Bicycle Association - Citrus Lime - Bikmo - ACT

company representative to speak to. From there, you can make an informed decision on whether or not you need to incorporate any of them into your own business. Discover the latest show updates and register today at


22/01/2020 22/01/2020 10:54 10:39


This month’s movers and shakers throughout the cycle industry...

Richard Samuels, Torq

John Zopfi, 7mesh

Torq has appointed Richard Samuels, formerly of ZyroFisher, as sales director. With 25 years of cycle industry experience, including six as ZyroFisher’s senior brand manager for the Torq brand, Samuels brings a wealth of knowledge to this new role, together with his background in teaching and time spent in the outdoor and running markets. He said: “I have more than 16 years of sports nutrition sales expertise, and having worked with Matt Hart (brand owner) and his team to significantly increase the size and penetration of the Torq brand in the UK and Ireland, I am really looking forward to helping take our product offering to the next level and beyond. We have a number of new products and activations going live in the near future, to maintain the momentum we have built up, while in-house changes will also increase Torq’s ability to meet specific customer and market demands faster.” 

John Zopfi has accepted an expanded role at 7mesh, which adds oversight of the company’s global wholesale business to his current responsibilities as general manager, Europe, Middle East and Asia. Zopfi joined the 7mesh team in 2018 and has been “instrumental” in reshaping its European business. Together with 7mesh’s network of agents and representatives, he’s contributed to significant growth in spring 2020 global bookings and opened a steady stream of outstanding new retail partners in several countries. His new title will be GM EMEA and global wholesale leader, and he has already begun transitioning into the role with visits to Asian partners completed and to North America planned in the near future. “No matter where you go in the world, the passion for cycling is the same,” Zopfi said. “I’m proud to be able to share our passion for 7mesh cycling apparel as well on a global level.” 

Michelle Arthurs-Brennan, Cycling Weekly

Paddy Byng, Brompton

Michelle Arthurs-Brennan has been appointed tech editor of Cycling Weekly. She becomes the first female tech editor in the brand’s 129-year history, heading up product news and reviews across print and digital platforms. She previously served as content and social media specialist at Evans Cycles and editing Total Women’s Cycling before joining Cycling Weekly as SEO Analyst in 2017. As part of an overall restructuring of the Cycling Weekly tech team, there are also promotions for Rupert Radley and James Bracey. Bracey is promoted to senior tech writer, while Radley will take on the new role of video manager. 

18 | February 2020

18-19 BBFeb19 Appointments_Final.indd 1

Brompton Bicycle has appointed Paddy Byng as the company’s new nonexecutive chairman. Byng takes over from Tim Guinness, who stood down in November 2019. Will ButlerAdams OBE, CEO of Brompton Bicycle, said: “Paddy is passionate about cycling and the positive impact it has on society. He brings a wealth of global brand and omnichannel experience thanks to his time with Rapha, Polo Ralph Lauren, Dunhill, Asprey, and Smythson.” 

24/01/2020 11:11

Jill Warren and Morten Kabell, ECF

Kask America has appointed Fabio Cardarelli as its new CEO. Fabio joined Kask America as sales and marketing manager in 2015, focusing on the safety division and developing the distribution network and brand awareness. He has spent several years in the material processing industry, primarily in sales and operations, and has successfully fulfilled many leadership positions throughout his career. He now brings his invaluable experience to Kask America as CEO as it moves into a new decade. 

The European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF) has appointed Jill Warren and Morten Kabell as its new co-chief executive officers. Warren and Kabell will take office on 3rd February 2020 to lead the European cycling movement through the challenges and opportunities of the next decade, at a crucial moment for mobility and the environment. They will replace ECF’s outgoing interim secretarygeneral, Cristian Stoica, who steered the Brussels-based organisation through its reconfiguration in 2019. 

Simon Gerrans, The Service Course

Olly Forster, Forbidden Bike Company © The Service Course @theservicecourse

Fabio Cardarelli, Kask America

Former professional cyclist Simon Gerrans has joined The Service Course on a full-time basis in the role of chief operating officer. Alongside ex-teammate and The Service Course founder Christian Meier, Gerrans will lead operations across all aspects of the full-service cycling business, ranging from retail to travel, custom bikes and food and beverage. 

18-19 BBFeb19 Appointments_Final.indd 2

Forbidden Bike Company has appointed Olly Forster in a global marketing and UK sales role. Bringing a wealth of knowledge gathered from a rich and varied 17-year career in the bicycle industry, Forster will be handling Forbidden’s marketing duties, both at home and overseas, alongside that of UK sales. Prior to joining Forbidden, Forster started his tenure in the bike industry working for a number of prominent bicycle retailers in the UK before entering the world of bicycle media. A ten-year stint as a journalist followed, working for the likes of MBUK and Pinkbike, among others. 

February 2020 | 19

24/01/2020 11:11

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Where will Londoners park their new e-bikes? The e-bike trend is undoubtedly upon us. But, assuming it continues its growth throughout the UK, how will infrastructure in our capital evolve to accommodate? George Hosegood reports

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February 2020 | 21

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n June of last year, Michael Ellis, Cycling Minister, announced that the Government was introducing a new incentive to help cyclists with a “green commute initiative”. This initiative has seen the Government refresh its Cycle to Work scheme – the effort will now include e-bikes, which is excellent news for the pedalling commuter. As part of the scheme update, the original £1,000 cap has been removed to allow commuters to purchase a new bicycle and accessories more comfortably. The growth of e-cycles is not to be underestimated, with 70,000 models being sold in the UK last year. In 2019, a survey of 2,000 commuters (undertaken by Evans Cycles) estimated that by switching from public transport to e-bikes, travellers could save over £7,500 across five years. Ellis stated that: “Making sure that bikes are easily available is crucial to helping more people make the switch to greener modes of transport. Ensuring people of all abilities and fitness levels can cycle together is a vital part of this. I want everyone to feel empowered to make cycling a part of their everyday lives, and our refreshed guidance provides many incentives to help people do this.”

22 | February 2020

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The Government is set to invest around £2 billion on active travel as part of its new cycling and walking investment strategy. This doubles their spending per head in comparison to its last spending review. The initiative is excellent as it looks to continue to reduce pollution and increase activity in the daily commuter’s life, at least within the inner boroughs of London. It is true that cycling the commute to work will: • • •

help reach fitness goals allow commuters to arrive at work feeling more energised and ready for the day save money on fuel, parking and other commuting costs

All this is well and good, but only if there is ample secure space for commuters to lock and leave their bike; making sure a new bike does not become the victim of theft will be a real concern for new and existing green commuters. Cycle security is hugely important and not to be neglected. While introducing new incentives to get more of us on a “green commute” is excellent, the fear of cycle theft is ever-present.

24/01/2020 15:12


Laura Laker, writing for The Guardian, recently pointed out how 96,210 bikes were reported as stolen across the UK in 2018. Of those, a mere 3% are recovered. TfL says that every year, 20,000 bikes are reported stolen in London. You can find its tips to avoid bicycle theft on its website. 25% of people who currently cycle, and 22% of those who don’t, are put off cycling in London for fear of cycle theft. The same report tells us that more than half of Londoners are deterred by lack of cycle parking. James Brown, MD of national cycle database BikeRegister, which is used by all UK Police Forces to check for stolen bikes, said: “With their higher price tag, e-bikes are a particularly attractive option to thieves, who steal the whole bike or unsecured parts and accessories. What we can offer as a deterrent to e-bike theft is bike registration and marking. Registering on BikeRegister is free and means you could be reunited with your bike in the event of it being stolen. It does not, however, help make your bike a hard target to thieves. To reduce the chances of becoming a victim of cycle theft, we also recommend using one of our marking kits to further safeguard properly against theft. A marked bike is a proven deterrent to thieves and makes it much more difficult to sell on. Ultimately, it’s been far too easy for bike thieves for a very long time, and we need to push for e-bike retailers to introduce Point of Sale bike marking to protect more bike owners from the outset.” As suggested by Brown, in this case, the best offence is a good defence – whether that be increased parking or a marked cycle – preferably both. But what initiatives are there to include the uptake of further cycle storage in London? What cycle security is there in place? TfL has been working on a Cycling Infrastructure Database that is accessible via the London Datastore. At the time of writing, the database has been available to the public for three months, and it sheds light on the following figures: • • • •

As of 2018, there were 145,449 cycle parking spaces on London streets. These were across 23,691 locations. Inner London has a significantly higher proportion of these spaces. There are 21,000 cycle hire spaces across 785 docking stations for those who wish to pay for their parking. Residential cycle parking has increased to over 7,000 spaces in around 1,200 cycle hangers.

However, with 730,000 bicycle journeys being made in London per day in 2016, it’s hard to believe that there is anywhere near enough the cycle storage available for these commuters in 2020.

21-24 BBFeb20 London e-bikes_Final.indd 3

If we added up every form of available parking reported by the above figures supplied by TfL, there were still four times the number of commuters in 2016 than there are available spaces in 2020. TfL does point out that the figures do not account for other cycle parking such as workplaces, educational institutions or residential buildings. Yet, the London Travel Demand Survey revealed that over three million people own at least one bicycle in the city. These figures show that there is a lot of work to do for TfL to ensure these journeys all begin and end in ample security, so what work are they doing? Cyclist safety appears to be important Newly implemented segregated lanes, as well as welldesigned cycle junctions, have helped get more Londoners on their bikes. Statistics from TfL show that new routes have attracted new cyclists. In recent years, the Government has done plenty of good work in introducing new Cycle Superways and Quietways to London’s roads. Yet, in the same 2018 report, it was noted that “cycle parking remains a problem and needs to be addressed… cycle parking at train stations is particularly important.” From this perspective, it seems clear that the majority of the Government’s efforts, at least for 2018, was going into cycle routes and connectivity. This is all well and good, but, having their cycle or e-cycle there at the end of the working, school or leisure filled day, should be just as crucial as ensuring that the commuter has somewhere safe to ride it. What is being done to ensure our cycle’s safety? In delivering the Mayor’s latest transport strategy effectively, 80% of all trips (within London) are to be made by foot, cycle or public transport by 2041.

February 2020 | 23

24/01/2020 15:12


Also, it is proposed that by reallocating car parking spaces to cycle parking, it will also aid London’s lack of road space. The future of residential area cycle parking Within the first year of this plan being released, TfL has forecasted the provision of 1,400 new residential cycle parking spaces. Moving beyond this, it proposes working further with boroughs to accelerate future delivery. The future of educational institution cycle parking If a school was part of the TfL’s school travel programme (STARS), new cycle parking is being planned for 80 institutions within the first year. For university campuses and colleges, it’s a little sparser. There are plans to work with local boroughs to install more cycle parking, with sight to implementing this for two universities within the first year. It is an ambitious target that certainly will need to have safety and security at the heart of it; which the strategy comments on. TfL estimates that a further 36,000 on-street cycle parking spaces are required with a further increase of 12,000 spaces by 2025. To achieve this, the Government plans to tackle six main areas: • • • • • •

transport hubs town centres residential areas educational institutions workplaces community destinations

There are existing resources that will help commuters find somewhere to lock their bike or e-bike securely, like Urban Cycle Parking’s map. TfL also lists cycling hubs that exist in Finsbury Park and the City of London, however, the list does seem sparse. The future of transport hub cycle parking The goal here for TfL is to provide a parking benchmark for all stations outside of Zone 1. This comprises of a minimum of 20 cycle parking spaces within the 50 metres of the station. They will have to work alongside various institutions to get this in motion; governing bodies such as boroughs, TOCs, Network Rail and Santander Cycles. These plans also outline the need to consider cycle storage in the building of any new stations. The future of town centre cycle parking The plans outline working closely with boroughs here to provide more visitor parking for cyclists.

24 | February 2020

21-24 BBFeb20 London e-bikes_Final.indd 4

The future of workplace cycle parking For workplaces, the plans talk of providing support for London employers to enable them to further invest in cycle parking. The proposals talk about “making it simple and cost-efficient” but don’t specifically talk about projected costs or grants. It also, like with the above transport hubs, talks of having new project plans include cycle storage, such as two-tier bike racks, during their conception phase. The future of community destination cycle parking For sports facilities, community centres, hospitals, surgeries, places of worship, libraries, museums and galleries, it’s a similar story. Plans outline working with boroughs to deliver further parking. To do this, it proposes engaging with major stakeholders such as NHS and Royal Parks to improve these facilities. Is all of this enough? To say that cycle security and storage is not being thought about would not be accurate. It does seem apparent though, that with new initiatives such as this, the e-bike being added to the Cycle to Work Scheme, the figures just do not seem to add up. The 48,000 extra spaces by 2024 does not seem to be anywhere near enough spaces to meet with the Government’s green commuting targets. LCC echoes these thoughts in its article where it notes that the Mayor has a target of doubling cycle trips by 2026 from 720,000 to 1.5m and there is no way that the extra spaces allocated will be enough. It seems clear that for commuters to feel that their new e-bike or existing cycle will be safely locked and secured, there needs to be some more thought put into the figure of spaces provided. n

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2020 range. It’s here. The 2020 range is live. Email and join the ride. First come, first served.


For the riders Rebecca Morley catches up with Peaty’s to find out how it all started, the benefits of being a rider-owned company and being eco-friendly


ith 17 UCI World Cup wins, four UCI World Championships and 52 UCI World Cup podiums, it’s fair to say Steve Peat knows a thing or two about cycling. He is also co-founder of Peaty’s Products and brings decades of experience into the product development process.

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“It all started with a run of bad luck for me, Bryn and Tom, who were on the SPS team at the time, as the tyre sealant we were using would dry out quickly and ball up in our tyres, costing us some vital race results with punctures not sealing,” says Peat. “The final nail in the coffin was when a newly fitted tyre on the back of our uplift truck blew off,

February 2020 | 27

24/01/2020 11:15


spraying sealant over the back of Tom’s truck. By the time the lads had reached a hose pipe to wash it off, it was too late. The aggressive chemicals used in the sealant formula had damaged the paint beyond repair.” Peat says this got them thinking: “Why is it so aggressive and damaging to paintwork and metal? Why does sealant dry out so quickly in the tyre? What is this doing to the environment every time we wash out a tyre or puncture on the trail, and are there any safer and longer-lasting alternatives? “Micro-fibres and micro-plastics have a huge and adverse impact on our environment and, given tubeless sealant will always inevitably be washed out into our trails and watercourses, we were determined to find alternative particulates which were biodegradable. “Over a few beers, we got to work on a formulation and before long we all ended up in a garage filling sealant into sample pouches with catheter syringes.” No compromises So what is the vision for the brand? Peat says it is something for “real riders”, as it likes to say it is a riderowned company. “Obviously with my background people know I like to ride, but that is what we always come back to when we’re in meetings for new products or anything else for that matter.

28 | February 2020

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“Can we improve what is out there? Are our products capable of helping the best riders in the world stand on the top step of the podium? Can we make it as eco-friendly as possible without compromising performance? Is it user-friendly and gimmick-free? “These are the questions we always ask ourselves when looking to launch something new. The fact that we all ride and use and believe in the products we make is huge for us. “We like to have fun while we do this so I feel we’re in a great spot to carry this philosophy on for many years to come.” Peat says there’s a really talented mix of at Peaty’s – with experience in product design, environmental science, commercial bike industry experience and logistics that combines together with a ‘by riders for riders’ approach and it’s the reason why the brand has been able to grow so quickly. “I would say my vision for the future is to carry on riding bikes and making cool products that are genuinely needed,” Peat continues. “We’re big believers in doing what we can to make our products as eco friendly as possible, without compromising the performance of the product. A lot of people just think the product won’t work if it’s biodegradable, so it’s important for us that the product still works really well.

24/01/2020 11:15


“For us, being eco-friendly isn’t just about making products compostable, using bamboo and hemp, it’s about creating products that people value, and don’t want to throw away after the first use.” Environmentally-friendly Towards the end of last year, Peaty’s collaborated with premium component manufacturer Chris King to launch ten new colourways of its tubeless valves. Made from 7075 aluminium that gives the consumer a lifetime warranty, the tubeless valves were designed to feature a built-in valve core removal cap for ease of use when topping up tubeless sealant. “Our Chris King collaboration on our tubeless valves are made from the best 7075 grade aluminium we can get our hands on,” Peat continues, “and are so good we offer a valves for life guarantee on them – if someone breaks them we’ll replace them for new, no questions asked. “For plastic parts like our bottles, we only use recyclable plastics and encourage refilling and reusing packaging as much as possible. In the case of our sealant range, we have designed the packaging with the ability to refill and re-use in mind: 120ml can be easily refilled from a 1L bottle, 1L bottle can be refilled from a 5L tub and so on.” Peaty’s also ensures its formulas are readily biodegradable, where possible, and uses recycled paper/card in the packaging of its products. For example, its conversion kits and starter packs are made completely with uncoated cardboard and single colour printing so they’re as easy as possible to recycle. “We’ve recently developed a cardboard trigger holder so we can move away from using plastic shrink wrap packaging on our bike cleaning and degreaser bottles,” explains Peat. “Depending on the environment, typical shrink wrap plastic can take 400 to 1,000 years to biodegrade, cardboard takes around three months. “We’ve even given the design away for any other company to use for free because patenting the idea would only prevent people from moving away from shrink wrapping – the definition of a single-use plastic!” Worldwide distribution Peaty’s is distributed in the UK by Saddleback, joining its brand portfolio early last year. “We’ve been with Saddleback for 12 months now and they’re a really cool bunch to work with,” Peat says. “It’s got a really focused brand portfolio that specialises in elite performance, and that’s exactly where we position ourselves, so it’s a great match.” Peaty’s is only a couple of years old, and what started out with an idea on tubeless sealant has really exploded quickly, Peat says. In 2019, the brand launched 15 new products alone and it is now distributed in over 35 countries.

27-29 BBFeb20 Peatys_Final.indd 3

“We sponsor some awesome riders and teams, and in 2019 we had four of the top 11 elite men on the EWS circuit using our products,” Peat says, “an EWS stage win (Ed Masters) and a big win at Red Bull Hardline (Bernard Kerr), so our products perform at the highest level of any discipline! “We also launched a cool collaboration with Chris King on our tubeless valves, launched a new POS programme to support the IBDs, launched a new website and put a lot of effort into growing our social following. It’s a lot of work but I feel it’s put us in a good position heading into the new year and we’ve got loads of ideas to follow up on.” For 2020, Peat says the plan is to ride bikes, spread the brand’s products to the wider world of riders, work with athletes and teams, and keep an eye on the greener side of what it does and actively work to try and make other people or brands also start to head down this path. “I don’t think we will save the planet anytime soon but all these little things add up and if we all can pitch in a bit, we will be better for it,” Peat says. “Whilst we’re serious about creating cool products and building our brand, Peaty’s is fun for me and I want it to last and build healthily while we can all still ride bikes.” n

February 2020 | 29

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A third of people won’t cycle in the UK because it is deemed too dangerous, a study by insight specialist Savanta has found...


won’t ever get on a bike The number of men and women who won’t cycle is a fairly even split, at

46/54% The biggest worry on the roads for cyclists are cars


followed by HGVs



Londoners are put off by

dangerous roads and bike theft whereas Southerners are put off due to bad infrastructure The keenest cyclists belong to

Gen Z

Baby Boomers and Gen Z are more likely to cycle for environmental reasons than any other age demographic

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WE ARE MANUFACTURING Our exciting new range of KX Wheels are produced right here at Bob Elliot HQ. Utilising our specialist machinery, we prepare the hubs using reliable, economical, high quality componentry and lace the wheels before finishing them to precise tolerances with the use of a robot which are then quality checked to deliver the perfect wheel every time. Competitively priced replacement wheels offering a wide selection for 700C and all MTB disciplines. » Built here at Bob Elliot HQ « » Quality componentry from all around the World « » Over 50 years combined wheel building experience « » All wheels finished to exacting tolerances « » Comprehensive range, competitively priced « » Next day delivery available « To find out more about KX Wheels contact your area sales manager or email or call us on 01772 459887


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The Winds of Winter Following an uncertain 2019 for retail, Rebecca Morley asks bike shops how they have fared so far during the winter period


inter can be an uncertain time for retail – with poor weather potentially causing a decline in footfall on the high streets and more consumers shopping online for festive gifts. This season has also seen some political instability, with the ongoing talk of Brexit followed by a December General Election – the first to be held in the last month of the year since 1923. But has this had a negative impact on retail? Recent British Retail Consortium figures point to a bleak picture – 2019 was the “worst year on record for retail”, with total sales decreasing by 0.1%, compared with a 1.2% growth in 2018.

33-36 BBFeb20 Winter in retail_Final.indd 1

Total sales in November and December declined 0.9% compared with the same period in 2018. Helen Dickinson OBE, chief executive, BRC, said: “2019 was the worst year on record and the first year to show an overall decline in retail sales. This was also reflected in the CVAs, shop closures and job losses that the industry suffered in 2019. “Twice the UK faced the prospect of a no-deal Brexit, as well as political instability that concluded in a December General Election – further weakening demand for the festive period. The industry continues to transform in response to the changing technologies and shopping habits.

February 2020 | 33

24/01/2020 14:57


“Black Friday overtook Christmas as the biggest shopping week of the year for non-food items. Consumers became more cautious as they went about their Christmas shopping. “Looking forward, the public’s confidence in Britain’s trade negotiations will have a big impact on spending over the coming year. There are many ongoing challenges for retailers: to drive up productivity, continue to raise wages, improve recyclability of products and cut waste. However, this takes resources, so it’s essential the new Government makes good on its promise to review, and then reform the broken business rates system which sees retail pay 25% of all business rates, while accounting for 5% of the economy.” But has this been the case for the cycling industry? Recent data from Halfords, for the 14-week period to 3rd January, showed that its retail cycling sales were up 5.9% like-for-like in the period, with growth broadly based across the bike categories. It says its work to optimise the cycling space in its retail stores together with a more innovative and differentiated range has created a “better shopping experience” for its customers during the peak holiday period. This, in turn, has delivered strong sales growth as well as better margins and reduced working capital levels. But its group online sales grew 27% – with around 80% of Halfords orders collected in store indicating the increasing demand from consumers for click and collect models, online retail and e-commerce platforms.

34 | February 2020

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Bricks and mortar So what does this mean for physical stores over the winter period? How have bike shops fared – and how optimistic can we be looking forward? Despite the uncertainty of how sales may look over the colder months, bike shops will always be needed to carry out servicing and repairs – maybe even more so in the wetter weather due to road conditions. “Winter is always unpredictable but we have carried out plenty of services and repairs,” says Sue Wade, owner and director at Bikes For Good Causes. “Often because of the weather and in the lead up to Christmas, customers take the opportunity during the festive break to get their bikes serviced, ready for their return to work in the new year. Overall, bike sales were average for us, compared to previous Decembers. “Weather tends to have more of an impact on bike sales but that said, January historically is more busy for us than December – possibly the new year resolutions.” Lily Beaven, project coordinator, Nottingham Bikeworks, described winter as, on a whole, busier than last year: “Only in the particularly rainy November did income fall in comparison to 2018. “More people know about us, know where we are and want to support us, which is really encouraging to see. We get a lot more flat tyres at this time of year.

24/01/2020 14:57


“Adverse weather puts more grit on the roads and the party season puts more glass, so puncture repair jobs double at least. “However, the fair weather cyclists put their bikes in the sheds and it’s mostly the hardy commuters that bring their bike for a winter service. “Overall, there is a downturn in sales in December. We do try to take advantage of the Christmas consumer rush and try to encourage Nottingham to shop sustainably and buy our refurbished bikes, tickets to maintenance courses and gift bike services as Christmas presents this year. “Kids bikes did particularly well this year and we deliberately keep these cheap at £35 to encourage more families to get active.” “We have actually had a very busy last few months,” says Garry Nicol, shop manager, Pedal Power Cycles. “The weather has been very poor so footfall is much lower than usual but we are good at keeping ourselves busy so we have done a lot of tidying, fixing up, planning and focusing on our online presence. This has translated to a lot of online or over the phone bike sales, mainly end of year models with large discounts.”

BB-DEC19-CYCLE DIVISION:Layout 1 04/11/2019 11:46 Page 1

33-36 BBFeb20 Winter in retail_Final.indd 3

“Winter is going well, sales are up on last year,” says Adventure Cycle. “I would attribute that to cargo e-bike sales and despite the unrelenting rain, people are continuing to cycle. In some instances, that will be because they’ve made a conscious decision to replace at least one of their cars with an e-bike and hence they are committed to cycling as their primary mode of transport. “These customers have needed to get kitted out with waterproof and hi-vis clothing over recent months. Christmas trade was good, again up on 2018, however November sales were unseasonably high, despite the weather. “On the whole, we don’t see a particular spike in sales of Christmas, we are definitely busier selling kids bikes and accessories however. January has also started strongly.” Festive season Nick Manning, partner at Beyond Bikes, says this Christmas has bucked the trend, with the shop coming off one of the best Decembers it has had in a long time, following an also strong November. “We had a steady flow of e-bike sales that certainly help to keep the lights on as far as business goes,” Manning says.

February 2020 | 35

24/01/2020 14:57


“This December, we had a real mix of Frog bikes, sub £500 hardtails, high-end MTBs, gravel and road as well as general Christmas goodies. Our more well-heeled customers are confident that after the election it is okay to spend money on bikes and that hasn’t seemed to stop as we roll into January. “We grabbed some footfall with a chalkboard outside as parents pass the shop, as they drop the kids off at a tutoring company – ‘get them off devices’ was the message. “We also had some fun thanking customers who buy local with the usual Haribos.” David Tod from Take Charge Bikes says that October, November and December were definitely quieter than previous years. “December is typically a quieter month for us, e-bikes aren’t your typical Christmas gift,” Tod says. “Saying this, last December 2018 was our busiest December ever – I do think the general state of uncertainty leading up to the election and other global issues had made consumers cautious. The new year is returning to trend with good intentions bringing customers back into the shop and we’re seeing steady business.” And the weather may not necessarily be having a negative impact either: “Strangely we often have quieter days when it’s sunny than wet,” Tod continues. “I think people are generally out making the most of the weather. The best days for footfall are non-exceptional weather days.” John Woods Cycle Repair centre describes winter as ‘great’, with trade nice and regular as everyone is getting kitted out for the darker, wetter weather: “We are keeping our fingers crossed the snow will hold off for the commuters out there.

36 | February 2020

33-36 BBFeb20 Winter in retail_Final.indd 4

“Wet weather always gives a cycle different challenges, that in a way benefit trade with the increase in sales for wet weather gear and lights. However, snow always slows up trade as it provides low footfall on the high street and slows distribution. “Sales do change over Christmas for us. We don’t find that turnover changes drastically, but how the turnover is generated does. General sales and unessential maintenance does slow slightly but sales of Christmas gifts and kids bikes increase, almost cancelling each other out. The challenge as always is forecasting for this change, preparing stock levels and planning workshop load.” Dan Parson, director of operations, Fully Charged says winter has been ‘fantastic’ for the store, as it continues to go from strength to strength. “This winter has been no exception, with continued growth in interest and sales throughout, resulting in a dramatic improvement in numbers compared with the same period last year. “Traditionally, wet weather does have an impact on footfall and test rides – but our analysis shows that this is linked more to wet weather than to the time of year. We have had some of our best sales figures on cold, bright winter’s days. Nothing that a loaner jacket and a good set of mudguards cannot help with though!” Parson also explains how Fully Charged is closed from Christmas to New Year to give its e-bike experts some well-deserved downtime and a chance to brush up on the new season’s products, whilst munching on mince pies in front of a good Christmas movie. “We do see a spike in online activity and web sales during this period, as customers do the same.” n

24/01/2020 14:57

18th - 20th Feb 2020 Marshall Arena, MK1 1ST

JOIN CHRIS SiS ambassador Sir Chris Hoy will be

throughout the afternoon. This is not a

joining us at iceBike* on Wednesday

show to be missed! Discover the latest

19th February. Chris will be hosting

show updates and register today at

new product development workshops

on the SiS stand at various points

29 iceBike Ad 2020 iceBike Cover Wrap Print.indd & IFC 210 x1 265mm 2020 AW.indd 6

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Custom is king Last month, Spoon Customs completed a merger with custom carbon expert WyndyMilla. Founder Andy Carr tells Rebecca Morley what this will mean for customers

Image credit: Matt Ben Stone


aving a bike custom-made can have obvious advantages for a rider, including better fit, performance and quality. “I believe that many people can make you a really nice bike, but if it fits properly there’s a magic that goes with that,” says Andy Carr, founder of Spoon Customs. The company makes custom bikes, designed to the exact needs of each customer, to work for the sort of riding they want to do. “What we try and do is to figure out where people’s hands, feet and bum need to be in space and then we build the frame underneath that position,” Carr explains.

39-40 BBFeb20 Spoon_FInal.indd 1

Merging brands Last month, Spoon Customs merged with WyndyMilla, a Surrey-based custom carbon expert. “Spoon Customs has got to a point whereby we need to provide more for customers,” says Carr. “It’s got to the point where the business is standing on its own two feet and I’ve got plenty of customers.” Continuing to operate under the two separate brand names, the group will combine its business operations and economies of scale to realise more capable and diversified custom bicycle design and production company which plays to existing strengths in R&D, design, engineering and finish.

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“I’ve been working with Wyndy for quite some time and it just made sense for us to pull resources and come together,” Carr continues. “I work so closely with David, Chris and Sam at the paint shop anyway, it just made sense to put what we were doing together, in order to do a bit more for customers.” WM Paintworks, WyndyMilla’s existing in-house UK-based paint facility, will be rebranded and repositioned as an independent custom paint facility to the public and trade, taking advantage of the growth in demand for skilled, creative, innovative custom paint services. The merger is expected to complete by the end of Q1 2020. The business already has a number of ongoing contracts with independent bicycle brands and third-party businesses and will grow this aspect of its operation in 2020 and beyond. “Sam Weeks [chief custom paint technician] and I have been working together for about two years and he’s been responsible for all of my show bikes and customer bikes, since we met,” Carr continues. “I’ve always had an ambition to bring paint in-house because what we do is inherently creative.” The wynds of change WyndyMilla was founded in 2009 by Henry Furniss and Nasima Siddiqui who shared a passion for performance, a relentless focus on quality and a deep rooted belief that custom is king. The brand’s bikes are made-to-measure, with a full fit and exploration of the customer’s personal needs beginning every design process. The bikes themselves are designed, developed, painted and built in the Surrey Hills just south of London, with the frames handmade to order in Italy. Combining form with function, its dedication to stand out aesthetics saw the WM Paintworks launch in 2018, starting as an in-house studio but continuing to grow an external client-base of discerning personal and trade customers too.

40 | February 2020

39-40 BBFeb20 Spoon_FInal.indd 2

Having built a successful brand and unrivalled product set, the co-founders will be leaving the business to take on new challenges in the world of cycling and fitness and are handing over the reins to the existing management team who will be joined and led by Carr. Carr takes over the role of CEO from Chris Houghton, ex CEO of OVO Energy Retail, who remains with the business as a non-executive director. Andy Bonsall, ex co-founder and executive director of Essence Global, is also a director of the company and will take on the role of non-executive chairman of the group. “We’re really proud of what we’ve built over the last ten years, through hard work and a commitment to doing things differently,” adds Furniss. “WyndyMilla is a much-loved brand run by a highly capable, technically proficient team of passionate cyclists who have together produced some of the most exciting custom carbon bicycles available anywhere in the world. “As Nasima and I move on to new challenges, we look forward to seeing what the combined brand and technical expertise of Spoon Customs and WyndyMilla can do, as they capitalise on the platform for growth that has been successfully built over the last few years.” Customer experience In terms of plans moving forward, Carr says he’s going to simply continue to grow Spoon, while being able to work with the team at WyndyMilla to improve the customer experience for customers. “We’re in the custom bike business, which is inherently niche,” he explains, “not everybody has come round to the idea that you need to have one. “Quite a lot of people ride around on a £10,000 bike and haven’t even had that bike fitted. “They’re guessing, they’re adjusting the saddle themselves. They’re seeing the bicycle on TV on a Sunday and buying one on the Monday, without any consideration as to whether that’s the right bike for them. “What I want to try and do with both Spoon and Wyndy is help customers and help the market understand what the custom process can bring to your cycling. “Spoon Customs has got a reputation for not only making bikes that are functionally perfect and fabricated to the highest possible standards, but we’ve also got a bit of a reputation for making bikes look cool,” Carr concludes. “I can’t wait to get in the paint studio and start experimenting with new products and techniques so we can bring those to our customers and push things forward in a creative way.” n

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ACCESS A CCE ESS PARTNER PARTNER RP PRICING RICING ON T TOP OP P PARTS A ARTS &A ACCESSORY CCES SSORY BRAND BRANDS DS Choose from over 25 Parts & Accessories Partner schemes to create fully customised pricing for your store. Speak to your Raleigh Area Account orarcontact for more Choose Ch oose from f rom mManager o over ver 25 P Parts ts & A Accessories essories P Partner artner ssc schemes h em es tto oinformacr create eate fully f tion customised customised d pricing pricing for for your your store. sttore. Speak Speak to to your your Raleigh Raleigh Area Area Account Accou unt

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2020 – the year indoor becomes the norm? Indoor cycling became more prominent than ever in 2019, but Wattbike CEO Richard Baker believes the 2020 Olympics will be a catalyst for even further growth...


his year is going to be outstanding for the cycling industry. From our predictions, as well as a recent report from Strava, it’s going to be a year where we see more people than ever choosing to ride indoors. Smart bikes will become more commonplace as part of cyclists’ training, with riders choosing to train on them instead of spending the time connecting their road bikes to physical trainers. And new innovations in training and hardware are sure to stem from the Olympics this summer. The use of eSports and online training platforms will continue to grow and capitalise on the incredible, exponential growth it saw in 2019. We’ll see more people doing events online, whether that be from mass participation events or racing at elite and national levels

42 | February 2020

42-43 BBFeb20 Wattbike_Final.indd 1

and using the unprecedented amounts of data to enhance their training and performance across the board. Lastly, we’ll see the diversity of cycling events increase with the rise in gravel and adventure riding. In short, 2020 is going to be an incredible year for cycling. Indoor cycling options will continue to make the industry more accessible to all and will, in turn, (and as an added bonus) lead to greater participation from cyclists across the world. Why do you think 2019 saw a surge in indoor cycling? A large part of the surge stemmed directly from the Olympics in London in 2012. Because of the success many athletes saw at those games, the true value of indoor training to really improve performance was realised.

24/01/2020 15:13


Riding indoors was also seen as a last resort – if the weather was bad, or time was short. With a broader understanding of how to train with power, and the real value of it, coming out of the 2012 Olympics it became easier to educate cyclists on how to significantly improve their performance in a safe and time-efficient way. The rise of eSports and awareness of training apps like Zwift, TrainerRoad and Sufferfest have also had an incredible impact on the popularity of indoor cycling. Now that athletes are able to access outdoor-calibre training in their own homes and on their own time, the number of riders choosing to ride indoors has grown exponentially. In addition, the number of options available for indoor training have greatly increased, making it extremely accessible for riders at every level, no matter the time of year. Cycling studios have broken into the in-home space, and cycling-specific companies, like our team here at Wattbike, have continued to push the technological boundaries of indoor training, releasing new advancements and tools for training like the Real Ride Feel technologyand Pedaling Effectiveness Score (PES) that is part of our offering. Do you expect this to continue this year? We do. In fact, with the greater awareness of the performance and social benefits of indoor cycling, paired with the growth of the eSports industry, we anticipate even more growth this year. From a technical perspective, we also anticipate that more providers and trainers will start to focus on and incorporate data and performance information that can be utilised by riders. That way, an indoor ride can be just as beneficial as an outdoor one, if not more. How will the Olympics have an impact on the industry in 2020? The Olympic Games have always had a positive effect on cycling and exercising in general. Worldwide events that showcase a range of sporting opportunities always tend to have positive impact on participation. Track cycling is extremely exciting right now, with a host of countries extremely close in terms of performance, it should make for a really entertaining spectacle, which will certainly help get more budding cyclists into the sport. 53 of the 57 London 2012 Olympic track cycling medal winners trained on a Wattbike. This type of success, endorsement and advocacy meant a shift in our business. As a result, in 2015, we had many of the national bodies purchase or hire our bikes in order for

42-43 BBFeb20 Wattbike_Final.indd 2

their athlete to be able to train in holding camps and throughout the Olympic campaign, again, driving further advocacy of our brand and products. What’s next for Wattbike? At Wattbike, we pride ourselves on being a high-growth company on what we consider an aggressive and ambitious global expansion track. In November 2019, we launched our direct to consumer business in the US. With this launch, we’re working to have a much deeper focus on the US market across our brand and consumers, as well as with our commercial business, supplying elite sport organisations like USA Cycling, the NBA, NFL and NHL, the military, collegiate sports and fitness clubs. We have also recently launched the Wattbike AtomX which is a commercial version of the Wattbike Atom. This means that the fitness club members can have access to a fully connected smart bike to continue the training they do at home. We’re continuously working on expanding, refining and innovating our products and trainers so that Wattbike continues to be at the forefront of the indoor performance training space and cycling world. We’re looking forward to a great year! n

February 2020 | 43

24/01/2020 15:13

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Cycle luggage 2



4 1








Z Adventure R11 Waterproof Saddlebag

Pack n Pedal Adventure Touring Pannier

Ark Expandable Frame Bag

Commute Waterproof Rolltop Pannier

Distributor: Bob Elliot

Distributor: Madison

The Z Adventure R11 is a saddle bag designed to carry a large volume of items without the need for a rear rack. Equipped with several durable selfadhesive straps and anti-tear material on its base, it attaches to the saddle rails and seat post for optimal weight distribution on the bicycle. With a volume that can be adjusted from five to 11 litres, it is designed for cyclists doing light tours or competing in endurance competitions.

Lightweight and perfect for touring and travelling, the Adventure Touring Pannier packs 16L of storage into a design that will fit virtually any standard pannier rack. It uses the patented Blade Helix fixing system that can be rotated out of sight when not in use and allowing the pannier to transform into a stylish shoulder bag. The waterproof, breathable main material keeps contents safe and dry while the built in reflective fabric is highly visible.

45-48 BBFeb19 SG1_Final.indd 1

Distributor: Walkers Cycle Components The perfect bag for touring or commuting. Fits neatly under the top tube and is secured by six Velcro straps. 3L capacity closed and over 5L when expanded with the easy to use zip. Side pocket for easy access to snacks, phone and Serfas lights whilst riding. Hydration port for use with water bladder (not included).

Distributor: Hotlines A robust, hard wearing travel companion that guarantees your essentials arrive safe and dry. Reliable hardware from Rixen and Kaul fits this spacious 22L pannier securely to your rack. The bag is constructed from a quality 500D waterproof PVC tarpaulin, built to withstand daily use in allweather conditions.

February 2020 | 45

24/01/2020 11:44











Rixen Kaul



Thunderstorm City Backpack

Aventour City E

Z Traveller 60 Rack Bag

Roll Top Pannier Bag

Distributor: ZyroFisher

Distributor: Greyville Enterprises

Distributor: Chicken Cyclekit

Waterproof to level IPX6, durable and highly-visible, the Thunderstorm City Backpack makes commuting easy. Lightweight at only 600g with roll-top closure providing flexible capacity up to 30 litres. Reflective details and light attachment points will help you stay visible on the road whilst the draft venting back system ensures you stay cool on hotter days. There’s a padded inner laptop sleeve, plus it’s easy to organise valuables with zipped pocket and key loop.

Compact well thought out handlebar bag with integrated transparent smart phone case – phone can be used whilst protected inside the bag. Complete with shoulder strap, internal pockets and reflector with total weight 200g and load capacity of seven kilos. Includes the KF864 Klickfix bracket specially designed for e-bikes with fittings for handlebars from 22.0 to 31.8mm. Oversized width to allow for e-bike display though remaining compatible with all other Klickfix systems.

Boasting a large, expandable volume thanks to its pannierlike opening, it also has a smartphone pocket and side pocket. The Z Traveller 60 uses Velcro straps in its fitting system, compatible with all types of pannier racks. It’s made with a highly resistant fabric so it won’t scuff easily and won’t get damaged if the bike falls or knocks against something. The outer shell also works as a rain cover making it water resistant for when you get caught out in a downpour.

Distributor: Walkers Cycle Components

46 | February 2020

45-48 BBFeb19 SG1_Final.indd 2

Quick access single roll top pannier bag. Adjustable 3point fixings with carry handle and detachable shoulder strap. Waterproof hard-wearing construction with reinforced edges and stiffened back panel. Mesh storage pocket and rear light attachment straps. Stylish charcoal grey and black finish. 22L capacity.

24/01/2020 11:44










Tern Bicycles


Scicon Sports


AirPorter Slim

Explorer Smart

Luggage Trolley 110L

Burrito Wrap

Distributor: Moore Large

Distributor: ZyroFisher

Distributor: Scicon Sports

Distributor: Extra UK

Designed for the Tern BYB, the AirPorter Slim lets you bring your bike wherever your travels take you. Simply fold your bike, put it in the suitcase, and you’re ready for check-in – no disassembly required. This premium hard-shell suitcase is durable and lightweight, and features 360-degree spinner wheels for effortless rolling, and protective padding for the folded BYB. The AirPorter Slim also fits Tern Link and Verge bikes with some disassembly.

The SKS Explorer Smart toptube pack showcases a high level of workmanship, constructed with durable, water-repellent fabrics to resist rainwater and dirt. The attachment straps are siliconebacked to protect the frame finish, and the smartphone pouch is detachable for use off the bike. The Explorer weighs 158g and has a capacity of 1350ml, including phone pouch.

The Scicon Luggage Trolley 110L is the perfect solution for transporting cycling gear, combining ample storage space with reassuring protection. Featuring a dedicated eyewear and helmet compartment and specially developed to combine with other Scicon products, like the Race Rain Bag and Packing Cube Set, the trolley allows you to keep all your gear in order. Convenient, organised and reliable - as you would expect from a Scicon product.

The Burrito Wrap is a compact roll-up bag with three compartments and internal organisers to keep gear and small items neatly in place. The durable water repellent and stain resistant coating keeps contents dry and cleans up easily. Secure strap provides tool-free mounting to frame tube, seat post or to saddle rails.

45-48 BBFeb19 SG1_Final.indd 3

February 2020 | 47

24/01/2020 11:44



14 15








Oxford Products


Seat and Handlebar BOA Packs

Commuter Evo 28 Backpack

Oxford T20 pannier bag


Distributor: Oxford Products

Distributor: Extra UK

Distributor: ZyroFisher

Distributor: Scott

EVOC launches its new, lightweight, bike packing range, made in Germany and integrating the BOA closure system. Utilising a durable, waterproof propriety fabric along with roll closure to fit bikes with flat or drop bars and seat packs that can be used in conjunction with dropped seatposts. Available in Loam or Charcoal Grey.

The Scott Commuter Evo 28 backpack is designed and developed for the new-age nomads – flexible, organised, highly-mobile urban individuals that carry everything they could possibly need to strive in their Scott Commuter Backpack. The backpack offers quick and direct access to the main compartment with a two way side zipper allowing you to fully open the bag.

A great fit for any pannier rack, the Oxford T20 Pannier Bag can hold up to 20 litres within its durable 600D polyester construction. The quick release fitting system allows users to get it on and off and use on different racks without issue, and the weatherproof design will keep the contents of the bag dry. The reflective detailing increases visibility from the side and rear, and hook and loop fittings keep the top of the bag in place.

Topeak has added the Freeloader as part of its growing range of bike packing accessories, The Freeloader is a handy on the go stem bag perfect for stashing essentials close to hand. The main compartment has a one-litre capacity, big enough to store a phone, small camera or even a spare bottle.Additional side pockets provide space for smaller items.

48 | February 2020

45-48 BBFeb19 SG1_Final.indd 4

24/01/2020 11:44

Apr’ 19

Sep 19

APRIL 2019





A new exclusive partnership for cycling locks and helmets in the UK.

Please contact your Extra UK Area Sales Manager for more info on: Tel: 01933 672170 | Email:

01 BB Sep19 Front Cover_Final.indd 1

21/08/2019 10:34

01 BBApr19 Front cover_Final.indd 1

21/03/2019 12:50

BB-FEB19-MADISON (FC):Layout 1 24/01/2019 11:13 Page 1

Feb’ 19


19th - 21st February 2019 Arena:MK, Milton Keynes, MK1 1ST

ISSUE 157 01 BBFeb19 Front cover_v1.indd 1

25/01/2019 11:59 10:58

Get involved with the industry’s leading and most-read publication. Whether you’d like to see a trend analysed or a company proďŹ led, BikeBiz is always keen to hear from its readers. Contact editor James Groves via to share your thoughts. For advertising opportunities, contact Richard Setters via BikeBiz Mag House Ad 210x265mm.indd 1

21/11/2019 10:07


Hybrid and folders 2 1








Tern Bicycles



Motus Kompact



BikeShield Brompton Kit

Distributor: Raleigh

Distributor: Moore Large

Distributor: Sportline

Distributor: Extra UK

The Motus Kompact is a fully equipped folding e-bike packed with extra features and quality components such as disc brakes for ultimate stopping performance, folding e-bikespecific tyres, a traditional bell, adjustable handlebar stem and 7-speed Nexus hub gears. The Bosch Active Line Motor with 300WH battery makes it the most powerful folding bike to date, capable of taking you up to 100km on a single charge, depending on the drive mode selected.

No matter how small or fast a bike folds, it needs to be a bike you want to ride. The BYB delivers with a frame engineered for stiffness, 20in wheels, and performance components. The folded BYB also stands on its rack and can be trolleyed like a suitcase, making it ideal for mixed-mode commuters who do a stretch of their daily journey on a train or bus, or might grab a taxi home on a rainy day.

The Storm offers the perfect combination of urban utility and off-road prowess. Still using our tried and tested 6061 heat treated aluminium for the frame, we have equipped the Storm with a Suntour NEX HLO suspension fork offering 63mm of travel to smooth out everything from the cobble streets of the city to the bridle ways off the beaten track.

Thanks to BikeShields new Brompton specific 13-piece frame protection kits, it is now possible to apply a transparent layer of protection to Brompton frames, with a high-quality professional finish. Bike Shield is quick and easy to apply with no specific tools or equipment needed; the Brompton specific kits include pre-cut pieces, with clear fitting instructions making installation a breeze. Available in gloss or matte finish.

50 | February 2020

50-53 BBFeb20 SG2_Final.indd 1

24/01/2020 12:20














Forme Peak Trail 1

Pioneer Tour

Tubolito Folding Bikes

Discovery 201

Distributor: Moore Large

Distributor: Raleigh

Distributor: Extra UK

Distributor: Tandem Group Cycles

Suitable for multi-purpose adventures, with the stability of a mountain bike and the larger wheel/narrower tyre benefits of a road bike, the Peak Trail series is loaded with features to help you explore the great outdoors, commute and keep fit with a comfortable, upright riding position. Peak Trail frames are all capable of taking mud guards to keep you dry and pannier racks to help with luggage on longer adventures.

The Pioneer Tour is our ultimate urban utility bike, combining a sleek design and traditional styling. This bike is built for practicality and style, plus tarmac-friendly tyres and a fully equipped design make it ideal for your commute. The fully equipped design includes an aluminium kickstand, front and rear mudguards designed to keep your clothes clean during your ride and a rear pannier rack allowing you to attach a pannier bag as a convenient alternative to carrying a rucksack.

Tubolito, the ultralight, extra durable bicycle inner tube, is now available for 16in folding bikes. The new Tubolito folding bike inner tube is 59% lighter and 50% smaller than it competitors yet is tested to be twice as strong as conventional butyl inner tubes. Available in both Presta and Schrader variants.

Newly developed for 2020, we’ve stripped the Discovery 201 back to become a simple, lightweight and low maintenance machine. Ideal for commuting or weekend leisure cycling, we’ve used our tried and tested 6061 alloy frame, quality 8spd Rapidfire Shimano Altus gearing, robust double-wall quick-release alloy wheels and hard-wearing Schwalbe Road Cruiser tyres with K-Guard puncture protection. If you’re not venturing too far off-road, what else do you really need?

50-53 BBFeb20 SG2_Final.indd 2

February 2020 | 51

24/01/2020 12:20











Tern Bicycles


Austin Cycles



Strada 5

ATTO, carbon folding bike

Distributor: Tandem Group Cycles

Distributor: Moore Large

Distributor: Raleigh

Distributor: Direct

The Diamond is an extremely versatile folding bike, and with its newly updated frame for 2020, it also looks great! Featuring an alloy folding frame with easy to use, secure locking mechanism, 3 speed Shimano Nexus hub, alloy V-brakes, mudguards and a comfort saddle, it’s suitable for short commutes as well as leisure cycling. An excellent bike for the rider on a budget. Dimensions when folded, approx: 860 x 660 x 350mm.

The Verge is built for performance. Whether out on a daily mixed-mode commute or a sprint across town, your ride will resemble our fold: fast and efficient. Featuring premium components and aerodynamic T-Tuned geometry, the Verge is light and portable, but rides with exceptional comfort and stability. With an adjustable handlebar stem, you can dial in your riding position with surgical precision.

Whether you are commuting, riding for leisure or popping to the shops, your Strada will get you there comfortably and quickly. The Strada is designed with a fast, agile geometry and sports style riding position complete with lightweight aluminium A-head handlebars, which are robust and provide strength. The Strada comes equipped with mudguard and rack mounts as well as being compatible with a rear kickstand, to allow you to customise the bike to suit your personal needs.

This lightweight carbon folder is the perfect bike for getting around both in style and fast. Built on a carbon monocoque frame with internal cables, carbon forks, handlebar and seat post, the ATTO weighs just 8.2kg. 20in carbon wheels continue a performance edge while hydraulic disc brakes give a responsive ride with super-fast stopping power. The ATTO comes equipped with a Gates carbon belt drive giving a clean ride void of any grease and grime, game-changing in urban areas.

52 | February 2020

50-53 BBFeb20 SG2_Final.indd 3

24/01/2020 12:20









Claud Butler



EXP 4.0

Ristretto On+ Doppio E-Bike

Distributor: Raleigh

Distributor: Tandem Group Cycles

Distributor: Hotlines

The Raleigh Stow-E-Way is both a folding bike and an e-bike. The folding frame, handlebar and pedals mean the bike can be folded to a convenient 880mm x 800mm x 440mm size, so it’s perfect for the daily commute. The powerful 45NM rear wheel motor will quickly get you up to speed and the kickstand, mudguards and a rear pannier rack means you will be ready to tackle whatever your journey throws at you.

Our EXP range is designed for exploring, mixing a hybrid geometry with suspension forks and reliable transmission to create a great allrounder. The EXP 4.0 takes things up a notch for some serious adventure – including 27 speed Shimano Acera gearing, Shimano hubs with anodised QR levers, Shimano BR-M3050 hydraulic disc brakes, Shimano Acera chainset, Schwalbe Road Cruiser tyres with puncture protection and a Selle Royal Mach2 saddle.

Combining classic style with workhorse functionality, the Ristretto On+ Doppio e-bike provides speed and sturdiness on any surface. The key feature of the Doppio version is the Gates Carbon drive which is a durable, quiet and low maintenance alternative to conventional chain. Pedal assistance comes from Shimano’s lightest, quietest E5000 system, with a Nexus internal gear hub offering seven gears. Fully equipped with racks, lights and mudguards, this chromoly speed machine is ready to bounce, straight out of the box.

50-53 BBFeb20 SG2_Final.indd 4

February 2020 | 53

24/01/2020 12:20

MARKETPLACE BB-JAN2 0-USE:Layout 1 17/12/2019 09:03 Page 1


TO ADVERTISE ON THESE PAGES PLEASE CONTACT or call +44 (0)779 480 5307 BB-NOV19-USE 1:Layout 1 24/10/2019 12:01 Page 1


All the power. Free of charg

Find out more about our eBike lights: | 01798 839 300

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RANGE (DROP) £3500

RANGE (FLAT) £3150

Order today - delivery April

Order today - delivery April

UPGRADEBIKES.CO.UK / 01403 711 611

54 | February 2020

54-56 BBFeb20 Marketplace_Final.indd 1

UPGRADEBIKES.CO.UK / 01403 711 611

24/01/2020 17:30

MARKETPLACE BB-NOV19-USE 2:Layout 1 24/10/2019 12:04 Page 1


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February 2020 | 55

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WHERE THE TRADE GOES FOR THE LATEST JOB OPPORTUNITIES Contact: | +44 (0)779 480 5307 56 | February 2020 Get Staffed HALF-PAGE 183 x 115mm.indd 1

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Feb’ 19

Mar’ 19


19th - 21st February 2019 Arena:MK, Milton Keynes, MK1 1ST


MARCH 2019

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Industry diversity

Women’s bikes Workshop tools and cleaning

IBD Innovation Helmets Local Bike Shop Day



Cycling technology Cycle computers Triathlon


The kid’s market Children’s bikes and accessories Brakes



Indoor training and power meters Cycle lights


The MTB market

Mountain bikes and accessories Stocking fillers


Trade show season


Road bikes and accessories Chains, gears and cranks

The e-bike market Carbon footprint

E-bikes and accessories


Cycling infrastructure Retail science


Cyclocross Winter and protective clothing

The Year in Review Distributor Focus

WANT TO ADVERTISE IN ANY OF THESE ISSUES? Contact Richard Setters 0779 480 5307 or email BB Forward Features 2020 210x265mm_Final.indd 1

Wheels, tyres and inner tubes Cycle footwear

Want your company or product to be involved with any of these features? Contact James Groves, editor 0203 143 8779 or email

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A look ahead to upcoming cycling industry events...


18th-20th February, Arena:MK, Milton Keynes ‘iceBike* continues to be one of the biggest in-house trade shows in the UK cycling industry. Visitors can expect to see Madison and Sportline’s portfolio of brands including Shimano, Park Tool, Kryptonite, PRO, Saracen, PEARL iZUMi and Elite to name a few. Sir Chris Hoy has also confirmed his attendance and The Bike Shop is set to return, taking up a central position to help advise retailers on POS and merchandising best practice. Visitors are encouraged to register now via’


4th-7th March, Taipei Nangang Exhibition ‘Taipei Cycle consists of over 1,200 exhibitors from Taiwan and overseas. Visiting buyers from overseas are over 8,000 each year. Exhibition includes complete bicycle, parts and components, e-bikes, motor & systems, cycling accessories, and smart cycling devices and cycling services.’


16th-19th April, WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca, California ‘Sea Otter Classic celebrates its 30th year in 2020 and is known as the world’s premiere cycling festival. Held in Monterey, California

annually in April, the event has come to represent the ‘season opener’ to the North American bicycle industry and the place to be for product launches, festival fun, races and unique events.’


The BikeBiz Awards will return for its 12th year in 2020, offering an array of expertly-curated categories designed to reflect the varied and vibrant nature of the sector: from prizes that honour local independents and distribution giants through to accolades for innovative brands and those providing essential services to the industry including training, advocacy and beyond. More will be revealed in due course, but if you’re interested in being involved, please contact Richard Setters via

58 | February 2020

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JOIN US MARSHALL ARENA. MK Register at: Education


The Bike Shop

Evening Entertainment

Once again, iceBike* is a

After opening up to all UK

Always a popular feature at

It wouldn’t be iceBike* without

retailers at iceBike* last year,

the show, The Bike Shop will

having a few drinks and some

Freewheel has gone from

once again take centre stage at

good food with your peers and

strength to strength with a

iceBike*. Get some advice and

colleagues after a productive

network of superb dealers now

tips on merchandising and POS

day at the show. We have

on board. Head to the Business

best-practice, which you can take

three excellent evenings of

Services Area to get the latest

back to your businesses.

entertainment lined up for you,

great place to come and learn something new. Whether it’s a brand you didn’t know a lot about, a new product you hadn’t seen before or an insightful seminar from an industry expert, it is a great place to gather some new intel for the year ahead.

so the next round is on us!

and learn how to join.

SHOW 2020 Register online at

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Free access to the Sportline Show and iceTackle* Show with iceBike*

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