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ShaVe- Visions Of Shanghai Dec. 3-5, 2011 Official press release: On Saturday, December 3 starting at 7pm, the exhibition “SHAVE- Visions of Shanghai” will be inaugurated at A+A | Centro Espositivo Sloveno in Venice. The exhibition will then stay open until 5 December from 10am to 6pm. With the project “SHAVE- Visions of Shanghai”, we ail to make the “city” itself the main object of the artists’ research and creative process, thus transforming the Chinese metropolis into the protagonist of a debate on matters such as “chineseness” and “globalization” in today China, topics so far mainly related to the artist as a single individual. The case of the city of Shanghai- that has always been witnessing many clashing contrasts during its history (foreign communities and local inhabitants, modern buildings and classical Chinese architecture from the past, luxury and poverty)- perfectly adapts to the concept of the exhibition that calls into question the notion of “identity”, and more specifically the idea of “chineseness”. In this way, investigating the concept of changing identities in the Shanghainese urban context, we wish to develop new perspectives for mediation, change, transformation and discovery. Participant artists are: Nicola Baruzzi, Abby Fitzgibbon & Golriz Alsgari, Terence LLoren, Girolamo Marri, Yi Shen, with the special participation of poet Yang Lian. Exhibiting artists- young talents selected through an international open call- will present their own vision of the Chinese metropolis from different point of views. The event is part of a wider project that has already seen the inauguration of a first exhibition “Eyjafallajökull- From Venice to Shanghai and back” at the Fine Arts Department of East China Normal University of Shanghai in September 2010. ( “SHAVE- Visions of Shanghai” is supported by: Instituto Confucio, Universitá Ca’ Foscari, IUAV, Senato degli Studenti, A+A | Centro Espositivo Sloveno and Lab-Yit. A project by Calma Zen (Letizia Calori, Violette Maillard e Giulia Zennaro) Contacts: For pictures of the exhibition:

ShaVe- Visions of Shanghai  

Press release for the ShaVe exhibition December 3-5, 2011/

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