60 Minute Cities- Los Angeles

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60 Minute Cities Los Angeles

Intro/ These recordings capture a portion of the right bank of the

LA River as it meanders through a section of Los Angeles known as Frogtown / In contrast to the starkly beautiful concrete channelization for which the river is largely known, this area of the river is comprised of several soft­bottom sections whose natural springs have made any effort to pave over the river impossible / Coupled with the water that is released just upstream from treatment facilities, these narrows reveal something of the river’s pre­urban, natural state cast against the heavy industrial backdrop of Northeast LA / The project was undertaken during the month of August in 2019 / Recording locations were chosen at various points of confluence where the streets of Frogtown meet their terminus at the river’s bank / Each image documents a dead end; the recording itself, however, is captured just beyond, where navigable road turns into storm drain and empties into the river / The order of these recordings follows the course of the river, starting at the 2 Freeway and terminating at Barclay St., just upstream from the 5 //

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BIO / Benjamin Bishop captures sounds whose

aesthetic interest and formal composition are motivated by the process and degradation of urban ecologies.

All recordings and images Copyright 2019 Benjamin Bishop and are used with permission / Book design and layout Copyright 2019 Bivouac Recording and may not be reproduced without permission / For more information about the 60 Minute Cities project please visit: http://www.bivouacrecording.com