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AMBITION INTEGRITY Let your success reflect your goals and your values with an MBA from TWU. NOW IN RICHMOND.

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UBC SMEI Marketing & Sales Management Diploma Program This 3-year evening program is designed for sales and marketing professionals looking to advance their careers by learning industry best practices to drive performance. It is the most focused and industry-relevant program of its kind, taught by award-winning faculty at the UBC Sauder School of Business. Classes meet Monday evenings at UBC starting September 18th, 2017. Now accepting applications for fall 2017. Call 604.266.0090 or visit our website sauder.ubc.ca/sales-management for full program information, faculty bios, student testimonials, and to register for our open house on Monday, May 1 at 6:00 PM.

OPEN HOUSE MONDAY, MAY 1, 2017, 6:00 PM Learn more and meet faculty, current students and alumni HSBC HALL + UBC Robson Square 800 Robson Street, underground

RSVP at: sauder.ubc.ca/ sales-management


Darren Dahl Senior Associate Dean

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JoAndrea Hoegg Associate Professor

Tim Silk Senior Instructor

Claire Booth Sessional Lecturer

Ann Stone Lecturer

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CONTENTS FEATURES First Nations focus Train to retain Moving into the C-suite Intelligence matters

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FIRST NATIONS FOCUS — 6 Increase in aboriginal entrepreneurs spurs tailored business training and education options


Evan Duggan, Brigitte Petersen

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INTELLIGENCE MATTERS — 16 In the age of big data, the growing field of intelligence analysis can help businesses discover trends to protect themselves and boost organizational efficency

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Professional development opportunities are an important retention strategy in a tight labour market, human resources professionals say



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MBA PROGRAMS — 40 Choosing the MBA program that fits your needs

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Increase in aboriginal entrepreneurs spurs tailored business training and education options

Chief Ian Campbell of the Squamish Nation was among the graduates of the first cohort of the Beedie School of Business’ executive MBA in aboriginal business and leadership program | BEEDIE SCHOOL OF BUSINESS

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he burgeoning sector of aboriginal self-employment has led to growing demand for more business training with a First Nations focus. According to the federal government’s spring 2015 Aboriginal Labour Market Bulletin, there were about 42,300 self-employed aboriginal people across Canada in 2014, and the number continues to grow. From 2011 to 2014, aboriginal self-employment grew by 10.7 per cent, compared with 1.4 per cent among non-aboriginal Canadians. Aboriginal businesses are becoming more recognized as key drivers of economic opportunity in and outside aboriginal communities, creating employment opportunities, especially for young job seekers. Loa Fridfinnson, founder of Activ8 Education & Training, began offering business courses for Squamish Nation members following an invitation to teach a course in social media in 2012. Fridfinnson has since developed an eight-course program designed to support aboriginal entrepreneurs. Training includes courses in marketing, social media, website development, business confidence and sales. “I wanted to empower small-business owners with tools I’ve found to be very helpful in my life,” says Fridfinnson, who heads Vancouver-based Activ8 Corporate Relations and also provides business training for the Tsawwassen First Nation. Fridfinnson says adding cultural elements to her courses to make them more relatable has been key to developing and delivering the program, which is experiencing more demand as the number of aboriginal entrepreneurs increases. “There’s a movement, especially with younger entrepreneurs, that they can do this,” she explains. Squamish Nation member Orene Askew, a.k.a. DJ O Show, launched her DJ entertainment business in 2012. Askew initially found help through the government-funded aboriginal Business and Entrepreneurship Skills

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Training (BEST) program to help launch her business. The program offers practical training sessions and one-on-one business counselling. She then took business training courses through Activ8 to further develop her skills. “It’s important to keep learning while you’re running your business,” says the West Vancouver resident. “It’s helped me a lot with marketing and learning how important social media is to connect with your target market.” In the male-dominated DJ market, Askew learned early on about the importance of building a strong, competitive brand. “With social media, my personality is my branding,” says the 33-year-old, who is also working toward a bachelor of business administration degree through Capilano University in North Vancouver. Having an aboriginal cohort and training that was sensitive to First Nations people was important to Askew, head instructor at the School of Remix in Vancouver. “There’s something about how we got along, and we were comfortable together,” she says. Askew is also a motivational speaker, and she enjoys sharing advice to help aboriginal youths. “Being your own boss is the most amazing feeling,” she says. “Get out there and do it. I’ve made a lot of mistakes, but I’ve learned from them.” According to the Squamish Nation’s small-business officer, Geena Jackson, the 4,000-member nation had only 18 entrepreneurs in 2007. That number has since grown to more than 400 business owners, largely due to

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Squamish Nation member Orene Askew, a.k.a. DJ O Show: “it’s important to keep learning while you’re running your business” | KATE MADA

increased support and information about training and funding. Entrepreneurs are defining their own destinies by launching careers as artists, lawyers, florists, caterers, cleaners, tradespeople and other professions. “Ten per cent of our membership are entrepreneurs, which is huge,” says Jackson. “A lot of what they learn is from their peer connection with each other.” The Squamish Nation hosts on-reserve courses led by Activ8 and the BEST program in West Vancouver and in Squamish. Besides learning about grant opportunities, and about tax laws specific to aboriginal businesses, there are also cultural benefits to First Nations-focused business training. “I think having courses on reserves provides a safety net,” says Jackson, a member of the Sechelt Nation. “They feel more camaraderie, they recognize each other, they are more open and honest and willing to take criticism from each other.” According to the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business, about 63 per cent of aboriginal businesses are located off reserves, but location varies by aboriginal group. The majority of Métis and Inuit businesses are located in non-aboriginal communities. The council has also identified a need for more business training for entrepreneurs. Several aboriginal business training programs and networks exist to help entrepreneurs, including the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business, the Aboriginal Women’s

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First Nations focus

Squamish Nation member Sheryl Rivers: “I chose SFU over Harvard because it was specific to aboriginal business and leadership and was the first in North America to offer it” | BEEDIE SCHOOL OF BUSINESS

Business Entrepreneurship Network, Aboriginal Entrepreneurship (ideaconnector.net) and the Canadian Centre for Aboriginal Entrepreneurship. ABORIGINAL-SPECIFIC MBA Q For those ready to take

the path to higher education, Simon Fraser University’s (SFU) Beedie School of Business offers an executive MBA in aboriginal business and leadership. The program, open to aboriginal and non-aboriginal students, includes core MBA concepts while recognizing that traditional knowledge plays a significant role in aboriginal leadership and decision-making. Launched in 2012, the program’s first cohort graduated with MBA degrees in June 2015 and included the Squamish Nation’s Chief Ian Campbell. Sheryl Rivers, one of the first graduates of the program

and owner of Rivers Consulting Solutions, says she found the program useful for her business practice. “The depth and scope of projects, developments and relationships that I am working on is all happening more meaningfully because of the courses and content we covered during the three years I was there,” says Rivers, a member of the Squamish Nation. “I found the aboriginal content and context that we brought forward on how we do business with our culture, values and respect was also educational for the professors.” Rivers had just been accepted to Harvard when she found out about the Beedie program, she says. “I chose SFU over Harvard because it was specific to aboriginal business and leadership and was the first in North America to offer it. I am very happy with my final decision.” The program’s director, Mark Selman, says aboriginal students were not enrolling in SFU’s MBA program prior to the executive MBA in aboriginal business and leadership. “It didn’t look welcoming to aboriginal students,” Selman says. “We wanted to make sure aboriginal students had a place to go and feel comfortable studying business.” The program includes a strong aboriginal cultural focus designed to help students meet their social goals as well as learn how to manage complex business issues. “Most MBA programs are focused on [graduates] making as much money as possible, but that’s not the focus of our program. Almost everyone in the program wants to do it for social purposes as well.” É


Your needs, first and foremost


t UNBC Continuing Studies, your needs come first. By offering easily-accessible online learning and face-to-face instruction, Continuing Studies is committed to ensuring that your professional training requirements are targeted. As a division of Northern BC’s nationally ranked university, they work closely with communities, organizations, and industry partners to provide relevant, responsive, and flexible curriculum to students and employers. They have provided online training to businesses across Canada, and face-to-face programs to areas such as the Yukon, the Lower Mainland and Kootenays. “We understand that offering exemplary programming to learners and stakeholders is just as important as providing adaptive instruction and lesson planning consistent with students’ geographic location and training specifications,” says Lisa Haslett, Manager, Continuing Studies. With programming in various fields such as natural resource management,

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professional development, health and safety, environmental monitoring, and project management, companies focused on maintaining skilled personnel count on Continuing Studies to accommodate training plans reflective of industry change and suited to the needs of its partners. Continuing Studies has collaborated with TransCanada on that company’s Pathway to Pipeline Readiness program, through which the Occupational Health and Safety Officer training course was established. More than 20 students graduated from the course that was formatted according to recommendations of various industry leaders, allowing students subsidized access to specialized training for use as a skilled worker in natural gas and other resource-based industries in British Columbia. Their e-learning department has now modelled its new Occupational Health & Safety – Online Certificate on that same curriculum. This addition to their unique online programming benefits learners

through the use of media-enriched content such as user interactions and videoon-demand. Expansion to their online division means greater potential to coordinate training for students and businesses on an international scale. Furthermore, Continuing Studies can integrate its online platform with face-to-face courses to create a custom learning experience. Therefore, learners are able to obtain their desired credentials on their own time in a way suitable to them, while ensuring companies’ training objectives are met and obstacles to business operations are overcome. “Our goal is to work personally with every business to determine their unique training needs,” says Haslett. “We will tailor courses to allow any organization to incorporate its own product training, operating policies, procedures, and work practices into course material that meet their expectations.” For more information, visit unbc.ca/ continuing-studies, or online.unbc.ca.

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Better serve your Not-For-Profit organization

AND ITS MISSION. Effective governance is critical to making good organizations great, as is understanding your role as a board director. The NFP Governance Essentials Program (NFP Program) is an intensive program designed to help directors learn, grow, and make a positive impact. Offered at Canada’s leading business schools, the NFP Program is taught by top faculty and highly respected directors-in-residence.

A limited number of RBC Foundation scholarships valued at $1,000 each are available for this offering. CONTACT THE ICD AND APPLY TODAY.





April 19 - 20, 2017

February 8, 2017


June 5 - 6, 2017

April 5, 2017

1.877.593.7741 x297 icd.ca/NFP education@icd.ca Supported by:

In collaboration with:

Jointly developed by:

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Professional development opportunities are an important retention strategy in a tight labour market, human resources professionals say



or 15 years, the Earls restaurant chain had used the same recipe for a particular dish. Then a 17-year-old cook suggested a new way to make it, and the chain adopted it at all of its 67 restaurants throughout North America.

Vancity’s Jason Wong, director of people solutions, and Anjana Price, an assistant branch manager who started in the credit union’s call centre 10 years ago | CHUNG CHOW

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The change came about because Earls gives employees the opportunity to innovate, one strategy in a highly competitive labour market to attract and retain employees. “We want to give all 6,500 of our partners [employees] a voice in the business,” says Craig Blize, Earls’ vice-president of operations, from the company’s head office in Vancouver. It’s one thing for companies to attract employees. It’s another to keep them. By offering training programs, a company can do both. Earls gives new employees their initial training but also offers them a Vision and Goals leadership training program, in which they state their personal, financial and career goals over the coming years. Arlene Keis, CEO of Go2HR, a non-profit organization created by the tourism industry to look after human resources, says training programs are invaluable. “People value professional development just as much as they value how much they get paid,” Keis says. That training can come in the form of e-learning, seminars, workshops, leadership or executive training, as well as apprenticeships. Rather than having to attend school to become an apprentice, culinary employees can either learn on site as they work or attend school for two days a week and work the other three days, Keis says. Vancouver Community College’s culinary department offers the latter option. Dennis Green, Go2HR’s director of industry training,

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White Spot’s Dillon Penman (left), kitchen manager at the Market Crossing location, and Garett Weston, kitchen manager at the White Spot test kitchen on Marine Drive, are both graduates of the restaurant chain’s in-house Red Seal training program | GO2HR

says that with apprenticeship training 80 per cent of learning happens in the workplace and 20 per cent at school. For the growing culinary area, employees need to spend 180 hours or six weeks away at school for each level. Ryan Monk, a trades training instructor with BC Hydro, says his company is always training its 5,500 employees, giving them in-house theoretical training and then taking them into the field to apply that training in a practical sense. Some of these skills you cannot get at school. For example, BC Hydro gives line technicians who work in remote areas Class D rescue training, where they learn the ins and outs of helicopter rescue. “We have a saying here: ‘You never stop learning.’ We don’t want our employees to feel stagnant,” Monk says. BC Hydro provides in-house apprenticeship training, allowing tradespeople to draw a paycheque for the three to four years it takes to become a journeyman. Janet Fraser, BC Hydro’s senior vice-president of corporate affairs and chief human resources officer, says the company works hard to ensure it has “the right people with the right skills in the right roles.” “Once we have great employees, our job is to keep them happy,” she adds. Fraser says highly qualified technical and trade professionals can often make more money in the private sector, so it’s important to provide them opportunities to grow. BC Hydro’s leadership training program, for example, “can empower employees to bring ideas forward, which helps improve work quality and outcomes, and employee satisfaction.” Earls’ Blize agrees, stating that happy employees will make for happy diners. “If our staff loves coming to work, that will have a direct impact on the guest experience,” Blize says.

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“Training is an integral part of our employee experience,” says Jason Wong, director of people solutions for Vancity credit union, which has 2,500 employees. At Vancity, new employees receive orientation training and can then take technical, service, sales and management training. Anjana Price, an assistant branch manager, has used training throughout her 10-year career at Vancity, starting in the call centre and moving through different branch jobs. “For each transition that I’ve gone through, Vancity provided training not only in-house, but also externally. I’ve taken courses outside Vancity that Vancity compensated me for in funding and in time by adjusting my schedule.” And echoing the experience with the 17-year-old chef at Earls, Wong says training is a two-way street, allowing the trainers to also learn something from the trainees. In the training area, it is important that industry, government and educational institutions work together. Through the Canada Job Grant program – a partnership between the federal and provincial governments – employers can receive two-thirds of the cost of training to a maximum of $15,000 per employee. Red Seal is another successful program. The White Spot restaurant chain, an early proponent of employee training, uses the Red Seal program to train new employees and upgrade existing staff. Earls also participates in Red Seal. “Looking at your benefits and your compensation is one thing, but you also have to look at your workplace culture, health and safety, environmental practices, training scheduling, respect, fairness and good treatment in the workplace,” says Go2HR’s Keis. “All these things are very important to retaining employees, particularly in a tight labour market.” É

ARLENE KEIS | CEO, GO2HR People value professional development just as much as they value how much they get paid

2016-12-15 10:43 AM

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Making the leap from middle management requires a paradigm shift


B Cissy Pau, principal consultant, Clear HR Consulting: “you have to be a visionary; you have to think long-term, three to five years out” | SUBMITTED

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e honest. If it hasn’t happened already, your backroom office daydreams will invariably meander over to your imaginary first day as CEO. You clutch the leather back of your new office chair like a rented, expensive purse, drink the smell of Florentine leather, feel the resonant hum of traffic 20 floors below. A smile crawls slowly over your lips, a self-satisfied smile, a smile of good fortune, like the smile of a weary traveller who boarded a train unsure of its destination and awoke to find it pulling in to the correct station.

2016-12-15 10:43 AM

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When you wake up, you’ll remember, perhaps with a sigh, that most aiming for the jump from middle management to the C-suite are facing a serious uphill climb. In reality the journey is fraught with many pitfalls, deep caverns of failed effort, raging rivers of self-doubt, mountains of seemingly insurmountable work. Those who don’t make it can feel like they’re staring at an M.C. Escher painting. They can see the stairs, they relentlessly climb them, but they keep ending up right back where they started. And even for the few with the inner fortitude to make the arduous journey, the last step up onto the podium proves a breaking point. That last weight shift unseats even the most pigheaded, driven, A-type managers in the business world. Making that leap requires a paradigm shift, suggests Greg Nichvalodoff, executive business strategist and owner at Inscape Consulting, a leadership development and executive coaching firm. “People who want to be admired and respected on a command-and-control basis won’t make it,” he says. “You need to learn how to become more collaborative, to

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It’s about winning every game along the way

be able to sell the concept. In most organizations middle managers fail to understand that.” That said, being in position for the opportunity to make the jump, says Nichvalodoff, still requires a high degree of technical excellence. But how you wield that excellence matters immensely. “It comes down to execution of strategy, being noted within your department as someone who does what they say.” Building that reputation will help get you noticed, says Nichvalodoff. “You need to be talked about in the organization.” But he warns against the trap of thinking that simply doing good work will get you there. “Make known your achievements,” he says. “Humility is grossly overrated.” Joel Abramson, CEO of Fully Managed, made sure he added value to every interaction with his superiors. “It’s about coming to every meeting prepared. It’s about thinking of things that nobody else has thought of. And then it’s about collectively, not individually, creating wins together.” After just two years with the IT design, support and

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Moving into the C-suite

Greg Nichvalodoff, owner, Inscape Consulting: “humility is grossly overrated” | SUBMITTED

hosting company, this past year Abramson made the move from senior management to CEO. He echoes Nichvalodoff’s advice about working collaboratively. “I certainly do not know everything about how to take this business from where we are today to where we went to be,” he says. What he does know, he affirms, is that he can either bring in experts or develop any needed skills among the company’s employees. It’s the sort of mentality that builds a company, steers its direction and grows its success, rather than simply staying the course. When defining success, Abramson tends to take a long view. “It’s not about just thinking about winning the Super Bowl,” he says. “It’s about winning every game along the way.” And he doesn’t define winning as securing every contract. To build trust and engender relationship building, he makes sure to consider his company’s role in helping prospective clients identify their best fit, even if it happens to be the competitor. “It’s about understanding the value that every single situation is going to create for the business.” That big-picture mentality is what Cissy Pau, principal consultant at Clear HR Consulting Inc., looks for when she’s headhunting candidates for her clients. “If you’re that middle manager and you want to move up, you need to ask yourself how you will contribute to that.” Technical expertise isn’t enough. Pau recommends taking steps to truly understand a company’s culture,

The 10 deadly sins of leadership 1) You don’t know yourself 2) You failed to build trust 3) You conduct unproductive meetings 4) You execute strategy poorly 5) You avoid difficult conversations 6) You try to be a hero 7) You struggle with decisions 8) You are unable to manage and lead change 9) You are a poor communicator 10) You don’t manage up GREG NICHVALODOFF, EXECUTIVE BUSINESS STRATEGIST AND OWNER, INSCAPE CONSULTING

direction and the specific needs of the position you’re applying for. “Making the leap from being tactical to being strategic – not everyone knows what that means,” she says. “It means you have to be a visionary; you have to think long-term, three to five years out.” That technical expertise is less critical for C-suite positions is clear, particularly in today’s corporate environment. “Having technical expertise is a given,” says Pau. “You need to be able to express, communicate and influence the company vision.” É

Make a difference as a mentor As a business leader, you have much to offer students in VIU’s Masters of Business Administration program. Become a mentor to smart, energetic MBA student interns. Terms of compensation are flexible as students are focused on finding their best match, and offering all they can in your business environment.

It’s a win-win for both! Give back what you’ve been given Contact Tawnya.Hoff@viu.ca 250.740.6545


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2016-12-15 10:43 AM

Business Operations Management at BCIT Brett Mewett, CPIM, CFPIM Senior Manufacturing Consultant My career in supply chain took off when I completed the Operations Management program at BCIT – without giving up my day job. I earned a CPIM designation, new job title, 15% salary raise, bigger challenges, more satisfaction and a better life. Best career decision ever!

Learn how Operations Management and Supply Chain training can change your career path and life. You can attend full time programs or keep your day job and study part time in the evening. Choose from a variety of courses to earn a professional designation from APICS - the Association for Operations Management - or a diploma or certificate from BCIT.

GET STARTED TODAY! For information on BCIT Operations Management programs visit http://www.bcit.ca/business/operations or call 604.412.7417 For information on APICS certifications, including the internationally-recognized CPIM, CSCP and CLTD designations, visit http://www.apics.org/careers-education-professional-development or contact education@apics-vancouver.org

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In the age of big data, the growing field of intelligence analysis can help businesses discover trends to protect themselves and boost organizational efficiency




It’s knowing what to look out for: the red flags, the priorities and how to manage the workload so you’re targeting the right areas

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hen Jennifer Johnstone first started out in the 1990s as an intelligence analyst for the Canada Border Services Agency, the biggest challenge of the job was gathering enough data to build a sound investigation.

“That’s not the case anymore,” says Johnstone, principal of JJ Analytics and Consulting and an instructor for the Justice Institute of British Columbia (JIBC) intelligence analysis program. “When I first started, the challenge was finding enough data,” says Johnstone, who would later join the RCMP as a civilian intelligence analyst. “You would have a task or a problem to solve, and the real challenge was collecting the information to solve that problem. Now we have so much data it’s overwhelming.” An estimated 2.5 billion gigabytes of data is generated around the world each day by search engines, social media sites, e-commerce companies and a plethora of other generators. A lot of that data remains available online and could be very harmful if grasped by the wrong hands. While harnessing and understanding data is an important part of solving crimes and busting fraud schemes that steal identities and drain bank accounts, it’s also useful for organizations proactively looking to gain insights to mitigate risks in their business. To these ends, the JIBC provides two graduate certificate programs that teach analysts how to sift through billions of bytes of data and convert it into valuable reports that not only help crime busters, but also boost organizational efficiency. The institute’s graduate certificate in intelligence

analysis focuses on competitive intelligence and financial crime analysis, while the graduate certificate in tactical criminal analysis focuses on law enforcement-related data analysis. Both are 18-month courses offered online and were created in partnership with Mercyhurst University, which has had a strong history of intelligence programming, says Stuart Ruttan, chair of both programs at the JIBC. “We weren’t seeing much of anything like that in Canada,” he says. “We worked with them and agreed to bring their program into Canada out of JIBC. We Canadianized it.” He says data, and the skills needed to analyze it, has migrated into many facets of society and commerce and security. The courses answer a few major questions, he says: “How do you manage all this data? How do you read it? How do you communicate it in a competitive way?” While many software programs have emerged to respond to the dizzying amount of data that exists, the JIBC program remains mostly fixed on critical thinking skills, he says. Ruttan recalls an exercise suggested at an intelligence conference recently for students to figure out how many piano tuners there were in Chicago. “You couldn’t use Google,” Ruttan says. “You had to go through the process

2016-12-15 10:43 AM

| 17

Stuart Ruttan, chair of graduate certificates in intelligence analysis and tactical criminal analysis at the Justice Institute of British Columbia in New Westminster | ROB KRUYT

of critically analyzing the question and come up with a reasoned decision.” Ruttan says the program’s student body includes people from aboriginal services, armed forces, border security and the banking sector, among many other fields. He says about 20 per cent of the students are beginning their intelligence careers. “No one else is really doing this focused programming in Canada,” he says. “It’s online. It’s a graduate level; you have to have a degree to get in. It’s unique.” The field is evolving, says Ann Stevens, an instructor with the JIBC program and senior manager, fraud intelligence, at Equifax Canada. “Identity fraud is becoming more of a problem,” says Stevens, who has extensive global intelligence analysis experience in finance and law enforcement. She says fraud often takes place on a large scale, victimizing large banks and credit firms, and much of the data needed to

commit identity fraud is gathered online. The concept of link analysis is central to her teaching. “Basically you’re looking to find links between entities,” she says. “An entity can be anything from a name [to] a telephone number or an address.” Link analysis allows analysts to build out from one piece of information to find if it’s part of a bigger problem and thereby suggest a pattern or trend, Stevens says. Looking at a fraudulent credit application in isolation may stop that crime, but if they applied link analysis to that one application, they might find it’s part of a much bigger problem, she says. The course is about teaching students to assess the big picture and to anticipate fraud rather than simply react to instances of it, Stevens says. “It’s knowing what to look out for: the red flags, the priorities and how to manage the workload so you’re targeting the right areas.” É

Gain strategic insights with analytics Develop your expertise with the Applied Data Analytics Certificate or Business Analytics Graduate Certificate programs, only available at BCIT. Work toward a credential part time – evenings or weekends. Learn more about upcoming info sessions at bcit.ca/cea

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Professional designations Credentials that boost your qualifications – and what it takes to earn them

ACCOUNTING CPA (Chartered Professional Accountant) Description: The Certified General Accountants of British Columbia, Institute of Chartered Accountants of British Columbia, and Certified Management Accountants of British Columbia have partnered to offer the nationally developed, regionally delivered Chartered Professional Accountant program, which has been offered in B.C. since July 2013. Prerequisites: Four-year, 120-credit-hour university degree or equivalent. In addition to an undergraduate degree, there will be specific subject area coverage which all candidates will be required to complete. The specific subject area coverage requirements can be met through approved programs in post-secondary institutions. Students who did not acquire the prerequisite subject area coverage as part of their undergraduate degree will be able to meet this requirement through the CPA prerequisite education program, offered by the profession and delivered on a part-time basis. The CPA prerequisite education program is a modularized program consisting of 12 modules; students complete only those modules they require. Requirements: The CPA professional education program has six modules: two common core modules, common to all candidates, which focus on the development of competencies in management and financial accounting, and the integration of the six core technical competency areas – audit and assurance, finance, taxation, financial reporting, management accounting, and strategy and governance; two elective modules, which allow CPA candidates to develop deeper skills in their areas of career interest (four electives will be offered – assurance, performance management, tax and finance – of which all candidates must choose two; candidates pursuing careers in public accounting must choose assurance and tax); and the final two courses include a capstone integrative module that focuses on the development of the enabling competencies such as leadership and professional skills and the integration of core competencies, and a capstone examination preparation module that prepares CPA candidates for the common final examination. At the conclusion of the six modules students write a common final examination. All CPA candidates must also complete relevant, progressive, practical experience that is approved by the CPA profession. Experience can be gained in two ways: pre-approved path, in which CPA candidates will be employed in training positions offered by offices and organizations in training paths approved by the CPA profession; or experience verification model, in which CPA candidates will be appropriately supervised and/or mentored, and submit detailed experience reports for approval by the CPA profession. Costs: Vary. Administering organization: Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada – CPA Canada (www.cpacanada.ca).

one year’s related work experience; bachelor’s degree in related field and at least two years’ related work experience; diploma in career-development practice or related field and at least three years’ related work experience; certificate in career-development practice or related field, or equivalent post-secondary education and at least four years’ related work experience; evidence of all core competencies and three areas of specialization; evidence of completing a course in ethics related to career development, counselling or adult education that includes at least 10 hours’ instructional time, as well as a course in career-development theory that includes at least 20 hours’ instructional time. Costs: $150 application fee, $130 annual CCDP membership fee Administering organization: BC Career Development Association (www.bccda.org).

EDITING CPE (Certified Professional Editor) Description: Candidates can become CPEs or earn separate certifications in proofreading, copy editing, structural editing or stylistic editing. Requirements: Passing of required tests (four tests for CPE designation). No formal requirements, but EAC recommends at least five years of extensive editing work experience. Costs: For one test, $450 (member), $550 (non-member); for two tests, $850 (member), $1,050 (non-member). Administering organization: Editors’ Association of Canada (www.editors.ca).

EVENT PLANNING CMP (Certified Meeting Professional) Description: Helps people employed in meeting management

pursue continuing education, increase involvement with industry and gain industry-wide recognition. Requirements: Three years’ work experience in the industry, having been employed within the last 12 months; a degree in meeting, event, exhibition or hospitality/tourism management and two years’ work experience; three years’ full-time instruction experience in a meeting/hospitality university program. Completion of 25 hours’ continuing education or completion of approved internship/ apprenticeship in the industry with a minimum of 200 hours of work experience. Written exam. Costs: US$250 CMP application submission fee, US$450 exam registration fee. Administering organization: Convention Industry Council (www.conventionindustry.org).

CSEP (Certified Special Events Professional) CAREER COUNSELLING CCDP (Certified Career Development Practitioner) Description: A CCDP knows career development, has skills and expertise in assessment and referral, and has interpersonal competence in career development. A CCDP has skills and expertise in at least three of: assessment, facilitated individual and group learning, career counselling, information and resource management, work development and community capacity-building. Requirements: Master’s degree in related field and at least

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Description: Awarded by the International Live Events Association, this designation recognizes event professionals who have successfully demonstrated the knowledge, skills and ability essential to perform all components of a special event. Requirements: To qualify for CSEP exam, a candidate must have a minimum of three years’ full-time professional employment in the special events industry. Documentation of work experience required. Exam is a 4.5-hour computer-based examination scored either pass or fail and consisting of 100 multiple-choice questions and a written portion, both based on the CSEP content

outline at www.ileahub.com. Costs: US$600 CSEP exam registration fee, US$200 re-certification (after five years with 25 industry points, no exam required), CAD$399 (plus $55 one-time application fee) annual membership fee (administered by Canadian head office, www.ileacanada.com). Administering organization: International Live Events Association (www.ileahub.com).

DMCP (Destination Management Certified Professional) Requirements: To qualify as a candidate for the written exam,

applicant must have a minimum of three years’ destination management experience or bachelor’s degree in hospitalityrelated major from an accredited university; current employment in hospitality; responsibility and accountability for successful completion of destination management programs and minimum 90 points on the application. Costs: US$200 application fee (US$300 non-members), US$400 test registration fee (US$500 non-members), US$200 re-certification application fee (after five years with 50 continuing experience/ education points). Administering organization: Association of Destination Management Executives (www.adme.org).

EXECUTIVE COACHING ACC (Associate Certified Coach), PCC (Professional Certified Coach), MCC (Master Certified Coach) Description: The International Coach Federation establishes and administers minimum standards for credentialing professional coaches and coach-training agencies. A coach credentialed by the ICF has coach-specific training, has achieved a designated number of hours of experience and has been coached by a mentor coach. Requirements: Vary by designation; for details, see www. coachfederation.org/credential. Costs: Vary. Administering organization: International Coach Federation (www.coachfederation.org).

FAMILY ENTERPRISE ADVISING FEA (Family Enterprise Advisor) Description: The Family Enterprise Advisor designation demonstrates an advisor’s commitment to excellence in family enterprise advising. Granted to experienced lawyers, wealth managers, accountants, facilitators and family therapists, the designation represents a substantial opportunity in a marketplace where more than 80 per cent of businesses are family-owned. Appointed by the Institute of Family Enterprise Advisors, this designation is unique in the world. Requirements: Completion of the Family Enterprise Advisor program at UBC’s Sauder School of Business, possession of a professional designation or equivalent, passing of the written and oral components of the designation exam offered by IFEA. The multidisciplinary approach teaches advisors to integrate their own disciplines with others to provide collaborative and complementary advice to business family clients, all of whom must navigate the unique challenges of family dynamics, governance, communication and succession planning. Offered only once each year, the program

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Stepping Up for BC Technology

CERTIFIES AND REGISTERS applied science and engineering ASTTBC technologists, technicians and technical specialists in British Columbia. The 10,000 Technology Professionals registered with ASTTBC take pride in serving and protecting their communities. Technology Professionals are an integral part of the teams that design, construct, inspect, test, maintain and manage much of our built and natural environment. ASTTBC registration is recognized as best practice and provides professional reliance on the part of these Technology Professionals. ASTTBC certification and registration ensure Technology Professionals are competent and can be held professionally accountable. ASTTBC regulates and supports the commitment of Technology Professionals to a safe, healthy and sustainable society and environment.

John Leech, AScT, CAE Chief Executive Officer, ASTTBC

For more info:

Applied Science Technologists & Technicians of British Columbia


10767 – 148th Street, Surrey, BC V3R 0S4 T 604.585.2788 F 604.585.2790 techinfo@asttbc.org

Employers… CALL for ASTTBC registration in your career ads as a prerequisite for prospective team members.

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Professional designations

is the education requirement for a designation with IFEA. Costs: Completion of program $13,965, includes first year’s membership to IFEA, designation; fees $500, annual membership fees thereafter $395. Administering organization: Institute of Family Enterprise Advisors (www.ifea.ca).

FINANCE AND INSURANCE CAIB (Canadian Accredited Insurance Broker), CPIB (Canadian Professional Insurance Broker), CCIB (Canadian Certified Insurance Broker) Description of CAIB: The Insurance Brokers Association of British Columbia offers the CAIB program through provincial member associations. Designed for property and casualty insurance brokers, CAIB provides insurance knowledge to develop competence and enhance career opportunities. Four course modules constitute the program and cover personal and commercial lines of insurance plus brokerage management skills. Each course culminates in a national exam. Courses prepare students to meet B.C. licensing requirements. Requirements for CAIB: Completion of four course volumes and exams. Employment by insurance brokerage that is a member of a provincial brokers’ association that is, in turn, a member of the Insurance Brokers Association of Canada (IBAC). Description of CPIB: The new senior designation program developed by IBAC and its provincial member associations is specifically designed for property and casualty insurance brokers. The program has three distinct streams: personal lines, commercial lines and broker management. To earn the CPIB designation students must complete the three mandatory courses and any three of the elective courses in the stream of their choice. Description of CCIB: CCIB is a senior designation designed for commercial insurance brokers who have already completed their CAIB. The CCIB program is a self-study program involving three exams, which are all practical and experience-based. Costs: For CAIB, per course, $615 to $725 (including text materials and exam fees) self-study options; $695 to $845 (including web access, text materials and exam fees) online options; $845 to $995 (including instruction, text materials and exam fees) classroom options. For CPIB, per course, $495 to $595 including text materials and exam fees. Administering organization: Insurance Brokers Association of British Columbia (www.ibabc.org).

CCP (Certified Credit Professional) Description: CCP designation is recognized as a symbol of excellence in credit management. Program is delivered online. The credit basics program (also offered online) can be used as a stepping stone to this certification. Requirements: Completion of required courses in financial accounting fundamentals, credit management, micro/ macroeconomics, corporate finance fundamentals, business communications, managing credit with information technology, Canadian credit law and advanced credit management. Transfer credits applicable. Ongoing requirements: Continued membership and participation in a continuing professional development program. Costs: $150 annual student membership fee; $745 to $845 per course. Fees include textbooks, lesson materials, educational software and sessional exam fees. Administering organization: Credit Institute of Canada (www.creditinstitute.org).

credential policy (those who hold CA, CGA, CMA, CFA, CLU or FCIA designations, have PhDs in finance, economics or business, or are members of provincial law society) must still complete both exams and successfully complete the capstone course. For all candidates, there is a maximum of four attempts on FPEs. Candidates must meet other administrative requirements and abide by maintenance requirements. Ongoing requirements: Annual renewal of licence by 30 hours’ continuing education, continued agreement to abide by FPSC code of ethics and adhere to the Marks Use Guide for Canadian CFP Professionals. Costs: Vary with educational institutions and programs. $450 to $700 for exams (there are early, regular and late-registration fees) (subject to change); $345 annual licensee fee (subject to change). Continuing education fees vary. Administrating organization: Financial Planning Standards Council (www.fpsc.ca).

CIP (Chartered Insurance Professional), FCIP (Fellow Chartered Insurance Professional) Description of CIP: Comprehensive designation program for property and casualty insurance that integrates practical and theoretical knowledge and features concentrations for underwriters, brokers/agents and adjusters. Requirements for CIP: Ten courses taken in class, online or distance learning, five being mandatory, three applied-professional and two elective (chosen from more than 30 available courses). Costs for CIP: Approximately $6,500 for 10 courses (including tuition, exam fees and text materials). Individual course fees are approximately $600 to $700. Description of FCIP: Designed to promote leadership skills, the FCIP program provides a comprehensive business education with a specific property and casualty insurance focus. Requirements for FCIP: Prior completion of CIP course and work experience requirements; current Insurance Institute membership, current CIP membership (for CIP graduates) and an undergraduate degree from a Canadian university or equivalent. (An alternate route is available for those with a college diploma.) Completion of FCIP program consists of six courses (delivered online): Strategy in the P&C Insurance Sector, Leading in the Insurance World, Financial Management for Insurance Leaders, Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) in the Insurance Sector, Emerging Issues: Implications for the P&C Insurance Leader, and Integrative Learning for the P&C Insurance Sector (a work-based capstone project). Five years’ relevant work experience by completion of the program. Costs for FCIP: $6,825 total for six courses, $245 per course for course material. Administering organizations: Insurance Institute of British Columbia, Insurance Institute of Canada (www.insuranceinstitute.ca).

ECBA (Entry Certificate in Business Analysis), CCBA (Certification of Competency in Business Analysis), CBAP (Certified Business Analysis Professional), CBATL (Certified Business Analysis Thought Leader) Description: The International Institute of Business Analysis has launched a new global multi-level certification program. This competency-based program recognizes BA professional’s knowledge and skills. For more information visit www.iiba.org/certificationrecognition. Costs of CBAP: US$125 exam application fee, US$325 exam fee for IIBA members or US$450 for non-members. Administering organization: International Institute of Business Analysis (www.iiba.org).

CFP (Certified Financial Planner) Requirements: Completion of core curriculum program approved

by the Financial Planning Standards Council, agreement to abide by FPSC code of ethics and maintain registration in registered candidate program, passing of financial planning examination Level 1, at least one year full-time (or equivalent) financial planning work experience, completion of an FPSC-approved capstone course, passing of financial planning examination Level 2 and at least two additional years’ full-time (or equivalent) financial planning work experience. Total financial planning work experience must be at least three years. Candidates who qualify under approved prior

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GRAPHIC DESIGN CGD (Certified Graphic Designer) Description: Awarded to practising designer who has completed at least seven years of combined graphic design education and professional practice and whose work and professional integrity are of acceptable standards. Requirements: Applicants submit membership form and resumé, sign licensing agreement and undergo confidential case study/ portfolio review. Practising web and new media designers are

eligible to apply for CGD status. Also included in this category are professional design educators and design administrators. Three- or four-year course of studies in graphic design is recommended but not required. Costs: $330 annual dues B.C. mainland; $300 annual dues Vancouver Island. Administering organization: Society of Graphic Designers of Canada (www.gdc.net).

HOME INSPECTION Licensed Home Inspector Description: Home inspectors must be licensed in British Columbia. Licensing and regulation are conducted by Consumer Protection BC. Requirements: Candidate must hold appropriate designation from the Applied Science Technologists and Technicians of British Columbia, Canadian National Association of Certified Home Inspectors, National Home Inspector Certification Council or Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors BC. As of September 1, 2016, membership in a home inspection association is no longer required. Disclosure of any criminal history, insurance coverage, peer recommendation letter and 50 hours of practical training also required. For a complete list of licensing requirements, visit www.homeinspectionrightsbc.ca. Costs: Vary by association designation; $515 for new licence and renewal. Administering organization: Consumer Protection BC (www.consumerprotectionbc.ca or www.homeinspectionrightsbc.ca).

HUMAN RESOURCES CPHR (Chartered Professional in Human Resources) Requirements: Bachelor’s degree and successful completion of

National Knowledge Exam (NKE). Plus you must submit a completed experience assessment validated by your current employer. This assessment must prove: a minimum of three years working in an HR role within the last 10 years (at least one year must be within Canada), and experience gained using technical HR knowledge and a level of autonomy in the application of your HR knowledge. It is not necessary to be a manager or supervisor. Experience covers at least two of the seven required professional capabilities. Membership in Human Resources Management Association required. Re-certification required every three years by reassessment or with 100 points for professional development activities and experience from various categories. Costs: Annual member dues $555; $60 CPHR application fee; $400 NKE registration fee. Administering organization: Human Resources Management Association (www.hrma.ca).

PHR (Professional in Human Resources), SPHR (Senior Professional in Human Resources), GPHR (Global Professional in Human Resources) PHR exam eligibility: One year’s demonstrated professional HR

experience with master’s degree or higher; two years’ demonstrated professional HR experience with bachelor’s degree; or four years’ demonstrated professional HR experience with less than a bachelor’s degree. Requirements for PHR: Three-hour, 175-question multiple-choice exam. SPHR exam eligibility: Four years’ demonstrated professional HR experience with master’s degree or higher; five years’ demonstrated professional HR experience with bachelor’s; or seven years’ demonstrated professional HR experience with less than a bachelor’s. Requirements for SPHR: Three-hour, 175-question multiple-choice exam. GPHR exam eligibility: Two years’ demonstrated global professional HR experience with a master’s degree or higher; three years’ demonstrated professional HR experience (with two of the three being global HR experience) with bachelor’s; or four years’ demonstrated professional HR experience (with two of the four being global HR experience) with less than a bachelor’s. Requirements for GPHR: Three-hour, 165-question multiple-choice

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CPHR – the Designation for Business Leaders.

Chartered Professionals in Human Resources (CPHRs) are uniquely qualiďŹ ed to help employers and employees achieve success. They are professional problem solvers, with expertise that extends across all aspects of business, in every industry. They mitigate risk, optimize performance, develop leadership skills, enable change, manage talent and improve employee engagement. Across Canada, CPHRs are strengthening businesses, creating long term success at every level.

The CPHR designation is recognized across nine provinces and three territories. CPHR Canada is recognized internationally as the voice of HR in Canada. For more information about how CPHRs contribute to the success of business,

visit CPHR.ca

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Professional designations

exam. Certification exams occur twice a year (see website for dates and deadlines). Re-certification required after three years by accumulation of 60 credit hours of HR-related continuing education activities prior to end of the three years or by retaking of exam. Costs: US$200 PHR exam, US$300 SPHR exam, US$475 GPHR exam. US$75 application fee. Society for Human Resource Management national members receive US$50 discount when applying for exam. Administering organization: Human Resource Certification Institute (www.hrci.org).

INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS CITP (Certified International Trade Professional) Requirements: Minimum one year’s professional international

trade experience. Completion of Forum for International Trade Training (FITTskills) program or equivalent thereof. There are eight FITTskills courses, each requiring approximately 45 hours’ classroom instruction. Completion of all eight earns candidate the Forum for International Trade Training diploma in international trade. FITTskills courses available at partner learning institutions from seasoned international trade professionals or online. Exemptions from course requirements available through prior learning assessment and recognition process, which provides credit for previous work experience and/or education. Adherence to standards of ethical conduct. Designees must maintain membership in good standing. Members must engage in ongoing professional development. Costs: Vary. Administering organization: Forum for International Trade Training (www.fitt.ca).

LAW B.C. practising lawyer

or Canadian Institute of Management-approved non-AUCC institution (see website for lists); two years’ experience in senior managerial, academic or research position. (2) Undergraduate degree – bachelor’s degree in management, commerce or business administration from an AUCC institution or CIM-approved non-AUCC institution (see website for lists); submission of 25,000-word graduate-level research paper on a managerial or business administration topic reflecting the applicant’s research or industry interests or submission of substantial portfolio of work demonstrating application of managerial principles; four years’ managerial, academic or research experience. (3) Non-degree – eight-course CIM certificate in management and administration studies or equivalent; 12 additional pre-approved non-introductory courses reflecting a continuation of the concepts covered by the CIM certificate in management and administration studies (or equivalent); submission of 25,000-word graduate-level research paper on a managerial or business administration topic reflecting the applicant’s research or industry interests or submission of substantial portfolio of work demonstrating application of managerial principles; six years’ senior managerial, academic or research experience; comprehensive examination (at discretion of C.Mgr. committee). Additional requirements for all paths: Completed C.Mgr. application accompanied by letter of recommendation from a manager or colleague familiar with applicant’s managerial, academic and/or research experience, two professional/academic reference letters, detailed CV outlining all academic and managerial experience, official transcripts (direct from institution[s] to CIM national office) and 500-word statement of interest, adherence to CIM code of ethics for professional members. Costs: Vary. Administering organization: Canadian Institute of Management (www.cim.ca).

Description: Membership in the Law Society of British Columbia required for eligibility to practise law. Eligible lawyers from other jurisdictions may practise in B.C. temporarily. Requirements: To become a lawyer for the first time, a person must complete a law degree from a Canadian common-law university or obtain a Certificate of Qualification from the National Committee on Accreditation if the law degree is not a Canadian common-law degree. Candidates must then complete the 12-month Law Society Admission Program, which includes nine months of articles and the Law Society’s 10-week Professional Legal Training Course. Lawyers from other jurisdictions can apply to transfer to B.C.; examinations may be required. Costs: $2,750 for Law Society Admission Program; $1,125 transfer application fee; $1,992 annual practice fee plus $1,750 insurance fee. Administering organization: Law Society of British Columbia (www.lawsociety.bc.ca).

MANAGEMENT CIM (Certified in Management), C.Mgr. (Chartered Manager) Requirements for CIM: Two years’ proven and recognized Canadian

management/administration experience. Completion of certificate in management and administration or graduation from accredited program. The certificate in management and administration program involves completion (minimum grade of 60 per cent) of eight-subject study: six mandatory and two option courses. Requirements for C.Mgr.: There are three paths to C.Mgr. (1) Graduate degree – master’s degree or doctorate in management, commerce or business administration from an Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC) institution

Need a real estate professional?

Hire an RI.



A designated, educated, experienced, and connected real estate professional. Find one at reibc.org




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Enhance Your Undergrad With This Innovative Graduate Degree



Industry-Focused Master’s Degree Graduate from 4 Major Universities



Competitive Scholarship Opportunities Housed at the Centre for Digital Media in Vancouver, BC, this 1-year plus internship program engages students in real-world projects and industry connections. Students graduate with the skills to work in the top jobs in the digital media industry as creators, producers, designers, managers, art directors and entrepreneurs.

a collaboration between

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Professional designations

CMC (Certified Management Consultant) Requirements: Minimum of an undergraduate degree or a CA,

CGA, CMA, CPA or P.Eng. designation. Membership in the Canadian Association of Management Consultants. Completion and signature of declaration serving as bond to abide by the association’s Uniform Code of Professional Conduct. For entry stream, at least three years’ experience in management consulting. Candidates must each find two current CMCs in Canada to sponsor them and attest to their experience in management consulting. Completion of required courses of study, written descriptions of three consulting assignments and a structured interview, and references from three clients. Note: Qualifications are also available in experienced stream, executive stream and approved MBA and continuing education stream (see website for details). Costs: $542 annual membership fee, $850 oral assessment (interview), $625 upon becoming a CMC. Additional fees assessed for courses of study and examinations. Administering organization: Canadian Association of Management Consultants (www.cmc-canada.ca) through affiliate institutes.

PAYROLL PCP (Payroll Compliance Practitioner) Description: The PCP certification is the foundation for a career in payroll. It provides candidates with the legislative content required to keep an organization compliant throughout the annual payroll cycle, effectively communicate payroll information to all stakeholders and understand the accounting function as it relates to payroll. Requirements: Four courses including Payroll Compliance Legislation, Payroll Fundamentals 1, Introduction to Accounting, and Payroll Fundamentals 2.

Ongoing requirements: 14 hours of continuing professional

education credits earned annually. Costs: $220 annual membership, online courses available through

Canadian Payroll Association (CPA) and classroom courses vary with institution. Administering organization: Canadian Payroll Association (www.payroll.ca).

CPM (Certified Payroll Manager) Description: The CPM certification builds on the PCP knowledge and at least two years of payroll compliance experience to develop payroll management skills. It provides the core management subjects and competencies required to manage a payroll department, such as decision-making, managing people, project management, organizational policy and strategy development. PCP certification is a prerequisite for this program. Requirements: Each student must submit an application form and receive approval from the CPA prior to enrolling in the Introduction to Payroll Management course. Students must have at least two years of experience being responsible for an organization’s payroll, which includes being accountable to management for the accuracy of employees’ pay and all government statutory remittances, or equivalent experience, obtained in the past five years. The CPM program includes five courses: Introduction to Payroll Management, Organizational Behaviour Management, Managerial Accounting, Compensation and Benefits Management, and Applied Payroll Management. Ongoing requirements: Membership in CPA, adherence to CPA’s code of professional conduct, 21 hours’ continuing professional education credits earned. Costs: $220 annual membership; online courses available through CPA and classroom courses vary with institution. Administering organization: Canadian Payroll Association (www.payroll.ca).

PROJECT MANAGEMENT PMP (Project Management Professional) Description: Recognizes demonstrated knowledge and skill in leading and directing project teams and delivering results within schedule, budget and resources. Requirements: For candidate with high school diploma or global equivalent, five years’ project management experience and 35 hours’ project management education. For candidate with bachelor’s degree or global equivalent, three years’ project management experience and 35 hours’ project management education. For all candidates: four-hour, 200-question multiple-choice exam. Ongoing requirements: 60 professional development units (PDUs) within three-year cycle. Costs: US$405 for Project Management Institute members, US$555 for non-members; US$129 membership fee (see website for local chapter information and membership fees). Administering organization: Project Management Institute (www.pmi.org).

CAPM (Certified Associate in Project Management) Description: Recognizes understanding of fundamental knowledge, processes and terminology, as defined in A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge. Requirements: For candidate with high school diploma or global equivalent, 1,500 hours’ project management experience or 23 hours’ project management education. Three-hour, 150-question multiple-choice exam. Ongoing requirements: PDUs not required for CAPM certification holders. Instead, there is a re-exam before the end of the five-year certification cycle. Costs: US$225 for Project Management Institute members, US$300 for non-members; US$129 membership fee (see website for local chapter information and membership fees). Administering organization: Project Management Institute (www.pmi.org).


Imagine a career where... You connect people to goods and services across the planet. Your decisions are a critical link to an employer's competitive advantage. You’re rewarded beyond just a great salary. Interested? Become a Supply Chain Management Professional. With supply chains reaching around the world, SCMPs play a key role in the success of enterprises everywhere. They earn more and help make things happen. Over the next few years, thousands of supply chain management recruits will be needed for new or vacant jobs. Interested? Enroll in the Supply Chain Management Professional Designation Program today. Become an SCMP and imagine the possibilities. For more information, please visit scma.com/bc

An SCMP offers innovative leadership and strategic thinking for a changing global marketplace. P R O C U R E M E N T,

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UBC Diploma in Accounting Have a university degree but lack the prerequisites to pursue the new Chartered Professional Accountants (CPA) designation? The UBC Diploma in Accounting Program (UBC DAP) bridges the gap by equipping graduates with the foundation for success in the CPA Professional Education Program. Widely recognized by the accounting industry, UBC DAP can be completed in as little as 10 or as long as 24 months while candidates continue to work.

BIV-2016.indd 1 00_Right Course 2017.indd 25

Find out how to put your career aspirations into action. For detailed program information and testimonials visit: sauder.ubc.ca/dap

Why UBC DAP • Industry recognition • Top calibre instructors • Diverse and talented student body • Flexible scheduling • Career development support

7/11/2016 3:02:38 PM 2016-12-15 10:43 AM

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Professional designations

PMI-SP (Project Management Institute Scheduling Professional) Description: Recognizes demonstrated knowledge and advanced expertise in specialized area of developing and maintaining project schedules. Requirements: For candidate with high school diploma or global equivalent, 5,000 hours’ project scheduling experience and 40 hours’ project scheduling education. For candidate with bachelor’s degree or global equivalent, 3,500 hours’ project scheduling experience and 30 hours’ project scheduling education. For all candidates: 170-question multiple-choice exam. Ongoing requirements: 60 PDUs to be earned in three-year cycle. Costs: US$520 for Project Management Institute members, US$670 for non-members; US$129 membership fee (see website for local chapter information and membership fees). Administering organization: Project Management Institute (www.pmi.org).

PMI-RMP (Project Management Institute Risk Management Professional) Description: Recognizes demonstrated knowledge and expertise in specialized area of assessing and identifying project risks while mitigating threats and capitalizing on opportunities. Requirements: For candidate with high-school diploma or global equivalent, 4,500 hours’ project risk management experience and 40 hours’ project risk management education. For candidate with bachelor’s degree or global equivalent, 3,000 hours’ project risk management experience and 30 hours’ project risk management education. For all candidates: 170-question multiple-choice exam. Ongoing requirements: 60 PDUs to be earned in three-year cycle. Costs: US$520 for Project Management Institute members, US$670 for non-members; US$129 membership fee (see website for local chapter information and membership fees). Administering organization: Project Management Institute (www.pmi.org).

PgMP (Program Management Professional) Description: Recognizes demonstrated experience, skill and performance in oversight of multiple related projects aligned with an organizational strategy. Requirements: For candidate with high school diploma or global equivalent, four years’ project management experience, seven years’ program management experience. For candidate with bachelor’s degree or global equivalent, four years’ project management experience, four years’ program management experience. For all candidates: passing of panel review on application, multiple-choice exam, multi-rater assessment. Ongoing requirements: 60 PDUs, to be earned in three-year cycle. Costs: US$1,500 for Project Management Institute members, US$1,800 for non-members; US$129 membership fee (see website for local chapter information and membership fees). Administering organization: Project Management Institute (www.pmi.org).

PMI-ACP (PMI Agile Certified Practitioner) Description: Recognizes professionalism in agile practices of project management. Requirements: For general project experience, 2,000 hours’ general project management experience earned within the last five years. For agile project experience, 1,500 hours’ agile project management experience earned within the last three years, in addition to the 2,000 general project experience hours. Twenty-one hours’ education accrued in agile project management topics. A 120-question exam. Holders of PMP and/or PgMP credentials are already verified to have exceeded the experience requirements. Ongoing requirements: 30 PDUs/three CEUs every three years in agile project management. Costs: US$435 for Project Management Institute members, US$495 for non-members; US$129 membership fee (see website for local chapter information and membership fees). Administering organization: Project Management Institute (www.pmi.org).

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PfMP (Portfolio Management Professional) Description: For portfolio managers looking to demonstrate a

proven ability to manage and align a portfolio of projects and programs to realize organizational strategy and objectives; increase visibility and value with their organization; and separate themselves in the eyes of employers. Requirements: To apply for the PfMP, candidates need to have either: a secondary degree (high school diploma, associate’s degree or the global equivalent), with at least seven years (10,500 hours) of portfolio management experience within the past 15 consecutive years; or a four-year degree (bachelor’s degree or the global equivalent), with at least four years (6,000 hours) of portfolio management experience within the past 15 consecutive years. And, since portfolio management focuses on strategic investment matters and high-level organizational decisions, it is pertinent to have a foundation of professional business experience. All applicants must possess a minimum of eight years (96 months) of professional business experience. Costs: US$700 to US$800 for PMI members, US$900 to US$1,000 for non-members. Administering organization: Project Management Institute (www.pmi.org).

PMI-PBA (PMI Professional in Business Analysis)

Business Management, real estate management major. For a full list of criteria, visit www.reibc.org/professional_membership. Administering organization: Real Estate Institute of British

Columbia (www.reibc.org).

SALES AND MARKETING CSP (Certified Sales Professional) Requirements: Minimum of two years’ verified sales experience,

completion of education requirement demonstrating competence in a consultative setting (attending the Canadian Professional Sales Association’s Professional Selling or Strategic Account Management applies), completion of written and oral exams and agreement to abide by CPSA Sales Institute code of ethics. Ongoing requirements: 20 hours of professional development annually; maintain a membership with CPSA. Costs: $300 to $2,000 for sales courses at community colleges, $1,595 for professional sales training offered by CPSA; $545 CSP registration fee, $1,795 if registering for training and designation at the same time. Administering organization: CPSA Sales Institute (www.cpsa.com/csp).

Description: Highlights and validates expertise in business

analysis. Requirements: Secondary degree (high school diploma or global

equivalent), up to five years (7,500 hours) of business analysis experience (earned in the last eight years), 2,000 hours of experience working on project teams and 35 contact hours earned in business analysis practice. Ongoing requirements: At least 60 PDUs, to be earned in threeyear cycle. Costs: US$405 (PMI members), $555 (non-members) for computerbased testing; US$250 (PMI members), $400 (non-members) for paper-based exam. Administering organization: Project Management Institute (www.pmi.org).

REAL ESTATE AACI (Accredited Appraiser Canadian Institute), CRA (Canadian Residential Appraiser) Description: The Appraisal Institute of Canada grants two designations. AACI designates fully accredited membership and may be used by the holder in connection with appraisal of a wide range of properties. CRA designates a member qualified in appraisal and valuation of individual undeveloped residential dwelling sites and dwellings containing not more than four self-contained family housing units. The designations identify highly qualified persons who have completed AIC’s rigorous education, experience and examination requirements. Requirements: Designation comprises a university-level program administered by UBC as the partner of AIC BC; experience under mentorship of a member of the institute; a written exam; an oral exam; AIC’s mandatory professional practice seminar; and the introductory “We Value Canada” online workshop. See the “path to designation” section of www.appraisal.bc.ca. Administering organization: Appraisal Institute of Canada – British Columbia (www.aicanada.ca/province-british-columbia/british-columbia).

RI (Real Estate Institute) Description: An RI designation recognizes the achievement of rigorous standards of education and experience that guarantee a high standard of real estate knowledge. Requirements: UBC – bachelor of commerce with a major in urban land economics, urban land economics diploma, bachelor of business in real estate, postgraduate certificate in real property valuation. BCIT – marketing management (professional real estate option) diploma. University of Guelph – real estate and housing major in the bachelor of commerce program. Ryerson University – School of

CRSA (Certified Retail Sales Associate), CFLM (Certified Retail First Level Manager) Description of CRSA: Helps sales associates become expert in all

aspects of retail sales. Participants build solid career foundations and gain industry-specific credential that major retailers recognize countrywide. Requirements for CRSA: Retail sales associate course, multiplechoice exam, in-store evaluation conducted by the corporate research group, 600 hours as retail sales associate. Description of CFLM: Allows first-level managers to build business skills of professionalism, communication, leadership, human resources, operations, marketing, sales, customer service, administration and planning. Requirements for CFLM: First-level manager course, multiplechoice exam, telephone interview by the corporate research group, 1,500 hours or one year on-job experience in retail. Costs: $300 for CRSA, $400 for CFLM. Administering organization: Retail Council of Canada (www.retailcouncil.org).

SCPS (SMEI Certified Professional Salesperson), CSE (Certified Sales Executive), CME (Certified Marketing Executive), SCPM (SMEI Certified Professional Marketer) Description: Sales and Marketing Executives International Inc., with support of its local chapter, SMEI Vancouver, offers these four designations. Requirements: Appropriate education and experience. Preparation for certification exams available through self-study and other options, including professional courses offered through UBC Sauder School of Business. Costs: Visit www.smei.org/certification or call 604-266-0090 for details. Administering organization: Sales and Marketing Executives International Inc. – SMEI Vancouver (www.smeivancouver.org).

SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT APICS CSCP (APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional) Description: The program provides professionals with the knowledge necessary for understanding and managing integration and co-ordination of end-to-end supply chain activities. System is self-directed but can combine with instructor-led courses for students preferring classrooms. Exam eligibility: A candidate must meet one of the following criteria: hold a conferred bachelor’s degree or equivalent; hold an APICS CPIM, APICS CFPIM, APICS CIRM, APICS SCOR-P, APICS CTL, CPM, CPSM or CSM designation; or possess at least three years of related business experience. Requirements: Four-hour exam consisting of 175 multiple-choice questions.

2016-12-15 10:43 AM

“A career in Human of opportunity to make HR is a fantastic career choice for students because it gives them an opportunity to work with so many parts of an organization and impact the actual business results.”

Heather Briant, CHRE Senior Vice President, Human Resources Cineplex Entertainment

career in focus

When it comes to practicing human resources, Certified Human Resources Professional, Leader, and Executive designations: the new global standard for HR excellence and professionalism. These quality designations command respect and reflect the people-driven strategies HR professionals contribute to organizational success. The CHRP, Canada’s best-known and only national HR designation, is now available exclusively from HRPA. P U T YOU R C A R E E R IN FOCUS hrpa.ca/infocus

00_Right Course 2017.indd 27

2016-12-15 12:22 PM

28 |


Professional designations

Ongoing requirements: Designee must earn a total of 75

professional development points within five years of receiving designation. Costs: Exam fee of US$695 for members or US$915 for nonmembers; US$200 annual membership. Corporate membership dues vary with size of organization. Administering organization: APICS – the Association for Operations Management (www.apics.org).

APICS CPIM (APICS Certified in Production and Inventory Management) Description: Looks in depth at production and inventory activities within internal operations of companies. Focuses primarily on manufacturing. Provides in-depth view of materials management, master scheduling, production planning, forecasting and quality improvement. Requirements: Passing of five exams on basics of supply chain management, master planning of resources, detailed scheduling and planning, execution and control of operations, and strategic management of resources. APICS certification review courses and study aids help prepare candidates for exams and are available through BCIT part-time studies or online. Ongoing requirements: Designee must earn a total of 75 professional development points within five years of receiving designation. Costs: Course costs vary with delivery method. Exams (administered by APICS) are US$190 for members, US$290 for non-members. Administering organization: APICS – the Association for Operations Management (www.apics.org).

APICS CLTD (APICS Certified in Logistics, Transportation and Distribution) Description: Covers a comprehensive body of knowledge that sets the global standard for best practices in logistics, transportation and distribution. Requirements: Three years of related business experience or bachelor’s degree or the international equivalent or CPIM, CSCP, CTL, CFPIM, CIRM, SCOR-P, CPM, CSM or CPSM designations. An eight-module program with an exam that reflects critical areas in logistics, transportation and distribution for the roles and responsibilities of logistics managers. The exam consists of 150 multiple-choice questions (130 operational and 20 pretest). Costs: Course costs vary with delivery method. Exams (administered by APICS) are US$475 for members, US$525 for non-members. Administering organization: APICS – the Association for Operations Management (www.apics.org).

CCLP (CITT-Certified Logistics Professional) Requirements: Candidates who already have a university or

college degree or diploma in a business discipline can simply apply for advanced standing toward the CCLP designation to meet this requirement. In order to hold the CCLP designation, candidates need to have at least five years of experience working in a supply chain or logistics function and successfully complete CITT’s five-course suite of expert-level, specialized logistics courses, including three core courses plus two electives (online options available). Administering organization: Canadian Institute of Traffic and Transportation (www.citt.ca).

SCMP (Supply Chain Management Professional) Description: The SCMP designation is the mark of strategic leadership in supply chain management (SCM). An SCMP’s adherence to code of ethics ensures the highest level of integrity. With procurement, operations, logistics and all areas of SCM playing increasingly important roles in organizations, employers benefit from the SCMP’s unique and distinctive competence. Offered through Supply Chain Management Association – the largest association in Canada for SCM professionals – and taught by distinguished academics and senior practitioners, the SCMP designation program is designed to be taken over 36 months concurrent with full-time employment. In-class and online formats available. Requirements: Business degree or diploma from a public Canadian university, college or technical institution. Other candidates

00_Right Course 2017.indd 28

must complete specific business management courses at postsecondary institutions. Successful completion of eight modules covering foundations of SCM and six interactive workshops addressing high-level business skills, including SCM; leadership and professionalism; procurement and supply management; negotiation skills; logistics and transportations; communications and relational skills; operations and process management; knowledge management; competitive bidding; contract preparation and contract management; global sourcing; risk management; SCM in the public sector; SCM for services, capital goods and major projects; ethical behaviour and social responsibility. Weeklong session in residence integrates knowledge from the modules and workshops. Program includes a final written examination and a minimum of three years’ progressive SCM experience concurrent with the program. Ongoing requirements: Minimum 30 maintenance credits on a three-year block period. Costs: $17,000 to $18,000 approximately over three years. Administering organization: Supply Chain Management Association of British Columbia (www.scmabc.ca).

ISP (Information Systems Professional), ITCP (Information Technology Certified Professional) Description of ISP: Demonstrates knowledge and technical background in IT. Visit www.cips.ca/isp. Description of ITCP: Directed specifically at senior IT practitioners and academics who want to demonstrate that, in addition to possessing IT knowledge, they understand how to use and apply organizational experience effectively to achieve goals and expectations. The ITCP standard has been accredited by the International Professional Practice Partnership (IP3), and ITCP holders are internationally recognized under the IP3 umbrella. Visit www.cips.ca/itcp. Requirements: Documented evidence of ability to meet or exceed established criteria for academic qualifications and relevant experience. Experience must be in role requiring use of significant level of IT knowledge where high level of independent judgment and responsibility is exercised. Costs: For application and certified member fees, see www.cips.ca/ certification fees. Administering organization: CIPS – Canada’s Association of Information Technology Professionals (www.cips.ca).

P.Log. (Professional Logistician), LS (Logistics Specialist) Description of P.Log.: This internationally recognized certification for professionals in logistics certifies competence as global supply chain leaders. Depending on where you are in your career and what the company needs to succeed, there are two different options to earn the P.Log. designation: a leadership program or a process management program. Description of LS: For logisticians working in tactical and supervisory careers who are looking for certification to create the foundation for a successful career in logistics. The Logistics Foundation program consists of core modules in the Essential Series, Frontline Logistics and Integrated Logistics Networks. The program will be completely online with the use of a learning management system. Estimated time to complete the program is one to three months. Costs: For LS, $1,870 for non-members, $1,683 for associate members, $1,496 for corporate members of Logistics Institute. Administering organization: The Logistics Institute (www.loginstitute.ca).

TECHNOLOGY AScT (Applied Science Technologist), CTech (Certified Technician) Description: The Applied Science Technologists and Technicians of BC (ASTTBC) registers technologists, technicians and technical specialists in applied science and engineering technologies. AScT and CTech are two of the numerous credentials available to technology professionals registered with ASTTBC. Requirements for AScT: Diploma of technology in an applied science and engineering technology program that meets academic requirements for registration in one of 16 applied science technology disciplines in which ASTTBC currently certifies practitioners. Completion of two years’ experience in field of practice in which certification is sought. Experience must be reasonably current, progressive, accumulated and relevant to an approved discipline and supported by references. Requirements for CTech: Certificate of technology in an applied science and engineering technology program that meets academic requirements for registration in one of 16 applied science technology disciplines in which ASTTBC currently certifies practitioners. Applicant may also demonstrate equivalent outcome competencies to national technology standards. Completion of two years’ experience in field of practice in which certification is sought. Experience must be reasonably current, progressive, accumulated and relevant to an approved discipline and supported by references. Costs: $250 application fee, $345 annual dues for certified members. Administering organization: Applied Science Technologists and Technicians of British Columbia (www.asttbc.org).

TOURISM CTC (Certified Travel Counsellor), CTM (Certified Travel Manager) Description of CTC: A professional credential based on ability to

perform the knowledge and performance tasks required for meeting expectations for employment within the travel industry. Requirements for CTC: Enrolment, passing of knowledge exam, minimum 1,000 hours’ recent and relevant work experience and completion of performance checklist and performance evaluation. Annual membership with Association of Canadian Travel Agencies. Description of CTM: Certification demonstrates competence in meeting job standards set by travel industry. Requirements for CTM: Enrolment, passing of knowledge exam, completion of performance evaluation (case-study activities) and five years’ related industry experience (minimum three years’ applicable travel trade experience and two years’ proven supervisory or managerial experience). Annual membership with ACTA. Certification steps must be completed with six months of enrolment. Costs: For CTC, $400 including enrolment, study guide, knowledge exam prep guide, online knowledge exam and a performance evaluation. For CTM, $400 including a general membership. Administering organization: Association of Canadian Travel Agencies (www.acta.ca).

WORKPLACE LEARNING AND PERFORMANCE; TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT CTP (Certified Training Practitioner), CTDP (Certified Training and Development Professional) Description: CTP and CTDP are national standards for excellence in workplace learning and performance, stressing the roles of learning and training in today’s organizations. Prerequisites: For CTDP, four years’ full-time work experience in field; for CTP, two years’ part-time experience in instruction/ facilitation. For CTP, work assessment category is instruction/ facilitation only. Requirements for CTP: Knowledge exam on theories and principles of adult learning and facilitation and instruction. Submission of facilitation video or participation in live skill demonstration. Two references validating skill in facilitation. Requirements for CTDP: Knowledge exam on theory and principles of assessing performance needs, designing training, facilitating training, supporting transfer of learning, and evaluating training. Submission of work project or participation in live skill demonstration in one of three competencies. Two professional references. Costs: Visit www.performanceandlearning.ca/get-certified. Administering organization: Canadian Society for Training and Development (www.performanceandlearning.ca).

2016-12-15 10:43 AM

| 29

Biggest professional organizations in B.C. RANKED BY | Number of dues-paying members or registrants

% "

$ !

411*,* 4+ !*,.78*6*) 967*7 4+

<,?>?= $> '+8-9?@/< ' ) "

;;; (63'( (& -&68*6*) 64+*77.43&1 ((4938&387 4+ 6.8.7- 4192'.& +=>381= $> ( $?3>/ '+8-9?@/< ' "

;;; '((5& (& 774(.&8.43 4+ 64+*77.43&1 3,.3**67 &3) *47(.*38.787 4+

#/1/8> $> $?3>/ ?<8+,C '

" ;;; &5*, '( (& !*&1 78&8* 774(.&8.43 /9<13+ $> ( $?3>/

'+8-9?@/< ' ) " ;;; '(6*& '( (& &; "4(.*8= 4+ +7,3/ $> '+8-9?@/< ' * " ;;; 1&;74(.*8= '( (&

$/>= </;?3</7/8>= >9 /8>/< >2/ :<90/==398 /=>+,63=2/= 7983>9<= +8. /809<-/= =>+8.+<.= 90 8?<=381 &6= /46:*3 ,9+<. -2+3< :<+->3-/ +8. /8=?</= >2+> 8?<=/= :<+->3=/ =+0/6C />23-+66C +8. -97:/>/8>6C >2<9?12 383>3+6 +8. +88?+6 </13=><+>398 "<90/==398+6 +.@3=9<C =?::9<> -98>38?381 :<90/==398+6 ./@/69:7/8> >/-283-+6 -977?83-+>398 +8. 1.3 3843 ,9+<. -2+3< 7/7,/< 09<?7=

!*&1 78&8* 4&6) 4+ 6*&8*6 $&3(49:*6

$:<?-/ $> '+8-9?@/< ' " ;;; 6*',: 46, 411*,* 4+ -=7.(.&37 &3) "96,*437 4+ 9A/ $> $?3>/ '+8-9?@/< '

" ;;; (57'( (& 4(8467 4+ <9+.A+C ( $?3>/ '+8-9?@/< '

" " ;;; )4(84674+'( (& 551.*) "(.*3(* #*(-3414,.787 #*(-3.(.&37 4+ $> $?<</C ' # $

" ;;; &788'( (42 411*,* 4+ *38&1 "96,*437 4+ >2 @/ ( $?3>/ '+8-9?@/< ' " " ;;; ()7'( 46, 411*,* 4+ -&62&(.787 4+ >2 @/ ( $?3>/ '+8-9?@/< ' "

;;; '(5-&62&(.787 46, &3&).&3 &6 774(.&8.43 6&3( +7,3/ $> $?3>/ '+8-9?@/< ' % " ;;; ('&'( 46, 43)42.3.92 42* ;3*67 774(.&8.43 4+ #3-2798. $> $?3>/ /A (/=>738=>/< ' " "

" ;;; (-4& '( (& 92&3 !*7496(*7 &3&,*2*38 774(.&8.43 +=>381= $> ( $?3>/ '+8-9?@/< ' "

;;; -62& (& 774(.&8.43 4+ 46*78 64+*77.43&17 /9<13+ $> ( $?3>/ '+8-9?@/< ' " ;;; &'(+5 (& 3796&3(* 378.898* 4+ "/8./< $> ( $?3>/ '+8-9?@/< ' ' " ;;; .3796&3(*.378.898* (& 774(.&8.43 +46 .3*6&1 <5146&8.43 "/8./< $> ( $?3>/ '+8-9?@/< '

" ;;; &2*'( (& %&8*6 %&78* 774(.&8.43 "/8./< $> ( $?3>/ '+8-9?@/< ' " ;;; '(;;& 46, 6(-.8*(896&1 378.898* 4+

+7,3/ $> $?3>/ '+8-9?@/< ' " ;;; &.'( (& 411*,* 4+ &77&,* #-*6&5.787 4+ <9+.A+C ( $?3>/ '+8-9?@/< ' ' " ;;; (28'( (&

"?,63=2/. 38 +C

$9?<-/= 8>/<@3/A= A3>2 +,9@/ +==9-3+>398= +8. </1?6+>9<C ,9.3/= +8. </=/+<-2 !>2/<= 7+C 2+@/ <+85/. ,?> .3. 89> :<9@3./ 3809<7+>398 ,C ./+.638/ " 9> :<9@3./. #/13=><+8>= #/:</=/8>381 79</ >2+8 =><+>+ 69>=

" &

3-/8=381 +8. </1?6+>9<C ,9.C </=:98=3,6/ 09< E= :<90/==398+6 /8138//<= +8. 1/9=-3/8>3=>= %2/ +==9-3+>398 3= -2+<1/. A3>2 :<9>/->381 :?,63- =+0/>C 38 ,C =/>>381 +8. 7+38>+38381 2312 =>+8.+<.= 90 :<90/==398+6 :<+->3-/ +8. />23-+6 -98.?-> 09< 3>= 7/7,/<= +8. 63-/8=//= 98>38?381 :<90/==398+6 /.?-+>398 +.@9-+-C /-98973- </=/+<-2 +8. =>+8.+<. 09<7=

!" &


=38-.& 4-&37*3 </13=><+< +8. !

!.(-&6) !**7 :</=3./8> +8. !

.(-&*1 %6.3(- :</=3./8>

33 3,1.7- ! +8. </13=><+<

*&33& 463 :</=3./8>

!4'*68 &.3, !

&:296.= +8. :<9>/->= >2/ :?,63- 38>/</=> 38 >2/ +.7383=><+>398 90 4?=>3-/ ,C /8=?<381 >2/ &:.) 6477.3 :</=3./8> 38./:/8./8-/ 38>/1<3>C +8. -97:/>/8-/ 90 6+AC/<= /=>+,63=2381 /.?-+>398 +8. :<90/==398+6 ./@/69:7/8> =>+8.+<.= 09< 6+AC/<= </1?6+>381 >2/ :<+->3-/ 90 6+A +8. :</=/<@381 +8. :<9>/->381 >2/ <312>= +8. 0<//.97= 90 +66 :/<=98= "<9@3./= + @+<3/>C 90 :<9.?->= +8. =/<@3-/= 38-6?.381 >2/ ?6>3:6/ 3=>381 $/<@3-/ </=/+<-2 +8. &3 466.743 :</=3./8> =>+>3=>3-= /.?-+>398 +8. ><+38381 :<90/==398+6 =>+8.+<.= +8. +<,3><+>398 =/<@3-/= :?,63- +8. 7/.3+ </6+>398= -97:?>/< =?::9<> +.@9-+-C +8. 79</ 3-/8=381 +8. </1?6+>9<C ,9.C 09< +66 :2C=3-3+8= +8. =?<1/98= 38 *66&6) $&9,-&3 :</=3./8>

#.2 ( ** !

6&) "(488 !

*.). *88*6 </13=><+< +8. !

%2/ @93-/ 90 E= .9->9<= 98 7/.3-+6 :963>3-+6 +8. +.@9-+-C 0<98>=

#6.3& &67*3 "41*7 :</=3./8>

11&3 "*(0*1 !

#/13=><+>398 -/<>3F-+>398 90 >/-2896913=>= >/-283-3+8= +8. >/-283-+6 =:/-3+63=>= 38 +::63/. =-3/8-/ +8. /8138//<381 >/-2896913/=

*.8- #691743 :</=3./8>

4-3 **(- !

#/1?6+>/= ./8>3=>= ./8>+6 >2/<+:3=>= +8. -/<>3F/. ./8>+6 +==3=>+8>= 38 >2/ :?,63- 38>/</=> ,C =/>>381 &:.) #4'.&7 :</=3./8> </;?3</7/8>= >9 :<+->3=/ /=>+,63=2381 =>+8.+<.= 90 -98.?-> +8. -+</ 7983>9<381 9819381 -97:/>/8-/ 90 </13=><+8>= +8. 38@/=>31+>381 -97:6+38>= /A=6/>>/< A/,=3>/ 98 -+66 :2+<7+-3=> 3809<7+>398 638/ :2+<7+-C 98 =3>/ -98=?6>+>398= 1&0* !*=341)7 ,9+<. -2+3<

*642* &6'96, </13=><+< +8. !

4' &0&,&;& </13=><+<

.@9-+-C 6/13=6+>398 +8. 6+A </09<7 :<90/==398+6 ./@/69:7/8> 6+AC/<= .3</->9<C >A9 :?,63:<91<+7= +AC/< #/0/<<+6 $/<@3-/ +8. 3+6 +A

*33.+*6 -4; :</=3./8>

&641.3* *:.3 /B/-?>3@/ .3</->9<

/+./<=23: /.?-+>398 +8. </=9?<-/= 09< =><+>+ 9A8/<= +-<9== 38-6?.381 +.@3=9<C =/<@3-/= /.?-+>398 +8. </=9?<-/= >9 :<979>/ >2/ ?8./<=>+8.381 90 =><+>+ :<9:/<>C 63@381

.11 #-46'963 :</=3./8>

#43= .4:*389 /B/-?>3@/ .3</->9<


"<90/==398+6 ./@/69:7/8> </=/+<-2 -980/</8-/ 8/>A9<5381 /@/8>= +A+<.= :<91<+7= 7/8>9<381 :<91<+7 -+<//< ./@/69:7/8> 3809<7+>398 =/<@3-/= / 8/A=6/>>/< +8. 7+1+D38/

#*66*3(* "(-2&18> ,9+<. -2+3< 38-43= 6.,&3*114 :</=3./8> +8. !

#/13=><+>398 +8. </1?6+>398 90 E= :<90/==398+6 09</=>/<= +8. 09</=> >/-2896913=>= +.7383=><+>398 -6.7 "8&,, :</=3./8> +8. /809<-/7/8> 90 >2/ 9</=>/<= -> /809<-/7/8> 90 -9./= 90 -98.?-> +8. =>+8.+<.=

-6.78.3* *14;.8> !

"<90/==398+6 +==9-3+>398 09< 1/8/<+6 38=?<+8-/ 38.?=><C -2+<>/</. 38=?<+8-/ :<90/==398+6 " ./=318+>398 :<91<+7 63-/8=381 -9?<=/= =/738+<= +8. 8/>A9<5381 /@/8>=

*33.+*6 *66= :</=3./8>

&3.*11* 41)9( 7+8+1/<

88?+6 -980/</8-/ +.@9-+-C 09< >2/ 738/<+6 /B:69<+>398 +8. ./@/69:7/8> =/->9< 9:/<+>381 38 +8. ,+=/. 38 A9<5=29:= +8. 8/>A9<5381 /@/8>=

.&3* .(41743 -2+3<

&:.3 .642 :</=3./8> +8. !

(+>/< =C=>/7 9:/<+>9< ><+38381 -980/</8-/= +8. =/738+<= -<9== -988/->398 -98><96 -/<>3F-+>398 +.@9-+-C +8. :?,63- /.?-+>398 09< A+>/< +8. A+=>/ A+>/< 3==?/=

.0* 55*3 :</=3./8>

#&3/& ( 9**3 !

#/13=><+>398 +8. 63-/8=381 </1?6+>398 :<+->3-/ +.@3-/ 09< </13=><+8>= +8. 1/8/<+6 :?,63- :<90/==398+6 ./@/69:7/8> :<90/==398+6 .3=-3:638/ 9?></+-2 +8. /.?-+>398 :?,63- </:</=/8>+>398 ./=318 </@3/A >/-283-+6 38:?> />- 8=?<381 >2/ :?,63-E= <312> >9 =+0/ />23-+6 +8. -97:/>/8> 7+==+1/ >2/<+:C >2<9?12 /B-/66/8-/ 38 3889@+>3@/ </1?6+>398 >2+> =2+:/= >2/ 0?>?</ 90 /B/7:6+<C 2/+6>2 -+</

&66=1 43)43 -9?8-36 :</=3./8>

&60 $*6343 !


&8-*6.3* !=&3 -2+3<

"97&3 ))&6.4 </13=><+< +8. !

#! !! #$ 7+5/= /@/<C +>>/7:> >9 :?,63=2 +--?<+>/ 3809<7+>398 38 >2/ 3=> ,?> +--?<+-C -+889> ,/ 1?+<+8>//. #/=/+<-2/. ,C +<<3/ $-273.> !"! $

Looking for a new challenge or job opportunity? ASTTBC has a job listing service called TechJOBS where you can view active listings online. Employers... find pricing details online. To book a posting, please contact techinfo@asttbc.org

00_Right Course 2017.indd 29

for more info


2016-12-15 10:43 AM

30 |


Biggest post-secondary institutions in B.C. RANKED BY | Number of full-time equivalent (FTE) students enrolled in 2015-16 $! $() )*) %$ ,& % ( %%" () '

"2-9)56-7; 3* 5-7-6, 3081&-% '/;< +55 &+7-8=>/: & $ * ! ::: 8&' '% -132 5%6)5 "2-9)56-7; %73>/:;3<A : =:7+,A & # ! ::: 6*8 '% 5-7-6, 3081&-% 267-787) 3* !)',2303+;

'355371.87 >/ =:7+,A & ! ::: &'-7 '% "2-9)56-7; 3* #-'735-% ! 8@ #<7 # &3-<8:3+ & ' ) ! ::: 89-' '% !,314632 -9)56 "2-9)56-7; - 355 ". +65889; & ! ::: 758 '% :%270)2 30;7)',2-' "2-9)56-7; >/ #=::/A & ' ! ::: /48 '% 38+0%6 300)+) "8A+5 >/ /? '/;<637;</: & ! ::: (38+0%6'300)+) '% %13682 300)+)

8=5 +A ". &3-<8:3+ & ! ! ::: '%13682 '% "2-9)56-7; 3* 7,) 5%6)5 #%00);

371 ". ,,8<;08:. & # ! ::: 8*9 '% %2+%5% 300)+) <2 >/ ' &+7-8=>/: & ) * !

::: 0%2+%5% &' '% #%2'389)5 60%2( "2-9)56-7; <2 #< +7+368 & " #

! ::: 9-8 '% %4-0%23 "2-9)56-7;

!=:-/55 '+A 8:<2 &+7-8=>/: &

! ::: '%4-0%238 '% /%2%+%2 300)+) ". /58?7+ & ) ( ! ::: 3/%2%+%2 &' '% #%2'389)5 31182-7; 300)+)

:8+.?+A &+7-8=>/: & $ &

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7. >/ !:37-/ /8:1/ & ! ! ::: '2' &' '% 867-') 267-787) 3* 5-7-6, 3081&-% - :3./ 5>. /? '/;<637;</: & $ !

::: .-&' '% "2-9)56-7; 3* 357,)52 5-7-6, 3081&-%

%73>/:;3<A '+A !:37-/ /8:1/ & * !

::: 82&' '% 3;%0 3%(6 "2-9)56-7; #884/ ". &3-<8:3+ & ) ! ::: 53;%053%(6 '% )0/-5/ 300)+)

:+74 /37./: '+A +;<5/1+: &

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!=,53;2/. 37 -<8,/: #8=:-/; 7</:>3/?; ?3<2 +,8>/ 98;< ;/-87.+:A 37;<3<=<387; +7. :/;/+:-2 8< +>+35+,5/ /;<36+</

*( $ (( $ $ %*+ ' 6+4/; />/:A +<</69< <8 9=,53;2 +--=:+</ 3708:6+<387 37 <2/ 3;< ,=< +--=:+-A -+778< ,/ 1=+:+7<//. "/;/+:-2/. ,A 77+ 3-B6+7;4+ " ()( + %#

AScT CTech for more info


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2016-12-15 10:43 AM

The college next door. We provide over 100 programs and 1,000 courses in University, Career, and Continuing Studies. How far you take your higher learning is up to you.

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2016-12-08 3:44 PM 2016-12-15 10:43 AM

32 |


Employment agency & recruiters directory

EXECUTIVE/ MANAGEMENT SEARCH Corporate Recruiters Ltd 1055 Hastings St W Suite 1400, Vancouver, BC V6E 2E9 p: 604-639-9560 e: careers@corporate.bc.ca www.corporate.bc.ca Industries served: Technology, including information and communications, clean tech, wireless, biotechnology and alternative energy.

Fusion Recruitment Group 777 Hornby St Suite 652, Vancouver, BC V6Z 2H7 p: 604-678-5627 f: 604-669-6047 e: info@fusion-recruitment.com www.fusion-recruitment.com Industries served: Business-to-business, food service/beverage, medical, packaging, industrial, supply chain management, consumer products, pharmaceutical, hospitality/tourism, non-profit, manufacturing, green tech, telecommunications, information technology, financial services, retail, software, digital media.

Futurestep 1021 Hastings St W Suite 3000, Vancouver, BC V6E 0C3 p: 604-609-5144 e: steven.kassimatis@futurestep.com w: www.futurestep.com Industries served: Industrial, technology, consumer, financial, life sciences, education/ non-profit, health care, real estate.


Lock Search Group 1040 Georgia St W Suite 810, Vancouver, BC V6E 4H1 p: 604-669-8806 f: 604-669-5385 e: fjoe@locksearchgroup.com w: www.locksearchgroup.com Industries served: Consumer packaged goods, business-to-business, industrial, life sciences, insurance, IT, sales, marketing management, HR, retail, operations, supply chain and logistics.

Aerotek ULC 4321 Still Creek Dr Suite 150, Burnaby, BC V5C 6S7 p: 604-293-8000 f: 604-293-8090 e: nchessa@aerotek.com w: www.aerotekcanada.ca Industries served: Engineering, construction, manufacturing, customer service, accounting and finance.

Annex Consulting Group Inc 555 Burrard St Suite 950, Vancouver, BC V7X 1M9 p: 604-638-8883 e: scerniuk@annexgroup.com www.annexgroup.com MacDonald Search Group 475 Georgia St W Suite 720, Vancouver, BC V6B 4M9 p: 604-687-6464 e: bruce@macdonaldsearchgroup.com w: www.macdonaldsearchgroup.com Industries served: Sales, marketing, operations, finance, HR and management positions; consumer products, life sciences, industrial, manufacturing, supply chain, logistics, transportation, telecom, business-to-business.

Summit Search Group BC Inc 1311 Howe St Suite 200, Vancouver, BC V6Z 2P3 p: 604-684-2784 e: chad.rutherford@summitsearchgroup. com www.summitsearchgroup.com Industries served: Sales and marketing specializing in medical, medical device and capital equipment, dental, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, health care, software, hardware, telecom, business-to-business, transportation, industrial, construction, energy, garment; accounting and finance specializing in construction and real estate.

David Aplin Group - Vancouver 1050 Pender St W Suite 1710, Vancouver, BC V6E 3S7 p: 604-648-2799 e: awong@aplin.com www.twitter.com/aplin_van Industries served: Engineering and technical, accounting and finance, sales and marketing, supply chain management, office personnel, IT, human resources, legal, executive/management search.

Express Employment Professionals 2973 Glen Dr Suite 103, Coquitlam, BC V3B 2P7 p: 604-944-8530 f: 604-944-0897 e: curt.allison@expresspros.com www.expresscoquitlam.com Industries served: Temporary, contract and permanent placements in the areas of administration, accounting/finance, sales/marketing and labour/industrial.

GO Recruitment 601 Broadway W Suite 400, Vancouver, BC V5Z 4C2 p: 604-871-4166 f: 604-871-4168 e: raymond@gorecruitment.com www.gorecruitment.com Industries served: Software, clean tech, education, manufacturing.

Horizon Recruitment Inc 1111 Georgia St W Suite 680, Vancouver, BC V6E 4M3 p: 604-434-1006 f: 604-434-1009 e: info@horizonrecruit.com www.horizonrecruit.com Industries served: Finance, supply chain.

Impact Recruitment Inc 688 Hastings St W Suite 800, Vancouver, BC V6B 1P1 p: 604-689-8687 e: inquiry@impactrecruitment.ca w: www.impactrecruitment.ca Industries served: Financial, legal, public sector, construction, forestry and paper, mining, oil and gas, property management, technology, retail.

Impactemps 688 Hastings St W Suite 800, Vancouver, BC V6B 1P1 p: 604-559-6665 e: info@impactemps.com w: www.impactemps.com Industries served: Financial, legal, public sector, construction, forestry and paper, mining, oil and gas, property management, technology, retail.

CHI CPI RRFA for more info


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Reinventing agency recruitment, one placement at a time


or Jeff Harris, CEO of Impact Recruitment, his favourite words are: “We’ve had a bad experience with recruiters.” He completely agrees, because he’s had the same experience. For the last seven years, Harris has been successfully convincing organizations that the switch to Impact Recruitment will change their perspective of recruiters. The journey started in 2007, when Harris and Grant Tufts, president of Impact Recruitment, worked for a national recruitment firm. “Our employer had the exact same model as the others: send as many resumés as possible and hope that something sticks,” Harris says. “There was a general lack of understanding of their clients’ businesses. Candidates were treated like commodities. There were so many flaws in the program.” When the market changed in 2008, companies began to tighten their expenditures and the demand for agency recruitment services declined greatly. “By 2009, the national recruitment model was simply shot. It was the perfect opportunity to challenge the status quo,” says Harris. In late 2009, Harris and Tufts founded Impact Recruitment. “We had a very simple plan,” explains Harris. “One, take the time to understand the businesses we work with; two, screen candidates well

and treat them well; three, get to know everyone possible within a job vertical; and four, repeat.” For the first two years, Harris and Tufts worked side by side in a small Richmond office, filling as many positions as they could. “The national recruitment firms nicknamed us the ‘Cowboys of Recruitment,’ but we were anything but,” says Harris. “We never sent random resumés. We treated our candidates better. We understood our clients better. We were delivering quality, and our clients were happy to pay for it. But there were only two of us, and we could hardly keep up with the demand.” Over the next five years, Impact Recruitment expanded by 1000 per cent. “We grew quickly but we were careful to stick to our values,” Harris says. “Many of our clients were repeats and they expected high-quality results. We literally built entire company departments with ‘Impact-Recruited’ staff. It was really fun.” By 2016, Impact Recruitment was among Canada’s fastest-growing companies, according to Canadian Business magazine’s Profit 500 list. Impact also ranked as the fifth-fastest-growing HR services company in Canada. With over 225 job verticals, 30 recruiters and its own trademarked Certified Candidate screening system, Impact

8th Floor, 688 West Hastings Street Vancouver, BC V6B 1P1

Recruitment is now one of the largest and most diverse recruitment companies in Western Canada. “We provide high-quality recruitment services to a huge range of industries. We are the top recruiters in construction, development, public practice, manufacturing and also for head-office positions. We’re making waves in legal recruitment, and we are pushing hard into IT this spring. It’s very exciting,” Harris says. With the launch of Impactemps, the temporary and contract recruitment world is also being challenged by the Impact team. “Since its inception last year, Impactemps has enjoyed massive growth,” says Harris. “We have the highest temporary-topermanent employee conversion rate in the business. We are signing up major clients. It’s the same plan – provide better quality than the rest.” When asked about the long-term plan, Harris has a very straight answer: “We want all of it. We know the recruitment industry needs a refresh and we’re happy to lead the charge. Because we control quality from end to end, no incumbent recruitment company is safe, in any industry. If they’re not providing quality, we will replace them. Organizations pay big recruitment fees and they want value for their money.”

Impact Recruitment 604-689-8687 Impactemps 604-559-6665

Certified Candidate ®

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Employment agency & recruiters directory


McNeill Nakamoto Recruitment Group 860 Homer St Suite 407, Vancouver, BC V6B 2W5 p: 604-662-8967 f: 604-662-8927 e: jessica@mcnak.com w: www.mcnak.com

Recruiting in Motion 595 Howe St Suite 308, Vancouver, BC V6C 2T5 p: 604-639-1222 f: 604-639-1222 e: vancouver@recruitinginmotion.com w: www.recruitinginmotion.com Industries served: Accounting and finance, administration and corporate office, sales/ marketing/communications, human resources, legal, IT, engineering, insurance, logistics/warehousing/distribution, operations/manufacturing/production, general labour/trades, special events/ promotions, executive/senior management.

Goldbeck Recruiting Inc 475 Georgia St W Suite 510, Vancouver, BC V6B 4M9 p: 604-684-1428 x102 f: 604-684-1429 e: henry@goldbeck.com w: www.goldbeck.com Industries served: Sales, marketing, operations, engineering, construction management, medical and pharmaceuticals, accounting and IT.

Premium Staffing Solutions 1661 2nd Ave W Suite 101, Vancouver, BC V6J 1N3 p: 604-602-9193 e: brad@premiumsolutions.ca w: www.premiumsolutions.ca Industries served: Information technology, engineering, professional services. Swim Recruiting Inc (legal name is Swim International Recruiting Inc) 601 Cordova St W Suite 330, Vancouver, BC V6B 1G1 p: 604-689-7946 f: 604-689-7950 e: info@swimrecruiting.com w: www.swimrecruiting.com Industries served: Accounting and finance, information technology, supply chain, professional services, HR, marketing and sales. Randstad 701 Georgia St W Suite 200, Vancouver, BC V7Y 1C6 p: 604-408-2772 f: 604-408-2792 e: shannon.brown@randstad.ca w: www.randstad.ca Industries served: Adminstrative support, call centre, industrial, accounting, finance, technology and engineering recruitment across all industries.

HMW Recruiters Inc 700 Pender St W Suite 750, Vancouver, BC V6C 1G8 p: 604-629-6771 e: jobs@hmwrecruiters.com www.hmwrecruiters.com Industries served: Accounting and finance, construction, consumer products, information technology, manufacturing, mining, packaging, professional services, pulp and paper, real estate development, management and investment, software, supply chain and logistics, telecommunications.

Summit Search Group BC Inc 1311 Howe St Suite 200, Vancouver, BC V6Z 2P3 p: 604-684-2784 e: chad.rutherford@summitsearchgroup. com www.summitsearchgroup.com Industries served: Sales and marketing specializing in medical, medical device and capital equipment, dental, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, health care, software, hardware, telecom, business-to-business, transportation, industrial, construction, energy, garment; accounting and finance specializing in construction and real estate.

Wood West & Associates Inc 8047 199 St Suite 107, Langley, BC V2Y 0E2 p: 604-682-3141 f: 604-688-5749 e: info@wood-west.com w: www.wood-west.com Industries served: Recruiting leaders in resource development, civil infrastructure, construction and building engineering and architecture.



BBW International Inc 999 Canada Pl Suite 404, Vancouver, BC V6C 1E2 p: 604-984-0352 f: 604-608-3510 e: vancouver@bbwinternational.com www.bbwinternational.com Industries served: Event staffing, experiential marketing, box office management, registration, cashiers and booth hostesses.

Nasco Staffing 343 Railway St Suite 400, Vancouver, BC V6A 1A4 p: 604-683-2512 f: 604-681-1292 e: sales@nasco.ca w: www.nasco.ca Industries served: Canada’s largest event staffing solution, offering qualified conference, event, promotional and service staff.

Looking for a new challenge or job opportunity? ASTTBC has a job listing service called TechJOBS where you can view active listings online. Employers... find pricing details online. To book a posting, please contact techinfo@asttbc.org

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for more info


2016-12-19 11:55 AM

Integrated fullpage_Layout 1 16 11 22 11:33 AM Page 1


Business in Vancouver is BC’s most significant voice of local business news and information. We write, broadcast and post across seven platforms—print, digital, video, radio, podcasts, magazines and special events—as one of Canada’s leading integrated media companies. For three decades we’ve successfully connected organizations like yours with the business audience and community.

Get Connected | Call: 604-688-2398 or email: ads@biv.com

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2016-12-15 10:43 AM

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Online & distance learning

Earning credentials from home ASQ Vancouver Section

Dalhousie University

Areas of study: Green and Black Belt Six Sigma training,

Online learning Halifax, NS B3H 3J5 Contact: de@dal.ca Phone: 902-494-1622 Areas of study: Social work (bachelor and master), business

customized for any organization with the goal to equip students with the knowledge to make immediate improvements in their organization. In addition, it prepares those who wish to take the ASQ certification exams. The certifications are internationally recognized. Prerequisites: Some knowledge of Six Sigma and statistics is helpful but not required. Courses can be suited to content and organization requirements. Costs: Customized pricing based on number of students. Please contact education chair at education@asq.bc.ca to discuss your needs. Web: www.asq.bc.ca

administration, public administration, information management, science, health services (diploma). Distance courses listed in the Dalhousie timetable are generally restricted to students enrolled in those specific programs. Contact the course department for further information about program-specific online courses. Prerequisites: Vary Costs: Vary Web: www.dal.ca/onlinelearning

Athabasca University


1 University Dr, Athabasca, AB T9S 3A3 Contact: Contact through website Phone: 800-788-9041 Areas of study: Accounting, administration, arts and sciences,

1250 Guy St Suite 700, Montreal, QC H3H 2T4 Contact: Customer service, helpdesk@econcordia.com Phone: 888-361-4949 or 514-848-8770 Areas of study: Arts and science, business, fine arts, international

communications, economics, English, finance, human resources management, computer science, information systems, legal studies, management science, marketing, languages, taxation. Full programs available in arts (master, post-baccalaureate), business (DBA, MBA), counselling (master, baccalaureate, post-baccalaureate), distance education (doctor, master, postbaccalaureate), health/nursing (master, post-master), science and technology. See website for undergraduate programs. Prerequisites: Vary Costs: Vary Web: www.athabascau.ca

British Columbia Institute of Technology Part-time studies 3700 Willingdon Ave, Burnaby, BC V5G 3H2 Contact: Student information and enrolment services or email

distance@bcit.ca Phone: 604-434-1610 Areas of study: Financial management, business communications,

business law, business administration, management studies, human resources management, business systems, computing, media communications, geographic information systems, health management, specialty nursing, occupational health and safety, venture development Prerequisites: Vary Costs: $400 to $500 for three-credit course in academic studies, computing and business. Costs vary for trades, technology and health sciences. Web: www.bcit.ca/distance

College of the Rockies 2700 College Way, Cranbrook, BC V1C 5L7 Contact: Apply online at www.cotr.bc.ca/registration or email

ask@cotr.bc.ca Phone: 877-489-2687, ext. 3243 Areas of study: Accounting, marketing, general management,

aboriginal financial management, bachelor of business administration in sustainable business practices Prerequisites: Grade 12 graduation with C or better in Math 11 and English 12 Costs: Vary Web: www.cotr.bc.ca/cotronline

Credit Institute of Canada Description: Continual professional development and work-life balance through flexible learning options. All programs and courses are designed for independent study and online delivery. Web-based technology provides wide range of support, including multimedia lectures, online course tutors and study groups. Costs: $45 for webinar, $275 for four-week short module, $1,089 for 10-week full course Web: www.creditinstitute.org

00_Right Course 2017.indd 36

trade, management Prerequisites: Vary Costs: Vary (credit-course costs are same as Concordia tuition fees) Web: www.econcordia.com

Emily Carr University of Art + Design 1399 Johnston St, Vancouver, BC V6H 3R9 Contact: Co-ordinator of student recruitment, student services,

masters@ecuad.ca Phone: 604-844-3897 Areas of study: Design, media arts, visual arts (resident master of applied arts or the low-residency master of applied arts programs) Prerequisites: Four-year bachelor in design, media arts or visual arts from an accredited college or university with an overall grade-point average of 3.0 (B) or higher Costs: See website for details Web: www.ecuad.ca/programs/online

Human Resources Professionals Association Contact: webinars@hrpa.ca Description: Live and on-demand webinars, online courses

available Costs: Vary (membership discount) Web: www.hrpa.ca

information technology; Brian Koehler, computer studies and information systems; Rob Clark, project management (continuing studies online and in class) Phone: 604-323-5511 Areas of study: Nutrition and food service management (twoweek residency), project management, recreation management (bachelor’s degree may require a residency), photography, computer studies and information systems, library and information technology Costs: Vary Web: www.langara.bc.ca

McGill School of Continuing Studies 688 Sherbrooke St W Suite 1100, Montreal, QC H3A 3R1 Contact: Distance education co-ordinator, info.conted@mcgill.ca Phone: 514-398-6200 Areas of study: Business management and entrepreneurship

for indigenous people, aviation management, health care and social services management, property management, languages, psychology Prerequisites: Vary Web: www.mcgill.ca/continuingstudies/programs-and-courses/ online

Memorial University of Newfoundland Centre for Innovation in Teaching and Learning G.A. Hickman Building (Education), Room ED-1032 St. John’s, NL A1B 3X8 Phone: 709-864-8700 or 866-435-1396 Areas of study: Arts (bachelor, various), business administration

(bachelor, certificate, diploma), education (master, various), maritime studies (bachelor), nursing (post-RN bachelor, master), technology (bachelor), various academic credit courses Prerequisites: Vary Costs: Vary Web: www.citl.mun.ca

Okanagan College Distance education 1000 KLO Rd, Kelowna, BC V1Y 4X8 Contact: distanceed@okanagan.bc.ca Phone: 888-638-0058 Areas of study: Over 80 academic courses in the areas of arts and

For information about Canadian universities on iTunes U, visit www.4icu.org/itunesu

sciences, business and office administration, health and social development. Certificate programs in bookkeeping, health and safety, project management. Prerequisites: Vary Costs: Vary Web: www.okanagan.bc.ca/distance

Justice Institute of British Columbia

Open Acadia

iTunes U

715 McBride Blvd, New Westminster, BC V3L 5T4 Phone: 888-865-7764 Areas of study: Certificates, diplomas and degrees in intelligence

analysis, emergency management, public safety, workplace bullying and online human resources and liberal studies courses Prerequisites: Vary Costs: Vary Web: www.jibc.ca/courses

Kwantlen Polytechnic University 12666 72 Ave, Surrey, BC V3W 2M8 Phone: 604-599-2100 Areas of study: Business, arts, social sciences, humanities,

design, horticulture, community and health studies, science, mathematics and applied sciences, trades and technology, continuing studies, academic and career advancement Prerequisites: Vary Costs: Vary Web: www.kpu.ca/online-learning

Langara College 100 49th Ave W, Vancouver, BC V5Y 2Z6 Contact: Monica Molag, nutrition and food service management;

Janet Ready, recreation management; Serenia Tam, library and

Rhodes Hall, Acadia University, Wolfville, NS V4P 2R6 Contact: Shawna Singleton, program manager, undergraduate

programs, shawna.singleton@acadiau.ca Phone: 902-585-1434 Areas of study: Accounting, education, economics, management, marketing, various arts and science Prerequisites: Vary Costs: $941 to $2,126 (three to six credit hours) for undergraduates, $1,008 to $2,074 (three to six credit hours) for graduate students Web: www.openacadia.ca

Queen’s School of Business National executive MBA program Stephen J.R. Smith School of Business, Goodes Hall, Queen’s University, 143 Union St, Kingston, ON K7L 3N6 Contact: emba@queensu.ca Phone: 888-393-2622 or 613-533-6811 Areas of study: Executive MBA (national), a 16-month program

delivered nationally through on-campus sessions and interactive video conference sessions. These are broadcast to boardroom learning centres in seven Canadian cities (including Vancouver) and to virtual learning teams in other communities connected via

2016-12-15 10:43 AM

| 37

their own computers. This team-based program also offers team, personal, career and lifestyle coaching services. Prerequisites: Criteria considered are management experience, letters of reference, previous academic experience, responses to essay questions and personal interview Costs: $98,000 (all-inclusive) Web: www.execmba.com

Queen’s University 68 University Ave, F100, Mackintosh-Corry Hall, Kingston, ON K7L 3N6 Contact: Bev King, cds@queensu.ca Phone: 613-533-2470 Areas of study: Undergraduate degree-credit courses in social

sciences, humanities, sciences, commerce; certificate in global development studies for professionals, media and pop culture, digital media, effective writing, and global political economy of development. More than 125 fully online courses available. Prerequisites: Application required; no documentation required to take distance degree-credit courses as an interest student. Course prerequisites vary. Costs: $648.40 for one-term, three-unit course, $1,296.80 for two-term, six-unit course Web: www.queensu.ca/artsci_online

Royal Roads University 2005 Sooke Rd, Victoria, BC V9B 5Y2 Contact: rruregistrar@royalroads.ca Phone: 877-778-6227 Areas of study: Business and management (MBA, B.Com.,

MGM), communication (BA, MA, graduate certificate), conflict and disaster management (BA, BA justice studies, MA, graduate certificate, graduate diploma), environment and sustainability (B.Sc., M.Sc., MA), leadership (MA, graduate certificate), tourism and hospitality (BA, MA, graduate certificate), education studies (MA, graduate certificate), doctor of social sciences, continuing education/executive programs (various) Prerequisites: Vary (flexible) Costs: See www.royalroads.ca/prospective-students/tuitionand-fees Web: www.royalroads.ca

Ryerson University G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education 350 Victoria St, Toronto, ON M5B 2K3 Contact: ce@ryerson.ca Phone: 416-979-5035 Areas of study: Business management and economics,

communication and media, community health and well-being, computer and information technology, design, gateway for international professionals, languages, law and government, programs for 50-plus, science and engineering. Approximately 400 courses delivered online and 15 fully online career-related certificate programs (see website for details). Prerequisites: Vary Costs: Vary Web: www.ryerson.ca/ce

Simon Fraser University Centre for Online and Distance Education 1300 West Mall Complex, 8888 University Dr, Burnaby, BC V5A 1S6 Phone: 778-782-3524 Areas of study: Archeology, biological sciences, communication,

computing science, criminology, education, English, First Nations studies, fine and performing arts, gender and women’s studies, geography, German, gerontology, Greek, history, humanities, Japanese, kinesiology, mathematics, political science, psychology, publishing, sociology and anthropology, Spanish, statistics, sustainable community development Prerequisites: Admission to SFU Costs: Vary Web: www.code.sfu.ca

Simon Fraser University Graduate diploma in business administration Segal Graduate Programs, Beedie School of Business 500 Granville St, Vancouver, BC V6C 1W6 Contact: Carol Tang, gdba@sfu.ca

00_Right Course 2017.indd 37

Phone: 778-782-3552 Areas of study: Accounting, economics, quantitative business

methods, management systems, marketing, finance, human resources/organizational behaviour Prerequisites: Non-business undergraduate degree with minimum CGPA of 2.5 (3.0 preferred) Costs: $16,000 (GDBA) Web: www.beedie.sfu.ca/gdba

Thompson Rivers University Open learning BC Centre for Open Learning, 4th floor, Box 3100, 900 McGill Rd, Kamloops, BC V2C 5N3 Contact: Student services, student@tru.ca Phone: 800-663-9711 Areas of study: Arts, business and management studies,

education, general studies, health and human services, science, technology, tourism and consortium distance programs with Simon Fraser University, the University of Victoria and the University of British Columbia Prerequisites: Vary Costs: Vary Web: www.tru.ca/distance

University Canada West 626 Pender St W Suite 100, Vancouver, BC V6B 1V9 Phone: 604-915-9607 or 1-800-360-7213 Areas of study: Arts, media and communications (BA), business

administration (MBA), commerce, general studies (BA) Prerequisites: High-school diploma (college-transfer credits accepted, prior learning considered, scholarships available) Costs: $25,440 to $34,560 Web: www.ucanwest.ca/online-courses

University of British Columbia Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology 1961 East Mall Suite 214, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4 Phone: 604-822-9836 (enrolment services) or 604-827-4494 Areas of study: 130 courses in 30 subjects including civil

engineering, English, fine arts, law, earth sciences, library sciences, life sciences and social sciences Prerequisites: Vary (candidate must be enrolled as UBC student) Costs: Vary Web: www.distancelearning.ubc.ca

University of Calgary Continuing Education Main campus: Education Tower 202, 2500 University Drive NW, Calgary, AB T2N 1N4 Downtown campus: 906 8 Ave SW Room 229, Calgary, AB T2P 1H9 Contact: conted@ucalgary.ca Phone: 403-220-2866 Areas of study: Adult learning, business management, computer

applications and technology, digital media design, health, safety and environment, human resources management, security management, teaching second languages, writing (business/ technical, marketing/public relations) Prerequisites: None Costs: Vary Web: www.conted.ucalgary.ca/elearn

University of Fredericton 371 Queen St Suite 101, Fredericton, NB E3B 1B1 Contact: admissions@ufred.ca Phone: 506-454-6232 Areas of study: Degree, certificate and diploma programs in

business administration Prerequisites: Vary – contact each program Costs: Vary – contact admissions Web: www.ufred.ca

University of Guelph Centre for Open Learning and Educational Support 160 Johnston Hall, Guelph, ON N1G 2W1 Contact: Learner services, info@opened.uoguelph.ca Phone: 519-767-5000 Areas of study: Arts, business, environment, equine, food

science, horticulture, hospitality, human resource management, information management, MA (leadership), MBA

Prerequisites: Vary Costs: Vary Web: www.opened.uoguelph.ca

University of Manitoba Distance and online education 185 Extended Education Complex, Winnipeg, MB R3T 2N2 Contact: extended@umanitoba.ca Phone: 204-474-8800 Areas of study: Arts, social work (bachelor), education (post-

baccalaureate diploma) and 140 other courses Web: www.umanitoba.ca/extended

University of Northern British Columbia Continuing Studies 3333 University Way, Prince George, BC V2N 4Z9 Contact: cstudies@unbc.ca or cstudiesonline@unbc.ca Phone: 250-960-5980 Areas of study: Occupational health and safety – online

certificate, environmental monitoring certificate, bear awareness and safety, custom training Prerequisites: None Costs: See website for details Web: www.online.unbc.ca

University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies 158 St George St, Toronto, ON M5S 2V8 Contact: learn@utoronto.ca Phone: 416-978-2400 Areas of study: Accounting and finance; advertising; career

development; e-business and web marketing; human resources; innovation management; international professionals; leadership; marketing; merchandising; project management; publicity and public relations; quality and productivity management; risk management; sales; strategic leadership; website development, strategy and execution; various business courses in analysis, communication and writing; intelligence, law and insurance; management and strategy Prerequisites: None Costs: Vary Web: www.learn.utoronto.ca

University of Victoria Division of Continuing Studies PO Box 3030 Stn CSC, Victoria, BC V8W 3N6 Contact: register@uvcs.uvic.ca Phone: 250-472-4747 Areas of study: Business administration; computing and

technology; heritage, culture and museums; education, teaching and training; health and safety; public relations; sustainability and environment Prerequisites: Contact field of study Costs: Contact field of study Web: www.continuingstudies.uvic.ca/online-learning

University of Waterloo Centre for Extended Learning 200 University Ave W, Waterloo, ON N2L 3G1 Contact: extendedlearning@uwaterloo.ca Phone: 519-888-4002 Areas of study: Accounting, business analysis, communication,

human resources, leadership and management, productivity, project management, sales and marketing, writing Prerequisites: Vary Costs: Vary Web: www.cel.uwaterloo.ca

Yorkville University 1149 Smythe St, Fredericton, NB E3B 3H4 Contact: info@yorkvilleu.ca Phone: 866-838-6542 Areas of study: Art in counselling psychology (master), adult

education, business administration (BBA) Prerequisites: Vary Costs: Vary Web: www.yorkvilleu.ca

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New-skills training directory HR TRAINING Capilano University Executive Education 2055 Purcell Way, North Vancouver, BC V7J 3H5 p: 604-984-4910 f: 604-983-7545 e: execed@capilanou.ca www.capilanou.ca/execed Clear HR Consulting Inc 601 Broadway W Suite 400, Vancouver, BC V5Z 4C2 p: 604-688-3879 f: 604-688-3841 e: info@clearhrconsulting.com www.clearhrconsulting.com Creativity at Work 2181 38th Ave W Suite 804, Vancouver, BC V6M 1R8 p: 604-327-1565 www.creativityatwork.com Hay Group 1021 Hastings St W Suite 3000, Vancouver, BC V6E 0C3 p: 778-945-2929 f: 888-210-6976 e: rachel.oconnor@haygroup.com www.haygroup.com/ca Human Resources Management Association 1111 Hastings St W Suite 1101, Vancouver, BC V6E 2J3 p: 604-684-7228 f: 604-684-3225 e: info@hrma.ca www.hrma.ca Insights Learning & Development Vancouver 17 Fawcett Rd Suite 339, Coquitlam, BC V3K 6V2 p: 604-522-4229 f: 604-522-4230 e: info@insightsvancouver.com www.insightsvancouver.com JIBC Centre for Conflict Resolution 715 McBride Blvd, New Westminster, BC V3L 5T4 p: 604-525-5422 f: 604-528-5518 e: conres@jibc.ca www.jibc.ca/conres Jouta Performance Group Inc 1055 Hastings St W Suite 300, Vancouver, BC V6E 2E9 p: 604-488-8885 f: 604-642-6606 e: info@jouta.com www.jouta.com Kison Inc & Growth Through Learning 10551 Shellbridge Way Suite 35, Richmond, BC V6X 2W9 p: 604-284-5133 f: 604-284-5132 e: contact@kison.com www.kison.com Royal Roads University 2005 Sooke Rd, Victoria, BC V9B 5Y2 p: 250-391-2511 f: 250-391-2500 e: info@royalroads.ca www.royalroads.ca Thompson Rivers University 900 McGill Rd, Kamloops, BC V2C 0C8 p: 250-828-5000 e: admissions@tru.ca www.tru.ca UBC Sauder School of Business Executive Education 800 Robson St Suite 1600, Vancouver, BC V6Z 3B7 p: 604-822-8263 f: 604-822-8496 e: exec.ed@sauder.ubc.ca www.sauder.ubc.ca/exec_ed

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University of the Fraser Valley 33844 King Rd, Abbotsford, BC V2S 7M8 p: 604-504-7441 f: 604-885-7614 e: info@ufv.ca www.ufv.ca IT TRAINING Alandale Training Corp 6580 Bouchard Crt, Richmond, BC V7C 5H4 p: 604-839-8777 e: info@alandaletraining.com www.alandaletraining.com BCIT High-Tech Professional Programs 555 Seymour St Suite 350, Vancouver, BC V6B 3H6 p: 604-412-7788 f: 604-408-0921 e: htp@bcit.ca www.htp.bcit.ca ctc TrainCanada 1155 Pender St W Suite 650, Vancouver, BC V6E 2P4 p: 604-685-1205 f: 604-685-1570 e: vancouver@traincanada.com www.traincanada.com New York Institute of Technology (NYIT) Vancouver Campus 701 Georgia St W Suite 1700, Vancouver, BC V7Y 1K8 p: 604-639-0942 f: 778-371-7928 e: vanouverinfo@nyit.edu www.nyit.edu/Vancouver On-Track Computer Training 885 Georgia St W Suite 400, Vancouver, BC V6C 3E8 p: 604-683-0020 f: 604-683-0045 e: learn@on-track.com www.on-track.com Thompson Rivers University 900 McGill Rd, Kamloops, BC V2C 0C8 p: 250-828-5000 e: admissions@tru.ca www.tru.ca MANAGEMENT/LEADERSHIP TRAINING Canadian Professional Management Services 1111 Hastings St W Suite 388, Vancouver, BC V6E 2J3 p: 604-688-2641 f: 604-688-2642 e: inquiries@cpmsnational.com www.cpmsnational.com Capilano University Executive Education 2055 Purcell Way, North Vancouver, BC V7J 3H5 p: 604-984-4910 f: 604-983-7545 e: execed@capilanou.ca www.capilanou.ca/execed Catalyst Training Services Inc 1200 73rd Ave W Suite 1100, Vancouver, BC V6P 6G5 p: 604-298-5505 e: dan@catalysttraining.ca www.catalysttraining.ca Clear HR Consulting Inc 601 Broadway W Suite 400, Vancouver, BC V5Z 4C2 p: 604-688-3879 f: 604-688-3841 e: info@clearhrconsulting.com www.clearhrconsulting.com Creativity at Work 2181 38th Ave W Suite 804, Vancouver, BC V6M 1R8 p: 604-327-1565 www.creativityatwork.com

Dale Carnegie Training of BC 4710 Kingsway Suite 1028, Burnaby, BC V5H 4N2 p: 604-299-5115 f: 604-299-5657 e: paul.sinkevich@dalecarnegie.com www.bc.dalecarnegie.com Dynamic Achievement 1296 Haywood Ave, West Vancouver, BC V7T 1V1 p: 604-926-6465 e: info@dynamicachievement.com www.dynamicachievement.com Hay Group 1021 Hastings St W Suite 3000, Vancouver, BC V6E 0C3 p: 778-945-2929 f: 888-210-6976 e: rachel.oconnor@haygroup.com www.haygroup.com/ca Insights Learning & Development Vancouver 17 Fawcett Rd Suite 339, Coquitlam, BC V3K 6V2 p: 604-522-4229 f: 604-522-4230 e: info@insightsvancouver.com www.insightsvancouver.com JIBC Centre for Leadership 715 McBride Blvd, New Westminster, BC V3L 5T4 p: 604-525-5422 f: 604-528-5518 e: leadership@jibc.ca www.jibc.ca/leadership Jouta Performance Group Inc 1055 Hastings St W Suite 300, Vancouver, BC V6E 2E9 p: 604-488-8885 f: 604-642-6606 e: info@jouta.com www.jouta.com Kison Inc & Growth Through Learning 10551 Shellbridge Way Suite 35, Richmond, BC V6X 2W9 p: 604-284-5133 f: 604-284-5132 e: contact@kison.com www.kison.com Kwela Leadership and Talent Management 3695 10th Ave W, Box 39222, Vancouver, BC V6R 1G0 p: 604-417-7188 f: 877-725-8903 e: admin@kwelaleadership.com www.kwelaleadership.com MDA Training Inc 409 Granville St Suite 1005, Vancouver, BC V6C 1T2 p: 866-632-0686 f: 866-203-8715 e: spowell@mdatraining.com www.mdatraining.com Positive Presentations Plus Inc 2529 Shaughnessy St, PO Box 41132, Port Coquitlam, BC V3C 5Z9 p: 604-723-7774 e: info@elaineallison.com www.elaineallison.com Royal Roads University 2005 Sooke Rd, Victoria, BC V9B 5Y2 p: 250-391-2511 f: 250-391-2500 e: info@royalroads.ca www.royalroads.ca Thompson Rivers University 900 McGill Rd, Kamloops, BC V2C 0C8 p: 250-828-5000 e: admissions@tru.ca www.tru.ca

UBC Sauder School of Business Executive Education 800 Robson St Suite 1600, Vancouver, BC V6Z 3B7 p: 604-822-8263 f: 604-822-8496 e: exec.ed@sauder.ubc.ca www.sauder.ubc.ca/exec_ed University of the Fraser Valley 33844 King Rd, Abbotsford, BC V2S 7M8 p: 604-504-7441 f: 604-885-7614 e: info@ufv.ca www.ufv.ca SALES/MARKETING TRAINING Capilano University Executive Education 2055 Purcell Way, North Vancouver, BC V7J 3H5 p: 604-984-4910 f: 604-983-7545 e: execed@capilanou.ca www.capilanou.ca/execed Dale Carnegie Training of BC 4710 Kingsway Suite 1028, Burnaby, BC V5H 4N2 p: 604-299-5115 f: 604-299-5657 e: paul.sinkevich@dalecarnegie.com www.bc.dalecarnegie.com Dynamic Achievement 1296 Haywood Ave, West Vancouver, BC V7T 1V1 p: 604-926-6465 e: info@dynamicachievement.com www.dynamicachievement.com Insights Learning & Development Vancouver 17 Fawcett Rd Suite 339, Coquitlam, BC V3K 6V2 p: 604-522-4229 f: 604-522-4230 e: info@insightsvancouver.com www.insightsvancouver.com Kison Inc & Growth Through Learning 10551 Shellbridge Way Suite 35, Richmond, BC V6X 2W9 p: 604-284-5133 f: 604-284-5132 e: contact@kison.com www.kison.com Positive Presentations Plus Inc 2529 Shaughnessy St, PO Box 41132, Port Coquitlam, BC V3C 5Z9 p: 604-723-7774 e: info@elaineallison.com www.elaineallison.com Thompson Rivers University 900 McGill Rd, Kamloops, BC V2C 0C8 p: 250-828-5000 e: admissions@tru.ca www.tru.ca Trainwest Management & Consulting Inc | Sandler Training 4170 Still Creek Dr Suite 110, Burnaby, BC V5C 6C6 p: 604-291-1272 f: 604-291-1279 e: trainwest@sandler.com www.trainwest.ca UBC Sauder School of Business Executive Education 800 Robson St Suite 1600, Vancouver, BC V6Z 3B7 p: 604-822-8263 f: 604-822-8496 e: exec.ed@sauder.ubc.ca www.sauder.ubc.ca/exec_ed University of the Fraser Valley 33844 King Rd, Abbotsford, BC V2S 7M8 p: 604-504-7441 f: 604-885-7614 e: info@ufv.ca www.ufv.ca

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MBA–University of British Columbia

UBC MBA IS A CAREER GAME-CHANGER Innovative curriculum goes beyond theory with integrated hands-on experiences


he University of British Columbia Sauder School of Business empowers students to transform their careers with an MBA ranked in the Financial Times’ global top 100 and a master of management ranked No. 1 in North America. Full-time MBA The 16-month full-time MBA at UBC Sauder’s Robert H. Lee Graduate School equips students to embrace their inner challenger and strategize like a CEO. Consistently ranked among the world’s top five per cent of MBA programs, it serves as a launching pad for game-changing careers locally, nationally and around the world. Small class sizes and career mentorship from Day 1 allow students to focus on where they want to be in the future and receive the dedicated support to get there. With graduates earning an average of $120,000 a year three years after graduation, the return on investment is substantial. The UBC MBA offers four career tracks, including finance, product and service management, innovation and entrepreneurship, and a custom track tailored to help students meet their specific career goals. Bringing the business world to life in the classroom, the innovative curriculum goes beyond theory with integrated hands-on experiences and opportunities to learn from senior business leaders. Beyond the classroom, the program has a distinctly global perspective. Every student takes part in a global immersion experience, which takes them to destinations like England, Chile, Japan and India to consult on business problems with international organizations. To learn more about the full-time UBC MBA, go to sauder.ubc.ca/ftmba.

after graduation with the Hari B. Varshney Business Career Centre. The centre is instrumental in connecting students with the business community and equipping them with a long-term career strategy. From networking events to interview training, from mock salary negotiations to mentorship programs that pair students with experienced professionals, the career centre offers countless opportunities for students to advance their careers.

Part-time MBA Offering the same rigorous curriculum as the full-time MBA, the 28-month part-time program has one distinct advantage: it allows students to continue working full-time, enabling them to add value to their current position while simultaneously shaping their future potential. As in the full-time program, part-time candidates can tailor the program to their career goals and take on mentorsupported industry or entrepreneurial projects that often become career game-changers. To learn more about the part-time UBC MBA, go to sauder.ubc.ca/ptmba.

master of management delivers a broad foundation in business and management in just nine months. Designed for recent university graduates from non-business disciplines, it is ideal for those with less than two years’ work experience. Including a community business project, the program enables students to apply newly acquired management skills to solve business challenges for local organizations. With 95 per cent of graduates achieving full-time employment within three months of graduation, the program offers an accelerated path to career success. To learn more about the UBC master of management, go to sauder.ubc.ca/mm.

Master of management Ranked No. 1 in North America by the Financial Times for the past four consecutive years, the

Career and professional development At UBC Sauder, students get one-on-one support for their professional goals before, during and

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Costs and application deadlines Full-time MBA: runs August 2017 to December 2018. Cost for Canadian citizens and permanent residents: $46,569. Next rounds of application deadlines in 2017: January 11, March 1 and May 3. Part-time MBA: runs January 2017 to May 2019. Cost for Canadian citizens and permanent residents: $45,656. Applications for January 2018 entry will be accepted starting summer 2017. Master of management: runs August 2017 to May 2018. Cost for Canadian citizens and permanent residents: $28,460. Next rounds of application deadlines in 2017: February 1, April 5 and June 7. Scholarship opportunities UBC Sauder offers a number of financial aid, support and assistance options for exceptional students. All students are evaluated upon admission. Candidates are encouraged to thoroughly research all options available to them on the UBC Sauder website. SOURCE: UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA

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You were born a challenger. Now be an innovator. The 16-month UBC MBA challenges you to develop your innate creativity and develop solutions unimagined by others. sauderchallenge.com/mba

Kerry Costello UBC MBA Founder, HeadCheck Health

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MBA–Thompson Rivers University

MAXIMUM FLEXIBILITY, UNPARALLELED CHOICE TRU MBA program designed to produce managers of the highest calibre


n Kamloops and online, Thompson Rivers University delivers an intensive MBA through a highly applied curriculum with an emphasis on the global business environment. Today’s complex business environment requires managers to display ever-increasing levels of professionalism. Given intense competition and continual innovation, managers must make difficult decisions promptly while tempering them with a high degree of social responsibility. TRU’s program is designed to produce managers of the highest calibre, with a strong ability for critical thinking, excellent communication skills, a strategic perspective and leadership capabilities. Global focus In our increasingly interconnected world, it is critical for leaders to understand and embrace the international business environment. Global perspectives are incorporated throughout the curriculum, and the diversity of the students and faculty further enhance the development of intercultural understanding. Graduates leave the program with a high degree of understanding of the cultures and business practices found around the world and a true empathy for all participants in our rapidly globalizing economy. Flexibility and accessibility TRU now offers the most flexible MBA program in Canada. Students can choose to complete the program on campus or online, or they can combine online courses with on-campus learning to suit their individual work and life commitments. Part-time study options are also available, making it possible for busy working professionals to advance their leadership skills without putting their careers on hold. With no minimum professional work experience requirements, the TRU MBA is also a great choice for recent graduates and those just beginning their professions who want to fast-track their careers. Customizable The Thompson Rivers University MBA is designed to meet the needs of students who can customize their learning experience with maximum flexibility and unparalleled choice. The core courses of the MBA provide students with competency in all the major functional management areas of an organization, preparing graduates to manage effectively in today’s complex and rapidly changing business environment. The program offers a

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choice of three completion options: the graduate project and thesis completion options allow students to focus on an area of specialization in depth, while the course-based completion option provides a generalist program in advanced management topics. Learn and live on campus The program is housed in TRU’s International Building. This facility has large tiered lecture theatres that offer full audiovisual support for the case approach, two 30-seat computer labs and a number of smaller breakout rooms for group work. A new 11-storey residence is within a short walk of the International Building, offering students safe and modern accommodations just minutes from their classes. Situated in the centre of Kamloops, TRU is near all the amenities available in this city of more than 85,000 people, including a vibrant arts and culture scene, shopping and some of the best four-season recreational activities in Canada. For those who like to stay in shape, TRU has weight rooms, a gymnasium, indoor and outdoor tracks and sports fields and a modern aquatic centre featuring an Olympic-sized pool. The final deadline for applications for September admission is the end of May; however, applications are processed as they are received. For more information, visit www.tru.ca/mba. SOURCE: THOMPSON RIVERS UNIVERSITY

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| 43

MBA–Simon Fraser University

SMALL CLASSES WITHIN A LARGE NETWORK OF MBAS SFU offers the widest range of MBA programs in Western Canada


he Beedie School of Business at Simon Fraser University offers multiple MBA program options, each using a cohort model tailored to meet the requirements of today’s professionals. In addition to the full-time MBA, delivered in an accelerated 12-month curriculum that maximizes students’ valuable time, Beedie offers a range of part-time programs designed for working professionals to supplement their existing skills. Cohort learning is an integral part of all SFU Beedie MBA programs. With a typical class size of 45 students, the learning experience is as personalized and interactive as it gets. Students “learn by doing” and have the freedom and space to explore their interests, discover their strengths and take risks in a collegial, supportive environment. Students collaborate within this diverse group on projects and inevitably learn from one another as they form a business network that will last a lifetime. Beyond the classroom, engagement opportunities such as case competitions, career journey workshops and industry networking events enable students to connect with the wider community of MBA candidates across all SFU Beedie programs and at other business schools. Full-time MBA in downtown Vancouver The Beedie full-time MBA combines theory and application over three semesters, empowering students to apply what they learn as they progress through the program. With courses based on the principles of experiential learning, the comprehensive, engaging curriculum incorporates real-world business challenges and explores relevant topics such as sustainability, entrepreneurship and international business. After a four-month internship at the end of the program, students graduate with a business management tool kit that applies across industries, providing more career options and greater mobility. Executive MBA The Beedie executive MBA – the first in Canada – is uniquely designed to meet the needs of mid-career professionals to develop the confidence and core capabilities to drive a business strategically at the senior management level with the most current and innovative management practices. This program provides a

00_Right Course 2017.indd 43

dynamic exchange of ideas with faculty who are thought leaders in their fields and classmates who are experienced in different industries and functional areas. Delivered part time in downtown Vancouver, the program brings leading-edge theory and knowledge together with practical application that students can use at work immediately. Part-time MBA in Surrey The Beedie part-time MBA meets the needs of a growing number of managers, entrepreneurs and business leaders seeking to enhance their business skill set without skipping a beat in their professional careers. Featuring the same curriculum as the full-time MBA, the primarily evening program is taught by leading Beedie faculty at SFU’s award-winning Surrey campus. Management of technology MBA The Beedie management of technology MBA (MOT MBA) – the first of its kind in Canada, and still the only one in Western Canada – is designed to prepare technology industry professionals to transition from scientific or technical roles and handle the business problems faced by their companies. Developed in partnership with industry leaders, the MOT MBA is delivered part time in downtown Vancouver. Cases and projects bring leading-edge business theories to life, while small class sizes encourage discussion and direct feedback from instructors and classmates.

Alumni network for life The Beedie School of Business recognizes that alumni are a valuable resource to enhance student learning. Over 20,000 Beedie alumni are working around the globe, and business leaders (both local and international) are regularly featured as guest lecturers in every Beedie MBA program. Alumni also share their wisdom and career journey experience through the online CareerTalk platform as well as in Beedie’s first-in-class Mentors in Business program, which connects current students with accomplished industry professionals through a six-month mentoring partnership structured around career goals and objectives. SOURCE: BEEDIE SCHOOL OF BUSINESS

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44 |


MBA–Vancouver Island University

INTERNATIONAL PROGRAM ON VANCOUVER ISLAND VIU MBA students graduate with both a Canadian and a British degree


ancouver Island University provides two degrees, an MBA from Canada and a master of science in international management from the United Kingdom, in one integrated program that doesn’t require students to go to the U.K. to study. In addition, the program includes an internship program to get students started in the industry of their choice anywhere in the world. Small class sizes and close student-professor interaction enable students to get more out of their classes. Finance and marketing options are available in addition to the international business focus throughout the program. No entrance exam is required.

10-week foundation program introduces business disciplines and readies the student to take on the main program. The core program runs over two regular university terms, plus one seven-week term, for a total of 10 months of classroom training. This provides the student with a strong foundation in key business disciplines with an international and strategic focus. Students obtain skills necessary for success as managers. Students can choose to stay for an additional seven weeks of option courses either in finance or in marketing. The program concludes with an integrated internship and applied business project supported by three full-time co-ordinators dedicated to ensuring that the student obtains a quality placement.

Diversity The program itself is international, as it is offered in partnership with the University of Hertfordshire, U.K. The student encounters issues relating to international business and, upon completing the program, earns both a Canadian and a British degree. The student body is diverse in ethnicity and background. Internship An internship is integrated with an applied business project. The student works for a business and completes a project relating to this business. Internships may be completed in Canada or elsewhere, and may be at large businesses, at small businesses, at non-profits or on special projects. Students who want to return to their current

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position can be accommodated. Recent examples of internships have been at Nike Canada, Inuktun Services (robotics), Shift Brand Integration Group and the Canada-Africa Research Alliance. The MBA program The program consists of four parts. For the student without a business degree, an eight- or

Costs/application deadlines Tuition (Canadian students, subject to change): MBA foundation program (non-business graduates), $2,731; MBA/MScIM dual degree with project, $20,834 (includes internship placement and option courses); dual degree with project and specialization, $23,149; single degree with project or specialization, $19,890; single degree with project and specialization, $22,088. Deadline for September start: March 31. Deadline for January start: June 30. Entry is competitive, and preference is given to applicants with work experience and strong undergraduate grades. SOURCE: VANCOUVER ISLAND UNIVERSITY

2016-12-15 10:44 AM

LOCAL KNOWLEDGE GLOBAL EXPERTISE MBA + MScIM dual degrees. Have the best of both worlds. Earn your MBA at a great school while staying close to home.


worldviu@viu.ca | 1.888.920.2221

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MBA–University of Northern British Columbia

NEW PERSPECTIVES AND TOOLS FOR BUSINESS SUCCESS UNBC MBA cohorts include a range of backgrounds to ensure the richest learning environment for students


he popularity of MBA programs has led to an array of options available to students. The University of Northern British Columbia offering focuses on equipping working professionals with the perspectives and tools they need to succeed in management or to build their own business. Students can continue to work while they study, since classes are primarily held on Fridays and weekends once a month. Students can attend either in Prince George at UNBC’s campus or in Vancouver at Langara College. The program takes 21 months to complete. Why earn an MBA from UNBC? Graduates consistently stress that the greatest benefits of an MBA are new perspectives and tools, and being in a classroom with an expert in a subject, as well as with other students from a range of backgrounds, is the best environment in which to obtain these benefits. UNBC’s program is structured to maximize the opportunity to develop these key outcomes. UNBC’s classroom-based delivery offers structured learning environments for adult learners with professional and decision-making backgrounds. Team-based work hones participants’ skills in areas crucial for senior management roles, while individual assignments ensure a range of technical skills is in place. Students encounter highly relevant content delivered by high-quality instructors from different institutions and backgrounds. A vital component of a high-quality MBA is the exposure to a range of reference points. UNBC deliberately structures cohorts to include a range of backgrounds, including technology, manufacturing, resource extraction, health care and education. This maximizes the opportunity to become familiar with approaches and operating realities across an array of sectors, ensuring the richest learning environment for students. Build a complete skill set and a solid network The MBA develops a broad base of skills that are required for senior management as well as for effectively building a company. Students cover the major disciplinary areas, including strategy, economics, accounting, finance, organizational behaviour, marketing, management of technology and operations management. Participants learn to interpret the organizational environment and

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adapt advanced management practice to new demands. For those wishing to gain a particular edge in identifying and evaluating opportunities or challenges, the UNBC MBA offers the option to undertake a capstone project under faculty supervision. This option applies relevant theory to study a substantial organizational issue, which will allow students to stand out in areas that are relevant to them and their careers. Alternatively, students may forgo doing a project and instead complete their MBA entirely through coursework. The 2017-18 tuition (Canadian students) for the MBA program will be approximately $37,000, not including student fees, textbooks, accommodation or transportation during the academic year. For more information, visit www.unbc.ca/ commerce/mba. Our MBA alumni testimonials say: The UNBC MBA program “trains you to be bold” with the three components that will impact your career: the formal education, which includes all the business aspects to further your career; the viewpoint from the unique and varied levels of knowledge of the other students; and the vast network you gain from the alumni once you graduate.

The education in the classroom comes from the structure of the program, the instructors and the conversations with the other professionals (students) in the room. You learn the language of business that allows you to apply your knowledge from any industry you are from and integrate it with an in-depth business perspective. Your classmates expand your perspective by giving a diverse range of opinions; a variety of industry experience that gives you the ability to understand the application of the program; friendship and a closeness that sometimes doesn’t even exist on the job that expands your network; and the chance to develop your personal leadership style to allow you to be a leader, understand a leader and grow as a leader. Once the program is complete, your network grows internationally and locally by more than 240 alumni from over 10 years of other graduated MBAs from UNBC. The alumni have spent their postgraduate years applying their new-found knowledge. This vast pool of knowledge is available to each and every graduate with a common language to support one another. SOURCE: UNIVERSITY OF NORTHERN BRITISH COLUMBIA

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MBA Master of Business Administration ʁ Work while you learn – classes run one weekend per month ʁ Earn your degree in just 21 months ʁ No undergraduate degree? – Exceptional admissions considered Choose from 2 locations: Vancouver at Langara College Prince George at UNBC

Committed to YOUR Future Success

unbc.ca/mba mba@unbc.ca 1-866-960-6125

“Trains you to be bold”

Occupational Health and Safety – Online Certificate The OH&S – Online Certificate offers industry-required certification through easily accessible, integrated learning approaches (video, text and images) taught by leading subject experts, providing the skills and knowledge you need for qualification as an OH&S professional. Are you an employer? Continuing Studies also recognizes YOUR needs to advance and maintain employee training and can customize all online programming, including the OH&S courses, to suit your requirements.


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48 |


MBA–Trinity Western University

SMALL CLASSES, BIG LEARNING EXPERIENCE Professors challenge MBA students to question not only how they do business, but why


he MBA program of the Trinity Western University School of Business is designed around small classes to ensure dynamic interaction between faculty and students. Students seeking to differentiate themselves can choose between three select specializations. Understanding that working professionals have busy schedules, TWU’s School of Business works personally with each student to design a program that meets his or her professional development needs and accommodates his or her busy schedule. Students in the program gain the skills to become not just organizational leaders, but also agents of positive change in the world. Professors believe that profit is critically important for the success of organizations, but only when made and managed with integrity. They challenge students to question not only how they do business, but why. Core program TWU’s MBA is delivered in either a 12- to 13-month full-time format or a convenient 22-month blended format. Those who wish to focus on the global market can pursue the international business specialization, which involves 12 to 13 months of full-time study, including a two-week study trip overseas. The 22-month option accommodates busy working professionals with online courses throughout the year and face-to-face classroom experiences in four short summer residencies. The MBA program offers three specializations: international business, management of the growing enterprise, and non-profit and charitable organization management. All TWU MBA courses are designed so that what is taught in each learning activity can be applied the very next day in a student’s professional life. Students work with professors to integrate their personal and professional goals into the assignments. Specializations The international specialization offered at both Richmond and Langley locations is delivered in a 12- to 13-month full-time format. This specialization is designed to convey the managerial skills and cultural intelligence that business leaders need for navigating the international market with a global perspective. The fact that students enrol from around the world helps create the

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stimulating learning environment in which they learn about business across borders. Students take courses in comparative international management, global economic competitiveness, international business law and cross-cultural leadership. A two-week trip, in which the student meets with company executives in an influential region of the world, provides a truly global education. The 22-month option offers two specializations designed for those seeking to influence their environments though innovative thinking and social responsibility. The growing enterprise specialization helps students become creative and confident social entrepreneurs who are passionate about making a positive difference. The program equips them with the managerial and analytical training they need for bringing their ideas to market. Students work through case studies concerning venture capital, create business models

and learn how to navigate legal challenges while breaking ground as emerging business leaders. The non-profit and charitable organization management specialization prepares students to think in innovative ways as they lead mission-driven organizations to greater impact. They learn about formation and structure of non-profits and charities, management and leadership of non-profits, legal issues for charities, financial management of non-profits, and grants, fundraising and non-profit marketing. Corporate social responsibility and consideration for environmental sustainability is an active part of business planning. Costs/application deadlines The cost of the 22-month MBA with specializations in managing the growing enterprise or non-profit and charitable organization management was $34,425 for students starting in 2016. Students can start the program at the beginning of each term, allowing applications to be received year-round. The most common entry point is in August of each year. Scholarships are available. The cost of the 12- to 13-month full-time MBA program with an international business specialization was $36,225 (plus travel costs for international study trip) for students starting in 2016. The international business specialization has a rolling entry throughout the year, allowing students to begin in any month. SOURCE: TRINITY WESTERN UNIVERSITY

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MBA–University of Victoria

BUILDING A GLOBAL MINDSET UVic MBA program includes off-campus outdoor activities to encourage team building


he Sardul S. Gill Graduate School at the University of Victoria’s Peter B. Gustavson School of Business offers a daytime and a weekend MBA, as well as a unique master of global business (MGB) program. The MBA program aims to make graduates truly “world-ready,” offering students the tools and supports to help build a global mindset and apply concepts in real time. MBA: daytime or weekend options The daytime MBA program starts with a threeweek course called Essentials of Business and Leadership. Elements include a live case with a sustainability focus, theatre improvisation (to encourage creativity and innovation) and off-campus outdoor activities (to encourage team building and reinforce cohort values). The MBA provides the foundations of business woven together with projects that help students integrate what they’ve learned, aided by experiential learning, leadership opportunities and small-cohort support. The interdependent cohort structure creates a knowledge-sharing and contact base that will serve students well into their careers. It will also help create lifelong friendships. The executive mentor program provides students with the opportunity to develop strong and meaningful connections to the business community. It helps participants to explore new areas for career development or receive mentorship in their chosen field. Mentors offer time, talent and experience, helping to assess projects and presentations and offering networking opportunities. Students participate in consulting projects called “applied projects” throughout the program for local or regional organizations. The final capstone experience is the international applied project in which students travel abroad and work in teams to consult on an international project for a local company. Recent countries include Colombia, Malaysia, China, India and Brazil. Daytime MBA students can choose from specializations in entrepreneurship or service management, or, alternatively, study abroad. Co-op work terms are also offered to integrate MBA learning with work experience. The weekend MBA is a redesign of our previous evening MBA program. The weekend MBA launched in fall 2016. It is a two-year, part-time program that blends the Gustavson/Gill tradition of on-campus classroom-based learning with

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online technology to offer a world-class MBA experience with the flexibility to continue working. The program includes 24 intensive weekend modules delivered monthly on campus at UVic, bookended by two one-week sessions at the start and finish of the program. Applied projects woven throughout the program provide direct application of MBA coursework, capped by a final one-week international applied project abroad. The UVic MBA is affordable: total cost (including tuition, program fees and travel costs for trips such as the international applied project) is approximately $33,000. For more information, visit www.uvic.ca/gustavson/gill/mba/index.php. MGB: study, work and live in three different countries The Gill Graduate School also offers an unusual one-year master’s degree. A prospective MGB

student can apply to the one-year, full-time program right after completion of an undergraduate business degree. Students in each graduating cohort attain an MGB after one year, three countries (in one of three streams) and a global internship. (The program can be extended to 16 months to accommodate longer internships.) Path 1 starts students in Victoria and then takes them for terms in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, and Linz, Austria. Path 2 is Victoria; Montpellier, France; and Seoul, South Korea. Path 3 is Victoria; Maastricht, the Netherlands; and Lima, Peru. The degree finishes with a global internship, providing each student with valuable cross-cultural study and work experience. For more information, visit www.uvic.ca/gustavson/gill/mgb/index.php. SOURCE: UNIVERSITY OF VICTORIA

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MBA–Royal Roads University

CAMARADERIE, CHALLENGE AND COMMITMENT Royal Roads University’s blended MBA delivers


he first person Kevin Gatley saw when he walked into class at Royal Roads University was his future business partner. Gatley, who entered the MBA in executive management with a background in science, IT, hospitality and coaching, dreamed of owning his own consultancy. Sitting next to classmate Justin Beadle turned out to be a fortunate meeting. By the end of the three-week residency, the two men discovered they had mutual goals, complementary skills and strong work ethics. Eighteen months later, the duo launched Gatley-Beadle Management Consultants. “We came out of this program having a real sense of camaraderie,” Gatley says. “We stand shoulder to shoulder.” For Beadle, who accepted a position as Alert Bay’s chief administrative officer soon after starting the program, the decision was obvious. “Being on a team together, the hours we did, trying to achieve the grades that we did, it proved to me this is someone I could work with once I finished the MBA,” Beadle says. Royal Roads Prof. Frances Jorgensen is familiar with such stories. As program head for the 18-month blended MBA program, she says the combination of online learning and on-campus residencies that focus on team-based learning, and solving real clients’ problems, facilitates these bonds. “Lifelong close relationships and good networking opportunities come from our residencies,” she says. “We nurture those relationships.” Jorgensen says there’s something about the students Royal Roads attracts that makes magic. With seven to 10 years of work experience required to enter the MBA, flexible admission options and a commitment to meeting individuals’ needs, Royal Roads’ MBA attracts a diverse and motivated group of professionals from across industries, she says. Specializations include leadership, management consulting and international business, with an opportunity to focus on Asia-Pacific or European regions. The program stood out to Rieghardt van Enter, a chartered professional accountant. He wanted an MBA that would allow him to continue working while getting an edge in his career. “I needed something to bolster my resumé and I thought, ‘Why don’t I do an MBA?’” Van Enter researched 40 programs before running into a Royal Roads alumna who raved about the MBA program.

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“I looked at the campus; it was gorgeous. The administrative staff was phenomenal to deal with,” he says. “I decided in June to enrol, and I started the residency in August. That’s how quickly it happened.” He has experienced the same phenomena as Beadle and Gatley with his classmates – and is already benefiting from his ready-made network. “I have a diverse cohort; it really enriches the whole experience,” he says. “I know I can call any of them and get solid advice.”

Royal Roads’ instructors further set the MBA program apart. Jorgensen says the focus on having a balance of scholar-practitioners with years of industry experience and traditional academics gives students a unique perspective. Instructors value students’ work experience, and leverage that in the classroom. “We’re on equal footing. There’s a real shared learning environment,” she says. “We learn a lot from our students and they contribute a lot to our way of teaching.” And as van Enter attests, the instructors set high expectations right off the bat. “You have to put in the time and commitment to do an MBA. It’s tough, but if you’re diligent it’s doable,” he says. “The experience has been tremendous.” For Gatley and Beadle, the journey has just begun. The two are pouring time into developing their consultancy, while Beadle takes advantage of the program’s flexibility to finish his studies. His day-to-day work has taught him a Royal Roads MBA is highly regarded. “It’s taken very seriously by industry,” Beadle says. Gatley, meanwhile, is confident he made the right career move. “I wouldn’t have been as brave to be an entrepreneur if I hadn’t enrolled,” he says. “Royal Roads helped me meet the right business partner.” Visit www.royalroads.ca for more information. SOURCE: ROYAL ROADS UNIVERSITY

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Ambition. Bring us yours.

You have great things inside you. Let the transformative power of our cohort-based learning model put your work and life experience to great use. You’ll collaborate with like-minded, industry-leading peers every step of the way in an applied, practical and personalized platform for success. If you’re ready for the next step in your career, and life, let’s talk. We see great things ahead. 1.877.778.6227 | royalroads.ca

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MBA–University Canada West


Embrace your future: Start with an MBA at UCW


f you’re an ambitious, business-minded professional looking to further your education, take a closer look at University Canada West’s (UCW) master of business administration (MBA) program. UCW’s MBA degree program has been attracting increasing numbers of students from around the world for more than a decade. Attracted by the program’s practical blend of theory and application, students develop employable competencies in critical thinking, persuasive communication, system analysis, leadership and business ethics in small classes taught by personable professors whose academic and professional qualifications are enhanced by practical field experience in the subjects they teach. Vancouver campus Located in the historic London Building in the business centre of Vancouver, UCW is easily accessible by transit and surrounded by coffee shops, restaurants, entertainment, shopping centres and gym facilities, making it highly attractive to international and domestic students alike. Thinking about studying MBA online? University Canada West’s online programs offer flexibility to balance studies with work and/or family commitments, and to pursue an education from anywhere in the world. Students benefit from a wide range of online resources, including videos, online discussions, extensive library resources and one-to-one time with professors. The online MBA program develops competencies in leadership, critical thinking, project planning and a host of other business disciplines. Courses are taught by professors who possess real-world experience in addition to academic and professional qualifications. Highly interactive classes provide students with opportunity to learn from each other as well as from their professors. Awards and scholarships Financial help is available. Students can apply for an MBA Foundation Study Grant that provides financial support of up to $6,900. UCW’s Academic Excellence Scholarships are available to students with qualifying academic grades who can demonstrate leadership potential in a business environment through academic accomplishments and an established track record of excellence in their field of choice. Scholarships for MBA students range from $5,000 to $15,000. Student testimonial “During school I realized quickly that to be successful as a student involves understanding what professors expect and how they gauge performance,” says Jennifer Bohn, winner of the 2015 Dean’s Award for MBA. “These lessons can be applied to your relationships with your manager, co-workers and business partners in a professional career setting.”

University Canada West’s online programs offer flexibility to balance studies with work and/ or family commitments, and to pursue an education from anywhere in the world


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Pursue MBA from anywhere anytime

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<eh ceh[ _d\ehcWj_ed0 F0 1-877-431-6887 60 inquiry@ucanwest.ca www.ucanwest.ca University Canada West Ik_j[ '&&#,(, M[ij F[dZ[h Ijh[[j LWdYekl[h" 89 L,8 'L/

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MBA–Athabasca University


Executive suite: A seaworthy venture By Jeremy Derksen


ist lifts off the verdant forests of Galiano Island, unveiling the pastoral scene of farmland by the ocean. More than 50 years since farmers last tilled this land in earnest, small-scale crop cultivation is resurging amid the fertile, humid forests. It took an unlikely combination of seafaring entrepreneurism and Athabasca University-inspired innovation, but Capt. Thomas Schnare and his wife and business partner, Henny Schnare, are restoring sustainable food practices to their small corner of the West Coast, one step at a time. “I’ve always been sort of an adventurer,” explains Capt. Schnare, a tall, sturdy-built man with dark hair and naval carriage. “Deep sea for 12 years, I was on tankers, icebreakers in the Arctic, then BC Ferries, and so I just continued on with academic entrepreneurship with Athabasca University.” Upon retiring from BC Ferries in 2010, the Schnares decided it was time to stake a new claim. Thomas began studying toward his MBA at AU, with the notion of starting a business in farming or fishing. “I travelled the world, Antarctica to the Arctic, the Pacific, South America, Africa, and I realized there was one common denominator: any time there was an economic downturn there was one similarity. … Everybody in the city was skinny and mean, and everybody in the country was fat and happy. And it didn’t matter where you went in the world.” But it wasn’t until Schnare heard AU associate professor Ana Azevedo lecture that all the pieces fell into place. “I listened to her lecture on new venture development, and I realized that’s where the opportunity is.” “When you’re putting a new venture together and doing something totally new, you have to learn how to collect all the resources and operate that in a fog,” he says. “The biggest thing Athabasca did was show me how to see opportunity where there’s a lot of ambiguity and use the business tool kit to focus on developing opportunity within that fog.” In 2012, Cable Bay Farms was born. “One of the most difficult nuts to crack in the agricultural industry was how to make small-scale farming profitable,” Schnare says. So he and Henny set about working it out. The Schnares developed a planting method that can lay down up to 3,000 plants an hour, with a 100 per cent success rate. Cable Bay now holds the contract for the Gulf Islands with the largest transplant operator in North America. “We provide a model farm, and contributions on crops, on small to medium-sized acreages utilizing older technology, but with newer technology integrated.” The Cable Bay system enables small farms to increase yields by 30 per cent while reducing water use by a minimum of 70 per cent, allowing farms to cultivate crops at a 100 per cent to 300 per cent return. Three years later, Schnare graduated with his MBA in spring 2015. “It’s quite a journey,” he admits. “But when you’re having a hell of a lot of fun and making money at it, it’s not a lot of work.”

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Capt. Thomas Schnare leading the way on his tractor

When you’re putting a new venture together and doing something totally new, you have to learn how to collect all the resources and operate that in a fog

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"We are honoured to have won the 2016 Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award. It's not just the brothers who deserve recognition, but everyone working at Jacob Bros. Construction – we have a great team that shares our passion and commitment! While our core values are strong, the construction industry is complex and dynamic, and my MBA from Athabasca University has been instrumental in providing perspective for continual change as Jacob Bros. grows"

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