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“Our network is ready to help your business succeed.” Dean Prevost President, Allstream

Allstream is a national communications provider, the only one in Canada that serves businesses exclusively. We serve over 62,000 small, medium and large businesses across the country.

Voice k Data k Internet

Call 1-855-225-9881 or visit ® Manitoba Telecom Services Inc., used under license.

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2011 ĄLife sciences ĄEnergy ĄSustainability ĄInformation & Communication ĄWireless ĄNew Media ĄAerospace Ą


Protecting your

On different

Our smart-phone province


IP on line

British Columbia’s Technology Guide 2011

The tax machine



Biggest B.C. telecommunication firms — 38 Top 100 high-tech companies in B.C. — 42 Biggest B.C.-based tech companies — 50 Biggest video-game companies in B.C. — 52








goes green



1000+ B.C. companies

Tech directory ▼

Boosting growth in B.C. Province’s path to leadership – 9 Tax time Industry tackles CRA’s red tape – 12 What you see, what you get Video, special effects, animation – 15 Phone home Mobile marketing bred in B.C. – 18 Sustainable scene Frontiers in green construction – 21 The air space Technical innovation in B.C.’s skies – 25 On the road again Hydrogen-fuel-cell buses, electric vehicles and carbon offsets in rail clean up ground transport’s act – 28 The legal deal Your IP in the Internet age – 30 Keeping watch B.C.’s surveillance sector sets the pace – 32


Vid vibes

BCTIA Technology Impact Awards


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You can take it with you QR bar codes like this one have been springing up everywhere lately. Vancouver’s Mobio Identity Systems, Inc., covered in this issue, reports an astounding increase of 4,549 per cent in QR scanning across North America during the first three months of 2011. Yep, you read that right. Weren’t we all talking about e-commerce not long ago? It’s mobile commerce that’s in the limelight now. Will everyone eventually own the smart phones on which it depends? And will QR-based marketing get beyond novelty to offer the actual value that customers expect? In the creative cluster too, British Columbia leads in innovation. Read about the convergence of the video-game, special-effects and animation industries. New tax credits will, it’s hoped, encourage talent in this cluster both to come here and to stay. With green top of mind, B.C.’s builders and their clients are spearheading clean technologies such as district energy systems that burn biowaste. Check out the Delta Victoria Ocean Pointe Resort Hotel and Spa, which is working to tap into the existing system of the much-lauded Dockside Green development nearby. Ground and air transportation also take note of the new environmental reality. We profile Rapid Electric Vehicles Inc., one of the distinguished companies that are moving people and goods by electricity and hydrogen. And join us in recognizing SaltSpring Air for its creative ways of investing its carbon-offset funds. B.C.’s on the forefront. Let’s make sure we stay there. Ą

Naomi Wittes Reichstein Editor-in-chief BIV Magazines

British Columbia’s world of tech ĄBritish Columbia’s technology sector employs more than 80,000 persons. ĄB.C.’s tech companies are known for promoting flexible and healthy working environments. ĄWith more than 100 tax cuts introduced over the past eight years, B.C. offers some of North America’s lowest taxes. ĄAccording to KPMG’s Competitive Alternatives 2010 study, Vancouver outranks Toronto and every major American city for business cost competitiveness. ĄMore than 20,000 skilled workers immigrate to B.C. every year, enriching the province’s talent pool, international networks, cultural diversity and multilingualism. ĄVancouver’s cost of living is lower than the costs of Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Sydney, London (U.K.) and many other major cities, according to Mercer’s 2010 Cost of Living Survey.

ĄThe University of British Columbia ranks among North America’s top 10 universities for commercializing research. In 2007, UBC became Canada’s first university to have generated more than $100 million in cumulative licensing revenue. ĄMore than 24 per cent of British Columbians hold university degrees. ĄB.C. has 25 public post-secondary institutions. ĄNinety-three per cent of British Columbians live in communities with access to the Internet, making B.C. one of the world’s most connected jurisdictions. ĄVancouver has been ranked the world’s top city for quality of life and livability in various studies. ĄB.C. ranks first in Canada for health outcomes and environmental quality, as measured by air quality, limitation of greenhouse-gas emissions and protection of land from human activity.

B.C.’S TECH SECTORS Information and communications (including wireless) Hardware, software, telecommunications, IP-over-everything 7,244 companies 52,680 employees $11.5 billion in annual revenue Life sciences Pharmaceuticals, medical devices 340+ companies 4,000 employees $800 million in annual revenue New media Interactive multimedia, gaming, e-learning 900+ companies 10,000+ employees $1.8 billion in annual revenue

Aerospace Engineering, manufacturing, training 190 companies 1,550 employees $450 million in annual revenue Clean tech Hydrogen; fuel cells; power electronics; energy storage; wind, ocean and solar power; environmental tech 1,390 companies 21,000 employees $2.65 billion in annual revenue Note: A number of companies operate as research and development centres, with revenue-generating activities occurring in other jurisdictions.

Sources: Aerospace Industry Association of British Columbia; British Columbia Ministry of Advanced Education; TechTalent BC 2010; BC Progress Board; BCStats; British Columbia Innovation Council; British Columbia Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Innovation; KPMG, Competitive Alternatives 2010; DigiBC; NetworkBC; University of British Columbia; and Vancouver Economic Development Commission. Sectors contain overlapping data because some companies are listed in more than one sector. Stats from BCIC and DigiBC.

6—BCTECH 2011 BIV Magazines

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Centre4Growth has been instrumental in helping us build a better product and develop a strong strategy for launch. Centre4Growth helps you build and grow your company by delivering complimentary coaching, resources, and tools matched to your unique needs, when you need it. Centre4Growth is a one-stop resource for all technology entrepreneurs in British Columbia.

APPLY TODAY Get connected to the right resources for you and your company.

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Accelerating growth

Province becomes a leader in knowledge and innovation

“We can build buildings. We can fund programs. But we’ve got to create entrepreneurs and an entrepreneurial culture” – Dale Gann, president, Vancouver Island Technology Park Ąby Andrew Tzembelicos hen Dale Gann, president of Victoria-based Vancouver Island Technology Park (VITP), describes where he sees British Columbia’s technology industry going in the next decade, he says, “We can build buildings. We can fund programs. But we’ve got to create entrepreneurs and an entrepreneurial culture.” For Gann, this means positioning B.C. as a leader in knowledge, with objectives such as doubling the numbers of the province’s workers and graduate students and retaining recent graduates, “the ones creating the ideas and the innovation.” It also means ensuring that the sector has a tangible, specific course of action, sustainable economic development, strong leadership, shared goals and collaboration.


Photo: Pete Snell Photography

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The park side Gann himself knows a thing or two about entrepreneurship, having run VITP for 10 years. A 191,000-square-foot facility occupying 35 acres, it’s described on its website as “a modern research and technology centre that enhances the creativity and productivity of its tenants by clustering fuel cell, new media, wireless, life science/biotech, ocean technology and ICT companies.” It offers wet lab capability, specialized electrical and venting systems and the latest data-transfer technology. Plans are in place for a 250,000-square-foot expansion. VITP is only one such park in B.C. Another is in Kelowna, and there’s one planned for Kamloops. In the Vancouver area, the action is at Discovery Parks. For more than three decades, the company has facilitated success in

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At Vancouver Island Technology Park: research assistant Tyra Cross, of the UVic Genome BC Proteomics Centre (left), Jody Haddow, president and chief scientific officer of ImmunoPrecise Antibodies (below)

tech by providing a home to more than 130 companies and creating almost two million square feet of technology space in Vancouver and Burnaby. Catering to small startups and post-secondary spinoffs, it characterizes itself as “the link between academic research and the marketplace.” The Simon Fraser University Innovation Office is working to establish a business innovation centre at Discovery Parks to ease access to university innovations and create new connections among business and university researchers. SFU Venture Labs, a mentor-driven program enabling entrepreneurs to accelerate innovationbased business, will operate at the centre. Then there’s the Generator initiative. Discovery Parks is leasing at no charge approximately 5,000 square feet of space for nine months over a 20-year term to eight early-stage tech companies selected through competition. Giving rent-free space helps startups channel dollars into business rather than overhead. The company’s holdings include the DiscoveryGreen Building in Burnaby, part of a complex known as Discovery Place Research Park. Certified LEED (Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design) gold, the building won a BC Hydro Innovation

in Sustainable Building Design award and a City of Burnaby Environment Award for planning and development. Mark Betteridge, executive director and chief executive officer of Discovery Parks, says that accelerating growth is about leadership involving government, industry and investment dollars. For Betteridge, it also means thinking very long-term. The question, he says, isn’t what B.C. will be doing over the next decade but how the industry wants to look in 2200. Betteridge thinks more can and should be done. He says, “If you know where you’re trying to get to, a long way out, you can measure your progress and correct as you go.” He expresses concern at seeing the industry get mired in short-term thinking and “four-year election cycles.” For success and growth, he says, tech must be considered as part of B.C.’s larger economic and social strategy. Making waves Sectoral growth depends on new investments, such as $11.6 million in funding for the Wavefront Wireless Commercialization Centre, one of five companies to receive federal funding through a 2010 Centres of Excellence

10—BCTECH 2011 BIV Magazines

`BCTech 2011_00.0.indd 10

for Commercialization and Research (CECR) competition. The money will help Vancouver-based Wavefront become the unifier of Canadian wireless, giving small and medium-sized enterprises access to resources while connecting Canadian researchers to commercially viable innovations and industry partners. This approach is expected to strengthen domestic collaboration, create jobs and grow companies and the economy. Pascal Spothelfer is the outgoing president and chief executive officer of the British Columbia Technology Industry Association (BCTIA). For him, growing B.C.’s tech sector primarily involves helping startups reach the next level. “The biggest challenge,” he says, “is that … we don’t have a sufficient number of medium and large-sized companies. That has a number of consequences, the most important being that the best way for managers to learn how to grow a company from very small to substantial is by working in a company that has gone through that process.” Recognizing this, the BCTIA has launched a new Centre 4 Growth, offering venture services for new entrepreneurs. These include workshops, a knowledge centre and a CEOs-in-residence program. Spothelfer says that without a managerial pool bred by large companies, B.C. can’t attract such large companies, which are crucial to the industry’s future. The Centre 4 Growth “tries to address” how companies can “go from $500,000 or $1 million in revenues to $20 million,” he says. “Because once you’re a $20-million enterprise, all the fundamentals are there. To go from $20 [million] to $100 [million] is essentially scaling what you have. To go from $500,000 to $20 million, you have to create new systems, new structures and new organizations, so it’s a different step. The ideal person to do that step is somebody who has done that before.” In the absence of large companies, the Centre 4 Growth connects sectoral leaders to growth-related solutions. Growing B.C.’s tech sector involves many aspects. Yet Spothelfer is optimistic about the future and says the potential is there: “The situation is really promising but we have to seize it.” Gann agrees. “British Columbia is ideally situated to be a knowledge leader,” he says, adding, “It’s going to take leadership.” Ą Photos: Vancouver Island Technology Park

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Taxing questions Tech tackles Canada Revenue Agency’s red tape

Ąby Curt Cherewayko hile British Columbia and Canada have some of the world’s most competitive corporate tax systems, you still hear guffaws and head-scratching from the province’s tech players at tax time. To the provincial government’s credit, the policies eliciting the most exasperation were created by the federal government. The distinction matters because it’s Ottawa that creates tax policies like the Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) Tax Incentive Program. Many tech companies rely on these during the make-or-break years in which they conduct nitty-gritty research and development. A number of factors, including tax rates at the federal, provincial and municipal levels, make Vancouver one of the industrialized Brendan Byrne, founder of Wolf Medical Systems, which has received world’s cost-friendliest cities in SR&ED-backed loan money from Espresso Capital Partners which to set up shop, as assessed Jim Fletcher, managing director in KPMG’s Competitive Alternatives 2010 report. same year, had some in the sector venting publicly about option-induced headaches. of Vancouver-based Chrysalix Energy Yet burdensome paperwork, costs and Venture Capital, has been vocal on how Such options are important for recruitquestions about the efficacy of some of complexity devalues stock options as ment of key talent among cash-strapped the tax-incentive programs can influence employee incentives. startups, which use them to supplement key business decisions. “There’s an immensely complex, conlesser salaries when they can’t afford In some of the more negative circumvoluted, ugly set of rules around options,” to offer competitive ones. Companies stances, companies may be deterred from with much time and energy going into thus avoid up-front costs of wages and raising capital on the public markets or encourage employees to put in the sweat “trying to figure out how to get through foreign companies may be deterred from the maze,” he says. equity required for the companies to sucmaking acquisitions in Canada. The key detail: Canada Revenue ceed and rise in value. Among the most rankling federal polAgency requires employees to pay tax For example, say an employee receives icies involves the taxation of stock options. when they exercise their options rather stock options worth $1 each at hiring. He Changes to the tax structure of such than simply when they cash out their or she is then well rewarded for helping options, which the federal government stock down the road. announced in the March 2010 budget and to build the employer’s share value to $5 “Nowhere else in the tax system do before exercising those options. then implemented in December of the


12—BCTECH 2011 BIV Magazines

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Photo: Dominic Schaefer Photography

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you get taxed for making an investment, whether you’re buying real estate, shares, art or anything else,” says Fletcher. In December 2010, Ottawa made some changes to stock-option taxation that businesses and employees lauded. Employees will no longer find themselves in the unfortunate position where their tax liability on exercised options is greater than the value of their shares come selling time. (Some employees of Nortel Networks were in this situation after the company’s epic decline in value in recent years.) Yet Ottawa also took steps in December to close other loopholes that it said were costing millions annually in lost tax revenue. Employees who have options in companies that are not Canadian-controlled private corporations (CCPCs), including foreign and publicly traded companies, may no longer defer tax on exercised options. Additionally, a financial burden has been placed on the employer in the form of a withholding tax. Employees of CCPCs may still defer the tax on exercised options until selling the shares. Deferring such tax can be advantageous, but Fletcher says deferral places a long-term tax liability on an employee. “When you try to explain that contingent liability to software engineers, salesmen and other people in junior tech companies … it just psychologically undermines the entire value of the stock option,” he says. In a letter of recommendations sent in January of this year to Minister of Finance Jim Flaherty, the British Columbia Technology Industry Association (BCTIA) argued that taxing stock options twice (once at their exercise and again at their sale) meant placing an over-complex administrative burden on companies and employees. In the letter, the BCTIA called on the federal government to remove the special rules for each class of company: CCPC, non-CCPC and publicly traded entity. “The complexity is even greater for firms that switch from one company class to another, as many successful technology firms do as they grow,” wrote the BCTIA. At least one Vancouver-based private tech company has recently kiboshed plans for an initial public offering partly because of concerns about the challenge of converting to a non-CCPC tax structure. “The system puts us somewhat in line

with what occurs in the U.S.,” says the BCTIA’s outgoing president and chief executive officer Pascal Spothelfer, of the stock-option taxation system. Spothelfer notes, however, that Canada faces greater challenges in recruiting tech talent than the United States. Regarding the tweaking in December of stock-option taxation, he says, “We missed an opportunity for Canada to create a much more competitive stockoption taxation regime that could really help [us] attract and retain talent.” While Spothelfer and Fletcher plan to continue pressing Ottawa, they’re not hopeful that stock-option taxation will

“There’s an immensely complex, convoluted, ugly set of rules around options,” with much time and energy going into “trying to figure out how to get through the maze” – Jim Fletcher, managing director, Chrysalix Energy Venture Capital

change any time soon. For precedent, they refer to the time and energy that tech spent pressing for the removal of another tax mechanism: section 116. Federal clearance was considered a major deterrent to foreign investment because it required foreign investors to prove in an expensive and complex exercise that they were from countries that had tax treaties with Canada. “We started working on the section 116 problem in the mid-1980s,” says Fletcher. The federal government removed the section in the budget of March 2010. Spothelfer is more hopeful about the ongoing review of the federal government’s key mechanisms for supporting R&D in Canada, including the SR&ED tax incentive program. Gary Yurkovich asserts that SR&ED tax credits have been integral to the development of early-stage tech companies. “There are many companies that would not exist today if not for this program,” says Yurkovich, partner at Vancouver’s Espresso Capital Partners, which makes

loans to startups using those companies’ future SR&ED tax credits or refunds as collateral. “And a lot of jobs would not exist in the tech industry either.” Indeed, other countries, such as the United Kingdom and Australia, have modelled their own R&D tax-credit programs after Canada’s SR&ED approach. Not that SR&ED is flawless. Grumbles are loudening about the seemingly arbitrary process by which the credits are doled out. “Legitimate claimants simply want to know how to use the SR&ED program right,” says Yurkovich. “They want consistency, no surprises.” In February, the BCTIA recommended to the federal government’s R&D review panel that application for SR&ED be streamlined and made more formal. To address the imbalance between the amount of capital the government puts toward companies’ R&D and the commercialization rate of such programs, the BCTIA believes Ottawa should introduce mechanisms favouring companies that show evidence of success with commercialization. “Companies can toil away and spend money on R&D for years. They get their cash refund, but they actually never commercialize anything,” observes Spothelfer. Yurkovich notes other problems with the SR&ED program for which the government is not necessarily to blame. “There are a ton of people who have slapped up a shingle and called themselves SR&ED consultants,” he says, “but the quality of some of these consultants, be they a single practitioner or a firm, is highly variable.” In the last year, Espresso Capital has provided more than $12 million in SR&ED-backed loans to 40 companies, including Vancouver’s HootSuite Media, Surrey’s Wolf Medical Systems Corp. and Richmond’s Clevest Solutions Inc. Yurkovich says that at the bad end of the spectrum are SR&ED consultants whose manipulation of the program is downright fraudulent. “Some of these shoddier consultants make claims for companies for inflated amounts,” he says. “Then the CRA comes back and says, ‘Wait a minute; this doesn’t seem right,’ and only then will the consultants remove the [claims]. It’s not that this is an endemic problem, but it’s enough to taint the program.” Ą BIV Magazines

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Talent traction Video games, special effects and animation fire away thanks to homegrown artists and technical wizards

Ąby Joel McKay hether helping sports fantasies come true, injecting a little action into life with first-person shooters or inviting audiences to visit magical realms, designers and animators are working hard to bring a little makebelieve to reality. It’s all happening right here in Vancouver. “The film, TV, animation and videogame industries work together more now than we ever have before, and that’s important because we’re attracting a similar talent base to British Columbia and we have a common interest in maintaining that talent base,” explains Colin Macrae, director of communications for videogame designer Electronic Arts Inc. (EA). Known as a top destination for filming movies, Vancouver is home to gaming, special-effects and animation too. This cluster, which also includes wireless and mobile companies, employs some 22,000 persons and generates $3 billion in annual revenue, according to DigiBC, the Digital Media + Wireless Association of BC. The province boasts a variety of worldclass creative companies, including game giants EA and Ubisoft Entertainment, Disney Online Studios Canada Inc., digitalanimation studio Rainmaker Entertainment Inc., Next Level Games Inc., Digital Domain and Blue Castle Games. Macrae says the cluster has come of age, with companies collaborating on its longterm maintainance and development. DigiBC itself is one example of such collaboration.


Photo: Dominic Schaefer Photography

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Tax credits, talent and a favourable time zone attracted Aly Jetha (left) and Shabnam Rezaei (right) of Big Bad Boo Studios to B.C.

BIV Magazines BCTECH 2011—15

5/18/11 8:17:58 PM

The Centre for Digital Media, Vancouver

Another is the BC Screen-Based Media Industry Human Resources Committee, created in 2009 to ensure a steady supply of workers for the sector. “We’re all competitors first and foremost, but we also recognize that if we’re living and working in the same market, we’ve got a common interest in the broad economics of doing business here and retaining the best talent,” says Macrae. The collaboration has paid off. In 2010, the provincial government introduced tax credits for film and interactive digital media that recognized the “convergence” taking place among B.C.’s film, television, video-game and animation sectors. The tax measures included: Ąa credit of 17.5 per cent for qualifying labour costs in videogame development; Ąan increase from 25 to 33 per cent in the Production Services Tax Credit for game development; Ąan increase from 15 to 17.5 per cent in the Digital Animation and Visual Effects Tax Credit; and Ąan increase in the qualified B.C. labour expenditures cap from 48 to 60 per cent of production costs. Macrae believes the credits will help gaming maintain B.C.’s reputation as a strong jurisdiction for creative industries and stymie the outflow of jobs that has plagued the sector for the last few years. The company behind such hits as FIFA Soccer 11 and Medal of Honor, EA reduced its workforce in 2009 because of the global recession.

Rainmaker Entertainment CEO Warren Franklin says Vancouver’s animation, gaming and special-effects cluster catches the eyes of Hollywood heavyweights

Still employing some 1,200 persons at its Burnaby facility, EA isn’t the only game developer that has cut back recently. In January, Disney shut down its Vancouver studio Propaganda Games, which had recently released Tron: Evolution. “The [challenges] particular to our industry [have] been the competition and the increased economic incentives from other jurisdictions in North America through tax-credit programs that have encouraged jobs and investment,” says Macrae. He believes that B.C.’s new tax program will take some time to yield results for the industry. Meanwhile, visual effects and animation are growing steadily. The province’s recently introduced harmonized sales tax (HST) hasn’t only re-ignited film and helped special-effects companies get more business; it has also saved animators some serious coin. “I was a big supporter of the HST,” says Warren Franklin, chief executive officer of Rainmaker Entertainment Inc. “We spend millions of dollars every year on equipment, and to be able to build the business and switch to the HST has created big savings for us.” Rainmaker banks on local talent to make the most of its projects. Franklin, who has supervised visual effects for more than 25 feature films including The Empire Strikes Back and Raiders of the Lost Ark, originally came to Vancouver because of the city’s worldclass production artists and animators.

AZVY^c\l^i]8dccZXi^dch Teligence is the North American leader in voice-enabled social networking. Our unique brands provide millions of people the ability to connect for friendship, dating and fun. Our vision is to evolve our services by creating a unified platform that allows our customers to connect with whomever, whenever, where

ever and however they want. We deliver our brands on leadingedge technology with quality, stability and scalability in mind so wholesale customers can take full advantage of our platform for their social networking needs. Teligence is proud to have a culture that celebrates the diversity of our

16—BCTECH 2011 BIV Magazines

`BCTech 2011_00.0.indd 16

employees, while fostering shared success across our organization. Our teamwork also brings other rewards: Founder Rob Madigan was named the 2004 Ernst & Young® Pacific Entrepreneur of the Year® and Technology Entrepreneur of the Year and Teligence was the winner of the BCTIA Company of the Year Award for 2005.

Top right photo: Dominic Schaefer Photography

5/18/11 8:18:04 PM


EA Sports Active 2

“If you talk to any of the companies that have moved up here, if you look at why we’re here, it’s about the talent,� he says. He explains that the Masters of Digital Media Program at the Centre for Digital Media feeds local companies with a steady stream of highly trained employees. The program represents a partnership among the University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University, Emily Carr University of Art + Design and the British Columbia Institute of Technology. Shabnam Rezaei is managing director of Big Bad Boo Studios. She says that although Toronto has better access to TV studios, she and husband Aly Jetha founded their studio in Vancouver in 2005 because of the West Coast’s talent base.

Aazim Khan (left), animation and FX artist at Next Level Games, which produces Mario Strikers Charged, Punch Out!! and Captain America – Super Soldier (below)

Since its creation, Big Bad Boo has opened oďŹƒces in New York and Los Angeles and has developed a number of cartoons that educate children on multiculturalism. Its latest series, 1001 Nights, was nominated in 2010 for four Leo Awards, which celebrate B.C.’s ďŹ lm and TV industry. “For animation, special eects, spot production, music composition, voice-over talent ‌ Vancouver is the place to be,â€? says Rezaei. She adds that Vancouver has the three “Tsâ€? for industry success: tax credits, talent and a time zone in line with Hollywood’s. Franklin agrees: “If someone calls me up and says, ‘I’d like to have lunch tomorrow in Los Angeles,’ I can do that.â€? Yet not every business meeting happens in L.A. these days. Macrae says B.C. itself has become such a magnet for talent that people world-wide are drawn to work here. And that’s what will sustain the industry in the long term, he says. “We have a phrase here: ‘Great people like to work with great people,’â€? Macrae says. “We employ so many of the most passionate and most talented developers in the world, and those people end up becoming a draw as well.â€? Ä„ Top photo: Electronic Arts

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Mobile meanings Building trust between brand and consumer in smart-phone marketing

“Imagine a future where your phone essentially becomes your wallet” – Amielle Lake, chief executive officer, Tagga Media Inc.

Ąby Curt Cherewayko onsumers’ relationships with smart phones are evolving. Having somewhat embraced mobile texting and emailing, people are quick to Google trivial topics to prove friends wrong in debate. Yet when it comes to shopping, many hesitate to hit the check-out button to finalize a purchase on their smart phones. Software developers and marketing companies, including many in British Columbia, are creating new technologies and clever ways for brands to engage with smart-phone users. Simultaneously, these companies are helping build the trust between brand and consumer that is required in order for mobile shopping to become habitual. QR bar codes by Vancouver-based Mobio Identity Systems Inc. have the same scan-and-retrieve function as traditional UPC codes, but they’re designed to be scanned with the cameras located inside smart phones. As the foundation of “mobile tagging,” QR codes – which contain far more information and are easier to scan than UPC codes – are appearing on everything from T-shirts to storefronts to magazine ads.


18—BCTECH 2011 BIV Magazines

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Photo: Dominic Schaefer Photography

5/18/11 8:18:13 PM

A passerby can scan a QR code with his or her smart phone to receive coupons, discounts or timely meal deals, to enter contests or to receive information about specific businesses. “For us, it’s really about creating a better dialogue and communication between merchants and consumers,” says Mark Binns, Mobio’s chief marketing officer. Founded in 2003, Mobio is still in early revenue stages but has helped some key brands engage consumers through mobile tagging campaigns. At Shaw Communications Inc., Global Television posted a QR code on TV during newscasts in late 2010, to entice the viewer to enter to win a wide-screen TV from Future Shop and a Shaw cable “For us, it’s really about package. creating a better dialogue Shaw had as many people entering the contest by scanand communication between ning the QR code off their TVs merchants and consumers” as by going on line to Shaw’s website. – Mark Binns, With that success, Shaw chief marketing officer, is now expanding Mobio’s QR-code campaigns to the Mobio Identity Systems, Inc. TV commercials of some of its advertising clients. Vancouver, ran a campaign encouraging Yet QR codes and other mobile marketing mechanisms still have some hurdles the coffee drinker to scan a QR code on line at home to pre-order coffee at one of to overcome for wider traction. its shops. For one thing, not all consumers even For doing so, the consumer received 10 have smart phones yet. Nor do they yet all have personal video cents off a $2 coffee. “We were running 100 transactions a recorders (PVRs), which allow a user, say, to day,” recalls Binns. pause a live newscast that includes a QR Aside from direct financial rewards, code so as to have enough time to downusers appear drawn to mobile transactions load the free app he or she will need to that provide value from content, such as read the code and then perform the scan. videos of games played by the Vancouver Binns also notes that while QR codes Canucks, also a Mobio customer. have a “cool factor” that may encourage “But if you want people simply to go consumers to scan one simply for the to your website that you can’t get people experience, the campaign usually needs to go to already, people won’t do it; you’ll something more, as in any call to action. get no response rate,” Binns says. A mobile “You have to create consumer value, campaign must “involve a brand and conand that comes in a lot of different forms,” sumer” that “already have some level of he says. trust with each other.” For example, direct financial rewards For instance, most consumers will in the form of coupons or discounts hesitate to scan a QR code posted on the seem to work. Ethical Bean Coffee Co. Ltd.,

storefront of a pawn shop. Vancouver’s Tagga Media Inc. can attest to the trust required for mobile campaigns to work. Tagga’s platform for deploying mobile marketing campaigns has so far been used largely by big brands such as Old Navy, Red Bull and Goodyear Tires. “Big brands that have larger budgets to play with are the first doing mobile campaigns, with smaller brands following suit,” says Amielle Lake, Tagga’s founder and chief executive officer. Tagga has found that one of the best ways to engage mobile consumers is through contests and coupon offers. Its clients experience redemption rates of anywhere from five to 50 per cent among consumers for such offers. The adoption rate of smart phones, which increased dramatically in the third quarter of 2010, signifies that the product is becoming the mobile device of choice over the standard cell phone. It thus appears inevitable that mobile will become a key or primary marketing channel for businesses. Among the signs confirming the trend: the embrace of mobile by niche industries. In Abbotsford, Vin65, which develops e-commerce websites for wineries, launched a mobile development platform in 2010. Some of Vin65’s winery clients have seen page views of their sites increase 20 to 45 per cent since launching mobile websites. In December 2010, Prospera Credit Union was one of the two credit unions that became Canada’s first financial institutions to allow customers to send and receive money over smart phones. “I imagine a future where your phone essentially becomes your wallet,” says Lake. “All of your data on your mobile phone will be secure, and you’ll be able to purchase anything on mobile, right then and there.” Ą

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Looking for inspiration? You found it. #RRNKGF'NGEVTQPKEUVGEJPQNQI[UQNWVKQPU HQTF[PCOKE RTQFWEVKXGOGGVKPIU SMAR T BOARDS Don’t erase your ideas. Save them. Walk into a meeting room and in seconds your team is brainstorming on a digital display. Write, save and distribute meeting notes. SMART solutions help create an environment where teams can share ideas, communicate with colleagues and save time. Collaborate with SMART.

HD PLASMAS AND PROJECTORS Visual solutions adaptable to any environment. HD PLASMA Displays New Design with 15,000:1 Contrast Ratio and 100,000 Hour Service Life. 50"



5N" 50" J2" LCD & DLP Projectors With Daylight View technology, Panasonic LCD projectors deliver superior brightness and picture quality for greater visual impact. Large venue DLP projectors offer Detail Clarity Processor to give extremely realistic textures and up to 12,000-lumen brightness for performance and reliability.



CRE S TRON FAMILY OF TOU C H PANE L S With distinctive features for every application, Crestron's broad range of over 100 touchpanels delivers maximum value. Crestron touchpanels enable advanced automation and control of audio, video, computer and environmental systems. From 3.6" to 17" widescreen displays to handhelds, FlipTops, wall mounts and tiltcase designs there's a Crestron touchpanel for every room and every budget.


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AUDIO VISUAL SYSTEMS: '&7%#6+10#.#0&64#+0+0)(#%+.+6+'5†8+&'1%10('4'0%+0)(#%+.+6+'5†#7&+614+7/5#0&$1#4&411/5 27$.+%&+52.#;'08+410/'065†.')+5.#674'5#0&%170%+.%*#/$'45†%1//#0&#0&241%'55%10641.%'064'5

5/18/11 8:18:18 PM

Green scene

Sustainable development takes conservation into the future

Ąby Peter Mitham hether from municipal requirements, investor appeal or the desire to win points with users, savvy building developers face the big questions of which green technologies to apply and which will give the biggest bang for their construction bucks. One of the most watched projects in recent years has been Victoria’s Dockside Green. The development has earned platinum certification for its first two phases under LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) in part thanks to features such as a district energy system designed to burn biowaste. Managed by Corix Utilities, the system has proved an asset not only to Dockside Green but also to the surrounding neighbourhood. With its commitment to green initiatives, the Delta Victoria Ocean Pointe Resort Hotel and Spa saw an opportunity to tap into the existing system at Dockside Green for a small added investment. “It will be used to heat and cool our building, and we expect that to reduce our carbon emissions by about 30 per cent,” says Kimberley Hughes, general manager of the hotel. The investment won’t pay off immediately, but Hughes says it makes sense given that the hotel’s goals emphasize both financial and environmental sustainability. In an earlier position, Hughes was manager at the Delta Whistler Village Suites when Enbala Power Networks – then known as Sempa Power Systems Ltd. – installed a hybrid boiler that alternated between electricity and propane, whichever was cheaper, as demand shifted. By contrast, the system in Victoria will tap


Photo: Pete Snell Photography

`BCTech 2011_00.0.indd 21

“‘Green’ is as important to us as financial performance” – Kimberley Hughes, general manager, Delta Victoria Ocean Pointe Resort Hotel and Spa a source of renewable energy left over by another user, at a fraction of the cost of installing a similar system at the hotel. There was an added cost, but the environmental payback makes it worthwhile. “‘Green’ is as important to us as financial performance,” says Hughes. “So it wasn’t so much a cost-savings initiative” as an effort to “reduce our overall impact on the environment.” The communal aspect of district energy systems serves both to encourage their adoption on a large scale and to make them more cost-effective for developers and users. Provincial tax exemptions were

available to Corix for development of Dockside Green’s system. A similar arrangement is proposed for the redevelopment of Victoria’s Rock Bay neighbourhood as a green precinct driven by renewable energy. Indeed, it’s the financial bottom line that’s important to Park Lane Homes Ltd. as it embarks on its East Fraserlands development in South Vancouver. Chief financial officer Ross Hanson envisions a 12-year phasing-in of the district energy system for the 130-acre development, which will have upwards of 15,000 residents, offices and shops. A temporary centre will be built over BIV Magazines

BCTECH 2011—21

5/18/11 8:18:24 PM

`BCTech 2011_00.0.indd 22

5/18/11 8:18:25 PM

appealing to companies mandated to use green power. Dockside Green, Victoria, has LEED platinum certification for its first two phases, in part for features such as a district energy system that burns biowaste

the course of 2011, with a permanent structure planned within three to five years. A pipeline will access Metro Vancouver’s solid waste plant five kilometres east in Burnaby to draw energy from the plant’s incinerator as demand grows. Hanson expects it to be built around halfway through the project. While capital grants will undoubtedly be part of the financing model for the district energy system, Hanson says such a system isn’t just environmentally friendly but is also cheaper to develop, whether it consumes fossil fuels, garbage or biomass. “It’s more efficient than providing individual heat sources within each building.” Georgian times Some municipalities see the benefits of developing systems that use clean energy. It’s true that gas may be required to cover demand at peak times; Hanson says a system running solely on renewable fuel would be prohibitively expensive. Still, there are cities that see district energy systems as drivers of urban sustainability. By early 2012, a system to be built in the downtown core of Prince George will tap residue from the Sinclair Group mill just outside the city. The city will own the infrastructure, which will pipe hot water downtown for heating and taps. The system is an element of the city’s renewal strategy for its downtown and will sustain jobs in the local forest sector.

“It helps promote the diversification of our forest industry,” says Bob Radloff, project manager for the system. “Wood residue that used to be uneconomic in the bush becomes more economic.” The system will also help reduce par ticulate emissions in the local air by upwards of 100 tons a year and carbon emissions by 2,000 tons a year. Radloff says the first phase, serving about a dozen locations, could be available as early as fall 2011. The city hopes that the system will make the core

BC Assessment’s new offices save energy, have lower operating expenses and offer improved comfort to staff

Bottom photo: Ema Peter Photography; interior design firm MCM Interiors Ltd.

`BCTech 2011_00.0.indd 23

Upscale in Uptown Many innovations designed to create more sustainable buildings are smaller in scale. BC Assessment Authority occupies 35,000 square feet at the Uptown shopping centre by Morguard Investments Ltd. in Victoria. The project aims for LEED gold, but technologies to support that objective were designed for cost-effectiveness as well as energy efficiency. Portions of the building sport white roofs rather than green roofs, and many systems are hidden within the building’s fabric. The mechanicals include a highly efficient ventilation system and a watersourced heat pump that’s part of a sitewide heat rejection loop. “When the building has excess energy, it can reject the heat to other buildings on the loop, allowing energy to be shared before it is dissipated [via] the cooling tower,” says Bruce Edwards, facilities manager for BC Assessment. “When more heat is required during the winter months, a condensing boiler plant provides heat … at ultra-high efficiencies, about 98 per cent.” Edwards expects the system to contribute operational savings of about 15 per cent, offsetting the higher rents BC Assessment is paying relative to its previous, older location. Resource conservation and increased comfort for staff make it worth it, however. “We’re far more comfortable in this location than we were in our last, which was an older building built back in the 1970s,” says Edwards. “You’re paying a bit on one side and saving a bit on the other, and at the same time you’re reducing your environmental footprint.” Ą

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`BCTech 2011_00.0.indd 24

%",.00&)"/ %"!1(")"*/5+1 *.")&* 1.."*03&0%!"2"(+,)"*0/&*5+1.7"(! +*0&*1"0+".*5+1./(.5*!.+!"*5+1. 1*!"./0*!&*$+#1/&*"///&0,,(&"/0+5+1. &*!1/0.5/" 0+.



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  & ) + *  .  / " .   * & 2 " . / & 0 5    " " ! & "  / # 1 

5/18/11 8:18:28 PM

Air styles Technical innovation in province’s skies

A seaplane from Harbour Air, one of several companies that want to establish a co-operative seaplane terminal in Vancouver Harbour

Ąby Rebecca Edwards viation companies across British Columbia are embracing fresh ways of making their industry greener and safer, while also encouraging new infrastructural developments.


They mean green Greenhouse-gas (GHG) reduction and carbon-offset programs have taken off in

B.C. aviation since 2007, when Harbour Air Seaplanes became North America’s first airline to reach carbon neutrality. SaltSpring Air has used its offset funds to buy carbon credits through Green Island, an offsetting group that invested the funds in Seven Ravens Farm. With its ecoforest and permaculture, the farm is also located on Salt Spring Island. Philip Reece, director of marketing

at SaltSpring, says the program benefits visibly both the island’s community and people many miles away. Reece says, “We wanted not only to be offsetting our carbon but also to give some benefits to the local community … Seven Ravens Farm uses the money to plant trees and organizes education workshops to get local people learning about the trees and to get experience on the

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K_\;`jZfm\ipGXibj>\e\iXkfi Gif^iXdcXleZ__XjY\\eX^i\Xk jlZZ\jj%<`^_kZfdgXe`\jXi\efn fg\iXk`e^flkf],'''jhlXi\]\\k f]]i\\#klie$b\pf]ÔZ\jgXZ\% K_\j\Zfe[XeelXcZfdg\k`k`fe n`ccfg\e`e=Xcc)'((%

K_\`eXl^liXck\eXekjf] k_\>\e\iXkfiXi\1 › 9cl\@fe › :c`e`ZXcD\[`X › :fehl\iDfY`c\ › ;\cDXiG_XidXZ\lk`ZXcj › D\kX]fiJf]knXi\ › J\Zf[`o › Jlg\ieXC`]\JZ`\eZ\ › M.<ek\ikX`ed\ek

@ek_\_\Xikf]MXeZflm\iËj=Xcj\ :i\\b=cXkj#;`jZfm\ipGXibjË >\e\iXkfigif^iXd`j_\cg`e^ pfle^k\Z_efcf^pZfdgXe`\j Y\Zfd\k_\c\X[\ijf]kfdfiifn%

@eX[[`k`fekffli>i\XkEfik_\ie NXpcfZXk`fe#;`jZfm\ipGXibj _Xj]XZ`c`k`\jXkL9:Xe[9:@K% ;\j`^e\[jg\Z`ÔZXccpn`k_k_\ jdXccjkXik$lg`ed`e[#k_\j\ jgXZ\j_\cge\nZfdgXe`\jdfm\ kfdXib\k]Xjk\i%

887 Great Northern Way, Vancouver | tel: 604-734-7275 | To learn more about Discovery Parks and the Generator visit

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5/18/11 10:25:23 PM

farm. A number of those people have now gone over to Africa and used their knowledge to help communities there, so it has really set the ball rolling to make a difference to the environment.” Helijet uses the B.C.-based Pacific Carbon Trust to offset GHGs produced by its scheduled services. In 2010, the company offset a carbon total of 4,215 tons, or $1.55 per passenger. Based at Vancouver International Airport (YVR), Helijet also installed “smokeless liners” on every Rolls Royce C-30 engine to increase efficiency and reduce the amount of visible particulate matter emitted in exhaust. The investment included 10 smokeless liners for the Sikorsky S-76 Spirit fleet plus one unit for the Bell 206L3 LongRanger, at a cost of $8,000 per engine. According to the engine manufacturer, the C30/C47 smokeless liner was developed for consistent performance, overall efficiency and dependability. The laser-drilled holes on the liner offer a more consistent flame pattern with less nozzle distress, resulting in more efficient burn of fuel and reducing emitted smoke to improve air quality around the runway. Clear windows, clear benefits “They pop out not unlike a Tupperware lid,” says Philip Reece of the new emergency windows that SaltSpring has fitted to its De Havilland Beaver floatplanes. The company made headlines in 2010 when it became the first airline in North America to commit to the safety feature, which is based on technology being used in offshore helicopters. The large windows open under 60 pounds of pressure. They provide two extra emergency exits for passengers when added to the two doors at the plane’s front and rear. “It is something we are very proud of. It made so much sense for us to get them as an extra benefit to offer our passengers,” says Reece. “It is the kind of investment

St. Clair McColl, president (left), and Lisa Cherneff, office manager, of SaltSpring Air, with David Curtis, chief executive officer of Viking Air Ltd., which owns the designs for De Havilland Beaver floatplanes

SaltSpring is North America’s first airline to have installed emergency pop-out windows in its fleet

that you make but hope you never have to make use of.” Based on Salt Spring Island, the company flies to Vancouver, Victoria and other Gulf Islands. It won the Back and Bevin Air Safety Trophy from the British Columbia Aviation Council in 2010 for the new safety feature. In terms of terminals Vancouver’s commercial seaplane operators are hoping that a non-profit terminal in the city’s harbour will change how passengers travel from coast to coast. Vancouver’s commercial seaplane operators are applying to Port Metro Vancouver to construct a new multi-modal terminal in the harbour to serve seaplanes, helicopters and any future passenger ferries. The application is being spearheaded by the Vancouver Commercial Seaplane Operators Association (VCSOA), consisting of eight seaplane companies that together transport 350,000 passengers to and from the harbour annually. This hub would be located on the eastern side of Canada Place, connecting directly to YVR, the Canada Line and Vancouver’s public transit.

Randy Wright is senior vice president of sales and marketing at Harbour Air, one of the partner airlines in the VCSOA. He explains that the cost of building the terminal would be paid by the operators, who want to construct their own terminal instead of relying on another proposed by a private developer that would charge a tariff per passenger. He adds that there would be no need for on-shore buildings. The plan would include bicycle lanes and access to other transport links. “Why we’re so excited about this site is that all the travel components for Vancouver come to that area,” he says. “Someone flying in from Salt Spring Island could fly in to this terminal and catch the Canada Line out to the airport and catch a flight direct to Paris. If you live in Vancouver, you could cycle in and catch the plane to Victoria.” Wright adds that passengers of all walks of life are increasingly seeing seaplanes as a regular form of transport and that the terminal would help keep costs down for them. “We have got customers who work in Vancouver, people that have medical reasons to go to the mainland, separated parents who use our unaccompanied minor service to get their kids from Mom to Dad, and seniors. “We move a lot of people in a lot of different walks of life, and I know people really appreciate that. The float plane is how a lot of Canada was discovered; it’s a big part of Canadiana.” Ą

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Moving stories From hydrogen-fuel-cell buses to electric vehicles to carbon offsets in rail, ground transportation shifts gears for a cleaner future

Jay Giraud, founder and CEO of Rapid Electric Vehicles, which has developed an electric car that can store energy and distribute it back to the grid

Photo: Dominic Schaefer Photography

`BCTech 2011_00.0.indd 28

5/18/11 8:18:38 PM

Ąby Noa Glouberman ransport generates about 37 per cent of the province’s annual greenhouse-gas (GHG) emissions, but cleaner options are now in the works.


An easy cell For nearly two decades, Ballard Power Systems Inc., Burnaby, has been developing clean-energy solutions for mass transit. Fuel cells, the group’s core technology, produce zero emissions by combining hydrogen and oxygen to create electricity without combustion. During the 2010 Winter Olympic Games, 20 hybrid-electric buses powered by Ballard’s FCvelocity-HD6 fuel cells hit the roads in Whistler, shuttling spectators to alpine sporting events. Now almost fully integrated into the resort town’s regular transit system, the buses operate with less noise, lower maintenance costs and a reduction of 62 per cent in GHGs as compared with traditional diesel buses. Guy McAree, Ballard’s director of corporate communications and marketing, says that the Olympics provided an opportunity to showcase the company’s clean transportation technology to the world. “The games certainly gave us some great momentum and generated a lot of additional international interest in our motive-power products,” he says. “As transit agencies around the globe start looking at different ways to address the environmental issue, we’re seeing a significant amount of demand from North America and South America, in particular Brazil, as well as Europe.” With its technology proven to work in winter conditions, Ballard has struck a deal to provide HyNor Oslo Buss with the same fuel-cell modules as in Whistler. The company will install them in five buses that should be in service in Oslo by end-2011. “Because the performance and the environmental benefits are there, government funding to support this type of technology is increasing. People are coming to B.C. because we’re recognized as leaders in the field,” says McAree. “As volumes of fuelcell buses grow, we anticipate continued decreases in cost for these systems, which will help our solutions to compete effectively with current transit technologies.” Electric avenues Rapid Electric Vehicles Inc. (REV) in Vancouver is building 100-per-cent-electric Centre photo: CN

`BCTech 2011_00.0.indd 29

vehicles (EVs) that can store and redistribute energy back to the grid. “Imagine [that] we have a brief blackout downtown and a building needs power because it’s running critical equipment,” says Jay Giraud, founder and chief executive officer. An electric vehicle “plugged into that building can power that entire building to ride out that power outage.” REV’s 300 ACX EV is actually a Ford SUV with its internal-combustion engine and related drive and fuel components removed. Its original driving characteristics are left intact. High-performance lithium battery packs, an electric motor and other power electronics are installed. The result: an EV with zero emissions, faster acceleration, increased horsepower and improved safety. REV has also developed “bi-directional” wireless technology that allows the car’s battery to communicate with the electrical grid when it’s plugged in. The utility

CN Rail freight trains can move many products more fuel-efficiently than can heavy trucks

can thus draw energy off the vehicle’s idle battery if it needs it. “Everyone is looking at how utilities can manage all the energy consumed by a house, but nobody is working on making cars smart,” Giraud commented to The Tyee. “For 16 hours a day, utilities could use very small amounts of energy from parked [electric] cars.” Three-year-old REV has expected orders of more than 200 vehicles from the North American construction, utility, military and municipal sectors this year. The company plans to scale production beyond 15,000 vehicles through 2014. “You know, whenever you’re flying, you just look down over those warehouses around an airport and you can see medium and heavy-duty trucks sitting,

During the Olympics, BC Transit deployed hybrid buses using 20 hydrogen fuel cells by Ballard Power Systems in Whistler, which now uses the buses in its regular public transit

hundreds of them in a row,” Giraud says. “Every one of those vehicles, if they were electric, … could back up the buildings and … the grid, and we would be dealing with literally gigawatt hours of energy storage that would increase the efficiency and reliability of our grid and of society in general.” Training day Canadian National Railway (CN) hopes to take more trucks off B.C.’s highways by encouraging rail freight. Rail is up to six times more efficient than heavy trucks in that it consumes a fraction of the fuel needed to transport one ton of freight one kilometre. In May 2010, CN introduced a modalshift protocol to create new carbon-offset project opportunities for B.C.’s transportation sector. Pacific Carbon Trust (PCT), a leading provider of offsets, agreed to recognize the protocol for modal-shift offset projects in the province. The protocol allows companies to generate offsets by shifting their freight shipments from truck to rail. Shippers that demonstrate lower emissions from using a modal shift and meet the British Columbia Emission Offsets Regulation can generate revenue by selling the offsets to PCT. Emission reductions may also reduce carbon taxes. At the time, B.C. Minister of State for Climate Action John Yap said, “CN is showing the type of low-carbon mindset that we would like to see all industries in B.C. follow.” Ą

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Brain check Policing your IP rights in the Internet age

Ąby Jeff Robinson f you’re like me, the term Web 2.0 gives you buzzword heartburn. Yet Web 2.0 is convenient shorthand for the technologies that make it easy for anyone to find, combine, transform and share information on the Internet. A boon to business, Web 2.0 has enabled new forms of marketing, consumer validation and revenue generation. Unfortunately, Web 2.0 also facilitates misuses of intellectual property (IP) that are challenging for owners to stop. The Internet’s relative anonymity can make finding a target for legal action difficult, and its geographic spread sometimes means that such legal action must be co-ordinated among counsel in multiple jurisdictions. Legal action may also be inappropriate when its expense is out of proportion to likely recovery, when customers might perceive it as high-handed or when slow response risks further damage. The good news: reputable web-hosting companies, searchengine providers, marketplace retailers and domain-name registrars are increasingly responsive to allegations of IP misuse. Most such online service providers (OSPs) now offer options for addressing IP infringement that are less formal and potentially more useful than the courts. Taking full advantage of these options requires attention to the details of your IP rights and infringers’ wrongs. Here are a few tips for making the most of the remedies offered by OSPs. 1 Identify your IP proactively: Sometimes businesses overlook important IP assets until they see how valuable they are in someone else’s hands. Take the time to identify the things by which your customers recognize your business and its products or services. Don’t stop at logos and names!


30—BCTECH 2011 BIV Magazines

`BCTech 2011_00.0.indd 30

Illustration: Randy Pearsall

5/18/11 8:18:49 PM

Damage patrol How online misuse of IP can hurt your business Duplication of your copyrighted content on other websites can adversely affect your search-engine rankings and even result in de-indexing. Trademarks used in keyword advertising and hidden website metadata may lead consumers to buy substitute products and services. Copyrighted product images and descriptions on websites can falsely lend an appearance of legitimacy and fool consumers into buying counterfeit goods or legitimate goods from unauthorized channels (known as grey-market goods). Copyrighted logos and product images may be used to add punch to unfair or misleading advertising. Products created by individuals and sold through custom manufacturers like CafePress and Zazzle may, contrary to the policies of these companies, infringe trademarks and copyrights. Consider, for example, photographs and graphics used in advertising, text used in marketing materials and packaging and design elements behind your brand’s particular feel. If your company is growing or evolving, ask yourself how the cues by which your old and new customers know your business may have changed. 2 Secure ownership of your IP: Most OSPs will expect at least cursory proof of ownership before taking action on your behalf. Many businesses only realize that they don’t own important parts of their IP when it’s time to assert them. Do you

own copyright in the logo you paid a graphics designer to create? If counterfeits show up on www., is it you or your German affiliate that owns the German trademark rights and so makes the complaint? Securing ownership of your IP assets in advance will enable you to react quickly to infringements. 3 Make your IP ownership verifiable: Registering trademarks, copyrights and industrial designs is usually straightforward. Proper registrations provide concise, credible evidence of your IP rights. In some cases, registered IP rights may be the only rights you can rely on, since some OSPs don’t have the systems or the inclination to determine claims based on common-law rights. Also consider using technical means, such as watermarks and metadata, to mark your ownership of content that contains your IP. 4 Identify all relevant service providers: You can often enlist more than one service provider to address IP violations. In addition to the host of the offending content, you may have recourse through search engines (which can de-index offending web pages) and domain registrars (which can disable offending domains). 5 Secure proof of infringement: Capture and date screen shots of all pages that show the IP infringement or implicate relevant OSPs (e.g., Whois information, search-engine results). Also copy the source code of offending web pages and infringing embedded content (e.g., graphics files, videos). Retain this proof after your complaint has been addressed so that you can establish a pattern of infringement should one develop. 6 Use the right tools properly: Most OSPs have specific mechanisms for dealing with alleged IP infringements.

Some even have different mechanisms for dealing with different types of IP rights and with the various ways that particular types of rights may be violated. Take care to locate the correct mechanism and provide all required information. Failure to use the tools properly can result in the ignoring of your complaint and potentially deprive you of legal recourse against the OSP. Ą Jeff Robinson is an associate at Oyen Wiggs Green & Mutala LLP.


`BCTech 2011_00.0.indd 31

w.r b s.c a

BIV Magazines BCTECH 2011—31

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Safe and sound Tech makes grainy security footage a thing of the past

Ąby Curt Cherewayko eing Big Brother is big business. Advances made by British Columbian companies in creating new hardware and, more importantly, new software for security are making Big Brother’s eyesight ever keener. Because of innovations by Lower Mainland companies like Avigilon Corp., Sonitrol Canada and Seon Design Inc., the grainy, rudimentary and almost farcical video footage of theft and robberies commonly seen on television newscasts is becoming a thing of the past. In addition to manufacturing its own high-tech security cameras, Avigilon has developed software that addresses a key challenge for security-system developers: the ability to maintain video quality while compressing video for easy storage and transfer. “The majority of security cameras sold is still analog video,” says Alex Fernandes, chief executive officer. “It just shows how far behind the market is.” Yet increased demand for better security systems helped make Avigilon the fastest-growing company in Western Canada by revenue in 2010, according to Deloitte. The company’s revenue was $5.4 million in 2008, the first year of commercialization. In 2010, revenue was $32.4 million. Avigilon expects to have 200 employees by the end of 2011.


Alex Fernandes, CEO of Avigilon, Western Canada’s fastest-growing company by revenue in 2010

Sonitrol Canada operates a command centre in Vancouver in which 35 employees monitor for trips at security systems located at up to 500 clients’ facilities at once. In 2010, Sonitrol’s security systems helped authorities nab 227 criminals in Metro Vancouver in the

Seon Design’s SQ Dome: built to withstand vibration, temperature, vandalism and all the rigours of bus routes

32—BCTECH 2011 BIV Magazines

`BCTech 2011_00.0.indd 32

act of stealing from or robbing its clients, which include The Keg Steakhouse & Bar, Canadian Tire, Best Buy Canada Ltd. and Stuart Olson Dominion Construction. “We almost catch a thief a night in Vancouver,” says Joe Wilson, Sonitrol’s CEO. Many employees of B.C.’s new crop of surveillance companies are former members of Silent Witness Enterprises Ltd., a surveillance-system maker founded in 1986 that arguably was the seed of the province’s entire surveillance-technology cluster. The cluster includes Coquitlam’s Seon Design Inc., whose systems are used on school buses and other vehicles, including those in public transit and for emergencies. A handful of former senior managers at Silent Witness founded Burnaby-based night-vision security-camera maker Extreme CCTV Inc., sold to the German company Bosch Security Systems for $93 million in 2008. Ą Top photo: Dominic Schaefer Photography

5/18/11 8:18:55 PM


Fields afield Strength in tech across the province ĄGreater Victoria ĄMid-North Vancouver Island & Coast ĄOkanagan ĄWest Kootenay

ĄGREATER VICTORIA Served by: Vancouver Island Advanced Technology Centre (VIATeC) British Columbia’s fastestgrowing technology region With 875 companies, Greater Victoria’s technology sector has become Vancouver Island’s largest private industry, employing over 13,000 and generating more than $1.95 billion in revenue in 2010. An annual listing of the 25 largest tech companies headquartered or founded in Greater Victoria revealed combined estimated calendar 2010 revenues of nearly $784.7 million, up 7.5 per cent from the $729 million reported in 2009. Those 25 companies currently employ 3,034 persons, up 11 per cent over the previous year. IT, new media, software, ocean-science and marine tech, environmental tech and advanced manufacturing are some of the region’s core capabilities. The University of Victoria, the Innovation and Development Corporation, Vancouver Island Technology Park, Camosun College and Royal Roads University are among the area’s first-class research and educational institutions. Source: VIATeC

ĄMIDNORTH VANCOUVER ISLAND & COAST Served by: Mid-Island Science, Technology & Innovation Council (MISTIC) Small but powerful firms From the Malahat to the tip of Vancouver Island and including the Sunshine Coast

and Gulf Islands, the Mid-Island region’s tech sector comprises more than 949 successful companies. A recent survey of 420 companies has shown that 63 per cent have five or fewer employees, 37 per cent between 10 and 50. Seventy-seven per cent of companies have annual revenues less than $1 million; 23 per cent, annual revenues between $1 million and $5 million. In the last five years, companies reported an overall increase in revenues of 74 per cent. While most of its customers are in B.C., the region exports its skills and innovations world-wide. Most companies are planning to invest significantly in research and development over the next 18 months. The region boasts software, advanced manufacturing, IT, engineering, food and beverage tech, aquaculture, clean tech and environmental tech among its core advanced capabilities. Source: MISTIC

ĄOKANAGAN Served by: Accelerate Okanagan Silicon Vineyard offers the good life The Okanagan’s tech sector boasts more than 300 organizations. Served by the newly formed Accelerate Okanagan, tech employs a large proportion of employees in IT, computer, engineering and scientific occupations. It counts data storage, clean tech, life science, aerospace and aviation, wireless tech, multimedia, software and web development and composite manufacturing among its advanced fields. A superb quality

ĄEast Kootenay ĄCentral Interior ĄNorthwest ĄNorth/Northeast ĄNot surveyed

of life is for the asking in B.C’s wine country, home to a growing number of highefficiency data centres. In 2008, IBM identified Kelowna as “the best place to build a data centre in North America.” The University of British Columbia’s growing Okanagan campus is the region’s largest, newest research facility, showcasing sustainable tech. Source: Accelerate Okanagan

ĄWEST KOOTENAY Served by: Kootenay Association for Science & Technology (KAST) Vibrant communities West Kootenay’s tech sector has more than 200 robust companies employing more than 2,000 professionals and generating more than $220 million in revenue in 2008. The area enjoys proximity to Spokane, Vancouver, Seattle and Calgary. An excellent telecommunications infrastructure gives tech firms global reach, and the local workforce is highly skilled. Companies can offer employees the opportunity to “live here, work anywhere.” Affordable and beautiful, the region has shown a recent upsurge in business startups. Digital media, software development, mining, metallurgy and material science plus energy and environmental management make up a diversified regional sector. Recent successes include software development, mineral manufacturing and geographical informational systems. Source: Ference Weicker & Co.

`BCTech 2011_00.0.indd 33

BIV Magazines BCTECH 2011—33

5/18/11 8:18:56 PM

ĄEAST KOOTENAY Served by: Kootenay Rockies Innovation Council (KRIC) Tech blooms outdoors East Kootenay communities like Creston, Cranbrook and Rossland are home to an estimated 410 flourishing tech companies. The sector employs 8,200 persons and generates $1.3 billion in annual revenue. Agriculture technology, forestry, mining, oil and gas are the top tech drivers here, but tech companies serving other industries are rapidly taking root as well. More than 60 digital-media companies in the region

work in film, television, gaming and IT. The Kootenay Rockies Innovation Council is working to develop and promote talent in the area’s digital media. Source: Ference Weicker & Co.

ĄCENTRAL INTERIOR Served by: Interior Science Innovation Council (ISIC) Experience meets versatility With cities Kamloops, Ashcroft and Williams Lake, the Central Interior tech

sector has more than 88 thriving companies employing more than 970 persons and generating more than $150 million in revenue in 2008. The region is home to the growing Thompson Rivers University. Software development and web design and hosting plus innovative forestry, engineering, bioenergy and environmental tech are strong points. Source: Ference Weicker & Co.

ĄNORTHWEST Served by: Northwest Science & Innovation Society (NSIS) Telecom and manufacturing in B.C.’s industrial hub The Northwest’s vibrant tech sector consists of about 175 companies in Prince Rupert, Kitimat, Terrace and Smithers, collectively employing more than 2,000 persons in 2008. Over half the region’s tech companies offer products or services involving intellectual property. Regional know-how covers telecommunications, manufacturing, software and web design and hosting. Local companies innovate in manufacturing wood products, producing biomass energy and creating wireless communications networks. The Northwest’s advantages include access to transportation links between Asia and the North American heartland, abundant industrial land and a skilled workforce. Source: Cambria Gordon Ltd.



INVESTING IN INNOVATION The B.C. Renaissance Capital Fund provides access to top-tier global venture fund managers who can help turn your innovative idea into a commercial success. Our partners have invested $115 million in B.C. companies since 2008. Learn more at


Served by: Science, Innovation and Technology Council for Northeastern BC (Sci-Tech North) Tech expands amid vast landscapes The Northeast’s tech sector comprises more than 85 diverse companies employing more than 1,000 persons and generating about $200 million in revenue in 2010. Software, web design and hosting, IT and new media are regional strengths. Local companies excel at applying innovative technology to traditional industries such as oil and gas, agriculture and forestry. The sector also has expertise in alternative energy and wireless tech and is also growing in environmental tech. The proposed Site C clean-energy hydroelectric dam project, planned for a location about seven kilometres from Fort St. John, will be a boon to regional tech.Ą Source: Ference Weicker & Co.

34—BCTECH 2011 BIV Magazines

`BCTech 2011_00.0.indd 34

5/18/11 8:18:56 PM


Tech talk

WirelessImage created an Android app for the World Cup soccer teams

The year’s highlights in innovation

Ąby Noa Glouberman rom fuel cells to fitness video games, solar energy to soccer apps, dehydrated food to daily-deal websites, it’s been a winning time for British Columbia’s technology industry.


February 15, 2010: Shine on Ledalite, a Philips brand based in Langley, launched its new Shine family of highefficiency recessed lighting for sustainable buildings.

arrival times on line or at stops equipped with digital displays. May 14, 2010: Out of this world Astronauts Bob Thirsk and Frank De Winne returned to Earth after six months in space. While in orbit, they worked with researchers at Simon Fraser University to study the effects of micro-gravity on colloids: mixtures in which the particles of one substance disperse evenly throughout another.

June 2, 2010: Read March 9, 2010: Moving between the lines fitness forward Vancouverite Wahiba Electronic Arts Inc. began Chair launched the developing EA Sports Active 2. CarrotLines iPhone This PlayStation 3 fitness proapplication, which gram includes wireless conlets users scan a food trols powered by leg and arm product’s bar code to straps with motion sensors CarrotLines iPhone app find out whether the and an online hub to track product is low in fat, contains nuts or is and share workout data. (For more on EA, organic, kosher or vegan and even where see page 15.) it came from. April 19, 2010: Give a hoot June 3, 2010: High and dry Vancouver’s HootSuite Media opened its The Canadian Institute of Food Science HootSuite University, an online program and Technology recognized Vancouver’s that teaches organizations how to use the social web. April 26, 2010: Groupon think Groupon, Inc., which offers online daily deals for local restaurants, spas, sporting events, theatre and more, launched in the Lower Mainland. The inaugural deal: $20 for $40 of food at A Kettle of Fish restaurant (now closed).

EnWave Corp. for its NutraREV technology, which uses vacuum pressure and microwave energy to dehydrate fresh foods at or below room temperatures, providing a faster, cheaper, more efficient alternative to freeze-drying. June 7, 2010: Under the German sun Burnaby’s Day4 Energy Inc. started building a 725-kilowatt solar-power plant in Germany. Energy produced there will be sold to the local grid provider. June 8, 2010: In the bag Vancouver’s Solegear Bioplastics Inc. created Polysole, a plastic for use in automotive, electronic, pharmaceutical and consumer goods that can biodegrade within weeks of disposal. June 10, 2010: Guiding lights Carmanah Technologies Corp., Victoria, provided LED marine lanterns to enhance the safety of oil-spill cleanup in the Gulf of Mexico.

NutraREV technology by EnWave: faster and cheaper than freezedrying

April 30, 2010: The web on the bus The Toronto Transit Commission launched NextBus technology from WebTech Wireless Inc., Burnaby, on eight streetcar lines, allowing riders to monitor transit BIV Magazines

`BCTech 2011_00.0.indd 35

BCTECH 2011—35

5/18/11 8:19:05 PM

June 23, 2010: Sounds of soccer Vancouver’s WirelessImage launched a free Android application with ringtones for all 32 World Cup soccer teams, plus the controversial vuvuzela and classic “Gooooal!” call. June 24, 2010: Room service With its new iPad program, the St. Regis Hotel lets guests use one of its Apple iPads to surf, search and read in their rooms or while out and about in Vancouver. Wave II by Li-ion Motors

June 28, 2010: Where hockey happens Apple added a Great Canadian Apps section to its iTunes store. Among the first 30 applications: Atimi Software Inc.’s Vancouver Canucks app. June 30, 2010: Dedicated day Mayor Dean Fortin proclaimed June 30 Social Media Day, making Victoria the first city to do so officially. July 8, 2010: Laugh track Vancouver’s Vision Critical launched ReactionPlus, which captures respondents’ feedback during audio and video programming: whether calls to action are being noticed, whether laughs are occurring in the right places or whether design elements distract from important messages.

MDA’s Mars Exploration and Science Rover prototype

July 21, 2010: Point of contact Vecima Networks Inc., Victoria, supplied a wireless network to a United States Air Force base in Afghanistan, allowing service personnel to communicate with loved ones via the Internet. September 10, 2010: Bright ideas Victoria’s Streetlight Intelligence Inc. added 375 Lumen IQ controllers to the City of Prince George’s adaptive street-lighting. The technology facilitates customized street lighting from a central location. September 14, 2010: Scanned service EverBank Field, home of the Jacksonville Jaguars, was the first NFL venue to launch smart-phone technology by Mobio Identity Systems, Inc., Vancouver. It allows fans to order food for delivery by scanning bar codes from their seats. September 17, 2010: Riding the wave Azure Dynamics Inc., Burnaby, played a part in Li-ion Motors Corp.’s victory at the Progressive Insurance Automotive X PRIZE Competition for fuel-efficient vehicles. Li-ion’s winning Wave II featured an Azure powertrain.

September 22, 2010: Mission to Mars MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd. (MDA), headquartered in Richmond, was chosen to provide the Canadian Space Agency with a Mars Exploration and Science Rover prototype for future Red Planet missions. October 27, 2010: Spreading the word Three portable satellite units from Norsat International Inc., Richmond, helped news agencies broadcast to the world the story of 33 trapped miners in Chile. December 20, 2010: Heating up The SMART-Space Controller, an advanced indoor-temperature controller from Victoria’s Reliable Controls Corp., won a 2011 Top Product Award from Building Operating Management magazine.

September 18, 2010: Photo opp Vancouver-born Flickr hit five billion photo uploads. Uploaded by Flickr user yeoaaron, the five-billionth photo displays various angles of the reconstructed Woodward’s W tower in Vancouver.

February 16, 2011: Facebook financials Global Relay Communications Inc., Vancouver, formed a partnership with BMRW & Associates to create an integrated offering that will allow financial firms to reach customers through channels like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and blogs while meeting regulatory requirements for electronic-message archiving and monitoring.

September 21, 2010: Sites for sore eyes introduced Transitions progressive lenses for the customer wanting one pair of eyeglasses for reading, long distance and everything in between, in all light conditions. The lenses, which adjust from dark to light, were previously

March 7, 2011: Wind wins The wind-energy projects planned by Finavera Wind Energy Inc. for Wildmare (77 MW) and Tumbler Ridge (47 MW) passed the screening stage of environmental assessment. Construction is expected to commence in late 2011. Ą

36—BCTECH 2011 BIV Magazines

`BCTech 2011_00.0.indd 36

available for single-vision glasses only. Customers have been telling the Vancouver firm what they want through the company’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

Top photo: Li-ion Motors Corp.

5/18/11 8:19:08 PM

Industry associations Accelerate Okanagan Martin Yuill, marketing director 1405 St Paul St Suite 201 Kelowna, B.C. V1Y 2E4 T: 250-712-3344 F: 250-861-4728 E: Aerospace Industry Association of BC 211 Columbia St Suite 102 Vancouver, B.C. V6A 2R5 T: 604-638-1477 F: 604-681-4545 E: Applied Science Technologists & Technicians of BC (ASTTBC) John Leech, executive director 10767 148 St Surrey, B.C. V3R 0S4 T: 604-585-2788 F: 604-585-2790 E: Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of BC (APEG BC) Derek Doyle, CEO 4010 Regent St Suite 200 Burnaby, B.C. V5C 6N2 T: 604-430-8035 F: 604-430-8085 E: BC Environment Industry Association (BCEIA) Frank Came, executive director 602 Hastings St W Suite 400 Vancouver, B.C. V6B 1P2 T: 604-683-2751 F: 604-677-5960 E: BC Regional Science & Technology Network (BCRSTN) Dan Gunn, chairman 4464 Markham St Suite 2202 Victoria, B.C. V8Z 7X8 T: 250-483-3214 F: 250-483-3201

BC Sustainable Energy Association 4217 Glanford Av Suite 5 Victoria, B.C. V8Z 2B9 T: 250-744-2720 E: BC Technology Industries Association (BCTIA) 1188 Georgia St W Suite 900 Vancouver, B.C. V6E 4A2 T: 604-683-6159 E: BCNET 515 Hastings St W Suite 7376 Vancouver, B.C. V6B 5K3 T: 604-822-1348 F: 604-822-9887 E: B.C.â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Association of Information Technology Professionals CIPS BC 102â&#x20AC;&#x201C;211 Columbia St Vancouver, B.C. V6A 2R5 T: 604-681-2796 F: 604-681-4545 E: British Columbia Industrial Design Association PO Box 33943 Vancouver, B.C. V6J 4L7 T: 604-608-3204 F: 604-608-3204 E: Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association 4250 Wesbrook Mall Vancouver, B.C. V6T 1W5 T: 604-822-9178 F: 604-822-8106 E: DigiBC â&#x20AC;&#x201C; The Digital Media + Wireless Association of BC Howard Donaldson, president 1188 Georgia St W Suite 900 Vancouver, B.C. V6E 4A2 T: 604-602-5237 E:

HR Tech Group 4389 Maple St Vancouver, B.C. V6J 3V9 T: 604-874-2653 F: 604-874-2654 Interior Science Innovation Council (ISIC) Bill McQuarrie, executive director 418 St Paul St Suite 200 Kamloops, B.C. V2C 2J6 T: 250-828-1713 F: 250-828-1011 E: International Internet Marketing Association (IIMA) 349 Georgia St W PO Box 4018 Vancouver, B.C. V6B 3Z4 T: 866-IIMA-441 E: JETRO Vancouver/Japan External Trade Organization 700 Pender St W Suite 1202 Vancouver, B.C. V6C 1G8 T: 604-684-4174 F: 604-684-6877 E: oďŹ&#x192; Kootenay Association for Science and Technology (KAST) Kelvin Saldern, executive director 2196 Leroi Av Suite 108 Box 119 Rossland, B.C. V0G 1Y0 T: 250-483-5052 F: 250-483-6872 E: Kootenay Rockies Innovation Council (KRIC) Larry Sparks, executive director 110A Slater Rd NW Cranbrook, B.C. V1C 5C8 T: 250-426-6388 F: 250-489-1886 E: LifeSciences British Columbia 1188 Georgia St W Suite 900 Vancouver, B.C. V6E 4A2 T: 604-669-9909 F: 604-669-9912

Mid-Island Science, Technology and Innovation Council (MISTIC) Paris Gaudet, executive director 150 Commercial St Nanaimo, B.C. V9R 5G6 T: 250-753-8324 F: 250-754-0165 E: Northwest Science and Innovation Society (NSIS) Christine Slanz, executive director 4644 Lazelle Av Suite 211 Terrace, B.C. V8G 1S6 T: 250-638-0950 E: PaciďŹ c Aircaft Maintenance Engineers Association 5400 Airport Rd S Suite 314 Richmond, B.C. V7B 1B4 T: 604-279-9579 F: 604-279-9566 E: Science, Innovation and Technology Council for Northeastern BC (Sci-Tech North) Lori Ackerman, executive director 9325 100th St Fort St. John, B.C. V1J 4N4 T: 250-785-9600 F: 250-785-9649 E: T-Net British Columbia 1207 PaciďŹ c Blvd Suite 300 Vancouver, B.C. V6Z 2R6 T: 604-899-4146 Vancouver Island Advanced Technology Centre (VIATeC) Dan Gunn, executive director 4464 Markham St Suite 2202 Victoria, B.C. V8Z 7X8 T: 250-483-3214 F: 250-483-3201 E:






`BCTech 2011_00.0.indd 37

BIV Magazines BCTECH 2011â&#x20AC;&#x201D;37

5/18/11 8:19:30 PM

Biggest B.C. telecommunication firms #*74.-+A7=6+.:8/.6958A..;27






Source: Business in Vancouver, issue #1114

*38:2<A8?7.:; %8958,*5.@.,=<2>.;

%.5=;8:9 &<0@<;'A */;1<BC3? *  %         ???<.5=;,86


$1*?866=72,*<287;7, <?2<C/'A+ */;1<BC3? * ( % 



(','&#-''& (',&&


B?;/0F *+ %   

 #-'&     ???:80.:;,86

.55*7*-*  B??/?2'A'B7A3

*/;1<BC3? *  % 




&7C3?4?<;A/A3 B?;/0F *" %  













*:4 $,17*::=?3@723;A/;2$ 817 *5+/5.2;,1$$


3271/A32A<2397C3?7;5@<9BA7<;@A6/A@<9C3B;7>B3=<D3?7;5 16/993;53@7;A63D<?92 @07553@A/;2:<@A/2C/;132 1<::B;71/A7<;@;3AD<?8@


:.0 *70=?3@723;A/;2$ 8527 *::2;$$


'3:71<;2B1A<?@<9BA7<;@4<?3;A3?=?7@316/;;39@A<?/53 D723/?3/;3AD<?87;4?/@A?B1AB?3470?3A<A636<:3/;29/@3? =?7;A3? 3;A3?=?7@3:/?83A@35:3;A@


%186*; $42-68:.16/7?=?3@723;A /;2$




/?2D/?3@<4AD/?31<;;31A32@3?C713@4<?:<07939743@AF93@ :/167;3A<:/167;31<::B;71/A7<;@


+7?397;3C<7132/A/(1<;@B9A7;5@31B?7AF/;2:/;/532 @3?C713@/1?<@@/;/2/


+7?393@@ :<07931<::B;71/A7<;@/;2;A3?;3A3E=3?73;13@


5.7<.57,  <::3?13?A B?;/0F *# %  



"$2.::* /EA3?%9 B?;/0F ** %  


*::.7 7<?2;<5.=?3@723;A/;2$ #8+.:< ,*:5*7.3E31BA7C3C713 =?3@723;A/;2$ # $1*?3E31BA7C316/7? ".<.: 2;;877.<<.=?3@723;A :*-5.A $1*?$ *-2: 81*6.-=?3@723;A/;2$ 8:-87 .5;87C713=?3@723;A 0B@7;3@@@/93@/;2903?A/ 1*:5.; :8?7=?3@723;AD3@A3?; ?357<; :*7< *:6.:C713=?3@723;A

$2.::*(2:.5.;;7,  +7?393@@+/F &716:<;2 **  %  


55;<:.*6 <?2<C/'A+'B7A3

*/;1<BC3? *  %     ???*55;<:.*6,86

(','+#/@2/>'+& *;87 81.78=:=?3@723;A/;2$ "/;7A<0/(3931<: '3?C713@;1

*::A 8.:B.7?357<;/9C713=?3@723;A 



93;9F<;%8DF B?;/0F * % 


8 ;<*//


).*: /8=7-.- #.>.7=.



%26.;%.5.,867, (',*(((

%.::A *1*:=?3@723;A 5*7 )870$


!<;527@A/;13:<0793=6<;37;A3?;3A*<%1<;43?3;17;5 0799@=/F3&3:7A"<07933!</2&3:7AA/;13(*


'*:2 1*216/7?/;2$



#/C75/A/ <::B;71/A7<;@


 25+.:<@3;7<?C713=?3@723;A@/93@  :/?83A7;5/;21B@A<:3?@3?C713


2C/;132A3931<::B;71/A7<;@@<9BA7<;@23271/A32;A3?;3A /113@@2/A/13;A?3@3?C713@*$%9<;527@A/;13/;22/A/ ;3AD<?87;5

(',++  /;/2/+/F'B7A3  B?;/0F *  %          ????.+<.,1?2:.5.;;,86

$,8<< -687-;=?3@723;A/;2$ !?.7 88:.$$


(B?;83FD7?393@@9<1/A7<;0/@32/;2A393:/A71@@3?C713@4<? C367193@


'.,26* .<?8:4;7,

817 *77*$ $=:27-.: =6*:16/7?=?3@723;A/;2 $ =01 (88-$$ *+28 *7-=,,2=?3@723;A/;2$ *:A $1.:58,43E31BA7C3C713 =?3@723;A/;2$ *>2- =//.<<=?3@723;A/;2$ 1=,4 .201<87$ -:2*7 A:*6($







?</20/;2@3?C713@4<?0B@7;3@@/;2C7?AB/96<@A32 /==971/A7<;@





&716:<;2 *, " %     



<?53%9 &716:<;2 ** %          ???--;?2:.5.;;,86

*>20*<*866=72,*<287;  ?2'A+'B7A3 #<?A6*/;1<BC3? *% % %  



 <::3?137?193 *71A<?7/ *.# %         ???>.,26*,86


"# 8;<270 /@A7;5@'A+'B7A3

*/;1<BC3? *# %       ???9..: ,86


#*-2*7<866=72,*<287;8:9  %3;23?'A+'B7A3 

*/;1<BC3? *( %        ???:*-2*7<7.<


%:*7B.8(2:.5.;;%.,1785802.;7,  ?/@3?+/F %7AA"3/2<D@ * - * %  



*6.; %8,1.:=?3@723;A/;2$ 8=0 8?.;$


#8+.:< $6*55=?3@723;A .::A (201<C713=?3@723;A@/93@/;2 






62.. 1*7=?3@723;A/;2$ :<1=: 127$


'/A3997A3/;2D7?393@@0?</20/;21<::B;71/A7<;@=?<2B1A@ /;2@3?C713@



878>*7 87.;=?3@723;A/;2$


3@8A<=/;2:<0793*<%@<4AD/?3=?<2B1A@/;2@<9BA7<;@ 7;19B27;5'%0/@32@<4A=6<;3@@3?C3?/==971/A7<;@/;247E32 :<07931<;C3?53;13"@<9BA7<;@


2,1*.5 $,162-<$



5*7 =2:1.*-53;3?/9:/;/53?



*>. #=:*4=?3@723;A %:.>8: #=:*41<;A?<993? %26 #=:*4C713=?3@723;A %:2;<*7 #=:*4:/?83A7;5:/;/53?


'/93@@3?C713/;27;@A/99/A7<;<4:<07933931A?<;71=?<2B1A@  7;19B27;51/?/B27</;2@31B?7AF1399B9/?/;2@/A3997A3=6<;3@



817 #*,2,1=?3@723;A


(3931<::B;71/A7<;@63/2@3A@C723<1<;43?3;17;5*<%C<713 ?31<?27;5B;747321<::B;71/A7<;0B@7;3@@A393=6<;3@

*72.5;5.,<:872,;< ?73'A *71A<?7/ ** % %          ???-*7.5.,,86


*787;5+/F'B7A3 &716:<;2 ** ! %   


8=7<.:"*<18:9  B??/?2'A'B7A3

*/;1<BC3? *, " % 


&72;.:>.866=72,*<287;8:9  '7EA6'A'B7A3

#3D+3@A:7;@A3? * ! 



8:<16.:2,*7%.5.,866=72,*<287;:8=9 97C323;C3);7A #3D+3@A:7;7@A3? * "" %          ???7*<0<.5.,86,86


 @AC3 */;1<BC3? *(  %        ???:*591;,*

*7*-2*7866=72,*<287;":8-=,<;7, +/F0B?;3? B?;/0F * ! %        


'<B?13@;A3?C73D@D7A6?3=?3@3;A/A7C3@<4A63/0<C31<:=/;73@/;2  ?3@3/?16 #%#<A=?<C7232 #&#<A?/;832 

475B?3  )'2<99/?@  <;C3?A324?<: )'2<99/?@   3@A7:/A3

%?<C723@;A3?;3A2757A/9=6<;39<;527@A/;134/EA<3:/79 27/9B=D306<@A7;5?3@723;A7/92<:/7;?357@A?/A7<;:/;/532 (@3?C713@1<9<1/A7<;0B@7;3@@=6<;30B@7;3@@7;A3?;3A 6<@A32/==971/A7<;@A<0B@7;3@@?3@3993?@3?C713@ BA6<?7G32:/;B4/1AB?3??3=?3@3;A/A7C3@4<?#/;2C/F/ #<?A391<::B;71/A7<;=?<2B1A@*$%1/9913;A?3D7?393@@ C<713:/79=/57;563/2@3A@1<;43?3;13B;7A@;3AD<?8 3>B7=:3;A+!/;

Business in Vancouver makes every attempt to publish accurate information in the List but accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Researched by Richard Chu, 604-608-5114.

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5/18/11 10:36:45 PM

                         Shaw continuously invests in our fully owned and operated ďŹ ber-optic network to give you all the capacity and performance your business could ever need. From exceptional customer service to our team of collaborative, dedicated reps, weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve established ourselves as a secure, reliable partner. After all, running a successful business is your number one priority. AAnd helping you do it is ours.

Give us a call at 1.888.606.2307 or visit us u at SHAW.CA/SBS


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5/18/11 8:19:32 PM

Win $20,000 in professional services from Bell. Our business solutions experts can do it all. From assessing IT infrastructures to systems and storage, networking and security, we can optimize and streamline your operations. To learn more about Bell business solutions and to enter to win $20,000 in professional services from Bell, visit

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5/18/11 8:19:32 PM









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.-*'..2!((! $%*++'"+0*  ,!-)*!*/ %#. !((2.((!  +*#%*/$%./%)!/+ !.%#**  %),(!)!*/*!/2+-'-$%/!/0-! /$/+0( .0,,+-//$!#-+2/$ * !1!*/0(2%*  +2*+"/$! ,-+&!/(!2.(% !-1!-. 2!-!%*./((! 1!*$!(, !.' 2..!/0,




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`BCTech 2011_00.0.indd 41

5/18/11 8:19:33 PM

Top 100 high-tech companies in B.C. #)63-,*@6<5*-97.-5847@--:1616





Source: Business in Vancouver, issue #1124









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-834;H74;3 %0B30@(*)



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DB8=4BB<0=064<4=CB>5CF0A4('B>;DC8>=B 4=C4A?A8B4A4B>DA24<0=064<4=C1DB8=4BB0=0;HC82B

-0;;3>A5 4A<0=H 









)99-6 6;>1:;4-?A4B834=C0=3& #7*-9; +)94)6-4G42DC8E4E824 ?A4B834=C0=3& # $0)>4G42DC8E42708A "-;-9 1::766-;;-?A4B834=C 9),4-@ $0)>& ),19 70)5-,?A4B834=C0=3& 79,76 -4:76E824 ?A4B834=C1DB8=4BB B0;4B  0=3;14AC0




(>1B>=)C ,0=2>DE4A ," '         >>>;-4<:+75


>A3>E0)C- ,0=2>DE4A ,* '   %' >>>:0)>+)



 DA=01H ,- '   




 ,0=2>DE4A , '   




 )0=34AB>=-0H DA=01H ,. '   




 $08=;0=3)C ,0=2>DE4A ,  '        >>>:)8+75



 ,0=2>DE4A , '   

%' >>>*-44+)


0)94-: 97>6?A4B834=CF4BC4A=A468>=   18;;8>= 9)6; )95-9E824 ?A4B834=C    91+ 706:76B4=8>A;>20C8>=4G42DC8E4



DB8=4BB2>=BD;C8=6C427=>;>6HB4AE824BB>5CF0A4 0=370A3F0A4?A>3D2CB



)61-4 91-,5)66?A4B834=C0=3&





-=)6 %79/-9:76?A4B834=C<43820; 8<068=66A>D?





)99@ )8716;-?A4B834=C


(08=<0:4A =3DBCA84B =2

8A2A05C20A6>740EH<08=C4=0=240=308A2A05C <>385820C8>=BA4?08A0=3>E4A70D;0E8>=82B?8;>C 5;867CCA08=8=6;40B8=6


9-/ 7;?A4B834=C -79/- %0798-E824 ?A4B834=C>51DB8=4BB %'  34E4;>?<4=C


$0=D502CDA4A>5D;CA0E8>;4C38B8=542C8>=BHBC4<B5>A 0??;820C8>=BA0=68=65A><F0C4A0=314E4A064BC> 8=3DBCA80;F0BC4F0C4A



)93 $+06)99?A4B834=C0=3& 706 )4*.4-1:+0&&



4;8E4ABB>;DC8>=BC70CB>;E4D=8@D4?>F4A8=6 270;;4=64B8=C74F>A;3B18664BC0=3<>BC03E0=243 2><<D=820C8>=B=4CF>A:B



9;0<9 %@57:?A4B834=C0=3& 1+0)-4 ')4:0& -7.. #--,2708A






(8E4A-0H 4;C0 , $ '        >>>)=+798+75

)9+<: =)6#7712&



=C46A0C43<4C0;;820=32><?>B8C408A5A0<4BCAD2CDA4B 5>A08A2A05C2><?0=84B



-8A4;4BB-0H (827<>=3 ,,  '%' %' >>>:)/-679;0)5-91+)+75


)<91- $+0<4;AB4=8>AE824 ?A4B834=C0=3 64=4A0;<0=064A<83 <0A:4C('B>;DC8>= %' )51- $<;0-94)6,E824 ?A4B834=C0=3  64=4A0;<0=064A

)064A>D??;2 #))

DB8=4BB<0=064<4=CB>5CF0A4B>;DC8>=B0=3 B4AE824B



")<4 7+3-44?A4B834=C74;82>?C4A


,42C>A4A>B?024 >A? *).(%&

$08=C4=0=24A4?08A0=3>E4A70D;>574;82>?C4A 4=68=4B0E8>=82B3H=0<822><?>=4=CB08A5A0<4B


9-/ )6/?A4B834=C0=3& 7416 )991:&&



)4<82>=3D2C>AB>;DC8>=B5>A4=C4A?A8B4270==4; BC>A064F8340A40=4CF>A:8=5A0BCAD2CDA4581A4C>C74 7><40=3;0B4A?A8=C4A 4=C4A?A8B4<0A:4CB46<4=CB


76 9)+3-6E824 ?A4B834=C<0A:4C8=6 0=3270==4;B4=C4A?A8B4B>;DC8>=B



*427=>;>684B?A>3D2CB0=3B4AE824B8=C746A0?782 2><<D=820C8>=B0=33>2D<4=C20?CDA48=3DBCA84B



&$()'A8E0C4 @D8CH


$8BB8BB0D60&% %'


)=1, -;;*)+3?A4B834=C


0E830=3(>= 4CC102:

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%075): $31,579-2708A?A4B834=C0=3 &






706 1=16/:;762708A0=3& #7* 0):-&& 9974 !4:-6&



)>5CF0A40=3B4AE824BC70C74;?CA02:<0=0640=3 ?A>C42C2><?DC4AB



)=1, <9;1:?A4B834=C0=3&



$0=D502CDA4A>5=4F*F8=&CC4A08A2A05C0=3B?0A4 ?0ACB4=68=44A8=60=3<08=C4=0=24BD??>AC5>A 4=C8A45;44C>5;4602H340E8;;0=3 C7A>D67  08A2A05C



)4 (763-9& ')99-6 -)+0&



'A>54BB8>=0;B4AE824B>;DC8>=B5>A1DB8=4BBA4 4=68=44A8=6BCA0C46HBHBC4<B8=C46A0C8>= C427=>;>6H8<?;4<4=C0C8>=0=30??;820C8>=<0=0643 B4AE824B




 DA=01H ,. '     



><<4A24':FH (827<>=3 ,,! '        >>>5,)+79879);176+75


 0<184(3)D8C4   (827<>=3 ,. '        >>>5+3-::76+75


8A?>AC-0H "4;>F=0 , , ) '  



C7E4)D8C4  )DAA4H ,), '   



(8E4A5A>=C0C4 DA=01H ,!$ '   



%>AC7A0B4A-0H DA=01H ,!! '        >>>+9-);176;-+0+75


 60AA (827<>=3 ,  B4AE824B%>AC7<4A820 '   



0GC4A'; DA=01H ,, '    




8;<>A4-0H DA=01H ,$ '   




76 )6;07& ><<4A24AC DA=01H ,% '         >>>5)??)5)6)4@;1+:+75


 "4C27AC >@D8C;0< ,". '        >>>>8-*++)


 ><<4A24AC DA=01H ,% '    




 ,0=2>DE4A ,. " '        >>>)*:74<;-+75


340E8;;0=3-0H )83=4H ,#, '      >>>=1316/)19+75



 ,0=2>DE4A ," '        >>>:1-99):@:;-5:+75

)>DA24B =C4AE84FBF8C701>E42><?0=84B0=3  A4B40A27 &C74A2><?0=84B<0H 70E4A0=:431DC383=>C?A>E8340=D?30C41H3403;8=4 %'%>C?A>E8343 %(%>C A0=:43 %%>C0E08;01;4  ;>10;586DA4=4CA4E4=D4>5+) 18;;8>=5>A58B20; H40A4=343D6    ;>10;586DA4=4CA4E4=D4>5+) 18;;8>=5>A58B20; H40A4=343D6  


  ;>10;A4E4=D4B8=+ ) 3>;;0AB  >A<4A;HDB8=4BB&1942CB  ;>10;586DA4   4BC8<0C4  

586DA4  )064)<0;;DB8=4BB0=030 )064)8<?;H22>D=C8=6

 0=030  + ) 3>;;0AB

 2@D8A43%*)* =2 8=&2C>14A

  2@D8A431H>;34=0C40?8C0;8= !0=D0AH

Business in Vancouver makes every attempt to publish accurate information in the List but accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Researched by Richard Chu 604-608-5114.

42â&#x20AC;&#x201D;BCTECH 2011 BIV Magazines

`BCTech 2011_00.0.indd 42

5/18/11 8:19:33 PM

Are you prepared for Canada’s new anti-spam law?


he Federal government recently passed a new anti-spam law that is expected to take effect later this year. The law is very broad and the penalties for non-compliance are very steep. Virtually every person and business in Canada will be affected by the law and will need to rethink how they send emails, voicemails and other telecommunications. In short, the law prohibits any person from sending (or causing or permitting to be sent) a commercial electronic message unless the recipient expressly or implicitly consents to receiving the message. Here are some key points: Not just e-mail: The definition of “commercial electronic message” is very broad and includes any message sent by telecommunications (including e-mail, text messages, voicemail, social media communications, etc.) if the purpose of that message is to encourage participation in a commercial activity. Consent: Commercial electronic messages cannot be sent without the recipients’ con-

Chris Bennett

sent. Consent can be express or implied, and there are specific rules for how to obtain consent. There are also some limited exceptions to the consent requirement. Identification: All commercial electronic messages must identify the person who sent the message (and if different, the person on whose behalf it was sent); provide accurate contact information for these parties; and send out a mechanism by which the recipient may unsubscribe. Unsubscribing: The recipient must be able to unsubscribe using the same means by which the message was sent. There are specific rules and time limits for complying with unsubscribe requests. Penalties: The maximum penalty for a violation of the legislation is $1,000,000 for an individual and $10,000,000 for a corporation or other business entity. These fines are imposed per violation, and a violation is defined as being separate for each day that it continues.

Vicarious liability: Violations under the Act create both direct and vicarious liability, and directors or officers of corporations may be personally liable for the corporation’s violations. Employers are also liable for violations committed by their employees acting within the scope of their employment. The law has been passed and will take effect on a date set by the federal Cabinet. This will likely happen soon. In the meantime, all businesses and business people should start preparing policies and systems to comply with the new law. Chris Bennett is the head of the Technology and Intellectual Property Law departments at Davis LLP. You can reach him at 604.643.6308 or

You create it. We’ll help you protect it. You’re on the cutting edge and we’re right there with you. We can help you succeed by ensuring your patents, trade-marks, copyrights and business interests are protected. Davis LLP is a full-service law firm with more than 240 legal advisors and consultants who provide comprehensive legal services through our offices across Canada and in Japan. For more information, please contact: Chris Bennett 604.643.6308

David Spratley 604.643.6359


`BCTech 2011_00.0.indd 43

5/18/11 8:19:34 PM

Top 100 high-tech companies in B.C. $*63.-+@6<5+.97/.5847@..:2626




.*-7//2,. ).*9/7<6-.-


9974 %*5<.4:76=?3@723;A $7+.9; *,7<0*4453;3?/9:/;/53?


!<C3;1"/@2/> !#*




716 %1.92-*6=?3@723;A/;2#






44.6 *=.:=?3@723;A/;2#



(7@@B31B9AB?3@B==973@1399@3=/?/A7<;=?<2B1A@ 1FA<87;3@/;A70<273@1<;A?/1A/@@/F@/;2?3@3/?16



  C3 /;593F * !  $ 


&25 .95*653;3?/9:/;/53?


7C7@7<;<4&<F/9 $6797=@"-'$





(*99.6 9*63426# *;1.926. (26-.9=?3@723;A 9@*6; "23.#



/;7:/A7<;=?<2B1A7<;4<?479:(*6<:3 3;A3?A/7;:3;A7;2B@A?F:<A7<;1/=AB?3/;2=?3C7@ 1/=/0797A73@



+7?393@@+/F &716:<;2 **  $ 

"$ >>>:2.99*>29.4.::,75

*:76 71.67<9=?3@723;A/;2#


(','+"/@2/>'+& 9743@AF93@:/167;3A<:/167;31<::B;71/A7<;@




60<: $.2-# 6-9.> $.2-=?3@723;A *:76 %52;1=?3@723;A=?<2B1A 7;;<C/A7<;





4.? *96.;:76@3;7<?C713=?3@723;A


(631A7C3"3AD<?8 (316;<9<5F:/?83A7;5@<9BA7<;@4<?3C3;A<?5/;7G3?@ '/;735< ;1









Source: Business in Vancouver, issue #1124



 '63990?7253+/F'B7A3  &716:<;2 *, + $          >>>;78897-<,.9,75


 93;9F<;$8DF B?;/0F * $         >>>+*44*9-,75


 A6C3+'B7A3  */;1<BC3? *. 




?</2D/F+'B7A3  */;1<BC3? * . $       >>>9*265*3.9,75


3/AAF'A'B7A3  */;1<BC3? * 

$        >>>=2:276,92;2,*4,75

&1.,;2=. .;>793

 &<03?A@'A'B7A3  B?;/0F *  $  


%,16.2-.94.,;92,$.6.>*+4.:+<:26.:: <62;

"39@<;+/F B?;/0F *  $       >>>:,16.2-.9 .4.,;92,,759.6.>*+4..6.902.:


 '63990?7253+/F &716:<;2 *, + $       >>>=.6;@?,75


 B??/?2'A'B7A3   */;1<BC3? * 

$      >>>9.42,,75


 ?<<8@0/;8C3 "<?A6*/;1<BC3? * ' $      >>>176.@>.44,75


<?2<C/'A+'B7A3  */;1<BC3? * 


 "$ >>>*44:;9.*5,75


 3/AAF'A */;1<BC3? *

$     >>>+*9-.4.6;.9;*265.6;,75


<B59/@'A'B7A3  *71A<?7/ *+  $           >>>,02,75


 ?/;C7993'A'B7A3  */;1<BC3? * + $         >>>:7817:,75


 303A+/F $<?A<>B7A9/: * + $       >>>>.:0*9,75


 A6C3 'B??3F * '  $      >>>-.4;*,76;974:,75


 A6C3+'B7A3  */;1<BC3? *$ $      >>>>.:;879;,75


394$9'B7A3  &716:<;2 ** 

$         >>>7,.,75


<::3?13$8DF'B7A3  &716:<;2 **

$      >>>*.9726/7,75


 93;9F<;$8DF B?;/0F * $       >>>6732*,75


 903?;7'A */;1<BC3? *  $      >>>*,4,75


<:3?'A */;1<BC3? * , $      >>>+4*:;9*-2<:,75


 '=?7;53?C3'B7A3  B?;/0F * ! $        >>>#<*9;.,1,75




*9@ +9*5:=?3@723;A'16;3723?  07997<; 931A?71/;/2/ &.- *58+.44=?3@723;A/;2#,/;A?3E    (316;<9<5F

'16;3723?931A?71 '

;3?5F/;2=<D3?:<;7A<?7;5@F@A3:@=<D3?/;2 /BA<:/A7<;@<9BA7<;@3931A?71/927@A?70BA7<;;3AD<?8 :/;/53:3;A

&B379!/9:/7@<;  ?/;13   "$

&76@ "1288:27?31A<?@<9BA7<; 3;57;33?7;5






76*;1*6 7>-.:>.4453;3?/9:/;/53?






*9@ <95*(316;71/927?31A<?



2C/;132@3;@7;51<;A?<9/;2/1AB/A7<;A316;<9<573@ 4<?7;2B@A?7/9=?<13@@3@



*99@ 7.9A.6?357<;/9C713=?3@723;A<4 "$ @/93@ 

!/;7A<0/(3931<: '3?C713@;1

+7?397;3C<7132/A/(1<;@B9A7;5@31B?7AF/;2 :/;/532@3?C713@/1?<@@/;/2/



2,1*.4 $.5.-27: .46* 1.:*62*1<#@



;7:/A7<;@AB27<4<?43/AB?3479:@(*;3D:327/& 4<1B@3@<;<;97;31<;A3;A5/:3@@<17/9;3AD<?8 1<::B;7A73@C7?AB/9D<?92@



6092- $*@874-?357<;/9C713=?3@723;A






9<,. ,76*4-C713=?3@723;A/;2 53;3?/9:/;/53?


=/E$/?A;3?@ $

#443?@/D/?2D7;;7;53;1?F=A7<;3;2=<7;A@31B?7AF D303:/79/;2;3AD<?8/113@@1<;A?<9@<9BA7<;@ 0/18320F'<=6<@ /0@/59<0/9;3AD<?8<4A6?3/A 7;A399753;1313;A3?@

<@A<;! #E4<?2)


716 "<9-@16/7?:/;



+<?929/@@A<A/9@<9BA7<;=?317@7<;@633A:3A/9 :/;B4/1AB?3?



92*6 77-,124-=?3@723;A $*@576- $*.C713=?3@723;A



;A399753;A0B7927;51<;A?<9@/113@@1<;A?<9@9756A7;5 1<;A?<9@D300/@32<=3?/A<?7;A3?4/135/A3D/F@



(',+$("/@2/> +$&(

9<0/993/23?7;/9A3?;/A7C34B399<D3:7@@7<;@ A316;<9<573@A6/A/99<D3;57;3@A<<=3?/A3<;193/; 0B?;7;54B39@@B16/@1<:=?3@@32;/AB?/95/@" 97>B34732;/AB?/95/@ "6F2?<53;/;207<4B39@ @B16/@9/;247995/@



*=2- .5.9:# 

:7997<; 244 *9326# 4*26. (7603E31BA7C3C713=?3@723;A   @A?/A357123C39<=:3;A ;;2427 *26742=?3@723;A/;2# *4. 79;25.927?31A<?<4:/?83A7;5



#447132757A/9=?7;A7;5/;21<=F7;5@F@A3:@6756 @=3322757A/9=?<2B1A7<;@:/994<?:/A=?7;A3?@D723 4<?:/A2757A/9=?7;A7;5@F@A3:@

*3;9< "3A63?9/;2@


.6 77:.6=?3@723;A 7+ *6;>.44#


(63<37;5 <:=/;F"-'

B@7;3@@/2C7@<?F1<;@B9A7;5@3?C713@/;2(@3?C713@ 4<?A63/3?<@=/132343;13:/;B4/1AB?7;5 A?/;@=<?A/A7<;9<57@A71@/;2@31B?7AF7;2B@A?73@






+7?393@@:<07931<::B;71/A7<;@/;2;A3?;3A 3E=3?73;13@



*9*4- (244=?3@723;A/;2#



B@7;3@@/@@B?/;13@<9BA7<;@4<?/B27A/;21<:=97/;13 =?<43@@7<;/9@



<9=*4 *.9=?3@723;A/;2#



9/@A&/27B@7@/59<0/9/53;1FA6/AA/83@/@A?/A3571 /==?</16A<5?<D7;50?/;2/;2?3C3;B37;/2757A/99F 1<;;31A32D<?92



*6-76 2;*0*>*=?3@723;A






'<B?13@;A3?C73D@D7A6/0<C31<:=/;73@/;2  ?3@3/?16#A63?1<:=/;73@:/F 6/C3?/;8320BA272;<A=?<C723/;B=2/A30F23/297;3 "$"<A=?<C7232 "&"<A ?/;832 ""<A/C/79/093  <;C3?A324?<:)'2<99/?@  <;C3?A324?<:7;1<:3 A?B@A7;B5B@A   475B?3  1>B7?32,/;A?3E(316;<9<5F  9<0/9 475B?37;3B?<@  75B?32<3@;<A7;19B23,/;A?3E@A/44  475B?3  9<0/9 475B?3  9<0/9?3C3;B3   3@A7:/A3


Business in Vancouver makes every attempt to publish accurate information in the List but accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Researched by Richard Chu, 604-608-5114.



44â&#x20AC;&#x201D;BCTECH 2011 BIV Magazines

`BCTech 2011_00.0.indd 44

5/18/11 8:19:35 PM

Rogers Communications Inc.

Rogers Business Sales Team

Three Good Reasons to Trust Rogers with Your Business ) &$" & $' " ',!"!!'%"&& !!%"(!'*"%&&&!' "% !!(&!&&&"&#%")!*%&&!'*"%(' '"'"&'!% >"%&4  /!'*"%%!&,"('&#&,"(! "%,"(% ") "*!"%"*&"#!'' !'& !*'&'% !)"*%)%,"(%"!'"%&!'*"% &!!(&'%,%"%25,%&*' "%'!3,%&"  +#%'&"%&)&,"('(' '!'*"%+#%! ''.&*, "%'!8 "! !!&"(!'"!(&>&!"(% %'% !'&*'600%%%&%"(!'*"%!&(%! (!#%"%" !+#%!"*'%,"((&,"(% *%&&&%)&","%!'%!'"!,"%&&,"(")%


( $ 

&*&"(%#%")!*%&&!'*"%!''&' ")& *"=%*"%"*%&&! "(&!&&&"('"!&'')% (! '+#%!&"%,"(%(&'" %& #%'!%*'!(&'%,!'!""," #!&'"#%") !'" !2&"('"!&''!(*%&&!'*"% "!!')', "%*%&"'*%!!'%#%&'! &(##"%'9'%,"(%"%!-'"!&""!"%% "' "!'"%! "#"!'"&&"('"!247%'!'*"% &&"% "*"%"%##'"!*)*%&&&"('"!

`BCTech 2011_00.0.indd 45

''* #%"),"(%(&!&&#%"(')',!%(")% " (!'"!&"&'&:&,& "%"!&"!%&!' " (&!&&"%"%&!'*&' .)&"#","&%))%,#'"% ''&"%'!& &!)"# !''&'!!#", !'' ! &'&% '"& &&,#",!"&'<!', !*%&&&"('"!&

+"#$%### ,"!*%&&&%)&!'!"",*"=%+#%!! !&'.%" '''"!,"(%'%(&')&"%"%,"(% (&!&&" (!'"!&!& #;,!  "(%(&!&&&&&(##"%'!'!' & )")%100,%&"" !*%&&" (!'"!&+#%! 9),&%"(#"#%"&&"!&*"%"!&'!', ""!"%!*!!!")')*,&'" ''(!$((&!&& %$(% !'&""(%(&'" %&:&,&"%' (, %'"% " (&!&&&"%"%&! 

" " "$   "# %$ #%### # %$ ##"&#!# " %"$$   ")/..,)-0/.* %###"" "# 

5/18/11 8:19:35 PM

Top 100 high-tech companies in B.C. #*74.-+B7>6+.;8/.6958B..<2727 

.*-8//2,. ).*;/8>7-.-














8@*7 ,277.B05.6? $=>*;= #8<<"



920A?<;60@<9BA6<;@3<?0<::2?06.9C256092@.;1<A52? C256092@20A<?@



5 25-.+;*7-==?2@612;A.;1" 1*;5.< *5.,1.2E20BA6C2C602 =?2@612;A36;.;02



&<3AD.?212@64;6;A522;A2?=?6@2:.;.42:2;A @<9BA6<;@.;12920A?<;60:2160.9?20<?1@<3AD.?2 :.?82A@


8+ *,4.===?2@612;A


.?6;;C2@A:2;A@ A1




#8+.;= >=,18/<4B=?2@612;A.;1"






(*;;.7 #8B"



9</.9%29.F6@A522E=2?A6;0<:=96.;02:2@@.46;4 @<9BA6<;@6;09B16;40<:=96.;02.?056C6;426@0<C2?F :</692:2@@.46;4.;10<99./<?.A6<;D6A5<33602@6; !2D,<?8<;1<;).;0<BC2?.;1&6;4.=<?2



.7 #8<6*7@AB16<52.1






%.;;B *1*;=?2@612;A 5*7 )870"



<;416@A.;02:</692=5<;26;A2?;2A)<# 0<;32?2;06;4/699@=.F2%2:6A </6922<.1 %2:6AA.;02')



A5C2 &B??2F ) *% #        @@@98@.;=.,15*+<,86








*;;B 1.648".;10<3<B;12? 8;- *7C.7=?2@612;A.;1"" *;4 (2552*6<E20BA6C2C602=?2@612;A .;10<3<B;12?



9.@A60#.A5=?<C612@A526;1B@A?F@:<@A392E6/92 2;A2?=?6@220<::2?02=9.A3<?:.;1@A?.A2460 20<::2?020<;@B9A6;4*2529=6;;<C.A6C22;A2?=?6@2@ @299:<?21646A.94<<1@.;1@2?C602@6;.D.FA5.A6@ 3?60A6<;92@@@<06.9.;12C2?FD52?2



7-;.@ $,8==" *>;* 85@255"



B9A6@=.02=.?86;4:2A2?@:.;.42:2;A@<3AD.?2 .;1<;96;2@2?C602@



$=*,.B .;72>4=?2@612;A.;1"



<;A?.0A'@2?C602@3<?@<3AD.?212C29<=:2;A.;1 :.6;A2;.;02=?<720A:.;.42:2;A/B@6;2@@.;.9F@6@ @F@A2:@.;.9F@6@;2AD<?86;3?.@A?B0AB?2@20B?6AF :.;.42:2;A0<;@B9A6;4A?.6;6;4A205;60.9D?6A6;4 9@<=?<C612?20?B6A:2;A@2?C602@3<?.99'=<@6A6<;@ 3?<:"A<529=12@8




&<9BA6<;@A<529=6;0?2.@2=?<1B0A6C6AF<32E6@A6;4' 6;C2@A:2;A@.;19<D2?'<=2?.A6;40<@A@






 ?1C2*&B6A2  ).;0<BC2? )  #      @@@<5*7=<2A0*6.<,86

*9,86*6.$=>-28<'*7,8>?.;/8;6.;5B 5>.*<=5.*6.<




;2*7 %1*54.7:.;.46;416?20A<? *7,. *?2<"


#8+ *;;.==

#8+B7 (*55*,.

 &A699?228?&B6A2  B?;./F )  #         @@@+5>.,*<=5.0*6.<,86


;@645A? !29@<; )  # #       @@@9*,2/2,27<201=,86


 608@<;C2&B6A2  29<D;. ) ,,

#       @@@:1;=.,1785802.<,86


  .EA2?#9 B?;./F )  ) #        @@@<:>2;;.5<B<=.6<,86


?2.A!<?A52?;*.F&B6A2   ).;0<BC2? ) ' ' #    @@@:5=27,,86


.:/62&A&B6A2  ).;0<BC2? )  #        @@@058+*5;.5*B,86


'2?:6;.9C2&B6A2 ).;0<BC2? ) 

#      @@@;*-2,*5,*


 <<;2F%1&B6A2  %605:<;1 )+ #      @@@=26.<=.5.,86,*


&A699?228?&B6A2  B?;./F )  #        @@@-202=*59*B=.,1,86




.:69A<;&A&B6A2  ).;0<BC2? ) &




 <D2&A&B6A2 ).;0<BC2? )-  #      @@@.5*<=2,9*=1,86

Source: Business in Vancouver, issue #1124




B??.?1&A&B6A2 ).;0<BC2? )+  # 




?.;C6992&A&B6A2  ).;0<BC2? ),  #       @@@/*;872,<,86


*;2- 52=?2@612;A.;1" 

:6996<; '24 1*77*@2;6<?C602=?2@612;A.;1""  



B5. *55"



2;2?.A2@.;1A?.;@.0A@=2?@<;.96G210<;A2;A<?12?@ 3<??2A.692?@C6.=?<=?62A.?F<;96;286<@8.;1:</692 @<3AD.?2


#B*7 '85+.;0=?2@612;A.;1" .?27 *5405623#?<1B0A<33602?



.9<92.12?@6;@20B?2D2//.@21#"&-.A.:.?82A @.92@6;A299642;02



'*;2 1*205.6?.;1"






 25+.;=@2;6<?C602=?2@612;A@.92@ :.?82A6;4.;10B@A<:2?@2?C602


!.C64.A. <::B;60.A6<;@


1C.;021A2920<::B;60.A6<;@@<9BA6<;@12160.A21 ;A2?;2A.002@@1.A.02;A?2@2?C602@)"#9<;4 16@A.;02.;11.A.;2AD<?86;4


*7 #*-C2.3.@<42=?2@612;A



&2<;2@64;;0:.;B3.0AB?2@:</692@B?C2699.;02 @<9BA6<;@12@64;213<?A52A?.;@6A@05<<9/B@.;1 0<.05=.@@2;42??.69.;1292C.A<?6;1B@A?62@



$,8== -687-<=?2@612;A.;1" @.7 88;.""



'B?;82FD6?292@@9<0.A6<;/.@21.;1A292:.A60@ @2?C602@3<?C256092@



  ;1C2&B6A2   &B??2F ) ' + #        @@@/27,*-,86

#8+.;= !*;4=?2@612;A.;1"



6;.;06.912?6C.A6C2@C.9B.A6<;.;1?6@8:.;.42:2;A @<3AD.?2.;1@2?C602@




$9>- *==1.@<=?2@612;A 24. *CC85*C602=?2@612;A36;.;02.;1   :6996<;   <=2?.A6<;@


).9B2.1121?2@2992?@<3A205;<9<4F@<9BA6<;@.;1 @2?C602@



.??.99&A&B6A2  ).;0<BC2? ) #      @@@9726.-2*,86


 .@A9.82?&B6A2  B?;./F )  ' #        @@@?2?87.=,86


 <?42#9 %605:<;1 ) ) # 




  ?1&A*&B6A2  !<?A5).;0<BC2? )# # #       @@@7*?20*=*,*


B?/6142&A(;6A  <>B6A9.: ) 

#      @@@<.87,86


.;.1.*.F&B6A2  B?;./F )   #        @@@@.+=.,1@2;.5.<<,86

 .D@<;&A B?;./F )   #        @@@62,;8<.;?.,*


 &A.A6<;&A ).;0<BC2? )  # 




%</@<;&A A59<<? ).;0<BC2? ) #        @@@7.A=5.?.50*6.<,86

(2552*6 >7=.;=?2@612;A.;1"


!.@1.>!#'&+ !#




8>05*< %;87<0*;-"






Business in Vancouver makes every attempt to publish accurate information in the List but accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Researched by Richard Chu, 604-608-5114.

&<B?02@;A2?C62D@D6A5./<C20<:=.;62@.;1  ?2@2.?05"A52?0<:=.;62@:.F 5.C2?.;821/BA161;<A=?<C612.;B=1.A2/F12.196;2 !#!<A=?<C6121 !%!<A ?.;821 !!<A.C.69./92   2@A6:.A2   364B?2  <;C2?A213?<:(& 1<99.?@  364B?2  69213<?0?216A<?=?<A20A6<;.;B.?F  



46â&#x20AC;&#x201D;BCTECH 2011 BIV Magazines

`BCTech 2011_00.0.indd 46

5/18/11 8:19:35 PM

`BCTech 2011_00.0.indd 47

5/18/11 8:19:36 PM

Top 100 high-tech companies in B.C. #+74/.,B7>6,/;80/6958B//<3737  869+7B 2.@@E&@&A6@2  ).:0;AB2> ) 

$      @@@;8-4<=+;?+7-8>?/;-86



/+.8003-/ )/+;08>7./.


/55B 3,<87


'.72'C;:@2>.0@6B2 B612;4.9212B28;<2> &;3@C.>2:0



+77 87437<>2?612:@



&0>22:.:1646@.88E<>6:@214>.<560?8./28? :.92<8.@2?820@>;:60929/>.:2?C6@052?&.:1 ( 8./286:4?;8A@6;:?2820@>;:606:?@>A92:@.@6;: <.:28?.:10;9<;:2:@?



#8<< /+=B2D20A@6B205.6>.:1# 87+5. -77/<2D20A@6B2B60205.6>



%2:2C./822:2>4E<>;1A02>C6@5;<2>.@6;:?6:";>@5 92>60. .@6:92>60..:1028.:1



/;=;+7. /53+<9.:.46:416>20@;>


(/6?;3@ :@2>@.6:92:@&




+;4 >;;+B<>2?612:@.:1#



1B.:06:4%"6:@2>32>2:02@52>.<2A@60?@;@>2.@ 16?2.?2



!+=;3-4 81+7>246;:.89.:.42>



.@.02:@>2.>056@20@A>2';A@?;A>06:4?2>B602? 8;46?@60?.:13A8368892:@

%6059;:1688 #"


+;/5 %/7889/ 5 )=<6+<.>@:2>?



!60>;?;3@'?2>B602?.:1?;8A@6;:?'&@>.@24E ;:?A8@6:4?2>B602?';:?A8@.:@?#:29.:1


#+7.+55 >;;/55?2:6;>B602<>2?612:@.:1  96886;: 42:2>.89.:.42>  




5/A+7./; /;7+7./<<>2?612:@.:1#   96886;:   







Source: Business in Vancouver, issue #1124


A>/6142&@&A6@2  ;=A6@8.9 )  $         @@@+69-8601-86


 ;C2&@&A6@2  ).:0;AB2> ) ' $    



 .9/62&@&A6@2  ).:0;AB2> )  $      @@@>,3<80=-86


 82:8E;:$7CE&A6@2  A>:./E ) $      @@@=/463;+92+;6-86



 %6059;:1 ))  $      @@@-869>1/7-86


;92>&@&A6@2  ).:0;AB2> ) , $        @@@478@5/.1/=/-2-86



 .:482E )   $      



.968@;:&@&A6@2  ).:0;AB2> ) % $        @@@+?313587-86




87 >;;+B0;3;A:12>.:1<>2?612:@



!.72>;3!.:1@5248;/.882.12>6:?<.@6.81.@. @>.:?3;>9.@6;:@205:;8;4E!9.72?6@<;??6/82@; @>.:?3;>9?<.@6.81.@.@;A?2.:1?5.>2


+4+7 37.<481<>2?612:@.:1#


&A/?616.>E;3 )2>@>A2:0




+?/ (+55<>2?612:@



$>;02??0;:@>;82D<2>@6?2?;8A@6;:?3;>9A:606<.8 C.@2>C.?@2C.@2>B.8B2?0;:@>;8?



 &6D@5&@&A6@2  "2C*2?@96:?@2> )   $      @@@=9<B<=/6<-86

827 %2869<87<>2?612:@






#85+7. +3;.<>2?612:@ %86 *+,+7B602<>2?612:@9.>72@6:4 >2B2:A2?



'29<2>.@A>20;:@>;8?E?@29?3;>0;992>06.8 6:1A?@>62?



+;4 !35587<>2?612:@ !+>5 '+<?+;BA?6:2??2B94>











:1&@&A6@2  &A>>2E ) *  $      @@@<+0/-86


>;.1&@&A6@2  )60@;>6. )*  $      @@@7/?/;,5>/-86


 *6:?@;:&@ A>:./E ) + $        @@@78;9+--87=;85<-86


.88;C288%1 )60@;>6. ) $          @@@;/53+,5/-87=;85<-86


2::6:4> A>:./E )" $           @@@.8;318-86


;992>026>082 )60@;>6. )-" $          @@@?/-36+-86

827 +77+# $>;37./; >6+;05.6><>2?612:@.:1# 

 96886;:  >12 (88.##


355 /;1/7<>2?612:@.:1#



!.72'205:;8;462?:@2><>6?2&A6@26?.:2:1@;2:1 ?;8A@6;:3;>.<<860.@6;:<;>@3;86;9;12>:6F.@6;:



8>1 +7C/7<>2?612:@.:1#





;>-/ +6/;87<>2?612:@


&;3@C.>2& .:10A?@;92>>28.@6;:?56<9.:.4292:@%!



;/7.+7 B;7/#



*;83<>;B612?<5E?606.:2820@>;:6092160.8>20;>1? @5>;A45.?;3@C.>2.?.&2>B6029;128



$=/?/7 3=C1/;+5.<>2?612:@ 5538= 3<26+72D20A@6B2B602<>2?612:@


&@2B2:6@F42>.81 .:1886;@6?59.:

$>69.>68E;A>/A?6:2??6:B;8B2?0>2.@6:4C2/?6@2?.:1 6:@>.:2@?0A?@;96F6:4!60>;?;3@E:.960?@205:;8;4E .:1?;8A@6;:?.:1<>;B616:4?@>.@2460'<8.::6:4




&A@@;:>;A<%2.8@E ;8;0.@6;:9.:.421.:1?2839.:.42112160.@21 &2>B602? @1 8.6>B2?@>;A<:0 ?2>B2>?



 $2:12>&@*&A6@2   ).:0;AB2> ) '



+,38 +7.>--3<>2?612:@.:1# +;B $2/;58-42D20A@6B2B602<>2?612:@ .:1# +?3. >00/==<>2?612:@.:1# 2>-4 /312=87# .;3+7 B;+6'#



>;.1/.:1?2>B602?3;>/A?6:2??.:1B6>@A.85;?@21 .<<860.@6;:?




#+6 $>.+6+'#


!=A6@EA:1) $.>8E82)2:@A>2 $.>@:2>? $.:1 $.8.:B2?@92:@? ;816:4? 696@21

!6:6:4?;3@C.>2.:1?2>B602?@;<8.:9;:6@;>.:1 ;<@696F2@526>;<2>.@6;:?





:@24>.@21<;C2>0;:B2>?6;:.:19.:.4292:@ <>;1A0@?3;>2820@>60.:15E/>61B2560826:1A?@>62?



2;>46.&@*&A6@2   ).:0;AB2> )  $        @@@6+4/=/-2785813/<-86


  4>;:;9E%1&A6@2  ).:0;AB2> )' -

$      @@@-+;.386/-86


.?@6:4?&@*&A6@2  ).:0;AB2> )  $    @@@-.-<80=@+;/-86


   :1&@&A6@2  &A>>2E ) & $    @@@@8506/.3-+5-86


!28B6882&@&A6@2  ).:0;AB2> ) ) $       @@@2+,+7/;8<-86

!# 8<=371

.?@6:4?&@*&A6@2  ).:0;AB2> ) " $        @@@9//; -86


#3-4 8317+;.<>2?612:@.:1#


 ).:0;AB2> ) +

$       @@@1/6-86<80=@+;/-86 ;3- !+56/;#


*6886:41;:B2 A>:./E ) 

$       @@@./5=+:-86

/7 3/5.371<>2?612:@.:1#

:@2><>6?2?;8A@6;:?@5.@6:08A12%$?A<<8E05.6: .<<860.@6;:?

&;A>02?:@2>B62C?C6@5./;B20;9<.:62?.:1  >2?2.>05#@52>0;9<.:62?9.E 5.B2>.:721/A@161:;@<>;B612.:A<1.@2/E12.186:2 "$";@<>;B6121 "%";@ >.:721 "";@.B.68./82   2?@69.@2  ;>92>8E!.49.:2>4E<>6;>@; 0;9<82@6;:;36@?.0=A6?6@6;:;3$8A@;:60$;C2>;><@5.@08;?216:!.E

 :08A12?$8A@;:60?@.336:  ;>92>8E0@6;:$.:@?:0C5605(/6?;3@.0=A6>21 6:2/   0@6;:$.:@?).:0;AB2>3;A:1216:   364A>2  ;>92>8E!.11;07?&E?@29?:0  364A>2  ";>@592>60.  ;:B2>@21 3>;9 ( & 1;88.>?

Business in Vancouver makes every attempt to publish accurate information in the List but accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Researched by Richard Chu, 604-608-5114.

Make new CONNECTIONS Pick up a copy of BIVâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s essential Book of Lists For further information, contact Katherine Butler 604-688-2398; 48â&#x20AC;&#x201D;BCTECH 2011 BIV Magazines

`BCTech 2011_00.0.indd 48

5/24/11 12:19:32 PM

We see more than jobs. We see careers.

If you want access to the largest pool of accounting professionals in B.C., look no further than Whether you’re an HR professional looking to hire the best accountants or a CGA student looking for a rewarding career, is your hub. Using puts career opportunities in front of qualified professionals to ensure you get what you need. Gain access to the breadth of knowledge and experience that a Certified General Accountant adds. Get connected today. Go to


`BCTech 2011_00.0.indd 49









5/18/11 8:19:38 PM

Biggest B.C.-based tech companies %+85/.,C






As of May 12, 2011

/+.9003-/  %/@/8?/ */+< )9<6.A3./ =>+00    09?8./. =>+00    







+<</8 8>A3=>6/;=1>5019?-90! %9,/<> -+<6+8/1C1/@?5A1A5/1 ;=1>5019?-90!

&%*&& +%&'





+83/6 <3/.7+88;=1>5019?-90!







 )5=171>>)-D $5/48:90 ( (  "     " AAA=3/<<+A3</6/==-97

+=98 92/89?<;=1>5019?-90!


-=0B-=1>:2?B-=1/:991/?10>1=A5/1>2:= 8:.5717521>?D71>8-/4591?:8-/4591 /:88@95/-?5:9>






<>2?< 'C79=;=1>5019?-90! 3-2+/6 )+6=2! /900 %//./4-5=


:9?=-/?171/?=:95/8-9@2-/?@=593>1=A5/1> ;=:A501=





'297+= &53.79<//4-5=;=1>5019? -90!


&171/:88@95/-?5:9>>1=A5/1>-90>:7@?5:9> ;=:A501=





)3663+7 ?8>/<;=1>5019?-90!

&%* " ->0-< "

%;1/5-7?D;4-=8-/1@?5/-7-908105/-701A5/1 /:8;-9D





/9<1/ %?,38;=1>5019? 928 +-98+6./4-5=-90!


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6:2+'/-2896913/=>. $5A1=2=:9?-?1 @=9-.D (   "        


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&%* ->0-< 1A17:;819?8-9@2-/?@=1>-71-90>1=A5/593 " :2/71-9191=3D4D0=:3192@17/177> &%*&

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 $5A1=)-D 17?- (  "            AAA+@-9<:-97

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+<7+8+2'/-2896913/=9<:  -=.:@=$0703  (5/?:=5- ( % "      AAA-+<7+8+2-97

%+.3+8>977?83-+>398=9<:  "1901=%?)%@5?1  (-9/:@A1= (  &



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'/. +>>379</! #2363::/ +@</+?!! %96+8. &+<>9<3?=! +@3. ?00/>>;=1>5019?-90! 2?-5 /312>98! .<3+8 C<+7&! &:?. +>>2/A=;=1>5019? 35/ +DD96+A5/1;=1>5019?259-9/1 -90:;1=-?5:9>

'"!/>A9<5=9<: :B1%?%@5?1

 (-9/:@A1= (  $ "         AAA>398/>A9<5=-97

Business in Vancouver makes every attempt to publish accurate information in the List but accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Researched by Richard Chu, 604-608-5114.

%:@=/1>9?1=A51B>B5?4-.:A1/:8;-951>-90  =1>1-=/4!?41=/:8;-951>8-D 4-A1=-9610.@?0509:?;=:A501=-96593/=5?1=5-.D01-07591 " :?;=:A5010 $ :?=-9610  :?-A-57-.71  >:2-=/4    253@=1  :9A1=?10 2=:8'%0:77-=>  57102:=/=105?:=;=:?1/?5:9-9@-=D    1=310B5?4 =3@>&1/49:7:351>?0:9-9    1>?58-?1

Japan External Trade Organization Why Japan? World Leading Industry Partners Sophisticated and Dynamic Market Asian Market Access

Why JETRO? Free OfďŹ ce Space in Major Cities in Japan Industry/Investment Advisors and Services Business Matching


50â&#x20AC;&#x201D;BCTECH 2011 BIV Magazines

`BCTech 2011_00.0.indd 50

5/18/11 8:19:39 PM

In an evolving industry, your constant is success. !"##$!#%%&!( $#" ! $!"'! $!#!"""%&#'!" (#!$$##&!%$#'""$"%!"!"#!" #!#"$#"$!"##"##($#!$$## "#"($!$"""!&#(!###($"$

!!!### !"! #!#!#!(

$#" !# 

`BCTech 2011_00.0.indd 51

5/18/11 8:19:39 PM

Biggest video-game companies in B.C. #*74.-+A7=6+.:8/.6958A..;27



5.,<:872,:<;  (0<34@A=<,0G C@<01G +- %  



 (8:5-?2-. ;<*// ;<*//     

*38:2<A 8?7.:;

.*-8//2,. ).*:/8=7-.-

,834:G74:3 #0A30?')(

%0C:8<4"=::4@A4<8=@D824>@4A834<B0<3 '43E==38BG $$(%$')( 

!0@@G!0%84@@4D824>@4A834<B0<3ABC38= 64<4@0:;0<064@:029=F

<B4@02B8D44<B4@B08<;4<BA=5BE0@4 ,8870<374:3;=18:4





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'=10@@4BB '=1G<,0::024

+834=60;434D4:=>4@403'8A8<6 -1=F  %( %





@80<)70:94<;0<068<638@42B=@ !0<240D8A$

+834=60;4A=5BE0@434D4:=>;4<B %( %(%


*18A=5B "=<B@4C8:@0<24 4@B@0<34:80A;0<068<638@42B=@ <B4@B08<;4<B( 

2034;G=570;>8=<A%C@4 ==B10::



2B8D8A8=<:8HH0@3 +0<2=CD4@ 

<B4@02B8D4A=5BE0@460;4 34D4:=>;4<B

%( -1=F  %




%(   ,88








-1=F  %:0G(B0B8=<  



&72<.-:87<*6.; 0;8:B=<(B(C8B4

 +0<2=CD4@ + (

%      ???=72<.-/:87<0*6.;,86

%"*7*-*7,-+*#.52,7<.:<*276.7<  C@@0@3(B(C8B4 

 +0<2=CD4@ +  %      ???:.52,,86

*9,86*6.$<=-28;'*7,8=>.: /8:6.:5A5=.*;<5.*6.;  (B8::@449@(C8B4

 C@<01G + %       ???+5=.,*;<5.0*6.;,86

$5*7<$2@*6.;7,   @3D4,(C8B4

 +0<2=CD4@ +  %  




 +0<2=CD4@ +  % 


#*-2,*57<.:<*276.7< )4@;8<0:D4(C8B4

 +0<2=CD4@ + %     




'=1A=<(BB7:==@ +0<2=CD4@ + %   


#8,4;<*:'*7,8=>.: 40BBG(B(C8B4

 +0<2=CD4@ +  %      ???:8,4;<*:>*7,8=>.:,86



)094)E= <B4@02B8D4 (=5BE0@4<2




'CAAC::=29 @G0<9;0<2=5=C<34@A


-1=F  %( %





0<<=!4;942=5=C<34@0<3$ ,8:"=H4::>@4A834<B0<3)$ @89 8AA2=5=C<34@0<3)$ =<"0BB@8292=5=C<34@

+834=60;434D4:=>;4<B 8<42B =G'834

-1=F   8<42B






0;434D4:=>;4<B@4A40@270<3 34D4:=>;4<B

%( (8,88"=18:4 8%7=<48%03





@80<(7CAB4@$ /09/0@@G>@4A834<B







0<,8:98<A=<>@4A834<B0<3$ +:034@0:3838@42B=@=560;4 34D4:=>;4<B =4:4.=C<638@42B=@=560;4 B427<=:=6G

<34>4<34<B60;434D4:=>4@0<3 >C1:8A74@



(C1A8380@G=5 #8<B4<3==5 ;4@820<2


'=<4@B@0;D824>@4A834<B0<364<4@0: ;0<064@

0<0380<A0:4A;0@94B8<658<0<24 0<32CAB=;4@A4@D8245=@#8<B4<3= #8<B4<3= >@=3C2BA8<2:C38<6,88#8<B4<3= (A=5BE0@40<30224AA=@84A





0<84:(E03:8<6$ 4AA4=C3@4G)$







=7<=7<A=<$0<32@40B8D438@42B=@ @4EC<:=>)$0<3B427<820:38@42B=@ <684%GB:4EA98$0<30@B38@42B=@ C@B8A)4@@G$$

+834=60;4A0<38<B4@02B8D4 4<B4@B08<;4<B

-1=F  %( % =<:8<4



,4A0:438@42B=@=5=>4@0B8=<A 4<<4B7:9=ABC38=38@42B=@ 0B7G"0@A70::1CA8<4AA34D4:=>;4<B


-1=F%( #8<B4<3=( #% ,888%7=<4 8%03 8%=3  0D0:0A7











0;8474<65=C<34@0<3$ 455@4G60:02@40B8D438@42B=@


%-1=F!+@2034 -!%=<:8<4







 +0<2=CD4@ +# %     ???92:*71* 0*6.;,86



Source: Business in Vancouver, issue #1106


 +0<2=CD4@ +  % 



8851*=;*6.;7, %$=F +"%$ +0<2=CD4@ + %     ???48851*=;0*6.;,86

&<1.:>.:;.202<*57,  0;8:B=<(B(C8B4

 +0<2=CD4@ + ' %    ???=<1.:>.:;.7.<


=;4@(B(C8B4  +0<2=CD4@ + - %  




 +8@BC0:,0G(C8B4   +0<2=CD4@ +"- %   


# )*6.;

=;8<8=<(B(C8B4  C@<01G + %         ???*,:87A687527.,86


 +0<2=CD4@ +  %    


=;4@(B(C8B4  +0<2=CD4@ + - %           


 +0<2=CD4@ +) ' %       ???4.:+.:8; 9:8-=,<287;,86

"08<:0<3(B(C8B4  +0<2=CD4@ +! %  






(=C@24A<B4@D84EAE8B758@;AB70B@4A>=<343B=@4?C4ABA5=@8<5=@;0B8=<0<3  @4A40@27#%#=B>@=D8343 #'#=B@0<943  ,=@:3E834   4AB8;0B4  =@;4@:G2B8=<%0<BA<2E7827*18A=5B02?C8@438<41

  2B8=<%0<BA +0<2=CD4@5=C<3438<

  CB AB0558<41@C0@G

 2?C8@431G "82@=A=5B0;4(BC38=A8<"0G


586C@4  0<0380<7403?C0@B4@A3=4A <=B34D4:=>60;4A0BB78A:=20B8=<

Business in Vancouver makes every attempt to publish accurate information in the List but accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Researched by Richard Chu, 604-608-5114.


Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s your career. Get it right.

52â&#x20AC;&#x201D;BCTECH 2011 BIV Magazines

`BCTech 2011_00.0.indd 52

5/18/11 8:19:40 PM

`BCTech 2011_00.0.indd 53

5/18/11 8:19:41 PM

`BCTech 2011_00.0.indd 54

5/19/11 2:19:49 PM


2011 Technology Impact Awards BCâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S MARK ON THE WORLD


THE TECHNOLOGY IMPACT AWARDS (TIAs) is the premier awards program devoted to promoting and celebrating innovation, high-tech excellence and outstanding leadership in British Columbia. Founded in 1994, the awards are hosted by the British Columbia Technology Industry Association (BCTIA). The BCTIA is a member-based organization committed to enabling the continuous growth, sustainability and prosperity of the technology industry. Its network of 2,100+ member companies and 70,000 member employees represents companies of all sectors and sizes. The BCTIA delivers a broad range of programs and services that provide members with opportunities to connect, learn and promote their businesses in BC. As the voice of BCâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s technology industry, the BCTIA provides ongoing advocacy to all levels of government, enabling the continued transformation of British Columbia to a knowledge-based economy.

`BCTech 2011_00.0.indd 55

5/18/11 8:19:55 PM


COMPANY OF THE YEAR Sponsored by Ernst & Young LLP

Acknowledging the technology industry supremacy of a company with revenues over $20M



Anchoring BC’s Electronics Sector


ne of BC’s largest and most profitable technology companies, PMC-Sierra has charted a period of significant growth since 2006, increasing its revenues by nearly 50% to $635 million USD and substantially growing net income to $168.6 million USD in 2010. PMC-Sierra is a fabless semiconductor company, leveraging intellectual property, design expertise, and systems knowledge to develop and support solutions for the world’s leading equipment manufacturers, such as HP, Hitachi, IBM, Huawei, Fujitsu and Cisco. PMC-Sierra’s products enable digital communication by capturing, storing, processing and transporting data across networks. PMC-Sierra was originally established in 1988 as a division of MPR Teltech before being spun-out in 1992 with investment from TELUS and Sierra Semiconductor Corporation. Led by a team of BC-based engineers, the company was a pioneer in high-speed, integrated chip circuitry and established early leadership in the networking market. Now a NASDAQtraded company, PMC-Sierra’s continued focus on technology innovation, industry

leadership, strategic decision making and customer service have enabled the company to achieve success in global markets and maintain a solid foundation in BC. With approximately 30 percent of its 1400 employees based in PMC-Sierra’s operations head office in Burnaby, BC, the site continues to be the company’s largest. A contributing factor to PMC-Sierra’s success

is its close vicinity to UBC and SFU’s strong engineering faculties, allowing the company to recruit top engineering talent.



Seeing the World in HD Not impressed with the available highquality surveillance systems, Avigilon President and CEO Alexander Fernandes created his own. Leveraging years of highend digital imaging technology industry knowledge, Avigilon developed the world’s first end-to-end HD surveillance solution to meet the needs of a $13 billion market and became one of BC’s fastest growing technology companies. On target to earn more than $50 million in revenue for 2011, Avigilon has steadily gained market share, growing at an rate of over 100% year over year, in an industry that is growing at 15%. Today,

Avigilon’s solutions protect and monitor thousands of customer sites in more than 65 countries, including high-profile Fortune 50 and Fortune 500 companies.

Creating a Smarter Grid In the near future, all utilities will adopt Smart Grid technology, and with steadily increasing revenues and market share, Tantalus has established itself as a leader in the Smart Grid space. The Tantalus Utility Network (TUNet®), a rapid, reliable data communications network, supports Smart Grid applications

including advanced metering, demand response and distribution automation. TUNet enables utilities to reduce costs by automating processes and improving business operations. Over the past decade, TUNet has developed a full portfolio of products to support multiple meter types and wired and wireless communication options. Founded in 1989, Tantalus has 110 employees.

56—BCTECH 2011 BIV Magazines

`BCTech 2011_00.0.indd 56

5/18/11 8:20:06 PM



Acknowledging a superior advanced technology innovation or discovery


SunCentral Inc.

Bringing Sunlight to the Centers of High-Rise Buildings


atural sunlight is free and healthpromoting, but until now, core regions of high-rise buildings have not been able to access it. SunCentral’s new, disruptive Sunlighting technology brings concentrated sunlight horizontally into each floor – up to 60 feet within a building’s interior. Commercialized from UBC, SunCentral Core Sunlighting System will change how buildings are designed, built and retrofitted. By replacing electric lighting up to 40% of the time in Vancouver (and 75% in sunnier climates), SunCentral will enable a substantial reduction in greenhouse gases, augmented by the 25% reduction in HVAC

cooling loads that occurs when electric lights are shut off. SunCentral has a strong consortium of partners including architects, engineering companies, unitized curtain wall manufacturers, lighting manufacturers/designers, architectural products companies, property development companies, utilities and general contractors. The company is currently working with partners to get Sunlighting recognized as a new method of solar illumination with its own point system and schema. SunCentral has received product installation interest from the governments of

Denmark, South Korea, UK, US, India and China, and plans to launch its Sunlighting technology commercially in 2012.

Evolutionary Power Electronics Innovation Since 1975, Alpha Technologies has been at the forefront of power electronics innovation. The company’s newest offering is the Alpha Modular Power System 80HP (AMPS80 HP), a revolutionary green AC powering alternative employed by multi-service operators (MSO) providing triple-play (telephony, cable and Internet) services. Competitive advantages include capital cost savings, high reliability and power density, and a green powering solution with up to 94% efficiency. Well received by Alpha’s target markets, the AMPS80 HP has already been purchased by 8 of the top 10 North American MSOs.

Quantum Leap for Processors

The Future of Loyalty

D-Wave Systems is reinventing computing. Difficult computational problems that cannot be solved by computers exist in almost every field of human endeavor. D-Wave wants to create machines that smash through this barrier, and push computing technology to the limits allowed by the laws of physics. D-Wave’s first product, the D-Wave One, is the world’s first commercial largescale quantum computing system. The heart of this machine is a quantum computing processor which allows its user to tap into the immense computational power of quantum mechanics. Its introduction is a seminal event in the history of computing technology that will ultimately lead to solutions to humanity’s most difficult computational problems.

Dubbed “The Future of Loyalty” by QSR Magazine, a leading industry publication, QR Loyalty’s patent-pending customer loyalty technology generates revenue increases of 5% or more for independent and chain merchants. By printing transaction-identifying reward barcodes (QR Codes) on bills and receipts from point-of-sale (POS) systems, QR Loyalty’s technology allows consumers to scan receipts and collect and redeem rewards points using their mobile phones. With QR Loyalty, customers can join many loyalty programs without carrying more cards, and merchants can deploy loyalty programs using their existing POS infrastructures.



`BCTech 2011_00.0.indd 57

BIV Magazines BCTECH 2011—57

5/18/11 8:20:18 PM



Acknowledging the utilization of technology to enhance overall productivity and business operations


Subserveo Inc.

Automating Compliance and Improving Insight


ood information technology increases efficiency within business environments. Delivering on that promise is Subserveo’s patented Automated Post-Trade Compliance Solution for broker/dealer securities firms. Compliance officers must ensure that millions of daily trades are in line with hundreds of security rules and regulations, but they typically spend 80% of their time identifying suspicious transac-

“Subserveo has given us a comprehensive view of our business and has made us a better firm.” – Richard Bryant, President & CEO, Capital Investment Companies®


tions and only 20% on the real compliance work of escalating and resolving. By automating a labourious manual paper process, Subserveo enables a shift to just 10% of time spent identifying and 90% on

escalation and resolution, while adding insight into the organization-wide compliance process and providing an auditable history. The strength of Subserveo’s softwareas-a-service (SaaS) solution lies in the company’s scalable technological data mapping framework, which supports the intake of any data from any client source and aggregates and processes it through a rules-based management platform. The Subserveo solution has been praised for its simple, intuitive user interface that requires less than an hour of training.

While competitors focus on top-tier clients with expensive enterprise installations, Subserveo uses its SaaS model to target firms of all sizes. The company’s technology is supported by two US patents for otology-driven information systems.

FINALIST Extending Success To view small cancer tumors in women’s breasts, radiologists need to significantly magnify the images during diagnosis. Mammography has historically relied on its own digital solutions to manage the unique display and workflow requirements. The McKesson Medical Imaging Group has leveraged its traditional radiology PACS software to incorporate this specialized workflow. An embedded solution to

help radiologists become more efficient with mammography-specific tools for complete primary diagnostic interpretation, the technology automates tedious and error-prone steps, while alleviating the need for hospitals to purchase dedicated mammography workstations. This invention incorporates on-the-fly historical side-by-side image comparisons to detect tumor growths over time, ondemand zooming of the breast by quadrant, and integration of DICOM CAD-SR to help identify possible cancerous tumors as

well as false-positives. Released in 2010, McKesson has secured commitments from over 70 customers to adopt this solution over their existing system or purchasing a new dedicated workstation.


58—BCTECH 2011 BIV Magazines

`BCTech 2011_00.0.indd 58

5/18/11 8:20:27 PM



Acknowledging R&D-stage technologies within five years of potential commercialization



A New Engine for Power


magine a small steel engine the size of a soccer ball that converts heat from almost any source into electricity with an astounding 45% efficiency. Now, imagine that it can be manufactured for just 20 cents per watt and can run maintenance-free forever. That is the disruptive power technology that Etalim has created. It is called the TEG. The TEG device combines the principles of thermodynamics, high-amplitude acoustics, mechanical resonance and materials science. With a mechanical efficiency target of 50%, it is the most efficient and reliable small engine ever conceived. The TEG can be run using any heat source or fuel, making it a fundamental platform technology. It utilizes the high-frequency vibration of steel diaphragms to completely eliminate sliding or rotating parts, allowing for many decades of friction-free and maintenance-free life. The Etalim design is simple; does not require expensive, rare or toxic materials; and can be mass manufactured. Etalim has three patents pending. A full-scale prototype of the Etalim TEG has run for millions of cycles, producing electricity as expected. Scientists have externally validated the performance of the prototype, which was recently featured in the prestigious MIT Technology Review magazine. The first product based on Etalim technology will ship in 2013.

FINALIST Solving the Multi-Core Crisis Multi-core processors, which are the future of computing, are fundamentally different from single-core processors because they require parallel programming. Software developers have traditionally relied on processor manufacturers for speed improvements, but the onus is now on them, a problem dubbed the “Multi-Core Crisis.”

Vancouver-based Secodix has developed DASE (Dynamic Acceleration of Software Engine) technology, which enables any processor to achieve massive parallelism without hardware development or parallel programming. This software platform for high-performance signal processing enables hardware-like performance in sequential C programming, reducing total cost of ownership and time to market by more than 75% and providing software portability over changing

hardware. Secodix’s DASE technology could eventually complement any processor, increasing performance without requiring software changes for licensees. BIV Magazines

`BCTech 2011_00.0.indd 59


BCTECH 2011—59

5/18/11 8:20:40 PM


MOST PROMISING STARTUP Sponsored by Centre4Growth

Acknowledging an early-stage, commercially viable technology company that demonstrates significant potential


QR Loyalty

The Future of Loyalty


R Loyalty eliminates the need for consumers to carry loyalty and rewards cards by enabling consumers to collect and redeem rewards points using their mobile phones. In addition to attracting a new breed of loyalty customers, the company’s solutions increase the number of active loyalty memberships a typical consumer can maintain, and merchants benefit from increased participation. QR Loyalty is targeting the restaurant industry first, and then expanding to the retail, grocery and hospitality industries. The company’s product suite is deployed via simple point-of-sale (POS) plug-ins and supplied on a pay-for-performance licensing basis. Founded in 2010 by Nigel Malkin and Jeff LaPorte, the company has experienced extraordinary traction with both independent merchants and several large chain

QR Loyalty’s sustainable competitive advantage consists of a broad and well-protected IP portfolio spanning the restaurant, retail, grocery and hospitality sectors. The company has also integrated its system with many top-tier POS vendors including Squirrel and MICROS, leveraging its momentum as a first mover in the cardless loyalty space. QR Loyalty is one of eight companies chosen for the BCIC-sponsored Entrepreneurship@Wavefront program, which provides the company with office space and $10,000 worth of professional services. restaurants in Canada, and has validated demand from merchants and end-user engagement by running in-market pilots in Vancouver and Toronto. QR Loyalty expects staff to grow from just 2 to 20 by the end of 2011.



Growth Engine Etalim Inc. is developing a fundamentally new and patent-pending technology that can generate clean electricity from any fuel or heat source (including sunlight, gas or biomass) with extraordinary efficiency, simplicity and reliability. The company’s disruptive TEG power generation technology, a hybrid stirling/thermoacoustic device, converts heat into acoustic power and then into electricity. Although Etalim is still pre-commercial, its ingredients for success include scientists and engineers from Creo (one of BC’s most successful technology stalwarts) and technology from recent advances in thermoacoustic physics at Los Alamos. Founded in March 2006, Etalim has

established market-focused partnerships with several Global 1000 companies. Its first product will ship in 2013.

Multiple Platform Mobile Event Guides Mobile event guides have rapidly increased in popularity with the growth of smartphones. With more than 500 medium to large festivals and 3,000 conferences and trade shows in North America alone, the market potential is undeniable. Xomo Digital’s Mobile Event Guide

is a location-aware schedule app for events. Using the app, attendees can find out “What’s On” nearby; browse event details, media and maps; use social networks; and create their own itineraries, all without a data connection. Founded in March 2009, Xomo is the established market leader in this space with a client list that includes the 2010 Olympics, SXSW, Lollapalooza and the London Jazz Festival.

60—BCTECH 2011 BIV Magazines

`BCTech 2011_00.0.indd 60

5/18/11 8:20:54 PM



Acknowledging an emerging company that demonstrates outstanding performance as a technology enterprise with the potential to become a market leader


Vivonet Inc.

Reinventing the Cash Register


n 1999 Vivonet co-founders Kevin Falk and Ryan Volberg saw an opportunity to utilize the internet to reinvent the 125 year old cash registry industry. Halo, their Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Point-of-Sale (POS) product is doing just that. Focusing on their competitors’ areas of

“Halo will help us meet the challenges of our ever-changing competitive landscape and rapidly evolving customer tastes.” – George Chavel, President and CEO Sodexo North America weakness: price, IT simplicity, and service. Halo provides powerful enterprise features to small businesses and chains and manages them for customers over the internet. The product does not require any

complex client-server technology at the store and is installed throughout Canada and the US and is emerging in South America and the Middle East markets. In 2010, Vivonet completed the largest sale in the last 20 years of the point of sale industry – a $60+ million deal with hospitality giant Sodexo beating out all major competitors – and struck a marketing partnership with Intuit, makers of QuickBooks. Recognized in 2010 as the 9th fastest growing company in British Columbia by Business in Vancouver, Vivonet had $8 million in revenues and 110 employees, a remarkable increase from 34 employees and $4 million in revenue in 2009. Continuing with the POS revolution, Vivonet uniquely owns all transaction data generated by its customers. This allows them to provide customers with industry perspective on their revenue figures. In 2011, Vivonet has further innovated the POS industry with Halo Mobile, a mobile application that allows users to order and pay for their purchases remotely and,

more importantly, provides Halo merchants with an ongoing way to connect and market directly to their customers with precision.

Smart Grid/Smart Growth The deployment of Smart Grid infrastructure places huge demands on utilities, creating a need for new mobile workforce management solutions. Clevest Solutions provides a complete suite of mobile field workforce management solutions that integrate with Smart Grid hardware and software. Four product families of components are bundled with handheld devices and integration services to meet the needs of both large and small utilities. Integration with outage management systems, customer information services and asset management systems allows utilities to centralize their operations management while providing better transparency into the field.

Since 2006, Clevest has grown both organically and through acquisition from 3 employees and 2 customers to 71 employees and more than 100 customers.

Healthy Growth Headquartered in Kelowna, BC, QHR Technologies has 152 employees in three Canadian healthcare subsidiaries, two of which – Optimed Software Corp. and Cloudwerx Corp. – are focused in the emerging electronic health record (EHR) space. For the past three years, revenue growth has averaged 50% while

subscription-based revenues have grown to nearly 60% of the company’s total revenue. QHR attributes its success to a focus on excellence in its product and business models and its talented management team and board of directors. Optimed recently gained approved vendor status in Ontario to market to the province’s 45,000 physicians, and Cloudwerx is pursuing a move into the US market where governments are investing heavily in EMR adoption.


`BCTech 2011_00.0.indd 61



BIV Magazines BCTECH 2011—61

5/18/11 8:21:04 PM


PERSON OF THE YEAR Sponsored by Odgers Berndtson

Recognizing an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the technology industry during the year


Moe Kermani

A True Canadian Success Story



oe Kermani is a true Canadian success story. At the age of 15, he emigrated from Iran to Vancouver, where he excelled in the academic world of experimental particle physics and through the years has become one of the most respected business leaders in BC’s technology industry. Those who know Moe will praise his unassailable integrity and strength of character, as well as his impressive list of accomplishments. Before entering the business world, Moe made significant contributions to BC’s scientific community, earning his Masters of Science and PhD from the University of British Columbia and working as a physicist with TRIUMF, one of the world’s leading subatomic physics laboratories. At TRIUMF, Moe published several highly regarded papers and articles on particle physics. After leaving TRIUMF, Moe became the Chief Scientist and Director of Research and Development with Sonigistix Corporation, where he was awarded several US patents. In 2000, Moe left Sonigistix to join Bycast as the CTO. Bycast endured a significant business setback in 2001, and Moe agreed to take the reins as CEO. Guided by Moe’s vision and leadership, Bycast targeted a new market and established itself as a leader in largescale digital archiving and cloud storage.

“Those who know Moe speak well about his unassailable integrity and strength of character”

This was a significant win for Bycast and made the company a natural acquisition target. In 2010, Bycast was sold to NetApp. NetApp’s management were so impressed with the team Moe had assembled that they committed to keeping and expanding the BC-based research and development organization. Through Moe’s support, Bycast has been a significant sponsor of the TELUS World of Science including presenting sponsor of the renowned “Body Worlds” exhibit. In 2001, Moe was honoured with a Business in Vancouver 40 under 40 award. Today, Moe continues to call Vancouver home, as does NetApp’s Vancouver Technology Center (VTC), the center of excellence for object storage that was created with Bycast. Moe Kermani Former CEO, Bycast

62—BCTECH 2011 BIV Magazines

`BCTech 2011_00.0.indd 62

5/18/11 8:21:13 PM



Acknowledging an individual who has demonstrated the highest level of leadership in BC’s technology industry throughout his or her business career


Mark Betteridge

Tireless Passion for BC’s Technology Industry


“Angel Investor, Board Member, and Tireless Advocate for the BC Technology Community”

design that has been copied by other technology parks and creating a new standard for green buildings in BC with DiscoveryGreen, Western Canada’s first LEED-platinum office building. Most recently, Mark led the creation of The Generator, an innovative partnership with the City of Vancouver that redefined the cities requirement for public amenities by establishing a program to support technology start-ups by providing one year of rent-free space. This 5,000 square foot facility is currently home to eight enterprising start-ups. An urban planner by training, Mark has more than 30 years of experience in municipal government and real estate development. Before joining Discovery Parks, he was the first president of the University of British Columbia Real Estate Corporation (now UBC Properties Trust). Mark was also a founding director and Chair of Covenant House Vancouver.


ew people display as much passion for BC’s technology community as Mark Betteridge. Mark has been a tireless advocate of BC’s broad technology community for over 20 years, as an angel investor, board member and the Executive Director and CEO of Discovery Parks Trust and its charitable arm, the Discovery Foundation. Mark’s leadership began in 1991 at Discovery Parks and since that time they have created over 2 million square feet of space; providing a home to more than 150 BC technology companies; contributed over $16 million for research at BC universities, and provided capacity-building support at many local organizations through the Discovery Foundation. Organizations that have benefited from the contributions of the Discovery Foundation include the Wavefront Accelerator Centre, BCTIA , Life Sciences BC, BCIT, SFU Time Centre, DigiBC, the Vancouver Economic Development Commission and ACETECH. Recognizing the importance of building our own tech talent, Mark was the first contributor to the BC Tech Scholarship Fund, leading a spontaneous challenge to industry that added another $50,000 to the fund during its inaugural launch. Around the scholarship judging table Mark is a notable advocate for championing candidates with a strong combination of financial need and academic achievement. Under Mark’s direction, Discovery Parks has been recognized as an innovator, developing a unique, flexible building

Mark Betteridge, Executive Director and CEO Discovery Parks Trust and Discovery Foundation

`BCTech 2011_00.0.indd 63

BIV Magazines BCTECH 2011—63

5/18/11 8:21:25 PM



Awarded to companies that engage employees in programs or initiatives that have a direct impact on the communities in which they live, work and play


Odgers Berndtson

100% Employee and Partner Participation


hrough the engagement of its partners and employees, executive search firm Odgers Berndtson has shown that corporate social responsibility can have a meaningful impact in our community. Engagement is an integral part of Odgers Berndtson’s culture, and the firm consistently achieves 100% employee and partner participation in its community development programs. Two examples that show the breadth of Odgers Berndtson’s community engagement include the company’s support of the United Way and Nanook House, a subsidized daycare for vulnerable children and their families. For the last 15 years, the company has been a major sponsor of the United Way’s efforts in the Lower Mainland, managing the Board Representative program and often leading the small business category in donations per capita. At Nanook House, two partners led the campaign to develop a new facility and each week two staff spend an hour of company time reading to and playing with the children there. In addition to its corporate initiatives, Odgers

Berndtson partners and staff also spend many hours volunteering at various community initiatives, collectively assisting over 50 organizations. As the sixth-largest search firm globally and the largest in Canada, Odgers Berndtson has provided recruitment services in the private and public sector for more than 40 years.

SPONSORS The BCTIA wishes to recognize and thank the following sponsors for their support of the 2011 Technology Impact Awards. GOLD



OTHER ĄAccenture ĄBCBusiness Magazine ĄBlake, Cassels & Graydon LLP ĄBull, Housser & Tupper LLP ĄBusiness in Vancouver ĄCentre4Growth ĄDeloitte ĄE-Cubed Media Synthesis ĄErnst & Young LLP ĄEvolution ĄImogo ĄKim Stallknecht Photography

ĄMarketwire ĄMDA ĄMedia FX Group ĄOdgers Berndtson ĄSAP ĄT-Net ĄVancouver Island Technology Park ĄVIATeC ĄWavefront™ Ą

64—BCTECH 2011 BIV Magazines

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5/18/11 8:21:37 PM


TEAM OF THE YEAR Sponsored by Wavefront™

Acknowledging a team of individuals, working at a non-executive level, who have made a significant contribution to the overall success of their organization



Success for Advanced Manufacturing


ue in large part to the efforts of Avigilon’s Manufacturing Operations department, the company has achieved significant increases in product and operational efficiencies. This team has allowed the company to continue to deliver on-time during its phenomenal sales growth while demonstrating that there is a place for high quality manufacturing in North America. As a company, Avigilon designs, manufactures, and markets award-winning high definition (HD) surveillance solutions. Their solutions protect and monitor thousands of customer sites in over 65 countries. In 2010, Avigilon invested over $2 million to build a dedicated manufacturing facility in Vancouver, dramatically

increasing production capability to meet customer demand. By combining advanced manufacturing techniques with quality staff, Avigilon is able to manufacture its products at a lower cost

than manufacturing overseas. Comprised of 40 employees, the Manufacturing Operations team is the heart of Avigilon’s successful product delivery. As a team, they manage a number of critical functions including procurement and inventory control, sourcing thousands of individual parts from all over the world, and manufacturing. Avigilon has recently invested millions of dollars in Surface Mount Technology — robotic assembly machines for printed circuit boards. Avigilon’s Manufacturing Operations team supports the success of its global sales team. They have been able to create a 100% customer retention rate versus an industry average of 70%, by ensuring that Avigilon ships a high-quality product at a reasonable price and in a timely manner.

Excellence in Sales The Vancouver Inside Sales team at SAP comprises over 120 salespeople and is the focal point for selling Business Analytics software into the United States. To improve revenues, in 2010 SAP shifted its focus away from large enterprise sales and towards more specific business solutions for companies of all sizes. With its focus in the high-growth area of Business Analytics, additional revenue demands were asked of the Vancouver Inside Sales Team. To execute, the Inside Sales Team was expanded by 20% through new recruits and a rapid onboarding process was put in place in July to bring the new hires up to speed.

Successful, the team celebrated the biggest Q4 its ever had in 2010 – up more than 66% from 2009.


Never Say No Working together to solve a broad range of client problems is the Custom Technology Solutions team at Vision Critical. Comprised of multiple skill sets —Flash Developers, 3D Artists, .NET Developers, BI Analysts and Project Managers, the team allows clients to tailor

the company’s powerful Sparq market research platform to their exact research needs. Providing its own revenue stream to the company by working mainly on client – sponsored projects, many of this teams projects have been productized as features or as their own solutions. Because of its skillset, the team also works on proof of concept projects for the company. In short, the Custom Technology Solutions team at Vision Critical allows the company to never say ‘no’ to a client request.

`BCTech 2011_00.0.indd 65



BIV Magazines BCTECH 2011—65

5/18/11 8:21:43 PM

Category index Technology directory AEROSPACE 050 Engineering & Design .............................66 100 Manufacturing ............................................66 150 Maintenance 350 Training ............................................................66 310 Other .................................................................66 BIOTECHNOLOGYLIFE SCIENCES 1010 Agricultural Biotech .................................66 1030 Bioproducts...................................................66 1040 Medical Devices & Diagnostics .........66 1050 Pharmaceuticals .........................................66 1060 Research & Scientific Services ............67 1000 Other .................................................................67 ENERGY TECHNOLOGIES 2005 Alternative Energy.....................................67 2010 Alternative Engine Fuels........................67 2020 Biofuels, Biomass & Waste-to-Energy ........................................67 2030 Fuel Cells .........................................................67 2070 Power & Energy-Efficiency Technologies ................................................68 2000 Other .................................................................68 INFORMATION & COMMUNICATIONS TECHNOLOGY 3010 Electronics......................................................68 3015 Engineering, Analytical & Design Services ............................................................68 3020 Hardware ........................................................69 3022 Internet Services ........................................69 3025 Internet Providers ......................................69 3030 Software & Services ..................................69 3040 Telecommunications...............................72 3050 Videoconferencing/Webcasting ........72 3000 Other .................................................................72 NEW MEDIA 4010 Animation/Digital Film...........................73 4020 E-Learning ......................................................73 4030 Interactive Design & Communications .......................................73 4040 Interactive Entertainment/Games ....73 4050 Software ..........................................................73 4060 Web Development/Marketing/ Commerce .....................................................74 4000 Other .................................................................74 SERVICES 7010 Accounting....................................................74 7013 Audiovisual ....................................................74 7015 Consultants ...................................................75 7020 Financial Services.......................................75 7030 Legal Services ..............................................75 7040 Marketing Research .................................75 7075 Professional Services ...............................75 7050 Recruiting .......................................................76 7999 Other .................................................................76 SUSTAINABLE TECHNOLOGIES 5010 Air Pollution Abatement Equipment, Noise/Vibration Equipment ................76 5005 Electric Vehicle Technologies .............76 5030 Environmental Monitoring & Instrumentation .........................................76 5040 Green Building & Sustainable Planning Services ......................................76 5050 Hazardous/Solid Waste Management ...............................................76 5060 Information Systems for Sustainable Resource Management .........................76 5100 Water & Wastewater Treatment: Water Conservation Equipment.......76 5000 Other .................................................................76 WIRELESS 6010 Components, Infrastructure & Devices.............................................................76 6030 Enabling Software .....................................77 6020 Wireless Applications ..............................77 6000 Other .................................................................77

A comprehensive listing of technology companies in British Columbia, organized by industry sector. How companies get listed in BCTECH BCTECH is the most complete and comprehensive guide to the province’s high-tech industries, and we at Business in Vancouver Magazines pride ourselves on providing the most up-to-date information available at press time. We gather company information by searching online resources and



Fast + Epp 1672 1st Ave W Suite 201, Vancouver V6J 1G1 ........... 604-731-7412604-731-7620



Avcorp Industries Inc 10025 River Way, Delta V4G 1M7 .......... 604-582-6677604-582-2620 Black & Baird Ltd 1641 Welch St, North Vancouver V7P 3G9 David Hill ......... 604-986-1640604-986-1675 DNA Data Networking and Assemblies Ltd 8057 North Fraser Way, Burnaby V5J 5M8 John Stewart... 604-439-1099604-439-1187 Redline Pro Manufacturing 17768 65A Ave Suite 401, Surrey V3S 5N4 Lyle Hystad ...... 604-576-4142604-576-4181 Ryan Manufacturing Inc 23260 Fraserwood Way, Richmond V6V 3C7 Ali Fatemi ........ 604-517-5500604-517-5501 Tekskil Industries Inc 998 Harbourside Dr Suite 102, North Vancouver V7P 3T2 Rick Anselmo... 604-985-2250877-576-8361 Viking Air Ltd 1959 de Havilland Way, Sidney V8L 5V5 ............ 250-656-7227250-656-0673



Kelowna Flightcraft Group of Companies 5655 Airport Way, Kelowna V1V 1S1 ........... 250-491-5500250-765-1489 Lyna Manufacturing Inc 1125 15th St W, North Vancouver V7P 1M7 Noorez Devraj ....604-990-0988866-486-7706 Vector Aerospace Helicopter Services Inc 4551 Agar Dr, Richmond V7B 1A4 Paul Cockell ..... 604-276-7600604-276-7675



Ashford Training Technologies Inc 18059 21A Ave, Surrey V3S 9V7 Robert J Earp... 604-541-1662604-541-1686 Coastal Pacific Aviation Ltd 30575 Approach Dr, Abbotsford V2T 6H5 Wayne Cave .... 604-855-1112604-855-1088

business publications, making initial contact by email and fax and verifying specific company information by phone. In all, BIV Magazines makes a minimum of three attempts to verify each company’s information. If we do not receive written or verbal confirmation that the data are correct, then we have no choice but to delete that company from the database.

If your company is not listed in the directory, and the services that you provide fit into one of the categories listed in the index, you can either call BIV Magazines at 604-688-2398 and ask for Anna Liczmanska, head of research, or email the pertinent information to To ensure your listing, please contact a BIV Magazines representative and pay the guarantee of $35.

System Safety Services 23100 Willett Ave, Richmond V6V 1G1 Renee M Dupont-Adam ............. 604-526-3993 604-526-3993

Boreal Genomics Inc 2386 East Mall Suite 302, Vancouver V6T 1Z3 ............ 604-822-8268604-822-2938


Coastal Contacts Inc/Clearly Contacts 2985 Virtual Way Suite 320, Vancouver V5M 4X7 Roger Vincent Hardy .................. 604-669-1555 604-669-6855


BC TIA 1188 Georgia St W Suite 900, Vancouver V6E 4A2 Caylee Stewart.... 604-683-6159604-683-3879 Latitude Technologies Corp 3375 Whittier Ave Suite 101, Victoria V8Z 3R1 Mark Insley...... 250-475-0203250-475-0204

Heart Force Medical Inc 1818 Cornwall Ave Suite 305, Vancouver V6J 1C7 Geoff Houlton .. 604-566-8202604-566-8201

SkyTrac Systems 170 Rutland Rd Suite 200, Kelowna V1X 3B2 Kathleen Wallace.. 250-765-2393250-765-3767

Kardium Inc 12851 Rowan Pl Suite 100, Richmond V6V 2K5 ........... 604-248-8891604-304-3478


McKesson Medical Imaging 10711 Cambie Rd Suite 130, Richmond V6X 3G5 ........... 604-279-5422604-279-0572



Functional Technologies Inc 5511 West Blvd Suite 218, Vancouver V6M 4H3 Howard Louie.....604-648-2200604-648-2201

BIOPRODUCTS 1030 Neova Technologies Inc 31212 Peardonville Rd, Abbotsford V2T 6K8 Rufino Dee ....... 604-504-0695604-859-2679 Ostara Nutrient Recovery Technologies Inc 1199 Pender St W Suite 690, Vancouver V6E 2R1 Phillip Abrary ... 604-408-6697604-408-4442 Xylon Biotechnologies Ltd 2665 East Mall FP Innovations Bldg (UBC), Vancouver V6T 1W5 David J Jones.. 604-224-7701604-222-5690 MEDICAL DEVICES & DIAGNOSTICS 1040 Angiotech Pharmaceuticals Inc 1618 Station St, Vancouver V6A 1B6 ........... 604-221-7676604-221-2330 ARC Medical Devices Inc 2386 East Mall Suite 102, Vancouver V6T 1Z3 ............ 604-222-9577604-222-9578 Balbo Medical Systems 1311 Howe St Suite 216, Vancouver V6Z 2P3 Enrico Balbo .... 604-691-1782604-691-1783 biOasis Technologies Inc 1385 8th Ave W Suite 600, Vancouver V6H 3V9 Robin Hutchison .. 778-383-3280604-215-0091 BioCurex Inc 7080 River Rd Suite 215, Richmond V6X 1X5 ........... 604-207-9150604-207-9165

MDMI Technologies Inc 12051 Horseshoe Way Suite 110, Richmond V7A 4V4 Terry Kehoe ..... 604-275-7944604-275-7970 Neovasc Inc 13700 Mayfield Pl Suite 2135, Richmond V6V 2E4............ 604-270-4344604-270-4384 Perceptronix Medical Inc (PMI Labs) 555 8th Ave W Suite 400, Vancouver V5Z 1C6 Bojana Turic..... 604-629-8785604-629-8786 Precision Injection Molding Inc 20133 102nd Ave Suite 4, Langley V1M 4B4 Paul Tontsch .... 604-888-2552604-888-3242 Response Biomedical Corp 1781 75th Ave W, Vancouver V6P 6P2 ............ 604-456-6010604-456-6066 Sirius Genomics Inc 1125 Howe St Suite 603, Vancouver V6Z 2K8............ 604-484-7195604-484-7190 Verisante Technology Inc 2309 41st Ave W Suite 306, Vancouver V6M 2A3 Thomas Braun ....604-605-0507604-605-0508 Vigil Health Solutions Inc 4464 Markham St Suite 2102, Victoria V8Z 7X8 Troy Griffiths .... 250-383-6900250-383-6999



Allon Therapeutics Inc 1168 Hamilton St Suite 506, Vancouver V6B 2S2 Rick Smith ....... 604-742-2543604-736-1616 Amgen British Columbia Inc 7990 Enterprise St, Burnaby V5A 1V7 ........... 604-676-8300604-676-8349

66—BCTECH 2011 BIV Magazines

BCTech11 dbase.indd 66

5/24/11 12:31:20 PM

Biotechnology â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Life Sciences

Energy Technologies

Aquinox Pharmaceuticals Inc 5600 Parkwood Way Suite 430, Richmond V6V 2M2 Jason Robertson ... 604-629-9223604-295-4748

enGene Inc 2386 East Mall Suite 100, Vancouver V6T 1Z3 ............ 604-221-4362604-221-4369

GeoTility Geothermal Installations Corp 4611 Viking Way Unit 150, Richmond V6V 2K9 Barry Milner .... 604-273-5776604-273-5779

Tekion, Inc 8602 Commerce Crt, Burnaby V5A 4N6 Neil Huff .......... 604-656-6617604-656-6620

Celator Pharmaceuticals 1779 75th Ave W, Vancouver V6P 6P2 ............ 604-708-5858604-708-5883

Genome BC 555 8th Ave W Suite 500, Vancouver V5Z 1C6 Sally Greenwood ........................ 604-738-8072

Lockhart Industries Ltd PO Box 784, Duncan V9L 3Y1 Doug Lockhart ....250-748-1783250-743-4570

TransAlta (formerly Canadian Hydro Developers) 110 12th Ave SW PO Box 1900 Stn M, Calgary AB T2P 2M1 403-267-7110

Inimex Pharmaceuticals Inc 8540 Baxter Pl, Burnaby V5A 4T8 ........... 604-225-2251604-225-2257 Pegasus Pharmaceuticals Group Inc 11800 River Rd Suite 110-116, Richmond V6X 1Z7............ 604-303-9952604-303-9926 QLT Inc 887 Great Northern Way Suite 101, Vancouver V5T 4T5 Robert Butchofsky ....604-707-7000604-707-7001 Tekmira Pharmaceuticals Corp 8900 Glenlyon Pkwy Suite 100, Burnaby V5J 5J8 ............ 604-419-3200604-419-3201 Welichem Biotech Inc 4475 Wayburne Dr Suite 316, Burnaby V5G 3L1 Liren Tang ........ 604-432-1703604-432-1704 Xenon Pharmaceuticals Inc 3650 Gilmore Way, Burnaby V5G 4W8.......... 604-484-3300604-484-3450 Zalicus Pharmaceuticals Ltd 2389 Health Sciences Mall Suite 301, Vancouver V6T 1Z3 ............ 604-909-2530604-909-2538 Zymeworks Inc 1385 8th Ave W Suite 540, Vancouver V6H 3V9 ........... 604-678-1388604-737-7077

RESEARCH & SCIENTIFIC SERVICES 1060 BRI Biopharmaceutical Research Inc 8898 Heather St Suite 101, Vancouver V6P 3S8 Clara Faan ....... 604-432-9237604-432-9239 Kinexus Bioinformatics Corp 8755 Ash St Suite 1, Vancouver V6P 6T3 ............ 604-323-2547604-323-2548 OncoGeneX Technologies Inc 1001 Broadway W Suite 400, Vancouver V6H 4B1 ........... 604-736-3678604-736-3687 STEMCELL Technologies Inc 570 7th Ave W Suite 400, Vancouver V5Z 1B3 Julie Robinson ...604-877-0713604-675-7830

Iotron Technologies Inc 1425 Kebet Way, Port Coquitlam V3C 6L3 Juergen Rossdeutscher.............. 604-945-8838 604-945-8827 Iotron provides Electron Beam irradiation processing services. Medical products sterilization, cross-linking of plastics, materials development, agricultural development, agricultural equipment sanitization. ISO 9002000, ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 registered. SFU Business â&#x20AC;&#x201C; MBA in Management of Technology/Biotechnology 500 Granville St, Vancouver V6C 1W6 ..................................... 778-782-7847 The Management of Technology MBA covers the breadth of the business disciplines but focuses on the business opportunities and challenges of technology and biotechnology ďŹ rms.



Angstrom Power Inc 980 1st St W Suite 109, North Vancouver V7P 3N4 ........... 604-980-9936604-980-9937 Ballard Power Systems Inc 9000 Glenlyon Pkwy, Burnaby V5J 5J8 ............ 604-454-0900604-412-4700 Bionic Power Inc 8888 University Dr SSB K9625, Burnaby V5A 1S6 ..................................... 778-330-4217 Bullfrog Power 163 Hastings St W Suite 405, Vancouver V6B 1H5 ........... 877-360-3464866-917-7318 Cloudworks Energy Inc 1168 Hamilton St Suite 403, Vancouver V6B 2S2 ........... 604-633-9990604-633-9991 Day4 Energy Inc 4621 Canada Way Suite 401, Burnaby V5G 4X8 Keri-Anne Livingstone ................ 604-297-0444 604-297-0445 dPoint Technologies Inc 1275 Venables St, Vancouver V6A 2E4 James Dean .... 604-488-1132604-488-1132 EA Energy Alternatives Ltd 4217 Glanford Ave Suite 5, Victoria V8Z 4B9............ 250-727-0522250-727-2286 Endurance Wind Power 19052 26th Ave Suite 107, Surrey V3S 3V7 ........... 888-440-4451604-542-9463

TRIUMF 4004 Wesbrook Mall, Vancouver V6T 2A3 Timothy Meyer .... 604-222-7674604-222-3791

Finavera Renewables Inc 595 Burrard St Suite 3113 Box 49071, Vancouver V7X 1G4 ........... 604-288-9051604-684-2722 info@ďŹ  www.ďŹ

OTHER 1000 BC TIA 1188 Georgia St W Suite 900, Vancouver V6E 4A2 Caylee Stewart.... 604-683-6159604-683-3879 Cardiome Pharma Corp 6190 Agronomy Rd Suite 600, Vancouver V6T 1Z3 ............ 604-677-6905604-677-6915

Freethem Inc 1321 33rd Ave W, Vancouver V6M 1A6 Claes Fredriksson ....................... 604-767-3635 General Fusion Inc 3680 Bonneville Pl Suite 108, Burnaby V3N 4T5 ...................................... 604-439-3003

Magma Energy Corp 625 Howe St Suite 410, Vancouver V6C 2T6............ 604-687-0407604-687-7041 MagPower Systems Inc 1480 Foster St Suite 20, White Rock V4B 3X7 ........... 778-294-3211778-294-3212 Nevada Geothermal Power Inc 409 Granville St Suite 900, Vancouver V6C 1T2............ 604-688-1553604-688-5926 Plutonic Power Corp 888 Dunsmuir St Suite 600, Vancouver V6C 3K4 ........... 604-669-4999604-682-3727 Schneider Electric (Renewables Business Unit) 8999 Nelson Way, Burnaby V5A 4B5 ........... 604-422-8595604-420-1591 Sea Breeze Power Corp 333 Seymour St Suite 1400 Box 91, Vancouver V6B 5A6 ........... 604-689-2991604-689-2990 Swift Power Corp 33 Water St Suite 901, Vancouver V6B 1R4 ........... 604-637-6393604-688-4457 ofďŹ


Westport Innovations Inc 1750 75th Ave W Suite 101, Vancouver V6P 6G2 ........... 604-718-2000604-718-2001



Heuristic Engineering Inc 3040 5th Ave W, Vancouver V6K 1T9 Malcolm David Lefcort ............... 604-263-8005 604-263-0786 Lignol Energy Corp 4705 Wayburne Dr Suite 101, Burnaby V5G 3L1............ 604-222-9800604-222-9801 Nexterra Systems Corp 650 Georgia St W Suite 1300 PO Box 11582, Vancouver V6B 4N8 Darcy Quinn ..... 604-637-2501604-637-2506



Greenlight Innovation Corp 3430 Brighton Ave Suite 104A, Burnaby V5A 3H4 Ross Bailey ...... 604-676-4012604-676-4111





               !"#$% %!% & !"#$% '%!

& ( )   


BCTech11 dbase.indd 67


Fluidseal Inc 13680 Bridgeport Rd Suite 5, Richmond V6V 1V3 ........... 604-278-6808604-278-6180 ďŹ&#x201A;

BIV Magazines BCTECH 2011â&#x20AC;&#x201D;67

5/18/11 8:33:41 PM

Energy Technologies

Information & Communications Technology

POWER & ENERGY-EFFICIENCY TECHNOLOGIES 2070 ABB Inc 3731 North Fraser Way Suite 600, Burnaby V5J 5J2 Allan Patendaude.. 604-434-2454604-433-1564 AccelRate Power Systems Inc 1130 Pender St W Suite 730, Vancouver V6E 4A4 Reimar Koch .... 604-688-8656604-688-8654

Alpha Technologies Ltd 7700 Riverfront Gate, Burnaby V5J 5M4 Paul Drabble .... 604-430-1476604-436-1233 Analytic Systems Ware (1993) Ltd 8128 River Way, Delta V4G IK5 Bill Walker....... 604-946-9981604-946-9983 BL Innovative Lighting 8838 Heather St Suite 111, Vancouver V6P 3S8 Betty Lou Pacey ... 604-874-4405604-321-0445 Carmanah Technologies Corp 203 Harbour Rd Bldg 4, Victoria V9A 3S2 ........... 250-380-0052250-380-0062 Delta-Q Technologies Corp 3755 Willingdon Ave, Burnaby V5G 3H3 ........... 604-327-8244604-327-8246 E-Factor Engineering Inc 1636 2nd Ave W Suite 201, Vancouver V6J 1H4 Brian Sikorski....... 604-708-4140604-708-4144 E-One Moli Energy (Canada) Ltd 20000 Stewart Cres, Maple Ridge V2X 9E7 Alyson Cuthbertson..604-466-6604604-466-6600 EcoCentury Technologies Inc 12417 Meadowbrook Pl, Maple Ridge V4R 2H6 Stephen Gibson .......................... 604-467-2625 Energex Inc 138 8th Ave W, Vancouver V5Y 1N2 Rami Belson .... 604-448-1899604-629-4855 Honeywell Process Solutions 500 Brooksbank Ave, North Vancouver V7J 3S4 Gary Burma...... 604-980-3421604-980-0120 NxtGen Emission Controls Inc 13155 Delf Pl Suite 220, Richmond V6V 2A2 Jim Mann ........ 604-688-7841604-688-8698 Rainforest Automation Inc 34 7th Ave W, Vancouver V5Y 1L6 Bill Richardson .... 604-630-4287604-879-4287

Acumen Engineering Ltd 2700 Production Way Suite 650, Burnaby V5A 4X1 Maciej Lewandowski ................. 604-676-9545 604-676-9544

Smartcool Systems Inc 333 Seymour St Suite 1280, Vancouver V6B 5A6 Cameron Hunter .... 604-669-1388604-602-0674 Tantalus 3480 Gilmore Way Suite 301, Burnaby V5G 4Y1 Rob Lauridsen-Hoegh ................. 604-299-0458 604-451-4111

OTHER 2000 BC TIA 1188 Georgia St W Suite 900, Vancouver V6E 4A2 Caylee Stewart.... 604-683-6159604-683-3879 Computrol Fuel Systems Inc 8537 Commerce Crt, Burnaby V5A 4N4 Doug Cousins .....604-421-1001604-421-1007 International Thermal Research 2431 Simpson Rd, Richmond V6X 2R2 Les M Ohno ..... 604-278-1272604-278-1274

INFORMATION & COMMUNICATIONS TECHNOLOGY ELECTRONICS 3010 AIC Communications Inc 950 Powell St Suite 102, Vancouver V6A 1H9 Mimmo Guadagnuolo................. 604-872-1112 604-629-1950

Alpha Technologies Ltd 7700 Riverfront Gate, Burnaby V5J 5M4 Paul Drabble .... 604-430-1476604-436-1233 Ampco Manufacturers Inc 9 Burbidge St Suite 101, Coquitlam V3K 7B2 ........... 604-472-3800604-944-4017 Astec Components Ltd 19567 Fraser Hwy Suite 190, Surrey V3S 9A4 Urs D Kissling ............................. 604-532-3881 Cadex Electronics Inc 22000 Fraserwood Way, Richmond V6W 1J6 Dave Birkenheuer.. 604-231-7777604-231-7750 Canadian Circuits Inc 13140 88 Ave Suite 12, Surrey V3W 3K3 Praveen Arya ... 604-599-8600604-599-8181 CBVL Robotics Inc 68 Schooner St, Coquitlam V3K 7B1 Ed Tycholaz ...... 604-522-3761604-522-8167

Creation Technologies Inc 3939 North Fraser Way, Burnaby V5J 5J2 Janelle Urchenko .. 604-430-4336604-430-4337 Dena Technologies Inc 3191 Thunderbird Cres Suite 105, Burnaby V5A 3G1 Jean-Pierre Ostrander ................ 604-765-0880 604-676-2529 Dorigo Systems Ltd 3885 Henning Dr, Burnaby V5C 6N5 Paul Vasvary .... 604-294-4600604-294-4609 Ionocom Communications Inc 1861 Welch St Suite 113, North Vancouver V7P 1B7 Nick Massey.... 604-924-5184604-648-8116 Norpac Controls Ltd 7500 Winston St, Burnaby V5A 4X5 ........... 604-422-3775604-422-3788 Omni Graphics Ltd 12760 Bathgate Way Suite 2, Richmond V6V 1Z4 Mike Lesiak ..... 604-276-9717604-276-2514 Pacific Design Engineering (PDE) 8505 Eastlake Dr, Burnaby V5A 4T7 Bruce Stevens ....604-421-1311604-421-9202 Pacific Insight Electronics Corp 1155 Insight Dr, Nelson V1L 5P5 ............ 250-354-1155250-505-2131 Padtech Global Sourcing 6165 Hwy 17 Suite 340, Delta V4K 5B8 Dan Lionello .... 604-946-4799604-946-3186 PMC-Sierra 8555 Baxter Pl, Burnaby V5A 4V7 Greg Lang ........ 604-415-6000604-415-6200 S-P International Inc 3711 North Fraser Way Suite 650, Burnaby V5J 5J2 Wilf Wassersleben .................... 604-324-4811 604-324-3148 Watlow Western Canada 9912 Lougheed Hwy, Burnaby V3J 1N3 Tom Duffy ........ 604-444-4881604-444-4883

ENGINEERING, ANALYTICAL & DESIGN SERVICES 3015 3DM Devices Inc 3347 262 St Suite 7, Aldergrove V4W 3V9 John Keightley 604-856-8311604-856-4442

Belcarra Technologies 255 Newport Dr Suite 360, Port Moody V3H 5H1 Jack van den Akker .................... 604-617-3649 604-931-6057

Ericksson Canada Inc 5255 Satellite Dr, Mississauga ON L4W 5E3 Patricia MacLean .. 905-206-7928905-629-6707

Form3 Design Inc 405 Railway St Suite 201, Vancouver V6A 1A7 Alex Feldman... 604-709-3676604-709-0232 We are product development specialists, providing over 70 years of collective experience in industrial design, mechanical design, product graphics and interface, electronic design integration and transfer to manufacturing. Hawk Ridge Systems 10451 Shellbridge Way Suite 204, Richmond V6X 2W8 Ian G Harvey .... 604-241-4223604-241-4211 Levelton Consultants Ltd 12791 Clarke Pl Suite 150, Richmond V6V 2H9 Alex W Schutte ... 604-278-1411604-278-1042 Maxxam Analytics Inc 8577 Commerce Crt, Burnaby V5A 4N5........... 604-444-4808604-444-4511 McGauley Consultants Ltd 7580 Columbia St Suite 201, Vancouver V5X 4S8 Terry McGauley .......................... 604-325-2038 OA Solutions 1140 Pender St W Suite 1370, Vancouver V6E 4G1 ..... 604-632-0333

MANUFACTURING SOLUTIONS - Decals & Nameplates - Membrane Switches & Overlays - Embedded LED & OLED Displays - Rubber & Plastic Components - LED & Fiber Optic Switches

SUPPLY CHAIN SOLUTIONS - Reliable & Efficient Stocking Programs with EDI, Kanban & JIT - Custom Assembly - Off-Shore Manufacturing Solutions Ampco Manufacturers Inc. Tel. 604.472.3800 68—BCTECH 2011 BIV Magazines

BCTech11 dbase.indd 68

5/18/11 8:33:42 PM

Information & Communications Technology

Information & Communications Technology

Phase 1 Systems Corp 410 Willingdon Ave, Burnaby V5C 5G4 Steve Neophytou... 604-291-1558604-298-5126 Versawave Technologies Inc 4664 Lougheed Hwy Suite 182, Burnaby V5C 5T5 Hiroshi Kato..... 604-221-5452604-221-5453 Pacific Design Engineering (PDE) 8505 Eastlake Dr, Burnaby V5A 4T7 Bruce Stevens ..... 604-421-1311604-421-9202 PDE specializes in concept development and industrial design, mechanical and electronics design, CAE solids modeling, CAD PCB design, prototypes and CNC machining. Pragmatic Group 1275 6th Ave W Suite 300, Vancouver V6H 1A6 Jorge Bercianos ......................... 800-930-3767 604-738-7134 Robert Allan Ltd 1639 2nd Ave W Suite 230, Vancouver V6J 1H3 Ernst Schneider ... 604-736-9466604-736-9483 System Directions Ltd 42 Fawcett Rd Unit 110, Coquitlam V3K 6X9 Kenneth E Murdoch.................... 604-526-4616 604-526-4618 Tangram Design Ltd 1735 15th Ave E, Vancouver V5N 2G2 Robert Johnston.. 604-628-8200604-484-4887 Thurber Engineering Ltd 1281 Georgia St W Suite 900, Vancouver V6E 3J7 David Hill ......... 604-684-4384604-684-5124

HARDWARE 3020 Business Pro Computers 195 3rd Ave W, Vancouver V5Y 1E6 Monica Noren ....604-871-0195604-871-0194



BC Search Engine Optimization Marketing 6486 Telford Ave Suite 2, Burnaby V5H 2Z2 Milton Wongso .......................... 604-800-1189

3025 – Web Hosting and Web Design 777 Goldstream Ave Suite 101, Victoria V9B 2X4 Mark Morley.... 250-383-0096250-383-0096 Navigata Communications 949 3rd St W Suite 121, North Vancouver V7P 3P7 ............ 604-990-2000604-990-2020

Georeference Online Ltd 850 Hastings St W Suite 301, Vancouver V6C 1E1 Clinton Smyth ....604-692-0850604-692-0850 Pacific Online 601 Cordova St W Suite 100, Vancouver V6B 1G1 Laura Anderson ... 604-638-6010604-638-6020 Pitstop Media Inc 8322 130 St Suite 202B, Surrey V3W 8J9 Siva Raju .................................... 778-218-2665

Absolute Software Corp 1055 Dunsmuir St Suite 1600 PO Box 49211, Vancouver V7X 1K8 Ada Ho............. 604-730-9851604-730-2621 Accenture 401 Georgia St W Suite 1400, Vancouver V6B 5A1 ........... 604-646-5000604-646-5001 ACL Services Ltd 1550 Alberni St, Vancouver V6G 1A5 Harald Will ...... 604-669-4225604-669-3557 The Active Network 6400 Roberts St Suite 300, Burnaby V5G 4C9 Alex Barnetson.... 800-661-1196604-432-9708 ActiveState Software 409 Granville St Suite 1700, Vancouver V6C 1T2 Bart Copeland ....778-786-1100778-786-1133

Prime Signal Ltd 12820 Clarke Pl Suite 160, Richmond V6V 2H1 .......... 604-207-8735604-207-8736 Radiant Communications Corp 1050 Pender St W Suite 1600, Vancouver V6E 4T3 Chuck Leighton.... 604-692-4531604-608-0999

Andornot Consulting Inc 808 Nelson St Suite 1700, Vancouver V6Z 2H2 Kathy Bryce ..... 604-269-2525604-269-2527 Annex Consulting Group Inc 555 Burrard St Suite 900, Vancouver V7X 1M8 Stacey Cerniuk .... 604-443-5036604-443-5037 Software development, project management, business analysis, network infrastructure. 7,500 consultants, great rates. 97% client satisfaction across 1,200 projects since 1997! The Answer Company 4170 Still Creek Dr Suite 200, Burnaby V5C 6C6 Shawn Ostheimer.....604-473-9166604-473-9115

Prime Signal Ltd 12820 Clarke Pl Suite 160, Richmond V6V 2H1 .......... 604-207-8735604-207-8736 Shaw Business 3636 23rd St NE Suite 100, Calgary AB T2E 8Z5 Andrew Fowler.... 604-629-3283604-629-3036 Standard Marketing Ltd 2309 41st Ave W Suite 302, Vancouver V6M 2A3 Ken Lapp.......... 604-722-9375604-731-3996

Ericksson Canada Inc 5255 Satellite Dr, Mississauga ON L4W 5E3 Patricia MacLean......905-206-7928905-629-6707


Internet Lightspeed Communications – Dolphin Global Tel 6960 Royal Oak Ave Suite 200, Burnaby V5J 4J2 Jason Milne .... 604-482-1190604-482-1191

TeraGo Networks Inc 1683 Cliveden Ave, Delta V3M 6V5 Patrick Mitchell ... 604-540-0141604-540-0143

Skyway West 555 Hastings St W PO Box 12013, Vancouver V6B 4N4 Chris Miles ...... 604-482-1225604-482-1299 Business class access since 1996. Connecting Canada! ADSL, bonding and failover, wireless, fibre, co-locate, VoIP. Reliable access and excellent service. Uniserve Communications Corp 610 Sixth St Suite 200, New Westminster V3L 3C2 ............ 604-395-3900604-524-9932



Icron Technologies Corp 4664 Lougheed Hwy Suite 221, Burnaby V5C 5T5 Katherine Wong .... 604-638-3920604-638-3930

Vancouver Profile Online Services PO Box 21736, Vancouver V5L 5G2 Darin Draganov .......................... 604-617-6014 2981 Simpson Rd Suite 210, Richmond V6X 2R2 K Ye ............................................ 604-681-3792

Oce Display Graphics Systems 13231 Delf Pl Suite 501, Richmond V6V 2C3 Dale Mortimer..... 604-273-7730604-273-2775 Inc 21 Water St Suite 500, Vancouver V6B 1A1 Julianna Horvat... 604-633-1142604-633-3174

3LOG Systems Inc 2633 Viking Way Suite 208, Richmond V6V 3B6 ...................................... 604-249-2101

ATP Engineering Inc 20800 Westminster Hwy Suite 1103, Richmond V6V 2W3 Chris Duncombe .... 604-214-9657604-214-9658 Backbone Systems 887 Great Northern Way Suite 160, Vancouver V5T 1E1 Sarah Morton.....604-629-5538888-629-5938 Banks-Hill Systems Ltd 1350 Burrard St Suite 300, Vancouver V6Z 0C2 Shannon Jolley.... 778-772-8367778-488-4550 Bell Business Solutions 2985 Virtual Way Suite 260, Vancouver V5M 4X7 .......... 604-678-7100604-298-3430 Berkley Custom Software Consultants 1431 Berkley Rd, North Vancouver V7H 1Y5 Gary Dunnet ............................... 778-228-4512 Binary Stream Software Inc 5151 Canada Way Suite 300, Burnaby V5E 3N1 Lak Chahal ....... 604-522-6300866-834-7622

High speed access to the Internet for your business. Cost effective bandwidth for Vancouver & Calgary.

š Symmetrical Internet Connectivity š Server Co-Location Facilities š Voice/Data Cabling š Advanced IP Services š Unrivalled Support

š Wireless, Fiber, DSL š Advanced Bonding Services š Redundancy 604-207-8735 š Point to Point LAN š Email & Web Hosting

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BIV Magazines BCTECH 2011—69

5/18/11 8:33:43 PM

Information & Communications Technology Burli Software Inc 4664 Lougheed Hwy Suite 264, Burnaby V5C 5T5 Mike Moreau... 604-684-3140604-684-4160

Information & Communications Technology

Corecon Construction Software 1875 Tolmie St, Vancouver V6R 4B9 Ian Broadfoot.............................. 604-224-1366

INETCO Systems Ltd 4664 Lougheed Hwy Suite 258, Burnaby V5C 5T5 Stacy Gorkoff... 604-451-1567604-451-1565 Infonet Technology Corp 688 Hastings St W Suite 800, Vancouver V6B 1P1 Lee Barter ........ 604-689-7589604-689-7599

DDP Consulting Group/Dynamic Datacorp People Box 28609 RPO WH, Burnaby V5C 6J4 Alan York ......... 604-294-9193604-294-9155

Candlewest Systems Ltd 4400 Dominion St Suite 100, Burnaby V5G 4G3 Shannon Walsh ..... 604-453-5800604-453-5870 Helping mid-sized businesses increase efficiency and stay competitive by implementing accounting, manufacturing, distribution and sales process systems. CDC Software 1055 Hastings St W Suite 800, Vancouver V6E 2E9 ............ 604-699-8000604-699-8001 CGI Group Inc 1405 Douglas St Suite 600, Victoria V8W 2G2.......... 250-383-3934250-388-5018 CloudPockets 551 Austin Ave, Coquitlam V3K 6R7 Guy Moss ................................... 778-588-7186

Digital Payment Technologies Corp 4105 Grandview Hwy, Burnaby V5C 6B4 Chris Chettle.... 604-688-1959604-629-1867 Discovery Software Ltd 30720 Simpson Rd Suite 202, Abbotsford V2T 6C7 Lorne Churchill .... 604-853-5800604-853-5867 Distributed Systems Software 3253 Georgia St, Richmond V7E 2R4 Barry Brachman .......................... 604-270-9559 DK Systems Inc 1681 Chestnut St Suite 400, Vancouver V6J 4M6 Dave Kennedy ............................ 604-669-1802 Dougan Consulting Group Inc 1641 Lonsdale Ave Suite 101, North Vancouver V7M 2J5 Des Dougan ..... 604-628-5434604-904-0237 5729 West Blvd Suite 2, Vancouver V6M 3W8 Robert MacKenzie ...................... 604-261-4631 Eclipsys Corp 13888 Wireless Way Suite 1123, Richmond V6V 0A3 ........... 604-273-4900604-273-2764

Coastal Range Systems Inc 6400 Roberts St Suite 200, Burnaby V5G 4C9 Stephen Loyd... 604-473-2100604-299-2878 Coastal Range Systems Inc provides business and software solutions that provide clarity into your business. To learn more how Coastal Range Systems improves business management, resulting in enhanced quality and streamlined decision making visit us at Cogent Health Solutions Inc 321 Water St Suite 501, Vancouver V6B 1B8 Len Grenier ...... 604-708-9075604-687-6942 Compugen Systems Ltd 13151 Vanier Pl Suite 130, Richmond V6V 2J2............ 604-801-5500604-801-5551 Compuwork Pacific Inc 885 Dunsmuir St Suite 599, Vancouver V6C 1N5 Richard Rickard ... 604-684-8211604-684-8210

Elastic Path Software 1045 Howe St Suite 800, Vancouver V6Z 2A9 Matt Dion ........ 604-408-8078604-408-8079 Eloquent Systems Inc 135 15th St E Unit 102, North Vancouver V7L 2P7 Merv Richter.... 604-980-8358604-980-9537 Enterprise CodeWorks Inc 671H Market Hill, Vancouver V5Z 4B5 Norris Phillippe 604-876-6642604-876-6623 Supply chain management software for forest products, energy, recycled and bulk materials. Representing the “TOPS/4” System. We deliver solutions that really work! EPSI Computer Systems Inc 11238 Kendale View, Delta V4C 3P9 Carolyn Eppich............................ 604-628-9697

Essential Software Solutions Inc 3438 Lougheed Hwy Suite 200, Vancouver V5M 2A4 Gordon Muir .... 604-215-3200604-215-1115 Faronics 609 Granville St Suite 620 PO Box 10362, Vancouver V7Y 1G5 Kelly Batke ...... 604-637-3333604-637-8188 Fdata Management Software Inc 555 Burrard St Suite 900, Vancouver V7X 1M8 Mark Allen....... 604-443-5063604-443-5064 FINCAD 13450 102nd Ave Suite 1750, Surrey V3T 5X3............ 604-957-1200604-957-1201 Flagship Systems 3920 Norland Ave Suite 103, Burnaby V5G 4K7 David Cox ................................... 604-294-1070 Galdos Systems Inc 409 Granville St Suite 1300, Vancouver V6C 1T2............ 604-484-2750604-484-2755 GaleForce Solutions Inc 409 Granville St Suite 1700, Vancouver V6C 1T2 Kirk Herrington .... 778-327-6594604-682-5811

Ericksson Canada Inc 5255 Satellite Dr, Mississauga ON L4W 5E3 Patricia MacLean .. 905-206-7928905-629-6707 Esi Software Inc 980 1st Ave W Suite 113, North Vancouver V7P 3N4 Alan G Bessey ..... 604-990-1779604-990-1789

iQmetrix 250 Howe St Suite 1210, Vancouver V6C 3R8 ........... 866-476-3874604-568-0462 Klein Systems Group Ltd 4400 Dominion St Suite 360, Burnaby V5G 4G3 Gina Arsens ..... 604-689-7117604-689-7119 Knowledgetech Consulting Inc 1238 Homer St Suite 200, Vancouver V6B 2Y5 Al Ytsma .......... 604-484-4598604-648-8693 Kobelt Development Inc 17768 65A Ave Suite 404, Surrey V3S 5N4 Tom Kobelt ...... 604-574-7225604-574-7256 Kodak Graphic Communications Group 3700 Gilmore Way, Burnaby V5G 4M1 .......... 604-451-2700604-437-2700 Linkatech Technologies 5850 Byrne Rd Suite 7A, Burnaby V5J 3J3 Jim Chapotelle ........................... 604-434-5465

GensCorp IT 221 Esplande W Suite 308, North Vancouver V7M 3J3 Neil Jones .................................. 888-299-3331 Global Relay Communications Inc 220 Cambie St Suite 200, Vancouver V6B 2M9 Shannon Rogers .... 604-484-6630604-608-2941 GM Solutions Inc 4170 Still Creek Dr Suite 200, Burnaby V5C 6C6 Zoran Nikolic ... 604-473-7776604-676-2777 Gravit-e Technologies Inc 163 Hastings St W Suite 320, Vancouver V6B 1H5 Nick Oostveen....604-637-6567604-608-5528 Gravity Computers Inc 3820 Cessna Dr Suite 254, Richmond V7B 0A2 James Kang..... 604-872-0123604-872-0127

Loki Systems Inc 13351 Commerce Pkwy Suite 1258, Richmond V6V 2X7 Jo Swann ........ 604-249-5050604-948-3427 Loki Systems develops enterprise software solutions that optimize workforce utilization and streamline time and attendance, scheduling and payroll processes. Make Technologies Inc 1188 Georgia St W Suite 1790, Vancouver V6E 4A2 Wendy Van Donkelaar................ 604-738-4999 604-738-4979

Harts Systems Ltd 431 Mountain Hwy Suite 4, North Vancouver V7J 2L1 David Allen ...... 888-734-1119604-990-9144 Hum Technology Ltd 435 Railway St , Vancouver V6A 1A7 Ivy Dumalogdog..... 604-288-7669604-551-4651

Conquer Mobile Inc 887 Great Northern Way Suite 115, Vancouver V5T 4T5 Helen Goddard ........................... 604-629-5972 Conquer Mobile creates mobile apps that guide people to what’s nearby. Customers include McDonald’s Canada, Canpages and Ziplocal.

Integrio Systems 4475 Wayburne Dr Suite 301, Burnaby V5G 4X4 Alex Mykhaylov .......................... 888-338-7638

Hypercube Technologies Corp 13775 Commerce Pkwy Suite 230, Richmond V6V 2V4 Bill Bilic ........... 604-241-9011604-241-9097 Ideaca Knowledge Services Ltd 560 Beatty St Suite 200, Vancouver V6B 2L3 Sunny Sung ..... 604-669-6811604-689-8915 In-House Solutions 7455 132 St Suite 108, Surrey V3W 1J8 Ajmer Gill ........ 604-572-1921604-572-1923

Maximizer Software Inc 1090 Pender St W Suite 1000, Vancouver V6E 2N7 Ursula Klein ..... 604-601-8000604-601-8001 Maximizer® Software delivers easy to use and affordable customer relationship management (CRM) and mobile CRM solutions. Easily configurable for organizations in any industry, Maximizer CRM optimizes sales processes, enhances marketing initiatives and improves customer service to ultimately boost productivity and revenue. On-premise and cloud-based solutions available. Medinet Health Systems Inc 1755 Broadway W Suite 312, Vancouver V6J 4S5 Kate Culter ...... 604-737-1477604-742-8850

70—BCTECH 2011 BIV Magazines

BCTech11 dbase.indd 70

5/18/11 8:33:44 PM

Information & Communications Technology Michitsch Systems Inc 460 39th Ave W, Vancouver V5Y 2P7 Catherine Michitsch ................... 604-876-9204

QHR Technologies Inc 1620 Dickson Ave Suite 300, Kelowna V1Y 9Y2 Al Hildebrandt....250-979-1701250-717-5266

Microserve 4295 Dawson St, Burnaby V5C 4B3 Angie Gallo...... 604-473-9883604-473-9887

Quartech Systems Ltd 2160 Springer Ave Suite 200, Burnaby V5B 3M7 Landon Kitagawa .. 604-291-9686604-291-0243

Microsoft Canada Development Centre 13511 Commerce Pkwy, Richmond V6V 2J8............ 604-247-6000604-247-1433

Rent-A-Nerd Computer Services Inc 34A 2755 Lougheed Hwy Suite 566, Port Coquitlam V3B 5Y9 Raymond Raggett ....................... 604-268-6373 ofďŹ

Microzip Data Corp 788 Beatty St Suite 306, Vancouver V6B 2M1 Axel Krieger..... 604-683-3711604-683-4099 MRX Solutions Corp 470 Kingsway Ave Suite 103, Vancouver V5T 3J9 Sava Jurisic ..... 604-676-2362604-676-2362

Rocky Mountain Business Systems Inc 2844 Banbridge Ave Unit 84011, Burnaby V5A 3W7 William Wong ..... 604-420-9767604-420-9769

Navarik Corp 56 2nd Ave E Suite 400, Vancouver V5T 1B1 Patrick Rooney..... 604-633-0018604-633-0019 netArchitechs 409 Granville St Suite 1402, Vancouver V6C 1T2....................................... 604-687-2724

RSI International Systems Inc 949 3rd St W Suite 117, North Vancouver V7P 3P7 Charles Ku ....... 604-984-6001604-984-6006

Netcetera Consulting Inc 120 Lonsdale Ave Suite 300, North Vancouver V7M 2E8 Steve Weeks .............................. 604-980-2700

Safe Software Inc 7445 132nd St Suite 2017, Surrey V3W 1J8 .......... 604-501-9985604-501-9965

NetPersist Solutions Group Inc 4170 Still Creek Dr Suite 200, Burnaby V5C 6C6 Mark P Lige ................................ 604-765-1555 Norsys Software Corp 3512 23rd Ave W, Vancouver V6S 1K5 Brent Boerlage .... 604-221-2223604-221-2238 Offshore Systems Ltd 4585 Canada Way Suite 400, Burnaby V5G 4L6 Jim Davison..... 778-373-4600778-373-0027 OneMove Technologies Inc 1140 Pender St W Suite 1080, Vancouver V6E 4G1 Parminder S Virk ......................... 604-662-8207 604-647-2215 Open Box Integration Inc 323 Renfrew St, Vancouver V5K 5G5 Katryn Harris ... 604-708-0116604-677-6198 PDFTron Systems Inc 780 Beatty St Suite 301, Vancouver V6B 2M1 Catherine Andersz ...................... 604-730-8989 604-676-2477 Phoenix Systems 1111 Hastings St W Suite 1100, Vancouver V6E 2J3 Stephen Raymond....604-983-8153604-983-8195 Pro Mac Support 2416 Main St Suite 378, Vancouver V5T 3E2 Jeremy Gruman .......................... 604-639-2595

Softscribes Services Inc 3026 2nd Ave W, Vancouver V6K 1K4 Liz Johnston ............................... 604-736-7179 Sophos Inc 580 Granville St Suite 400, Vancouver V6C 1W6 .......... 604-484-6400604-484-6499 Speakeasy Solutions Inc PO Box 21720 1424 Commercial Dr, Vancouver V5L 5G3 Alexandria Carstens ................... 604-264-9109 604-264-9105 Squirrel Systems 8585 Baxter Pl, Burnaby V5A 4V7 Stephanie Gardner...........................604-412-3300 604-412-3399 The StarGarden Group 3665 Kingsway Suite 300, Vancouver V5R 5W2 Marnie Larson....604-451-0500604-451-0578

The RSC Group 999 Broadway W Suite 250, Vancouver V5Z 1K5 Tracey Santos ....604-737-8570604-737-8572 Over the past 20 years we have made a positive difference to over 800 customers. Leverage your investment in Microsoft technologies today. Microsoft Dynamics. Portals and Collaboration. Reporting and Corporate Performance Measurement. Customizations and Development. Contact our professional services team to learn about improving your business! Insight-Connect-Simplify.

MultiHat Solutions Inc 970 Burrard St Suite 237, Vancouver V6Z 2R4............ 604-899-2599604-899-2519

Information & Communications Technology

Sage 13888 Wireless Way, Richmond V6V 0A3 ............ salonMonster 1917 4th Ave W Suite 106, Vancouver V6J 1M7 Stephen Parslow ........................ 800-901-1001 Samco Software Inc 7789 134 St Unit 61, Surrey V3W 9E9 Barry Clarke ..... 604-597-4211604-597-7320 SAP Canada Inc 910 Mainland St, Vancouver V6B 1A9 Krysha Nair...... 604-972-2274604-681-2934 SCOOP Consulting 1542 34th Ave E, Vancouver V5P 1A1 Steve Cooper ... 604-986-2643604-637-8747 Sierra Systems 1177 Hastings St W Suite 2500, Vancouver V6E 2K3 Cal Yonker ....... 604-688-1371604-688-6482 Simba Technologies Inc 938 8th Ave W, Vancouver V5Z 1E5 Amyn Rajan ..... 604-633-0008604-633-0004 Smart Hotel Software 2420 Haywood Ave, West Vancouver V7V 1Y1 Doug Ash ......... 604-926-3215604-926-3477

Steeves and Associates 4170 Still Creek Dr Suite 200, Burnaby V5C 6C6 Dave Steeves .....604-298-7700604-298-7765 SustaiNet Software International Inc 887 Great Northern Way Suite 98, Vancouver V5T 4T5 Howard Adam ....... 604-717-4327604-736-9531

TMW Systems Canada Inc 20644 Eastleigh Cres Suite 211, Langley V3A 4C4 Randall Burrell ...800-663-0626604-533-8562

Top Producer Systems 10271 Shellbridge Way Suite 300, Richmond V6X 2W8 Ashleah Wilson604-270-8819604-270-8218 Top Producer offers real estate industryâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s most comprehensive sales and marketing system. Contact us at or 1.800.444.8570. Touchstone Webworks Inc 355 Burrard St Suite 1000, Vancouver V6C 2G8 Raymond Roaquin ....604-288-0860604-677-5684 TP Systems 610 Sixth St Suite 202, New Westminster V3L 3C2 ............ 604-395-6000604-395-6004

Talent Technology Corp 10991 Shellbridge Way Suite 300, Richmond V6X 3C6 James Thomas .... 604-278-4414866-485-9259

TrainingPartner by GeoMetrix 240 Bay St, Victoria V9A 3K5 Kathleen Lowe .... 800-616-5409250-361-9362

TETRAD Computer Applications Inc 1445 Georgia St W Suite 500, Vancouver V6G 2T3 Wilson Baker ... 604-685-2295604-685-2352

Ucora Corp 3030 Lincoln Ave Suite 211, Coquitlam V3B 6B4 ........... 604-519-7600604-684-6455

TRY THEM BEFORE YOU HIRE.         $)*$((%&$('*$(('()#(' ($!%+(  ('  ($"")#($#  %%!($#  (+$& "#'(&($##)&(,  '(*!$%"#(  $"%)(& "' )"(,$)&%&$($#!#

    Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s your career. Get it right.

Softrend Systems Inc 1225 Keith Rd E Unit 7, North Vancouver V7J 1J3 Sandy Milne .... 604-983-3389604-980-7794

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BIV Magazines BCTECH 2011â&#x20AC;&#x201D;71

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Information & Communications Technology Ventana Tech Inc 7844 13th Ave, Burnaby V3N 2E6 Malak Aziz ....... 604-944-6575604-944-9454

Times Telecom Inc 5811 Cooney Rd Suite 400 North Tower, Richmond V6X 3M1 Alan Yong ........ 604-279-8787604-279-8775

Ventyx, an ABB Company 10271 Shellbridge Way, Richmond V6X 2W8 .......... 604-207-6000604-207-6060 Virtual Perceptions Systems Inc 7453 Barrymore Dr, Delta V4C 6X5 Darren Stevens.... 604-572-7671604-572-7671 Vision Critical Communications 858 Beatty St Suite 700, Vancouver V6B 1C1 ........... 604-647-1980604-647-1005 Vitrium Systems Inc 1168 Hamilton St Suite 502, Vancouver V6B 2S2 Peter Nieforth ....604-677-1500604-677-1501 Vivonet Inc 8651 Eastlake Dr Suite 200, Burnaby V5A 4T7 ........... 604-215-2033604-408-4307 Waterstreet Technologies Group Inc 171 Water St Suite 200, Vancouver V6B 1A7 Tim Chizik ........ 604-484-0148604-484-0149 XLR8 Systems 3061 Kent Ave N E Suite 1202, Vancouver V5S 4P5 David Murphy ........ 604-786-9578604-430-4302



Aegis Mobility Inc 8525 Baxter Pl Suite 200, Burnaby V5A 4V7 John Geyer ...... 604-899-1008604-357-1898 Allstream 175 Cordova St W Suite 400, Vancouver V6B 1E1 Cindy Chambers ......................... 604-638-4319 Bell Canada 550 Burrard St Suite 600, Vancouver V6C 2B5 ............604-678-7500 Bridge Systems 8678 Greenall Ave Suite 115, Burnaby V5J 3M6 Jack Wickham ...604-291-0177604-291-0171 Canadian Communications Products Inc 3657 Wayburne Dr, Burnaby V5G 3L1 Karen Tai ......... 604-263-9399604-263-7277

Ericksson Canada Inc 5255 Satellite Dr, Mississauga ON L4W 5E3 Patricia MacLean .. 905-206-7928905-629-6707

CounterPath Corp 505 Burrard St Suite 300 Box 95, Vancouver V7X 1M3 Donovan Jones ... 604-320-3344604-320-3399 DDS Wireless International Inc 11920 Forge Pl, Richmond V7A 4V9 Vari Ghai .......... 604-241-1441604-241-1440 Digitel Systems Inc 1668 Foster’s Way, Delta V3M 6S6 David Shaw ..... 604-231-0101604-231-0100 Premier supplier of VoIP business telephone and voice-mail systems. 27 years of supplying, installing and maintaining business telephone systems – Zultys, Mitel and Toshiba.

Upside Wireless Inc 1211 Melville St Suite 1401, Vancouver V6E 0A7 Branko Zurkovic... 604-687-7433604-628-0105 Vandelta Communication Systems Ltd 9223 Shaughnessy St, Vancouver V6P 6R5 Hugh M Rae .... 604-732-8686604-732-4727

ETC Telecom 4023 Hastings St Suite 1, Burnaby V5C 2J1 Brian Dunne..... 604-299-4660604-648-8628

Western Pacific Enterprises Ltd 1321 Ketch Crt, Coquitlam V3K 6X7 ........... 604-540-1321604-540-1390

Keywest Networks (Canada) Inc 5811 Cooney Rd Suite N400, Richmond V6X 3M1 Alan Yong ........ 604-278-2778604-278-2793

VIDEOCONFERENCING/ WEBCASTING 3050 MediaPower New Media Communications 1665 Mathers Ave, West Vancouver V7V 2G6 Pesi A Unwalla ........................... 604-926-5805 1665 Mathers Ave, West Vancouver V7V 2G6 Pesi A Unwalla ........................... 604-926-5805 Silver Stream 422 Richards St Suite 300, Vancouver V6B 2Z4 Jim Helgason .....604-842-1155604-648-9965

Nokia 9200 Glenlyon Pkwy, Burnaby V5J 5J8 ............ 604-456-5400604-456-5454 Norsat International Inc 4020 Viking Way Suite 110, Richmond V6V 2L4 Tina Peng ......... 604-821-2800604-821-2801 North American Telecommunications Group 1585 Cliveden Ave Unit 9, New Westminister V3M 6M1 Alan Muirhead .... 604-526-2129604-526-5972 PEER 1 Hosting 555 Hastings St W Suite 1000, Vancouver V6B 4N5 ........... 604-683-7747604-683-4634 Ralph’s Radio 220 1st Ave E, Vancouver V5T 1A5 ........... 604-879-4281604-732-8831 Rogers Communications Partnership 4710 Kingsway Suite 1600, Burnaby V5H 4W4 Gordon Nelson .... 604-641-1400604-431-1414


Skyway West 555 Hastings St W PO Box 12013, Vancouver V6B 4N4 Chris Miles ...... 604-482-1225604-482-1299 Business class access since 1996. Connecting Canada! ADSL, bonding and failover, wireless, fibre, co-locate, VoIP. Reliable access & excellent service. Suretel Telecomm Ltd 6540 Hastings St E Suite 436, Burnaby V5B 4Z5 Darryl Smith .... 604-298-3751604-298-3722

Epik Networks (Vancouver) Inc 789 Pender St W Suite 770, Vancouver V6C 1H2 ...................................... 604-282-4690 Eyeball Networks Inc 100 Park Royal Suite 102, West Vancouver V7T 1A2 Brian K Ellis ..... 604-921-5993604-921-5909 Glenbriar Technologies Inc 1687 Ingleton Ave, Burnaby V5C 4L8 Niki Rapanos ... 604-320-0155604-320-0157 IT Managed Services, ShoreTel Unified Communications and wireless applications. Flexible solutions for your business needs. Jio Infotech Inc 12698 61B Ave, Surrey V3X 3M5 Jasminder Rai ............................ 604-507-7065 Katz Networks Inc 808 Nelson St Suite 1700, Vancouver V6Z 2H2 Carl Katz ..................................... 778-294-0200 MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd 13800 Commerce Pkwy, Richmond V6V 2J3 Wendy Keyzer ..... 604-278-3411604-231-2787


Avigilon Corp 1038 Hamilton St Suite 406, Vancouver V6B 2R9 ........... 604-629-5182604-629-5183 Axis Technical Services Corp 5 Capilano Way, New Westminster V3L 5G3 Joana Barbulescu.....604-777-2907866-860-5634 BC TIA 1188 Georgia St W Suite 900, Vancouver V6E 4A2 Caylee Stewart.... 604-683-6159604-683-3879

Optinet Systems Inc 21331 Gordon Way Unit 3190, Richmond V6W 1J9 .......... 604-288-1300604-233-1255 Peter B Gustavson School of Business – University of Victoria PO Box 1700 Stn CSC, Victoria V8W 2Y2 Alma Osorio................................ 250-472-4787 RISO Canada Inc 21331 Gordon Way Suite 1120, Richmond V6W 1J9 Bev J Matushewski .........................604-244-7476 604-244-7436

Shaw Communications Inc 1067 Cordova St W, Vancouver V6C 3T5 Jillian Mullenix .......................... 888-472-2222

Canwest Telephone Co Corp 1520 Cliveden Ave Suite 10, Delta V3M 6J8 David Nicholls....604-526-7821604-526-5582 Corinex Communications Corp 570 Granville St Suite 1200, Vancouver V6C 3P1 Peter Sobotka ....604-692-0520604-694-0061

Information & Communications Technology

BCIT School of Computing 3700 Willingdon Ave, Burnaby V5G 3H2 ...................................... 604-412-7489 BCIT school of Computing delivers 30 diverse program options every year, full-time and part-time. Our graduates are career ready with applied information technology skills. CamCentral Systems Inc 7 7th Ave W Suite 300, Vancouver V5Y 1L4 Peter Turner ..... 604-876-3838604-876-3255 CanadaIT Ventures Inc 1275 6th Ave W Suite 206, Vancouver V6H 1A6 Dave Thomas.............................. 604-224-1547 Care Factor The Data Centre Company 1237 Richards St, Vancouver V6B 3G3 Michele Meston.... 800-465-1697403-543-0004

Telus Corp 555 Robson St, Vancouver V6B 3K9 ........... 604-432-2151604-432-9681

Com-Tech Learning Solutions Inc 1190 Melville St Suite 740, Vancouver V6E 3W1 Mandi Sellers ....604-899-2400604-688-1702

TeraSpan Networks Inc 6870 Palm Ave, Burnaby V5J 4M3 Darren Dofher ....604-684-8711877-373-5741

Dyrand Systems Inc 4370 Dominion St Suite 402, Burnaby V5G 4L7 Nicholas Drayer... 604-408-4415604-484-2043

Rittal Systems Ltd 10451 Shellbridge Way Suite 123, Richmond V6X 2W8 Adam Dries...... 604-232-5571604-232-5591 Rocket Networks 1127 15th St W, North Vancouver V7P 1M7 Johan Arnet................................ 604-288-8270 Seon Design Inc 111 Burbidge St Unit 3B, Coquitlam V3K 7B2 ........... 604-941-0880604-941-0870 SFU Business – MBA in Management of Technology/Biotechnology 500 Granville St, Vancouver V6C 1W6 ..................................... 778-782-7847 The Management of Technology MBA covers the breadth of the business disciplines but focuses on the business opportunities and challenges of technology and biotechnology firms. TCS Forensics Ltd 1312 Marine Dr SE, Vancouver V5X 4K4 Keith Perrin...... 604-432-7828604-432-6773 Whitenoise Laboratories (Canada) Inc 1736 10th Ave W Suite 701, Vancouver V6J 2A6 Andre Brisson .. 604-724-5094604-873-2467

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New Media

New Media



Backlot Media 555 Brooksbank Ave, North Vancouver V7J 3S5 John Durrant ... 604-983-5517604-648-9346 Bardel Entertainment Inc 548 Beatty St, Vancouver V6B 2L3 ............ 604-669-5589604-669-9079 Cadnet Media Inc 1500 Georgia St W Suite 300, Vancouver V6G 2Z6 William Bell..... 604-684-5555604-688-7228 Exile Visual Effects Studio 33 Water St Suite 805, Vancouver V6B 1A1 Mack Benz .................................. 604-338-3950 Goldtooth Creative Agency Inc 329 Railway St Suite 102, Vancouver V6A 1A4 Tyler Weiss ................................. 604-568-9168 Rainmaker Entertainment Inc 2025 Broadway W Suite 500, Vancouver V6J 1Z6 ............ 604-714-2691604-714-2641 Reel Wonders Animation Inc 402 Pender St W Suite 203, Vancouver V6B 1T6 John “Moose” Pagan ................. 604-689-9331 604-689-9331 TimeLapse Digital Inc 535 46th Ave E, Vancouver V5W 2A2 Rene Beland ............................... 604-644-3359



Akuter Technologies Inc 288 8th Ave W Suite 205, Vancouver V5Y 1N5 Didier Bourgeot ... 604-521-4229815-301-9303 Brilliant Knowledge Solutions Inc 1263 Barclay St Suite 501, Vancouver V6E 1H5 Glenn Preston ............................. 604-781-9065 GigaLuma Technologies Inc 4538 Kingsway Suite 502, Burnaby V5H 4T9 Laurie Duke ..... 604-568-7202604-568-7899 ILC Interactive Learning Corp 15406 37A Ave, Surrey V3S 0H2 Gary Gumley ............................... 604-538-5486

TrainingPartner by GeoMetrix 240 Bay St, Victoria V9A 3K5 Kathleen Lowe .... 800-616-5409250-361-9362 Proven in the marketplace since 1992, TrainingPartner offers a lower cost, more flexible alternative to high-priced enterprise learning and performance management systems.

INTERACTIVE DESIGN & COMMUNICATIONS 4030 Ace Film Co Inc 2325 Panorama Dr, North Vancouver V7G 1V4 Allen Jones ..... 604-682-0001604-929-5960 Analytic Design Group 163 Hastings St W Suite 507, Vancouver V6B 1H5 Karyn Zuidinga .... 604-669-7655604-669-7659

Appnovation Technologies 611 Alexander St Suite 320, Vancouver V6A 1E1 ........... 604-568-0313604-568-0314 Burnkit 397 Alexander St, Vancouver V6A 1C4 Josh Dunford .............................. 604-687-7715 Echelon Media Group Ltd 167 2nd W Ave Suite 290, Vancouver V5Y 1B8 Sergiy Melnik ............................. 604-874-4800 Emily Carr University of Art + Design 1399 Johnston St, Vancouver V6H 3R9 Dina Tracy........ 604-844-3800604-844-3801 Engine Digital Inc 717 Pender St W Suite 404, Vancouver V6C 1G9 Stephen Beck .....604-684-3330604-685-3323 FCV 333 Seymour St Suite 1100, Vancouver V6B 5A6 John Starkey ... 604-662-8407604-662-8409 Invoke 37 Dunlevy Ave, Vancouver V6A 3A3 Ryan Holmes ... 604-484-8902604-909-5178 Ion Branding + Design 948 7th Ave W, Vancouver V5Z 1C3 David Coates ... 604-682-6787604-682-6769 The Image Foundation 409 Granville St Suite 828, Vancouver V6C 1T2............ 604-688-4484604-688-4485 Magnify Digital Inc 338 8th Ave W Suite 208, Vancouver V5Y 3X2 Moyra Rodger ....604-879-7770604-879-7733 mod7 Communications Inc 602 Hastings St W Suite 614, Vancouver V6B 1P2 Wil Arndt ......... 604-647-6637604-647-6635 Nextphase Strategy Marketing Inc 1445 Georgia St W Suite 400, Vancouver V6G 2T3 Susan Sorich ... 604-669-1180604-669-3645

Noise Digital Inc 856 Homer St Suite 200, Vancouver V6B 2W5 Trevor Carr ....... 604-689-9574604-689-9575 PacBlue Printing 380 2nd Ave W Suite 200, Vancouver V5Y 1C8 Nicolas Slobinsky .....604-714-3288604-714-3289 Signals Design Group Inc 27 6th Ave W, Vancouver V5Y 1K2 Kosta Tsetsekas..... 604-732-9827604-732-9853 Starfish Communications Ltd 1649 Comox St Suite 303, Vancouver V6G 1P4 Greg Wold .................................. 604-683-0120 Switch United 128 8th Ave W, Vancouver V5Y 1N2 Mark Ross ....... 604-669-2296604-669-2310 Multi-disciplinary design studio specializing in multi-platform campaigns for TV & film as well as lifestyle markets including real estate project marketing.

Triad Communications Ltd 2751 Oxford St, Vancouver V5K 1N5 Gay Ludlow...... 604-253-3990604-253-0770

Tugboat Group Steve Gallagher... 604-879-9222604-879-9223 Open source CMS Solutions, robust custom application development, creative interface design, i-Marketing and full-service agency support. Work at Play 329 Railway St Suite 500, Vancouver V6A 1A4 David Gratton .. 604-685-6418604-685-6412

INTERACTIVE ENTERTAINMENT/ GAMES 4040 ACRONYM Games 4400 Dominion St Suite 115, Burnaby V5G 4G3 ........... 604-732-3606604-732-3611 Agentic Communications Inc 611 Alexander St Suite 308, Vancouver V6A 1E1 Phillip Djwa ..... 604-255-2131604-255-2505

BCIT School of Computing, Games Development Degree 3700 Willingdon Ave, Burnaby V5G 3H2 ...................................... 604-432-8644 Creativity + advanced programming = BCIT Games Development Degree. The program equips students with critical skills in multidisciplinary areas required in the industry. Capcom Game Studios Vancouver 4401 Still Creek Dr Suite 300, Burnaby V5C 6G9 Rob Barrett ...... 604-299-5626604-299-5653 Electronic Arts 4330 Sanderson Way, Burnaby V5G 4X1 ........... 604-456-3600604-456-5000 Hothead Games 887 Great Northern Way Suite 350, Vancouver V5T 4T5 Ian Wilkinson .....604-605-0018604-605-0017 Kerberos Productions 33 8th Ave E Suite 102, Vancouver V5T 1R5............ 604-781-9903604-357-1389 Klei Entertainment 1122 Mainland St Suite 450, Vancouver V6B 5L1 ............ 604-639-5722604-608-6598 Koolhaus Games Inc PO Box 5087 VMPO, Vancouver V6B 4A9 ........... 604-696-9717604-696-9744 Magellan Interactive 1008 Homer St Suite 310, Vancouver V6B 2X1 ........... 604-687-5407604-687-8767

mod7 Communications Inc 602 Hastings St W Suite 614, Vancouver V6B 1P2 Wil Arndt ......... 604-647-6637604-647-6635 Next Level Games 208 Robson St Suite 400, Vancouver V6B 6A1 ........... 604-484-6111604-464-6112 Nintendo of Canada Ltd 2925 Virtual Way Suite 150, Vancouver V5M 4X5 .......... 604-279-1600604-279-1649 Piranha Games 948 Homer St Suite 400, Vancouver V6B 2S2 ........... 604-484-6674604-484-4145 Propaganda Games 401 Georgia St W Suite 600, Vancouver V6B 5A1 ........... 778-785-7000604-484-0009 Radical Entertainment 369 Terminal Ave Suite 700, Vancouver V6A 4C4 Ken Rosman .... 604-688-0606604-685-0298 Rockstar Vancouver 858 Beatty St Suite 800, Vancouver V6B 1C1 ........... 604-632-9663604-632-9664 Slant Six Games Inc 1523 3rd Ave W Suite 300, Vancouver V6J 1J8 Brian Thalken .....604-637-9800604-637-9801 Smoking Gun Interactive Inc 1706 1st Ave W Suite 400, Vancouver V6J 0E4 ............ 604-689-7486866-250-7950 Teligence 1045 Howe St Suite 300, Vancouver V6Z 2A9 Harry Tran ........ 604-629-6055604-639-0514 THQ Canada Inc dba Relic Entertainment 550 Burrard St Suite 1500, Vancouver V6C 2C1 Jonathan Dowdeswell ............... 604-801-6577 604-801-6578 Ubisoft Vancouver Inc 840 Cambie St Suite 200, Vancouver V6B 0B4 ........... 778-329-4800778-329-4801 United Front Games 1110 Hamilton St Suite 500, Vancouver V6B 2S2 ........... 604-687-4263604-687-4264 Utherverse Digital Inc 1040 Hamilton St Suite 203, Vancouver V6B 2R9 ........... 778-329-9950778-329-9231

SOFTWARE 4050 bubblebox:media 885 Georgia St W Suite 1500, Vancouver V6C 3E8 Paul Gordon ..... 604-357-7194604-608-5555 Click Saya Communications Inc 5811 Cooney Rd Suite N400, Richmond V6X 3M1 Alan Yong ........ 604-484-8176604-279-8775 Destiny Media Technologies Inc (PlayMPE and Clipstream) 650 Georgia St W Suite 750 PO Box 11527, Vancouver V6B 4N7 Steve Vestergaard ...................... 604-609-7736 604-609-0611 DotNetNuke Corp 9440 202nd St Suite 211, Langley V1M 4A6 .......... 650-288-3151604-881-0050 PNI Digital Media Inc 425 Carrall St Suite 590, Vancouver V6B 6E3 Simon Cairns ... 604-893-8955604-893-8966

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BIV Magazines BCTECH 2011—73

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New Media


WEB DEVELOPMENT/MARKETING/ COMMERCE 4060 604media 49 Dunlevy St Suite 250, Vancouver V6A 3A3 Kelly Walker ............................... 604-637-7175 6S Marketing Inc 1120 Hamilton St Suite 402, Vancouver V6B 2S2 ........... 604-642-6765604-648-8264 Agentic Communications Inc 611 Alexander St Suite 308, Vancouver V6A 1E1 Phillip Djwa ..... 604-255-2131604-255-2505 Alphabet Communications Ltd 4618 217A St, Langley V3A 2N7 Tim Anderson .....604-514-9228604-514-9338 Antarctica Digital Marketing Inc 828 Harbourside Dr Suite 112, North Vancouver V7P 3R9 Jimmy Li .......... 604-998-3090800-878-3572 Attention Media 1775 Adanac St Suite 1, Vancouver V5L 2C8 Zoran .......................................... 604-771-8737 Austere Soft Inc 1285 Broadway W Suite 530, Vancouver V6H 3X8 Grant Wilson .............................. 604-251-5900

Femtech Media Inc 683 Bow Crt, North Vancouver V7J 3V2 Karima Premji ............................. 604-240-8324 Fresh Karma Communications Inc 1238 Burrard St Suite 506, Vancouver V6Z 3E1 Steve Everitt ............................... 604-737-2542 Graphically Speaking Services Inc 750 Pender St W Suite 604, Vancouver V6C 2T7 Darrell Hadden .... 604-682-5500604-682-1312 Habañero Consulting Group 1111 Melville St Suite 510, Vancouver V6E 3V6 Kris Anderson ....604-709-6201604-709-6073 iContext Internet Services Inc 2877 Boxcar St, Abbotsford V4X 2S5 Rob Wilson ................................. 778-386-7621 Idea Rebel 155 Water St, Vancouver V6B 1A7 Jamie Garratt .. 604-569-2155604-569-2155

Baseline Type & Graphics Cooperative 736 Granville St Suite 816, Vancouver V6Z 1G3 Ian Bateson ..... 604-683-5038604-683-1642 Blast Radius 1146 Homer St, Vancouver V6B 2X6 ........... 604-647-6500604-689-1963 Broadside Media Inc 20875 80 Ave Suite 89, Langley V2Y 0B2 Kyle Barker ...... 778-588-7482866-666-4428 Central Park Studios – Designers 5932 Patterson Ave Unit 109, Burnaby V5H 4B4 Ronald Thibodeau ...................... 604-435-5982 1 Alexander St Suite 313, Vancouver V6A 1B2 Patrick Lok ....... 866-310-9327604-430-4566 Cyberscape Marketing 21044 83A Ave, Langley V2Y 0C1 Brad Dirks ........ 604-513-8930604-513-8931 Domain7 Solutions Inc 33820 South Fraser Way Unit 2A, Abbotsford V2S 2C5 Ryan Hanawalt.... 604-855-3772604-854-3349 DPG Associates Web Design 5695 Chaffey Ave Suite 332, Burnaby V5H 2S1 Dawayne Wurtz.......................... 604-734-1045 E-xact Transactions Ltd 1152 Mainland St Suite 400, Vancouver V6B 4X2 Peter Fahlman ....604-691-1670604-694-1677 eBridge Marketing Solutions 4620 Teviot Pl, North Vancouver V7R 4M5 Hartland Ross ....604-731-5530425-645-4332 Falcon-Software Company Inc 2826 Bryn Maur Rd, Victoria V9B 3T4 Gary Eisenstein ... 250-480-1311250-480-1322

OpenRoad Communications Ltd 12 Water St Suite 210, Vancouver V6B 1A5 Darren Gibbons ... 604-694-0554604-694-0558

BCIT School of Computing, Games Development Degree 3700 Willingdon Ave, Burnaby V5G 3H2 ...................................... 604-432-8644 Creativity + advanced programming = BCIT Games Development Degree. The program equips students with critical skills in multidisciplinary areas required in the industry.

R U On The Net Inc 101 1001 Broadway W Suite 662, Vancouver V6H 4E4 Alan Schneider ........................... 604-731-1234

Centre for Digital Media at Great Northern Way Campus 577 Great Northern Way, Vancouver V5T 1E1 Spencer Rose ............................. 778-370-1004

Sky’s the Limit Web Marketing 11622 64A Ave, Delta V4E 2C6 Larry Gardner... 604-715-0760604-591-6367

DigiBC 1188 Georgia St W Suite 900, Vancouver V6E 4A2 Howard Donaldson..................... 604-602-5237

Snaptech Marketing and Communications 2465 Beta Ave Suite 110, Burnaby V5C 5N1 Octavio Marquez ......604-677-0742604-677-5237

Media FX Group 2109 Bellevue Ave Suite 401, West Vancouver V7V 1C2 Ron Jacklin ................................. 604-639-7380

Noise Digital Inc 856 Homer St Suite 200, Vancouver V6B 2W5 Trevor Carr ....... 604-689-9574604-689-9575

Telacquire Marketing Group Inc 101 1001 Broadway W Suite 125, Vancouver V6H 4E4 Edward Soorany ......................... 604-773-1745 Think 1090 Homer St. Suites 390 and 370, Vancouver V6B 2W9 .......... 604-638-1188604-893-8705

ideaLEVER Solutions Inc 163 Hastings St W Suite 407, Vancouver V6B 1H5 Robert Stocks .. 604-738-0906604-738-3334 Image Factory Inc 727 20th Ave E, Vancouver V5V 1N2 James Suk ....... 604-879-7922604-233-1947 Kaper Creative 3361 155B St, Surrey V3S 0K5 Karen Percy ................................ 604-802-0701 Kinky Logic Inc 225 8th Ave W Suite 202, Vancouver V5Y 1N3 Pam Zenkawich .......................... 604-685-6505 Lara Spence Web Design + Business Writing 5293 St Catherines St, Vancouver V5W 3G2 Lara Spence..... 604-324-4388604-876-5421 Lighthouse Design 13833 62nd Ave, Surrey V3X 2J7 Chris Braithwaite... 604-502-9771604-591-9771 Marqui Solutions Inc 1201 Pender St W Suite 300, Vancouver V6E 2V2 Richard Sharp ....604-682-7333604-682-7394 Mel Roth Design 640 Broadway W Suite 320, Vancouver V5Z 1G4 Mel Roth..................................... 604-715-4043 mod7 Communications Inc 602 Hastings St W Suite 614, Vancouver V6B 1P2 Wil Arndt ......... 604-647-6637604-647-6635 MovieSet Inc 1005 Cypress St, Vancouver V6J 3K6 Colleen Nystedt.......................... 604-732-7677 Neverblue 1221 Broad St Suite 201, Victoria V8W 2A4 Christian Cavanaugh .................. 250-386-5323 604-677-5441

Thirdi Software 119 Pender St W Suite 523, Vancouver V6B 1S5 Matt Friesen ............................... 604-909-4161

Stephen Dittberner 3D/Technical Illustration 3022 Sunnyhurst Rd, North Vancouver V7K 2G3 Stephen Dittberner..................... 604-980-0241 VRX Worldwide Inc 970 Homer St Suite 250, Vancouver V6B 2W7 David MacLaren .. 604-605-0050604-605-0051



CGA of BC 1867 Broadway W Suite 300, Vancouver V6J 5L4 ............ 604-730-6212604-732-9439

Tugboat Group Steve Gallagher... 604-879-9222604-879-9223 Open source CMS Solutions, robust custom application development, creative interface design, i-Marketing and full-service agency support. VentureWeb PO Box 1461, Squamish V8B 0B1 James Morris.....604-815-4542866-267-0953 101 1001 Broadway W Suite 125, Vancouver V6H 4E4 Edward Soorany ......................... 604-773-1745 WiderFunnel Marketing Optimization 675 Hastings St W Suite 1000, Vancouver V6B 1N2 Chris Goward.............................. 604-569-0897



Animation Brewery Productions Ltd 422 Richards St Suite 300, Vancouver V6B 2Z4 Stu Wenschlag ........................... 604-716-0055 BC TIA 1188 Georgia St W Suite 900, Vancouver V6E 4A2 Caylee Stewart.... 604-683-6159604-683-3879

Deloitte & Touche LLP 1055 Dunsmuir St Suite 2800, Vancouver V7X 1P4............ 604-669-4466604-685-0395 Ernst & Young LLP 700 Georgia St W Suite 1600 Box 10101, Vancouver V7Y 1C7 Lui Petrollini .... 604-648-3803604-643-5422 Incentive Access Group 7495 132 St Suite 2007, Surrey V3W 1J8 Tom Miszczak.....604-572-9548604-572-8793



Applied Electronics Ltd 5170B Timberlea Blvd, Mississauga ON L4W 2S5 Andre Beardle ..... 905-625-4321905-625-4425 Conti Electronics Ltd 32 2nd Ave W, Vancouver V5Y 1B3 Colby Harder.... 604-734-0606604-734-1195 Dolby Canada Corp 2985 Virtual Way Suite 150, Vancouver V5M 4X7 Doug Campbell.... 604-215-6866604-215-6900

74—BCTECH 2011 BIV Magazines

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Zoom Audio Visual Networks Inc Box 37011 Lonsdale RPO, North Vancouver V7N 4M4 Michael Stewart .................................................. 604-628-9350604-988-5512


Revenue Services Group 890 Pender St W Suite 600, Vancouver V6C 1K4 Ruth Spink ....... 604-295-8137604-733-7090 BC’s largest tax credit & funding advisory specializing in application services: SR&ED, IDMTC, CMF, Bell Fund, SDTC, CICP and Film&TV.


Ajilon Consulting 505 Burrard St Suite 1150, Vancouver V7X 1M4 .......... 604-689-8717604-629-1182 Ariel Communications Team Performance Wolf Strecko .............................. 604-908-5106 Burntsand Inc 650 Georgia St W Suite 1788, Vancouver V6B 4N8 ........... 778-372-1320604-687-0844 Cadman Consulting Group Inc 666 Burrard St Suite 500, Vancouver V6C 3P6 Gary Cadman .............................. 604-689-4345

Noise Digital Inc 856 Homer St Suite 200, Vancouver V6B 2W5 Trevor Carr ....... 604-689-9574604-689-9575 On-Mark-IT Consulting 4123 10th Ave W, Vancouver V6R 2H2 Gayle Moss ................................ 604-671-4516

Creekstone Consulting Inc 100 Park Royal S Suite 200, West Vancouver V7T 1A2 Lyn Blanchard ...... 604-926-8847604-922-0552 Dominion Sales & Marketing Services Inc 6200 McKay Ave Suite 141-466, Burnaby V5H 4M9 Tyler Dawson.............................. 778-783-0689 Greenlight Dynamics Inc 5659 Sunrise Cres W, Surrey V3S 7M4 Lynn McDonald ... 604-329-3042604-574-7815 Jumpstart Sales & Marketing Inc 6200 McKay Ave Suite 141-466, Burnaby V5H 4M9 Tyler Dawson.............................. 778-783-0689

Yaletown Venture Partners 1122 Mainland St Suite 510, Vancouver V6B 5L1 Mike Satterfield..... 604-688-7807604-688-7031



Blake Cassels & Graydon LLP 595 Burrard St Suite 2600, Vancouver V7X 1L3 William Maclagan...................... 604-631-3300 604-631-3309

Oyen Wiggs Green & Mutala LLP 601 Cordova St W Suite 480, Vancouver V6B 1G1 ........... 604-669-3432604-681-4081

Pearson Advertising Ltd 6526 Yew St, Vancouver V6P 5V9 Vic Weckerle .............................. 604-261-6991 Rocket Builders 1275 6th Ave W Suite 300, Vancouver V6H 1A6 Reg Nordman ............................. 604-484-9491

Campbell & Co Public Relations 23195 96 Ave Box 770, Fort Langley V1M 2S2 Steve Campbell ... 604-888-5267604-888-5269 Case studies, news releases, writing, international trade magazine PR. Clients: Digital Payment, Burcon, Kongsberg, Ledalite, GreenAngel, Xantrex.

Lawson Lundell LLP 925 Georgia St W Suite 1600, Vancouver V6C 3L2 Valerie Mann ... 604-685-3456604-669-1620

The Signal Group 999 Broadway W Suite 720, Vancouver V5Z 1K5 Peter Parrish ............................... 604-329-8476 Strategy Navigator 2136 Lockehaven Rd, North Vancouver V7G 1X6 Noulan W Bowker ...................... 604-980-4494 604-638-6081



ANGEL Forum – Vancouver 408 Inglewood Ave, West Vancouver V7T 1X1 Bob Chaworth-Musters ..............604-926-7327 BFL Canada Insurance Services Inc 1177 Hastings St W Suite 200, Vancouver V6E 2K3 Robin Messenger ....................... 604-669-9600 604-686-9316

Bull Housser & Tupper LLP 1055 Georgia St W Suite 3000, Vancouver V6E 3R3 Chris Wilson .... 604-641-4841604-646-2548 Protect your brand, your invention, your competitive advantage. Commercialize it. Enforce it. A leading technology team backed by a full-service business team. Clark Wilson LLP 885 Georgia St W Suite 800, Vancouver V6C 3H1 Simone Fell...... 604-687-5700604-687-6314 Providing a full range of legal services to technology businesses: financing from early stage to U.S. and Canadian public markets, intellectual property protection and enforcement, company formation and governance, M&A transactions, employment, privacy, tax and cross border immigration – IT, cleantech, video gaming, new media and outsourcing.

Chrysalix Energy Venture Capital 1367 Broadway W Suite 400, Vancouver V6H 4A7 Mike Sherman..... 604-659-5499604-659-5479 Deloitte & Touche LLP 1055 Dunsmuir St Suite 2800, Vancouver V7X 1P4............ 604-669-4466604-685-0395

KC Concepts Inc 1045 9th Ave W Suite 209, Vancouver V6H 1C3 Karen Campbell .......................... 604-734-0041

Investor-Ready Workshops 408 Inglewood Ave, West Vancouver V7T 1X1 Bob Chaworth-Musters ..............604-926-7327

Kibiuk New Media – Mobile Media Marketing 4710 Woodvalley Pl, West Vancouver V7S 2X3 Peter Paul Kibiuk ........................ 604-230-4529

IPE Investment Pitch Enterprises Ltd 1111 Pender St W Suite 3507, Vancouver V6E 2P4 Joseph Nuyten ........................... 604-605-8522

Lead Generators International Sales & Marketing Group Inc 6200 McKay Ave Suite 141-466, Burnaby V5H 4M9 Tyler Dawson.............................. 604-918-5078

Kubera Payments Corp 939 Homer St Suite 3502, Vancouver V6B 2W6 Spencer Patrick Browes ............. 855-458-2372 604-676-2514

Major Client Selling Vancouver Don Linder ................ 250-941-4153

Part Time CFO Inc 1480 Foster St Suite 28, White Rock V4B 3X7 Dennis W Mee .... 604-535-4994866-201-7901

Richards Buell Sutton LLP 401 Georgia St W Suite 700, Vancouver V6B 5A1 ........... 604-682-3664604-688-3830 Smart & Biggar 650 Georgia St W Suite 2200, Vancouver V6B 4N8 John W Knox ... 604-682-7780604-682-0274



Campbell & Co Public Relations 23195 96 Ave Box 770, Fort Langley V1M 2S2 Steve Campbell ... 604-888-5267604-888-5269 Inside Information Inc 1279 Nicola St Suite 306, Vancouver V6G 2E8 Lois Sperling............................... 604-684-6434 Reframe Marketing 1820 Fir St Suite 280, Vancouver V6J 3B1 Karen Milde................................ 778-837-4163

Davis LLP 666 Burrard St Suite 2800, Vancouver V6C 2Z7 Chris Bennett... 604-687-9444604-687-1612 A full-service law firm with expertise in intellectual property, technology and outsourcing, video games and interactive entertainment and renewable energy projects. Farris Vaughan, Wills & Murphy LLP 700 Georgia St W Suite 2500 Box 10026 Pacific Centre, Vancouver V7Y 1B3 ........... 604-684-9151604-661-9349 Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP 550 Burrard St Suite 2900, Vancouver V6C 0A3 Will Westeringh .... 604-631-3131604-631-3232 Koffman Kalef LLP 885 Georgia St W Suite 1900, Vancouver V6C 3H4 Mark E Wong .....604-891-3688604-891-3788



A-Z World Translation and Interpretation Inc 704 Maurelle Crt, North Vancouver V7R 2M1 Ana Maria Zúñiga ...................... 604-351-3615 Alma Consulting Group (Pinchevsky) 4180 Lougheed Hwy Suite 220, Burnaby V5C 6A7 James Suk ....... 604-734-0117604-734-0118 Applied Science Technologists & Technicians of British Columbia 10767 148 St, Surrey V3R 0S4 John Leech ...... 604-585-2788604-585-2790 BFL Canada Insurance Services Inc 1177 Hastings St W Suite 200, Vancouver V6E 2K3 Robin Messenger .....604-669-9600604-686-9316

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BCTech11 dbase.indd 75

BIV Magazines BCTECH 2011—75

5/18/11 8:33:47 PM


Wireless Hays – Recruiting Experts Worldwide 1050 Pender St W Suite 2150, Vancouver V6E 3S7 Jackie Burns .... 604-648-4297604-648-0588

CB Richard Ellis: The High Technology Facilities Group 1111 Georgia St W Suite 600, Vancouver V6E 4M3 Mark Renzoni .....604-662-3000604-684-9368 Clarrus Consulting Group Inc 7770 Elford Ave, Burnaby V3N 4B7 Jim Brosseau... 604-540-6718604-648-9534 Communicopia Internet Inc 134 Abbott St Suite 601, Vancouver V6B 2K4 Jason Mogus... 604-844-7672604-844-7673 Ernst & Young LLP 700 Georgia St W Suite 1600 Box 10101, Vancouver V7Y 1C7 Lui Petrollini .... 604-648-3803604-643-5422 HR Tech Group 4389 Maple St, Vancouver V6J 3V9 Allison Rutherford ...................... 604-874-2653 604-874-2654 LingoStar Language Services 4950 Keith Rd, West Vancouver V7W 2N1 Lenka de Graafova ..................... 604-629-8420 866-714-3189 PwC 250 Howe Street Suite 700, Vancouver V6C 3S7 Kate Furber ...... 604-806-7000604-806-7806

RECRUITING 7050 1A VanJobs 2906 Broadway W Suite 212, Vancouver V6K 2G8 Mark Strong ............................... 604-739-1711 Aerotek 4321 Still Creek Dr Suite 150, Burnaby V5C 6S7 Chris Boyd ....... 604-293-8010604-293-8090

Korn/Ferry International Vancouver 1055 Dunsmuir St Suite 3300 Box 49206, Vancouver V7X 1K8 Kevin McBurney .... 604-684-1834604-684-1884

Lock Search Group 1040 Georgia St W Suite 810, Vancouver V6E 4H1 Frank Joe ......... 604-669-8806604-669-5385 We are Canada’s leading management, marketing and sales search firm, specializing in various sectors including high-tech. McNeill Nakamoto Recruitment Group 1250 Homer St Suite 305, Vancouver V6B 1C6 Sarah McNeill....604-662-8967604-662-8927 Miles Employment Group Ltd 1055 Georgia St W Suite 2480 PO Box 11110, Vancouver V6E 3P3 Sandra Miles ... 604-694-2500604-694-2511 P3 Resources Ltd 355 Burrard St Suite 1000, Vancouver V6C 2G8 Pomponia Martinez .................... 604-681-6641 604-630-8844 Sapphire Canada a div of Randstad Interim Inc 609 Granville St Suite 630, Vancouver V7Y 1G5 Mike Cvitkovich... 604-687-5919604-687-5397 TM8 Recruitment 701 Georgia St W Suite 1500, Vancouver V7Y 1C6 Trent Mason ............................... 778-858-2799



BC Innovation Council 1188 Georgia St W Suite 900, Vancouver V6E 4A2 ........... 604-683-2724604-683-6567 BC TIA 1188 Georgia St W Suite 900, Vancouver V6E 4A2 Caylee Stewart.... 604-683-6159604-683-3879 BeyondTech Solutions Inc 3665 Kingsway Suite 300, Vancouver V5R 5W2 Stella Kuan ...... 604-433-0617604-433-0677 Corporate Recruiters Ltd 1140 Pender St W Suite 490, Vancouver V6E 4G1 ........... 604-687-5993604-687-2427 Fusion Recruitment Group 777 Hornby St Suite 2088, Vancouver V6Z 1S4 Allan Welyk ..... 604-678-5627604-669-6047 Future Works Training Inc 543 Granville St Suite 303, Vancouver V6C 1X8 Dorothy Keenan .. 604-684-4176604-684-4195 Globaltech Recruiting Inc 1246 Duchess Ave, West Vancouver V7T 1H4 Carene Morton .... 604-913-0006604-913-0014 GO Recruitment 601 Broadway W Suite 400, Vancouver V5Z 4C2 Raymond To ..... 604-871-4166604-871-4168

BCIC – New Ventures Competition 1188 Georgia St W Suite 900, Vancouver V6E 4A2 Ange Schick..... 604-725-5740778-782-7977 ctc TrainCanada 1155 Pender St W Suite 650, Vancouver V6E 2P4 Sales Department ...................... 604-685-1205 604-685-1570 Discovery Parks Inc 887 Great Northern Way, Vancouver V5T 1E1 ............ 604-734-7275604-734-7278

Hale! Marketing 1066 Hamilton St Suite 405, Vancouver V6B 2R9 Pauline Hale ............................... 604-688-0202

JETRO Vancouver/Japan External Trade Organization 700 Pender St W Suite 1202, Vancouver V6C 1G8 ........... 604-684-4174604-684-6877 Peter B Gustavson School of Business – University of Victoria PO Box 1700 Stn CSC, Victoria V8W 2Y2 Alma Osorio................................ 250-472-4787 Wesgar Inc 1634 Kebet Way, Port Coquitlam V3C 5W9 .......... 604-942-9558604-942-4045

SUSTAINABLE TECHNOLOGIES AIR POLLUTION ABATEMENT EQUIPMENT, NOISE/VIBRATION EQUIPMENT 5010 Air Phaser Environmental Ltd 19292 60th Ave Suite 308, Surrey V3S 3M2 Doug Lanz ........ 604-532-5856604-533-7134 Envirotech Air Inc 8207 Swenson Way Suite 9, Delta V4G 1J5 George Daschko .... 604-951-2330604-951-2335 ELECTRIC VEHICLE TECHNOLOGIES 5005 Azure Dynamics Corp 3900 North Fraser Way, Burnaby V5J 5H6 ........... 604-224-2421604-419-6392 E-One Moli Energy (Canada) Ltd 20000 Stewart Cres, Maple Ridge V2X 9E7 Alyson Cuthbertson .................... 604-466-6604 604-466-6600 Rapid Electric Vehicles Inc 1570 Clark Dr, Vancouver V5L 3L3 ............ 604-568-5195604-909-2855 ENVIRONMENTAL MONITORING & INSTRUMENTATION 5030 Argus Control Systems Ltd 1281 Johnston Rd, White Rock V4B 3Y9 Marlene Mackenzie ................... 604-538-3531 604-538-4728 Faradyne System Group Inc 4471 No 6 Rd Suite 150, Richmond V6V 1P8 Reggie Ho ........ 604-278-1887604-278-5313 GREEN BUILDING & SUSTAINABLE PLANNING SERVICES 5040 Avid Consulting Group Ltd 610 Granville St Suite 807, Vancouver V6C 3T3 Jo Anne Gin................................ 604-974-0522 Delta Controls Inc 17850 56th Ave, Surrey V3S 1C7 ........... 604-574-9444604-574-7793 Light-Based Technologies 3689 1st Ave E Suite 200, Vancouver V5M 1C2 Stephen Wilson..... 604-299-4421604-299-4451 Philips Ledalite 19750 92A Ave, Langley V1M 3B2 Tim Berman ..... 604-888-6811604-888-2003 Reliable Controls Corp 120 Hallowell Rd, Victoria V9A 7K2 ........... 250-475-2036250-475-2096 Urban Systems Ltd 13353 Commerce Pky Suite 2353, Richmond V6V 3A1 Carla Berrie ..... 604-273-8700604-273-8752

HAZARDOUS/SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT 5050 Belkorp Industries Inc 1508 Broadway W Suite 900, Vancouver V6J 1W8 .......... 604-688-8533604-688-3569 INFORMATION SYSTEMS FOR SUSTAINABLE RESOURCE MANAGEMENT 5060 CNRG International Inc 1005 Alpha Lake Rd Unit 3, Whistler V0B 1B0 Dick Mynen ..... 604-938-1949604-938-1247 Powertech Labs Inc 12388 88th Ave, Surrey V3W 7R7 Susan Hancock.... 604-590-7500604-590-5347 Pulse Energy 576 Seymour St Suite 600, Vancouver V6B 3K1 Alexi Bergeron ....... 778-331-0500778-331-0501 SAP Canada Inc 910 Mainland St, Vancouver V6B 1A9 Krysha Nair...... 604-972-2274604-681-2934 WATER & WASTEWATER TREATMENT: WATER CONSERVATION EQUIPMENT 5100 Atmoswater Research 2116 Grand Blvd, North Vancouver V7L 3Y7 Roland Wahlgren ....................... 604-985-3720 BioteQ Environmental Technologies Inc 355 Burrard St Suite 1100, Vancouver V6C 2G8 Tanja McQueen ... 604-685-1243604-685-7778 ECO-TEK Ecological Technologies Inc 20543 96 Ave Suite 10, Langley V1M 3W3 Kimron Rink ..... 778-298-6835778-298-6836 McKay Creek Technologies Ltd 4271 Highland Blvd, North Vancouver V7R 2Z7 Bruce Tennant ............................ 604-970-8495 Spectral Innovations Ltd 16447 64th Ave Suite 201, Surrey V3S 6V7 Greg M’Lot ...... 604-576-8700604-677-5859 WestCAD Services Ltd 7382 Winston St Suite 201, Burnaby V5A 2G9 Brian Burnell.... 604-421-3806604-421-3808 OTHER 5000 BC Innovation Council 1188 Georgia St W Suite 900, Vancouver V6E 4A2 ........... 604-683-2724604-683-6567 BC TIA 1188 Georgia St W Suite 900, Vancouver V6E 4A2 Caylee Stewart.... 604-683-6159604-683-3879 Carbon Credit Corp 1055 Hastings St W Suite 1500, Vancouver V6E 2E9 Shawn Burns .............................. 604-628-2494 Peter B Gustavson School of Business – University of Victoria PO Box 1700 Stn CSC, Victoria V8W 2Y2 Alma Osorio................................ 250-472-4787


Alpha Technologies Ltd 7700 Riverfront Gate, Burnaby V5J 5M4 Paul Drabble .... 604-430-1476604-436-1233

76—BCTECH 2011 BIV Magazines

BCTech11 dbase.indd 76

5/18/11 8:33:48 PM


Wireless Cascadia Tower Inc 545 Clyde Ave Suite 208, West Vancouver V7T 1C5 Morrie Finn ................................. 604-986-7177

Sierra Wireless Inc 13811 Wireless Way, Richmond V6V 3A4 ...................................... 604-231-1100

Mobio Identity Systems Inc 375 Water St Suite 350, Vancouver V6B 5C6 Nina Takahashi 604-561-3492800-776-9545

Tranzeo Wireless Technologies Inc 19473 Fraser Way, Pitt Meadows V3Y 2V4 ........... 604-460-6002604-460-6005

Omega Communications Ltd 1751 Harvey Ave Suite 100, Kelowna V1Y 6G4 ........... 250-860-8016250-860-7477

Vecima Networks Inc 4210 Commerce Circle, Victoria V8Z 6N6 ........... 250-881-1982250-881-1974 Ericksson Canada Inc 5255 Satellite Dr, Mississauga ON L4W 5E3 Patricia MacLean .. 905-206-7928905-629-6707 In Motion Technology Inc 625 Agnes St Suite 350, New Westminster V3M 5Y4 Louise Labuda . 604-523-2371604-648-9629 OMNEX Control Systems ULC 1833 Coast Meridian Rd Suite 74, Port Coquitlam V3C 6G5 ........... 604-944-9247604-944-9267



WebTech Wireless Inc 4299 Canada Way Suite 215, Burnaby V5G 1H3 ........... 604-434-7337604-434-5270



Brand2hand Media Inc 280 Nelson St Suite 412, Vancouver V6B 2E2............ 778-330-4360778-737-7562

Pinter Electronics Consultants 1404 Mary Hill Ln, Port Coquitlam V3C 4C3 Christopher Pinter ...................... 604-484-9175 PlayMobility 1090 Pender St W Suite 400, Vancouver V6E 2N7 ...................................... 604-807-4464 QR Loyalty 1055 Hastings St W Suite 1450, Vancouver V6E 2E9 ....................................... 604-783-4360 Upside Wireless Inc 1211 Melville St Suite 1401, Vancouver V6E 0A7 Branko Zurkovic... 604-687-7433604-628-0105


Ericksson Canada Inc 5255 Satellite Dr, Mississauga ON L4W 5E3 Patricia MacLean .. 905-206-7928905-629-6707

Skyway West 555 Hastings St W PO Box 12013, Vancouver V6B 4N4 Chris Miles ...... 604-482-1225604-482-1299  www. Business class access since 1996. Connecting Canada! ADSL, bonding and failover, wireless, fibre, co-locate, VoIP. Reliable access & excellent service.


BC TIA 1188 Georgia St W Suite 900, Vancouver V6E 4A2 Caylee Stewart.... 604-683-6159604-683-3879 BWireless 625 Howe St Suite 150, Vancouver V6C 2E5 Boris Bosnjak... 604-689-8480604-689-9410

Pacific Design Engineering (PDE) 8505 Eastlake Dr, Burnaby V5A 4T7 Bruce Stevens ..... 604-421-1311604-421-9202

Glentel Inc 8501 Commerce Crt, Burnaby V5A 4N3 Thomas Skidmore....................... 604-415-6500 604-415-6565

DigiBC 1188 Georgia St W Suite 900, Vancouver V6E 4A2 Howard Donaldson..................... 604-602-5237 G4S Justice Services (Canada) Inc 6592 176th St Suite 103, Surrey V3S 4G5 Douglas H Blakeway .................. 604-576-8658 604-576-0436

Wavefront 1055 Hastings St W Suite 1450, Vancouver V6E 2E9 Patty Lee.......... 778-331-7500778-331-7470 Wavefront accelerates the growth of Canada’s wireless and new media companies by providing training, advisory and testing services, as well as facilitated global market linkages and incubation space.

Company index 1A VanJobs, 76, 69 3DM Devices Inc, 68 3LOG Systems Inc, 69 604media, 74 6S Marketing Inc, 74 A A-Z World Translation and Interpretation Inc, 75 ABB Inc, 68 Absolute Software Corp, 69 AccelRate Power Systems Inc, 68 Accenture, 69 Ace Film Co Inc, 73 ACL Services Ltd, 69 ACRONYM Games, 73 Active Network, 69 ActiveState Software, 69 Acumen Engineering Ltd, 68 Aegis Mobility Inc, 72 Aerotek, 76 Agentic Communications Inc, 73, 74 AIC Communications Inc, 68 Air Phaser Environmental Ltd, 76 Ajilon Consulting, 75 Akuter Technologies Inc, 73 Allon Therapeutics Inc, 66 Allstream, 72 Alma Consulting Group (Pinchevsky), 75 Alpha Technologies Ltd, 68, 76 Alphabet Communications Ltd, 74 Amgen British Columbia Inc, 66 Ampco Manufacturers Inc, 68 Analytic Design Group, 73 Analytic Systems Ware (1993) Ltd, 68 Andornot Consulting Inc, 69 ANGEL Forum – Vancouver, 75 Angiotech Pharmaceuticals Inc, 66 Angstrom Power Inc, 67 Animation Brewery Productions Ltd, 74

Annex Consulting Group Inc, 69 Answer Company, 69 Antarctica Digital Marketing Inc, 74 Applied Electronics Ltd, 74 Applied Science Technologists & Technicians of British Columbia, 75 Appnovation Technologies, 73 Aquinox Pharmaceuticals Inc, 67 ARC Medical Devices Inc, 66 Argus Control Systems Ltd, 76 Ariel Communications Team Performance, 75 Ashford Training Technologies Inc, 66 Astec Components Ltd, 68 Atmoswater Research, 76 ATP Engineering Inc, 69 Attention Media, 74 Austere Soft Inc, 74 Avcorp Industries Inc, 66 Avid Consulting Group Ltd, 76 Avigilon Corp, 72 Axis Technical Services Corp, 72 Azure Dynamics Corp, 76 B Backbone Systems, 69 Backlot Media, 73 Balbo Medical Systems, 66 Ballard Power Systems Inc, 67 Banks-Hill Systems Ltd, 69 Bardel Entertainment Inc, 73 Baseline Type & Graphics Cooperative, 74 BC Innovation Council, 76 BC Search Engine Optimization Marketing, 69 BC TIA, 66, 67, 68, 72, 74, 76, 77 BCIC – New Ventures Competition, 76 BCIT School of Computing, 72

BCIT School of Computing, Games Development Degree, 73, 74 Belcarra Technologies, 68 Belkorp Industries Inc, 76 Bell Business Solutions, 69 Bell Canada, 72 Berkley Custom Software Consultants, 69 BeyondTech Solutions Inc, 76 BFL Canada Insurance Services Inc, 75 Binary Stream Software Inc, 69 biOasis Technologies Inc, 66 BioCurex Inc, 66 Bionic Power Inc, 67 BioteQ Environmental Technologies Inc, 76 BL Innovative Lighting, 68 Black & Baird Ltd, 66 Blake Cassels & Graydon LLP, 75 Blast Radius, 74 Boreal Genomics Inc, 66 Brand2hand Media Inc, 77 BRI Biopharmaceutical Research Inc, 67 Bridge Systems, 72 Brilliant Knowledge Solutions Inc, 73 Broadside Media Inc, 74 bubblebox:media, 73 Bull Housser & Tupper LLP, 75 Bullfrog Power, 67 Burli Software Inc, 70 Burnkit, 73 Burntsand Inc, 75 Business Pro Computers, 69 BWireless, 77 C Cadex Electronics Inc, 68 Cadman Consulting Group Inc, 75 Cadnet Media Inc, 73 CamCentral Systems Inc, 72

Campbell & Co Public Relations, 75 CanadaIT Ventures Inc, 72 Canadian Circuits Inc, 68 Canadian Communications Products Inc, 72 Candlewest Systems Ltd, 70 Canwest Telephone Co Corp, 72 Carbon Credit Corp, 76 Cardiome Pharma Corp, 67 Care Factor The Data Centre Company, 72 Carmanah Technologies Corp, 68 Cascadia Tower Inc, 77 CB Richard Ellis: The High Technology Facilities Group, 76 CBVL Robotics Inc, 68 CDC Software, 70 Celator Pharmaceuticals, 67 Central Park Studios – Designers, 74 Centre for Digital Media at Great Northern Way Campus, 74 CGA of BC, 74 CGI Group Inc, 70 Chrysalix Energy Venture Capital, 75, 74 Clark Wilson LLP, 75 Clarrus Consulting Group Inc, 76 Click Saya Communications Inc, 73 CloudPockets, 70 Cloudworks Energy Inc, 67 CNRG International Inc, 76 Coastal Contacts Inc/ Clearly Contacts, 66 Coastal Pacific Aviation Ltd, 66 Coastal Range Systems Inc, 70 Cogent Health Solutions Inc, 70 Com-Tech Learning Solutions Inc, 72 Communicopia Internet Inc, 76 Compugen Systems Ltd, 70 Computrol Fuel Systems Inc, 68 Compuwork Pacific Inc, 70 Conquer Mobile Inc, 70 Conti Electronics Ltd, 74

BCTech11 dbase.indd 77

Corecon Construction Software, 70 Corinex Communications Corp, 72 Corporate Recruiters Ltd, 76 CounterPath Corp, 72 Creation Technologies Inc, 68 Creekstone Consulting Inc, 75 ctc TrainCanada, 76 Cyberscape Marketing, 74 D Davis LLP, 75 Day4 Energy Inc, 67 DDP Consulting Group/Dynamic Datacorp People, 70 DDS Wireless International Inc, 72 Deloitte & Touche LLP, 74, 75 Delta Controls Inc, 76 Delta-Q Technologies Corp, 68 Dena Technologies Inc, 68 Destiny Media Technologies Inc (PlayMPE and Clipstream), 73 DigiBC, 74, 77 Digital Payment Technologies Corp, 70 Digitel Systems Inc, 72 Discovery Parks Inc, 76 Discovery Software Ltd, 70 Distributed Systems Software, 70 DK Systems Inc, 70 DNA Data Networking and Assemblies Ltd, 66 Dolby Canada Corp, 74 Domain7 Solutions Inc, 74 Dominion Sales & Marketing Services Inc, 75 Dorigo Systems Ltd, 68 DotNetNuke Corp, 73 Dougan Consulting Group Inc, 70 DPG Associates Web Design, 74 dPoint Technologies Inc, 67 Dyrand Systems Inc, 72

BIV Magazines BCTECH 2011—77

5/18/11 8:33:48 PM

E, 70 E-Factor Engineering Inc, 68 E-One Moli Energy (Canada) Ltd, 68, 76 E-xact Transactions Ltd, 74 EA Energy Alternatives Ltd, 67 eBridge Marketing Solutions, 74 Echelon Media Group Ltd, 73 Eclipsys Corp, 70 ECO-TEK Ecological Technologies Inc, 76 EcoCentury Technologies Inc, 68 Elastic Path Software, 70 Electronic Arts, 73 Eloquent Systems Inc, 70 Emily Carr University of Art + Design, 73 Endurance Wind Power, 67 Energex Inc, 68 enGene Inc, 67 Engine Digital Inc, 73 Enterprise CodeWorks Inc, 70 Envirotech Air Inc, 76 Epik Networks (Vancouver) Inc, 72 EPSI Computer Systems Inc, 70 Ericksson Canada Inc, 68, 69, 70, 72, 77 Ernst & Young LLP, 74, 76 Esi Software Inc, 70 Essential Software Solutions Inc, 70 ETC Telecom, 72 Exile Visual Effects Studio, 73 Eyeball Networks Inc, 72 F Falcon-Software Company Inc, 74 Faradyne System Group Inc, 76 Faronics, 70 Farris Vaughan, Wills & Murphy LLP, 75 Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP, 75 Fast + Epp, 66 FCV, 73 Fdata Management Software Inc, 70 Femtech Media Inc, 74 Finavera Renewables Inc, 67 FINCAD, 70 Flagship Systems, 70 Fluidseal Inc, 67 Form3 Design Inc, 68 Freethem Inc, 67 Fresh Karma Communications Inc, 74 Functional Technologies Inc, 66 Fusion Recruitment Group, 76 Future Works Training Inc, 76 G G4S Justice Services (Canada) Inc, 77 Galdos Systems Inc, 70 GaleForce Solutions Inc, 70 General Fusion Inc, 67 Genome BC, 67 GensCorp IT, 70 Georeference Online Ltd, 69 GeoTility Geothermal Installations Corp, 67 GigaLuma Technologies Inc, 73 Glenbriar Technologies Inc, 72 Glentel Inc, 77 Global Relay Communications Inc, 70 Globaltech Recruiting Inc, 76 GM Solutions Inc, 70 GO Recruitment, 76 Goldtooth Creative Agency Inc, 73 Graphically Speaking Services Inc, 74 Gravit-e Technologies Inc, 70 Gravity Computers Inc, 70 Greenlight Dynamics Inc, 75 Greenlight Innovation Corp, 67 H Habañero Consulting Group, 74 Hale! Marketing, 76 Harts Systems Ltd, 70 Hawk Ridge Systems, 68 Hays – Recruiting Experts Worldwide, 76 Heart Force Medical Inc, 66 Heuristic Engineering Inc, 67 Honeywell Process Solutions, 68 Hothead Games, 73 HR Tech Group, 76

Hum Technology Ltd, 70 Hypercube Technologies Corp, 70 I iContext Internet Services Inc, 74 Icron Technologies Corp, 69 Idea Rebel, 74 Ideaca Knowledge Services Ltd, 70 ideaLEVER Solutions Inc, 74 ILC Interactive Learning Corp, 73 Image Factory Inc, 74 In Motion Technology Inc, 77 In-House Solutions, 70 Incentive Access Group, 74 INETCO Systems Ltd, 70 Infonet Technology Corp, 70 Inimex Pharmaceuticals Inc, 67 Inside Information Inc, 75 Integrio Systems, 70 International Thermal Research, 68 Internet Lightspeed Communications – Dolphin Global Tel, 69 Investor-Ready Workshops, 75 Invoke, 73 Ion Branding + Design, 73 Ionocom Communications Inc, 68 Iotron Technologies Inc, 67 IPE Investment Pitch Enterprises Ltd, 75 iQmetrix, 70 – Web Hosting and Web Design, 69 J JETRO Vancouver/Japan External Trade Organization, 76 Jio Infotech Inc, 72 Jumpstart Sales & Marketing Inc, 75 K Kaper Creative, 74 Kardium Inc, 66 Katz Networks Inc, 72 KC Concepts Inc, 75 Kelowna Flightcraft Group of Companies, 66 Kerberos Productions, 73 Keywest Networks (Canada) Inc, 72 Kibiuk New Media – Mobile Media Marketing, 75 Kinexus Bioinformatics Corp, 67 Kinky Logic Inc, 74 Klei Entertainment, 73 Klein Systems Group Ltd, 70 Knowledgetech Consulting Inc, 70 Kobelt Development Inc, 70 Kodak Graphic Communications Group, 70 Koffman Kalef LLP, 75 Koolhaus Games Inc, 73 Korn/Ferry International Vancouver, 76 Kubera Payments Corp, 75 L Lara Spence Web Design + Business Writing, 74 Latitude Technologies Corp, 66 Lawson Lundell LLP, 75 Lead Generators International Sales & Marketing Group Inc, 75 Levelton Consultants Ltd, 68 Light-Based Technologies, 76 Lighthouse Design, 74 Lignol Energy Corp, 67 LingoStar Language Services, 76 Linkatech Technologies, 70 Lock Search Group, 76 Lockhart Industries Ltd, 67 Loki Systems Inc, 70 Lyna Manufacturing Inc, 66 M MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd, 72 Magellan Interactive, 73 Magma Energy Corp, 67 Magnify Digital Inc, 73 MagPower Systems Inc, 67 Major Client Selling, 75 Make Technologies Inc, 70 Marqui Solutions Inc, 74 Maximizer Software Inc, 70 Maxxam Analytics Inc, 68

McGauley Consultants Ltd, 68 McKay Creek Technologies Ltd, 76 McKesson Medical Imaging, 66 McNeill Nakamoto Recruitment Group, 76 MDMI Technologies Inc, 66 Media FX Group, 74 MediaPower New Media Communications, 72, 72 Medinet Health Systems Inc, 70 Mel Roth Design, 74 Michitsch Systems Inc, 71 Microserve, 71 Microsoft Canada Development Centre, 71 Microzip Data Corp, 71 Miles Employment Group Ltd, 76 Mobio Identity Systems Inc, 77 mod7 Communications Inc, 73, 74 MovieSet Inc, 74 MRX Solutions Corp, 71 MultiHat Solutions Inc, 71 N Navarik Corp, 71 Navigata Communications, 69 Neova Technologies Inc, 66 Neovasc Inc, 66 netArchitechs, 71 Netcetera Consulting Inc, 71 NetPersist Solutions Group Inc, 71 Nevada Geothermal Power Inc, 67 Neverblue, 74 Next Level Games, 73 Nexterra Systems Corp, 67 Nextphase Strategy Marketing Inc, 73 Nintendo of Canada Ltd, 73 Noise Digital Inc, 73, 74, 75 Nokia, 72 Norpac Controls Ltd, 68 Norsat International Inc, 72 Norsys Software Corp, 71 North American Telecommunications Group, 72 NxtGen Emission Controls Inc, 68 O OA Solutions, 68 Oce Display Graphics Systems, 69 Offshore Systems Ltd, 71 Omega Communications Ltd, 77 OMNEX Control Systems ULC, 77 Omni Graphics Ltd, 68 On-Mark-IT Consulting, 75 OncoGeneX Technologies Inc, 67 OneMove Technologies Inc, 71 Open Box Integration Inc, 71 OpenRoad Communications Ltd, 74 Optinet Systems Inc, 72 Ostara Nutrient Recovery Technologies Inc, 66 Oyen Wiggs Green & Mutala LLP, 75 P P3 Resources Ltd, 76 PacBlue Printing, 73 Pacific Design Engineering (PDE), 68, 69, 77 Pacific Insight Electronics Corp, 68 Pacific Online, 69 Padtech Global Sourcing, 68 Part Time CFO Inc, 75 PDFTron Systems Inc, 71 Pearson Advertising Ltd, 75 PEER 1 Hosting, 72 Pegasus Pharmaceuticals Group Inc, 67 Perceptronix Medical Inc (PMI Labs), 66 Peter B Gustavson School of Business – University of Victoria, 72, 76 Phase 1 Systems Corp, 69 Philips Ledalite, 76 Phoenix Systems, 71 Pinter Electronics Consultants, 77 Piranha Games, 73 Pitstop Media Inc, 69 PlayMobility, 77 Plutonic Power Corp, 67 PMC-Sierra, 68 PNI Digital Media Inc, 73 Powertech Labs Inc, 76 PRAGMATIC GROUP, 69 Precision Injection Molding Inc, 66 Prime Signal Ltd, 69

Pro Mac Support, 71 Propaganda Games, 73 Pulse Energy, 76 PwC, 76 Q QHR Technologies Inc, 71 QLT Inc, 67 QR Loyalty, 77 Quartech Systems Ltd, 71 R R U On The Net Inc, 74 Radiant Communications Corp, 69 Radical Entertainment, 73 Rainforest Automation Inc, 68 Rainmaker Entertainment Inc, 73 Ralph’s Radio, 72 Rapid Electric Vehicles Inc, 76 Redline Pro Manufacturing, 66 Reel Wonders Animation Inc, 73 Reframe Marketing, 75 Reliable Controls Corp, 76 Rent-A-Nerd Computer Services Inc, 71 Response Biomedical Corp, 66 Revenue Services Group, 75 Richards Buell Sutton LLP, 75 RISO Canada Inc, 72 Rittal Systems Ltd, 72 Robert Allan Ltd, 69 Rocket Builders, 75 Rocket Networks, 72 Rockstar Vancouver, 73 Rocky Mountain Business Systems Inc, 71 Rogers Communications Partnership, 72 RSC Group, 71 RSI International Systems Inc, 71 Ryan Manufacturing Inc, 66 S S-P International Inc, 68 Safe Software Inc, 71 Sage, 71 salonMonster, 71 Samco Software Inc, 71 SAP Canada Inc, 71, 76 Sapphire Canada a div of Randstad Interim Inc, 76 Schneider Electric (Renewables Business Unit), 67 SCOOP Consulting, 71 Sea Breeze Power Corp, 67 Seon Design Inc, 72 SFU Business – MBA in Management of Technology/ Biotechnology, 67, 72 Shaw Business, 69 Shaw Communications Inc, 72 Sierra Systems, 71 Sierra Wireless Inc, 77 Signal Group, 75 Signals Design Group Inc, 73 Silver Stream, 72 Simba Technologies Inc, 71 Sirius Genomics Inc, 66 Sky’s the Limit Web Marketing, 74 SkyTrac Systems, 66 Skyway West, 69, 72, 77 Slant Six Games Inc, 73 Smart & Biggar, 75 Smart Hotel Software, 71 Smartcool Systems Inc, 68 Smoking Gun Interactive Inc, 73 Snaptech Marketing and Communications, 74 Softrend Systems Inc, 71 Softscribes Services Inc, 71 Sophos Inc, 71 Speakeasy Solutions Inc, 71 Spectral Innovations Ltd, 76 Squirrel Systems, 71 Standard Marketing Ltd, 69 Starfish Communications Ltd, 73 StarGarden Group, 71 Steeves and Associates, 71 STEMCELL Technologies Inc, 67 Stephen Dittberner 3D/technical Illustration, 74 Strategy Navigator, 75 Suretel Telecomm Ltd, 72 SustaiNet Software International Inc, 71 Swift Power Corp, 67 Switch United, 73

System Directions Ltd, 69 System Safety Services, 66 T Talent Technology Corp, 71 Tangram Design Ltd, 69 Tantalus, 68 TCS Forensics Ltd, 72 Tekion, Inc, 67 Tekmira Pharmaceuticals Corp, 67 Tekskil Industries Inc, 66 Telacquire Marketing Group Inc, 74 Teligence, 73 Telus Corp, 72 TeraGo Networks Inc, 69 TeraSpan Networks Inc, 72 TETRAD Computer Applications Inc, 71 Think, 74 Thirdi Software, 74 THQ Canada Inc dba Relic Entertainment, 73 Thurber Engineering Ltd, 69 TimeLapse Digital Inc, 73 Times Telecom Inc, 72 TM8 Recruitment, 76 TMW Systems Canada Inc, 71 Top Producer Systems, 71 Touchstone Webworks Inc, 71 TP Systems, 71 TrainingPartner by GeoMetrix, 71, 73 TransAlta (formerly Canadian Hydro Developers), 67 Tranzeo Wireless Technologies Inc, 77 Triad Communications Ltd, 73 TRIUMF, 67 Tugboat Group, 73, 74 U Ubisoft Vancouver Inc, 73 Ucora Corp, 71 Uniserve Communications Corp, 69 United Front Games, 73 Upside Wireless Inc, 72, 77 Urban Systems Ltd, 76 Utherverse Digital Inc, 73 V Vancouver Profile Online Services, 69 Vandelta Communication Systems Ltd, 72 Vecima Networks Inc, 77 Vector Aerospace Helicopter Services Inc, 66 Ventana Tech Inc, 72 VentureWeb, 74 Ventyx, an ABB Company, 72 Verisante Technology Inc, 66 Versawave Technologies Inc, 69 Vigil Health Solutions Inc, 66 Viking Air Ltd, 66 Virtual Perceptions Systems Inc, 72 Vision Critical Communications, 72 Vitrium Systems Inc, 72 Vivonet Inc, 72 VRX Worldwide Inc, 74 W Waterstreet Technologies Group Inc, 72 Watlow Western Canada, 68 Wavefront, 77, 74 Inc, 69 WebTech Wireless Inc, 77 Welichem Biotech Inc, 67 Wesgar Inc, 76 WestCAD Services Ltd, 76 Western Pacific Enterprises Ltd, 72 Westport Innovations Inc, 67 Whitenoise Laboratories (Canada) Inc, 72 WiderFunnel Marketing Optimization, 74 Work at Play, 73 XYZ Xenon Pharmaceuticals Inc, 67 XLR8 Systems, 72 Xylon Biotechnologies Ltd, 66 Yaletown Venture Partners, 75 Zalicus Pharmaceuticals Ltd, 67 Zoom Audio Visual Networks Inc, 75 Zymeworks Inc, 67

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Become an entrepreneur. Get to the top. Invest three months to get the skills, practice and knowledge you need to eďŹ&#x20AC;ectively launch your business idea. Classes begin in May and September. Visit for course and registration information.

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