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Patel correctly diagnosed patient: court 5 MARCH, 2013: Jayant Patel correctly diagnosed the cause of bleeding in a patient who died after surgery, a court has been told. Mervyn Morris, 75, died of complications including heart and lung failure and septicaemia after the former Bundaberg Hospital surgeon removed part of his colon in an attempt to address rectal bleeding in 2003. Patel has pleaded not guilty in the Supreme Court in Brisbane to his manslaughter. Giving evidence for the defence on Monday 4 March, gastroenterologist Dr Johan van den Bogaerde said he had analysed Mr Morris's medical notes and concluded Patel had correctly formed the view that the bleeding was caused by diverticular disease. He said it was "very unlikely" the profuse dark blood was caused by radiation proctitis, which the Crown alleges was the correct diagnosis. Dr van den Bogaerde said radiation proctitis generally caused bright red blood. He said he had "never" seen a patient with radiation proctitis presenting symptoms similar to those Mr Morris had when he came to hospital in May 2003. Several other witnesses for the Crown have given evidence that Mr Morris suffered from radiation proctitis, which could be treated with iron tablets and blood transfusions. The trial continues. Source AAP

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From the Publisher "Summer ends, and Autumn comes, and he who would have it otherwise would have high tide always and a full moon every night" ~ Hal Borland "For man, autumn is a time of harvest, of gathering together. For nature, it is a time of sowing, of scattering abroad" ~ Edwin Way Teale SO Autumn is here and soon it will be Easter, before we know it the year would have passed us by. Climate change gets the blame for the adverse weather conditions we have been experiencing, global warming shows one of the hottest Summers, not to mention the wettest. On the flip side Victoria witnessed the bush fires. Election is in the year, so expect a lot of campaigning in some form or the other. Asylum seeker issues still remain greatly unresolved with mixed reaction to the detainees being released into the community. People not so much opposed to the idea but they feel the government has a duty of disclosure to the community, many have called for a complete overhaul of the policy with a long term solution as opposed to many band aid fixes . The topic is sensitive as Australia has a Humanitarian obligation which it has to uphold. Questions have been raised in regards to the validity of the Asylum seekers, some fear that it has been misused to gain entry into Australia. On the other hand genuine Asylum seekers have been held in detention centres under severe conditions for prolonged time. So it remains a balancing act, we will hear a lot more commentary on the issue and no doubt the policies adopted will affect election results. The carbon Tax and the mining resources rent tax also remain high on the agenda, though clear policies have not been put on the table. In Queensland, Treasurer Tim Nicholls has been forced to re-launch the government's unpopular home construction grant. The $15,000 handout was introduced in the September budget for first-time buyers purchasing newly-constructed properties to

stimulate the building industry. It controversially replaced the $7,000 firsthome buyers grant which was available to those buying new or existing homes. This will hopefully stimulate the sector, it had previously failed to do, and a massive campaign is being undertaken to promote this. On a brighter note , I was privileged to attend GOPIO GYAAN in Sydney, and represent GOPIO International. It is encouraging to see our youngsters doing so well not only academically but also in the field of sports arts and culture. The High achievers definitely have set a very high bench mark, results like 97%, 98% and even 99% . This demonstrates the value our community places on education, not only are our youth adopting to the Australian values they are also excelling in their chosen fields. On the community scene we have seen functions and events gain momentum, as people are getting back from holidays. Holi takes place in March, celebrating spring (in India) and colour. During this holiday, festive street parties take place in which people throw coloured powder and water at each other. Each colour has a particular religious significance, with many people using medicinal herbs in their balls of powder. Some other Hindu holidays include days to celebrate the births of specific gods, like Shiva Ratri, commemorating the birth of Shiva in March. Congratulations to Pundit Raj Kumar Mishra on celebrating his 80th Birthday and 50th wedding anniversary. Until next Month Happy reading, Umesh Chandra

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Recent news about Australian Migration Regulations Government Plans Changes to Subclass 457 Visa Program THE Federal Government has announced before the upcoming election on 14 September 2013 some changes to the current SC457 visa program. A quick summary of the changes are as follows: * Additional investigation powers for DIAC inspectors to obtain information from employers they suspect of being dishonest. * Implementation of a new skills test to prove jobs were for "genuine" skills shortages as it has been noted that some employers were creating positions that were really "unskilled and possibly not even a real job". * Closing loopholes that allow foreign workers to be paid less than an Australian citizen by increasing from $180,000 to $250,000 the threshold at which they must pay "market rates". * Preventing employers from creating their own market to manipulate pay rates. * Raising requirements for foreign workers to speak English. * Restricting foreign workers being onhired to a different employer in regions where there are not skill shortages. * Checking that employers offer training for locals to fill skills shortages before they seek foreigners. Migration Policy changes have not been announced and is expected to be implemented before the election. State and territory nominated skilled visa subclasses 475, 487, 176 and 886 Applications which have an approved State / Territory Government nomination will be given Priority Processing Group 3 status, and will be allocated to a case officer by 31 March 2013. Applications which do not have an approved nomination will be processed after 31 March 2013, and each application will be reviewed on a case by case

basis. Nomination evidence – can be provided to DIAC by emailing: This can include: a completed Form 1100 State / Territory Nomination submitted to the department by the nominating state or territory government (this is our preferred form of evidence) or a written correspondence confirming nomination from the state or territory government. However, your nominated occupation must be on either the Skilled Occupation List (in effect at time of visa application lodgement) or the current Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List. If you have an approved nomination, your visa will be processed in line with the current priority processing direction and migration program planning levels. It is anticipated that the application will be allocated to a visa processing officer by 31 March 2013. If you do not have an approved nomination then your application will be processed after 31 March 2013. We need to review each application and the information you have provided regarding your nomination. Eligible Countries for Work and Holiday Visa (Subclass 462) The purpose of this visa is for appli-

cants to holiday and travel in Australia. This visa is for people from Argentina, Uruguay, Bangladesh, Chile, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Turkey and the USA. Citizens of Iran who are currently in Australia on a Work and Holiday visa may also be eligible to apply for further Work and Holiday visas. Work and Holiday visa holders are allowed to undertake any type of work on a temporary basis. Applicants are able to work for up to six months with each employer and study for a maximum of four months. If granted a Work and Holiday visa applicants have 12 months from the grant date to enter Australia. The visa is valid for 12 months from the date you first enter Australia. The visa does not allow family members to be included (including, spouse and children). Applicants must be aged between 1830, meet educational and English requirements. Educational requirements for certain countries are listed in chart pictured above. This article is intended to provide general information on migration issues and does not constitute migration advice, and no responsibility is accepted by Kiran Goel or AIEES for the accuracy of material appearing in the Brisbane Indian Times. (Ms Kiran Goel MARN: 0639149)

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Creativity of Meenas

Relief for Fiji By Peter Lane Rai

THIS March, artisan presents Creativity of Meenas, an exhibition all the way from India which celebrates the dying craft of Mandana painting by the Meena tribe of Rajasthan, India. Mandana paintings, by women of the Meena tribe, are applied to the clay walls and floors of kucha (mud houses) using brilliant white chalk and red ochre. The paintings, depicting geometric shapes, symbols, and human and animal figures, are produced as expressions of joy and compassion for nature. The art of Mandana is passed down by social exchange through generations of Meena women, many of whom hone their artistic skills to expert level. The artworks displayed at artisan are based on traditional Mandana, but painted onto paper by today’s Meena women.

artisan Exhibitions Manager and Curator Simone Jones said, ”We are thrilled to present the artwork of the Meena women, which was effectively ignored in the written histories of the Rajasthan region due to conflict between the Meena tribe and British settlers. The exhibition curator, Dr Madan Meena, is an expert in Meena art and an accomplished artist, and we look forward to unveiling this fascinating exhibition to the Brisbane public.” Dr Madan Meena is travelling from India to install the Creativity of Meenas exhibition, and he will present a floor talk at 5pm on Thursday the 7th of March before the exhibition launch kicks off at 6pm. Creativity of Meenas will run from the March 8 – June 15. Admission is FREE.


MANY of our readers have relatives and friends who were affected by the floods that hit Fiji in December 2012 and no doubt sent money and aid to help them. My own adult daughter had a school girl friend of Fijian background whose Brisbane family raised money by selling curries of chicken rice and vegetables. Our family bought one. Another person helping Fijians is 68 years old, Les Elcome from Cleveland and a friend of our correspondent Pete Lane Rai. Les got involved with organizing help for Fiji a few years ago when an occupational therapist working in Redlands wanted to do voluntary work for a year in Fiji. When Les offered to help her she sent him a wish list of equipment she needed to take with her. He worked miracles and was able to give • Les with a wheel chair and bike he has worked on. three pallets of medical What is wonderful that his work over the and general equipment and clothing by givyears has not gone unnoticed or unappreciing much of his own time and money. Les also has sent bikes that he has rebuilt ated. This year he was awarded Order of the to the flood battered suburb of Goodna in Australian Medal. Not content with his medal, he is now 2011 as well as to far away Africa. He has also helped those with special needs within planning another load of medical equipment the disabled community in Brisbane and for Fiji. overseas by rebuilding both wheel chairs The lesson we learn from Les is simple: do and medical equipment. We need to under- what we can, when we can to help those stand that Les does not have the full use of with greater needs than ours. This is truly God's love. his right hand.

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Council opens community development grants LORD Mayor Graham Quirk is encouraging not-for-profit groups helping to address community needs and social issues to apply for grant funding. The Lord Mayor said community groups could apply for a Community Development and Capacity Building Grant worth up to $10,000 until March 18, 2013. “We want Brisbane to be an inclusive city and this program is about fostering this sense of community identity and bolstering the connections within it,� Cr Quirk said. “These grants go directly to projects that respond to emerging local and city-wide community issues and empower people to address them. “Increasing social inclusion is a great way to reduce the isolation of people with high need in our community.� Cr Quirk said Council awarded a total of

$82,250 in Community Development and Capacity Building Grants to nine local notfor-profit organisations across the city in 2011/12. “Some of those funds were used to deliver disability awareness training to arts and cultural workers, to provide a number of collaborative community events to engage with international students and a social circus skills program targeting marginalised women with a mental health illness,� Cr Quirk said. “As a result of this funding, the broader community gain skills, knowledge, awareness and understanding of the issues these groups face.� For more information, visit or phone Council on 3403 8888.

Another Milestone for Guru Nanak Sikh Temple (Gurudwara) Inala

Adver tisement

By Amarjit S Nagi- Sunnybank MOVING forward and leaving its indelible footmarks on the passage of time, Guru Nanak Sikh Temple (GNST) recently achieved another significant milestone in its short history. What appeared like a distant dream a few years ago came true in a recently held general meeting of the GNST Association. The association’s new constitution was passed with an overwhelming support of the members present at the meeting and a number of significant decisions were also taken. Atmosphere of the meeting was cordial and brimming with enthusiasm where all attendees actively participated in the discussions and made their point of view known freely. Upon ratifying the constitution, it was resolved that the GNST Association be registered with the Department of Fair Trading QLD as an independent legal entity. S. Harjinder Singh Randhawa has been appointed to make an application to register the association with the Department of Fair Trading. A noteworthy feature of the Gurudwara constitution is that two positions in the management committee have been preferentially retained for the women candidates. This is a very progressive step towards recognising the contribution that women make in running the day to day operations of the Gurudwara. As far as we can recall this is the first time in Brisbane, if not in Australia, that such a provision has been made in a Gurudwara constitution to recognise the importance of women in the Sikh community, particularly in the management aspect of its religious institutions. Later, an open election was held to elect the management committee for the year 2013 as per the newly approved constitution. There was considerable interest and enthusiasm among the members to join in the Gurudwara committee. Eleven members had put forward their names for election, contesting nine positions in the committee. Harjinder Singh Randhawa was the appointed Returning Officer and following members were elected for the management committee for 2013: Mukhtiar Singh Sidhu, Jarnail Singh Bassi, Amarjit Singh Nagi, Pritam Singh Jhaj, Gurdip Singh Malhotra, Michael Singh Bageda, Kashmir Kaur Soomal, Nicky Kaur Gill and Balbir Kaur Heyer. Other significant news is that the new Granthi Jatha has arrived from India and commenced kirtan diwans at the Gurudwara from 24 Feb 2013. Furthermore, major renovations have been undertaken in the main hall of the premises and a new ceiling and lighting systems have been installed greatly enhancing the ambience and aesthetic appeal of the premises. We humbly request to all to join in the congregation on Sundays and enjoy the benefits of this greatly enhanced facility. Call Trudi on 07 3356 0102

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FICQ News….. MULTICULTURALISM, amongst its many definitions, refers to ideologies or policies that promote cultural diversity or its institutionalization. We speak over 260 languages and identify with more than 270 ancestries. Whilst there is the diversity due to varying cultures, origin, and languages, these communities have integrated with each other very well. Apart from their passion to settle for nothing less than the best, emergence as strong trade economies and unconditional love for the game of cricket, India and Australia share a very significant date in common on the National Calender of the two countries. Each year on 26th January, Australia celebrates Australia Day and India celebrates Republic Day, while us, the people of Indian Origin who have chosen to make Australia our home, feel extremely proud and privileged to help the cultural integration between these two fantastic nations get stronger. The Federation of Indian Communities of Queensland Inc. (FICQ) is the umbrella body consisting of 32 Indian organizations, which represent people of Indian origin now living in Queensland. Today FICQ represents about 50,000 Australian citizens /permanent residents of Indian diaspora and Indian

• President of FICQ Naidu Bodapati with invited VIP guest Natalie Cook.(Olympian Beach Volley Ball) at Australia India Day celebrations.

overseas students living in Queensland and is proudly the largest Indian Federation in Australia. Befitting its stature amongst the multicultural representation in Queensland, FICQ held this Year’s celebrations of 26th January at iSEE College Auditorium, Seventeen Mile Rocks. With flooding in Bundaberg and Gympie just prior and almost continuous rain pouring down in the days leading upto the celebrations, there was a touch of doubt on the success of the night. But we, the Queenslanders, have shown over and over again, the strength and determination to overcome adverse conditions and achieve our goals. The function was a huge

success with close to 400 people filling the auditorium. As always, FICQ’s member organizations were of course a big part of the success with the active participation of their keen and enthusiastic memberships. The formal part of the evening commenced around 6:30 PM with a welcome to all the dignitaries and invited guests along with the large numbers of general populous. These invited guests comprised The Hon Campbell Newman, Premier of Queensland & Honorary Indian of the Year, Mrs Lisa & Ms Sarah Newman, The Hon Robert Cavallucci, Assistant Minister of Multicultural Affairs, The Hon Ian Walker MP, Assistant Minister for Planning Reforms, The Hon Tanya Smith MP, Representing Mr Elmes, Minister Multicultural Affairs, Ian Stewart, Police Commissioner of Qld & Mrs Stewart, Cr. Owen Taylor, representing The Hon Graham Quirk, Lord Mayor of Brisbane, The Hon Freya Ostapovitch MP, Mr Tarun Kumar, the First Secretary, High Commission of India, Mrs Archana Singh, the Hon High Commissioner of India & Dr V Singh, Ms Raynuha Sinnathamby, Springfield Land Corporation & Mr Warren Seetp, Ms Natalie Cook & Ms Sarah Maxwell, Swami

• (L-R): Lila Pratap (Women's Committee Chair Person), Varad Raval (Public Relations Officer), Dr. Naidu Bodapati (President), Surendra Prasad (Patron), Jim Varghese (Patron), Prof. Prasad Yarlagadda (Vice- President), Premier Campbell Newman (Honorary Indian of the Year), Paramjit Sarai (Vice-President), Dr. Maha Sinnathamby (Patron). Photo from 2012 Diwali event.

Atmesananda, Mr Surendra Prasad, Past-President and Patron of FICQ, and several other business and cultural leaders. The other two Patrons of FICQ namely Dr Maha Sinnathamby and Mr Jim Varghese could not attend the function in person, but their encouragement and best wishes were with us. Befitting the occasion, the celebrations on the evening began with the National Anthem of Australia followed by the Indian National Anthem sung by the melodious Mrs Usha Chivukala. A traditional Kathak danced followed this and the performance by Miss. Rinky Bala, student of Mrs. Namita Debroy Nritya of Bharati School of Kathak Dance was very well appreciated. Dr Naidu Bodapati (President of FICQ) spoke about the significance of the day for both nations and the healthy

ongoing relationships at all levels between representatives of the two nations. He then invited Queensland’s Honorary Indian of the Year Campbell Newman to address the gathering. The Premier of Queensland emphasised on the tremendous potential of ongoing partnerships between the two strong nations at various levels. Mrs Saswati Basu Chatterjee presented an Indian Classical patriotic dance in the form of a Tagorean style. Mrs Archana Singh also addressed the gathering. The Australian Olympian Ms Natalie Cook presented a very motivational talk on the cultural integration between India and Australia. Formal part of the evening ended with a Vote of Thanks by Mul Chand, FICQ’s Treasurer. The conclusion of the formal function allowed the guests to mingle with each

other while enjoying the sumptuous dinner catered on the evening. I took a moment to ponder on the value of such gatherings which would provide today’s Youth with an opportunity to experience and appreciate the richness of the Indian culture & traditions as well as understand & appreciate the history of this great Country of ours. Once again, another successful event organised by FICQ where the true Queenslander and Australian spirit of Multiculturalism was on display. The hard work put in by the FICQ Executive Committee strongly led by Dr Naidu Bodapati, under the able guidance of our Patrons and ably supported by our member organizations made this event so successful. Varad Raval Public Relations Officer, FICQ Web:

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Call Trudi on 07 3356 0102


BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Sanstha Brisbane News…..

WHETHER it’s an accident, surgery or disaster, every minute of every day someone needs blood to survive. BAPS Charities sincerely believes in this cause and actively organized blood donation drives for the benefit of one and all. With the blessings of its spiritual leader, His Holiness Pramukh Swami Maharaj, BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Sanstha, Brisbane organised a blood donation drive under the auspices of the Australian Red Cross on Saturday 2 February 2013 at Sunnybank Scout Club, Queensland. Around 27 people had donated blood. Other donors have been asked to visit their local blood donation centre. About BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha in Brisbane BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha is a spiritual and humanitarian Hindu organization based in India with its roots in the Vedas. It was revealed by Bhagwan Swaminarayan in the late 18th century and formally established in 1907. Founded on the pillars of practical spirituality, BAPS reaches out to address many of the spiritual, moral and social challenges and issues we face in our world. Its

Celebrating multicultural Australia THE Gillard Government is celebrating multicultural Australia with a new heritage theme for 2013 looking at the stories and contribution of migrants. Environment Minister, Tony Burke and Multicultural Affairs Minister, Kate Lundy today called on the community to bring forward nominations for national heritage places around a new theme celebrating multicultural Australia. “For every Australian, the story of their family heritage is either the story of the first Australians or a story of the journey here,” Mr Burke said. “The national heritage list has many examples of indigenous heritage and many examples of our colonial history, but I have never understood why we have been so slow to recognise the heritage of those families who have come to Australia in the many waves of immigration we have had subsequent to our colonial history. “No matter what religion people are, no matter what part of the world they came from, whether they came here for job or

whether they came fleeing persecution, their stories are part of Australia’s story. “The whole concept of the heritage list is to tell the story of Australia. Only when the multicultural stories are added will the list truly tell the story of our nation.” Senator Lundy said Australia is a successful multicultural nation with over 7 million migrants successfully settling here since the Second World War. “Australia’s multicultural story is an important part of our national history,’’ Senator Lundy said. “I encourage Australians to nominate places that capture the contributions of migrants so their legacy can continue for future generations.” A call for nominations for places on the National Heritage and Commonwealth Heritage lists is currently open and will close on 15 March 2013. For more information go to nominating/index.html

GOPIO International Women's council Chair visits Brisbane strength lies in the purity of its nature and purpose. BAPS strives to care for the world by caring for societies, families and individuals. This is done by individual attention, through elevating projects for all. Its universal work is carried out in Brisbane through weekly gatherings every Sunday from 5.00pm to 7.00pm at Macgregor State High School, Macgregor, 29 Blackwattle St. (end of Wadley st.), Macgregor, QLD, 4109. For further Information please contact: Suresh Patel on (07) 3299 2929 or 0487 180 000; Kiran Patel on 0433 889 926 or Dhirajlal Pala 0400 474 215

MRS Suman Kapoor, chairperson GOPIO International women's Council visited Brisbane. GOPIO Queensland held a dinner function in her Honour at Simla restaurant in Mt Gravatt. GOPIO Queensland president Shyam Das welcomed everyone to the dinner requested Mrs Suman Kapoor to talk about the forthcoming women's conference. Mrs Kapoor is planning a women's conference in New Zealand later this year, the approval was given at the GOPIO International annual meeting in Kochi earlier this year. In a radio interview at Radio 4 EB's Hindi program Mrs Kapoor sought the support of all women whether in GOPIO or not. She said the conference will be on women and

women's issues but participants and presenters will be both men and women. At the dinner function Umesh Chandra announced the nomination of Professor Prasad Yarlagadda as co chair of GOPIO International Science and Technology Council.

GOPIO rewards high achieving youth

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SYDNEY, 2 March, high achieving youth of people of Indian Origin living in New South Wales were recognised at a special awards ceremony. The special ceremony known as GYAAN, which in Hindi translate to "knowledge" was organised for the fourth year by GOPIO Sydney. GYAAN stands for GOPIO Youth Award achievers Night. The awards are to honour HSC students of NSW of Indian origin on their achievements in HSC 2012 exams. Awards in Academic, Indian Languages, Dance, Drama, Music, Photography, Visual Arts and Sports etc. President Lucky Singh and her team did a marvellous job of organising the fourth GYAAN, the venue this year was Parra Villa reception centre. Despite other functions in Sydney on the night, the event was sold out to capacity of around 450 people.

The chief guest was Deputy High Commissioner of India in Australia HE Surinder K Datta, Umesh Chandra GOPIO International coordinator (Oceania) represented GOPIO International. The young achievers had demonstrated exceptional excellence in their chosen fields and the marks achieved were impressive all in the high ninety percentage. Apart from the awards the night included Bollywood performances and other cultural items. Nathan MP was awarded the "Friends of India Award". A special fundraising drive for Twisha Makwana, a young girl who needs a special operation to enable her to consume food through her mouth saw approximately $9,500 raised on the night. Twisha has a special tube through which she's is being fed, this has been the case since her birth. Call Trudi on 07 3356 0102

Call Trudi on 07 3356 0102


United Nations of Indian Classical Music a success THE rescheduled United Nation of Indian Classical music was held on 23 February, at Queensland Multicultural Centre. Yuki opened with Dhrupad in Raga Yaman, Dhamar (14 beats) and Sooltaal (10 beats), accompanied by Shen Flindell on tabla. Prof Huib Schippers especially complimented her on her achievement after just 5 years studies in Dhrupad. Mathuja Bavan gave a beautiful Bharat Natyam performance of 3 short pieces, and several audience members later commented that it was the best Bharat Natyam they had ever seen. Tahir Qawwal and his wife Barbi were accompanied in several pieces - khyal, geet, Qawwali - by excellent Sydney-based tabla player Maharshi Raval. I think this might have been the most popular item of the evening. During the break the audience were served complimentary chai and samosas courtesy of Sitar Restaurant. After the break Mathuja gave another 10 minute performance, which was followed by the jugalbandi between Vinod Prasanna (bansuri) and Saikat Bhattacharya (sitar), accompanied on tabla by both Maharshi and Shen Flindell, Maharshi played a high D

tabla and Shen played an octave below, which created a nice texture to the percussive accompaniment. Vinod invited the audience to meditate together for a minute or so before starting a beautiful Raga Bageshri - alap, gats in vilambit, madhya lay and drut teentaal. The programme closed with the bhajan "Om Jai Jagdish Hare", joined by all the musicians as well as the audience. In the final section "Jai Ram, Jai Ram", Mathuja appeared from side of stage and performed some lovely improvised dance. The atmosphere was buzzing and organisers received so many compliments on the quality of each performance and on the overall programming selection.

Flood recovery assistance packages extended IN the wake of the most recent flooding in January Ipswich City Council has extended its flood recovery assistance package first introduced after the 2011 flood. Planning and Development Committee Chairperson Councillor Paul Tully announced that following recent flooding these packages will be extended to 2014. “The 2011 floods which devastated Ipswich left a huge amount of damage to local homes and businesses,” Cr Tully said. “At the time council responded swiftly with a planning and development flood recovery assistance package for flood affected property owners and businesses. “This package temporarily scrapped fees for construction works necessary to the reinstate existing buildings and land use activities within flood-affected

areas. “This package also included a 50% fee reduction for applications where an owner chose to amend, significantly alter or expand their activities following the flood. “All applications within floodaffected areas were processed via a fast track process. “Extending these provisions to 31 January 2014 means Ipswich residents whose homes and businesses were affected by recent flooding will get their properties back on track sooner. “Floods and natural disasters can cause huge damage overnight, but it takes time to rebuild and it takes time to make decisions about the future of affected homes and businesses. “That’s why council has taken these steps, so that people have time to rebuild without unnecessary expense.”

Lunar New Year Festival by TFAQ SUNNYBANK, Taiwan Friendship Association of Queensland celebrated 2013 Lunar New year at McGregor State School on 17th February. The festivities began at 10am with the stall and performances. The VIP reception was held from 2 pm at the Queensland Taiwan centre in Sunnybank shopping Centre. The reception was attended by a large number of politicians and community leaders. President Anthony Lin welcomed everyone to the event and spoke the importance of the celebrations. The guests were treated to light snacks etc before being escorted by the lion dancers to the main auditorium for the official opening and speeches. Lord Mayor Graham Quirk and Police commissioner Ian Stewart were amongst the large number of dignitaries. It was a wise decision to hold the official program indoor with the uncertainty of the weather. The day Included multicultural performances, dance, music, martial arts, Taiwanese cuisine, raffle draws and finished off with spectacular fireworks leading into the new year.


Call Trudi on 07 3356 0102

Call Trudi on 07 3356 0102


Northern Nevada Muslims honor Hindu statesman Rajan Zed IN a remarkable interfaith gesture, Northern Nevada Muslim Community has honored Hindu statesman Rajan Zed with a “letter of appreciation”, for promoting interfaith dialogue. This “letter of appreciation” was presented by Northern Nevada Muslim Community President Dr. Sherif Elfass to Zed, who is President of Universal Society of Hinduism, at an interfaith clergy reception accorded in Zed’s honor in Nevada (USA) recently.

Signed by Elfass, it states: “This is letter of appreciation is presented on behalf of the Muslims in Northern Nevada to Mr. Rajan Zed in recognition for his exceptional effort in promoting interfaith dialogue nationally and internationally.” “Mr. Zed’s initiative to promote interfaith dialogue all over the world will ultimately bring peace and harmony among the people. And, we, the Northern Nevada Muslim

Community, are thankful for his work”, it adds. Rajan Zed has taken up interfaith, religion, environment, Roma (Gypsies) and other causes all over the world. He has read opening prayers in United States Senate, various state senates and houses of representatives, counties and city councils all over USA. He was invited by President of European Parliament in Brussels (Belgium) for a meeting to promote interfaith dia-

logue. Many cities in USA have named October 25 as “Rajan Zed Day”. Bestowed with “World Interfaith Leader Award”; Zed is Senior Fellow and Religious Advisor to New York headquartered Foundation for Religious Diplomacy, Spiritual Advisor to National Association of Interchurch & Interfaith Families, etc. He prominently appeared in a recently released doc- • Dr. Sherif Elfass (left) and Rajan Zed (right) after presentation of umentary on religion titled the letter at the Zed's interfaith reception. “Unresolvable?”. Photo by: Debbie McCarthy.

Queensland Muslims be proud of your achievements! By Janeth Deen MUSLIM fund raising in Queensland started with the first collection taken up to build the Holland Park Masjid at the turn of the last century. The Muslim population, at that time, was small in comparison to what it is today. However, this small group managed to collect all the money needed to build the first Masjid on the East Coast of Australia from within its own community. Today, we are still reaping the benefits from the legacy they left us. Fund raising events seem to occur continuously within the Muslim community over the last few years. There appears to be no end to the urgent need for funds for one purpose or another. Originally, we had collections for the building and maintenance of Masjids. Mosque fund raising will be ongoing, as the need to build more of them, or extend existing Masjids for the increasing Muslim population arises. Many of our Masjids under construction are still awaiting funds for their completion e.g. Rochedale and Algester. There are now in excess of ten Masjids in and around Brisbane as well as in Logan, Ipswich and the Gold Coast. Many major towns now have their own Masjids and Masalas are also set up at the Universities and other places. Most have been established with donated funds. Two Muslim schools, the Islamic College of Brisbane and the Australian International College have also been established to cater for Muslim students in Brisbane. The Australian International College has a school on the Gold Coast. The newly established Wisdom College in Algester caters for children in the community as a whole, as well as Muslims. Fund raising events occurred for the establishment and maintenance of these schools and fund raising events are on going to keep the schools running efficiently. Not yet on the drawing board is the urgent need for a home for the aged and disabled Muslims who have to be accommodated in homes that do not cater for their religious needs. This project should be a priority in the near future as our population is aging. Over the years, many millions of dollars have been collected from the generous Muslim people in Queensland. There have been many fund raising events, such as dinners, fetes, mosque collections, to name a few. It is important to acknowledge all the planning, time and effort that have gone into these events. Not only have people donated money, they have paid for the printing of tickets, flyers and posters, donated goods for auctions, sold tickets, donated food for events, set up function rooms and given their time freely. We now have many Muslim organisations that collect funds to help those in need, e.g. Muslim Aid, Islamic Relief and in Queensland we now have the Muslim Charitable Foundation. Muslim Aid and Islamic Relief collect funds for charitable needs for overseas disasters and third world countries and are doing great work overseas. We must acknowledge how important it is to have the Muslim Charitable Foundation in our own state of Queensland. This organisation was set up especially to cater for the needs of the growing Muslim population in Queensland. It is still only a young organisation and has a dedicated team to carry out its work. Not only does it collect all the different types of charity offered by the Muslims community, it is prepared to act promptly to carry out its main function of helping those in need. The case managers, who have businesses of their own, give up many hours to access cases and react to fulfil the needs of those who seek help. MCF is the only Muslim organisation in Australia to help the local Muslim community. It also helps the general community when help is needed. This organisation totally depends on donated funds and will only continue to exist so long as it is supported by those generous people who have given to this worthy cause. One never knows when one's turn may come to seek help from the Muslim Charitable Foundation, especially, the way the world economy is headed at present. The Queensland Muslim Welfare Association Inc. operated from a Welfare Shop in Woodridge for four years prior to the establishment of the Muslim Charitable Foundation. It played an important role in helping those in need, not 14 — THE BRISBANE INDIAN TIMES, March, 2013

only in the Muslim community, but also in the general community and many third world countries. Dedicated staff gave up their time to run the shop. Goods from the shop were sent to flood victims in Queensland and also to Fiji. The shop drew the attention of the Queensland Government and the local community, in that, it showed Muslim participation in the general community. Once again, goods for the shop depended on the generosity of those people who went out of their way to deliver goods to the shop. Before the welfare shop, the Crescent of Brisbane collected funds for charitable events. One such function was: Shaving for a Cure, Movember: This team is always present at the fetes held by the Islamic College of Brisbane, and Eidfest, especially with their cup cake and food stalls and whenever charity events occur. You can be sure the Crescents team are visible. They raised funds for the Queensland Floods in 2012 in their own right as well as with other collections. The Crescents are a South African Team with the vitality of young volunteers amongst its workers. Their work is ongoing whenever the need arises. The Muslim Burial Service committee raised funds to buy their own hearse. They now operate under the Muslim Funeral Service and are prepared to handle all Muslim funerals in Brisbane when they are contacted. They also send SMS messages to inform the community when a Jannazah is to take place. Imams at the various Masjids play an important role in fund raising as they are the ones who alert the community to the need of collections, when they are to take place in the Masjids. Imams have always played a vital role in the welfare of the Ummah. The committees of the various Masjids ensure they run the Masjids efficiently, giving many hours of their time for committee meetings and the work involved in ensuring the Masjids are maintained and open for prayers and the special functions which are held on religious days. Also, to be thanked are the many families who cook and prepare food to be sold on Fridays for fundraising for the running of the mosques. These families also prepare food for Iftar functions and Eid festivities. This work is done in the name of Allah and for the benefit of the Ummah, and we who partake of the benefits say JazakAllah Khair! The Islamic Women Association of Queensland had the foresight to establish a much needed organisation to cater for the disabled and aged in our community. It must be acknowledged for all the time taken by this group to raise funds, not only from the Muslim community, but also for time taken to apply for grants needed for the establishment of this service. Respite for short periods and in home help is given to so many needy people. Words cannot express how much we appreciate the services provided by this dedicated team of people. IWAQ members are also active during Ramadan through the distribution of hampers and also in giving IFTAR dinners. Also, this organisation has provided many jobs for Muslim women who may have been discriminated against in other employment for wearing their hijabs. Thanks must be given to the State and Federal Government as well as all those who have donated to the Islamic Women's Association of Queensland. The Islamic Council of Queensland have also held many fundraising events over the years. They must be commended for all the support they have given the community over the years. They held a very successful event for the Pakistan earthquake victims and were also involved in the

Indonesian and Samoan Tsunami fundraising. They have a small team of workers who carry out important functions for the Muslim community in general. The Muslim Volunteers have been very active, not only helping in fund raising, but in the clean up of flood affected areas during flood events over the last few years. They gave up much of their time and energy in the service of the needy. Many people cooked and donated food during the floods and should not be forgotten. The Sisters’ House is run by donated funds and other fund raising events. This house has accommodated many women who needed help for one reason or other. It plays an important role in the community and has brought many sisters together to educate, pray, socialise, and support each other. The sisters have now relocated to another house which is in Runcorn. A new initiative is being planned for an accommodation service for brothers at the premises vacated by the sisters in Kuraby. It will operate on a similar model to the one used by the sisters. It will provide short, medium and long term accommodation for overseas students, single homeless brothers, new Muslims, and scholars visiting for a few days. Funds will be sought to lift this project off the ground. Eidfest brings the Muslim Community together after Ramadan and their Committee must be commended on the effort they make to stage the event. It takes time to apply for grants from the different levels of government and Organise such a huge event, in which other societies and organisations can have stalls to fund raise for their own specific needs. We must acknowledge all the people who attend fund raising events, buy tickets for dinners, pay entry fees, bid for auction items and who donate when called upon, There are many who donate so often, that they are suffering from “donor” fatigue, yet still manage to give when called upon. Fund raising would not be successful without the services of our "Mr Auctioneer,". namely Haji Hussin Goss. He is a natural at this work!. Over the last twenty years the takings from auctions have amounted to, in excess of two and a half million dollars, and Hussin was the auctioneer on most of these events. Hussin is the first person one thinks of when fund raising events occur. He is from the first Muslim family to settle on the Gold Coast. Hussin has travelled all over Australia, starting interstate, with the Muslim Aid event in Sydney and he has now been requested to travel to all the capital cities with the upcoming fund raising events to be held by Islamic Relief. Not only has Hussin, auctioneer skills, but he has a good sense of humour and is willing to post pone his own personal events to be available for these fund raising events. He runs a very successful business as well as is highly committed to the Islamic community of the Gold Coast. He is the president of the Islamic Society of the Gold Coast and is always hosting dinners and events at the Masjid as well as arranging Muslim funerals on the Gold Coast and is a Trustee of the Muslim Charitable Foundation. He was MCF's first elected President. Hussin travels from the Gold Coast for all the functions he carries out, at his own expense and must be commended for his charitable work Zaffar Khan has also served as auctioneer at many events. We commenced fund raising in the Muslim Community in Queensland with the Holland Park Masjid. Ironically, our last major fund raising event at the Islamic College of Brisbane was also for the Holland Park Masjid. It was overwhelmingly supported by the Muslim community as was all the collections in the various Masjids. The Salvation Army property in Holland Park will now be purchased for the extension of our first Masjid in Queensland to cater for the ever increasing Muslim population in the area. The purchase price is $2,200,000 and the transaction will be completed by the end of March with the help of a further $100,000 needed for this event. The Muslims in Queensland are very generous and carry out one of the important pillars of Islam without hesitation. May Allah reward you all. Queensland Muslims, thank you for your time, effort and money. The people you have helped have a better quality of life because of your generosity! Keep up the good work as funds are continually needed for urgent community work. JazakAllah Khair! Call Trudi on 07 3356 0102

Spiritual leaders called to discuss harmony of religions VEDANTA Centre of Sydney, Brisbane Chapter (VCSB) has invited spiritual leaders across South East Queensland to an allfaith meeting to discuss the ‘Harmony of Religions – Unification of Humanity through Religion. Each leader will be asked to present their views in light of each leader’s religious convictions. VCSB is a non-sectarian institution promoting peace, harmony and interfaith understanding. “We are proud to be able to share our teachings with other faiths and bring people together in a journey of understanding and unification,” said Swami Atmeshananda, Resident Swami of VCSB. “This year the group is celebrating the 150th Birth Anniversary of our founder, Swami Vivekananda and we thought it would be fantastic to share some of his

Call Trudi on 07 3356 0102

teachings but also to learn how other faiths unify humanity.” In 1893 Swami Vivekananda appeared at the Parliament of Religions in Chicago and expounded the all-embracing aspect of Indian spirituality that is capable of breaking the barriers of religion, creed, nationality and other limiting adjuncts stating “…if anybody dreams of the exclusive survival of his own religion and the destruction of the others, I pity him from the bottom of my heart, and point out to him that upon the banner of every religion will soon be written in spite of resistance: “Help and not fight,” “Assimilation and not destruction,” Harmony and Peace and not Dissension”. VCSB is celebrating the Birth Anniversary of the Swami Vivekananda as well as that of his Master Sri Ramakrishna on Saturday, 9th March and invite all to participate in the free event.

Date:- Saturday, 9th March, 2013 Time:- 12.00 p.m. to 1.00 p.m. Venue:- Ironside State School, 2 Hawken Drive (entry from Central Avenue), St Lucia. Topic of discussion:- ‘Harmony of Religions – Unification of Humanity through religion’. A free vegetarian lunch will be served. ABOUT THE VEDANTA CENTRE OF SYDNEY, BRISBANE CHAPTER The Vedanta Centre of Sydney, Brisbane Chapter is a non-sectarian institution promoting peace, harmony and interfaith

understanding. The Vedanta societies world over are trying to spread this message of oneness to the modern world.


Dear Brisbane Indian Times readers, WELCOME to the fourth article of our exiting journey through the Inspired Indians column. What is the purpose of this article? The main purpose of this article is to inspire our BIT readers and families to excel in their life, work and be proud citizens of Australia. Additionally, it is to explore the deeper potential for which we have been created. To find insights, wisdom and understandings that will help us make better choices daily. In our past three article we have discussed about human potential, how to find joy and enrich communication skills. You can read them in the online version of BIT pages 1719. In this article let us explore the meaning of the word ‘inspiration’ and how we can be inspired and equipped to do good works. What is inspiration? Inspiration may be defined as a divine influence directly and immediately exerted upon the mind or soul. It is also referred to the drawing of air into the lungs, inhalation. So think of this, what keeps you alive? Is it the breathing of the air into your lungs, and when the moment of the breathing is stopped, your body can’t be inspired? Death is the result of life if it is not inspired daily. Seeking inspiration is like seeking life everyday. Do you feel that your dreams are dead? Life seems meaningless and hopeless? May be you stopped being inspired; why not begin to breathe life of inspiration today into your soul and spirit. You can make a choice today to breathe life into your God given dreams and visions. It is possible for you to be inspired everyday regardless of your challenges. To give encouragement and instructions to the first century young leader Timothy, apostle Paul points out a powerful truth. In the second letter to Timothy 3:16, Paul writes ‘All scripture is inspired by God and is useful to teach us what is true and to make us realize what is wrong in our lives. The scripture corrects us when we are wrong and teaches us to do what is right. God uses the scriptures to prepare and equip his people to do every good works” Therefore I am inspired by the Word of God ‘The Holy Bible” everyday, because the whole Bible is divinely inspired and totally trustworthy. We should read it in faith and apply it in our life to see our dreams come true. So, today begin to breathe life into your visions by the inspiration God’s word in the name of Jesus. Are you hungry for more inspiration? Please write to us by email:

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Gaura Travel expands Girmit Night 2013 set for 25th May its presence to the subcontinent By Sarat Maharaj

BUOYED by its success in the Australia-India sector, Gaura Travel, has launched its operations in the Indian subcontinent with destination countries such as Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka added to the list. Gaura Travel is now offering: 1300 FLY DHAKA (1300 359 342), 1300 FLY NEPAL (1300 359 637), 1300 FLY PAKISTAN (1300 359 725), and 1300 FLY SRI LANKA (1300 359 774) . The ticketing operations have been expanded to these countries to make travel more viable and easy for those wishing to fly these sectors. The expansion comes with Gaura Travel’s innovative technology introduced when 1300 FLY INDIA was introduced 5 years ago. The idea was to help passengers remember the number and identify the 1300 number easily. Gaura Travel takes prides to see the vision and be the first

company in travel to adopt 1300 concept five years ago. Other services available through its offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide and also through our 24X7 call centres are: * Hotel booking in multiple destinations such as Thailand, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Dubai, etc. * Travel Protection and Insurance which includes protection from all unforeseen circumstances at a nominal price of only $50. * Excess baggage facility in conjunction with DTDC Courier and Cargo, an Indian delivery company that offers both domestic as well as international services. Again Gaura Travel is the first travel company in Australia offering 24X7 convenience to the customers through their call centre since 2011. For more information visit

WELL, it is that time of the year again when preparations are already in full swing for the ‘Annual Girmit Night’. The muchanticipated Live Indian Musical Evening will be held on Saturday 25th May 2013 at MacGregor State Primary School. Funds raised from this event are directed towards paying school fees for needy students in Forms 5 – 7, Form 7 Vocational, and for Certificate & Diploma Level students in Fiji National University (FNU). International Congress for Fiji Inc (ICFI) has been assisting these students since 2002. During this time, members of this organisation have raised and average of $FJD100,000.00 per year. So far ICFI has funded 8,500 students in the amount of $FJD996,000.00. This is no small amount in anyone’s language for a charitable organisation. Everyone is aware of the plight of people in Fiji since the 2000 military coup. Farms have been abandoned as a result of re-possession

The passing of a quiet legend By Hj Abdul Rahman Deen ON Thursday 28th Feb 2013 (Rabbi-UthThaani 1434 AH), came the passing and Janaazah of Al-Hajj Mohamed Tomoum (Born Cairo, Egypt 1935). Prior to migrating to Australia, Mohamed Tomoum was a documentary film director and producer and was commissioned by the Egyptian government to make documentaries on different subjects, including Muslims in different countries. Whilst in the United States of America, he met Mary Donohoe working at the United Nations (UN). Mohamed Tomoum was working in the banking/financial sector of American Express (AMEX) as well as a consultant of Arabic and translation matters within the organisation. They travelled to Australia as a married couple and settled in Brisbane where Mohamed Tomoum was employed with the Commonwealth Bank and remained employed there for close to 20 years until his retirement. In the meantime, the couple had four children which consist of three girls and one boy: * Fatima – General Manager Aftersales for Toyota/Lexus – UAE and first female General Manager. Masters degree in Japanese. Fluent in Arabic, Japanese and French. Married to Hany El Khafief. Head of events and officiating for Tennis Emirates, a division of the UAE Government. * Sarah – Bachelor degree in Early Education. Education consultant for the London Borough of Islington, specializing in early years education. * Maria – Manager of RBS Morgan Stockbroking Brisbane – Bachelor of Social Sciences. Married and a proud mother of a new born baby Sofia. * Yousef (Joseph) – Marine Claims Manager and Shipping/Transport Consultant. Bachelor of Arts in International Relations, Brisbane. Has travelled the world, consulting on international shipping and containerization. Alhamdulillah, Mr and Mrs Tomoum have equipped their four children with private education and as well, brought them all up with a good Islamic education. They also managed to keep them in close contact with the family roots in Egypt, travelling to the Homeland on a regular basis. Mohmed Tomoum completed his first Hajj in 1992. Hj Tomoum was absolutely devoted to his family, and stood by them in good times and in bad. In the last two years, Hj Tomoum suffered from ill health, which was the cause of his passing; always saying that it is the wish of the Almighty Allah (SWT) and it is better to suffer here on Earth than later.

• Hj Tomoum and wife.

Throughout all his time in Australia, Hj Tomoum was totally committed to the Muslim community; his involvement of helping establish the West End Mosque, served on the committee in its infancy and later became President of the society which he served for 10 years (other various positions were held for 15 years) and therefore served the community for 25 years. * President of the Islamic Council of Queensland (ICQ) – Served various positions from committee member to President (over a 10 year period) * Committee member of Australian Federation of Islamic Councils (AFIC) in the early 1990s. On the committee with Hj Yusuf Hussein In 1992, with Brisbane growing and needing an Islamic School, Hj Tomoum was in charge of getting the community together, working as a team combined, to take a proposal to AFIC for support to establish a school in Brisbane. In 1993, AFIC agreed to support the proposal for an Islamic School and the whole Islamic community of South East Queensland got behind the project. The initial land purchased by AFIC at Greenbank was too far out of town, so AFIC said find your own land suitable and we will support the project. Meanwhile, the team led by Hj Tomoum found the land at Karawatha and petitioned the State Government for the land of 15 acres. The State government had to wait 12 months for any government body wanting the land, if no department wanted it then we could purchase it directly from the State Government and they would issue the school license. In 1994, the State Government advised we needed to wait until June 1995 before a final decision was at hand. With this being confirmed, the school team led by Hj Tomoum petitioned the State Government for a temporary license to start in a portable building at Rochedale Mosque. This was


of land and unemployment in general has increased significantly. As a result, household income has diminished to below poverty level. But there are students who are extremely bright, and are eager to study and make a better living for themselves. They are deprived of the education they so desperately need. Raising funds is never easy. The figures quoted above have been as a result of people who regularly attend and support the Annual Girmit Night fundraising function. Then there are businesses that sponsor the event. And, then there are the donors who constantly contribute to this worthy course. ICFI is indeed very grateful to everyone who has helped in the past. ‘Vidya Daan, Mahaan Daan’ (providing for education is the noblest deed). You also can change the lives of these students for the better. People wishing to donate money should contact any of the committee members or Sarat Maharaj on 07 3263 2093 or e-mail: Please visit our website: You can make a direct deposit into

achieved and started at Rochedale Mosque with 30 children in the month of January 1995. Hj Tomoum was the initial Chairman of the school with the overall support of the entire Muslim community and AFIC. In the end of May 1995, the Premier of Queensland, Wayne Goss, challenged Hj Tomoum that if we could establish a school at Karawatha in 30 days by the first of July 1995. We had a meeting in the last week of May 1995 and the challenge was accepted, the Deen Brothers and families guaranteed that this site would be ready to accommodate the governments challenge. With this in mind, the entire site works had been completed by the Deen Brothers Company with Hj Tomoum on site every day to inspect the progress. Previously purchased buildings (that were the main construction offices and post office at Sanctuary Cove purchased by AFIC via Hj Abdul Rahman Deen), were sitting and waiting for its new home. * All earthworks were completed by the second week * All plumbing and septic system and water were completed in the third week * All site offices positioned by Deen Brothers were also completed in the third week * All electricals and concreting were completed by the fourth week * End of June, the assembly shed finished and concreted, all under the supervision of the Chairman Hj Tomoum with the entire Muslim communities working day and night to complete the challenge On the 30th June 1995, the Minister for School and Education and his Department Head came to inspect the work, expecting to see only minor work carried out. To their amazement, the school was in its finishing touches with all the madressa children laying the turf and top dressing, etc. the final painting and installing of the air conditioning as well was being done, making it one of the first fully air conditioned schools in Queensland, which later became a requirement for all new schools. Hj Tomoum and the school committee had met them and they were totally amazed at the speed and progress of the whole school set up and advised the Premier that it is all good to go. Immediately, the Premier approved the sale of the land and the certificate to operate the school on an official basis. Following that, the first week of July 1995, the official opening of the Primary School took place and the school was up and running and immediately enrolments started to flow. Hj Tomoum served for 10 years as Chairman of the school and at a later stage served as Deputy Chairman for 5 years. In 2007, a new team came to AFIC and put in a new committee which saw the hard working team that started the school from its inception had been dismissed due to internal politics of AFIC. From 1995-2007, the school had grown from 30 students in

the bank. Details are as follows: Bank of Queensland - International Congress for Fiji Inc / BSB – 124 155 / Account: 20082552 Please write your name on the deposit slip in the reference section, so that we can send you a receipt. This year’s function is anticipated to be just as entertaining as in the past years, because live music on stage is very appealing to the audience of all age groups. All musicians have donated their talents and time for free. The elaborate sound system has been provided by Mohit Lal who normally hires out his equipment for any type of function, small or large. ICFI is thankful to all the artists. As the population of people of Indian origin in Brisbane is growing, there are several events being organised during the year. To be able to justify patronage at these events, it is necessary to ensure that major events do not clash. Girmit Night is an annual event, usually held in mid May of each year to raise funds for poor and needy students for their education.

Primary to 750 students in total being 500 Primary and 250 Secondary (approx.). This is whilst the involvement of Hj Mohamed Tomoum, he was also totally involved in the day to day running of the school and was on the fulltime committee and was on the teachers’ selection panel along with the Principal as well as Hj A R Deen and Hj S Sabdia. Since that time, Hj Tomoum still took an interest in the school even though he was not on the board or the committee. Regularly he was contacted by teachers, students, past and present, as well as others involved in the school to assist and ask of his advice on many aspects of the school. After his involvement with the school, he maintained close connection with ICQ and matters pertaining to AFIC including continuous community and religious involvement. Hj Tomoum was also heavily involved with the Halal meat certification over 20 years and advised to Muslim countries of the Middle East for involvement with the Australian Halal industry. He worked for the Department of Immigration and Centrelink as an Arabic interpreter both ways (translations and interpreting) after his retirement from the Commonwealth Bank. He helped develop the Queensland government ‘White Paper’ for settling Muslim immigrants into Queensland and was involved as a community leader in assisting their settlement. He was on constant call to government departments, both State and Federal, in assisting immigrants and interpreting as well as consulting on a religious basis for achieving good outcomes for all concerned. He worked with the Queensland government and facilitated trade with the Middle East in a culturally and religiously appropriate manner to create a harmonious methodology between trading partners. Most of this was done on a voluntary basis to achieve good outcomes for future prosperity of all concerned. Maria, the youngest sister, recently gave birth to a girl, being the first grandchild of Hj Tomoum and family and he had great pleasure in seeing the baby. In conclusion, this is a short synopsis of a man committed to his religious beliefs, working for the betterment of his family, his community and Islam on a continuous basis until his passing days. In writing this, I have known Hj Tomoum as one of the most honourable and easy going persons I have ever met and I have worked with him constantly for over 30 years in all aspects of his involvement in Brisbane and it is a very sad time and occasion for the whole Islamic community and we all feel sorrow for his wife and family and pray that Allah (SWT) will grant him Jannatul Firdaus (highest level of Paradise) Insha Allah (God Willing) and may his family have Sabar (patience). Ameen Call Trudi on 07 3356 0102

Call Trudi on 07 3356 0102


“Badshaah of Bollywood MIKA SINGH coming to rock in Brisbane”

Don’t miss out – Bollywood Badshaah MIKA SINGH is going to rock Brisbane for the first time!! THE countdown has begun…. In just a couple of weeks people of Brisbane will witness a Bollywood spectacle never seen before. On April 7th Bollywood Heartthrob will be performing live who’s not only a singer – he’s a super performer who can sing, dance and entertain all genres of audience – the one and only MIKA SINGH!! Mika Singh better known as 'The Badshah of Bollywood, is a prolific singer, composer, performer and songwriter who has belted out many chart busters from his private albums and Bollywood films. He is considered a highly acclaimed musician, and most of all the 'Powerhouse Entertainer'. Amongst a wide catalogue of smash hits, the prominent ones remain Singh Is King (Singh Is King), Mauja Hi Mauja (Jab We Met), Idn-e-Batuta (Ishqiya), Dhanno (Houseful), Dhinka Chika (Ready), Desi Beat (Body Guard), Subah Hone Na De (Desi Boys), Pungi (Agent Vinod), Ganpat (Shootout at Lokhandwala), Gabru (Album) and Sawan Mein Lag Gayi Aag (Album), to name a few. The preparations are already in full swing. CINESTARR, the organiser and promoter of the event have been working day and night in association with GLAMOUR EVENTS, STARR ALLIANCE ENTERTAINMENT & STAGE STARS ENTERTAINMENT to meet the expectations of

Brisbane audience. The organisers have made sure the audience get value for their money and they have chosen a brand new modern venue. The Edmund Rice Performing Arts Centre (ERPAC) located at St Laurence’s College combines picturesque views of Brisbane CBD with versatile presentation, performance facilities in a theater style setting. It is Walking distance to Brisbane’s Cultural District South Bank with ample secure parking and public transport options. City’s newest Performing Arts & Educational Centre will make the concert even more entertaining. Cinestarr have brought big Bollywood Singers such as Asha Bhosle, Jagjit Singh, Pankaj Udhas & many more in sold out concerts over the past 9 years in Australia, this time it’s a concert with a highly energetic & electrifying twist in Brisbane. The audiences will be entertained with all super hit songs of Bollywood’s No 1 singer Mika Singh. MIKA SINGH’s fans are spread far and wide. He has sung in almost all Indian languages and touched many hearts with his romantic, sad, patriotic and rock songs. He has performed all around the world and recently wooed audiences at his concert in USA & CANADA. His unmatchable talent comes with his down to earth attitude. Despite being a regular face at Bollywood parties, he is a family

Council announces its support for local event IPSWICH City Council has given its support to another upcoming community driven initiative. Community and Customer Service Committee Chairperson Councillor Bruce Casos said council was regularly approached to support events and programs being held in Ipswich. “Council is proud of the support it provides to these community based initiatives,” he said. Cr Casos said council wanted to encourage the community to support the 2013 Brisbane 2 Ipswich Challenge on April 28. “Running between Brisbane Mall and Queens Park, the ride is held annually to coincide with the Ipswich Festival,” he said. Cr Casos said the 50 kilometre bike ride started in the Brisbane CBD and passed through 27 suburbs between Brisbane and Ipswich before finishing in the heart of Ipswich. “The inaugural Brisbane 2 Ipswich Challenge was held in 2001 with 125 riders participatIpswich City Council Community and Customer Service ing but after 12 years the event •Committee Chairperson Councillor Bruce Casos (left), attracts close to 1000 participants Federal Member for Oxley Bernie Ripoll and Ipswich Events between the ages of six and 80. Corporation Executive Chairman Paul Casos want to “It is a wonderful sight to wit- encourage cyclists to take part in the 2013 Brisbane 2 ness all these cyclists riding Ipswich Challenge. together between Brisbane and Ipswich.” Cr Casos said the ride raised much needed funds for charity with the 2013 beneficiaries being the 24//7 Cycling Safety Fund, the Heart Foundation and the Western Corridor Community Fund. Registrations are now open and further information about the event is available at 20 — THE BRISBANE INDIAN TIMES, March, 2013

man who is very attached to his brother Daler Mehndi and family. So what are you waiting for? Don’t miss the event that will create history in the Bollywood entertainment in Brisbane. With his charming looks and graceful mannerisms, soulful voice and electrifying dance moves, MIKA SINGH has never left a stone unturned with his entertaining performance. Be it a young or old, female or male, he has never left his fans disappointed.

After all, for a reason he is called a super performer!

Shreya Ghoshal wins Brisbane audience BRISBANE, Shreya Ghoshal, the multi award winning singer from Bollywood won the hearts of Brisbane audience on 24 February. The concert was held at Brisbane Convention Centre which has now become a popular venue for such events. Promoters Eric and Chirag Parikh did a fantastic job of the overall organisation. The sound, lighting and everything was well organised. The sound engineer had come with the troupe. A record number of people came to the concert, this was a compliment to the organisers and also the artist. Shreya was ably assisted with very talented musicians on stage, and Hrishikesh , the male singer was very good as well, he resembled Sonu Nigaam in his younger days. Shreya sang all the favorite numbers, from old to new, she has been known as the queen of melody, and used to sing mainly harmonious numbers and has lately taken on the challenge of doing the fast racy and rhythmic numbers known as "Item" songs. These used to the domain of Sunidhi Chauvan before. Sunidhi has done many overseas concerts and has been recognized not only as a great singer but also as a great performer. Shreya put on an energetic performance despite the heavy weekend, having performed in Auckland on Friday and Melbourne on Saturday. All the travelling, the late nights and stage set ups, sound test and performances etc is not easy. Shreya did allow fans to come up to the

stage and dance to few of her numbers on the condition that they go back to their seats when she asks them to. The Bengali community were calling out for her to sing in Bangla, she did oblige and also sang in other regional languages as well, by the end of the night she pleased everyone. Call Trudi on 07 3356 0102

Call Trudi on 07 3356 0102


Business News Hundreds of tax cheats Hot start for Brisbane Business Hotline 133BNE convicted Courtesy Sudesh Aggarwal IN the last quarter, 465 individuals and companies were convicted for tax and superannuation criminal offences resulting in over $1.56 million in fines and penalties. From 1 July to 30 September 2012: * 13 people were convicted of serious tax and superannuation related criminal offences, including two prosecuted under Project Wickenby * 452 taxpayers were convicted of deliberately evading their tax and superannuation obligations, including 440 taxpayers who failed to lodge tax returns and activity statements despite reminders and notices demanding lodgement. This included: Project Wickenby * Vanuatu promoter Robert Agius was sentenced to 8 years and 11 months jail after being found guilty of conspiring to defraud the Commonwealth and conspiracy to dishonestly cause a loss. Mr Agius operated a scheme which involved sending money offshore to Vanuatu disguised as expenses, including consulting fees, before returning the money to Australia in the form of a loan. GST and excise related fraud * 2 years and 6 months imprisonment (18 months suspended) was handed down in one case for Business Activity Statement (BAS) fraud of over $450,000; false invoices had been created to try to substantiate false purchases. Non-lodgment of, and making false and misleading statements in, tax returns and activity statements * A company operating as a coffee/takeaway shop was fined $10,000 for failing to lodge 6 GST returns. The defendant had been previously convicted for failing to lodge income tax returns. The Magistrate said the offences were seri-

ous and no documentation had been provided to confirm the defendant’s financial hardship or medical condition. The defendant was convicted of all charges and fined $10,000. $127 costs were awarded to the prosecution. * A glazier pleaded guilty to recklessly making a false or misleading statement when he claimed numerous work-related and gifts/donations deductions in his 2011income tax return to which he wasn’t entitled. He also claimed taxation offsets to which he was only partially entitled. Following an audit the claims were disallowed, resulting in a tax shortfall for the 2011 year of $10,843. The magistrate said the fraud deprived the whole community of funds. The taxpayer lived in the community, his children used the schools and his family used all public facilities that were funded by paying taxes, he said. The glazier had to pay the correct amount of tax and he was convicted, fined and ordered to pay an additional amount to the ATO of more than $6,500. Costs were awarded to the ATO. * A factory worker included deductions and offsets that he was not entitled to claim in his 2010 and 2011 income tax returns. The false statements resulted in a tax shortfall of $14,300. The defendant claimed he had signed a blank form and a friend had prepared the returns. The taxpayer said that he did not read what was on the form. The defendant was convicted and fined $2,700. He was also ordered to pay an additional amount to the ATO of over $7,200 and costs were awarded to the ATO. The ATO continues to improve automated detection methods and works closely with partners in government, law enforcement and industry to identify people avoiding their obligations

South Korea's overseas investment falls SEOUL, Feb 26 (IANS) South Korea's overseas direct investment fell for the first time in three years as people refrained from investing into overseas mining projects amid global uncertainties. Reported direct investment overseas declined 14.3 percent from a year earlier to $39.01 billion in 2012 after rising 32.5 percent in 2011 and 11.7 percent in 2010, the Ministry of Strategy and Finance said. Investment into overseas mining development projects tumbled 51.7 percent last year after doubling in the prior year due to global uncertainties such as the eurozone

fiscal crisis. Investment growth in the manufacturing sector slowed to 4.2 percent in 2012 from 10.6 percent a year before, reported Xinhua. By region, the direct investment into North American countries sank 57.6 percent last year, while those for Europe and the Middle East increased 19.8 percent and 135.6 percent respectively. The US was the largest destination for overseas investment with $6.9 billion invested last year. It was followed by China with $6.48 billion, Australia with $4.41 billion and the Netherlands with $2.85 billion.

THE Brisbane Business Hotline 133 BNE has reported an excellent first seven months in operation, with Lord Mayor Graham Quirk reporting almost 6,500 calls from business owners between July 2011 and January this year. The Lord Mayor said the Brisbane Business Hotline 133 BNE was a one-stop shop for local, state, interstate and international companies seeking advice on Council services. “The feedback we’ve received from callers so far has been overwhelmingly positive, with most commenting on how convenient it is to be able to get all of their questions answered in the one phone call,” Cr Quirk said. “The volume of enquiries to 133BNE is increasing, with 131 phone calls during its first month of operation in July last year, and skyrocketing to 1,952 calls received in January this year.” The month with the highest number of calls to date was November 2012, when the service received 2,059 business enquiries. Cr Quirk said most callers to 133BNE had questions relating to food licensing, zoning and home businesses. “By calling 133BNE, owners of businesses

of all sizes can access information on a range of topics including licensing, upcoming business events and how to develop business opportunities,” he said. “One recent caller was interested in catering for parties but wanted to know which food licenses she would need to prepare and cook the food at home. Providing this information via the Hotline allowed the customer to decide how to continue with their idea. “Another caller wanted to find out the process for relocating their business to their home and a Hotline staff member was able to provide the relevant information to the customer to get this process under way. “This is about making the process of starting or running a business as easy as possible for Brisbane residents, which will help our economy continue to grow.” He said Business Hotline staff were Contact Centre consultants with a minimum of three and a half years’ experience within Council and trained in meeting the specific needs of businesses. For more information, phone the Brisbane Business Hotline on 133 BNE (133 263) or visit

Japanese lawmakers approves $142 bn stimulus package TOKYO, Feb 27 (IANS/EFE) Japan's parliament has approved a supplemental budget of 13.1 trillion yen ($142.43 billion) designed to finance an economic stimulus package. Despite the fact that the governing Liberal Democratic Party lacks a majority in the upper house, lawmakers approved the budget thanks to the votes of the LDP's coalition partner, the conservative Buddhist New Komeito party, and other groups on the right, the Kyodo news service said. The main opposition Democratic Party voted against it. The DP, which governed from 2009 to

2012, says that the stimulus package depends too much on large "and unnecessary" public works projects. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's government hopes that this new extra budget will give a 2 percent push to Japan's GDP and create about 600,000 new jobs. To finance the supplementary budget, the government is planning to issue new debt amounting to some 7.8 trillion yen ($85 billion). That, however, has sparked concerns about a worsening of the Japanese public debt, which is already the largest in the developed world.

Coal India invites bids for acquisition of overseas assets KOLKATA, Feb 27 (IANS) State-run Coal India Limited (CIL), the world's largest coal miner, invited bids from investment bankers and other interested parties for acquisition of coal assets overseas. CIL, which accounts for 80 percent of domestic production, is unable to satisfy the growing demand for coal in the country, resulting in the need for more imports. Acquisition of assets abroad will help the coal behemoth to meet the demand-supply gap. "Coal India seeks Expression of Interest from investment bankers, owners or owner's representatives for acquisition of

coal assets abroad," the company said in a notice. CIL chairman S. Narsing Rao recently said the company would miss its production target for the current financial year by up to six million tonnes. During the third quarter of this fiscal, coal production at 117.37 million tonnes witnessed a nominal 2.4 percent growth compared to same period previous fiscal. The coal minor reported a 8.85 percent rise in net profit for the quarter ended Dec 31, 2012, to Rs.4,395.11 crore from Rs.4,037.76 crore for the like period a year ago.

Liberalise sugar industry: LG Electronics buys webOS Economic Survey NEW DELHI, Feb 27 (IANS) India's Economic Survey 2012-13 said the sugar industry needs more liberalisation to provide better prices to farmers and to increase efficiency of the sector. "From a purely economic point of view, greater play of market forces would provide better prices and serve the interests of all stakeholders," said the Economic Survey authored by Raghuram Rajan, chief economic advisor to the finance ministry. "The government should come into the picture only in situations where absolutely necessary," the survey said. According to the survey, export ban and controls could be replaced with small variable external tariffs to stabilise prices.

The survey also pointed to the recommendation of the Rangarajan Committee on 'Regulation of the Sugar Sector in India'. "States that want to provide sugar under the public distribution system may procure it from the market according to their requirement, fix the issue price and subsidise from their own budgets," the survey quoted from the Rangarajan Committee recommendations. India is the largest consumer and second largest producer of sugar after Brazil. Sugar and sugarcane are notified as essential commodities under the Essential Commodities Act, 1955. The country's sugarcane production during 2012-13 is estimated at 334.54 million tonnes.


technology from HP SAN FRANCISCO, Feb 26 (IANS) LG Electronics has acquired the webOS mobile operating system technology from US IT giant Hewlett-Packard (HP), the two companies announced. "LG has entered into a definitive agreement with HP to acquire the source code, associated documentation, engineering talent and related websites associated with webOS," the companies said in a joint press release. As part of the transaction, LG also will receive licenses under HP's intellectual property for use with its webOS products, reported Xinhua. LG Electronics said that it plans to use the

webOS technology to enhance its Smart TV product and a range of other consumer electronics devices. The deal, whose terms were not disclosed, is seen as a salvage for the ill-fated webOS platform. The webOS platform was initially developed by US smartphone manufacturer Palm, and was bought by HP in April 2010 for $1.2 billion. In August 2011, HP decided to shut down its webOS tablet and smartphone hardware business as the devices failed to sell well. HP announced at the end of 2011 that the company is keeping the webOS software by making it open source. Call Trudi on 07 3356 0102

Call Trudi on 07 3356 0102


Who, What, Where, When

• Left & Above: Central Queensland Ramayan Mandali Emerald. First ramayan of year 2013 starts at Chris Mudaliar residence.

• Baldev and Shushma Sharma held Satya Narayan Katha at their Parkinson residence on 3rd March. Pooja was officiated by Archara Dr. Krishana Murty Bhat, kirtan by family and friends.

• Surilli (Lucky) daughter of Mr & Mrs Sakilesh Reddy of Chermside, Brisbane celebrated her first birthday at the Gayatri Mandir with family & friends. Surilli is the granddaughter of Mr & Mrs Dhir Singh (Nana & Nani) of San Jose, California & also the granddaughter of Mrs & Late Mr Ramaiya (Aji & Aja) of Brisbane. Pyaar and arshirwaad from all the uncles, aunties and cousins from USA, Fiji and Brisbane.

• Bengali Society of Queensland ladies pose for a group photo at Saraswati Pooja. • Kaumit Shah of Spice Valley of Brisbane receives a certificate of appreciation from Shreya Ghoshal for being a sponsor of the concert.

• Saikat Bhtattacharya and Shen Flindell with the classical Indian recital at BSQ Saraswati pooja. • Right: Parth & Preeti Raval farewell their Nana & Nani at Simla Restaurant, Mt Gravatt, during the GOPIO dinner function. 24 — THE BRISBANE INDIAN TIMES, March, 2013

• Suman Kapoor , GOPIO International women's Council Chairperson interviewed by Kavita Chandwani and Umesh Chandra of Radio 4EB's Hindi Programming Group.

Call Trudi on 07 3356 0102

Call Trudi on 07 3356 0102


Glorious blooms at the 2013 Chiangmai Flower Festival Story & pictures by Rama Gaind

iad of organisations, pass you by with beautiful festival queens taking pride of place, looking resplendent in their stunTHE 2013 Chiangmai Flower Festival, in ning gowns and tiaras, followed or preThailand, was a robust profusion of joyous ceded by marchers, dancing troupes, peocolours, attracting the masses on an annual ple wearing national and regional cosbasis. tumes, dancers in traditional outfits perIt may often be called the ‘Rose of the forming Thai dances, accompanied by North’, but Chiangmai continues to blos- marching bands and musicians playing som gloriously with the festival on the first familiar music including It’s Now or weekend of February every year. Never, Baby Elephant Walk and the theme Flowers were everywhere as a colourful, from Bonanza that evoked nostalgia of aromatic floral tapestry transformed the sur- bygone days. rounding landscape. In fact, it’s the king- Eye-catching floral displays dom’s horticultural abundance that supports In fact, decorations are not just limited to its cut flower industry and exports. roses, but at last count there were more The street party atmosphere at the 37th than 200 varieties of flowers used in decannual festival was overwhelming. orations and on the floats. Particularly eye-catching are the flower Palpitating excitement surrounded you, anticipation permeated the atmosphere and beds in public spaces at this time of year. Stunning displays are everywhere: superb sounds and smells were omnipresent. It was controlled chaos on a bright and array of orchids, marigolds, chrysanthesun-shiny day: loud colours, restless adults mums, gladioli, globe amaranth, azaleas, and children awaiting the start of the roses, exotic orchids, showy bougainvil- • Crowds surge forward to see a float festooned with flowers at the 2013 Chiangmai Flower Festival in parade, an assortment of aromas in abun- lea, the damask rose, a variety found onlyThailand. Photo: Rama Gaind dance and vendors pounded the streets sell- in Chiangmai and the pink and purplish ing their wares from an assortment of food dendrobium orchids, and the yellow daoru- ulation of 800,000, while the city has biodiversity. 300,000. You will feel heartened and come away ang. and knick-knacks to balloons and birds. with many gardening tips! What’s astounding is that the more cre- Other garden highlights Finally, there’s movement and the parade with more than 25 fabulous flower floats ative Thais recreate the ancient scriptures After the festivities, head to other botanical Rama Gaind travelled as a gets underway. The passing floats are by telling their stories in flower sculptures! gardens that abound in northern Thailand. The Queen Sirikit Botanical Garden (a guest of the Tourism Authority The floats parade around the city, recount ablaze with creative designs as they are of Thailand and Absolutely clumped together to make structures of all important segments of Lanna and Thai his- Royal Family project)—2,600 acres of Fantastic Holidays. tory, tell a story lifted from the scriptures or it— puts focus on conservation of imaginable shapes and sizes! Be constantly astounded as the colossal, are simply artistic floral renditions of tem- indigenous plants and plant research. Ratchaphruek Royal Park, about 20 elaborately decorated floats, complete with ples and famous Thai structures, icons and amazing design details, representing a myr- figures. Each float has a Miss Festival rep- kilometers south-west of Chiangmai, is home to a cool rainforest encloresentative onboard. sure as well as an international The Lanna experience Chiangmai, founded in the 13th cen- themed garden section. Tweechol Botanic Garden has its tury as the capital of the Lanna Kingdom, boasts a vibrant culture, own petting zoo, rice paddy • Eye-catching parrich traditions and ancient Buddhist fields, organic ticipants were seen farm, a riding temples. at Thailand’s annual This capital of Chiang Mai arena, camping Chiangmai Flower Province is the largest and most cul- facilities and a Festival on February turally significant city in northern museum onsite. 2, 2013. Photo: The 10ha, Thailand. Rama Gaind Located 700km north of Bangkok, privately-run among the highest mountains in the Dokmai Garden country, the city is along the Ping aims to share River, a major tributary of the Chao knowledge about The 37th annual Chiangmai Flower Festival in Thailand Phraya River. monsoon gardendrew big crowds. Photo: Rama Gaind The province has an estimated pop- ing, farming and

Management lessons from Kumbh By Santhosh Babu THERE are management lessons for leaders in large gatherings and events. Look at an event like the Kumbh Mela in India and explore what makes it a success. This largest gathering on earth has naked sadhus to Wall Street bankers floating in a temporary city created every 12 years at the confluence of three holy rivers in Allahabad. The temporary city is laid out on a grid, constructed and deconstructed within a matter of weeks. How does such a huge gathering emerge from nowhere and function harmoniously? How is it that people thrive in an environment that is densely crowded, intensely noisy and often unsanitary? Not to mention the cold, dust, pollution and overwhelming diversity of people. Considering that these 100 million people that visit the banks of a river during six to eight weeks constitute more than the population of several countries, also considering that the law and order situation in India's crowded cities is not something that we can be proud of, we still manage the Kumbh Mela, the mother of all gatherings on earth. It is just like the Woodstock Festival, where half a million people came together in 1968, happening every year, attracting millions of people creating chaos and a perfect order. Interestingly, even though Woodstock is not happening, there is the Burning Man Festival that is held in a temporary city in Nevada, US, (built and erased within a month) where the event goes on every year; this year's event had around 60,000 people attending. Not since Woodstock's '3 days of peace and music' over four decades back has a festival captured the attention of the US academia. Just as they did decades ago, scholars are asking whether Burning Man is a window to a new kind of community or a Utopian dream destined to crash and burn. What can we learn from these gigantic gatherings that congregate seemingly effortlessly (though a lot of effort goes into making the gathering a safe one)? What lessons does the event offer for organisations and countries? The event has a tendency to expand horizons, reveal possibilities, and question the assumptions that most of us 28 — THE BRISBANE INDIAN TIMES, March, 2013

make about how we're supposed to live our lives. People from all walks of life participate in this festival dedicated to community, art, self-expression, and self-reliance. They depart one week later, leaving no trace whatsoever. When you give people freedom, you get chaos, but you also get incredible creativity and a great variety of expression. I have heard about how people create great marvels during this one week ranging from great art installations to seminars on alternate healing. Google Inc. founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page, festival veterans, have said they give extra weightage to job applicants who have been to Burning Man. It's high time we sent our political leaders and corporate CEOs to Kumbh Mela. Importance of having a shared big purpose: Having a shared purpose and aspiration is the bond that connects communities together. Kumbh Mela and Burning Man have it and we need to create this shared purpose and dream in our communities and organisations. Every political leader and corporate CEO struggle to create a shared dream in her or his constituency or organisation. Companies that have imbibed the shared aspiration work like a strong networked and connected community. Organisations that don't create a shared aspiration are

designed to fail. You must keep in mind that this aspiration needs to be a higher purpose, not the quarterly numbers that you are chasing. What would be really meaningful for everyone? How are you making a difference in this world? What is the legacy you want to leave behind? Answer these questions and find out what would be a bigger purpose that would connect everyone in your organisation. What would be a bigger purpose for India? Touching the hearts: Once the bigger purpose is articulated, there has to be personal freedom and freedom to express oneself. Organisations and communities are learning that the 'command and control' management does not work much in today's world. A paradigm shift from controlling and accumulating power to a systems view of management is needed now. It helps us to see organisations and communities as living systems that are constantly changing. Any pressure, any intrusion and change in one part of the system will have an overall impact. Combined with the networked nature of our community where Facebook took only two years to reach 50 million people, controlling personal freedom will not give any advantage to authorities. Build a culture of self-expression and accountability to the purpose. People's behaviour is influenced by the culture we create. That's why Kerala has a culture and behaviour that are different from Punjab's. Shared Leadership: Once the higher purpose is defined and personal expression is encouraged, it's about creating shared leadership. Leadership can be explored as a social process - something that happens between people. It is not so much what leaders do as something that arises out of social relationships. As such it does not depend on one person, but on how people act together to make sense of the situations that face them. At many events like Kumbh Mela, it's not one person but a shared leadership that creates the ownership. So creating a higher purpose, nurturing personal freedom and expression and developing shared leadership are the key to creating meaningful organisations and communities. Jai Ho to the Naga Sadhus! Call Trudi on 07 3356 0102

Call Trudi on 07 3356 0102


Visit of Shiekh Noor Ul Aqtab Siddiqi to South Pacific Courtesy Hj Abdul Rahman Deen SHEIKH Noor Ul Aqtab Siddiqi the Vice Principle of the world famous Hijaz University In the UK, Senior Vice President of the International Muslims Organisation, Solicitor of the Supreme Court of the UK and a judge with the Muslim Arbitration Tribunal UK, visited the South Pacific for a series of lectures on the occasion of Milaadun-Nabi celebrations during the month of Rabiul Awal Shreef from the 23rd January to 6th February 2013. Sheikh Noor first travelled to New Zealand where he gave talks in various mosques during the first 12 days of the month and then he addressed the National Milaad-unNabie celebration organised by the South Auckland Muslim Association, which was attended by over 4,000 men women and children. In his address the Sheikh at the grand Mosque in Otahuhu mentioned that the whole essence of celebrating the Prophet’s life was so that we could adopt his methods in our daily lives. It was essential that we practiced his Sunnah on a daily basis. To be able to achieve this would mean increasing his love in our hearts which would automatically mean achieving nearness to Allah, this being the ultimate goal in every Muslim’s life. He said that if we practiced his Sunnah in the manner that the holy Prophet prescribed then Muslims would be excellent examples of being his ummaties and ultimately good citizens. In his address he gave a historical analysis of Muslims who had contributed to the wider community and societies. During his visit to Auckland the Sheikh also met civic leaders and Muslim community leaders whereby he congratulated them for their work so far and further advised them to work together in a more harmonious way in further achieving their goals. The Sheikh also commented on the beauty of New Zealand and during his visit. He was taken to Sea World where he was fascinated at the collection of Marine fish held under water. The Sheikh was then accompanied by a

• Male attendees reading Salaam.

• Official party (middle to right) - F.M.L. President hafiz Khan, Indonesian Ambassador, Maulana Noor Siddiqi, F.M.L. V/P Qayyum Khan.

delegation of community leaders who travelled with him to the Fiji Islands where the Sheikh was the guest Speaker at the National Milaad programme organised by the Fiji Muslim League. The programme was hosted by the Varavu branch. The celebrations took place in Govind Park, Ba. Upon arrival in Fiji, the Sheikh was saddened to learn about the tragic death of a young Muslim boy who was victim to a shooting incident. He led the Salaatul Janaza for the boy in Sombeto. He met with the families and consoled them during this difficult period. The following day, the Sheikh addressed a crowd which was over 8,500 people. The Sheikh stated that we were fortunate that we had the best of all Prophets and that we as a community were regarded the best Ummah. However to be the best we had to lead by example. He said that we had to ensure that the dedication, commitment and love the Prophet peace be upon him showed during his life to others, should be the basis for us for us to succeed in our lives both individually and collectively as a community. The Prophet was described by Allah has having the most “Excellent Character”. He was known as al Ameen (The Truthful) even before he announced his Prophet Hood! As Muslims we need to ask ourselves: How do people describe our characters? Are we good in our dealings? Are we faithful in our transactions? Are we compassionate in our dealings? Do we treat each other with respect and honour? If not then what aspect of the Prophets teachings have we as community missed out on. These were fundamental questions for the Muslim

that was cancelled. The Sheikh was pleased to meet with members of the Fiji Muslim League and paid tribute to the Founding fathers of the league and confirmed that their hard work will be a form of Sadqia Jaria for generations to come. The programmes in Fiji were compact and Haji Abdul Rahman Deen from Brisbane ensured that that everyone benefited from the Sheikh during his short visit. The Sheikh then travelled to Sydney Australia where he led Juma in the famous Rooty Hill Mosque. He was fascinated by the school which was being run next door and was pleased as to the standards that Muslim schools were achieving in Australia. Whilst in Sydney, he met with various members of the Muslim Community and was shown around all the mosques in the city which serving the community. In his address to the community in a function organised by the Pakistani community he explained the importance of having teaching establishments next to the Masjid as this would produce the next generation of leaders for the community. The Sheikh was then invited to go to Brisbane where he met various members of the community. He was shown around the Algester Mosque where he was amazed at the construction so far. He was pleased to see the work that had to been carried out so far. During his stay in Brisbane the Sheikh also had a meeting with one of the Graduates of Hijaz University, Moulana Noor Ul Hassan who had settled in Brisbane. He was now the director and founder of the educational establishment called Jamia al Mustafa. The Sheikh was very pleased that the extension of the work of Hijaz University would be continuing through the Jamia and that advanced Islamic education will be taught to the local community. The Sheikh’s trip to Brisbane ended on a visit to the famous seafood restaurant Gambaro's Restaurant. He said I was advised that prior to getting there that you had to pace yourself with the courses!

community to analyse and correct. The Sheikh also used the occasion to speak on the importance of women in Islam. He explained that we could not fulfil our obligations of Umrah and Hajj until and unless we do not follow the footsteps of Sayidina Hajrah (r.a) We have to walk and run between the mountains of Safa and Marwa as she did. It was because of her desperation and devotion to Allah that she ran between these mountains looking for water. Allah loved this so much he made it incumbent upon all Muslims to keep alive her tradition until the Day of Judgment. He explained that Sayidina Ayesha (r.a) the wife of the Prophet was such a great Muhadith (narrator of Hadith) that she reported over 2,500 narrations of the Prophet. The great Caliphs used to come to her and ask her opinion on various matters as her wisdom was well respected due to her proximity with the noble Prophet. Sayidina Khadija (r.a) what at a powerful lady she was! She was the employer of the Prophet peace be upon him. In his address The Sheikh stated that using these women as role models and that it was vital that we gave every available opportunity to Muslim women to follow in their footsteps and contribute to eradicate the myths that people have about women in Islam. During his stay in Fiji, the Sheikh also lectured at Kamal College, Varavo Primary School and Lautoka Muslim College. In these talks he inspired the students in the importance of respecting their teachers and parents in achieving the best in their education. There was a to be lecture at the South Pacific University in Suva but due to unforeseen circumstances • Female attendees reading Salaam.

Annual Meelaad Program of Islamic Society of Algester Inc.

By Hj Abdul Rahman Deen

grant us all the Hidayat and strength to reflect and to act upon all the knowledge Alhamdullilah our annual Meelad program that was presented to us on the day. We was held at the Islamic school in Karawatha also had Naat renditions (praises of the as scheduled on Sunday 10th Feb 2013. We • From Left to Right: Qari Omar Khan, Imam Amar Hassan (Islamic College of Brisbane), Imam beloved Prophet sallalahualaihiwassalam) had an excellent turnout of approx. 800 peo- Intiaz, Imam Abdul Taub, Imam Abdul Qaadir Al-Jilaani, Imam Nawaz, Imam Aslam. by our local recitors who never fail to ple. There were many people from the Fijian inspire and lift our spirits at these funccommunity and the Indonesian community tions. SubhanAllah. made about the main talk delivered by Mowlana Nawaz... as well MarshaAllah. Furthermore everyone enjoyed the Niaz (Mehfal ke baad Wow... It was one of the most powerful speeches I've SubhanAllah! We had many shuyuk present on the day heard in a long time and all those present I think were khaana) that was provided by the Algester cooking team. ie, Mowlana Aslam, Mowlana Nawaz, Mowlana Imtiaz, captivated both emotionally and spiritually. I personally The cake auction and all the other contributions raised Sheik Abdul Qadir, Sheik Ahmed Gazzalah, Mowlana don't think there was a dry eye in the audience after that approx $10,000. Noor, Mowlana Tawaab and Mowlana Ameer-ul-Hassan. talk... also being the MC on the day, I would just like to JazakAllah Khair to all those that supported the function With a panel of Imams of this calibre present it goes with- share with you all that I was approached by many people and contributed in any way, may Allah SubhanuwataAllah out saying that the program was a huge success. All the after the program, saying it was the best Meelad they had reward you all for your efforts both in this world and the talks were truly inspiring and special mention has to be attended SubhanAllah!!.... May Allah SubhanuwataAllah hereafter Ameen. 30 — THE BRISBANE INDIAN TIMES, March, 2013

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Islam - The Easy Way By Imam M. Aslam ALL praise is due to Allah Subhanahu wa ta'ala and peace and blessing be upon our beloved prophet Muhammad sallalahu alaihi wasallam. This article is going to focus on Islam as being an easy religion and best suited to human nature.


One of the terms used by the Qur'an during the early Makkan period to describe Islam was Al-Yusraa, or 'The Easy Way'. This is simply because Islam was, and is the natural way of life. Indeed, whatever is natural for human beings should be easy for them in every way, hence cause them to gravitate towards it easily, and consequently bring harmony, peace and tranquility to their lives. Since the Quran is the book upon which the Islamic way of life is built, then the Quran has to be easy to understand and follow-it is 'The Easy Way'. This view that Islam is easy to understand and practice, is one which is derived from the primary sources of Islam. In the Quran, Allah comforts us by continuously reassuring us that He desires for us ease not hardship, despite the seemingly formidable trials and tribulations that we may sometimes face. He says: 'God desires ease for you, and desires not hardship' (2:185); 'Truly with hardship comes ease' (94: 6); 'God will assuredly appoint, after difficulty; easiness' (65:7); 'Whoso fears God, God will appoint for him, of His command, easiness' (65:4); 'We shall speak to him, of our command, easiness' (18:88); 'God desires to lighten things for you, for the human being has been created weak' (94:28). In addition to the Quran, the Hadith literature is also replete with references exhorting us to adopt a balanced and simple approach to life. Prophet Muhammad (saw) has advised us: 'This Deen or way of life is easy But if anyone overdoes it, it gets the better of him. So keep to the right course, approximate to perfection, rejoice, and ask for help in the mornings, the evenings, and some of the latter part of the night' (Bukhari). The Prophet (saw) has also praised those who adopt a moderate approach to 'ibadah or worship. Ibadab, he said, should be done with freshness of heart, not an exhausting routine carried out in spite of fatigue. 'Do those deeds which you can do easily, as Allah will not get tired [of giving rewards] till you get bored and tired [of performing good deeds! ... and the most beloved deed to Allah is the one which is done regularly even if it is little' (Bukhari).

Islam is not Complexed Islam is not a way of life that is complex or difficult. Rather it is the human being who practices Islam who often makes it difficult-and then, complexity overtakes him so that eventually he is unable to cope with even the simplest of tasks. That it is possible for every person to understand and practice Islam is assured by the following three principles: Firstly, the basic beliefs contain no mystery and are therefore easy to comprehend. Every tenet in Islam is subject to analysis and inquiry. Moreover, Islam does not present stumbling blocks to the mind. Islam does not present concepts or ideas which the intellect cannot grasp. Even the simplest of minds can understand its basic beliefs. It is therefore not surprising that its beliefs are universal. Secondly, the most important and stringent obligations ordained upon Muslims are easy to undertake. That is, the duties and obligations laid down by Allah have been graded. And, it is the wisdom of Allah that the greater the importance He has attached to any act, the easier it is for everyone to accomplish it. Thus, for example, the five daily Salat (Prayers) and Sawm (fasting) Call Trudi on 07 3356 0102

during the month of Ramadan are compulsory upon everyone, since they are within every-one 5 reach to accomplish. Zakat (almsgiving) and Hajj (pilgrimage), on the other hand, though fundamental pillars of Islam, are not compulsory upon everyone. If it were made compulsory upon everyone, then those who did not possess the financial means would be unable to carry out these duties. In such cases, it would not have been possible for everyone to practice Islam in all its facets. Therefore, these duties are obligatory only upon those who have the means to do so. Thirdly, there are provisions for derogation when it is genuinely not possible for someone to fulfill an obligation. For instance, if a person is genuinely unable to stand up and pray, then he is permitted to sit down or even lie down and pray. Similarly, if there is no water available to perform the wudu or ablution before prayer, then one can make tayammum, which is a simple dry ablution performed by using clean earth or dust. Therefore, even when there appear to be difficulties, if one looks closely at the Shari'ah or Islamic legal code as a whole, one will find so many rules relating to derogation that enable one to practice Islam very easily-and this is the case regardless of the problem: political, economic or simply personal. Indeed, throughout the Quran various provisions have been made to ease things for travellers, for the sick, for pregnant or nursing women, for the old and for the poor, for on no soul does Allah place a burden greater than it can bear (7: 42) and 'He has chosen you, and has imposed no difficulties on you in religion' (22: 78). Therefore, as long as one possesses the basic tools-a sound knowledge of what is stated in the Shari'ah regarding a particular matter and an awareness of the responsibility for ones own actions-a person may decide for himself when to derogate from the standard. Thus, although according to the Shari'ah it is haram (or unlawful) to eat pork, if someone is on the brink of starvation and the only food available is this pork, then one can decide for oneself whether and when to consume this haram meat in order to survive, and thereby derogate from the standard. Of course, this does not make the pork halal or lawful, but neither will one be punished for committing a haram or prohibited act, so long as it is necessary for one's essential well being as a Muslim.

The Path of Moderation Moderation which leads to balance, is a fundamental and distinguishing feature of Islam. Allah tells us: 'We have made you a nation justly balanced' (2:143). Additionally, when the Quranic verse 'As to monasticism which they themselves invented, We did not prescribe any of it for them' (57: 27) was revealed, the Prophet Muhammad commented: 'Do not overburden yourselves, lest you perish. People [before you] overburdened themselves and perished. Their remains are found in hermitages and monasteries' (Musnad of Abu Ya'la). In other words, excesses may eventually develop into large problems and even become a threat to the well being and security of the Muslim community. Indeed, the Prophet always resisted any tendency towards religious excessiveness. He once said to his close Companion Abdullah ibn 'Amr: 'Have I heard tight that you fast everyday and stand in prayer all night?' Abdullah replied, 'Yes, 0 Messenger of God: The Prophet said, 'Do not do that. Fast, as well as, eat and drink. Stand in prayer, as well as, sleep. This is because your body has a right upon you, your eyes have a right upon you, your wife has a right upon you, and your guest has a right upon you (Bukhari, Muslim). Abiding by the will of Allah requires that we seek and maintain a delicate balance between the various obligations that demand our attention; between our obligations to Allah, our obligations towards others and our obligations

towards ourselves. Moreover, whenever the Prophet had to choose between two options, he always chose the easier, unless it was explicitly forbidden (Bukhari).

dants was continuously fasting during the day and spending the entire night in prayer, he remarked: 'In every deed [of action] there is a peak followed by lassitude. He who, in his lassitude, follows my Sunnah [the part of moderation] is on the right path, but he who, in his lassitude, follows another [guidance] has [erred and] gone astray [from the straight path Allah has revealed]' (al Bazzaz)

Maintaining a Joyful Disposition Making Islam Easy for Others Allah wants us to enjoy ourselves not only in the Hereafter but also in this world. Allah tells us in the Quran to pray for both 'the good in this world and the good in the Hereafter' (2:201). Additionally the Quran speaks extensively about the enjoyment of life: 'O children of Adam! Wear your beautiful apparel at every time and place of prayer Eat and drink but waste not by excess, for Allah loves not wasters. Say: 'who has forbidden the beautiful gifts of Allah which He has produced for His servants and the things clean and pure which He has provided for sustenance' (7:30-301). And again, 'O you who believe! Make not unlawful the good things Allah has made lawful to you. But commit no excess, for Allah does not like those given to excess. Eat of the things which Allah has provided you, lawful and good, but fear Allah, in whom you believe' (4: 86-88). Surprising as it may seem to some of us, the Prophet not only accepted jokes; he also told them himself He was cheerful and possessed an easygoing character He was always smiling at his Companions and enjoyed their conversations. He also possessed a very keen sense of humour. But, his jokes were more of a philosophical nature, never inappropriate and always true. For example, once an old lady went to the Prophet and asked whether after her death she would enter Paradise or not. To this the Prophet replied, 'No old woman would enter heaven'. On hearing this, the woman was naturally very sad. 'Then, what is the reward for them?' she asked. The Prophet relieved her anxiety by saying, 'All old people will be made young before they enter Paradise.'

Relaxing your Mind From the analysis above, it should be clear that Islam does not expect of any individual that he should spend all his leisure time in the mosque or at home and should listen to nothing but recitation of the Quran, or for that matter, be engaged in exclusively 'religious' pursuits. Rather, it recognizes that we are human beings, so that, as we eat and drink, and also need to relax and enjoy ourselves. Relaxation is not at odds with piety and dignity. The Prophet prayed and engaged in worship more than anyone, but he also enjoyed good things, smiled and joked. Indeed, in his prayers he would beseech Allah for the good things of this world. Relaxing the mind also has the additional benefit of resting and rejuvenating the body so that when we eventually return to fulfill out various obligations, we will be more focused and ready All ibn Abu Talib once said: 'Minds get tired, so do bodies, so treat them with humour' and 'Refresh your minds from time to time, for a tired mind becomes blind'. Another Companion of the Prophet, Abu Darda said: 'I entertain my heart with something trivial in order to make it stronger in the service of the truth'. As we have highlighted before, the approach of the Prophet to life's activities was always a balanced one. As devoted as he was in his personal worship, he was quick to indicate to his followers that the path of Islam is the way of moderation. Thus, when he heard that one of his atten-

In sharing the message of Islam with people the Prophet was advised in the Quran: 'It is part of the mercy of Allah that you deal gently with them If you were severe or hardhearted, they would have broken away from you' (3: 159). Thus, when the Prophet sent his Companions Mu'adh and Abu Musa to teach Islam to the people of Yemen, he gave them the following advice: 'Facilitate [religious matters to people] and do not make [things] difficult. Obey each other and do not differ [amongst yourselves].' (Bukhari & Muslim). On other occasions he also said: 'This Deen or way of life is easy'; 'Make it easy, don't make it difficult; 'Let people rejoice in being Muslims and not run away from it' and 'Cheerfulness towards other people, even a smile is a sadaqah or charity to be rewarded by Allah'. Moreover, a person-in seeking to purify himself and further develop his God-consciousness-may choose to place greater demands of worship upon himself, but this in no way means that he has the right to impose or force the same on others, and thereby, unconsciously alienate them from Islam. The Prophet exemplified this in his own life because he used to prolong the Salat whenever he was alone, but he would shorten it whenever he led others in Salah. Regarding this he said: 'Whoever among you leads the people in Salat, he should shorten it, for amongst them are the weak, the old, and the one who has business to attend to. And if anyone among you performs Salat alone, he may then prolong [Salat] as much as he wishes' (Bukhari). Similarly, 'Umar Ibn al Khattab emphasized that creating unnecessary difficulties for people may well have the effect of leading them away from Allah, rather than making them better Muslims. He advised: 'Do not make Allah hateful to His servants by leading people in Salat and so prolonging it that they come to hate what they are doing'

Ease versus Hardship To say, however, that Islam is easy and not 'difficult', is not to imply that Muslims will not face 'hardship'-and here the two terms must be distinguished. Indeed, although Islam is easy to understand and practice, the whole purpose of the trial is to make manifest the degree to which an individual is steadfast (and hence sincere) in his submission to Allah- and this is precisely what is indicated by the Quranic verse: 'And We will most certainly test you with something of fear and hunger, and loss of possessions and lives and crops' (2:155). Notwithstanding these trials however, we can find ease in this world and the next. But, this will be so only if we are firm in our faith in Allah and follow the course prescribed by Islam, as He Himself has declared: 'But give good news to those who are patient, who, when a calamity strikes them, say: 'Indeed we belong to God and indeed to Him we shall be returning: They are those on whom are blessings from their Sustainer, and mercy-and those, they are the rightlyguided. (2: 155-157).


Top 5 mysterious places in India From Dhaval Vyas Ahmedabad, India 1. Roopkund Lake Roopkund, better known as “Skeleton Lake,” is located in the Indian state of Uttarakhand, Northern India, in an uninhabited corner of the Himalayan Mountains. The lake is known for the enormous grave of 300600 skeletons around it. The mystery surrounding the lake is what killed these people and why were so many of them on such a grueling journey in the middle of nowhere since the area is nowhere near any trade routes. It remains an unsolved mystery till date. 2. Magnetic Hills in Ladakh Located in the Ladakh region of Kashmir, these hills can pull a car uphill when parked in neutral gear on a marked spot on the hill, which slopes down. The car instead of sliding down will move up at a

Stress less... DID you know that stress is a part of everyday life and some stress is actually good for you? Stress comes with work and family responsibilities and is unavoidable. It keeps us motivated and can provide a great sense of achievement once the stressful situation has passed. Our attitude, personality and approach to life can influence how we respond to stress. Too much stress all of the time can be harmful. Stress affects us in many ways. It can lead to poor performance at work, increased levels of anxiety and irritability, headaches, and sore neck and shoulder muscles. The more anxious you feel, the more stress can affect you. The good news is that there are everyday things you can do to manage your stress. Research suggests that it is a matter of

speed of 20 Km/hr or more depending on the model of the car. However It is not just cars but planes too are attracted by the Magnetic Hills of Ladakh. Some researchers say this happens because the hill possesses magnetic power while some claim it is nothing but an optical illusion. The mystery is yet left unanswered. 3. Stone of Shivapur Shivapur, a small village near Pune in Maharashtra State of India is famous for a levitating stone. The story behind this is that Qamar Ali, renowned for his miraculous power, on his last moments before his death requested to keep a circular stone near his tomb. If 11 people touch their finger to the stone and shout the name “Qamar Ali Darvesh”, the stone flies up in the air. It is a huge stone weighting around 200kg. While some call it illusion, some impossible but the fact is it is an inexplicable event. 4. Karni Mata Mandir Karni Mata Mandir in Bikaner, Rajasthan State is another unusual place in India. The temple is famous for its huge rat population. Thousands of rats live inside the temple. Out of

recognising changes in our bodies and how we react to stress. The old adage, 'prevention is better than a cure' - is certainly true for stress management. It will help if you: • Talk to friends, family members and work colleagues about how you're feeling. Work through problems and difficult situations with those involved. • Exercise regularly - you should do some form of exercise that causes you to feel puffed afterwards. • Have at least 20 minutes of exercise three times a week. • Avoid conflict - avoid situations that make you feel stressed as much as you can. • Relax - make sure you give yourself some time to relax each day and try to spend time with people who make you feel good about yourself. • Eat well - a nutritious diet is important. Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Arya Pratinidhi Sabha of Qld Inc FOR any one person to study and understand Vedas will appear to be physically an impossiJitendra Deo ble mission. Starting President from the ancient Rishis themselves to MaxMuller in modern times this fact is well acknowledged. Vedas offer a vast scholastic area of enquiry and call for good expertise and general awareness in social , political , physical sciences and technology. Interest and knowledge in at least one specific scientific/technological discipline is necessary, for any individual to attempt the study, to explore scientific and technological knowledge from Vedas. Response from educated scientific community due to lack of interest in our heritage for exploration of Vedas is practically nonexistent. It needs a conviction & dedication in Vedas with self motivation. Experts in the management field, Social, and environmental sustainability areas have been more active in discovering relevance of Vedic Wisdom to modern times. The Vedas give the most modern upto-date knowledge of sciences with linkages to agriculture, nutrition and ecology. Vedic guidance has also been the base on which we are making use of modern veterinary science with spectacular success. Vedas give very specific guidance for the modern Commercial Market driven society how the interests of an ordinary individual by can be protected by Consumer education, Environmental Protection, Nutrition and Health for every body and Crimes against society could be dealt with in a Democratic modern state. Some examples

on which insight from Vedas can be attempted is given here. The idea is only to invoke the interest of the modern young scholars to develop interest in study of Vedas. Vedas are not to be considered as mere religious books of Hindus, but a book of knowledge for entire human society. On administrative hierarchical planning, Consumer education and protection, significance of transparency and right to information, Conflict resolution by democratic negotiations, importance of articulation and good speaking ability, positive and constructive approaches, specific insights are available. Similarly on human nutrition system, cholesterol and heart circulation system, probiotic and microbiology, linkage of nutrition to health and intellect, sustainable organic agriculture, entomology, Vitamin/hormone D, photosynthesis, disease prevention, poverty alleviation and veterinary science of cow's animal husbandry, unambiguous guidance is found. On social topics like family planning, pregnant mother and girl child care, marital bliss, abortions and sex crimes, self motivation and positive contribution to society by inclusive minds, character building in society, are the kind of subjects that Vedas talk about. Please contact Jitendra Deo 3263 1914 or Hari Chand 33454716 for information on activities of Arya Pratinidhi Sabha of Queensland or visit:


all of the thousands of rats in the temple, there are said to be four or five white rats, sightings of which are considered especially holy. They are considered to be manifestations of Karni Mata herself. If one of the rats is killed, it must be replaced with one made of solid gold. Researchers have failed to know the reason for such an unusual event. Now even the worshipers have accepted the phenomenon and believing these rats to be sacred, feed them many times in a day. 5. Shanidev, Shingnapur A small village Shingnapur, in Maharashtra State, located about 70 Km from Shirdi is a site for another mystery. There is not a single house in this village that has doors. The houses have door frames but no door has been placed. People don’t even keep their valuable items inside a lock because locals believe that Lord Shanidev protects them and if somebody would steal from them, god will punish him. There is zero crime rate in the village and even if an object is stolen, it is mysteriously returned the next day.

• Sleep - a good sleep routine is essential. If you are having difficulty falling asleep, do something calm and relaxing before you go to bed, like listening to music or reading. • Seek help from your doctor or counsellor if you continue to feel stressed and unable to cope with everyday life. It's also important to try and have a good work life balance by taking some time each day to do something you enjoy. You could: • go for a walk • kick a football around with the kids • read a chapter or two of a good book • get a massage, or • catch up with a friend or family member over coffee or a meal. So, take a deep breath, count to ten, relax and stress less - it's just one easy way to be kind to your mind. Source:

Health checkups... AUSTRALIAN men are more likely to get sick from serious health problems, such as cancer, than Australian women. Their mortality (death) rate is also much higher. The poor health status of Australian men is complicated by the fact that men are more likely than women to shy away from medical treatment of any kind. The lack of health awareness and unwillingness to adopt a healthier lifestyle also disadvantages men. The main aim of a check-up is to detect illness at an early stage, or better still prevent illness occurring in the first place. It is surprising how many conditions are picked up on routine medicals; diabetes, elevated blood pressure, and skin cancers to name a few. Men need to know about health conditions including depression, heart disease and cancer, including prostate and testicular cancer. Where to get help: • Your doctor • Men’s health clinic • Community Health Centre

Choosing the right opinions DEAR reader, it is with appeared to a man great joy we bring you named Gideon and the word of God. In life called him a mighty man people can have an of fearless courage. But opinion about you. on his part Gideon did Whether it is correct or Pastor Joseph Dass not believe that. Gideon incorrect. On your part had always believed, you have a choice, agreed and settled with whether you accept it or reject it. Every the fact that he was from the poorest and time you reject or refuse to accept it, it the weakest tribe and they were low achievremains a fiction or fairytale. On the other ers. How did this happen?. Over a period of hand once you accept it as fact means you time Gideon had heard other peoples opinagree with it. ion about himself, believed it and now it When Jesus was on earth, doing His mira- had settled in his heart. That's why it was cles (healing the sick, giving sight to the easy for him to say who he was. blind, casting out demons, forgiving sin, Sometimes we can start living a life that raising the dead), while most people has been dictated to us. Always looking at rejoiced seeing the miracles which only what we are not, our mistakes, failures and God could do, and believed in His power, weaknesses. Instead we are to focus on His authority, His Lordship, others called what God's opinion is of us. Like Gideon Him beelzebub (prince of demons), blas- we are to realise, it's not how we feel about phemer, deceiver and false prophet etc,. But ourselves but what God says who we really instead of agreeing with this second group are. Ephesians 1 v 4,5 tells us that God of people, Jesus looked at them and chose us in Him before the creation of the declared that He was the Son of God (mak- world to be holy and blameless in His sight. ing Him equal with God). We are to under- God, from the very beginning did not see stand that while some opinions are good for you as a mistake, a failure or weak but us, others should be rejected. strong, victorious, and successful. Again the Once a lady shared with her counsellor, scripture says that we have God's approval that her husband thought she was not gifted for good works in Christ Jesus (Ephesians and talented enough. The counsellor asked 2v10) which God prepared in advance for "that's what he thinks, but what do you us to do. You may have done some wrong think?" We are to realise that before anyone things in life but that's not how God sees can judge you and have an opinion about you. He sees you doing many good things you, God already has an opinion about you in the future. Don't let someone's opinion and it is a good one. In the scriptures we hold you back. So today agree with God's read in the book of Judges chapter 6, that opinion about you. God wanted to deliver Israel from the hands God bless you of their enemies the Midianites God Ps Joseph Dass

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Myth-busters! TRUE. It is easy to confuse fitness and health. However, being fit and being healthy mean different things. You can be both fit and healthy, but this may not always be the case. Fitness may have more to do with genetics than physical activity. Also, you may be fit through playing sport or running regularly, but you can still be unhealthy as a result of other lifestyle factors such as alcohol dependency, poor nutrition or smoking or from infectious disease. Understanding the difference between fitness and health is important. No pain, no gain. False! Muscle soreness or pain is a sign that you may be over-doing it or working too hard for your current fitness level. Slow

You don’t have to be fit to be healthy

down and build up gradually. Walking can be a great workout. True. Walking uses most of your body's muscles and joints, so it's a great all-over body workout. It's also ideal for people who haven't been physically active for a while, those recovering from illness or overweight people. Beginning with ten minutes a day and building up gradually, both in pace and duration of your walk, will have positive benefits. If you are ill, it's better to put off your

Better balance your life THE pressure to juggle work with other aspects of life such as relationships, exercise and leisure activities has becoming increasing difficult with more and more people working longer hours. Research suggests that our mental wellbeing suffers the consequence of competing life roles, when work becomes the number one priority. While work plays a central part in our lives, too many hours can have a negative effect on our mental health and wellbeing. Work gives us a sense of purpose and helps build confidence and self-esteem, but spending too much time at work generally means spending less time with friends and family or doing something we enjoy. There is growing evidence to suggest that having strong friendships and family ties, being socially active and participating in recreational activities helps us to cope better with life's ups and downs. An unhealthy work-life balance means that we neglect protective factors like relaxation, hobbies or friendships which make us more resilient to mental health problems and promote positive mental health. When life becomes unbalanced, people may experience mood swings, sleeplessness, stress or become anxious and worried. Striking the right work-life balance can be a challenge but there are ways to lead a more balanced lifestyle. The pressure to juggle work with other

aspects of life such as relationships, exercise and leisure activities has become increasing difficult with more and more people working longer hours. Make sure you take time out for yourself to do the things you enjoy such as reading, going for a walk, meeting up with a friend, gardening or listening to music. Plan some time with your family or friends, talk to your neighbours or organise sporting or social activities that you can look forward to. Work-life balance means different things to different people. Everyone has their own priorities; the most important thing is finding the best balance for a healthy life. Tips to better balance your life include • Talking to your boss when work expectations and demands are too much and ways to improve your work-life balance • Regularly review you work-life balance so you can see if any lifestyle changes need to be made • Taking proper breaks at work, i.e. taking at least half an hour for lunch and getting out of the workplace if you can • Managing your time better so you don't take on too much • Finding time for activities that promote positive mental health, for example exercise, reading, and catching up with friends and family. Source:

activity routine. True. In fact, it can be dangerous to do some physical activities if you are ill. Check with your doctor first. Warming up before vigorous activity makes a difference. True. It's always wise to do some warm-up exercises to prepare yourself before any vigorous activity such as jogging, aerobics, fast cycling; or playing sports like football, squash and netball. Warming up by walking on the spot and muscle stretches increases blood flow to the heart to prepare for the activity ahead. It also increases blood flow to and flexibility of the muscles, which helps prevent injury. If you have an injury, you still may be

able to enjoy some physical activity. True, but… It's best to talk to your doctor about what you can and can't do. There may be a low weight-bearing activity like yoga or swimming that you can do. Source:

Heart health for men... OUR hearts work hard, beating between 60 to 100 times per minute, all day, every day. That’s why it’s so important that we do all we can to look after them. Coronary heart disease is the most common form of cardiovascular disease, followed by stroke. Together they accounted for 73% of cardiovascular deaths in Queensland in 2007. Coronary heart disease is the leading cause of death for both males and females in Queensland, although male rates are 60% higher and men are generally 5-10 years younger at diagnosis. Amazingly, two-thirds of cardiovascular disease in Queensland is preventable! The main factors affecting our hearts are high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, physical inactivity and being overweight, as well as a poor diet including eating too many fatty and salty foods. Smoking is Call Trudi on 07 3356 0102

also a major factor. All of these risk factors also increase your chances of having a stroke. So to keep your heart in tip top condition: • Quit smoking • Eat less salty foods and try to limit the amount of salt added in cooking • Eat less fatty and fried foods • Eat more vegetables and fruit • Find at least 30 minutes of exercise every day • Maintain a healthy weight - keep your waist circumference below 94cm • Visit your GP for advice or to help you form a strategy for improving your heart health For more information on heart health please visit the Heart Foundation website


Health Beauty Wellbeing Tips for long lasting makeup Schizophrenia linked to pre-natal infection, pubertal stress

By Nimisha of Hetvi Hair & Beauty (Mobile 0412350013) HEY girls! Today I thought it would be super fun to share Formal Or Semi- Formal long lasting makeup tips. Take Time to Prime: The key to long-lasting foundation and colour is the most commonly skipped step primer. Seriously—the stuff works. All you need is a pea-size dot of a lightweight, oil-free formula; apply it to moisturized skin before your concealer and foundation. We like Colour Correcting Primers (they have three oil-free formulas for different skin types). Be Dense: Blemishes and blotchy skin don't vanish in the hot weather, but the wrong concealer definitely can. What you want is a densely pigmented (but not liquidy) cream formula. Circle Block. Use your ring finger to dab the concealer on dark circles; apply to red spots with a small brush, and then pat with your finger to blend the cover-up into the skin. Switch to Silicone: Wear a full face of foundation and you're asking for trouble. Still, we get it—sometimes you want the coverage. The solution is a lightweight silicone-based formula. The silicone acts as a film between your skin and the humidity, preventing foundation from seeping into your pores or dribbling down your chin. Lighten Up: Think of foundation this way: The less you put on, the less there is to slide off. A dampened makeup sponge is the ideal tool for applying it so that it goes on light and sheer. Put a few drops on a damp foam-latex sponge, and swipe it from the middle of your face outward in short strokes. Give it a minute or so to set before you apply other makeup. Choose Creamy Shadow: When sweat and powder mix, the result isn't pretty. Sheer cream shadows tend to cake less in hot weather (plus, they glisten in the sun). Crème Eye Colour contains silicone that locks the colour in place, and Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liners stand the test of time without smudging. Look to Liquid: Liquid liner may take patience and practice, but once on, a good formula won't budge or smudge in the heat. Sweat proof your Lashes: Waterproof mascara is a no-brainer in the summer. It can withstand the office, the gym, the pool, and the bar without smudging. But some can fade to gray in a few hours. A-Lash Waterproof and Inimitable Waterproof Mascara. Flush with Greatness: As with powder shadow, powder blush and perspiration don't mix. Instead, rub a bright pink or coral cream or gel blush on the apples of your cheeks, and blend. Tint your Lips: Lip gloss just looks right come summer: it’s fun. It's easy… But it can also get runny and sticky in the sun. A tinted lip balm with a high wax content won't turn to mush in your bag or on your mouth. Tinted Moisturizer: The summer heat

really dries out your skin, and heavy foundations can dry your skin as well, so what better than a tinted moisturizer! It keeps your skin soft and moisturized and adds a bit of colour to even out your skin tone without all of that heavy foundation clogging up your pores. It's light and perfect for summer! (Quick tip - Don't have tinted moisturizer -or- don't want to spend the extra money to buy one? You don't have to! Instead, take some of your daily facial moisturizer and pour a little bit [enough to cover your face and neck] onto the back of your hand or a paper plate. Now, mix 1-2 little blobs of your foundation into the moisturizer, and ta-da! Instant tinted moisturizer! [You can add more or less foundation depending on how much coverage you want]) Stop Shine: To reduce shine and set your makeup, take a large fluffy brush and dust a translucent loose powder across your Tzone. Because it's colourless, there's less of a chance it will cause problems in the heat, but use a light hand to be sure. Blot it Out: Instead of repowdering throughout the day—extra layers can cause cakey product build-up in warm weather— keep plasticky oil-blotting sheets at your desk and in your purse. Dabbed over your face, they soak up excess oil without messing up your makeup. Keep handy Oil Absorbing Sheets. Water + Sleep: I'm sure you've heard this a million times, but that’s because it is so true. Drinking lots of water [shoot for 8 glasses a day] and getting at least 8 hours of sleep every day is a must for a healthy, pretty you. Keeping up with these two things cover all of the bases - your skin will be smoother, look healthier, and be less prone to breakouts, your hair will be healthier and have more life to it, your eyes will be brighter and more awake, you'll be in a better mood which means you'll be smiling more...the benefits are endless! SPF 15 or Higher: Even if it's cloudy outside or you're not out in the sun all the time, you really want to make sure that your makeup, lip balm, and moisturizer all have SPF 15 or higher because the sun can still damage your skin [even with cloud cover]. Less Is More - Seriously, it's true. A glowing, natural look never goes out of style and shows beauty in everyone. So here you go, enjoy rest of the month. See you next time. Nimisha

Indians deficient in Vitamin D NEW DELHI, March 3 (IANS) Despite ample sunlight, people in India are deficient in Vitamin D which is leading to problems like weaker bones among the population, the Rajya Sabha was informed. The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has reported that surveys carried out in India indicate that despite ample sunlight, people are deficient in Vitamin D, Health Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad said while replying to a question by nominated member H.K. Dua this week. The prevalence of Vitamin D deficiency is

in the range of 10 percent to 90 percent across all age groups, he said. The synthesis of Vitamin D in the body is dependent on multiple factors like duration and time of exposure to sunlight, latitude, atmospheric pollution and skin pigmentation. The studies have also shown that the Vitamin D deficiency may be associated with low bone mineral density, leading to weaker bones and fracture risk, Azad said.


ZURICH, March 2 (IANS) According to a Swiss study, infection in the pregnant mother and stress during puberty could lie at the root of schizophrenia. The interplay between an infection during pregnancy and stress in puberty plays a key role in the development of schizophrenia, behaviourists from ETH Zurich demonstrated in a mouse model. Around one percent of the population suffers from schizophrenia, a serious mental disorder that usually does not develop until adulthood and is incurable. Psychiatrists and neuroscientsists have long suspected that adverse environmental factors play an important role in causing schizophrenia. Prenatal infections such as toxoplasmosis or influenza, psychological stress or family history have all come into question as risk factors. Until now, researchers were unable to identify the interplay of the individual factors linked to this serious mental disease. A research group headed by Urs Meyer, a

senior scientist at the Laboratory of Physiology and Behaviour at ETH Zurich, has now made a breakthrough: for the first time, they were able to find clear evidence that the combination of two environmental factors contributed significantly to the development of schizophrenia-relevant brain changes, according to a report in Science Daily. The researchers developed a special mouse model, with which they were able to simulate the processes in humans, virtually in fast-forward mode. "Only one of the factors -- namely an infection or stress -- is not enough to develop schizophrenia," underscores Meyer. The infection during pregnancy lays the foundation for stress to "take hold" in puberty. The mother's infection activates certain immune cells of the central nervous system in the brain of the foetus, microglial cells, which produce cytotoxins that alter brain development of the unborn child.

Fermentation and its health benefits By Thilliar Varnakulasingham OUR ancestors have been fermenting foods for the last 12,000 years using yeasts, molds and bacteria. Virtually all civilizations used fermented foods that are brought about by the souring action of microbes. Fermentation has universal application and appeal. Fermented foods have many nutritional benefits. It preserves food between the time of harvest and consumption. It renders food resistant to microbial spoilage and the development of toxins .It inhibits the transfer of pathogenic organisms. It enhances flavor and nutritional value. It improves digestion and nutrient absorption of food. Indians eat idli and dosa, chutney and yogurt. Germans eat sauerkraut. Indonesians like tempeh. Koreans love spicy kimchi. In the Arctic, fish are fermented to the consistency of mush. The Swiss consume fermented dairy products. Russians drink rye Kvass and fermented tea. The French love wine and cheese .In Japan any good meal is not complete meal without miso, soy sauce and pickles. In China cabbage has been fermented for over 6,000 years .In Europe and North America, the main lacto-fermented vegetable food is cabbage in the form of sauerkraut. The ancient Greeks knew that chemical changes take place during fermentation. Their name for this change was “alchemy”. Lacto-fermentation has many advantages besides preservation. Starches and sugars in vegetables and fruits are converted into lactic acid by the many species of lactic acid producing bacteria. Lactic acid is a natural preservative. It inhibits putrefying bacteria. Fermenting the foods produces an increase in folic acid, vitamin 12 and vitamin K. Some amino acids, antioxidants and antimicrobial factors are also produced. Fermentation destroys certain anti-nutrients like phytates and oxalates. Phytates and oxalates interfere with the absorption of minerals such as iron and calcium. Dairy foods contain certain strains of bacteria that promote the health of the gastrointestinal tract. Probiotics may be useful in treating constipation. Probiotics may improve calcium and magnesium absorption from the human intestine. Probiotics are live, non-pathogenic microorganisms. They may interact with gastrointestinal and vaginal microflora.

Clinical studies indicate that certain probiotics may be useful in treating some diarrheal disorders, respiratory allergies and eczema, as well as in controlling inflammation and reducing the risk of candidal vaginitis and colon cancer. Dietary sources of probiotics are usually found in dairy products. Yogurt contains intestinal species of lactobacilli and bifidobacteria. Lactose intolerance is the inability to digest significant amounts of lactose, the primary sugar in milk. Common symptoms of lactose intolerance include nausea, cramps, bloating, gas and diarrhea. If people with lactose intolerance are unable to digest the milk sugar or lactose, consumption of fermented dairy products such as lassi and dahi bacteria that produce the enzymes are necessary to break down lactose. Studies on humans show that fermented milk could help lower blood pressure when taken daily. Probiotics may be useful in preventing alcohol induced liver damage. Lacto-fermented cucumbers dissolve precipitates of uric acid, thereby preventing the formation of stones. Lactobacilli act as antioxidants, scavenging cancer precursors known as free radicals. Sauerkraut contains large quantities of choline. It lowers blood pressure. It also contains acetylcholine which reduces blood pressure, slows the rate of heart-beat and promotes calmness of good sleep. Lacto-fermentation removes toxins from food .It removes cyanide from cassava, thereby making it edible and nutritious. Fermentation also reduces or eliminates nitrites, prussic acid, nitrorsamines and glucosides. Brewer’s yeast contains the highest glucose tolerance factor found in any food. It can reduce insulin requirements for diabetics. It reduces serum cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the elderly. Old is gold. Old becomes new again. The ancient wisdom of lacto-fermentation has proven that it has far-reaching nutritional benefits to the health of human beings. Call Trudi on 07 3356 0102

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Fully preventable, yet cervical cancer most common in India By Azera Parveen Rahman NEW DELHI, (IANS) Cervical cancer can be fully prevented if there is the required awareness. The tragedy, however, is that because of lack of knowledge and an it-cannot-happen-to-me attitude, it is the most common kind of cancer in India today. "It's tragic that cervical cancer mostly hits the young population - young women, women with growing children - whose lives seem shattered after they come to know of it. But the most important thing to understand is that it is completely preventable and, therefore, all you need is awareness to protect yourself from it," Ranjana Sharma, senior consultant, obstetrician and gynaecology, at Delhi's Apollo Hospital, told IANS. Cervical cancer occurs because of a viral infection, caused by the human pappiloma virus (HPV). According to A.K. Anand, director, Radiation Oncology, at Delhi's Max Hospital, 20-25 women of every 100,000 suffer from cervical cancer in India. "The incidence of cervical cancer is higher in rural areas than in metros. In metros, breast cancer is very common. Herpes is a cause for cervical cancer. Then again, bad local hygiene, too many children, not enough spacing between children, low nutrition levels and early marriage all contribute to the risk factors for this kind of cancer," Anand told IANS. Sharma added that because the awareness level in metros is considered to be higher than in smaller towns and villages, and people there have better access to resources,

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the number in metros is seen to be less. "However, some women - no matter where they are - are more vulnerable than others. The high risk group includes girls who have had premature sex as teenagers, those who have had multiple pregnancies or multiple sex partners and don't use contraceptives," she said. The symptoms to watch out for are postcoital bleeding; continuous, smelly vaginal discharge; bleeding between the menstrual cycle and irregular periods. In the more advanced stages, there could be back pain, bone pain or fractures, fatigue, loss of appetite, a single swollen leg and pelvic pain. Doctors, however, say that it's better to detect before the symptoms appear because in many cases, the symptoms don't appear in the early stages. If detected in an early stage, the chances of managing it are greater. "A Pap smear test, even if it's done once a lifetime, can save you from cervical cancer. If you are in the reproductive age group, regular check-ups with your gynaecologist, even once a year, is a must," Anand said. Menopausal women are also not completely safe from cervical cancer, as seen in certain cases; hence it is always advisable to go for a check-up. Vaccination against HPV at an early age is the best way to prevent the disease, doctors add. Not all types of HPV are carcinogenic, and HPV types 16 and 18 contribute to 70 percent of the cervical cancer cases. "There are two vaccines available and two more viruses common for warts. It's important that a girl should ideally be vaccinated

young, at the age of 12 or so, before she has any sexual contact," Sharma said. "Having said that, all women are advised to go for this vaccine as it is not necessary that just because you are sexually active you would have contracted this virus. It covers the age group of 10-26, up to 46," she added.


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Heat is finally over... time to grow Coriander By Charlie Compost

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Astrology Aries - March 21 - April 20 Despite a host of challenges, Ganesha predicts that your mood will be upbeat, and you will succeed in your endeavours. Among the problems, the rather serious one would be financial. Yet, nothing so serious that you haven't encountered in the past. Plus, if you can curb the tendency to blow up your dough recklessly, you shall manage fine. You would do well to explore new avenues to earn extra cash, though. Overall speaking, the month's first week may not be very favourable for business or job, but you are likely to return from official travel, if any, with positive results. As the month progresses, your spirits too will rise, and you will adopt a more proactive approach to life. Guard against the danger of compromising on sleep to do extra work, or it may affect your health, cautions Ganesha. The resultant mental fatigue may also adversely affect the quality of your work. Try to manage your time well, and ensure doing something to unwind every evening. Love life will remain smooth. Taurus - April 21 - May 22 Ganesha foresees a hectic, eventful – even at times, a confusing or befuddling – month ahead for you. You will come up tops in some things, while in some others you may be left feeling that your efforts have not been justly rewarded. Emotionally speaking, the month will be somewhat of a roller-coaster ride; you may want something, but may not be able to express. Moreover, your focus will be on work – profession or business. And, it is important that you concentrate hard, reminds Ganesha, or a slight slipup – especially while signing on the dotted line – may cost you dearly. Since matters under litigation have been stretching for a bit too long, you would do well to gather up evidence and try to wind up the cases at the earliest. Overall, the first fortnight of the month may be quite lacklustre – and monotonous – pressing you to seriously contemplate a change in the nature of your work. But, the phase will pass soon, and by the second week, events will boost your morale. Your personal life too is likely to follow the same pattern. Gemini - May 23 - Jun 21 You can expect a fairly smooth ride in your profession or business this month, predicts Ganesha. Your superiors are most likely to appreciate your efficiency, especially because you have performed well under pressure. You can also expect to get a good enough cooperation from your coworkers. You happen to be a glib talker, and this month this skill will come in handy, especially in business when you need to tackle tricky negotiations. However, some of the steps you would take are likely to backfire, but that's al-right, as you cannot always be expected to hit the bull's eye. Don't complicate things unnecessarily, and avoid beating around the bush, warns Ganesha. In your personal life, the going may not be very smooth. You may hardly have any time to spend with your family members, and this may leave you feeling jilted. Plus, they may not express their ire, but you must understand that they too have some expectations from you. If you are single, expect some positive developments in your love life.

THE heat is finally over and the good news is that the peak season starts right now so get planting. Here are a few suggestions that will make the difference between success and failure. • spray a pyrethrum based insecticide on all your plants to eliminate stink bugs, locusts and caterpillars- They are there in their hundreds right now. • Spray white oil onto citrus leaves. • Prune out all old and dead stems on citrus and chilli plants. • Dig in some compost or manure to veggie beds. • Start planting immediately. • Coriander will respond well-use fresh seed collected from your best plants last season-stagger sowing monthly till May. • Methi-Use fresh seed. • Tomatoes will respond best now. • You can still grow corn and groundnuts but be quick. • Pinch back chilli tips and old leaves. Also remove flowers for a week or so to encourage new stems on which you will have a bumper harvest.

For more detailed information and instructive videos, log on to the website at www.worldvegetablegarden. If you have any comments or questions, or photos of your veggie plants to share, please email them to Cancer - June 22 - July 22 Your hard work in the recent times will happily start fetching you the deserved rewards this month, foresees Ganesha. Your reputation may have spread far and wide, and you are likely to be offered a lucrative job. If something of the sort happens, you would be advised to grab the offer with both the hands. However, make sure you stick to the same nature of work, for if you take up something entirely different, you may not be as successful as you would want to. Also, in trying to be helpful towards others, you may end up taking up their responsibility, which is not such a good idea. Overwork, too much responsibility may adversely affect you health. The best part about you is that you never complain about anything, and quietly go about performing your duties to the best of your abilities. But, learn that sometimes, it's best to say no or, better still, express your feelings, as they are. Good thing is that this month you may find yourself in situations, where you would be the centre of attention, which is not something you hanker after as a rule. This time round, you will be game for it, though! Leo - July 23 - August 22 The Lions may can expect a mixed bag of the month in March. The first week of the month may not be too favourable for you, and you are likely to feel some lack of confidence in your abilities, foresees Ganesha. Be assured that the things will gradually improve, as the month progresses. You are advised not to go all out in the first week, because things started at this time may not bear the desired fruits. But, after that you will see things picking up pace, your confidence increasing. This will put you in a happy frame of mind, and you will be willing to take up more work and responsibility. However, don't bite off more than you can chew, reminds Ganesha! There would be chances to interact and socialise. Your social circle will grow, as a result of your becoming more gregarious and communicative. On the flip side, the success you experience may go to your head, or, at best, may make you complacent. If you fall into that trap, note that you may become lazy, which in turn can make you overdependent on others. Take care! Virgo - August 23 - October 22 Your fortunes are likely to sway a bit this month, beginning with a high, then going down and then climbing up again, predicts Ganesha. Early in the month, you are likely to enter into new projects, especially if you are a businessman. The professionals too will perform at their peak around this time. In the second week, however, things will see a distinct drop in momentum, so much so that you may start contemplating some drastic steps to force a change in circumstances. However, it is just a passing phase, and things will again improve by the third week. Taken all in all, the entire results of the month will wind up on the positive side, which is speaking a lot, when time is so confusing. Apart from work, there will be socialising, fun parties with friends and you will mostly remain in high spirits. You are advised not to neglect your personal life, particularly your spouse, though. Also, make sure you don't rub


your loved ones the wrong way, in word or deed, warns Ganesha. Libra - September 23 - October 22 You may look forward to a professionally hectic month, so much so that you will hardly find time to devote to your personal life. There would be times when you will feel utterly fatigued, but then there will be days, where you will be so sprightly that you will surprise your colleagues and loved ones. Yes, you are unlikely to find the time to unwind, and indulge in some hobbies, but you will manage fine, on this account. The most difficult part, however, would be the fact that things may not go as per your expectations. You may want to put a final full stop to a rather tricky project, and an abrupt intervention may force you to reconsider the entire project plan. Well, this may not happen, literally, but hopefully you get the picture. Stay prepared and try to curb mental stress, says Ganesha. Your financial situation will, at best, be average. Try to look out for opportunities to make a fast buck on the side. Later in the month, there is travel on the cards. Whether it is for professional or personal reasons, you are bound to enjoy it. Scorpio - October 23 - November 21 There will be positive developments on your professional front as the month begins. However Ganesha warns you not to get involved in useless activities, such as gossiping at your workplace, because it will only undermine your reputation, besides adversely affecting your productivity. In the second half of the month, you will be back in your elements, your creative talents will come to the fore and your efficiency will be appreciated by your superiors. You may even be rewarded for your efforts. Don't nurture very high expectations, though, or you may be left disappointed, says Ganesha. Financial matters may take up a considerable portion of your time. Issues such as taxes, investments, loans will have to be reviewed, and changes made accordingly. However, the time is not suitable for investing more money in the stock market. As for your personal life, there may be some disturbances in the beginning of the month, but the situation will improve by and by. Sagittarius - November 22 - December 22 Ganesha predicts that because you are so highspirited and never shy from taking the initiative, professionally this month will be a cake-walk. Be warned, though, that there are some inimical elements around you, who or which may try to tarnish your reputation. You will, therefore, need to be extra cautious. Be diplomatic in your words and actions, and behave in a positive manner with everyone. Your keen insight into the circumstances surrounding you will help you easily solve tricky issues. Because of this skill, the top management will wish to make you an integral part of crucial company meetings and brainstorming sessions. Despite the fact that you are too busy with work, you will be able to balance both your personal and professional life quite well. On the rare occasion you may feel stifled for space, but you will resolve the matter quite tactfully. Both singles and married couples will see their relationships strengthening.

Capricorn - December 23 - January 30 Ganesha foresees that early in this month, you may realise that you have bitten off more than you can chew. And now you will have so many tasks, both professional and personal, to accomplish within a specified time-frame, which, too, you have set so tight, that the danger of collapsing under the burden is real. Unless, of course, you quickly make amends to your attitude of not relying on anyone else to do your work, and start delegating it to your subordinates. If you don't do it, your health is bound to suffer. And you may have to take a sick leave, which means your work will get delayed anyway. So, the prudent thing would be to start sharing the burden. The positive side is that all the work-load will not affect your personal life too much. Your life in this department shall be rather sorted. Love stars look up too! Towards the end of the month, taking your beloved out for a little vacation would be in order. Aquarius - January 21 - February 19 This month appears favourable for professionals and job seekers, predicts Ganesha. Both, freshers and experienced people are likely to come across many new job opportunities, but if you happen to be well entrenched in your present job, it would not be advisable to make a switch, even if you feel as if you may have got into a rut. Just try to do things in new ways, be innovative and the boredom will disappear. No big developments are expected if you are a businessman, although in the second fortnight of the month, you may enter into some new contracts. A lot of official travel is on the cards. One of the dangers you are likely to face this month is that you may develop the tendency to procrastinate. The sooner you become aware of it the better, because this can lead to your work piling up with the result that you may start overshooting your deadlines on a regular basis. Pisces - February 20 - March 20 Professionally, this month you will begin on a low key, mainly because most of your attention will be on your personal life. However, Ganesha says, in the latter half of the month, your career will take priority, and you will start working in right earnest. You will be in complete control of the situation at your workplace and work so hard that you will accomplish things in half the time you normally take. Your superiors will be impressed and will surely recommend suitable rewards. On the flip side, don't expect your personal life to be all hunky dory. There will be trouble, mainly stemming from your own high expectations from your partner, which is bound to lead to disappointments, perhaps even some serious disputes. Ganesha advises you to handle this situation with a lot of maturity, spend more quality time with your spouse, or else you may be headed for splitsville. Disclaimer: This is only a guide and is not directed towards any particular individual and the writer shall not be responsible for anything to do with the articles content.

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Real Estate News

Prime land at Pioneer Valley now selling! PROSPECTIVE buyers have an opportunity to secure prime residential land in Brisbane’s booming south with the latest release at the Pioneer Valley estate at Kuraby selling now. A total of 38 lots have been released to the market, ranging in size from 480-808sqm at an average of 537sqm. Pricing commences at $315,500. Ideally positioned just 17 kilometres south of the CBD, Pioneer Valley is project managed by Dennis Project Management on behalf of the Hatia Property Corporation. The boutique infill development will comprise 231 lots when complete. “We have brought forward this latest stage following the success of our recent release at Pioneer Valley where almost 75 per cent sold off the plan,� explained Director of Dennis Project Management, Grant Dennis.

“We anticipate demand to again be strong for the current offering due to a shortage of available supply in the area.� Mr Dennis said construction works pertaining to the initial release which commenced last August were progressing well. “The present phase of development at Pioneer Valley is taking shape and we are anticipating settlements on blocks from the previous stage by the middle of this year.� An NBN-approved estate, Pioneer Valley offers a cosmopolitan lifestyle within the Brisbane city boundaries. All key amenities and services are close at hand, including schools, major shopping centres, public transport and easy access to the Gateway and Pacific Motorways. Pioneer Valley has been designed to harmonise with the natural beauty of the surrounding environment. Parklands and waterways will feature prominently throughout the estate, with in excess of 50 acres allocated as open space. “The open expanses we have set aside within the project amount to more than half the total area of the development,� Mr Dennis noted. “By also incorporating various precincts with subtle differences in style and ambience into our design

blueprint, we are achieving our aim of creating an aesthetically appealing neighbourhood,� he added. Already a great place to live, Pioneer Valley’s latest chapter builds on its previous success and offers an exciting future for everyone. To be part of Pioneer Valley’s exciting new beginning, contact the Sales Office by phone on 07 3341 7946 or in person at Pioneer Drive, Kuraby. Opening hours are from 10am to 5pm every Saturday to Wednesday. For web-based enquiries, visit for further information.

New stage release at Pioneer Valley Land now selling from $315,500

Levelled lots Free hold – no body corporate Railway within 2 minutes 30 minutes from CBD Convenient access to    *DWHZD\DQG3DFLÀF0RWRUZD\



Kuraby Primary School


Kuraby Station


Logan Rd



Underwood Rd


Call Trudi on 07 3356 0102

Pioneer Dr


07 3341 7946 or visit us online at

R ton


Underwood Marketplace

s King

St Andre ws St St




SALES OFFICE OPEN 10am – 4pm Sat to Wed Pioneer Drive, Kuraby




BOONDALL Offers Over $400,000




BOONDALL $499,000

BOONDALL Starting from $508,148




TAIGUM Starting from $492,648



BOONDALL $449,000

ASPLEY $588,000






BOONDALL $265,000

TAIGUM Offers Over $300,000

The Real Estate Institute of Queensland













4 (07) 3865 4466 Shop 5, 2281 Sandgate Rd, Boondall, Qld 4034

Usha Chandra 0419 775 416 Call Trudi on 07 3356 0102

Real Estate News Why REIQ agencies are different MORE than 4,400 real estate agencies and agents across the State – or about 80 per cent of all agencies – are members of the Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ). And at the heart of REIQ accreditation is the REIQ Standards of Business Practice (REIQ standards) and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) training, which provides the industry with education and support to uphold these standards. In 2005, the REIQ introduced its CPD training which mandated that all licensees-in-charge of accredited agencies undertake annual training to remain accredited. This has been expanded to individual members as well. And to ensure the highest standards of business practice, new agencies are required to undertake core training about the REIQ’s Standards of Business Practice before accreditation is granted. The REIQ standards were revised from the previous REIQ Code of Conduct to provide a greater level of consumer protection and improved agency to agency behaviour. And they are in addition to the statutory Codes of Conduct contained in the Property Agents and Motor Dealers Act. The REIQ standards prescribe agency behaviour in protecting consumers by requiring agents to deal fairly and openly with consumers through the provision of clear and factual disclosures, representing the property fairly without false embellishment, and ensuring all relevant regula-

tory and legislative documentation is correctly completed. The REIQ also accepts, through its arbitration and tribunal practices, consumer complaints about any accredited member agency who does not uphold the REIQ standards. This process provides consumers a greater level of confidence when dealing with REIQ accredited agencies in the knowledge there is recourse for action if one is necessary. Agents found to be non-compliant in any of the 58 REIQ standards are notified of the breach and required to work with the consumer to remedy the issue of complaint. In addition, the REIQ provides advice and assistance to these agents to ensure they are aware of the breach and given every opportunity to ensure there is no reoffence. In these cases, the tribunal has the power to direct the agent to undertake further training to ensure they are fully aware of their obligations to consumer protection. By choosing an accredited agency, consumers can be satisfied the agency is at the forefront of the legislative and best practice requirements of the real estate industry.

Government action required on housing affordability A new report by the National Housing Supply Council clearly identifies the need for a concerted approach by Governments to address housing affordability, particularly for first home buyers, according to the Real Estate Institute of Australia (REIA). “The Housing Supply and Affordability Issues 2012–13 report shows that it now seems certain the aggregate rate of home ownership in Australia will drop from around the rate of 70 per cent that it has been for the last three decades,” says REIA President, Peter Bushby. “Affordability is identified as the main reason for this change.” “Exacerbating the difficulty for first home buyers is that during 2012, the Governments of Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia announced that they would only provide the First Home Owner Grant

(FHOG) to purchasers of new property and not to those buying established housing.” “The actions of the state governments ignore the evidence that first home buyers have a clear preference for established houses. Only 18 per cent of Australian first home buyers are buying new homes with 82 per cent purchasing established dwellings,” says Mr Bushby. “In its Pre Budget Submission, REIA has urged the Government to address the plight of first home buyers.” “As part of a package of measures to address the affordability problem, REIA proposes that the Commonwealth Government should establish a scheme to encourage young Australians to contribute to voluntary superannuation by allowing access to these resources for the purposes of raising a deposit for a first home.”

Indeed, the REIQ accredited agency logo is a visual safeguard to help consumers make informed and confident choices. For a list of REIQ accredited agencies in your local area visit or phone 07 3249 7347


Sold Out


PREMIUM, HILLTOP LAND... The best of Carindale HIL/73-BIT

Hilltop is an exclusive new address situated high above the quality homes and parkland of this prestigious Eastern suburb. Level, easy-build homesites, offering outstanding City views and breezes, and a premium Carindale lifestyle beyond comparison. • Close to Pacific Golf Club • 5 minutes to Westfield Carindale • 10 minutes to Manly and the Bay • 12 kilometres to Brisbane CBD

VVISIT ISIT OUR OUR OONSITE NSITE SALES SALES CENTRE CENTRE Greendale Greendale Way, Way, Carindale Carindale UBD UBD Map Map 182 182 D-12 D-12

11300 300 7789 89 001 001

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PHOTOGRAPHY / VIDEOGRAPHY UNREEL EYES - VIDEO/PHOTO. Your Eyes - My Lens...Weddings, Events, Parties, Love Stories, Videography & Photography. Call 1300 308 618 or visit - E: Find us on Facebook -

RELIGIOUS SERVICES For all Vedic Sanskaar Sanskrit prayers: Hawans, Weddings, Death rites; new homes, anniversaries, birthdays etc Pandit Dr G A Tularam 0410 649 736




Office Assistance required for busy office at Mt. Gravatt. To be successful in applying for the position it is expected the applicant will have good knowledge of written and verbal English and intermediate computer skills. Please email your resume to

WHAT’S ON! Community Events... Hindu Society of Qld - Mahashivaratri - Friday 8 March to Sunday 10 March – Gayatri Mandir, 178 Lyndhurst Street, Boondall. Pooja 6pm. Paravachan by Pt Parveen Shandil from 7pm8.30pm. Dinner provided daily. For more information please contact: Mr Prakash Shandil (President) 0408 876 414, Mr Sunil Maharaj (Secretary) 0488 324 891, Mr Mukesh Rattan (Assit. Treasurer) 0419 712 592. Vedanta Centre - Brisbane - Celebrating the 150th Birth Anniversary of Swami Vivekananda and birthday of Sri Ramakrishna - Saturday 9 March – 10.30am - 1pm at ironside State School, 2 Hawken Drive, St Lucia. (entry from Central Avenue) Worship 10.30am to 11.15am. Cultural programme - 11.15-11.45pm Multifaith meeting - Talks by representatives of different religions (Hindu, Christian, Jewish, Islam and Sikh). Dr Maha Sinnathamby and Rev. Swami Sridharananda will also speak on the occasion. Shree Vishnu Maya Mandir – Maha Shivaratri Sunday 10 March – By Dharam Guru Pundit Ram Harsh Tripathi Ji. 85 Scotts Lane, North Maclean, Qld 4280. Temple will be open all day for Abhishek and Pooja. Bel Patra, Milk & Panch Jal will be provided. 4pm to 8pm a special program of Bhajan, Kirtans, Shiv Katha and Abhishek – followed by Maha Phalahari Prasadam! For more information contact Mr Bharat Solanki 0411 131 485 or Dhiru 0406 213 153 FILTA 1945 - 1972 Fiji Indian Lawn Tennis Associatoin Reunion 15 & 16 March 2013 – at Sunnybank Community and Sports Club, 470 McCullough St, Sunnybank from 6.30pm to 10.30pm and 16th at Michael's Oriental Restaurant and Call Trudi on 07 3356 0102

March 13 / aPrIL 13 Function Centre. 23 Padstow Rd, Eight Mile Plains from 7pm to midnight. For more information / cost please contact Abdul Jalal / Rasheed Ali rali@alifafamily / Ram Karan or Rahim Zullah Sri Selva Vinayakar Koyil (Ganesha Temple) Brisbane (South Maclean) – For full list of upcoming events please click here or visit Melmaruvathur Aadhiparasakthi Brisbane Mandram - Bajan - Sunday 14 April – from 57pm at 1 Lalina Street, Middle Park. For more information contact Sakthi Para 0438 778 483, Sakthi Jayanthan 0402 907 064 or Sakthi Kalyanasundaram 0411 165 067 RAM NAUMI - Thursday 11 April to Saturday 20 April – Gayatri Mandir, 178 Lyndhurst Street, Boondall. Pooja will commence daily from 6pm. Paravachan by Pt Parveen Shandil form 7-8.30pm. Dinner provided Daily. On the last day, Sat 20 April, celebrations will commence from 10am followed by the birthd of Lard Rama at 12 Noon. This will be followed by Hawan, Aarthi and Prasad and lunch. For more information please contact: Mr Prakash Shandil (President) 0408 876 414, Mr Jiten Lal (Treasurer) 0409 737 753, Mr Sunil Maharaj (Secretary) 0488 324 891 Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan.Inc (Australia) Kab Sumiroge Ram on Ram Navami - 20 - 21 April – at Luxmi Narayan Mandir, 46 Daymar Street, Burbank Qld. 20 April from 4.30pm-7.30pm / 21 April from 4pm to 6pm. For further information please contact 0430 877 001, 0431 383 002.

To Subscribe to Weekly updates of What’s On - email Varnam Cultural Society (Qld) Inc. Chithirai Kalai Vizha - 27 April – 6pm at Logan West Community Centre, 2 Wineglass Drive, Hillcrest. Tickets: Adult $15, Family - $30 (2 Adults, 2 kids), Child $5. For tickets and further information please contact - Rajarajan 0431 433 889 / Ayyapann 0418 909 825 / Prabhu 0401 302 761 or email Save the Children Australia – Cycle laos: Mother’s Day Challenge - an exciting new Adventure Volunteering activity - a 13 day trip to Laos, departing on Mother’s Day (12 May). It includes a 5 day cycle through terrain, a 3 day volunteering experience in our Laos Primary Health Care and Education programs (including meeting the renowned Australian Chief Health Advisor Carol Perks) and raising funds to build a new village healthcare clinic as part of the Laos Primary Health Care program. For more information call 1800 76 00 11 or email

Markets.... Every Sunday – Brisbane Community Market – The Brisbane Community Market is an initiative of Acacia Ridge and District Community Centre. This ‘Profit for Purpose’ project is a response to the defunding of programs that were providing education, training and employment pathways for members of the local community. The success of the market will enable the centre to continue to offer valuable programs to the community. The market will be on every Sunday from 7.30am-1pm at Moorooka State School, Beaudesert Road Moorooka. Food, fruit and veg, gifts, activities for gifts plus more great stalls. Stalls are still available, please  phone 0401 027 402 for more information. THE BRISBANE INDIAN TIMES, March, 2013 — 41

Brisbane Indian Times proudly serving the Multicultural Community since 2003 - proudly sponsor What’s On section!

Associations / Places of Worship... AUM - Arya Pratinidhai Sabha of Qld Inc. Vedic Yaj (Havan) Venue: Finish Hall 62 Newnham Road, Mt Gravatt East March 17 10-11.30am Venue: 17 Somerset Dr Carseldine March 10 10-11.30am ALL WELCOME Tune to Radio Brisvaani on Sundays 7-7.30am for Vedic Sandesh Program. Read about Vedas in this paper. Contact: Jitendra Deo 3263 1914 or Hari Chand 3345 4716 or log on for further information. Brahma Kumaris Australia, Mermaid Waters Offers Free meditation courses, Free positive awareness courses and Free afternoon retreats. Contact 5575 2126 or email BRISBANE BELIEVERS FELLOWSHIP “Expect Great things from the Lord and Attempt Great things for the Lord”. Address: Zillmere Community Hall, 54 Handsford Rd, Zillmere. Worship time: Every Sunday at 9.30 AM. Activities: Holy Communion (First Sunday of the Month), Sunday school, Fasting Prayer, Youth Meeting, Bible Study and Ladies Meeting. Contact:Pastor John Thomas & Mary Thomas Sanju P. (Secretary) Phone: 0402 551 220 / 0402 907 776 or 0422 815 782 Email: Brisbane Christian Assembly, Herston, QLD. Expect a miracle from God, Come and pray for any need in your life, with us in Herston (near RCH Hospital) every Saturday from 6:00pm to 9:00pm. We are praying and God has been doing miracles in many people’s life. Contact Pastor Prakash Jacob 07 3162 5207 or 0413 347 562. Brisbane Christian AssemblyAddress: 5/15 Aberleigh Road, Herston QLD 4006 Pastor: Prakash Jacob Events: Prayer, Fellowship, Worship, Adult Bible Study, Kids Bible Study, Love in Action, and much more.. Saturday Schedules: 6:00pm7:00pm: Kids Bible Study, 7:00pm-09:00pm: Intercessory Prayer Sunday Schedules: 10:00am01:00pm: Worship in Truth & Spirit, Bible Study, Prayer, etc. Email: Ph: 07-31625207, 0413347562 Brisbane Malayalee Association Brisbane Malayalee Association (BMA) represents the Malayalee community in and around the city of Brisbane to preserve and maintain the Kerala culture and heritage. BMA is a non-profit, non-political, non-religious cultural organisation that has a constitution and by-laws. BMA provides a forum for the Malayalees residing in Brisbane and neighbouring areas to meet and exchange views and to foster their friendship, goodwill, moral, social, educational, literary, artistic and cultural heritage. For more information contact Secretary Rajni Nair on 0431 299 376 or President Gigie George on 0432 510 045 Brisbane Multinational Church NEW ADDRESS - 757 Gympie Road Lawnton. Church service time if from 9.30am to 11.30am. Special times of prayer for the sick. We will be praying for people with all kinds of sicknesses, needs, spiritual problems etc. This will be followed by free lunch, service time 9.30am -12 noon.For more information please contact Pastor Joseph Dass on 0424 180 240 or Assistant Pastor Shrish Chand on 0450 612 304. Brisbane Sikh Temple (Gurdwara) 2679 Logan Rd, Eight Mile Plains. Brisbane Sikh Temple is open 7days a week, free food (langar is served daily) Sunday Service is from 9am to 1pm. Weekdays evening service is from 6pm to 7pm including meditation. Mr Baljit Singh Secretary of Brisbane Sikh Temple (for all bookings enquiries) Ph: 0412 057 554, Email: Gianni Kuldeep Singh Priest of Brisbane Sikh Temple (for all religious functions) Ph: 0422 705 936 Email: Brisbane Tamil School – Holland Park State School, Bapume Road, Holland Park. For more information on the School please contact President B. Saravanan – or visit Burnie Brae, a Senior Citizen’s Centre in Chermside, are pleased to advise the start of a special social programme for Indian Senior Citizens. We meet on the 1st and 3rd Monday of every month. It is an opportunity to socialise, participate in a variety of activities and enjoy some delicious vegetarian meals. Transport maybe provided to and from the Day Social Club if you live near the Centre. If you have any queries please contact Sandra or Naomi on 07 36242141 Chinmaya Mission Australia – Family programs every Sunday morning at Holland Park State High School from 10am-11.45am. Balahivar classes for children and teenagers and gita classes for adults are conducted under the guidance of spiritual teacher, Bramachari Gopal Chaitanya. Please visit or email Eben-Ezer Pentecostal Church, Brisbane – Sunday School, Prayer & Fasting, Youth meeting & worship (Malayalam) Contact: Pastor Mathew Tharian


07 3165 7617, 0431 413 482 or Eng. Victor George 07 3359 8946, 0413 069 477. Fiji Senior Citizens’ Satsang Association of Qld Inc 1 Kensington Place, Wishart 4122. Monthly meetings will be held on th last Sunday of the month at 2pm. All members are invited to attend. For further information contact President Surendra Prasad OAM 3849 5435, Secretary Raymond Saran 3290 0653 or Treasurer Surya Narayan 3208 5823 Forest Lake AOG Church Hindi Service - Second Sunday of every month commencing @ 4.30pm. Cnr of Alpine Place & Forest Lake Boulevard Road. Contact Sudesh on 0401 519 541. Hindi Speaking Christian Fellowship Meets at 2.30 p.m. last Sunday of each month at Merthyr Uniting Church, 52 Merthyr Rd, New Farm All welcome. Contact Irene 3715 8659. Hindu Mandir Association of Queensland Shree Laxmi Narayan Mandir NEW ADDRESS - 46 Daymar Street, Burbank Qld Every Sunday 4pm to 6pm - Bhajan/Kirtan, Pravachan by Pt Tripathi Ji, Arati and Dinner is provided. Every 1st Sunday of month from 2-4pm - Program by Brisbane Bhajan Group. All welcome. Website: For further information contact: Resident Priest 07 3216 8848, Rakesh Sharma 0411 289 202 Hindu Society of Queensland Inc. Gayatri Mandir (178 Lyndhurst Rd, Boondall). Gayatri Mandir opens every Sunday from 8am to 11am. Mandir opens with Punditji. Weekly Programs & Mandir Openings: • Every Tuesday from 7pm - Ramayan & Bhajan recitals • Every 2nd & 4th Friday from 7.00pm – Ramayan & Bhajan Recitals. • Open Every Sunday from 9.00am – 12.00pm For further information contact President Prakash Shandil 0408 876 414 Hindustani Language School conducts lessons in Hindustani language and Indian Culture every Saturday from 2pm to 4pm, at both its major centres at Calamvale Community Intermediate College, 11 Hamish Street, Calamvale and Boondall State School, Roscommon Rd, Boondall. Hindi is our mother tongue. Students of all ages wishing to learn: * Hindi Language *Indian Culture * Dance & Drama * Music * Leadership and Personal Development Contact: Secretary Jay Haripersad on 3243 7062 - Vice President Mul Chand on Mobile 0418 461 960 or President Sarat Maharaj on 3263 2093 or Mobile 0407 111 709 Indian Church Service News Every Sunday 9.30am - 11.00am. Southern Springs Community Church 59 Marshall Road, Rocklea. Meet with Indian Christians for prayer, praise & worship. Fellowship & refreshments after the service. contact Ps. Sivanus Naidu (Senior Pastor) 3274 2542 or 0417 197 747 Indian Senior Citizen Association Committee meetings are held 3rd Sunday of every alternate month from 2pm to 4pm. For further information contact: President: Mr Bir Sahai 3344 4715, Secretary: Mr Tirat Achal 0407 620 663, Treasurer: Mr Hari Prasad 3209 5174 International Multicultural Christian Fellowship Elevate Church (AOG Church) Vision - Each One Reach One Worship & Word every Sunday at 9.30am to 11.30am followed by free sausage sizzle - everyone welcome. Home prayer meeting every Wednesday at 7.00pm to 8pm. Fasting and prayer Thursday from 7.00pm to 8.00pm for special needs. Youth group - every Friday 6.30pm to 8.30pm at 3, Montserrat Pl, Forest Lake Kids church - special kids church every Sunday Music and food - once a month at the Forest lake stage 5pm onwards.Womens group - every thursday 11.00am pls contact Ps. Mavis on 0418745179 Revelation 3:20 (NIV)Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with him, and he with me. Church Address - Elevate Church, Grand Avenue Primary School, Forest Lake 4078, Corner of Grand Avenue and Centennial Way, Contact Pastor Raj Singh with any questions about church on: Mobile 0407177117 or Email Islamic Society of Queensland hosts Zikre Mustapha programme Program starts from Maghrib to Isha Prayers. 2nd Saturday of the month at Rochedale Mosque 2664 Logan Road, Eight Mile Plains. Dinner provided to all after Isha Namaz. For enquiries contact Imam Ali on 0407 156 527, Asif Ali Khan on 0411 516 007 or Shamim Khan on 0403 541 012. Kannada Sangha Qld Inc Promoting Kannada culture, Kannada activities and community based events and functions For more information contact: President Dr Balaji Hiremagalur 0421 583 273 Secretary Navin Kumar 0413 164 401, email: 52 Parkway Crescent Murrumba Downs Qld 4503. Lotus Ashram - Free yoga lessons every Friday at Sunnybank Primary School, Glendower Street, from 7.00 pm to 8.30 pm. Donations are welcome. For details, email Lourde Matha Malayalee Community Every month Malayalam Mass (Qrbana) in Brisbane. An opportunity to meet with other

malyalees for Mass, prayer and spiritual renewal. For more information about up coming events. Contact Fr. Thomas Areekuzhy 4697 3177 youth coordinator. Siju Mathew 0432 192 558. Malayalee Association of Qld – For a detailed list of upcoming events, contact the President C K Oonnikrishnan Nair on 0416 927 100 or email, Dr Cyril Fernandez - Vice President on 0404 433 044 or email E: or visit Public Zikre Mustapha programme Program starts from Maghrib to Isha Prayers. Last Saturday of the month at Logan Mosque - 260 3rd Avenue, Kingston. Dinner provided free to all after Isha Namaz. For enquiries contact the chairman Mr Nawab Khan on 3209 4627 Queensland Telugu Association President – Dr Prakash Nallamilli; Treasurer – Mr Manoj Vemula; Secretary – Mr Sai Gollapudi; Executive Committee Members – Mr Srikanth Chalasani, Mr Sudershan Kanthakadi. For a list of upcoming events and membership information, please contact: Secretary, Mr Sai Gollapudi on 0409 907 934 or email Sant Mat (Sant Baljit Singh) Sant Mat is a practical path based on meditation on the inner Light and Sound, ethical values, service to others and love for all creation. Its goal is to enable the soul to return and merge into its source; the purpose of human life described by mystics of all traditions. Focus and sincerity are essential, as is the help of the living spiritual Master. Sant Baljit Singh, the living spiritual Master, teaches the meditation on the inner Light and Sound to anyone who is searching for a deeper meaning in life. We have representatives ready to talk to you. No charge at any stage. For further information contact 1800 462 193 or visit Shree Vishnu Maya Mandir 86 Scotts Lane, North Maclean, Qld 4280. Our Dharam Guru Param Pujya Pundit Tripathi Ji resides at Shree Vishnu Maya Mandir. Daily opening Hours: 7-11am / 5-8pm. Every Sunday: 4 to 6pm. Bhajans / Kirtan, prawachan, Prasadam and Maha Prasadam. For more information contact 0481 238 360 Sri Selva Vinayakar Koyil (Ganesha Temple) and Hindu Education Centre

WHAT’S ON! Concerts / Shows..... Tweed Theatre Company Inc - Secret Bridesmaids Business - 5 - 21 April – Adult comedy by Elizabeth Coleman, Directed by Raelene Richards. Secret Bridesmaids Business takes place in a hotel suite in the hours leading up to Meg Bacon's wedding. Meg's gathered together her Mum and her bridesmaids for one last night of good old-fashioned girlie fun - well that's the plan anyway...... Venue: Tweed Heads Civic Centre. For more information and to view ticket prices / dates / times please visit or phone 1800 674 414 CINESTARR Events Australia presents MIKA SINGH 7 April – Live in Brisbane – 6pm at ERPAC (Edward Rice Performing Arts Centre) For more information / tickets please contact Yogesh Sharma 0401 422 630 / Suneel Raj 0430 293 322 / Chirag Parikh 0417 244 724 or Bipin Kalra 0410 310 428. "JAZZ GETS THE BLUES" Free lunchtime Concert with Cate Shaw Quintet - Tuesday 16 April – 12noon to 1pm, Brisbane City Hall (Main Auditorium) King George Square Brisbane - The Bollywood Fashion Show – Raising funds for Save the Children Australia – 25 May – 6.30pm at Runcorn Tavern Function Room, Gowen Rd, Runcorn Brisbane. Loads of Entertainment, Live DJ, Dancers, Lucky Doors Prizes. After 9.30pm dance party till 12. Tickets: General $25, VIP $40. Children under 7 free. For more information or to become a sponsor please contact Shafina 0432 630 370 or Fred 0417 472 962. Email or visit

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4915 – 4923 Mt Lindsay H’way South Maclean. Temple Opening Hours: 7:30am – 11:00am and 5:00pm – 8:30pm. Pooja times – Weekdays 9:00am and 7:30pm. Weekends 9:00am and 6:00pm. Contact President Vimal “Vic” Ratnam 0411 594 394, Temple Priest 07 5547 7302 St. Thomas Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church Brisbane Malayalam Holy Qurbono, Sunday School and other spiritual activities. Holy Qurbono celebrated by Rev. Fr. Jigi Varghese at 2pm on the third Saturday of every month at St Mary’s & Joseph’s Coptic Orthodox Church, 2 Hamish Street Calamvale Qld 4116. For more information about upcoming events and activities please contact: Dr. Joy Pynadath 0431 631 397, Joy Mathew 0403 114 470, Roby John 0401 900 494 TOUCH Group of families Program includes Bollywood dance, Sri Lankan dance, Saomoa cultural dance, fashion show, musical program. Anyone who would like to join can contact or call Sripathy & family 0432 768 607, Vijekumar & family 3823 4628, Saravanan & family 3823 5037, Shanker & family 3711 3912, Sri Jayendrakumr 3272 5781 What’s on is your Council guide to what is happening in Brisbane.> Women of Light Our purpose … is to equip women for Life, by providing opportunities for personal growth, believing that every women is valued as a role model to her family, her work, her church and her community.The purpose of our Women of Light is to meet the spiritual, physical, and emotional needs of women within our community. To develop and strengthen intimate friendships with other women, and to provide opportunities to serve and reach our community and provide encouragement to women. We do whatever we can to reach out to women in our community. We prepare and take meals to those who are dealing with illness or loss. Vision – Each one reach one We meet Every alternate Thursday at 11.00am at 3, Montserrat Place, Forest Lake and Buckby st, Nundah. Contact – Mavis, 0418 745 179, 07 3879 9735

MARCH 13 / APRIL 13 FREE Migration Seminars - Gold Coast and Brisbane –Want to learn more about Australia's migration system??? Gold Coast 3.30pm 20th March, 22nd May, 21st August, 23rd at Gold Coast Community Centre, 6 Lawson St, Southport. Brisbane 3.30pm 21st March, 23rd May, 22nd August, 24th October at Brisbane Square Library Theatrette, Ground Floor, 266 George St Brisbane. To register please visit or email us on Jet Brisbane – Samuhika Sri Seetha Rama Kalyanan for world peace and prosperityHH Sri Sri Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji visiting Brisbane – 23 March – 9.30am1.30pm at Centenary State High School, Jindalee. Register your interest at or contact Vinay Ramagiri 0421 085 234, Vasudevan 0421 312 667, Vijay Raghavan 0423 962 761 or Rajesh Rapolu 0411 197 245. Theetha Ghosti 21 to 23 March 8am at 5 Summit Tce, Forest Lake Qld. Vedic Discourses 21 & 22 March 7pm-8.30pm. Multicultural Community Centre - JOB Preperation Training - 25-29 March – 2 weeks Training at No Cost - For full details please contact MCC on 07 3257 1868 or email The project has been funded by the Department of Education, Training and Employment. Lotus Ashram - Soul Experience, Easter 3013 Retreat - 29 March - 1 April – at lake Moogerah Retreat Camp. An Easter weekend set in a meditative envioronment, packed with a variety of program that will leave you inspired, relaxed and recharged kirtans, yoga, meditation, lectures, workshops etc For more information visit or call 0412 278 808 Chinmaya Mission Australia presents FREE Public Talks with Smami Swaroopananda – WIN THE MIND, WIN THE WORLD – 3 April to 7 April – 7.30pm to 9pm at Clairvaux Mackillop College (Auditorium) Cnr Logan Rd & Klumpp Rd, Upper Mount Gravatt, Brisbane. For information contact: Ullhas on 0401 382 573, Suresh on 0434 309 817, Sabbu on 0439 655 599 or visit Note: special Children’s program on this topic will be held with Br. Gopal Chaitanya at the same time.

Call Trudi on 07 3356 0102

Gayatri Mandir, 178 Lyndhurst Street, Boondall



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THE BRISBANE INDIAN TIMES, March, 2013 â&#x20AC;&#x201D; 43

Bollywood & Entertainment Small screen 'witch' wants to make audience laugh NEW DELHI, March 2 (IANS) TV actress Simran Kaur Bhalla, who plays an evil spirit in the show "Anamika", is keen to try her hand at stand-up comedy. She feels it takes away the stress from an actor's life. "I am dying to do stand-up comedy. It's fun. We actors live a stressful life. So I feel if we do comedy, life would be more simpler," Simran told IANS. In "Anamika", which airs on Sony TV, she plays the title role, and her character attempts to play havoc in a happily married couple's life. She had a special reason to be a part of the show. "I do what my heart says. I have set my own rules that I follow too. I left 'Na Aana Iss Des Laado' because it was getting too repetitive. I was not enjoying it. I am also very choosy about roles. I can't do anything or everything. It has to be exciting," she said. Was "Anamika" exciting? "I agreed to do 'Anamika' because here I am doing something I have never done before. It's challenging. I had to study about evil spirits and their existence," she said. The Mumbai-based actress started her career with Star One's "Love Ne Mila Di Jodi" in 2009. "I am born and brought up in Mumbai. I was always aware of how film and TV industry works. Honestly, I was never in

favour of working for such long hours. During college, I did few advertisements and after that I auditioned for 'Love Ne Mila Di Jodi' just for fun, and got selected. The show changed my life," said Simran. The actress shared that her fans still remember her as Roshni, her character in "Love Ne Mila Di Jodi", and often walk up to her for autographs. "It was like a dream role. I played a girl who was rich, spoilt and sweet, and everyone treated her like princess," she said. Having no godfather in the industry, Simran said she constantly tries to strengthen her position in the industry. "I have never learned acting. I never did theatre. In my free time or even before a shot, I keep reading scripts and learn my dialogues," she said.

'Shootout at Wadala' is a real film: John Abraham MUMBAI, March 1 (IANS) Reacting to reports that Balaji Motion Pictures has decided to change the name of Sonu Sood's character Dawood Ibrahim in "Shootout At Wadala", John Abraham, who plays gangster Manya Surve, says he still stands by the fact that the film is "real". "I still believe the film is based on real incidents, I am not going to change my stance on it. My character will stay as Manya Surve, that will never change and I am very proud of it," the 40-year-old said when asked if by doing so, the studio is trying to change its stance that the film is based on real incidents. "It is a studio decision to change other names and I am fine with that. I don't think it affects the structure of the film in any way. The film is too impactful for anything to affect it," he added. Asked if he believes this is his best performance till date, John said: "By light years. It is a performance where John Abraham would be completely perceived differently

as an actor." "I feel there are certain portions in the film and my characterisation is going to impact the audience very differently." Directed by Sanjay Gupta, "Shooutout at Wadala" also stars Anil Kapoor, Tusshar Kapoor, Manoj Bajpayee, Kangna Ranaut, Mahesh Manjrekar. It is slated to release May 1.

Urvashi has done wonderful job in 'Singh Saheb...': Director MUMBAI, March 2 (IANS) Urvashi Rautela, the 18-year-old, who is making her Bollywood debut with "Singh Saheb The Great" has impressed director Anil Sharma, who believes she has a long way to go. "Urvashi is playing the leading lady in the film. She has done a wonderful job in the film. She has justified her role and she has a long way to go. So let us welcome this new girl with all our good wishes," Sharma told IANS. Urvashi is said to have replaced Ameesha Patel in the movie, and will be seen romancing Sunny Deol, who is 38 years senior to her. Urvashi won the I Am She Miss Universe pageant in 2012, but she had to give up her title because she was found to have been 25

days below the minimum age limit of 18 years. Sharma, who had earlier directed Ameesha and Sunny in "Gadar: Ek Prem Katha", says Ameesha was never signed on for "Singh Saheb The Great". "I never signed Ameesha Patel for the film. She was supposed to be a part of the film, but officially we never signed her. It was very much a media created news," said Sharma. He said almost 70 percent of the film's shooting has been completed. "We shot the film majorly in Bhopal where we created a huge set. Now we are back to Mumbai and the second schedule will go on floors from March 20 in Mumbai itself," he said.

44 â&#x20AC;&#x201D; THE BRISBANE INDIAN TIMES, March, 2013

Saif gives his 100 percent for 'Bullet Raja' MUMBAI, March 2 (IANS) Actor Saif Ail Khan is giving "Bullet Raja" his best, says producer Rahul Mittra. "A lot has been written about Saif's look and his character, but I would like to say Saif is adding huge validation to the project. Saif is giving his 100 percent for 'Bullet Raja' and he is enjoying himself. He is completely into his character and he is happy in his space," Mittra told IANS. He said Saif will be seen in a "different avatar altogether" in the film. For the first time, Saif has been paired opposite Sonakshi Sinha. The producer says the match looks great on screen. "It was a conscious decision to cast both of

them. We recently shot in Kolkata with both of them. Both are looking great together, and their chemistry is mind blowing. Both are brilliant actors." "Bullet Raja" is directed by Tigmanshu Dhulia.

'I Me Aur Main': Romcom with potential let down by characters By Subhash K. Jha Film: I Me Aur Main; Starring: John Abraham, Chitrangda Singh, Prachi Desai, Raima Sen, Mini Mathur; Directed by Kapil Sharma; Rating: *** WHAT do you with a self-obsessed guy like Ishaan who shoulders no responsibility except that to his iron-board torso and matinee-idol posturings, who takes everyone from Mom, Sis and girlfriend to success, friendship and karma for granted? John Abraham plays the kind of narcissist whose life is just waiting to fall apart. It does, soon enough leaving him... well, high and not quite dry. For much of its economical playing-time, "I Me Aur Main" glides along innocuously in an urbane corporotized haze where women are allowed to be successful alongside men, though that success comes with a price. Hence to no one's surprise, Anushka (Chitrangda) locks Ishaan (John) out of her home and life. Ishaan doesn't waste a moment in moving into a new apartment where he begins anew with a flirty flighty neighbour Gauri (Prachi Desai). This is a dangerously thin ice for a desi romcom to tread on. The principal characters do not aspire to any higher ground of existence beyond what they are allotted by writers. Director Kapil Sharma's film derives some succour and marginal strength from urbane dialogues that the characters throw at one another at work and in parties. Indeed the most interesting character to be obtained in this romp-com is that of Ishaan's frosty saree-clad, self-styled diva boss Beena (Raima Sen) who takes over the business and has poor Ishaan by his balls. The 'b' word for such pushy sarcastic women is not discounted. It is interesting to see John play a complete jerk, the kind you wouldn't wish on your sister or daughter. Unfortunately girls of a certain age do fall for attractive garbage. John plays the trashy Ishaan without reservation. A jerk, he is till a point in the plot where you wonder how this self-serving ass will finally get his comeuppance. The payback comes in unexpected ways. The way an executive lifestyle and its sterile relationships are kept afloat in the film are proof of intelligent minds energizing this endeavour which strives to titillate bur gradually falls into the terrain of torpidity with no hope of a rescue.

John as the commitment-phobic cad skims over the smooth surface unable to nail the character beyond the occasional smirk and the constant gleam in the eye. His character evolves gradually, though, with fatherhood fuelling a sudden change of heart that would have been more convincing had Ishaan's growth from self-obsession to caring had been charted with more strokes of bold colours. Dwelling in the domain of surface-level emotions, "I Me Aur Main" tickles our fancy in just that proportion where we do not a walk away with a sense of betrayal. John works hard to give character to his amoral character. His mumbling monologue at the end with his newly-born is touching. Chitrangda smoulders with her bridled sex appeal exuding oomph without letting any of it spill over. Prachi literally plays the girl nextdoor with a neighbourly warmth that wraps around John like a cosy shawl in winter. Television anchor Mini Mathur and Raima Sen provide colour and character to a script that needed more motivation and a larger sense of responsibility in showing its protagonist go from irresponsible to the committed. "I Me Aur Main" is an inoffensive, sweet, tender and cute rom-com about a selfish jerk and the two lovely ladies who come into his life. With an endearing threesome of principal actors who aren't afraid to play flawed, this film should have left us floored. Instead it just leaves us pleasantly underwhelmed. Call Trudi on 07 3356 0102

Bollywood & Entertainment I find 'hero-heroine' concept absurd: Soha Ali Khan MUMBAI, March 2 (IANS) Bollywood actress Soha Ali Khan doesn't believe in the "hero-heroine dynamics" of Bollywood, and prefers a character-driven role in a movie, even if if she doesn't get to play the protagonist's role. "I don't think about hero or heroine! I look for character-driven scripts. I find the words hero or heroine very absurd. We all play characters," Soha told IANS in an interview. Even her debut Bollywood film "Dil Maange More", released in 2004, reflected this choice. "When I did my first film 'Dil Maange More', I chose the character of a girl who chooses her career over the boy. But then everyone was like, 'You are not the heroine of the film! She has to get the hero.' But I felt the other role was more interesting," Soha said. The 34-year-old, daughter of veteran actress Sharmila Tagore, is appreciative of the kind of cinema the Indian film industry is witnessing currently. "It is not hero-heroine driven. It is not even star-driven. It is script and plot- driven... this is more exciting for me," she said. Soha has been a part of off-beat films like "Soundtrack" and "Midnight's Children" as well as commercial films like "Rang De Basanti" and "Tum Mile". She is happy the lines between the two are blurring gradually. "In the 1970s, there was commercial cinema and parallel cinema. Now that line is not so clear. Good films work at the box office, with off-beat subjects or actors. So the distinction is blurred now," she said. Soha is only looking to do good cinema and doesn't want to restrict herself to any genre. "I want to be part of good cinema...with songs or without songs, with or without

masala, with or without Salman Khan. The story should be good, the character should be good. If I like the environment and role, then I will do it. Whether it works or not is secondary," she said. Soha also admits she regrets being a part of some films, but she doesn't allow herself to dwell on it too much. "There is no point regreting anything. I don't look into the past. Of course, there are films which I have done, which have not worked. But I don't dwell in those," she said. Soha will be seen next in Tigmanshu Dhulia's "Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster Returns". She believes it is essential to strike the right rapport with a film's director. "You have to believe in the director. Even if the director is new, you will get aN idea of how he will be. The script can be brilliant, but a bad director can completely mess it up. A script can be average and a brilliant director will bring magic to it," she said.

MUMBAI, March 1 (IANS) Bollywood's 'khiladi' Akshay Kumar is ready to take action to the next level with his upcoming film "Boss". "Returning to my home turf, solid, neverseen-before action after 'Rowdy Rathore' with 'Boss'. In theatres on October 18, 2013," Akshay, a trained martial arts expert, wrote on Twitter. The 45-year-old established himself as an

action hero with movies like "Mr. And Mrs. Khiladi", "Mohra" "Main Khiladi Tu Anari". However, he later diverted himself towards light movies like "Dil To Pagal Hai", "Hera Pheri", "Awara Paagal Deewana" and "Mujhse Shaadi Karoge" It was his 2012 movie "Rowdy Rathore", which was said to be his return to the action genre. However, if one goes by Akshay's tweet, "Boss" might have tougher action.

Never-seen-before action in 'Boss': Akshay

'Mr. Pellikoduku' unsatisfying remake

By Haricharan Pudipeddi Film: "Mr. Pellikoduku"; Actors: Sunil Varma, Isha Chawla, Vincent, Ali, Dharmavarapu Subramanyam, L.B Sriram, Ahuti Prasad, M.S Narayana and Ravi Babu; Director: Devi Prasad; Rating: ** NOT all remakes are as good as the original. In fact, most remakes fall short of expectations set by its original, and in that list, comes "Mr. Pellikoduku", the Telugu remake of "Tanu weds Manu". As much as it tries not to be a frame-toframe copy, sadly, all that it manages to do by the end is persuade its audiences to go back home and re-visit the original. Neither is the film as lively as its original, nor are the lead characters as adorable as R.Madhavan and Kangna Ranaut. Buchi Babu, played by Sunil, is the ideal son any parents would wish to have. An NRI-returned boutique owner, he is taken all over Andhra Pradesh in a bid to find a suitable bride. Along the way, he meets Anjali, played by Isha, whom he likes and agrees to marry at first sight. A day later, Buchi comes to learn from Anjali that she was suffering a hangover and is not interested to marry him as she already has a boyfriend. It is now Buchi's responsibility to find reasons to call off the wedding. However, destiny has it; he meets Anjali much later at his friend's wedding. What happens when they meet again? This forms the rest of the story. It's extremely difficult to not wander off in to the past and do a comparative analysis of the original with its remake, which in this

Big B out of hunger strike mode for Prakash Jha's birthday By Subhash K.Jha MUMBAI, March 1 (IANS) Amitabh Bachchan, who plays an anti-corruption crusader on an indefinite strike in "Satyagraha", reportedly went on an actual near-starvation diet so that the scenes in the film appear authentic. But he broke the regime for director Prakash Jha's 61st birthday recently. The 70-year-old veteran is shooting for the movie in Bhopal. Sources from the location say Amitabh has ceased to even communicate beyond what's necessary. However, on Feb 27, there was an unexpected break in the Big B's hunger-strike regime for "Satyagraha" when director Prakash Jha turned 61. It happened at the sprawling Ramlila Ground in Bhopal, where Jha was shooting a mammoth public-rally scene with the Big Call Trudi on 07 3356 0102

B on a hunger strike. A live musical band was also present for the shooting. Suddenly all work stopped and everyone in the cast - the Big B, Ajay Devgn, Kareena Kapoor, Manoj Bajpayee and

Arjun Rampal, burst into a live rendering of "Happy Birthday" for their director. Recalling the magical moment, Jha said: "We were shooting a critical public sequence with the entire cast and a live band was also there, when suddenly everyone burst into 'Happy birthday to you' for me. I hadn't told anyone it was my birthday." "I am not a birthday person at all. I never celebrated my birthday even as a child. So on Wednesday, at first I was embarrassed, and then deeply moved. Not every day do you get Bachchan sahab to sing 'Happy Birthday' with a live band." Incidentally, in the film, the Big B plays an anti-corruption crusader very similar to Anna Hazare.

case is "Mr. Pellikoduku". As much as we know, it's not sensible to compare films. Yet we can't resist the urge to draw a parallel. Unlike the original, you don't get to see the contrasting characters of the protagonists and instead are forced to sit through elements of commercialism such as gags, songs and even few six-pack baring stunts. Sunil sported a six-pack in his last film because the script demanded it, but why the need to flaunt it here? The biggest flaw evident throughout the film is that director Devi Prasad attempts to cash in on the screen image of Sunil. We understand he is a great dancer, but for the benefit of the character he portrays, why can't he refrain from dancing? This is what happens when you to take a comedian and force him to play a 'hero'. We all know what a hero does in most Indian films, and we get to see all that here. You definitely miss the Sunil from "Maryada Ramanna", a role in which he fit effortlessly. Sunil's strength is comedy, but sadly, we don't get to see that side of him at all. He tries his best to keep everybody engaged with some breathtaking moves, but on the whole, he seems miscast. Isha Chawla was roped infor a simple reason that she already has a super hit "Poolarangadu" with Sunil. Therefore, the makers assumed that the pair will hit it off. In filmmaking, it's important to understand that no two films can have the same strategy. If Sunil has to survive as a hero, he needs to understand that comedy is his strength, and so, needs to find scripts that will do justice to it. "Mr. Pellikoduku" is just not the kind of film he is made for.

Directing SRK is on John's wish list MUMBAI, March 2 (IANS) John Abraham turned producer with "Vicky Donor". He admits direction is also a part of his plan, and he would especially love to direct superstar Shah Rukh Khan some day. "Not soon, but yes, definitely I will (direct). How do I put it... I think I will do a fairly decent job directing because I feel I have a vision and I would like to get that across," the 40-year-old said in an interview. "An interesting person to direct... I would love to direct Shah Rukh! (He is) very interesting because there is a side and a facet about him that is very charismatic and I would not like to play on his strengths, but I would like to get something else out," added John. Other actors he finds interesting to direct are: "Aamir (Khan) directs himself, so that's interesting about Aamir. Each one is different and probably if I am doing a fun film, may be Akshay Kumar. But I am not thinking about it right now, so it's completely hypothetical. I may (also) direct newcomers." John's latest release is "I, Me aur Main", which opened to an average response. THE BRISBANE INDIAN TIMES, March, 2013 â&#x20AC;&#x201D; 45

Sports News Ned Flanders Cricket Club Claim a Premiership Three-Peat Matt Young

THE Ned Flanders Cricket Club has wrapped up its third straight Churches Cricket A Grade Premiership, recording a massive innings victory over their main rivals, St Barts. In the second last round of the Two Day season, the Flanders boys had the chance to make the last round irrelevant with an outright win and they pursued this goal right from the first ball of the match. In the previous match against the Salvo’s XI, the Neddies had recorded a comprehensive win by ten wickets. After bowling out the competition new comers for just 74, openers Roland O’Regan and Ryan Hocking peeled off a brutal batting assault to get their team home in just 14 overs. Hocking top scored with his first half century for the club, making a solid 59 not out. Earlier in the game, opening bowlers Ben Field and Steve Derksen had decimated the top order with a pair of poles each. Jon Pearce and veteran Mickey Menagh then claimed three wickets each to wrap up the innings clinically. Against St Barts, the bowlers again had a big day out, with club legend Brendan Dillon continuing his stellar form with the bat and ball, claiming 5 for 9. This five wicket haul was the tenth of his career and so he becomes the club record holder for the most ‘five fors’. Cam Prosser continued his superb season of glove work with another couple of catches, as did first slipper, Hocking.

St Barts had recruited well in the off season and had lofty expectations this summer but the famous Neddies spirit destroyed their aspirations, dismissing them for a paltry 84. Continuing his great form at the top of the order, Hocking stepped up for the Neddies again with the bat. This time he made a fine 51 as opener and made sure of the first innings points. Fresh from his club and competition record of 290 not out at his last start, Brendan Dillon again showed tremendous skill and application to score yet another century, compiling an elegant 116. He was ably supported by star all rounder, Steve Derksen. Fresh from successfully proposing to his girl friend, Anja, the week before, Derksen celebrated with a big hitting knock of 80. Together, the two young lions of the Flanders team added a club record 182 runs for the fourth wicket. With a first innings lead of almost 200, the Neddies then set out to claim an outright victory and with it the Two Day title. Rain interrupted proceedings and threatened to derail the project but some fine bowling by Field, Derksen and of course Dillon steadily chipped away at the ten wickets required. The fielding of the Flanders lads was brilliant at times, with Ryan Hocking taking a miraculous catch at fine leg. The most amazing aspect of this catch was that he was actually stationed at first slip at the time and had to run about 40 meters, before sprawling, diving and grabbing the catch of the season. With just 15 minutes to go before stumps and the rain clouds threatening, club man extraordinaire, Roland O’Regan held a screaming catch at backward point, diving away to his right, to claim the title. He was immediately engulfed by ten very excited team mates and the celebrations continued long into the

• The Ned Flanders Cricket Club celebrate their A Grade Premiership Three-Peat. night. The premiership win marks the club’s third straight A Grade Two Day title and is the seventh Two Day trophy that the men in maroon have claimed in the past 11 summers. The support of our fans in the Indian community as well as the families and friends that involve themselves in the club, certainly is at the core of the team’s success. The Flanders club would like to formally thank you all.

The Ned Flanders Club will now set its sights on the One Day title and will face some tough pool games in March before hopefully making the Grand Final. Hopefully we can continue our fine form and perhaps show some of the class and form of M S Dhoni, whose 224 in the First Test against Australia really must be considered one of the all time great captain’s knocks.

Playing Tests was always a Armstrong faces more lawsuits dream: Bhuvneshwar HYDERABAD, March 2 (IANS) India pacer Bhuvneshwar Kumar, who rattled the Australian top-order with three for 53, said it was always his dream to play Tests for India. "It was always my dream to play test for India. When I got my first wicket, I was very happy. It doesn't get better than this," said the 23-yearold. Kumar, who went wicketless on debut in Chennai, got David Warner for his maiden Test wicket. Kumar then removed Ed Cowan and Shane Watson that left Australia struggling at 57 for three. "All the three wickets were satisfying. Warner, Cowan and Watson all the three score runs," he said when asked which was the most satisfying wicket. Kumar said spinners dominate matches in India and it would be important for medium pacer to get at least Two wickets

"Initially, I felt something is happening (with the wicket). So I tried to bowl within the stumps. That worked," he said. "The wicket is a bit slow. Odd ball is keeping low. I just planned to bowl within the stumps." When asked about his opening partner Ishant Sharma, who had no success Saturday, Kumar said he was learning a lot from him. "What I can say about him. He is a senior player. I am learning a lot from him. He helps me during the match." He said Ishant bowled very well though it was not a very good wicket for medium pacers. "This is part of the game. Sometime you get wicket sometimes you don't." Kumar said Australia's move to declare the inning was not surprising. "I thought they wanted to take at least one wicket today," he said.

WASHINGTON, March 2 (IANS) Disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong is facing two more lawsuits after his admission to drug use during his seven Tour de France victories. The Acceptance Insurance Company and Tailwind Sports Corporation sued Armstrong Friday, claiming he committed fraud by concealing his use of performance enhancing drugs during the 1999, 2000 and 2001 Tours, Xinhua reports. Acceptance is seeking a $3 million repayment of bonus paid to Armstrong for his first three Tour victories. Previously, he already faced lawsuits from the government, Texas insurance

company SCA and British newspaper Sunday Times. Armstrong was stripped of all competition results from August 1998 including his seven Tour titles last year after the US Anti-Doping Agency's investigation showed he played a key part in a sophisticated doping program on his US Postal Service team. After years of denial, he finally made an admission of doping in a televised interview with Oprah Winfrey in January, in which he said he used a combination of blood-doping transfusions, blood-boosting EPO and testosterone throughout his career.

Peru midfielder gets two-year doping ban RIO DE JANEIRO, March 2 (IANS) World football's governing body FIFA has suspended Peru international midfielder Joel Sanchez until 2015 for testing positive to a banned substance. The 23-year-old was found to have traces of the stimulant methylhexaneamine in a test sample conducted after Peru's 1-1 draw with Bolivia in a World Cup qualifier in La Paz last October, FIFA said in a statement. It is not known if Sanchez will appeal the ban, which prohibits him from taking part

in "all official fixtures at domestic and international level" until Jan 21, 2015, reports Xinhua. The penalty is the toughest handed down by FIFA since Italy's Eduardo Morgado was given a two year suspension for using the anabolic steroid nandrolone at the 2008 Futsal World Cup. According to the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), methylhexaneamine is sometimes consumed without intent to dope.

Jaidee ready to shine at Avantha Masters GREATER NOIDA, March 2 (IANS) Three-time Asian Tour Order of Merit winner Thongchai Jaidee of Thailand will be looking to reignite his winning ambitions when he tees up at the 1.8 million euro Avantha Masters at the Jaypee Greens Golf Course March 14-17. The Thai star, currently ranked 58th in the world, has enjoyed a flying start to his 2013 campaign with three successive top-10s in South Africa and the Middle East. The 43year-old also enjoyed a memorable 2012

campaign when he notched his first victory on European soil with his triumph at the ISPS Handa Wales Open. A second win in India could be timely for Jaidee as his last win in the subcontinent came in 2001 at the Indian Open. "I'm looking forward to going back to India to compete at the Avantha Masters. I've been playing well since the start of the year and hoping my good form will translate into a win for me," said Jaidee, who holds an unprecedented three Merit crowns and 13


titles in Asia. Jaidee suffered a setback when he was knocked out by Spain's Sergio Garcia in the first round of the WGC-Accenture Match Play championship last month. But he is expected to bounce back when the Avantha Masters gets underway. The local charge will be spearheaded by Jeev Milkha Singh, Asia's No.1 in 2006 and 2008, as well as Anirban Lahiri and Gaganjeet Bhullar, who have a combined total of six Asian Tour victories.

Other Asian Tour stars expected to vie for top honours include Singapore's Mardan Mamat, a three-time Asian Tour winner, Sweden's Rikard Karlberg, Australia's Scott Hend and Korean-American David Lipsky. The Avantha Masters will be played at a new venue this year with the event being staged at the Greg Norman-designed Jaypee Greens Golf Course here. The course features 14 water hazards and 88 bunkers and, at 7,347 yards, is India's longest golf course. Call Trudi on 07 3356 0102

Sports News Queensland Fiji Football Association (QFFA) Girmit Tournament



! ! ! "#$%&$'"()*%'(%*+,,"$-% !"#$%&$'"()*%'(%*+,,"$-% !THE QFFA organised Girmit Soccer tour./% '*%0'/1%'2 2"memory (*"%34"#*5of $"%/1the #/%0Girmityas) "%'(6'/"%7+5%/+and /+% ./%'*%0'/1%'22"(*"%34"#*5$"%/1#/%0"%'(6'/"%7+5%/+%+5$%!"#$"%&'())*#&+(,#-.$*-%%/+%8"%34#7")%9$+2%:; %+5$%!"#$"%&'())*#&+(,#-.$*-%%/+%8"%34#7")%9$+2%:;*/%%/+% nament (in /1 > ' ( ? $ ' * 8 #( " @ 5 * /$ #4 ' #A :< %&"8$5#$7%:=;>%'(%?$'*8#("-%@5*/$#4'#A% & " 8 $ 5 #$ 7 : = ; % % % % % % to commemorate the QFFA's tenth anniver-

sary ended on Sunday 24 February with

The detailsBa arewinning as follows: Brisbane the much anticipated

soccer DANGAL. The tournament attracted

Event: the best sides from Fiji, New Girmit ZealandSoccer and Tournament st – 24th February 2013 Date: 21 Australia with the Fiji IDC champions Prize pool money – Winner $6000.00AUD Suva,Money: New Zealand IDC $8000 Champions Referees: Football Brisbane Referees – qualified (Tavua), three top teams from Sydney Number Teams: and Lautoka) 11 and four (Dreketi,ofSavusavu Pools 3 POOLS - A & B –with 4 Teams & POOL C with 3 Teams local Brisbane teams Nadi, Ba, Nadroga Preliminary 50-minute and Labasa.Rounds The capital city boys were games no Quarter Finals minutes. doubt the favourites to win the 50 much antic-2x5 minutes Extra Time. Penalty Shoot out will commence if no result after 50 Minutes of normal playtime ipated competition. Semi & Final 60 Minutes. EightFinal teams qualified for the quarter finals10x2 minutes Extra Time. Penalty Shoot out if no Extra Time. after three days of pool play. result Theseafter teams Venue Thursday 21st – Acacia Ridge Soccer Club – Mortimer Road, were Fiji Suva, Brisbane Ba, Brisbane Acacia Ridge – FREE ENTRY Nadi, Brisbane Nadroga, Sydney Lautoka, to Sunday 24th – Olympic Soccer Ground, Cansdale Sydney Dreketi, New ZealandFriday Tavua22nd and Street – Yeronga - $5.00 Adults Only – Children U-14 FREE Sydney Savusavu. ! With top teams qualifying, skills, fitness B&&@%0#*%'(,"3/")%;;%7"#$*%#C+%#()%'(%5*'(C%9++/8#44%1#6"%,$"#/")%#%6"$7%'23+$/#(/%6"1',4"-%01',1%1"43*% % % % % % in %the % quarter% % % % % % % % and courage was% paramount 5*%D,+((",/%+5$%,+225('/7E%0'/1%+5$%1+2"4#()-%&'F'A%G'(,"%/1#(-%<%/+5$(#2"(/*-%BHI53-%BH&@IJ-%BH?KL% % % % up% momentum % % % % % % % % % finals as the games picked knowing a % loss would #()%BH.!I%1#*%8""(%+$C#('*")-%#()%#*%/1"%/$#)'/'+(%'(%&'F'-%4"#)'(C%)'*/$',/*%1#6"%8""(%9+$2")%/+%,+23"/"% % % that % % % get % % then % % % % % % % % % % knocked out #C#'(*/%"#,1%+/1"$A% % of the % tournament. The four %teams that made it into the semi finals were J1"%L'$2'/%G+,,"$%/+5$(#2"(/%1#*%8""(%#(%')"#%8"9'//'(C%/+%,"4"8$#/"%B&&@M*%;=%7"#$M*%+9%1'*/+$7%#()%0'/1% % Suva Fiji, % Brisbane Ba, % Brisbane % % % % % % % % % % % % Nadi and% /+5$(#2"(/% New Zealand Tavua as% B5""(*4#()%% &'F'%% +$'C'(%% /"#2*-%% NGO%% &'F'%% +$'C'(%% /"#2*-%% N"0%% #% 9'$*/% "6"$% '(%% ?$'*8#("% % 8"/0""(% expected. minute. This goal in the% 4'Q"% 14%thR5(F#8'% P"#4#()% % &'F'%% K$'C'(%% /"#2*%% #()%% &'F'%% J"#2*%% 0'/1%% 8$+#)"$%% .()'#(%% ,+225('/7% % /"#2*% % J"#2*% % '(%% The end of the tournafired up Nadi who was led by ? $'*8#(business "A % ?$'*8#("A% former Fiji Rep Raj Kumar %ment on Sunday saw Brisbane Ba"% #$ battling as"%they the O "% "S,'/")% "S,'/")against /+% #((+5(,"% #((+star 5(,"stud/1#/% 9+$% 9+$% /1 "% 99'$*/% '$*/% /' 2"% ''(% (% @ 5*/$#4'#-% 0 "% 0'44% 0'44% 1#6"% 1#6 /1"% .!I% .!started I% I 1#23 '+(*second 9% &&'F'-% 'F'-% O"% #$"% % /+% % /1#/% /1"% /'2"% @5*/$#4'#-% 0"% /1"% I1#23'+(*% %+ +9% ded in% ,'/7% +9% &'F'% 3#$/','3#/'(C% 5()"$% *53"$% ,+#,1%half of% GGTU@-%/1"%/"#2%9$+2%/1"%,#3'/#4%,'/7%+9%&'F'%3#$/','3#/'(C%5()"$%*53"$%,+#,1%L5$F'/%G'(C1A%J1'*%'*%'()"")%#(% TU@-IDC #2% 9$+2% /1Suva "% ,#3'/#4 L5 '/%but G'(Cthe 1A% Jcomposure 1'*% '*% '()"")% #( % /1"% /"winners the semi final. Ba players kept them at 1 +(+first $%9+$%B &&@%#( )%C$"With #/%("0the *%9+$%*+,,"$%4+6"$*%'(%B5""(*4#()A% 1+(+$%9+$%B&&@%#()%C$"#/%("0*%9+$%*+,,"$%4+6"$*%'(%B5""(*4#()A% bay. As the match pro%likes of Esala Masi, Alvin Avinash, &&+$% +$% /1 "% 99'$*/% '$*/%Arvindra /' 2"-% + 5$% 44+,#4% +,Naidu #4% 8 +7*% 0 '44% 1 #6"% /1 "% 1 +(+$% + 9% 3 4#7'(C% #4 +(C*')gressed "% /1 "'$% 1 "both $+"*% 99$+2% $teams +2% &&'F'A% 'F'A%were &&$+2% $+2% /1"% /'2"-% +5$% 8+7*% 0'44% 1#6"% /1"% 1+(+$% +9% 34#7'(C% #4+(C*')"% /1"'$% 1"$+"*% and aCpenalty ? $'*8#(Valerio "-% 0 "% 0 '44%Nesema 1 #6"% V 2"the H.!I% 0 '(("$*% N #)'-% #4 +(C% 0 '/1% ? #-% WW#8#*#% #8#*#%awarded #( )% N #)$+ #A% O "% #$ "each 5,Q7for ?$'*8#("-% 0"% 0'44% 1#6"% V%% /' /'2"% %B BH.!I% 0'(("$*% N#)'-% #4+(C% 0'/1% ?#-% #()% N#)$+C#A% O"% #$"% % 445,Q7% % /+ /+%% Brisbane fouls 1 1#6"%I1#23'+(%*')"%+9%NP-%J#65#%X0'(("$%+9%4#*/%:%.!I%'(%NPY%/+%F+'(%5*%9+$%/1'*%/+5$("7A%% #6"%I1#23'Ba +(%*')side "%+9%Nstunned P-%J#65#%X0'(("$%+9%4#*/%:%.!I%'(%NPY%/+%F+'(%5*%9+$%/1 '*%/+5$with ("7A%% 100% conversion from both teams. Ba %the All Whites with their domination in the midfield dangerous K K5$%8$"/1$"(%9$+2%#,$+**%/1"%8+$)"$%+(%/1"%*+5/1%F+'(%5*%#*%0"44A%G7)("7%/"#2*%!$"Q"/'-%G#65*#65%#()% 5$%8$"/1$"(%9$+2%#,$+**%/1"%8+$)"$%+(%/1"%*+5/1%F+'(%5*%#*%0"44A%G7)("7%looked /"#2*%!$"more Q"/'-%G#6 5*#65%#()% and and scored two first half worked hard to protect their 2-1 W#5/+Q#%0'44%8"%C'6'(C%5*%/1"%3$'6'4"C"%+9%/1"'$%6'*'/A% W#5/+Q#%0'44%8"%C'6'(C%5*%/1"%3$'6'4"C"%+9%/1"'$%6'*'/A%

Girmit Winners...BA!

goals to win the semi finals

!with a 2-0 margin. Suva's

attack was handled well by defence and the outstanding performance of Ba keeper Ilimeleki Niumatairu. The other semi-final saw Brisbane Nadi defeating a 10 men New Zealand Tavua team as their central defender was red carded by the referee early in the first half for a dangerous challenge. Brisbane Nadi dominated the game with New Zealand Tavua lead by former Fiji rep Shailesh Kumar being a man down for mote of the game. Final score was Brisbane Nadi 4 and New Zealand Tavua 1. The final kicked off after a three hour prematch entertainment and formalities which included speeches by the chief guests (Dr Maha Sinnathamby) and other political leaders from the federal, state and local governments. The grand final entertainment included the Sikh game of Kabadi, Girmit songs composed by local Brisbane artists, rap songs on Girmit and Bollywood entertainment including Bhangra, Bengali dances and sher-o-shayris. The entertainment which was kicked off by two traditional Fijian Meke presentations by a local Brisbane Fijian groups had the large crowd thoroughly entertained. The final was a great spectacular as always when it comes to Nadi and Ba in Brisbane and the Girmit Tournament was no exception. Ba led at half time courtesy of a Masi

• Fans enjoying the tournament. Call Trudi on 07 3356 0102

lead and as the match progressed experience of Masi and Alvin controlled the tempo of the game and diffused the Nadi attacks. The Ba local guest strikers caused havoc with their speed on the nadi defence time and again but were denied an opportunity to score on each occasion. The local Brisbane Ba boys played well with guest players to entertain the soccer loving public with their crisp one touch passes. Nadi had their scoring opportunities as well but the heroics of Niumatairu kept the both Nadi and Suva scoreless from normal play on finals day. Ba maintained their 2-1 lead to the end and lifted the Girmit trophy together with the winner cheque of AUD $6,000 while Nadi as the runners up received AUD $2,000. Ba goal keeper Ilimeleki Niumatairu (Tukai) was awarded the goal keeper of the tournament with player of the tournament going to Nadi's James Hoyt. Other Awards presented were best and fair teams which went to Sydney Savusavu and Nadroga Player Joseph Kliebo won the Fair player award. The teams stayed on at the venue for an after party to celebrate the success of the tournament and enjoy a drink with their mates and danced into the night. It was one of the greatest tournaments organised by QFFA to date, some have

• VIP guests before the Grand Final.

• Cheque presented by Bob from MC’s Indian and Island Foods.

classed this as the best Fiji Soccer tournament ever to be staged in Australia with all players appreciating the ground condition which was in immaculate condition together with the quality of the food and beverages at the ground, the pre grand final entertainment, Indian stalls and entertainment for kids. QFFA would like to acknowledge and thank, All our Major Sponsors, MCS Indian and Island Foods, Springfield Corporation, Brisbane City Council, Michelle Patestrie, Stylish Wheels, Aussie Home Loans, Mr Sangeet, Seven Eleven, Graham Hill Smash Repairs, Veto Sports. All the Stalls who took part, Desi Runway, Jayshree Fashions, Indian Bazaar, Raj Enterprises, New England College, DJ Raj and DJ Desi. Special thanks go to our media partners Brisbane Indian Times and Radio Brisvani. Also thanks to all the cooks, canteen staffs, bar staffs, volunteers and cleaners. Following are the 9 QFFA Executives who worked hard for the past 2 months and making history by organising the best and biggest Fiji Soccer Tournament in Australia

• Trophy presented by Mr Sangeet Chand.

to date. President Mr Aveen Singh. Vice Presidents - Faiyum khan, Vineet Raj, Avinash Singh, Rajinesh Padarath and Jitendra Prasad. Secretary – Ray Ali, Assistant Secretary -Abi Sharma, Treasurer – Irshad Ali Thank you all for your support Vineet Raj / Rajinesh Padarath



Fastest Growing Company in Australia 2012

48 â&#x20AC;&#x201D; THE BRISBANE INDIAN TIMES, March, 2013

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