Trident Breakfast Club Project Management System

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Trident Breakfast Club Project Management (TBCPM) and ARAIVR Systems Ltd. Gamification Systems and Network Topologies for Dual Purpose Social Housing Internal Computer Science Based Infrastructure For Wellbeing and Employability Training Modalities. (Aston Walker, Steven Elvin, Andrew Foy, Emma Mendez, Ishmael, Alderman Phillip Murphy, Professor David Dabydeen, Professor Jonathan Coleman, Wayne Collymore, Jake O'Connor, Baff Akoto, Derek Blackmore, Kirsty Steward, John Priest, Dr Carlo Harvey, Simon Walker, Professor Andrew Wilson, Mathew Randall, Lyle Bignon, Professor Mak Sharma, Lord Anthony Gifford KC, Melbourne Inman KC, Sir Lenny Henry, Talha Witten, BBC, Sky New, ITN, Channel 4, Ahlulbayt TV The Guardian, Professor Jonathan M Feldman)

Abstract Social housing residents and tenants have a right to be heard and have their reasonable needs met from their landlords regarding the standard of their living accommodation and in certain cases a right to own their property (The Charter for Social Housing Residents Social Housing White Paper). This paper analyses and provides a resident focused solution to levelling up, employability and wellbeing, through the Trident Breakfast Club Project (TBCP), referencing existing and pre existing successful externally funded Trident projects in the Trident Group Financial statement. In reference to page 36 of the Trident Group Financial statement 2020 PDF -2020.pdf?fbclid=IwAR3sYs6gKeWA794t6SXAwusEiKC53S_YnYKd4v9KJrBVTjAx2lHtaDvnKh8 PURE (Putting Urban Residents into Employment Education) to deliver enhanced opportunities into education, training and employment. Lead Worker Services working with young people Case Study Example: C++/Nintendo/Niantic/Capcom/Python/Raspberry Pi/Vulkan/Graphene Sensors Liquid Phase Exfoliation/Google Play/Apple iOS/React Native/TypeScript/JavaScript/4K Digital cinema package/Off Line Edit/Kindle KDP self publishing/Open Source/Github/Patent filing with no cost/Web development/Full Stack/C/Breadboards/Electromagnetism/Low Level Languages/3D printing/Radio broadcast production and signal processing/Garment manufacture and retail/Microprocessor and MATLAB integration/3D animation and artificial intelligence/robotics/Choir With No Name vocal training and singing for vulnerable adults/SolidWorks/TCP IP protocol and 5G and 6G/International Association of Religious Freedom/Publishing and Royalties Society The above may well mean very little to very highly experienced, and reputable social housing sector staff and executives. The residents and especially the young adults will be FULLY familiar and aware of some or ALL of the above systems as these systems play an integral part in their lives and daily lived experiences, from social media software to the smartphone hardware and apps to game consoles and domestic appliances.

Aston Walker et al, attempt to bridge the gap with jargon free, basic to expert courses in ALL of the above to give Trident Executive staff a workable and an intermediated modality so that residents and Trident executive staff have a common understanding of modern and future technologies or access to fact sheets, cheatsheets that will bridge the gap via the TBCP. The TBCP seeks to teach and equip residents with IT skills that can be used in a positive way as opposed to the current financial disasters at Meta, FTX, Twitter and Terra Luna blockchain and metaverse NFT projects which have led to job losses in the sector, scrutiny and prosecution by law enforcement agencies (source Bloomberg and Wall St Journal) Dual purpose applies to the expensive hardware and initial capital cost of equipment that can serve Trident Group wider interests such as 3D models of the Trident Group housing stock on fast multithread computer workstations used for training residents in the above mentioned skills listed. Remote and networked VR walkthroughs of housing stock using SolidWorks (industry standard 3D software) electrical, gas and water systems can be simulated saving on expensive outside contractors or at least requiring only minimal outside contractor disturbance to tenants In reference to page 120 of the Trident Group Financial statement 2020 PDF 26 Analysis of net debt. Aston Walker et al and the ARAIVR Systems Ltd. Software and Hardware engineers have filed 3 patents which form the basis of our research and development, syllabus and knowledge transfer partnerships with Birmingham City Universities (BCU) Dr Carlo Harvey's Computer Game Technology Degree, Professor Jonathan Colemans, Trinity College Dublin graphene sensors and Steamhouse through our Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) open source licensed Solar Powered UVC-LED water Steriliser. Projects requiring funding and grants based on Aston Walker et al and ARAIVR Systems intellectual property and PRS registered OFCOM approved Newstyle Radio 98.7FM podcasts, vlogs and streams, are case studies for Trident residents and motivational inspiration. The case studies can be used to evaluate return on investment based on ARAIVR Systems Ltd and Aston Walker's partnership with the Trident Breakfast Club Project. Each project will have an ARAIVR Systems trainer costing, which is based on industry standard hourly rate and costs for training Trident residents. As ARAIVR Systems BCU trained administrators we maintain an audit trail and spreadsheet of costs and activities of ARAIVR Systems volunteer work and funded projects. Case study analysis is undertaken for Research and academic purposes. ARAIVR Systems uses the UK Home Office determination of Skilled Occupations. Each role is given its own four-digit Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) code. From the Safeguarding is the action that is taken to promote the welfare of children, young people and vulnerable adults to protect them from harm.

The purpose of this paper is to develop and analyse proposed projects for the Trident Breakfast Club, that can serve a dual purpose of fulfilling the listed page 36 projects in the Trident Group Financial statement 2020 PDF contracts and grants obtained. Using a novel system and simplex algorithm, developed by BCU based ARAIVR Systems Ltd. and computer science, the TBCPM system is utilised for a self sustaining and part Trident funded internal infrastucture modality, utilising the skills and experience of motivated and trained residents who are willing to develop useful skills that will have a dual purpose of improving wellbeing and self awareness for residents in partnership with the ARAIVR Systems Ltd software and hardware engineering team who will also provide training for Trident Staff on how to use the hardware and software systems obtained via Kirsty Steward and the team, for training and upskilling the residents. Aston Walker will train for Level 3 Award in Education and Training | Fircroft College of Adult Education This paper demonstrates the application of practical, objective qualitative and quantitative training systems of gamification, IT based projects and podcast production that can teach Trident residents problem solving, through the proposed TBCPM system. This includes transferable skills for life’s many challenges, making residents more employable while assisting residents with wellbeing, inclusion, diversity, social interaction and learning. References: Direct Contact y-aston-walker/

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