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JARED RESSEGUIE Forward, Center Bismarck Bobcats



Catcher Bismarck Larks


A Diverse Economy BND seeks to diversify North Dakota’s Economy.

Wide Receiver Bismarck Bucks


Member Profile Studio North


Ambassador of the Quarter Hafner named the third quarter Ambassador of the Quarter.

CHAMBER CONNECTION EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Perrie Schafer..................................................................................................................... Chair Brenda Nagel ........................................................................................................... Chair-Elect Ron Day....................................................................................................................... Secretary Craig Larson.................................................................................................................Treasurer Annette Behm-Caldwell ............................................................................................ Past Chair


Chamber Hosts Rear Admiral Meske Named MACE Board Chair Leadership Bismarck-Mandan Kicks-Off

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State of the Cities Address November Membership Mixer: Broadway Centre Chamber Holiday Mixer Chamber Annual Dinner

BOARD OF DIRECTORS Annette Behm-Caldwell.....Open Road Honda Jeff Herman ������������������������������������Petro Hunt Brenda Nagel ������������������������������������������Aetna Craig Larson ���������������������������������Starion Bank Sandi Tabor �������������������������������������������������KLJ Kevin Magstadt ������������������ Wenck Associates Molly Barnes............... Northern Improvement Paul Brucker ������������������� Railway Credit Union Jeff Albers ��������� Schwan Buick GMC Cadillac Stacey Breuer ��������������������������Bobcat/Doosan Chris Jones ����������������� CHI St. Alexius Health Mike Nathe................ Bismarck Funeral Home Chris Brown �������������������������������������������� Motix Tracy Kindem...........H.A. Thompson and Sons Marc Taylor...........Northern Plains Equipment Joe Duperre ������������������������������Kirkwood Mall Dan Pearson �����������������������������Northwest Tire Jasper Schneider ������������������������������������ NISC Wayne Munson �������������������� Indigo Signworks Dr. Blake Feil ����������������������� Feil Orthodontics Greg Vetter �������������������������University of Mary Nick Hacker................. ND Guaranty and Title Ron Day......................Tesoro Mandan Refinery Heather Fried ..... Fried Financial Services Inc. Perrie Schafer ���������������� Schafer Financial Inc.

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CHAMBER STAFF Scott Meske................................................................................................................ President Annie Bergrud.........................................................................................Chief Financial Officer David Leingang............................................................................ Community Growth Director Mary Masters................................................................................. Office Support Professional Ryan Parsons..............................................................................Vice President of Membership Rebecca Rattei................................................................................ Communications Specialist Amanda Schwieters......................................................................... Member Services Director Chelse Simon..................................................................................Membership Sales Director Cathryn Sprynczynatyk Anderson ........................ Communications Specialist/ LBM Director Karly Palczewski...............................................................................Marketing & Events Intern

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MISSION STATEMENT: Leaders for prosperity. Advocates for business.

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2 | Chamber Connection

Chair's Corner


reetings Chamber Members:

Your Chamber has been working in high gear this past month, even as we look at the fast approaching legislative session and 2017. The most significant efforts sometimes are not witnessed except by those doing the work. As your Chair, let me reassure you these activities are purposeful and always with you, the Chamber Member, in mind. On October 12, the Board of Directors convened for nearly four hours. They approved the final 2017-18 State Legislative Action Plan after a nearly six-month process to winnow down which issues would be our top priorities in the coming session. We’ll be sharing this in the coming weeks, or contact Chamber Staff for more details. One of the more arduous processes I’ve been a part of with the Chamber, aside from searching for a new President, involved reviewing each of the five statewide measures on the November 8 ballot. We can debate the ‘initiated measures’ process as long as we care. The fact of the matter is these issues are important enough to be on the statewide ballot, thus as your business advocates, we must also review them for impact on our Members. You’ll see the positions we took were very much in line with our core values as a business organization, and again will be posted and shared appropriately. I’m very proud of our Government Affairs Committee, Local Issues Committee, Board of Directors, Ryan and Scott for leading the discussions the past few months. It’s not always comfortable deciding whether to take a position on a sticky issues, but if we don’t take positions when warranted, why do we exist? The 2017-19 Chamber Strategic Plan process was also one that was needed, after the current strategic plan had been our road map since 2013. With leadership transition, and a shift in our economy, it was vital that we reevaluate our direction and our goals, as I promised you we would do during last January’s speech at the annual meeting. We held a full board meeting for an afternoon to review the current plan and to re-evaluate it. The final plan will be released in December and shared with Membership. The key to this plan is ensuring Scott and the staff have the tools and support they need to achieve our goals and remain on course. We’ll announce the new Board and Leadership team in December that will implement this strategic plan for the next three years, and I look forward to seeing the exciting new ideas and programs for our members, and our business community. With your support and input we’ll continue to make our Chamber the best chamber in North Dakota.

- Perrie Schafer Chairman, Board of Directors Cover Photo Credit: Brad Slaubaugh, Glasser Images; Location: Proximal 50

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By Cathryn Sprynczynatyk

More than a decade before Major League Baseball was racially integrated, the Bismarck Churchills baseball team quietly integrated with legendary pitcher Satchel Paige and others in the 1930s. Minor league teams of various sports have come and gone since the 1930s, but there is proud history of Bismarck-Mandan sports in the minor leagues. Bismarck-Mandan is having resurgence of minor league sports with three teams taking the field and rink in 2017.

Boys of summer return in 2017

Following Memorial Day in 2017, the Bismarck Larks will throw out the first pitch at Bismarck Municipal Ballpark. The Northwoods League team is a collegiate baseball team. Following college baseball seasons, top collegiate athletes across the country join teams. Athletes play 72 games in 76 days, and typically half of the players are drafted into minor league baseball. “You get to watch these college athletes grind it out and work real hard each summer,” said John Bollinger, general manager of the Bismarck Larks. Players in the Northwoods League are still in college and have the potential to get drafted. The season is offset from collegiate baseball season to allow athletes to keep playing in the offseason. Bollinger described the players as the “future stars of tomorrow.”

Bollinger said Northwoods League Baseball focuses on the experience, the opportunity to come out to the ball park at an affordable price. “People love coming,” Bollinger said. “It’s a great price, great entrainment, not only to take the 6-yearold but (also) the 16-yearold. Mom and dad can have a beer.” Northwoods League Baseball has designed a ticket package for what Bollinger describes as the seven best games of the year, including opening day and weekend games. For $15 per game, fans receive all they can eat food, a jersey and a hat. Tickets are flexible and can be traded for other games. “You see a walk-off home run, or you see something you’ve never seen before, that’s a memory,” Bollinger said. “Going to a baseball game with mom and dad or with grandpa, that’s a part of so many people’s memories.” Teams in the Northwoods League typically host community events such as involvement in a reading program for the school district or a STEM-focused education day.

Our name has changed. What’s important to you will

never change. Learn more at Member FDIC

4 | Chamber Connection “We believe if we showcase how we’re different to the Bismarck-Mandan community, people will find our approach refreshing and really come out to see our team,” Bollinger said. Bollinger emphasized the organizations mission statement, “Where fun makes a difference.” “At the end of the day, people love a hometown team,” Bollinger said.

Bismarck Bucks Kick-off in 2017

If you take American football and drop it onto a field 1/4 the size of a traditional field, you’ll get Indoor Football. And when you drop Indoor Football into the arena of the Bismarck Event Center, you get the Bismarck Bucks.

PEACE{FULL} “No more worrying about random things like caring for a home. This is the ultimate.” — June Hunter, Touchmark resident

A Champion Indoor Football League field is 50 yards of playing surface, half the length of a traditional field. From sidewall to sidewall, the field is the exact dimension of a hockey arena. According, to Bismarck Bucks football coach Richard Davis, this brings the action right up close to the fans. “Footballs fly into stands, heck sometimes the players go flying into the stands,” Davis said. This brings football dreams right into the stands of little 8-year-olds. Indoor football is a high-scoring game with the action moving up and down the field. Refereeing is no different, just condensed inside. “Our league is the closest thing in football to taking the outdoor game and dropping it onto the field,” Davis said. Champion Indoor Football League features eight-man football with three offensive and defensive linemen in comparison to five or six in American football. Receivers are on the opposite side of the ball and can be coming in forward motion toward the line of scrimmage when the ball is snapped. Davis said this is similar to Canadian Football League rules. Beyond that, indoor football offers the same zone coverages and man-to-man coverages. “For the technical aficionados, our game offers those challenges,” Davis said. Champion Indoor Football League is a minor league system. Players are no longer on NCAA teams, and they often have ambitions to go onto the NFL. The most famous player to come out of indoor football is retired quarterback Kurt Warner.

At Touchmark, residents say living well means …

Worrying less. What does living well mean to you? Experience peace of mind and maintenance-free living.

We’re expanding! Come see the exciting changes and new homes at Touchmark.

Warner started as quarterback at University of Northern Iowa. After college, he began playing for the Des Moines, Iowa, Barnstormers team and bagged groceries on the side to make ends meet. He was signed to the St. Louis Rams in 1998 and led them to victory in Superbowl XXXIV. Warner was named the 1999 MVP. “We’ll have our share of young men who get a magical phone call,” Davis said. Coach Davis said the league has had players walk off that field and get a phone call form NFL. The first home game for the new Bismarck Bucks will be on St. Patrick’s Day, March 17, 2017 at the Bismarck Event Center.

Learn more: 701-557-9289 TOUCHMARK ON WEST CENTURY Full-service Retirement Community 1000 West Century Avenue • Bismarck, ND 58503 1613504 © Touchmark, LLC, all rights reserved

Chamber Connection | 5

FEATURE Bismarck Bobcats celebrate 20 years

DESIGN Bobcats Hockey players, ages 16-20, aspire to play Division 1 NCAA collegiate hockey.


Bismarck Bobcats have been a mainstay in Bismarck-Mandan for 20 years. The junior hockey league prepares players, ages 16-20, to play NCAA collegiate hockey. “Our goal in life for (the players) is to create opportunities to play college hockey and continue to be NCAA eligible,” said Bobcats owner Thom Brigl. “Our mission is about helping young men chase a dream.”

Brigl, who has owned the team for 15 years, said the 20-year history of the Bobcats hasn’t always been easy. “It’s a very hard business,” Brigl said. “For the first how many years financially it was extremely challenging.”


Brigl said community support has grown over the years. Whereas game attendance used to be 30 percent, now typical attendance is at 90 percent. In the last four or five years, the season has been spiced up by a heated rivalry with the Minot Minotauros. “People just love coming up with their families and their kids and watching the boys play,” Brigl said. “Certainly since I was first there, people have come to understand hockey. Youth hockey programs are going like crazy.”


The nature of Bobcat hockey has evolved dramatically, according to Brigl. He said back in the day it was a lot of fighting on the ice and not a lot of skill. Over 20 years, a lot of Bobcat players have been Bismarck-Mandan natives. “It’s an aspiration for them to want to be a Bobcat,” Brigl said. Brigl is a Mandan native and head coach Layne Sedevie is a Bismarck native. The team draws from across the country and across the world. The current roster includes Japanese and Norwegian players. Bobcats players live with billet families who host them for the seven-month season. “I think the support that we’ve gotten from the Bismarck-Mandan area and surrounding areas has really been second to none,” Sedevie said. Bismarck Bobcat hockey’s biggest success story is Ryan Faragher. After the Bobcats, Faragher played Division 1 hockey at St. Cloud State University. He is in his third season of playing professional hockey since being drafted by the Anaheim Ducks in 2014.

6 | Chamber Connection

“(Bobcats have) at least 65 players that have played Division 1 hockey,” Sedevie said. “That is something we take a lot of pride in.”

Our Community Comes First.

At First International Bank & Trust we believe in giving back to the communities in which we live and work. We’re more than a bank, we’re a family, a partner in the community and value living first.

Stop in and visit us!

Bismarck 1533 N 12th St 701-751-8500 0458_10-16

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By Cathryn Sprynczynatyk

Coming out of the latest energy boom cycle, Bank of North Dakota President Eric Hardmeyer has a Wayne Gretzky quote in mind: “I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.” That is Hardmeyer’s goal for the Bank of North Dakota with oil and commodity prices low and a new budget and legislative session on the horizon. In Hardmeyer’s 30 years with Bank of North Dakota, this is his second experience with an up and down energy cycle. “After having gone through the first one, I felt there was going to be another emphasis on diversification,” Hardmeyer said. “So that’s really what we thought about as we went out into the communities. How can we be poised and ready for what is certainly going to be a call for economic diversification?”

Bank of North Dakota President, Eric Hardmeyer, visits with BHS seniors about their college plans.

Earlier this year, Bank of North Dakota partnered with North Dakota Development Fund, North Dakota League of Cities, North Dakota Association of Counties and state agencies including Department of Commerce, Public Finance Authority and the Housing Finance Agency and held regional meetings in Williston, Dickinson, Minot, Bismarck and Grand Forks. The meetings were held with economic development professionals, local city officials, local administrators, business leaders, local legislators and the Bank of North Dakota Advisory Board.

8 | Chamber Connection

The leaders were presented with questions: What are the most pressing needs for infrastructure? Is there a plan to diversify your community’s economic base? What do you anticipate the housing needs to be in your community for the next 5-10 years? Do you have affordable housing for low income and Millennial employees? The main needs identified in the regional meeting were economic diversification, infrastructure and affordable housing for employees. “The whole idea is to be an agile partner and be much more proactive instead of reactive,” said Todd Steinwand, Chief Business Development Officer for BND. “Are we out identifying issues and needs across the state and trying to proactively develop programs to help the state grow? Our whole goal is to make North Dakota better.” Affordable housing was identified as a need for employees. For example, Steinwand said with the growth of the drone industry in Grand Forks, housing is needed for families. Steinwand and others examined the financing for entrepreneurs and found gaps in seed capital and early stage financing. BND and the North Dakota Department of Commerce are working together to develop a road map for entrepreneurs from seed funding to traditional bank financing. Hardmeyer said conversations with Greg Tehven, cofounder of the Fargo business Emerging Prairie, have brought an entrepreneurial voice into the process. “Every state, every business has something that is their unfair competitive advantage,” Hardmeyer said. “In North Dakota, that’s this bank. “Clearly nobody else has one, so how can we use it to make North Dakota better? That’s really what we’ve been thinking about. How do we use this bank to make North Dakota better?” In this process, Bank of North Dakota has refocused their “Cradle to Career” education initiatives. Funding education begins with College SAVE and helping parents save college education money for their infants. It continues with North Dakota Dollars for Scholars, providing scholarships to students from North Dakota communities. In addition to Bank of North Dakota’s college planning center, the bank recently created a financial literacy coordinator position working statewide. In the month of October, Bank of North Dakota coordinated events at 84 high schools statewide for College Application Month. Students spent time applying for colleges with college admissions representatives on site to help with applications and answer questions. For each student, Bank of North Dakota paid for a $35.00 college application fee. Jackson Wandler, an admissions representative for University of Mary, was on site at Williston High School to assist students applying for college. He said there was a lot of excitement among the high school seniors applying for college.


MIXER Presented by:

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Tuesday, December 13th Bismarck Event Center - Exhibit Hall 5:00pm - 8:00pm

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Chamber Connection | 9

FEATURE “The thought of going to college raises all these questions and a lot of hope in all of these student’s lives,” Wandler said. “In college the student’s direction for their life is largely determined at that time. There’s excitement behind it and wonder. There’s a gratefulness as well. We’re all able to collaborate together to help them apply and get started to embark on that journey.” Shirley Glass, Education Market Manager for BND, said a major benefit from the College Application Month program is helping low-income students. “The emphasis on the college application initiative is to help these low-income, first generation students by covering the fee and help them take that first step to apply to college,” Glass said. Once low-income and first students are accepted to a college, Glass said there may be financial aid available to the students. “It helps them pursue that college degree when they didn’t necessarily feel like that was an option for them,” Glass said. After a student is accepted into college, BND’s “Cradle to Career” initiatives continue. DEAL student loans are available to North Dakota students. And following graduation, North Dakota residents are eligible for DEAL One refinancing.






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10 | Chamber Connection

Bank of North Dakota waived fees for high school seniors to apply for North Dakota colleges

Steinwand said DEAL One refinancing, offered by Bank of North Dakota, is turning into a competitive advantage for the state. After six months of North Dakota residency, an individual qualifies to refinance their student loans into what is typically much lower rate. “We’ve had several businesses use this as a recruiting tool to bring in doctors, engineers, various high-paying jobs,” Steinwand said. “They’re saying, ‘If you come to North Dakota and work for us, after you’re here for six months, we’ve got a student loan reconsolidation program that you can consolidate your student loans into a lower interest rate.’ And they’re actually using that as a recruiting tool.” In the Bank of North Dakota student loan department, Steinwand said they have heard stories from individuals about how DEAL One refinancing has helped their financial situation. “(They) received a phone call from a father who said, ‘We have one child, and because of the cost of day care and our student loan payments, we had decided we weren’t going to have another child until our one child was in grade school. After we refinanced our student loans, we went back and did our budget and said, you know what, we can afford another child now,’” Steinwand said. “That’s having an impact on lives.” Bank of North Dakota’s new economic development program and “Cradle to Career” initiatives aim to capitalize on North Dakota’s competitive advantage of having a state-owned bank. “This trajectory is putting Bank of North Dakota where the puck is going to be,” Hardmeyer said.

MEMBER PROFILE Featuring Sommer Jacob

Q: Tell us about yourself and your role within the organization. A: Studio North is a branding boutique that specializes in helping women entrepreneurs transform their business by creating a visual brand that is authentic and powerful. We design logos, websites, printed material (brochures, business cards, banners, etc.), and digital images for social media, email campaigns and PowerPoint presentations. I am the owner. Some might call me a visionary, a dreamer, or maybe a transformer. I like to think of myself as the “fun one.” Haha! Q: Briefly tell us the history of Studio North. A: I opened the doors to Studio North in June of 2012. We’ve evolved from a generalized marketing and graphic design service company, to one that specializes in helping women entrepreneurs to express themselves. Q: What differentiates Studio North from its competitors? A: The main difference is how I get to the end result of transforming or creating a brand: It’s very innovative. Through collaborations with other experts, I create a visual brand that’s based on an archetype profile. I use very specific information from the energy of their ideal clients to create a vision and design a brand that will not only resonate with them, but magnetically attract them and most importantly, keep them coming back. Additionally, my clients are given specific words to use in their content for social media, blogging, email campaigns, website, etc. so they can truly live their brand. It’s a total win-win! My clients are thrilled: and their clients are thrilled. Q: How has the growth of Bismarck-Mandan impacted Studio North? A: As Bismarck-Mandan and the surrounding areas have grown, so have the number of women venturing into business ownership. And, as veteran owner’s businesses have thrived, they’re looking to take their businesses to a new level but don’t always know how. Typically, in my experience, when a business is about five years old, they hit a plateau and are looking for new ways to take it to the next level. They’re ready to invest in a brand that is more compelling, and that’s where I am able to help.


Studio North opened it’s doors in June 2012.

Q: What does the future of Studio North look like and the industry as a whole look like to you? A: I see Studio North continuing to grow as many business owners take a more individualized and creative approach to their branding and marketing. I see the trend of social media and online presence continuing to steadily grow. Q: Studio North became a member in 2013, why did you choose to join the Chamber? A: Supporting our community is important to me. I give both time and financial contributions through volunteering and donating to many local organizations. Some of my commitments build professional connections; others support needs of less fortunate, veterans and children. I support other business owners through my work and see the Chamber as a way for me to continue to support the small business community as well as getting my name out there. Q: What should Chamber members know about Studio North that may assist them? A: A brand is a promise of an experience for your customers will have with you and your business. It’s an energy, not just some stuffy object just sitting on a shelf. If someone is ready for a totally different approach to taking her business to the next level, but don’t know how (and are open to something totally new) we’re here to help. It’s kind of like magic -- easy and fun! Chamber Connection | 11





STATE OF THE CITIES ADDRESS Join Mandan Mayor Tim Helbling and Bismarck Mayor Mike Seminary for the 2016 State of the Cities Address on Tuesday, Nov. 8th at the Best Western Ramkota Hotel in Bismarck. Attendees will be informed on the challenges endured and successes earned that Mandan and Bismarck have seen in the last year, as well as what they forecast for the future state of the cities. The cost to attend is $25 for Chamber members and $35 for non-members. However, this is a great event to share with colleagues and friends, so be sure to sign up and reserve a table. For information on the perks that come with a table sponsorship, or for general inquires for the event, please call David at 701-223-5660, email him at, or register online at Presenting Sponsor:

Mayor Tim Helbling

Mayor Mike Seminary

Silver Sponsors: Bank of North Dakota and Sanford Health Breakfast Sponsors: JLG Architects and EAPC Architects Engineers Table Sponsors: American Bank Center, BNC National Bank, Bismarck State College, Bismarck-Mandan Home Builders Association, Bremer Bank, Capital Credit Union, Dakota Community Bank & Trust, HDR Engineering, Houston Engineering, KLJ, KXMB CBS 12, Northern Improvement, Northwest Tire, Wells Fargo Bank, University of Mary

Gold Sponsors:


This October has brought more than cooler temps and fall colors as it has marked the beginning of another year with The Chamber’s Student Chamber program. 24 applicants from local public and private high schools have been evaluated by a selection committee provided by The Chamber’s Business & Education Partnership committee, and in the end nine seniors and nine juniors have been chosen to participate in this competitive program.

The Student Chamber program, now enlightening young minds for more than 10 years, is composed of eight meetings in which students learn in depth details about their community and their place in it. Topics such as Leadership Development, Financial Literacy and Law and Politics are just a few of many that will challenge the current thinking of these juniors and seniors. We are proud and excited to announce 2016/2017 Student Chamber members:

Andrew Feist, Annika Larson, Birgen Black, Brooke Schulte, Carson Breuer, Gavin Miller, Gracie Grothe, Heidi Hilz, Jack Markle, Kathryn Slavik, Kaycee Fry, Laurel Schley, Parker Ketterling, Paul Schumacher, Samantha Power, Sheradyn Schmaltz, Tiana Staudinger, Victoria Windsor.

The Student Chamber Class of 2016-2017.

12 | Chamber Connection

AGRICULTURAL COMMITTEE CELEBRATES WITH ANNUAL HARVEST MIXER In honor of the annual harvest, The Chamber’s Agricultural Committee invited all Chamber members to Northern Plains Equipment to enjoy food, music, and prizes as we learned about our pivotal agricultural industry. While the committee served some delicious products from Cloverdale Foods, folks from all walks of life celebrated this yearly tradition and visited the many of the informational booths from Northern Pulse Growers, North Dakota Department of Agriculture, United Tribes Technical College, Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, Bismarck State College, North Dakota Farmers Union Insurance, Northern Plains Equipment, North Dakota Great Plains Research Laboratory and Kupper Chevrolet.

Of course, we would not be able to enjoy such an occasion without the support from our sponsors! Presenting Sponsor:

Business Sponsors: Dee Heintz – American Family Insurance, Cloverdale Foods, Farm Credit Services of Mandan, Farm and Ranch Guide, North Dakota Department of Agriculture, Northern Pulse Growers Association, Starion Bank, Wells Fargo Bank.


Chamber Military Affairs Committee hosted Rear Adm. Gene Price on Oct. 13 at the Bismarck-Mandan Chamber of Commerce. Price gave an update on the state of the U.S. Navy, including Fleet Cyber Comm, the Navy’s contribution to U.S. Cyber Command. Price described the Great Green Fleet, a group of boats designed to use fuel more efficiently and avoid the vulnerability of refueling at sea. The name is a reference to former President Theodore Roosevelt’s “Great White Fleet.” In 1905 Roosevelt created the Great White Fleet and sent the Navy ships around the world. Price said the action was not to dominate the seas but to show superiority and to show the world America had arrived as a superpower. Within the Navy’s strategic plan is the maritime system, including traffic on and under the world’s oceans. According to Price, almost all Internet traffic travels on fiber optic cables under the world’s oceans. Price detailed various actions performed by the Navy, from humanitarian missions to sending Navy Destroyer through a disputed area as a show of force.

Stress-Free IT! NRG Tech provides managed services. That means your systems are maintained, backed up and monitored 24/7. It’s preventative health for your technology.

1661 Capitol Way, Suite 102 Bismarck, ND 58501 701-250-9400

Chamber Connection | 13





MEMBERS LIT UP THE COURSE FOR CHAMBER NIGHT GOLF In September we lit up the greens for a successful first time “Shot in the Dark” Night Golf Scramble, and what a luminous night it was! On Wednesday, September 28th we had 60 golfers check-in and enjoy some delicious dinner provided by Texas Roadhouse before they teed off for a 9-hole adventure at the Mandan Municipal Golf Course.

The 2017 “Shot in the Dark” Chamber Night Golf Scramble is set for September 7, 2017.

Participants had the opportunity to join in games around the course and had many laughs guiding themselves through the elements. Fairway markers, glow sticks and tee lights illuminated the greens, but the coolest part about the event, was watching the beams of light shooting across the sky. Thank you to all our golfers who came out without knowing what to expect and for being troopers through the evening! Congratulations to our winning team with a final score of 33! 1. Steve Richard 2. Cody Schoonover 3. Jamie Jackson 4. Eric Flacksbarth A quick shout-out to our sponsors that donated some great door prizes for our participants to win: Bismarck Cancer Center, RJR Maintaince & Management, Digital Office Centre, Coalitition for a Secure Engergy future, Northwest Tire, Comfort Inn & Suites – Mandan, Scheels and Ulteig Engineers.

14 | Chamber Connection

in the


Thank you to our sponsors who helped make this event possible: in the Presenting CHAMBER NIGHT GOLF Sponsor: Putting Green Sponsor: Coalition for a Secure Energy Future. Hole Sponsors: Petro-Hunt LLC, KLJ, Bismarck Cancer Center, Trans Trash, Comfort Inn – Mandan, Scheels, Ulteig Engineers and Northwest Tire. Event Sponsors: New Vision Security and Digital Office Centre.

MESKE NAMED MACE BOARD CHAIR Scott Meske was named President of the BismarckMandan Chamber of Commerce in May 2016, after leading the Williston Area Chamber of Commerce for the previous two years. He had Scott Meske spent more than 30 years in Wisconsin as a nonprofit executive, lobbyist, media relations professional and communications expert.

With an undergraduate degree in political science and public administration from the University of WisconsinLa Crosse, Scott served 15 years as an officer in the National Guard, the last eight as a photo journalist and media relations officer. He holds credentials as a Certified Association Executive, and also from the US Chamber of Commerce’s Institute of Organizational Management. “What do you do with someone with a big personality, big ideas and a big can do attitude? You ask them to be the Chair of MACE and hop on for the ride. I was pleased when I asked Scott to take a leadership role with MACE, and he said he would be happy to lead, with confidence in his voice,” said Ken Warner, President of the Willmar Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce.



Experience the Eide Bailly Difference Eide Bailly is a regional firm that delivers big-firm resources with a small-firm feel. We understand the importance of community, so you can expect attentive, friendly, local service with expanded solutions. Our comprehensive tax, audit and consulting services ensure you have the resources you need, when you need them, from one dedicated team.

MACE is made up of chamber professionals belonging to their state chamber executive organization or state chamber of commerce in the six-state area of Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin. MACE is the go-to organization for chamber news, resources and networking in the Upper Midwest.

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LEADERSHIP BISMARCK-MANDAN KICKS-OFF The 27th class of Leadership Bismarck-Mandan gathered for the first time at the Chamber of Commerce on Sept. 21. Orientation was combined with Local Issues Day this year to get the class off and running.

In order to give the class a snapshot of the diversity of our community, the class participated in a privilege walk. For each question, classmates took a step forward or Tucker Smith, commodity quantitative analyst, gives a tour of Basin Electric’s marketing, trading and selling floor to Leadership Bismarck-Mandan Class at Energy Day, Oct. 5. backward depending on their upbringing and family life. Finally, Chamber president Scott Meske spoke on the history of chambers of commerce and what chambers do for communities. Solar access guidelines require a property owner obtain an easement from their neighbor to guarantee access to LOCAL ISSUES DAY sunlight and prevent a newly constructed shed or new Local Issues Day commenced with presentations from tree from blocking solar access. Mandan City Commissioner Dennis Rohr and Bismarck City Commissioner Nancy Guy. Staffers from City of OUR MANY THANKS TO THE FOLLOWING: Mandan and City of Bismarck guided the class in a city Presenting planning session. They educated the class on planning Sponsor: and zoning. The class was given a map of the zoning and infrastructure of northeast Bismarck and instructed to give their planning and zoning proposals. Gold Sponsor: Coverdale Foods and Lutheran Social Services participated in a panel on “Creating a More Diverse Program Community.” Coverdale employees included a human Sponsors: BASIN ELECTRIC POWER COOPERATIVE resources lawyer from Puerto Rico and the foreman of the bacon department from the Philippines. The Binder Sponsor: Capital Trophy panelist representing Lutheran Social Services refugee resettlement services is from Kyrgyzstan. Orientation Facilitators: Brenda Nagel – Aetna ENERGY DAY Bonnie Dahl – University of Mary On Oct. 5 the class convened for Energy Day held at Robin Thorstenson – Starion Bank Basin Electric Power Cooperative. Alison Ritter of the North Dakota Department of Mineral Resources gave Local Issues Day Chairs: an update on the state of the oil industry. In October Todd Van Orman – First Community Credit Union the new state Core Sample Library housing geopolitical Krista Rausch – City of Mandan core samples was dedicated in Grand Forks. Ritter said without the core library and the private company Energy Day Chairs: geologists who poured over samples, the most recent Mary Miller – Basin Electric Power Cooperative oil boom might not have happened. Ritter predicted Andrea Blowers – Basin Electric Power Cooperative what the oil industry is likely to do in North Dakota once the price of West Texas Intermediate holds steady for Breakfast/Lunch Sponsors: 90 days at each price level. Ritter described the North Leadership Bismarck-Mandan Alumni Association Dakota oil industry as a “very resilient market.” (Orientation/Local Issues Day) Basin Electric Power Cooperative (Energy Day) Representatives from the City of Bismarck presented Bismarck’s newly adopted solar energy ordinance. The ordinance is designed to encourage solar development across the board -- from private residences to businesses. A Touchstone Energy Cooperative ®

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HAFNER NAMED THIRD QUARTER CHAMBER AMBASSADOR At Securian Financial Advisors of ND, Shane has the opportunity to help young families, small business owners, pre-retirees, retirees and teachers with all of their financial planning needs as they relate to investment and insurance. “I truly enjoy helping others reach their goals and dreams” and that definitely shows in Shane’s work and involvement throughout the communities.

Shane Hafner of Securian Financial Advisors was named Ambassador of the Quarter for third quarter 2016.

Shane has been involved with the, Bismarck-Mandan Chamber Ambassadors for five years and was recognized as “Ambassador of the Year” in 2014. He is also currently, the Chair of the Bismarck Education Partnership Committee, on the board for Junior Achievement, and a volunteer teacher for the elementary classrooms through that program, and also a volunteer coach for many of his children’s sports and activities over the last seven years.

“I enjoy being an ambassador because it allows me to meet business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs in the Bismarck-Mandan communities. I believe it is very important that we do everything we can to help ensure that our cities and state are thriving so we can give the best to our children and their children in the future. If you want to be a vital part of our community and give back, I would strongly recommend becoming a Chamber ambassador.” Congratulations again Shane, on being “Third Quarter” ambassador! The Bismarck-Mandan Chamber appreciates your support and involvement with us and also, your dedicated investment to our business community!

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STATE OF THE CITIES Date: Location: Time: Fees: Presenting Sponsor:

Tuesday, November 8, 2016 Best Western Ramkota Hotel 800 S 3rd Street, Bismarck 7:00AM - 9:30AM $25.00 for Chamber Members $35.00 for Non-Members

Gold Sponsors: Join Mandan Mayor Tim Helbling and Bismarck Mayor Mike Seminary for the 2016 State of the Cities Address on Tuesday, Nov. 8th at the Best Western Ramkota Hotel in Bismarck. Attendees will be informed on the challenges endured and successes earned that Mandan and Bismarck have seen in the last year, as well as what they forecast for the future state of the cities. The cost to attend is $25 for Chamber members and $35 for non-members. However, this is a great event to share with colleagues and friends, so be sure to sign up and reserve a table. For information on the perks that come with a table sponsorship, or for general inquires for the event, please call David at 701-223-5660, email him at, or register online at

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Date: Location: Time: Fees:

Thursday, November 17, 2016 Broadway Centre Spa & Salon 100 West Broadway Ste 140 4:30PM - 6:30PM Free for Chamber Members

Don’t miss our last Membership Mixer of the year! Join us this month at Broadway Centre Spa & Salon as they will be hosting our November monthly mixer. We are so excited to see what they have in store for all of you! This is a wonderful way to meet other members within the business community while enjoying some refreshments, hors d’oeuvres, live music and tours of Broadway Centre Spa & Salon’s beautiful space. Mixers are free for Chamber members to attend. Consider bringing along a colleague and enjoy this casual networking event. To RSVP call the Chamber at 701-223-5660 or email Amanda at



CHAMBER HOLIDAY MIXER Date: Location: Time: Fees: Presenting Sponsor:

Tuesday, December 13, 2016 Bismarck Event Center - Exhibit Hall 315 S 5th St, Bismarck 5:00PM - 8:00PM $5.00 plus a Business Card

Start your holiday season off right with the 2016 Chamber of Commerce Holiday Mixer! We will celebrate another festive year of fun by providing a laid back networking environment which will showcase local businesses and provide an assortment of hors d’oeuvres, drinks, 50/50 raffle, door prize giveaways and local music! With over 1,500 attendees, The Holiday Mixer is one of our largest events showcasing over 100 local business members in our community. Get a group of friends together and stop by to mingle and celebrate another wonderful year. This event is open to the public, so mark your calendar and bring a few friends! If you have further questions on attending or representing your business at our Holiday Mixer, please contact Amanda at or call the Chamber at 701-223-5660.

CHAMBER ANNUAL DINNER Date: Location: Time: Fees: Presenting Sponsors:

Thursday, January 12, 2017 Bismarck Event Center - Hall B 315 S 5th St, Bismarck 5:00PM - 9:00PM $65.00 for Chamber Members $75.00 for Non-Members

January means the Holidays have come and gone, but the fun doesn’t have to stop there! The BismarckMandan Chamber of Commerce Annual Dinner will be filled with networking, awards recognition and engaging entertainment. It’s a wonderful night for members to showcase your company while enjoying time with your significant other, co-workers and VIP clients. A sophisticated black-tie (optional) is strongly encouraged. The Annual Dinner entertainment will be provided by The Big Quiz Thing, a trivia game show spectacular out of New York City and San Francisco. You’ll enjoy a fun, interactive and customized digital trivia game just for us while being engaged by one of the best quizmaster hosts in the business! Whether you like working in teams or being the center of attention, this trivia format has a little fun for everyone! Register to attend this evening online at or by calling Amanda at the Chamber at 701-223-5660. Formal invitations will be sent to your business closer to the date.

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STARION FINANCIAL CHANGES NAME TO STARION BANK Beginning Sept. 28, Starion Financial will become Starion Bank to more clearly communicate its community banking focus and position it for the future. “The transition to the name Starion Bank marks a new chapter in our history,” said Craig Larson, Starion president/CEO. “One of the core values we embrace is that change is a vital shaping force. Those words have always rung true and are certainly relevant today.” In 2001, Starion was comprised of banks in Bismarck, Mandan, Oakes and Ellendale operating under the name First Southwest Bank. At the time, using the term “financial” was the trend because people were looking for a wide range of financial services at one source, and the bank was expanding in the areas of insurance and investments. Larson noted that over the past decade, expectations have changed. “Today, people assume banks provide additional services but when they hear ‘financial’ they only think of investments and loans.

Enroll today! Classes start Oct. 10, Nov. 14 and Jan. 9, 2017

“Through a lot of hard work, Starion Insurance and Starion Investment Services have made names for themselves and now it is time for us to reclaim the core of our business – banking – and more clearly communicate that to customers and potential customers.” This new chapter in the organization’s history will allow Starion’s community banking focus to shine through while preserving the values and trust it has worked so hard to build. The word “Starion” and the accompanying shooting star in the logo will continue to represent aspirations, rising achievement and a commitment to taking people – employees, customers and communities – farther. “The name change positions us as we look to grow and expand into new markets,” added Larson. “The important things will never change: our unwavering integrity and commitment to building trust in relationships with our customers and communities.”


Getting your master’s degree may provide you a 30% increase in your annual salary. 20 | Chamber Connection


CARSON WENTZ PARTNERS WITH SANFORD HEALTH After years of close ties to Sanford Health, rookie Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz has signed an endorsement contract with Sanford Health. The former North Dakota State University signal caller and Sanford have a long-running relationship, dating back to his formative years in Bismarck, North Dakota. He honed his skills through athletic-performance training with Mike Salwei, who is now Sanford POWER Bismarck manager, during his middle and high school years. Through his college career, Wentz was connected with Sanford, the official sports medicine team of NDSU. After a hand injury during Wentz’s senior year at NDSU, Sanford hand surgeon Jason Erpelding, M.D., performed surgery, resulting in a quicker recovery than if the injury had healed naturally. After weeks of rehabilitation at Sanford hand therapy, Wentz made a triumphant return in the final game of his college season, leading NDSU to its record fifth consecutive FCS national championship. Shortly after, Wentz shined during weeks of NFL workouts, ultimately leading to achieving one of his dreams, being chosen in the first round of the NFL draft.


JLG Architects has been named #56 of the top 100 architecture firms in the United States by Building Design+Construction magazine, which ranks architecture and architecture/engineering firms headquartered in the United States in its annual “Giants 300” report. This is JLG’s third year on the list; the firm was #87 in 2015 and #158 in 2016. JLG has also been honored this month with five firm awards from the Zweig Group, a national architecture, engineering, and environmental consulting organization. At the Zweig Group’s annual conference in Phoenix, Arizona, JLG was the recipient of a Hot Firm Award, a Best Firm to Work For Award, and two Marketing Excellence Awards. Additionally, JLG received a Trifecta Award as a result of receiving awards in all three honor categories in the same year. This is JLG’s fifth year on the Zweig Hot Firm list and fourth year on the Best Firm to Work For list.

“Sanford has been there for me during my journey as a quarterback, and I truly appreciate the support over the years. I’m very honored to be partnering with the great people at Sanford – we intend to work together to give back and support the communities in our great region,” said Wentz. “Athletes of Carson’s caliber and success don’t come along that often. The pride that is in all of us as fans runs particularly strong in those who know him and cared for him. He’s part of the Sanford family, and we are incredibly honored to continue our close relationship with him,” said Bruce Piatt, M.D., of Sanford Orthopedics and Sports Medicine and NDSU’s team physician. Wentz joins several other elite professional athletes with local ties who have chosen Sanford POWER as their exclusive sports medicine partner, including hockey great Matt Cullen of Moorhead, Minnesota; Minnesota Vikings linebacker Chad Greenway of Mount Vernon, South Dakota; and professional basketball player Mike Miller of Mitchell, South Dakota.

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UNIVERSITY OF MARY RECEIVES FEDERAL GRANT WORTH NEARLY $1 MILLION FOR NATIVE AMERICAN EDUCATION AND TRAINING The Indian Professional Development Program, a division of the federal Education Department, awarded the University of Mary in partnership with Turtle Mountain Community College, $981,075 towards improving education of Native American students and promoting high-quality educators to teach in tribal-run schools.

Dr. Carmelita Lamb, associate dean of University of Mary’s Liffrig Family School of Education and Behavioral Sciences, and a team of university grant writers, spearheaded the proposal. Lamb says the money is allotted over four years beginning this fall semester. “The award will fund Native American students in a K-12 bachelor’s degree teacher education program at Turtle Mountain Community College and a master’s degree from the University of Mary in Elementary Administration, Secondary Administration, and Special Education,” said Lamb.

Building a Better World for All of Us


Our North Dakota team is located in Bismarck and our employee-owners understand how the decisions we make in the field will impact your community. We will continue to provide feasible, right-sized, technical solutions for all of your planning and engineering needs including: Transportation/Traffic/Rail Civil/Municipal Water/Wastewater Flood Control/Stormwater Industrial Development Residential/Commercial Development Solid Waste/Transfer Stations Environmental Architecture/Buildings Community Planning Economic Development FundStart™ Surveying Aviation Construction Services Energy 701.354.7121 •

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“The overall goal is to support education in tribal communities and take the lead in supporting advanced degrees in education leadership. This grant award represents the mission of the University of Mary in servant leadership and community outreach.”

Lamb says the University of Mary has currently opened the application process to graduate students interested in receiving the scholarship dollars. Following a rigorous selection process, seven graduate level students will be awarded money to fund tuition, books, fees and computer technology in those three programs beginning in January 2017. All of those students seeking a master’s degree will be able to receive the courses online allowing them to maintain current employment in their community where they serve Native American children. “Our vision of a successful student is one who discovers a passion for learning and transforming their world, while maintaining the student’s unique tribal culture, identity and language,” stated Lamb. “The need across our state for teachers right now is great and especially on Indian reservations.” The North Dakota Education Standards and Practices Board declared the entire state a “Critical Shortage Area” in 2015-2016, due to severe teacher shortages in all content or degree areas. The state school superintendent reported that 204 teacher openings around North Dakota were unfilled in January 2016, an increase of 55 percent from the same time last year, and the highest number in ten years. In addition to current shortages, it is anticipated that the need for teachers and administrators will grow in the future due to the aging of the workforce and the effect of retirements. The North Dakota Teachers’ Fund for Retirement projects that 3,000-3,400 out of the state total of 10,000 teachers will retire it the next 10 years, along with about 90 administrators. At the same time, K-12 public school enrollment has increased by about 10,000 in the past five years, with enrollment of about 104,000 students last fall, reflecting the state’s population growth driven largely by oil and gas development. The University of Mary in Bismarck is one of only 20 recipients nationwide to receive the federal grant and was awarded the second largest amount.


Mandan Parks and Recreation universal playground was awarded the North Dakota Recreation and Parks Association (NDRPA) Golden Egg award on September 14, 2016 at the NDRPA State Conference. The Golden Egg Award recognizes outstanding and innovative park projects!

Universal Playground originally started as a Leadership Bismarck-Mandan field project.

Mandan Parks and Recreation believes the universal playground helps build the community. The universal playground would not be here today without the assistance of the sponsors and the community group, Leadership Bismarck-Mandan.

Mandan has a destination place for its community members and those outside the area, with Minot having the closest inclusive playground being 110 miles away.

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BISMARCK ELKS LODGE #1199 CELEBRATES 50TH ANNIVERSARY Bismarck Elks Lodge #1199 is proud to host the 50th Anniversary/Prospective Member Night. 50 years ago, the Elks Lodge Grand Opening and Dedication was held on December 1-4, 1966. There were 2200 members. Officers were: Exalted Ruler – David Milhollan; Leading Knight – Carl Elliott; Loyal Knight – Lloyd Gribble; Lecturing Knight – Paul Bibelheimer; Esquire – Roland Lickness; Chaplain – Connie Scholl; Inner Guard – H.L. Thompson; Tiler – John Sagehorn; Secretary – Frank Roberts; Treasurer – F.C. Hauser; Organist – Willard Yule; Trustees – Chet Wyngarden, Willard Brintnell, Gerald Glaser, Stanley Haas, George Middaugh. In December 1966, the Elks initiated 267 new members. William (Bill) Sprynczynatyk became a member that month. He later became Lodge Secretary and served for 40 years! The Bismarck Elks Lodge #1199 currently has 4128 members and is the second largest Elks Lodge in the nation! Our current Elks officers are: Exalted Ruler – Rich Skjonsby; Leading Knight – Jeff Carlson; Loyal Knight – Chad Gasser; Lecturing Knight – Brian Peterson; Esquire – Mark Webster; Chaplain – Lee Schmidt; Inner Guard – Josette Severson; Tiler – Mike LaLonde; Secretary – Arlan Scholl; Treasurer – Darrel Eberle; Trustees – Nelson Benson, Scott Volkert, Rod Bakken, Dennis Hensel, Keith Ulmer.

Our Elks Chorus also has a long history of dedicated service. It was originally founded in 1958 and was called the Standard Oil Refinery Chorus. The name was changed to Elks Chorus that same year. Harley Swanson joined in 1959, John Hermanson in 1961, Mike McCormack in 1966, and Howard Loftesness in 1976. These men are still active members of our Elks Chorus. We are very proud of our Elks Chorus which currently consists of 32 members who have joined throughout the years. With over 1 million members in more than 2100 local lodges nationwide, the Elks is one of the largest and most active fraternal organizations in the world. Our core principles are Charity, Justice, Brotherly Love, and Fidelity. Our Bismarck Elks serves the local community in many ways. Bismarck/Mandan Lodge #1199 contributes to nearly 50 charities in Bismarck/Mandan and surrounding areas. We honor the service and sacrifice of our veterans. We sponsor Camp Grassick, a summer camp for children/adults with special needs. All of these acts demonstrate our belief that “Elks Care, Elks Share.” Membership in the Elks gives back to the community! We would love to have you as a member of our Lodge. If you are interested in joining, please attend our membership drive on Friday, November 25th at 8 p.m. or call (701) 255-1199.

Friday, November 25th • 8:00pm - Midnight Bismarck-Mandan Elks Lodge #1199 Prospective Member Night

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EAPC Architects Engineers has received six awards from Zweig Group for 2016 including a Hot Firm Top 100 award, two Best Place to Work For awards in the architecture and multi-discipline categories, two Marketing Excellence awards, and a Trifecta award. The Hot Firm Award recognizes the 100 fastest growing architecture, engineering, planning and environmental consulting firms in the United States and Canada. These firms have outperformed the economy and competitors to become leaders in their chosen fields. The EAPC Marketing Team placed in two out of their three submissions including Integrated Marketing category and External Newsletter category. EAPC Marketing Director Lori Bakken said she is particularly excited about the Marketing Excellence award. “It recognizes the great collaborative efforts and creativity of the team and certainly validates how this team stacks up against national competition.” EAPC is also one of the elite group of companies that received the coveted Trifecta Award. This award recognizes companies that receive the Zweig Group Hot Firm, Zweig Group Best Place to Work For, and a Marketing Excellence Award in the same year. “The partners of EAPC are humbled to receive these awards, especially knowing that our employees, through a survey, have expressed their personal level of satisfaction of where they work and contribute on a daily basis,” said Alan Dostert, President and CEO of EAPC.

Left to Right: Lori Bakken, Mark Zweig and Alan Dostert

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INTERSTATE ENGINEERING OPENS OFFICE IN HORACE Interstate Engineering is pleased to announce the opening of a new office in Horace, North Dakota. The office is located at 416 Main Street in the City of Horace. The Interstate Engineering Horace office will serve clients in the surrounding area, providing a full range of engineering, surveying and planning services. This is the latest expansion for Interstate Engineering, which has seen growth across the region over the past few years. Interstate Engineering is one of the Upper Midwest’s most established engineering and surveying firms, celebrating 40 years of doing business this year. “Interstate Engineering is excited to create a presence in this location,” said Damon DeVillers, President of Interstate Engineering. “We are looking forward to working in closer proximity to clients while further developing our understanding of the needs of Horace and the surrounding communities.”

Interstate Engineering supports each branch from a corporate office located in Jamestown, North Dakota with the philosophy that each office develops a strong local knowledge and expertise, shaping it to serve the needs of the area. “Working as a network and sharing resources makes Interstate Engineering a more powerful project partner,” said Mike Bassingthwaite, Eastern Regional Vice President based in the Wahpeton, North Dakota office. “As we establish our office and presence in Horace, our offices in Wahpeton and Fergus Falls will support the new location.” The Horace office will join the network of Interstate Engineering offices already established in North Dakota, Minnesota, South Dakota and Montana


BRAND NEW SPACIOUS APARTMENTS Heat, W/S/G Paid • Community Room • Fitness Center • Elevator Washer & Dryer in Each Unit • Heated Underground Parking

4430 21ST Street SE, Mandan (701) 751-RENT 26 | Chamber Connection

UTTC SCIENCE PROGRAMS RECEIVE FUNDING BOOST United Tribes Technical College has been awarded $2.5 million in federal funding to increase Native student education and research opportunities in science, technology, education and mathematics (STEM).

The five-year award from the National Science Foundation (NSF) will expand educational opportunities at the tribal college and encourage the next generation of students to pursue careers in STEM fields. “Tribal Nations face numerous threats to natural resources and environmental health,” says Jeremy Guinn, UTTC Environmental Science Program director. “Yet Native Americans remain underrepresented in STEM fields.” The NSF support will allow UTTC to expand its capacity to provide instruction and research opportunities for Tribal members from across the nation in environmental science fields. The project aims to have an impact on STEM education by innovating new ways of integrating research throughout degree programs.


The Christmas store in the Abused Adult Resource Center’s Seeds of Hope Thrift and Gift Store opened in October on both a happy and sad note.

The happiness comes with the holiday season bringing the Christmas store premiere from 5:00pm to 8:00pm, with the entire store also open until 8:00pm. The sadness comes with the death Oct. 24 of longtime volunteer Myrt Armstrong. A former director of the North Dakota Mental Health Association, she had volunteered at the store for many years and initiated the Christmas store idea that has become a great success. AARC Executive Director Diane Zainhofsky said this year’s Christmas store will be dedicated to the memory of Myrt Armstrong. New items are added daily. Donations of holiday items are appreciated now and throughout the year.

The program’s goals are to increase Native American participation in STEM programs; expand the college’s Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science and Research by adding instructional and research capacity in Ecology and Molecular Biology; and establish UTTC as an environmental conservation research and training center for Tribal Nations. “Advanced training in cellular and molecular ecology expands student opportunities for graduate programs and careers in research,” Guinn says. “Support for student and faculty research will improve recruitment and retention and increase research capacity. UTTC’s demonstrated ability to attract and train students from across the nation provides a unique opportunity.” So far $409,914 has been released with additional funding intended through the project’s conclusion in 2021.

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SUNDANCE APARTMENTS RESIDENTS WIN VIDEO CONTEST Sundance Apartments, owned and managed by Timberland Partners, a real estate investment and management company, awarded $5,000 to the first place winners of their ‘Fun in the Sun’ video contest!

Daniel and Kathleen Wayman submitted their video called “Our Summer Adventures”, which chronicled their summer travels throughout the United States. The surprise ending displays the words ‘our greatest adventure yet’ as the couple holds a sonogram picture and pink balloons. They entered the contest thinking “if we got this money that would take care of so many expenses and so many bills. It just made the world,” said Daniel. Kathleen is due with the couple’s first baby in January. From left to right, Francia B. and Pat B., Kathleen Wayman, Daniel Dockstader and Mitch B. The ‘Fun in the Sun’ contest was held online during the month August at all 58 apartment locations owned and managed by Timberland Partners. To enter, residents simply submitted a 60 second video. Pat surprised the couple with the announcement the last Submissions ranged from summer vacations, a day at week of September, with their surprise reactions caught the local pool, or simply spending time with friends and by the crew at KFYR and aired after the presidential family. debate during the 10pm evening news.

Sundance Apartments Community Manager, Pat Bickmann, was more than thrilled to have the winner chosen from his community. “I am so thankful to have such an amazing and involved community here at Sundance Apartments! There is no greater feeling than to award the $5,000 grand prize of the ‘Fun in the Sun’ contest to a beautiful young couple who is soon to expect their first bundle of joy to their family!”

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Second prize winners were awarded $3,000 at Pelican Cove apartments in Florrissant, Missouri and third prize went to residents of The Park at Olathe Station winner in Olathe, Kansas.

MANDAN BUSINESSES INVITED TO LEARN ABOUT LOCAL INCENTIVES & ASSISTANCE Mandan business owners and managers are invited to an informational session on the topic of economic development incentive and assistance programs on Wednesday, Nov. 9 from noon to 1:30 p.m. at the Prairie West Club House, 2709 Longspur Trail. A light lunch is included. Advance registration is requested by the day prior. Please register online at register or by calling 667-3478.

The session will feature information about several economic development tools including the City of Mandan’s Downtown and Memorial Highway Storefront and Landscape Improvement, Renaissance Zone, Restaurant Rewards, and Retail and Restaurant Incentive programs. It will also cover the partnership with the Lewis and Clark Regional Development Council to provide gap financing and local matches for Bank of North Dakota interest buy down programs through established revolving loan programs.

The Mandan Tomorrow - Economic Opportunity and Prosperity Committee is hosting the business education session with coordination assistance from the City of Mandan Business Development Office and the Bismarck Mandan Development Association. The Chamber formed the committee in 2009 to help implement the Mandan Tomorrow strategic plan. This session is part of a series of business education workshops sponsored in 2015-16 by American Bank Center, Aspen Group, BNC National Bank, Capital Credit Union, Dakota Community Bank, Daniel Companies, Eide Bailly, Gate City Bank, Mahlum Goodhart, Railway Credit Union, Security First Bank, Starion Financial, and Wells Fargo Bank.

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The Bismarck-Mandan Young Professionals Network (YPN) is pleased to announce that it will be partnering with the Bismarck Cancer Center for one year, from October 2016 through September 2017. The partnership, which comes about as part of the YPN strategic plan, will allow Bismarck Cancer Center the opportunity to connect with young professionals from around Bismarck-Mandan while providing YPN members with service opportunities throughout the year. The YPN will direct all fundraising and most volunteer efforts for the next year toward the organization. The Bismarck-Mandan Young Professionals Network accepted applications from network members in June and July and selected three non-profit finalists. Each of the three finalist organizations had the chance to give a short presentation to the YPN Leadership Team in early September and YPN leadership ultimately selected the Bismarck Cancer Center.



The North Dakota Industrial Commission announced today that the state’s Housing Incentive Fund (HIF) has been fully capitalized for the biennium. The program relies on taxpayer support to provide low-cost financing to developers of affordable rental housing. “We are very pleased with the success of the Housing Incentive Fund,” said members of the Commission in a joint statement. “Through the program, almost 2,500 new housing units have been created statewide since 2011, helping to address the demand brought on by North Dakota’s economic growth.” The Commission, consisting of Governor Jack Dalrymple as chairman, Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring and Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem, oversees North Dakota Housing Finance Agency (NDHFA), the program administrator. The state legislature reauthorized HIF during the 2015 session approving a $10 million transfer to the program from Bank of North Dakota profits and giving NDHFA $30 million in tax credit authority to further capitalize HIF. “We are thankful for the support of all of our contributors. It is only with their assistance that the Housing Incentive Fund is able to advance North Dakota’s efforts to provide housing that’s affordable for all of our residents,” said Jolene Kline, NDHFA executive director. NDHFA began accepting contributions on July 1, 2015. The agency had until Dec. 31, 2016, to secure all of the contributions needed. NDHFA declared the program fully capitalized on October 14, 2016.


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A total of 340 contributions were received. A little over half of the monetary support, $15.08 million, came from financial institutions. Businesses contributed $12.27 million with the single-largest contribution being made by Tesoro Corporation at $5.3 million. Individual taxpayers contributed $2.66 million - their average being $9,914. All of the contributors received dollar-for-dollar state income tax credits. The development assistance provided through HIF this biennium will leverage $196.4 million in construction costs to create 1,105 housing units. The projects are located in Beulah, Bismarck, Bowman, Devils Lake, Dickinson, Fargo, Grand Forks, Gwinner, Hazen, Killdeer, Mandan, Minot, New Rockford, Valley City, Watford City and Williston. More than one-third of the 30 projects will provide housing for special needs households including disabled, homeless and elderly individuals and families.


Submitted By Tamara Uselman

Dorothy Moses Elementary School south of Kirkwood Mall near Schaumberg Ice Arena had 377 students on the first day of school. So what, you say. Consider this: Bismarck Public Schools had an additional 349 students in grades K-12 on the first day of school this fall—enough to fill a good size school like Moses. So the question becomes, again, what will we do to provide adequate academic space for our students? You’ll recall that voters approved two new elementary schools and a high school in 2012. We took the upcoming middle school needs out of the bond election to keep the cost down. Now, kids from our 16 elementary schools are moving to our three middle schools, so that’s the first capacity need we have to address. Middle Schools: Last year, a 75-person community committee met several times, toured buildings, and had three public hearings about looming middle school space needs. In the end, a recommendation was made to add on to the three existing middle schools to keep the feeder system in place— one middle school feeding into one high school. Adding on would add space for 300 more students at each middle school, making middle schools the size of the current population of Century High (1,200). High Schools: The committee also recommended adding classrooms to Century so it can handle the additional students coming from Horizon Middle School. If Horizon has 1200 in three grades (6-8), CHS will have 1500 in four grades (9-12). With that would come some remodeling to improve learning space. Bismarck High would see an auditorium and some upgrading as well. Elementary Schools: Bismarck continues to grow, as evidenced by 349 more students this fall. We need to keep our eye on elementary space needs. Our school demographer/planner is updating BPS enrollment projections for the School Board by November. He may recommend to the Board to build additional schools, move boundaries, add on to existing schools, or do a combination, in effort to find efficient space. Timeline: After updated enrollments in projections are shared, Board members will need to make a decision on the size, scope, and timing of a future bond brought to taxpayers. The goal now is to keep costs close to the present mill levy in place, as some old debts are coming off. Expect more about this subject to be shared in the coming months. As always, if you have questions or concerns, please contact me at, 323-4054.

Own It! Community owned, everyone welcome. 7 am - 8 pm Monday - Friday 9 am - 6 pm Saturday - Sunday 711 E. Sweet Ave Bismarck, ND 58504 701 751 3119



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Ask a Pro with








3101 North 11th Street, Bismarck, ND 58503 701-224-9521


will change the list of medications they will cover or will change the price the medication will cost you. As a result, a medication that is currently covered under your current plan may not be covered as of January 1st. Right now, from October 15 until December 7th, is the open enrollment period for Medicare Part D. It is only during this window that you can change your current plan without penalty if a medication you currently take will not be covered on your plan next year. Even if you are satisfied with your current plan it is a good idea to have the parameters reviewed as even the premium and deductible can change as well. The most important thing is to be on a plan that covers the medication you are on. We can help review the plans with you, and educate you on your options so you can choose the plan the most benefits you. Call us today.

32 | Chamber Connection


711 E. Sweet Avenue, Bismarck, ND 58504 701-751-3119

Q: WHY IS “NOSE TO TAIL” IMPORTANT? A: Nose to Tail is a growing movement

among health-conscious consumers which embraces socially responsible eating practices, and makes use of nutrient-dense products that would otherwise end up in the waste stream. The historic human diet consists of many animal foods that have fallen off of the western menu. Items like bone broth, with its high collagen content, have been found to be beneficial for digestion and regenerating hair, skin, and nails.

When working with local producers, like we do here at the co-op, it is extremely important to make use of the whole animal. Not only for the sake of eliminating waste, but also for capturing those nutrient-dense organ meats and collagen-rich bones and connective tissues. Helping to find an avenue for these products is one way the co-op is building resiliency in our local food system. Experiencing some of these age-old dishes can go a long way toward understanding world cultures, while also bolstering our local food economy.

Indigenous peoples of the Dakotas have used very low-waste practices and are an excellent example of a precursor to the modern Nose to Tail movement. By interacting with local practitioners or educating yourself as to the traditional practices of native hunter-gatherers, we coalesce around food culture and socially responsible eating.


1003 Gateway Ave, Bismarck, ND 58503 701-250-0728


commercials now. Through targeted digital marketing, video can directly reach the eyes and ears of your potential customer. Your company’s video message can reach targeted audiences on YouTube, Pandora, Facebook, Twitter, and more. Best of all, digital channels offer a wealth of measurable, real time data, allowing organizations to see if their communications strategy is working. Data shows embedding video on a company website increases user engagement, and more and more consumers (especially youth) say that videos influence their buying decisions.

Video even helps get you found on Google. Websites with rich content such as video receive higher ranking in search engine algorithms, helping improve your website’s search results. Building quality content on your organization’s YouTube channel can also help garner additional search results for your organization.

Producing a video for your business is more affordable than ever. Video production doesn’t have to be a complex affair. A simple message with clean graphics and clear audio provides organizations with multi-sensory media that can be deployed and measured for effectiveness in multiple communication channels.

Ask a Pro with with


1355 Airport Road, Bismarck, ND 58504 701-557-3698


cost differs from a construction budget, as it relies on the contractor’s past experience and involves some art and some science. It allows the Owner an opportunity to organize funding sources and plan actual expenditures in advance. Relying on information and plans that may not be complete, the estimator must blend known data, such as a building’s size and scope, with other details based on unit costs, assumptions, historical data and best judgment. As the design is refined, the final budget is based more on solid information. When creating a preliminary estimate, the estimator first must assess the level of detail of the plans to determine the best method of approaching the estimate. He’ll then assess the site and existing conditions, considering overhead power lines, presence of hazardous materials, site grades, etc. that will require additional scope and labor.


2603 E. Broadway Ave, Bismarck, ND 58501 701-323-5222



500 N 8th Street, Bismarck, ND 58501 701-222-6100



documented by rehabilitation staff. An actual employee then verifies the tasks to confirm the true physical requirements are accurately represented. After confirmation, job function tests (JFTs) are created for the specific job to replicate its physical requirements.

Early stages of breast cancer often have no symptoms at all. There is no pain or physical indication of a problem, but as the cancer grows, it may cause changes to your breast, including swelling or a lump. Other symptoms to look for include changes in size or shape; changes in the look or feel of the breast or nipple; discharge from the nipple; nipple inversion; and/or breast pain, irritation, redness, scaliness, dimpling or thickening.

prevention program providing significant a higher risk of getting breast cancer, cost savings. but all women are at risk for breast cancer. Having a family history of breast FFD is a specific job function test cancer, having dense breast tissue, heavy program involving specialized analysis drinkers and being overweight are a few of work site job tasks. Each required factors that may increase your risk as well. task is individually measured and

During this process, changes in employee technique may be identified to improve ergonomics at the work site. Education is also provided to help employees safely perform work tasks.

The task-specific JFTs are used pre-hire, assuring the employee is physically capable of safely performing the tasks Estimators next must prepare accurate and preventing injuries early at the quantity take-offs based on the plans, work site due to a mismatched job. If an determining the materials needed and employee is injured, the task-specific factoring seasonal effects and price trends. JFTs equip the provider with specific, The estimator will then extrapolate the objective evidence of what tasks the associated labor needs, wage rates and injured employee can safely perform. As equipment needs to install. Finally, general the employee and safety officer helped project requirements such as permitting, create the JFTs, the tasks measured are insurance and design fees are also known. incorporated.

Most often, these symptoms are not cancer, but only a doctor can tell for sure. Schedule an appointment to visit with your health care provider, and learn to check your breasts regularly for changes. Early detection saves lives.

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CHAMBER Perks Three Underwriters Awarded CPCU Designation

Three underwriters from EMC Insurance Bismarck Branch received the Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter (CPCU) Paulette Johnson designation: Paulette Johnson, John Carlson and Angie Keller. These three underwriters add to the already impressive number of CPCU designees in the Bismarck Branch. This premier insurance designation is awarded by The Institutes to those who complete eight John Carlson rigorous courses and national exams, and meet ethics and experience requirements. Paulette Johnson started with EMC Insurance in 2014 as the Underwriting Manager at the Bismarck Branch. She is a graduate of the University of Colorado and has over 25 years Angie Keller of underwriting experience. Paulette was also recently promoted to EMC Birmingham Branch Manager. John Carlson started with EMC Insurance in 2015 as a Commercial Lines Underwriter III at the Bismarck Branch. He is a graduate of the Idaho State University and has over 15 years of underwriting experience. Angie Keller started with EMC Insurance in 2001 and is a Commercial Lines Underwriter II at the Bismarck Branch. She is a graduate of Bismarck State College and has over 15 years of underwriting experience.

34 | Chamber Connection




Two Join CHI St. Alexius Health Hospital Medicine Team

Muhammad Jamil, MD, and Nida Zehra, MD, have joined CHI St. Alexius Health’s hospital medicine team. Hospitalists are experts in providing primary care to patients admitted in the hospital, 24 hours a day, for prompt patient care. Muhammad Jamil Dr. Jamil received his medical degree from Rawalpindi Medical College, Pakistan, and completed an internal medicine residency at State University of New York, Buffalo, N.Y. He is board certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine Nida Zehra and is a member of American College of Physicians and Pakistan Medical & Dental Council. Dr. Zehra received her medical degree from Rawalpindi Medical College, Pakistan, and completed an internal medicine residency at State University of New York, Buffalo, N.Y. She is board certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine and is a member of American College of Physicians and Pakistan Medical & Dental Council.

Eide Bailly Celebrates Exceptional Staff

Eide Bailly LLP, a regional certified public accounting and business advisory firm, is proud to announce Jess Nehl, tax manager, recently received the Jess Nehl firm’s Rising Star Award. “Jess always goes the extra mile when he works with our clients and our team members. He helps make this a great place to be! We are happy he is on our team and are so proud of him and his many accomplishments.” said Barb Aasen, partner-in charge of the Bismarck office. The Rising Star Award recognizes staff who consistently go beyond what’s expected of them in their position and uphold the firm’s culture by: • Making sure our clients feel understood, connected and confident. • Serving as mentors and advocates for others. • Understanding Eide Bailly business and rising above others in their work and leadership roles. • Living the Eide Bailly culture through their everyday actions.

Sanford Health Welcomes Physician

Shikha Gupta, M.D., family medicine physician, recently joined Sanford Seventh and KLJ Hires von Wedell Thayer Clinic in Bismarck. Dr. KLJ, an engineering, surveying Gupta received her medical and planning firm, hired Chris degree from Lady Hardinge von Wedell in its Bismarck office. Medical College and Smt. Suchetra Kriplani Hospital in Von Wedell is an archeologist. Shikha Gupta, MD New Delhi, India and completed He earned a master’s degree her residency training in Family Medicine from the in anthropology from Colorado Chris von Wedell Altru Family Medicine program in Grand Forks. She State University in addition is board certified in Family Medicine by the American to a bachelor’s degree in Academy of Family Physicians. anthropology from University of Kansas. Von Wedell has 12 years of experience in cultural resource management. Second CEO Peer Advisory Group Formed

Vistage Master Chair, Jon Jennings, Bismarck, has formed a second CEO peer advisory group in Western North Dakota. His first group formed in 2005. Vistage is the world’s largest CEO advisory group with over Jon Jennings 20,000 member companies. CEO members meet monthly to help each other become better leaders, make better decisions, and get better results for their companies. Membership in each group is limited to 16 Chief Executives.

CHI St. Alexius Health Earns American College of Radiology Accreditation

Sanford Health Welcomes New Securian Financial Advisor of the Month Physicians

Securian Financial Advisors of ND, Inc. is pleased to announce that David Wald has been named Advisor of the Month for September based upon David Wald his production and service to his clients. David has been a representative with Securian since August 2008 and is Sara Mees, M.D. located at 1550 Burnt Boat Drive, Bismarck. David is a Registered Representative and Investment Advisor Representative of Securian Financial Services, Inc. member FINRA/SIPC.

Uselman Named Southwest Superintendent of the Year

Tamara Uselman, Bismarck Public Schools Superintendent, has been named Southwest CHI St. Alexius Health Bismarck Medical Center Superintendent of the Year by has been awarded a three-year term of accreditation the North Dakota Association of in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computed School Administrators. Uselman tomography (CT), nuclear medicine and ultrasound as is in her sixth year with the the result of a recent review by the American College of Tamara Uselman Bismarck district. Prior to that she Radiology (ACR). was superintendent in Perham, The ACR gold seal of accreditation represents the MN for eight years. She is completing her doctorate and highest level of image quality and patient safety. It has a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction and is awarded only to facilities meeting ACR Practice well as an undergraduate degree in language arts. The Parameters and Technical Standards after a peerselection of the North Dakota Superintendent of the review evaluation by board-certified physicians and medical physicists who are experts in the field. Image Year will be announced in October from a pool of four regional Superintendents of the Year. quality, personnel qualifications, adequacy of facility equipment, quality control procedures and quality assurance programs are assessed. The findings are Commercial Drone Operators reported to the ACR Committee on Accreditation, Organizational Meeting Scheduled in which subsequently provides the practice with a Bismarck comprehensive report that can be used for continuous An organizational meeting of commercial drone practice improvement. operators will be held at the Bismarck Municipal Airport “We are very proud of these accreditations as they from 4:00 – 5:30 p.m., on Wednesday, November 9. validate the excellent care provided every day by our The meeting is limited to those who currently operate imaging team,” stated CHI St. Alexius Health’s Chief Operating Officer, Dewey Schlittenhard. “Our patients or are planning to operate small UAS (unmanned and their families can be confident they are receiving aircraft systems) for commercial purposes in BismarckMandan and surrounding areas. the very best of care at a facility that has met the highest Space is limited; therefore, interested parties must levels of imaging quality and patient safety.” pre-register by calling Mike Mabin at 701.250.0728.

Steidler and Fettig Join Bianco Realty

Candi Steidler

Brad Fettig

Bianco Realty is excited to announce their newest REALTOR®s to join their professional Real Estate Team, Candi Steidler and Brad Fettig. Steidler and Fettig are looking forward to helping clients with their Real Estate needs, achieving their dream of home ownership and providing a Tradition of Excellence.

Sara Mees, M.D., Christopher Mees, M.D. and Meghan Headrickson, M.D., all family medicine physicians, recently joined Sanford Health. Sara Mees received her medical degree from University of North Dakota School of Medicine and Health Sciences in Grand Forks and completed her residency training in family medicine at Altru Health System in Grand Forks. Dr. Mees is board certified in family medicine by the American Board of Family Medicine. Christopher Mees, M.D., Christopher Mees, M.D. family medicine physician, recently joined Sanford North Walk-in Clinic in Bismarck. He received his medical degree from University of North Dakota School of Medicine and Health Sciences in Grand Forks and completed his residency training in family medicine at Altru Meghan Headrickson, M.D. Health System in Grand Forks. Dr. Mees is board certified in family medicine by the American Board of Family Medicine. Dr. Hendrickson received her medical degree from University of North Dakota School of Medicine and Health Sciences in Grand Forks and completed her residency training in family medicine from UND Center for Family Medicine in Bismarck.

Food Co-Op General Manager Announces Retirement

Randy Joersz, general manager for the BisMan Community Food Co-op, announced his resignation Monday, Oct. 10, during the regular meeting of the cooperative’s board of directors. The board hired Joersz in May 2015, to help transition the food co-op from a dream to a reality. “It is time for me to enjoy my retirement and allow the store to grow with the community support it now has,” Joersz said. The BisMan Community Food Co-op Board extended North Dakota Long Term Care Association its gratitude to Joersz for his time and commitment to the food co-op. “Randy led us through the final Hires Director of stages of preparation, through the store’s opening Emergency Planning and through the first six months of operation and we Vanessa J. Raile has been hired are grateful for his time, talent and energy,” said Tyler as the Director of Emergency Demars, chairman of the board. Planning. In this position, she The board also noted that a strong staff and Vanessa Raile will work with long term care management team has been established, who will facilities in North Dakota to continue to enhance the food co-op’s community assist them in being prepared for unexpected disasters. connection. Having staff trained in the event of an emergency The Community Food Co-op Board will conduct improves the outcome in assuring everyone is safe. a nationwide search for its next general manager. Prior to joining NDLTCA, Vanessa worked with Desiree Uttke and Troy Ricciardi will fill in as joint Puklich Chevrolet as the Process Coordinator; focusing interim General Managers during the search process. on workforce safety programs. Prior to that, she They will serve together to continue working on the worked with Sanford Health Foundation as their Office daily operations with the support of the staff. Coordinator. Vanessa’s previous work experience includes 21 years in supervising Customer Service for Chamber Connection | 35 various corporations in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.





Dr. Chandler Joins Sanford Health Welcomes Allergist CHI St. Alexius Health Jonathan Rodrigues, M.D.,

Kym Chandler, MD, joined the neurosurgery team at CHI St. Alexius Health Neurosurgery Clinic. Dr. Chandler specializes in the diagnosis and surgical Kym Chandler, MD treatment of diseases and conditions affecting the nervous system, which includes the brain, the spine and spinal cord, and the peripheral nerves. Dr. Chandler received her Medical Degree from University of Maryland School of Medicine in Baltimore Md. She completed a residency in neurosurgery at University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and a fellowship from University of California in San Francisco, Calif. Dr. Chandler is board certified by the American Board of Neurological Surgery. She is a member of the American Association of Neurological Surgeons, Women in Neurosurgery and Congress of Neurological Surgeons.

Bianco Realty Sales Awards

Bianco Realty has named Shirley Thomas and Darcy Fettig “REALTORS® of the Month”! Thomas & Fettig had the most closed sales at Bianco Realty for the month of September 2016. Thomas has been a licensed REALTOR® since 2001 and Fettig has been a licensed REALTOR® since 1993.

Hambrick Elected to Dakota CDC Board

Dakota CDC welcomes Jim Hambrick to the Board of Directors. Jim was selected as a new Board Member on September 7, 2016 representing the Lending sector. Hambrick has worked in the banking industry for over 28 Jim Hambrick years. Originally from Carrington, ND, he is a proud graduate of NDSU in Fargo. For nearly all of his banking career he has worked as a business banker with a focus on relationship management for small to large sized operating businesses. He has experience in banking management in addition to his SVP/Business Banker role. Hambrick has been involved with a number of local community non-profit organizations including the Red Cross, United Way, and Fraser, Ltd. He currently serves on the board of directors for the NDSU Team Makers and NDSU Alumni Association. Dakota CDC Board of Directors has elected Hambrick due to his extensive experience in business banking. With over 34 years of experience serving North Dakota and promoting development through small business growth, the board believes Hambrick will be a valuable contributor to the continuing success and growth of Dakota CDC. Other board members include: Lori Gabriel, Mike Connor, Marlowe Johnson, John Phillips, Andy Maragos, Dan Jacobson, Rich Becker and Jim Stai.

36 | Chamber Connection

allergist and immunologist, recently joined Sanford Seventh & Broadway Clinic in Bismarck. He received his medical degree from JSS Medical College in Mysore, India and completed his residency training in internal Jonathan Rodrigues medicine and pediatrics and his fellowship in allergy and immunology at Saint Louis University School of Medicine. Dr. Rodrigues is board certified in internal medicine by the American Board of Internal Medicine.

KLJ Welcomes Mazzitello as Director of Municipal Services

KLJ, an engineering, surveying and planning firm, is proud to welcome John Mazzitello as Director of Municipal Services. John Mazzitello His responsibilities include leading, supervising and managing projects as well as teams across KLJ’s municipal group which currently serves six states. Prior to joining KLJ, Mazzitello served as the Public Works Director and City Engineer for the City of Mendota Heights in Minnesota. In addition, he served 22 years in the United States Air Force and Air National Guard, retiring as a Squadron Commander, with the rank of Cedric Theel Toyota Staff Additions Cedric Theel Toyota has added Lieutenant Colonel, in 2014. the following staff members to He earned a master’s of business administration from Argosy University and a bachelor’s degree in civil their staff: engineering from Marquette University. He currently Cedric Theel Toyota has hired Jacob Willer as a Service Advisor. serves on several committees with the American Public Willier is a Mandan native and Works Association (APWA) and is a member of the City Engineer Association of Minnesota, American Society of a graduate of Mandan High Civil Engineers (ASCE), Project Management Institute School. Jacob Willer and ASCE Transportation and Development Institute Laurel Wallum has been added to the Cedric Theel Toyota Reconditioning Department. HTG Architects Announces New Staff Wallum is a Bismarck native and HTG Architects has announced a graduate of Bismarck High that Architect Katie Vasbinder School. has joined the HTG team in Alan Reetz recently joined the Bismarck, ND office. She Cedric Theel Toyota as a Recon joins Kim Duursma, Business Supervisor. Reetz is a Mandan Development Manager, as they Laurel Wallum Native and graduate of Mandan grow the Bismarck market. High School. HTG continues to experience Kim Duursma Austin Joritz has joined Cedric rapid growth in the area, with Theel Toyota as a Service and numerous financial projects Lube Technician. Joritz is a underway and scheduled. graduate of Century High School. Duursma manages our Sean Kleinsasser was recently Business Development for promoted to Sales and Leasing the North and South Dakota Consultant at Cedric Theel regions. She brings a vitality, Toyota. He previously worked in Alan Reetz professionalism, warmth, the Reconditioning Department. excellent service and advocacy Katie Vasbinder‑ Kleinsasser is a Dickinson native to her work with clients and and graduate of Dickinson High HTG Architects. As a native of School. North Dakota, she understands the local business Mike Dodge recently joined environment and culture along with the individuals Cedric Theel Toyota as a Service in the area. Duursma’s primary focus is to build Advisor. Dodge is a Washington relationships with new and existing clients and to D.C. native. He holds degrees build awareness about HTG Architects unique process from Bismarck State College and among prospective clients. Prior to joining HTG Austin Joritz the University of North Dakota. Architects, Duursma spent seven years negotiating land transactions for multiple oil companies. Vasbinder is a licensed architect and a member of the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards and the American Institute of Architects. She has been practicing architecture and design for over 10 years throughout the Midwest. Her previous design work includes a large range of projects from the Bismarck State College Student Union Expansion and Sean Kleinsasser Mike Dodge the Bismarck Public Schools Career Academy to smaller, more intimate projects, like single family home additions and remodels. Erickson Joins AE2S

Brent Erickson

AE2S (Advanced Engineering and Environmental Services, Inc.) has hired Brent Erickson, PE as a Senior Project Manager in the firm’s Bismarck, ND office. He will be working on business development, client relationship management, project management, and municipal water resources engineering

design. Erickson brings more than 20 years of experience which includes a broad background in municipal engineering, stormwater management, solid waste planning and management, land development, and utility rate planning. Before joining AE2S, he was a Project Manager and Civil Engineer at HDR Engineering, Inc., where he was responsible for solid waste master plan updates, solid waste/landfill planning and design, construction quality assurance, stormwater master plans and basin studies, floodplain management, and various municipal engineering projects. Erickson is a registered professional engineer in North Dakota, South Dakota and Oregon; and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Evansville in Evansville, IN.

Dr. Mickelson Joins CHI St. Alexius Health Mandan Medical Plaza

Choice Financial Hires Feland

Scot Mickelson, DO, joined the patient care team at CHI St. Alexius Health Mandan Medical Plaza. Dr. Mickelson works with a variety of patients and has particular interest in preventative health, dermatology, Osteopathic Manipulation Therapy, geriatrics and sports medicine. Dr. Mickelson received his Osteopathy Degree from Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences in Kansas City, Kan. He is a board eligible in family medicine by the American Academy of Family Physicians and a member of the American Academy of Family Physicians and the American Osteopathic Association (AOA).

Desirae Feland recently joined Choice Financial as a Loan Assistant. Feland brings three years of experience in the banking Desirae Feland industry and attended Bismarck State College. Feland was a member of two sororities and traveled to Chicago for the National Phi Beta Lambda Competition. Feland and her puppy Paisley love traveling and the outdoors! They spend a lot of their time hiking, fishing, and camping.

Independent Banker recently recognized Choice Financial as one of the 50 fastest growing community banks in the United States. To determine which banks made the list, Independent Banker looked at Independent Community Bankers Association member banks and compared their asset size in 1996 and 2015. Since 1996, Choice Financial has a growth factor of 46.6, growing from 24 million to 1.12 billion in assets. Independent Banker points out that this growth was both organic and through acquisitions.

and business advisory firm, is proud to announce that they have been named one of Prairie Business Magazine’s “50 Best Places to Work” for 2016. Companies were nominated through an anonymous employee satisfaction survey and rated in areas including work environment, employee benefits and employee happiness. “To be nominated for the 50 Best Places to Work by the people who work here is such a great honor,” said Barb Aasen, partner and Chief Practice Officer. “The culture at Eide Bailly extends beyond feeling like a family. Staff are trusted, respected and given opportunities to make an impact.”

Eide Bailly Named One of “50 Best Choice Financial Named in 50 Fastest Places to Work” Growing Community Banks Eide Bailly LLP, a regional certified public accounting

NOVEMBER LIVE GOVERNMENT MEETINGS Televised on Government Access, cable channel 2 & 602 HD.

Broadcast on KDAK 102.5 FM radio. Streamed online at

Tues, 1st 5:15 pm Bismarck School Board * 5:30 pm Mandan City Commission Wed, 2nd 12:00 pm Burleigh County Commission Mon, 7th Tues, 8th

5:30 pm Mandan School Board

Wed, 9th

5:15 pm Burleigh Planning Commission

Thur, 10th

5:30 pm Morton County Commission *

Mon, 14th

5:15 pm Bismarck School Board 5:30 pm Mandan Park Board *

5:15 pm Bismarck City Commission

Mon, 21st 5:15 pm Burleigh County Commission 5:30 pm Mandan School Board * Tues, 22nd 5:15 pm Bismarck City Commission 5:30 pm Morton County Commission * Mon, 28th

5:15 pm Bismarck School Board 5:15 pm Mandan Planning Commission *

Meetings are replayed several times on the Government Access channel and are available for viewing online (Watch on Demand) at * Delayed Playback

Tues, 15th 5:30 pm Mandan City Commission Wed, 16th 5:00 pm Bismarck Planning Commission Thurs, 17th 5 :15 pm Bismarck Park Board

Chamber Connection | 37

Ribbon Cuttings

Ribbon cuttings are conducted by a committee of Chamber volunteers called Ambassadors. Businesses qualify for a ribbon cutting if they open, move, and remodel, are under new ownership, change their name, or offer a new product or service. To schedule a ribbon cutting, please call Amanda Schwieters at 701-223-5660 or email

GRAND JUNCTION Colton Shoults, Owner, and staff celebrating their grand opening for their new business on 4303 Ottawa St. in Bismarck. Phone: 214-2025. Member.

BISMARCK DENTISTRY Dr. Dan Van Buskirk, Owner, and staff at their new business on 4401 Coleman St. Ste. 104 in Bismarck. Phone: 701-751-8081. Member.

MOCHA MOMMA’S Dee and Greg Neustel, new owners at their business in the Gateway Mall on 2700 State Street in Bismarck. 38 | Chamber Connection

WERNER ELECTRIC SUPPLY Bruce Thompson, Larry Powell and President, Scott Teerlinek along with staff at their new business on 1322 S. 22nd St. in Bismarck. Phone: 224-3720. Member.

SKY ZONE Dustin Maier and Drazen Samardzic at their Ground Breaking ceremony on 5003 Ottawa Street in Bismarck. Phone: 701-354-9099.

SLEEP ON MATTRESS Robert Mitzel, Owner and staff at their location in the Gateway Mall on 2700 State Street in Bismarck. Phone: 751-0864. Member.

Schedule Your Ribbon Cutting Today!

BISMARCK STATE COLLEGE Larry Skogen, President, and partners at the new addition to campus, the Gate City Bank Residence Hall on 12126 Edwards Ave. in Bismarck. Phone: 701-224-5400. Member.

AESTHETIC DENTAL CENTER Krista Sellers, Owner, and Jason Sellers at their new business on 1207 West Divide Ave. Ste. 1 in Bismarck. Phone: 701-214-5552. Member.

WEST PLAINS ENGINEERING Eric Fewson, Office Manager, and staff at their new location on 233 West Broadway in Bismarck. Phone: 701-751-7322. Member.

THE DISTRICT Heather Kadlec and Russ Kadlec, Co-Owners, at their new business expansions on 307 N 3rd St. in Bismarck. Phone: 701-354-7982.

Nice to meet you Bismarck-Mandan. We’re glad to be here. West Plains Engineering has been around for more than 30 years, and we’re proud to put down roots in North Dakota. We’re looking forward to helping with your MECHANICAL, ELECTRICAL, PLUMBING & POWER engineering needs.

233 West Broadway Bismarck, ND 58501 (701) 751-7322

Chamber Connection | 39

Ribbon Cuttings

Ribbon cuttings are conducted by a committee of Chamber volunteers called Ambassadors. Businesses qualify for a ribbon cutting if they open, move, and remodel, are under new ownership, change their name, or offer a new product or service. To schedule a ribbon cutting, please call Amanda Schwieters at 701-223-5660 or email

BERG’S 24 HOUR TOWING George and Jessica Kuntz, Owners, along with staff at their new location on 910 Industrial Dr. in Bismarck. Phone: 701-663-6491. Member.

ROCKET COFFEE Linda Babb, Owner, and staff at their new business on 4401 Coleman St. Ste. 108 in Bismarck. Phone: 701-202-2922.

40 | Chamber Connection

A&B PIZZA Nick and DJ Barth, along with staff at their newest location in the Kirkwood Mall, North Court Location in Bismarck. Phone: Member.

MAURICE’S Kendra Karch, Store Manager, and staff at their new location on 1451 E. Lasalle Dr. in Bismarck. Phone: 701-223-6658.

Welcome new members

The Chamber of Commerce encourages all members to do business with each other. The following companies and organizations have recently made an important investment in their business by joining the Chamber. Please consider them for your professional and personal needs. To find a complete listing of Chamber members, view the Member Directory online at

Better Roofing & Contracting LLC 1365 Tacoma Ave Suite #5 Bismarck, ND Tyler Perry (701) 226-3314 We are family owned and operated for 15 years! We provide roofing, siding and gutter services. We are certified by BOTH Tamko Pro and Malarky Roofing. Call us for your FREE price quote!

Red Top Recovery 4080 Sunny Place South Mandan, ND Alex Pool (701) 751-1479 24 Hour Emergency Services for Heavy & Medium Duty: HD Towing, Off-Road Recovery, Truck Tire Service, Ice/ Water Retrieval, Air Cushion Life & Flotation, LandollFlatbed Dry Van-Reefer Trailers Ready

Robins Kaplan LLP 1207 West Divide Ave. Suite 200 Bismarck, ND Timothy Purdon (701) 255-3000 Law Firm.

Interior Woodworks 1605 E. Broadway Ave Bismarck, ND Mike Emmel (701) 222-4145 Creating custom cabinetry and furniture for over 20 years.

Central Dakota Forensic Nurse Examiners 1929 North Washington Street Suite W Bismarck, ND Tisha Scheuer (701) 712-1050 A forensic nurse organization that contracts with registered nurses in Bismarck, Minot, Williston and Dickinson to provide forensic medical for victims of sexual assault of all ages.

Storage Works 1605 E. Broadway Ave Bismarck, ND Cole Emmel (701) 751-4411 Home storage solutions for closets, pantries and more.

Northern Plains was looking for an extra hand. At American, they got six. When this farm implement dealer needed advice and support, American took inventory to help Northern Plains grease the economic engine. Consider us a 3-in-1 partner, dedicated to helping your small business get the banking, coverage and asset management it needs to thrive. Watch how American helps any way we can at

Marc & Dee Taylor Northern Plains Equipment

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Welcome new members

The Chamber of Commerce encourages all members to do business with each other. The following companies and organizations have recently made an important investment in their business by joining the Chamber. Please consider them for your professional and personal needs. To find a complete listing of Chamber members, view the Member Directory online at

Inspired Woman Magazine 3801 Memorial Highway Suite A PMB – 108 Mandan, ND Marci Narum (701) 400-8988 A monthly woman’s magazine whose mission is to celebrate, encourage, empower, educate, and entertain women. First Western Bank & Trust Loan Production Office 324 3rd Street N Suite 3 Bismarck, ND Chad Johnson (701) 255-4400 First Western Bank & Trust strives to be the premier financial service provider in the communities we serve by building strong relationships, providing great service, and offering diverse products.




Crystal D. Overby, DDS • James A. Nelson, DDS • Kristin R. Schoch, DDS

1700 E. Interstate Ave, Bismarck 701-222-GRIN • 42 | Chamber Connection

Target 600 Kirkwood Mall Bismarck, ND Tina-Jean Miller (701) 250-3180 Big Tex Trailers - The Trailer Store 4200 Memorial Hwy. Bismarck, ND Rick Rhone (701) 663-0246 We carry Big Tex, CM Trailers, CM Truck Beds, Sundowner, Look and Pace trailers. We are always here for warranty and service work. At The Trailer Store we have the Best Trailers for the Best Price! Edward Jones/Scooter Pinks 521 E. Main Avenue #225 Bismarck, ND Scooter Pinks (701) 258-4382 When it comes to your financial future, we take a stepby-step approach to identify your goals and develop strategies to help you achieve them. Contact me today. Personal service makes a difference. Lahr Agency 1500 Capitol Avenue Bismarck, ND Rich Lahr (701) 557-7757 We are an independent insurance agency with 40 years of experience insuring transportation and oilfield operations and commercial businesses. We are eager to help with all your insurance needs.

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Bismarck-Mandan ChamberConnection 1640 Burnt Boat Drive P.O. Box 1675 Bismarck, ND 58502

Upcoming Chamber Events STATE OF THE CITIES ADDRESS Date: Tuesday, November 8, 2016 • Time: 7:00am - 9:00am Location: Best Western Ramkota Hotel – 800 S 3rd Street, Bismarck MEMBERSHIP MIXER: BROADWAY CENTRE SPA & SALON Date: Thursday, November 17, 2016 • Time: 4:30pm - 6:30pm Location: Broadway Centre – 100 West Broadway, Ste 140, Bismarck LUNCH & LEARN Date: Tuesday, November 29, 2016 • Time: 11:30am - 1:00pm Location: Gary Tharaldson School of Business, Rm 212 – U-Mary



CHAMBER HOLIDAY MIXER Date: Tuesday, December 13, 2016 • Time: 5:00pm - 8:00pm Location: Bismarck Event Center, Exhibit Hall – 315 S 5th Street, Bismarck 2017 ANNUAL DINNER Date: Thursday, Janaury 12, 2017 • Time: 5:00pm - 9:00pm Location: Bismarck Event Center, Hall B – 315 S 5th Street, Bismarck

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Tuesday, November 8, 2016 Best Western Ramkota Hotel, Bismarck 7:00am — Doors Open/Breakfast 7:30am — State of the Cities Address Purchase tickets online at

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