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Highlights of Bismarck, Mandan and Lincoln


- Someone took someone you loved and sold them to the highest bidder to use however they wanted?

- 30 million people worldwide are trapped in slavery, also called Human Trafficking.

- Human Trafficking exists in every state in the U.S. and every major city in the world. It entraps a new victim every 45 seconds and only 1% are ever rescued.


1 Understand the Problem

- It’s here. It’s real. Learn about human trafficking at:

2 Intervene to Save Lives

- Invite a speaker from to address your school or group.

- Talk to your children. Be open and direct about the real world risks they face in person and online. Keep a dialogue going, especially when relationships are stressed.

- Call 911 or the National Human Trafficking Hotline at 888-373-7888 if you suspect human trafficking.

Since 2001, your Bismarck, ND-founded international ‘Institute for Trafficked, Exploited & Missing Persons’ has located, rescued, and returned home hundreds of kidnapped, sold, and missing children and adults.

Patrick Atkinson, Founder / Executive Director 721 Memorial Highway #2 Bismarck, ND 58504 (701) 255-7956

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Clink, Sip, Ah! The sweet taste of fresh lemonade on a warm summer day, the smell of fresh cut grass and the roaring of boat engines zooming by on the river. Summer has begun! It’s safe to say it is our favorite time of year here in North Dakota. The residue from our usual spring snowstorm has finally melted, the parks are filled with commotion, and everyone seems to be outside and just a little bit friendlier.

The summer issue is always a fan favorite. Not only is it filled with your summer bucket list of things to do, but it is also our Hidden Hometown Hero issue. Over the last six years Bismarck Magazine has partnered with Bismarck Scheels and the Bismarck Larks to highlight the outstanding people in our community that are making a big difference.

Each year we choose a specific category of heroes for the community to nominate. This year we looked for Outstanding Community Volunteers. This includes everyone who goes above and beyond for different causes in our area. Highlighted are those who serve on nonprofit boards, avid volunteers, serial volunteers and so many more. This issue, like every year, is a tearjerker so grab your tissue box and start reading.

Each year the teams at Bismarck Magazine, Bismarck Scheels and the Bismarck Larks are so humbled by the people we get to recognize. It is truly amazing the neighbors we have in our community that might think their work is small, but are making a big impact. Be sure to vote for your favorite Scheels Hidden Hometown Hero at

After reading all about the incredible people we have in our cities, flip over the magazine and get ready to make your summer list of things to do! Mandan is ready to make the summer memorable with all of its fun shopping and events going on all season long!


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Have you ever stopped and thought about what makes our town so special? I know I do. As a dad, I feel so confident that this is the right place to raise our girls. It's not just the scenery or the landmarks; it's the people–the ones who make Bismarck and Mandan feel like home.

In the latest edition of Bismarck Magazine, we're not just giving a shoutout to our town; we're celebrating the real MVPs—the folks who make Bismarck and

Mandan special. Teaming up with Bismarck Magazine and Scheels, the Bismarck Larks are proud to shine the spotlight on 10 incredible individuals who volunteer their time, energy, and expertise to making our community the best place to live, work, and play.

These hidden hometown heroes might not be out there seeking fame and glory, but wow, do they make a difference. They're the ones always there with a

helping hand, a big idea, or a shoulder to lean on. They're the unsung heroes who remind us that even the smallest acts of kindness and time can have the biggest impact.

At the heart of this whole thing is our belief in the power of coming together. Whether it's prepping the grounds to make the Mandan Rodeo the best place to spend the holiday weekend, or filling cups at the water station to keep the


runners going at the Bismarck Marathon, these individuals show the world what Bismarck and Mandan is all about — people supporting people.

Volunteering isn't just about punching the clock; it's about investing in each other and our community. It's about giving back to build a stronger sense of place and belonging for others. It’s about building connections, sharing experiences, and creating memories that last a lifetime.

We're also asking for your help to turn some of these heroes into legends. Vote for your 2024 Scheels Hidden Hometown Hero at from May 1 through May 17. The final six will be announced on Facebook live on Monday, May 20. These individuals will be honored in a big way at a dedicated Larks game this summer. Dates can be found at

As you flip through the pages of Bismarck Magazine and read about our hidden hometown heroes, take a moment to think about your own part in our community; because in Bismarck and Mandan, every one of us plays a role in making this place the awesome home it is.

Here's to our hidden hometown heroes – the real MVPs who make Bismarck and Mandan shine brighter every day.


Photo provided by the Larks Photo provided by the Larks Photo provided by the Larks

What? President of the Western North Dakota Honor Flight board

Why? Dennis Burdolski is an Air Force veteran, the son of a veteran, and now an advocate for other veterans and their family members through his role with the Western North Dakota Honor Flight. Dennis helped get the Western ND Honor Flight started after the Roughrider Honor Flight dissolved. “People started asking where’s the Honor Flight, so in June of 2019 this Honor Flight received its 501c3 status,” explains Dennis. A board member at the time, Dennis helped get the Honor Flight going, attending meetings, growing support, raising money, and getting veterans signed up. Despite Covid setbacks, in April of 2022 the Western ND Honor Flight took its first flight with 98 veterans. Dennis became board president in 2023, and they did two flights, one with 99 veterans and one with 112. Now, in 2024 they are again planning on two flights. The need for an honor flight only continues to grow, with a waiting list of almost 400 veterans.

The Western ND Honor Flight is open to veterans of any war living in western North Dakota. The trip is free for the veterans; their costs like flights, food, hotels, and busing are completely taken care of. Veterans can also bring a traveling companion who pays to fly with them. Over a two-day trip, these veterans are flown to Washington D.C. to see the monuments erected in their honor, giving them closure for years of service some of them never received thanks for. “For the veterans, when they see the Vietnam Wall, it’s a tearjerker. There’s a lot of people who haven’t had closure. They left there, came back, and had to change out of their uniform in the San Francisco airport because if they wore the uniform out, they would get spat on and things thrown at them,” describes Dennis. To repair this wrong, the Western ND Honor Flight also arranges a huge welcome home for the veterans when they return from their trip. “The welcome home here in Bismarck is amazing,” describes Dennis. “We had between 800-1,000 people at the last homecoming. The plane pulled up, and they hadn’t even brought the gate up, but you could hear the band playing and the people cheering. They finally get to see that gratitude.” Dennis says this moment encapsulates why he’s a part of the Western ND Honor Flight. “You feel proud that they feel proud,” he explains. “You take pleasure in them finally being able to cast all that weight off them.”

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June 1 Carz-n-Cures

June 1 Tractor Trek

June 20 BCC Charity Golf Open

June 27

BCC Night at the Larks

July 2-4 Mandan Rodeo

July 4

July 10-13

4th of July Road Race

ND Country Fest

July 27 Blue Grass Goes Pink

BISMARCK-MAGAZINE.COM 13 500 N 8th St|Bismarck, ND 58501| 701-222-6100 For more information on these events,visit
5 Unite for Hope
May 6-10 Project Hope

What? Rebuilding Together Greater Bismarck/Mandan Area, Inc.

Why? Rebuilding Together is a non-profit dedicated to helping low-income homeowners in Bismarck and Mandan. They assist those who own homes but due to physical limitations cannot properly maintain them. Volunteers help with a variety of home improvements, including replacing floors and carpeting, replacing unsafe electrical wiring, replacing kitchen appliances, replacing or repairing windows and doors, even doing yard work. “We’re trying to make sure people are warm, safe, and dry,” says Fritz.

Amy Burke started volunteering three years ago. “I had so much fun I joined the board,” she explains. “I really like the mission and being able to help people. I’ve always wanted to learn how to do these things and what better way than to learn on the job.”

Fritz also started about three or four years ago. “My next-door neighbor was the president at the time, and we were talking about Rebuilding Together, so I got a hold of them, and said I’d like to do this.” Thanks to his expertise and generosity with his free time, Fritz has been able to greatly increase the projects Rebuilding Together has accomplished. While past years have seen 6-8 projects completed within a year, 2023 saw close to 35. Fritz helped with about 20 of these projects ranging from minor repairs to more extensive ones. “I have a crew of about half a dozen folks that are like me, old and retired,” describes Fritz. “If I’m going to do a project, I say, I’m going to remodel a bathroom Thursday, who can come over and help. Usually, I get three or four people who can help.”

Rebuilding Together has also greatly benefited from the generosity of donors and partners in the community like Lowe’s that donates clearanced or unsellable inventory to Rebuilding Together who then either uses the donations or resells them to put the money back into the houses.

For Amy and Fritz, the joy they receive from providing a warm, safe, and dry place to live is what makes it all worth it. “It’s fun to be able to put a smile on people’s faces and help someone who can’t do it themselves,” explains Amy.

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What? President of Mandan Progress Organization’s board

Why? Kristi Kraft has been serving on Mandan Progress Organization’s board for five years, and as its president for three. Although not originally from Mandan, Kristi has lived in Mandan for 15 years now. It’s where she met her husband and she says by experiencing his fierce love for Mandan, she grew to love it in a similar way. “I just love the community,” she says. “I love the uniqueness, the grit, the personalities.” Because of her love for Mandan, Kristi wanted to give something back. “I just thought it’s time to give some of my talents to the community,” Kristi explains. One way she chose to do this was by joining Mandan Progress Organization’s board.

The Mandan Progress Organization (MPO) was founded in 1993 to help foster community growth. In 2021, the MPO adopted a new mission. To empower the MandanMorton County and Bismarck Metro area by orchestrating dynamic experiences that celebrate the community’s unique spirit, attract diverse audiences, and foster synergistic collaboration among local businesses and stakeholders, thereby enhancing the area’s cultural and economic vitality.

The MPO is known for the many events it oversees, like the Mandan Rodeo, Buggies ‘n’ Blues, Art in the Park, the Independence Day parade, and the recently added Mandan Holiday Lights on Main. “We’re a non-profit. We’re not directly tied to any of the civic organizations, but we partner with all of them to bring activities, events, and experiences to the community that lift Mandan, form our identity, and show people what an incredible community Mandan is,” says Kristi.

Kristi’s role within the MPO is to help rally the other board members and provide support to the MPO’s staff members.

“We have a great board of active, fun, diverse, creative, really good people,” says Kristi. The effect the MPO, its staff and its board, has made on the community of Mandan is no secret.

“I’ve seen such growth and change and excitement in the last three years,” says Kristi. “I love to see people passionate about what’s going on and looking forward to good things.

Want More? www.visitmandan. com/mandan-progressorganization

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What? Bismarck Marathon

Why? The Bismarck Marathon is the longest running marathon in North Dakota. Last year marked the 41st year of the run. For its first 25 years, the YMCA directed the event until they announced in 2007 that this would be their last year. In response, a group of running enthusiasts including Bill Baumann, Brent Kleinjan, and David Nash formed a non-profit organization to keep the Marathon going. They approached Lynn Beiswanger to be the co-race director, and the race continued on.

The Bismarck Marathon features events of all difficulties and lengths from kid's races up to a full marathon. The purpose of the marathon is to promote healthy and active lifestyles. The event costs are covered by registration fees and sponsorships. All extra money is donated to a local charity that benefits families, youth, health, and wellness. Since 2007, the Marathon has contributed over $387,000 to local organizations in the community. The event has also grown in size thanks to the tireless work of its board, from 500 participants in 2007 to 2,357 last year.

Carol Beiswanger has been involved with the Bismarck Marathon since 2008. She loves the running community and is passionate about making the race better every single year. “My marathon ‘job’ since 2007 has been to count the dollars and help the committee stay on budget and be a good steward of the funds entrusted to us,” she explains. “It’s very rewarding to see a team work as hard as they do simply for the payment of a smile and seeing someone’s satisfaction in a job well done.”

Mark Momerak and Josh Askvig were co-directors of the Bismarck Marathon for the past few years, before stepping down after last year’s race. They navigated the Marathon through the postpandemic years and oversaw the change of a new route that starts and ends at the State Capitol grounds and weaves its way through the heart of Bismarck. “There’s always been a dream of starting and finishing at the Capitol since we’re the Capitol City,” explains Josh. “I’m glad that’s the legacy that Mark and I could leave for the Marathon.” In addition, both men are passionate about offering a beautiful race that is well-marked and makes it easy for runners to focus on accomplishing their goals. “Do what you can do,” says Mark. “Celebrate your success. Because it’s all about what you can accomplish.”

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What? Founder of Carz-N-Cures

Why? In 2016, Terry Schreiner’s wife, Teri, was diagnosed with breast cancer. They turned to Bismarck Cancer Center (BCC) for treatment and support, and their staff went above and beyond to help them. “I got a phone call with them,” tells Terry. “I assumed they wanted to talk with my wife because her name is also Teri, but they wanted to know how I was doing, how the family was doing. At the time I was like, this is dumb because she’s the one that needs the care not us, but looking back, I realized, that’s really cool.”

Thankfully, today Teri is cancer-free. Inspired by the kindness of the Bismarck Cancer Center, Terry wanted to find a way to give back and say thank you. He contacted Sara Kelsch, the marketing director at BCC, and threw out the idea of a car show. One and a half months later, they had the very first Carz-NCures in the old Bismarck Honda back in 2017. The next year, the space was no longer available, so they took the show to the Eagle’s Club. The space was much too small, however, and Terry again had to look for a new space. At the time Terry worked for Tires Plus and was giving a courtesy ride to someone who worked at the Capitol. Terry realized the Capitol would be a perfect location for the third Carz-NCures. “I asked who I would need to speak to, and she said as a matter of fact, that’s me,” remembers Terry. “That was in 2019, and we’ve been at the Capitol ever since.”

Last year was Cars-N-Cures biggest year yet with 166 cars. In the past seven years they’ve raised almost $100,000 for the BCC. As it continues to grow in numbers, Terry wants to expand the event’s activities as well. “We wanted to create an event that’s for families. I want it to be if you don’t have a car, it doesn’t matter. Come on in, bring your family. We’ve had Clark the Lark, the Bobcat’s mascot, other local mascots to create more of a kid-friendly atmosphere.” They also have both a silent and live auction, live music, and a free-will offering lunch. This year’s event will be Saturday, June 1st from 10am – 2pm.

Want More? Facebook: Carz-N-Cures

5 choirs, 300 singers, 27 years of choral excellence!! Join Us Today! Confidence Character Community 701-258-6516 Learn more at Why We Sing... BUILD A BETTER WORLD

What? Capital City Christmas

Why? Capital City Christmas has quickly become a beloved holiday tradition in the Bismarck-Mandan area in the five years since its start. Wendy Hafner-Bakken was one of the founding members of the event. “It started as a way to give back to the arts and humanities in our community,” explains Wendy. Capital City Christmas holds three separate events, Breakfast with Santa, a Tree Lighting Ceremony, and a New Year’s Gala. “Our community is very generous, so we’ve been able to raise on average about $50,000 a year,” says Wendy. “Then, we give that money back out to nonprofits who apply for it to give back to our community.”

Each event brings a different element of holiday fun. Breakfast with Santa is always the Saturday morning of Thanksgiving weekend. Students from various Bismarck-Mandan schools volunteer as elves and there is a breakfast, face painting, arts and crafts, activities, and a chance to meet Santa and Mrs. Claus. Then, later that same day, is the Tree Lighting Ceremony at the corner of Front and 5th. The event is free. Santa and Mrs. Claus make an appearance and holiday beverages and treats are available. The New Year’s Gala at the Event Center is the final event of the season. In addition to delicious food, there is live music, a silent and live auction, and fireworks at midnight.

Wendy is proud to be part of a committee that brings such joy to so many families in the area.

“We have a very small committee who works very, very hard,” says Wendy. “I’m passionate because it brings joy to everyone. I see the faces of the people who come whether it’s the little kids at breakfast or everyone dressed up on New Year’s Eve.”

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What? Happy Hamper Laundry Love

Why? One of the small luxuries in life that we take for granted is the ability to wash our clothes. What can be begrudged as a boring chore, for people who don’t have access, the ability to wash your clothes is a life changer. “That’s one of the first things you see in others,” explains Tami. “The cleanliness of their clothes.” This is why Tami started her own chapter of the national organization Laundry Love here in Bismarck, called Happy Hamper.

Every third Thursday of the month, Tami and a group of volunteers head down to the Boulevard Laundromat. From 5:30 – 7:30, they are there to provide funds for using the washers and dryers, as well as laundry detergent and dryer sheets. Earth Breeze donates the detergent to the group, free of charge, to aid them with their mission of helping give an extra boost to those with little to no income. “I wanted to be of service to my community,” explains Tammy. “This was something I didn’t see in our city.”

So far, in the nine months they’ve been operating, Happy Hampers has washed 300 single loads and served 41 unique individuals and families. “The feedback from the people we’re helping is just overwhelming appreciation,” says Tammy. “Many who’ve come in have talked about how someone in their household was laid up for months because of an illness or just couldn’t afford to clean their clothes. There have been some that were starting a new job and just needed clean clothes. The very first person that came to us had a child with her. At the end of washing and drying her clothes as she’s getting ready to leave, she turned to her son and said, ‘Let’s go home. We have clean clothes.’ I almost started crying. There are several that may have addiction issues, but if this is something that can just help them get a little bit of self-esteem, push them over that edge to seek help with their addictions, I’m just honored to be able to help them.”

Want More? Facebook: Happy Hamper – Laundry Love

Who? Pat and Lloyd Gingery

What? Exemplary Community Service

Why? Pat and Lloyd Gingery have hearts for service. To them, it only makes sense to devote their free time to helping others. “I can’t sit around. I have to be doing something,” says Lloyd. The 90-year-old couple has spread their time and talents over a number of organizations and been an integral part of their operations for a number of years.

Camp Bentley is one of these organizations that’s near and dear to the couple’s heart. They have been volunteering at the camp since 1962. Every spring, they help clean up the site and get things in working order before the season officially starts and are back again in the fall to prepare everything for winter. Lloyd was on the camp board for many years, and both them and their children personally attended the camp. “It means a lot to us,” explains Pat.

Pat and Lloyd also volunteer for Meals on Wheels, faithfully delivering meals to Patterson Place residents over the past ten years. The couple has gotten to know their clients well and enjoys visiting them every Thursday and Friday. They were able to persist even through Covid, with some slight modifications.

While they are now taking a step back from it, Pat and Lloyd have also been preparing Sunday school lunches for children in Cannon Ball since 2007. Lloyd is also a deacon at his church, a Church Leadership Team member, a 300 Club member, an American Baptist Men member, and a Gideon member for many years. As a part of his work with the Gideon’s, Lloyd would deliver Bibles to local hotels and hold Bible studies at the Bismarck-Mandan Detention Center. He also did taxes with AARP for 16 years. Pat is on the Midwest Commission on the Ministry, a church trustee, a flower committee member, the current president of the American Baptist Women organization, a member of the Lois circle, and helps organize funerals at their church.

When asked why they give so much to the community, Pat responds simply, “We just like to do something for people.”

Lloyd adds, “It’s just good to help people.”

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What? Founder of Soul 57

Why? When Jenny was only six years old, she lost her mom to brain cancer. Then, four years ago, her sister passed away from colon cancer, leaving behind four young kids. “I knew what they were up against. There weren’t a lot of other resources, so I wanted to give them the opportunity to get help. But then I thought, well, why not all kids?” Jenny describes.

To fill this void, Jenny opened Soul 57 on September 26th of last year. Soul 57 is a non-profit that offers grief support and therapy to children from kindergarten through the age 24. They offer group therapy facilitated by a social worker on Thursday nights, alternating between the K-5 group and the 6-12 group. These groups can be an opportunity for grieving children to create friendships and form connections with people who are going through the same thing, helping them realize they are not alone in their suffering.

Soul 57 also partners with non-profits in the community to offer monthly workshops where children can create art, play music, write, or dance, as just a few examples, and hopefully discover a healthy outlet for their grief. For Jenny, writing was crucial to learning how to navigate her own grief, and she knows how beneficial it can be for any grieving child.

Soul 57 also offers support for caregivers as well. “We want them to feel comfortable talking with their kids about this stuff, so we offer them peer support with other parents and adults. We also want them to share what’s going on and let us be a support system for them as well,” says Jenny.

Not only does she offer a service for grieving children that North Dakota is severely lacking, she also offers these services completely free of charge. “I don’t want people to ever feel like money should be a hindrance in getting the help that they need,” explains Jenny. Jenny is a shining example of turning suffering into an opportunity for immense good. “When you go through these trying situations, you want to make something good come from that,” she describes.

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What? Haven Hills Foster Community

Why? Amber Bohl has fostered 80 children in her home in seven years. Amber’s passion for foster care started after the loss of her first child at 24 weeks gestation. “The loss of our son really felt like a hole that needed to be filled in my heart,” explains Amber. “I used to tell people I wanted 52 children.” Amber and her husband Jeff did have two biological children after, Brennen and Alivia, but she still felt called to foster. After talking it over with her family, they decided to start fostering children in their home.

Amber often fosters children with medical challenges because of her 25 years in healthcare. She’s also helped many teenagers graduate high school and transition into a new stage of life. While their focus is on reuniting biological families, Amber and her husband did adopt a sweet girl named Taylynn who is now six years old.

As beautiful and rewarding as foster care is, there are a lot of challenges. For every ten homes that are licensed for foster care, nine are lost or discontinued. The demand for foster homes is great, and there are many challenges within the system. Foster parents are often without support, tools, or resources. Social workers are over-worked. Foster youth have to deal with constant inconsistency, making it extra challenging to develop a personal identity and form a community.

Amber’s personal experience with the difficulties of the foster system has fueled a new dream: Haven Hills Foster Care Community. The vision for Haven Hills is a network of twelve homes located about ten miles north of town on 80 acres. Haven Hills will be a community of foster families to provide them the support they need. There will also be on-site therapies like OT, PT, Speech, Mental Health, as well as equestrian and pet therapy. There will also be some tiny homes, 1 bed, 1 bath, for foster kids over 18 who need a safe place to live independently within a community.

The project is currently in the fundraising stage, but Amber is working tirelessly to move the project along. “People say how do you do this, and I say, God gives me the strength. I really don’t do anything special,” she says. “You do what you do because the kids need it.”

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Piloting was introduced to me ten years ago, and once I had thought about it, I wasn’t able to let it go. I loved that you could get places faster. Over the years, that has turned into something I value even more than I did ten years ago. How do I get to family faster? How do I get to photo shoots for the magazines faster? I love efficiency.

I reached out to Bismarck Aero Center in early September 2022 after I had just gotten married and finally had some time to dedicate to learning. To be honest, I just needed to know if I could fly in a small plane without getting sick. I met with Clint May, the head instructor, on September 30th, 2022. We had a discovery flight where I actually got to take the yoke and fly the plane. I was instantly hooked. I started lessons the very next week. Turns out, it’s the same as driving for me. If I’m in control of the aircraft, I don’t get sick!

I choose to take lessons two times per week with two-hour time slots. The great thing about Bismarck Aero Center is they have multiple instructors on staff who can work with any schedule. I wanted to be a private pilot by June of 2023 so I could fly all summer to Detroit Lakes to see my family and get to Fargo for work. Again, the efficiency is invaluable. From Bismarck, driving to Detroit Lakes takes about 3.5 hours, but flying takes 1.5 hours in a Cessna 172. This is the plane I trained in and still fly because Bismarck Aero Center makes it easy to rent airplanes, with three Cessnas available to rent.

It might sound dramatic, but I have never been prouder of myself then the day I first soloed. February 10th, 2023 is a day I will never forget. I knew it was coming. We had been waiting for a calm day where I was feeling good in the aircraft. We did some patterns (meaning takeoffs and landings), and they went well, so Clint told me he was going to get out of the plane, and I was going to do three takeoffs and landings by myself. I dropped him off and radioed for clearance to taxi to the runway. I was SO nervous. The beginning was easy. It was the landing that scared me. As I started descending to the runway, I talked myself through everything, and when I landed, it was PERFECT. I started screaming and beaming. I have never been more elated with myself than that day!

a journey to becoming a pilot with the Bismarck Aero Center

The next big step in a person’s journey to become a private pilot is a solo cross-country flight. May 4th, 2023 is another day I will never forget. While Hannah, my business partner here at the magazine, was in labor all day giving birth to her firstborn, Henry (who made me an aunt for the second time), I had my first solo cross-country flight. I flew to Fargo to have lunch with a friend. It was a great day. I mean, this was literally the reason I wanted to fly, to go between Bismarck and Fargo faster. I flew into the Moorhead Airport and took the courtesy car to lunch. The convenience was amazing! I got back tired but so happy and ready to meet Henry!

On September 12th, just shy of a year later, I was able to pass my test and become a private pilot. It took a lot of work, studying, and commitment, but it was well worth it. Since then, I have flown myself and our team for Bismarck Magazine and River + Ranch Magazine to photo shoots and interviews to places like Jamestown and South Dakota for our Getaway issue. Our magazine designer lives in Fargo, so once a month I fly to work with her for a weekend on designing the next issue. This has and will continue to be a huge timesaver for my business, giving me more time to work on other things.

I just can’t say enough good things about my experience at Bismarck Aero Center. From start to finish they’ve helped me learn to fly and made it easy to rent aircrafts. Who knows what the future holds, but they could even help me purchase my very own plane. And I am continuing to learn from them. Even as I am typing this, I have a lesson this afternoon with Clint as I begin my instrument rating so that I can be a better, safer pilot and learn how to fly in the clouds. I am excited to continue flying with Bismarck Aero Center.

Thanks to their extensive supply of stone structures and slabs, Coldspring can customize any outdoor living space, anything from outdoor barbeques, bars, kitchens, and kitchenettes, to grills, pizza ovens, and firepits. Creating an outdoor living space with these elements helps stretch the outdoor season longer than just the summer months.

701.595.7213 | 13700 Trail Boss Way, Bismarck

“For firepits there are so many options, from wood burning to gas to propane, and anything from a pit to a vertical structure, whether you want it to be finished with stucco or more of a block look or veneer. All of those things are in our wheelhouse.”

If you’re looking to add an outdoor firepit or fireplace to your space, that’s something we can do with our in-house fireplace install crew. Whatever you want, whether it’s a firepit or a full, vertical gas fireplace.”

“We have a huge variety of options for landscaping. Retaining walls, patio, flagstone, pavers. We have it all sitting right here. A customer can come up touch it, feel it, look at it, bring samples home to see if it fits in their backyard.”


In the heart of our bustling city, there's a culinary gem on wheels making waves with its commitment to quality and community. Mabel's All Day is a local favorite that's redefining street food with its dedication to using the freshest, highest quality ingredients sourced right here in our own backyard.

Owned and operated by Chef Sam Williams and his wife Abby, this food truck is more than just a mobile kitchen— it's a testament to the artistry and passion that drive our local culinary scene. With a background steeped in culinary excellence and a flair for innovation, Chef Sam brings a unique perspective to every dish served from the truck's window.

What sets this food truck apart is its commitment to using local ingredients of the highest quality. From farm-fresh produce to locally raised beef and lamb, every item on the menu reflects the bounty of our region's rich agricultural landscape.

By forging strong relationships with local farmers and producers, Chef Sam ensures that every bite is infused with the vibrant flavors of our community. As the popularity of Mabel’s All Day continues to grow, so does its impact on our local food scene.

Mabel’s All Day is also making a name for itself as a top choice for catering events of all sizes. Whether it's a corporate luncheon, a wedding reception, or a company picnic, Chef Sam and his team are ready to bring their culinary expertise and creative flair to any occasion. With customizable menus and impeccable service, they go above and beyond to exceed their customers' expectations time and time again.

Mabel’s All Day is gearing up for a busy summer season. Find them online at MABELSALLDAY.COM to see a calendar of events.



“If shaving irritates your skin and leaves a rash of bumps, waxing is the best option for you! Waxing leaves no bumps, so you can be on the waxing table and in a bikini on a boat within the same hour. Most waxes last four to six weeks.” - Misha


"This is a new trend that's generating a lot of interest coming into summer. It's a semipermanent tattoo, usually in a natural color, that's applied to your lips. Perfect for jumping in the pool or river, you never have to re-apply lipstick."

- Jen


"Facials that include exfoliation, cleansing, moisturizing, and nourishing steps, intending to improve skin texture, tone, and luminosity. This treatment is ideal for the summer season as it helps to hydrate and exfoliate the skin, which is important during hot weather." - Darby


If you are looking to be summer ready in any way, whether that means fun in the sun, or relaxing in the shade, or spending time on the river, go to Kharma Vida Wellness Spa for a gorgeous look.


“Roll out of bed looking flawless with lash extensions. You can swim with them, you can boat with them, you can lay in the sun. Get classic lashes, volume or megavolume lashes or a hybrid of classic and volume. The only maintenance required is a fill every 3-4 weeks. If you don't want to do lashes, a lash lift or tint is a great idea, too.” - Grace


“By getting a spray tan, you have a summer glow without being exposed to the sun’s UV rays. It’s so important to us, at Kharma Vida, to help you keep your skin healthy and the sun can do a lot of damage. We all love to have that golden goddess glow, especially in the summer.” - Andi


"Do you prefer to relax in the shade? Come spend some time in the A/C relaxing with me. I offer full body massages. They are smooth, gentle treatments that relieve muscular tension, increase circulation, and encourage relaxation. During the busy summer months take time for yourself, too."

- Rayann

Find relief and get back your confidence with complete varicose vein care –evaluation, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up – at Sanford Health. Our experienced team of vein specialists uses safe, less invasive procedures to support your vein health and a faster recovery. Call (701) 323-2491 for a consultation. Varicose Vein Relief 956-533-472 3/24
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