Bismarck Magazine - Volume 3: Issue 1 January/February 2018

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NEW builds


BUILDING By Annette Schilling Willis

The H&D Schilling Building, opening

Schilling Building. Schilling and his

director and Diane stayed home with the

in Spring 2018, will be the first retail

wife, Diane, purchased the land in 2000

kids until they were school aged. Years

and office building in the area with

to expand Denny’s Storage Company,

went by, another child was born and

heated underground parking, sidewalks,

which they've owned since 1983.

the family moved to Bismarck. In 1977

and patios. The building is situated on

the Shillings opened a gourmet cheese

the northwest crest of State Street (or

A little background on the Schilling

shop called the Cheddar Box. Later,

Highway 83) and 43rd Avenue North.


they opened the Orange Julius stores in Gateway and Kirkwood. Diane ran the

"We were looking for a new location, and

Both Harvey and Diane grew up on

businesses while Harvey worked full-

this section of land was in the northern

farms near Wishek and Lehr. They

time in the school system. By 1985, they

outskirts of the city when we bought it."

married at 19 and had two kids by their

had sold the Cheddar Box and traded the

said Harvey Schilling, the "H" of H&D

early 20’s. Henry was a school band

Orange Julius stores for Denny’s Storage


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