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Hope Help Healing Fall 2013

OUR MISSION The mission of the Bismarck Cancer Center is to make locally available the highest quality, state-of-the-art radiation therapy services to persons with cancer within the Bismarck service area. Such services shall be delivered, insofar as possible, without regard to reimbursement, and always in a supportive compassionate, and caring manner.

Bismarck Cancer Center

APPLEFEST 2013 Scrumptious apple desserts, live music, and activities for both young and old to enjoy, are what keeps the crowds coming back to Applefest year after year. The 7th Annual Applefest, will be held September 21st-22nd at Buckstop Junction and, with more activities and events than ever, it will be sure to keep festival goers of any age entertained. “Applefest has become so much more than a fundraising event,” says Amy Gross, Applefest chair. “We are not only raising money for the Bismarck Cancer Center Foundation, but we are hosting a community event that provides family-friendly entertainment.”

“Applefest provides significant support to those battling cancer. The funds raised at Applefest go directly to helping make the journey easier for our patients by providing the wrap-around services that help the mind-body-spirit.”

This year’s Applefest features a handful of new attractions as well as several returning favorites. The bands Dirty Blonde and Tigirlily are new to Applefest this year. Also new this year is a Zumba class that will be held on Saturday morning and several cooking demonstrations. Guided and commentated historic hay rides will not only entertain, but educate the riders and will take place throughout the weekend. Crowd favorites from last year, The Great Strawnini and fire spinning, will both make return appearances. In addition to great entertainment, event attendees will find a record number of food and craft vendors to shop from. Children’s entertainment

includes: petting zoo, carnival games, balloon animals, face painting, bouncing castles, a coloring contest and much more. To keep the bigger kids entertained, there’s paintball shooting, mini golf, a bake sale and an apple pie eating contest. Driven to help the Foundation provides services to each patient, staff members volunteer time, above and beyond work hours, to plan, host and work the event. Run by BCC staff, their families and community volunteers, Applefest is all about helping meet patient needs. The staff at BCC truly enjoy the opportunity to give back to their patients. Applefest proceeds go directly to the BCC Foundation, which helps patients with a multitude of complimentary support services. “By providing services for the whole patient, we can ensure each of our patients’ needs are met,” says Amy. “Applefest provides significant support to those battling cancer. The funds raised at Applefest go directly to helping make the journey easier for our patients by providing the wrap-around services that help the mind-body-spirit.” Support services include transportation assistance, lodging assistance, massage therapy, dietary care, survivorship care plans, emotional and spiritual care and more. “Your ticket to Applefest will help in the ongoing fight against cancer,” Amy says. For more information, visit


– thrive

One of my favorite authors is Mary Anne Radmacher. She’s the very gifted lady who wrote ”Life Begins When You Do” The title more or less says it all, doesn’t it? Some of her observations include: “The greatest investment in a day is a dangerous unselfishness wrapped in joy and tied with ribbons of laughter and learning, understanding and compassion.” ~and~ “Define yourself by your living, not by the possibility (inevitability) of dying.” ~and~ “It’s not ‘What’s next?’ but “what’s now?’” ~and, my personal favorite~ “I arrived here as a survivor, and move on as a thriver.” Neat stuff, huh? The best part of all is that this type of “dangerous living” frees us from being a victim. It enables us to make our lives healthier, one choice at a time. It seems to me that one of life’s greatest mysteries is hidden in plain sight—that we are each, through a beneficent Providence, empowered to be the storytellers, the creators, of our own life. Regardless of what happens to us we can choose to manifest our own joy and fulfillment… or not. Misfortune, illness, hardship, and lack control over our environment need not prevent us from awakening our spirit 2


and enabling ourselves to “move on as a thriver.” Michelle Sedas said: “It’s not about what happens. It’s about perspective. I may not be able to change what takes place, but I can always choose to change my thinking.” Isn’t that amazing?—Happy, contented people are that way not because of happenstance, but because they choose to be that way. Despite their circumstances, they choose to focus their energies on recognizing the opportunity for joy and fulfillment in their lives and they choose to put aside fretting about situations over which they have no control. As the saying goes, “Stuff happens.” Good things and bad things happen— Nobody gets a free pass. When we allow ourselves to become so distracted by and preoccupied with the grind of daily living we lose perspective and our focus becomes fixated on just “getting by” rather than identifying and relishing those people and things that bring us personal fulfillment. Likewise, having a happy, fulfilled life isn’t about wealth or material possessions or great power or fame. In fact, these “good” things may make personal fulfillment and self-actualization even more difficult. So, what are we, who wish to become thrivers, to do? Here are some suggestions: 1. Have the courage to choose to reexamine your perspective. Learn to put aside anything which is not a “high-value” use of your time and life. Recognize that this is not a one-time choice, but one that must be made over and over again though out the course of each day. 2. Focus your energies on the people and things that provide opportunity to bring you joy, satisfaction, or

connecting lives

fulfillment. Put aside worry and bother over things and people about which you have no control. 3. Recognize that focus, like courage and commitment, require constant reaffirmation and reinforcement. You will suffer the occasional loss of courage, weakened commitment, and wandering focus. Don’t worry about it, just “re-boot” and move forward. 4. Scale down your wants and expectations. Express gratitude—have a grateful heart. Show joy. Dare to love without “strings.” Demonstrate understanding and forgiveness to others. Remember that making mistakes and having imperfect understanding are inherent in the human condition—there is no shame in being wrong, just in failing to correct mistakes. 5. And, like all journeys, remember that there must be a first step. Get moving! We create our own lives through our choices. There’s a Swedish Proverb that goes:

“Fear less, hope more; Eat less, chew more; Whine less, breathe more; Talk less, say more; Love more, and all good things will be yours.” Our personal happiness and fulfillment is a choice—a choice we each make for ourselves. Let us resolve together, from this day forward, to choose to invest “a dangerous unselfishness” in each day of our lives to the end that we all become thrivers not just survivors! May the Good Lord bless us each and every one. Ken Dykes Executive Director

walking the TALK: Molly Brandenberg Dedicated to making a difference in the lives of those around her, Molly Brandenberg exemplifies the principles of Bismarck Cancer Center’s ‘Walk the Talk Higher Standard Award’. The key principles define a person who ensures everything they do counts, one who follows the ‘Golden Rule’ and works to demonstrate personal character, among others.

Further, she feels patients are very appreciative. “Once you begin to build relationships with patients, you look forward to seeing them frequently,” she says. “Radiation oncology demands radiations treatments on a daily basis usually for several weeks. We have multiple opportunities to get to know them.” Molly finds working at Bismarck Cancer Center refreshing. “We have amazing people working together as well as amazing resources to help us do what we do,” she says. “With the Foundation supporting us, we can do great things. We see people with needs and are able to help them in so many ways.”

Molly’s positive attitude, friendly smile and upbeat personality contagiously affect the nurses in her department as well as her co-workers at BCC.

Not only is she grateful for the financial support, but she also helps with various events that support the Foundation, including Applefest, Project Pink (partnering with Central Market for cake decorating), Drive to Survive, the BCC Survivorship Picnic and Relay for Life.

Born and raised in Rogers, North Dakota, Molly chose to attend United Tribes Technical College earning her LPN in 1999. After marrying her husband, Casey, she returned to school at University of Mary, where she earned her BSN, RN in 2004. She and Casey chose Glendive, Montana to begin their careers and raise their family; however, after seven years brought their family back to Bismarck. Since 2009, Molly has been working at BCC. Initially, she started working part time, transitioning to full time. “With limited oncology experience, I was taken by surprise with how much I love the field,” Molly says. I fell in love with caring for these patients, helping them as their cancer was cured or alleviating their pain in the journey.”

One of the most rewarding aspects of Molly’s profession is being a patient advocate. Molly can see the importance of speaking up for patients and she believes that it is crucial for nurses and physicians to be achieving proper care regardless of insurance status, distance, and socioeconomic standing. By acting as an advocate, Molly is greatly appreciated and valued by her patients. Molly enjoys coming to work every single day. “I enjoy being here and feel great personal satisfaction. Here I help people. This job is great for me! I work with really great people who all have crazy busy lives, yet we come together to provide great care to our patients,” she says. “We wouldn’t be as successful if we weren’t such a great team.”


Molly Brandenberg Registered Nurse

“We wouldn’t be as successful if we weren’t such a great team.”

When Molly isn’t working, she enjoys spending time with her husband Casey and their three children: Carson (8) and twins Izabelle and Annika (6). They enjoy family time camping, boating and participating in outdoor activities – often while spending time with extended family (grandparents). She reads when she has time and enjoys revamping furniture, breathing new life to old pieces. through hope. help. healing.



BLUE GRASS Goes Pink Concert A sea of pink stretched out across Cross Ranch State Park as blue grass music filled the air on Saturday, July 20th. The Blue Grass Goes Pink concert consisted of the North Carolina band Nu-Blu and local band Cottonwood. BCC nurse and Cottonwood band member Jill Wiese began the event two years ago to support the patients she works with. This event raised over $2400 for the Bismarck Cancer Center Foundation.

RUG RAT Softball Tournament Rug Rats: Another “home-run” event was held this year as the Rug Rat Softball Tournament took over the Mandan softball diamonds on July 13-14 to support the Bismarck Cancer Center Foundation. This event featured an all –star game, a silent auction with items donated from participating teams, and a competitive tournament.

Pheasant Cove WINE TASTING Wine enthusiasts gathered at Pheasant Cove for their 2nd annual wine tasting event on Thursday, July 18. Guests were able to sample 50 different wines while enjoying delicious hors d’oeuvres. Other activities held that evening were a silent auction and a raffle. This event raised over $8000 for the Bismarck Cancer Center Foundation.


“GET IN THE GAME” Our Place Tavern/ Family Jewels presents the 3rd annual “Get in the Game” fundraiser for raising awareness for Prostate month in September. The event will be held at Our Place Tavern in Bismarck. This event features live music, a ticket auction, food and a special appearance from Fishing Buddy Calendar Girls. Guests are encouraged to dress in blue or wear a favorite sports jersey. For further details call Carol at 527-8294.

“BUCKS FOR BRAS” The third annual Bucks for Bras will be held Wednesday, October 23 at Borrowed Bucks Roadhouse. Last year’s event raised over $14000 for the American Cancer Society and the Bismarck Cancer Center Foundation. This event highlights the talents of area artist through the glamorization of the brassiere. Attendees have the opportunity to bid on these one-of-a-kind wearable pieces , as well as other nonwearable works of art. Tickets are now on sale for this event. For more information visit

THE BOILERMAKERS Golf Tournament Boilermakers: The 2nd Annual Boilermakers Golf Tournament was a huge success. 18 teams of four golfers took to the Hazen Golf Course on Saturday, July 27 for a golf scramble, awards dinner and a bucket auction. This year, the Boilermakers raised over $12,000 for the Bismarck Cancer Center Foundation, surpassing last year’s amount. 4


connecting lives

HUNTING DAKOTA WITH ROOSEVELT This exclusive pheasant hunt takes place October 18-20. Along with a spectacular guided pheasant hunt, participants will receive a sporting-clay shoot, two banquets, hunting opportunities on private land, dog handlers and lodging in breathtaking Medora. For more information visit

BCCF NEWS The Bismarck Cancer Center


Andrea Doerr-Greff Director of Central North Dakota Cancer Registry

Andrea is the new Director of Central North Dakota Cancer Registry. Andrea has previously worked as an RN in the outpatient surgery setting in women’s health nursing, and for the past two years was the Nurse Navigator in the Radiology Department at Mid Dakota Clinic. At Mid Dakota Clinic, Andrea assisted the Radiologist with biopsy procedures, performed nursing duties for radiology patients, and coordinated breast cancer patient care by working closely with BCC staff involved with the breast cancer care clinic. In her new position at BCC, Andrea will manage cancer registry services for Sanford, St. Alexius and BCC.





Purchase your raffle ticket today for a chance to win this 2013 Chevrolet Spark in Techno Pink. Net proceeds go to benefit the Bismarck Cancer Center Foundation Tickets can be purchased at Kupper Chevrolet or the Bismarck Cancer Center.

Drawing will be held Wednesday, October 30, 2013, at 2 p.m. Donated by Kupper Motor Company

5 Years of Cancer Survivorship

During the month of July, Executive Director Ken Dykes celebrated 5 years of Cancer Survivorship! Over the past 5 years, Ken has learned a lot about the importance of life, family, and friends. Ken shared that beating the odds has helped him experience life in a different way, slowing down and not rushing past what so many people often miss when they are healthy. “When you come face to face with your own mortality, you learn what’s important”, Ken said. As the Executive Director at the Cancer Center, Ken expressed his gratitude for the support the physicians and staff gave him during his treatment. When found on the other side of the desk, he experienced compassion and care that he never thought imaginable. Ken’s

cancer journey has helped him to remind his staff that every patient is unique and different, and to remember the importance of identifying each patient’s specific needs. Ken expressed that the Bismarck Cancer Center is “not an assembly line where we’re treating cancer. We are treating people”. The physicians and staff at the Bismarck Cancer Center each donated $5 to the Bismarck Cancer Foundation in honor of Ken’s survivorship and ended up giving $160 in total! We all wish Ken many more years of survivorship celebration!

through hope. help. healing.


Getting to Know


Project HOPE, a wellness and prevention program for businesses, made its way to Dickinson this July. For the week of July 22nd-26th, businesses all over Dickinson participated in bringing cancer awareness to their workplace. By wearing different colored stickers during the week that represent different cancers, local businesses not only educated their employees but their customers as well, all while donating funds to the Bismarck Cancer Center Foundation. Each employee donated $10 to wear the coordinating color of the day, and some businesses ended up matching the donations of their employees. The funds raised by Dickinson’s project HOPE will benefit cancer patients from their area who have to travel daily for treatment at the Bismarck Cancer Center. Rhonda Fetch, Outreach Coordinator, put together this wellness and prevention event for the Dickinson area. “The Dickinson community really came together for this first year of project HOPE. I look forward to project HOPE growing in the future and am happy with this year’s success!” Overall, 18 businesses participated and raised a total of $5,127. 6


Regardless of the field of study or career, continuing education provides critical opportunities for career growth, recertification or introduction to current practices. In oncology, nurses continually see medical advancements or new treatment options.

to help nurses prepare for their certification exam.

Bismarck Cancer Center consults with a clinical nurse specialist in order to provide local opportunities for oncology nurses in both the area of continuing education and core nursing coursework. Working closely with the team at BCC, Barbara J. Wilson, MS, RN, AOCN, ACNS-BC, comes to Bismarck to provide a core nursing course Caring for the Older Adult with Cancer as well as training nurses to work with patients during all phases of cancer care including survivorship.

Barbara describes survivorship as ‘beginning at the time of diagnosis: you are a cancer survivor for the rest of your life’, referring to the National Coalition of Cancer Survivors’ definition.

A Professional Oncology Practice Director from Marietta, Georgia, Barbara travels to various clinical settings to help provide continuing education and help prepare nurses for certification through both lectures and coursework. She provides a two-day course in chemotherapy and biotherapy as well as an oncology certified nursing course

“As a clinical nurse specialist, I help educate nurses or nursing students understand various aspects of survivorship, specifically for the older adult,” Wilson said. “When I started nursing, patients weren’t always told they had cancer. We scarcely considered survivorship. Today, survivors have so much more hope.”

In order for nurses to pass their oncology certification exam, 8% of their responses are survivorship-based. To prepare, Wilson helps nurses to understand and discover management and side effects that develop years after treatment. To ensure their cancer hasn’t moved or re-occurred, patients should be encouraged to maintain annual medical appointments with their oncologist. Additionally, she coaches students to understand the complexities of returning to the workplace – or handling life when working isn’t an option. How will their life change as a result of cancer survivorship? “Due to the positioning of Bismarck Cancer Center, all training offered at the center allows me to receive requests from nurses of both St. Alexius Medical Center and Sandford Health-Bismarck – then provide oncology coursework at the jointly owned Bismarck Cancer Center, so both medical groups might participate,” Wilson said.

THE ART OF LIVING Calendar 2014 The Bismarck Cancer Center is seeking visual art for the 2014 edition of “The Art of Living,” a 12 month desk calendar. Photography and artwork of all styles and media will be considered. Art can directly illustrate aspects of the cancer experience, but it is not required. We encourage patients, family, friends, physicians, employees, board members, donors, and regional artists to submit works for consideration. You do not need to be a professional artist to be a part of this amazing project.

Please email an image of your artwork to or call Sara at 701-222-6119.

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Eugene Hager Linda Ressler Dakota Awards

In Celebration of Diane Cuskelly- Survivor Darrel & Diane Cuskelly

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In Celebration of Ken Dyke’s 5 year

In Memory of Heather Ann (Heid) Nelson Marvin & Laverne Schulz In Memory of Joseph Schulte Cheryl Lovas Rock & Kelly Pontillo Joe & Jill Meier Doug & Kayla Roethlisberger

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In Celebration of Pat McLaughlin, Julie Selha, & Carolyn Bingham Carolyn Bingham In Memory of Janel Dockter Dean & Jean Durick

CARE GIVER ($50+) Phyllis & George Kautzman Wilford Wolf Gloria Hamling Irene Ann Linseth L.L & D.A Schock Richard & Lorraine Froelich Gordon Kadrmas

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SUPPORT GIVER ($250+) In Memory of Loretta Bernard Millennium Express

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Survivorship BCC Employees

Verne Goeppinger Ashley Nissley Edward & Janet Hintz Donald & Arlene Haag Nestor & Jeanette Kilber Patricia McLaughlin Joan Kelsch Allen Ryberg Leslie & Connie Haberstroh W. Bryce Hill Shirley Fox Kelly Wilson Coteau Properties Company

In Memory of Henry Eisenbarth Mark & June Lehr In Memory of Robert Heaton & Mary Heaton Harriet Heaton In Memory of James Stephens Mark & June Lehr In Honor of Michael Kramer Maggie Kramer

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Capital City Construction Aggregate (UPS) Cindy Schaaf Douglas Reiser & Dana Read Reiser In Celebration of Courage today, tomorrow and always Robert & Shirley Holzer In Memory of Lorraine Karsky Frank Karsky

In Memory of Ken LaMont Diane LaMont, Jill LaMont Goetz, & Mike Lamont

HOPE GIVER ($1,000+) Lester & Caroline Buckman Chris & Robin Zimmer George & Gertrude Tuhy

In Celebration of Missy Balkowitsch Loren Balkowitsch & Rick Schock In Honor of the Bismarck Cancer Center Staff Beth Thorngren In Memory of Judy Lies Chuck & Carol Iten

Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy of gift reporting. If an error has been made in your giving history, please contact us at 701-222-6100.Thank you!

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October 24, 2013, 8am-5pm Radisson Hotel, Bismarck, ND CEUs available Join us for the 2nd annual All Nursing Oncology Conference, scheduled for Thursday, October 24, 2013. This is a premiere education seminar focused on Oncology Nursing. This year’s conference will have an emphasis on women’s health and providing comprehensive oncology care to these patients. For more information about this conference, visit, contact Tara Schilke, RN, at 701-222-6119 or email

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