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Online Art Auctions Raise Money OUR MISSION The mission of the Bismarck Cancer Center is to make locally available the highest quality, stateof-the-art radiation therapy services to persons with cancer within the Bismarck service area. Such services shall be delivered, insofar as possible, without regard to reimbursement, and always in a supportive compassionate, and caring manner.

Summer 2016

for Bismarck Cancer Center Foundation A blank canvas, a clean brush, and a colorful array of paints—these are the tools that cancer survivors use to explore their creativity and promote healing during the Bismarck Cancer Center Foundation’s (BCCF) healing art classes. During the “Create for a Cause” class, led by Gail Heil, survivors explore the process of creating art as an expressive type of therapy that improves their physical, mental, and emotional health. Afterwards, their pieces are sold in order to raise money for the Foundation and help other patients along their cancer journeys. This summer, 13 different art pieces from the “Create for a Cause” group will be included in two different online auction events. The first auction includes six unique paintings and begins on July 15 at 8 a.m. and closes on July 31 at 8 p.m. It is located at The second art auction opens on September 16 at 8 a.m. and ends at 8 p.m. on September 30; it features seven different art pieces and can be accessed at

AUCTION DATES July 15-31 Sept. 16-30 artauctionbccf

The auction items include group artwork, containing a piece of everyone’s story, as well as individual paintings, each expressing something important to the survivor who created it. Common themes for the cancer survivors include depictions of strength, growth, courage, and love. During the workshop, the artists are able to express these concepts and tap into their emotions in new and different ways. “It really helps with the healing process because it gets you connected with your spiritual and emotional feelings in a fun and enlightening way,” said Laura Charlesworth, one the survivors who attended the workshop. Art therapy has been known to not only increase self-awareness but also enhance awareness of others, so another important element of the class is the fact that survivors come together and share their experiences. To overcome feelings of isolation and loneliness, they are able to experience the creative process with other survivors, which makes them feel supported and loved. Many of the group art pieces up for auction show how the process has given them insight into their own journey as well as the journeys of others who have battled the same disease. All of the funds raised from the two online auctions will benefit BCCF. This money ensures that the Foundation can continue to provide essential wrap-around services to BCC patients free of charge. The money will help provide patients with holistic care that includes a place to stay while undergoing treatment, gas cards to make traveling easier, nutritional suggestions to keep them healthy, and various outlets for emotional and spiritual support. Ultimately, Heil and her workshop allows the artists to provide hope, help, and healing for themselves and others. The survivors are able to let go of their troubles and focus their creative impulses on creating something beautiful. “I have loved finding my inner creativity. Painting has become one of my favorite things because of this class,” said Stacy Zuern, another survivor-artist from the class. The hope is that by exploring this side of themselves, participants can manage their feelings and reduce stress. Meanwhile, the fundraising aspect of the “Create for a Cause” workshop gives the artists a greater sense of purpose. They are not just creating art for themselves; they are doing it to help make the cancer treatment journey easier for local patients.

Love Multiplies

a tribute to ken dykes

We are saddened to announce that our executive director Ken Dykes passed away earlier this month. He was a fearless leader who will be missed.

Even as he underwent his own trials, Ken let love and positivity guide him. In a newsletter article, he once wrote that love multiples. Despite all the struggles and negativity, he knew that every act of kindness only leads others to do the same.

Ken Dykes came to the Bismarck Cancer Center in 2007 with one main goal: to make this a destination cancer center. Over the next nine years, Ken’s passion and extraordinary vision guided BCC toward becoming a world-class treatment facility for people across the state of North Dakota. Ken was always pushing himself and pushing those around him to be better. He was always pushing BCC to be better, to reach more patients, to create more survivors. Even after being diagnosed with cancer himself, Ken never stopped looking for ways to improve the care that we give our patients. He used his own experiences, his personal fight against cancer, to give him a unique perspective. He realized that patients are more than their illnesses. He understood that there is much more to treating cancer than targeting the disease, so he strived to offer life-changing support services for every patient.

His own caring nature allowed Ken to form an amazing team of professionals right here in Bismarck. He always praised the people at BCC for being compassionate and putting the patient’s needs first. This level of genuine caring and professionalism stems directly from Ken’s influence. Every day, he “walked the talk,” leading by example and demonstrating what it takes to make a difference in the world. “What made him such a great mentor to the staff was the way he taught and guided us. Ken always believed in each one of us and the good in all,” said Amy. He lead and inspired BCC until his very last day. Even though he is no longer with us, his vision and influence remain. Although Ken Dykes will be deeply missed, we are grateful for every moment he spent making BCC the treatment center it is today.

“Ken was one of the kindest people I’ve ever met and he ensured patient-centered care to all who walk through BCC’s doors,” said Amy Gross, BCC’s Interim Executive Director.

“Always remember that it is our attitudes that will move our outlooks from despair to joy. The quality of our lives is not determined by the things that happen to us, but by how we choose to react to what happens.We may not be blessed by having the best of everything, but we can experience our greatest blessing when we choose to acknowledge and make the best of everything that we already have.”

May God bless us each and every one. ~ Ken Dykes



connecting lives

BCCF Starts Rural Survivorship Classes The Bismarck Cancer Center (BCC) serves patients within a 250-mile radius of Bismarck, providing the most technologically advanced radiation therapy treatments to cancer patients throughout North Dakota. Meanwhile, the Bismarck Cancer Center Foundation (BCCF) ensures that every patient has their other emotional, physical, and financial needs met from the beginning of their treatment cycle until the very end. For patients from rural communities, this often means that the Foundation provides travel and lodging assistance, which makes leaving their homes for weeks of treatment financially reasonable. Now, BCCF has gone a step further in helping patients from rural areas transition into life as cancer survivors by introducing a series of rural survivorship classes to the Hazen and Beulah communities. “With many BCC patients living in the Hazen-Beulah area, we believe providing a series of educational sessions about survivorship would have a positive impact. We want survivors to thrive after treatment, so these classes are one way for us to bring support and education to them on their healing journeys,” said Tara Schilke, BCC’s director of support services. BCC staff teamed up with Amy Lavallie from Hazen’s Sakakawea Medical Center and Melissa Herman from Beulah’s Coal Country Clinic to create a series of four classes that would teach patients and their families about life as a cancer survivor. Each class focuses on a particular aspect of survivorship, which includes concerns about nutrition, emotional health, physical activity, and caregiver well-being. BCCF held two classes this spring and will host two more in the fall. The first class, entitled “Nutrition Needs for the Cancer Survivor,” took place on April 25 and was led by BCC’s Oncology Nutritionist Amanda. Over 25 survivors from the Hazen-Beulah area gathered at the Cobblestone Inn in Beulah to learn about how to improve their diets and live healthier lives. The second class, “Meeting Your Emotional Needs during Survivorship,” was hosted by Deb Colton, BCC’s oncology social worker, on May 23. She explained what steps survivors can take to eliminate stress and heal emotionally. BCCF will host “The Importance of Physical Activity after Cancer” in September of this year and will wrap up the series with “Taking Care of the Caregiver” in October.

Congratulations to our Nursing Staff! The Bismarck Cancer center proudly recognizes four additional registered nurses who have completed advanced training in the specialized area of radiation oncology nursing. Kayla, Julie, Corina and Jen have received their Radiation Oncology Certificate through the Oncology Nursing Society (ONS). Kayla and Corina also hold an Oncology Certified Nurse (OCN) certification. Both programs validate a nurse’s skill, knowledge, ability and commitment to providing the highest quality of care to oncology patients.

Sigler Receives Certification Michael Sigler, a medical physicist working at the Bismarck Cancer Center, has earned his certification in therapeutic medical physics from the American Board of Radiology (ABR). Sigler’s board certification demonstrates exceptional expertise in medical physics. The ABR is a recognized leader in advancing patient care, continuously improving the professional standards through certification. Sigler graduated from Michigan State University with a Bachelor of Science in Physics and received his Master of Science degree in Radiological Physics from Wayne State University. Sigler completed his Medical Physics Residency at Vassar Brothers Medical Center in Poughkeepsie, NY.


Bismarck Cancer Center Foundation Advisory Board

Renee Daffinrud How many years have you served on the BCCF advisory board? 8 Years What is your favorite movie or TV show? It’s a Wonderful Life with Jimmy Stewart What is one thing on your bucket list? I would love to see Australia and New Zealand. What do you do in your spare time? I like to golf and read. What motivated you to get involved with the foundation? I was so amazed with the care and compassion that my Dad received when he was dealing with cancer that I asked what I could do to let everyone in Bismarck/Mandan and the surrounding area know about the Bismarck Cancer Center. What is your favorite/most memorable moment since being on the board? I did several commercials for the Bismarck Cancer Center, and on several different occasions, I would be out in the community and individuals that had been treated or had loved ones that were treated at the center would stop me and tell me how awesome everyone is at the center. Why are you passionate about supporting the Bismarck Cancer Center? Unfortunately, everyone is touched by cancer in one way or another, whether it is themselves or a loved one. I love the fact that the funds that we raise throughout the year are used for the wrap-around services, which may ease the burden cancer has on these individuals and their families during this difficult time. BISMARCK CANCER CENTER


BCCF EVENTS Boxers & Beer

Project HOPE

“Boxers,” “beer,” and “cancer,” are not three words that usually go together. But at the First Annual Boxers and Beer Event, over 300 fun-loving guests watched 32 models parade around in fashionably decorated boxers in order to raise awareness about male-specific cancers and raise money for local cancer patients. At the beginning of March, Heather Nelsen from McQuade Distributing, came to Sara Kelsch, the Marketing Director at BCC, with an idea of putting on a male version of Bucks for Bras. On April 27, with just 40 days of planning, the doors of Sixteen03 opened for the first ever Boxers and Beer. The event ended up raising over $35,000 for the Foundation. The event, which was sponsored by McQuade Distributing, was jam-packed with fun and entertainment. There were signature t-shirts for sale, and guests enjoyed complimentary food, delicious desserts, and beer sampling. With over 50 silent auction items, attendees had plenty of chances to bid on restaurant gift cards or a 5x7 wet plate photography sitting. To highlight the bigger message, a testicular cancer survivor spoke about his journey and how the Foundation helped him recover and thrive. Everything cumulated in a fashion show and live auction of one-of-a-kind boxers designed by local businesses, groups, and individuals. The models strutted their stuff while the audience bid on their favorite pairs of boxers. The live auction also included a custom-painted Harley Davidson car hood and a NDSU Bison neon sign. The Second Annual Boxers and Beer Event will take place at the end of April 2017 at Sixteen03 Main Events.

RugRat Softball Tournament The Ninth Annual RugRat Softball Tournament was a home run! Sponsored by Jerome Distributing, the event took place on June 3-5 at the Mandan Softball Complex and featured an all-star game on Friday night. Then, the tournament began on Saturday with more than 40 teams competing to be crowned the champions. During the day on Saturday, a silent auction was also held. The auction featured over 100 items donated by the participating teams as well as local businesses. Thank you to Duey Johnson (BCCF Board member and owner of the Rug Rat) along with the tournament committee for your ongoing commitment to BCCF.



connecting lives

During the week of May 2-6, employees from over 160 local businesses dressed casually and wore cancer awareness colors each day as they participated in the Sixth Annual Project HOPE event. 2016’s numbers broke last year’s record of 156 business participants, proving that this community education and wellness event continues to be a huge success throughout the Bismarck-Mandan community. Project HOPE seeks to educate businesses about cancer prevention and early detection as well as various wellness topics. At the beginning of the week, employees from the participating businesses received newsletters that included information about four common types of cancer, healthy recipes, wellness tips, and cancer survivorship information.

Hit Cancer Out of the Park The Legacy and St. Mary’s baseball teams, who would normally be fierce rivals, joined forces on May 9 to raise money for BCCF and spread awareness about the many different cancers that affect people throughout North Dakota. Legacy players and coaches wore gold jerseys to represent childhood cancer, and St. Mary’s players and coaches wore blue to represent colorectal cancer. In addition, there was a multicolored balloon ceremony before the game, where players signed the names of loved ones on different colored balloons in order to acknowledge their battles with cancer. They then symbolically let the balloons fly away. Sponsorships, special event t-shirt sales, a bake sale, and a 50/50 raffle helped raise $2,427 for local cancer patients.

Schlosser Tractor Trek On June 4, a group of tractor enthusiasts took their tractors on a cruise along Highway 1806 outside of Mandan, all in the name of raising money for BCCF and having a relaxing good time. The First Annual Schlosser Tractor Trek covered a distance of 12 miles from the Perry Schlosser Farm to Harmon Lake and back again. After trek-ers returned to the Schlosser Farm, they enjoyed a tractor show, good company and delicious food. The $3,125 raised from the tractor trek benefited BCCF.

Big Daddy Weave Concert Award-winning Christian music band Big Daddy Weave brought their “Beautiful Offerings” tour to Bismarck on April 4 at Legacy United Methodist Church in Bismarck. The concert was sponsored by Dvorak Motors and all proceeds benefited BCCF. Over 500 people turned out to watch and be inspired by Big Daddy Weave and other bands such as Plumb and Jordan Feliz. Proceeds from ticket sales raised over $20,000 for BCCF.

Brave the Shave Brave the Shave took over the Bismarck-Mandan area during the first two weeks of March. The annual event is our region’s largest childhood cancer fundraiser where participants pledged to shave their head. Basin Electric has organized Brave the Shave events for the past seven years, and this year, they partnered with BCC with the goal of keeping a portion of the donations local. A total of 482 participants signed up to go bald, donate their hair, or volunteer at various Brave the Shave 2016 events. For the first time, donors and shave-ees were able to designate which local organizations received their donations. The event raised over $370,000, which was distributed to BCCF, Brave the Shave Family Fund, St. Baldrick’s Foundation, Sanford Health-Pediatric Oncology, and CHI St. Alexius Health’s NICU.

Volkowitsch Golf Tournament Prairie West Golf Course was covered in a sea of pink during the 6th Annual Volkowitsch Golf Tournament in June. Over 140 golfers and 36 teams took part in this fun yearly tradition! Loren Balkowitsch, Bismarck Cancer Center Foundation Advisory Board member and founder of the event, said that the tournament is put on to remember his sister-in-law, who died of breast cancer, and to help other individuals facing the same battle. Balkowitsch also said that he wanted to use this event to raise awareness of the Cancer Center. “Not many people know about the amazing facility we have right here in Bismarck,” he said. For those participating in the tournament, it’s not about having the best scores, but about having fun and celebrating the great causes that the tournament supports. The amount of money raised at this year’s tournament has not yet been reported. However, each year has been a full 36-team tournament that has helped the Cancer Center grow. Both the scramble and the silent auction were huge successes as well as being fun additions to the tournament.

Survivorship Picnic On Wednesday, June 15, the Bismarck Cancer center hosted the 7th Annual Cancer Survivorship Picnic. It was a great day to celebrate cancer survivors and their families. More than 650 attendees enjoyed a delicious meal served by the Woodhouse and ice cream from Coldstone Creamery, while listening to the folk music of local band Cotton Wood. Whether people were 30 year survivors or recent ones, they were able to come together to celebrate their journey. We are glad to have been able to provide an opportunity for our patients to celebrate everything they have overcome and we look forward to celebrating even more survivors next year!

BCCF UPCOMING EVENTS Applefest – September 24-25 The Tenth Annual Applefest takes place on Sept. 24 and 25, 2016. Over that weekend, thousands of people from the BismarckMandan area will flock to the historic Buckstop Junction to support the Foundation and enjoy great food, endless entertainment, local art and craft vendors, fun activities for the kids, and apples, of course. Over 6,000 people attended the festival in 2015, and Applefest 2016 is sure to be the best ever. Each year, Applefest is produced by BCC staff members and their families. They volunteer their time, putting in countless extra hours in order to plan and host an event that gives back to their patients. Applefest is all about raising money to provide financial aid, travel assistance, emotional support and other complementary support services for those in need. Over the past nine years, Applefest has raised nearly $300,000, which has directly impacted the lives of local cancer patients.

BCCF CALENDAR OF EVENTS July 9 July 16 July 30 Aug. 9 Aug. 13 Aug. 19 Aug. 20

Demon Football Fun Run Harleywood Nights Blue Grass Goes Pink Dancer for Cancer Zumbathon Saddle Up Against Cancer Drive to Survive Courage Against Cancer Half-Marathon and 5k

Visit for more information. through hope. help. healing.



BCCF STAFF NEWS My Hero Program When most people hear the word “hero,” images of superheroes like Superman or Captain American pop into their heads, or they might think of policemen and fire fighters who strive to keep their communities safe. At the Bismarck Cancer Center (BCC), we know that heroes are everyday people who are intent on making the world a better place. Our patients’ heroes are the relatives, friends, coworkers, volunteers, or community members who make their cancer journeys easier in some small way. For the people at BCC, heroes are those people who help with treatments, provide emotional support, contribute humor to a difficult situation, lessen patients’ burdens, or otherwise positively impact the patient or the community. They use their compassion and empathy to make a difference during a difficult and lifechanging journey. In order to acknowledge these special people, BCC developed the My Hero program as a way for patients, their families, or anyone from the community to acknowledge the people who have made a difference in their lives. All Hero nominees are invited to a special reception in the spring, where they are honored and recognized for the difference they have made. In addition, their names appear on the BCC website. To further acknowledge everything they have done, people are welcome to make a donation to the BCC Foundation in the name of their hero. BCC encourages everyone to nominate their hero by filling out a form online at

New Employee The Bismarck Cancer Center is excited to introduce a new member to their team. Faye Hagen joined the Bismarck Cancer Center on May 25th as the front desk receptionist. She is from McClusky, North Dakota and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Human Resources. Faye worked at CHI St. Alexius prior to coming to the Bismarck Cancer Center.

BCC Staff Celebrates Colorectal Cancer Awareness by Dressing in Blue



connecting lives

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For Our Patients

Breast Cancer Support Group

Look out for Lymphedema

2nd Thursday of each month at 5:30pm at the Bismarck Cancer Center – Conducted by Deb Colton, Bismarck Cancer Center

2nd Tuesday of each month at 3pm at the Bismarck Cancer Center – Conducted by Erica, PT from CHI-St. A’s

Look Good, Feel Better

Caregivers Cancer Support Group

January, March, May, August, October and December 1st Monday of each month from 2–4pm at the Bismarck Cancer Center

3rd Tuesday of each month at 5:30pm at the Bismarck Cancer Center – Conducted by Deb Colton, Bismarck Cancer Center

February, April, June, July, September and November 3rd Tuesday of each month from 5:30-7:30pm at the Bismarck Cancer Center – Conducted by ACS volunteers and Cosmetology volunteers

Cancer Support Group 3rd Thursday of each month at 5:30pm at the Bismarck Cancer Center – Conducted by Deb Colton, Bismarck Cancer Center

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2016 summer newsletter  

BCC Summer 2016 Newsletter