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Another OUR MISSION The mission of the Bismarck Cancer Center is to make locally available the highest quality, stateof-the-art radiation therapy services to persons with cancer within the Bismarck service area. Such services shall be delivered, insofar as possible, without regard to reimbursement, and always in a supportive compassionate, and caring manner.


Great Year

The Bismarck Cancer Center Foundation (BCCF) spent another great year providing wrap-around services for Bismarck Cancer Center (BCC) patients. BCC provides area patients with world-class radiation therapy treatments, and the Foundation helps with the other burdens that come with being diagnosed with cancer. Every year, the Foundation provides patients with a place to stay while undergoing treatment, gas cards to make traveling easier, nutritional suggestions to keep them healthy, and various outlets for emotional and spiritual support. In 2015, the Foundation did more for BCC patients than ever before, including the introduction of new art therapy classes. “Along with their cancer treatments, our patients deal with a lot of physical, spiritual, and emotional challenges while on their journeys. The Foundation allows us to cover the costs of providing unique services that wholly treat our patients—body, mind, and spirit,” Amy Gross, BCC Assistant Director of Operations, said.

“I live two hours away from Bismarck, so when I heard there were apartments available it really relieved my stress and let me focus on my health,” said Robin, a BCC patient. BCCF also provided 109 patients with gas cards totaling $15,800. Plus, the Foundation provided taxi rides or had volunteer drivers pick up patients when necessary. Beyond treating the cancer, BCC’s wrap-around services also focus on keeping patients physically healthy. Amanda Ihmel, BCC’s dietician, provided nutrition care to 609 patients in 2015. And while the new massage therapist, Courtney Hoffmann, wasn’t hired until the end of 2015, she still gave 161 relaxing massages to patients. These 10-minute massages provide a brief moment of stress relief to cancer patients. Home away from home for our patients who need a place to stay.

Spring 2016

for bismarck cancer center foundation

In 2015, BCCF offered housing and transportation assistance to out-of-town patients to ease the financial burden of travelling for treatments. The apartments maintained nearly 90% occupancy while accommodating 164 patients and their families for a total of 2,797 nights. At a rate of $15 per night for a two-bedroom, the Foundation’s apartments make it easy and affordable for patients to remain close to the cancer center during their treatments.

Deb Colton, REACH Coordinator


Hope Help Healing

To help with the emotional and spiritual concerns that a cancer diagnosis puts on patients, the Foundation also works to provide counseling with an oncology social worker, Deb Colton. Within the first 10 days of treatment, patients meet with Deb in order to start the REACH program. REACH stands for “Resources, Educate, Advocacy, Care, Hope.” The program helps patients cope with their diagnosis, understand where their cancer journey

might lead them, and learn what steps they must take in order to get better. “We are so lucky to have the Foundation provide this complimentary REACH program so that when patients enter the Bismarck Cancer Center, they are automatically taken care of on a deep, emotional level,” Amy said. Deb saw 671 people through the REACH counseling program in 2015 and had 102 followup visits. In addition, three cancer center support groups help patients cope with their illness. The Breast Cancer Support Group had 82 participants. The Caregivers Support Group for Men had 41 participants, and the general Cancer Support Group attracted 104 participants. In order to help people express themselves and have a little fun, BCCF added a new program in 2015. In conjunction with the Art Gallerie on Main, the Foundation sponsored 10 different Art Healing classes, and 104 survivors attended. “We are so excited to add another service that is such a good outlet for patients as they work through their cancer journey. It’s especially great for those who aren’t always able to express themselves in other ways,” Tara Schilke, BCC Wrap-Around Services Coordinator, said. Because cancer treatments take a toll on the body, survivors often feel profound fatigue and deconditioning. In cooperation with CHI St. Alexius Medical Center, BCCF provides physical therapy evaluations for patients. There were 401 initial evaluations with 82 physical therapy referrals in 2015. Even after BCC patients have undergone treatment and their cancer is cured, their emotional turmoil might just be beginning. Which is why the Foundation ensures that patients receive a detailed survivorship care plan. In 2015, Sarah Klein and Corina Larson, BCC’s survivorship nurses, reviewed 716 survivorship care plans and held 1642 survivorship visits with patients. “The staff at the Bismarck Cancer Center is the most caring and compassionate staff that I have ever met. I was always greeted with warmth and enthusiasm and I really felt they cared. When I left after my treatments were over it felt as if I was leaving my family behind,” said Lloyd, another BCC patient. BCC doesn’t just treat cancer, we treat the whole individual. Our style of treatment would not be possible without the Foundation and the people who provide these special services. “We have amazing employees that provide these support services to our patients. They truly care for each one of them,” Tara said.

Dancing, Walking

A Condemned Woman A Dead Man I recently had a conversation with a young man who was very curious about how those of us with the most severe cases of cancer manage to carry on with our lives. He said that he felt it amazing that so many of us seem not only to be happy but are actually going proactively about the business of enjoying life despite our “death sentence.” What on earth, he wanted to know, could we find that could possibly make us happy in such a horrible situation? Not long afterwards, I met a young woman with a very seriously advanced breast cancer. Her prognosis was not good, but you’d never tell it from her demeanor. She was with friends and she told jokes, shared amusing stories, talked with joy about a new niece and laughed at the follies of her sister as she had tried to prepare herself for firsttime motherhood. She talked about her immediate family and how supportive they were, how her illness had brought her into a much closer and more loving relationship with her parents, how her husband had initiated “date nights” and what a joy it was to have his undivided and devoted attention during “their special night,” and how, despite all, she hoped for a positive outcome. “I hate cancer,” she said, “but I’ve never lived so fully and completely as I have since my diagnosis.” I had ended my conversation with the young man by asking him to tell me a little about his life. He was, he said, a mid-level manager at the Bismarck branch of a national company and he felt that he was on the fast track for professional advancement. He worked about 50-60 hours a week and often came home exhausted to collapse into a chair in front of the TV. He and his wife didn’t get out much anymore and he felt sorry that he wasn’t able to be at more of his kids’ school and athletic events. He and his wife had extended family but they were out of state and it was just out of the question to take time off now at this critical point in his career to go visit them. Money was tight and he was hoping for a big raise soon to help ease the pressure he felt from credit card debt and house and car payments. They hadn’t taken a family vacation in three or four years as he felt he couldn’t afford to be seen absent from his work. When a rare long weekend came along, he generally spent it resting up or preparing for workrelated projects. His “Honey Do” list was growing, his wife seemed distant, and his kids were growing into strangers. Finally, I couldn’t resist and asked if he was happy. He was quick to respond, “Oh, of course, I’ve got a great life!” I could only mentally shake my head and think that this guy was missing out on his life – for all practical purposes, he was already as dead as a doornail!

It is our attitudes that will move our outlooks from despair to joy

As I reflect on these two folks and their life stories, I can’t help but feel sorry for the young man. He’s healthy, his family is well provided for, he is upwardly mobile, he has an extended family, and he has the opportunity to thrive in all aspects of his life.Yet, he is ignoring his health, he has little to do with either his immediate or his extended families, his single-minded focus on his professional advancement has robbed him of any meaningful or joyful interaction with those he loves most, he does not live in the moment, and he simply goes from one day to the next empty, without fulfillment. Despite what he said, that doesn’t constitute a “great life!” As a matter of fact, it’s hardly a life at all and I could not help thinking that, in all material respects, he’s missing out on his own life. What a waste! On the other hand, the young lady, despite the harsh reality of her disease, is definitely making the most out of her life. She’s focused on the people and things are most important to her and joyfully 2


connecting lives

interacting with them. She may be condemned to have cancer with a long-term future which is uncertain at best, but she is determined to live the life remaining to her to the fullest extent possible. This attitude and an abiding hope carries her forward and brings her a happiness impossible for the young man to experience. What a wonderful thing – a condemned woman dancing! All of which just reinforces the truth that life isn’t something that just happens to us – life is the product of the choices we make. We are ultimately responsible for the quality of our lives. Some of us will suffer from all manner of difficulties, diseases, and disasters. But these things, as devastating as they may be, do not determine the quality of our lives; it is, rather, our way of responding to these things that sets the stage for either joy or heartache. It is amazing that it so often seems so difficult for us to choose joy, but that simple choice makes all the difference in deciding the quality of our lives. I know, for example, that my cancer will shorten my lifespan and I am well aware of the physical limitations and discomforts that go with the bargain.Yet, it is not in the length of life that joy is found; rather, it is in the individual, solitary moments where loving connections are made with our loved ones, when secrets are shared, when pleasures are jointly experienced, and when contentment is encountered and savored. My advice is always that a person should try to live in and for each moment. This is the only real life we truly have – there is no current joy or solace in events long past, nor is there pleasure in an as-yet-to-be-experienced future, there is only the “now” of our lives and we choose whether to interact with it or disconnect from it. Our quality of life will be determined by the choice we make. We all have days when we have difficulty being happy and joyful. For me, that most often happens when the side effects from my chemo treatments get out of hand. I feel sorry for myself and play that old game, “Ain’t It Awful,” with myself. I think of all the great reasons why a basically good person like me shouldn’t have cancer. It just isn’t fair and I lament the bad luck that landed me in this situation. The end result is that I feel just plain awful, not just physically, but mentally, too – like the young man, I become a “Dead Man Walking” and there is no joy in my life. My “Ain’t It Awful” attitude makes everything worse and it doesn’t get better until I choose to cast such foolishness aside and joyfully grab hold of each precious moment of life given me. That one simple choice makes all the difference in the world! If you have a cancer that is likely to shorten your life, I invite you to join me in renewing your commitment toward making the choices that will connect you to your loved ones, friends, and joys. These choices sometimes seem difficult, but, in reality, they’re not – you need only to be determined to focus your time and attention on the people and events that are more meaningful and joyful to you. Every time an “Ain’t It Awful” thought or moment occurs, toss it aside and make a conscious choice to be in the moment with the people you love doing the things you love. Don’t be surprised if you have to make this choice multiple times during the course of a single day – just be sure to keep making it over and over again until it sticks! Always remember that it is our attitudes that will move our outlooks from despair to joy. The quality of our lives is not determined by the things that happen to us, but by how we choose to react to what happens. We may not be blessed by having the best of everything, but we can experience our greatest blessing when we choose to acknowledge and make the best of everything that we already have. May God bless us each and every one.

Ken Dykes Executive Director

bismarck cancer center’s

Volunteers Make a Difference On March 25, 1962, while a blizzard raged outside, Duane Aman married his high school sweetheart, his “Wishek Gal,” Aggie Wanner. The couple would brave many more storms throughout their 53-year marriage as Duane joined the military and they raised four children. But perhaps their greatest battle began in 2011, when Aggie was diagnosed with leukemia. Shortly after her diagnosis, the Retired Seniors Volunteer Program (RSVP) contacted Duane about an opportunity to help local cancer patients by driving them to and from their treatments at the Bismarck Cancer Center (BCC). He felt it was the perfect opportunity to give back and help people going through similar circumstances as his wife. “I just like to help people out, especially people with cancer,” Duane said, “I like to meet people, talk to them; it’s just interesting to me.” Soon, Duane became a bright, shining presence at BCC, providing rides for patients almost every day and helping out wherever he could. All the while, his family was going through their own cancer journey. Duane stood by Aggie’s side as she underwent chemotherapy, a stem cell transplant, endless hospital visits, and one period of blissful remission. When Aggie’s cancer came back with a vengeance, she promised Duane that she would keep going as long as she could and told him to keep giving other patients rides as long as he is able. So he did; he continued to help BCC’s patients.Volunteering here gave him a sense of purpose and something to occupy his time and mind. When Duane’s wife lost her battle with cancer in August 2015, he was heartbroken. The love of his life was gone, but she left him with a desire to help people going through similar experiences. He has kept volunteering at BCC all this time, making Aggie proud. “I feel for what they are going through because of my wife, and I think they appreciate the little bit that I can do for them,” Duane said, “And [BCC] treats me really nice.” Duane is just one of many volunteers who come to BCC with their own stories and experiences, looking for a place to be helpful. We implemented the official BCC volunteer program in March 2015, and have seen many volunteers come to us, primarily through word-of-mouth, in order to join our BCC family. As BCC continues to grow and the number of patients we care for increases, these volunteers become even more vital in helping us meet the needs of our patients. Our volunteers help us by visiting with patients in the waiting room, keeping our snacks/ nutrition area stocked, handling mailings and other projects, taking out our recycling, and assisting with special events. “Our volunteers are that consistent ‘friendly’ face that is willing to sit and visit with patients and caregivers, tidy up the waiting room, help our staff with projects, etc. They are the ‘helping hands’ wherever we need them,” Andrea Doerr-Greff, the volunteer coordinator, said. Please contact Andrea with any more questions or to get involved with the BCC volunteer program at 701-222-6100.


Bismarck Cancer Center Foundation Advisory Board

Duey Johnson

Self-Employed for 42 years with Rug Rats

How many years have you served on the BCCF advisory board? I have been a part of the executive committee for three years. What is one interesting fact about yourself? I’m quite an outspoken individual. I often have lot of ideas and opinions, which means I work well on the committee because I like to talk through ideas and different issues. What is your favorite movie or TV show? Definitely “Lady in Red.” Can you share one thing on your bucket list? I want to go to Ireland and witness first-hand how good, Irish whiskey is made. What activities do you do in your spare time? Because I’m self-employed, I don’t have a lot of “spare time.” I spend almost all of my available time working. What motivated you to get involved with the foundation? I was asked to join the advisory board before I even knew what it was all about. I’ve found that I enjoy working for such a great cause and seeing my input having a positive impact on BCC patients. I believe in the foundation and think the work we do is extremely important. What is your favorite/most memorable moment since being on the board? It’s not necessarily one specific moment, but I appreciate that my expectations are always fulfilled. Why are you passionate about supporting the Bismarck Cancer Center? This disease affects so many people. I know the toll that it can take mentally and physically. If I can be the person that helps in some way, I want to do what I can. BISMARCK CANCER CENTER




Giving Hearts Day

Think Pink! Think Golf!

Every year on Giving Hearts Day, people throughout western Minnesota and North Dakota open their hearts and donate to participating nonprofit charities. On Feb. 11, 2016, generous people had a 24-hour period in which to go online and give money to a charity of their choice. During this year’s Giving Hearts Day fundraiser, the BCCF raised over $8,000 to help local cancer patients in transportation, financial, emotional and additional needs.

Fred Kist Memorial Pinochle Tournament Michael Gross and Dave Givan hosted the 5th Annual Fred Kist Memorial Pinochle Tournament at the Bismarck Eagles Club on Feb. 20, 2016. This year’s tournament drew in over 130 teams, and the event and silent auction raised over $9,000 for the BCCF. The pinochle tournament was envisioned by Dave and Diane Givan. Fred Kist was a close friend of theirs who lost his battle with cancer. The event honors his memory and raises money for local patients in order to make a difference in their lives as they fight the disease.

Masks in the Moonlight On February 6, 2016, Sixteen03 Main Events became a place of mystery and intrigue as over 300 cleverly disguised guests mingled at the 3rd Annual Masks in the Moonlight Charity Ball. The masked patrons enjoyed dinner, dancing, and a silent and live auction to raise money for the BCCF. Their combined generosity amounted to around $70,000, which will go directly toward providing wrap-around services for BCC patients. As guests ate, danced, and bid on their favorite items, the band Dirty Blond, ballet dancers from Northern Plains Dance, and belly dancers from the YMCA provided endless entertainment. In addition, Kelli Wilson was the honoree speaker. She shared the story of her cancer journey and how the services provided by the Foundation helped her recover and thrive. The silent auction featured over 100 items, giving attendees plenty of chances to bid on anything from gift baskets, hotel gift certificates, and jewelry to tool sets, a teeth whitening system, or cancer survivors’ artwork. This year’s live auction was particularly successful with 25 very special items. Bidders were given the chance to win an electric guitar, a trip to Florida, a paddleboard and many other exciting items. The Masks in the Moonlight Committee planned and perfected the entire evening. The committee is made up of staff members, Bismarck Cancer Center advisory board members, and community volunteers. The date for next year has been set for February 4, 2017, at Sixteen03 Main Events.

BCCF CALENDAR OF EVENTS May 2-6 June 3-5 June 11 June 15


project HOPE Rug Rat Softball Tournament Volkowitsch Golf Tournament Survivor Picnic


connecting lives

Get ready for the 7th Annual Volkowitsch Open Charity Golf Tournament, which promotes breast cancer awareness and raises money for both the BCC Foundation and National Break Cancer Research Foundation. The fun and wacky tournament will take place on Saturday, June 11, 2016. More information is available at the Volkowitsch Open Facebook page if you are interested in forming a team or sponsoring the event.

Rug Rats Softball Tournament On June 3-5, 2016, the 9th Annual Rug Rats Softball Tournament will take place at the Mandan Softball Complex in Mandan, ND. The tournament will include a men’s and women’s bracket, special contest, a silent auction, and more.

Survivor Picnic: June 15 The BCC will host their 7th annual Ice Cream Social and Celebration Picnic on Wednesday, June 15 from 5 – 7 p.m. in honor of all cancer survivors. All local cancer survivors and their guest are invited to attend this free celebration at Sertoma Park Community Shelter in Bismarck. For more information, please contact the BCC at 701-222-6100.

BCCF STAFF NEWS Joint Commission Accreditation The BCC (BCC) earned the Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval® for re-accreditation by demonstrating compliance with The Joint Commission’s national standards in ambulatory care organizations. The re-accreditation award recognizes BCC’s dedication to providing safe and effective care of the highest quality. BCC initially underwent a rigorous on-site survey in December 2012. In December 2015, a team of certified Joint Commission expert surveyors re-evaluated BCC. They randomly selected patients and used their medical records to evaluate standards compliance. They spoke with doctors, nurses, and other staff in order to get a feel for the patient’s experience at BCC. Surveyors also observed doctors and nurses providing care, and spoke to the patients themselves. In the end, the Joint Commission concluded that BCC was compliant with standards of care specific to the needs of patients, including emergency management, environment of care, infection prevention and control, leadership, and medication management. The Gold Seal of Approval® is a symbol of quality that reflects an organization’s commitment to providing safe and effective patient care. “We recognize Joint Commission accreditation as the Gold Seal for providing safe, high quality patient care. Achieving accreditation from The Joint Commission is a team effort that will bring confidence to our patients and give us a framework to provide the best care possible,” said Ken Dykes, Executive Director of BCC. Achieving accreditation makes a strong statement to the community about an organization’s efforts to provide the highest quality services. The Gold Seal of Approval® speaks volumes about BCC’s ability to organize and strengthen patient safety efforts. This gives BCC a competitive edge while helping us reduce risk and provide safety education to both patients and employees.

Brave the Shave Brave the Shave took over the Bismarck-Mandan area during the first two weeks of March. The annual event is our region’s largest childhood cancer fundraiser, and two of the BCC’s finest participated this year. IS Engineer, Jerome Jaszkowiak, and volunteer driver, Duane Aman, pledged to shave their heads in exchange for donations to the cause. On March 11, at the Brave the Shave Flagship Event presented by Basin Electric, Jerome and Duane felt the clippers sweep across their heads, knowing that their symbolic display of support was raising the awareness and funds that would directly help local children with cancer. They walked out of the building with bald heads, but full hearts. This year’s Brave the Shave raised a significant amount of money, which will be distributed to the Brave the Shave Family Fund, St. Baldrick’s Foundation, the BCC Foundation, Sanford HealthPediatric Oncology, and CHI St. Alexius Health’s NICU.

Charity is BCC’s New Dosimetrist in Training. In January, Charity switched from being a full-time radiation therapist at the BCC to working as a dosimetrist in training and is doing radiation therapy work when needed. After working at BCC for over seven years, she hopes that this new position will provide different career challenges.

BCC’s social worker Deb Colton earned her Oncology Social Work Certification in November 2015. The certification reflects her experience providing emotional and spiritual support to patients at BCC. In order to receive her OSW-C, Deb had to hold a master’s degree in social work, have at least three years of experience in oncology social work, do at least 50 percent of her social work with oncology patients, have a state social work license in good standing, and be a member of the Association of Oncology Social Workers (AOSW). In addition, she submitted three professional statements of support, led cancer support groups in the community, and participated in presentations about her work. For Deb, all of the hurdles to getting her OSW-C were well worth it. “I wanted patients to feel comfortable with me, and this certification helps them understand that I have the right education and experience to help them through their cancer journey,” Deb said. Linn Zander has joined the BCC staff as the new Outreach Service Manager. She will begin full-time work in mid-June, spreading information about BCC to small communities throughout North Dakota. Linn holds a bachelor’s degree in English and Communications from Minot State University and spent over 14 years working in pharmaceutical sales. For the past two years, she has worked as an English/Reading tutor at Bismarck Public Schools. As she begins her new job at BCC, she is excited to be out on the road and interact with clinics and healthcare providers again. “I feel like there are so many cancer patients out there that might not hear about the BCC and their positive impact unless I can reach them,” Linn said. “My desire is, to make a positive impact by spreading cancer awareness and education on the treatments that BCC has to offer.” Linn will replace Rhonda Fetch, who will be relocating to South Dakota with her family. Rhonda will continue to work part-time with BCC. In November 2015, Courtney Hoffmann joined the BCC staff as our new massage therapist. She has been working to provide BCC patients with a little something extra at the end of their treatments to make them feel relaxed and refreshed. Courtney holds an associate degree in Massage Therapy from Bismarck State College/Williston State College, is certified in oncology massage, and brings over eight years of experience. She has brought her education and experience to BCC in order to provide a healing, positive experience to cancer patients. Courtney is inspired every day by the BCC staff and her amazing patients. She is proud to be able to use her passion to give patients something to look forward to throughout their treatment journey. “Knowing that I am making a difference in someone’s life and that I can be there to help them ‘escape’ from treatment is an amazing feeling,” she said.

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Kandy Kasper Barb Roberts Kersten Verke The Benevity Community Impact Fund Lisa Loken Andy & Kariann Buntrock Kelli Wilson Paulette Riehl Joanne Lux Arthur Shull Victor Goetz Horizon Middle School Hat Day-Mrs. Maragos & Michaela Quaschnick Baldwin & Grace Lauinger Wes & Sandy Wiedenmeyer James Karn Lorraine Anderson Mr. & Mrs. James P. Rouse Mary Jane Herr eLendingNow-David Weikum Eugene & Joann Miller Rolland & Corky Messmer Charlene Bostyan Rebecca Thiem Don & Paulette Bentz Lloyd & Judy Schnaidt Mike & Judi Swanberg KMO, Inc.-Flash Printing Rhonda Mahlum Mike & LuAnn Hanson MaryAnn & Wilbert Hoesel Harry Albrecht Nestor & Jeanette Kilber Good Samaritan Society-Bismarck Kip Kraft Mike & Amy Gross Geraldine Eichele Martin Oil Arlyce Malarkey Spirit Lake Riders Motorcycle Club In Memory of Robert Matzke Diane Matzke In Memory of Jarid Hedstrand & Darlene Gumke Carol Henke In Celebration of Lynette Sondrol Linda J. Bauer In Honor of Donald Stumpf Mark & Marilyn Stumpf In Celebration of continuous healing of Diane Mary Mann & Diane Heck In Memory of Joani Smith Arnold Smith In Memory of Marge Hoffman Brenda Roller In Honor or Arlen Oberlander & Howard Howe Hildy & Kevin Oberlander In Honor of Lynn Salaj Mezzano Paula & Greg Salaj In Honor or Tommy Buchholz Dan Buhholz In Honor of Red Murphy High Plains Dental, PC In Celebration of Being Cancer Free Donald C. Hanson In Honor of Konston Schumacher Donald Schumacher In Memory of Dan Undem Lisa Undem In Celebration of Alice Voigt & Andrew Voigt Mary A.Voigt In Honor of Ken Dykes Dr. Hyder In Celebration of the Birth of Christ Fay Connell In Honor of Marvin Engraf Donald & Shelly Wanek In Memory of Richard Hartman and In Honor of Shirley Dvorak Pam Hartman In Honor of Susie Magilke Marlene B. Magilke

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500 N 8th Street, Bismarck, ND 58501


Project HOPE Casual Days! Area Business are supporting project HOPE during the week of May 2-6, 2016. This week-long community event helps build awareness about prevalent cancers in North Dakota while providing wellness tips to employees of participating businesses. This year’s Bismarck/Mandan project HOPE will promote community wellness, educate people about healthy lifestyles, spread awareness about cancer prevention and early detection, and raise money for the BCCF. During the week of project HOPE, participating businesses allow their employees to dress casually for the week and/or wear the designated cancer ribbon color of the day in support of cancer awareness. Each employee is typically asked to make a donation of $10 to the BCCF. In return, the Bismarck Cancer Center provides each business with posters, an awareness newsletter, stickers, wellness information, and anything else they need for project HOPE week. Last year over 150 Bismarck/Mandan businesses participated in this event and more than 8000 individuals received health and wellness information.

All proceeds from project HOPE support the BCCF. Donations stay local and are used to provide wrap-around services for cancer patients throughout North Dakota who need help with transportation, lodging, emotional and spiritual needs, and financial support. The Foundation works to wholly support patients—mind, body, and spirit. Businesses can register online at For more information, call Sara Kelsch at 701-222-6100.

Profile for Bismarck Cancer Center

Bismarck Cancer Center Spring 2016 Issue  

Another Great Year

Bismarck Cancer Center Spring 2016 Issue  

Another Great Year