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How to invest!

Dear Friends of Bishop Noll Institute:

Dear Friends,

You can make your most important gift ever to Bishop Noll by investing in the Ignite & Inspire campaign. Simply detach the campaign envelope inside this booklet, fill out your gift specifics and contact information, and mail it with your initial payment to BNI. Gifts can be made in installments, if desired, and you can specify on the envelope.

In my brief time in the Diocese of Gary, I have been very impressed with Bishop Noll Institute — the leadership, faculty, students, education and religious spirit. Noll provides an excellent high school experience for our young people, one that prepares them to succeed as disciples of Jesus Christ and their respective vocation in the world. Thousands of Noll alumni actively live their faith and contribute to the common good because of the foundation laid in their lives during those important high school years.

Ignite and Inspire — that’s what’s happening every day at Bishop Noll Institute. Our faculty and staff ignite a passion for learning within our students. Their examples as men and women of faith inspire our students to live up to the ideals for which we stand.

If you want to give in a manner not easily explained on the envelope, please contact Mary Ellen O’Neill at (219) 932-9058, ext. 1002, or by emailing moneill@bishopnoll.org. Please consider a gift to Ignite & Inspire, as this special campaign—above and beyond our Annual Fund efforts—is an investment in the future BNI.

I urge you to support Ignite and Inspire. This campaign will enable BNI to continue its mission of forming and educating our beloved young people in the 21st century. Peace and blessings! Sincerely in Christ,

Most Reverend Donald J. Hying Bishop of Gary

Our $3.5 million Ignite and Inspire Campaign will provide our students with a greatly enhanced curriculum so that they may take advantage of the many emerging areas of study and careers that higher education and the world of work now provide. Our faculty and staff enable our students to achieve milestones and miracles in a tremendously caring and supportive environment. The Campaign will reward their commitment to mission and ministry and further strengthen their skills and expertise. And at long last, we will have the outdoor facilities that make sense for our students in sports, band and other arenas. Please join us! Just as our students know that success is assured through teamwork — in study sessions, lab experiments and on the playing fields — we recognize that this next step is only possible with your heartfelt and prayerful support.

Ignite & Inspire Campaign Cabinet Mark Cloghessy ’76 Pete Doherty ’71 Jeffrey Kristoff ’63 Daniel ’68 & Leah ’69 Marias Msgr. Joseph Semancik ’45 Michael ’85 & Lori Prahovich ’85 Whelan Gregory ’82 & Beth Zagrocki

Yet the students ignite and inspire us as well. In the classrooms, labs, hallways, fieldhouse . . . wherever we look we see them explore, investigate, experiment and evolve. With each new revelation, they remind us that their experiences here, at Bishop Noll, are setting the stage for lifetime learning and commitment. These are the young men and women — educated in mind, body and soul — who one day will lead our church and our world . . . and that world is all the better with Bishop Noll students at the helm.

Diocese to Match First Half-Million Bishop Hying has approved a Diocese of Gary contribution of $500,000 to Ignite & Inspire as a match to gifts made to the campaign. Please help us maximize this opportunity and prayerfully consider a generous gift to the campaign for Bishop Noll Institute.

With gratitude,

Paul B. Mullaney, Class of 1977 President

• Enrollment is up— a 14-year high in 2015-16 • 11 Lilly Scholars from BNI since the program’s inception • Faculty recognitions at the state level • More alumni each year returning to BNI as teachers and staff

Ignite & Inspire— The Campaign for Bishop Noll Institute BNI is embarking on a $3.5 million campaign to dramatically strengthen curriculum, instruction, and outdoor athletic facilities. Simultaneously, our strategic plan is guiding advances and innovation in all areas of the school experience.

Ignite & Inspire We believe that young men and women are best prepared to leave a lasting mark on the world if they are equipped with a stellar education, exemplary faith development, and a steadfast moral compass. Bishop Noll Institute is uniquely qualified to provide this opportunity, and has done so for almost a century. Building on our strengths and history of accomplishment, BNI is poised to further ignite and inspire a generation of learners who will contribute greatly to humanity. Guided by a constellation of insight, expertise and wisdom as expressed in our strategic plan, parent research, alumni feedback and student interaction, our high school is prepared to move each aspect of the BNI experience — mind, body and soul — to the next level of excellence … with your help.

Generous God, in giving You thanks for all of Your gifts, we are humbled. In giving You thanks for our Bishop Noll family, we are blessed. In giving You thanks for all our blessings, Your glory shines.

Bishop Noll Institute — Enriching, Transformative Though test scores, college acceptances and scholarship offers reflect BNI’s record of success, it is the BNI experience, our connection as a close-knit, culturally diverse family, that defines us. Bringing together an ever growing student body from all backgrounds and communities, we reflect with profound gratitude on the way in which our students learn, grow, achieve and believe.

Bring forth inspired and generous Warriors. Ignite Your Spirit in current and future generations... Mind, Body and Soul. Through Christ our Lord.

As Lake County’s premier Catholic high school, we rejoice when the best universities across the country — University of Chicago, Purdue, Georgetown, IU, Stanford, Notre Dame — accept our students and offer prestigious scholarships and awards. Yet we are even more proud of our students as they become men and women who reflect the highest ideals of our faith, who value hard work and commitment, who bring these principles to their families, careers, churches and society. Our alumni circle the globe and extend the BNI influence around the world. And what a better world it is and will be, with more and more students from Bishop Noll leading the way.

“ Students at Bishop Noll learn what it means to be disciples of Christ; then the staff challenges them to live it in the classrooms, on the playing field, on stage, and in life.” Lorenza Jara Pastrick, Principal

Bless this campaign.

Amen. Rev. Kevin Scalf, C.PP.S. BNI Chaplain

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) — $1,000,000 Education for Global Leadership Hardly a day passes without another discovery of the need for STEM education and training. One out of every three jobs now requires STEM skills, and that number is rapidly rising. Student mastery of STEM disciplines correlates to college success. Bishop Noll Institute has long been an educational beacon for the area and will light the way in this arena. Early initiatives have begun and we are poised to expand our curriculum, facilities and expertise to a four-year comprehensive STEM program. The BNI STEM

advantage will increase student ability in these areas, and develop vitally important 21st century skills. The STEM focus will be augmented by new and growing partnerships with universities, corporations and associations that will provide our students with unparalleled opportunities. Additionally, after primary initiatives are in place, the STEM program at Noll will expand to incorporate Religion (“R”) and the Arts (“A”), fully integrating two of BNI’s curricular hallmarks into the STEM process as BNI will boast northwest Indiana’s only high school STREAM program.

“ While I had always had a love of science as a kid, it was from Mr. Maurice O’Hern that I got my first taste of real physics, which awakened in me a love that would direct the rest of my life. Mr. Walter Pikul taught me better than ANY other teacher I ever had (right through my Ph.D. in astrophysics) what it means to be a critical thinker and to do science with integrity and discipline. While the thought of being a priest was not really on my mind during those years, I now realize that I was learning what a fine priest does through the modeling of men like Fr. Pat Connolly and Fr. John Ambre (and the future Fr. Pat Kalich was even my guidance counselor!). I will be ever grateful to the men and women of BNI — past and present — who have formed young lives so well.” Very Rev. John F. Kartje, S.T.D., Ph.D., Class of 1983 Rector and President, Mundelein Seminary

“ All young people should be prepared to think deeply and to think well so that they have the chance to become the innovators, educators, researchers and leaders who can solve the most pressing challenges facing our nation and our world, both today and tomorrow. But right now, not enough of our youth have access to quality STEM learning opportunities and too few students see these disciplines as springboards for their careers.” U.S. Department of Education

Library/Media Center Renovation Six group study rooms, one classroom area, furnishings, technology, books, journals, and renovation (lighting/carpet/paint/electric/fiber optics). Maker Rooms Five group areas with designated focus for robotics, engineering, urban planning, natural science, green technology, etc. to allow for hands on learning. Space renovation, technology, tools, supplies and furnishings. Innovative Programming and Faculty Funding for new projects (rooftop ecosystem, butterfly habitat, bee keeping, courtyard environmental lab, etc.) and additional STEM focused faculty.

Classroom Infrastructure STEM — science, technology, engineering and math — all incorporate specific tools that require facility infrastructure that our 1962 building lacks. Enhanced bandwidth and next-generation technology are essential to support learning in today’s world. New Initiatives Reserve Fund The changing nature of education, the rapid evolution of technology, the adaptation of one-to-one computing — all this requires BNI to continually research and invest in the initiatives that offer the greatest benefit to our students.

“ Bishop Noll’s plan for STEM has every possible hallmark of excellence. The students coming to Noll will enjoy a tremendous advantage as they move into higher education and careers.” Dr. Carla C. Johnson Professor of Science Education, Purdue University Author, STEM Road Map — A Framework for Integrated STEM Education

“ Within the context of core knowledge instruction, students must also learn the essential skills for success in today’s world, such as critical thinking, problem solving, communication and collaboration.” Framework for 21st Century Learning

“ From the time I was small, I always wanted to be a paleontologist. While attending BNI, I was able to experience all of the advanced placement science and math courses that paved the way for collegiate success. Mrs. Kopanda, Ms. McCullough, and Mrs. Stemper opened my eyes to the world of math and science. I was able to enjoy all of the extracurricular activities that made high school memorable, while building the foundation needed to excel at college and beyond. Today I enjoy practicing engineering and working to find solutions for the always challenging applications. Thank you BNI for the great framework for success!” Rebecca Burrows Robbennolt, Class of 2000 Senior Manufacturing Engineer Modine Manufacturing Company

Instructional Excellence— $1,000,000 The BNI faculty and staff are essential to our exemplary experience of academic excellence and faith formation. Funding for immediate professional development and competitive compensation, coupled with an endowment to provide perpetual support for these endeavors, are critical investments for our school’s strength and future. In addition to staying current with best practices in their curricular areas, faculty and staff must be equipped to assist students and parents on the journey to college and beyond. Ensuring that our students succeed at BNI is not enough. We are committed to maximizing their college choices through academic preparation, college counseling and parent understanding. Although the Diocese sets salaries, additional compensation to attract and retain top notch faculty is essential and will become more and more necessary given the increasingly competitive market for quality educators. Often experienced, talented faculty members identify BNI as their first choice school, but go elsewhere as our wages and benefits cannot compete. Professional Development Advanced degree and licensure tuition support, STEM certification, and faculty wide training and formation (project/ problem based learning, differentiated instruction, multiple intelligences, writing, technology integration, college counseling, stretch schools, parent education, instructional best practices, etc.) enable our teachers to ignite and inspire their students every day. Competitive Compensation In today’s competitive hiring environment, signing/retention bonuses and other incentives allow us to attract and retain the best teachers and administrators.

“ I started high school with a novel in my hands and a singular intention: to get through the next four years as quickly as possible. After ten years of navigating the complex and sometimes cruel cliques that arise in a small primary school, I had no intention of entering the social scene; high school was for me a bus stop to bigger and better things like college and a career, and my shyness encouraged that mindset. Then, one morning before school sophomore year, English teacher Mrs. Terry Putz interrupted my reading to ask if I would consider assisting with yearbook, and I, ever a fan of making albums, said yes. But Mrs. Putz had high standards for her yearbooks; every last, interesting event that happened at Noll had to be documented in the best of English, and I mean everything. For three years I wrote story after story about every dance, club, class, drama and sports event, interviewed students and became more and more involved. Now as a fantasy author I’m still seeing the world through stories, using my experiences living in South Africa to inspire my novels much in the same way I saw high school through yearbook. I’m grateful to Mrs. Putz and others for helping me to hone that skill, but what I will always remember most of all is how she managed for one shy student (and quite magically, I might add), to turn a bus stop into a home.” Kim Kasper, Class of 2007 Author, The Merman’s Mark Writing as Tara Omar

“ Today, few American students pursue expertise in STEM fields—and we have an inadequate pipeline of teachers skilled in those subjects.” U.S. Department of Education

“ I have very fond memories of many of my BNI classes and teachers. The teacher who inspired me most and strongly influenced my career was Sister Scholastica, who taught both Chemistry and Physics. She was a superb teacher who set very high standards for everyone around her. Her scientific knowledge and professionalism commanded the respect of all her students, me among them. She challenged me and always encouraged me to excel. All of this helped me enormously in college, in graduate school at Cornell University, and throughout my career. I owe more than I can ever repay to Sister Scholastica and to Bishop Noll.” Thomas Appelquist, Class of 1959 Yale University, Professor of Physics

“ I am grateful for the foundation and inspiration Bishop Noll provided me as a student, but I am equally if not more grateful for the solid foundation BNI provided my two sons (classes of 2010 and 2014). My sons were well prepared for top-level universities from the solid curriculum offered at Noll, the spiritual development within its Catholic culture, and their growth as well-rounded students enhanced by their participation in football and track. And my youngest son’s foundation in the Chinese language at Noll has ignited his career goal to double-major in international business and Chinese.” Honorable Sheila Moss, Class of 1974 Superior Court Judge, Lake County Parent of BNI Graduates Daniel and Gilbert King

Outdoor Facilities — $1,500,000 The enthusiasm and commitment our student athletes bring to BNI is inspiring, but our facilities are not . . . yet. The current aged facilities are beyond repair and no longer competitive with the standards of high schools today. While numerous improvements have been made to our indoor areas, we now look to the fields adjacent to the school. Transforming this space will greatly enhance our sports, extracurricular and band programs. This aspect of the campaign will focus on replacing the existing football field and installing an eight-lane all-weather track to run parallel to Chicago Avenue. This renovation generates significant benefits for our entire school family and surrounding community. • Football, Soccer, Track, Band and PE classes will all use the new field. Soccer and Band participation has been rising steadily over the last several years. • The new facility will host BNI events and community functions in addition to offering rental opportunities, sponsorship and advertising revenue, etc. • New bleachers and lights will significantly enhance the student and spectator experience.

Current, aged athletic facility

Giving Opportunities

“ I’ve watched Noll get better and better — and I’ve been watching for a long time. You kids here today are lucky — you are getting an incredible experience and opportunity — in your classrooms, on the playing fields and in your hearts and souls. Be grateful for your parents and teachers. They are giving you an extraordinary gift, one that will reward you year after year, throughout your entire lives.” Mike McGill, Class of 1964 Linebacker, Notre Dame, Minnesota Vikings, St. Louis Cardinals

Bishop Noll must raise $3.5 million to accomplish these goals. Our students deserve no less, and we must be bold and invite substantial commitment from all our stakeholders. This is a major undertaking for BNI that will only be successful with your support. Please consider . . . • a significant, leadership gift to underwrite an essential component of this program. • a pledge, over three years, to extend the limits of your generosity. • a contribution of stock or other appreciated assets, which often carries additional tax benefits. • a gift from life insurance, IRAs or other investment vehicles. • a bequest, in addition to a campaign contribution.

You may wish to make your gift in memory or honor of a loved one, student, faculty member, colleague or friend. This is a meaningful way to pay tribute. Corporate matching gifts can double and sometimes triple your donation. There are countless options for the way in which you shape your gift, but only one question: What is the best way to express a measure of gratitude for all the blessings that Bishop Noll Institute has given me, my family, and this community? Please make a gift that gives you joy and blesses the students here today, tomorrow and for our next 100 years.

NCAA National Champion & AllAmerican, Super Bowl participant After presenting BNI with the NFL Golden Football, making Noll part of the Super Bowl High School Honor Roll “ When I was a sophomore at a public high school I saw ‘Bye, Bye, Birdie’ at Noll and was awestruck by the talent and magic on stage; it changed my life. I wanted in, so I transferred and was cast in roles that were more than just fun. The roles helped foster a love of performing and I learned to work with others toward an exhilarating goal. The stage and the classroom helped teach me about the world and about myself. A good education takes you on such a path of discovery. That little stage turned out to be the first stop on a bracing adventure in broadcasting. Thank you, Bishop Noll!” Phil Ponce, Class of 1967 Host of WTTW-TV’s Chicago Tonight

A vision for the future

Your gift could

Your gift could

• a passion for science in a student who goes on to discover a desperately needed cure. • a teacher’s interest in new methodologies that help students learn more easily. • an athlete’s spirit of teamwork and commitment.

• a first generation student to go on to college. • students to employ creative uses of new technology to address social justice issues such as poverty, hunger and housing. • a scholar who returns to teach at Bishop Noll to pay forward this wonderful legacy of academic excellence, faith formation and moral development.



Please be generous as you Ignite and Inspire our students with your pledge to the Campaign for Bishop Noll Institute!

Bishop Noll Institute • 1519 Hoffman Street, Hammond, Indiana 46327 • 219-932-9058 www.BishopNoll.org • campaign@bishopnoll.org

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Bni ignite capital campaign booklet web