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Terri Meyer Boake

Diagrid Structures Systems, Connections, Details PAGES ILLS. FORMAT

approx. 184 250 in color, 50 color drawings 28.0 × 22.0 cm, Softcover


 UR 39.95 / USD 56.00 E 978-3-03821-564-6 English

EBOOK  EUR 39.95 / USD 56.00

978-3-03821-482-3 English PRINT+EBOOK EUR 59.95 / USD 84.00

978-3-03821-514-1 English Available January 2014

Optimized structural steel systems


Diagrids are load-bearing structures made of steel diagonal grids. They were first used in the great buildings of the turn of the millennium, such as the Swiss Re Tower in London (“The Gherkin”) and the Hearst Magazine Tower in New York City. Dagrids owe their ensuing popularity not only to their stunning aesthetic value, but also to their very tangible benefits: lateral loading capacity, a massive saving of material, a significant gain in open, usable floor area, and increased flexibility. At its opening in 2014, the Leadenhall Building in London will be the first skyscraper without a bearing inner core — thanks to a diagrid structure.This book explains comprehensively for the first time all of the aspects

involved in this new bearing structure. The author, experienced in teaching, research, and practice (recent publication: Understanding Steel Design. An Architectural Design Manual, 2011), has tracked the development of this technology from its beginnings and employs photographic documentation of the construction phases of many diagrid structures.

An innovative structural system from concept to construction Detailed and descriptive, based on photographic accounts of building phases Enhancing the understanding of advanced architecture


Eva Herrmann, Marcus Kaiser, Tobias Katz

SCALE: Furnish I Zone Space Concepts, Fitting-out, Materials PAGES ILLS. FORMAT

approx. 176 25 b/w, 150 in color, 200 tables 28.0 × 22.0 cm, Softcover


 UR 44.95 / USD 63.00 E 978-3-0346-0742-1 English

EBOOK  EUR 44.95 / USD 63.00

978-3-03821-267-6 English PRINT+EBOOK EUR 69.95 / USD 98.00

978-3-03821-268-3 English Available May 2014

Designing and constructing interiors


How is space shaped, what elements are employed in that process, and how are the components that shape space defined? The forth volume of the SCALE series, Furnish | Zone, treats the relationship between building typology, building structure, spatial composition, and interior architecture. It reveals how formulating the task relates to the list of requirements and explains the relationship between the shell and finishing the interior. Furnish | Zone includes an introduction to the topic of space and chapters on dressing and cladding, separating, and adapting. Structured according to interiors elements, it effectively covers all the tasks of interior architecture and provides a valuable tool for

designing everything from store fixtures to office spaces. Connections for walls, ceilings, and floors are explained in detail and supplemented by comments on selected projects. In addition, Furnish | Zone shows the potential added value of carefully considering the design of spaces, for example, in terms of materials and lighting, or by making spaces and functions flexible.

From design to construction: interior finishing in detail Comments on selected projects illustrate and provide clear explanations Comprehensively covers all the tasks of interior architecture

4 | BIRKHÄUSER | Types | Functions

Eckhard Feddersen, Insa Lüdtke (Ed.)

lost in space Architecture and Dementia PAGES ILLS. FORMAT

approx. 240 80 b/w, 320 in color 28.0 × 22.0 cm, Hardcover


 UR 59.95 / USD 84.00 E 978-3-03821-500-4 English

EBOOK  EUR 59.95 / USD 84.00

978-3-03821-120-4 English PRINT+EBOOK EUR 89.95 / USD 126.00

978-3-03821-124-2 English Available May 2014

How can we provide good spatial orientation for people with dementia?


More than 35 million people worldwide currently live with dementia, and the number will double by 2050 according to professional forecasts. This development also presents a unique challenge to architecture and urban planning, because dementia is associated with problems in orientation and, hence, is closely related to spatial contexts. How can apartments, homes, public buildings, outdoor spaces, neighborhoods, and cities, even environmental design and infrastructure be designed, in order to meet the needs of people with dementia as well as their care-givers? What significance do light, color, and acoustics have?

Questions such as these are addressed extensively in a selection of professional essays that also carve out specific requirements for various disciplines. Moreover, documentation of several international projects identifies concrete specific solution models. Therefore, this book is a useful guide to all disciplines involved in design and planning: architects, interior designers, engineers, builders, town planners, local authorities, industries but also to friends and family members.

Combines research findings with practical applications Published by the authors of the successful design manual Living for the Elderly With a contribution by Jonathan Franzen (My Father's Brain)

Types | Functions | BIRKHÄUSER | 5 Prue Chiles (Ed.), Leo Care, Howard Evans, Anna Holder, Claire Kemp

School Building Key Issues for Contemporary Design PAGES ILLS. FORMAT

approx. 224 310 b/w, 140 in color 30.0 × 23.0 cm, Hardcover


 UR 69.95 / USD 98.00 E 978-3-0346-0751-3 English


 UR 69.95 / USD 98.00 E 978-3-03821-547-9 English

PRINT+EBOOK EUR 109.95 / USD 154.00

978-3-03821-548-6 English Available May 2014

School buildings: inspiring best-practice solutions


For some time now, school buildings have represented an important field in architecture, and there is an enduring interest in the challenges this design task presents. This publication explains in eleven chapters the central parameters for this architectural typology: The role of the school in the community or neighborhood, questions of sustainability, flexible spaces for learning, the role of furniture, participation in the design process, learning outside the classroom, landscape design, opportunities and challenges of special schools, and the role of new pedagogical concepts. Each theme is thoroughly investigated and illustrated with numerous buildings presenting model solutions for specific problems or aspects.

New school buildings are in increasing demand Numerous international case studies demonstrate exemplary design ideas Team of authors from the University of Sheffield presenting current research

6 | BIRKHÄUSER | Architects | Buildings

Lutz Windhöfel

Architectural Guide Basel New Buildings in the Trinational City since 1980 approx. 384 500 b/w, 100 monochrome graphics FORMAT 17.0 × 12.0 cm, Softcover PAGES ILLS.


 UR 32.95 / USD 46.00 E 978-3-03821-397-0 English

Available May 2014

The Architectual Guide Basel in its fourth, expanded edition


There is no other place of comparable size where one can experience local and global building cultures side by side the way one can in Basel with its trinational urban space in Switzerland, Germany, and France. The local stars Herzog & de Meuron and Diener & Diener have long been active internationally. And building sponsors like Vitra, Novartis, and Beyeler have commissioned – and continue to commission – buildings by Frank Gehry, Zaha Hadid, Tadao Ando, Sanaa (Kazuyo Sejima/Ryue Nishizawa), Alvaro Siza, Renzo Piano, and others.

In its fourth, expanded edition – with 44 new projects (for a total of 156) – the Architectural Guide Basel highlights the immediate present. But it also attempts to trace the development that this vital architecture scene has experienced since 1980. An entire double page is devoted to each project. The classification of the buildings by neighbourhood and zone, organized in thirteen chapters and presented in thirteen clearly laid out maps, is designed to facilitate exploration. All tram connections and addresses have been updated in the course of preparing this new edition.

More than 15'000 copies sold Fourth, expanded edition including 44 new buildings of recent years Thirteen maps make it easy to find one’s way around the city All addresses and traffic links have been fully updated

Architects | Buildings | BIRKHÄUSER | 7

Park Avenue Armory, Herzog & de Meuron, Gerhard Mack

Herzog & de Meuron Transforming Park Avenue Armory New York PAGES ILLS.


344 52 b/w, 733 in color, 114 monochrome graphics 33.0 × 24.0 cm, Hardcover  UR 79.95 / USD 99.95 E 978-3-03821-546-2 English

Available May 2014

A leading contribution by the global Swiss architects on the current debate regarding historic structures


How to deal with historic buildings has long been a core issue of the international architectural discourse. Herzog & de Meuron began addressing the potential of existing structures very early on: the maintenance and alteration of buildings are among the key strategies of the architects. For the Park Avenue Armory in New York, Herzog & de Meuron have designed a new model for dealing with monuments. The historical building was opened in 1881 on the Upper East Side of Manhattan as a meeting place and training ground for the National Guard, and boasts a rich mixture of different styles. Herzog & de Meuron developed a multifaceted strategy for the transformation

of the building, now used as a cultural center, that allows for a combination of restoration, transformation, and innovation. From the exposure of historic structures to the addition of new elements, the architecture combines different aspects and gains a new vibrancy. In the current debate, this departure from the practice of historic preservation in the United States is, beyond its value as an actual example, a unique contribution that unfolds in close reference to material. It is exemplary and groundbreaking.

Explanatory texts and interviews with all involved architects Numerous plan drawings and historical photographs Extensive documentation of the restorative work and contemporary additions

8 | BIRKHÄUSER | Studies | Professional Practice

Michael Shamiyeh (Ed.)

Driving Desired Futures Turning Design Thinking into Real Innovation PAGES ILLS. FORMAT

424 450 in color 22.5 × 19.0 cm, Softcover


 UR 39.95 / USD 56.00 E 978-3-03821-534-9 English

EBOOK  EUR 39.95 / USD 56.00

978-3-03821-284-3 English PRINT+EBOOK EUR 59.95 / USD 84.00

978-3-03821-310-9 English Available January 2014

Incalculable design: How can ideas take root in established systems?


Headed by the slogan “Design Thinking,” a debate has unfolded over the last ten years about design methods, which goes far beyond the specialist boundaries of design disciplines. Executives and business owners today recognize the potential for economic innovation lying in the creative and analytical mindset of designers. The extensive literature available on “Design Thinking” focuses on the methodology of the design process, while the conditions necessary to spark innovation processes in the first place, have long remained more or less unnoticed. Driving Desired Futures starts here and asks how established innovations arise from a simple idea. What criteria are mostly likely to

be the basis from which the ideas of an individual can take hold in a social system? What are conditions, under which they can become incorporated into a diverse group of people? What topics induce managers to choose and then to invest in a specific idea? Questions such as these are pursued in international contributions by renowned experts, using the first digital camera as a case study. They identify the individual and social processes associated with the exchange and implementation of new ideas.

Analysis of innovation processes based on a well-known example: the first digital camera, which was developed by Kodak International experts from different fields analyze groundbreaking ideas and how they became established

Studies | Professional Practice | BIRKHÄUSER | 9

Bert Bielefeld (Ed.)

Basics Architectural Presentation PAGES approx. 416 ILLS. 330 b/w, 70 in color,

150 graphics, 170 tables FORMAT 22.0 × 15.0 cm, Softcover PRINT

 UR 39.95 / USD 56.00 E 978-3-03821-527-1 English

Available May 2014

Also new and available as single volume:

Basics Budgeting pages FORMAT

approx. 72 22.0 × 15.0 cm, Softcover


 UR 14.95 / USD 21.00 E 978-3-03821-532-5 English

Basics Freehand Drawing

From freehand drawing to architectural photography: basics of architectural presentation


Students of architecture are confronted at the beginning of their studies with a wealth of different ways in which to visually present their designs. Expressing ideas in the form of drawings and models is usually required in the early stages of studying: "learning by doing" is the only way for students to quickly develop a repertoire for their design work. However, there are important issues to consider between the phases of devising the spatial concept and recreating it in a twoor three-dimensional drawing or physical model: How to construct a perspective freehand drawing? What plan drawings are necessary to present my design? What scale should my model be and what materials should I use to construct it? Basics Architectural Presentation combines the highly

successful single volumes Engineering Drawing, CAD, Building Models, and Architectural Photography from the academic series BASICS with a yet to be published volume entitled Freehand Drawing. Step-by-step, it conveys possible ways to present architectural projects throughout the various project phases. In an informative and practical approach, the publication discusses the basics of architectural representation from freehand drawing, which is especially important in the design phase, to the plan drawing, model, and architecture photography. The student architect learns the tools necessary for presenting his or her work, supported by many concrete examples and practical tips that are directly applicable.

pages FORMAT

approx. 80 22.0 × 15.0 cm, Softcover


 UR 14.95 / USD 21.00 E 978-3-03821-545-5 English

The study companion for architecture representation, extended to include the new volume Freehand Drawing Indispensable tool for new students Coherent educational concept

10 | BIRKHÄUSER | TheorY | History

Christian Borch (Ed.)

Architectural Atmospheres PAGES ILLS. FORMAT

approx. 112 40 in color 17.0 × 24.0 cm, Hardcover


 UR 24.95 / USD 35.00 E 978-3-03821-512-7 English


EUR 24.95 / USD 35.00 978-3-03821-178-5 English

PRINT+EBOOK EUR 39.95 / USD 56.00

978-3-03821-206-5 English Available March 2014

An Architecture of Atmospheres


Architecture is increasingly understood to be a sensual, spatial experience, which means that the experience of buildings and spatial constellations is also a perception of atmospheres that are rated as positive or negative. Architects, planners, investors, and politicians must produce effects such as these according to intersubjective and communicable criteria, and not intuitively or randomly. “Architectural Atmospheres” addresses the growing awareness of the atmospheric dimension of architecture and provides a current, programmatic discussion of this topic. What possibilities does this approach open to architecture, what value does this

knowledge have? Three essays and a conversation lead a cross-discipline discussion on the impact of architecture, and contribute to the debate first initiated by Peter Zumthor. The texts are accompanied by approximately forty color images that capture architectural moods in a variety of ways.

Current knowledge on a core issue of architectural, political, economic, and public discourse With contributions by Christian Borch, Juhani Pallasmaa, Gernot Böhme, and Olafur Eliasson Approximately 40 color illustrations

Landscape Architecture | BIRKHÄUSER | 11

Hermann von Pückler-Muskau

Hints on Landscape Gardening English Edition with the Illustrations of the Atlas of 1834 PAGES ILLS. FORMAT

approx. 176 44 in color, 4 maps 24.0 × 28.0 cm, Hardcover


 UR 49.95 / USD 70.00 E 978-3-03821-469-4 English


EUR 49.95 / USD 70.00 978-3-03821-488-5 English

PRINT+EBOOK EUR 79.95 / USD 112.00

978-3-03821-092-4 English Available February 2014

A classic in a beautiful edition


Park Muskau, Prince Pückler’s extraordinary nineteenth-century creation on both sides of the River Neisse, together with Hints on Landscape Gardening (Andeutungen über Landschaftsgärtnerei), his instructive 1834 treatise based on the park’s design, are as important to American landscape architects as the work and writings of Frederick Law Olmsted. This thoroughly new and authoritative edition translated by John Hargraves, with an introduction by landscape historian and Pückler authority Linda Parshall, contains the same forty-four images and four maps as the original large-format Atlas accompanying the German text. Published in collaboration with the Foundation for Land-

scape Studies, the print edition of the book shall be matched by an electronic publication that contains the illustrations in a size corresponding with the original dimensions (approx. 51 x 35 cm) of the Atlas. The page concordance in the margins of the translated text allows for a precise reference to the German original.

Im cooperation with the Foundation for Landscape Studies Adequate to the original of 1834 in text and images A textbook, a good read, a fine gift

12 | BIRKHÄUSER | Landscape Architecture

Peter Petschek

Grading LandscapingSMART 3D-Machine Control Stormwater Management PAGES ILLS. FORMAT PRINT

approx. 288 70 b/w, 10 tables 24.0 × 17.5 cm, Softcover  UR 34.95 / USD 49.00 E 978-3-03821-508-0 English

Available April 2014

Grading basics


Grading is one the most important aspects involved in landscape architecture, and, together with planting and vegetation, the most important tool in designing landscape. Landscape architects must be able to design using contour lines, as well as rapidly develop alternatives and consider options regarding design, ecology, economy, and technology. Knowledge of grading is an indispensable prerequisite. The book explains the basic aspects of grading such as land forms, scales, interpolation, elevation points, contour lines, earth mass calculation, and also introduces the topics of slope protection systems, rainwater management, or onsite grading.In the second

edition, these basics have been updated to comprise new technologies including landscapingSMART, digital terrain modeling (DTM) and 3D machine control, as well as grading for roads and parking lots, and other terrain modeling construction machines. Numerous practical examples complement the theoretical foundations, and there is a section for exercises aimed at applying what has been learned.

The successful first edition is extended to include landscapingSMART, BIM, and 3D machine control systems Basic tool for terrain modeling Best Practice examples and exercises Foreword by Peter Walker

Landscape Architecture | BIRKHÄUSER | 13

Hans Loidl, Stefan Bernard

Open(ing) Spaces Design as Landscape Architecture PAGES ILLS. FORMAT

192 300 monochrome 23.0 × 23.0 cm, Hardcover


 UR 39.95 / USD 56.00 E 978-3-03821-487-8 English

EBOOK  EUR 39.95 / USD 56.00

978-3-03821-223-2 English PRINT+EBOOK EUR 59.95 / USD 84.00

978-3-03821-231-7 English Available January 2014

Reprint of the popular workbook


“What does the landscape architect actually do as a design?” The authors investigate this seemingly simple question: What resources are available for designing open spaces? What part is played by conditions deriving from nature? How are locations and spaces created in the open air, how are paths routed and boundaries set, how are hard and soft materials used? Drawing on practical and theoretical experience, this introduction, often used as a textbook, reveals the central components of design and the intellectual paths followed in the design process.“The book is not so much for reading but for doing. It plays with shapes, imagining how people feel in these shapes and seeing how shapes

create a different experience of landscape. Vegetation can make the relief of a hill clearer, less clear, indistinct or hidden. The authors show this by sketches illustrating the text … As an example of the way Loidl and Bernard set their readers thinking for themselves, I quote what they regard as good design: 'The paradox of a good design solution: more uniformity needs more variety.' Food for thought. Or read Open(ing) Spaces.” (Martin Woestenburg in 'scape, 2006)

A comprehensive introduction to creative design Adequate presentation in sketches by the authors An attractive tool for ideas

14 | BIRKHÄUSER | Design

Deutscher Designer Club (DDC)

Gute Gestaltung/ Good Design 14 PAGES ILLS. FORMAT

approx. 540 645 in color 19.0 × 14.0 cm, Hardcover


 UR 44.95 / USD 63.00 E 978-3-03821-536-3 English / German

EBOOK  EUR 44.95 / USD 63.00

978-3-03821-311-6 English / German PRINT+EBOOK EUR 69.95 / USD 98.00

978-3-03821-312-3 English / German Available June 2014

Prizewinning design 2014

English / German

Gute Gestaltung/ Good Design 14 presents prizewinning designs from all disciplines. Whether architecture, corporate design, digital media, graphic fine arts, product design, photo, or film, the works awarded prizes by the Deutscher Designer Club (DDC) in its annual Gute Gestaltung (Good Design) competition demonstrate design excellence and skillful use of form. They document the high level of quality maintained by the contributing designers and firms.

This book invites comparison, both within and between the various categories, making it a valuable and handy compendium of project assignments and creative solutions.

Up-to-date overview of prizewinning design from German-speaking countries Covers all disciplines Designs are judged by a jury consisting of experts in the field Publication by the respected Deutscher Designer Club

Design | BIRKHÄUSER | 15

Swiss Foundation Type and Typography, Heidrun Osterer, Philipp Stamm

Adrian Frutiger – Typefaces The Complete Works PAGES ILLS. FORMAT

460 620 b/w, 430 in color 31.0 × 24.5 cm, Hardcover


 UR 59.95 / USD 84.00 E 978-3-03821-526-4 English

EBOOK  EUR 59.95 / USD 84.00

978-3-03821-260-7 English PRINT+EBOOK EUR 89.95 / USD 126.00

978-3-03821-261-4 English Available March 2014

Now available as a study edition: The Complete Works of type designer Adrian Frutiger


The international creation of typefaces after 1950 was decisively influenced by the Swiss type designer Adrian Frutiger. His Univers typeface and the machine-readable font OCR-B, which was adopted as an ISO standard, are milestones, as is his type for the Paris airports, which set new standards for signage types and evolved into the Frutiger typeface. With his corporate types, he helped to define the public profiles of companies such as the Japanese Shiseido line of cosmetics. In all he created some fifty types, including Ondine, Méridien, Avenir, and Vectora.

Based on conversations with Frutiger himself and on extensive research in France, England, Germany, and Switzerland, this publication provides a highly detailed and accurate account of the type designer’s artistic development. All of his types – from the design phase to the marketing stage – are illustrated and analyzed with reference to the technology and related types. Hitherto unpublished types that were never realized and more than one hundred logos complete the picture. With this study edition Frutiger's oeuvre is finally available again.

Now available as a study edition: the reference work on Frutiger's accomplishments Extensive image material and detailed background information on the typeface canon of the Swiss designer

16 | Detail

best of Detail: GLAS / best of Detail: GLASS Transparenz versus Transluzenz / Transparency versus translucence PAGES ILLS. FORMAT

200 with numerous figures 29.7 x 21.0, Softcover


 UR 49.00 / USD 69.00 E 978-3-95553-202-4 English / German

EBOOK  EUR 49.00 / USD 69.00

978-3-95553-203-1 English / German PRINT+EBOOK EUR 72.50 / USD 102.00

978-3-95553-204-8 English / German Available March 2014

Glass - a fascinating material

English / German

Glass shapes architecture, offering architects scope for playing with the relationship between “inside and outside” and how people relate to space and nature. It influences interior light and warmth, offering special spatial atmospheres and views. Glass needs other materials to hold, carry and support it, so using it requires an integrative approach involving various disciplines. Good glass architecture is the result of a successful interaction between design, technology, construction and implementation. Depending on its composition, glass appears transparent or translucent, coloured or clear. Best of Detail: Glass combines highlights from DETAIL and DETAILgreen on the topic of glass, transpar-

ency and translucence. Starting with fundamental questions, the book offers a theoretical basis, details on many practically implemented projects, and plenty of inspiration and examples of successful structural solutions.

Integrative work processes for successful glass architecture Transparent experiments and material developments Glass - mediating between inside and outside, between people and nature

Ambra | 17

Anna Popelka, Georg Poduschka (Eds.)

Speaking Architecture PPAG Phenomenology/ Phänomenologie PAGES 538 ILLS. 600 FORMAT 28.5 x 23.5, Softcover PRINT

 UR 48.63 / USD 68.00 E 978-3-99043-637-0 English / German

Available April 2014

Monograph on one of Austria’s most innovative architecture offices “Things can always be done even better,” is the motto of Anna Popelka and Georg Poduschka. Based on a selection of around 30 completed projects of varying sizes and types, discussed in an impressive collection of contributions, this book offers its readers an inside view of the maximized worlds PPAG architects creates.

English / German

PPAG enjoy their work and it shows: Their Enzi furniture modules and have become one of Vienna’s signature attractions, as the 215,000 participants in the yearly online color selection votings prove. The construction of the Favoriten educational campus in Vienna’s 10th district is currently underway.

It is considered a reinvention of institutional construction that meets the requirements of modern school facilities. PPAG Architects is also working on a number of specialized large-scale residential projects, a gourmet restaurant and a hotel-office-restaurant hybrid. Architecture isn’t about a stringent, recognizable style for PPAG. Instead they pursue innovation, the unknown and variety while striving to achieve more.

Monograph on the architects of the Wien Favoriten educational campus, the ENZI urban furniture of Vienna’s MuseumsQuartier, the Europan6 Wohnberg residential project and many others The projects are discussed in three interconnected sections: Projects – Compendium – Plans The volume was published as a luxury edition

18 | Ambra

Sensuality indigital design

Technische Universität Graz

GAM 10: Intuition & the Machine [Graz Architecture Magazine] PAGES 264 ILLS. numerours in color FORMAT 27.4 × 22.6 cm, Softcover PRINT

 UR 19.44 / USD 27.00 E 978-3-99043-620-2 English / German

The sensual dimension of digital construction, simulation and design methods Intuition in the dialogue between people and digital design devices The 10th issue of GAM, the architecture magazin of the TU Graz

English / German

Available April 2014

Digital media have enriched architectural production in many ways. They have created their own separate array of simulation, design and planning instruments, new fabrication and construction processes and generate new spatial experiences. This expansion of our sensual perception and its effects on our physicality and intuitively steered processes are the matter of extensive discussion in architecture when it comes to designing the surroundings of our lives in the future. In this context it becomes clear that human intuition is once again gaining importance as the counterpart to rational processes. What should we think of this tendency? Does it create the potential for a more sensual and intuitive handling of complexity in architectural design? Or is it this endorsement of intuition a flight from media technology as it continues its advance into more and more aspects of our lives? The authors of GAM.10 focus on the new forms of interaction between digital and architectural worlds of knowledge and experiences.

The best buildings in Styria 2013

Nathalie de Vries, Eva Guttmann, Haus der Architektur Graz

Architektur. Landschaft /  Architecture. Landscape Architekturjahrbuch Graz Steiermark 2013 /  Architecture Yearbook Graz Styria 2013 PAGES approx. 160 ILLS.  100 FORMAT 22.5 × 28.0 cm, Softcover


 UR 38.86 / USD 54.00 E 978-3-99043-633-2 English / German

EBOOK  EUR 38.86 / USD 54.00

English/ German

978-3-99043-641-7 English / German PRINT+EBOOK EUR 57.00 / USD 80.00

978-3-99043-642-4 English / German Available February 2014

This is the sixteenth time the Styrian Architecture Award is awarded For the third time, the winner was selected by a curator, who is also responsible for the design of the corresponding publication, instead of a jury. Nathalie de Vries, of the MVRDV architecture office in The Netherlands was chosen to be the curator of this year’s award. Her choice includes six projects of varying typologies and sizes. What these buildings in different regions of Styria have in common is their great awareness for the individual urban and suburban contexts as well the intensive, discursive process that characterized their planning and completion. This publication describes the projects and features commentaries by the architects, users and clients that accompany the expressive images both in context and detail.

Curated and conceived by Nathalie de Vries / MVRDV Includes an essay by Werner Schandor and photographs by Michael Goldgruber Edition designed by Margit Steidl

Ambra | 19

Bernhard Leitner

Saving the Wittgenstein House Vienna from Demolition A Documentation 06/1969 – 21/06/1971 PAGES ILLS. FORMAT

140 91 30.5 × 23.0 cm, Softcover


 UR 34.04 / USD 48.00 E 978-3-99043-617-2 English / German

EBOOK  EUR 34.04 / USD 48.00

978-3-99043-618-9 English / German PRINT+EBOOK EUR 59.95 / USD 84.00

978-3-99043-619-6 English / German Available

Ludwig Wittgenstein's Architecture – A Building as a Manifesto

English/ German

“Did you know, Logical Positivists, that the late Ludwig Wittgenstein, the Austrian philosopher who’s very in with art worldings these days, was also a one-shot architect? And that now there’s is one-man movement afoot to save the single house he designed and built in Vienna? The movement is Bernhard Leitner, a young Austrian architect, over here on a stint with the city’s Office of Midtown Planning and Development.” The New York Times, February 22, 1970.

In June 1971, the demolition of the Wittgenstein House was resolved by the City of Vienna with the authorisation of the Landmarks Preservation Office. This demolition was stopped at the last minute. It was the improbable end of a two-year rescue campaign operated from New York. Bernhard Leitner collected unique photographs as well as facsimiles of documents that illustrate the incredible odyssey that ended in the rescue of this architectural jewel.

Bernhard Leitner is considered the savior of the Wittgenstein House Letters, photos and reports document his efforts to save the building First time available as book

20 | Ambra

On research an education in architecture and Information Technology

Ludger Hovestadt, Vera Bühlmann (Ed.)

EigenArchitecture PAGES ILLS. FORMAT

208 105 28.4 × 21.5 cm, Softcover


 UR 42.37 / USD 59.00 E 978-3-99043-626-4 English

EBOOK  EUR 42.37 / USD 59.00

978-3-99043-627-1 English PRINT+EBOOK EUR 69.00 / USD 98.00

978-3-99043-628-8 English 

On resaerch and education in architecture and information technology Re-reading of George Boole, Richard Dedekind, Hermann Grassmann and Bernhard Riemann Arguing for a literacy of the digital


Available December 2013

This book shifts the frame of reference for today’s network- and structure oriented discussions from the applied computational tools of the 20th century back to the abstractness of 19th century mathematics. It re-reads George Boole, Richard Dedekind, Hermann Grassmann and Bernhard Riemann in a surprising manner. EigenArchitecture argues for a literacy of the digital, displacing the role of geometrical craftsmanship. Thus, architecture can be liberated from today’s economical, technocratic and bureaucratic straight jackets: from physicalistic optimization, sociological balancing, and ideological naturalizations. The book comprises a programmatic text on the role of technology in architecture, a philosophical text on the generic and on algebraic articulation, and six exemplary projects by postgraduate students in 2012 at the Chair for Computer Aided Architectural Design at ETH Zurich, Switzerland.

Excellent Design from Austria: Staatspreis 2013

designaustria, Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft, Familie und Jugend, Austria Wirtschaftsservice GmbH (Ed.)

Staatspreis Design 2013 Projekte der Preisträgerinnen und Preisträger zum Staatspreis Design & Sonderpreis DesignConcepts • Winning Projects in the Austrian National Design Prize & Design Concepts Award PAGES ILLS. FORMAT

96 186 24.0 × 23.5 cm, Hardcover


 UR 24.27 / USD 34.00 E 978-3-99043-601-1 English / German

EBOOK  EUR 24.27 / USD 34.00

English / German

978-3-99043-602-8 English / German PRINT+EBOOK EUR 39.95 / USD 56.00 978-3-99043-603-5 English / German


The Staatspreis Design – Austrian National Design Award – is awarded in recognition of the best, most creative and innovative solutions for consumer goods, investment goods and spatial design that Austrian companies and/or designers have participated in. An additional category, the special DesignConcepts award for innovative design ideas was created for concepts that have particular market relevance and offer a high potential for realization. Entries included products in serial production and those available on the market as well as spatial design concepts that have already been realized. The independent panel of experts selected the four national award winners and recognition award winners from among 166 top-flight submissions. This volume compiles the results of the competition and offers the reader brief descriptions of the products as well as complete contact information of the clients and designers.

Documentation of the competition with brief introductions of each product Contact information of the clients and designers

Ambra | 21

Franz Schuh (Ed.)

Nita Tandon Dimensions of the Surface. Dimensionen der Oberfläche. [Edition Angewandte – Book Series of the University of Applied Arts Vienna] PAGES ILLS. FORMAT

144 approx. 300 in color 25.0 × 23.0 cm, Hardcover


 UR 24.27 / USD 34.00 E 978-3-99043-614-1 English / German

Available April 2014

A Comprehensive overview of the rich, multi-layered, cross-media oeuvre


“Dimensions of the Surface / Dimensionen der Oberfläche” is a comprehensive documentation of the work of the Indian-born artist Nita Tandon, who lives in Vienna. Paintings, drawings, objects and documentations of temporary installations and performances with German and English written commentaries give readers an overview of the formal breadth of the artist’s work. Nita Tandon’s themes cover the problems of identity and space in the digital age. The many layers of her work and her cross-media approach reach beyond the limits of one-dimensional interpretation attempts. The works documented in this publication have been shown in Austria and abroad. This range of projects

is both a complete spectrum of the artist's work, while also offering glimpses of cyles that have yet to be completed.

The constructed, virtual space. Identity and its erasing Linear and non-linear structure Painting between two dimensions and three dimensions Visualization of language and space

22 | Ambra

New approaches to arts education

Stephan Hilge, Roman Pfeffer, Nita Tandon (Eds.)

TransArts [Edition Angewandte – Book Series of the University of Applied Arts Vienna] PAGES ILLS. FORMAT

176 160 in color 20.0 × 15.0 cm, Hardcover


 UR 24.27 / USD 32.49 E 978-3-99043-577-9 English



TransArts is a novel approach in the art Innovative Study Program education system, a course whose content and forms are adapted to the dynamics of Innovative Design Concept art today: the separation of the theory and practice of art – while maintaining all the Contributions by well known authors differences – is seen as arbitrary and even obsolete. TransArts teaches the common and distinctive features of theory and practice TransArts_Katalog_Mo27_TransArts 28.05.13 00:09 Seite 118 and takes account of the fact that different artistic disciplines are mutually dependent and reinforcing but are also in competition with one another. Art is taught and studied not only through traditional forms of teaching but in particular through communication, inventiveness, reflection and the exchange of ideas between teachers and students. This publication documents the activities of TransArts from 2010 to 2013. (Gerald Bast)


Introduction into the concept “Thought Machines”

Jan Svenungsson (Ed.)

Thought Machines The manual to an international exhibition [Edition Angewandte – Book Series of the University of Applied Arts Vienna] PAGES ILLS. FORMAT

76 53 in color 23.0 × 17.0 cm, Softcover


 UR 19.40 / USD 27.00 E 978-3-99043-623-3 English



Organized by the department for Graphics & Printmaking at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, the exhibition “Thought Machines” includes student work from Vienna as well as from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest; the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Bratislava; the Academy of Visual Arts, Leipzig and the Royal College of Art, London. All participants in the exhibition share a platform in being students of printmaking. From this point of departure they develop projects which inhabit the whole range of contemporary art-making possibilities. What binds these projects together is that they all address the concept of “Thought Machines” which is discussed by Jan Svenungsson in an introductory text.

An investigation into the potentiality of printmaking as a point of departure for radical contemporary art making An opportunity for comparison and exchange between top of the line art education institutions

Ambra | 23

Georg Glaeser

Nature and Numbers A Mathematical Photo Shooting [Edition Angewandte – Book Series of the University of Applied Arts Vienna] PAGES ILLS. FORMAT

376 approx. 700 in color 22.5 × 19.0 cm, Softcover


 UR 26.70 / USD 37.00 E 978-3-99043-615-8 English

EBOOK  EUR 26.70 / USD 37.00

978-3-99043-624-0 English PRINT+EBOOK EUR 39.95 / USD 56.00

978-3-99043-625-7 English Available December 2013

Easy to read and comprehend


Mathematicians with special interest in biology, physics, geography, astronomy, architecture, design, etc., and being prepared to take pictures at any time, might try to answer unusual questions like the followings: What do a zebra, a tiger shark, and a hard coral have in common? How is this with drying mud, wings of dragon flies, and the structures of leaves? What is the “snail king” and is there also a “worm king”? Which curves stay of the same type after being photographed? Do fishes see like we do if we look through a fisheye lens? Which geometric properties of an object have physical consequences? Which kinds of geometric patterns appear when waves are interfering? In this book you

can find 180 double pages with at least as many questions of this kind. The principle to attack a problem is often similar: It starts with a photo that is for some reasons remarkable. In a short description an explanation is offered, including relevant Internet links. Additionally one can frequently find computer simulations in order to illustrate and confirm.

Interdisciplinary: Combines various fields like biology, physics, the Arts, etc. with Mathematics Supports and improves mathematical understanding even for non-mathematicians “Double-page principle”: Most themes require only one or two double pages. Thus, one can resume reading at any double page

Unrivaled and Unique:






[Artists of the World Online]

[Artists of the World]

The database Allgemeines Künstlerlexikon Online/Artists of the World Online is the world’s most contemporary, reliable and extensive reference work on artists. It contains authoritative, up-to-date biographical information on more than 1 million artists – more than any other database in the world! Language German USER INTERFACE English, German UPDATE FREQUENCY Continuously updated Annual subscription prices 2014 Institutions Online only € 2.640,00/US$ 3,999.00 ISSN 1865-0511 Print + Online € 3.290,00/US$ 4,60 6.00 ISBN 978-3-598-22819-3 Individual Subscription Online only € 249,00/US$ 374.00 ISSN 1865-0511

Edited by Andreas Beyer, Bénédicte Savoy, Wolf Tegethoff Founded and co-ed. by Günter Meißner Language German 1991-2020. 110 vols. Approx. 540 pp. per vol. Hc. RRP per volume € 289.00/US$ 405.00 Available on a standing order basis only VOLUME 78: JERAJ - Jur'ev June 2013. 592 pages. ISBN 978-3-11-023183-0 VOLUME 79: Jurgens - Kelder June 2013. 587 pages. ISBN 978-3-11-023184-7 VOLUME 80: Keldermans - Knebel November 2013. 591 pages. ISBN 978-3-11-023185-4

`` More than 1 million artists from A to Z ` ` More than 500,000 extensive, signed biographical articles, searchable in full text – 6,000 new articles added each year

VOLUME 81: Knecht- Kretzner November 2013. 591 pages. ISBN 978-3-11-023186-1

`` Online First: new articles from A to Z are published online immediately – independent of the print edition

Register to Volume 71-81

` ` Continual updates: details, exhibitions, sources are continually supplemented and updated `` Links to the database Paintings in Museums – Germany, Austria, Switzerland (for purchasers of this database): learn more about where the works are located with a single click ` ` Multiple search criteria for professional and scholarly searches `` Explanations of the used abbreviations

Countries December 2013. Approx. 453 pages. Hc. € 269,00/US$ 377.00 ISBN 978-3-11-030445-9 Artistic Professions December 2013. Approx. 409 pages. Hc. € 269,00 /US$ 377.00 ISBN 978-3-11-030457-2 For further information, please visit our website at

selected backlist titles | BIRKHÄUSER | 25 KPMB 2013 FINAL cover.pdf

Houses. Denton Corker Marshall Haig Beck, Jackie Cooper, Deyan Sudjic; Tim Griffith (photography) 2013. 164 pages. 27.0 × 36.0. Hardcover. 10 b/w, 70 color ills. PRINT EUR 39.95 / USD 50.00 978-3-03821-848-7 English



10:40 AM

Tony Fretton Architects Buildings and their T erritories Tony Fretton 2013. 260 pages. 29.0 × 29.0 cm. Hardcover. 80 b/w, 200 color ills., 80 monochrome drawings.

Kuwabara Payne McKenna Blumberg Architects George Baird, Thomas Fisher, Mark Kingwell, Mirko Zardini

Herzog & de Meuron

1992-1996, Volume 3

The Complete Works, Gerhard Mack

2005. 303 pages. 24.0 × 33.0 cm. Hardcover. 215 b/w, 224 color ills., 213 drawings.

1978-1988, Volume 1

2013. 280 pages. 21.0 × 29.5 cm. Hardcover. 39 b/w, 191 color ills., 57 drawings.

1997. 238 pages. 24.0 × 33.0 cm. Hardcover. 331 b/w, 230 color ills.

PRINT EUR 64.95 / USD 89.95 978-3-0346-0808-4 English

PRINT EUR 49.95 / USD 70.00 978-3-0346-0828-2 English

EBOOK EUR 64.95 / USD 89.95 978-3-0346-1006-3 English

EBOOK EUR 49.95 / USD 70.00 978-3-0346-1428-3 English

PRINT EUR 119.95 / USD 168.00 978-3-7643-5616-3 English / German

PRINT+EBOOK EUR 99.95 / USD 140.00 978-3-03821-147-1 English

EBOOK+Ebook EUR 79.95 / USD 112.00 978-3-0346-1429-0 English

1989-1991, Volume 2 2005. 211 pages. 24.0 × 33.0 cm. Hardcover. 70 b/w, 140 color ills., 291 drawings. PRINT EUR 119.95 / USD 168.00 978-3-7643-7365-8 English / German

Le Corbusier - Complete Works in 8 volumes Willy Boesiger, Oscar Stonorov, Max Bill (Eds.) 1995. 1708 pp. 29.0 × 23.5 cm, Hardcover. PRINT 8 - Volume set, boxed EUR 609.95 / USD 854.00 978-3-7643-5515-9 French / English / German

Sacred Concrete The Churches of Le Corbusier Flora Samuel, Inge Linder-Gaillard

Richter •  Dahl Rocha & Associés 2013. 416 pages. 24.0 × 28.0 cm, Hardcover. 250 b/w-, 400 color ills., 400 drawings. PRINT EUR 69.95 / USD 99.00 978-3-03821-581-3 English ebook EUR 69.95 / USD 98.00 978-3-03821-016-0 English PRINT + Ebook EUR 109.95 / USD 154.00 978-3-03821-017-7 English

Carsten Krohn

2013. 232 pages. 21.0 × 27.0 cm. Hardcover. 120 b/w, 70 color ills., 120 drawings.

2014. 240 pages. 24.0 × 33.0 cm. Hardcover. 120 b/w, 280 color ills.

PRINT EUR 59.95 / USD 84.00 978-3-0346-0823-7 English

PRINT EUR 69.95 / USD 98.00 978-3-0346-0740-7 English EBOOK EUR 69.95 / USD 98.00 978-3-03821-287-4 English

Each Volume: EUR 84.95 / USD 119.00 978-3-7643-5503-6 Vol. 1 978-3-7643-5504-3 Vol. 2 978-3-7643-5505-0 Vol. 3 978-3-7643-5506-7 Vol. 4 978-3-7643-5507-4 Vol. 5 978-3-7643-5508-1 Vol. 6 978-3-7643-5509-8 Vol. 7 978-3-7643-5510-4 Vol. 8

Toward an Integral Practice of Architecture

Mies van der Rohe The Built Work

PRINT+EBOOK EUR 109.95 / USD 154.00 978-3-03821-288-1 English

Oscar Niemeyer A Legend of Modernism 2nd revised edition Paul Andreas, Ingeborg Flagge (Eds.) 2013. 143 pages. 22.0 × 28.0 cm. Softcover. 26 color-, 4 b/w ills., 19 drawings. PRINT EUR 36.95 / USD 52.00 978-3-03821-448-9 English / German EBOOK EUR 36.95 / USD 52.00 978-3-03821-082-5 English / German

PRINT EUR 119.95 / USD 168.00 978-3-7643-7112-8 English / German

1997-2001, Volume 4 2008. 352 pages. 24.0 × 33.0 cm. Hardcover. 500 b/w, 1500 color ills. PRINT EUR 119.95 / USD 168.00 978-3-7643-8640-5 English

Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects Michael C. Crosbie 2013. 304 pages. 25.0 × 29.0 cm. Hardcover. 27 b/w, 400 color ills., 80 drawings. PRINT EUR 59.95 / USD 84.00 978-3-0346-0825-1 English ebook EUR 59.95 / USD 84.00 978-3-0346-0870-1 English PRINT+Ebook EUR 89.95 / USD 126.00 978-3-0346-0871-8 English

PRINT+EBOOK EUR 59.95 / USD 84.00 978-3-03821-083-2 English / German

Thinking Architecture


Constructing Architecture

Scale: Open | Close

3rd, expanded edition Peter Zumthor

Architectural Environments Surrounding Objects Peter Zumthor

Materials, Processes, Structures Andrea Deplazes (Ed.)

2010. 112 pages. 14.6 × 23.5 cm. Hardcover. 20 colour ills.

2006. 75 pages. 17.0 × 24.0 cm. Hardcover. 14 b/w, 19 color ills.

Windows, Doors, Gates, Loggias, Filters Anette Hochberg, Jan-Henrik Hafke, Joachim Raab

PRINT EUR 32.95 / USD 46.00 978-3-0346-0585-4 English 978-3-0346-0582-3 French

PRINT EUR 32.95 / USD 46.00 978-3-7643-7495-2 English 978-3-7643-8841-6 French

2013. 588 pages. 24.0 × 29.7 cm. 1740 b/w ills. PRINT EUR 89.95 / USD 126.00 978-3-03821-451-9 English, Hardcover EUR 54.95 / USD 77.00 978-3-03821-452-6 English, Softcover 978-3-03821-453-3 French, Softcover

2010. 176 pages. 22.0 × 28.0 cm. Softcover. 217 b/w, 140 color ills., 29 tables. PRINT EUR 44.95 / USD 63.00 978-3-7643-9961-0 English

26 | Birkhäuser | selected backlist titles

Scale: Heat | Cool

Scale: Support I Materialise

Drawn to Design

Digital Workflows in Architecture

Cut & Compose

Energy Concepts, Principles, Installations Manfred Hegger, Joost Hartwig, Michael Keller

Columus, Walls, Floors Henning Baurmann, Jan Dilling, Claudia Euler, Julius Niederwöhrmeier

Analyzing Architecture Through Freehand Drawing Eric J. Jenkins

Design – Assembly – Industry Scott Marble

Toolbox for Visualizations in Architecture and Design Thomas Kruppa, Achim Bursch

2012. 160 pages. 22.0 × 28.0 cm. Softcover. 25 b/w, 150 color ills., 200 drawings PRINT EUR 44.95 / USD 64.95 978-3-0346-0513-7 English

2013. 176 pages. 22.0 × 28.0 cm. Softcover. 100 b/w, 150 color ills. PRINT EUR 44.95 / USD 63.00 978-3-0346-0040-8 English EBOOK EUR 44.95 / USD 63.00 978-3-0346-1577-8 English PRINT+EBOOK EUR 69.95 / USD 98.00 978-3-0346-1578-5 English

Product Development and Architecture

2012. 304 pages. 21.0 × 29.7 cm. Softcover. 100 b/w ills., 450 drawings PRINT EUR 39.95 / USD 54.95 978-3-0346-0798-8 English EBOOK EUR 39.95 / USD 54.95 978-3-0346-1096-4 English PRINT+EBOOK EUR 59.95 / USD 84.00 978-3-03821-789-3 English

2012. 288 pages. 22.0 × 28.0 cm. Hardcover. 300 color ills., 200 drawings. PRINT EUR 69.95 / USD 99.95 978-3-0346-0799-5 English EBOOK EUR 69.95 / USD 99.95 978-3-0346-1217-3 English PRINT+EBOOK EUR 109.95 / USD 154.00 978-3-03821-255-3 English

Understanding Steel Design

Building with Bamboo

Visions, Methods, Innovations Uta Pottgiesser, Holger Strauß (Eds.)

A Handbook Gerhard Hausladen, Petra Liedl, Michael de Saldanha

An Architecture Design Manual Terri Meyer Boake with technical illustrations by Vincent Hui

Design and Technology of a Sustainable Architecture Gernot Minke

2013. 184 pages. 22.0 × 28.0 cm. Softcover. 200 color ills., 150 drawings.

2012. 176 pages. 22.0 × 28.0 cm. Hardcover. 100 drawings.

2011. 248 pages. 23.0 × 30.0 cm. Hardcover. 600 color ills., 100 drawings

2012. 160 pages. 22.0 × 28.0 cm. Softcover. 120 b/w, 485 color ills., 80 drawings

PRINT EUR 44.95 / USD 63.00 978-3-0346-0841-1 English

PRINT EUR 49.95 / USD 69.95 978-3-0346-0728-5 English

PRINT EUR 69.95 / USD 99.95 978-3-0346-0269-3 English

PRINT EUR 49.95 / USD 69.95 978-3-0346-0748-3 English

EBOOK EUR 44.95 / USD 63.00 978-3-0346-0882-4 English

ebook EUR 49.95 / USD 69.95 978-3-0346-0878-7 English

EBOOK EUR 69.95 / USD 99.95 978-3-0346-1048-3 English

EBOOK EUR 49.95 / USD 69.95 978-3-0346-1178-7 English

PRINT+EBOOK EUR 69.95 / USD 98.00 978-3-0346-0883-1 English

PRINT+ebook EUR 79.95 / USD 112.00 978-3-03821-074-0 English

PRINT+EBOOK EUR 109.95 / USD 154.00 978-3-03821-163-1 English

PRINT+EBOOK EUR 79.95 / USD 112.00 978-3-03821-235-5 English

Wood and Wood Joints

128 Colors

Rural Urban Framework

René Motro (Ed.)

Building Traditions of Europe, Japan and China Klaus Zwerger

A Sample Book for Architects, Conservators and Designers Katrin Trautwein

Transforming the Chinese Countryside Joshua Bolchover, John Lin

2013. 232 pages. 22.0 × 28.0 cm. Hardcover. 200 b/w, 300 color ills.

2012. 304 pages. 23.0 × 30.0 cm. Hardcover. 680 b/w ills., 180 drawings.

2010. 296 pages. 22.6 × 28.1 cm. Hardcover. 128 color ills.

2013. 192 pages. 17.0 × 24.0 cm. Softcover. 150 b/w, 200 color ills.

PRINT EUR 49.95 / USD 70.00 978-3-7643-8972-7 English 978-3-0346-0709-4 French

PRINT EUR 49.95 / USD 69.95 978-3-0346-0685-1 English

PRINT EUR 74.95 / USD 105.00 978-3-0346-0317-1 English

PRINT EUR 29.95 / USD 42.00 978-3-03821-449-6 English

EBOOK EUR 49.95 / USD 70.00 978-3-0346-1350-7 English 978-3-0346-0709-4 French Print+BOOK EUR 79.95 / USD 112.00 978-3-0346-1381-1 English 978-3-0346-1343-9 French

PRINT EUR 69.95 / USD 89.95 978-3-0346-0817-6 English / German EBOOK EUR 69.95 / USD 89.95 978-3-0346-1092-6 English / German PRINT+EBOOK EUR 109.95 / USD 154.00 978-3-03821-801-2 English / German

Epub EUR 39.95 / USD 54.95 978-3-03821-192-1 English

Building to Suit the Climate

Flexible Composite Materials in Achitecture, Construction and Interiors

2013. 272 pages. 22.0 × 28.0 cm. Hardcover. 800 b/w, 580 color ills.

EBOOK EUR 49.95 / USD 69.95 978-3-0346-1267-8 English

EBOOK EUR 29.95 / USD 42.00 978-3-03821-060-3 English

PRINT+EBOOK EUR 79.95 / USD 112.00 978-3-03821-256-0 English

PRINT+EBOOK EUR 49.95 / USD 70.00 978-3-03821-061-0 English

Building with Earth Design and Technology of a Sustainable Architecture Third and revised edition Gernot Minke 2012. 208 pages. 22.0 × 28.0 cm. Softcover. 496 b/w, 90 color ills. PRINT EUR 44.95 / USD 64.95 978-3-0346-0822-0 English EBOOK EUR 44.95 / USD 64.95 978-3-0346-0872-5 English PRINT+EBOOK EUR 69.95 / USD 98.00 978-3-0346-0873-2 English

Small Town Sustainability 2nd, revised and enlarged edition Paul Knox, Heike Mayer 2013. 208 pages. 17.0 × 24.0 cm. Softcover. 20 b/w, 202 color ills. PRINT EUR 29.95 / USD 42.00 978-3-03821-251-5 English EBOOK EUR 29.95 / USD 42.00 978-3-03821-028-3 English PRINT+EBOOK EUR 49.95 / USD 70.00 978-3-03821-031-3 English

selected backlist titles | BIRKHÄUSER | 27

Designing Cities

Basics Architectural Design

Basics, Principles, Projects Leonhard Schenk

Bert Bielefeld (Ed.)

2013. 356 pages. 17.0 × 24.0 cm. Hardcover. 90 b/w, 720 color ills. PRINT EUR 49.95 / USD 70.00 978-3-0346-1325-5 English

2013. 328 pages. 15.5 × 22.0 cm. Softcover. 250 b/w ills., 130 drawings. PRINT EUR 29.95 / USD 42.00 978-3-03821-560-8 English

Basics Project Management Architecture

Fundamental Concepts of Architecture

Bert Bielefeld (Ed.)

The Vocabulary of Spatial Situations Alban Janson, Florian Tigges

Oliver Heckmann, Friederike Schneider (Eds.) 4th, expanded edition

2013. 400 pages. 16.0 × 24.0 cm. Softcover. 130 drawings.

2011. 336 pages. 24.0 × 33.0 cm. 218 b/w ills., 1100 drawings and plans.

PRINT EUR 39.95 / USD 56.00 978-3-0346-1261-6 English

PRINT EUR 79.90/ USD 112.00 978-3-0346-0707-0 English, Hardcover EUR 59.90 / USD 84.00 978-3-0346-0708-7 English, Softcover 978-3-7643-8235-3 French / Italian, Softcover

2013. 416 pages. 15.5 × 22.0 cm. Softcover. 150 monochrome drawings. 170 tables. PRINT EUR 39.95 / USD 56.00 978-3-03821-462-5 English

EBOOK EUR 39.95 / USD 56.00 978-3-0346-0892-3 English PRINT+EBOOK EUR 59.95 / USD 84.00 978-3-0346-0893-0 English

Floor Plan Manual Housing

EBOOK EUR 59.90/ USD 84.00 978-3-0346-1040-7 English PRINT+EBOOK EUR 89.95 / USD 126.00 978-3-03821-155-6 English



Future Living

Where Architects Work

Material Revolution

Innovative Residential Architecture Peter Ebner, Eva Herrmann, Roman Höllbacher, Markus Kuntscher, Ulrike Wietzorrek

Treshhold, Access and Transparency in Residential Buildings Ulrike Wietzorrek

Community Living in Japan Claudia Hildner

Nils Ballhausen (Ed.)

Sustainable and Multi-Purpose Materials for Design and Architecture Sascha Peters

2009. 432 pages. 23.7 × 31.5 cm. Hardcover. 442 b/w, 340 color ills. PRINT EUR 79.95 / USD 112.00 978-3-0346-0087-3 English

2013. 424 pages. 23.2 × 31.0 cm. Hardcover. 350 b/w, 350 color ills. PRINT EUR 69.95 / USD 98.00 978-3-0346-0614-1 English

2013. 160 pages. 16.5 × 24.0 cm. Softcover. 10 b/w, 200 color ills., 80 drawings. PRINT EUR 39.95 / USD 56.00 978-3-03821-668-1 English EBOOK EUR 39.95 / USD 56.00 978-3-03821-022-1 English PRINT+EBOOK EUR 59.95 / USD 84.00 978-3-03821-023-8 English

2013. 256 pages. 16.5 × 24.0 cm. Softcover. 160 color ills., 76 drawings. PRINT EUR 39.95 / USD 56.00 978-3-03821-412-0 English / German EBOOK EUR 39.95 / USD 56.00 978-3-03821-054-2 English / German

2011. 208 pages. 23.0 × 28.5 cm. Hardcover. 53 b/w, 400 color ills., 22 tables. PRINT EUR 59.95 / USD 84.95 978-3-0346-0663-9 English EBOOK EUR 59.95 / USD 84.95 978-3-0346-1077-3 English

PRINT+EBOOK EUR 59.95 / USD 84.00 978-3-03821-055-9 English / German

PRINT+EBOOK EUR 89.95 / USD 126.00 978-3-03821-194-5 English

Living for the Elderly

Project Scope: Exhibition Design

A Deisgn Manual Eckhard Feddersen, Insa Lüdtke

A Typology for Architects, Designers and Museum Professionals Aurelia Bertron, Ulrich Schwarz, Claudia Frey

SaScha PeterS



Material Revolution II


Designing Interior Architecture

New Sustainable and Multi-Purpose Material for Design and Architecture Sascha Peters

The Creative's Guide to Materials and Technologies Daniel Kula, Élodie Ternaux, Quentin Hirsinger, FRAME

Concept, Typology, Material, Construction Sylvia Leydecker (Ed.)

2013. 224 pages. 450 color ills., 35 drawings PRINT EUR 59.95 / USD 84.00 978-3-03821-476-2 English EBOOK EUR 59.95 / USD 84.00 978-3-03821-002-3 English PRINT+EBOOK EUR 89.95 / USD 126.00 978-3-03821-033-0 English

2013. 384 pages. 29.5 × 20.0 cm. Softcover. 300 color ills. PRINT EUR 49.95 / USD 70.00 978-3-03821-254-6 English 978-3-0346-0819-0 French EBOOK EUR 49.95 / USD 70.00 978-3-03821-080-1 English PRINT+EBOOK EUR 79.95 / USD 112.00 978-3-03821-081-8 English

2013. 368 pages. 24.0 × 29.7 cm. 700 color ills., 100 drawings. Print EUR 89.95 / USD 126.00 978-3-0346-0680-6 English, Hardcover EUR 49.95 / USD 70.00 978-3-0346-1302-6 English, Softcover EBOOK EUR 89.95 / USD 126.00 978-3-0346-1580-8 English PRINT+EBOOK EUR 139.95 / USD 196.00 978-3-0346-1583-9 English

2012. 248 pages. 24.0 × 33.0 cm PRINT EUR 94.95 / USD 133.00 978-3-7643-8871-3 English, Hardcover EUR 49.95 / USD 74.85 978-3-0346-0107-8 English, Softcover EBOOK EUR 94.95 / USD 74.00 978-3-0346-0896-1 English PRINT+EBOOK EUR 149.95 / USD 210.00 978-3-03821-778-7 English

2012. 416 pages. 16.5 × 24.0 cm. Hardcover. 500 color ills., 50 monochrome drawings. PRINT EUR 49.95 / USD 69.95 978-3-0346-0775-9 English / German EBOOK EUR 49.95 / USD 69.95 978-3-0346-1051-3 English / German PRINT+EBOOK EUR 79.95 / USD 112.00 978-3-03821-166-2 English / German

28 | Birkhäuser | selected backlist titles



Become a Successful Designer

Design Dictionary

Mapping Design Research

Encyclopaedia of Experimental Print Finishing Franziska Morlok, Till Beckmann

Essentials for the Everyday Use of Interior Architects and Designers Axel Müller-Schöll 2nd, extended and revised edition

Protect and Manage Your Design Rights Internationally Joachim Kobuss, Alexander Bretz, Arian Hassani

Perspectives on Design Terminology Michael Erlhoff, Timothy Marshall (Eds.)

Positions and Perspectives Simon Grand, Wolfgang Jonas (Eds.)

2013. 304 pages. 15.5 × 22.0 cm. Hardcover. 126 b/w, 73 color ills.

2012. 338 pages. 17.0 × 24.0 cm. Softcover. 3 b/w ills.

PRINT EUR 34.95 / USD 49.00 978-3-0346-1319-4 English

PRINT EUR 29.95 / USD 40.00 978-3-0346-0101-6 English

2010. 174 pages. 21.0 × 27.0 cm. Hardcover. 85 b/w, 35 color ills. PRINT EUR 84.95 / USD 119.00 978-3-0346-0083-5 English EBOOK EUR 84.95 / USD 119.00 978-3-0346-0917-3 English

EBOOK EUR 29.95 / USD 40.00 978-3-0346-1087-2 English

PRINT+EBOOK EUR 129.95 / USD 182.00 978-3-03821-050-4 English

PRINT+EBOOK EUR 49.95 / USD 70.00 978-3-03821-201-0 English

2008. 472 pages. 16.8 × 22.4 cm. Hardcover.

2012. 256 pages. 16.8 × 22.4 cm. Hardcover. 80 b/w ills.

PRINT EUR 42.95 / USD 60.00 978-3-7643-7739-7 English

PRINT EUR 69.95 / USD 100.00 978-3-0346-0716-2 English

Ebook EUR 42.95 / USD 60.00 978-3-7643-8140-0 English PRINT+EBOOK EUR 69.95 / USD 98.00 978-3-03821-406-9 English

Synesthetic Design

Mobility of the Line

Interior Gardens


Constructing Landscape

Handbook for a Multi-Sensory Approach Michael Haverkamp

Art Architecture Design Ivana Wingham (Ed.)

Designing and Constructing Green Spaces in Private and Public Buildings Haike Falkenberg

Planning Strategies, Methods and Projects for Urban Rivers Martin Prominski, Antje Stokman, Susanne Zeller, Daniel Stimberg, Hinnerk Voermanek

Materials, Techniques, Structural Components Astrid Zimmermann (Ed.)

2013. 468 pages. 17.0 × 24.0 cm. Hardcover. 80 b/w, 400 color ills. PRINT EUR 49.95 / USD 69.95 978-3-0346-0715-5 English

2013. 248 pages. 23.0 × 30.0 cm. Hardcover. 60 b/w, 180 color ills. PRINT EUR 49.95 / USD 70.00 978-3-0346-0824-4 English

EBOOK EUR 49.95 / USD 69.95 978-3-0346-1168-8 English

2011. 176 pages. 22.0 × 28.0 cm. Hardcover. 30 b/w, 100 color ills. PRINT EUR 69.95 / USD 99.95 978-3-0346-0620-2 English EBOOK EUR 69.95 / USD 99.95 978-3-0346-1045-2 English

PRINT+EBOOK EUR 79.95 / USD 112.00 978-3-03821-229-4 English

PRINT+EBOOK EUR 109.95 / USD 154.00 978-3-03821-161-7 English

Ecological Urban Architecture

City by Landscape

Difficult Places 

Qualitative Approaches to Sustainability Thomas Schöpfer

The Landscape Architecture of Rainer Schmidt Thies Schröder (Ed.)

Landscapes of Remembrance by sinai Thies Schröder, Peter Reichel

2012. 208 pages. 23.0 × 30.0 cm. Hardcover. 285 color ills., 115 drawings.

2013. 6 × 192 pages. Special Format, 25.3 × 35.6, Hardcover 400 color ills.

PRINT EUR 59.95 / USD 84.95 978-3-0346-0800-8 English

PRINT EUR 79.95 / USD 112.00 978-3-0346-0797-1 English / German

EBOOK EUR 59.95 / USD 84.95 978-3-0346-1175-6 English PRINT+EBOOK EUR 89.95 / USD 126.00 978-3-03821-233-1 English

EBOOK EUR 79.95 / USD 112.00 978-3-0346-1083-4 English / German PRINT+EBOOK EUR 119.95 / USD 168.00 978-3-03821-198-3 English / German

2013. 208 pages. 22.0 × 28.0 cm. Hardcover. 90 color ills. 70 drawings. PRINT EUR 49.95 / USD 70.00 978-3-03821-566-0 English / German

2012. 304 pages. 22.0 × 28.0 cm. Hardcover. 498 color ills., 160 drawings. PRINT EUR 79.95 / USD 110.00 978-3-0346-0687-5 English EBOOK EUR 79.95 / USD 110.00 978-3-0346-1173-2 English PRINT+EBOOK EUR 119.95 / USD 168.00 978-3-03821-230-0 English

Landscape Infrastructure Case Studies by SWA – second and revised edition Y. Hung, G. Aquino, C. Waldheim, P. Bélanger, J. Czerniak, A. Geuze, M. Skjonsberg, A. Robinson 2013. 192 pages. 23.0 × 30.0 cm. Hardcover. 30 b/w, 340 color ills. PRINT EUR 49.95 / USD 70.00 978-3-0346-1272-2 English EBOOK EUR 49.95 / USD 70.00 978-3-0346-1585-3 English PRINT+EBOOK EUR 79.95 / USD 112.00 978-3-0346-1586-0 English

2009. 533 pages. 23.0 × 29.7 cm. 350 b/w, 650 color ills., 750 drawings and plans PRINT EUR 89.95 / USD 125.00 978-3-0346-0736-9 English, Hardcover EUR 49.95 / USD 69.95 978-3-0346-0720-9 English, Softcover 978-3-0346-0694-3 Spanish, Softcover

Time Scales Contemporary German Landscape Architecture Bund Deutscher Landschaftsarchitekten bdla 2013. 176 pages. 24.0 × 30.0 cm. Hardcover. 150 color ills., 40 drawings PRINT EUR 49.95 / USD 70.00 978-3-03821-567-7 English / German EBOOK EUR 49.95 / USD 70.00 978-3-03821-012-2 English / German PRINT+EBOOK EUR 79.95 / USD 112.00 978-3-03821-013-9

English / German

Leonhard Schenk

Designing Cities

Basics, Principles, Projects 2013. 356 pp. 17,0 x 24,0 cm. Hardcover. 90 b/w-, 720 color ills. EUR 49,95 [D] / USD 70.00 ISBN 978-3-0346-1325-5 English

Urban design is based on planning and design principles that need to meet functional demands on the one hand, but on the other hand bring the design elements together into a distinctive whole. Although designs are almost always dominated by the spirit of the times, the basic compositional principles are, for the most part, timeless. Designing Cities examines the most important design and presentation principles of urban design, using selected historical examples and contemporary international competition entries designed by practices including Foster + Partners, KCAP Architects & Planners, MVRDV, and OMA.

Tools for urban design Current projects and award-winning competition entries by renowned international practices A textbook for students and a practical design aid for practicing architects and planners

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