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DINNER SUNDAY 12.11.16 Ohel David & Shlomo • 710 Shore Boulevard Brooklyn, New York


Dinner Sunday 12.11.16 at 7:00 pm Program 8:00 promptly Dinner Chairman

Yehuda Hoffner

Dr. Jeffrey Farkas

Rabbi & Mrs. Avrohom Yeshaya Alpert

Director of Neuro-Intervention NYU Lutheran Comprehensive Stroke Center

Mr. and Mrs. David Batalion


Mr. & Mrs. Yossi Baumann Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bobo Mr. and Mrs. Moshe Caller

Mr. and Mrs. Yossi Tyberg


Host Committee

Community Inspiration Award

Mr. & Mrs. Yossi Friedman Mr. & Mrs. Marc Greco Mr. & Mrs. Chaim Hyman Mr. and Mrs. Shlomo Ingber Rabbi & Mrs. Betzalel Leiser

Ohel David & Shlomo

Mr. & Mrs. Yaakov Morgenstern

710 Shore Boulevard Brooklyn, New York

Mr. & Mrs. Dovid Schachner Mr. and Mrs. Berel Schonfeld Mr. & Mrs. Mordechai Shedrowitzky

Board of Directors Naftali Horowitz, Chairman Richard Bobo • Jacob Dvorkes Carl Lerner • Shmuel Rieder Avi Schron

My Family’s Journey A Personal Account

Mr. B.Z. Weiss

No One Expects Brain Injury to Strike‌When it Does, BINA Is There BINA has provides guidance and support to thousands of stroke and brain injury survivors of all ages and their families at every stage of the complex rehabilitation process in the aftermath of brain injury. Brain injuries resulting from car accidents, falls, strokes, brain tumors, aneurysms and anoxia (oxygen loss), can affect every function‌ the ripple effects on every member of the family are enormous and life-altering. BINA’s unique approach and comprehensive system of services allow brain injury survivors to access the best possible care while on the long road to recovery. Rehabilitation Referrals BINA has thoroughly researched and visited dozens of rehabilitation facilities and therapy centers and works closely with the family to formulate the optimal rehabilitation plan. Our staff is always available to follow up and advocate in order to ensure that every possible need is met. Case Management The department resolves insurance issues and identifies programs, legal options and funding sources. Coordination of the often complicated homecoming process ensures that caregivers are not left to fend for themselves. All educational and residential options are explored so as to afford every individual the best possible quality of life. Crisis Intervention and Caregiver Support The program provides counseling, support and education to families who are reeling under the pressures and challenges of their sudden entry into the devastating world of brain injury. Services are offered as needed to close family members during the hospital and rehabilitation stays, and continue after homecoming. Support groups are offered for both caregivers and survivors. Education Educational events for both professionals and the community, presented by leading specialists, offer a deeper understanding of brain injury and its farranging effects as well as the importance of safety and prevention. A biannual Expo is an invaluable opportunity for vendors representing a cross-section of the brain injury rehabilitation world to showcase their programs and services.

Dear Friends, Thank you for joining us at the BINA organization’s annual dinner this evening. Your participation is an indication of your high regard for the only Jewish organization providing critical services to stroke and brain injury survivors in the community. As dinner chairman, I would like to extend my personal gratitude and appreciation to the founder and director of BINA, Chavie Glustein, for her incredibly selfless dedication to the families of BINA. It is rare to find an individual who literally spends every minute of the day - and often night - immersed in relieving the burden of her fellow man. May she and her family be rewarded with only good health and happiness. BINA has grown tremendously since its founding in 2003 both in size and scope and has assisted over 2,500 stroke and brain injury survivors of all ages. Their comprehensive services of rehabilitation referrals, case management and crisis intervention ensure that every need is met while on the long and difficult road to recovery. Tonight, we are delighted to honor Dr. Jeffrey Farkas of NYU Lutheran Comprehensive Stroke Center with the Healthcare Leadership Award, and Mr. and Mrs. Yossi Tyberg with the Community Inspiration Award. Thank you to their family and friends who have joined us this evening to celebrate a well-deserved honor. We hope you enjoy the dinner and look forward to your continued support of an organization filling a critical need in our community.


Yehuda Hoffner

Dinner Chairman

Dear Friends, It is my pleasure as chairman of the Board of Directors of BINA to welcome you tonight. We all share a common goal of wishing to support a unique organization whose dedicated staff works diligently to ensure that brain injury survivors are given every chance for the best possible recovery. Under the direction of Chavie Glustein, whom I have come to know and respect as a tireless and fiercely devoted advocate for her families who she indeed treats as members of her own family - BINA is doing tremendous work for a population that is underserved and little understood by the average person. Congratulations to tonight’s honorees, Dr. Jeffrey Farkas, esteemed physician in the community and tonight’s recipient of the Healthcare Leadership Award, and Mr. and Mrs. Yossi Tyberg, who we are very pleased to honor with the Community Inspiration Award. Thank you for your support and for joining us this evening.


Naftali Horowitz

Chairman of the Board

BINA Stroke & Brain Injury Assistance 2511 Avenue I Brooklyn, NY 11210 December 11, 2016 Dear Friends, Please accept my heartfelt congratulations to BINA Stroke & Brain Injury Assistance on all of your great work over the past year as you continue your mission of providing outstanding support to brain injury survivors. It is truly inspiring to see organizations like yours working so tirelessly every day to provide much-needed support and comfort for the most vulnerable among us. I would especially like to thank your Director, Chavie Glustein, whose unwavering vision and leadership have made BINA into the successful organization it is today. I would also like to recognize your board of directors, including Naftali Horowitz, Richard Bobo, Jacob Dvorkes, Carl Lerner, Shmuel Rieder, and Avi Schron. Thank you for all that you do. In addition, my thanks and appreciation to all of your staff and volunteers for the dedication they show each and every day to providing every stroke and brain injury survivor with the support they need to live a productive, dignified, and fulfilling life. Finally, my thanks to all of this year’s worthy honorees, who work so hard throughout the year on behalf of our community without the thanks and recognition they deserve. Congratulations to Dr. Jeffrey Farkas on his receipt of the Healthcare Leadership Award, as well as to Mr. and Mrs. Yossi Tyberg, recipients of the Community Inspiration Award. The entire BINA Stroke & Brain Injury Assistance family should be incredibly proud of your amazing accomplishments over the past 12 months, as well as the work you have done day in and day out since your founding in 2003. It is a pleasure to personally extend my greetings during this occasion and to work with you throughout the year on behalf of our community. Sincerely,

David G. Greenfield Member, NYC Council

Mr. and Mrs. Yossi Tyberg Community Inspiration Award

Yossi and Tessy Tyberg are longtime residents of Brooklyn with a widespread network of both family and friends. They are proud parents and grandparents whose greatest joy is to spent time with their beautiful family. Yossi is well-known in the Jewish music industry as a producer extraordinaire who has worked with many of the giants of the industry including Yossi Green, Avraham Fried, Mordechai Ben David, Lipa Schmeltzer, Yisroel Werdyger, Shloime Gertner, Yeedle Werdyger and many more. Known for his uncanny ability to match song and singer, Yossi works diligently to maximize each artist’s potential, and compares the process to building a house “from the first step up.”. According to the artists who are fortunate enough to work with him, Yossi makes this complex and time-consuming process look easy, with an end result of seamless and beautiful musical productions that bring a wealth of emotion and joy to a huge audience of listeners around the world. When not busy with the music industry, Yossi spends his time on his other occupation as an e-commerce entrepreneur.

Dr. Jeffrey Farkas

Director of Neuro-Intervention NYU Lutheran Comprehensive Stroke Center

Healthcare Leadership Award

Dr. Jeffrey Farkas has devoted his life to ensuring that every resident of Brooklyn and beyond is afforded the opportunity to receive cutting-edge stroke treatment. A senior member of the Society of Neurointerventional Surgery (SNIS) and board certified in radiology, he has more than 20 years of dedicated expertise in interventional neuroradiology, the minimally invasive treatment of stroke, aneurysm and other vascular diseases of the brain and spine. He is a pioneer and one of the most experienced Neuroendovascular specialists in the United States. Born and bred in Brooklyn, Dr. Farkas is a graduate of Yeshiva Torah Vodaath. After attending medical school, he trained in his chosen field of expertise at Harvard’s prestigious Massachusetts General Hospital. Since 2004, Dr. Farkas has been providing a premier level of services to his childhood community of Brooklyn, developing the first Brooklyn Neurointerventional program at Maimonides Medical Center. For the past several years, he has served in his present capacity as the Director of Interventional Neuroradiology at NYU Lutheran Medical Center in Brooklyn and has expanded stroke care to brain injury victims of Long Island and Northern New Jersey. Dr. Farkas is on the forefront of treatment of cerebrovascular disease and injury and has participated in many interventional trials to expand treatment options and assess and develop new devices in the battle to conquer stroke and brain vascular disease. His written works on Stroke Therapy and diagnostic and Interventional Neuroradiology have been published in journal articles and textbooks. He is a sought-after lecturer country wide and internationally. Dr. Farkas and his wife Tobah live in Bergenfield, New Jersey where they raised their four children.

Board of Directors

Rabbinical Advisory Board

Naftali Horowitz, Chair

Rabbi Yaakov Bender

Richard Bobo

Rabbi Elya Brudny

Jacob Dvorkes

Rabbi Gavriel Finkel

Carl Lerner

Rabbi Noach Isaac Oelbaum

Shmuel Rieder

Rabbi David Ozeirey

Avi Schron

Rabbi Shlomo Feivel Schustal

Medical Advisory Board Salman Azhar, M.D.

Ilana Grunwald, Ph.D.

Joanne Azulay, Ph.D.

Steven Kirshblum, M.D.

Director of Stroke Lenox Hill Hospital

Clinical and Research Neuropsychologist Assistant Prof. of Rehabilitation Medicine Robert Wood Johnson Medical School JFK Johnson Rehabilitation Institute

David J. Biderman, Ph.D.

Department of Rehabilitation Medicine Rusk Rehabilitation Medical Director Director of Spinal Cord Injury Program Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation

Michael L. Lipton, MD, PhD, FACR

Supervisor of Psychology Brain Injury Day Treatment Program Rusk Rehabilitation

Associate Director Gruss Magnetic Resonance Research Center Albert Einstein College of Medicine Montefiore Medical Center

Steven Flanagan, M.D.

Cirelle Rosenblatt, Ph.D.

Professor and Chairman of Rehabilitation Medicine NYU School of Medicine Medical Director, Rusk Rehabilitation

Brian D. Greenwald, M.D.

Medical Director, JFK Johnson Rehabilitation Center for Head Injuries Associate Medical Director, JFK Johnson Rehabilitation Institute Clinical Associate Professor Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

Neuropsychology Vancouver, BC

Eddie Simpser, M.D.

President and CEO; Chief Medical Officer St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children

Dear Friends, Please accept my personal gratitude for your participation in tonight’s dinner. When I founded BINA in 2003, my intention was to ensure that no family experiencing the upheaval of brain injury would stand alone as they navigated the complex maze of the rehabilitation system. Never did I imagine the great need that existed amongst brain injury survivors for guidance and support. Never did I think that we would be approached by over 2,500 families for assistance over the years, with new calls for help pouring in on a daily basis. It is critical that we continue to grow as an organization to meet the unfortunately growing need, by increasing the scope of our services, raising our visibility to offer assistance to every brain injury survivor who struggles in isolation, and expanding our reach nationally and internationally. Our mission is clear but we can’t do it alone. Thank you for your generous support and enjoy the evening.

Chavie Glustein


I wish to express my sincere gratitude to our esteemed

Board of Directors Under the able chairmanship of

Naftali Horowitz Richard Bobo Jacob Dvorkes Carl Lerner Shmuel Rieder Avi Schron Your commitment and dedication to BINA has allowed us to grow and flourish as an organization, and gives us the ability to fulfill our mission of improving the lives of brain injury survivors. May you and your families be blessed with good health, nachas, success and happiness.

Chavie Glustein

On behalf of the families and staff of BINA I would like to express my deepest gratitude and appreciation to

The Friedberg Charitable Foundation Under the leadership of Nancy and Dov Friedberg For your tremendous ongoing support Your incredible generosity is key to our ability to exist as an organization You are truly a partner in our mission Of improving the lives of stroke and brain injury survivors and their families Special thanks to Moshe Schapiro and Haim Beinash Your guidance and mentorship are sincerely valued and appreciated. May you continue in your remarkable path of chesed in good health for many years to come.

Chavie Glustein

I would like to recognize and express my profound thanks to

Yehuda Hoffner, Dinner Chairman And to the

Host Committee Rabbi & Mrs. Avrohom Yeshaya Alpert Mr. and Mrs. David Batalion Mr. & Mrs. Yossi Baumann Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bobo Mr. and Mrs. Moshe Caller Mr. & Mrs. Yossi Friedman Mr. & Mrs. Marc Greco Mr. & Mrs. Chaim Hyman Mr. and Mrs. Shlomo Ingber Rabbi & Mrs. Betzalel Leiser Mr. & Mrs. Yaakov Morgenstern Mr. & Mrs. Dovid Schachner Mr. and Mrs. Berel Schonfeld Mr. & Mrs. Mordechai Shedrowitzky For your enthusiasm and hard work in making tonight’s gathering such a success. May you and your families be blessed with only nachas and good health.

Chavie Glustein

Words do not suffice to convey the depth of my appreciation To our uniquely deserving honorees

Dr. Jeffrey Farkas A true leader in healthcare Whose brilliance is only surpassed by his kindness and modesty May you continue your holy work in good health for many years to come

Mr. and Mrs. Yossi and Tessy Tyberg You are an inspiration indeed for your family, friends and the entire community. It has been a privilege getting to know you and your beautiful family. May all your ‫ תפילות‬be answered and may you only see ‫נחת‬ and ‫ הצלחה‬in the years to come.

Chavie Glustein

Thank you to my wonderful staff Who stand at my side every moment of the day. The success of our work, with Hashem’s help, is only due to your hard work and dedication.

Chavie Glustein

My heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to

Natalie and David Batalion Dear friends of BINA, and members of this evening’s host committee For their steadfast devotion and commitment to bettering the lives of stroke and brain injury survivors. Your unwavering support and friendship are a consistent source of strength and your personal example of kindness and chesed are an inspiration to all who are privileged to know you. May Hashem grant you continued good health, with an abundance of nachas from your darling daughter Alexandra, and may we only share happy occasions together.

Chavie Glustein 

In honor of Our dear children

Yehuda Yitzchak Leib and Chana Shira Glustein Your steadfast love and the tremendous nachas you give us are the fuel that keeps us going. Your endless patience and unwavering support are a gift that allows us to do what we do. May Hashem reward you with boundless brachos. All our love,

Tatty and Mommy

Thank you to

Daniel Simon Elana Felder And Rochel Klahr For the endless hours you spent to make this dinner a success. Your devotion to BINA means the world to me. A special thank you to

Chana Esther Milworm For coming on board and working so hard on our behalf.

Chavie Glustein

I wish to express my profound appreciation and admiration to

Chavie Glustein, Director and her very dedicated and capable staff For providing the highest level of services in the most professional and caring manner. Chavie’s tireless devotion to the families of BINA is unparalleled and never ceases to inspire and amaze me. May Chavie and her entire staff be rewarded by HaShem with only good health, success and happiness.

Bezalel Lerner

Member, BINA Board of Directors


m u n i t la

In honor of a wonderful organization BINA Stroke and Brain Injury Assistance And in admiration and appreciation of

Chavie Glustein, Director Our respect for your devotion and expertise knows no bounds. Congratulations to tonight’s honorees In memory of our beloved fathers

Lewis Batshaw ‫ע"ה‬ And

Yankel Batalion ‫ע"ה‬ Your loving example continues to inspire us in our daily lives.

Natalie and David Batalion


m u n i t la

In honor of

Chavie Glustein Your Mesiras Nefesh to help families during the most trying and difficult times is absolutely amazing. The quiet and sensitive way each patient is treated, and with the utmost care, to ensure their absolute privacy, at the cost of not being able to publicize any of it for the benefit of your organization, is a true example of ‫הצנע לכת‬. Wishing you continued success.

Moshe & Rivki Caller

d l o G

In honor of

Yossi and Tessy Chazal teach us that if you want to know the true nature of a person, you should observe them during challenging times. Your family continues to inspire us with the way you’ve carried yourself in the most challenging and difficult times. That is the true meaning of a Kiddush Hashem. May the zechus of your actions bring yeshuas and refuos to your family Bikarov. To Motty- we love you ! Don’t ever lose that beautiful smile.

Moshe and Rivki Caller

d l o G

In honor of

Mrs. Chavie Glustein For all the chesed you do on behalf of your community and Klal Yisroel

Sidney Greenberger Heshy Klein And all of your friends at: AristaCare Health Services Cranford, NJ

d l o G

In honor of my dear wife

Tobah Anything that I have accomplished is to your credit, and the zechus belongs to you alone. And our wonderful children

Nachi and Leah Sruli and Yitty Rena Eliana Who have brought us so much joy and nachas.


er v l i S

A Proud History of Success






e z n o r B

In honor of

Mrs. Chavie Glustein and the rest of the BINA staff.

Mr. and Mrs. Yitzchak Schick


e z n ro

In honor of

Mrs. Glustein

and the entire BINA organization for their above and beyond tireless energy, effort and devotion on behalf our Dear mispallel and chaver Chemi


and all the others that they help Hakaodosh baruchu should grant you the strength to continue doing what you do and grant a refuah shleimah to all

Rabbi Schiffenbauer & the entire Khal Bnei Torah

r e o z t c n a f o ener


Is Honored To Work With

BINA For Their Dedicated Guidance And Support Toward Those Recovering From Traumatic Brain Injury & Stroke.

Boro Park Center Rehabilitation 4915 10th Avenue | Brooklyn, NY 11219 718.851.3700


r o t c a f ene



New Jersey’s Foremost


24-hour Professional Registered Nurses IV Therapy Certified Nurses Wound Care Nurse Specialist 7 Days a Week Physical, Occupational & Speech Therapy State of the Art Equipment Strokes, Hip Replacements & Knee Replacements Cardiac Rehab Short-Term Rehabilitation • Long-Term Care Special Respite Short-Term Program Glatt Kosher Gourmet Meals


Daily Visits from Bikur Cholim Shabbos Accommodations Available Daily Minyanim Rabbi Boruch Ber Yoffe, On Staff Rabbi Rabbi Shmuel Tendler, On Staff Rabbi

962 River Ave. • Lakewood, N.J. 08701 phone: 732-370-8600 ext. 105 ask for Baila fax: 732-370-8676 • email: website:


r o t c a f ene

In honor of

Mrs. Glustein and the rest of the BINA staff. In a time of challenge and great uncertainty they are there as a beacon of light, ready and able to tirelessly guide, counsel, and advocate 24 hours With great ‫הכרת הטוב‬

The Bochner Family


r o t c a f ene

‫נח לבריאות נח לשמים‬ To an outstanding individual Who performs chesed in every possible way And is ‫ מקיים‬the possuk ‫בו והחזקת‬

Naftoly Weber Esteem Patrol


r o t c a f ene

Blessed is our community for having BINA and blessed is BINA for having

Mr. & Mrs. Tyberg Mr. Samuel D. Friedman & Family

In recognition of And much appreciation for All that BINA accomplishes in the face of overwhelming odds

‫בזכות רפואה שלמה לרפאל ראובן בן רייזל‬ ‫וכל חולי ישראל‬ Cousins of Dovid, Raizy & Ruvi Schachner, Dovid & Toby Helfgott Shloime & Rivka Kaufman Yechiel & Miriam Kaufman Yecheskel & Chavi Mondrowitz Feivy & Henny Perl Dovid & Ruchie Presser Yitzchok & Toby Rosenfeld Shloime & Giti Weinberger

Chavie and Tzippy, We cannot thank you enough for all your efforts on behalf of Chaya Raizel Bas Dena. Your abundance of information and encouragement was invaluable. We hope you continue to be successful in helping Klal Yisroel.

Dr. Freddie & Lori Marton Moishe & Raquel Katz

With much appreciation to

Mrs. Chavie Glustein And the entire BINA staff Thank you for being our beacon of light to guide us through the darkness. You are always there for anyone in need and we are forever grateful.

‫כל העוסק בצרכי ציבור באמונה הקב"ה ישלם שכרם‬ Avrohom Yeshaya and Toby Alpert

In honor of

Mrs. Chavie Glustein With gratitude for your amazing compassion, knowledge and judgment. Your experience, perspective and guidance made all the difference, enabling us to make critical decisions during a very difficult time. May Hashem repay your kindness with everything good for you and your family, always.

Chaya Krohn Chana Rochel Moss

In honor of

Aristacare With much appreciation to

Mr. Shimie Greenberger Mr. Heshy Klein Mrs. Renee Pruzansky Their professionalism and devotion surpass all expectations! There are no words.

Avrohom Yeshaya and Toby Alpert

In Honor of

Mrs. Tzippy Friedler For her outstanding work on behalf of BINA

Korsinsky & Klein, LLP

Attorneys at law

Moshe Korsinsky Yossi Klein

In tribute to a most deserving recipient of the Healthcare Leadership Award

Dr. Jeffrey Farkas who makes himself available at all hours, day and night to assist with stroke emergencies. His dedication and devotion to the advancement of neuro-interventional technologies are truly noteworthy and have saved numerous lives.

In honor of

Dr. Steven Kirshblum BINA Medical Advisory Board Member Medical Director Kessler Rehabilitation for his extraordinary care and commitment during our family’s rehab stay at Kessler to ensure the best possible recovery outcome.

Yehuda & Hadassah Hoffner

In honor of

Mrs. Chavie Glustein Founder & Director,

Mrs. Elana Felder and the entire BINA team for always going above and beyond to help others and for being there for our Mishpacha when we needed them most.

May Hashem reward them with continued Bracha and Hatzlacha in their Avodas Hakodesh and much Yiddishe Nachas from their families.

Yehuda & Hadassah Hoffner

In honor of a very dear special couple

R’ Avraham Yeshaya ‫ שליט"א‬and Tanta Toby ’‫שתחי‬ Your selfless dedication to all those in need is an inspiration to us all. May the ‫ רבש"ע‬the ‫ מקור הברכות‬bentch you with many ‫שמחות‬ and much ‫ נחת‬for your beautiful ‫ משפחה קע"ה‬. May we all be ‫ זוכה‬to see the ultimate ‫ ישועה‬. !‫בביאת גואל צדק בב"א‬ With true admiration,

Menachem & Yehudis Rivky, Bruchy, Chani, Feigy, Shloimie, Gitty, Elisheva and Devorah

With deepest appreciation to

Mrs. Chavie Glustein Mrs. Tzippy Friedler Mrs. Elana Felder R’ Elchonon Schwarz Daniel Simon, Rochel Klahr and all the staff For your selfless dedication, and caring for every family as if it was your own. Mazel tov to -

Yossie and Tessy Tyberg Upon your selection as the Community Inspiration awardees. You have inspired us from the first moment we met!

Dovid and Raizy Schachner & family

In honor of our Dear Parents,

Mr. & Mrs. Schachner Tatty and Mommy, you taught us what it means to be true Ovdei Hashem at all times and in all circumstances. In times of joy and in times of challenge, your emunah and devotion to every need, along with your constant positivity, carried us all! We hope to be zoche to emulate you and to bring you much nachas. With tremendous gratitude to

Mrs. Glustein And the whole BINA staff Who have been there for us with never-ending “Binah”, sensitivity, dedication, expertise and professionalism. ‫הקב"ה ישלם שכרם‬

Binyomin & Leah, Nechemya & Chaya, Tzvi & Sarala, Moishe & Esti, Sruli, Ezra & Sarala, & Ruvi

We salute BINA for advocation on behalf of our beloved neighbors

Dovid & Raizy Schachner And we marvel at the Schachners for setting the ultimate example of ‫ יראת שמים‬and love of family, for us all. ‫ הקב"ה מביא ברכות על ידו‬,‫כל מי שהוא נאמן‬ In admiration,

Your neighbors on East 10th Street

Congratulations to

Dr. Jeffrey Farkas On a well deserved honor

Jacob S. Stromer CLU ChFC Prudential Financial 1270 Avenue of the Americas New York, NY 10020 212.817.3881

We love you Motty!

Pinny, Nitza, Yossi and Azriel

In honor of our dear brother and sister-in-law

Dovid and Raizy You are a true inspiration to all of us May you be ‫ זוכה‬to “‫”גפן‬ Gezunt, parnassah and nachas Together with your wonderful family

‫עד מאה ועשרים שנה‬ Avraham and Faige Schachner Shaya and Chama Schachner

In honor of our dear friends

Yossi & Tessy Tyberg We are so proud of your dedication to Motti. Your commitment to BINA is an inspiration to us all. We wish them much success in all their endeavors. With fondness,

Eugene & Zehava Goldenberg Stage & Johana Presence

We share your commitment to improving the lives of individuals with brain injury and stroke.

Restoring Hope. Rebuilding Lives.

West Orange

Chester Saddle Brook

Marlton, NJ

Stroke Spinal Cord Injury Brain Injury Neurologic Diseases AmputaĆ&#x;on Orthopedic Trauma Cancer Cardiac Recovery General RehabilitaĆ&#x;on

In honor of

Mr. and Mrs. Dovid Schachner Mr. and Mrs. Yossi Tyberg Moishe Caller Outstanding role models for their family, friends and the entire Klal Continued hatzlacha and may you have only simchos and nachas

Yossi & Estie Snyder Rafoel & Surie Weiss


King David Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation is a Glatt Kosher skilled nursing facility which offers outstanding Neurological Rehabilitation directed by the renowned Dr. Miran Salgado, MBBS, MD. The only program of its kind in Brooklyn, our specially trained staff utilizes the latest therapeutic modalities and assistive devices to maximize outcomes.


An Allure Facility


KingDavid_BINA_Ad_Vertical_Dec_8_2016.indd 1

12/8/2016 10:26:37 PM

Bedford_BINA_Ad_Vertical_Dec_2016.indd 1

12/3/2016 6:26:17 PM

In honor of

Yehuda Hoffner An exceptional administrator who makes his patients happy every single day!

Benjamin Landa Shaya Landa Sentosa Care

Highly Specialized Stroke and Traumatic Brain Injury rehabilitation Intensive Daily Treatment Programs Individualized 1:1 Whole Person Approach Each Therapist Has 20 Years Experience and Advanced Neuro Training Center and Home Based Program

473 FDR Drive New York, NY 10002 (212) 475-2000 |

In recognition of an outstanding organization

BINA Stroke and Brain Injury Assistance Under the exemplary direction of Chavie Glustein You truly make a difference in the lives of the many brain injury survivors who turn to you for help. Wishing you bracha v’hatzlacha in all of your work

Shmuel and Chanie Wallerstein and Family

To our dear Brother and Brother in Law

Mordechai Keep up your great work. We are very proud of you.

Shloime and Malky Landau

In honor of

Dovid and Raizy Schachner We salute BINA for facilitating miracles

Yankel and Gittie Schonberger and families

Congradulations to our good friends

Yossi & Tessy Tyberg On an honor well deserved

Lazer & Rochel Sternhell

Congratulations to the “HONOREES” of the Community Inspiration Award.....

Mr. and Mrs. Yossi and Tessy Tyberg Mazel Tov on this well deserved honor! It’s an “HONOR” knowing the both of you! You are so devoted to your children, community and Klal Yisroel. May Hashem continue to bench you both with much health, happiness and hatzlocha rabba in all your endeavors.

Shmilu and Chanie Follman Nussi and Tzippy Fried Meir and Hene Gurvitz Volvi and Gitty Neuman Menachem and Gila Weinstock Yeedle and Faige Werdyger Mendy and Ruchie Wertzberger

We are proud to recognize

Yehuda Hoffner Administrator of Golden Gate Rehabilitation & Health Care Center And Chairman of the BINA Annual Dinner For your unwavering dedication and commitment And salute your involvement with BINA Which is doing outstanding work in the field of stroke and brain injury May you continue from strength to strength in all your endeavors

We are proud to support the BINA organization Our deepest appreciation to

Chavie Glustein, Director Who does her utmost for everyone who turns to her for help Best wishes for continued success in your lifesaving work

Berkovits and Stern Family

In honor of an amazing couple

Raizy & Dovid Schachner Who have poured their heart and soul into raising a beautiful mishpacha in the path of Torah and Chesed May Hashem grant them only nachas and good health in the years to come

Gershon Fistel And the Zarum, Brody and Krausz families

In honor of

Shloime and Feigy Ingber With tremendous appreciation for your unflagging commitment to chesed and helping those in need. May you have only bracha and hatzlacha, and much nachas from your beautiful family. In friendship,

Avraham and Mimi Goodman

SERVICES FOR EVERY WALK OF LIFE. From developmental disabilities to senior care, Physical or intellectual limitation, You deserve the best.

TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY Service Coordination (Personal

DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITIES Service Coordination (personal advocate

advocate to apply & coordinate benefits)

to apply & coordinate benefits)

Apartment placement & Setup

Day Habilitation (day program for adults)

Rent subsidy

Community Habilitation (skills training)

24 Hour Homecare

Respite (short-term caregiver relief)

Respite (short–term caregiver relief)

Family Care (a foster care model for those not

Living Skills Training Non-Medical Transportation Modifications

HOME CARE A Licensed Home Care Services agency providing: Home Health Aides Personal Care Aides Therapy Services

residing with family )


Rent Subsidy

(Choose your own aide, can even be family member!)

Modifications (Home/car safety modifications)

(Home/car safety modifications)

Family Support (subsidy for goods & services)

Assistive Technology

Therapy Clinic (Psychiatry, Counseling, Speech, Occupational, Physical, & psychological eval.)

718.408.5400 | HAMASPIK.ORG |



Interventional Neuro Associates In recognition and appreciation of The wonderful and compassionate work of


BINA Stroke and Brain Injury Assistance Under the direction of

Interventional Neuro Associates

Chavie Glustein Your AMBOOJ services fill aTIWARI,M.D. gap in the system which brainFARKAS, injury survivors JEFFREY M.D.must navigate, KARTHEKYAN ARCOT,M.D. DAVID TURKEL- PARRELLA, M.D. ensuring optimal recovery and wellbeing with the goal of regaining the best possible quality of life. 917-336-6825


‫יהי רצון מלפניך ה' אלקי ואלקי אבותי שתשלח רפואה‬ ‫שלימה מן השמים רפואת הנפש ורפואת הגוף לחולה‬ ‫חי' מלכה בת בתשבע בתוך שאר חולי ישראל‪ ,‬בעבור‬ ‫שאחיה ואחותה‪ ,‬בנינו אברהם ישעי' וטויבי אלפרט‬ ‫שיחי' נודבים צדקה ועוסקים במסירת נפש בעבורה‬ ‫‪Shmuel and Esther Rieder‬‬

In honor of

Yehuda Hoffner You are always there for family, friends and anyone in need of assistance May you be blessed with bracha and hatzlacha in all your endeavors Best wishes to an exceptional organization BINA Stroke and Brain Injury Assistance

Yossi & Chesky Five Star Staffing

In honor of our dear mother

Mrs. Tzippy Friedler Whose love and dedication to others is an inspiration to us all. ‫וכל מי שעוסקים בצרכי ציבור הקב"ה ישלם שכרם‬ May ’‫ ה‬repay you all you do for those in need with continued nachas from your ‫!משפחה‬ We love you!

Abba Dovid & Rivi Aryeh & Adina Yaakov & Rochel E Yosef & Malky Mordy & Chevi Yitzy & Devora

In Honor of

Uncle Dovid and Tante Raizy ‫שיחיו‬ You have truly inspired all of us with your steadfast ‫אמונה‬, your extraordinary strength and fortitude. Throughout the years you have always set an example of what it means to be true '‫עובדי ה‬. We are proud to call you our Uncle and Aunt. May you be ‫ זוכה‬to see continued ,‫סייעתא דשמיא‬, ‫ נחת‬and ‫כל מילי דמיטב‬ . ‫עד ביאת הגואל בבי"א‬

Simcha and Raizy Yaakov Yossie and Chaya Esther Chiely and Chani Shua Moshe Shimon and Mechie

Mazel tov to

Yossi and Tessy Tyberg On a most aptly-named honor Your family, friends, and the entire community are very fortunate to have you as an abundant source of inspiration. Wishing you nachas and good health, bracha and hatzlacha.

Toby & Avrumi Eisenreich

Dear Mommy, We know how hard you work for us and for BINA We really appreciate all you do. Love,

Yehuda Yitzchok Leib Chana Shira

Mazel Tov to our dear cousins

Yossi & Tessy Tyberg On a well-deserved honor We are so proud of you! May you continue to be a source of inspiration to the family and K’lal Yisrael and have only good health and nachas from your beautiful children

The Friedman Cousins

BINA is a wonderful organization that exemplifies ‫מי כעמך‬ ‫ישראל‬. Its exceptional volunteers are available 24/6 for everyone in need. We are truly fortunate to have such selfless, dedicated individuals guiding us throughout this ordeal. We especially would like to thank:

Mrs. Chavie Glustein- whose knowledge in this field

Tzippy- whose listening ear and constant support

Elchonon- who helps us function with all of his

and genuine concern for us is an inspiration. help us immensely. connections.

May Hashem grant you all ‫ ברכה והצלחה‬in all your endeavors.

Mr. and Mrs. Goldberg To a most wonderful ‫ חסד‬organization: May Hashem bentch you with all the good for helping out when we were all helpless and didn’t know where to begin. Thank you isn’t enough but we mean it from the bottom of our hearts. Wishing you continued success in all that you do. Very grateful grandparents,

Mr. and Mrs. Klein

In honor of Our Dear Friend and fellow Board Member

Yehuda Hoffner Yehuda undertakes almost any project and any organization where he feels he can make a difference - and they are many. In his quiet and unassuming manner, he brings poise, experience and vision to the table. In the zechus of all his endeavors may he and his Aishes Chayil, who is his partner in all his work, continue to see Yiddishe Nachas from their beautiful Mishpacha. May his dedication to BINA be a zchus for a refuah shelima to his father to whom he is dedicated B’lev V’nefesh. Your friends and colleagues,

Yisroel Gewirtzman, Avrohom Abba Sandberg, Zvi Silver, Avrohom Zvi Kirzner, Yirmi Lasker, Eli Fruchthandler, Simcha Obermeister, Yehoshua Leib Fruchthandler, Yosef Rabinowitz

In honor of my dear friends

Yossi and Tessy Tyberg From Yossi Green

In honor of

Rabbi and Mrs. Glustein You are our role models in the art of turning lemons into lemonade. May you always be able to help others.

Yitzchok and Feigie Penstein

‫נח לבריאות נח לשמים‬ To an outstanding individual

Yehuda Hoffner Who performs chesed in every possible way And is ‫ מקיים‬the possuk ‫והחזקת בו‬

Naftoly Weber Esteem Patrol

In Honor of

DOVID & RAIZY SCHACHNER Two Very Special People From your “almost family”

Yankel & Rifka Neiman Avraham Shea & Sarah Neiman Simche & Nechama Neiman Chaim & Ettie Wyzansky

In honor of the man otherwise known as

Dr. Jeffrey Farkas Long before and long after the honoring organizations come and go we will continue to honor a pet otherwise known as “Shea” and “Dad”. A Treky, Star Wars, Superhero and most things Sci-Fi loving man who sensibly discusses with us, as all dads and husbands should, that we need to have a survival plan for the inevitable Zombie Apocalypse as he cracks jokes, either funny due to his endless skill at double word play or simply because we know the other half of his jokes will just not be funny. As the pending days of only seeing electric self-driving vehicles on the road are rapidly approaching, we want the man who doesn’t turn anyone down or away, otherwise known as “Dr. Jeffrey Farkas”, to know that he makes us proud for many reasons others cannot even imagine.

In honor of the great work of the staff at

BINA Steven Kirshblum M D

NYU Lutheran Medical Center is pleased to extend our wishes of congratulations to

Dr Jeffrey Farkas, MD on his well deserved honor. He has been a leader in his field and an advocate for his patients and the Medical Center.

With respect and admiration for our distinguished members

Rabbi and Mrs. Dovid Schachner,

Role models of unwavering strength and Emunah daehl mkal zel`yn 'd `lniy oevx idi mixwid mkivlg i`vei lkn zgp aex eexze

Khal Imrei Shaul Modzhitz HaRav Dov Stein, shlita, Mara D’Asra Mr. Zev Zylberberg, President

In honor of

Yehuda Hoffner, Always there for the tzibur and Klal Yisrael. May you continue to do all the Chesed you do for Klal Yisrael.

Mayer & Chaya Rivka Fischl

With very best wishes

Dovid and Raizy Schachner Ary and Cyvia Kempler Leo and Leah Beitner

Mazel Tov

Shea and Tobah On this most deserving honor. Your life saving work is amazing. Wishing you continued ‫ברכה‬.

Aryeh and Rochel Leah Glatter

In honor of

Mrs. Chavie Glustein and all the dedicated staff at BINA Who tirelessly extend themselves on behalf of the families coping with stroke and brain injury, providing direction, advice, and compassion. With much gratitude to your organization for all it has done and continues to do for our family,

Shloime and Feigy Ingber

We very much appreciate BINA being there for us when we needed them.

Katlowitz Family

In honor of

Mr. & Mrs. Yossi Tyberg For all your wonderful work May ‫ ה"קבה‬grant you health, wealth and happiness from all your children

Hudi and Varda Glatzer

In Honor of all the wonderful staff and volunteers that make BINA the awesome organization that it is. May Hakadosh Baruch Hu continue to give you all the desire and the strength to continue your amazing deeds of chesed.

Yisroel and Sarah Wise

Best Wishes to

Tessy, Yossi and the entire Tyberg Family Rachelle and Nick Rosenberg

"‫הודים‬-‫ רוח והצלה יעמוד לי‬...‫"ויאמר מרדכי‬ We have stood witness to Mutty’s valiant struggle and phenomenal progress May ‫ הקב”ה‬grant him a speedy ‫רפואה שלמה‬

Mr. and Mrs. Joey Zolty

In honor of our dear friends

Yossi and Tessy Tyberg You’ve taught by example Your smiles and complete ‫ בטחון‬are unwavering May you both be blessed with "‫ברכת "גפן‬ Moti, Your smile is infectious. You are an inspiration to all, May you continue to go ‫מחיל אל חיל אי"ה‬ We are so proud of you,

Moishe and Mindy Weiss

To One of our most dearest friends . An honor well deserved and earned. A doctor whose passion and commitment to help others has no bounds. A couple who never says no. You should have only Simchos and Nachas from all that you do and from your entire family. Proud to be your friends

Robbie and Judy Schonfeld Ossie’s Gourmet 137 Spruce St. Cedarhurst NY 11516

In honor of

Yehuda Hoffner Wishing you and your wife bracha and hatzlacha, and nachas from your beautiful family. Keep doing all the chesed that you do.

Shloime Bochner

Thank you to

BINA For everything you have and do for us. Khal Bnei Torah - Bais Naftali Rabbi Schiffenbauer, Rov

Avrumi and Elisheva Bergman Eastern Union Funding, LLC Woodlyn Holdings, LLC

In honor of our dear Mechutanim

Dovid and Raizy Schachner We are proud to be a part of your beautiful family And wish you only good health and nachas from Your wonderful children and grandchildren We are pleased to join you in supporting the BINA organization

Binyamin and Fayge Rudman

‫ל ראובן הלוי בן רייזל‬-‫רפואה שלמה רפא‬ Nachman & Nicha Leah Kempler

With wishes of health and happiness to

Mr. Dovid Schachner and his family Shalom Carmy

In honor of

Chavie Glustein and her endless dedication to BINA and the community!

Yossi and Sarena Adest

In Honor Of

Mordechai Shedrowitzky A PT par excellence involved in many acts of Chessed. Hatzlacha to Muchy, who goes beyond the call of duty to service his clients ‫לב ונפש‬ With Admiration, Your Proud In Laws

The Obermeisters

Dear Yossi & Tessy, ‫עמו"ש‬ We cannot even imagine how to express How much Emunah you have had through all your duress. Every day in the hospital you had hope and prayed You knew that Hashem was in charge and your fears were allayed. You gave Chizuk to others even as your pain was so strong And you knew the healing process would be so very long. May you continue to have strength and give others hope anew And have Nachas from all your kids and grandkids too!! All the best, Avrumi & Estee Klein, Yosef & Batsheva Fogel Alan & Shan Reisman, Avi & Idy Kenig

In honor of

Yossi & Tessy You are a true inspiration to us and all of ‫כלל ישראל‬. Keep up your great work.

Shmaya & Gitty Rosenberg Mendy & Sharon Rosenberg

In honor of

Dr. Jeffrey Farkas, a doctor/a ‫מלאך‬. With appreciation, respect, and admiration,

Mr. and Mrs. Chaim Shea Bar Horin

In honor of Dinner Chairman

Mr. Yehuda Hoffner Your devotion to Klal Yisroel is a lesson for us all. We wish you and your family lots of Hatzlucha and Nachas Sincerely,

Jacob Jacobowitz - Shea Landa Central Care Planning

In Honor of

Yehuda Hoffner For his dedication and commitment on behalf of the Klal. May Hashem give you the strength to continue your Avodas Hakodesh.

Zvi & Sara Pitterman Yaakov Tzvi & Ruchama Fishelis

In honor of our dear friends

Dovid and Raizy Schachner Your Avodas Hashem, strength in the face of life’s challenges, and ‫ שמחת החיים‬inspire all who know you. You are a role model to all of us. May '‫ ה‬bless you with ‫ברכה‬, ‫ הצלחה‬and ‫ נחת‬from all your children and grandchildren. Love,

Berel & Perri Hecht

In honor of our dear friends

Dovid and Raizy Schachner We join you in recognizing the wonderful work of the BINA organization. May you see only nachas from your beautiful family with good health, bracha and hatzlacha

Akiva & Suri Goldstein Feive & Hindy Katz Yossie & Leah Lamet Yitzie & Shulamis Rubinfeld

Mazel Tov

Mr. & Mrs. Yossi Tyberg On this well deserved honor! You continue to be a source of inspiration to all of us each and every day.

Perel Bedziner Rochel Malka Jacobson Leah Kramer Rivky Mandel Yocheved Nosowitz

Ruchie Rukowsky Yudit Scharf Surie Simha Tzippy Soloman Rissie Stroh

In Honor Of

Rabbi and Mrs. Glustein For all their work for BINA. May Hashem Bless them with much Nachas, Bracha and Hatzlacha

Shmuel Unger Unger Realty Services 718-859-3101

Dear Chaim Aharon Mordechai & Chavie May you continue with Hashem’s help to be there when you are needed and aid those who rely on you. We admire you!

Aba & Ema

Mazel Tov to

Yossi and Tessy Tyberg Cherished friends and most-deserving recipients of the Community Inspiration Award You inspire your family, friends and the entire community every day May Hashem grant you nachas and good health from your family

Issac and Tova Greenfeld

Dear Yossi, A truly well deserved award. You are an inspiration to us all. Your unbending faith and dignity, while faced with a devastating challenge, is inspiring. Your warm smile and always with a good vort to Share, is inspiring. May Hashem Bentch you and your family with Kol Tuv, Simchess and Nachas and all the very best. Sincerely,

Avraham Fried

Mazel tov to

Dr. Jeffrey Farkas on a most well deserved honor. Thank you to

Chavie Glustein and Elana Felder for doing so much for our family and for so many others.

Masi, Eric, George and Lea Miller

Best wishes too

Yossi & Tessy Tyberg May you have lots of Mazel for your beautiful family

Eli & Raizy Levitin

Mazel tov to

Dr. Jeffrey Farkas Your unwavering dedication and enduring commitment to your patients is an inspiration to the entire community. Thank you for all that you do. May you always go from strength to strength.

Julie & Dr. Larry Farkas, Max, Rebecca & Yehuda

In honor of this great organization

BINA whose tireless efforts to help each and every client that reaches out to them is endless. And in honor of one of tonight’s hosts, the greatest physical therapist Mordechai Shedrowitzky. PT, MS Continued Hatzlacha in your amazing work.

Avi Auerbach,

and the entire staff at Accessible Options

In honor of

Yossi and Tessy Tyberg Who truly are an inspiration to their family and friends, and to the entire community. We wish you bracha v’hatzlacha and only nachas and good health in the coming years.

Yitzchok and Gitty Grossman

With admiration and appreciation of our dear friends

Yossi & Tessy Tyberg Mazel tov on a well-deserved award May you continue to inspire all who know you

Meir & Miriam Spear

Dear Yossi and Tessy Congratulations on this well deserved honor. No one deserves it than you guys. You both are an inspiration to this entire community. lots of love your favorite cousins

Moshe & Tzivya

In honor of

Elchanan Schwarz and the whole staff.

Dovid & Dina Lipkin

In Honor of

Yehuda Hoffner Rafi Treitel

CHE Senior Psychological Services PC

Pediatric Associates of Brooklyn is proud to pay tribute to the

Tyberg Family Dr. Gary Abberbock Dr. Moshe Lazar Baila Horowitz, PA Zahava Miller, PA Dr. Cathleen Zhang

In honor of

Elchanan Schwartz and Tzippy Friedler Anonymous

In honor of

Rabbi And Rebbetzin Glustein Thank you for all you have done for our family and for the whole Klal

Chaim and Judie Hyman

In honor of our Dear Friend

Bezalel Lerner and all the great work that BINA does

Shlomo and Itty Klein

Thank you to

Mrs. Glustein for her devotion and patience

The Rapaport Family

Thank you to

Mrs Glustein for her devotion and patience.

The Rapaport Family

SRX want an ad for dinner chairman Yehuda Hoffner, the administr


Bina Dinner Chairman

Mr Yehuda Hoffner W H O A L S O S E R V E S A S A D M I N I S T R AT O R O F G O L D E N G AT E R E H A B I L I TAT I O N A N D H E A LT H C A R E C E N T E R .

Chavie We know you wouldn’t want us to make a fuss So we’ll just say that we learn from you on a daily basis And have grown both personally and professionally from your example May all your tefillos be answered

Elana, Elchanan, Rochel, Ruchama and Tzippy

In honor of In honor of

The Schachner Family

Mr. & Mrs. Schachner Ephraim and Arlene Feuer

For your friendship which I hold so dear.

Aviv and Adrienne Orani

Yasher Koach to

In honor of

Dr. Farkas

Rabbi & Mrs. Bezalel Leiser

Evy and Shimmy

Yechiel & Suri Zagelbaum

In Tremendous Appreciation to

Chavie Glustein Tzippy Friedler Elchanan Schwarz And all of the remarkable staff at BINA. There are no words to thank you for the support, guidance and comfort that you have given our family over the last two years. Knowing that we could count on you 24/7 has made this very difficult journey a little more bearable,.

In Honor of

Elana Felder Esther & Herby Friedman

Thank you,

Yossi & Rivky Rotstein and family

To our dear friend

Dr. Jeffrey Farkas In honor of the

Congratulations on a well deserved honor.

Glustein Family

May you continue to be an inspiration to the entire community!

Ari & Shani Cohen

MAZEL TOV! Jay & Judy Hochsztein Shlomo & Karin Klein Aaron & Ora Kornbluth Andy & Julia Linder Larry and Lauryn Rosenblatt

Dear Dr. Farkas, In honor of

Yossi and Tessy A Cousin (I think)

Thank you for saving my husband’s life. Although other doctors had difficulty diagnosing my husband’s CAT scan of the brain, you diagnosed him properly which helped save his life. Sincerely,

E. K.

Congratulations to the well deserved honorees. Thank you to Chavie for her tireless effort in behalf of those in need

Tzila and Yaakov Morgenstern

Wishing Ruvi a quick Refuah Shlaimah Best wishes to BINA For their wonderful work on behalf of the klal

Tzvi and Chavie Blatter

In honor of our ‫ חשובה‬brother in law and sister

Reb Avraham Yeshaya and Toby ‫לזכות רפואה שלמה‬ ‫לחי"ה מלכה בת בת שבע‬

In honor of

Jacob Dvorkes and all the hardworking men and women of BINA for all your dedication.

Akiva and Tzirel Elazary

Meir and Reena Rieder

In honor of

Dovid and Raizy Schachner GREAT PEOPLE GREAT PARENTS GREAT FRIENDS May ’‫ ה‬give you the strength to continue your ‫ עבודת הקודש‬on behalf of your family and the ‫כלל‬ Gitty Bergman Elky Brisman Bayla Fleischer Esther Geiger Tzipporah Wesel

In honor of the compassionate and inspiring staff at BINA. With the inimitable Mrs. Glustein at its helm, you have filled a niche in Klal Yisroel that no one has until now. With much gratitude,

Rabbi and Mrs. Nevenansky

In Honor of

Yehuda & Hadassah Hoffner We wish you continued Berocha V’Hatzlocha &

In honor of Richard Bobo

May you be zoche to see the benefits of your efforts on behalf of the klal.

Yossie & Penina Kaufman

In honor of Mr. & Mrs. Mordechai Shedrowitzky

‫ימלא השם כל משאלות לבכם לטובה‬

Aron & Rachel Solomen

In honor of

Mordechai Shedrowitzky For always going above and beyond his call of duty.

Shimmy & Tova Schron

In honor of

Dr. Jeffrey Farkas Brookdale Neurology Program

In honor of

Mrs. Glustein For everything that you do on behalf of all of Klal Yisroel Rabbi and Mrs. Herschel Puretz

Mazel Tov to our dear friends

Yossi and Tessy Tyberg upon receiving the community inspiration award. This award is well deserved. After seeing how both of you fought every day to make sure Motty had a better life no matter what the circumstances were is an attestation to your tremendous bitachon for the Ribono Shel Oilam. May both of you continue to be pillars in the Brooklyn community.


David & Rivkie Roth

In honor of

Dr. Jeffrey Farkas Suzanne & David Prince

Congratulations on this well deserved honor. you are an inspiration to us all. Tully and Malky Berger Steven and Michelle Goldschmied

Medtronic The Solitaire™ revascularization device,restores blood flow and retrieves clots from occluded blood vessels in the brain for patients experiencing acute ischemic stroke (AIS) due to a large vessel occlusion (LVO).

In honor of our dear friends

Dovid and Raizy Schachner Wishing a Refuah Shlaimah to Ruvi And nachas and good health for the entire family Avrom Dovid and Lona Schwartz Velvel and Rochel Sachs

In honor of a caring and gifted physical therapist

Mark Shedrowitzky A Grateful Patient

Congratulations to

Dr. Jeffrey Farkas on being honored with the Healthcare Leadership Award. Your long and continuous commitment to patient care is to be commended. Your Friends and partners in Stroke.

In honor of

Yossi Tyberg May anything you wish, be fulfilled

Arie Steiner

Mike and Jim

In honor of and admiration of our cousins

BZ & Judy Weiss Yitz & Esther Brown

In recognition and appreciation of the amazing work of the BINA organization Directed by Chavie Glustein, whose compassion and dedication know no bounds Congratulations to tonight’s honorees

Mordechai Shedrowitzky Trevor Resnick

Rehabilitation Associates of Brooklyn

In honor of

Mr. and Mrs. Dovid Schachner

Avi & Estee Fogel Yossi & Liba Fogel

‫לכבוד‬ ,‫ר' דוד שאכנער ורעיתו שיחי‬ ‫יהי רצון שתזכו‬ ‫רב נחת מכל משפחתכם המפואר‬ ‫וימלא ה‘ כל משאלות לבכם לטובה‬

‫משה אליעזר ויהודית בערנשטיין‬

Kol Hakavod and best wishes to

Dovid, Raizy, Ruvi In honor of

Yossi & Tessy Tyberg Moshe Aron & Devora Neuman

and the entire Schachner Family Your faith, strength and personality is inspirational and a true Kiddush HaShem. You are a model example of Menshlichkeit, Yiras Shamayim and Ahavas Yisrael. May HaShem bless you all with many happy and healthy years filled with

Bracha, Mazel and Hatzlacha.

Linda and Avi Laub and Family West Orange, NJ

In honor of

Dr. Jeffrey Farkas An outstanding physician and remarkable individual Wishing you good health, success and happiness

Yehuda and Shaindy Kaufold

In Honor Of Congratulations

Yehuda Hoffner Aura Electric

1355 60th Street Brooklyn, NY 11219

Mordechai Shedrowitzky whose professionalism in his field is only surpassed by his love for doing chessed for the Klal.

Your OB siblings

Our appreciation for your prompt responsiveness in our time of medical emergency cannot be adequately expressed. In the frightening moments of post stroke trauma, you directed us, encouraged us, and understood our needs. Most importantly you led us to the best choice of acute rehab. Continued bracha in all your endeavors.

In honor of

Yehuda Hoffner ‫איש חסד ובעל מעשים טובים‬ Eluzer Kowalsky

The Cohen family

A ‫ יישר כח‬to all who work so tirelessly to better the lives of those who incurred TBI Trauma.

Miriam & Bill Tyberg & Family

In Honor Of

Mordechai Shedrowitzky whose professionalism in his field For all the times that you bravely rolled up your sleeves, put on your mask, began poking around in here, and revived what needed mending… Yasher koach to you, Dr. Jeff (Shia) Farkas (and to your amazing wife, Tobah), for all of the lives that you nobly saved and restored! Here’s to many more!!

is only surpassed by his love for doing chessed for the Klal.

Your OB siblings

Zvi And Ida Plotzker And Family.

In honor of

Chavie Glustein Anonymous

Teddie You’re one of a kind

Your Friends at BI NA

In honor of

Mr. & Mrs. Yossi Tyberg

Thank you to

Shmuel and Byloo Muller

Chavie Glustein & E. Felder

To Chavie

In honor of

Your selfless dedication to help those in need never ceases to amaze me. You are an inspiration & a blessing to all those you come in contact with.

Mr. & Mrs. Dovid Schachner

To Elana & Tzippy

May their son Ruvi merit a speedy and complete refuah shleima.

Shulamith Zakutinsky

Mr. & Mrs. Benjy Weissman

The gift of your friendship is something I treasure.

In honor of

Motti Tyberg and Family We admire your steadfast ‫בטחון‬. Our ‫ תפילות‬are

In honor of my dedicated and beloved P. T.

Reb Mordechai Shedrowitzky

always with you. ‫ הקב"ה‬should give you the strength and a complete refuah!

Moishe Berman and Family

Yaakov Altein

In honor of

Richard Bobo Morris and Pamela Sutton

In honor of our Brother and Sister in law Mordechai & Penina Shedrowitzky Who always combine professionalism with chesed in an outstanding way

Avrumi & Mindy Halberstam In honor of our dear friends The Dinner Chairman

Yehuda Hoffner And

Mordechai Shedrowitzky Keep up the good work ‫תזכו למצות‬

In honor of Mr. & Mrs. Mordechai Shedrowitzky Nachman Shmuel and Yaffa Hartman

Nissan & Bayla Gewirtzman Eli & Pessi Gewirtzman

In honor of

Mr. & Mrs. Shedrowitzky A neighbor on East 28th Street

Thank you BINA for all the great work that you do.

Moving Journals 888-880-7556

We are so grateful for all you have done for our neighbor, Ruvi Schachner, and his family.

In honor of

Carl Lerner

We wish you continued Hatzlacha.

Zese & Moish Hochberg

Faye & Len Hirsh

In honor of

In honor of

Mr. & Mrs. Yehuda Hoffner Rabbi & Mrs. Betzalel Leiser Mr. and Mrs. Mordechai Shedrowitzky

Dr. Jeffrey Farkas

Mutty and Fraidy Leiser

In honor of my dear son,

Dr. Jeffrey Farkas

May ‘‫ ה‬give you the strength to continue your lifesaving work.

Mr. & Mrs. Moishe David

In honor of

Dr. Farkas

Mazel Tov! I am very proud of you. May Hashem give you strength to continue healing the sick. With love from your mother,

On this great honor! May you and your team continue to provide excellent care and save lives for many years to come!

Chaya Farkas

Dr. Roniel & Aliza Weinberg

In honor of

Dr. Jeffrey Farkas Mazel Tov, On this well deserved honor. May you continue to go from strength to strength.

Mazel Tov

Jeffrey On this well deserved award.

Howard and Rena Blau

Rabbi Michoel and Rivky Goldin

Kudos to the

Hymans Who have their hearts in the right place

Abe and Sharon Fuchs

In honor of

Chavie Glustein Who doesn’t care to be honored But who is honored Because she cares!!!

Surie Zelik Baila Mandelbaum A very special thanks to

In honor of

Mr. & Mrs. Yossi Tyberg ‫לזכות רפואה שלמה מטי‬

Mr. & Mrs. Meyer Weill

Dr. Jeffrey Farkas for his excellent medical treatment and care. May Hashem Yisborach bless you ‫בכל טוב סלה‬. Avrohom Yaakov and Maita Faigel Nelkenbaum

In honor of

In honor of

Mordechai Shedrowitzky

Dr. Shea & Toba Farkas

Binyomin & Esther Berger

Rena & Nahum Felman

Noach and Chaya Schwartz

Mazel Tov to

Dr. Jeffrey Farkas On this well deserved honor

Elissa & Michael Katz

In honor of the amazing work of BINA

A grateful client


Dovid and Raizy Schachner for their Emuna Thora. We are honored to be a small part of your journey with Ruvey. We cherish your faith, honesty, and humility. We are truly blessed to be considered your friends.

Thank you for your helpful guidance

Abe Kohen

Thank you

Chavie Glustein

and the entire BINA Staff For all the amazing work you do

Raizel Reit Stacey Emmer T T I- Testing Training International

Mazel tov

Jeffrey We are very proud of you and your accomplishments Love, Marc & Rina Itzkowitz and Family

In honor of

In honor of a very special couple

Yossi and Tessy Tyberg

Avrohom Yeshaya & Toby Alpert

On a well deserved honor

"‫ל אשר בך אתפאר‬-‫"ישרא‬

Moshe and Tamar Schwartz

Chaim Dovid & Tova Rieder

Yasher Koach to my dear brother-in-law

In honor of

Yehuda Hoffner Dinner Chairman

May you continue your outstanding involvement in Tzarchei Tzibbur in good health and see only nachas from your beautiful family.

Max Berkowitz

Dovid & Raizy Schachner A good neighbor is as precious as family

Shimon & Yocheved Koplowitz

In honor of

Yossi & Tessy on receiving this award and being constant and inspiring examples of how love devotion and bitachon can surpass any obstacle. I salute you and am proud to call you my friends

Yours truly,

Dear Chavie, Thanks for everything. Keep up the good work.

Helen Wasserman

Chaim & Ruchie Richter With utmost appreciation to

Mrs. Chavie Glustein and BINA

In honor of

Mr. & Mrs. Yossi Tyberg

Who really came through when we needed you!

Congratulations from

Continued ‫!הצלחה‬

Lipa and Chany Rosenberg

Avrohom & Rosie Abrams In honor of

Mrs Chavie Glustein Patient Representative Kiryas Yoel Hatzolah

Soloman Polatchek

Mazel Tov to the

Tybergs From a friend

In honor of Mr. & Mrs. Yossi Tyberg Rivka T.

In honor of Mr. and Mrs. Dovid Schachner Zecharia and Ruth Zimmet

Best wishes to Mr. & Mrs. Mordechai Shedrowitzky Dr. & Mrs. Aaron Nagelblatt

In Honor of Rabbi & Mrs. Dovid Schachner Mr. Shlomo Akiva Feldberg, Mr. Gavriel Greenberg

In honor of Mrs. Chavie Glustein From the Englard Family

Chaim and Judy Hyman Congratulations and keep up the great work. Much Nachas! Donneal and Chaya Rivka Epstein

In honor of Dovid and Raizy Schachner Mr. & Mrs. Yehuda Nathan

MAZEL TOV to Dr. Jeffrey Farkas for being honored. With our best wishes From: Annette, Gabriel & Family Addi

In honor of Benji Hyman Asher & Ruchama Tyberg

In honor of Mr. & Mrs. D. Schachner for a complete Refuah Shelaimah for their son. Mr. & Mrs. H Makowsky

Mazel tov to a well deserving doctor Aunt Natalie

Mazel Tov Dr. Jeffrey Farkas on this well deserved honor. Dr. Michael & Jennifer Wiederkehr

In honor of Mordechai Shedrowitzky, With appreciation for all your hard work Ephraim & Malky Silberberg

In honor of Avi Schron, Mordechai Shedrowitzky, and BZ Weiss Gedalia & Chaya’la Schron

To the Hyman family, We wish you all much hatzlacha, health and happiness. Sincerely, Glanzman Family

In honor of Dr. Farkas Eva and Israel Katz

Greetings from Reuven and Tzila Miller

In honor of Dovid and Raizy Schachner Shaul and Rochel Hauer

Lekavod the special BINA organization Greetings from the Kleins

In honor of Chemi Bochner Rabbi Shiffenbauer

In honor of Dr. Jeffrey Farkas, and in appreciation of your warmth and friendship Peshi & Yaakov Neuberger

Best wishes to our dear cousins Yossi & Tessy Tyberg Yitzchok & Rashi Bornstein

In honor of Dr. Jeffrey Farkas Sheldon Steinmetz

In honor of Mordechai Shedrowitzky We are proud of your constant Chasadim. Pinchas & Chana Yitty

Dovid & Raizy Schachner Great people working for a great cause. Dovid & Rifkie Rabinowitz

Wishing Dovid & Raizy Schachner all the best Avrom & Breindel Lieberman

Greetings to Mr. & Mrs. Yossi Tyberg Rechie Bergman

In honor of Dovid & Raizy Schachner, Wishing you all the very best Jerry & Libbie Muller

L’Refuah Shelaima Pesel Perel bas Esther

‫ הכרת הטוב‬to Mrs. Glustein for all her help. Mrs. Esther Schlussel

In honor of Yossi and Tessy Tyberg Avrumi and Rivky Donath

In honor of Mrs. Chavie Glustein & Mrs. Elana Felder for their dedication and hard work. Zelig Fekete

In honor of Dovid & Raizy Schachner Simcha & Lifi Gelbendorf

Thank you Chavie and Elana for all you do

Best Wishes from a friend of BINA

In honor of Elchanan Schwarz

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