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Volume 40, No. 3

A Community of Life and Living! A Publication of Magnolia Manor Senior Living

The ancient Romans marked distance from the center of Rome outward in all directions. At every mile, they would place a stone on the roadway showing the distance back to the center of the Empire. From this practice we get the word “milestone.” Some of those distance markers still stand today. The New Oxford Dictionary says a milestone can also be “an action or event marking a significant change or stage in development.”

Magnolia Manor, Inc.


Active Trustees Mr. James R. Buchanan, Jr. Mr. Russ Carreker Mr. Ed Collier Mrs. Ann Harris Mr. Mark Johnson, Chairman Mr. Will Peterson, IV. Mr. Chuck Reeves, Vice Chairman Mr. Charles Ray Sheffield Mrs. Edie Vinson Mr. Hal Weathers Mrs. Jean Wheeler, Secretary Rev. Dr. J. Maddox Woodbery, Jr. Executive Committee Chairman–Mr. Mark Johnson Vice Chairman–Mr. Chuck Reeves Secretary–Mrs. Jean Wheeler Emeritus Members Rev. J. William Dupree Mrs. Betty D. Pope Dr. James T. Trice, Jr. Ex-Officio Members Bishop Lawson Bryan Resident Bishop, South Georgia Conference Rev. Paula Lewis South Central District Superintendent Rev. Steve Patton Northwest District Superintendent Rev. Doreen Smalls Southwest District Superintendent Dr. Rick Lanford North Central District Superintendent Rev. David Thompson Coastal District Superintendent Rev. Chris Ramsey Northeast District Superintendent

This issue of Manor Living marks a number of milestones in the lives of residents and staff, as well as in our organization. Henry Bass reached that wonderful goal of retirement as a United Methodist minister of more than 30 years, and immediately joined the Magnolia Manor family as our new Vice President of Church Relations. You will be moved by how he has overcome so much personal tragedy, and why he is so excited about telling our story. Lisa Battistelli started working with older adults when she was a teen in Pennsylvania and couldn’t believe people would pay her to do something she loved so much. Now she’s sharing that joy of ministry as our new Administrator in St. Marys. Brandie Chappell, one of our amazing nursing staff at the Americus campus, has been recognized as “Non-Traditional Student of the Year” by Andrew College, a United Methodist College in Cuthbert, Georgia. What were you doing in 1974? That is when Ollie Fudge began her career of service at Magnolia Manor. She just retired after forty-five years in our Nursing Center Housekeeping department! Lauren Sapp, our Director of Annual Giving, explains how she was so close to her grandfather and the loss she felt when he died, but now that she’s working at Magnolia Manor she has dozens of new surrogate grandparents. There are ways for you to also remember and support your loved ones. At 99 years young and spry, Nancy Webster is enjoying her new life as a resident at Magnolia Manor and looking forward to her next milestone birthday. Marjorie Lawrence is an accomplished artist. Find out why she is enamored with St. Simons Island and what she donated to the campus there. It’s hard to believe that our South campus in Moultrie reached twenty-five years old in July. Teresa Newell, our Administrator, explains why she is so fulfilled in her work and personal ministry to Magnolia Manor. Phase Two (Unit IV) of the Americus Nursing Center renovation is now complete and the next phase is underway. Read about what happens next. Speaking about renovations, discover what just got updated at our Coast campus. Improvements are happening everywhere. Learn how our chaplains are finding new ways to engage residents in meaningful, life-changing Bible study. Our Spiritual Care program is an integral part of every Magnolia Manor campus. Ask us how you can contribute to our residents in such a meaningful way. Lastly, join us in a brief tribute to two amazing women, Betty Pope and Frances Moon, whose legacy at Magnolia Manor will last forever. They have graduated to Life Eternal, but will not be forgotten by many here at Magnolia Manor. These are only a few of the milestones we note in this issue. Join us on the journey and become part of the Magnolia Manor story!

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Cover: Magnolia Manor South 25th Anniversary Celebration.

Last weekend Vicki and I were blessed by a visit from two of our grandchildren (and their parents, of course!). Gabi is six and Gunner is five. They wanted to explore the River at Lake Blackshear, and it was a challenge to slow them down long enough to explain the importance of only going outside with an adult. Our lectures about snakes and alligators made them even more eager to explore. They had no fear. We took them for their first boat ride. You can’t imagine the tears when our son told them what to do when the boat sinks. We eventually convinced them he was joking. Still, at first, they only wanted to go slow. Then it was, “Papa, won’t it go any faster?!” It was then I realized we were building memories with our grandchildren. I’ve been fishing all my life, and it was my grandfather who introduced me to the sport. My earliest memories were of spending the night with him and getting up before dawn to travel to our favorite fishing spot. I loved the outdoors, and I loved the lessons Granddaddy taught me as we fished. Most of all, I loved him. So, imagine how important it was to take my two grandchildren on their first fishing expedition. We walked down to the water, and the adventure began. I had forgotten how dangerous it can be when a child is learning to cast! Gunner was the first to get his hook into the river, and within seconds, he caught a fish. At least, I think it was a fish. It was so small, I’m not really sure what it was! I showed him how to take it off the hook, and the importance of kissing it for luck before he threw it back. Then it was Gabi’s turn. Bam, fish on within seconds! Hers was a whopping four inches long. Both kids yelled and screamed as if they’d just caught Moby Dick. It would be something they’d never forget, and neither would I. I had forgotten how much energy kids have, and how everything is a new discovery. Gnats love Gunner’s ears. Mayflies and dragonfly pupae look like monsters and WANT to terrorize your sister. Every stick is a snake. Every clump of algae floating on the water is an alligator. There are animals in the clouds. Fish are slimy. Adults WILL get hooked by children. Worms wiggle a lot when you stick them with a hook. If you hold a net in the water, a fish will swim into it. If you swish it around a lot and make noise, it will attract more fish. And most of all, a six-year-old girl has a shrill scream that can shatter bulletproof glass! When our children were little, I convinced myself that doing ministry in the Church was more important than spending time with my kids. How wrong I was, because spending time with my kids was God’s most important work! In spite of my misguided thinking, I’m surprised that my kids still love me. Now, I want to do a better job with my grandchildren. What life lessons will you share with your children and grandchildren? Do you need to spend more time with them, with your parents, and with your grandparents—before it’s too late? What memories of your grandparents do you need to pass on to another generation? In short, what legacy will you leave? Will it be financial success? Fame? Will it be stories of shared experiences? Will it be an estate gift? As for me, I want to be remembered as a faithful servant of God who loved his family, laughed a lot and was generous with his time and money.

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a s i L

St. Marys Administrator Lisa Battistelli


MISSION We serve all through love and support for a lifetime We are pleased to announce the addition of Lisa Battistelli to our Magnolia Manor family. Lisa brings with her all the necessary and impressive experience to handle the position of Administrator of the St. Marys campus. More importantly, she brings the personality and qualities to fulfill our mission to serve all through love and support for a lifetime. Born and raised in Pennsylvania, Lisa, a selfproclaimed “old soul,” has always had a nurturing instinct. Her grandparents were an important part of her life and she, along with other family members, provided the necessary care for them in their later years. When deciding what to do right out of high school, her father suggested working at a nursing home, where he happened to know the director. She jumped right in as a Nursing Assistant at Cornwall Manor of the United Methodist Home, and immediately fell in love with it. “I made $3.80 an hour and couldn’t believe I got paid to do something I loved so much,” Lisa shares. She enjoyed her work so much that she waited three years before going to

nursing school. “I was a Nursing Assistant before they had to be certified. Then, after LPN school, I stayed with them for ten more years.” Lisa later moved to Country Meadows Assisted Living before moving to Florida in 2008. During her time working in Pennsylvania, Lisa was exposed to what would become a crucial component for a successful work environment – a chaplaincy program. “I learned the importance of offering a spiritual program for residents as well as staff,” she explains. “One of my mentors taught me, ‘If you have a happy, healthy team, you’ll have happy, healthy residents.’ The opportunity to have a spiritual life program with chaplains on campus makes a big difference in achieving that.” Lisa knows personally the huge impact it can have. During a difficult time when her mother was passing away, it was the staff chaplain who stood by her and offered support. “It was just part of our normal; our chaplains were on hand to help and support residents and staff.” After her move to Florida in 2008, Lisa worked as a Article continued on page 6


Top Row: Rosalyn Bragg, Susan Pittman, Belva Trotman, Lisa Battistelli, and Toni Hoylman Bottom Row: Donna Clark, Carla Williams, Resident Betty Gunther, and Nancy Delgado at St. Marys Article continued from page 5

Healthcare Administrator/Marketer for an Assisted Living and Memory Care organization before recently finding her way to Magnolia Manor in St. Marys. “I feel like I’ve come full-circle back into the Methodist community!” she shares. Lisa loves being in an environment where serving others is a priority. She also finds comfort knowing she’s returned to an organization that knows the importance of a spiritual life program, complete with campus chaplains. Lisa looks forward to serving residents and staff on the St. Marys campus. In addition to making the campus operationally successful, Lisa will focus on building strong relationships. “It’s not about me, it’s about ‘us,’ working together to make our Magnolia Manor community as successful as possible, building upon the great things that are already in place.” Lisa has a fun, good-natured personality, with a special gift of being able to hear and relate to people. “It is important for me to be ‘present,’” she explains. “It’s being visible; finding time to


sit and talk with residents. That is equally as important with staff. I want to get to know each one and learn more about them. We are all part of a community. We are family.” Lisa has already been welcomed with open arms into the Magnolia Manor family. She can’t wait to learn more about the St. Marys area and get the word out about the great things she has already witnessed taking place on campus. “If I could show people what our staff is willing to do for their mothers, or fathers, or grandparents, people are going to want to come here!” Lisa shares. While away from her job (which she still can’t believe she gets paid for!), Lisa enjoys time with her new puppy Rango, going to the beach, hiking, horseback riding, or quietly relaxing at home. But, she’s always happy to head to work and fulfill her nurturing instinct. “I am filled with joy here!” she shares. Please take the time to say a prayer of thanksgiving for Lisa. May God bless her, our St. Marys staff, and residents as they transition forward in what is sure to be a bright future.




Our communities are about life and living We are celebrating 25 years of service at Magnolia Manor South in Moultrie! That’s 25 years of helping people live full lives in their golden years. That’s a lifetime of building a ministry that spreads love and compassion to all. It’s an infinite number of memories that we can store and cherish for years to come. This is certainly a moment to be celebrated. It’s only right that we take this time to reflect on these last 25 years. And there is no better person to reflect on the legacy of Magnolia Manor South than someone who has been there every step of the way. Working in various positions until she made her way to her current position as the Administrator, Teresa Newell has been with Magnolia Manor South since 1994 when the doors opened. She’s seen residents come, and she’s seen them go. She watched her two daughters grow up and become fond of the residents. As her daughters grew, she witnessed the campus progress from its humble beginnings to become the great gift it is to the community today. “When I first came here in 1994, this campus only offered independent living,” Teresa recalled. “Through the years, we realized it was necessary to offer more services. So we added personal care in 2004, which later became assisted living.”

Administrator, Teresa Newell

Teresa remembers the transition was a bit challenging at first. With the addition of a new level of care came new rules and regulations. The staff had to be trained and educated on procedures to maintain compliance with state laws. After much effort and dedication, their hard work paid off and everything began running more smoothly. The results proved that adding a new level of care was worth the challenge. “We were able to enhance the residents’ lives and allow them to remain at our campus longer than they had before,” stated Teresa. With more residents coming in and current residents staying longer, the staff quickly recognized a need for extra space; more specifically in the Article continued on page 13


Chaplain John Walker with Americus Resident Marion Franklin



Commitment to our faith tradition It is our goal at Magnolia Manor to ensure that all of our residents live full lives. Regardless of what demographic group they belong to, our desire is that each resident feels well-represented and receives the proper physical, mental, and spiritual care to fit their needs. We are making progress at our Americus campus. In a quest to find something new and invigorating for male residents, several of them expressed an interest in a men’s group. Senior Chaplain John Walker honored their requests and decided to form a Men’s Bible Study. “I thought that a Men’s Bible Study might be a good way for the men to interact with each other and allow them to grow together in faith and knowledge of the Lord,” stated Chaplain Walker. Led by Chaplain Walker and Chaplain Marty Dillon, the men began gathering on Tuesday mornings to delve into their Bible studies. For the first set of lessons, they reviewed a novel titled “In the Grip of Grace” by Max Lucado. In this novel, Lucado uses stories from reallife situations and ties them to scriptures to provide spiritual guidance for those navigating life issues. The study material is designed to challenge

individuals to utilize their faith in these difficult times. Participants are encouraged to engage in discussions as well as conduct an occasional self-analysis to determine how well they are exercising their faith. So far, the Bible study group has received great reviews. “This is the first Bible study class that I’ve participated in here at Magnolia Manor and I really enjoy it. The discussion portion of the study really brings out the fundamental issues that we have to deal with in everyday life,” explained Marion Franklin, Americus resident and Bible study participant. “The study calls you to take an assessment of where you are in life and use these lessons to live more effectively.” Not only has the Men’s Bible Study Group been helpful to the residents, it has also been helpful to others as it allowed them to share knowledge and wisdom with the people around them. “It’s been wonderful to sit with these men who are veterans of the faith. They have been on this journey with God a lot longer than I have. I’ve learned and grown in my faith by listening to their stories of how God has blessed them and how He has never left them. They’ve encouraged me to lean into my Article continued on page 12


Article continued from page 11

Men’s Bible Study at Americus Campus faith more,” stated Chaplain Walker. Surprisingly, the Men’s Bible study group has also caught some outside attention. Some of the participants’ wives have voiced their appreciation for the men’s group. They are grateful that their husbands are learning more about the Christian faith. In addition to this, they are also pleased to know that their husbands now have the opportunity to fellowship with other men. Before this Men’s Bible Study Group began, the men would only interact with each other at special events, campus activities, or in passing. There wasn’t really an official gathering for men only. Now that has changed and new types of relationships that didn’t exist before have formed. “When you’re talking to someone about your inner feelings, it can be threatening. You have to be in an environment where you trust the people you’re talking to. That type of environment exists in the Bible study,” stated Mr. Franklin. “We informally agreed to share


honestly what our own feelings and emotions were. For men, I think that’s hard at times. But the Bible study allows us to go from being casual friends to become deep, trusting, more personal friends. That is the best part of the Bible study for me.” After a summer hiatus the Men’s Bible Study will commence again this fall, and study sessions are expected to be held on Thursday afternoons. Participants will choose the study text in this next set of sessions. The current members are looking forward to it, and Chaplain Walker is hopeful that more men will join them. In the meantime, the brotherly fellowship will continue as they grow together in their faith.

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President & CEO Mr. Todd dining area. A few years ago, the campus underwent construction with the addition of a sun porch and a portico to the main entrance of the building. Thanks to the auxillary council members, residents can now load and unload in a shady and dry area. The sun porch has now been enclosed to expand the dining area. This created more space for the residents to dine more comfortably, and it also made the dining experience more aesthetically pleasing. The additions to the building and the services offered have certainly been valuable, but the impact the campus has made on the people involved has been tremendous. Faith Morrell came to Magnolia Manor South over six years ago. She started out in the housekeeping department and grew from there. When the former administrative assistant decided to retire, Teresa considered Faith in her search for a successor. Having completed studies in Medical Business, Faith felt that it was an adventure worth taking. Accepting the position helped her reach personal goals. “I’ve grown a lot. I’ve really come out of my comfort zone with a lot of things,” Faith stated. As she has grown, her relationship with the staff and residents has grown as well. “Over the years we’ve grown more into a family. Whenever you’re out sick for a couple of days, all of the residents are worried about you. When you return, they ask if you’re doing better and tell you how much they missed you. It just makes you feel good,” stated Faith. Magnolia Manor South has contributed to countless lives in many ways. The love that is

shared sparks a spirit of generosity that moves people to perform charitable acts of kindness. Teresa reminisced about a time when the campus had trouble with transportation. She and the residents were traveling on the campus bus to Warner Robins. They were en route to one of their famous dine-out trips when the bus completely stopped working at a traffic light. A man and his son pulled over to assist them. After helping the residents get to their destination safely, they offered to repair the bus free of charge. They worked while the residents were eating lunch and had the bus ready to go when they finished. After this, a good Samaritan reached out and offered to purchase a bus for the campus. Teresa simply selected a bus and the good Samaritan wrote the check. Moments like these show that when you sow love and kindness into the world, it produces a harvest of grace at the times you need it most. “Many people know about Magnolia Manor. Our reputation speaks for itself,” stated Teresa. A visit to the campus will prove exactly why the campus has reached such a great accomplishment as 25 years of service. Attend some of their activities like the Mystery Trip, and you’ll learn that these excursions are more than just bus rides to pass the time. They are exciting journeys to destinations unknown that give the residents something to look forward to. In the resident art classes, you’ll see that the lessons consist of more than just a few brush strokes on a canvas. It’s a place where 90-year-olds can discover hidden artistic talents. When you hear the members of the Moultrie Age Beaters Band perform, you’ll know that there is more to being in the band than just playing an instrument. It’s a time to reunite with a forgotten musical ability or seize the opportunity to build one. And as we look back on years past at Magnolia Manor South, we can be certain that there is much more to look forward to in years to come. Happy 25th Year Anniversary Magnolia Manor South!


Henry 14


Dignity, respect, care, and compassion for all Thousands of people support the ministry of Magnolia Manor. A host of volunteers, donors, sponsors, advocates, churches and board members dedicate their time and resources every year to help us fulfill our mission. While we can never repay each of them for their support, we can certainly let them know of our appreciation. The best way is to continue building this ministry. With this new addition to our team, it appears that we are headed in the right direction. Allow us to introduce, Reverend Henry Bass, our new Vice President for Church Relations. Henry was raised on a farm in the small town of Tanner located between Athens and Decatur, Alabama. His grandparents took on sole guardianship after both of his parents fell ill and were unable to care for him. Early on, he developed a love for Christ as his grandparents took him to church. He remembers attending Vacation Bible School where he was given his first Bible. From that moment on, Henry was eager to serve the Lord. He was baptized at the age of 13 and accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and savior. It was these moments that would help him through the many challenges of life. At the ages of 19 and 21, Henry suffered the loss of both of his

parents. A couple of years after that, he lost his grandmother with whom he had been living. He spent the next several years searching for ways to cope with the devastating loss of the parental figures in his life. Some of his coping mechanisms called him in a different direction, but the call and desire to serve the Lord was much stronger. At the age of 27, Henry finally decided it was time to rededicate his life to the Lord, and he hasn’t looked back since. Entering ministry at the age of 30, Henry accepted his first appointment in North Alabama. He served there for the next 11 years. While pastoring people of the faith, Henry was also attending college and working at Monsanto Chemical Company. He went from junior college, where he played on the basketball team, to Birmingham Southern, where he completed his undergraduate studies. In this time, he also found the love of his life, Jane Ellen. They married and began a family of their own. Shortly after that, he received an opportunity that would lead him to south Georgia. Henry was attending Emory University when he discovered that some of the South Georgia United Methodist pastors were recruiting new pastors. He accepted an appointment in Article continued on page 16


Article continued from page 15

Methodist Conference for over 30 years and serving as a district superintendent for eight years, Henry has known about the ministry of Magnolia Manor for quite some time. So, when the Bishop contacted him late one evening and informed him of the opening, he took it into serious consideration. After much prayer and discussion, Henry accepted the position. “I feel that this is a great fit for both me and this organization. I’m excited about it. I hope and pray that everyone at Magnolia Manor is excited about it as well,” stated Henry.

Reverend Henry Bass - V.P. for Church Relations the Valdosta District and has since served the Lord all across south Georgia. He pastored in Alamo, Alma, College Place in Brunswick, Blakely, and other places. He eventually made his way to serving as the Valdosta District Superintendent. This role required him to go beyond his previous duties of serving as a local pastor to providing support and guidance to local pastors and their churches. Henry rose to the occasion and demonstrated an exceptional example of faith in action, even when tragedy found him yet again. One of his sons was paralyzed due to a gunshot wound. He and his wife also suffered the loss of a son, a daughter, and two sons-in-law. In those difficult times, Henry relied heavily on his faith. “I have a deep faith. My faith in God is what pulled me through each of those moments in life. I have faith that the Lord will always be with us, even in the difficult times as well as the good times,” stated Henry. Henry’s strong faith is one reason why he was considered a perfect candidate for the V.P. of Church Relations position here at Magnolia Manor. As a pastor in the South Georgia United


In this role as V.P. for Church Relations, Henry is responsible for maintaining contact with the local churches to inform them of the services this organization provides and the ministry that goes on at all eight campuses. Henry’s goal is to encourage more enthusiasm and provide more opportunities for local churches to learn about Magnolia Manor. By doing this, he hopes to create a mutually beneficial relationship for both the church and Magnolia Manor. “Magnolia Manor has always been a great organization, from the great quality service to outstanding leadership. I am glad to be a part of this organization because I enjoy interacting with people from the age of 2 to 92,” Henry explained. Henry has served as a pastor and a district superintendent. He’s a husband and a father of four living children. He’s also a grandfather to ten grandchildren and a great–grandfather to eight great-grandchildren. In each area of life, his dedication to serving the Lord has always been a strong influence. It is his love for God that has fueled his compassion, care, and respect for people. We are glad to be receiving a great addition to our team, and we look forward to seeing what he accomplishes here at Magnolia Manor. Welcome aboard Henry!


Integrity through excellence

Mark R. Todd, CEO, Brandie Chappell, RN and Susie Fussell, B.S.N. R.N Magnolia Manor is a unique ministry filled with many hidden gems. Individuals come from all over to receive a level of care that suits their needs. Whether those needs are physical, mental, or spiritual, we are committed to building a team of well-rounded professionals dedicated to making high-quality care possible. With employees like Brandie Chappell as a member of our team, we get closer to our goal each day. Brandie came to Magnolia Manor in 2013. In her time here, she has held many positions ranging from charge nurse to wound care nurse. She is currently serving as the Minimum Data Set (MDS) Coordinator. In this capacity, she is responsible for assessing the functional capabilities of residents at the Americus Nursing Center along with other tasks. Although she has experienced a few role changes within her career field, her lifelong dream of becoming a registered nurse (RN) has remained the same. She became a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) in 2006 and has spent the past thirteen years developing her nursing skills through training and hands-on work experiences. Through the years, she kept her focus on her dream. Her dedication and determination led her to enroll in the RN program at Andrew College to further her education in nursing. It is with that same dedication and determination typical of her character that she has exceeded expectations. Her most recent accomplishment serves as proof. Brandie received the Non-Traditional Student of the Year Award at Andrew College! “I am very proud and honored to win the NonTraditional Student of the Year Award at Andrew College,” stated Brandie. Her Magnolia Manor family is very proud of her as well. “Magnolia Manor supports employees who make the decision to better themselves

personally and professionally through continued education. It makes us proud when an employee’s hard work is recognized in the classroom,” stated Mark R. Todd, President and CEO of Magnolia Manor. “As an Advisory Board member for the School of Nursing at Andrew College, I am especially delighted that Magnolia Manor of Americus Nursing Center MDS Coordinator, Brandie Chappell, recently received the Non-Traditional Student of the Year award from Andrew College!” This accomplishment is not easy to achieve. But Brandie sure does make it look that way, despite her busy schedule. An ordinary day in Brandie’s life requires her to wear many hats. She is a daughter, a wife, a mother, a student, and an employee at Magnolia Manor. She doesn’t allow these obligations to hold her back from her dreams. Instead, she uses each challenge to fuel her towards her life goals. Brandie’s advice to other non-traditional students like herself is, “Never give up on something that is in your heart. Even if you fail at it, keep trying because you’ll only regret it if you don’t continue to try.” Brandie doesn’t take sole credit for her accomplishments. She appreciates her family for their support. Without their cooperation and sacrifice, it wouldn’t be possible. She also believes her position at Magnolia Manor has contributed largely to her success. Working at Magnolia Manor has allowed her to apply her work experiences to her studies and vice versa. She gets the opportunity to learn the valuable lessons that only personal experience in a healthcare environment can teach you. It also helps that Magnolia Manor fully supports her and works around her busy schedule. “I love Magnolia Manor. Most of all, I love the residents here. But I truly have wonderful coworkers who support me in every way. That’s priceless,” said Brandie. We wish Brandie the best as she continues her education! We look forward to more great accomplishments in the future. Follow us on Facebook or visit our website at to hear more success stories about our employees.


y c n Na Magnolia Manor of Macon Resident Mrs. Nancy Webster



Healthy mind, body, and spirit In July of 2018, Mrs. Nancy Webster made Magnolia Manor of Macon her forever home. Though she is a fairly new resident, she is no stranger to our ministry. As a matter of fact, Mrs. Webster has a long history with Magnolia Manor. Her long-time friend was once an employee at one of our campuses, and her mother was a resident for several years. She would make weekly visits to see her mother, which eventually allowed her to build a relationship with the organization. On one of her weekly visits, she learned about The League of the Good Samaritan, Magnolia Manor’s benevolent fund for residents in need. Although her mother never required the use of the League, Mrs. Webster felt that it was a great cause and started making regular donations. Through the years, Mrs. Webster has maintained a close relationship with Magnolia Manor, a close relationship that would eventually become closer. Raised in Lizella, Georgia, Mrs. Webster recalls a happy childhood with a father who had a great sense of humor and a love for dancing. Her mother was very loving and enjoyed gardening. She mostly enjoyed planting flowers, a hobby that

she passed down to Nancy. With nurturing love and sacrificial care, Mrs. Webster’s parents helped her and her siblings (a sister and two brothers) grow into prominent adults with families of their own. Mrs. Webster got married in 1940. She and her husband moved to Macon, Georgia where they built a house. They raised two sons and watched them grow to be husbands and fathers. For the next 63 years, they would experience the many joys and sorrows of life together until Mr. Webster passed away in 2003. Mrs. Webster was left alone to live in their rather spacious home. After her children voiced their concerns about her living alone, Mrs. Webster agreed to move into a retirement community. It was a new lifestyle she had to adjust to, but she quickly learned to enjoy it. She spent fourteen years there, building friendships and spending time with her sister who also lived there for a while. But this wouldn’t be her last journey in life. Mrs. Webster’s caregivers noticed the time had come for her to receive a higher level of care. In her search for a new place to call home, Magnolia Manor was definitely at the top of her list. Article continued on page 20


Article continued from page 19

Magnolia Manor of Macon Resident Mrs. Nancy Webster

“Two of my doctors recommended Magnolia Manor. Some of my friends who have lived here recommended it as well. My family did some research and I decided to make it my home. I’ve been very happy here ever since,” says Mrs. Webster. Like everything in life, there were adjustments. It took some time, but Mrs. Webster met the challenge with an open mind. Here’s her advice on adjusting to senior living: “You have to take part in everything that you can, talk with people, and make friends. I think you have to do a lot of pushing ahead to make yourself happy. You can’t sit in your room and not take part in anything. I think you have to get out and make your happiness where you are.” Mrs. Webster has become well-acquainted with her new home. She enjoys bingo, attending music programs, going for walks, and having lunch with friends. Recently, her new friends at the Manor threw a party in celebration of her birthday. Mrs. Webster has reached the age of 99 and has the wisdom to show it. In


her 99 years of life, she’s uncovered three, significant tips to living a long, healthy life: stay active, eat well, and socialize with others. Living at Magnolia Manor makes it a bit easier for individuals to follow these three tips, but Mrs. Webster’s reasoning behind choosing Magnolia Manor goes much deeper than that. “My favorite thing about Magnolia Manor has always been the people. The people are friendly and attentive which has allowed me to make many good friends. The atmosphere is very pleasant and I’m well taken care of here,” stated Mrs. Webster. From her sacrifice to help those in need to the insightful bits of wisdom she imparts to those in their youth, Mrs. Webster is an inspiration to us all. A glimpse into her life proves that it’s possible to adapt to the many challenges and uncertainties of life. Her kind and joyful smile is evidence that life is what you make it. We look forward to many more birthday celebrations and bingo games to come. Until then, we’ll continue striving to be a community of life and living!


Creative change and constant improvement

Richmond Hill Wellness Center Construction Recent upgrades and improvements to the Wellness Center on the Richmond Hill campus have taken it from drab and uninviting to a welcoming workout environment. In the pool area, the once-constant battle with humidity and mildew was remedied by the installation of two pool rated 30 inch high velocity rotating fans that push humid air to the outside. The old carpeting around the pool was replaced with a cool deck surface which easily dries. The windows, previously filled with condensation, have been replaced, opening up the beautiful view to the outside patio area in front of the pond. There is also updated signage and new tables and chairs. In the exercise room, the carpet was replaced and the walls were given a fresh coat of paint. Posters and signage have been swapped out for current images. The weight room was enlarged, resulting in a much larger and functional area, with natural light from the outside pouring in. A new doorway from the exercise room

into the weight room will help equalize the atmosphere in both areas and prevent the humid air in the pool room from entering. We will heavily insulate the old doorway to prevent as much pool-air seepage as possible. We have already realized favorable benefits as a result of what has been completed so far. The completion of the doorway will further improve the overall situation in the Wellness Center. According to Administrator Mike Battle, once the final touches are made, “we will be ‘rocking and rolling’!!! What we are doing will be very beneficial for our residents here at the Coast,” he explains. “It will also help showcase our building as this area is one of the first things a visitor will see when they walk into our main entrance. Equally important, the improvements will make our Wellness Center a pleasant and inviting place for our residents to enjoy. The work we have already completed to this point has been very well received by everyone. Our residents love and appreciate these improvements.”

Magnolia Manor on the Coast Wellness Center


Magnolia Manor of Americus Nursing Center Unit 4



Creative change and constant improvement

Unit 4 Finished Construction Last December, Magnolia Manor began working on Phase Two of the six phased construction project at the Americus Nursing Center. Contractors from the Clark Nexsen architectural firm and the Piedmont Construction Group, both based out of Macon, returned to make full renovations to Unit 4. Together, they’ve made updates to the building which include new roofing, fencing, flooring, and more. After several months of hard work and dedication, the highly anticipated construction project on Unit 4 has finally reached completion! Residents are now able to enjoy spacious,

settled in and familiarized with their new space. Now that Phase Two is complete, we are moving to Phase Three. In this phase, contractors will make renovations to the old Mattie H. Marshall Memory Care Center. It will be reconditioned to serve as a new, state-of-the-art rehabilitation center. Renovations are expected to include a new drive-through portico to provide physical therapy patients with more efficient access to and from the building. Construction is already underway. Shortly after getting the dementia care residents settled into Unit 4,

private rooms complete with private

Magnolia Manor staff and contractors began

bathrooms and updated furniture. The

cleaning out some of the offices and rooms

dining area has been remodeled to create

in the old Mattie H. Marshall Memory Care

a more social environment where residents

Center. Phases Four through Six will include

can indulge in a healthy meal or engage in

upgrades to the remaining sections of the

entertaining activities. The bathing area has

Americus Nursing Center.

been completely revamped to include more modernized equipment to make the bathing experience a little more convenient. The nurses’ station has been updated as well, to allow more space for storage. Once all state inspections were completed and the building received a passing mark according to state regulations, the residents received clearance to move into their fully renovated rooms. First, staff and family members moved each resident’s things to their new rooms. Then residents were welcomed

With these improvements, we aim to enhance the quality of life for our residents and to establish a better work environment for our staff. We also strive to develop an inviting atmosphere where family members and those within the community can feel welcomed as a part of the Magnolia Manor family. If you’d like to keep track of our progress here at Magnolia Manor, please follow us on Facebook or visit our website at

to their new home. They are now getting



Director of Annual Giving, Lauren Sapp with Family


In action...

When my Granddaddy passed away on July 3, 2016, a piece of my heart went with him. We had an especially close relationship, and he would tell anyone that would listen that I was his “number one.” Most people assumed it was because I am the oldest grandchild, but we both knew it was because I was his favorite. I had the privilege of living with my grandparents the summer he passed away and I would not trade those few months for anything in the world. I would look on with admiration, as my Meme worked hard to take care of him every single day with the utmost love and compassion. It made me appreciate the love they had for each other. It’s the same love they have, in turn, passed down to their children and grandchildren. I never once doubted how much Granddaddy loved me unconditionally. And three years later, there is not a day I don’t miss him. When I started my job at Magnolia Manor in October 2016, I was young. I had just graduated college and relocated to a town three hours from home. It was all so overwhelming and terrifying for me at first. But, little did I know the plans God had in store for me. I never imagined I could love someone else’s grandparents as much as I loved my Granddaddy. But in the short three years I have worked at Magnolia Manor, I have come to love

each and every resident I know. I love their hugs and how they hold my hand. I miss them during the weekends. When I return for the work week, I’m eager to see them. Their corny jokes make me laugh. I love sitting and talking to them about “the good old days.” I worry about them when they are sick. I enjoy playing bingo and putting puzzles together with them. I appreciate having inside jokes with them. Their smiles brighten my day. They give my job purpose. This Grandparent’s Day I am grateful for the 22 years I had my Granddaddy in my life, but I am also thankful for the residents of Magnolia Manor for showing me the love that only a grandparent can. I think we all have people in our lives who are not family by blood or marriage, but we love them just the same. This is how I feel about our residents. This is why I have made a donation to Magnolia Manor in honor of these special people God has put in my path. I invite you to join me and make YOUR gift.

Director of Annual Giving 2001 South Lee Street Americus, GA 31709 Office: 229-931-5928


Ma rjor i e


Magnolia Manor of St. Simons residents Marjorie Lawrence and her sister Norma Mock

CREATIVE CORNER The Cottage on our St. Simons Island campus is proud to be the new home of a Marjorie Lawrence original painting! Marjorie is a popular local artist and a Magnolia Manor resident. Her love of art and the beauty of the island, combined with her love of Magnolia Manor, led her to create an original painting now on display for many to enjoy! As far back as she can remember, she has been drawing. “I just always wanted to create!” she shares. Marjorie is a Macon, Georgia native and one of four children. Her only surviving sibling is her sister, Norma Mock, who became a resident at Magnolia Manor earlier this year to be near Marjorie. The two are extremely close. Norma recalls her mother saying two of the four of them had extraordinary art talent, and two didn’t. “I’m one of the ones who didn’t,” Norma laughs. “I had other talents!”

St. Simons Art Reception her five children, art continued to be a big part of her life, as a hobby and for fun. Her talents go beyond illustration: she paints, she sculpts, and even chisels stone. Marjorie’s art has been displayed in many different venues. Her basrelief clay sculpture of the Franciscan Martyrs is permanently displayed at the parish hall of St. Williams Catholic Church. From the time she was a young girl, Marjorie spent many summers vacationing on St. Simons Island with her family and has always been drawn to the beauty of the island. It’s for that reason she and her sister Norma decided to make Magnolia Manor their home.

Never jealous, Norma has always been proud of her artistic sister, often bragging about Marjorie to others. In school, Marjorie was usually the student chosen to work on special projects, sometimes to the detriment of her grades. Her talent won out and Marjorie received an art scholarship to Wesleyan College in Macon. “It was there I learned to ‘see’ a different way to draw,” she explains. “My teachers were strict; we couldn’t draw from magazines, only from live models. I learned a lot!” Her skill and talent led to a career as a medical illustrator for Mercer Medical School in Macon. When Marjorie married and was busy raising

“I just always knew I’d live here,” Norma shares. “Marjorie moved here first. Then I prayed for an apartment to become available, so we could be close to one another.” They see each other or talk daily, often dine together, and enjoy attending church services on campus as well as at their own church. They both love their new life here. “St. Simons Island” was unveiled in The Cottage parlor on May 15, 2019. Friends, family, and staff gathered to show their appreciation to Marjorie for her talent and kindness in donating such a lovely piece of art. Make sure to stop by to see it in person if you are ever in the area…and you just may run into this talented artist herself, along with her loving and supportive sister!


Tribute Elizabeth “Betty” Deriso Pope

Frances Owens Moon

September 24, 1933 May 29, 2019

August 2, 1921 June 2, 2019

Mrs. Betty Pope was a fixture in Sumter County. She always had a mission and stayed busy accomplishing it. She hiked the campaign trail for a well-known Sumter County resident who rose to the office of President of the United States. She swung hammers to help build houses for the less fortunate. And each Christmas, she and Mrs. Ruth Jones faithfully hung beautiful decorations for all of our residents to enjoy in the community areas at the Retirement Center and Nursing Center at Magnolia Manor of Americus. She was always eager to lend a helping hand. But most importantly, Mrs. Betty Pope shared her wisdom and leadership with everyone she came in contact with and the many organizations she served. She was an active Board of Trustee member from October of 1996 until April of 2009, when she chose to move to our Americus campus and call Magnolia Manor home. From April of 2009 until her death, she served as an Emeritus Board of Trustee Member where she continued to lend her wisdom, leadership, and her witty sense of humor. “Mrs. Pope has been a dedicated supporter of Magnolia Manor for years; giving her time, energy, and resources. She was a devoted and effective advocate for our ministry and she faithfully encouraged me as the President and CEO,” stated Mark R. Todd, President and CEO of Magnolia Manor. “When I least expected it, a hand-written note would arrive in my office from ‘Miss Betty.’ It would contain words of encouragement that were always right on time. Her uplifting presence in our organization and in our community will be greatly missed.”


Affectionately referred to as “Grandmother Moon,” Frances Moon built a lasting legacy here at Magnolia Manor. Ms. Moon was not one to sit down and let life pass her by during her senior years. While many her age were making the choice to make Magnolia Manor their home, she chose to make a second career here at Magnolia Manor serving others. At the age of 75, Ms. Moon became a Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) and spent nearly 22 years serving the residents of Magnolia Manor. “Grandmother Moon was a shining example to all of us that life does not stop as you get older. You are only as old as you allow yourself to feel,” stated Mark R. Todd, President and CEO of Magnolia Manor. “To her, it was about life, it was about living, and she chose to live life to the fullest! Ms. Moon retired at the age of 96 and decided to make Magnolia Manor her home. It was an honor to provide care for one who spent her senior years providing care for others at Magnolia Manor. Everyone who knew her will certainly miss her. Her legacy of service to the residents of Magnolia Manor will continue to live on through her grandson, Mr. Charles Eugene Reeves, Jr., the Vice Chairman of the Magnolia Manor Board of Trustees. Mr. Reeves has served on the board since 2011. “What better honor is there than to have our board members choose Magnolia Manor to provide care for their loved ones. We know that Vice Chairman Reeves is very proud of his grandmother’s legacy. We know that he will carry that legacy of service forward in providing care for so many deserving seniors across South Georgia,” stated Mr. Todd.

Retirees Ms. Ollie Fudge

COO Hill Fort, CEO Mr. Mark R. Todd, Ms. Ollie Fudge, Samantha Ford, Nursing Center Administrator Susie Fussell, B.S.N. R.N and Assistant Administrator Rob Taylor It was a bittersweet moment on the Americus

Those who have worked alongside her know

campus when Ms. Ollie Fudge walked the

of her strong will and determination to get the

halls of the nursing center for the last time as

job done. Taking an entire day off was a rarity

an employee. Ms. Fudge joined the Magnolia

for Ms. Fudge. Even when she wasn’t feeling

Manor family in 1974 and spent the last

her best, she would work part of the day to

forty-five years lending her services to the

help wherever she could.

Housekeeping Department. Year after year, Ms. Fudge led by example; setting the tone for those to come. “When I started working in the Housekeeping Department, Ms. Fudge was very kind to share all of her knowledge about the job and the company,” stated Americus Nursing Center Housekeeping Supervisor, Samantha Ford.

“We, as a team, were very thankful for her. She wasn’t selfish. She always spoke highly of doing the right things,” stated Samantha Ford. Now the time has come for Ms. Fudge to retire, but the impact she has made will continue to hold true here at Magnolia Manor. Your Magnolia Manor family will miss you Ms. Fudge. Enjoy your retirement!



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All donations are tax deductible as allowed by law. For more information, contact Lauren Sapp, Director of Annual Giving Phone: 229-931-5928 or Email:


For upcoming events, please visit our website, Facebook page or call the campus.


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Easter Bunny Visit at Richmond Hill, Magnolia Manor on the Coast

Mother’s Day at Moultrie, Magnolia Manor South

Father’s Day at Mattie H. Marshall Center, Magnolia Manor of Americus

Talent Show at Magnolia Manor of Columbus West


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Easter Crafts at Magnolia Manor of Macon

Square Dancing at Magnolia Manor of Marion County

Easter Fun at Magnolia Manor of Columbus East

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Farmers and Craft Market at Magnolia Manor on the Coast

New Resident Social at Magnolia Manor of St. Simons


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All aboard the “Love Boat Cruise� with Independent Living Residents at Magnolia Manor of Macon

Health and Career Fair at Magnolia Manor on the Coast

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Fourth of July Celebration at Magnolia Manor of Americus

Skilled Nursing Week Western Day at Magnolia Manor of St. Simons


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Easter Bunny Hops into the Mattie H. Marshall Magnolia Manor of Americus

Magnolia Manor of Columbus West residents playing Bingo with the Sisters in Christ Ministry

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“The best thing of all is God is with us.” –John Wesley

Rev. Bill Alderman, St. Simons Campus

Ash Wednesday, Americus Campus


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“Happy is he that attains the character of a peachmaker in the Church of God.” –John Wesley

Rev. Dan Krupp, St. Marys Campus

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The Staff of Magnolia Manor Mr. & Mrs. Ray Crenshaw Florence McCadams Mr. Joshua Epps Nancy Miller Ms. Kay Crawford Lanie Kent Julie Schroeder Frances Moon Mr. & Mrs. Bob Jernigan Mrs. Martha Ann Studstill Ellen Navarra Mr. & Mrs. Tom D’Isepo Harold & Mavis Odom Mike & Jan Odom

Len Shoemaker Ray & Donja Tripp Pat & Joey Sirmans Ray & Betty Crenshaw The Least of These Ms. Betty Daniels Sybil Theus Mr. & Mrs. Scott Rosenberg The 101st Birthday of Lucy Tolbert Mrs. Polly Aycock Mildred Tyler Mr. Joe Daniel Dr. Pamela Tyler St. John’s UMC Ms. Glenda Dowling The Mothers of Bronwood UMC Bronwood UMC

Beverly Peeler Doug & Lynn Walker

The Mothers of Colquitt UMC Colquitt UMC

Martha Perkins Ms. Barbara Kirschner

Sheila Gibbs Vincent Gordon UMC

Mr. & Mrs. Bill Pickard Rev. & Mrs. James Jensen   Dr. John Lee Redding Rev. & Mrs. Richard Lanning

Rosa Vining Servants of God Sunday School Class

Lydia Romero Ms. Anne Jones

Faye Webb Ms. Debbie Coarsey Gretchen Gay and Dewey & Suzanne Rozar

Rev. Steve Vinson Butler UMC

TRIBUTES April 2019 – June 2019

W. C. & Faye Webb Dewey & Suzanne Rozar Elizabeth C. Wilbanks Jane & Paul Pressly Lib Wilbanks Dr. & Mrs. Leslie Wilkes Willa Mr. Alfred Quinn Mary Worth Ms. Barbara Kirschner


General Donations Abbeville UMC Action Life Sunday School Class Mr. & Mrs. Tony Adams Mr. & Mrs. Scott Adkins Albany First UMC Ms. Kellie Alexander Alfred Dupree Sunday School Class Ms. Tiara Allen Alston UMC Amazon Smile Americus First UMC Americus Salem UMC Antioch UMC Ms. Crystal Arcuri Arthritis Support Group Mr. & Mrs. Mashuq Askerzada Avalon UMC Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bacon Baconton UMC Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy Bailey Bailey-Thompson Fund Bainbridge Men’s Fellowship Mr. & Mrs. Willis Bennett Mr. Earl Benson Bethany UMC Bethel UMC Mr. & Mrs. J. C. Bevill Mr. & Mrs. Charles Bledsoe Bold Springs UMC Bonaire UMC Mr. D. Vance Boone Boston UMC Ms. Bonnie Bradshaw Rev. & Mrs. John Brodess Mr. Donald Broome Rev. & Mrs. William Brown Broxton UMC Brunswick First UMC Mr. & Mrs. Fred Bullard Burgess Carpet Center, Inc. Mr. Charles Burnett Mr. Stanley Carden Sr. Dr. & Mrs. William Carlton Mrs. Claudia Carney Ms. Janet Cauthen


Central UMC Mr. & Mrs. Danny Chandler Mr. Charles Chapman Christian Covenant Sunday School Class Chula UMC Ms. Sally Clark Ms. Mona Claxton Cobbtown UMC Rev. & Mrs. Eugene Cochran Ms. Geraldine Colbert Collinsworth-Corinth UMC Mr. & Mrs. Larry Comer Concord UMC Mr. John Conley Mr. & Mrs. Jack Cosper Mr. & Mrs. Jack Cox Ms. Linda Cox Crowell UMC Ms. Betty Daniels Mrs. Adela David Mr. & Mrs. Donald Davidson Jr. Pat Davis Dawson First UMC Dawson Street UMC Ms. Deborah DeLoach Mr. & Mrs. Dan Deneen Machele Dennis Dixon UMC Mr. & Mrs. David Doster Ms. Gale Dowling Mr. Frederick L. Dubberly Jr. Dudley UMC Rev. & Mrs. James Duke Jr. Ms. Ruby Dukes Eastman First UMC Ebenezer UMC Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd Eckberg Mr. Randolph Edgar Edison UMC Elizabeth Chapel UMC Col. Robert Ellanson Rev. & Mrs. Jim Emery Epworth Sunday School Class Era Alexander Sunday School Class Mrs. Susie Etheredge

Ms. Joelle Etheridge Faith Sunday School Class of Magnolia Manor Mr. Jim Faucett Ms. Barbara Fields Dr. & Mrs. E. E. Flournoy Mr. & Mrs. Hill Fort Fort Gaines UMC Friendship Bible ClassClimax UMC Friendship Class Byron UMC Friendship UMC (Bacon Co.) Friendship UMC (Cairo Charge) Ms. Frances Gay Georgia Cochran Sunday School Class Ms. Julie Giardina Gibson UMC Mr. Karl Gill Mrs. Sandra Lee Goembel Ms. Chenelle Golden Golden Believers Sunday School Class Grace UMC Graham UMC Ms. Peggie Grantham Ms. Mary Green Rev. Hall Grimmett Ms. Janice Gruber Ms. Joyce Haimovitz Mr. George Hall Ms. Carol Hamblet Ms. Vivian Hancock Mr. & Mrs. Jarrett Harrison Mr. Frank Harshman Ms. Connie Hatcher Hawkinsville First UMC Helena UMC Ms. Janice Holtzclaw Hopewell UMC Hopewell UMC (Glennville Charge) Ms. Edna Hopper Mr. Ronald Hostettler Ms. Carla Howard Mr. Ray Hunnicutt

Mrs. Rachel Hurst Rev. & Mrs. John Irwin IV Isle of Hope UMC Tom & Claudia Jefferson Fund Rev. & Mrs. Thomas ohnson Sr. Mr. & Mrs. W. Frank Joiner Mr. Wally Joiner Jr. Mrs. Betty Jones Mr. Stanley Jones Joy Sunday School Class Vienna UMC Ms. Claire Kempton Mr. & Mrs. Kurt Kincaid Dr. & Mrs. John King Jr. Kingsland First UMC Kingsland UMW Ms. Debbie Kohler Rev. & Mrs. Dan Krupp Mr. Alfred Lamb Ms. Debra Lane Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Lane Ms. Sandra Last Mr. & Mrs. Jim Lawrence Jr. Harley Lawson Ms. Linda Laye Mrs. Martha Lee Leesburg UMC Ms. Lynne Leftwich Mr. S. William Lehew III Mr. & Mrs. Larry Lewis Ms. Nancy Lewis Liberty UMC Linton UMC Mr. & Mrs. Michael Lisenby Mr. Frank Littleton Jr. Living Grace UMC Lothair UMC Ms. Dawn Lott Rev. & Mrs. Shane Lovvorn Ludowici UMC M. L. Harris UMC Magnolia Manor Christian Women Circle Ms. Becky Martin Ms. Brenda Martin Dorothy T. Martin Trust Dr. Alva Mayes Jr.

The measure of a life, after all, is not its duration, but its donation.

DONATIONS April 2019 – June 2019

Ms. Judith McClellan Mr. & Mrs. David McCollum Ms. Robin Ann McCormick Ms. Joan McElroy Mr. & Mrs. Billy McKinnon Ms. Carol McLagan Ms. Anne McLean McRae UMC Meigs UMC Meldrim UMC Meldrim UMW Mr. & Mrs. Melvin Merrill Midway UMC Mr. & Mrs. Joel Miller Ms. Patricia Millican Mrs. Patti Mills Rev. & Mrs. Wayne Mitchell Mitchell UMC Mrs. Betty Morrell Mr. & Mrs. Neal Moseley Dr. & Mrs. Wayne Moseley Mrs. Jean Mosely Mr. & Mrs. Robert Moss Moxley UMC Mt. Olivet UMC Mt. Vernon UMC Mt. Zion UMC Mulberry Street UMC Nashville UMC Ms. Judy Neal Network For Good New Day Sunday School Class New Harvest UMC New Hope UMC New Prospect UMC Ms. Kathleen Newkirk Mr. & Mrs. Frank Newman Northview UMC Oak Grove UMC Oak Grove UMC Oak Grove UMC (Broxton Circuit) Mr. & Mrs. Peter Oddi Mr. & Mrs. Tom Olson Pairs & Spairs Sunday School Class Ms. Lisa Pappas Park Ave UMC

Mr. Jerry Parker Parker’s Heating & Air Conditioning Mr. & Mrs. John Patterson III Ms. Susan Peak Pearson UMC Pepsico Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Carlos Phillips Mr. & Mrs. Robert Phillips Pine Forest UMC Pleasant Grove UMC Mr. & Mrs. Taylor Poole Providence UMC Mr. Michael Ramsey Ms. Sylvia Ray Reidsville UMC Dr. John Rice Richland UMC Richmond Hill UMC Ms. Alaina Riley Rockledge UMC Ms. Beverly Rogers Ms. Lydia Romero Mr. Steve Romine Ms. Vickie Rotureau Rev. Rickey Rushing Ms. Linda Salem Salem UMC (IrwintonToomsboro/Salem) Sandersville UMC Ms. Lauren Sapp Sasser UMC Mrs. Lynda Scarborough Mrs. Juanita Scott Shelton’s Chapel UMC Shiloh UMC Mr. & Mrs. William G. Shockley Jr. C. Byrd Simmons, CPA Ms. Clara Slaughter Ms. Brenda Smith Ms. Cassandra Smith Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Smith Jr. Ms. June Smith Ms. Marilyn Smith Ms. Pamela Smith Smithville UMC Sparks UMC St Vincent De Paul Society

St. Luke UMC St. Mark UMW St. Simons Island UMC Statesboro First UMC Mrs. Vesta Steedley Ms. Marie Stewart Ms. Sharon Stocking Kim Sumner Mr. & Mrs. Milton Sutherland Ms. Molley Sutton Swainsboro First UMC Talbotton UMC Mr. & Mrs. James Taylor Mr. Wayne Taylor Tena Corporation Tennille UMC The Broadfield Foundation Lt. Cdr. Glenn Thomas Ms. Leslie Thomas Mr. & Mrs. Ronnie Thompson TIS Insurance Services Mr. & Mrs. Mark Todd Ms. Deborah Toftee Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Tondee Trane Supply Trinity UMC Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy Tripp Ms. Helen Tullis Mr. James Turner Mrs. Dale Tuttle Upatoi UMW Mr. & Mrs. Robert Vanderhoef Rev. & Mrs. C. Benjamin Varnell Vidalia First UMC Vienna/Shiloh United Methodist Church Vineville UMC Wadley UMC Waldens UMC Ms. Jane Walker Ms. Inez Wallace Luray S. Ward Trust Waresboro UMC Mr. Hal Waters Jr. Ms. Helen Waters Mr. Lester Watson

Wesley Chapel UMC Wesley Monumental UMC Wesley United Methodist Women Westview UMW Ms. Joan Wilcox Ms. Chelsea Williams Mr. & Mrs. Alan Williamson Winona Park UMC Ms. Brooke Woods Mr. & Mrs. Alan Worthley Mr. & Mrs. John Wright Wright’s Chapel UMC Wynnton UMC


For this God is our God for ever and ever: he will be our guide even unto death. 50

Psalm 48:14

IN MEMORIAM April 2019 – June 2019

Mary Adderly

Margaret J. Green

Willie Pearl K Pickett

Eddie Alexander

Stephen A. Greenfield

Betty D. Pope

Marsha Berry

Stanley T. Hayes

Mildred E Reed

James E Box

Betty Hester

Hugh G. Reeves

Ivie K Bozeman

Janice Hill

Marilyn J Reynolds

Arthurolar Brooks

Inez D Holder

Ann Richards

Alice P. Brown

James Jackson

Patricia F Richardson

John W. Bryant

Dorothy H. Jones

Ann W. Royal

Logan D. Buterbaugh

Loria Kelly

Faye H. Smit

Lillie Cannon

David Kohr

Oscar Stallings

Van Esther Cannon

Mark Latimore

Neal Stamps

Lorraine R. Carswell

Euritha Leatherwood

Kerry Starling

Stella Cheek

Jimmy L. Long

Syble O. Stephens

Linda Cook

Raymond P Mannila

Albert J. Thomas

Ella M. Daniels

Cynthia J. Martin

Pierre Tredeaux

Mary G. Duncan

Shelia McCray

Dorothy Turner

Henry A. Fahl

Melissa McInvale

Patricia Ward

Carolyn F. Farmer

Shirley Melton

Willie Ward, Jr.

Diane Ferguson

Wilma L. Mishler

Evelyn G. Watkins

Nancy H. Fly

Betty J. Monts

Betty White

Glenn Goldsum

Frances Owens Moon

Glenda Van Houter

Stella Goodman

Thresa J. Pasley

Inez J. Zeigler


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Manor Living Magazine SUMMER 2019  

Manor Living Magazine SUMMER 2019

Manor Living Magazine SUMMER 2019  

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