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Devon Balet

Starting Big Agnes almost 20 years ago felt like the plan

for a great adventure coming together: We didn’t really have all the details ironed out, just a great idea so we went for it. In our case, the idea was simply to make the best gear possible to help folks like you get outside and chase your dreams. That proclamation means different things to people on so many levels, yet, all the dreams are awesome. No matter the complexity or simplicity, local or global, they’re all worth pursuing. They make you come alive, make you feel feels that you don’t feel sitting at your desk cranking reports or trying like mad to get your kids out the door to school, or tossing and turning at night on your special-order mattress with the A/C cranked.

We get outside to chase our dreams because that’s where the magic happens. That’s where your mind is stimulated by sharp peaks and wide-valley views and also calmed by the stillness and quiet. Where your lungs burn in the thin air, and yet your breaths manage to be the deepest; you are frightened by unknowns and risks, yet your inner curious voice keeps you pushing to the edge or maybe just past that ever-present comfort zone. And we love it. We live for it. For Big Agnes, in 2018, chasing dreams meant tackling the Continental Divide Trail through our Colorado backyard, all 740 miles of it. Our company (along with sister companies Honey Stinger and BAP) hiked, biked, and horsepacked our way from New Mexico to Wyoming in a relay style journey. It was hard. We’re just normal people with families, jobs, bum knees, duct-taped blisters, squeaky brakes, and a shit load of spirit, grit, and determination.

Devon Balet

From first-time, multi-night backpackers, bikepackers, and horsepackers to veteran thru-hikers and gravity-game adrenaline junkies, our eclectic staff’s purpose was to raise awareness for the CDT, become baptized-by-trail advocates of it, test new products in development, and crush a goal set before us by our president and co-founder, Bill Gamber. You’ll find a lot of stories and photos inside this catalog that document this past summer’s journey from the perspective of a few employees, in addition to accounts from brand ambassadors and influencers who trek across the globe testing the limits of our gear. Everyone had their own experience and takeaways (lack of water sources, trail closures, lightning storms, oh the blisters), and we hope you find something relatable and inspiring within their tales. While it took us a few short months to plan the details of how to divide up sections of the trail (24 in all averaging 10-12 miles a day), who would be on trail when, and how to keep the business running while we’re doing this – we encountered variables beyond our control (the San Juan National Forest was closed due to a wildfire hours after our kick-off at the NM border, and we had to evacuate our hikers 6 miles into day 1 of what was supposed to be a 6 day thru-hike). There are things that you just can’t plan for but can only hope to manage and react to with a level head once they happen. Because no great campfire story begins with “that one time, when everything went perfectly according to plan…” So in the spirit of great adventures that get our blood pumping, our adrenaline peaking, and don’t necessarily take you on the smoothest ride, in 2019 let’s make sure we don’t lose sight of our dreams, however big or small, simply because the potential for adversity and the ‘what ifs’ scare us. Whether your adventure is on a trail with your kids near your backyard, your 17th summit of Everest (see story page 57), your first overnight bikepack mission, or pushing innovative gear to the industry’s limits, map out what you can, prepare for storms and possible re-routes, but ultimately you won’t know unless you forge ahead and go for it.

- The Crew at Big Agnes

Cover Photo: Noah Wetzel. Chris Volkmann and Stanton Mayer enjoying the afternoon warmth at 15,700ft while trekking near Lhonak, Nepal


Will McElwain Passing through The Window, a prominent landmark near Rio Grande Pyramid in the San Juan Mountains, Colorado


Noah Wetzel Preparing 4 for the rain high up on the ridge in Montezuma Basin, Colorado

Who is Big Agnes? At our core, we want to inspire you to get outside and find the same appreciation for the backcountry we have. We’re a small company with the mountains just minutes from our office. We test product in these mountains and make gear that you can trust when you’re out there.


Dirk Collins Porter 6 Collins enjoys a forced bivy while hiding from thunderstorms deep in the Tetons, Wyoming

Sleeping Bags Comfort and warmth in the backcountry, your backyard, or anywhere you choose to rest your head for the night is the key to an overnight outing being awesome, not awful. That’s why we are committed to making sleeping bags that mimic your cozy bed at home as much as possible with the highest quality, lofty fills, and soft, technical fabrics. Whether you choose a Big Agnes System bag, a Traditional Mummy, or a Superlight REM sleeping bag, all of our bags optimize your own body heat for maximum efficiency. We make bags to fit all shapes, sizes, budgets, couches, floors, truck beds, tents, and dirt. If you can sleep there, we’ve got a bag for you. While we can’t guarantee your eight hours of dream-filled bliss each night, we can guarantee that we’ve designed these bags to generate some serious zzzzzzzz’s.


Big Agnes System

NEVER ROLL OFF YOUR PAD AGAIN. Our Big Agnes System bags are designed to keep your bag and pad connected to provide a secure foundation that keeps you on your pad all night. We eliminate the unnecessary bottom insulation that gets compressed with our integrated Flex Pad Sleeve design to accommodate the pad which provides the insulation. Just like your bedsheet at home, slip your pad into the four corners of the pad sleeve to secure your sleep system. The highly packable and lightweight Big Agnes Flex Pad Sleeve secures your bag and pad together so you stay on your pad all night. The simple stretch construction goes on and off with little effort and accommodates 20” and 25” wide pads.



Flex Pad Sleeve features stretch construction that accommodates multiple pad widths, and easily connects your bag to your pad

 Integrated full pad sleeve creates a secure attachment to the bag





RECTANGULAR Small: 20-25” x 66” /51 x 168cm Regular: 20-25” x 72” /51 x 183cm Long: 20-25” x 78” /51 x 198cm

Mystic UL 15°F/-9°C IMPROVED

Small/Regular/Long • $379.95/$399.95/$429.95 S 1lb 15oz/879g R 1lb 14oz/850g L 2lb 2oz/964g 850 DownTek™

Blackburn UL 0˚F/-18˚C IMPROVED

Small/Regular/Long • $479.95/$499.95/$519.95 S 2lb 6oz/1.08kg R 2lb 10oz/1.19kg L 2lb 14oz/1.3kg 850 DownTek™





Rectangular Petite: 20-25”x 66-72” Regular: 20-25”x 72” Long: 20-25”x 78” Wide Long: 25-30”x 78”

ANVIL HORN SERIES NEW Anvil Horn 45˚F/ 7˚C Regular/Long • $219.95/$229.95 R 1lb 10oz/737g L 1lb 13oz/822g 650 DownTek™

Anvil Horn 30˚F/ -1˚C

Regular/Long • $249.95/$269.95 R 2lb/907g L 2lb 5oz/1.05kg 650 DownTek™

Anvil Horn 15˚F/ -9˚C

Regular/Long/Wide Long • $269.95/$289.95/$319.95 R 2lb 5oz/1.05kg L 2lb10oz/1.19kg WL 2lb15oz/1.33kg 650 DownTek™

Anvil Horn 0˚F/ -18˚C

Regular/Long • $349.95/$369.95 R 2lb 15oz/1.33kg L 3lb 3oz/1.45kg 650 DownTek™

WOMEN’S DAISY MAE SERIES NEW Daisy Mae 15°F/-18°C Petite/Regular • $269.95/$289.95 P 2lb 2oz/964g R 2lb 4oz/1.02kg 650 DownTek™

Daisy Mae 0°F/-18°C

Petite/Regular • $319.95/$349.95 P 2lb 12oz/1.25kg R 2lb 14oz/1.3kg 650 DownTek™



PAD REQUIREMENTS Rectangular Regular: 20” x 72” Long: 20” x 78”

Sandhoffer 20˚F/ -7˚C

Regular/Long • $199.95/$219.95 R 2lb 11oz/1.22kg L 2lb 15oz/1.33kg 600 DownTek™





RECTANGULAR 25” x 78” /64 x 198cm


Deer Park 30°F/-1°C

Wide Long • $279.95 WL 3lb 14oz/1.76kg 600 DownTek™

Summit Park 15°F/-9°C Wide Long • $329.95 WL 4lb 7oz/2.01kg 600 DownTek™



RECTANGULAR Requires one 40” x 72”/ 127 x 183cm or two 20” x 72”/ 51 x 183cm

Sentinel 30°F/-1°C IMPROVED Doublewide • $399.95 3lb 9oz/1.62kg 650 DownTek™ 10

King Solomon 15°F/-9°C IMPROVED

Doublewide • $429.95 4lb 5oz/1.96kg 650 DownTek™

DOWN FILL TECHNOLOGY DownTek™ is a water repellent treatment that allows down to retain its ability to loft and insulate even when wet. The DownTek™ treatment creates surface tension on each individual cluster of down, so instead of deflating the pockets of air that trap warmth, the moisture has no choice but to bead up and roll away. DownTek™ uses a PFC-Free, bluesign® approved chemistry.

All of the down Big Agnes purchases for our products comes from an RDS Certified supplier. The Responsible Down Standard aims to ensure that down and feathers come from animals that have not been subjected to unnecessary harm.

SYNTHETIC FILL TECHNOLOGY A proprietary synthetic insulation developed by Big Agnes to provide excellent warmth to weight ratio along with compressibility and loft. 100% post-consumer recycled polyester, low denier fibers that are tightly woven and provide high loft, compressibility, high weight-to-warmth ratio and durability. Multi-denier, short-staple fibers with high loft to efficiently trap heat. Silky fibers provide a soft feel and great compression for packability. A multi-denier, hollow-core insulation that provides loft, structure, warmth and durability. 50% post-consumer recycled, multi-denier polyester insulation with a blend of hollow and solid fibers to maximize comfort, loft and warmth. Thermolite Extra is designed to be resilient and have a softness and fullness similar to down feathers. A high-peformance insulation with the full spectrum of features to brave the elements.

Braden Gunem Ernie declares sleepy time is OVER! Time to start stealing shoes and running in circles in the sand, Nevada





RECTANGULAR Petite - 20” - 25” x 66”/ 51 - 64 x 168cm 20” - 25” x 72” / 51 - 63 x 183cm Regular- 20” - 25” x 72” / 51 - 64 x 183cm Long- 20” - 25” x 78” / 51 - 64 x 198cm Wide Long - 25” - 30” x 78” / 64 - 76 x 198cm


Regular/Long • $159.95/$169.95 R 1lb 12oz/794g L 1lb 15oz/879g Fireline ECO™

Lost Dog 30˚F/ -1˚C

Regular/Long • $169.95/$179.95 R 3lb/1.36kg L 3lb 6oz/1.53kg Fireline ECO™

Lost Dog 15˚F/ -9˚C

Regular/Long/Wide Long $189.95/$199.95/$209.95 R 3lb 3oz/1.45kg L 3lb 10oz/1.64kg WL 4lb 1oz/1.84kg Fireline ECO™

Lost Dog 0˚F/ -18˚C

Regular/Long • $209.95/$219.95 R 4lb 2oz/1.87kg L 4lb 10oz/2.10kg Fireline ECO™


Petite/Regular | $159.95/$169.95 P 2lb 12oz/1.25kg R 3lb 1oz/1.39kg Fireline ECO™

Sunbeam 15°F/-9°C

Petite/Regular | $179.95/$189.95 P 3lb/1.36kg R 3lb 5oz/1.50kg Fireline ECO™

Sunbeam 0°F/-18°C

Petite/Regular | $199.95/$209.95 P 3lb 15oz/1.79kg R 4lb 6oz/1.98kg Fireline ECO™ 12




Buffalo Park 40°F/4°C

Wide Long • $149.95 WL 2lb 15oz/1.33kg Thermolite® Extra

Hog Park 20°F/-7°C Wide Long • $189.95 WL 6lb 7oz/2.92kg Thermolite® Extra

Whiskey Park 0°F/-18°C

Wide Long • $199.95 WL 6lb 10oz/3.01kg Thermolite® Extra

Elk Park -20°F/-29°C Wide Long • $229.95 WL 7lb 4oz/3.29kg Thermolite® Extra

Mack treks the San Juan Mountains I knew our section in the San Juan Mountains was going to have a lot of vertical, but my body wasn’t quite ready for the abuse of living around 12,000 feet for four days--averaging 12 miles a day. I’ve heard of couch-to-5k training programs as positive experiences for people, but this desk-to-sherpa transition was a brutal transformation.

Mack Maschmeier

Graphic Designer Section 3 & 24: 5 days, 47.4 miles, 10,995 ft. ascent

We were fortunate to have clear skies and no rain for our segment. The ample sunshine illuminated the stunning 14,000ft peaks around us, but also reminded us of the lack of trees--and shielding from the sun--at that elevation. Sun drenched and weary, we rolled into camp with the basic desires of eating and sleeping. The last night we made it to a yurt where we met some fellow backpackers and coincidental Big Agnes fans. I slept outside on the deck of the yurt under the brightest stars I’ve seen. Staring into the warm, mesmerizing glow of a full moon that night more-than-compensated for the pain endured. I was left with an overflow of appreciation for the mountains and hungry for more thru-hiking adventures in the future.






RECTANGULAR Little Red - 20” x 48”/ 51 x 122cm Wolverine & Duster - Any 20”/ 51cm wide pad

Duster 15°F/-9°C

Expandable | $109.95 2lb 14oz/1.30kg (Half Pad Sleeve) FireLineTM CORE The Duster offers a customizable fit allowing the bag to grow with your little camper from tot to teen.

Little Red 15°F/-9°C

Kids • $69.95 1lb 12oz/794g (Full Pad Sleeve) FireLineTM CORE

Wolverine 15°F/-9°C

Junior • $89.95 2lb 6oz/1.08kg (Half Pad Sleeve) FireLineTM CORE


Big Creek 30°F/-1°C IMPROVED Doublewide • $269.95 4lb 9oz/2.07kg FireLineTM ECO

Cabin Creek 15°F/-9°C IMPROVED Doublewide • $289.95 5lb/2.27kg FireLineTM ECO

Dream Island 15°F/-9°C IMPROVED

Doublewide • $269.95 7lb 8oz/3.40kg FireLineTM MAX

PAD REQUIREMENTS • RECTANGULAR Big Creek, Cabin Creek Doublewide Pad: 40” x 72” / 102 x 183cm Two Single Pads: 20” - 25” x 72” / 51 - 64 x 183cm 14

Dream Island Doublewide Pad: 50” x 78” / 127 x 198cm Two Single Pads: 25” - 30” x 78” / 64 - 76 x 198cm

REM Pad Sleeve


These Superlight bags feature the patent-pending REM Pad Sleeve™ which clips to the bottom of the bag to make a pad sleeve - ensuring you won’t roll off your pad during the night. With soft, technical fabrics and an anti-snag zipper draft tube these bags’ versatility is ready to tackle peaks, canyons, and all the roads less traveled. Detachable pad sleeve which secures the pad to the bag and also doubles as the sleeping bag storage sack.

Integrated clips and loops attach the REM Pad SleeveTM to the bag




Wiley SL 30°F/-1°C

Regular/Long • $259.95/$279.95 R 1lb 12oz/794g L 1lb 15oz/879g 650 DownTek™

Skeeter SL 20°F/-7°C

WOMEN’S Sidney SL 25°F/-4°C IMPROVED Hazel SL 15°F/-9°C IMPROVED Petite/Regular • $279.95/$299.95 P 2lb 1oz/936g R 2lb 3oz/992g 650 DownTek™

Petite/Regular • $299.95/$309.95 P 2lb 9oz/1.16kg R 2lb 12oz/1.25kg 650 DownTek™


This is the first bag of its kind to offer a unique exterior cinch system that provides a customizable fit by adjusting both length and width. These adjustments minimize open-air space to trap more heat closer to your body. Available exclusively in women’s REM bags.

Regular/Long • $289.95/$309.95 R 2lb 4oz/964g L 2lb 7oz/1.11kg 650 DownTek™

Beryl SL 0°F/-18°C

Regular/Long • $319.95/$339.95 R 3lb 2oz/1.42kg L 3lb 5oz /1.50kg 650 DownTek™ 15

from three combat Gobin e m ho g in rn tu re an “after and Afghanistan, Se Trail.” aq Ir to ts en m oy n pl de es of the Appalachia hiked all 2,185 mil

Warrior Expeditions Warrior Expeditions is a nonprofit organization that helps veterans transition from their wartime experiences through long distance outdoor expeditions. Big Agnes has been partnering with Warrior Expeditions to supply equipment since 2014. Historically, military units would experience a lengthy journey home after fighting a campaign abroad. During this journey home, warriors would process and come to terms with their wartime experiences. But in today’s age of modern transportation, military personnel can find themselves home within a few days of serving in a combat zone. In 1948, combat veteran Earl Shaffer told a friend he was going to “walk off the war” to work out the sights, sounds, and losses of World War II. Four months later, Shaffer became the first person to hike the entire length of the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine. Since 2001, over 2.5 million veterans have returned home from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, but many of them have never transitioned from their experiences. This is evident by the recent report from the Department of Veteran Affairs which states that over 20% of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans suffer from PostTraumatic Stress Disorder. 16

By: Sean Gobin

Founder, Warrior Expeditions

In 2012, after returning home from three combat deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, Sean Gobin hiked all 2,185 miles of the Appalachian Trail. Recognizing the therapeutic effects of long distance outdoor expeditions, Sean founded Warrior Expeditions. Equipped with leftover military gear, Sean learned the hard way about the importance of using the right kind of gear. He put his head down and rucked his way up the AT until his body caught up with him and shin splints took him temporarily off trail. Sean was introduced to Big Agnes in 2014 at Outdoor Retailer and never looked back. Warrior Expeditions is structured into three separate programs: Warrior Hike, Warrior Bike, and Warrior Paddle. The expeditions include the Appalachian Trail, the Continental Divide Trail, the Pacific Crest Trail, the Arizona Trail, the Buckeye Trail, the Florida Trail, the Mountains to Sea Trail, the Trans America Trail, and the Mississippi River. Warrior Expeditions provides its veterans three types of support during their journeys: gear, supplies, and community support.

Warrior Expeditions provides veterans with all of the equipment and clothing required to complete a long-distance outdoor expedition. A large portion of this gear is provided by in kind donations. Big Agnes provides approximately $20,000 annually in tents, sleeping bags, and other equipment items. Big Agnes’ support enables the veterans to successfully complete 3-6 month-long expeditions by providing the gear required to survive in the elements. From rain, to snow, bugs, and heat, Big Agnes tents provide the shelter needed to stay comfortable. For months, the tent is home. It costs approximately $11,483 of total support per veteran per expedition. If it were not for the generous support of Big Agnes, these expeditions would not be possible. Sean Gobin is a Marine veteran who served multiple deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. After hiking the Appalachian Trail in 2012, Sean founded Warrior Expeditions - a nonprofit that helps veterans transition from their wartime experiences through long distance outdoor expeditions.



Traditional Mummy

We’ve been best known for designing innovative sleeping bags featuring our Big Agnes System for nearly 20 years, but did you know we also offer new-school traditional mummy sleeping bags? Traditional mummy bags have stood the test of time with high quality, technical designs and materials, lightweight, warm, and lofty insulations and highly packable and ultralight options. These do not have an integrated pad sleeve, insulation layers on top and bottom and a more narrow silhouette keep the warmth-to-weight ratio right where you want it.




Small/Regular/Long • $449.95/$469.95/$499.95 S 1lb 3oz/539g R 1lb 6oz/624g L 1lb 8oz/680g 850 DownTek™

Hitchens UL 20°F/-7°C

Small/Regular/Long • $509.95/$529.95/$569.95 S 1lb 9oz /709g R 1lb 11oz/765g L 1lb 15oz/879g 850 DownTek™

Orno 0˚F/ -18˚C

Small/Regular/Long • $539.95/$559.95/$579.95 S 2lb 3oz /992g R 2lb 7oz /1.11kg L 2lb 9oz /1.16kg 850 DownTek™

Crosho UL -20°F/-7°C

Small/Regular/Long • $579.95/$599.95/$619.95 S 2lb 9oz /1.16kg R 3lb/1.36kg L 3lb 4oz/1.47kg 850 DownTek™


Pluton UL 40°F/4°C NEW

Regular/Long • $349.95/$369.95 R 1lb /454g L 1lb 3oz /539g 850 DownTek™



Nathan Leavitt / WildRoots We hike far enough to find a safe sound buffer between our boys and any neighbors, Joshua Tree National Park, California





Boot Jack 25°F/-4°C IMPROVED

Regular/Long • $199.95/$209.95 R 2lb 2oz /964g L 2lb 5oz /1.05kg 600 DownTek™

Spike Lake 15°F/-9°C IMPROVED

Regular/Long • $229.95/$239.95 R 2lb 6oz /1.08g L 2lb 8oz /1.13kg 600 DownTek™

Yock 0°F/-18°C IMPROVED

Regular/Long • $299.95/$309.95 R 3lb 5oz /1.50kg L 3lb 9oz /1.62kg 600 DownTek™

WOMEN’S Mirror Lake 20°F/-7°C IMPROVED

Ben Herndon Post-climb paddle under smoky skies over Nez Perce lands, Idaho

Petite/Regular • $219.95/$229.95 P 2lb 6oz /1.08kg R 2lb 8oz /1.13kg 600 DownTek™

Oliphant 0°F/-18°C IMPROVED Petite/Regular • $329.95/$339.95 P 4lb /1.81kg R 4lb 4oz /1.93kg 600 DownTek™




V Notch UL 40°F/4°C NEW

Regular/Long • $189.95/$199.95 R 1lb 8oz /680g L 1lb 9oz /709g PrimaLoft® Hi-Loft Ultra Silver


Picket SL 30°F/-1°C

Regular/Long • $259.95/$269.95 R 2lb 1oz /935g L 2lb 5oz /1.05kg PrimaLoft® Silver Insulation & PrimaLoft® Gold Insulation Active

Bolten SL 20°F/-7°C

Regular/Long • $289.95/$299.95 P 2lb 11oz /1.22kg R 3lb 1oz /1.34kg PrimaLoft® Silver Insulation & PrimaLoft® Gold Insulation Active





Buell 30°F/-1°C IMPROVED

Regular/Long • $109.95/$119.95 R 2lb 7oz /1.11kg L 2lb 11oz /1.22kg FireLine PRO™

Husted 20°F/-7°C IMPROVED

Regular/Long • $119.95/$129.95 R 2lb 12oz /1.25kg L 3lb 1oz /1.39kg FireLine PRO™

WOMEN’S Blue Lake 25°F/-4°C IMPROVED Elsie 15°F/-9°C IMPROVED Petite/Regular • $109.95/$119.95 P 2lb 4oz /1.02kg R 2lb 8oz /1.13kg FireLine PRO™

Petite/Regular • $119.95/$129.95 P 2lb 11oz /1.22kg R 3lb/1.36kg FireLine PRO™

I fell in love with the San Juan Mountains while ski bumming in Telluride in the early 2000s. I was drawn to the range’s understated ruggedness, harsh weather, stunning fall foliage, and vast remoteness. I chose section #2 intentionally, partly because I felt due for a good challenge, but mostly because it feels more like home than anywhere else. 84 miles is not far in the grand scheme of the CDT, but the sustained elevation (11,000+ ft. for almost the entire section), combined with the 15,000+ ft. of elevation gain and threats of afternoon thunderstorms, made it a little spicier than the other sections…exactly what I was looking for. Water was a challenge for the first few days due to the serious drought there…we would have to top up every chance we got in case it was our last opportunity for that day. Towards the end of the trip, we had the opposite problem…plenty of water, but also plenty of lightning and hail that came with it (we coped the best we could with hail-garitas). Luckily, we had no major injuries during the entire section. We came back with lightened loads, happy hearts, dramatic photos, and good stories (maybe a few blisters).

Eighty-four Miles of Epicness

Will McElwain, Product Designer

Section 2: Wolf Creek Pass to Hunchback Pass 7 days, 84 miles, 17,541 ft. ascent



CAMP ROBBER BEDROLL 45˚F / 7˚C NEW Single/40”/50” • $199.95/$299.95/$349.95 S 2lb 4oz /1.02kg 40” 2lb 15oz /1.336kg 50” 3lb 11oz /1.67kg 650 DownTek™

The closest we’ve ever come to designing a real bed in the backcountry, the Camp Robber Bedroll’s plush and lofty quilt and soft, fitted sheet-like pad cover will have you convinced you booked a room at a 5-star hotel. Zip the quilt to the bottom layer for a snug sleeping bag cocoon, or leave it unzipped for a lightweight, breezy comforter effect. Choose the best size to suit your overnight needs (can work great as an extra bed indoors too) and pair with one of our thick, supportive air pads for best results. Sleep outside like you do at home, only better. PAD REQUIREMENTS

RECTANGULAR Single - Requires 25” x 78”/ 64 x 198cm 40” - Requires 40” x 72”/ 127 x 198cm or two 20” x 72”/ 51 x 183cm 50” - Requires 50” x 78”/ 127 x 198cm or two 25” x 78”/ 64 x 198cm


INSULATED TENT COMFORTER NEW 58”x 90”/ 90”x 90” • $89.95/$119.95 58” 1lb 15oz /879g 90” 2lb 15oz /1.33kg FireLine ECO™

Simply a must-have item in your gear stash. You will take this insulated camp blanket everywhere - the park for concerts and picnics, the river for napping on the wet sand, and of course, camping. This super-versatile blanket has a highly water resistant shell on one side and a soft, plush insulated-quilt top on the other. The perfect thermal booster for when you need just a little more insulation on top or underneath your sleeping bag on an unexpectedly chilly night. Packs and travels easily into its own pocket so you just toss it in a find a use for it wherever you go.


TRAVEL BAGS & LINERS McKinnis Summer - Above 45°F / 7° C 82”/208cm long • $139.95 1lb/454g 650 DownTek™

Farrington Summer - Above 45°F / 7° C 82”/208cm long • $119.95 1lb 3oz/482g PrimaLoft® Silver

Kings Canyon UL Quilt

80” x 60” (tapers to 21”) / 203 x 152cm (tapers to 53cm) • $169.95 • 1lb/454g PrimaLoft® Silver

Synthetic Liner

68” x 32” (tapers to 25”) 173 x 81cm (tapers to 63cm) $69.95 • 9oz/255g PrimaLoft® Black Hi-Loft

Cotton Liner

82”/208cm long • $44.95 14.5oz/411g


Wool Liner

82”/208cm long • $139.95 1lb/454g

Fleece Liner NEW

82”/208cm long • $79.95 1lb 4oz/567g 23



trail adoption

Forest Service Road 500

After absorbing the commitment to the adoption, the crew at Big Agnes and our sister-companies BAP and Honey Stinger began thinking about how impactful this trail is not only to


You may be asking yourself two things: How did this idea come about and how did they pull it off?



There’s no better way to develop and test product, no better way to walk the walk of an outdoor gear brand than to immerse ourselves as much as possible into the trails, campgrounds, and amazing public lands that surround us here in Northwest Colorado and beyond. The summer of 2018, we got out as a team to sleep in the dirt even more than usual. Here’s why: In 2017, Big Agnes adopted 75 miles of the Continental Divide Trail near Steamboat Springs, CO as part of our support of the Continental Divide Trail Coalition. As an adopter we agreed to do our part to maintain the designated portion of the trail, mark the trail as needed, keep it free of trash, and be good stewards of the trail whenever we found ourselves recreating on it. Which turns out, because of its proximity to Steamboat Springs and our office, is quite often. To celebrate our adoption, the CDT’s 40th Anniversary, and the 50th Anniversary of the National Scenic Trails Act, we decided to hike the entire Colorado section of the trail this past summer in a relay-style journey. Yep, 740 miles! 146k vertical feet up and down along the spine of Colorado, topping out on Grays 14,278 ft. summit – and we coined this adventure the “Border to Backyard Rally.”

Big Agnes Mountain


CDT Project

By: Katie Hughes

Hahns Peak


The CDT is a playground and testing area for Big Agnes. It’s also a place of recreation for full time residents of Steamboat Springs and our year-round visitors. We wanted to pay it back by adopting 75 miles of the trail from Rabbit Ears Pass to the Wyoming border. It’s the largest CDT trail adoption by a Business. We’ll perform trail maintenance, clear fallen trees and blaze sections. We’ll also work closely with the CDTC to get 15 miles of the trail off paved Highways 14 and 40 and onto dirt trail.

At Big Agnes, when we say we sleep in the dirt, we mean it and we do it.


Big Agnes 75 Mile CDT Trail Adoption Paved Highway Dirt Trail

Summit Lake

Steamboat Springs Home of Big Agnes

eComm Marketing Manager Section 14 & 24: 4 days, 41.2 miles, 5,144 ft. ascent

Mt. Werner Rabbit Ears Peak Highway 14

Highway 40

our community of Steamboat but way beyond that, and maybe it’s time we help raise some awareness. But how could we do that? Make t-shirts, throw another party, post about it on social media…sure, those are great ideas and we’ll do that too, but we needed something bold. Whether the idea was written down on an après bar napkin by co-organizer and thru-hiking badass Kathleen Lynch or born on a sunrise tour on the ski area one morning, no one knows for sure, but between January and June we mobilized more than 70 employees to sign up for sections of the trail. The sections ranged from day hikes and bike rides to week-long high alpine treks through some of Colorado’s most wild and scenic mountains.

with drought, lightning storms, wildfires, and wind, and all you can do is react, re-route, and keep on trucking. The closure lasted a few weeks, but by the time the forest was re-opened we had regrouped and bypassed the sections affected. The new beginning of our journey was a little further north on a 48-mile section outside the boundaries of the forest closure. We made up the first two sections later in the summer and were able to get most of the folks originally signed up for them out on the trail. All in all, we faired pretty well with nature’s curveballs and can give credit to our crew for their planning, prep, and perseverance through a summer no one here at Big Agnes will likely ever forget.

We broke the 740-mile stretch into 24 sections and planned to start at the NM/CO border on the morning of June 11th. It was a cool and sunny summer morning with five very excited employees and their meticulously packed backpacks ready to tackle the first section of trail - a 75-mile jaunt that would deliver them to Wolf Creek Pass seven days later. After a send-off ceremonial blessing from a member of the Jicarilla Apache tribe our Border to Backyard Rally began! Ten miles into what was sure to be the highlight of their summer we got a call from our partners at the US Forest Service: Due to a large wildfire, the San Juan National Forest was closed indefinitely and we needed to get our hikers off the trail as soon as possible. (Cue deflated balloon sound.) Months of planning, meetings, scheduling, and excitement leading up to this kick-off day was literally burning up right before us. That’s the thing about planning adventures in the wild; you can prepare as much as you want down to shuttle cars and GPS systems and perfectly proportioned salami disks for each lunch, but mother nature don’t give a f@%k. She will derail your plans

So how did it end? On another sunny, albeit chillier day three months later and 739 miles further north, we woke up in tents less than one mile from the WY border. As had been done every morning since we began - water was boiled, oatmeal was stirred, bags were stuffed, and packs were zipped up for the last time. It was bittersweet to finish knowing there wasn’t another team to hand the baton to for their section of adventure that lie ahead. We joked about conquering the WY section next summer, but really, the accomplishment wasn’t just about physically making it all 740 miles this summer. It’s the excitement of what’s still to come for the future of the CDT. Raising awareness for this rugged, brutal, historic trail means more funding for improvements, maintenance, and protection. Our accomplishment isn’t measurable yet. Stay tuned to in 2019 as we publish stories, data, and specific information that we gathered from the trail to help anyone planning a long journey or even one night out on the Colorado portion of the CDT. 25


30 Words. Comfort and warmth in the backcountry, your backyard, or anywhere you choose to rest your head for the night is the key to an overnight outing being awesome—not awful. 100 Words. That’s why we are committed to making sleeping bags that mimic your cozy bed at home with the highest-quality lofty fills and soft, technical fabrics. Whether you choose a Big Agnes System bag, a Traditional Mummy, or a Superlight REM sleeping bag, all of our bags optimize your own body heat for maximum efficiency, and we make a bag to fit all shapes, sizes, budgets, couches, floors, truck beds, tents and hammocks. While we can’t guarantee your eight hours of dream-filled bliss each night, we can guarantee that we’ve designed these bags to generate some real zzzzzzz’s.

Braden Gunem 26 brings her feet back to life after a frigid fall trek along the northern California coast Claire

Camp Furniture We like to think we know something about camp comfort. It’s safe to say we’re a bit obsessed with how to make gear comfortable and still maintain high quality, lightweight properties with technical design and materials. Camp furniture is no exception. Sure, it’s not as much of an integral piece of your backcountry survival kit as a sleeping bag or tent, but when it comes to comfort, a chair is pretty high up there with needing to get it right in our book. We are proud to present our Big Agnes line of Camp Furniture. You’ll find a lot of similarities with our camping gear; simple and intuitive setup, thoughtful, innovative design, and comfort to the highest degree. We may like to sleep in the dirt, but we try to avoid sitting in it.


Noah Wetzel Harry Sandler sautés up a tasty snack of blistered Shishito peppers at a staff photo shoot in Montezuma Basin, Colorado

Skyline UL Chair NEW

Trail Weight 1lb 11oz/765g Packed Side 3.5” x 3.5” x 17”/9 x 9 x 43cm Width 21”/53cm Seat Height 12”/30cm $109.95

Skyline UL Stool NEW

Trail Weight 1lb 1oz/482g Packed Side 3.5” x 12”/9 x 30cm Width 21”/53cm Seat Height 12”/30cm $79.95 The Skyline UL Stool - about the size of a size 9 shoe.


4 3 2

5 1

1. Patented hub-less frames for smaller pack size

4. High-tenacity Robic® nylon ripstop fabric with UTS coating provides a soft feel and enhanced tear strength

2. Color-coded shock-cord architecture for simple setup and breakdown

5. Enhanced comfort through pre-bent poles that create a wider, more stable seat

3. Ultralight aircraft aluminum poles

6. Stuff sack included 6

Mica Basin Camp ChairNEW

Trail Weight Packed Side Width Seat Height

2lb 3oz/992g 3.5” x 4.5” x 17.5”/9 x 11 x 44cm 22”/56cm 13”/33cm $129.95

Big Six Camp Chair NEW Trail Weight Packed Side Width Seat Height

3lb/1.36kg 3.5” x 4.5” x 21”/9 x 11 x 53cm 24”/61cm 15”/38cm $149.95

Soul Kitchen Camp Table NEW

Trail Weight 4lb 4oz/1.93kg Packed Side 4” x 5” x 28”/10 x 13 x 71cm Width 27.5” x 24”/70 x 61cm Table Height 24”/61cm $129.95

Woodchuck Camp Table NEW

Trail Weight 2lb 3oz/992g Packed Side 3.5” x 4.5” x 21.5”/9 x 11 x 55cm Width 21.5” x 15.5”/55 x 39cm Table Height 17”/43cm $99.95



Noah Wetzel Kicking back at a home-stay drinking Tongba (traditional Nepalese homemade alcohol made with fermented corn and millet) while trekking in Kanchenjunga Himal, Nepal


30 Words. Comfort and warmth in the backcountry, your backyard, or anywhere you choose to rest your head for the night is the key to an overnight outing being awesome—not awful. 100 Words. That’s why we are committed to making sleeping bags that mimic your cozy bed at home with the highest-quality lofty fills and soft, technical fabrics. Whether you choose a Big Agnes System bag, a Traditional Mummy, or a Superlight REM sleeping bag, all of our bags optimize your own body heat for maximum efficiency, and we make a bag to fit all shapes, sizes, budgets, couches, floors, truck beds, tents and hammocks. While we can’t guarantee your eight hours of dream-filled bliss each night, we can guarantee that we’ve designed these bags to generate some real zzzzzzz’s. 30

Sleeping Pads We make a variety of sleeping pads and pad covers available in different shapes and lengths to give you options for different temperature ranges, sleeping surfaces, backpack sizes and inflation methods. No matter which model you choose, we’ve designed it with comfort and durability in mind. All of our pads have been individually inflated and tested and come with a stuff sack or compression strap, and nearly all models include a repair kit. We believe our pads are stronger, lighter, and warmer.



Valve Technology Quick deflation valve

Quick-deflate valve position

Low-profile, single-port, two-way valve allows for quick inflation and rapid deflation Featured on AXL Air and Insulated AXL Air

One-way inflation valve with micro air pressure adjust button

High-volume valve allows for efficient and easy inflation and rapid deflation.

Two-way, pull-tab valve allows for easy inflation, deflation and micro adjustments

Featured on Hinman and Two Track

Featured on Q-Core SLX, Air Core Ultra, Insulated Air Core Ultra and Q-Core Deluxe, and Insulated AXL Trail Boss

Which Pad is right for you?

Cold Weather Below freezing

Three-Season 32°F/0°C

Warm Weather

Above freezing

Save your breath for climbing peaks or chasing kids and use the included pad inflation sack to inflate.

Insulated AXL Trail Boss™ NEW

Ultra warm, highly durable, three+ season pad Thickness (Outer/Inner): OUTER 3.75” / 10cm INNER: 3.25” / 8cm R 20” x 66” 36oz/1.02kg $179.95 R 20” x 72” 39oz/1.10kg $199.95 R 20” x 78” 42oz/1.19kg $209.95 R 25” x 72” 49oz/1.38kg $249.95 R 25” x 78” 51oz/1.44kg $259.95 Not for the faint of weight, this Trail Boss is coming in hot. Winter/cold-weather campers and cold sleepers rejoice: This is our warmest insulated pad to date, and it’s tough as nails to boot. Insulated between layers of airplane-grade, puncture-resistant nylon with a generous double layer of heat-reflecting PrimaLoft® Silver, you’ve got our most bomber three+ season pad. For everything from winter camping (we suggest layering a closed-cell foam pad underneath) to rugged mountaineering, to sleeping in tents with dogs, there are plenty of scenarios when a highly durable and puncture-resistant air pad is going to come in handy. Stay warm and stay inflated.

AXL Air™

Ultralight and ultra-compact warm-weather pad Thickness (Outer/Inner): 3.75”/3.25” 32

Insulated AXL Air™

M 20” x 72” 9.6oz/272g $139.95 R 25” x 72” 1 3oz/369g $189.95

Ultralight and ultra-compact three-season pad Thickness (Outer/Inner): 3.75”/3.25”

M 20” x 72” 10.6oz /301g $179.95 R 20” x 66” 10.7oz/303g $159.95 R 20” x 72” 11.9oz/337g $179.95 R 25” x 72” 15.2oz/431g $239.95 R 25” x 78” 15.9oz/451g $249.95

Q-Core SLX™

Superlight and compact three-season pad Rectangular • Thickness (Outer/Inner): 4.25”/3.5”

Insulated Air Core Ultra™

Light and compact three-season pad Rectangular • Thickness (Outer/Inner): 3.5”/3.25”

Air Core Ultra™

Light and compact warm-weather pad rectangular • Thickness (Outer/Inner): 3.5”/3.25”

Q-Core Deluxe™

Light and compact, the most comfortable three-season pad Rectangular • Thickness (Outer/Inner): 4.25”/3.5”

R 20” x 66” 15oz/437g $139.95 R 20” x 72” 16oz/465g $159.95 R 20” x 78” 17oz/493g $169.95 R 25” x 72” 20oz/567g $209.95 R 25” x 78” 22oz/635g $219.95 R 40” x 72” 38oz/1.08kg $249.95

R 20” x 48” 14oz/397g $84.95 R 20” x 66” 20oz/558g $89.95 R 20” x 72” 21oz/598g $99.95 R 20” x 78” 23oz/656g $109.95 R 25” x 72” 25oz/710g $129.95 R 25” x 78” 27oz/765g $139.95 R 50” x 78” 55oz/1.56kg $199.95

R 20” x 48” 13oz/368g $59.95 R 20” x 66” 18oz/522g $64.95 R 20” x 72” 20oz/566g $69.95 R 20” x 78” 22oz/621g $79.95 R 25” x 72” 23oz/663g $99.95 R 25” x 78” 25oz/709g $109.95

R 20” x 66” 22oz/624g $129.95 R 20” x 72” 24oz/680g $149.95 R 20” x 78” 26oz/737g $159.95 R 25” x 72” 30oz/850g $199.95 R 25” x 78” 33oz/936g $209.95

SLX Tent Floor Pad™ NEW

Light and compact, the most comfortable three-season pad Rectangular • Thickness (Outer/Inner): 4.25”/3.5” R 50” x 78” 42oz/1.19kg $299.95




Light and versatile foam core, self-inflating, cold-weather Thickness: 2”


High-density foam core, self-inflating, cold-weather pad Thickness: 1.5”-2.5”

Third Degree™ Pad & Seat

Engineered for ultralight backcountry adventures or as extra insulation in cold-weather conditions

R 20” x 66” 21oz/595g $89.95 R 20” x 72” 24oz/680g $99.95 R 25” x 78” 31oz/879g $109.95

R 20” x 72” 34oz/964g $79.95 R 25” x 78” 59oz/1.67kg $109.95 R 50” x 78” 123oz/3.49kg $209.95


R 20” x 12” 2oz/57g $19.95


R 20” x 48” 8oz/227g $29.95 R 20” x 72” 12oz/340g $39.95

Use alone or beneath any pad for additional warmth and comfort. Pair with an insulated pad when sleeping on frozen ground and snow for a four-season system.

Sleeping Giant Pad Cover

Upgrade your existing sleeping pad with the Sleeping Giant by easily sliding the pad into the cover



20” x 66” 38oz/1.07kg $89.95 20” x 72” 41oz/1.16kg $99.95 20” x 78” 44oz/1.25kg $109.95 25” x 72” 50oz/1.42kg $119.95 25” x 78” 54oz/1.53kg $119.95 40” x 72” 78oz/2.21kg $199.95 50” x 78” 108oz/3.1kg $199.95

Braden Gunem Ernie impatiently waits for “his” bed to be inflated after a long day of hiking on the beach, California

Pumphouse Platinum NEW

For gram counters who don’t want to waste breath blowing up pads. 1.2OZ / 34G • $44.95


Pumphouse Ultra

A multi-use sleeping pad inflation pump that may also be used as a roll-top stuff sack or dry sack. 2.9oz / 82g • $34.95


Kennan Harvey Josh Smith on the last rappel in High Spur Canyon, Robber’s Roost Area, Hanksville, Utah

Apparel If there’s one thing we’ve learned in our 18 years of living and playing in Steamboat Springs, it’s that no matter what time of year – if you head into the backcountry – you better have an insulated layer packed. Whether it’s to take the edge off on a crisp morning, or to stand atop a 14er summit amidst 40mph winds, that layer can quickly become your most coveted piece of gear. The right insulated layer can mean the difference between hooking fish at twilight, going back for another lap of fresh tracks, or having to pack it up because you left your puffy at home. VISIT BIGAGNES.COM TO SEE OUR COMPLETE LINE OF MEN’S, WOMEN’S AND KID’S APPAREL. 36

“Just substantial enough to maintain a comfortable core without sending my body temperature into overshoot. It’s a key part of our layering strategy for high-output days in the mountains.”

Men’s Thorpe • $179.95 Lightweight performance pullover vest

Men’s Shovelhead • $219.95 Mid-weight hooded down jacket

Men’s Farnsworth • $179.95

Lightweight hooded synthetic jacket

2019 BUYER’S GUIDE Best New Winter Gear

Women’s Tiago • $179.95 Lightweight down sweater Women’s Willow • $239.95

Lightweight hooded performance pullover


The Women’s Tiago is clearly built with athletes in mind. “Big Agnes gave it a long cut and more room, which increased the functionality and wearability considerably,” a tester said. With 700-fill down, the Tiago was perfect for subzero lift rides at Bridger Bowl; at just 13 ounces, it’s a good choice for the backcountry too.

Women’s Shovelhead • $219.95

Mid-weight hooded down jacket


Noah Wetzel Enjoying a cold night underneath the clear skies at 12,700ft near Kanchenjunga Himal, Nepal


Tents Iconic tents that have stood the test of time, rain, wind, and dirt. When designing our award-winning tents, we focus on maximizing space and comfort with the least weight possible for the intended use. All Big Agnes tents feature easy and intuitive setup and have been designed with maximum durability in mind. We have many options to choose from based upon your desired target weight, pack size, occupancy needs, price, and intended activity.




Are we pushing the limits of technical, lightweight tent performance? You betcha. Our Crazylight tents are made with superior, ultralight materials and features, the most technical lightweight polesets available, and designed with the demands of long-distance, high-intensity backcountry travel in mind. If you’re looking for the lightest, most packable, full-featured tents on the market, you’re in the right spot.

CRAZYLIGHT CARBON SERIES We’ve pushed boundaries on every inch of this Carbon Collection to bring you what we feel is a first of its kind line of insanely lightweight shelters for the true gear-heads of the backcountry. Our Carbon Series products were designed to push the weight boundaries in tents. They feature Easton® carbon polesets with an incredible strength-to-weight ratio and Dyneema® fabric - an extremely strong and dynamic fiber that is both highly tear resistant as well as fully waterproof. Dyneema® fiber based fabric is respected as the premium brand for Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene. This fabric is ultralight weight, 100% rainproof and has a high dimensional stability that resists stretching or sagging during temperature changes. Its unique structure creates a fabric with extremely high tear-strength and allows for welded construction, which eliminates seams and the need for seam tape, enhancing its durability and waterproofness. Easton® carbon tent poles leverage an unmatched 98 years of experience making precision tubing with made-in-USA, military-spec technology to create the world’s most dependable and advanced carbon tent poles. Lighter, and up to five times more rigid than aluminum, carbon shaves precious ounces and adds significant strength increases at the same time. This offers tremendous advantages to serious 3 and 4-season tents by shedding unnecessary weight while gaining substantial rigidity and durability performance. In addition to the lightweight strength benefits over metal poles, Easton® carbon fiber poles are impervious to the effects of salt water, moisture and corrosion.

Fly Creek HV Carbon NEW Fly Creek HV1 Carbon • $799.95 • 1lb/454g Fly Creek HV2 Carbon • $849.95 • 1lb 2oz/510g Footprint: 1P $70.00 • 2P $80.00 Fast Fly compatible

Tiger Wall Carbon NEW Tiger Wall 2 Carbon • $999.95 • 1lb 6oz/624g Tiger Wall 3 Carbon • $1199.95 • 1lb 13z/822 Footprint: 2P $80.00 • 3P $90.00 Fast Fly compatible


Will McElwain, Big Agnes Product Designer Testing out the Fly Creek 2 Carbon near Trout Lake in the San Juan Mountains, Colorado

THESE TENTS ARE NOT FOR EVERYONE. Our Carbon Series products were designed to push the weight boundaries in tents. They feature some of the lightest weight and most technologically advanced materials on the market; Easton® carbon polesets with an incredible strength-toweight ratio and Dyneema® fabric - an extremely strong and dynamic fiber that is both highly tear resistant as well as fully waterproof. These products are intended for only the most advanced user. Although extremely strong for their weight, these tents are not indestructible and require careful use to decrease the possibility of damage. Special care during setup and extended trips is important as rough handling, long-term abrasion, exposure to sharp objects, or rocky campsite selection may result in fabric punctures and tears. We highly recommend using tent footprints with these tents to improve durability. Self-adhesive repair patches are included in the event that repairs must be made on the trail. VISIT BIGAGNES.COM FOR COMPLETE PRODUCT DETAILS

Scout 2 Carbon NEW Scout 2 Carbon • $699.95 • 11oz/312g Footprint: $80.00

Onyx Tarp Carbon NEW Onyx Tarp Carbon • $499.95 • 6oz/170g



Fly Creek HV Platinum Fly Creek HV1 Platinum • $499.95 • 1lb 7oz/652g Fly Creek HV2 Platinum • $549.95 • 1lb 10oz/737g Footprint: 1P $60.00 • 2P $70.00 Fast Fly compatible

Tiger Wall Platinum NEW Tiger Wall 2 Platinum • $549.95 • 1lb 15oz/878g Tiger Wall 3 Platinum • $599.95 • 2lb 6oz/1.08kg Footprint: 2P $70.00 • 3P $80.00 Fast Fly compatible

Copper Spur Platinum Copper Spur 2 Platinum • $599.95 • 2lb 5oz/1.05kg Copper Spur 3 Platinum • $699.95 • 2lb 15oz/1.33kg Footprint: 2P $70.00 • 3P $80.00 Fast Fly compatible

Scout 2 Platinum NEW Scout 2 Platinum • $449.95 • 1lb 1oz/482g Footprint: $70.00


Tommy Danger

e that “the porters believ is if it hails their God oached pr angry, so as we ap iff e cl a small spot on th side, we had learned e er that our porters w going on strike.”

More than just me Hi, I’m Tommy and I’m an adventure-aholic. I currently reside in Park City, UT and Anchorage, AK as I continue to use my abilities to help others. About six or so years ago I started a non-profit called, “More Than Just Me”, and the idea behind it was to use my adventures to help various causes around our beautiful planet. I would read or see stories of people doing magical adventures and never really thought it was in my cards until 2007 when I decided to ride my bike from Los Angeles, CA to Boston, MA. I wanted to challenge both my mind and body to the next level, so I started to plan my next project which would be called “More Than Just Miles”. I would run from the shores of Seattle, WA until I finished with my toes in the sand of Daytona Beach, FL for a genetic disease known as Cystic Fibrosis. This led me to starting the “More Than Just

Me” Foundation and wanting to do more for Cystic Fibrosis as well as other various causes. This quickly led to my next project called “More Than Just Mountains” where I would attempt the Seven Summits. The Seven Summits consists of the highest peak on each continent. The crazy part is that I had ZERO experience in high-altitude mountaineering, but thanks to my buddy, Mark, I would quickly learn as I climbed my first Colorado 14er in the summer of 2013. Currently I have completed six of the Seven Summits leaving only the highest point above sea level known as Mt. Everest, which I am hoping to complete in May of 2019. One of the most memorable was climbing in Papua, Indonesia, which consists of tribal lands where chiefs still exist, and some of those tribes still partake in cannibalism. It started off fairly smooth, as we had a

By: Tommy Danger Big Agnes Brand Ambassador and Founder of More Than Just Me Foundation.

five-day trek through the untouched jungles of this remote land after landing a tiny airplane on an even smaller airstrip in the remote village of Sugapa. As the hail began at a higher altitude, the cold and discomfort would have put anyone out of the game. Even moreso, the porters believe that if it hails their God is angry, so as we approached a small spot on the cliffside, we had learned that our porters were going on strike. At this point we didn’t know what to do as all of the climbers were already carrying heavy packs, but we needed the porters to help get the rest of our gear to base camp which was another two-to-three hours from our current


mtjme, adudeandhiscamera

location…on the side of a the middle of nowhere Papua. We decided as a group to set up our Battle Mountain tents on the tiny ledge of the cliffside. It was so tight that our Battle Mountain three couldn’t even be staked down on one side, as there wasn’t anything to stake it into. We would sleep there and wake up in the morning to do a double carry to basecamp. Tommy runs a non-profit called More Than Just Me where he uses a different array of adventures to drive awareness to causes around the world. His current project is More Than Just Mountains, where he is climbing the Seven Summits to shine a light on Cystic Fibrosis.



Our most award-winning line of tents, the ultralight lineup is home to the iconic Fly Creek and Copper Spur series as well as new comer like the Tiger Wall. We take all the creature comforts that make our heavier tents so comfy but rethink and redesign the same features to be lighter and faster. Our UL tents redefine lightweight with their space to weight ratio.

Fly Creek HV UL Fly Creek HV UL1 • $329.95 • 1lb 11oz/765g Fly Creek HV UL2 • $349.95 • 1lb 15oz/879g Fly Creek HV UL3 • $429.95 • 2lb 15oz/1.33kg Footprint: 1P $60.00 • 2P $70.00 • 3P $80.00 Fast Fly compatible

Tiger Wall UL Tiger Wall UL 2 • $399.95 • 2lb 3oz/992g Tiger Wall UL 3 • $449.95 • 2lb 11oz/1.19kg Footprint: 2P $70.00 • 3P $80.00 Fast Fly compatible

mtnGLO® Collection

Tiger Wall UL mtnGLO® NEW Tiger Wall UL2 mtnGLO® • $449.95 • 2lb 6oz/1.08kg Tiger Wall UL3 mtnGLO® • $499.95 • 2lb 13oz/1.28kg Footprint: 2P $70.00 • 3P $80.00 Fast Fly compatible


Copper Spur HV UL Copper Spur HV UL1 • $379.95 • 2lb 2oz/964g Copper Spur HV UL2 • $449.95 • 2lb 12oz/1.25kg Copper Spur HV UL3 • $499.95 • 3lb 7oz/1.56kg Copper Spur HV UL4 • $649.95 • 5lb 3oz/2.35kg

Copper Hotel HV UL Accessory Rain Fly: 2P $259.95 • 3P $299.95 Footprint: 1P $60.00 • 2P $70.00 • 3P $80.00 • 4P $90.00 Fast Fly compatible

mtnGLO® Collection

Copper Spur HV UL3

Copper Spur HV UL4

Copper Spur HV UL mtnGLO® Copper Spur HV UL1 mtnGLO® • $429.95 • 2lb 3oz/992g Copper Spur HV UL2 mtnGLO® • $499.95 • 2lb 13oz/1.28kg Copper Spur HV UL3 mtnGLO® • $549.95 • 3lb 8oz/1.59kg Footprint: 1P $60.00 • 2P $70.00 • 3P $80.00 Fast Fly compatible

Why Fast Fly? Sometimes you need a fast shelter from the weather, or want to take a mid-day nap, or increase tent ventilation. To set up your Fast Fly option you need stakes, a footprint, tent fly, and your poleset. Clip your fly and poleset directly into your stakedout footprint. Guy out your fly, and you are ready to go. This is also a great shelter option for superhero dogs that like jumping through mesh doors finally a tent that they have the freedom to enter and exit as they please.



ULTRALIGHT Copper Hotel HV UL Copper Hotel HV UL2 • $549.95 • 3lb 7oz/1.56kg Copper Hotel HV UL3 • $599.95 • 4lb 3oz/1.90kg

Copper Spur HV UL Accessory Rain Fly: 2P $199.95 • 3P $229.95 Footprint: 2P $70.00 • 3P $80.00 Fast Fly compatible

Copper Spur Classic Copper Spur UL2 Classic • $379.95 • 3lb 1oz/1.39kg Copper Spur UL3 Classic • $449.95 • 3lb 14oz/1.76kg Footprint: 2P $70.00 • 3P $80.00 Fast Fly compatible

Onyx UL Tarp Onyx UL Tarp • $279.95 • 10oz/283g Trekking pole not included


Ben Herndon

“The original course involved 26 crossings of a normally-cutesy, Chaco-friendly stream which now had gluttoned its ” way to flood stage.

The voices of Place

“You, sir, are a beautiful, saintly, Salish wizard!” I lamented. My uncle, Gary, had just made the sort of gesture that buys you unwavering devotion for life, pulling out three Kettlehouse Cold Smoke tall boys from an alpine lake deep in the tribal wilderness of the Flathead Nation. It was the end of day two, meaning he’d hauled the extra few pounds around the backcountry two days before magically fishing them out of the frigid waters of his ancestral lands. Gary cuts high-end hair out of Denver, Colorado a few days a month, and the rest of the time he’s back home on the reservation in Montana where he swaps the Audi for a well-loved GMC truck speckled with rust and a broken tailgate. He continues his work locally, helping, mountain biking, listening to folk music, hunting, growing cherries--everything with an immense generosity. He went back to college in his 50s to pursue social work on the reservation. Our Montana backpack was the follow up to an earlier backpack through the lands of the Nimiipuu along the rugged Idaho/ Oregon/Washington borderlands the previous spring. At the time,

I hadn’t seen Gary for at least 13 years--since the funeral of my Grandma Ruth, the same irreplaceable soul that adopted Gary and his brother Dave at the age of three and two, respectively. The same woman who checked off mountaineering first ascents in the Cascade Mountains of Washington in the 1940s. The same human who poured out love to all those she met her entire life. The rendezvous with my uncle began un-fascinatingly via Facebook message. He seemed to be doing some of the same things as adult-me, so I asked him to join me for 5 days out in some rugged, inland northwest canyon country. He agreed to hop out to Idaho, arriving with moose summer sausage and bison steaks in hand. We laughed and conversed as we hiked, and through some invisible and involuntary medicine managed to thread our way mostly-dry in between one dense thunderstorm after another. The heavy spring rains greened the landscape to Hawaiian proportions. Elk grazed the abundant grasses on distant ridgelines. Downpours shrouded gullies behind and in front of us as we walked, engorging them with runoff. The intention was to do a loop, but that altered as we reached the halfway point. The original course involved 26 crossings of a normally-cutesy, Chaco-friendly stream which now had gluttoned its way to flood stage. After one tenuous crossing to our campsite we began to question the rest of the route. “Sometimes, if you listen, wild places will speak,” Gary said. And we listened. The decision was made easier by the fact that Gary’s tent had disappeared somewhere along the day’s hike. FOLLOW BEN HERNDON


By: Ben Herndon, Brand Ambassador

Fortunately, we had two so he piled into my featherweight Copper Spur that night. The next day we adjusted our loop to an out-andback to 1) not drown 2) find Gary’s lost tent (we did 5 miles back). I could still faintly smell the singed dried-sage from Uncle’s morning prayer as we climbed back out of the canyons on our fifth day--our boots embraced by mud. The rains lifted and a dreary cowboy with two heavily-laden pack mules in tow stopped as he overtook us on a hot series of wildflower-lined switchbacks. “Will you watch and make sure nothing falls off the mules over the pass?” “Sure thing. How was your trip?” “The jittery mule in the back isn’t mine. It’s my buddy’s. His horse died.” Then he rode off looking a little tense, the second mule teetering its load. When we arrived back at the trailhead the cowboy was still there and we helped unburden the animals. Turned out his friend’s horse died while crossing the same rain-swollen creek that we bailed on thanks to Gary’s misplaced tent and the suicidal prospect of two dozen additional crossings. The thunder returned as we drove out of the canyonlands. A few hours later a flash food buried the road behind us barring outside entry into the Nimiipuu lands for two days. Ben Herndon is a freelance photographer, writer, and filmmaker based in rugged, north Idaho. His passion for the outdoors led him to the Big Agnes family in 2016 where he’s served as a brand ambassador ever since.


Ultralight BIkepacking


Cover more ground in a day, enjoy fast descents and pack like a champ.  However you travel; mountain bike high alpine singletrack, fat-bike across crunchy frozen terrain to sleep on snow, or load up the roadie for long distance hauls - packing the right gear is essential. We thought of all the details and then some in our new line of Copper Spur HV UL and Fly Creek HV UL bikepack tents. Shorter pole segments for packability, increased footprint size for vestibule coverage, special pockets and daisy chains for drying and storing gear, plus a unique waterproof stuff sack with multiple attachment options. 

Devon Balet Kellie Nelson and team hike-a-bike their way through some of the most grueling terrain of the CDT, Colorado

Bikepacking Tent Features 1. 12” Shortstik Poleset is ideal for packing onto handlebars, panniers and saddlebags, or just saving space in any pack 2. 3-D shelf is ideal for stashing your essentials and oversized gear, utilizing dead space above your feet

3. Helmet storage 4. Extended footprint creates a vestibule floor for dry, dirt-free changing and gear storage 5. Waterproof compression stuff sack with daisy-chain webbing system for multiple bike-frame attachment configurations

1 Trowel not included with poleset

Copper Spur HV UL Bikepack NEW

Devon Balet

Copper Spur HV UL1 Bikepack • $399.95 • 2lb 5oz/1.05kg Copper Spur HV UL2 Bikepack • $469.95 • 3lb/1.36kg Footprint: 1P $65.00 • 2P $75.00 Fast Fly compatible 2




Fly Creek HV UL Bikepack NEW Fly Creek HV UL1 Bikepack • $359.95 • 1lb 14oz/850g Fly Creek HV UL2 Bikepack • $379.95 • 2lb 2oz/964g Footprint: 1P $65.00 • 2P $75.00 Fast Fly compatible



hat that “I thought I knew w ght I ou would feel like. I th .” ght understood. I thou

The Formidable Beast By: Kellie Nelson, Dealer Services Rep SectionS 5, 9, 13 & 18: 120.5 miles, 10 days, 25,891 ft ascent (111 miles & 9 days on bike)

The Continental Divide Trail is a formidable beast. It lures people in with the very same thing it uses to fillet them trailside and leave them gutted. The interior of the Rocky Mountains--the magic that they hold, to rise to the top, to move towards the end--it comes at a cost, and the price is high. I thought I knew what that would feel like. I thought I understood. I thought. Exposed and vulnerable. A battle lost against my throat closing around the tears that were trying to find their way. Trying desperately to swallow it all away. Needing to fill my lungs with air that was far too thin, far to absent. Futile attempts to stifle the rawness that was devouring the moment, uncovering what was real, and gutting me--trailside. Lying just below the surface, however, just below everything I was trying to push away, trying not to feel, trying not to be, I tasted strength and an overwhelming sense of pride. The moment had become mine—I fought hard to get to the top, and when I was finally able to claim my moment, and find my breath—I realized what I had already known— I wasn’t defeated. That trail didn’t break me. In fact, the opposite is true: I was able to take more from it than it took from me, and at the end of all those seemingly impossible miles, I remembered who I was. In the midst of the Rocky Mountains, I had become more than that.


Devon Balet


Our most versatile line of tents, the backpacking series are light and efficient enough for finding backcountry solitude but won’t break the bank to get there. Enjoy full-featured, spacious, and easy to set up shelters that you can take and be comfortable anywhere.

Seedhouse SL IMPROVED Seedhouse SL1 • $279.95 • 2lb 15oz/1.33kg Seedhouse SL2 • $299.95 • 3lb 6oz/1.53kg Seedhouse SL3 • $349.95 • 4lb/1.81kg

Footprint: 1P $50.00 • 2P $60.00 • 3P $70.00 Fast Fly compatible

Manzanares HV SL mtnGLO®

mtnGLO® Collection

Manzanares HV SL1 mtnGLO® • $299.95 • 3lb/1.36kg Manzanares HV SL2 mtnGLO® • $349.95 • 3lb 11oz/1.67kg Manzanares HV SL3 mtnGLO® • $399.95 • 4lb 7oz/2.01kg Manzanares HV SL4 mtnGLO® • $499.95 • 6lb 6oz/2.89kg Footprint: 1P $50.00 • 2P $60.00 • 3P $70.00 • 4P $80.00 Fast Fly compatible

Bird Beak SL 1-2 NEW Bird Beak SL1 • $379.95 • 3lb 3oz/1.45kg Bird Beak SL2 • $429.95 • 4lb 5oz/1.96kg Footprint: 1P $50.00 • 2P $60.00 Shelter mode available



SUPERLIGHT Bird Beak SL 3-4 NEW Bird Beak SL3 • $499.95 • 6lb 11oz/2.72kg Bird Beak SL4 • $599.95 • 8lb 35oz/3.77g Accessory Vestibule SL3 • $119.95 • 13oz/369g Accessory Vestibule SL4 • $129.95 • 14oz/397g Footprint: 3P $70.00 • 4P $80.00 Shelter mode available

Bird Beak 4 with Accessory Vestibule

Noah Wetzel Rich Hager and Kayt Gary horsepack their way towards Summit Lake on Buffalo Pass, above Steamboat Springs, Colorado


Tent Floor Protector

Think of this as a footprint for the inside of your tent. Snap it in place where you want it and add a little extra insulation, soft layer, and protector for your tent floor. Perfect if you have a dog that sleeps in your tent and you want to keep the floor abrasion free. Use it outside your tent as a highly water-resistant barrier between you or your gear and wet grass, sand, dirt, you name it. This ultra-versatile blanket packs down into its own pocket and can travel wherever you need it to go.

Tent Floor Protector NEW

58”x 90”/ 90”x 90” • $69.95/$99.95 58” 1lb 15oz /879g 90” 2lb 15oz /1.33kg

Axel Rose had no idea what we he was in for. Neither did I. What started out as a beautiful trail ride from Dumont Lake to Summit Lake, high atop Rabbit Ears Pass north of Steamboat Springs, ended up going in the books as the first early snowfall of the looming winter season. An epic trail ride, gourmet fajita dinner and plenty of laughs with a great group of coworkers turned into an early bedtime and a dreaded wake-up with rain pounding our tent flys. I layered up with every waterproof jacket I had, and made my way out of my shelter to check on Axel who I knew was as cold--or colder--than I was. My little thoroughbred racehorse was shaking like a leaf, ears flat back, water pouring off his back, and tail tucked tightly between his hind legs. Rain soon turned to sleet. The wind started to whip, the temperature dropped, and before we knew it we were witnessing snowflakes in late August within a zone that gets some of the deepest recorded snowfall in all of Colorado during the winter months.

By: Brett Buckles

Marketing Content Specialist Section 15 & 20: 3 days, 30.3 miles, 2,950 ft. ascent (15 miles on horseback-Axel Rose)

Horsing around on the CDT



Blacktail Blacktail 2 • $239.95 • 4lb 8oz/2.04kg Blacktail 3 • $279.95 • 5lb 6oz/2.44kg Blacktail 4 • $329.95 • 8lb 4oz/3.74kg Footprint included with purchase

Tumble mtnGLO® Tumble 2 mtnGLO® • $269.95 • 4lb 11oz/2.1kg

mtnGLO® Collection

Tumble 3 mtnGLO® • $299.95 • 5lb 10oz/2.55kg Tumble 4 mtnGLO® • $359.95 • 7lb 14oz/3.57kg Footprint: 2P $40.00 • 3P $50.00 • 4P $55.00 Fast Fly compatible

C Bar C Bar 2 • $199.95 • 3lb 9oz/1.62kg C Bar 3 • $249.95 • 4lb 5oz/1.96kg Footprint: 2P $40.00 • 3P $50.00 Fast Fly compatible


Chad LaBass

ed “this self-proclaim’t weather junky didnk even bother to chec the forecast.”

By: Chad Labass Brand Ambassador

IT NEVER RAINS IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA While we only live 30 minutes from San Clemente State Park, it feels like another world. Sure, it’s just car camping, but to us nothing beats waking up in the dirt on a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Typically, early October is a glorious time to adventure on this part of the coast. So glorious, in fact, that this self-proclaimed weather junky didn’t even bother to check the forecast. To my disbelief, as we began setting up our camp, I overheard a couple discussing an incoming rainstorm. Shocked, I checked my phone and confirmed that within hours we would be putting our Big Agnes gear through an impromptu moisture test. Despite the blue, partly cloudy skies experienced during set-up, my weather app suggested it was a race against time before we would be hunkering down. Time to put the family to work, including our 7 and 8 year old boys who were able to quickly and easily blow up their sleeping pads and set up their sleeping bags. Their adventure had only just begun. As avid surfers, we often use the Sugarloaf as a shade structure on the beach. We were excited to finally deploy it as our enclosed kitchen, again mainly for shade, and of course zipped up in the night to keep the squirrels and raccoons from pillaging our food. What we did not realize is that the Sugarloaf was to be our savior against the incoming deluge.

And so it began. The forecast was spot on, and we were in the thick of it. Fortunately, we were comfortable and dry as a bone inside the almighty and spacious Sugarloaf, cooking food, listening to tunes, and playing cards with the boys. Slowly but surely, through the driving rain, we witnessed campers less prepared for wet weather packing up and heading home or perhaps to a nearby hotel or restaurant. With the Sugarloaf and Big House sitting on high ground, and as puddles pooled around us, we enjoyed a night of family bonding we will never forget. As we went to sleep under the pouring rain, I assured the boys the weather would eventually break leaving us with an awesome day ahead and hopefully an epic sunrise. As dawn broke, the rain did not. It was back into the Sugarloaf for some breakfast and another round of Go Fish. Finally, the rain slowly began to subside, and by mid-morning the boys were able to get out and burn off some energy. It was probably as empty as you’ll ever see San Clemente State Park on a Saturday morning in October--we virtually had the place to ourselves. As advertised, by the afternoon the rain was long gone, and it was obvious that the evening would offer a special sunset to the campers who braved it through the storm. The boys got their fill of s’mores that they were denied the previous night, and we all enjoyed talking stories around the campfire as the sun disappeared over Catalina Island. The weekend adventure left me with one simple phrase to sum up our car camping adventure, “Small Car, Big Agnes”. Chad LaBass is a born-and-raised surfer hailing from Newport Beach, California. When he’s not capturing epic shots of his boys surfing, skating or snowboarding, his catching dawn patrol waves himself alongside his wife, Carrie.





Lightweight refuge when you need it. Meant to be taken to the highest points, lowest canyons, and every climate in between. Our four-season mountaineering tents feature strong structural designs that protect you from the harshest of backcountry conditions.

Copper Spur Expedition IMPROVED Copper Spur HV2 Expedition • $499.95 • 4lb 10oz/2.10kg Copper Spur HV3 Expedition • $549.95 • 5lb 8oz/2.49kg Footprint: 2P $70.00 • 3P $80.00 Fast Fly compatible

Battle Mountain IMPROVED Battle Mountain 2 • $699.95 • 6lb 10oz/3kg Battle Mountain 3 • $849.95 • 7lb 15oz/3.60kg Footprint: 2P $70.00 • 3P $90.00 Fast Fly compatible

Shield and Accessory Vestibule IMPROVED Shield 2 • $649.95 • 3lb 12oz/1.70kg Shield 2 with Accessory Vestibule

Shield 2 Accessory Vestibule • $169.95 • 1lb 5oz/595g Shield 3 Accessory Vestibule NEW


Shield 3 • 5lb/2.27kg NEW

Footprint: 2P $70.00 • 3P $90.00

Chhiring Dorje Sherpa

s tent “Chhiring wanted hi r the no golden yellow to ho ayan mal skin color of the Hi ma...” ng goddess, Miyo Losa

ChHiring Dorje Sherpa and the Battle Mountain AN interview with Chirring Dorje Sherpa, Big Agnes Brand Ambassador and staffer

Chhiring Dorje Sherpa is four months away from making his 17th summit attempt of Mt. Everest. During his resting period between summits Chhiring lives in Steamboat Springs, CO with his family where he works part time in the Big Agnes warehouse. We sat down with Chhiring to ask him some of the questions that get asked most commonly around the office while he’s off attempting another summit halfway across the world. Here’s a little bit of what he had to say in his best Sherpa English: Big Agnes: What is it like to be on top of Everest 16 times: Chhiring Dorje Sherpa: “Feels normal to me because I’ve done

it so many times and it’s my job, but I love doing it every time.” Big Agnes: What continues to be the biggest challenge? Chhiring Dorje Sherpa: “The weather, mostly. It’s one of the hardest things to deal. Also, sometime the climbers themselves, though not often. We check their ability and stamina ahead of time.” Big Agnes: What is the next big trip with Big Agnes gear? Chhiring Dorje Sherpa: “Doing Everest again in four months from now. Also, my goal is to do all the 8000 meter peaks. I’ve done 7 of the 14 of them without oxygen.” Big Agnes: Do you feel that it is harder to climb up the mountain or come down the mountain? Chhiring Dorje Sherpa: “It is much harder to come down. The terrain is more difficult coming downhill and people are more tired

coming down. Each trip is about 35 days total.” We asked Chhiring how we could make the Battle Mountain tent better, and he insisted that the color must be changed: Chhiring was adamant that we make his 2018 expedition tents golden yellow. The Battle Mountain tents have always been red. Red is the most popular color for mountaineering tents because of its color contrast against rock and snow—making it easy to spot in a storm or for a rescue. Chhiring wanted his tent golden yellow to honor the skin color of the Himalayan goddess, Miyo Losangma, who inhabits Mt. Everest. She is the goddess of prosperity and good fortune. For those who don’t offend her and are grateful, she is generous and giving. On the 20th anniversary of Chhiring’s first summit of Everest, his tents will stand apart for exhausted climbers and pay tribute to Miyo Losangma.





Three Wire Bivy IMPROVED Three Wire Bivy • $329.95 • 1lb 9oz/709g

Guard Station 8 NEW Guard Station 8 • $1699.95 • 18lb 7oz/8.36kg Accessory Body • $299.95 • 4lb 10oz/2.10kg Footprint included

Krystle Wright Camping in the far western corner of Mongolia in the Altai Tavan Bogd National Park, Nick Greece takes delight in watching the camels feed close to his bivy camp beside the lake


Car Camping

Camping should never to be a sufferfest. Because there’s no need to sacrifice comfort when weight isn’t a concern. That’s why we offer our base/car camping tents. With features on some models like optional, extra-large accessory vestibules for storage, heaps of mesh pockets and more - these just may be the ultimate shelters for four-eight people and all their gear (and dogs too!). Simple floor plans and easy pitching mean you’ll be setup and cooking with the gang before the guy next door fumbles with his big-box tent. Don’t forget the marshmallows!

Rabbit Ears Rabbit Ears 4 • $269.95 • 8lbs 5oz/3.77kg Rabbit Ears 6 • $329.95 • 12lb 10oz/5.73kg Footprint: 4P $50.00 • 6P $55.00

Titan mtnGLO® Titan 4 mtnGLO® • $399.95 • 10lb 14oz/4.93kg Titan 6 mtnGLO® • $599.95 • 14lb 5oz/6.46kg NEW Titan 4 Accessory Vestibule • $129.95 • 2lb 4oz/1.02kg Titan 6 Accessory Vestibule • $179.95 • 3lb 6oz/2.89kg Footprint: 4P $55.00 • 6P $70.00

Titan 4 with Accessory Vestibule

mtnGLO® Collection

Tensleep Station Tensleep Station 4 • $449.95 • 13lb 5oz/6.04kg Tensleep Station 6 • $499.95 • 16lb 9oz/7.51kg Footprint: 4P $50.00 • 6P $55.00




Big House Big House 4 • $299.95 • 8lb 4oz/3.74kg Footprint: 4P $45.00

Big House Accessory Vestibule Big House 4 Accessory Vestibule • $119.95 • 2lb 4oz/1.02kg Big House 4 Deluxe Accessory Vestibule • $129.95 • 2lb 10oz/1.19kg Big House 6 Deluxe Accessory Vestibule • $139.95 • 3lb 2oz/1.42kg Big House with Accessory Vestibule

Big House Deluxe Big House 4 Deluxe, Green Leaf • $369.95 • 10lb 3oz/4.62kg Big House 6 Deluxe, Green Leaf • $419.95 • 12lbs 8oz/5.67kg Footprint: 4P $50.00 • 6P $55.00

Flying Diamond Flying Diamond 4 • $499.95 • 13lb 6oz/6.07kg Flying Diamond 6 • $699.95 • 18lb 11oz/8.48kg Flying Diamond 8 • $799.95 • 22lb 2oz/10.04kg Footprint: 4P $65.00 • 6P $75.00 • 8P $85.00


elves in a place rs ou d n fi e w do “So seldom only ter isolation, with h ut d an e et pl m co of it the interactions w .” d an ds in m n ow r ou ts prompt our though to us d n ou ar e os th Max Lowe

The Long River or place via others who have gone before, stories of grandeur and romance, books of history and happenstance, but nothing prepared me for what lay ahead as we loaded our rented rafts on the banks of the mighty Colorado River, where it all starts amidst the willows of Lee’s Ferry. The Grand will forever remain in my heart even--if I never were to return-which I am quite sure will not be the case. The bends of that flowing ribbon of orange, and the confluence of the desert’s bleeding heart that winds away around the next spur of the looming canyon walls that hold you in are far too enticing to leave forever once you set eyes on them. When I set out with 15 of my closest friends to finally set eyes for the first time on the national treasure that is The Grand Canyon I had no idea what to expect. You create images of an experience

The canyon itself is an odyssey; a story of the earth’s history in geological layers and formations. Starting at the top where the Kaibab Limestone guides the water clear and cold from the bottom of Lake Powell, down through the sandstone and shale, to where the Vishnu Schist juts from the earth around it like the exposed obsidian bones of some giant beast. The river is a being all its own-never the same one day to the next. Water released from the dam hits us with unexpected reprise each morning, either beaching our rafts on sand bars and rocks, or setting them into the high water as it takes ground into our camps. As we make our way along its rushing southern course, we watch as the walls tighten their grip, then open to reveal sweeping desert and plains, only to return and enclose us once again. The trip becomes less about the place and more about the people. FOLLOW MAX LOWE


By: Max Lowe BIg Agnes Brand Ambassador

So seldom do we find ourselves in a place of complete and utter isolation, with only our own minds and the interactions with those around us to prompt our thoughts. Our state in this modern-day age is one of constant frayed focus. As I sit here writing, I am distracted by the emails I have yet to respond to, the social media prompts I feel for some reason beholden to, and the ever-expanding sphere of stimulus that surrounds me. This is not the way our minds were meant to function, I fear. Without the space in between moments of focus, the time to absorb the world around us and consider it for its true nature, and the omission to see the interactions with those around us without an insulating layer of proclivity, it’s hard to truly feel a sense of self. In The Canyon everything is so very real in the simplest sense, and that is why I can never turn my head from those rapturous walls. The adventure in it is one to add to your cap, without doubt, but what you find along the way is everything I was missing and didn’t know. ‘Til the next time. From his home in the mountains of Montana, to now countless countries, Max Lowe’s travels and the experiences therein have stemmed the drive for his career as a storyteller - capturing the world around him via motion and still photography. 61


Designing gear in Colorado, with its ample sunshine and sweeping winds, has given us plenty of ammo to get our line of camp shelters dialed in. These bomber covers will keep the sun off, the rain at bay, and can be used for camp-kitchen coverage, or you can even pile sleeping bags underneath for some cowboy camping.

Whetstone Shelter Whetstone Shelter - Small, Green Leaf • $159.95 • 2lb/907g Green • $139.95 • 2lb/907g Whetstone Shelter - Large, Green Leaf • $179.95 • 2lb 13oz/1.27kg Green • $159.95 • 2lb 13oz/1.27kg

Deep Creek Tarp Deep Creek Tarp - Medium, Green Leaf • $219.95 • 5lb 4oz/2.38kg Green • $199.95 • 5lb 4oz/2.38kg Deep Creek Tarp - Large, Green Leaf • $249.95 • 7lb 3oz/3.26kg Green • $229.95 • 7lb 3oz/3.26kg

Accessory Bug House for Deep Creek Tarp Deep Creek Accessory Bug House - Medium • $149.95 • 3lb 3oz/1.45kg Deep Creek Accessory Bug House - Large • $169.95 • 3lb 15oz/1.78kg

NEED FURTHER INSPIRATION TO HIKE THE CDT? Check out a new book from a friend of ours, Barney Scout Mann.

The Continental Divide Trail: Exploring America’s Ridgeline Trail

Written by Barney Scout Mann, Foreword by Nicholas Kristof In association with The Continental Divide Trail Coalition 62

Three Forks Shelter Three Forks Shelter, Green Leaf • $219.95 • 6lb 12oz/3.06kg Green • $199.95 • 6lb 12oz/3.06kg Accessory Wall: $24.95

Log Flume NEW Log Flume • $349.95 • 6lb 14oz/3.12kg

Mint Saloon IMPROVED Mint Saloon • $499.95 • 11lb 8oz/5.22kg Footprint: $60.00 • Accessory Mesh Door: $39.95

Sugarloaf Camp IMPROVED Sugarloaf Shelter • $399.95 • 14lb 8oz/6.58kg Footprint: $50.00 • Fast Fly compatible



go ns

Ryan Salm Who knew that in a place like the Boundary Waters— which is chock-full of perfect camping spots—our tiny rental car’s roof ended up being Lauren Bobowski’s hangout perch

Looking at the bigger picture We realize our impact is greater than just the right decisions we make in the design and manufacturing processes, so we’ve partnered with a number of non-profit organizations that are looking at the bigger picture. As a business and a bunch of mountain-loving folk, Big Agnes is committed to national and local organizations that want to make the world and others smile.




Logo Logo Logo variations Basic Basic Logo variations Logo variations Basic Logo FULL COLOR










Logo ations



Screen colors

Pantone match








truly “These little pieces balance allow for me to find ion, ns in every European pe seat, dle economy-class mid py m bu and overcrowded, Turkish bus ride.”

Justin Reiter

Finding home on the road By: Justin Reiter, BIg Agnes Brand Ambassador

If it wasn’t for the feeling of home, I could travel my whole life. There is something special about coming home after a long trip traveling around the globe and stepping across your home’s threshold. Feeling the warmth, smelling the familiar smells, and allowing the peace of your space to take over as you set your bags down and finally stop moving is a truly regenerative moment for any weary traveler. It’s the ironic duality of travel: When I am home I always miss the road, but when I am on the road I always miss home. Over the past 20 seasons I have traveled approximately 100,000 miles per year chasing winter, chasing a dream, chasing my passion, and most recently, chasing and coaching one of the world’s best athletes towards Olympic gold. It’s a unique life that has forced me to be conscious of how I travel. Because, while I travel to amazing destinations all around this beautiful planet, it is always with the purpose of performance at the highest level, and always riddled with long spans of time away from my bed, my community, and my home. I love the feeling of being rooted and balanced. That’s a tough thing to find on the road when you move locations every 3-7 days. My desire to feel balanced on the road helped me to construct a work travel kit that I carry with me no matter the destination. This kit includes:

Slippers: Wool, warm, light, and loving. As soon as these are on, I am relaxed. Lavender Oil: I use this oil in my diffuser at home, and since scent is strongly attached to the brain’s memory it works as a calming agent and grounding energy. Scarf: Keeping warm and cozy is clutch when traveling all winter. *You can dab your favorite essential oil on the scarf when traveling. Hat: Baseball, beanie, or cowboy hat--it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you’re warm, and you can pull it over your eyes to sleep on a plane or nap when you have a moment to beat jet leg. Travel Mug and Thermos: Hot drink on a cold, dark morning waiting for the lifts to open can change a day, and a hot drink shared with an athlete after a rough training day or competition can change an entire season. Dependent on the situation, I have a collection of tonics and tasty drinks ranging from turmeric/ginger/ lemon/honey to whiskey and hot Skratch. Fire Tower Jacket: Big Agnes is the Mother of Comfort and my Fire Tower Jacket is my cocoon in lieu of not always being able to travel with my sleeping bag, let alone my bed. It is my pillow on plane rides and my nest on airport bivys. It’s a home away from home. FOLLOW JUSTIN REITER


Journal: I choose paper over digital. I can sketch, jot down notes, and just write about the day. All of it works to help download and shed travel stress while also giving you a space to remember the things that really matter. These little pieces truly allow for me to find balance in every European pension, economy-class middle seat, and overcrowded, bumpy Turkish bus ride. It’s not about changing where you travel to fit you. It’s about giving yourself the opportunity to fit into where you travel. Only then can you feel at home while on the road, and truly enjoy this beautiful world and all of our cultures. Justin Reiter is a Big Agnes Ambassador, friend, and member of our family. He travels the world coaching world-class snowboard racers and calls Steamboat home while unpacking to repack.



Duffels From truck beds to tarmacs, luggage and baggage takes a beating. Our burly travel bags are ready for your next adventures. The only thing worse than your luggage getting lost is luggage that shows up shredded, a zipper blown out, or your rollie missing a wheel. We’ve built these gear haulers with tough exterior fabrics, reinforced handles and grips, water-resistant everything, and tons of extra features inside and out that will make you leave that sad, fabric, limping suitcase on the curb. Pull up to camp or walk off the plane in style knowing your gear arrived ready to roll.

Will McElwain Enjoying a mellow March float on the San Juan River, Colorado 67

45L includes 45L includes two padded two padded straps. straps. 80L and 80L 110L andinclude 110L include two compression two compression straps and straps two and padded two padded straps. straps. PaddedPadded straps can straps becan configured be configured as duffel as duffel handleshandles or backpack or backpack straps or straps use only or use one only forone a shoulder for a shoulder strap. strap.



Strap configurations

Big Joe Duffel IMPROVED


Lcludes includes twotwo padded padded straps. straps. 80L80L andand 110L 110L include include twotwo compression compression aps andand twotwo padded padded straps. straps. Padded Padded straps straps cancan be configured be configured as duffel as duffel es ndles or backpack or backpack straps straps or use or use onlyonly oneone for afor shoulder a shoulder strap. strap.

45L • 1lb 10oz/737g • $109.95





21”x13.75”x8.75”/ 53x35x22cm



80L • 2lb 1oz/935g • $129.95



25”x15.75”x11”/ 63.5x40x28cm

110L • 2lb 14oz/1.30kg • $159.95 28”x17.75”x12.5”/ 71x45x32cm







COMMON FEATURES Super durable fabric is puncture, tear and abrasion resistant Highly water-resistant TPU laminated YKK zippers Padded grab handles 100% waterproof, fusion-welded seams Separate compression straps included with all 80L, 85L, 110L and 125L duffels

Easy-grip zipper pulls



45L includes two padded straps. 85L and 125L include two compression straps and two padded straps. Padded straps can be configured as duffel handles or backpack straps.

Strap configurations

Stagecoach Duffel IMPROVED


45L • 6lb 2oz/2.78kg • $239.95 21”x13.75”x9.5”/ 53x35x24cm

85L • 7lb 4oz/3.29g • $259.95 27.5”x15.75”x12.25”/ 70x40x31cm

125L • 8lb 12oz/3.97kg • $299.95



45L includes two padded straps. 85L and 125L include two compression straps and two padded straps. Padded straps can be configured as duffel handles or backpack straps.





31.5”x17”x14”/ 80x43x36cm

16L Two-Timer Pack included with purchase of Stagecoach Duffel 68










Road Tripper Duffel


45L • 1lb 3oz/539g • $79.95 90L • 1lb 10oz/737g • $99.95

“That one time, when everything

went according to plan...”

Celina S. Ibarra, Kevin Higgins

We have a team of the finest gear repairing men and women this side of anywhere. If our gear doesn’t live up to your expectations or the meal-time expectations of a friendly elk- send it back to us in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. We’ll get it repaired and back to you so you can get back to where you’re going.

Call us at 877-554-8975 for help




Comfort isn’t complicated. It’s convenient, often simple, and in our case intuitive. Our line of camp and outdoor accessories are designed to make life out there a little easier. Whether it’s a place to put your drink so it doesn’t spill (corner bar) or a pad pump that saves your breath and gets you from zero to zzzzzzz’s in seconds vs minutes, we got your back on all things comfort.





3 7



10 See for full selection of logo items. 1 Tech Dry Bags: 12L, 19L, 32L • $21.95-$29.95

Carry-all dry bags that are tough as s*%t!  2 T ent Stake Packs• $14.95-$39.95 NEW Available in 6”, 7”, 8” and 12” 3 Women’s Logo Tees • $24.95 NEW Available in sizes XS-XL 4 Sleeping Giant Pillow Deluxe • $39.95 Offers extra comfort in the backcountry. Compatible with Big Agnes sleeping bag pillow pocket. 70


5 Trucker Hats • $24.95 NEW

Bad hair day or not, this hat will keep you looking fresh. 6 C orner Bar • $19.95 Provides a secure place to set your drink in your tent. 7 Camp Chair Drink Holder • $14.95 Designed to clip on most lightweight chairs. 8 Big Easy Chair Kit (20”/25”) • $49.95/$54.95 Convert your sleeping pad into a camp chair. 9W  edgie Bag Expander • $39.95 Zip the Big Agnes Wedgie into your sleeping bag and add 7” of girth.

10 Backpacking Tarp Poles • $49.95

Multi-use adjustable tent poles compatible with Big Agnes Scout UL series tents and many other tarps and tents 11 AXL Air Pillow • $39.00 NEW Ultralight backpacking pillow for sweet dreams on the trail. 12 Q  -Core Deluxe Pillow • $49.00 NEW Deluxe camp pillow bring the comforts of home to the trail. 13 Cyclone SL Chair Kit • $59.95 Convert your sleeping pad into a camp chair with the superlight Cyclone SL Chair Kit.

12 13 14







20 19

mtnGLO® Collection


14 Blowdown Anchors • $49.95

Fill with snow, sand or rock or wrap it around a tree trunk 15 S leeping Pad Coupler • $19.95 Joins two pads to create a doublewide pad. 16 Superlight Girdle • S/M $19.95, L/XL $22.95 Use over most stuff sacks to compress your sleeping bag, clothes and more. 17 Men’s Logo Tees • $24.95 NEW Available in sizes S-XXL

18 Stuff Sacks • $12.95-$22.95

All-purpose stuff sacks for gear storage. 6L-43L 19 T ech Compression Sack • $32.95-$36.95 Water resistant compression sacks. 10L, 14L, 21L 20 Gear Loft • $22.00 Keep your essentials within reach with a lightweight mesh gear loft that hooks onto the loops included in your Big Agnes tent. Sizes: Wall, Large Wall, Trapezoid, Large Trapezoid, Square, Triangle.


21 mtnGLO® Gear Loft • $49.95

Keep your essentials within reach with a lightweight gear loft that hooks onto the loops in your Big Agnes tent. Sizes: Triangle, Square, Wall. 22 Third Degree Hiking Seat • $19.95 Ultralight hiking seat packs up small and weighs only 2oz 23 mtnGLO® Tent & Camp Lights • $29.95 Light up your tent or campsite. White, Red, Blue / Green


Big Agnes, Inc. PO Box 773072 • 735 Oak St. Steamboat Springs, CO 80477

Visit SUPPORT.BIGAGNES.COM for answers to frequently asked questions. CUSTOMER SERVICE HOURS (MST): M-TH: 8AM to 5PM • FRI: 8AM to 1PM TOLL-FREE: 877-554-8975

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Big Agnes 2019 Catalog  

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