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Frýdek and Místek. Located in two different historical lands, but with a common destiny. For centuries, two separate cities, which are still in the middle of the twentieth century (not so old really, grandmothers still remember) merged into one. Such a twin-city that is attractive for trips. Visitors will find it doubly interesting - two historic cores, with two picturesque squares – and will experience a slightly different atmosphere in Silesian Frýdek, and a different one again across the Ostravice river, in Moravian Místek. Two predecessors of today’s FrýdekMístek had a similar history. Here could be heard, among the din and bustle of booming industry, the tinkle of money as merchants travelled along the old trade route, and winds blew through the rugged highland region, whose people were industrious and pious. And so today, visitors can admire a wide range of beautiful stone and wooden churches, an exhibition of townhouses, and technical monuments in the region. The mountainous region surrounding Frýdek-Místek invites expeditions for far-reaching views, offers biking, horse riding, swimming, and lots of wonderful gastronomic experiences in local restaurants... There truly is something for everyone.

Something for everyone

Just answer these basic questions: who are you, what are your preferences, and this guide will recommend what not to miss in Frýdek-Místek! And don’t forget to look at the website too:

1. Parents with children



A few years ago, you would have flipped straight to the sections“Tourists” or “Sportspeople”. But since your additions to the family (or additions?), challenging hikes and bike rides, wild rides down the river, and camping in the wilderness are no longer possible. The programme must be adapted according to what childrens legs can manage, trip destinations are limited to places that you can get to pushing a stroller... But we have good news. Our region offers plenty of great places for families with children. And we guarantee that it will even entertain mums and dads!

2. Tourists



You are a classic Czech tourist, walking in the mountains and natural attractions (by which we mean: not a tourist in the modern concept who can handle two European capitals a day, and also takes more photographs of things than he actually looks at)? Then in Frýdek-Místek you have come to the right place! Here you can see a lot of interesting things. You can even go for a big hike in the Beskydy mountains, the Lysa mountain... We will be glad if we can inspire you to also visit some attractions in the immediate vicinity of the city.

Who am I?

3. Cyclists



The region also has much to offer lovers of the most widely used two-wheeled, human-powered vehicle. And those who are not afraid of small, and even large elevations will be rewarded with magnificent views of the mountains. Besides, cyclists can ride according to their tastes, with no ties, enjoying everything that is described in other sections.

4. Sportspeople



Whether you like team sports, individual sports, or both, we are happy to give you a few tips on what to do in Frýdek-Místek and the surroundings. And if you are just in the mood for a good run, see the “Tourists“ or “Cyclists“ sections and try some of the suggested trips, not just walking or by bike, but at the double!


Something for everyone

5. Gourmets

Do you like to discover new flavours and scents, not just on your travels? You know that we are what we eat, so make sure you have the best. Even though we don’t have any restaurants with a Michelin star in the region, there is still a lot to taste! We can recommend some good places, regional specialties, and other opportunities for connoisseurs of good food and drink. page


6. Culture and art lovers



Theatres, museums, and galleries are your world. Not only the body, but also the soul needs feeding. Otherwise it atrophies and shrinks, like the body, when starved. We can recommend where to go in Frýdek-Místek for culture. page

What interests me?

7. those interested 58 in the history and architecture of the town

When you visit a new city or a new country, it would be a sin not to visit all the local sights and attractions! Well, Frýdek-Místek is after all two cities in one. Here it will be interesting! You can enjoy a number of nice churches, a Jewish cemetery, a square with historic houses... So take your guidebook in hand and onwards to the sights!

8. Admirers of folk architecture

Maybe your friends consider you a little strange. Maybe your nearest and dearest don’t even know IT about you because you have learned to keep your little oddity artfully hidden. But IT is something deep inside you... sometimes IT must come out! Yes, just like the folk paintings on wood and glass, thatched roofs... The entire open-air museum with wooden page cottages and churches! You are lovers of folk architecture, and we will advise you how to satisfy your passion in Frýdek-Místek.


9. Those who need to relax


Are you drowning in worries? Is everything too much for you? Problems with your boss, neighbours, or perhaps even members of your own beloved family? Well, don´t worry, we know what you need. Relaxation! We also know where to help you... Trust us. Go there. Everything will be OK again.




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PARENTS WITH CHILDREN Panorama viewpoint Bee-keepers information area Olešná recreational area Hukvaldy castle Miniarboretum in Staříč Bedřich Smetana orchards Pod Zámkem park Sluníčko Outdoor Bílá Ostravice opičárna (monkey centre) Bezručova look out point Hukvaldy Tropic Svoboda orchards Golf restaurant in Místek FM go-karts

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SPORTSPEOPLE 32 Tennis and badminton 34 Prestige Tennis park in Místek 34 Tennispoint in Frýdek 34 In-line routes 34 Flying 35 Beskydský letecký klub (Beskydy flying club) 35 Aeroclub Frýdlant nad Ostravicí 35 El Speedo 35 From horseback 36 Newport Ranch 36 Sviadnov riding club 36 Riding school in Skalice 37 Prosper Horse Ranch 37 Ranch Geofin – riding club 37 Water and everything connected 38 Winter sports, Cross-country ski routes 39 For golf lovers 40 Prosper Golf Resort (Čeladná) 40 Beskydy Golf (Ropice) 41 Golf & Ski Resort (Ostravice) 41 Golf Hukvaldy 41

TOURISTS 16 CHKO Beskydy 18 Lysá mountain 20 “Svaté vody” (Holy Waters) chapel and spring in Hájek 21 GOURMETS 42 Palkovické hůrky 22 Tour of the Radegast brewery 44 28 Tour of the Marlenka factory Kamenec 22 45 Novodvorský marsh 22 Mini-breweries 46 Skalická Morávka 23 Inn and brewery “U Koníčka” 46 Profile of the Morávka 23 Beskydy brewery 46 Information trail around Hukvaldy brewery 46 the Morávka in Skalice 23 Of interest to gourmets 46 29 Herb liquer Frýdecký les Information trail 24 46 Štandl 24 Ondráš pork steak 46 Ondřejník 24 Restaurants 47 30 Penzion Hrad Šance (Chance) dam 25 47 Ondrášovy díry 25 Modern Czech cuisine 47 31 Restaurant Ondráš 47 32 Carbon restaurant CYCLISTS 26 47 Cycle routes through Frýdek-Místek 28 Vegetarian tip 48 33 Etno restaurant New cycle routes 30 48 Single trails Bílá 31 Just out of town for local cuisine specialities 48 U Námořníka (Hukvaldy) 48 Hospoda Pod Borovou (Malenovice) 48




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A little history Baroque pub U Křivého psa Where do they make good cocktails? Music Café Little Island The best coffee in town Penzion Pod Kašnou Café Dvorek

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CULTURE AND ART LOVERS Nová scéna Vlast Beskydy Veseléto Beskydy museum Our personality Galleries in Frýdek-Místek Pod Sovou Gallery Na Veselé Gallery Pod Zámkem Gallery Pod Svícnem Gallery ArtShop Gallery Čtyřlístek theatre Národní dům (National House) Stoun music club Leoš Janáček memorial Museum in Skalice Gallery of enamel and cast iron

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THOSE INTERESTED IN THE HISTORY AND ARCHITECTURE OF THE TOWN 58 Frýdek castle 60 Zámecké náměstí 61 Hluboká street 62 Náměstí Svobody in Místek 63 Basilika minor (PilgrimMage Church of the Visitation of the Virgin Mary) 64 Church of st. John the Baptist 66 Church of st. Jošta 66 Church of st. Jakuba Většího (Jacob the Greater) 67 Church of st. John and st. Paul 67 All Saints church 67 Czech Brethren Evangelical Church 67 Town Magistrate 68 Train station building 68

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Jewish cemetary Former Town Hall and savings bank Convent of the Sisters of Mercy of st. Karel Boromejský Malt house in Místek Memorial to the 8th infantry regiment

68 68 69 69 69

ADMIRERS OF FOLK ARCHITECTURE 70 All Saints church in Sedliště 72 Church in Prašivá 73 Church in Řepiště 74 Church of st. Bedřich 74 Church of st. Prokop and st. Barbora 74 Church of the Holy Virgin Mary 74 Raškovice memorial 75 Lašská jizba Museum in Sedliště 75 Fojtství complex and the general school in Kozlovice 75 Na Mlýně complex (Šmiřákův mlýn) 75 THOSE WHO NEED TO RELAX 76 Hotel Odra – Ostravice 78 Herbal spas (Komorní Lhotka) 78 Beskydy rehabilitation centre Čeladná 79 Hotel Terasa (Frýdek-Místek) 79 Asian Relax Club (Frýdek-Místek) 80 Recreational centre Sepetná (Ostravice) 81 PRACTICAL INFORMATION 82 Important events 84 Emergency telephone numbers 84 BIC offices 85 Office in Místek 85 Office in Frýdek 85 Office in Frýdlant nad Ostravicí 85 Local contacts 85 Bus station 85 Train station 85 Hospital 85 Places marked with numbers refer to the maps in the back of the brochure. Places without numbers are a greater distance from Frýdek-Místek.



WITH children

Parents with Children




The lookout is below the top of Kabátice mountain, and is also known among tourists and locals as Kabátice. It looks a bit like a parked flying saucer. It rotates above Chlebovice, near Frýdek-Místek, at an altitude of 460 metres above sea level. It has two galleries, one of which is nearly eighteen metres high. Don’t worry, it’s not even a hundred steps to the top, even when it is only a few short of that number. From the top is a beautiful view of the town, Olešná dam, and the surrounding mountains. The lookout is not old. The foundation stone was laid in 2000, thanks to the membersof the Cultural Association of the Bezruč region.


The lookout tower measures 22.1 metres!

Lokalita: the peak of Kabátice mountain, ca. 1 km south of the end of the village Chlebovice, ca. 5 km east of FM Opening times: freely accessible GPS: 49°38‘56.767“N, 18°16‘15.417“E Nea rb poe y is a m t , Fr anti onume a gu še nt e yo u s s a t t h k L a ze c to l o c a k is t l the hink tha : how m ý. Have obse t the u c h Th e r vat do stru io a a n d n s we r i n towe c t u re o f s–t r a ha w ei a lf to ns! daaa... f ghs? our t een


Parents with Children



10.00 tween g ber, be keepin learn to e c e O B e, the can pril to es, From A in Chlebovic n, where you 0 fe of be e nd 17.0 al area is op t honey, the li the hive... a Chlebovice, according to a record ou s in tion educa g possible ab communitie straw and in as eir in the ancient chronicles, was th ll y th e r f e w o v s e ry, ization e museum, a n a al apia n rg o o originally named “Nemašchleby”. ti the lore th s, the educa p x e n a e They were probably hard times, You c eehiv the life about arved b hand-c h a short film rn what tasks because it meant “you don’t have a es tc and wa hildren will le ees, and dron bread.” .C y rb of bees n bee, worke emade hone y m et ee You can, with your children, quite easily rename the qu an sample ho nd take a vari a c , u d o a Y do. the destination of your trip to the east from the u. as me as well away with yo cakes, Olešná dam “Namažchleby” (spread on bread). ts c u d ro p of bee How many things suitable for spreading on bread will your offspring come up with? Butter, spreads, paté... and what about honey?!


2 Český svaz včelařů, o. s. (Czech Association of Beekeepers) ZO Frýdek-Místek, Chlebovice 1 739 42 Frýdek-Místek tel.: +420 733 792 928, +420 603 542 619


Parents with Children



On the southwestern border of Místek, Olešná dam is a recreational area, a wonderful place for relaxation of all types – passive and active.

Boat hire (even electric), and pedaloes too!

You can sunbathe on the beach there, go fishing, swimming in the local water park, ride a bike, or rollerblades. You can do everything from playing ball games to water sports, such as windsurfing or sailing. The reservoir covers an area of 87 hectares.


Aquapark Olešná Nad Přehradou 2290 tel.: +420 558 638 754 www.aquapark-


Parents with Children

The Aquapark has both an outdoor and an indoor section. There is a giant water slide, hot tub, and a “wild river”, water spouts, water cannons, and the like. There are several types of sauna (Finnish sauna, steam bath, infra), and there is also a solarium and aqua aerobics. If you want to be pampered, put yourself in the skilled hands of the masseurs and beauticians.

You can st ay here wit hy guest hou se, or bung our family in the hote alows – ho l, campgro we ve r yo u unds, like.


Parents with Children



On a hill, high above the birthplace of the composer Leoš Janáček, lies one of our most extensive ruins: Hukvaldy castle. It was built in the 13th century by Count Hückeswagen. It was named Hukvaldy after his family. Yes, it was a little garbled. Apparently, the castle was never conquered, but fire achieved what enemies couldn’t. After a fire in 1762, the castle was never repaired, and was left to ruin. The best preserved building is the chapel of st. Andrew, which was restored in the 19th century.


height ab ove se a level: 480 m tel.: +420 558 69 9 323 (dur ing opening hours) GPS: 49°37‘11.4 43“N, 18°13‘45.355“E

Castillian: 6 158 748 +4 tel.: 20 73


Do you kids (and parents) know what an arboretum is? It’s a word that originated from the Latin word, arbor (tree) – i.e. a collection of live trees. And just such a botanical garden can be visited within Staříč, where you can learn some new things, or even buy a tree for your garden. In the miniarboretum you can admire over 1,500 kinds of trees, as well as ponds with lizards and frogs croaking. It is a wonderful piece of nature, thanks to a lot of work and human intervention.


Miniarb oretum u Holubů 5 Staříč 363 739 43 Staříč tel.: +420 737 838 322 ww w.miniarb oretum .cz

Parents with Children

BEDŘICH SMETANA ORCHARDS 6 e famous med after th situated The park na Smetana, is ch ri d e B r, se Ostravice comp o of the river k n a b ft le on the

nes r has cycle la side the rive g or ial on em al m k a ar p is This ates. There sk e in -l in er r l memb s of suitable fo , which Soko rš Ty e v la os ir memorate th to Dr. M 1932 to com r in de ilt u un b fo s e k´ th M íste e birth of th of ry sa er has 100th anniv . M ístek par k organisation ts an it of the Sokol ab h for rest for in es, been a place ntre for decad r various ce fo of the town e u n ve e n also th and it is of te ts. cultural even t place is a grea le The park and a who th family, wi x la re to nts ltural eve host of cu . here take pace


6 Třebízského str eet, by the Ostravice river



The relaxation zo ne below the castl e has recently been reno vated. Walking tra ils have been restored, so you can go for a walk, sit on a bench, and enjoy the view of the su rroundings. In the summer, yo u can witness som e events and activities for children, such as Létohrátky. access, for example, from Zámecké náměstí



Parents with Children



In Bílá there are things to do all year round. In the winter, the ski slope is open with its ski and snowboard school. It hosts snowshoe treks, ski lessons, and much more. Conversely, in summer, there is the summer park, Lanáček, bicycles, and scooters. Summer camps and birthday activities are organized. You will never be bored here!

Bílá 173 739 15 Bílá tel.: +420 774 155 380



(MONKEY CENTRE) This is not a zoo or a petting zoo, but a mountain climbi ng centre. Locate d above the village of Ostravice, and he re you can climb freely , whether you are big or small. What do you th ink, can you conquer th ese long monkey trails, high above the grou nd?


BEZRUČ Sedliště village , GPS: 49°42‘46.041“N 18°21‘48.352“E


Sep etná valley – red tourist trail towards Lysá mountai n tel.: +420 739 664 450 , 737 238 118 ww w.opic GPS: 49°32‘50.809“N, 18°24‘30.045“E


Where can you go, for example, before Sunday lunch? The goal for the whole family could be the Bezručova lookout point near Frýdek-Místek – a recreation spot with a small and quiet pub. The lookout gives nice views of Ostrava, and in good weather, Karvina too, even without an observation tower. You can also see four interesting sculptures here.


Parents with Children




Irritating colors, sharp sounds of the jungle. Welcome to the small tropics, transferred to Beskydy! Here you will find exotic animals, including talking parrots, toucans, iguanas, and monkeys, as well as carnivorous plants, bonsai, cacti, and orchids.

Hukvaldy 51 739 46 Hukvaldy tel.: +420 603 592 173 z ww w.tropichukvaldy.c

10 SVOBODA ORCHARDS On the outskirts of the settlement in Silesian Frýdek you will find the renovated Svoboda orchards. The main landmark is the modern stage, called „Žlutý rejnok“ (the Yellow Manta), which was built for hosting 10 cultural events. It is an integral the par k is lined by part of the park’s playground. Sadová and The park is a pleasant place Novodvorská streets for mothers with children, as well as dog owners.


A wide range of good food, a non-smoking environment, and plenty of ways to entertain the kids. The Golf restaurant is the perfect place for summer relief from the hustle and bustle, on the 11 covered terrace. Among the attractions for 28. října 86 children there is also mini golf, a bouncy castle, Fr ýdek-M ístek 3 183 a big sandbox, bowling, and electric cars. tel.: +420 558 43




A popular plac e for both adul ts and young racing drivers is the FM go-kart complex. In th ese roaring m achines, you can race ro und the 300-m eter track with elev en turns, and play at being F1 ra cers!

12 Collo-louky (behind Tesco, in the direction of Štandl) tel.: +420 608 779 169

ww w.restauraceg




CHKO Beskydy Meadows, pastures, and woods (including mountain forest growth) threaded with mountain streams, and a host of nature reservations and natural memorials, as well as rare Carpathian plant and animal species. ace area dy. Its surf c ted y sk e B is This rote e largest p . makes it th a – CHKO B esk ydy re a e p landsca

CHKO Beskydy management Nádražní 36 756 61 Rožnov pod Radhoštěm tel.: +420 571 654 293



Get up in the morning, put on a good pair of shoes, and head off into the mountains!



LYSÁ mountain The mysterious Lysá mountain is the highest mountain of the region, as well as of the Moravian-Silesian Beskydy, and is also their symbol. You can get to Lysá mountain from Malenovice and Ostravice, also, you could start from Visalajích, in Krásná, Pražmo, or Nová Dědina. There is a good asphalt road from Papežov, and a more demanding route from Malenovice.

In good weather, from the bare (how else!) peak of Lysá mountain you have a fan tastic view. The weather here though tends to be pretty fickle. Did you know tha t the average year round air tem perature here is a mere 2.6 °C, and that it is the rainiest place in the Czech Repub lic? Mountain rescue: tel.: +420 12 10 GPS: 49°32‘46.720“N, 18°26‘56.610“E

At the peak is a characteristic telecommunication tower, a meteorological station, a mountain rescue services building, and refreshments. In good weather there is a wonderful view of Bes kydy, Mala Fatra, and sometime s you can even see the We stern Tatras-Roháče.

Lysá mountain: 1,323 m above sea level Lysá mountain televisio n transmitter: 1,313 m above sea level, height 78 m



(Holy Waters Chapel and Spring)


Pilgrims heading to the Marian church in Frýdek liked to stop in the Archduke’s forest at a place where a trickle of water erupted from the hillside, to ward off thirst. The water was good and refreshing – and some sick people supposedly recovered after drinking it. Everyone at least drank some, or scooped some into bottles for their loved ones at home (either suffering from some malady, or even just as a precaution).


Lískovec-Hájek GPS: 49°42‘41.648“N, 18°20‘46.487“E

People started believing in the healing powers of the spring! One woodsman stood a wooden cross by the spring, then gradually a chapel was added, a stone fountain with wrought-iron grilles, sculptures, a bell tower... This place, according to the former Archduke of the forest, is called “V hájku” (In the grove). Today, it is also wheelchair accessible. Tourist stamps are also issued here.



14 PALKOVICKÉ hurky A forest in the nature reserve between the hills of Kubánkov and the Babí mountain, consisting mainly of beech trees. Here are foxes, martens, skunks, and also relatively rare badgers. There are birds, such as the black woodpecker, green woodpecker, and various kinds of spotted woodpecker. An information nature trail about the protection of nature and the forest winds through here.


hůrky vické Palko l 6 e 2 t 2 o H vice Palko lkovice a P 1 .cz 739 4 hurky ovicke lk a .p www


), potok (Black creek tributary to Černý m nd fro tla les we t, nic en ro ch um A natural mon tioned in the old en m re we ich wh shes at and extensive mar , local lakes, and pe e network of pools Th y. ur 15 nt ce th . 18 the al species hundreds of anim at the bogs are home to

ent types How many differ n you and beetles ca of dragonflies count here?

weste of Dob rn border GPS: 49 rá village °40‘3 18°23‘3 5.466“N, 9.148“ E

16 NOVODVORSKÝ marshlands east of ístek Frýdek-M 99“N, .1 ‘6 1 °4 9 GPS: 4 5.998“E 18°23‘3


In two and a half acres of the floodplain of Černý potok is a whole system of wetlands. Deep pools contain almost standing water, and amphibians (common frog, Alpine Newt) thrive here. At the bottom of streams, water springs from the ground, which can be observed through the swirling mud. Since 2001 the site has been declared a nature reserve.



Skalická MORÁVKA 17

This section of The M orávka, a national na landmark, is tural an example of the branching a gravel-car ry of ing river. Here live crayfish, ot GPS: start: and the Tetr ix 49 ters, 17 Tuer ki, a repr end: 4 °37‘42“N, 1 esentative of or thopteran in 8°2 9 °3 sects, which ha the be 9‘40“N, 18 7‘15“E ve not been se anywhere else °25‘21 s t v en iew: 4 in the Czech Re “E public other th right here. It Záhoř 18°26 9°38‘18“N, will not be ea í footb an ‘2 3 “ sy r E idge at all to see th insects, they Raško ese have good m vice fo : 49°38‘52“ imicry, and m N only 8–13 mm otbrid ea su re ge: 49 , 18°25‘42“E . 1 ° 8°26‘5 3“E

PROFILE OF THE MORÁVKA The little river Morávka created in this place a romantic “canyon”, and although not as high and steep as the Grand Canyon in Colorado, it deserves attention. And also protection – the site of nearly 50 acres was in 1990 declared a natural monument. The trough is recessed to a depth of 7 meters into the river terraces, and water rolls through rapids over its thresholds.

38‘04 “N,


around the flow of the Morávka, b river etween the villages of Dobrá and Staré Město GPS: start: 49°39‘ 59“N, 18°2 3‘38“E end: 49°40‘ 22“N, 18°2 2‘15“E


Information Trail around THE MORÁVKA in Skalice 19 A piece of nature in the vicinity of Skalice, which belongs to Frýdek-Místek, although not directly adjacent to the town, and which reminds us of true wilderness. Except that somewhere in the heart of the wilderness, you come upon the educational boards. The four-kilometre nature trail around the Morávka has ten of them, and they tell us a lot of interesting things about this special place. cz oustezkou. Do not forget to look at the beauty around too, www.naucn “N, 85 .8 57 9‘ °3 instead of just reading the boards! start: 49


“E 18°24‘45.494 °25‘28.889“E 18 , “N 51 .8 end: 49°38‘50



20 FRÝDECKÝ LES Information Trail ds Zátiší, eading towar e woods of Frýdek. In Frydek, h th alk through mething is a 3.5 km w hich tell us so w s d ar o b e ar ent trees On the trail nature. Anci l ca lo ) ly n o to many about (not vide a home ro p s g lo n and falle als. Through cts and anim se in f d a ravine o s ie spec otbridges, an fo le p m si e by a bridge. wetlands ar is conquered with a stream

20 84“N, °41‘59.6 E GPS: 49 6 8 4.6 “ 18°21‘3 : 3,5 km th g n Route le f stops: 10 o t n u o Am -Zátiší Frýdek

“E 9‘2.891 “N, 18°1 s, west 3 0 .1 4 w flie °40‘3 GPS: 49 1.7 km as the crown, on a gentle : to n k io te t a ís c e fM Lo linkovic entre o


ec s Ze from th slope toward rd westwa


It rises to a height of 350 meters above sea level, and has an ancient history. At the top, you can find the remains of an early medieval castle, but we have to really look - this is no ruin with walls and towers. People repeatedly settled and moved on from here in prehistoric times.

They found coins here also proving trade relations between the region and the ancient world.

ONDREJNÍK Ondřejník is a mountain ma ssif above Frýdlant nad Ostravicí, with the Úbo čí peak (864 meters high), Stanovec (899 m), Ska lka (964 meters, the highest), and Ondřejník (89 0 m), which gives it all its name. There are sev eral marked hik ing trails, one leads over the hig hest peak, Skalka. Below is the top of the sto nes, which the outlaw Ondřás, according to legend ,used to block the entrance of the hallwa y leading to his treasure.


nt Frýdla vicí a r t s O nad GPS: “N, 6 ‘51.81 E 49°34 93“ .3 ‘7 9 18°1


Dam ŠANCE The dam by the railway station Ostravice was built in the 60s. Originally, to prevent floods.

amry Staré H o. 56) N d a (ro 05“N, ‘4 0 °3 4.2 GPS: 49 ‘1.535“E 18°25

Then, however, the reservoir began to serve primarily as a source of drinking water.

ONDRÁŠOVY díry The cave system, Ondrášovy díry, is located between Lysa mountain and Malenovice. Here you can find extensive surface and underground pseudo formations. The total depth is 34.5 m, and the cave system has three levels. The caves have been explored, but are not accessible. There is the danger of cavefall, and people, by their very presence, could disturb the endangered bats there, so there is a locked gate at the entrance. Even so, this place is worth GPS: a visit. Scattered around the rock blocks is evidence of the 49°33 effects of frost, ice, and gravity movements in this area. 18°25 ‘19.597“N ‘32.1






Cyklostezky Cycle Routes

through Frýdek-Místek přes Frýdek-Místek Circuit around Frýdek-Místek Route length: 40 km, medium difficulty Course: Olešná dam (0 km) –

– Chlebovice (3 km) – Palkovice (7 km) – – Baška (13 km) – Skalice (16 km) – Dobrá (18 km) – Frýdek Místek, cemetary (20 km) – – Frýdek, Nová Osada (26 km) – –Sviadnov (31 km) – Staříč (33 km) – – Olešná dam (40 km)

Along the way, we can stop at the lookout point, Panorama, in Chlebovice. You can also visit Chlebovická Beekeeping educational complex, or the miniarboretum in Staříč. For both places, you should definitely call first.



Other Routes in the Area (4,5 km) routes around Olešná dam Cycle routes and in-line the whole family – an undemanding ride for Místek circuit (15 km) ) Chlebovice circuit (12 km Cycle route 6004: Beskydy range, To the Moravian-Silesian s (37 km) Legends and superstition Cycle route 6005: e dam (46 km) For swimming in Žermanic Cycle route 6006: nor (43 km) History of the hukvald ma




New Cycle Routes

From Ostrava to Beskydy

by bike to Beskydy… Ostrava locals head trava. can head by bike to Os ...and mountain folk the region is the attractiveness of rs” ike “b try un co ssBeskydy, Even for cro ute from Ostrava to ro cle cy e th by d se greatly increa h awaited section 59. In 2013, the muc ška was which is numbered nad Ostravicí, and Ba t lan ýd Fr e, vic tra between Os launched. rough anding, and leads th The route is not dem e. vic tra this Os und the river romantic nature aro 30



Single trails


Bílá village is primarily a ski resort, but if you can not ski (for example, because it is summer), bikers are also prepared here. Adrenaline lovers can enjoy themselves on the local single trail mountain bike routes. On the hill, bikes can be taken by cable car. Around the area are several normal bike trails.

5 ge 32 14 villa Bílá 420 602 6 5“N, 5 + te l. : 9 ° 2 6 ‘ 3 5 . 4 4 : E S GP 12“ ‘28.7 ilsbil 1 8 ° 2 7 i n g l e t ra .s www


– INFO L U F E S: E US CENTR E C I V R k; 3 , Fr ý d e CLE SE

124 adniční 6 119, R : lo k y 2 AZ C 0 558 6 tel.: +42 zc yk lo.c z ístek ; w w w.a 2199, M á k s t n dla o r t : Fr ý 522–3, Jump sp +420 555 557 r t.c z tel.: ; mpspo w w w.ju á 1113, Fr ýdek k t r t : K rá 00 Tomspo 420 777 586 4 + : tel.





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Prestige Tennis park

in Místek

or lex, offering six outdo A modern sports comp nis ten r oo d two ind clay tennis courts, an rfaces. Badminton is su ex afl ter th wi courts r there are four indoo d an also very popular, for , tub t ho n go to the courts for this. You ca with power zumba or h etc str or , ge a massa nt taurant with a pleasa res yoga. There is also a outdoor terrace.


28. října 2236 ek 738 01 Frýdek-Míst +420 777 280 008 .cz


Tennispoint in Frýdek The tennis club has six clay tennis courts an d a practice wall. It is possible to book les sons with a coach, or a sp arring game. There are good facilities and food.

Hutní 36 738 01 Frýdek-Místek +420 724 152 064 +420 558 482 020

In-Line Routes

Within Frýdek-Míste k, to Kunčičky u Bašky, skaters use the bike path that leads from an Os on to Ostravice. The d then continues to the village of Pržno trava sur , an prepared for paving. face of the trail is asphalt, in some sectio d A ns it is Staré Město, south of circular paved trail, suitable for skating, is also in Frýdek. Around Olešná on a 4.5 km long asp dam you can skate ha can take refreshmen lt trail. Along the way are restaurants wh nicely ts. ere you If you do not mind the factory in Nošovice, industrial landscape, ride around the Hy where the circuit aro und it is about 5.5 km undai most of it on good asp , and halt.




Fly like a bird... That‘ s what people have always dreamed of technology, this dr and thanks to eam has become a reality. Possibilities his own jet can ind how a mortal withou ulge in flight are ma t ny. Paragliding is quite ea sily accessible, even around Frýdek-Mistek start is at the top of . A popular place to Skalka in Ondřejník. By car, you can reach is necessary to walk. the hut, Solárka, the n it Near Frýdek-Místek are also flights from Pra šiv á. Courses and equip occasional and one-o ment for ff lessons are provid ed by various private useful site may be the companies. A Beskydy flying club. If you fancy a sightsee mountains by plane ing flight over the , head to the airport in Frýdlant nad Ostra offered service, so mu vicí. It is not an officia st be arranged direc lly tly with the pilot. Du in Frýdlant you can un ring a single weeken dergo basic parachu d te training! Beskydský letecký

club) klub (Beskydy flying Čeladná 264 z blk.paragliding-vsb.c

nad Ostravicí Aeroklub Frýdlant w.a ww +420 558 677 616, ° 22‘ 45‘‘E GPS: 49° 35‘ 22‘‘N, 18


El Speedo ístek Potoční 2098, Frýdek-M



From Horseback For lovers of noble creatures – horses – there are several opportunities to enjoy them in Frýdek-Místek. All are situated on the edge of town, or in the adjacent municipalities, for greater peace and to be closer to nature. Your favorite place where you can mount up, head off into the countryside on horseback, or just explore the stables, can be found on the following pages.

Newport Ranc

Dolní Domaslaviceh

This riding club provides weekend, weekly, and biweekly riding lessons for begin ners and advanced riders . They are aimed at show jumping and dressage. Basic trainin g takes place in the riding schoo l in the open air, or in the hall. Individual training plans can be arranged. Accom modation is also possible in the gu est house. The club offers rides, as well as renting, transp ort, and stabling.


Volovecká 121 Dolní Domaslavice 739 38 +420 558 664 350

Riding Club Sviadnov In Sviadnov, near FrýdekMístek, at the local riding club, you can arrange reconditional walks in the saddle. They have a shop, as well as riding equipment for hire. The club is aimed at show jumping as well as riding lessons for children. They also offer hippotherapy - a treatment method using the positive effects of horses on man when riding, and also beneficial for mental contact with this noble animal. All within the local riding school.

Pod Štandlem 413 739 25 Sviadnov +420 777 645 535





Riding Club

in Skalice

Sportovní klub Skalický dvůr Skalice 77 +420 602 708 697


In Skalice near Frýde k-Místek is Skalický dvůr, where they offer riding les sons for beginners, under the supervision of experie nced instructors, riding ple asure for advanced riders, treks in the surroundings, an d fulldays in the saddle. In winter, you can ski behind a horse.

Prosper Horse Ranch Čeladná Čeladná 740 739 12 + 420 558 440 423 +420 733 500 440

The stable focuses on western style recreational riding. Several breeds are bred here, including those from the less common, to the downright “exotic”. Accompanied treks and guided horses are available, and the ranch offers rental and stabling of horses, and of course riding lessons.

ing Club Ranch Geofin – Rid tek Frýdek-Mís


also for individually trails in the area, but ing rid for ly have on t no back riding of the client. Children The ranch offers horse ssibilities and wishes po the to n). tio ing era ord Fed acc ns strian tailored training sessio m ČJF (the Czech Eque uire a riding license fro for are the opportunity to acq ich wh le, m horses are availab ing For the little ones, cal ranch. Horseback rid the of ds un gro the e. fun rides around tim y le upon request at an for the public is availab l is used, and oo sch Pod Štandlem 2 ing rid d san nt In the summer, the me uip eq ian str ue Eq 739 25 Sviadnov oor hall. in the winter, the ind can also ing rid le ab ort 20 739 602 955 mf +4 co d necessary for safe an here. +420 739 275 220 be purchased or rented



Water and everything Connected Swimming, Canoeing

For water lovers, the region has mainly the Ostravice River flowing through this beautiful environment. You can sail down from Šance dam, either in the spring, or during the release of water. But it is white water (up to the third degree), so be careful – it is only for the experienced, with the appropriate equipment and vessels (raft, kayak). This is particularly true of the cascades and rapids.

Dams Swimming in the open air, you can enjoy natural reservoirs at Baška, Žermanice, and other bodies of water. In the water reservoirs of the Morávka and Šance, recreational activities are prohibited because of sanitary protection, because they serve as sources of drinking water. But a walk around them can certainly do no harm.

Canoeists sometimes end up in the water unintentio nally, but on the contrary, others go looking for places to swim. A great place to swim is the Olešn á dam, where fishermen are also in their element. By the dam is a large aquapark. It has a summer part an d a covered part, so swimming is possible all year round. There are lots of attractions there, for example, nearly a hundred me tre raging river, and an almost as long water slide, various saunas... We also write about Olešná in the section “Parents with children ” (p 6).



Winter Sports

Ski area and Trails Many of the trails are perfect for summer tourist hikes, and after snowfall it becomes a challenge for cross-country skiers too. Within easy reach are also ski resorts with many beautiful slopes – Palkovice, Malenovice, Gruň, Bílá, Visalaje, Pustevny, Bumbálka, Mezivodí, Sviňorky, Zlatník… The most demanding can seek out experienced instructors, and begin alpine skiing in Beskydy, i.e moving around in free, mountainous terrain. With cross-country skiing, of course, you can go where your eyes lead you. But in the mountains, with a good track, then it is a different sport! You can find out which sections were last modified from the website:

In Beskydy you can go snowshoeing, ice skating, or ice wall climbing on Bílá!

The latest information can be found on:

Cross Country Ski Trails Travný cross-country ski trail Over 14 kilometres of machine groomed trails, all of which offer beautiful views. The starting point is the car park of the Morávka-Lípová, or in the Morávka-Sviňorky centre, at the lower lift station.

In ideal snow conditions, the trail around Olešná dam is also maintained.

Lysá mountain cross-country ski magistrale Over the top of Lýsá mountain is the highest altitude cross-country ski trail in Beskydy. Thanks to the altitude, the snow on it is long lasting. The starting point could be Papežov, or Albinovo náměstí, south of Malenovic.



For Golf lovers

You can play the noble sport of golf on several courses in the region.

Prosper Golf Resort


Čeladná has made a name for itself among golfers. The high class golf resort, which includes two championship eighteen-hole courses, is among the toughest in the country. We find water hazards from subtle streams to the beautiful island hole with a waterfall, hills, narrow sections surrounded by forest... The resort will accommodate you, and feed you in the stylish restaurant, but there is also a riding school, where mainly western riding takes place. Golfers can enjoy spectacular views of the mountains during their game.


Čeladná 741, 739 12 +420 558 440 410-1 +420 603 166 697


Beskydy Golf Ropice

The eighteen-hole course is laid out so that players of different levels are all in their element. Definitely not boring – the greens are rugged, there are a lot of bunkers, water hazards... The course meets requirements for professional tournaments. Also, here you are offered a lovely view of the countryside.

Ropice 415, 739 56 + 420 737 208 892 + 420 558 740 505

Golf & Ski Resort Ostravice

Another championship course is located at the foot of Žár, between Lysá mountain and Smrk. There is also a driving range. The course has eighteen holes, and is typical for its many water areas that may sink more than just a few golfers.

Ostravice 75, 739 14 +420 558 431 549 +420 724 907 913

Golf Hukvaldy Below Hukvaldy castle stretches a nine-hole course, suitable for both beginners and advanced golfers. All nine greens and tees are irrigated, and of course it is backed by a clubhouse and equipment rentals.


Horní Sklenov 74 739 46 Hukvaldy +420 732 241 322



Tour of the

Radegast Brewery

Towards the mountains to the east of Frýdek-Místek lies Nošovice. There is also a brewery, Radegast, which not only offers refreshing beer, but also interesting excursions. From Frýdek-Místek we can go by bus to the Morávka or by train to Dobrá, from where it is only 20 minutes on foot - it would be a shame to unnecessarily drive by car and miss out on a tasting. gins at the visitor ce


beer. The brewer y tourabbe out the production of

where everyone learns Do not miss the ac tual operation. Then it continues to to the lt house and cook ing anything from the ma g. For tin tas a the end there is bottling plant, and at d the an ry we bre the is a tour of school groups, there g. tin the tas brewing, but without

y Tours take place from Monda nd fou be can ces pri to Friday, on the brewery website.

vance, tour in ad to book a 566, or le b a is v It is ad 558 602 call: +420 rze@rade u k x e email w w w.rad ,856“E 18°25‘36 9,894“N, ‘3 9 °3 9 4 : GPS



Tour of the

Marlenka Factory


On the northern edge of Frýdek-Místek (exit road towards Paskov and Ostrava) is the Marlenka honey cake factory, made according to a traditional Armenian recipe. Even there we can go on a tour. As part of the product presentation and history, a documentary projection with commentary, tasting of products, including coffee, and shopping at discounted prices.


Valcířská (Lískov ecká) ul. 434 738 01 Fr ýdek-M ístek Tours take pl ace on Tuesda ys from 9:00, 11:00 a 13:00, you can bo ok on: +420 595 177 444 w w w.marlenk



Mini Breweries In Vojkovice near Dobrá, the brewery U Koníčka brews its own beer. They have a good reputation thanks to the Ryzák, Grošák, Klusáček, and other beers. What strength must the eighteen degree dark Vraník beer be? In Ostravice is another Beskydy brewery, with wheat beer being brewed at the brewery in Hukvaldy.

r one So stop fo to! with gus

Inn and brewery U Koníčka Vojkovice 10, 739 51 Dobrá tel.: +420 736 243 059

Beskydy brewery Ostravice 449, 739 14 tel.: +420 558 650 825

Hukvaldy brewery Dolní Sklenov 19, 739 46 Hukvaldy hospoda: +420 558 699 215

Interesting Things for Gourmets Herb Liqueur ur has ain herbal lique ed The Lysa mount uc od Pr e. st sweet ta a gentle, bitter al ex trac ts rb he l ra tu na since 1856 from boasts two histor ic . It and fruit spirits d from e highest awar th s le tit ld wor n in Paris tio bi hi Ex Wor ld the Grand Pr ix ard Aw Golden State (1900) and the . in Vienna (1904)


point Company sales é M ěsto ar St , 41 ch ká Na Zbyt 175 9 57 6 77 tel.: +420 al sk yd sk be w. ww

Ondráš Pork Steak The region has its own specialty, named after the famous outlaw, Ondráš (Beskydy’s equivalent of the Slovak, Janošík). The Ondráš pork steak is a pork steak, stuffed with cheese and ham, wrapped in a potato pancake. In most restaurants, an additional treat on the plate, other than the Ondráš, is a pile of vegetables. This dish is offered by restaurants outside the region, but you can try it here and see if it just happens to taste that much better!



Restaurants 30

Penzion Hradjugglers, the tones of medieval 30

Horní 1775 Frýdek-Místek tel.: +420 558 633 149 +420 736 648 844



Rampaging sting meat, and staff in instruments, the smell of roa ect all this when you exp per iod costumes, you can n the hotel is stylish, Eve . dek Frý in visit Penzion Hrad here. Rytířsk ý sál (the with a 14th centur y atmosp ent every Saturday: Knight ’s Hall) has entertainm eaters. Come eat your fire and swordsmen, dancers, e roast meat) in a var iety fill (well, you will need som tavern to the lookout of areas from the medieval tower.

Czech cuisine

Restaurant Ondráš

sense, the modern e in e in is cu in th Czech It is located traditional nt Ondráš. If you fancy ra au as st w re g e in sit th build be sure to vi nov, near Místek. The den d ia h a large gar it Sv w f o e, e yl g st villa au on ve is u s o The focu the Art N er seating. ts. m restored in n m ie su d r re o g o t outd asonal in se d an for pleasan sh e od. eals from fr preparing m ven enjoy fish or seafo Ostravská 140 e n Here you ca 739 25 Sviadnov

Carbon restaurant


tel.: +420 558 655 084

The Carb on re staurant in M ís tek is a combi of modern Czec nation h cuisine with foreign trends This spacious re . staurant has be en in operation 2011. During th since e lunch menu pe riod, you will fin a very lively en d vironment for a wor king lunch. homemade op Tr y a en marjoram bu rger with haris or roast chicke sa salad, n with mango, avocado, and sc allions.




Pionýrů 2297 Frýdek-Místek tel.: +420 558 431 017


Vegetarian tip


33 Farní 16 Frýdek-Místek +420 774 256 339

Etno restaurant

Variety on the menu is always nice. Vegetarian cuisine and complete gastronomy is offered in the vegetarian restaurant Etno, on Zámecké náměstí (Zámecké square) in Frýdek. The restaurant focuses primarily on the lunch menu, where you can choose a small or large portion for lunch. A very quiet environment, full of positive energy, will strengthen you for the rest of the day.

Just Out of Town for local cuisine Specialities U Námořníka (Hukvaldy)

If there is a village anywhere in the world which is constantly rocking on the waves of well-being, it certainly must be Hukvaldy. The place where you can travel even for culinary experiences to the restaurant U Námořníka. Local restaurants are mostly focused on local ingredients and original recipes of Czech cuisine. Pair the homemade duck pate with Port, try traditional kyselica, or flame grilled steaks.

Hospoda Pod Borovou (Malenovice) 333 M alenovice 3 404 62 0 73 0 +42 o b d o w w w.p

e ures u t ic p y A ver lace. p m l a and c

2 ldy 11 Huk va 8 699 263 5 5 260 +420 74 699 om +420 7 amornik a.c n .u w ww

For the best of Moravian cuisine, come to the pub Pod Borovo in Malenovice. It is true that you must travel 17 km out of town, but the local prices are good, and so is the investment in fuel, or if you travel by bike, it is definitely worth the effort. For lovers of exclusively prepared, meaty pork ribs, Borová is the ideal place. A spacious outdoor terrace with children’s facilities, and rooms accommodating up to 150 people, it’s ideal for family celebrations, and arrangements can also be made for accommodation.




Baro ue Pub U Křivého psa 34

Slezsk á 1079 Frýdek-Místek +420 558 636 361


comfortable The inn U Křivého psa has been making life moreue several-storey Baroq The years. red hund three for s guest for its s like U Mýty and house was known as a coaching inn, with name it was called ry, centu last the of le U Černého orla. In the midd by a sense of Na Veselé. However, was it wasn’t always governed times, hanging in those of der remin a As . today is it as eing well-b portraits of the lobby of the restaurant, is a marble plaque with Come on here. d reside once who ov, generals Suvorov and Kutuz ize a celebration down here for traditional Czech cuisine, or organ in the spacious lounge.

Music Café Where do they make good cocktails?

For a traditional mojito, daiquiri, sex on the to the beach, or dozens of other well-mixed drinks, come in are you If k. Míste in dy Svobo Music Café on náměstí new. thing some try so , town le doub a in tek, Frýdek-Mís Maybe a Hoemojito and an “emsíčko”.


A little History


Little Island

Weekend evenings are the perfect Irish Club, Little Island. the time to visit The combination of mixed drinks and club music encourages especially the younger ones to be entertained and meet friends.


Hlavní třída 96 Frýdek-Místek +420 733 237 183

Těšínská 1162 Frýdek-Místek +420 775 354 883

The Best coffee in town

Pension Pod Kašnou

náměstí This is a restaurant which is located in Zámecké cing. They have embra is coffee of in Frýdek. Here, the preparation and the palate, eye the to ng pleasi Coffee s. coffee of a wide range g the bar keepin been have focusing here on coffee art, and they great is coffee ng Morni ory. categ this in high for some years e, or afternoon to enjoy on the sunny front terrace on the squar coffee on the more intimate back patio.


Farní náměstí 2184 Frýdek-Místek +420 606 177 088

Café Dvorek


Zámecké náměstí 43 Frýdek-Místek +420 558 628 193 +420 733 715 900 www.podk

will feel Just like on holiday, but in the town, is how you we can that g in the Café Dvorek in Místek. Stylish seatin is menu coffee The day. recommend throughout the cake. some have to sure be extensive, and


Culture and Art LOVERS

Culture and Art Lovers



Nová scéna

Nová scéna Vlast on the edge of Místek’s B. Smetana orchards is a magnet for lovers of good music, movies, and art in general. The multifunctional building also serves as a cinema, theatre, concert hall, and space for exhibitions. Each month, several films are screened under the label of the FILM CLUB – carefully chosen “art”, or at least unusual, useful films. There are morning performances for seniors, and in the afternoon for children. The cinema holds over two hundred viewers.

The cinema holds over two hundred viewers.

If you want to go for quality culture in the evening, visit the Beskydy information centre, where you can buy or reserve tickets.

39 Hlavní 112

trical performances, You can see an interesting live thea Na Stojáka, or w, sho edy or even the stand-up com t is only one of Vlas ds. ban ive rnat alte hear concerts of nisation orga fit the five stages operated by non-pro k. íste Národní dům of Frýdek-M


For informa tion ab out the p ro gra mme a nd ticket sa les, call: +420 558 1 13 469.

Culture and Art Lovers



Veseléto is a mel ange of cultural events in Frýdek-Místek and its surround ings, which begins in June, an d ends with the su mmer holidays.

In fact, a great “c ultural confeder ation”, under their flag are proudly ranked independ ent music festiva folklore, historic ls and al festivals, prom enade concer ts of bands, open-air brass cinema screenin gs, record-break this forms a mixe ing... All d bag, annually fo r residents and vis from elsewhere ali itors ke. An important place on the agenda of folklore inherently belongs to the local mountains. The traditional ethnographic sculpture festival in Lhotka pod Ondřejníkem deserves your attention. Most of the events of Veseléto are hosted by Frýdek-Místek itself. www.ves 53

Culture and Art Lovers



At the castle, visitors can take a guided tour of the historic halls. It is worth noting, for example, the pretentious Rytířský sál (Knight’s Hall) or the castle chapel of St. Barbara. That‘s not all! As part of the Museum of Beskydy you can find a permanent exhibition on Beskydy folk culture and nature - to see the exhibition of equipment cottages and craft workshops, an animated wooden model ofa Silesian village, and stuffed animals. There are ongoing and temporary exhibitions, so what will be there on 40 the very day of your visit is sure to surprise you.

Zámecké náměstí tel.: +420 558 628 001 GPS: 49°41‘8.941“N, 18°20‘45.6“E



Vladimír Vašek alias Petr Bezruč, a distinctive character of our poetry, and the “Silesian bard”, has left many a footprint in the region. Leaving aside speculation about whether he was the real author of the Silesian Songs of the postal clerk Vašek, or someone else. Petr Bezruč wrote about this region, and his legal name does not matter so much. In Na Staré poště (the Old Post Office) in Místek is a plaque commemorating that Vladimír Vašek worked here. Not far from the source of the “Holy Waters” in Hájek, are magnificent views of Beskydy. The place is called Bezručova vyhlídka (Bezruč Look out Point – of which we write on p. 14).


Culture and Art Lovers

GALLERIES in Frýdek-Místek In Frýdek-Místek are seevral smaller galleries, inviting you to exhibitions by various artists – whether regional or “regionless” – and offering artistic works for sale. In the elementary school of Petr Bezruč, on T.G. Masaryk street, is the Pod Sovou Gallery. The same street also contains the Na Veselé Gallery. The position of the Pod Zámkem Gallery goes without saying, and in walking distance is the Lang House in Hluboká street, and in Farní street in Frýdek are the Pod Svícnem Gallery and the ArtShop Gallery. Farní náměstí, which lies, for a change, in the centre of Místek, houses the U Jakuba Gallery.

vou Gallery Pod So 454


a T. G. Masaryk 7 950 62 8 55 tel.: +420 pod-sovou-0 eri le ga z/ .c www..1zsfm

selé Gallery Na Ve 19


a 23 T. G. Masaryk 0 563 01 7 tel.: +420 59 na ian ov www.ram

mkem 43 Gallery Pod Zá56

Zámecká 993 112 l.: te +420 773 za od www.galeriep

ícnem 44 Gallery Pod Sv

Visitors to the town who like creative arts an to take somethi d want ng away as a souvenir have choose from. plenty to


Farní 16 ri www.gale e.po

p Gallery ArtSho


Farní 20 9 20 603 517 19 +4 l.: te z .c va lo al -g www.obrazy

Culture and Art Lovers



The Čtyřlístek theatre in Frýdek’s Svob ody orchards provides a home to several varied theatre ense mbles, so a wide range of theatregoers are in their element here. Fairy tales for children are presented here, along with comedies and absurd performances for adults. You can see the art of puppeteers, as well as performances in English.


Novodvorská 3478 tel.: +420 595 170 040

47 NÁRODNÍ DŮM (National House)

c “big cultural The role of the classi the Frýdek-M ístek centre” is played by neighborhood of e Národní dům in th ht here the municipality. Rig for ad he n 47 ca u yo is where music, lar pu po d an l ca ssi Palac cla dancing, tel.: +4 kého 134 social evenings with 20 s with +420 7 558 113 450 enter tainment show 7 www.k 3 788 650 celebrities, etc.. ultura


Music Club

Stálý Tlakově Odolný Úkryt (Permanent, Pressure-Resistant, Shelter). The acronym STOU with an added letter became the name for the music club which is operated in the rooms of the former civil defence shelters, underground below the 11th primary school in Frýdek-Místek. And it has a rich programme! In Stoun you can visit concerts by renowned groups, in different styles, some nights you can dance to recorded music, and if perhaps you were afraid that you are already too old for this kind of entertainment, don’t worry, Stoun has hits from beyond the grave, just for you! Jiřího z Poděbrad 3109 In addition to the music in the club, there are regular theatre performances, talks, lectures, and exhibitions. tel.: +420 702 077 523 In the culture of Frydek-Místek, this club has an irreplaceable role. GPS: 49°40‘51.154“N,




Culture and Art Lovers

LEOŠ JANÁČEK Memorial World-renowned composer, Leoš Janáček, the ninth descendant of a local cantor born in the school building, which is now no longer standing. His memorial is set up in the house that Janáček bought in the village towards the end of his life. In the three rooms of the historic part you can see the original fixtures & fittings and in the educational part you can listen to Janacek‘s music, or watch short films about him. From April to October, it opens at 10 am, and out of season by arrangement with the caretaker.

Hukvaldy 79 739 46 Hukvaldy tel.: +420 558 699 252

Museum in SKALICE Skalice cultural The museum is located in var ious chronicles, the see can house, and you hs... And you rap tog documents, and old pho sehold fixtures hou lice ska t ien anc can also find g point for a rtin sta and fittings. Skalice is the ner y along sce l ura nat que uni the walk among ka. ráv the flow of the river Mo

Skalice 14 739 08 Skalice tel.: +420 702 077 523

49 49

Gallery of ENAMEL and CAST IRON From November 2014, after the reconstruction of the Frýdlant culture house, the local gallery of enamel and cast iron will be reopened.

Kulturní d

ům Frýdlant Frýdlant was elevated, thanks to the establishment of the ironworks nad Ostr avicí – as well as industry and construction, artistically valuable objects Hla 739 11 Frý vní 139 were also developed here: inkwells, crucifixes, stoves... Later, the dlant na d Ostrav production of enamelled cookware. This represented the golden tel.: +420 icí 558 era between the world wars, when 40 percent of production was www.fryd 604 128 la exported abroad. The museum, in addition to creations of Frýdlant ironworks, exhibits copies of old weapons and armour. There is also an exhibition of works by Frýdlant native, painter, graphic artist, and ceramist Ferdiš Duša.


those interested in the HISTORY and ARCHITECT UR E of the Town

Those interested in the History and Architecture of the Town

50 Frýdek CA STLE Frýdek castle was originally a gothic castle, which guarded the traffic on the merchant trail from robbers. At the end of the 16th century, for their greater convenience, the lords of Bruntál from Vrbna rebuilt it into a Renaissance castle. The present form was acquired in the 18th century by the lords of Pražma from Bílkov. It was they who had the most problems with the famous outlaw of Beskydy, Ondráš. The castle has its own ghost too, and has had for more than 300 years. Since his death in 1651, Earl Jiří from Oppersdorf has supposedly haunted here. In the park are small cylindrical buildings that used to function as “castle refrigerators.” They weren’t called refrigerators at the time, but rather “ice-houses”. In winter, they stored ice, carved from the frozen river, and that helped keep the raw materials for the castle kitchen fresh.

50 Zámecké náměstí +420 558 628 001 GPS: 49°41‘8.941“N, 18°20‘45.681“E


Those interested in the History and Architecture of the Town

Zámecké NÁMĚSTÍ 51 (Castle Square)

of the historic town of Frýdek, Zámecké náměstí is the heart e zones. and also of the town’s heritag

traces of many different eras: The houses on the square bear and Classicism, and with many You will find Art Deco, Empire, que and Renaissance periods. Baro homes having their origin the er of the Renaissance period, Dům U Erbu retains the charact de. On the eastern side of the and you can see the original arca grounds. Attention is drawn rectangular square are the castle middle of the square, with to the octagonal fountain in the saint of the town of Frýdek a cast iron statue of the patron Florian, who was cast in the (and of course of firefighters) St. doesn’t intervene, and self him Blansko foundries. If Florian to quench your thirst, you are left to your own devices l bars or restaurants. you can stop in at one of the loca also ideal for a rest. are Benches around the fountain

Admirers of various architectural styles will be in their element here!

51 Frýdek ce ntre GPS: 49°4 1‘8,426“N , 18°20‘52 ,860“E


Those interested in the History and Architecture of the Town

52 HLUBOKÁ street

nt g the square in fro Frýdek. Connectin in t á). ee sk str nt ald kv rta Hu po most im lled Dolní or This was once the g der the hill (also ca tin un es te er ga int ka is ec it d ov sk battlements - an o als of the castle with Le re we e er th the gates are, By the way, where parently did not. em, but Místek ap th d ha that Frýdek ng a merchant century, leading alo th 17 to th 14 m fro wn, it had to be a thoroughfare , carefully sliding do rsa Hluboká street was ve e vic or l, hil e ering up th en the more easily trail. For carts stagg probably relieved wh re we e, for pty, but ere th ts, rchan s for a while quite em a pretty picture. Me lished. Hluboká wa tab es to s ing wa t ad ee he str s, á grim traversable Zámeck by a procession of pil it began to be used . ry Ma in rg Vi e after a few decades, th of ch of the Visitation the newly built Chur GPS: 49°41‘11 ,849“N, 52 18°20‘49,276 “E (under Frýd ek’s square)

The street is alive again, and filled with shops, pubs, and bakeries! A brewery and a spa stood here, and many craftsmen had their workshops here too. At the bottom of the street are pseudoreplicas of the original partly wooden merchant houses (Nos. 77, 78, and 79), which unfortunately could not be saved.


Those interested in the History and Architecture of the Town

53 náměstí Svobody (the Square)in MÍSTEK

53 Místek centre GPS: 49°40‘31“N, 18°20‘29“E

nated by the eight-meter Baroque Náměstí Svobody is very picturesque. It is domi the Virgin Mary was put up by Marian column. The new stone column with the original wooden pole. You can see townspeople after the 1730 storm destroyed that in this region, the wind really can blow. ssance core, some were preserved Most of the houses on the square have a late Renai the arcade continues to the streets side, south the for a typical Renaissance arcade. On shops are hidden. Local people will surrounding the square. In the arcade, a lot of small Emperor Joseph II. spent the night certainly be willing to show you the house in which Bezruč. Among the houses in the Petr alias , in 1779, and in which lived Vladimír Vašek Jakub peeks through, northern part of the square, the church of st. . tower with its typical


Those interested in the History and Architecture of the Town



(pilgrimmage Church of the Visitation of the Virgin Mary) 54 Mariánské


ěstí tel.: +420 55 8 +420 731 62 628 415 (klášter) 5 682 (farn í úřad) www.basili GPS: 49°41‘ 23‘‘N, 18°2 0‘48‘‘E

This magnificent church has a valuable main altar, organ, and even an underground crypt. With a guide, you can peek into the crypt, and find out whose remains are kept here.


Those interested in the History and Architecture of the Town

es”, for it was led the “Silesian Lourd Frýdek used to be cal y came from the ere pilgrimage, wh an important place of ip the Virgin Mary. near and far to worsh a stone statue rship was, before her, The central objec t of wo ally stood in gin ori It us. be miraculo of Jesus, considered to crowds of s soon too small for the a wooden chapel. It wa elling, in the dw t refore, got a decen pilgrims. The statue, the in 1740 ilt bu s wa It ue church. for m of a majestic Baroq organ, ar, alt in ma ble ua h its val to 1777. This church wit and underground crypt.

The Pope, in 1999, promoted it to a basilica minor, an honorary title, combined with special rights, which only a few churches here received. In the park by the church you can find the NeoRenaissance chapel of the Heart of Our Lord, and a small chapel that was consecrated to the Stations of the Cross.


Those interested in the History and Architecture of the Town

Church of the St. JOHN 55 THE BA PTIST The oldest church in Frýdek dates from the first half of the 14th century. In 1604, they began to build a new tower. Such structures could then take a very long time: the builders finished in 1650. Upstairs, a lookout was placed to watch for fires in the town. Unfortunately, a flaming catastrophe struck with full force. In 1688, the town and the castle burned, along with the church and its tower, from which the bell fell, and had been melted by the heat. The people repaired the church, then it burned down again, and was again repaired. That is why the oldest church in Frýdek does not look old.

55 Farní street www.farnostfrydek


GPS: 49°41‘10,980 “N, 18°20‘55,330“E Komen


ský tow

n park frydek GPS: 49 .cz °41‘1 18°21‘1 ,650“N, 0,910“E www.f


Church of St. JOŠT

The smallest local church is an example of late Renaissance architecture. The wooden belfry was added to it in later times. Around the church are Baroque statues, sculptures, and along with the crucified Christ are st. Barbora and st. Florián, who we have already seen in metal form on Zámecké náměstí. Around the church was a cemetery that served Frýdek’s suburbs and the old town. But more than a century ago it was decommissioned because it was not big enough. During the repair of the church in the 90s, treasure was discovered – a clay jug with coins, mostly from the 17th century.



Those interested in the History and Architecture of the Town



it burned down Nicholas originally stood, but In its place, the church of st. has a beautiful rch chu The ub. laced by st. Jak in 1602. St. Nicholas was rep de is a distinctive ceiling. The white and red faca chancel and a cross-vaulted ds. The church tcar in photographs and on pos hallmark identifying Místek ught Farní náměstí is surrounded by statues, bro 57 . tek Mís old the of ts par from disused 20‘29,080“E

GPS: 49°40‘33,950“N, 18°


Janáčkova street GPS: 49°40‘22.141“N, 18°20‘22.628“E

Church of St. JOHN and St.PAUL


In particular, the interior of the church from the second half of the 18th century is very beautiful. The decor was provided by skilled sculptors, carvers, painters, and goldsmiths. Statues of saints are also in the vicinity of the church - and there is again the patron saint of firefighters, st. Florian, because the people of this church built it in gratitude that in 1762 it was untouched by the town fire. Only barns that stood on this spot burned.

Frýdlantská street


All Saints CHURCH

GPS: 49°40‘21,280“N 18°20‘35,120“E


A Baroque church, which was built in the first half of the 18th century by a wealthy couple, Rudolf and Rozina Vido mus, as a thank you for the fact that the terrible plague had finally left (and that they had survived it). Four hundred townspeople were not so lucky. The chur ch interior is beautifully decorated. Under the choir, we can find a represen tation of that terrible plague.

Husova 377


GPS: 49°41‘15.043“N, 18°21‘24.916“E

Czech Brethren Evangelical CHURCH


The church, built from red bricks, was completed and consecrated at the end of the lifetime of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, in 1911. By 1918, sermons could be heard here in German and Polish, after the creation of Czechoslovakia and the Czech Brethren Church, Czech also echoed here.


Those interested in the History and Architecture of the Town


Radniční 1148


The town Magistrates building is a former Frýdek savings bank on Radniční street. The building also functions as the traditional café Radhošť (in the time of the empire, it carried the name Habsburk). In Radniční street we can see the figure of Maryčka Magdónova on a sandstone plate, designed by the sculptor Jindřich Wielgus.


Train Station BUILDING

Nádražní 2052


GPS: 49°40‘39.872“N, 18°21‘13.307“E

The Ostrava–Frýdlant railway line was opened in 1871. Everything was preceded by wrangling over whether the track would lead along the left or right bank of the river Ostravice (and therefore, whether the station would be in Frýdek or in Místek). Who won, you can see for yourself, by the placement of the historic station building. It was probably so that the people of Místek weren’t regretful that the station was eventually named Frýdek-Místek. And this was long before the combination of towns could have even been imagined by the residents.


Slezská street


GPS: 49°42‘9.788“N, 18°20‘1.798“E

originated in the 80s of the 19th century, and is The cemetery at the lower end of Slezská street rs. g to the families of local Jewish textile factory owne quite extensive. The opulent tombs often belon


Former Town Hall and SAVINGS BA NK

The Town Hall and savings bank in Místek were once housed in one building. The bank initially belonged to the town, and was managed by municipal officials. 64 In the late19th century, the savings bank got its own new, impressive building with a strong shield and towers. Above the entrance stand the statues of two girls, who symbolize diligence and thrift, created by sculptor Josef Skotnica. Today, the building houses the Primary school of art.


Hlavní třída 11 Frýdek-Místek

Those interested in the History and Architecture of the Town

Convent of the Sisters of Mercy of ST. KAR EL BOROMEJSKÝ Padlých hrdinů 312 739 11 Frýdlant n. O.

One of the most important monuments of Frýdlant nad Ostravicí is a former monastery building, which now houses the home for the elderly. The entire building is a Neo-Romanesque monastic chapel, a copy of the Basilica of st. Paul in Rome. A real masterpiece is the ornate wooden ceiling of the chapel. The altar in the chapel is carved from marble, with a statue of the Mother of God, which comes from Paris.

MA LT HOUSE Antonínovo in Místek náměstí 65


The brewery on Antonínovo square was abolished in the 20s of the 20th century, and all that remains is the malt house. It is memorial to the Místek brewing era. The right to brew beer was given to the townspeople by deed in from 1505, but then it was brewed “at home”. The townspeople with the right to brew beer got together in the honourable village taprooms. Prior to 1580, there were in about four dozen houses with the right to brew beer at home. Later came a larger brewery, but that has moved several times, and nearly one hundred years has passed.

Memorial to the 8th

Infantry Regiment



The memorial commemorates the heroic resista nce of the III Battalion of the 8th Infantry Regiment of the Czechoslovak army, which in the local barracks defended against German troops during the occupation of the country in 1939, even thoug h the truncated republic had otherwise surrendered without a fight. Several Germans lost their lives during the firefight, but the defenders finally gave in, due to a lack of ammunition.

Hlavní třída GPS: 49°40‘40.76“N, 18°20‘41.45“E



of folk architecture

Admirers of Folk Architecture


All Saints Church in Sedlišteˇ

The high-quality single nave timbered building in Sedliště dates from the first half of the 17th century. It grew up in the place where a small church stood in the Middle Ages. It has a shingled roof. Outside, around the main aisle, leading to an indoor walkway, is the so-called “sobota” (damp course), protecting the foundations of the church from inclement weather. The wooden church can theoretically be taken apart and rebuilt like a model kit. This is where the 19th century reached out in practice, though the originally freestanding tower was dismantled and “joined” the church, so it now towers over the main entrance. They no longer bury people in the cemetery by the church. You can see iron crosses from several decommissioned cemetaries in Frýdek-Místek.

rarest and ngs among the . This church belo Czech Republic e th in n churches greatest woode


Sedliště centre GPS: 49°43‘6.388“N, 18°22‘3.147“E


Admirers of Folk Architecture

Church in Prašivá This Way

Sedlište Prašivá

While hiking in the mountains, you can stop by the church of st. Anthony of Padua at the top of Malá Prašivá. The Frýdek estate owner, the Earl of Oppersdorf, had it built in 1640, allegedly as a thank you for the fact that he survived a barely believable hunting adventure. According to an old legend, the Earl at this place shot a large deer, but before its death, it “pinned” the hunter to a rotting tree trunk. After three days of being trapped between the antlers, he was found by his entourage.

Malá Prašivá peak “N GPS: 49°38‘11.783 E 6“ .66 18°29‘2 The church was originally dedicated to the founder of the Jesuit order, st. Ignatius of Loyola, and when another “st. Ignatius” was later added in Malenovice, he changed the dedication so that people did not get the churches confused.


Admirers of Folk Architecture

Church in Repište

Řepiště GPS: 49°44‘11.084“N, 18°19‘7.748“E

The church of st. Michael the Archangel in Řepiště near Paskov is a single nave church with a thatched roof. It has gone through a lot over the years. A record from 1808 has been preserved, stating that is was in a ramshackle condition. It belonged at various times to different parishes, and even to different churches (it briefly served the Lutherans). They rebuilt it. Also, in earlier times, it was named differently, and it was dedicated to st. Nicholas. It used to have a “sobota” (damp course), like the church in Sedliště, but it lost it.

Church of

St. Bedrich

Bílá near Staré Hamry also has its wooden church. It‘s younger, dating from the second half of the 19th century. Around the perimeter of the nave are fourteen columns with decorative capitals, each from a single piece of wood. Nearby, you can also visit the Archbishop’s hunting chateau.

ry 5 Staré Ham Bílá, 739 1 , ‘31,873“N GPS: 49°26 74“E ,6 4 18°27‘1

St. Prokop and St. Barbora Church of

Kunčice pod Ondřejníkem GPS: 49°32‘7.202“N, 18°18‘9.943“E

Between Kunčice pod Ondřejníkem and Čeladná is an exotic impression of a wooden church. The answer to the question of when it was built is not at all clear. At this point, it has been standing from the time of the first republic. But it is older, from about the turn of the 17th and 18 century. It was brought here from Carpathian Ruthenia, which had belonged at that time to Czechoslovakia. The inventory of the church evidences that it was originally Greek Orthodox.

Church of the

Holy Virgin Mary

Gruň GPS: 49°29‘20.322“N, 18°29‘3.643“E

In Gruň, which is known as the recreational area of Beskydy, we find a poetically impressive church, dedicated to the Virgin Mary. The church from 1887 at first glance impresses thanks to the treatment of the walls, decorated beams, and the series of rectangular windows. A tour of the church can be combined with hiking, biking, or a cross-country ski trip.


Admirers of Folk Architecture e 58 Raškovic ražmo 730 04 P 692 420 8 +420 55 www.ras

Raškovice Memorial

The history of Raškovice above the river Morávka dates back to somewhere in the early 14th century. Located here is a monument of folk culture, which for decades has been studied by folklore researchers, including local native, Jaroslav Ludvík Mikoláš, and managed to amass large collections. The monument is open year-round for ethnographic exhibitions and occasional exhibitions, lectures, and other events.


Sedliště 170, +420 558 739 36 658 134 www.sed


Lašská jizba in Sedlišteˇ


The ethnographic tradition was started in Sedliště by a certain Joža Vochala. When, in 1908 they were preparing the celebration of 60 years since the abolition of tied workers, he and his friends began to gather items reminiscent of bygone times. The Sedliště collection later went on to Frýdek castle. Today, the Lašské museum continues in the tradition. It is housed in the old school building.

1 Fojtství vice lo z o K 739 47 9 4 2 64 25 +420 60 p laxv

Fojtství Complex

and the General School in Kozlovice

In Kozlovice, a school was established in the original Fojtov wooden cottage in 1785. It is still here, and in the framework of the exhibition “General School”, you can see how our great, great, grandfathers and great, great, grandmothers learned and what teaching aids they used. In the attic is an accessible exhibition of sacral art.

Na Mlýne Complex We will stay in Kozlovice for a while longer. The local water mill from the 16th century (also known as Šmiřákův mill) with a fully functional mill wheel, has been repaired, and is used for hospitality purposes. There is also a small museum of old milling, landowning, and kitchen artifacts.

Kozlovice 130 739 47 Kozlovice +420 558 640 789


Those Who need to Relax

Those Who need to Relax

Hotel Odra – Ostravice Private Medical Facility

Hotel Odra offers classic holiday stays, as well as stays for health and fitness. There is an indoor swimming pool with a temperature of 33 °C, with counter-current jets and a sauna. Ostravice 03 27, 739 14 +420 558 682 287 www.hotel-odr

Masseurs here offer different types of massage, you can try lymphatic drainage, inhalation, and a whole range of other treatments. Fitness and wellness treatments have been offered at the hotel for several decades, so it’s a good choice for those who rely on tradition. Sports facilities are also abundant. You can play volleyball, basketball, foot tennis, soccer, and tennis (including table tennis), throw a ball at Russian skittles, or shoot in the indoor shooting range.

rní Lhotka Herbal SpasilsenKoce mo meditation (perhaps during a focused

room in old herbalists? Do you relax best in a tea herbs and wisdom of the of r we po the in ve lie be u session)? Do yo Komorní Lhotka 328 a 739 53 Komorní Lhotk 4 69 7 73 7 73 +420

Then your destinatio n should be the Herbal Spas in Ko morní Lhotka in the foothills of the Beskydy range. They offer massages, herbal baths, a large selection of tea blends... And even an esoteric atmosphere will not be missing. Here, you can simply rest the body and the soul.


Those Who need to Relax

Beskydy Rehabilitationá Centre Čeladn climatic conditions, and

le th exceptionally favourab diseases of Čeladná is a spa village wi ilitation center. It treats ab reh y yd sk Be e th is a d nerves. the heart of the sp sculoskeletal system, an mu e th m, ste sy ory lat cu the cir Čeladná 12, 739 12 +420 558 616 21 1 +420 739 204 78 4

family This small spa with a contemporary ers off o als atmosphere cedures, such and lesser-known pro treatment) and e ez as cryotherapy (fre the Spa darkness therapy. By antic nooks. rom th wi rk, pa is a forest do the as , ng It encourages walki rdinand Fe e Th . gs din wider surroun ng distance, spring is within walki natural mineral from which springs water.

Hotel Terasa 69 Frýdek-Místek


Nad Přehradou 670 Frýdek-Místek +420 558 640 901 +420 558 680 145

The Hotel Terasa is located close to the quiet and beautiful Olešná dam, with spectacular views of Lysá mountain. Beskydy is literally at your fingertips. For visitors, this means endless winter sports, and in the summer you can visit the local sights, natural attractions, aquapark, and swimming pool. For other activities, you’ll find four-lane bowling, go-kart track, or you can go horse riding.


Those Who need to Relax

70 Asia-MnístekRelax Club Frýdek

te, you enter a world Closing the outer ga . ssage, and relaxation of wellness, Asian ma nt, to successfully me In a pleasant environ nge at the bar, in the lou ax rel , ess str of rid get na sau the ian spa, or room, relax in the As with a unique view d an s rie sso ce ac with ese garden! an Jap l of the beautifu

Thai, relaxational, and reconditional massage 70

Pavlíkova 277, Frýdek-Místek +420 734 571 177


Those Who need to Relax

Recreational Centre Sepetná Ostravice

Here you can devote your time to leisure or sport to the fullest. Or preferably both, in a ratio which suits everyone. The Recreation Centre Se petná can be found below Tribulka hill, by the trail from Ostravic e to Lysa mountain. There are multiple accommodation and sports facilities. You can use the indoor swimming pool, steam bath, sauna, golf sim ulator, a climbing wall... Swimming in the open air swimmi ng pool is offered by the local swimming hole, Sluníčko, with its heated pools, wa slides, and playgrou ter nds for various sport s. As the “base camp for climbing Lysa mo ” untain, this resort is perfect.

9 14 6, 73 08 5 9 vice 0 82 1 Ostra 558 6 2 111 0 +42 603 85 z c 0 4 + 2 w.sepetna. ww


Practical Information

Practical Information

IMPORTANT EVENTS In Frýdek-Místek there is often something happening. Whether you fancy dancing or even just going to the cinema, take a look at

name of annual event

information about the event


Mezinárodní folklorní festival

folklore festival Frýdek-Místek


Adrenalin cup

sports event Ostravice


24 hodin kolem Olešné

in-line marathon Olešná


Mezinárodní hudební festival international music festival Janáčkovy Hukvaldy Hukvaldy


Beskydské Veseléto

group of cultural events Frýdek-Místek


Sochovy národopisné slavnosti

folklore festival Lhotka nad Ondřejníkem


mountain marathon Beskydy


Beskydská Sedmička


155 150 158 156 112 1210 Ambulance and rescue service

Fire Brigade

State Police

Town Police


Integrated European Emergency Services Number

Mountain Rescue

Practical Information

OFFICES OF BESKYDY INFORMATION CENTRES IN FRÝDEK-MÍSTEK AND IN FRÝDLANT NAD OSTRAVICÍ nám. Svobody 6 Frýdek-Místek tel.: +420 558 646 888 Hlavní 308 Frýdlant nad Ostravicí tel.: +420 558 676 909

OPENING TIMES: Mon 9:00–12:00, 12:30–17:00 Tue–Thur 8:00–12:00, 12:30–17:00 Fri 8:00–12:00, 12:30–16:30 Sat closed

OPENING TIMES: Mon–Thur 8:00–17:00 Fri 8:00–16:30 Sat 9:00–13:00 (1. 6.–15. 9.)

Zámecké náměstí 1257 Frýdek-Místek tel.: +420 558 438 391

Connect to the internet for free via the wifi network and share your experiences from Beskydy.

OPENING TIMES: Mon–Thur 8:00–12:30, 13:00–16:30 Fri 8:00–12:30, 13:00–16:30 Sat 9:00–14:00 (1. 6.–15. 9.)

e-mail: info@besk



71 ČSAD BUS STATION | Na Poříčí 3530, Frýdek | tel.: +420 558 432 515

72 ČD TRAIN STATION | Nádražní 2052, Frýdek | tel.: +420 558 692 400

SKIBUSES AND CYCLEBUSES | tel.: +420 844 555 888

73 HOSPITAL | El. Krásnohorské 321, Frýdek | tel.: +420 558 415 111(spojovatelka)


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