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WHO WE ARE The Building Industry Association of Washington is the state’s largest trade association representing thousands of companies in the home building industry.

President Sherry Schwab presides over BIAW’s annual membership meeting, held in conjunction with the fall board meeting.

BIAW is dedicated to ensuring and enhancing the vitality of the building industry for the benefit of its members and the housing needs of citizens.

BIAW MANAGEMENT Executive Vice President Greg Lane Education and Workforce Development Director Al Audette Communications Director Janelle Guthrie Government Affairs Director Jan Himebaugh ROII Director Jenn Kavanaugh Administrative Services Director Brenda Kwieciak General Counsel Jackson Maynard Administrative Services Director Jan Rohila


Make-up of Legislature unchanged despite new faces Philosophically, Senate Democratic caucus could tilt further to the left


Inspirational efforts

B U IL DI NG INSI G H T ED I TO R I A L S TA F F Communications Director Janelle Guthrie Writer and Editor Bailee Wicks Layout and Design Brenda Kwieciak


Safety procedures instill life-saving safety habits

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BIAW forges partnerships, continues strides on workforce development

Safety skills can be applied to daily routines

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President’s message Looking back at 2020, I think it’s fair to say this year handed the home building industry quite a few lemons; however, BIAW made lemonade out of those lemons by delivering value to its members. After accomplishing so much, BIAW deserves kudos. I am incredibly proud of our state association!

A successful back to work negotiation

President Sherry Schwab delivers her acceptance speech to members and guests after being installed as BIAW’s 2020 president.

When the governor declared residential construction as “nonessential” and shut down jobsites, BIAW aggressively pursued numerous avenues and worked with a broad coalition to change the governor’s position. Negotiations resulted in BIAW members returning to work (adhering to COVID-related safety precautions) five weeks earlier than any other industry! Also, training materials written in layman’s terms, PPE, and material resources were posted online and disseminated for local associations’ and members’ use. The goal was to educate our President Sherry Schwab, with BIAW members, discusses membership and BIAW priorities with Senator Andy Billig during BIAW’s provide COVID- annual Hill Day event. related jobsite safety procedures and work habits.

Senior leadership bonds

(l to r) BIAW Executive Committee member Matt Willard, Second Vice President LouAnne Neil (partially hidden), Secretary Nick Gilliland, First Vice President Tracy Doriot, Treasurer Joseph Irons, and 2020 NAHB Past Chairman Greg Ugalde help President Sherry Schwab (c) celebrate BIAW’s 70th anniversary during the annual legislative reception held in February.

Throughout this challenging time, our attitude was one of can-do positivity. BIAW officers were consistently apprised of daily and sometimes hourly changes and were included in the decision-making process. All the senior officers took on additional work in their area of expertise. Our group had more meetings in eight months than the total senior officer meetings for the past three years, and I’m sure I’m not alone when I say, I highly dislike unnecessary meetings. This unprecedented situation shows the level of commitment your senior officers have to serve.

Business as (un)usual

Although BIAW staff worked remotely due to the governor’s mandates preventing in-person gatherings, including professional settings, all communications continued uninterrupted. Building operations, bylaws, policy updates and reviews, hiring, local association outreach, candidate interviews and 2021 strategic planning continued despite these restrictions.


building insight

From the dedication of Executive Vice President Greg Lane, negotiating with the governor’s office to the communications, government affairs, legal,

to the Parkside Building. After many months of remodeling and renovation work, and a few too many delays, BIAW was finally able to move into their new home in Tumwater. BIAW sold the McCleary Mansion and proceeds from the property, along with a re-fi on the new building, establishes BIAW in a healthy financial position for the foreseeable future.

Thank you

As I write my final president’s message, the doomand-gloom media warns of increasing COVID and post-election consequences. My experience this year

BIAW and PWB President Sherry Schwab kicks off the Professional Women in Building (PWB) Virtual Lunch. COVID-19related rules restricted in-person gatherings, and many events resulted in canceling or held online.

finance, education and ROII departments, the entire BIAW staff was unwavering and responsive when needed, including nights and weekends. Unfortunately, the shutdown also forced BIAW to cancel the filming of additional episodes of the series, “With a Lawyer,” featuring BIAW General Counsel Jackson Maynard. We look forward to viewing more episodes in 2021!

A major positive

One highlight of 2020 that stands out among the chaos of the year: the transition of BIAW’s offices

BIAW President Sherry Schwab and husband Joe are all smiles as they get ready to enter the installation and awards ceremony event.

serving as BIAW president overwhelmingly offsets that negativity. My goal of unity encompassed ways I never imagined. You, the members, are the foundation of BIAW. We are a united front; we share common issues and needs; and the Cascades do not divide us as an impenetrable barrier.

Looking forward to 2021

The upcoming year will be legislatively challenging; however, BIAW will continue to focus on workforce development and strategic plan goals. BIAW senior officers, led by 2021 President Tracy Doriot, and staff’s expertise, will undoubtedly work together to overcome any barriers BIAW and our industry may face.

A bright spot of 2020: BIAW moved into its new headquarters, the Parkside Building, in August.

Thank you for your confidence in electing me as your 2020 president and helping me make the lemonade. I am proud of BIAW, what it represents and does.

november/december 2020


Executive Vice President’s message I normally use my last column of the year to look back and reflect on everything that’s happened. This year, I’m changing things up—and I’m sure many of you can understand why!

Triumphs despite roadblocks

It’s not that we haven’t had some significant accomplishments at BIAW in 2020. On the contrary, our organization has much to be proud of this year, including: getting construction reauthorized by Gov. Inslee—just one month after he shut down the industry; quickly helping educate and prepare BIAW members for the COVID-related safety requirements; completing the remodel and move to our new headquarters; and achieving many successes during legislative session and the election. Most important, it was a tremendous year for our industry, which helped save the economy in Washington.

Greg Lane

Executive Vice President

However, with the 2020 elections behind us and 2021 on the horizon, as I imagine you are, I am very much looking forward to moving ahead to build on those successes, despite the challenges we faced in 2020 with COVID-19, social unrest, political discord and a punishing wildfire season.

Strategic plan update

As I plan for the year ahead, I am primarily focused on making gains toward the goals outlined in BIAW’s Strategic Plan. I’m proud of the progress we’ve made so far, but I want to make significant improvement in three critical areas in 2021: Workforce Development, Membership Engagement and Communications.

New brand, website, members-only portal

To help enhance our communications efforts, you’ve likely seen the new BIAW website, launched in early November. The new website offers added functionality for members—most notably a “Members Only” section where you can register for classes, download essential documents, view your contact information and more. This overhaul follows our efforts to modernize communication at BIAW to provide added member value and support to our local associations. In early 2021, watch for a rebranding of the BIAW logo, which we hope will connect more quickly with both members and the public.

Workforce development grows

We’re also making great progress in supporting our workforce development and education goals as we develop new ways to introduce students to our industry and the skilled trades. Watch for exciting updates on new partnerships with schools across the state, as well as a new video series to spotlight jobs in our industry. It’s going to be an outstanding 2021!


building insight

BIAW staff update

Staff hires, promotions

Al Audette

Education and Workforce Development Director

Al Audette began his career at BIAW in July 2014, as codes and regulations manager. During this time, Audette became a member of the State Building Code Council’s Building Code Technical Advisory Group, responsible for the development of rules and regulations for the state’s building code.

In 2019, Audette moved into the workforce development manager’s role, overseeing the growth and promotion of skilled trades in the home building industry. In late 2020, Audette was promoted to the position of education and workforce development director. Audette will retain his responsibilities in coordinating workforce development, supervise the BIAW education program and manage the Parkside building facility for the organization. With a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and a combination of 30 years of experience in human resources, finance, and accounting, Hines will head the finance and human resources department. Hines’ responsibilities Pam Hines include payroll, accounts Finance and Human payable/receivable Resources Director and carrying out the administrative duties of the association’s budget. Additionally, Pam is a certified health coach. Before joining BIAW, she spent the last seven years as regional director of finance for a national restaurant supply and equipment distributor. When not in the office, Pam enjoys spending time with her husband and the Peloton community. She is also beginning to write her first book.

A graduate of Washington State University with a double major in communications and political science, Janelle Guthrie, APR, Fellow PRSA, Guthrie will lead the BIAW communications team, promoting BIAW’s Janelle Guthrie pro-housing message with Communications Director members, staff, media, legislators and consumers across print, digital, web and social media platforms. Before her arrival at BIAW, Guthrie served as communications director for the Washington State Senate Republican Caucus, Attorneys General Rob McKenna and Bob Ferguson, Employment Security Department, and, most recently, the Department of Corrections.

Brenda Kwieciak

Administrative Services Director

Brenda began her career at BIAW in 1993 at the receptionist’s position, and at a time when BIAW’s membership stood at just 4,600 members. Throughout her nearly three decades of service to BIAW, she has taken on many roles and responsibilities, arriving at her most recent position, graphic designer.

Kwieciak has been intricately involved with the design, layout, and printing of over 300 issues of Building Insight, which nearly 8,000 members receive. In her new role as operations and member services director, Brenda will supervise membership services; oversee reception; and administer all aspects of BIAW’s business operations activities, including board meetings, events, and awards. november/december 2020


Government Affairs

Make-up of legislature unchanged despite new faces by Jan Himebaugh Government Affairs Director

Election results are here, kind of… The state has certified the results of the 2020 elections—with the exception of a hand recount started on Dec. 1 in King County’s 5th legislative district. The outcome won’t affect the numerical make-up of the Senate but could possibly push the political philosophy of the Senate Democratic caucus further to the left.

Congressman Denny Heck (D, CD-10) faced fellow Democrat and state senator Marko Liias and ultimately prevailed. Heck will leave Washington, DC behind to take the helm as President of the State Senate in January.

Familiar landscape in statewide races

Legislature unchanged despite new faces

Overall, Washington remains in nearly the same situation it was before the election. Gov. Jay Inslee (D) cruised to reelection, despite grumblings over his handling of COVID-19. This is likely because Republicans failed to mount a candidate that appealed more broadly across the state. Current State Auditor Pat McCarthy (D) and Attorney General Bob Ferguson (D) both easily won re-election. Incumbent Republican State Treasurer Duane Davidson lost to a well-funded current Democrat state representative, Mike Pellicciotti. Secretary of State Kim Wyman was also re-elected— making her the sole elected statewide Republican in Washington and now the sole statewide elected Republican on the entire West Coast. And in the nonpartisan race for the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI), opposition fizzled and current OSPI (and former Democratic state legislator) Chris Reykdal gained another term. In the open race for Lieutenant Governor, 8

building insight

There were some legislative district trades with gains by Republicans in the 19th legislative district offsetting losses in other districts. Senator Steve O’Ban (R-28, Tacoma) will not be returning, but Republican challenger Jeff Wilson beat sitting Sen. Dean Takko (D-19, Longview). Representative Luann VanWerven (R-42, Bellingham) lost her reelection bid, but again, Republican challenger Joel McEntire (R-19, Cathlamet) came out ahead of Rep. Brian Blake (D). So all in all, the Legislature stands with 57 Democrats to 41 Republicans in the House and 28 Democrats to 21 Republicans in the Senate. The BIAW Government Affairs and lobbying teams will be working together despite COVID-19 restrictions to introduce ourselves to these new faces and educate them on our issues. For more information about election results, contact me at (360) 352-7800 ext. 135 or

Legislative District 19, Longview Senator-elect Jeff Wilson (R) Legislative District 19, Cathlamet Representative-elect Joel McEntire (R) Legislative District 20, Centralia Representative-elect Peter Abbarno (R) Legislative District 23, Tracyton Representative-elect Tarra Simmons (D) Legislative District 25, Puyallup Senator-elect Chris Gildon (R) Legislative District 25, Puyallup Representative-elect Cyndy Jacobsen (R) Legislative District 28 Senator-elect Twina Nobles (D)

New faces in the Legislature There will be a number of new faces in the Legislature, even though the party affiliation of the district did not alter.

Legislative District 28, Tacoma Representative-elect Dan Bronoske (D) Legislative District 30, Federal Way Representative-elect Jamila Taylor (D)

Legislative District 2, Graham Senator-elect Jim McCune (R)

Legislative District 31, Sumner Representative-elect Eric Robertson (R)

Legislative District 4, Liberty Lake Representative-elect Rob Chase (R)

Legislative District 36 Representative-elect Liz Berry (D)

Legislative District 10, Stanwood Representative-elect Greg Gilday (R)

Legislative District 37, Seattle Representative-elect Kirsten Harris-Talley (D)

Legislative District 11, Tukwila Representative-elect David Hackney (D)

Legislative District 38, Everett Representative-elect Emily Wicks (D)

Legislative District 16, Walla Walla Senator-elect Perry Dozier (R)

Legislative District 42, Blaine Representative-elect Alicia Rule (D)

Legislative District 16, Walla Walla Representative-elect Mark Klicker (R)

Legislative District 44, Mill Creek Representative-elect April Berg (D)

november/december 2020


Workforce Development

Inspirational efforts BIAW partners with like-minded industry associations and teaching professionals to help inspire the next generation of home builders and skilled trades professionals.

by Al Audette Education and Workforce Development Director

Despite challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, BIAW continued and in many cases, expanded efforts to introduce students and teachers to skilled trades careers in the building industry.

BIAW awards grants, scholarships

In August, BIAW awarded over $40,000 in scholarships and grants, breaking its record for the highest amount awarded since the scholarship’s inception. Thanks to one grant, the Clallam County Habitat for Humanity Summer Build Class continued despite cancelled classes at the local college. After completing the summer build courses, students jumped at the chance to join a Habitat for Humanity build jobsite to gain field experience so they could apply for positions in their community.

Local associations make connections

The Building Industry Association of Clark County deserves kudos for organizing a meeting with Hockinson High School in Brush Prairie. This led to a licensing agreement with the National Association of Home Builders’ Home Builders Institute (HBI) that allows students to earn both their high school diploma and a pre-apprenticeship certificate, giving them an advantage over their peers entering the workforce. HBI brings residential construction trades education to high schools. It provides students the skills and experience they need for successful careers through pre-apprenticeship training, job placement services, mentoring, certification programs, textbooks and curricula. With an 80% job placement rate for graduates, HBI training programs


building insight

are taught in local communities across the country to youth, veterans, displaced workers and other underserved populations. Similarly, the Olympia Master Builders (OMB) and Tumwater High School partnered to offer students the HBI curriculum as well. BIAW and OMB member Hung Right Doors LLC donated a garage door to increase the school’s shop space and secure new tools.

BIAW also partnered with several local associations bringing Jamie McMillan, journeyman ironworker/ boilermaker and founder of KickAss Careers, to Washington via two webinars in early December. McMillan’s workshop targets youth to consider careers in the skilled trades and technology through school and community outreach. McMillan became an ironworker in 2002 when women only represented 2% of the workforce across Canada and the U.S. She takes several months away from her job each year to promote careers in underrepresented occupations and encourage youth to consider working in the skilled trades.

Partnerships High school educators BIAW also has teamed up with Rogers High School in Puyallup to augment its online learning environment. This process includes transporting the school’s shop teacher to a building jobsite and filming tradespeople performing various tasks so high school students can see shop class lessons come to life. When conditions allow, the next step is to have the shop teacher bring students to a Habitat for Humanity jobsite and have students apply what they learned via the video with hands-on training. Career counselors and CTE teachers While mostly all workforce development-related events were cancelled this year, BIAW looks forward to working with high school career counselors and CTE (Career, Technical, Education) teachers, bringing them to our members’ jobsites, and showing them how many skilled trades career opportunities the residential construction industry offers. Like-minded association partners As a member of the Association of Washington Business Education & Workforce Development Policy Committee, this partnership will help BIAW increase networking capabilities, opening up avenues for additional opportunities to learn from other like-minded industries. Also, BIAW’s membership on the Construction Center of Excellence Advisory Board opened the door for BIAW to participate in Associated General Contractors’ (AGC) educator externship program. This program introduces educators to career opportunities in the home building and constructionrelated field, and provide them the opportunity to

learn more about rewarding construction career pathways.

Inspiring students eLearning with Edge Factor BIAW is excited to announce a new partnership with Edge Factor. Edge Factor provides K-12, postsecondary schools, businesses, workforce development organizations and families with e-learning tools to help showcase industries and careers. These etools will help empower communities with workforce development, inspire students, reach parents and build relationships between local businesses, schools and families. BIAW, working in conjunction with the AGC Construction Center of Excellence and the maritime industry, is able to bring Edge Factor’s vast e-learning tool resources to schools around the state. Edge Factor producers recently partnered with several BIAW members to create video modules profiling skilled trades jobs and operation methods. Videos bring industry to life BIAW members and high school educators have expressed interest in BIAW coordinating the creation of high-quality videos on topics ranging from specific jobsite tasks, to motivational and inspiring testimonials. Teachers would use the videos as another tool to help highlight the home building industry as a top-tier career choice to students using an ever-growing media platform.

Help us help our industry Give the gift of knowledge BIAW continues to find ways to connect our members with community resources. The more students and youth we can teach about high-quality career opportunities in our industry, the more likely they will join and become a part of our industry. If you are involved in a project you believe BIAW can help assist or have an innovative opportunity involving workforce development, please contact me at (360) 352-7800, ext. 105 or

november/december 2020


01 Recipients of BIAW’s highest honor, [1] Builder of the Year Tracy Doriot and [2] Remodeler of the Year Dave Myllymaki, proudly show off their hardware. Unfortunately, [3] Associate of the Year LouAnne Neill was unable to attend the event. From the cover: Builder of the Year Tracy Doriot (l) and Remodeler of the Year Dave Myllymaki hoist their respective awards.

03 12

building insight


BIAW honors top builder, associate and remodeler BIAW awarded its highest honors, Builder, Associate and Remodeler of the Year, during its annual Installation and Awards ceremony Nov. 12. Past winners in their respective categories voted for the nominees based on their significant contributions to BIAW, their local association and the home building industry as a whole.

Tracy Doriot | Builder of the Year Tracy Doriot of Doriot Construction, Vancouver, is an awardwinning custom home builder with 43 years in the construction business. A BIAW Certified Builder, Doriot has served on the Building Industry Association of Clark County (BIACC) board of directors since 2007, holding multiple committee chair positions and serving as president the second half of 2009, 2010 and 2016. He’s an active recruiter of new members with 521 Spike credits to date. Doriot has served on the Cascadia Technical Academy (formerly known as Clark County Skills Center) Construction Technology Advisory Committee since 1996 and has been chair of the board since 2019. He also serves on the board of directors for the Clark County Parks Foundation. A state leader in BIAW’s active government affairs, Tracy participates in the Washington Affordable Housing Council and has served as a senior officer on the BIAW executive committee since 2019. He was installed as BIAW’s 2021 president during the fall board meeting and will lead the association starting in January.

LouAnne Neill | Associate of the Year LouAnne Neill of Neill Construction Services, LLC, Kennewick, is a longtime Home Builders Association of Tri-Cities (HBATC) member heavily involved at both local and state levels.

Neill has served on the HBATC board of directors nearly every year since 1997 and has been a BIAW director since 2007. Over her time as a member, Neill has served on numerous committees for HBATC and BIAW and regularly volunteers at the Regional Home and Garden Show and the Fall Home Show. Neill is wrapping up her tenure this year as BIAW Second Vice President.

Dave Myllymaki | Remodeler of the Year Dave Myllymaki of ReNew Creations, LLC, Brush Prairie, has served as a director for his local association, BIACC, for the past five years. He currently serves as president and will continue in this position in 2021. Myllymaki also served as BIACC remodelers council chair for two years. His home building industry engagement goes beyond his local; Myllymaki earned National Remodeler of the Month honors from the National Association of Home Builders in 2018. Myllymaki, an active member of his community, works on many outreach projects, including Camp Hope, Evergreen Habitat for Humanity and the Clark County Fair Junior Livestock Auction.

november/december 2020





Builder/Associate/Remodeler of the Year Nominees [1] Builder of the Year nominees (l to r): Jim Coshow accepting for Brian Holtzclaw (MBAKS), Sherry Schwab (MBAKS), Dereck Nelson (CWHBA), Kurt Wilson accepting for Scott Walker (MBAPC), Ellen Ross-Cardoso accepting for Robert Disney (KBA), Tracy Doriot (BIACC), Debbi Boyd accepting for Dave Danton (OMB), Scott Millionis accepting for Nick Barnes (SHBA) and Gary Wray (SICBA) . [2] Associate of the Year nominees (l to r): Eric Golemo accepting for Sheri Hunzeker (BIACC), Luellen Smith (MBAKS), Roger Walters (CWHBA), Gary Questad accepting for LouAnne Neill (HBATC), Nick Gilliland (SHBA), Debbi Boyd (OMB) and Bonnie Buffington (MBAPC). [3] Remodeler of the Year nominees (l to r): Josh Terris (SHBA), Debbi Boyd accepting for John Erwin (OMB), Dave Myllymaki (BIACC), Tim Lovelass (CWHBA), Bonnie Buffington accepting for Ryan Jewell (MBAPC), Kevin Russell accepting for Andy Hines (NPBA), and Ann Gusiff accepting for April Bettinger (MBAKS).


building insight





08 09

FALL BOARD HAPPENINGS [4]  2020 Associate Advisory Council Associate Appreciation award recipients and representatives accept the custom-made pen and case set awards during the fall board of directors meeting (l to r): Roger Walters accepting for Stephanie Artino (BIAWC), Eric Golemo accepting for Jamie Howsley (BIACC), Joel Tanasse accepting for Jennifer Cunnington (HBATC), Corey Watson accepting for Ciera Lopez (MBAPC), Nick Scheel accepting for Aaron Fielder (SHBA), Jay Roberts accepting for Robert Desmarais (SICBA), Ron Pelson (CWHBA), Jim Coshow (MBAKS) and Lary Coppola (KBA). Teri Ward (JCHBA) not pictured. [5]  Senator Lynda Wilson (LD-17, Vancouver), addresses members and guests dur-

ing BIAW’s annual installation and awards dinner event. [6]  Candidate for 2021 National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Third Vice Chairman Carl Harris and [7]  NAHB National Area Caucus 15 Chair Steve Martinez address members and guests during the fall board of directors meeting. [8]  Robert Dietz, PhD., Chief Economist and Senior Vice President for Economics and Housing Policy for NAHB, presents an economic forecast, via Zoom, on the state of the housing industry during the BIAW general membership luncheon. [9]  Following tradition, BIAW President-elect Tracy Doriot places the official ‘past president’ pin on the lapel of outgoing President Sherry Schwab.

november/december 2020


BIAW working for you

BIAW entered 2020 celebrating its 70th anniversary. Then, a few short weeks later, our focus became helping members weather the unexpected ups and downs of a pandemic. BIAW’s tenacious communications, advocacy and legal teams, coupled with timely jobsite safety protocols and resources, helped thousands of our members get back to work. BIAW is proud to support our members and all they do for our industry, state and economy. We look forward to working for you in 2021.

January n  Sherry Schwab becomes 2020 BIAW President n  BIAW celebrates its 70th anniversary during the annual legislative reception n  BIAW members and staff travel to Las Vegas to attend the annual National Association of Home Builders International Builders’ Show n  Renovation begins on BIAW’s new office, the Parkside Building February n  BIAW’s workforce development task force meets for the first time during the winter board meeting in Olympia n  Olympia Master Builders helps facilitate a partnership between Tumwater High School and NAHB’s skilled trades curriculum builder, Home Builders Institute n  BIAW members testify at the Capitol in opposition to SB 5565/HB 1395, the direct contractor liability bill March n  BIAW closes on the sale of the 16

building insight

McCleary Mansion n  Gov. Jay Inslee announces widespread shutdown in response to the COVID-19 pandemic n  BIAW rallies to restore residential construction as an essential industry n  Over 3,000 views are tallied for BIAW’s COVID-related webinars featuring jobsite safety rules, webinars and resource links April n  After a month of around-theclock negotiations and 1,300 member emails to the governor, residential construction reopens nearly five weeks earlier than other affected industries n  Over 1,000 attendees join BIAW’s Phase 1 jobsite safety requirements webinar May n  BIAW’s retro program, ROII, earns a 34% first adjustment refund for the 2018-2019 plan year n  BIAW successfully advocates to the State

Building Code Council to delay the implementation of the 2018 Building Codes June n  BIAW delivers ROII refund checks early to help assist members with COVID-19 impacts n  BIAW hosts Phase 2 jobsite safety requirements webinar for members n  BIAW releases economic study reporting the home building industry adds $16 billion to state’s economy July n  Facing the fallout from state-wide school shutdowns, BIAW sponsors the Clallam County Habitat for Humanity Summer Build class, a hands-on event that provides students skilled trades training onsite n  BIAW partners with Association of Washington Business and its Stay Safe Washington mask campaign­— working together to keep small business

open and the economy running n  BIAW successfully helps to delay the implementation of the 2020 NEC new electrical rules n  BIAW names Jenn Kavanaugh as ROII Director n  BIAW adds Brooke Frickleton as Associate Counsel to legal team n  San Juan Building Association hires Katie Schmidt as executive officer August n  BIAW moves into new headquarters in Tumwater n  BIAW hosts its first ever virtual summer board meeting n  BIAW hires Pam Hines as finance and human resources director n  BIAW’s Education program awards a record-breaking $40,000 in grants and scholarships to students and organizations September n  BIAW Legal team sends the Washington state Department of Labor & Industries multiple records requests for Stute violations

October n  ROII launches new logo and branding campaign n  BIAW welcomes Janelle Guthrie as communications director n  Central Washington Home Builders Association celebrates 65th anniversary November n  BIAW installs 2021 President Tracy Doriot and senior officers during the installation and awards ceremony n  BIAW names Tracy Doriot Builder of the Year n  BIAW names LouAnne Neill Associate of the Year n  BIAW names Dave Myllymaki Remodeler of the Year n  BIAW promotes Al Audette to education and workforce development director n  BIAW promotes Brenda Kwieciak to operations and member services director n  With pressure on the governor from BIAW and its coalition of business partners, residential construction remains in Phase II status, during the governor’s new four-week restaurant, retail and professional services shutdown

n  BIAW launches newly designed website, featuring a membersonly login portal n  BIAW hosts fall board meeting, following all COVIDrelated safety protocols December n  The governor extends the shutdown until Jan. 4., 2021, residential construction remains in Phase II status n  In efforts to keep nearly 8,000 members informed on home building industry issues during the year, BIAW distributes 10 Building Insight issues, emails hundreds of news updates, Lawmaker Reviews and Hammer & Nails and produces digital and print material for BIAW programs and benefits n  BIAW increases visitor traffic to its social media platforms, including,, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Linkedin, YouTube and Pinterest

november/december 2020


Safety procedures instill life-saving safety habits Safety skills and procedures learned on the job can be applied to everyday routines, hobbies and habits.

by Bob White

ROII Safety Services Director

While sitting high in a tree stand, a nice three-point buck presented himself well within bow range. As I tried to raise my body enough to draw back my bow, I did not realize how far off-center I had become. Before I knew it, I was hanging just below the tree stand next to the fir tree. After 15 years of hunting, I had never fallen, nor thought of wearing fall protection, even though I had worked many years as a professional roofer.

realize the only reason I did not end up on the forest floor with possibly broken bones is that my new employer had instilled in me a habit that had become second nature.

Just one year before this incident, I had gone to work for a new employer. The pay was excellent, and the roofing company always had work available. The only drawback: the owner required a 100% tie-off safety rule whenever the job posed a fall hazard situation. Fortunately, I slowly became accustomed to this potential life-saving rule; it was just another function of getting the job done. After a few months, I did not think about it any longer. Fall protection was an automatic task we all did on the job.

Fast forward to today, I look back and think about my reluctance to use fall protection and my frustration with an employer that was always harping about safety. Thanks to my employer, I avoided a potentially devastating injury and instead took with me safety habits that will remain with me all the days of my life.

After getting over my initial shock of losing my balance and falling, I was able to work my way back into a seated position in the tree stand. As I sat thinking about what had just happened, I began to 18

building insight

This was the first hunting season I had worn fall protection while in my tree stand. I also began to think about what might have happened had I not been tied off. What if my injuries prevented me from ever working again?

If you are interested in learning ways to create a safe and team-oriented company atmosphere, BIAW offers a class, Help Minimize Risk/Protect Your Bottom Line. For more information about the class and when it might be scheduled next, visit BIAW. com/events.

Health Insurance Program

Affordable healthcare plans and benefits— apply today!

In memorium It is with deep sadness we share with you the loss of the following members. Our members’ dedication and unwavering support to the home building industry is what gives us our strength and unity. You will be missed.

by Bailee Wicks Writer and Editor

Let’s face it: the annual open enrollment process for selecting healthcare benefits can be tedious. The choices you face are numerous, and your selections affect you, your employees and their families in a personal and financial way all year long. BIAW’s Health Insurance Program and its team of professionals can help you with this process by offering a wide variety of benefit options, choice of comprehensive coverages and affordable rates suited to fit your individual needs.

Dan Buehler 1932 - 2020

Brian Evans 1956 - 2020

Olympia Master Builders

BIA of Whatcom County

Dorman Holcomb 1946 - 2020

Roy Mureno 1959 - 2019

Get employees involved in the process

Instead of allowing employees to enroll in the same benefit plan passively, consider making the enrollment an “active” process. This method compels each employee to select a plan, allowing you to help educate your employees on the benefit plan options and create an opportunity to ask questions, even if no changes happen.

BIA of Clark County

Skagit/Island Counties Builders Association

Don Pratt 1953 - 2020

Dennis Taylor 1945 - 2020

Show examples of benefits and how they work

One of the best ways to explain health care benefit plan options is by illustrating multi-case scenarios. Specifically, demonstrate how the plan works if you need to go to the doctor, have a prescription filled or sustain a catastrophic injury.

Begin the process early

HBA of Tri-Cities

Skagit/Island Counties Builders Association

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Vern Ziegler 1935 - 2020 Spokane HBA

november/december 2020


2021 IBSx Virtual Experience The Industry Online Together FEB. 9-12, 2021

This year, the National Association of Home Builders’ International Builders’ Show Virtual Experience (IBSx) brings the best of the Builders’ Show you enjoy every year right to your mobile or desktop device, creating a can’tmiss event for the residential construction industry all without the hassle of travel!

Building Industry Association of Washington 300 Deschutes Way SW, Ste. 300 | Tumwater, WA 98501 (360) 352-7800 | |

Discover the latest products, trends, tips and best practices you will need to impress your customers and grow your business. Watch at your own pace, at your preferred time.

Keynote Speaker Mike Rowe, Host of Dirty Jobs

Mike Rowe, of the TV series, Dirty Jobs, kicks off the IBSx event as keynote speaker.

IBSx kicks off the event with keynote speaker, executive producer, host, and best-selling author Mike Rowe. Known as the “dirtiest man on TV,” thanks to the Discovery Channel’s TV series Dirty Jobs, Mike is the leading advocate for skilled trades labor in the country. As CEO of mikeroweWORKS Foundation, he is committed to debunking myths and misperceptions about the trades and helping close the skills gap.

BIAW HOLIDAY SCHEDULE Holiday Break | BIAW Closed December 24-31, 2020

New Year’s Day Observed | BIAW Closed January 1, 2021

New Year Begins | BIAW Open January 4, 2021

Registration options

•Expo Pass: IBS and KBIS Virtual exhibitors and IBS networking and demos—free for NAHB members •All Access Pass: Everything included with an Expo Pass, PLUS access to 100+ live and semi-live education sessions and on-demand recordings

How IBSx works

•You’ll receive a login to the virtual platform and log into the platform each day to interact with exhibitors, other attendees, speakers and education sessions. •You’ll have access to the platform, education recordings and exhibitor products through March 31, 2021.

IBSx Highlights

•New Home Tech Zone featuring the latest tech innovations and applications •Live Q&A with education session speakers •Virtual tours of The New American Home and The New American Remodel •Live one-on-one meetings with top industry suppliers and service providers •Networking activities to connect and interact with your colleagues Visit for more information.


2021 MEETING SCHEDULE NAHB’s IBSx................................................. Feb. 9-12 Virtual Experience BIAW Winter Board ....................................Mar. 1-3 Olympia | Hotel RL NAHB Spring Legislative Conference & Leadership............................................. June 15-19 Washington, D.C.  | Washington Hilton BIAW Summer Board.................................. June 7-9 Cle Elum | Suncadia Resort NAHB Fall Leadership..............................Oct. 14-16 Houston | Marriott Marquis Houston BIAW Fall Board.......................................Nov. 15-17 Renton | Hyatt Regency Lake Washington at Seattle’s Southport

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