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building insight

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WHO WE ARE As the state’s largest trade association with nearly 8,000-member companies, responsible for approximately 188,000 jobs, we are the people who build, remodel and maintain homes.

Membership Monopoly is here! Recruit now until Oct. 31 to #WinItAll. P5

We create economic opportunity and strong communities. BIAW champions the rights of our members and fights for affordable homeownership at all levels of government.

BIAW MANAGEMENT Executive Vice President Greg Lane Education and Workforce Development Director Al Audette Communications Director Janelle Guthrie


Government Affairs Director Jan Himebaugh Finance and Human Resources Director Stephen Hyer ROII Director Jenn Kavanaugh Association Services Director Brenda Kwieciak


First-in-the-nation long-term care tax coming soon Washington will soon offer long-term care benefits for all workers in the state

Big changes to plumbing contractor licensing

The new license is among numerous changes to plumbing laws passed by the 2020 legislature

General Counsel Jackson Maynard BUILDING INSIGHT EDITORIAL STAFF Communications Director Janelle Guthrie Communications Manager Bailee Wicks Layout and Design Lena Anderson

14 16

Summer board meeting highlights

BIAW holds their 2021 summer board meeting at Suncadia Resort in Cle Elum, WA

Local housing heroes BIAW members take the plunge and run for state and local offices

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BIAW’s Member Rebate Program is a free membership benefit to builders and remodelers

july/august 2021


President’s message As Washington reopens for business and we return to in-person meetings and events, there couldn’t be a better time for our 2021 BIAW membership drive. Looking back over the last 16 months, the building industry has weathered the COVID storm fairly well. We couldn’t have done it without the power of our nearly 8,000 members. Resources and referrals Earlier in my career, I looked at the guy building houses across the street as the competition. I didn’t understand why I would join my local association. Now, I view my membership as critical to my business success.

Tracy Doriot, BIAW Certified Builder President

With membership comes all the resources, recommendations and intellectual capital you gain from working with others. Need a good roofer? How about an insurance broker? You can always find a good recommendation from fellow BIAW members. I know several times a week, builders ring me up looking for recommendations—and I’m happy to give them. Members do business with members. BIAW also provides safety incentives, health insurance and education programs, workforce development and more. They helped us through COVID, sharing tips on building washing stations, updated guidance and leads on personal protective equipment or hand sanitizer early in the pandemic. Promote and protect BIAW also works to promote and protect our industry. In one of only a few states where residential construction was not deemed “essential” during COVID business shutdowns, BIAW quickly deployed communications and government affairs strategies to urge our governor to modify his stance. As a result, he reopened our industry five weeks before others. The need to promote and protect the home building industry persists. As we’ve demonstrated through our government affairs, communications and legal work, BIAW continues to fight for our industry and our communities. We’re in the trenches, working to promote and protect the home building industry so Washington families can enjoy the American dream. Leaning into leadership Strong membership also relies on strong leadership. Serving as a leader in my local association and at BIAW has contributed to my personal success and business growth. Our organization provides abundant leadership opportunities at the local, state and national level in a variety of areas. Look around and find what interests you. Government affairs? Workforce development and scholarships? Events? Pace yourself, find your passion and get involved. You can start as a committee member and follow a path to leadership. Who knows you might have the next big idea!


building insight

Membership Monopoly: #WinItAll

Membership Monopoly: Network and recruit to win by Karen Hall Membership Manager

The sun is out, people are gathering and in-person events have started back up! It is the perfect time to start networking and recruiting for Membership Monopoly, BIAW’s 2021 membership drive.

4. A Player’s ‘extra points’ must be enrolled and qualified in the BIAW or MBAKS Health Insurance program or ROII program by Oct. 31. BIAW will verify enrollment.

Recruit to win achievements that could earn you a trip to the 2022 NAHB International Builders Show — including roundtrip airfare, hotel and reception.

5. A Player’s new member tally is based on ‘new members’ from NAHB’s monthly report with the final new member count based on the Oct. 31, 2021 report.

The game has begun. Recruit now until Oct. 31 to #WinItAll. Rules of Play All BIAW members are eligible to play. All you need to do is recruit new members. Here is how to earn points: 1. A Player earns (1) point for each new member (builder or an associate) recruited. 2. A Player earns (1) extra point if the new member enrolls in BIAW’s ROII program (and is qualified). 3. A Player earns (1) extra point if the new member enrolls in the BIAW or MBAKS Health Insurance program (and is qualified). Players may earn a total of (3) points for recruiting one new member. Example: n One new builder or associate member = 1 point n + ROII program = 1 point n + BIAW or MBAKS Health Insurance program = 1 point

6. A Player may not combine points with other Players. 7. There is no limit on how many Players can win! All winners will be announced no later than Nov. 30. Achievements Recruit members and win achievements. n Earn 5 points: Win entry for two to BIAW’s exclusive Recruiter Reception Feb. 8 in sunny Orlando, Florida. n Earn 15 points: Win a five-night stay at the DoubleTree by Hilton Orlando at SeaWorld. (up to $1,200 total), the Recruiter Reception. n Earn 20 points: Win roundtrip airfare for two (up to $1,200 total), to Orlando, plus the fivenight hotel stay and the Recruiter Reception. Remember, all members are eligible to play, and there is no limit on how many members can win. Do you have what it takes to #WinItAll? If you have questions about Membership Monopoly, contact BIAW Membership Manager Karen Hall at karenh@biaw.com or (360) 352-7800 ext. 137.

july/august 2021


Executive Vice President’s message In late June, a record-setting heat wave washed over Washington, but the weather isn’t the only thing that’s hot right now. The residential housing market is hotter than it’s been in decades. Redfin recently released a report that more than 4,500 Seattle-area homes have sold for at least $100,000 above asking price in 2021, versus 400 during the same period last year. This may be good news for sellers but the struggle continues for new homeowners looking for an affordable entry point to pursue the American dream of owning a home.

Greg Lane

Executive Vice President

Homes start here. BIAW members across Washington have been sounding the alarm for years. We simply haven’t been able to build enough homes to keep up with demand. According to a 2020 study, Washington state underproduced housing by approximately 225,600 units from 2000 to 2015. It’s long past time to take a more aggressive approach to this problem—and that’s what we intend to do. It’s time to start building Washington At the recent Association of Washington Business Housing Forum, sponsored by BIAW and others, Lt. Governor and former Congressman Denny Heck shared seven principles for housing. I’d like to share my top three: n Housing is an ecosystem—The housing ecosystem is complex and multi-faceted. Well-intentioned but poorly conceived solutions have far-reaching effects. n Housing is in crisis—Decades of underproduction have created a supply problem that’s pricing roughly three-quarters of Washington home buyers out of the market. n All levels of government have a role—but local governments are the front line. Inflexible urban growth boundaries, delayed permitting processes, zoning and impact fees are all tools used to limit the supply of new housing. If we want to improve supply, we need change to start locally. Decades of roadblocks to home building have brought the housing supply to a breaking point. The only way to address the housing crisis is to build. We need to improve the permitting process, reduce regulatory fees and red tape, increase the amount of land available for new housing and start building Washington again. While BIAW has been sounding this alarm for years, our organization will be aggressively increasing the intensity of our public relations and government affairs efforts throughout the fall and into the 2022 session and elections—and we’ll need your help. Stay tuned for more details in the weeks to come!


building insight

Leadership Candidates Wanted

Mission Impossible: Light the fuse Your association needs you. by Sherry Schwab, BIAW Past Presidents’ Council Chair and LouAnne Neill, Past Second Vice Presidents’ Council Chair

BIAW is facing a shortage of confirmed candidates prepared to step into leadership at the Building Industry Association of Washington. These critically needed candidates lead statewide committees and councils, may eventually become senior officers and even BIAW president.

Your mission if you choose to accept it Help us identify near-term and long-term candidates for these important leadership roles. Roles for builder members We are seeking builder members, including builders, remodelers and subs, interested in chairing a variety of committees and councils. Chairing the Legislative Policy Committee (LPC) is especially vital. The candidate for chair must have been a member of the committee before becoming chair. This person is EXTREMELY wanted. Becoming the LPC chair is a pathway to BIAW leadership. Following this pathway to become BIAW president includes a fouryear minimum commitment: first overseeing financial policy as treasurer, then stepping in to the first vice-president role, next becoming president and ending as mentor/watchdog in the immediate past-president role. Recommend your peers or nominate yourself. BIAW leaders stand ready to support you. Roles for associate members The associate member is also INTENSELY wanted.

Experienced in membership, this person chairs the Spike Party, then as secretary chairs the Membership Committee and then leads the Associates Advisory Committee as Second Vice President. Are you ready to light the fuse? New leaders are the key to the future of BIAW and responsible for BIAW’s success and continuation of its mission. We trust you can help us identify these individuals and help bring them in to leadership. Your association needs you. Send builder member nominees to Past Presidents’ Council Chair Sherry Schwab at schwab.s@ hcsconstruction.com and associate member nominees to Past Second Vice Presidents’ Council Chair LouAnne Neill at lneill1218@gmail. com Immediate and future interested candidates are welcome. Leadership mentoring and training available. Opportunities abound. This “tape” will self-destruct in 30 seconds, but your mission is ongoing for at least a year. Thank you and good luck.

july/august 2021


New Tax Begins Jan. 2022

First-in-the-nation long-term care tax coming in Jan. 2022 by Janelle Guthrie Communications Director

Washington will soon become the first in the nation to offer long-term care benefits for all workers in the state. The new benefits won’t be available to eligible residents until 2025, but employers must start collecting the new payroll tax from ALL Washingtonbased employees in January 2022 to fund these benefits. Here’s what you need to know and resources for you and your employees. Payroll tax collection starts January 2022 Starting in January 2022, the Long-Term Services and Supports (LTSS) Trust Act requires employers to collect a 0.58% payroll tax from all employees (with no income limit)—unless the employee applies and is approved for an exemption. Every employee contributes—employers do not. If you are selfemployed, you can opt-in to the Trust.


Up to $36,500 in lifetime benefits available The state will start paying the benefits to eligible individuals in January 2025. Each person may receive a lifetime benefit of up to $36,500 to pay for longterm services and supports, regardless of their contribution. The benefit can be used for a range of services and supports, such as: n Professional personal care in your home, an assisted living facility, an adult family home or a nursing home n Adaptive equipment and technology like hearing devices and medication reminder devices n Home safety evaluations n Training and support for paid and unpaid family members who provide care as well as respite care

W-2 Wages

Tax (.58 per $100)


$290 | $24.17 / month


$580 | $48.33 / month


$870 | $72.50 / month


$1,160 | $96.67 / month

n Environmental modifications like wheelchair ramps


$1,450 | $120.83 / month

n Personal emergency response system


$1,740 | $145 / month

n Transportation


$2,030 | $169 / month


$2,320 | $193.33 / month

building insight

n Home-delivered meals n Memory care and dementia supports

Eligibility is limited to Washington residents with significant challenges To qualify for benefits, you must meet the WA Cares contribution requirements by the time you apply. You must have worked and contributed to the fund for: n At least 10 years at any point in your life without a break of five or more years within those ten years, or n Three of the last six years at the time you apply for the benefit, and

Employees must purchase private insurance to avoid the tax To qualify for the exemption, an employee must purchase a private long-term care insurance plan by Nov. 1, 2021 and apply for an exemption between Oct. 1, 2021 and Dec. 31, 2022. There are significant differences between the state plan and private plans. The chart below, developed by BIAW member Biggs Insurance, highlights just a few. You can help your employees by providing them the basic information and encouraging them to contact their personal financial advisor or local insurance provider.

n At least 500 hours per year during those years. You must also need help with at least three activities of daily living (ADL), such as: n Medication management n Personal hygiene n Eating

More information The WA Cares team invites you to learn more about the WA Cares Fund and get your questions answered. Pre-registration to attend is not required. For meeting dates and times as well as links to the webinars, visit: www.wacaresfund.wa.gov/learn-more.

n Toileting n Cognitive functioning n Transfer assistance n Body care n Bathing n Ambulation/mobility n Dressing

Key Differentiators

Private LTC

WA Cares Fund

Coverage Outside Washington



Benefits Received Tax-Free



Coverage for Partners & Retirees



Regulated Insurance



Entrance to Claim

2-6 ADL or Cognitive

3-10 ADL

Medicaid Asset Protection

Yes Partnership Program


Optional Death Benefit




Full Underwriting

Guaranteed Issue

july/august 2021


Key Changes for Plumbing Contractors

Big changes to plumbing contractor licensing by Janelle Guthrie Communications Director

Contractors, does your work include plumbing, whether it’s in every project or just an occasional job? If the answer is yes, be prepared for major changes that began July 1. The state legislature passed a law requiring all plumbing work to be done by a new category of contractors called licensed plumbing contractors. That work includes hiring certified plumbers and offering advertising and bidding for plumbing jobs— all work general contractors and specialty plumbing contractors do now. This new license is among numerous changes to plumbing laws passed by the legislature in 2020. Plumbing and related industries proposed the changes to improve public health and safety, expand plumber training opportunities and meet the rising demand for certified plumbers. The Department of Labor & Industries (L&I) adopted final rules for plumbing contractor licensing on June 10, 2021. Transition period for new license Although the rules went into effect on July 1, L&I provided a transition period to allow applications for the new plumbing contractor license to be submitted and processed. Existing registered contractors will be considered in compliance with the new license requirements if they submit their application to L&I by Sept. 1.


building insight

However, L&I urges those who want a plumbing contractor license to apply as soon as possible. While waiting to receive their new license, applicants should maintain their existing registration to remain in good standing with permitting and compliance authorities. Apply for new plumbing contractor license now You can download the application at Lni.wa.gov NewPlumbingRequirements. n License requirements include a business license, general liability insurance and a $6,000 bond or assigned savings account n Fee for the two-year license is $139.10; the fee to file the “Designated Plumber” with L&I is $50 n First-time applicants must submit the notarized applications and documents by mail For more information about the new plumbing requirements, visit Lni.wa.gov/NewPlumbingRequirements. For information on the plumbing final rules, visit https://bit.ly/2Uhm7rZ.

Key changes for contractors started July 1 n L&I will stop registering construction contractors in specialty plumbing n Current specialty plumbing construction contractors must apply for the new plumbing contractor license to continue doing plumbing work n General construction contractors must subcontract plumbing work to a licensed plumbing contractor; only licensed plumbing contractors can hire certified plumbers n All plumbing work on site must be done by certified plumbers or properly supervised trainees; both must be employed by a licensed plumbing contractor n Contractors can obtain both a plumbing contractor license and general contractor registration—this will allow them to do plumbing and non-plumbing construction n Licensed plumbing contractors must complete an L&I form naming a full-time, certified plumber as their “Designated Plumber” Questions Contact the L&I Plumbing Certification Program at plumbers@Lni.wa.gov or call (360) 902-5207.

july/august 2021


Recruiter Recognition

Spikes and spurs shenanigans by Bailee Wicks Communications Manager

BIAW’s annual celebration to honor Spikes and their recruiting efforts throughout the year brought out cowboys and cowgirls from all across the state. “The ‘Spikes and Spurs’ Spike Party recognized the achievements of our dedicated member recruiters with live music, door prizes, dancing and celebration,” said Spike Party Chair Luellen Smith. “2020 was a year where we shared in our struggles, so it was wonderful that 2021 is where we were fortunate to gather and share in our joys.”

share ideas and wisdom to benefit our building industry,” added Smith. That’s exactly what happened. Over 130 members and guests dressed in western-themed attire ready to celebrate Spikes and party together. To add to the fun, numerous door prizes, generously donated by local associations and BIAW member companies, were awarded during the evening.

The incredible band Genevieve, a member of the Central Washington Home Builders Association, provided the music and fun atmosphere for all in attendance.

This event would not be possible without our sponsors: American Insurance Associates, Conover Insurance, Dunn Lumber, MBA of King and Snohomish Counties, ROII, Shoemaker Manufacturing, Phase II General Contractor, Inc., Cyneburg Services, LLC, Print NW and HBA of Tri-Cities—thank you!

“This celebration is a great way to unite with builders and associates across the state of Washington, to

Thank you to all our Spikes for making ‘Spikes and Spurs’ a memorable event.

3 12

building insight











All photos are (l to r). [1] MBAKS and SHBA member and Past Second Vice President Juli Bacon (‘09) receives special recognition for attaining Grand Spike level—reaching 1000+ Spike credits. [2] CWHBA Membership Chair Nicole Ahola and her husband Jordan show off their country best. [3] MBAKS members Cameron Kartak and Melissa Irons, with SHBA member Joyce Duerfeldt, take time out for a quick pose during the festivities. [4] CWHBA members celebrate the evening with resounding “cheers.” [5] BIAW President Tracy Doriot strikes a pose as the roughest, toughest sheriff in town. [6] BIACC Executive Officer Avaly Scarpelli and husband Paul are all smiles as they celebrate their daughter Francesca winning big money in BIAW’s Cash Cube game. [7] CWHBA staff, dressed in their finest western garb, gather around BIAW General Counsel Jackson Maynard. [8] CWHBA member Melissa Baxter shows off her Cash Cube winnings with BIAW Digital Production Manager Andy Arrants. [9] Unbeknownst to them, BIAW Second Vice President Nick Gilliland and Executive Committee and SHBA member Nick Scheel are under the careful watch of “ROII Safety Sheriff,” aka ROII Marketing Manager Leah Jaber. [10] BIAW Secretary Ryan Moore and Spike Party Chair Luellen Smith give a special shout to BIAW’s top Spike recruiters during the event. [11] Past Second Vice President LouAnne Neill (‘20) takes a moment to admire guests on the dance floor enjoying the evening’s live entertainment.

july/august 2021


Summer Board Meeting Highlights







7 14

building insight




All photos are (l to r).





[1] BIAW President Tracy Doriot visits with BIAW Past President John Piazza (‘92) during the general membership luncheon. [2] Senator John Braun, R-Centralia, addresses members and guests about the housing crisis happening in Washington. [3] BIAW Immediate Past President Sherry Schwab (‘20) and Past Second Vice President LouAnne Neill (‘20) pose with the “Mission Impossible” VHS tape-a marketing tool to recruit members into BIAW leadership. [4] NAHB Third Vice Chairman Carl Harris and wife Lori enjoy a light-hearted moment during the executive committee reception. [5] BIAW Certified Builders and BIAW staff gather for a round table discussion on new and exciting changes coming to the Certified Builder brand. [6] BIAW directors listen to committee and council reports during the during the board of directors’ meeting. [7] Excellence in Remodeling (EIR) Award winners proudly display their awards during the annual EIR reception. The event recognizes the state’s best remodeling projects. [8] NAHB Special Voting Member Rick Hjelm gives an update to members on the status of lumber prices and NAHB-related news during the board of directors’ meeting. [9] CWHBA Membership Services Director Emily Jameson takes a moment to read through the Membership Monopoly Player’s Guide, BIAW’s membership drive campaign launched during the board of directors meeting. [10] Spike Party Chair Luellen Smith thanks the Spike Party sponsors during the Membership Committee meeting. [11] Spike Party door prizes are lined up and ready to be given away. Thank you to all our members and local associations for your donation baskets! [12] NAHB 2022 Third Vice Chairman Candidate Buddy Hughes addresses members during the board of directors’ meeting. [13] SICBA member Lisa Munson wins the first of five ‘Membership Monopoly’ cash giveaways. [14] Past Second Vice Presidents Darylene Dennon (‘07) and Debbi Boyd (‘18) raise their hands in acknowledgment of their service as BIAW past second vice presidents. [15] BIAW Executive Vice President Greg Lane, HBATC and LCCA member Nichole Banegas, BIAW Assistant Government Affairs Director Josie Cummings and Past Second Vice President Linda Mosier-Vaudt (‘08) strike a pose during the annual Spike Party.

15 july/august 2021


Legislative Update

Local housing heroes by Jan Himebaugh Government Affairs Director

Homes start here. Homes start with BIAW members. BIAW members literally put roofs over families’ heads. The homes that hold family dinners, bedtime stories and backyard barbecues: All of these start with a homebuilder. Sadly and all too often, those who lead our state and local governing bodies have no experience in what it takes to provide homes for people. That’s a problem. We have the opportunity to change that.

Mayor Brian Holtzclaw, Mill Creek, MBA of King and Snohomish Counties

Commissioner Gary Anderson, Port of Bremerton, Kitsap Building Association

More than a dozen of your fellow BIAW members have taken the plunge to run for state and local office to bring our voices into the heart of government decision-making. You can be one of these people, too. You, too, can run for office and become part of the solution. Here are a few of your fellow industry members we know of who are running for or are already elected to office. Many of these are locally elected--and this list should not be considered an endorsement. Those decisions remain with each local homebuilders’ associations. If you’re considering running for office, there are resources available for campaigning. Please contact me for assistance, janh@biaw. com. It is important to run for open seats or against currently elected officials who are anti-housing. Homes start here with elected officials who understand and who’ll fight for the American dream of owning a home.

Councilmember Gary Petershagen, Lake Stevens, MBA of King and Snohomish Counties

Senator Lynda Wilson, LD 17, Building Industry Association of Clark County

Representative Brandon Vick, LD 18, Building Industry Association of Clark County


building insight

City Council Candidate Gretl Crawford, Kennewick, Home Builders Association of Tri-Cities

Councilmember Keenan Harvey, Kelso, Lower Columbia Contractors Association

Councilmember Bart Hansen, Vancouver, Building Industry Association of Clark County

City Council Candidate Glen Yung, Vancouver, Building Industry Association of Clark County

Commissioner Will McKay, Benton County, Home Builders Association of Tri-Cities

Councilmember Michael Cathcart, Spokane, former Spokane Home Builders Association staff

Councilmember Phil Folyer, Liberty Lake, Spokane Home Builders Association

City Council Candidate Jonathan Bingle, Spokane, Spokane Home Builders Association

City Council Candidate Mark Fancher, Moses Lake, Spokane Home Builders Association

Mayoral Candidate Bill Broughton, Bremerton, Kitsap Building Association

Senator Jeff Wilson, LD 19, Lower Columbia Contractors Association

City Council Candidate Dustin Schwartz, Moses Lake, Spokane Home Builders Association

july/august 2021


ROII Enrollment

Utilize safety to help lower your L&I premiums

Want to be rewarded for safety in your workplace? Join the crowd—by joining the state’s largest, longest-operating Retro (Retrospective Rating) safety incentive program: ROII. Participants rely on ROII for the tools, program, and claims assistance they need to keep their businesses running smoothly and safely. 71,363 square miles of service With 71,363 square miles of personal safety and prevention assistance, our statewide field reps understand how things work—right where you work. In fact, ROII has traveled far and wide to meet with members and participants at six different golf tournaments and seven ROII refund check distribution events so far this year!



Want to learn more about ROII?

Although you may have missed the July enrollment period, ROII’s October quarterly enrollment period is now open. October enrollment provides coverage from Oct. 1, 2021 through June 30, 2022. To get started, go to ROII.com or contact us at (360) 352-7800 or enroll@roii.com.


building insight








10 All photos are (l to r). [1] First Finishers’ Tim Fyrst, Xavien Inaura, Kai Fyrst and Eric Gillespie snap a photo at the OMB 80s-themed golf tournament with ROII Director Jenn Kavanaugh. [2] ROII members Carli Millhollin and Brooke Becker from West Rail Construction pick up their ROII refund check at the BIACC office. [3] The Oldcastle Belgard Hardscapes and Masonry team of Travis Timmons, Matt Laniohan and Dan Evans flash their ROII swag with ROII Field Representative Kevin Patrick (2nd from right) and ROII member Darin Musser from Musser Landscaping (2nd from left) at the HBATC Golf Tournament. [4] Deacon Band with Band Construction demonstrates his flexibility on The Pitch Hopper during a break in play at the SHBA golf tournament, while the watchful eye of ROII Field Representative Jim Breidenbach looks on. [5] SHBA member Nick Scheel, Untamed Construction, and ROII Director Jenn Kavanaugh show off their matching ROII tank tops. [6] ROII



participant Eduardo Garcia, EGAS Construction, picks up his refund check from the BIACC office on June 10. [7] ROII participant Curtis Banta, Yonkman Construction, and [8] BIAW Treasurer Gary Wray, Laser Construction, are all smiles as they pick up their ROII refund checks from the SICBA office. [9] ROII participants Richard Hochrein and son from Summit Crest Construction score some ROII swag from ROII Field Representative Kevin Patrick (middle) during the CWHBA check distribution event. [10] ROII participant Jay Roberts, Cascade Custom Homes & Design, picks up his ROII refund check at the SICBA office. [11] ROII participant and LCCA board member Buck Allen from Renaud Electric, Renaud Electric Company, shows off his “big” ROII refund check with LCCA board member Clint Andrews. [12] ROII Field Representative Kevin Patrick congratulates ROII participant Matt Willard as he accepts his ROII refund check during the ROII Summer Social event held in Ellensburg on June 15.

july/august 2021


ROII Safety Services

Washington state issues hazard alert on heat stress as emergency rules take effect by Bob White ROII Safety Services Director

The Washington state Department of Labor & Industries (L&I) issued a Hazard Alert, calling on employers to increase monitoring of workers for signs and symptoms of heat-related illnesses. Whether it is record-setting temperatures or exceptionally warm days, high temps can be a real hazard for people who work outdoors. The L&I alert reinforces emergency outdoor heat exposure rules (https://bit.ly/2UXmHLi), effective Tuesday, July 13, that require employers to provide regular rest periods, access to shade and hydration, and other increasingly proactive steps as temperatures rise to 89 and 100 degrees. The hazard alert details specific steps employers must take to protect workers by looking for signs or symptoms of heat illness and removing them from danger so they can recover or receive prompt medical attention. It also reminds workers of key things to watch for and steps they can take to prevent heat illness.

Heat exhaustion and heatstroke can be serious or even fatal. Symptoms of heat-related illness include: Heat Stroke n Hot, red dry skin n No sweating n Fast, strong pulse n Body temperature of 104 degrees or higher n Headache, dizziness, confusion n Losing consciousness Heat Exhaustion n Cold, pale, clammy skin n Heavy sweating n Fast, weak pulse n Headache, dizziness, mood change n Tiredness, weakness, muscle cramps The emergency rules update existing rules that are in place annually from May through the end of September.

If you are an ROII participant and have a question about heat-related illnesses, contact ROII Safety Services Director Bob White at bobw@biaw.com. These important safety updates are only one of the many services you can take advantage of as an ROII participant. If you are not already in ROII and want to see if you qualify, visit roii.com.


building insight

HEAT HAZARD ALERT https://lni.wa.gov/safety-health/safety-training-materials/workshops-events/beheatsmart

july/august 2021


Membership Rebate Program

Take advantage of BIAW’s Member Rebate Program by Bailee Wicks Communications Manager

Did you know there is a program that pays you cash rebates on items you already buy? BIAW’s Member Rebate Program is a free membership benefit to builders and remodelers.

Nobody likes to leave money on the table. Over 70% of BIAW members who participated last year received more in rebates than they paid in annual dues to their local association!

There are currently over 50 of the country’s leading manufacturer brands participating in the Member Rebate Program offering the same rebates as the “top-5 builders” receive regardless of your volume.

If you have questions about BIAW’s Member Rebate Program, contact BIAW Membership Manager Karen Hall at karenh@biaw.com or (360) 352-7800 ext. 137.










BIAW hires new Finance and Human Resources Director Stephen Hyer joined BIAW as its Finance and Human Resources Director in June. Hyer has more than 25 years of experience in small business and non-profit finance and human resources. Hyer came to BIAW from the Child Care Action Council where he served as Director of Finance and Operations and managed the Council’s financial, human resources and IT functions. Previously, Hyer worked as the senior business manager at the Hands On Children’s Museum. He also spent 14 years as co-owner and manager of The Alpine Experience. Hyer grew up in Olympia, is a 2020 graduate of Leadership Thurston County and served as a board member for the Capitol Land Trust through 2018. 22

building insight

BIAW Finance and Human Resources Director Steve Hyer.

Healthcare Tip of the Month

Why you should consider an employee assistance program by Bailee Wicks Communications Manager

Of all the lessons employers have learned since the start of the pandemic, one of the most crucial has been the importance of supporting the physical and mental health of their employees. And while many of us have now become accustomed to the ways in which we keep employees physically safe through social distancing, working from home or flexible work schedules, ensuring that employees feel mentally and emotionally secure may be a bit more challenging. One great option for supporting employees is an employer-sponsored Employee Assistance Program (EAP). EAPs offer a variety of services designed to help employees and their families in their personal lives. Not only does this type of benefit help your employees feel appreciated and supported, but it can also make them more productive at work by relieving stress and distractions outside of work. Typically, EAP services include support for personal issues such as anxiety and depression, relationship/ family counseling, crisis support, alcohol and drug problems, grief and loss, work conflict and domestic violence. But, they also often offer consultation services for legal and financial issues, childcare and eldercare, ID theft, homeownership and more.

The BIAW Health Insurance partner program administrators with First Choice Health provide an EAP option for member companies to offer to their employees at a very affordable rate. The services are completely confidential for employees and available over the phone or online 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As employers and employees work to find a new normal that works for them, an EAP can be a great way to build a more robust employee benefit package that helps reduce turnover, but more importantly, helps support employees when they need it most. If you are interested in offering EAP or other health benefits to your employees through BIAW’s Health insurance program, visit BIAWHealthTrust.com or call us at (425) 641-8093. Disclaimer: This information is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Please seek the advice of a qualified medical professional before beginning or ending medical treatment or if you have questions regarding a medical condition.

july/august 2021


2021 AREA 15



In partnership with

This two-day conference offers member leadership and HBA staff training designed to help you improve, empower and reach your professional development and association performance goals.




BIAW.com/leadership-conference or QuincyR@biaw.com

MORE INFORMATION BIAW.com/leadership-conference

Building Industry Association of Washington 300 Deschutes Way SW, Ste. 300 | Tumwater, WA 98501 (360) 352-7800 | BIAW.com |

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