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Official Bianca Association Newsletter | Year III

APRIL’ 2012

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EDITORIAL The month was relatively calm. Some abandoned animals, others adopted, and it seemed we were going to have a peaceful month. Unfortunately near the end of the month we lost three animals in the same week. It started with Parra, then Daissy and at last Fuzy. It was indeed a sad week. Mister is being socialized and for that we count with the precious help of the volunteer Joyce that took him home for one week and started the process. You can know more about Joyce at the “Volunteer of the month” section of this newsletter. And we were lucky to welcome several foreign volunteers. Two of them stayed here for about a month! They are undoubtedly a big help in taking care of the more than 250 animals living at our shelter. Good reading!

MAKING ANIMALS HAPPY The bazaar is made of donated articles that are afterwards sold and all the income reverts entirely to Association Bianca. The featured article of this month is an Arraiolos’ carpet. It is another beautiful piece made by our volunteers and supporters. See other items and utilities at the blog and know that by buying something you are directly and actively helping Association Bianca. |


WE WERE ABANDONED... Bianca was formed almost 10 years ago and (unfortunately) we know by heart all the excuses people come up with to give their animals: health problems, job transfers, new houses, divorces, etc. But in fact, for those who love animals, there is no reason in the world that could lead them to abandon their animal. Our shelter is not the perfect home for any animal. We bring them to the shelter (hopefully) temporarily, give them a safe place to heal and be cared for, while trying to promote a responsible adoption for each and every animal. A responsible adoption because, if someone lacks the conditions to adopt, they shouldn’t do it. The animal may become stressed, psychologically damaged and his future life may be impaired. If you want to join our cause, you may visit us on Saturdays and find out more about us and our work. All help is welcome.


If you can and want to adopt, please send an email to If you cannot adopt but want to help, know that you may sponsor. This way you will be providing an extra welfare to an animal. Know more at or send us an email.









Sarah Vivi



Pocky |





IN MEMORY OF. . . DAISSY Daissy was abandoned near the shelter along with 3 other dogs. We only managed to catch 2 of them: Daissy and Estrella. Daissy had some old health problems and despite of her age we always tried to improve her quality of life. One of her front legs had to be amputated and we controlled her heart condition. Initially she was very shy but in time she became much more sociable and loved caresses. Unfortunately, and despite her daily medication, she had a heart attack and died in her way to the vet. May you rest in peace dear Daissy.

PA R R A Parra was a senior female dog that was at our shelter for too long. She was calm, sweet and did not like confusion. She just wanted to relax at her favorite spot. One morning we arrived at the shelter and found Parra dead. The autopsy revealed a big tumour in her spleen. She died without ever ďŹ nding a home where she could rest and have the peace she desired so much. We hope you found that peace now.

FUZY Fuzy was a young, live and energetic female dog, that loved to run. That is why when we saw her so apathetic and vomiting that day we knew that something was wrong. She was imediately taken to the vet and the results could not be worse. She had a liver tumour with metastasis all over her body. She died at the vet. Rest in peace sweet Fuzy. |


FEATURED ANIMAL COVER ISSUE EMILIO Emilio was found blind and with his fur in a terrible condition. He is a 2 year old mixed Shih-tzu and he is very nice and sweet. Since we do not know his life story we do not know if his blindness is congenital or resulted from some infection. We do know that at the moment it is not treatable and Emilio will be most certainly blind for life. Nevertheless a blind dog may be happy and, like we have said before in other cases, they learn how to deal with their condition very easily and adapt just fine. They just need a little more attention during the walks so that they don’t hit anything. Above all they need love like any other dog. Emilio at our shelter.

SPECIAL ADOPTIONS ELFO Elfo is a senior dog, super sweet and sociable that was found wandering near our shelter. One morning, our volunteers arrived and saw him walking on the side of the road and picked him. Elfo has been at Bianca’s shelter ever since. He is a small sized dog, with no health conditions, loves cuddles, being brushed and being around people. He is just not very fond of long walks. He needs a comfortable and warm home. Adopt him!

Elfo at our shelter. |


I’M A VOLUNTEER Joyce Koers Hello, my name is Joyce Koers and I’m from Holland. I have 2 dogs, 3 cats and 2 rabbits at my home. One of my dogs came from Greece where he was abandoned. My other dog came from Poland out of a very bad shelter. My cats are from a shelter in Holland and the rabbits I adopted too. Since I was little I loved animals and wanted to work with them. Sadly enough I worked since I was 16 years old because I didn’t like to go to school. It was not an ‘animal job’ but as a ‘car cleaner’ in the garage and later as mechanic. My heart was still with the animals all that time, so I started studying about that area when I was 27 years of age. I liked it very much. I also started volunteering at a shelter in Holland by the same time. After 2 years I finished my education with a good result and I decided to search for an animal related job. It was not so easy but after one year I found a job in an animal hotel, and I do it still and like it very much. I had to stop volunteering in the shelter in Holland because I must work at weekends. At my work we also take care of dogs who come from Spain and Portugal if they have no place to go on that moment. We take care of them until they have a home. So I came in contact with Dierenhulp Mirbessa and I asked Thea if it was possible to volunteer at Bianca. The next month I was here. I widened my eyes because it was an amazing view to see all the nice dogs, they were happy and all of them had food/water and a clean place to sleep. I was very happy to see that because the year before I went to Poland and the shelter I saw there was very bad. I made a complaint against the owner of that shelter and hope they do something about that! That’s one of the reasons I love Bianca, I like to work there, the people are all very nice. But the most important thing is that they are very good for the animals! Respect for you all!!! It gives me a good feeling that I can do something to help the animals too, that’s why I help at Bianca. I have been there for 5 times now and it is not the last time. I’ll try to go 2 times a year. The memories to take home are always good. I go home with a good feeling because I know the animals are in good hands at Bianca! Message for everyone if you have the possibility to do volunteer work do it, you won’t regret it!

BIANCA ON THE RADIO We have noticed before that Association Bianca has, for quite some years, a weekly radio show at SesimbraFM. Since August 2011 this show may be heard in podcast at the site The broadcasts of 2011 are already available online. If you could not listen to the broadcasts you can do it here, freely and with an easy access. Listen and advertise! |


NEWS of the MONTH A N N I V E R S A R Y O F “ L E T S WA L K T H E D O G ” It was with a lot of emotion that the second anniversary of the “Lets walk the dog” group was celebrated with a cake and lots of treats. We were happy to welcome some new faces that wanted to be a part of this special day and now say that they will not miss the next walk. If you want to participate know that the next walk is scheduled for the next May 5th at 10 a.m. Join the group on facebook

NEW AMBASSADOR Rita RedShoes is our new ambassador. Lady of a great voice and with an admirable stage presence Rita RedShoes accepted the challenge to support our cause without even thinking twice. We thank her very much and wish her the greatest success.

Rita Redshoes

E V E RY T H I N G O U T L A N D E R FA I R E Everything Outlander faire and Whiskey tasting benefit for our Association. On Saturday, April 14th the group gathered at The Dawg/Central Dawgma in Frederick, Maryland, where they could Skype with Mike Gibb. There were raffle tickets for cool stuff, donations at the Foster Dog Shares, the Outlander Kitchen Recipes and Bernie’s Bianca Biscuits booths. People received booklets of Outlander kitchen recipes and homemade treats for their dogs!! And so much more! On Sunday, April 15th the gathering was at the Catoctin Creek Distillery in Purceville VA where they could Skype with Mike Gibb, taste fabulous whiskies made in the distillery and learn about the whisky making process! We thank “Friends of Bianca” for all the support they are giving us. Join the group on Facebook and learn more about these events and about “Friends of Bianca”. 612760386249/

EVENING FOR BIANCA Bianca's first major event, the "Evening For Bianca", held last April 28th and placed in Hairyhall Community Center, Aberdeen, Scotland, went really well. More than 100 people crowded into the room and were royally rewarded by terrific performances from Sue Robertson, Michelle Bruce, Yvonne Morton, Alan Walker and Malcolm Dowie. Reaction from the audience was very favourable, with some asking when the next event was, while those assembled dug deep for raffles and even deeper for a beautiful carriage clock donated by Aberdeen's Lord Provost which was auctioned. |


I FOUND A HOME. . . It is always a great joy to see an animal being adopted. An adoption should always be a conscientious, well though and voluntary act. And that is why at Bianca all adoptions are carefully considered. This way we try to assure that the animals are in good hands, that they will have a family for their entire lifes and will be loved, cherished and respected as a member of the family that feels, reacts and suers like all of us. And even with all this some animals are still returned. Remember, if you cannot adopt there are other possibilities for you, like sponsoring. In this case, you are actually helping without taking the animal into your home. You may walk your sponsored animal, take him to the vet, etc. They thank that! Go to or send an email to and ďŹ nd out more about it. If you send us photos we will publish them on our website and social networks. Contact us by e-mail for the address!




Nini Deeks







Lapa Rimaldi

Risoto |










JoĂŁo Gil






TIPS When we adopt a dog we never think that he may get lost. The truth is that even with all the attention regarding the possible dangers, there are times when we may not be able to react in time, and the animal may loosen himself and run away. We leave here some tips that may help prevent this situations. Everytime you walk your dog be sure that the collar or harness is well placed in a way that, even if he struggles a bit he will not become loose. Always walk him on a leash in public places and it is very important to teach him to obey to your call not just at home. If your dog becomes loose don’t scold him when he returns to you. He will feel like returning to you is a bad thing and will hesitate the next time. |


EVENTS S O L I DA RY C A I The Animation Center for the Childhood (CAI) of Cercizimbra created, in cooperation with Bianca, a project named “Solitary CAI for Association Bianca”. Since March that a set of action are being developed: visits to the shelter for dog walks, awareness campaigns at schools and kindergartens, food and insecticide collections, workshops intituled “Blanket construction” and “Nests construction”, amongst other things. In March and April dozens of children visited Bianca and became in love with the project. In April Bianca has already visited kindergarten and Basic School of Santana.


Cercizimbra, Bianca and above all the children and the animals deserve congratulations.

SILENT AUCTION The “Friends of Bianca” group is developing an online silent auction with different items you can bid. Every once in a while new items are being auctioned. See more by joining the facebook group “Support Friends of Bianca” 612760386249/. All proceeds go to homeless, abused and neglected pets. |


Biancas' Newsletter April 2012  

April 2012 edition of Biancas' oficial newsletter.