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IBM Inf Mgmt Content Mgmt&Disc Tech Sales Mastery Testv1

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1. Which one of the following best describes the portal environments on which WebSphere II-Content Edition can run? A. BEA WebLogic B. BEA WebLogic and IBM WebSphere C. IBM WebSphere and Microsoft Sharepoint Portal D. BEA WebLogic, IBM WebSphere, and Microsoft Sharepoint Answer: A 2. Which best describes Content Manager Library and Resource Manager functions? A. The Library Server controls workflow and access security B. The Resource Manager controls object storage and access security C. The Library Server caches documents prior to the Resource Manager D. The Resource Manager is where all the admin functions are done to maintain a CM system Answer: A 3. What value does the addition of DB2 Records Manager bring to the CommonStore for Lotus Domino solution? A. Provides for proper retention and disposition of email according to a file plan B. Connects the Notes Domino server with DB2 Content Manager C. Connects the Notes Client with DB2 Content Manager D. Provides sample templates for industry specific email records management Answer: A 4. Which TWO of the following are clear requirements for WebSphere Process Server as part of the Content Management solution? A. BPEL support B. Workflow using a thin client C. Integration with external service bureaus D. Integration to access content in Documentum and Open Text Answer: AC 5. In a claims process in an insurance company, there is a Content Manager Workflow capability that allows one document to traverses multiple routes. What is this called? A. Simultaneous routing B. Parallel routing C. Sametime routing D. Join routing Answer: B 6. Which one of these statements best describes CommonStore for Exchange attachment archiving?    

A. After archiving, the entire mail including the stub is removed B. After archiving the attached files, a fetch button is inserted in the mail body C. After archiving the entire mail, the attached files are removed D. After archiving the attached files, the attachments are removed from the message and replaced by Web links for easy retrieval Answer: D 7. Which of the following is NOT a primary driver for Records Management? A. Proving compliance with regulatory and legal obligations B. Reducing the risk of litigation/embarrassment C. Improving corporate governance D. Ensuring all data is captured and stored Answer: D 8. Which statement is NOT true concerning IBM Workplace Web Content Management? A. It is now fully integrated to IBM Content Manager for publishing Web content B. It controls the approval process of Web content C. It includes its own editor for Web page content D. It can be used to replace Vignette Answer: A 9. What does the IBM SCORE content solution address? A. Compliance requirements of financial and insurance companies B. The requirements of heavily regulated environments such as life sciences C. Long term storage requirements involving optical tape D. Migration requirements from Documentum and FileNet Answer: B 10. CommonStore for SAP stores all of the following EXCEPT: A. Office documents (Microsoft Word seamless integration) B. Incoming documents (scanned images) C. Print lists D. Outgoing documents Answer: A 11. When considering JSR 170, which TWO of the following are true? A. It is implemented for use with IBM Workplace Web Content Management B. It is an API for content repository access C. It is implemented in IBM Content Manager V8.3 D. It replaces ODMA as an approach for application access    

Answer: AB 12. DB2 Document Manager interacts with Microsoft applications (MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint) using: A. ODMA B. Java plug-ins C. Microsoft APIs D. WebDAV Answer: C 13. Which of the following is NOT provided natively by IBM Workplace Forms? A. Pixel precise forms B. Native XML architecture C. PDF compliant forms filling D. Overlapping digital signatures Answer: C 14. What is the primary functionality for DB2 Records Manager? A. Control capture of content that will become records B. Control storage of records C. Control retention and disposition of records D. Manage searching (Legal Discovery) of records Answer: C 15. Which back-end repositories are supported by CommonStore for Exchange? A. Content Manager, Content Manager OnDemand, and WebSphere Application Server B. Content Manager, Tivoli Storage Manager, and DB2 C. Content Manager, Content Manager OnDemand, and Tivoli Storage Manager D. Content Manager, Tivoli Storage Manager, and WebSphere Application Server Answer: C 16. Which of the following is the best reason why Content Management and Discovery are very relevant to IBMs On Demand Strategy? A. Improves the productivity of users B. Fully compliant with SOA, it dramatically reduces deployment costs C. Allows quick access to relevant content anywhere at any time as a part of any business process D. It has equal or higher scalability and reliability than any of our competitors Answer: C 17. Where do CommonStore for SAP, and CommonStore for Lotus Domino and CommonStore for MS Exchange Server, store documents into? A. Tivoli Storage Manager    

B. DB2 C. Oracle D. CSM

CommonStore Storage Manager

Answer: A 18. WebSphere Content Discovery Server provides a set of contextual delivery capabilities that include all of the following EXCEPT: A. Can interpret the intent of a query, rather than just search on what the person put in the query box B. Provides users proactive guidance and suggested paths C. Generates reports that IT can use to make improvements in user interfaces D. Provides some pre-built industry vocabularies and configuration logic Answer: C 19. A company wants to have a business process management solution.

They specify the following:

- Capture incoming mail - Index and automatically put into folders based on account number - Route work on parallel work processes - Ensure all documents are stored and retained for 7 years, plus any additional legal holds, and then destroyed To satisfy these requirements, the company will need a minimum of Content Manager, CommonStore, and which of the following? A. WebSphere Process Server and Records Manager B. Records Manager C. Nothing else is needed D. Content Manager OnDemand and Records Manager Answer: B 20. If a company says they have EMC Centera as a standard for storage and they want to use it with Content Manager OnDemand, what should a Technical Sales Specialist indicate? A. OnDemand does not support Centera, but that IBMs DR 550 does B. Content Manager OnDemand can support Centera by using II-Content Edition for the integration C. Tivoli Storage Manager supports Centera, and Content Manager OnDemand supports Centera through TSM D. FRM is how IBM supports Centera Answer: C 21. What fax solution does IBM resell? A. RightFax B. MessagePlus/Open    

C. Mighty Fax D. RealFax Answer: B 22. When addressing a compliance application and competing against EMC/Documentum, what must a Technical Specialist emphasize that IBM provides? A. Access to many competitive repositories B. The ability to perform authorized read and writes when content is being accessed in other federated repositories C. Records management D. The e-Client provides a better user interface than most other Web clients Answer: B 23. Which Answer best describes the Domino e-mail server platforms that are supported by CommonStore for Lotus Domino? A. Windows and AIX B. Windows, AIX, Solaris, and z/OS C. Windows, AIX, Solaris, and Linux D. Any Domino e-mail server platform Answer: D 24. A company has multiple distributed locations, each of which creates content. The content is primarily used by the location where it is captured, but sometimes it useful to search across all content from all locations. The communication lines between locations are good, but the company doesnt want the content being transferred around using up line capacity. What is the best architectural configuration to be implemented? A. A Library Server and Object Server in each location, since an OnDemand client can log on to any authorized OnDemand Server B. A single, centralized OnDemand Library and Object Server C. A single OnDemand Library Server at one location and OnDemand Object Servers at each location D. An OnDemand Library Server in each location and a single OnDemand Object Server at one location Answer: C 25. When IBM Business Partners are working with IBM Support, which TWO of the following are correct? A. Business partners can open PMRs for defects, but not for usage B. Business partners working on a test system can open a severity 1 PMR C. Business partners working on-site at a customer on a production system can be authorized by the customer as a designated caller and can open PMRs with a severity 1 priority D. Business partners can escalate support on a PMR by asking to speak to the Duty Manager    

Answer: ABCD 26. Which TWO of the following statements are true when positioning WebSphere Content Discovery Server and WebSphere OmniFind Edition? A. If the need is for bi-directional languages, OmniFind is the only choice B. If there is a lot of price sensitivity, then Discovery Server is the best choice because it is less expensive C. If the need is text analytics, then OmniFind is the best choice D. If the need is to improve a WebSphere Product Center site, then OmniFind is the best choice Answer: AC 27. Which of the following is NOT true regarding add-on IBM Business Partner solutions? A. Lowry Technologies offers a Portlet Application Builder that connects with Content Manager enabling WebSphere Portal content enabled applications to be easily constructed B. Arbortext provides an XML authoring capability that connects directly to Content Manager so that Document Manager is not required C. StreamServe offers an ability to consolidate statements and create custom output based on content in Content Manager OnDemand D. Orchestria provides an Active Policy Management capability that allows for real-time monitoring of employee e-mail and can stop someone from sending inappropriate e-mail Answer: B 28. What is a key objective of a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)? A. It ensures that there is always loose coupling between the client and the server B. It provides the architectural framework to connect business processes to technical execution C. It enables the rapid integration of homogeneous computing environments D. It will make obsolete the CORBA and .NET distributed computing architectures Answer: B 29. What Exchange component provides the functionality for a user to read his/her mailbox in a Web browser? A. Active Directory B. MMC C. OWA D. Outlook Answer: C 30. Which one of the following best describes the portal environments on which WebSphere Information Integrator Content Edition (IICE) can run? A. IBM WebSphere Portal B. BEA WebLogic Portal and IBM WebSphere Portal    

C. IBM WebSphere Portal and Microsoft Sharepoint Portal D. BEA WebLogic Portal, IBM WebSphere Portal and Microsoft Sharepoint Portal Answer: D 31. A company says that their database standard is MS SQL Server. They will not consider alternatives. They are moving to a new building and want to capture all the paper documents that are in their storage area so they dont need as much floor space. They currently have 40 million paper documents. Based on these requirements, the best solution to propose is a capture subsystem and which of the following? A. No bid

there isnt a Microsoft SQL Server solution

B. Content Manager OnDemand C. Content Manager D. Records Manager Answer: B 32. A customer has a requirement for different parts of the organization to manage just a section of a Content Manager Library Server. What is that section called? A. Cell B. Node C. Domain D. Administration unit Answer: C 33. What is the function of a work package in Content Manager? A. Sorts work information at the decision point B. Contains all work for a specific user C. Carries information about the document or folder being routed D. Queries all attributes within the metadata or a piece of work Answer: C 34. Which one of the following statements best describes mail journaling? A. When a user sends an e-mail, it is automatically classified and declared a record B. When a user activates mail journaling, a log of all daily activities in the Notes Client is created C. When mail journaling is activated, e-mails are automatically captured before they reach the Inbox of the recipients D. Mail journaling adds a trailer to each e-mail. This can be used for legal disclaimer Answer: C 35. Which of the following BEST describes when Federated Records Management (RM, IICE, and FRM services assets) should be considered in eRecords compliance opportunities? A. The prospect wants to RM-enable IBM Content Management OnDemand    

B. The prospect has third party repositories (Documentum, FileNet, etc) and IBM repositories C. The prospect has third party repositories, but no IBM repositories D. The prospect wants to RM-enable IBM CM OnDemand; or the prospect has one or more IBM and/or third party systems Answer: D 36. What are the minimum capabilities that a company must have when it requires the ability to search across the e-mail boxes of all claims examiners in an insurance company? A. Content Manager or OnDemand with their respective clients doing the search B. Content Manager or OnDemand or Tivoli Storage Manager with their respective clients doing the search C. CommonStore and a supported repository, with the respective eMail client doing the search D. eMail Search, CommonStore, and a repository Answer: C 37. Records Manager provides a means to assign what type of retention rules to the records under its control? A. Time based rules B. Event based rules C. Combination of Time and Event based rules D. Time based rules and Storage Migration rules Answer: C 38. On which client does DB2 Document Manager run? A. Windows and Macintosh B. Windows and Linux C. Windows only D. Any Java capable PC Answer: C 39. Which of the following capabilities are NOT part of the IBM DB2 Content Manager portfolio? A. Web Content Management B. Records Management C. Enterprise Report Management D. Document Management Answer: A 40. On a users (client) PC, the DB2 Document Manager install consists of which of the following? A. Java scripts B. Active X Control and DLLs C. Nothing it is a thin client    

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