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: IBM 000-M08


: IBM Tivoli Identity Manager Technical Sales Mastery Test v1

Version : R6.1    

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1. Within Workflow Designer, which elements are automatically placed in the Workflow Design space when a new workflow is created? A. Extension B. Approved C. Work order D. Rejected Answer: ABCD 2. Which of the following statements are true regarding the To Do List? A. Users are taken immediately to their To Do lists upon logging in if the list contains one or more items. B. Items in the To Do list are grouped according to their activity ID. C. Access the To Do list from Home > Lists > Access To Do List. D. Requests in the To Do list remain for predetermined time before being escalated. Answer: ABCD 3. Which of the following are valid IBM Tivoli Identity Manager role types? A. Dynamic roles B. Integrated roles C. Stagnant roles D. Static roles Answer: ABCD 4. Which of the following are true regarding organizations within IBM Tivoli Identity Manager? A. Additional organizations can be created from the user interface B. Only one organization can be created at a time C. Tivoli Identity Manager asks for the organization name when it is installed D. Creation of business partner organizations is not supported Answer: ABCD 5. What are the main components of an access control item? A. Tivoli Identity Manger Group B. Type C. Node D. Target Answer: ABCD 6. What types of organizational tree containers are maintained by IBM Tivoli Identity Manager? A. Locations B. Organizational units C. Business partners    

D. Organizations Answer: ABCD 7. What determines which services a user should be able to own an account on? A. The user role B. The user account C. The service itself D. Operating system permissions Answer: A 8. What are IBM Tivoli Identity Manager built-in categories for people? A. Administrator person B. Business partner person C. Person D. Operator person Answer: ABCD 9. Which of the following are supported policy types? A. Provisioning policies B. Identity policies C. Service Selection policies D. Password policies Answer: ABCD 10. What determines how the actual accounts are created once users are identified and allocated roles? A. Services policy B. Provisioning policy C. Activation policy D. Notification policy Answer: B 11. What component provides a mechanism to reduce the email for recipients by aggregating messages with the same topic? A. Mail forwarding B. Notification Post Office C. Post Office Forwarding D. This is not possible Answer: B 12. Which term is used to describe resources that users need to access in IBM Tivoli Manager? A. Services    

B. Resource units C. User accounts D. Roles Answer: A 13. What mechanism does IBM Tivoli Identity Manager use to manage access rights for its users? A. Access control items B. Access control lists C. Tokens D. Permission lists Answer: A 14. Which of the following are best practices regarding the tree of organizational containers? A. Encode the entire organizational tree using locations and organizational units B. Keep the tree as shallow as possible C. Create organizational units and locations only when there is a difference in policy D. Dedicate one branch for each distinct area of the organization, regardless of policy similarities Answer: ABCD 15. Within Workflow Designer, what workflow directive synchronizes diverging transitions? A. Joint Type B. Split Type C. OR Type D. Entity Type Answer: B 16. Which of the following are features of IBM Tivoli Identity Manager? A. Role-based access control B. User self-service and self-registration C. Automated provisioning for access rights D. Report generation Answer: ABCD 17. What are the types of life cycle rules? A. Global rules B. Entity Type rules C. Entities rules D. Account rules Answer: ABCD 18. What determines the way a Tivoli Identity Manager user has access to the system?    

A. Roles B. Permissions C. Groups D. Services Answer: A 19. What are the installation options for IBM Tivoli Identity Manager? A. Single server B. Regular cluster C. WAN D. Organizational node Answer: ABCD 20. Where does IBM Tivoli Identity Manager store user and account information? A. SQL server B. LDAP Directory server C. HTTP server D. MQ server Answer: B 21. Which of the following are true of adapters? A. Provide an interface to add and remove accounts on a managed resource B. Function as a virtual administrator C. Present historical workflow process data D. Store the configuration information Answer: ABCD 22. What product provides the user interface and application framework for IBM Tivoli Identity Manager? A. IBM WebSphere Application Server B. Any compatible Web browser C. IBM DB2 D. Sun ONE Directory Server Answer: A 23. Which of the following mechanisms ensures that requests within a workflow are completed, when the primary approver is not available? A. Escalation of requests B. Promotion of requests C. Pre-approval of requests D. Parking of requests    

Answer: A 24. Which of the following is NOT true regarding the database for IBM Tivoli Identity Manager? A. Holds records of present and historical workflow process data B. Maintains report data C. Must sit on the same computer as the Tivoli Identity Manager server D. Tivoli Identity Manager communicates with the database server using JDBC Answer: C 25. Which of the following is determined by the ACI details, category and scope? A. ACI focus B. ACI scope C. Focus node D. ACI filter Answer: A 26. Which security principle states that sensitive operations should require more than one approval? A. Escalation of requests B. Duplicate approval C. Separation of duties D. Separation of provisioning Answer: C 27. How are approvals for account provisioning created in IBM Tivoli Identity Manager? A. Scripts B. Approval managers C. Workflow designer D. Escalations Answer: C 28. Which of the following are methods for adding users to IBM Tivoli Identity Manager? A. Manually, through the Web interface B. Using DSML from a DSML file C. Using DSMLv2 through WebSphere Application Server D. Using a custom self-registration interface Answer: ABCD 29. Which of the following are valid types of workflows for IBM Tivoli Identity Manager? A. Provisioning workflows B. Operation workflows C. Entitlement workflows    

D. Organizational workflows Answer: ABCD 30. What products can IBM Tivoli Identity Manager use for storing auditing information? A. IBM DB2 B. Sun ONE Directory Server C. Microsoft SQL Server 2000 D. Oracle Database Answer: ABCD    

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