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: IBM 000-M02 : IBM Tivoli Montoring Teachnical Sales Mastery Test v1

Version : R6.1    

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1. When problems occur, the ITM 6 solution allows you to perform repair actions by which of the following methods: A. Using the Take Action function B. By performing automated actions via Situations C. Automated Actions triggered by Workflow Policy D. Built-in Event Adapter automation scripts Answer: ABCD

2. Which workspace view type shows the proportional amount of a data series, and provides a separate gauge for each attribute selected? A. Pie chart view B. Bar chart view C. Circular gauge view D. Plot chart view Answer: C

3. IBM Tivoli Monitoring V6.1 currently monitors which of the following? A. Operating systems B. Databases C. Messaging and collaboration D. Active directory Answer: ABCD

4. Which workspace view is used to enter a system command or to stop or start a process? A. Take action view B. Event console view C. Terminal emulator D. Browser view Answer: A    

5. Which two of the following are true regarding queries? A. IBM provides a set of predefined queries for retrieving all data collected by Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring Agents B. Queries can be used for all views within workspaces C. Every user with permission to modify queries can modify the views of other users D. Product-provided queries can be modified Answer: ABCD

6. Which of the following statements are correct? A. The customer receives a discount on DB2 if they choose to use it as their TEPS and TEMS database B. A DB2 license is included with the product for use as the TEPS and/or TEMS database, however, the customer may use other database products C. DB2 is the only database product supported for the TEMS and TEPS databases, however, the license is included in the product Answer: B

7. Where can users be visibly notified of Situation events? A. On Navigator items by using an event flyover B. On graphic view icons by using an event flyover C. In the Situation Event Console D. In the message log Answer: ABCD

8. Which of the following are common pain points addressed by IBM Tivoli Monitoring? A. Containing management costs: increasing size and scope of the infrastructure increases costs B. Retaining critical information: assets are stored across systems and organizations C. Monitoring and reporting on critical IT infrastructure components D. Meeting security objectives. Applications, servers, and systems have unique security constraints Answer: ABCD    

9. IBM Tivoli Monitoring 6 is built on a lightweight, highly scalable architecture that is comprised of which of the following? A. Tivoli Enterprise Portal B. Tivoli Enterprise Portal Server C. Tivoli Enterprise Management Server D. Monitoring Agents E. Tivoli Storage Manager Answer: ABCDE

10. What one mechanism allows you to monitor a condition on a particular system and to specify a command to be executed on that system? A. Reflex automation B. Universal message console C. Attribute substitution D. Remote automation Answer: A

11. Which of the following are key benefits of IBM Tivoli Monitoring? A. Consolidation of resource monitoring B. Support for Microsoft Exchange and SQL C. Ability to quickly isolate and resolve potential performance problems D. Ability to visualize performance and availability E. Simplified data rotation using Grandfather/Father/Son (GFS) methods Answer: ABCDE

12. To help the customer better understand the effect of a problem that occurs in the environment, what function of ITM 6 will provide added benefit for the customer? A. Logical Views B. Process modeler C. Trend analysis algorithms    

D. Leveling control Answer: A

13. What major Operating System agents are available for IBM Tivoli Monitoring 6? A. Red Hat Enterprise Linux B. AIX C. Mandriva Linux 2005 D. Solaris E. Debian GNU/Linux 3.1 F. Windows G. i5/OS Answer: A

14. Which THREE of the following statements are true about ITM 6 Situations? A. Actively running Situations for a given type of system (for example, Windows) will be the same for ALL Windows systems in the environment B. You can create different groups of systems and can have Situations deployed by group C. There is a fixed limit of 10 Situations allowed for execution on any given managed system D. Situations can be turned on and off by the user from the TEP E. The TEP user can see all Situations currently deployed to a managed system, including whether that Situation is currently turned on Answer: ABCDE

15. Which of the following Universal Agent data collectors are available for customers that want to monitor non standard resources? A. File, Script ,SNMP, API B. HTTP, Sockets, POST, Optical storage C. Frames, JPG, GIF, SOAP Answer: A    

16. Which ITM component does the ITM agent send its "Heartbeat" status to? A. Tivoli Enterprise Portal Server B. Tivoli Enterprise Portal Client C. Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring Server D. Tivoli Enterprise Console Answer: C

17. Which one of the following statements about ITM Situations is false? A. A single Situation can only deal with single metric B. Situations can deal with multiple metrics C. A single situation can deal with metrics being provided by more than one system D. Situations can be configured to check for the persistence of a problem Answer: A

18. Which Warehouse Administration function is not built into the ITM 6 product? A. Configuration of collection schedule B. Data Summarization Interval configuration C. Data Pruning Interval configuration D. Database sizing tool Answer: ABCD

19. Which of the following databases are supported for Tivoli Data Warehouse? A. DB2 B. Microsoft SQL C. Access D. Oracle Answer: ABCD

20. Tivoli Enterprise Portal provides which of the following features? A. Enriched data warehousing    

B. Breadth of monitoring agents C. Prologue rules D. Instant viewing of real-time and historical information Answer: D

21. What is the SHORTEST interval the ITM 6 can be configured to capture metrics from the managed system for storage in the warehouse? A. 30 seconds B. 1 minute C. 5 minutes D. 10 minutes Answer: C

22. Which of the following best describes the task of agent administration? A. Handled by a toolkit B. Built into the product and administered through the Tivoli Enterprise Portal C. Facilitated by the use of Managed Systems Lists to make it easier to organize and manage the distribution D. Is a manual process where agents must be configured individually Answer: ABCD

23. In what forms can expert advice be provided? A. HTML formatted text B. Record from a database C. Simple text D. An expression Answer: ABCD

24. Which two of the following are true regarding the creation of new Views? A. When creating a new view, the type of presentation (bar chart, pie chart, etc.) is selectable from the    

toolbar B. The customer must have external SQL query tools to create the queries used in a view C. The customer needs to define the location of the data (TEMS, Agent, Warehouse) when creating a view that contains historical data D. Only 1 Historical View can be used in the same workplace as a Real-time View E. Multiple Historical Views with different calendar settings can be used in the same workspace Answer: ABCDE

25. Which ITM function provides complex automated process execution? A. Workflow Policies B. Prolog Rules C. Decision Support Advisor D. The Master-Mind process builder Answer: A

26. Place the following steps for creating a new workspace in the correct order:

A. C B D A B. B C D A C. C D B A D. A C B D Answer: A

27. Which of the following is a powerful way of navigating from one workspace to another and accessing related or more detailed information? A. Gauging    

B. Navigating C. Linking D. Browsing Answer: C

28. The Tivoli Enterprise Portal Server provides a logical connection between which of the following: A. Proxy Server B. Hub Monitoring Server C. Monitoring Agents D. Portal Client Answer: ABCD

29. Which of the following are true regarding Navigators? A. Different Navigators can contain different hierarchal structures B. All Navigators are available to all users by default C. Provide a way to hierarchically structure the enterprise D. The Navigator Physical view is defined by the installed managed systems and can be modified Answer: ABCD

30. Which two of the following are true when using logical views? A. These workspaces cannot have views that contain queries B. You can switch back and forth between these different workspace types by using the Navigator C. These views in these workspaces can have custom bitmaps in the background and resources can be positioned over the background image to suit the customers preference D. These views are static and dont update E. These views do not scale when zooming, so, they are best used at a fixed size Answer: ABCDE    

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