Boys & Girls Clubs of Portland celebrates 70 Years

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INTRODUCTION................................................4 HISTORY

Timeline..............................................................................6 Wattles Boys & Girls Club.....................................8 Columbia Boys & Girls Club ...............................10 Meyer Memorial Boys & Girls Club ..............12 Inukai Family Boys & Girls Club.......................14 Blazers Boys & Girls Club ...................................16 Jack, Will and Rob Boys & Girls Club ........18 Regence Boys & Girls Club................................20 School-based Clubs................................................22 Rockwood Boys & Girls Club...........................23


Overview .........................................................................24 Our Members ..............................................................26 Programs ........................................................................28 Testimonials .................................................................30 Legacy Partners ........................................................32 Finances ..........................................................................32 Donors ..............................................................................33 Board & Leadership.................................................38 Staff...................................................................39


HONORING THE PAST, LOOKIN It is an enormous privilege to be a part of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Portland as we celebrate 70 years of serving youth in the Portland Metro area. This exciting milestone shines a light on our enduring mission and purpose. Although the world has changed dramatically since the 1940s, we continue to strive to even the playing field for young people who lack access to critical services and options. We also continue to stifle the notion that kids living with adversity cannot succeed and prosper alongside their peers. They can, and they do, as proven through decades of stories from countless alumni who credit the Boys & Girls Clubs for setting them on paths to great futures. Helping to improve the lives of young people in our community has turned out to be some of the most challenging, exhilarating, important, and soul-filling work I have ever done (next to raising my children!). Working alongside talented and dedicated staff, and having the steadfast support from some of this community’s most respected leaders, is an honor and a privilege. Such commitment and compassion only fuels my eagerness to shine attention on the needs of thousands of kids we serve each year and to open new doors in communities that need us most. As we head into the next 70 years, we look back and reflect with heartfelt gratitude on everyone who has played a role in building this organization. Without our staff, Board, volunteers, donors, and community partners, we would not be where we are today; we would not be celebrating the measurable impact our Clubs have had on thousands of children over 70 years; and we would not be able to share a collective vision of hope and success for our youth for the next 70 years. Cheers to you all - I am so excited for what the future holds and can’t imagine doing it without you!

Erin Hubert, CEO Boys & Girls Clubs of Portland Metro 4

NG TOWARD THE FUTURE Being the Chair of the Board of Directors for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Portland Metro during the organization’s 70th Anniversary is an honor for me. This is a significant milestone for an organization that was inspired back in 1946 by public servants with a desire to redirect the activities of young boys after school. As I have dedicated my life to a career in law enforcement, I hold a tremendous amount of pride knowing that the spirit of one of Portland’s most historic and successful youth development programs – The Boys & Girls Clubs – was imagined by police officers looking to provide options for young people with a steadfast commitment to their safety and success. My commitment to the Clubs is deeply personal. This organization has played an instrumental role in shaping my career and who I am today. My roots go directly back to the Lents Club, now the Wattles Club, in southeast Portland. As I finished up college, I volunteered as a Big Brother at the Club in the early 1980s. I went on to be a counselor, a program manager and coach, then had the privilege of being the Club Director. What I learned and what I took with me as I entered into law enforcement, was the incredibly positive impact the Clubs have on redirecting the lives of those kids that lack access to services and opportunities. As a police officer, I have come in contact with kids who really needed the Clubs, and yet did not or could not access them. I can only imagine the difference it would have made in their lives. Boys & Girls Clubs play a defining role in helping young people in our community grow up to be caring and responsible community members. To me, there is no better return on investment than an investment in the lives and the future of our youngest citizens. To my fellow Board members, the staff and volunteers at the Clubs, it is an honor to serve alongside you. To the countless individuals, businesses, foundations and government organizations that provide the critically needed resources to keep the Clubs going, thank you for your continued investment. To the parents, family members and guardians, our continued respect for what you do every day to provide the care and direction for your children. And most importantly, to all our Club members, we are all here for you. You are the future and we are tremendously proud of each and every one of you. Congratulations to Boys & Girls Clubs of Portland Metro for 70 years of service to youth!

Mike Reese, Chairman of the Board Former Chief of Police 5

70 YEARS OF GREAT Peninsular Boys Club becomes Columbia Boys Club in North Portland

Lents Elementary becomes site of first Clubhouse on SE 93rd and Harold St.



Organizataion changed name to Boys Clubs of Portland Metropolitan Area


First Youth Partner Lunch, later to become annual Youth of the Year Banquet


Club becomes a part of United Way


1976 1946 First official Club programs formed.


1955 Pal Boys Club of Portland, INC affiliated with Boys & Girls Clubs of Portland

1969 Sellwood-Moreland Boys Club joins organization

First endowment established with $20,000 contribution from Club parent

T FUTURES Sellwood Moreland Club moves to Milwaukie Ave., named F.G. Meyer Memorial Club


Blazers Boys & Girls Club opens on Martin Luther King Blvd in NE Portland


Neil Armstrong Middle School program launches

2009 Hillsboro Club expansion and naming to Inukai Family Club


2013 1985 Name formally changed to Boys & Girls Clubs of Portland Metropolitan Area

1993 BGCP buys building to create Hillsboro program

BGCP assumes management of Police Activities League center in Rockwood

2003 BGCP assumes managment of Jack, Will and Rob Club in Camas, WA

2007 After-school programs introduced in four School Districts (Parkrose, Hillsboro, Forest Grove, and David Douglas).

Regence Club opens in New Columbia

BGCP creates after school programming in Reynolds Schools

BGCP announces new Club identified for Rockwood on 165th and Stark Streets


The staff that I worked with, they were there because they love the kids. They love what they do.”

MIKE KUIAWA Mike Kuiawa was a member at the Lents Boys Club and was honored as Boy of the Year is 1982. Kuiawa later worked at the Club as a staff member and now sits on the Board for Boys & Girls Clubs of Portland. He is the President at PCC Structurals.


WATTLES BOYS & GIRLS CLUB Formerly Pal Boys Club Lents Boys Club

1954 Board acquired old Lents Elementary School to create Pal Boys Club for $5,000

1960s Pal Club expanded to include a Little League FIeld, full music program, and locker rooms

1969 Under the leadership of Executive Director Roy Ciappini, activities expand to include community involvement and arts

1982 Pal Boys Club changed name to Lents Boys Club to relate to neighborhood service area

2001 Lents Club is rededicated thanks to generous support from the Wattles Family, owners of Hollywood Video. The Club is named Wattles Boys & Girls Club in their honor

2015 Bryan Gastelum-Plata of the Wattles Club named Oregon Youth of the Year




1960 Peninsular Boys Club becomes the Columbia Boys Club in North Portland

1972 Columbia Boys Club moves to old school site on N. Emerald Street off Lombard due to member increases

1978 Columbia Boys Club opens its doors to female members one night a week.

1995 Columbia Boys & Girls Club closes its doors and services move to NE MLK Blvd



When I entered the Columbia Boys Club, I never looked back. The Club impacted my life very much. It’s made me whole, and it’s kept me grounded.”

DAVID HARRIS David started attending the Columbia Boys Club as a member in May of 1957. He has been instrumental in uniting past members of the Columbia Club and hosted a reunion for alumni in summer 2014.



Being a part of BGCP gave me a place to go instead of waiting at home by myself all day. I was able to interact and open up with kids, teens, and staff. I realized I had a great connection with many of the staff.�

APRIL LOSCHIAVO April grew up in the Meyer Memorial Club, where she was a member for more than 6 years and a staff member for 10. She was honored as Youth of the Year for her Club as a senior in high school and represented the organization at the state competition. She is now the School Site Director and Sun Coordinator for the Margaret Scott Elementary school programs.



Formerly Sellwood-Moreland Boys & Girls Club

1969 Sellwood-Moreland Workshops joins Boys Clubs of Portland Metropolitan Area

1947 Organization purchases old firehouse on SE 13th and Tenino for youth programs

1986 Sellwood-Moreland Club outgrows the firehouse and purchases land at SE 17th and Milwaukie for site of the new Sellwood-Moreland Club

1989 Sellwood Moreland Club moves to Milwaukie Ave., named F.G. Meyer Memorial Club thanks to the suppport of the Meyer Memorial Trust


Meyer Memorial Club expands to include Fitness Center, Performing Arts Center and a Professional Training Center




Formerly Hillsboro Boys & Girls Club

1993 Boys & Girls Clubs of Portland purchases building to create Hillsboro Club program for youth in Washington County

2004 Membership at the Hillsboro Club increased 78%, from 1155 members in 2002 to 2060 members in 2004

2006 Hillsboro Club is renovated and rededicated, thanks to generous support from Dick Inukai and family. The facility is named Inukai Family Boys & Girls Club in their honor, with Colin Powell in attendance

2009 Delores McDaniel, a member of the Inukai Boys & Girls Club, is named the 2009 State Youth of the Year CURRENTLY LOCATED IN HILLSBORO


I think every community would benefit from having a Boys & Girls Club. It’s the kind of community asset that helps protect against the kinds of things that I see in my job working with gang involvement. The Boys & Girls Club is an antidote for that, helping kids find their positive identity, tap into, and develop their passions.”

JOE WALSH Joe Walsh started his career at the Inukai Family Boys & Girls Club while he was attending college. He became the first Club Director at the JWR Club in Camas and worked for the organization for nine years before joining Gang Prevention Taskforce with the City of Gresham.



My story is similar to so many professional athletes I have met along the way. The Clubs were my home away from home where I have my earliest memories of playing sports. I owe so much to the Clubs and hold tremendous pride in now being able to give back to the program that has given me so much.�



Terry Porter is a retired NBA All-Star and coach, former Portland Trail Blazer and Boys & Girls Clubs of America Hall of Fame member. Terry is also a current member of the BGCP Board of Directors and, along with teammate Jerome Kersey, was instrumental in bringing the Blazers Club to NE Portland.


1993 Ground breaking for the Blazers Club on Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd

1996 Blazers Club opens, thanks to support from the Portland Trail Blazers, becoming the first Club in the country to be sponsored by a professional sports team

2010 Joshua-John Slaney, a Blazers Club member for more than ten years, is named the 2010 State Youth of the Year



JACK, WILL AND ROB BOYS & GIRLS CLUB 2002 Jack, Will and Rob Center opened in honor of three local brothers who lost their lives in a devastating plane crash in 1999.

2003 Boys & Girls Clubs of Portland assumed operations of the Jack, Will and Rob Center, thanks to the sustaining support provided by several members of Jack, Will and Rob’s family.

2014 Jack, Will & Rob Club receives new technology center, thanks to generous support from Samsung



It is hard to believe, but Jack would have celebrated his 31st birthday this month. He and his brothers, Will and Rob, would be so proud of the unflinching dedication of the people and staff that make up Boys & Girls Clubs of Portland Metro. It is because of their efforts and the generous support of the donors that the JWR Boys & Girls Club continues to be a tremendous resource for the kids of Southwest Washington.”

BROT BISHOP Brot is Jack’s Godfather, a longtime friend of the family, and a current BGCP Board Member.



There is nothing quite like standing in the middle of the Games Room at Regence on a day that 350 kids are moving through the Club, finding themselves through play, sport, learning, and art. The sound and energy of kids just being free to be kids.�

NATHAN JOHNSON Nathan worked for BGCP for seven years and was the first Director at the Regence Club before becoming the Executive Director of Programs for the organization. Nathan currently works with Special Olympics New York as the Director of Program for Unified Sports.



2005 Boys & Girls Club commits to raise $2.5M for a new Boys & Girls Club to serve the New Columbia housing development and the neighboring Portsmouth Area, attached to a new public school

2006 Groundbreaking for Club in New Columbia connected to Rosa Parks Elementary thanks to lead gifts from Harold & Arlene Schnitzer CARE Foundation and James & Shirley Rippey

2007 Regence Boys & Girls Club opens, thanks to the generous support of Regence BlueCross BlueShield




2003 After-school programs were introduced to four School Districts (Parkrose, Hillsboro, Forest Grove, and David Douglas) under a 21st Century Grant Program

2013 Partnership with Reynolds School District was forged to offer programming in three schools


“The partnership with BGCP strengthens community and family connections. The staff is fabulous in working with us to maintain the same mission and vision for our students.”



School-based sites have highest Average Daily Attendance of all BGCP Club sites

Coming Soon




The community of Rockwood has become one of Multnomah County’s most diverse communities celebrating rich cultural and ethnically job no. SCHEMATIC DESIGN title: BOYS & GIRLS CLUB diverse populations. 16519 SE STARK ST. GRESHAM, OR. 97233





Today, The Rockwood community faces critical challenges that place youth at tremendous risk. With the largest concentration of youth under the age of 18 within the metro region, Rockwood has led the state for lowest academic performance, largest concentration of registered child welfare cases, and arguably the highest incidences of crime in our region’s history. The City of Gresham envisions a new Boys & Girls Club in Rockwood as a catalyst for change in this critically underserved community. Follow the progress at

Partnerships are incredibly important, and when you look to those partnerships, you look for programs that have a track record of making a positive difference in kids’ lives. Boys & Girls Clubs have been doing that for a long time. The fact that the Boys & Girls Clubs will come into our community to build a building that will build community is pretty encouraging to our residents.”




PROGRAM YEAR (Sept. 2014-August 2015)

Enabling all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens. Making a Difference Boys & Girls Clubs of Portland Metro provides youth ages six to 18 with a safe and secure place to belong when school is not in session. Clubs locate in communities in most need, offering programming that is proven to prevent or redirect the negative influences that thrive in neglected communities with high populations of poverty. Programming at the Clubs is designed to direct youth on a path to success that keeps them on track to graduate from high school with a responsible plan for their future. Clubs surround members with caring, trained staff who engage them in nationally proven evidence-based youth development programs. Program areas include leadership and community service, academic enrichment, science and technology, performing and visual arts, personal health and fitness, college prep and workforce training, and recreation and sports leadership leagues.




youth members



school-based clubs


corporate volunteer groups

125 staff


individual volunteers


5250 NE MLK Jr. Blvd. Portland, OR 97211 (503) 282-8480

INUKAI FAMILY CLUB 560 SE 3rd Ave. Hillsboro, OR 97123 (503) 640-4558

JACK, WILL & ROB CLUB 2033 NE Ione St. Camas, WA 98607 (360)-817-9966


7119 SE Milwaukie Ave. Portland, OR 97202 (503)-238-6868

REGENCE CLUB 4430 N. Trenton Portland, OR 97203 (503)-853-8678

WATTLES CLUB 9330 SE Harold St. Portland, OR 97266 (503) 775-1549

PARKROSE SCHOOLS Russell Elementary Sacramento Elementary Shaver Elementary

REYNOLDS SCHOOLS Margaret Scott Elementary

ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICES 8203 SE 7th Ave., Suite 100 Portland, OR 97202 (503) 232-0077

The Facts Founded: 1946 Membership: $25 per year



I’ve strengthened my social skills a lot. I’ve also learned how to have fun. I mean, I’ve had fun before. But I’ve never had this kind of fun where you play with other people.” Sam 13 YEARS OLD, JWR CLUB

I used to not be able to go to the dentist. Now, the Club has dentists and eye doctors come in once a year. It’s because I told Rachel one time that I couldn’t go to the doctor, so she brought it here so I could experience that.” Mayra 15 YEARS OLD, INUKAI FAMILY CLUB

When I was in some pretty dark places, the Club really helped me. They always care about your life, and what you do, and what happens to you. I’d be in trouble without the Club.” Teya 16 YEARS OLD, REGENCE CLUB








PROGRAMS EDUCATION & CAREER Power Hour Tutoring Summer Brain Gain CS-First SMART Reader

STATE YOUTH OF THE YEAR Bryan Gastelum-Plata of the Wattles Club competed to become 2015 Oregon State Youth of the Year.

CHARACTER & LEADERSHIP Youth of the Year YouthForce Keystone Club Torch Club Service Squad NightScapes

HEALTH & LIFE SKILLS SMART Girls SMART Moves Youth Advisory Council Healthy Habits Kids Cafe

SPORTS, FITNESS & REC State Games Room Tournament Leadership Sports Leagues Triple Play - Daily Challenges

THE ARTS National Fine Arts Performing Arts Short Story Play Festival


SHOP WITH A COP Fred Meyer, Sunshine Division, and Portland Police spent a day outfitting more than 150 youth with new school clothes.

HIGHLIGHTS SERVICE SQUAD New community-service based program is introduced that encourages youth to give back.

HEALTHY MEALS & SNACKS BGCP served 177,993 meals and snacks last year, providing dinner and snack during the school year, and all three meals during the summer.

YOUTHFORCE BGCP launches a teen job-training program alongside Portland Timbers, with funding from KeyBank.

WHERE I’M GOING, WHERE I’M FROM Youth participated in a one-day performance showcase where they celebrated their roots and futures.

APP-A-THON 25 youth and 42 volunteers spend a Saturday coding and creating apps.


“I started the kids at Boys & Girls Club when I had to go through a drug treatment program…now three years later, I graduated from PCC as a certified nurse’s assistant. Boys & Girls Club allowed me to go eight hours of school, downtown Portland, every day, and I was able to have faith that my kids would be okay.” Shelly PARENT, INUKAI FAMILY CLUB

“I’ve learned to accept other people’s differences, like cultural or religious. It’s just fun to come here and be with your friends and it’s not like in the streets. It’s positive. You’re safe here.” Clayton 16 YEARS OLD, BLAZERS CLUB

“I love the Boys & Girls Club. I love the staff here. You know, they treat us like family. I can come in and talk to them about anything. And I just feel so comfortable. They make me feel comfortable with leaving my children here with them.” Jackie PARENT, BLAZERS CLUB


-Sam, 13 year old at the JWR Club

“The Wattles Boys & Girls Club has made me who I am today. When I entered high school, I didn’t think I’d go to college. Now I’m a senior and I’ve been accepted to two four-year universities.” Bryan Gastelum-Plata 2015 OREGON STATE YOUTH OF THE YEAR

“Before I came here, I barely had any friends at school. I was a big laughing stock. And now whenever I’m here it makes me happy for who I am.” Elizabeth 8 YEARS OLD, JWR CLUB

“I used to not be able to go to the dentist. Now, the Club has dentists and eye doctors come in once a year. It’s because I told Rachel one time that I couldn’t go to the doctor, so she brought it here so I could experience that.”

“The Club has been a blessing all around. The kids have grown, they’ve won awards, and they’ve gotten a lot of recognition for volunteering, leadership, and education. The staff here have really helped because English is a second language and they’ve really helped with their reading and assignments.” Herbert PARENT, REGENCE CLUB


LEGACY PARTNERS The following individuals, families and organizations have contributed $250,000 and beyond since the Clubs began 70 years ago.

Patti & Lloyd Babler, Jr. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation The Coca-Cola Company Community Foundation for Southwest Washington Dick’s Auto Group Fred Meyer/Kroger Harold & Arlene Schnitzer CARE Foundation Hollywood Entertainment Intel James and Shirley Rippey JFR Foundation



Larry and Jeanette Epping KeyBank Foundation Maybelle Clark Macdonald Fund Metro Portland New Car Dealers Charitable Foundation Meyer Memorial Trust Nike, Inc. Oregon Community Foundation PCC Structurals, Inc Portland General Electric Portland Trail Blazers Precision Castparts Ray Hickey Family Foundation

Shari’s Restaurant Management TCMS The Ann & Bill Swindells Charitable Trust The Estate of Thomas G. Elliott The Regence Fund of the OCF The Safeway Foundation Tournament Golf Foundation United Way of the Columbia-Willamette Wells Fargo William C. & Jani E. McCormick Foundation

OUR SINCEREST THANKS Thank you to all those who contributed to Portland’s youth during the 2014-2015 fiscal year. Kirsten Aagesen Jeri Aanonson Gregory Abel John & Ann Abrahamson ABRH, LLC Acosta Sales & Marketing Karen Acosta Advance Pierre Foods Curt Ahlschlager Albert Enterprises, Inc. Joan Albertson Fred & Charlana Albios David Alexander All Service Glass Orville & Arlene Alleman Kyle Allen Rick & Liz Allen Kathleen Alley Allstate Giving Campaign Alpenrose Dairy Gavin Amato Beth Andersen Dave Anderson Garrett Anderson Kyle Anderson Todd & Kristey Andrews Corinne Andriola Albert Angelo III Ann & Bill Swindells Charitable Trust Anonymous Alison Arella Arktana Roy & Beverly Asbahr Atlas Electric Contractors Patti Austin Sidney Ayers Kira Ayres Patti & Lloyd Babler Dallas Bailey Laura Baker Terry Baker Kerri Ballenger Chris Balmes Lisa Balmes Banfield Pet Hospital Bank of America Charitable Foundation Bank of America United Way Campaign Miechel Barksdale Arleen Barnett

Kim Barnett Jorge Barragan Kendall Bartholomew Jodi & Don Barzee Harley & Robbie Bates Kenneth & Cynthia Baumbach Melissa Baumgardner Bend Cabinet & Fixtures Kevin & Mary Bennett Mark & Ma Sun Berg Vivian Bertling Mark & Michelle Billings Brot & Kelley Bishop, Jr. Andy Bither Pamela Black Bonnie Blake Alicia Blancas-Herrera Blazers Booster Club Blossom Natural Health & Wellness The Boeing Company Cassidy Bolger Cathy Bolstad Eldon & Gail Bolstad James Bowerman Boys & Girls Clubs of America Thomas Bracken Vincent Bradley & Jovi Fairchild Marty Brantley Sam Briggs Karen Brooks Jay Broudy Brown Properties Leanne Brown Buffalo Wild Wings Alice Burkleaux Joseph Burns Ellen Burton James & Beverly Burton Frank Bussemeier Casey & Lindsey Callinsky Mike & Becky Calvert Camas Art Gallery Cambia Employee Giving Campaign Cambia Health Solutions Ashley Campion Mike Capri Cardtronics Carmax Foundation

Jessica Carpenter Carpets for Kids Mark & Amelia Carter Stephen Cassell Scott & Susan Cassidy Jim & Jo Castaneda Gale Castillo Erin & Ellery Castro Catlin Gabel Alexander Catlin Center for Car Donations CenturyLink Nancy & Bobby Cereghino Stevie & Spencer Chao Charles Schwab Foundation Kim Chauvet Sappire Chen Venkata Cherkaduvasala David & Lisbeth Chvatal Roy & Maxine Ciappini Cinnamon Bums Clark County Auditor Clark County Saddle Club Yvette Clark Therese Cleary Jamie & Irene Clifton Wesley Clifton Rob Closs Coastwide Laboratories Marcia & Kevin Coffey Columbia Bank Columbia Pacific Brokerage Comcast Cable Services Comcast Foundation Comcast Spotlight Community Foundation for SW Washington Competitor Group William Conerly & Ulla Christina West Jim & Amy Connor Morrie & Joanne Conway III David & Alexandra Cook Jack Cook Christopher Cooper Howard Corbin Mikala Corp Corporate IT Solutions Cort Furniture Costco Wholesale, Inc. Colleen Coughlin

Covenant Technology Covenant United Presbyterian Church Barbara Covey Shawn Croteau Crystal & Company Heather Csanky Stephanie Cummings Curtis Restaurant Equipment Anna & Jeff Curtis David Curtis Tracy Curtis & Rick Nagore Cyrus O’Leary’s Pies Eric Dahlin Daily’s Premium Meats Lisa Damassa Carla Damman Ray & Carole Damron Jason Davidson Davis Wright Tremaine Melanie De Silva Katie Decker Raymond Deeth Abel Deffinbaugh Delap, LLP Delivered Dish Peter DeMuniz Sarah & Charles Dennison-Leonard Chris Denzin Development Equities Ramnath & Rohini Devulapalli Dan & Erin Dhruva Vanessa Dick Dick’s Country Chrysler Jeep Dodge Dick’s Hillsboro Honda Dick’s Hillsboro Hyundai Dick’s Mackenzie Ford Sue Dixon Elizabeth Dobbs Kim Dodge Kathi & Dean Dordevic William Douglas Angela Dowling Tim & Sonja Dozois Julie Drescher Sarah Drescher Dussin Family Charitable Trust Chris & Tyanne Dussin


At Wells Fargo we believe that good leaders inspire others to have confidence in their leadership, but that great leaders inspire others to have confidence in themselves. During the past 70 years, the Boys & Girls Clubs have instilled such confidence in thousands of youths to ensure they’re on the right path to achieving success. Wells Fargo is proud to sponsor this organization, which does so much to help our community.”


Dutch Bros. Coffee Dwell Realty Jared & Vanessa Eck Jonathan & Sarah Edwards Mark Edwards Dave & Terri Emory Angela Eneboe Energy Store Distributors Mike Engel Brigette Entwisle Andres Escalera Estate of Donna Thornton Estate of Susan Coddon Richard & Narumi Estergaard Blake Evenhus Marshall & Candace Fant Mary Ferney Dean Ferris Ted Fettig Jeff Feuerstein Tom & Marilyn Fink Michael & Maureen Fisher Sherry & Ken Fisher Val Fishman Kassie Fisk Brad Milligan Deirdre Forbes Fortun Foods Robert & Tammy Foster Bob & Peggy Fowler Frank & Margaret Bitar Foundation Ken & Carol Fransen Ryan & Marianne Fraunfelder Kroger Foundation-Fred Meyer Fund Debi Freund John & Melissa Froman Sandra & Dale Fulk Barb Fuller


Patrick & Amber Gagnon Bill Gander Leela Ganesna Gannett Foundation Mark & Leslie Ganz Gap Foundation GapKids & Baby Gap Gabriel & Kathleen Garney Angela George Tim & Lisa Gereg Eric Gewirtz Joseph Gianan Christopher & Shannon Gibbons Annamaria Gilliland Darryl Gilmour Chris Girard GISI Companies Give With Liberty Denise Gladney Nancy Goetze Kara Goldhamer Julie Golzarian Maria Gonzalez Clark & Rosemary Goodman Ian & Michelle Gordon Chuck & Kelly Grall Grand Central Bowl Kiaya Gray David & Jennifer Gregor Gresham Ford Dean & Kirsten Griffith Jeff & Ruth Gudman Todd Guren Brian Haas Jere Hall Lisa Hamilton Cathy Hanauska Sandra Hanson Harold & Arlene Schnitzer CARE Foundation Stacie Harper

David Harris Richard Harris Kevin & Lisa Harrison Drew Hastings Jeanne Hauenstein Daniel Heap Bob & Jaylin Hefty Heiberg Garbage & Recycling Heinz John Herman Mark Hesse Jennifer, Mark, & Sydney Hett Scott & Allison Higgins Highlander Foods Hillsboro Farmers Markets Michael Chapman Carrie Hinton Jodi Hite Steve & Jean Hix Bill Hoadley Mary Hobson Sara Hoeber Brian Hoffman Kathleen Hogan Sarah Holcomb Kevin Hollard Brian Holman Doug & Robin Holman Holst Architecture Mary Holub Steve & Kasey Holwerda Home Forward Frank Hood Joseph Hooyboer Christopher & Kristina Hubbard Erin & Stan Hubert Patricia & Michael Humburger Iberdrola Renewables John & Jill Inskeep

Intel Volunteer Grant Program Int’t Center for Traditional Childbearing Carol Inukai Scott & Randi Inukai Shannon Inukai-Cuffee & Cortlandt Cuffee Island Promotions Richard Ito JG Neil & Company Jacksons Food Stores Mary Jaco Melissa Janiak Jason Project JEB, Inc. Jeff Chase & Patti Warner Fund of the OCF Jeff Sanders Promotions Cal & Laura Jenness JFR Foundation Azucena Jimenez Kirk Johansen Aaron & Kathy Johnson Kristen Johnson Ralph Johnson & Karen Hopson Johnson John Jones John & Sandra Jones Tim & Tami Jones Jo A Jordan Brent Jorgensen JustGive Kaiser Foundation Health Plan Community Giving Rick Kaldenberg Catherine Kamau Myrna Kane Chris & Beth Karlin Carol & Saul Katz Keith Kaufman Renee Kaufman Gordon & Kathy Keane

Katherine Kehoe Kellogg’s Ryan & Carolyn Kenney Albert Kessler KeyBank KeyBank Foundation Anita Khanna Janna Kimel Michele King-McNary Alan & Penny Kirk Steve & Angela Kletzok Michael Knapp Pamela Knudsen Kim & Chris Koenig KOIN 6 Kay Korzun Mark & Katherine Kralj Rod & Sunday Kraushaar Erik & Susan Krieger Heidi Kriz Kroger Bernie Kronberger Carol & Dave Kruse Kelsey Kuhnhausen Mike & Jeanette Kuiawa Christine Kukula Stefan Kulpa & Amanda Flores LaSalle Catholic College Preparatory Roberto Gerardo Laguna Bill Lambert Tom & Kathy Lang Bob & Theresa Lanphere Larry & Jeanette Epping Fund of the OCF Daniel & Reeda Laurendeau Wilma Lemon Jerry & Sharon Lenz John Letts Tresa Fanucchi Judith Levien Michael Lewellen

Hunt Lewis III Liberty Mutual Lily Atelier Lindsay, Hart, Neil, & Weigler, LLP Stephanie & Dale Lindstrom John & Sally Linman Lithtex Printing Solutions Little Italy John Little Josh & Susie Loisel Rodrigo & Mary Lopez Andrew & Sally Lorenz April Loschiavo Mike Losito Joe Luchsinger Judith Ludwigsen Lugliani Investment Company Roberta Luper Luxe Media Group Adam Lynch Barbara Lynch Steve Lynch MJ Murdock Charitable Trust Lesley Ma Carolyn & Rob MacNaughton Jim Maestretti Rick & Tonya Mahler Alice Mailloux Ryan Malarkey Ed & Cyndy Maletis Maria Mallari Star Mancilla Venkatesh Marada Mimi Margulies Gloria Marsellis Marsh USA Beau & Helen Martin Justin Martin Michelle & Jeffrey Martin

Alma Martinez Ann Masterman Mathew G. Norton Co. Scott & Beverly Matulich Colin McCall Dianne McCammon Marilyn & Richard McCormick Kathy & Jeff McCulloch David McDonald Roberta McDonald McDonald’s Joe & Lisa McFerrin Erin McGovern Chris & Susan McGowan McIlhenny Company Jessica McIntyre McKinstry Co. Charitable Foundation Mia McLaughlin Ruth Medak Kathy & Frank Medford Keith & Diane Meisenheimer Larisa Meisenheimer Melvin Mark Brokerage Company Doug & Ruth Menely Tracie Mesa Metro Metro Portland New Car Dealers Charitable Foundation Rick & Sharon Meyer Robert & Michel Meyer Mark Meyers Microsoft Matching Gifts Program Bob & Sharon Miller Mark & Carol Lynn Miller Barbie Minkler Jay & Duff Minor James Mitchell Will Mitchell

Steven & Linday Mobley Mark Modrinski Dan & Sarah Mogck Melanie Moir Marta Monetti Marvin Monk Roberta Monroe Bill & Lori Moore Moreland Presbyterian Church Nate & Maria Morrison Sharon Morrow Imani Muhammad Multnomah County Katherine Murphy Kelly Murphy Smitha Murthy Karen Myers Norm Myhr Chris Nance National Checking Company National Food Corporation Patrick Neal Nelson Family Fund of the OCF Roscoe & Debra Nelson Tawnie Nelson New Seasons Market-Orenco Station Binh Nguyen Anika Nichols Nike, Inc. Teri Nisbett Norpac Foods Northside Ford Truck Sales Kerri Nussbaum NW Natural Jennifer Nyberg Office Deport Shar Officer Omega Morgan Once Upon a Time Princess Parties

My family has been supporters of the Boys & Girls Clubs for many years. There are many children in our community who need a little extra help and the kids in our community deserve that help. The Boys & Girls Clubs of Portland Metro have always been very well run and we believe the Clubs are the positive place for kids. The programs allow kids to be kids, to develop leadership and educational skills that serve them well now and in the future.”



Ken & Sara O’Neil Oracle Janice Ordal Oregon Community Foundation Oregon Jewish Community Youth Foundation Oregon VFW Ladies Auxiliary OSF International Dave Otte Fallon Ough Eric & Ann Owens P&C Construction Pacific Office Automation Pacific Residential Mortgage Pacific Seafood Pacific University Pacific Youth Foundation Mike & April Padilla Stuart Paige Pak West Daniel Palko Sharon Pang Paradym Events Loren Parks Mark & Shannon Patel Scott Ayers Jack Patrick PCC Structurals Griffin Peal Tricia Peebles William & Betty Pendarvis Pepsi Co. Performance Heating & Air Conditioning Alisha Perks Sarah Petrone Joanne & Wilkes Pettyjohn Phi Delta Theta Oregon Epsilon Georgann Pierce Jim & Terrie Piro Wendy Piscitelli A’lyse Place Plaid Pantries, Inc. Judith & William Platt Emily Pohl Christophe Poirier Terry & Susie Porter Portland Aquarium Portland Business Alliance Portland Fire Chief’s Association Portland General Electric Portland General Electric Foundation Portland State Vikings Portland Trail Blazers


Portland United Bills Supporters Scott & Sarah Powers William & Joan Powers Precision Castparts Corporation Melanie Prestidge Randall Printz ProCamps Project Access Now Propel Insurance Buddy & Shawn Puckett Puppy Pals 4-H Club Nicole Pyne Douglas & Christy Anne Quinn Laverne & Shirley Meacham Joe & Sharon Rakoski Ramsey Signs Bart & Christan Rask Marion Hand Ray Hickey Foundation Razorfish Angela Reed Marilyn Reed Morgan Rees Mike & Cindy Reese Regence Fund of the OCF Andres Reina Stephen & Kristen Rekow Reser Family Foundation Residence Inn Jim & Ellen Reuler Nicole Rice Scott & Barbara Richmond Righteous Clothing Richard & Christie Ripkowski Tim & Jan Rippey Riverlake Partners David Rix Zeid Rizvic Todd Rocha Shawn Bowlby Rock ‘N Wings Jaime Lynn Rodgers-Wakefield Catherine Rodrigue Lisa Rogers Karen Rohrer Ronna & Eric Hoffman Fund of the OCF Debra Roppel Celeste Rose Traci & Pat Rose Lacy Rowberg Royal Cup Coffee Jay Russell Ruth Henderson Fund of the OCF Safeco Insurance

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