Annual Report 2016

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Founded: 1946 Six Clubhouses in Portland Metro Two School-based Clubs Membership: $25 per year 2

A place to thrive, grow, and BELONG. At the Boys & Girls Club of Portland Metro (BGCP), new Club cards are a big deal. Every fall, our members are excited to learn what the new membership card will look like and make lanyards and necklaces in the art room to proudly display their Club card. The Club card represents the sense of belonging each youth and teen has with their Club or school site. It is a symbol of their ownership and access to the special community that we foster in our buildings. Club cards become cherished mementos. It’s not uncommon for kids to show off how many cards they have collected over their time with us, or for alumni of all ages to keep them for years and years. It’s not just a membership card. It’s a constant reminder that no matter what, you belong at the Boys & Girls Club.

Our Mission To enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens. 3

A Message from the CEO Here we are already, reporting on yet another dynamic year of empowering thousands of youth in our communities across four counties to realize their greatest potential. By providing them with physical and community space, youth and teens can nourish and stretch the skills they will need to be engaged, active and fulfilled adults. What a privilege it is to do this work, and it simply cannot be done without the investment of all of you. Youth and teens in our area face headwinds on their journey toward growing into healthy, successful adults. For example, child poverty in Portland is growing at an unprecedented rate. In a time of increasing rates of community displacement and mounting structural barriers to economic and educational achievement, the Clubs can serve as a place to help level the playing field for all our members. We are often asked, “How are the Clubs a game changer?” Club programs provide services to young people ages six to 18 who come from a wide variety of backgrounds; a population reflective of Portland today and most certainly our future. We offer lowbarrier access to resources like healthy food, technology, caring mentors, homework support, athletic leagues, art programs, college visits, first jobs, summer camps for youth and teens and more. This access, coupled with a safe community space, of which Club members themselves feel ownership, is game changing. For example, Club youth are proving that they do not have to risk the summer “learning slide”. Through our Summer Brain Gain program, our youth are now actually returning to school in the fall pacing ahead of where they were at the end of the school year. Our work is made possible by a broad community of supporters, including our dedicated Board of Directors, our Pacesetters, and Associate Board. We work alongside education, non-profit, and business partners; foundations; local community groups; and individuals to advance and perfect this work. Many of us were helped in some way along our personal journey by supportive adults, nurturing environments, peer recognition, and opportunities to develop skills, or at times, to simply relax and have fun. We ask you to join with us to support the Great Futures of our future neighbors, partners, coworkers, customers, students, and leaders, and together help build paths to a bright future for our local communities. Your help is game-changing in helping to ensure the youth and teens across the Portland-Metro area continue to have access to all the benefits our Clubs provide.

Erin Hubert CEO, Boys & Girls Clubs of Portland Metro 4



4,280 125 1,000 registered members

youth served each day on average

trained, professional staff

346 volunteers throughout year

8 Club sites across the Portland Metro area

Our Members YEARS OF AGE











5% 1%


75% of members qualitfy for free & reduced lunch


A Renewed Commitment to Equity BGCP is constantly working to tailor our overall delivery of services to meet the individual and diverse needs of the young people and communities we are privileged to serve. We are actively dedicated to not only improving diversity and representation across our organization, but to also structurally embedding equity and inclusion in everything we do. In early 2016, BGCP was honored to be selected to join the first cohort of five local non-profits to participate in an intensive, year-long equity and inclusivity leadership and training initiative. Endorsed and sponsored by Oregon Community Foundation, Meyer Memorial Trust, The Collins Foundation and others, the Center for Equity and Inclusion (CEI) is leading the initiative. CEI is dedicated to bringing organizations together to identify and learn the role of equity and inclusion within our workplaces and the steps necessary to integrate these practices into the overall organization. In 2017 we are continuing to put this work into action, as we unite to create a formal equity plan that will guide us and our work every day.

Our Formula for Program Success Boys & Girls Club’s Five Elements of Youth Development SAFE, POSITIVE ENVIRONMENT



Club staff, facilities and programs create stability, consistency and a sense of safety for members.

Club youth acquire physical, social, technological, artistic and life skills. Clubs encourage members to develop a moral character while staff reinforce high expectations.

The Club is fun! Fun is what keeps kids coming back. Members develop a strong sense of belonging through connections they establish with staff and peers.

SUPPORTIVE RELATIONSHIPS Club kids develop meaningful, appropriate relationships with peers and adults. Staff members display caring, appreciation, acceptance and guidance in their interactions with members.

RECOGNITION Club staff and leadership recognize and support young people’s self-worth and accomplishments. Staff members encourage youth and provide positive reinforcement.


academic programs Power Hour Power Hour provides Club professionals with strategies, activities, resources and information to create an engaging homework help program that encourages Club members at every age to become self-directed learners.

Summer Brain Gain Offered in Clubs during the summer, Brain Gain is an interactive, educational program dedicated to minimizing the accumulative learning loss that occurs over summer break, especially underserved communities.

CS-First BGCP collaborated with Google to implement a brand new technology program at our Clubs. CS-First is a free computer science program designed by Google, and aimed at nine to 14 year old youth to increase access and exposure to computer science education.

“I’ve seen firsthand that Summer Brain Gain is helping kids retain knowledge during the summer and it’s making them way more prepared for school. Whether they know it or not, they’re learning while they’re experiencing.”






addressing critical academic needs Meeting literacy and math achievement benchmarks is critical for youth and teens to graduate and to achieve academic and workplace success. BGCP is committed to making real change happen for our kids by helping to level the playing field for all youth. Youth entering the Clubs are bolstered by comprehensive educational programming including: homework assistance, mentoring, core academic learning activities, and time for exploratory learning experiences that may illuminate new career tracks and inspire postsecondary educational pursuits. Through programs like CS-First, Kid Wind, Summer Brain Gain and Moby Max, BGCP connects youth with access to STEM and computer science resources to which they might not otherwise have access, particularly during afterschool hours. These opportunities can empower youth and teens with skills that help them to be competitive in technology-driven fields. Our academic programs make jobs, and the skills they require, incredibly tangible. Through these programs, BGCP works to increase youth’s positive perception of their own ability to thrive in any chosen field. We also foster an environment where youth peers reinforce each other’s ability to be successful.


youth combated summer learning loss through the Summer Brain Gain programs





growing strong bodies & minds According to recent research, this generation of youth are the first who may have a shorter life expectancy than their parents. The reason? Inactivity. Between the ages of nine and 15, American and European kids’ activity levels drop by 50-75 percent. Focusing on getting kids more active before the age of 10 could change the trajectory for the next generation. Giving kids access to physical activity and health-focused programs that are fun, inclusive, educational, and appropriate for their age and skill level, helps ensure early positive exposure to physical activity and increases their likelihood of staying active across their lifetimes. BGCP’s physical fitness and healthy choices programs help youth develop healthy life skills. • Physical fitness programs like Marathon Kids and Leadership Athletic Leagues • Free, nutritious meals and snacks served in Clubs • Access to health screenings and dental care through community partnerships • Lifestyle programs that that emphasize healthy relationships • Comprehensive sexual health programs for teens • Resources such as clothing closets, to help youth and families access clothing, food, and more • Nutrition and cooking classes

139,178 healthy meals and nourishing snacks were served in our Clubs


healthy habits programs SMART Moves SMART Moves (Skills Mastery and Resistance Training) is a prevention and education program for youth ages eight-12 that addresses issues such as drug and alcohol use and premature sexual activity.

Nutrition Services With funding from Oregon Department of Education CACFP and SFSP, as well as Partners for a Hunger-Free Oregon, five of our Clubs provide free meals, nutritional education and food service training to hungry children.

Access to Health Services & Screenings Boys & Girls Clubs of Portland connects youth and families with services in the community that provide free dental care, vision screenings, health fairs, and more.

“Our food is so delicious and nutritious. It might be the only meal that some kids get that day so it is very important!�



leadership programs Keystone Club Keystone Club is a unique leadership development experience for teens ages 14 to 18. Youth participate, both in and out of the Club, on activities focused on academic success, career preparation and community service.

Service Squad Service Squad is a civic engagement program that involves youth in small volunteer community service projects from their Clubs each week with monthly themes ranging from gratitude to global citizenship. Participants track their involvement, and receive credit for their volunteer service hours.

Youth of the Year Youth of the Year is Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s premier recognition program, celebrating the achievements of Club teens. Teens are selected based on values of leadership service, academic excellence, and healthy lifestyles.


“As an immigrant to this country, the first time that I walked through the doors of the Club I knew nothing about American culture and was suffering from culture shock. The Boys & Girls Club was the first place that welcomed me as their own from the beginning. The Club has given me what many other people in my life have never given me, opportunity.”





fostering civic engagement & leadership Young people are key agents for social change. The youth and teens in our communities will provide the energy, creative ideas and determination to drive the next generation of innovation and revolution. Volunteerism is an important tool for young people to bring about positive change in society. Volunteerism is also an effective way to engage young people in intentionally having a positive local impact. At BGCP, civic engagement and leadership go hand-in-hand. Programs like Service Squad, Youth of the Year, Keystone Club, and Torch Club fuse leadership and civic engagement together – showing youth that being a leader means being invested in one’s community. Service learning and volunteerism complements formal education in building the skills that are required for the job market, including: leadership, teamwork, problem-solving, planning, management, creativity, communication and negotiation.


hours of community service were completed by youth as part of the Service Squad leadership program





navigating transitions, empowering leaders Out-of-school time can be ripe with positive opportunities for teens. One way BGCP engages teens is by creating programs that interest them and that promote healthy development. Teen Club programs are designed to provide the same supports and opportunities we provide younger children, albeit through a modified approach that is tailored for teens’ needs and interests. Our approach to serving teens is based on: • A strong grounding in how to effectively work with teens. • A breadth of activities • An emphasis on leadership • A focus on having staff develop relationships with the teens • Time for teens to just “hang out” with peers. • A space of their own, in which teens can relax and socialize • Work and horizon-broadening experiences Boys & Girls Club teen programs strive to provide new inroads for youth voices that will ripple out into the future. Teens, who are experts on their own lives, will continue to have new and strengthened platforms from which to speak. We work closely with a broad array of partners, including, for example, those supported by the Mayor’s Community Center Initiative to provide effective teen programming across the Portand Metro.

58 teens secured jobs through BGCP’s YouthForce job-readiness program


teen programs YouthForce The YouthForce program, sponsored by Key Bank, is a unique employment and career development opportunity for teens that provides job readiness training, employment opportunities; and overall career planning. Teens participating in the program are currently working at Portland Timbers and Thorns games.

UPS Road Code The UPS Foundation has partnered with Boys & Girls Clubs of America since 2009 to deliver UPS Road Code, a free national program educating teens on safe driving techniques. The UPS Road Code program is based in large part on the same safety training used with UPS’s own drivers.

NightScape “YouthForce helped me get prepared for college and the workforce and helped me get to where I am now. It made me comfortable engaging with people, being able to be more vocal, and taught me how to build a resume.”

Dominique Duncan YOUTHFORCE TEEN

NightScape is Boys & Girls Clubs of Portland’s weekend program for teens. On Friday and Saturday nights, Clubs open their doors for teens to play basketball and engage in themed activities each week. Nightscape is made possible through generous support from the Schnitzer CARE Foundation. 15

leadership leagues

“Coaching with the Boys & Girls Club provided an amazing opportunity to work with kids with unlimited amounts of energy. There is no greater feeling than watching a player not only learn basic basketball concepts but to take away life lessons like team work, integrity, and compassion.”

Coach Rashida Saunder Our Leagues, which are in partnership with Buffalo Wild Wings All-Star Leagues, bring together community volunteers. BGCP’s Leadership Leagues are committed to a safe and positive environment that encourages each participant to develop their athletic skills, and more importantly their leadership skills, which they will be able to use on and off the court. LEAGUE DETAILS:

• Open to all youth grades 1-6 • $45 per player • Co-ed Teams SPORTS

• Basketball • Indoor Soccer • Flag Football

266 266 youth participated in leadership leagues last year 16





building character is as vital as building skills The unique Club environment creates an opportunity for youth who were afraid of the gym,or didn’t know how to play sports, to try something new. BGCP’s Athletics & Fitness initiatives increase children and teen’s daily physical activity, teaches them good nutrition, and helps them develop healthy relationships. Leadership Leagues infuse smallgroup leadership and service into play, keeping kids active yearround. BGCP intentionally keeps Leagues affordable so that all children can participate. Leadership Leagues are focused on character development as opposed to merely competition and skill development. Our weekly focus on a different value such as respect and honesty broadens the focus of engagement so that youth feel successful on and off the court.

49,053 hours of sports and fitness activities were completed by youth in our Clubs last year. 17

2016: A YEAR IN REVIEW jan.



Ilse Villaseñor of the Jack, Will, and Rob Club was named 2016 Youth of the Year.





400 people attended our annual event to celebrate our staff, volunteers, donors, and youth.

On July 21st, BGCP broke ground at its new site in the Rockwood neighborhood of Gresham. Community and business leaders, Club staff and families joined together to hear about the vision for the new facility and helped put the first shovels in the ground.


NATIONAL FINE ARTS More than 50 youth showcased their artwork to the community as part of Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s National Fine Arts program.


sept. 30 CS-First members made a special visit to Portland’s Google office and took part in a hands-on computer coding activity, listened to a computer science career panel, and took a behind-the-scenes tour of the Google office.




This past summer, more than 1,000 youth and teens enrolled in 260 summer camps with topics varying from science, to cooking, to athletics, arts, and more.


In late October, the Oak Grove Club opened in partnership with North Clackamas School district to continue serving youth in southeast Portland.





After 27 years, the Meyer Memorial Club closed it doors to serve needs further south.


Teens in the Inukai Keystone Club raised and addressed their own concerns about access to comprehensive sexual health education through the renovation of their local teen health clinic.



260 youth joined Sunshine Division and Portland Police at Fred Meyer for a Back to School shopping spree to stock up on clothes, shoes, and essentials.


BGCP held several holiday gatherings in the Club and distributed more than 800 presents to families and youth.


SUPPORTERS Thank you to all those who contributed to Portland’s youth during the 2015-2016 fiscal year. Listed below are those who donated $100 or more.

503 Motoring John & Ann Abrahamson Rick Abrahamson Accurate Heating, Inc. Advance Pierre Foods Aequitas Holdings Llc Joan Albertson Janell Alexander Deborah Al-Hadi All Service Glass Orville and Arlene Alleman Alpenrose Dairy American Honda Motor Co., Inc. Alfreda Amyotte Anchor Packaging Andersen Construction Co. Dave Anderson Dave Anderson Fred & Lynnette Anderson Mr. Garrett Anderson Kyle Anderson Margie Anderson Albert Angelo III The Ann & Bill Swindells Charitable Trust Anonymous Roy & Beverly Asbahr Atlas Electric Contractors Inc Roger & Kay Atwood Auto and Work Injury Center, Llc Avangrid, Inc. Dallas Bailey Baird Financial Group Baird Foundation Terry Baker John Ball Chris Balmes Lisa Balmes Eric Bankhead Ms. Anne Barbey Arleen Barnett

David Beller Bend Cabinet & Fixtures Inc. Best Buy Children’s Foundation Better Series Big Al’s Brot & Kelley Bishop, Jr. Mary & Broughton Bishop Bitar Foundation Larry & Susie Black Boeing Company Eldon & Gail Bolstad Scott Bortness Blair Boyce Boys & Girls Clubs of America Wallace Brassfield Sam Briggs Chelsey Brix Brown Properties Gretchen Brown Megan Brown Bruggere Family Foundation Dustin & Amanda Buell Buffalo Wild Wings Kevin Bunick Burgerville Sandi & Emile Burley Ellen Burton Dan & Lauren Buxton Pete & Kim Cabrera Ronald & Jillian Cain California Pizza Kitchen Camas School District Cambia Employee Giving Campaign Cambia Health Solutions Campbell Foundation Tom & Ann Campbell Ashley Campion Barb & Jim Cardinale Carmax Foundation Carpets For Kids Don & Connie Carver

Scott & Susan Cassidy Jim & Jo Castaneda Pamela Catlett Nancy & Bobby Cereghino Cha Cha Cha, Inc. Grace Chung Roy & Maxine Ciappini Cinnamon Bums City of Gresham Oregon, Community Development City of Hillsboro City of Portland ClearChannel Outdoor Therese Cleary Lisa Clevenger Jamie & Irene Clifton Coca-Cola Refreshments Cohage Bakery Cohage Denis Coldwell-Filbin Carol Coleman Collins Foundation Columbia Distributing Columbia Investments Columbia Pacific Brokerage Columbia Sportswear Comcast Cable Services Community Foundation for Southwest Washington Bill Conerly & Ulla Christina West Continental Mills Jack Cook Carole Cooperman Corporate IT Solutions, Inc. Cosgrove Vergeer Kester LLP County Fair Food Products Covenant United Presbyterian Church Courtney & John Cummings Curtis Restaurant Equipment, Inc. Anna & Jeff Curtis Cyrus O’Leary’s Pies

Daily’s Premium Meats Jason Davidson Davis Wright Tremaine LLP Gerard De Blois Ryan & Esther Dela Rosa Chris Denzin Dermody Properties Foundation Matt Dewolf Jordan Dickens Dick’s Country Chrysler Jeep Dodge Dick’s Hillsboro Honda Dicks Hillsboro Hyundai Dick’s MacKenzie Ford Kathy Diehl Betty Dominguez Emi Donis Tim & Sonja Dozois DPI Specialty Foods Rick and Karen Durrett Ryan & Molly Durrett The Dussin Family Charitable Trust Dwell Realty Dynamic Consulting Inc. Julie Elkins Dave & Terri Emory Mark Engelberg Envista Entertainment, LLC Esco Foundation Estate of Donna Thornton Estate of Dorothy Stone Estate of Thomas G. Elliott Steve Estes Dan Ewing Marshall and Candace Fant Marc Farrar Fedex Jeff Feuerstein David Fife Jim Fisher Michael & Maureen Fisher Food Service Installations



In November, CJ McCollum invested $50,000 in an innovative learning room outfitted with new computers, books, art and learning tools at the Blazers Boys & Girls Club. A new partnership will see CJ McCollum Dream Centers built at select locations, aiming to provide a safe and inspiring space for underserved youth to learn, explore, create and grow. The room was also made possible thanks to Director’s Mortgage, Moda Health, and Buffalo Wild Wings.

AARON’S TEEN ROOM REMODEL This November, teens at the Wattles Boys & Girls Club received a generous teen room remodel worth $27,000 in furniture, electronics, and appliances from Aaron’s, Inc. Wattles teens worked alongside Aaron’s regional store managers to plan and design their newly refreshed Teen Center.

Forest Grove High School Student Assoc. Kellie Foster Frank Foti Four Seasons Bowling Center, Inc. Bob & Peggy Fowler Bill Francione Kenneth Fransen Fred Meyer Fund-Kroger Co. Foundation Caitlan & Paul Freese Margaret Fritz Joe Froman John & Melissa Froman Catherine Gaffigan Dennis & Debbie Gallacher Debra Gambee Bill Gander Mark Ganz Mark & Leslie Ganz GAP Foundation Money for Time Program Gap Stores Eric Garcia Ray Gebauer Robert Gentry Eric Gewirtz Joseph Gianan Jeff & Shannon Gianola Telly Ginos Chris Girard GISI Companies Give with Liberty Gladys G. Hare Charitable Trust Webb Goetze GoFundMe Tom Goldsworthy Jeff Gomes David & Janet Gonroski Tony & Raquel Gonzalez Charles & Kelly Grall John Grall Brian Grant Paul Green Robert F. Greenwell Gresham Ford Chris Greyerbiehl Cj Grubb James & Nancy Gunter H & R Block Brian Haas Cathy Hanauska Monica Hanlin Sandra Hanson

Brian Hardy Harold & Arlene Schnitzer CARE Foundation Stacie Harper Gayle Harris Harry’s Fresh Food Harsch Investment Properties LLC James & Suzanne Hayden Bella Health Heartland Payment Systems Vanessa Heckman Bob & Jaylin Hefty Chris Hein Heintzberger Payne Advisors Helen B. Sutherland Foundation Cory & April Henderling Henry’s Tavern John Herman Matthys & Darice Heyns High Liner Foods Usa, Inc. Hillsboro School District 1J Eleni Hobbs Kathleen Hogan Hollywood Bowl Inc. Doug & Robin Holman Richard Holman Holst Architecture Richard Holt Mary Holub Mary Holub Betsy Holzgraf Lee Holzman Home Forward Joseph Hooyboer Elizabeth Hubert Erin Hubert Stan Hubert Angie Hult Iberdrola Renewables, Inc. Iheartmedia Management Services, Inc. Scot Ikeda Kathy Inman Intel Volunteer Grant Program Carol Inukai Scott Inukai Shannon Inukai-Cuffee Richard Ito Debbie & Roy Jannsen Gillian David Jared Rodriguez Jeff Sanders Promotions &

Winco Foods Portland Open Mark Jeffries Caroline Jenne JFR Foundation Jg Neil & Company Jim Fisher Volvo Jll Portland John Morrell & Co. Aaron & Kathy Johnson Kelley Johnson Ralph Johnson Ralph Johnson & Karen Hopson Johnson Mike Johnston Robbi Johnston John Jones John & Sandra Jones Tim & Tami Jones Timothy Jones Joseph E. Weston Public Foundation of the OCF Jubitz Family Foundation Chris Karlin Keith Kaufman Gordon & Kathy Keane Ryan & Carolyn Kenney Erin Kerrigan Robin Kersey Key Bank Villa Khamvongsa Paul & Elaine Kingston Timothy Kircher Alan & Penny Kirk Marsha Knight Jonathan and Jami Knutson Kohl’s Department Store Koin TV Erik Krieger Ivan Krizanac Kroger Mike & Jeanette Kuiawa Kuni Automotive Lake Oswego United Church of Christ Lamont Properties, Llc Christine Lazo Lee Middle School Student Body Fund Michael Lewellen Hunt Lewis III Liberty Mutual Lindsay, Hart, Neil & Weigler, LLP Stephanie & Dale Lindstrom

Little Italy Justin & Ali Livolsi Rodrigo & Mary Lopez Love Abounds Foundation Lrs Architects, Inc Ludwig & Associates Lum’s Auto Center Molly Lytle Mackenzie Group Macy’s Foundation Rick & Tonya Mahler Maria Mallari Star Mancilla Heather Mansy Mimi Margulies Marie Lamfrom Charitable Foundation Marsh Inc. Jaqueline & Brad Marsh Al & Janet Matson McCain Foods Brianne McCreary McDonald Jacobs PC David McDonald Chris & Susan McGowan Ian & Michelle McHone McIlhenny Company Mr. & Mrs. Gene & Melody McIntosh Jessica McIntyre Lisa McKinney McMenamins Market Street Pub Laura Meade Ruth Medak Kathy & Frank Medford Judge Keith Meisenheimer Doug Menely Ed & Mary Merrick Melinda & Mark Merrill Nancy Merryman Metro Metro Portland New Car Dealers Charitable Foundation Metropolitan Exposition Recreation Commision Meyer Memorial Trust Mickey Meyer Rick & Sharon Meyer Robert & Michel Meyer Microchip Technology Incorporated Microsoft Matching Gifts Program Milford & Lee Bohm Charitable Foundation

BOLD - Denotes members of the Jeremiah Milbank Society for individuals who have contributed $10,000 or more.


Bob & Sharon Miller Jody Miller Sarah Mirando Sanjay Mirchandani James Mitchell Moda Health Char Moe Dan & Sarah Mogck Melanie Moir Marta Monetti Marvin Monk Christine Moody Bill Moore Rex Morris Michael Morse Shannon Moxley Multnomah County Oregon The Multnomah Whiskey Library Elizabeth Murphy Theresa Murphy Norm Myhr Roch Naleway National Institute For Reproductive Health NCCO Roscoe Nelson Hai Nguyen Nike Employee Matching Gift Program NIKE, Inc. Allan & Carole Nilson Norpac Foods Inc. Northside Ford Truck Sales NW Priority Cu Obradoiro Cab Julianne Oconnor Shar Officer Ken & Sara O’Neil Penina Ongiro Oregon Community Foundation Oregon Golf Club/ American Golf Corporation Oregon International Air Show Oregon Museum of Science and Industry Oregon Restaurant Association OSF International, Inc. Wanda Osgood Dave Otte P & C Construction Company Pacific Office Automation, Inc.

Pacific Residential Mortgage Pacific Seafood Pacific Western Sales Daniel Palko Traci Parker Loren Parks Paterson Paper Pavelcomm PCC Structurals, Inc. Pepsi Co. Perkins & Company, P.C. Perkins Coie LLP Perrin Performance Laura Perrin Sarah Petrone Jim & Terrie Piro Meg Pitman Plaid Pantries, Inc. Terry & Susie Porter Portland Fondue Inc. Portland General Electric Portland General Electric Co-Silicon Valley Community Fndn. Portland Rugby Football Club Portland United Bills Supporters William Powers Precision Castparts Corporation Stefanie Prillaman Project Access Now Propel Insurance Ramona Qualls Julio Quinteros Ralcorp Frozen Bakery Products Marion Rawlinson Ray Hickey Foundation Jim & Susan Rech Sarah Reed Morgan Rees Mike & Cindy Reese Michael Reeves Regional Arts & Culture Council Greg and Jodi Remensperger Leslie Rennie-Hill Jim & Ellen Reuler Robert Reynolds Rich Products Corp. Aubrey Richardson Righteous Clothing Richard & Christie Ripkowski

Tim & Jan Rippey Valerie Rippey Risk & Insurance Management Society Paul Riso Ryan & Becca Rissler Riverlake Partners LLC David Rix Adrienne Roarke Robert D. and Marcia H. Randall Charitable Trust Jaime Lynn Rodgers-Wakefield Celeste Rose Traci & Pat Rose Royal Cup Coffee Jay Russell Ruth Henderson Fund of the OCF Robert & Linda Saito Catherine Sander April Sanderson Nathan Sasaki Steve Schmitz Patty & Trevor Schmitz-Thursam Arlene Schnitzer Gregory Schnitzer Deanna Schuerbeke Maria Schultz Janie Schutz Mr. George Scott Sea Research Foundation, Inc. Aalok K Shah Rupa & Kirit Shah Shamrock Building Material Shari’s Restaurant Management Matt Sheets Liz Shilliam Brian & Kathy Shoemaker Shoes for Crews Jared Short Sigma Investment Management Company Edda Sigurdar Tom Simpson Shirley Skidmore Lucas & Heidelinda Smith Michael Smith A Solid Foundation Mr. George & Marietta Spada Shane & Taylor Spannaus Tiffany Spears

Steve & Cathy Splonskowski Gary St. Louis The Standard The Standard Employee Giving Campaign Standard TV & Appliance, Inc. Matt & Melissa Stashin State of Oregon, Dept. of Education State of Oregon-Housing & Community Services Roger Staver Candice Stayer Kirk Stevens Steve & Martha Stevens Jean W. Stevenson Valerie & Monty Stinson Christa Stout Joanne Strahan Grace & David Stratton Zach & Corrine Stratton Michael Striplin Todd & Carrie Stucky Sunfresh Foods Inc. Sunset Imports Ken Surrett Carl Swett Swigert Warren Foundation Hank Swigert SYSCO Food Services of Portland, Inc. Robert & Mary Szeyller T.F. Dixon Family Foundation Mehdi Tabrizi Dave & Rose Tanner TCMS Tec Equipment, Inc Technomic, Inc. Troy Tegeler Tegna Foundation Tom & Tandra Teramura Gracelen Terrace J & C Thornton Kenneth & Marta Thrasher Brittainy & Craig Tiffany Christine Todd Tom Gary Interior’s, Inc. Jerrid Tompkins Mr. Ed Tonkin Torani Toyota Motor Credit Corporation Larry & Fred Trachi Trail Blazers Trail Blazers Foundation

BOLD - Denotes members of the Jeremiah Milbank Society for individuals who have contributed $10,000 or more.

IKEA ROOM RENOVATION As part of its ten year celebration, IKEA Portland transformed the Family & Youth Services Room at Oak Grove Boys & Girls Club this winter with more than $10,000 worth of furniture and decor.


The room is being used for small group programs, family programs, resource sharing and more.

JCPENNEY LEARNING LOUNGE ROOM Thanks to a grant from JCPenney and Scholastic, the Inukai Family Boys & Girls Club’s learning center got revamped this winter. The new Learning Lounge is equipped with more than 1,200 books in English and Spanish, as well as tablet computers and audio equipment to listen to lessons and music. The Inukai Family Club was one of six Clubs nationwide to receive a new Learning Lounge.

Thai Tran Niall & Shelby Travers The Treasurer of the City of Portland Pam Trezevant Tumac Lumber Co. Fund of the OCF Tuxton China Twg Holdings, Inc. Umpqua Bank Umpqua Bank Associate Giving Campaign Unilever Union Bank United States Bakery United Way of the Columbia-Willamette Unitedhealth Group Bill & Julie Valach

Kevin Valk Paul Vance Sean & Julieann Varma Vibrant Table Catering & Events Village Inn Jose Vithayathil Jason & Taunya Vosberg Edward & Mary Vranizan Tim Wade Waggener Edstrom Jill Wait Roderick Walker Colin & Shannon Wallace Wal-Mart Foundation Walsh Construction Co. Vince Walters Dan Ware Dan & Laurie Ware

Patti Warner Washington State Auto Dealers Services, Inc. Washington State Boys & Girls Club Association Washington Trust Bank Jason Waugh Amy Wayson Patti Weber Wells Fargo Foundation Wentworth Foundation Westlie Ford Ron White Eric & Jen Wiley Willard L. Eccles Foundation Karley & Jason Willis DJ Wilson Jamie Wilson

Sheila K. Wilson Winco Foods Foundation Vicki Wolff Glenda Wong Woodlawn United Methodist Church Beverly Woodward Dean & Carrie Woolworth Brent Workman Senator Ron Wyden Jordan Young Nancy Young Richard Young Darrell Yuen Michael Zahn Dave Zentzis

Financial Snapshot


Road to Rockwood Staying true to our mission of serving communities that need us most, in August of 2016, BGCP broke ground on the construction of a new Boys & Girls Club in Gresham’s Rockwood community. The new Rockwood Club will be centrally located at the intersection of three metro school districts (Reynolds, Gresham-Barlow, and Centennial), and is anticipated to annually serve 2,500 youth with an average of 250-300 youth and teen members daily. BGCP will build on partnerships with Reynolds schools focused on our Margaret Scott SUN program and with the City of Gresham through the Summer Kids in the Park (SKIP) program at Gresham park locations. Lead investors in this important project include: The Bill and Ann Swindells Charitable Trust The State of Oregon Precision Castparts/PCC Structurals The Johnson Charitable Trust

The Collins Foundation The MJ Murdock Charitable Trust Nike and the Ever Higher Fund

BGCP has partnered with P&C Construction as our builder whose roots tie back to the Gresham community. Along with Holst Architecture, and the active consultation with BGCP’s youth development staff, the new Club has been designed to inspire horizon broadening enrichment for the specific needs of the young people within the Rockwood community. The Rockwood Boys & Girls Club will feature learning, innovation, and activity spaces for youth 12 and younger, and will be the first Club in the metro area to have an independent teen center that will be designed to inspire age and socially-appropriate activities for young people 13 and older in spaces designed with teen’s top of mind. The new Club site is located in the center of the Rockwood neighborhood at the corner of SE 165th and Stark Street. The facility will be approximately 28,000 square feet occupying 1.7 acres of a 4-acre plot. Open School East, an alternative school for youth, neighbors the new Club and will share our kitchen and gym. Additionally, New Avenues for Youth, a homeless youth provider, will lease space in our Club and share teen services with BGCP. The new Rockwood Club will feature an industrial kitchen and commons/café space that is anticipated to serve 60,000 hot meals a year. The new Club will also feature a 7,200 square foot gymnasium that will host daily Club fitness and recreation programs, BGCP sports leadership league competitions, and be available to the broader community. In addition to traditional programming at the Rockwood Club, BGCP will deliver evidencebased gang, violence, and drug prevention and resistance programs; and targeted workforce training and placement programs for teens with the help and collaboration of other non-profits working with young people Rockwood.



Boys & Girls Clubs of Portland Catalyst Campaign Leadership Erik Krieger | Campaign Co-Chair Partner, Riverlake Partners Mike Reese | Campaign Co-Chair Sheriff, Multnomah County Sheriff’s Dept. Ashley Campion Helen K. & Arthur E. Johnson Foundation Betty Dominguez, E. County Program Dir., Home Forward John Herman BGCP Pacesetter Chair Judge Keith Meisenheimer BGCP Board member Ken O’Neil BGCP Board member


Board of Directors Dave Anderson | Wells Fargo Brot Bishop | Self-Employed Ashley Campion | Helen K. & Arthur E. Johnson Foundation Captain Mike Crebs | Portland Police Bureau Gilliam Crismier | USI Kibble & Prentice Anna Curtis | Coca-Cola Chris Denzin | Century Link Betty Dominguez | Home Forward Chris Dussin | OSF International Kenneth J. Fransen, J.D. | Attorney At Law Wray Hutchinson | Buffalo Wild Wings Shannon Inukai-Cuffee | Dick’s Auto Group Tim Jones | Umpqua Bank Erik Krieger | Riverlake Partners, LLC Mike Kuiawa | PCC Structurals, Inc. Rodrigo Lopez | Comcast Dave McDonald | Entercom Communication Chris McGowan | Portland Trail Blazers Judge Keith Meisenheimer | Retired, Multnomah County Circuit Court Judge Dan Mogck | Key Bank

Ken O’Neil | Retired, Farwest Golf Terry Porter | Head Coach, University of Portland Julio Quinteros | Opus Global Sheriff Mike Reese | Multnomah County Sheriff’s Department Dwayne Richardson | Formerly with Pricewaterhouse, Coopers LLP Tim Rippey | TM Rippey Consulting Engineers David Rix | Marsh USA Adrienne Roark | KPTV Celeste Rose | Harsch Investment Properties Deanna Schuerbeke | Nike Aalok Shah | Heintzberger | Payne Jared Short | Regence BlueCross BlueShield of Oregon Medhi Tabrizi | Moda Health Cindy Thornton | Fred Meyer Niall Travers | JLL Portland Bill Valach | Portland General Electric Colin Wallace | Moss Adams LLP

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Staff CLUB LEADERSHIP BLAZERS Imani Muhammad | Interim Club Director Nikita Wallace | Director of Youth Programs Ashleigh Paschal | Membership & Family Engagement INUKAI Rachel Parker | Club Director Roberto Bermejo | Director of Youth Programs Amanda Mondragon | Director of Teen Programs Sarai Barrera | Membership & Family Engagement Debi Heintz | Coordinator of Nutrition Services

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JWR Amber Barnes | Club Director Lowena Kahana | Director of Youth Programs

ATTEND AN EVENT We have several fundraisers each year. Join us in celebrating our youth at special -events

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WORK WITH US We are always looking for qualified staff to join our team. Apply at employment

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