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8 Publisher’s Toast On to 2021… Whew! 36 Gerry’s Insights Innovation at a Distance

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54 Sparkling Water Bubbling Up: No End in Sight for Sparkling Water Growth With Sparkling Water Brand News

10 Bevscape/NOSHscape/Brewscape La Colombe Partners With Molson Coors; Mars Acquires KIND; Heineken USA, Arizona Reveal Sun Rise Hard Seltzer 28 New Products Mobtown, Mooala, and Talking Rain Essentials 32 Channel Check Spotlight on Lemondes

64 Cider Pressing for Profit During COVID-19

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Tough Year. Thank You. Given the season, I’m super grateful to have the chance to welcome you to one of those “things I’m thankful for” columns. I’m thankful for my wife and children, and semi-thankful for the dog, who still needs to stop eating remote controls. It’s an understatement to say that it’s been a hell of a year, so I’m thankful both for barrel-strength bourbon and for the growing number of well crafted zero-alcohol options to keep me away from it. I’m also thankful for seltzer and soda, for coffee and yerba mate, for Spindrift, Topo Chico, Essentia and all of the CBD drinks that are trying to capitalize on the fact that it’s been a hell of a year. I’m thankful for an incredible edit team at BevNET, NOSH, and Brewbound, including our art staff and freelancers. I’m also thankful for Barry Nathanson, and admire so much the job he’s done as an industry guide and family man. I’m grateful that I haven’t had COVID-19. I’m grateful for the people who have had it and lived. I’m thankful that the ones who didn’t live had people who loved them, and I hope they knew that. I’m thankful for scientists, who are developing really important cocktails: vaccines. I’m thankful to have the privilege of covering a business filled with incredible dreamers who are as hard-working as they are visionary, and who have continued to

put in the work, even as the past year’s events made a hard journey even more unpredictable. I’m thankful for the industry friends who will take my calls and continue to explain the business to me, and who are willing to lend an ear when things aren’t so great. I’m thankful for the ones who won’t take my calls as well, because it means that I have to work that much harder to get stories delivered. I’m thankful that I can still get up and run around and exercise, even if it hurts a lot and there’s not a damn thing I can do about it. Such is middle age. I’m thankful for books. They are a fortress of refuge in hard times. I’m thankful for the Blue Note Tone Poet series, which has kept me listening to something other than election news. Speaking of news, I’m thankful for Martin Caballero and Brad Avery, who keep the whole industry steeped in it. I’m thankful for our columnist, Gerry Khermouch, who competes with us and writes for us at the same time, because his work really classes up the joint. I’m thankful for John Craven, whose fascination with beverages has built a platform that has supported, with great decency and sacrifice, a deserving crew through a trying time. I’m thankful on behalf of the entire CPG wing of the beverage business that they aren’t having to face down what the


restaurant and bar owners are right now; it’s one thing to lament the loss of that fraction of sales that comes from onpremise, it’s another to have on-premise sales be the whole enchilada. Here’s hoping we can all work together to bring restaurants back to health next year. I’m thankful that restaurant owners are dogged and inspired, and are teaching lessons about pivoting to stay alive and busy nearly every day. I’m thankful that Expos East and West, NACS, Fancy Food and, yes, BevNET Live weren’t held this year, so that more of us can make it to Thanksgiving. I’ll be thankful when they’re back, though, for sure. I’m thankful that I’ve had so many great experts join me for Office Hours, and I’m hoping for so much more sharing in the future. I’m thankful for hop tea, craft beer, and red wine. I wish there was more time to enjoy all of them, every day, but I’m really looking forward to enjoying them all this Thanksgiving. I’m thankful that we all get the chance to do this next year, and for you sharing the stories with us that have helped illuminate a fascinating industry. I’m thankful that, after all these years on the job, faced with one last column for the year, I found this old chestnut kicking around in the columnist’s bag of tricks. And I’m thankful for you, for indulging me on it, all the way to this last period.

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On to 2021… Whew As I start to type my column, I’m bleary eyed, sleep deprived and full of angst about the state of affairs in our country. This election has crystallized all that is good in America and all that is bad. The polarization, hatred and lies spewed during the campaign season were disheartening, to say the least. Combined with the economic crises and, most important of all, the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s a wonder that anyone can have a “business as usual” attitude. I fervently hope that the presidential transition will be smooth and that we can get back to being the great country we have always been. At this time of the year I like to look back on what has transpired since the start of the year. Since I’m the publisher of a beverage magazine, I’ll try to limit my comments from that perspective. The optimism that was generated at year end, highlighted by our BevNET Live conference, was palpable. So many brands were finally getting, or about to receive funding, to propel them to success in 2020. They shared with me aggressive marketing agendas, new launches and extensions, package refreshes and expansion into new markets. Old and new categories were flourishing. Newer players like CBD generated buzz, excitement and skyrocketing sales. Waters of all ilk were continuing to reach new heights. The tea and juice categories8 BEVNET MAGAZINE – NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2020


seemed to have a rebirth. Spiked seltzers became the rage and helped revive and drive the spirits category. Coffee brands proliferated on the shelves and generated sales at the register. It was looking like an incredible year for the marketplace. Then came Covid-19 and the beverage arena ground to a halt. The magnitude of its impact was unlike anything else I observed in my 29 years in the beverage arena. On so many levels, our personal and business lives were tested like no time before. The loss of face to face connection, caused by having to work at home, led to isolation and hindered the creative process. Plans were shelved as everyone went into their bunkers. In so many conversations, I heard the fear that they might not be able to forge forward. Investment came to a halt. It was a bleak time. Over the past few months, though, I’ve observed an energy and some excitement for the times ahead. While so many brands won’t see the fruits of their jumping back in until the first quarter of 2021, positivity has resurfaced. Most won’t be able to recoup the six months of the shutdown volume, but they’re hanging in and looking forward to a robust new year. Hope springs eternal, so I wish all of you a happy, healthy and safe holiday season and a time when we can all be together again.






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La Colombe Signs Distribution Pact With Molson Coors Philadelphia-based coffee roaster La Colombe has entered an exclusive 10-year partnership with Molson Coors Beverage Company to distribute the brand’s ready-to-drink coffee products in the drug and convenience channels starting in 2021, with plans to eventually transition distribution for all channels to the Molson Coors network over time. The deal marks the latest addition to Molson Coors’ growing portfolio of owned and partnered non-alcoholic beverage brands and comes shortly after the announcement that the company will soon launch four new product lines developed through its partnership with L.A. Libations as well as a distribution agreement with sustainably-packaged water brand ZenWTR and Topo Chico. “This is one more way we’re innovating beyond our traditional product lines to deliver what consumers want,” said Molson Coors president of emerging growth Pete Marino, in a press release. “It’s a mutually beneficial partnership for all; La Colombe will enhance its reach through our established distribution network, our distributors will benefit from access to another fast-growing, high-demand product they can offer their retailer customers, and Molson Coors adds an above-premium offering to the top of our non-alcohol roster of brands.” La Colombe previously partnered with Molson Coors last year for the launch of its alcoholic Hard Cold Brew Coffee line,

which was produced by the coffee roaster but distributed through Molson Coors’ wholesale distribution network. Todd Carmichael, founder and CEO of La Colombe, said the brand views itself as a top player in the ready-to-drink coffee space, competing directly with strategics such as PepsiCo (which distributes Starbucks), Coca-Cola and Nestle. The new partnership now gives La Colombe the distribution muscle and support network it needs to dominate within the brick and mortar retail sector. Though La Colombe’s new focus on the drug and convenience channels will primarily include grab-and-go products, Carmichael said he has a long pipeline of innovation focused on both single-serve and at-home occasions, but some of these products may be years away from a launch. As the Molson Coors partnership expands, the conglomerate will handle all new RTD product distribution.

Coke Cuts Continue, With Zico Next To Exit The Coca-Cola Company announced it will discontinue coconut water brand Zico by the end of the year as part of a long term project to drop underperforming product lines from its portfolio. The move comes after months of declining sales for the brand, which Coke acquired in 2013. According to market research firm IRI, sales of Zico have declined double digits across all product lines over the past year, with aseptic products down 33.3% in the 52-week period ending July 12. Zico’s products categorized as bottled fruit drinks declined 40.3% and refrigerated drinks fell 25.9% in the same period. Launched in 2004, Zico helped create the U.S. market for coconut water along with Vita Coco and O.N.E. Long the second best-selling brand in the category, behind Vita Coco, Zico’s departure is set to reshape the coconut water market by creating room not just for smaller brands to rise up, but also presents an oppor-

tunity for its chief competitor to seize further market share. In addition to Zico, Coke is also weighing whether or not to drop several other SKUs and product lines, including stevia-sweetened Coke Life, Diet Coke Feisty Cherry and regional soda brands such as Northern Neck Ginger Ale and Delaware Punch. The announcement comes just months after the company axed longtime portfolio mainstay Odwalla, stating in July that that decision came “at a time when it is more important than ever to evaluate where we can improve efficiencies in our business and operations.”


In a statement to the Wall Street Journal, a Coke spokesperson said the Zico decision comes as the company is “winnowing down” its product portfolio to focus on brands that can achieve a large scale. In quarterly earnings calls over the past year, Coke CEO James Quincey has frequently talked about cutting underperforming “zombie brands” in order to streamline the conglomerate’s focus on its best-selling products. In the company’s Q2 call in July, referencing Odwalla, Quincey said the combined revenue of zombie brands on the cutting block made up approximately 2% of total company revenue and would require significant work and investment to scale and that it was more important to focus on recent acquisitions such as Topo Chico. As well, he noted the COVID-19 pandemic has forced the company to accelerate SKU rationalization plans.

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Bang Moves to Terminate PepsiCo Distribution Agreement Less than a year after entering an exclusive distribution agreement with PepsiCo that was touted as a blockbuster deal at the time, Bang Energy announced in November it had unilaterally “terminated” the relationship. According to a press release issued November 17, Bang gave PepsiCo notice of termination on October 23, citing “multiple issues and concerns regarding PepsiCo’s performance since the parties’ distribution partnership began.” The release claims that PepsiCo is “no longer the exclusive distributor” of Bang or any other brands produced by parent company VPX Sports. “Bang Energy has had, and continues to have, a remarkable 11-year relationship with many of its prior distribution partners, including the independent Pepsi bottlers,” CEO Jack Owoc said in a press release. “Therefore, we sincerely expected PepsiCo to execute at an even higher level based on their enormous resources and promises. Unfortunately, we were wrong. PepsiCo, you’re fi red.” In response to Owoc, PepsiCo reiterated in a statement to BevNET that it will remain the exclusive U.S. distributor of Bang Energy drinks through October 2023. “We were disappointed to receive VPX’s … notice of termination without cause, especially given the rapid success we’ve had in significantly expanding the presence and availability of Bang Energy drinks,” the company said. PepsiCo also noted that it will continue to fulfill its obligations under the contract, which does not include a minimum purchase commitment. The company said it will also be “defending and enforcing our exclusive rights granted in the agreement.” The move follows months of declines for Bang, which began steadily this spring after a period of rapid triple-digit growth from $345 million in retail dollar sales in spring 2019 to over $1.1 billion this year. Since the fi rst quarter, however, sales fell 1.3% to $1.09 billion in the 12-week period ending October 31, according to Nielsen. Overall growth for the 52-week period has slowed to 5.2% year-over-year. In March, PepsiCo acquired Rockstar Energy for $3.85 billion in a move that was largely believed to be in anticipation of the then-forthcoming Bang deal. By acquiring Rockstar, which itself had experienced years of sliding sales, PepsiCo ended an exclusive distribution agreement and allowed the conglomerate to expand its energy portfolio, which also includes MTN Dew Game Fuel. Speaking during the company’s Q2 earnings call in July, PepsiCo CEO Ramon Laguarta said the strategic was taking a “threepronged approach” to the energy category, in which Bang played a significant role as its entry in the fitness energy sub-space while efforts to return Rockstar to growth and new innovations on MTN Dew would provide multiple use occasions.

PepsiCo itself has seen sharp declines in energy sales, according to Nielsen, down 12.5% to $1.06 billion in the 12-week period and down 10% for the 52-weeks. Moving ahead, Bang’s decision to pull out of the agreement once again leaves the energy space at an uncertain crossroads. This spring, DSD distributors, retailers and competing brands saw the partnership as resetting the direction of the category due to the heightened presence of strategic players and disruption to DSD portfolios. Bang’s departure to PepsiCo left many Anheuser-Busch InBev DSD houses without a leading energy player, creating a void that many competitors in the performance energy space rushed to fi ll. The growth of brands like A-Shoc, Nutrabolt (C4) and Celsius — the latter two of which are projected to eclipse $100 million in sales this year — has given those distributors more viable options to fi ll those open slots. Noting that many beer wholesalers were disappointed to lose their distribution rights to Bang in the fi rst place, Nik Modi of RBC Capital Markets wrote in a research note that the termination may be “a precursor to a partnership with another beverage company,” potentially one in beer that can “acquire the assets rather than just distribute them.”



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OXIGEN Closes $15M Series B Round Featuring Celebrities, VCs OXIGEN, maker of a line of oxygenenhanced waters, announced in October that it had raised $15 million in a Series B funding round, backed by individual investors including pro athletes, musicians and venture capitalists. The round follows the addition of Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry as an investor and partner in August. As Curry moves into the role of the global face of the brand in advertising campaigns, fellow NBA star Kevin Love and country music singer Brett Eldredge join this round as fellow investors. Additional participants include Ezralow Companies CEO Bryan Ezralow, JMG Capital principal Jonathan Glaser, Casamigos Tequila co-founder and Discovery Land Co. CEO Michael Meldman, Hudson Pacific Properties CEO Victor Coleman, fi lm producer Neal Mortiz, Pritzker Private Capital CEO Anthony Pritzker, author Daniel Yergin and former congressman Dick Gephardt. According to founder and CEO Blair Bentham, the “vast majority” of the Series B participants previously invested in the brand’s 2018 Series A round, which raised $13.5 million. The fi nancing, he said, has been a lengthy process marked by frequent extensions and rising goals (initially OXIGEN aimed to raise $10 million and was prepared to close the round around March, but upped the ante when Curry began talks with the company in the spring). While Curry has embraced becoming the face of OXIGEN, with his image being included in point of sale displays and in television ads, other high profile investors such as Love and Eldredge will not serve as brand ambassadors per se. However, Bentham said they have already helped grow brand awareness by promoting the brand on their social media channels and in interviews. Additionally, Curry and Love’s involvement has opened up sales opportunities to NBA teams, he added.

Other investors hailing from the fi nance and private equity world, Bentham said, have been able to expand OXIGEN’s networks with manufacturers and suppliers, helping the company to “streamline logistics.” Investor Mike Meldman, who is also the founder of hydration beverage Recover 180, has similarly provided OXIGEN with “different opportunities” through his ownership of real estate and resort fi rm Discovery Land Co. Most of the fi nancing, Bentham said, will be primarily used for marketing as OXIGEN aims to position the brand as a mainstream product. This year, the


brand launched a series of television ads, which have run on ESPN as well as online, focused on the slogan of “Recover & Rise.” The spots highlight essential workers during the COVID-19 pandemic and the campaign also includes a giveback program where the company will donate $5,000 to a winning applicant’s charity of choice. The financing also comes as the brand prepares to transition its nationwide distribution from predominantly wholesale to a broad DSD network for its roughly 47,000 accounts. In recent months, the brand has expanded into chains such as 7-Eleven, CVS, Shop Rite and Stop & Shop.



Cann Recruits Goop’s Gwenyth Paltrow As Investor, Brand Advocate Cannabis-infused beverage brand Cann announced in late October that it had received investments from a roster of high profile backers including Goop founder Gwyneth Paltrow; actors Rebel Wilson, Ruby Rose and Darren Criss; NBA point guard Baron Davis; singer Tove Lo and YouTuber Casey Neistat. The collective size of the new funding was not disclosed. Based in Los Angeles, Cann produces several lines of readyto-drink “social tonics,” including a core line which contains 30 calories, 2 mg of THC and 4 mg of CBD per 8 oz. can, a Lite line with reduced sugar, and a “Hi Boy” line containing 50 calories and 5 mg of THC per 12 oz. can. The brand is currently sold in over 200 licensed cannabis dispensaries throughout California, Nevada and Rhode Island and previously raised $5 million in seed financing earlier this year. According to Cann co-founders Luke Anderson and Jake Bullock, the celebrity investors will not only help promote the brand but also work to normalize cannabis beverages as a socially-acceptable alcohol alternative. While many entertainers associated with cannabis culture, such as rapper Snoop Dogg and actor Seth Rogen, have lent their support to startups, Anderson said those backing Cann are largely mainstream tastemakers who will help break down stigmas and stereotypes. “We knew that because our product looked and felt so different [from other cannabis brands], it appealed to consumers that aren’t necessarily going to the dispensary yet, so we wanted to find an army of people who did not carry that same stigma and could help advance the conversation,” Anderson said. “With this group, they’re all very, very savvy business people who have track records of successful investments, if not running their own companies successfully.”

Anderson said the impact of the investors is already being felt, noting that earlier this year Paltrow promoted Cann on her social media channels, prompting an influx of requests from consumers new to the category who asked why the product was not available at stores such as Whole Foods and Erewhon. As a startup, Bullock said that Cann does not currently have a sizable marketing budget, making the platforms of Paltrow, Wilson, Rose and others a valuable tool for growing brand awareness. Though dollar amounts of investments were not disclosed, Anderson said Paltrow owns a small but “non-trivial” stake in the brand. But it’s not just consumers that Cann is hoping to convert through its influential backers. Anderson noted that the nascent THC-infused beverage market is still a small sliver of overall cannabis sales and dispensaries are often not equipped to upsell ready-todrink beverages — making it difficult to scale the brand or receive strong in-store placement when many dispensaries lack basic tools such as coolers. Driving demand for the product could help the channel to pay more attention to the beverage space, he suggested. According to Bullock, Cann is currently focused on expanding its footprint and increasing production in its existing markets and plans to open new facilities in Colorado, Illinois, Massachusetts and Washington over the next 6-8 months. Of the over 700 licensed dispensaries in California, he said Cann is only in about 200 but is targeting an additional 300 doors it hopes to add in the near future. Currently, Cann is among the better selling cannabis beverage brands, with internal data showing high organic repeat customer rates — over 60% in the last month, Anderson said, adding that for many cannabis brands 20% repeat is considered strong. The company has sold over 2 million units so far this year, he said.

Pabst Blue Ribbon Branded Cannabis-Infused Seltzer Launches in California The Pabst Blue Ribbon name is now attached to a new non-alcoholic, THCinfused, lemon-flavored seltzer, as the Los Angeles-based beer manufacturer announced the formation of Pabst Labs, a licensed cannabis company based in Los Angeles, as well as the launch of a nonalcoholic, THC-infused, lemon-flavored seltzer, Pabst Blue Ribbon Cannabis Infused Seltzer, in California. In a press release in October, the company said Pabst Labs was started by a group of cannabis beverage experts and ex-Pabst Brewing Company employees with whom the brewing company struck a licensing agreement to use the Pabst Blue Ribbon moniker. A free one at that. Pabst Labs brand manager Mark Faicol, who worked for the brewing company for 4.5 years, told the Los Angeles Times that

Pabst Labs is a separate entity and the beer company has “no financial stake, and they’re not going to share in any of the sales. But they did give us the rights to use the brand with no fee.” Pabst Labs will control the production, marketing and sales of the non-alc, THCinfused seltzer. “Pabst Blue Ribbon has an incredibly loyal and passionate customer base who are open to change and embracing new ideas,” Faicol added in a press release. “We’ve spent a long time creating a quality product for both new and experienced users, and believe the entry of an established brand can help kick-start the cannabis drinks category.” Each 12 oz. can of Pabst Blue Ribbon Cannabis Infused Seltzer contains 5 mg of THC and checks in at 25 calories and 4 grams of sugar.


The product is being tested in “a select group of California dispensaries,” as well as being sold directly to consumers with nextday delivery in the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Sacramento and Humboldt County via A 4-pack of 12 oz. cans retails for $24 online, while a 24-pack sells for $120.

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Liquid Death Raises $23M in Series B Round In terms of raising funds, canned water brand Liquid Death has been making a killing. In October, the California-based brand announced the closing of a $23 million Series B funding round led by an unnamed family office. The round also saw participation from Convivialite Ventures, punk musician Fat Mike of the band NOFX, sports analyst Pat McAfee and prior investor Velvet Sea Ventures, among others. The round brings the brand’s total fundraising to $34.25 million, following a $9 million Series A round which was announced in February. At the time, Liquid Death was available in about 2,000 accounts nationwide. In September, the company announced it had added 1,000 7-Eleven locations in Southern California. The company has also continued to focus on targeting unconventional accounts for water brands, such as liquor stores, tattoo parlors and bars. This spring, the brand launched an unflavored sparkling water, it’s fi rst product extension since launching in 2018. In a statement, Liquid Death founder and CEO Mike Cessario said the round will primarily support online and retail growth, as well as funding new marketing campaigns, which have become the brand’s hallmark. “Over the past six months, we’ve seen high growth like never before,” Cessario said. “Our online sales are hitting new records every month, and we’ve rolled out to thousands of new retail stores through our deals with Whole Foods and 7-Eleven. We’ve also continued to build the most fun and irreverent brand in the health space with campaigns like our Greatest Hates album release, Hardcore Norm Porn and most recently our Killer Baby Name Generator.”




Mars Acquires KIND Roughly three years after it invested in the upstart brand, snack company Mars Incorporated announced in November that it had acquired KIND Snacks. Terms of the deal were not disclosed but sources told The New York Times that the agreement valued KIND at roughly $5 billion. According to a release, Mars acquired KIND North America, which now has “joined” KIND International to form one organization operating across 35 countries. The move comes almost exactly three years after Mars placed a minority investment in KIND, a deal which gave Mars the rights to “lead the growth of the business” outside of the US and Canada. At that time, The New York Times reported that deal had a $4 billion valuation. KIND founder and executive chairman Daniel Lubetzky will play a “key role” in the future development of the company, which will operate as a “distinct and separate business” within Mars, according to the release. Lubetzky will maintain a financial stake in KIND; however, the majority of his shares were already previously donated to charity. Over the past years Lubetzky has built his own presence outside the food business, joining TV show Shark Tank as a guest judge and becoming an outspoken advocate for racial and social justice equality. The deal, he said, will set KIND up to continue his legacy. “We are now well positioned to further advance our efforts and continue building a foremost health and wellness platform,” Lubetzky said in a release. “As we said in 2017, Mars is a company that shares KIND’s passion for business as a force for good, and I am confident that together, we will be able to make our small contribution to make this world a little kinder.” Prior to the Mars investment, KIND had a mixed relationship with fundraising partners; VMG Partners invested in the brand in 2008, but eventually sold its shares back to the snack company in 2014, a transaction that reportedly valued the company at $728.5 million. Since announcing its partnership with Mars, KIND has rapidly grown its product portfolio — expanding into the freezer set (with frozen bars and bowls), confection (KIND Bark), functional foods (KIND Energy bars), and breakfast (KIND oatmeal and cereals). The company also made its

first acquisition last year, picking up Creative Snacks Co, a producer of nut clusters, trail mixes, granolas, and pretzels. Mars meanwhile expanded the brand into countries including China, Germany and France. Lubetzky told The New York Times that KIND’s annual sales have reached $1.5 billion in 2020. As the company has transitioned from a fruit and nut bar brand to a healthy snacking platform, CEO Mike Barkley told NOSH earlier this year that its new products will always lead with a “nutrient-dense food recommended for daily consumption.” In a LinkedIn post last year, Lubetzky added that KIND would only launch products that would “meaningfully elevate the consumer experience,” rather than me-too products. To hone its innovation, KIND has also adopted a new distribution strategy, launching new category entries in test markets before national rollouts, doing so with its frozen and bark products (both developed in partnership with Mars) last year before going national earlier this year. The company has been mission oriented from the start, distilling it into the “KIND Promise”: a pact, that among other tenets, the company will make sure that the first and predominant ingredients in its products are a “nutrient-dense food,” such as nuts or oats. The company has also pledged to never use artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols and to use “as little sugar as possible while achieving great taste.” However, for some, the promise has rung hollow, with accusations that KIND has watered down its commitment to healthy foods, for example, launching confection items, and that its investment from Mars supported the very brands it sought to disrupt. KIND has recently had a run-in with fellow natural brand Clif. After Clif ran a full-page ad in The New York Times last year challenging KIND to switch to organic ingredients in its products, KIND called out the brand for its use of organic brown rice syrup and launched a “Sweeteners Uncovered” initiative, specifically pointing out Clif Bars’ 31 percent sugar content. KIND renewed this rivalry last month in a TV spot supporting the launch of its new energy bar line, which the brand said contains 35% less sugar than Clif bars and also counts oats, rather than sugar or other sweeteners, as its leading ingredient. KIND has also taken on the Food and


Drug Administration (FDA) in recent years, lobbying against what it believes are outdated regulations around its core marketing terms. In 2015 KIND refused to comply with a warning letter from the FDA stating the brand needed to remove the term “healthy” from its labels due to its bars high total and saturated fat content. Ultimately, in 2016, the FDA reversed course, allowing KIND to continue. Last year, the company filed a Citizen Petition pushing for label transparency, urging the FDA to address “misleading nutrient content claims,” and advocating for disclosure levels of nutritional content such as added sugar and trans fat. KIND has also undergone leadership changes over the last several years, moves which may have helped prepare the company for an eventual sale and integration. Mike Barkley joined the company as President and COO in 2018, then later assumed the role of CEO, replacing Lubetzky, in summer 2019. Barkley had robust experience working with and for strategics, holding VP/general manager roles at The Campbell Soup Company and Johnson and Johnson, as well as serving as president of Boulder Brands following its acquisition by Pinnacle Foods. Over the summer of 2019 the company also brought on Dan Poland, also formerly of Pinnacle Foods, as COO, along with Doug Behrens, formerly the president of Amplify Snack Brands, as president and chief customer officer. After announcing his new role, Behrens was the subject of a lawsuit by Hershey’s, Amplify’s parent company, which alleged he stole trade secrets from the company to benefit KIND. Those claims were eventually dropped. Now with new owners, a wider portfolio and established core leadership, it seems KIND is ready to play on a global scale. The deal will give the brand access to distribution, sales and marketing efforts that will allow it to compete directly with larger brands, some of which, such as Annie’s and RxBar, represent other emerging companies previously acquired by major players. Mars, meanwhile, gains a foothold into what could become an anchor brand for the company. Though it has other food brands, they largely are regional players, such as Seeds of Change, Tasty Bite, Miracoli and RÁRIS. It’s largely the company’s confection brands, such as M&M’s and Snickers, under the Mars Wrigley division that have been able to see more global adoption.

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Nestlé Acquires Freshly For $950M Having sampled the food delivery market, strategic Nestlé is looking for a bigger bite. The global food producer announced in October the acquisition of meal delivery service Freshly, which it previously invested in. The company acquired Freshly for $950 million, with the opportunity for potential earnouts valued at an additional $550 million. Freshly will continue to be run as a standalone unit from its headquarters in New York City. The company currently delivers over one million meals a week, almost double its order levels of 600,000 in August 2019. Executives project Freshly will surpass sales of $430 million in 2020, and noted that has been profitable since 2019. Since its inception in 2015, the company has shipped nearly 100 million meals across 48 states. Freshly had raised over $107 million in funding from investors including Highland Capital Partners, Insight Partners, Nestlé, White Star Capital, Quadrille Capital and BrandProject. Nestlé led the company’s 2017 funding round of $77 million, taking 16% of

the company, though it did not have future right of refusal for an eventual acquisition as part of that deal. Begun out of a kitchen facility in Phoenix, Arizona, Freshly has since grown to 2,000 employees and six manufacturing and distribution facilities in Arizona, New Jersey, Maryland and California. Its offering differs from many other direct-to-consumer meal plans in that the meals just require heating in a microwave or oven. Wystrach attributes the success of the company, and its profitability, to a focus on “efficient growth” and a business that has “high retention, efficient customer acquisition, fast payback and best in class margins.” Subscriptions range from four single-serve meals a week to 12 meals per week, with pricing ranging from $11.49 per meal to $8.49 per meal, respectively. Each refrigerated meal has a shelf life of 4-5 days before it needs to be frozen to extend its expiration. The company offers 30 meals to choose from a week, a number Wystrach says will now triple under Nestlé’s ownership. Rather than focusing on any specific dietary trend, such as plant-based or keto, Freshly offers meals that stick to more macro trends such as “low calorie” or “high protein,” or that are free from allergens such as gluten, soy or dairy.




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From Carrot Juice to the Carrot Dog: Bolthouse Unveils Next Stage of Innovation Bolthouse Farms CEO Jeff Dunn believes he’s “always been crazy,” when it comes to innovation, it’s just taken years for retailers and consumers to be excited to take the leap with him. Now once again a privately owned company with Dunn at the helm, Bolthouse is ready to let industry in on its creative musings, last month announcing the launch of new sub brand Wunderoots, a portfolio of carrot-based meal “swaps.” And the swaps are pretty even: Carrot Dogs are an 8-pack of carrots that have been carved into the shape of a hot dog, brined and high pressure processed (HPP) for a shelf life of 60 days. With an MSRP of $4.99, the line will debut with Classic AmericanStyle, Chorizo-style and Sweet Italian-style offerings. Wunderoots kits will offer carrots that are either carved into fettuccine “zoodles” and paired with marinara, spicy thai basil or red coconut curry sauces, or riced and packaged with sesame, green chili or yellow coconut curry sauces. Although the kits, which will retail for $4.99, have a shorter shelf life of 28 days, this is still longer than the 7-14 days of many other veggie rice and noodle kits. Both lines debuted as part of the Produce Marketing Association’s (PMA) virtual Fresh Summit trade show and are expected to hit retail in Spring 2021. The launch comes after a year of change for the company. In April 2019, Los Angeles-based private equity fi rm Butterfly acquired the 111-year-old Bolthouse for $510 million from The Campbell Soup Company, which had purchased the company in 2012 for $1.55 billion. The deal returned Dunn, an operating partner at Butterfly, to CEO of Bolthouse, a position he departed in 2016 to head up now-defunct beverage technology company Juicero. Dunn said since the deal closed, there have been two “acts” in Bolthouse’s reimagining. First the company hired 130 new people — many had previously worked for the company — replacing Campbell’s employees who remained with the strategic when the company was sold. The hiring spree also fi lled some positions Cambell’s had left open while the deal was being negotiated, Dunn said, including bringing back Bolthouse’s former R&D team to jumpstart innovation. The second act, he added, has been weathering the Covid-19 pandemic, keeping the business running smoothly and employees healthy. Bolthouse supplies 40% of the carrots — both fresh and as ingredients in other products — sold in North America. With the pandemic, demand surged and Bolthouse needed to react quickly to keep up. The company responded well, Dunn said. When it was acquired from Cambell’s, Bolthouse was in decline, with a 19% drop in sales over the previous year, Dunn noted, but over the last year has seen growth every quarter, with double digit sales growth in the fourth quarter, specifically. Now, with retailers beginning to restart formerly paused category reviews and resets, the company is ready to debut its latest products. Alongside the Wunderoots launch, Bolthouse also rebranded its Snackers line, which pairs baby carrots with different seasonings and was previously only sold in educational foodservice. A line of Wunderoots Carrot Bacon is also in the works.




New York Releases Regulations for CBD in Food and Beverage The New York State Department of Health last month issued proposed regulations for the processing and retail sale of cannabinoid hemp products in the state, which included standards for CBD and other hemp extracts as additives in food and beverage. The proposed regulations will create a Cannabinoid Hemp Program to license hemp retailers and processors and establish quality control standards for laboratory testing, manufacturing, packaging and labelling hemp products. These regulations come nearly a year after Governor Andrew Cuomo signed legislation in December 2019 to establish a more streamlined regulatory framework for the state’s hemp industry. According to the state, the regulations are intended to provide “basic consumer protections” common in other industries, filling a “regulatory void” for CBD food and beverage products sold in retail. While the 2018 Farm Bill federally legalized industrial hemp production, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has still not approved CBD and other hemp extracts for use in food or beverage products, leaving producers unclear as to rules and regulations for doing so. Under the proposed regulations, food and beverage products cannot have more than 25 mg of CBD or other cannabinoids per product, while supplements cannot contain more than 3,000 mg per unit. All products must contain no more than 0.3% concentration of THC, and tests of products must reflect that they contain no less than 90% and no more than 110% of the cannabinoid content listed on their labels. Food and beverage products containing CBD and intended for retail sale must also be shelf-stable and pre-packaged and may not include alcohol. CBD and other hemp extracts are not permitted to be added to food or beverage products at the point of sale, such as at a coffee shop or smoothie bar In terms of labelling, all CBD products must feature nutrition labels with the amount of CBD and, if applicable, the amount of THC in the product, and indicate the milligrams per serving of both. Packaging must also include a scannable QR code that links to a certificate of analysis of laboratory testing, and must list any warnings for consumer awareness, such as including a statement that the product has not been evaluated by the FDA. Advertisements for CBD products and retailers are not permitted to state that products can treat or prevent any disease or ailment, or generally make “false or misleading” claims. Packaging and marketing of products are also not allowed to appear to target minors.


The regulations establish that CBD retailers may only sell products that are produced and tested in accordance with these standards. The Department of Health has the authority to inspect retailers and take samples of hemp products being sold, as well as require that they be sold separately from products not containing hemp. The U.S. Hemp Roundtable, a coalition of companies supporting the safe production of CBD and hemp products which includes brands such as Garden of Life and Recess, is “very encouraged” upon first look at the regulations, according to Jonathan Miller, the group’s general counsel. The “explicit development of a legal pathway” for the sale of CBD-infused food and beverage products establishes a “fair cap” of 25 mg of CBD per product, he said. He said the group was also happy to see that age restrictions for ingestible CBD products were not included in the regulations, noting that the group advocated against some initial efforts to impose such restrictions. The state’s move to create a regulatory framework for the production and sale of CBD and hemp products comes in response to the FDA’s inaction in creating such standards itself, aimed at providing “much-awaited certainty,” for the hemp industry, New York Senator Jen Metzger said. New York State Department of Health Commissioner Dr. Howard Zucker said that the state “could not wait for the federal government to act to institute basic consumer protections to protect the health and safety of New Yorkers,” while Assembly Member Donna Lupardo said she expects regulations for CBD in food and beverages to “provide new economic opportunities for farmers, processors, manufacturers, and retailers throughout the state.” With these regulations, Miller said he believes “New York policymakers are providing leadership where Washington has not.” “I am hopeful that this process will make New York a model for the nation, with other states following suit,” he said

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Smart Money: SmartSweets Sells to TPG, Brings on New CEO

In an impressive fast-growth story, insurgent low-sugar candy brand SmartSweets has sold a majority share to TPG Growth Fund. As part of the $360 million deal, founder Tara Bosch will step aside as CEO, with Douglas MacFarlane, former CEO of Voortman Bakery, moving into the role. According to Bosch, SmartSweets has more than doubled its sales over the last year; its line of gummies and chews sold in 25,000 stores across the US and Canada including GNC, Target, Kroger, Walmart, Whole Foods Market and Vitamin Shoppe. Sources pegged its trailing 12-month sales at $100 million. Bosch said the company has been profitable for the past two years. The four year-old company previously raised $3 million in 2018, from investors including Scott Elaine Case, former managing director of VMG Partners; Terry Tierney, former CEO of Daiya Foods and Eric Patel, former board chair of Daiya Foods, but largely financed its growth through debt financing, Bosch said. Moving forward, she will remain as the single largest individual shareholder and retain her position on the board of directors. Bosch said that it became apparent that a sale was in the company’s best interests in order to allow the brand to continue on its rapid upward trajectory. “From day one the vision I’ve always had is to be the global leader in revolutionizing candy, Bosch said. “It really felt like the right time for a meaningful growth partner in order to have the rocket fuel to really put behind our mission to kick sugar and really amplify it in an accelerated pace with more resources than we’ve ever had before.”




Aluminum Cans Sold Out for Another 2-3 Years, According to Credit Suisse The aluminum can supply shortage plaguing breweries and other beverage producers could last another four years, according to a report by financial services firm Credit Suisse. “The secular shift in the can industry is only in the early innings as it takes many years to optimize new plants, upgrade product mix, re-tool traditional lines, and reprice legacy contracts,” wrote Credit Suisse, which has added coverage of the U.S. packaging industry. “For the most part, the North American can industry is sold out for the next 24-36 months, and we don’t see the supply chain catching up to real demand until 2025-26.” In its first analysis, the investment bank called its medium-term outlook of the industry is “bullish.” The can industry is being strained from several directions, as the COVID-19 pandemic’s restrictions on the on-premise channel have shifted a chunk of Americans’ beer consumption from draft to cans and new product introductions, including those in the $3.49 bil-

lion hard seltzer industry, also lean heavily toward cans. Ball Corporation, the world’s largest manufacturer of aluminum cans, said its capacity falls short of demand by 10 billion cans. Even with recent investments in new plants and production lines, demand may not be met for several years or months. “After experiencing stagnating growth for almost a decade, the North American aluminum can market has seen growth sharply accelerate at the same time signifi-

cant substrate supply has been removed from the market owing to the closure of can sheet lines and capacity shift to automotive,” Credit Suisse wrote. Virtually all major players in the hard seltzer segment package in 12 oz. slim cans, which Credit Suisse reports are sold out through 2023. The sleek cans would be even more popular if more were available, the firm added. “Slim cans remain in shortage in the U.S. and major beverage companies would shift more legacy 12 oz. products into slim cans in the event such capacity existed,” the report said. Hard seltzer has the potential to account for more than a quarter of total U.S. beer volume sales by 2025, Credit Suisse projected. The firm estimates that hard seltzer will account for 9.4% of U.S. beer volume by the end of 2020, about 225 million cases, 65% of which will come from segment leaders White Claw (100 million cases) and Boston Beer’s Truly (48 million cases).

Boston Beer Focuses on Samuel Adams, Dogfish Head Non-Alc Beers Boston Beer Company’s annual Great American Beer Festival brunch was, of course, physically distant. It was also less boozy than previous years. The latter point was on purpose. Among Boston Beer’s big innovations for 2021 are Samuel Adams Just the Haze IPA and Dogfish Head Lemon Quest, both non-alcoholic offerings. The strategy is clear: Boston Beer is aiming to be a major player in the non-alcoholic beer space, which through early September has increased off-premise sales 38.7%, to $124.9 million, in multi-outlet and convenience stores tracked by market research firm IRI. According to Boston Beer, premium and sub-premium nonalc brands make up 70% of total cases and the top four non-alc brands hold 90% share of the segment. So, in February, Boston Beer will launch the two non-alcoholic beer brands nationwide. Samuel Adams Just the Haze checks in at less than 0.5% ABV and around 98 calories. Just the Haze will be sold in 6-packs of 12 oz. cans. As for Dogfish Head’s offering, Lemon Quest is a wheat beer brewed with lemon purée, blueberry juice, açaí berries and sea salt. The beer also falls at less than 0.5% ABV and contains 93 calories per 12 oz. servicing. Lemon Quest will be sold in 22 BEVNET MAGAZINE – NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2020

6-packs of 12 oz. slim cans. “Boston Beer is totally doubling down not just on the technique of embracing both de-alc and low-gravity ferment, but we’re doubling down by simultaneously releasing two very complimentary but very distinct versions of non-alcoholic beers,” Dogfish Head co-founder Sam Calagione said. Calagione called the demographic potential for the beers “limitless.” He added that he sees the majority of the N/A beer volume in the future being incremental, coming from existing bev-alc consumers but also possibly active lifestyle consumers — the same ones who were attracted to Dogfish’s SeaQuench — who drink sports drinks such as Gatorade or even non-alc seltzer drinkers, such as La Croix. Boston Beer’s 2021 innovation slate includes Truly Iced Tea Hard Seltzer, Truly Extra at 8% ABV, Dogfish Head Scratch Made Cocktails in cans, a reduced sugar version of Twisted Tea and two fruit ciders (Strawberry and Peach Mango) under the Angry Orchard brand. Samuel Adams’ big innovation brands from two years ago — Sam ’76 ale-lager hybrid and New England IPA — are being rebranded as part of a new sub-brand, the Wicked line. New England IPA, will be rechristened Wicked Hazy, while Sam ’76 will become Wicked Easy.

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White Claw Maker to Build $400 Million Production Facility in South Carolina Mark Anthony Brands — the maker of White Claw and Mike’s Hard Lemonade — plans to build a $400 million production facility in Columbia, South Carolina. South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster celebrated the news on social media: “Welcome to South Carolina! We’re open for business. All Day. Every Day. #TeamSC.” The South Carolina production facility will be the third the company has built in the last two years in an effort to finally meet consumer demand. Mark Anthony Brands president Phil Rosse told the company’s wholesalers in November that the company’s previous capital projects are now operational, including an expansion at the Cold Spring copacking facility, which includes a dedicated White Claw high speed canning line, and new production facilities in New Jersey and Arizona. “We are extremely excited to be in position to finally supply the market in full in 2021 and unleash our rich innovation agenda, which has been the backbone of our organization since Mike’s Hard Lemonade first launched back on April 1, 1999,” he said. Those efforts combined should help fill the gap. Construction on the nearly 1 million sq. ft. plant located in Columbia’s Pineview Industrial Park will “begin almost immediately” with the goal of being operational by summer 2021, according to the state of South Carolina. The new facility is expected to create 300 jobs. Mark Anthony Brands’ White Claw is the top-selling hard seltzer brand in the more than $3.6 billion hard seltzer segment, according to market research firm Nielsen. Year-to-date through early October, the White Claw brand family has posted nearly $1.6 billion in off-premise sales, up 166.5% compared to the same period last year, according to market research firm IRI. The White Claw brand family is currently the sixth largest brand family in the entire beer category, with plans to scale the rankings with a slate of innovations hitting in 2021, including Mike’s Hard Seltzer Lemonade, White Claw Hard Seltzer Iced Tea and a White Claw variety 24-pack.



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Diageo to Launch Zero Alcohol Guinness in UK, Test in US An alcohol-free version of Guinness, called Guinness 0.0, launched in Great Britain and Ireland on October 26 — and the product will come to four markets in the United States in 2021. In a conversation with Brewbound, Diageo Beer Co. president Nuno Teles said the non-alcoholic version of Guinness would pilot in four states, including Michigan, in 2021. The nitrogenated stout contains zero alcohol and 70 calories. Teles, who launched his fi rst non-alc beer around 2005, said non-alcoholic beer portfolio equates to “steady growth” but “not a spike.” That said, he believes non-alc beer could become as much as 5% of Guinness’ business in the future. In addition to Guinness 0.0, Guinness Nitro Cold Brew Coffee (4% ABV) will receive a national launch in January in time to build toward activations and sampling around the St. Patrick’s Day holiday.

Heineken USA, AriZona Reveal Sun Rise Hard Seltzer Another major brewer is teaming up with a non-alcoholic beverage maker to create a hard seltzer. Heineken USA and AriZona Beverages’ Hornell Brewing Company are working together to launch AriZona Sun Rise Hard Seltzer nationwide in the fi rst quarter of 2021. AriZona Sun Rise Hard Seltzer will be available in four flavors — Mucho Mango, Cherry Punch, Lemon and Grapefruit — and will be sold in variety 12-pack cans and 19.2 oz. single-serve cans (Mucho Mango and Cherry Punch). Each 11.5 oz. can checks in at 4.6% ABV and 100 calories. In a press release, AriZona Beverage Company chairman Don Vultaggio touted Heineken USA’s “strong relationships with the distributor network in the United States and extensive manufacturing and brand building expertise in alcohol.” “Together, we teamed up to both do what we do best,” he said. “We intend to broaden the appeal of hard seltzer by bringing more people to the party.” “We’re excited to be working with AriZona to introduce the next evolution of hard seltzer,” Heineken USA SVP and chief marketing officer Jonnie Cahill added. “Most of the current hard seltzers on the market are clear, with similar flavor profi les, so we jointly saw an opportunity to add a splash of fruit to the category as we know consumers are looking for real ingredients and great taste.” Cahill also touted the potential for AriZona Sun Rise Hard Seltzer to broaden the appeal of seltzer in the U.S. “The current hard seltzers on the market have very similar positioning and we wanted to offer a range of tastes to appeal to a wide array of people,” Cahill said.




Delivery Platform goPuff to Acquire 161 BevMo Stores in $350 Million Deal Philadelphia-headquartered, on-demand delivery platform goPuff has inked a $350 million deal to acquire off-premise beverage alcohol retailer BevMo. The transaction is expected to close before the end of 2020. “We’re proud to bring goPuff’s operations to California and look forward to investing in talent and real estate across the state,” goPuff co-founder and co-CEO Rafael Ilishayev said in a press release. “Partnering with BevMo quickly advances our strategic objectives of providing more customers in new geographies with a seamless solution for their instant needs. Through this acquisition, goPuff will operate coast-to-coast, solidifying our presence as a leading, national consumer business.” BevMo, which was backed by private equity firm TowerBrook Capital Partners, operates 161 stores in California, Arizona and Washington, which goPuff said will give the company the infrastructure “to seamlessly integrate into its network of local micro-fulfillment centers, enabling it to reach customers across the West Coast in 30-minutes or less.” In addition to beer wine and spirits, BevMo also sells spe-

cialty snacks, cigars and glassware and bar accessories. The company also offers shipping and home delivery. GoPuff, the e-commerce platform that serves as an on-demand convenience store, works through a distribution network of 200 “micro-fulfillment centers” that serve customers in more than 500 U.S. cities, many of which are concentrated in the eastern half of the country. The company said the deal will accelerate its entry into the California market, while providing millions of consumers access to alcoholic beverages, as well as everyday products via BevMo’s neighborhood stores. In October, goPuff announced the completion of a $380 million funding round that takes the company’s valuation to $3.9 billion. The company was founded in 2013.

SweetWater to Be Sold in $300 Million Deal to Canadian Cannabis Company Ontario cannabis company Aphria has reached a deal to acquire Atlanta, Georgia-headquartered SweetWater Brewing Company for $300 million in cash and stock. SweetWater will become a wholly owned subsidiary of Aphria, a publicly traded company on the NASDAQ that produces “pharmaceutical-grade medical cannabis.” Shareholders of Sweetwater will receive $250 million in cash and about $50 million Aphria stock upon closing. Those shareholders are also eligible to receive as much as $66 million of additional cash under an earnout through the end of calendar year 2023. Aphria said the transaction value represents about 12.5x adjusted EBITDA multiple. Aphria, which was founded in 2013, said its board of directors unanimously approved the acquisition, which is expected to close by the end of December and be immediately accretive to EBITDA and diluted earnings per share. In a press release announcing the transaction, Aphria pointed to SweetWater’s flagship 420 Pale Ale as aligning with the “cannabis lifestyle” and “provides a scalable platform for expansion into the U.S. and Canada.” This marks Aphria’s first foray into beverage alcohol and the U.S. market. SweetWater was founded in 1997 by Freddy Bensch and 26 BEVNET MAGAZINE – NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2020

Kevin McNerney. In 2014, the company sold a minority stake in the business to private equity firm TSG Consumer Partners. SweetWater ranked as the 14th largest domestic craft brewer by volume in 2019, according to the Brewers Association. Sweetwater produced 261,00 barrels, an increase of 7% that year. The company generated net revenue of $66.6 million and adjusted EBITDA of $22.1 million in 2019.

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CCBA Exec Director Tom McCormick to Retire After 15 Years The leader of the nation’s largest state organization representing craft brewers is retiring. Tom McCormick, the executive director of the California Craft Brewers Association (CCBA), announced his retirement from the organization in mid-November. “The decision to retire is not at all sudden and has been thoughtfully planned with the CCBA board of directors for over a year,” McCormick told CCBA members in an update. “It is difficult to leave in these challenging times, but the efforts of this association to provide relief for our members will not cease. The board is fi nalizing the hire of a new executive director who will continue to lead the association forward into a new era.” McCormick, a 40-year industry veteran became executive director of

the CCBA in 2005. McCormick helped build the CCBA into a powerhouse with influence at the statehouse, achieving regulatory reforms while also beating back challenges to privileges afforded to

the state’s brewers, including defeating attempts to impose strict franchise laws on the state’s craft brewers. “The political dynamics among the alcohol beverage stakeholders in California has changed dramatically in the last decade,” McCormick said in a statement. “Over those years, the CCBA has become and will continue to be a strong and unified voice for our members at the state Capitol.” California is home to more small craft breweries than any other state, with more than 1,000 craft breweries in operation. In 2018, the state’s breweries supported more than 61,335 jobs and contributed more than $9 billion to the state’s economy, according to the CCBA’s website. The CCBA is expected to name McCormick’s successor in early December.





Protein Drinks

Mobtown Fermentation (the makers of Wild Kombucha) will be launching Icaro Tea online nationwide through their shopify site. The yerba mate product will be offered in Mint and Hibiscus varieties in 12 oz. cans. Every can of Icaro sold we will lead to donations of 1 percent to Living Classrooms to promote Arts Education in Baltimore City. Prices are $34.99 for a 12-pack and $21.99 for a 6-pack. For more information, contact Mobtown at (410) 252-2850.

Premier Protein has launched a new flavor: Cinnamon Roll. With 30 g of protein, 160 calories, 1g of sugar and 24 vitamins and minerals, Cinnamon Roll is the perfect way for protein lovers everywhere to indulge this fall season, while staying on track with their health and wellness goals. Cinnamon Roll is the ninth addition to the brand’s line of 30g Protein Shakes. The product is sold in 11 oz. Tetra-pak bottles in 4-packs for $7.99. For more information, contact premier protein at 866 972-6879.

Dairy/Alt Dairy Organic plant-based dairy alternative company Mooala is targeting growth through the dry shelf with a new line of shelf-stable milks and creamers, launching this month. The new products include non-perishable versions of the brand’s existing SKUs, including Original Bananamilk, Unsweetened Coconut Oatmilk, and original and vanilla bean versions of its Unsweetened Almondmilk. The milks retail for $4.33 per 1 liter carton while the creamers, available in Banana Nut, Oats ‘n’ Creme and Vanilla Bean flavors, sell for $3.74 per 11 oz. Tetra Pak. The line is currently available at Albertson-Safeway and Central Market stores. RISE has launched vanilla and chocolate flavors for its Organic Oat Milk product. Available in 32 oz. Tetra-pak containers, they have an an MSRP of $3.99. They can be found at Whole Foods, Amazon, and at

Soda/Mixers Hella Cocktail Co., a craft manufacturer of premium non-alcoholic mixers and bitters, has expanded its Bitters & Soda line with the addition of three new flavors: Grapefruit, Lemon Lime and Ginger Turmeric. All varieties of these 12 oz. cans can be enjoyed on their own or paired with spirits, and are meant as a sippable celebration with family or friends before or during a meal. The three new flavors are available for purchase on the Hella Cocktail Co. website. They will also be conveniently available on Amazon for $29.99 for a 12-Pack and $9.99 for a 4-pack in the coming weeks, and can also be found in leading retailers. For more info, call Hella Cocktail Co. at (646) 854-8004.


Collective Project, the sister brand of Collective Arts Brewing, has introduced a new line of CBDinfused drinks, including two varieties of sparkling juice -- Cucumber, Lemon & Lime and Mango, Pineapple & Coconut -- and two types of sparkling teas -- Raspberry & Hibiscus Rooibos and Asian Pear & Schisandra Green. Formulated to balance elevated and complex flavors with functional benefits, each 335 ml can is infused with 20 mg of hemp-derived CBD. The line is available online at collectiveproject. com for $17.99 for a 4-pack.

Water Talking Rain Beverage Company, the maker of Sparkling Ice, has launched Talking Rain Essentials Hydration, a new functional water in its family of diverse “better for you” beverages. Available starting in October, this new member of the Talking Rain Essentials family is an alkaline water centered on keeping consumers balanced and staying hydrated. Essentials Hydration is carefully crafted with a 9.5pH level and minerals and electrolytes for taste, offered in a convenient one liter bottle. As part of its launch, Talking Rain is partnering with Waterboys, an initiative founded by former professional football player, Chris Long, focused on providing clean, accessible drinking water to communities in need. Talking Rain Essentials Hydration will be available for purchase through select retailers and food service channels beginning in October 2020 in Florida, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, the Pacific Northwest, and will be expanding to wider markets in 2021. This product is available in 1 L bottles and 12-pack cases. To learn more about Talking Rain, please visit Alkaline Water Company has launched a new 2 L single serve and 2 L 6-pack to meet customer demand for its flagship brand, Alkaline88. The new product offering will immediately be carried

NEW PRODUCTS in HomeGoods, a T.J. Maxx company. Featuring an 8.8pH balance, the company’s newest offering of Alkaline88 provides additional choices for bulk buyers as it is sized ideally for the fridge, gym, or anyone looking to pursue a healthful lifestyle. The 2 L 6-Pack sells for $15.99 from the Alkaline88 online store. For more information, reach out to The Alkaline Water Company at 800-923-1910. Ugly Drinks has Crowd-Sourced new flavors from its loyal consumers, launching a rotating roster of limited-edition monthly flavor drops based on feedback from their engaged online following, joining their range of core flavors. In addition to October’s Pumpkin Spice, other upcoming limited-edition holiday drops include: Fruit Punch (November) and Candy Cane (December). Ugly Drinks are available for nationwide shipping at (24-pack for $22.49), on Amazon, and at retailers like Kroger, Publix, Albertsons, QuickTrip, MapCo, Twice Daily and more

Mix-to-Drink Launching ahead of the winter season, Nutrient Survival’s latest powder drink mix products are Revive Therapy and Immune Boost. The former is designed to support fast recovery from mild symptoms through a blend of zinc, cranberries, myrrh, betacaryophyllene and Vitamins A,C, and E. Meanwhile, Immune Boost contains ginger, green tea, magnesium, zinc and Vitamins A,C, and E. Both products are available at, with Immune Boost in 30-count packs of single-serving sticks (SRP $42) and Revive Therapy in 10-count packs for $30. Kinderlyte, makers of functional hydration powder products, has introduced two new varieties: Kinderlyte Sleep and Kinderlyte Immunity. The latter features a plant-based blend of elderberry extract, Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Zinc, while the former uses a proprietary blend of melatonin and botanicals. Both are now available at Walgreens, CVS, and for a suggested retail price of $11.99 per 6-count pack.

Juice Uncle Matt’s Organic has launched Ultimate Immune Orange Juice Beverage, an immune support powerhouse made with organic orange juice, elderberry, 300% of your daily dose of Vitamin C, 50% Vitamin D and 25% Zinc for immune and wellness support. Made with Organic Elderberry Juice, it contains Antioxidants, B Vitamins and Citrus Bio-Fla30 BEVNET MAGAZINE – NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2020

vonoids and is certified Glyphosphate Residue Free by the Detox Project. Uncle Matt’s Organic Ultimate Immune will be available in a family friendly 52 oz. size at Wegmans and Publix, select Whole Foods and Shoprite stores, as well as online at

Spirits After launching the Wheel Horse Rye brand earlier this year, the label is introducing Wheel Horse Bourbon, a Straight Bourbon whiskey made from a mash bill of 70% corn, 21% rye, and 9% malted barley, and matured in hand-selected, 53-gallon, charred American oak barrels. Wheel Horse Bourbon is available in California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island and Tennessee for a suggested retail price of $27.99 for a 750 ml bottle. Launched wide this month, Rosaluna is an all-natural joven mezcal made from espadín agave. The spirit is available on Drizly, as well as Total Wine & More and other select retailers in New York, Southern California and Massachusetts for a suggested retail price of $39.99 per 750 ml bottle.

RTD Spirits Tattersall’s new bottled ready-to-drink Manhattan features the distillery’s Straight Rye Whiskey, made from 100% Minnesota grown rye and aged in charred American white oak barrels, blended with Tattersall Italiano-Style Liqueur, sherry and aromatic bitters. The product is launching first in Minnesota first, followed by Wisconsin, and is sold in 750 mL bottles for a suggested retail price of $34.99. French 75 is the latest release from Oregon’s Freeland Spirits. Featuring a blend of Freeland Gin, chardonnay, lemon juice and bubbles, with notes of mint and candied lemon peel, the RTD cocktail contains 15.5% ABV and has a suggested retail price of $16.95 for four 250ml cans (8.4 ounces each).

Energy Shots All-natural energy shot brand GO BIG has launched the third flavor in its line up this month: Raspberry Pomegranate, with approximately 200 mg of caffeine. The flavor is available online alongside GO BIG’s other two SKUs (Blood Orange Ginger, Blueberry Açaì) in a 3-count sampler pack for $11.97 and 9-count single flavor or variety packs for $35.91.



Lemonade is growing, and its growing twice as fast in the refrigerator case. That points to the power distribution system that Coke has behind its Simply brand, though, which is about the size of the bottled lemonade category all on its own. Coke’s also winning the bottled category behind Minute Maid, but there’s a place where brands like Calypso and Bai have made inroads.







Simply Lemonade



BRAND Minute Maid



Private Label



Lipton Brisk



Minute Maid Premium






Turkey Hill



Private Label



Simply Limeade






Simply Light






Minute Maid Zero Sugar






Floridas Natural



Country Time



Newmans Own









Santa Cruz Organic






Hawaiian Punch



Minute Maid Just 15



Bai Lemonade





V8 Splash



Califia Farms Minute Maid Light



Minute Maid Light



Swiss Premium



Natures Twist



Uncle Matts Organic



Minute Maid Plus



Tropicana Twister



Tropical Fantasy



Prairie Farms



Old Orchard









Purity Dair E









Energy Drinks

Bottled Juices




Bottled Water



Liquid Drink Enhancers







SOURCE: IRI, a Chicago-based market research firm-@iriworldwide% 52 Weeks through 10/04/20









Lipton Pure Leaf









Hawaiian Punch



Gold Peak





4.2% 12.4%

Lipton Brisk



V8 Splash





Bai Cocofusion



Monster Rehab



Private Label









Diet Snapple






Lipton Diet



Minute Maid



Arizona Arnold Palmer











Starbucks Frappuccino



Mtn Dew Kickstart


Starbucks Doubleshot












Java Monster



V8 V Fusion Plus Energy

Coca Cola Dunkin Donuts



Mtn Dew Amp Game Fuel



Starbucks Tripleshot












San Pellegrino






Private Label



Minute Maid



Starbucks Cold Brew



Bai Bubbles



Java Monster 300






SOURCE: IRI, a Chicago-based market research firm-@iriworldwide% 52 Weeks through 10/04/20




Red Bull



Monster Energy



VPX Bang



Red Bull Sugar Free



Monster Energy Zero Ultra






Red Bull The Summer Edition






Red Bull The Yellow Edition



Red Bull The Blue Edition






Gatorade Perform






G Zero



Gatorade Frost



Bodyarmor Superdrink



Powerade Ion4



Powerade X Ion4



Powerade Zero Ion4



Gatorade Fierce









Private Label









Glaceau Smart Water



Nestle Pure Life



Poland Spring



Glaceau Vitamin Water






Deer Park









Private Label



Sparkling Ice



La Croix












Topo Chico



San Pellegrino









SOURCE: IRI, a Chicago-based market research firm-@iriworldwide% 52 Weeks through 10/04/20



Does Isolation Dilute Innovation? There are lots of reasons to lament the cancellation of key exhibitions like Expo West and NACS, the c-store extravaganza, but one of them is the convenient window they offer into the extent and quality of innovation in the beverage business. In a good year, you may only need to stroll the show floor a couple of hours before concluding it’s going to be a vintage year for well-thought-out new concepts. With those windows shut for now, what’s the innovation scene looking like? From my perch at my innovationfocused newsletter Beverage Business Insights, it seems to be a mixed bag on the surface. On the one hand, the early stages of the Covid-19 pandemic brought a flight to staples by pantryloading consumers and the retailers who serve them. With retail highly constrained, shoppers weren’t browsing the stores and raiding the coolers for impulse purchases of new stuff, and there certainly wasn’t any in-store sampling or other activation going on. Some of the people I speak to feared a yearlong innovation drought as retailers rethought their priorities until a vaccine emerged and we were well clear of this terrible af-

fliction. Meanwhile, the major food and beverage companies were streamlining their offerings to simplify their supplychain challenges, cutting lower-velocity SKUs and, as the year wore on, terminating entire brand platforms, including some very familiar ones. Coca-Cola’s cuts were the most conspicuous, including Odwalla refrigerated juice, Zico Coconut Water and Tab soda. But most other major companies have embarked on a similar brand purge, selling or shuttering brands viewed as marginal in this new normal we’re enduring. So Hain Celestial quietly shut down the cleanse brand BluePrint, along with several food brands. Unilever is moving to divest much of its tea business, while Nestle has put all but its highest-end water brands in North America on the sales block, along with the massive infrastructure that supports them. These moves would seem to presage a long winter of diminished innovation hopes. But the situation actually is more complicated than that. There’s another dynamic unfolding, too. To my initial astonishment, the pace of new products, capital raises and signings of new distribution and retail partners has by no


means moved into hibernation. True, category reviews and investor meetings have been delayed but I, for one, have found myself busier than ever tracking these various milestones of new-product developments. It turns out that few in our beverage ecosystem believe that the health-and-wellness and sustainability trends that have been driving so much of the business have reversed, even if the pandemic and related recession have created some bumps in the road. So most are looking ahead to when things stabilize. Earlier this fall I looked at how this has played out on the capital side, where activity had remained surprisingly robust. A few months later, looking at the valuations being accorded newly public plays like Laird Superfood and clean-energy player Guru and the bounteous raises being harvested by others, it’s clear that investors’ thirst to ride the next wave hasn’t at all been slaked.

Longtime beverage-watcher Gerry Khermouch is executive editor of Beverage Business Insights, a twice-weekly e-newsletter covering the nonalcoholic beverage sector.

THE BRIDGE TO MAINSTREAM: Kombucha Brands Try to Cross the Channel Chasm By Brad Avery


As kombucha continues on the path to becoming a billion dollar category, retailers are continuing to grow their in-store sets to allot more space for the brands making these increasingly popular fermented beverages. However, the mainstream breakout comes at a time of slowing growth: according to market research firm SPINS, kombucha grew 2.4% to $703.2 million for the 52-week period ending July 12, with the strongest growth coming from MULO stores where the category improved 5.9% year-over-year. Even as the category rises in MULO, sales in kombucha’s native natural channel were down 6.5%. According to Humm Kombucha CEO Jamie Danek, kombucha makers understand that “if we really want this category to grow, we have to think outside the box and make it so more people can have access to the product.” So, as the category spills out into the mainstream, it’s also beginning to spill out into new aisles. Over the past two years, shelf-stable kombuchas have entered the supermarket. Though this new innovation is nascent, brands embracing the format -- including category trendsetters such as Humm and Revive -- are utilizing unique brewing methods and aluminum can packaging to expand their presence throughout the store -- and into new channels like convenience and club where they hope to drive trial with a whole new cohort of shoppers. According to Hannah Crum, president of industry trade group Kombucha Brewers International (KBI), the emergence of shelfstable SKUs goes beyond just a caloric change, with categoryblurring line extensions such as soda-adjacent Health-Ade Booch Pop or new zero sugar innovations also playing an important role in attracting consumers. While some kombucha brands may tend to view each other as their top competitors in store, these new products may be a rising tide, lifting the entire category. “As always with new industries, people feel internally competitive,” Crum said. “But I think really who we’re competing with are energy drinks, we’re competing with any choice an everyday consumer makes that isn’t kombucha. So anytime we can shift their attention towards a kombucha-based product, that’s going to be a good thing for the entire category.” Humm Goes for Zero Earlier this year, Humm debuted a new shelf-stable Zero Sugar product line intended to help the brand play to a broader base of consumers. According to Danek, even a small amount of sugar in kombucha is still too high for a wide swath of shoppers who are seeking to reduce their intake -- including but not limited to those following hard no-sugar diet trends such as keto. The new line, packaged in 11 oz. cans and available in four flavors, had a delayed rollout due to the COVID-19 pandemic but is now in a “mini-launch” period ahead of a stronger push this upcoming spring that will include major national retailers. Danek called the innovation a necessity, noting that as kom-

bucha sees declining growth in the natural channel, being able to scale distribution and provide new use occasions is pivotal to the category’s next steps. Citing internal data, Danek said that 44% of consumers who try kombucha do not return to the category, either due to its polarizing taste or high sugar content. In 2018, Humm released a reduced sugar line -- only 5 grams per 8 oz. serving -- but Danek noted that product was only “a stepping stone” to achieving an authentic zero sugar product that stayed true to the standards of identity for kombucha. “We’ve always known that kombucha would have to evolve,” she said. “The biggest burning question is not about ‘will it happen?’ It’s about whether it can be done in a way that is live, raw and authentic to what kombucha is.” Humm’s Zero Sugar line is not pasteurized and instead achieves shelf stability through a unique proprietary brewing process that allows its yeast culture to consume all sugar added before adding plant-based sweeteners such as monk fruit and allulose alongside organic flavors. The method is adapted from Humm’s recipe to create naturally non-alcoholic kombucha, which removes the need for refrigeration. According to Crum, COVID-19 has presented kombucha with a significant moment of opportunity. This diversification of the category through new products is now coinciding with an upheaval in consumer behavior where health and wellness concerns are pushing kombucha to “the top of the grocery list” while the limitations of indoor gatherings means outdoor use occasions are up. In essence, the introduction of better-for-you, added functionality and more convenient formats into the category have come at the right moment. Although Crum pointed to the influx of prebiotic sodas as one way innovation is providing consumers with more choices, she said new products such as Health-Ade’s prebiotic Booch Pop and functional Plus lines are changing how consumers think of the category. “The more places that consumers can go to see the word kombucha at eye level, that’s great,” Crum said. “Maybe they don’t know about the refrigerated product, and they’re trying the prebiotic or the zero sugar product first. And that’s how they get intrigued. That helps them then to expand their thought process from thinking kombucha is a particular brand to kombucha is a whole category.”

The Road to Convenience Founded in 2010, California-based Revive Kombucha grew up in the tradition of most other major kombucha brands by producing a raw, refrigerated product packaged in glass bottles. But in 2017, the company began making the shift to aluminum cans, positioning itself as one of the fi rst in the space to transition to the packaging format, and in 2019 the rebranded, shelfstable line made its debut. According to founder and CEO Sean Lovett, the move required a ground-up redevelopment of the product, including a proprietary process that includes pasteurization and added probiotics. The move, Lovett said, unknowingly helped prepare Revive for the pandemic as the company launched its online Amazon and direct-to-consumer business earlier this year amid the March lockdowns. Though Revive’s brick-and-mortar footprint is focused around 42 BEVNET MAGAZINE – NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2020

the California market, Lovett noted the transition has opened up new opportunities with DSD distributors, convenience stores, up and down the street accounts and food service. But even as stability at ambient temperatures provides brands an opportunity to expand throughout the store, retailers are not all jumping to let them. Often, the grocery buyer for dry shelf and the buyer for the cold case are different, and there’s a hesitancy among them to place the same brand in both sets. According to Danek, playing in both the refrigerated and dry space can pose a risk for brands and some customers may force companies to choose a single lane so not to confuse consumers. The issue has been further compounded by the COVID-19 pandemic. While buyers are beginning to accept new products again in many places after long periods of paused resets, retailers are still on average taking fewer SKUs in order to maximize their ability to offer essential products. “It expands the ability to have different conversations with the retailer, but I don’t know that until the shelf stable product takes off that it’s going to give you a lot of ammunition,” she said. “But I think it’s too early in the game to really have a big response from retailers other than ‘this looks interesting and let’s give it a try.’ But if we do, we might be taken out of the refrigerator.” At Revive, Lovett said every retailer needs to be approached differently and it has forced his brand to be “flexible” in regards to positioning. While the cold box is frequently preferable, he noted that shelf-stability allows the company to improve its merchandising through in-store displays. Though he said it’s still too early for Revive to say whether the transition has been a proper “success,” Lovett noted that in many stores the brand is moving as many cases on the dry shelf as it would in coolers. A major advantage, he said, is it allows consumers to pantry load, leading to increased volumes. “There’s just more freedom in being both refrigerated and non-refrigerated,” Lovett said. “I think it goes back to ultimately who the consumer is, and it means they don’t have to go fill the fridge up, right? If you’re a high-frequency kombucha consumer, you might be drinking two to three a day. And so, imagine what kind of fridge space you’re committing to at home [with refrigerated products].” According to Jared Smith, VP of business development at KÖE Kombucha parent company Stratus Group, demand for kombucha in c-stores helped push his brand to take an omnichannel strategy out of the gate. Though the brand has found some early traction in natural channels where, despite the category’s overall plateauing sales, the ability to merchandise with display cases has given it an edge over the cold box, convenience has presented itself as a place where KÖE can dominate as an early adopter. Kombucha players such as KÖE, GT’s and Health-Ade were a noticeable presence at the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) Show 2019, representing the early signs of a shift towards health and wellness in a channel still dominated by indulgence and energy products. KÖE -- which is available in 12 oz. cans -- is now in more than 1,300 7-Eleven stores in Southern California and has in recent months added drug accounts such as Rite Aid. “Shelf stability has really helped with the extended shelf life,” Smith said. “I think it’s allowing more c-stores to be a little bit more risk taking and innovative, while not worrying about the product coding out on the shelf.”



GT’s Synergy has announced a new multi-serve 48 oz. variety of its Golden Pineapple flavor. The SKU is raw, organic and unpasteurized, and will be available January 2021. OLIPOP is aiming to reinvent orange soda with its new Orange Squeeze flavor, a citrus-forward and vitamin C sparkling tonic made with natural ingredients. The drink features clementine and mandarin juices with a hint of lemon to produce a bright twist on the nostalgic classic. Poppi launched its latest flavor, Watermelon, in August -- selling out the first production run within 15 days. The brand also expanded its DSD network with Big Geyser and Classic. Poppi will add Publix stores in December and Target in January. Rowdy Mermaid Kombucha launched its national ecommerce platform and a new website. As Rowdy moves into 2021, they are aiming to be the first regeneratively sourced kombucha, utilizing sustainability and small farms wherever possible and further focusing on overall footprint following the brand’s move to an infinitely recyclable aluminum can. Culture Pop will be expanding to New York, Southern Florida and Los Angeles in the fourth quarter of 2020. This September, KÖE Kombucha introduced its Lemon Lime, Strawberry Lemonade, and Mango flavors in over 1,300 7-Eleven stores in Southern California.

Aqua ViTea launched 12 oz. cans to provide consumers a grab-and-go option at an approachable price point. Retailing at $2.49, the line comes in six flavors including Blueberry Social, Elderberry, Peach Out and Pineapple Lemonade. Aqua ViTea also partnered with leading broker Acosta to expand its retail footprint nationwide. Humble Bumble announced a transition to aluminum cans this fall. The move is expected to eliminate waste and naturally preserve taste. HUZZAH is a new full-flavored seltzer from Molson Coors with added probiotics to help support a healthy gut. The shelf-stable beverage contains 3 grams or less of sugar and 15 calories or less per 12 oz. can. The brand recently launched online at and at select retailers in Southern California in three flavors: Strawberry & Hibiscus, Juicy Pear and Raspberry & Lemon. Fermented Tea Company has lanched a Hemp kombucha made with prickly pear. The company is now looking to expand both its kombucha line and patent-pending CBD kombucha line. Blue Ridge Bucha’s has added Wild Pear to its line of handcrafted kombuchas. The company is also offering six of its RTD SKUs in kegs. The products are available throughout the Mid-Atlantic region via Rainforest Distribution.

Kulture Club MV has increased sales during the COVID-19 pandemic by offering local free home delivery, limited batches of seasonal flavors with local and therapeutic ingredients, and collecting kombucha donations for healthcare workers. Wholesale has also rebounded with reopening and sales appear not to be affected by home delivery.

Big Easy expanded its product offerings beyond kombucha in 2020 ahead of a planned brand refresh next year. Its innovation, Big Easy Tepache, is a line of all-natural, prebiotic- and probioticrich tepache drinks available in three flavors: original pineapple, prickly pear, and mango. The line has distribution in Publix, Whole Foods, Albertsons Southern California, Central Market, Wegmans and Rouses.

Wonder Drink’s latest prebiotic kombucha line, Prebiotic Plus launched, at Sprouts in June. The line is available in Prickly Pear Cascara for Focus, Turmeric Ginger for Radiance and Salted Watermelon for Hydration varieties in 12 oz. slim cans.

Launched earlier this year, R’s KOSO is a traditional Japanese pre+post+probiotics drink. It’s made with over 100 vegetables, fruits and plants, including seaweeds and


BRAND NEWS mushrooms, and undergoes a one-year fermentation process. This superfood drink is ideal for promoting gut health, digestive health, and boosting the immune system. Mayawell sales grew 400% from Q2 to Q3 in 2020 and the brand has expanded its distribution to begin working with HiTouch in Southern California, Dynamo in Texas, and JC Family in the NYC area. Mayawell can now be found in more than 200 doors with plans for regional expansion in 2021. Circle, a better-for-you beverage company that specializes in low sugar, functional, clean label, and sparkling beverages, recently launched their newest rotating flavor Lavender Mint. Vibe Life initiated a packaging refresh and reformulated its products to contain 20 mg of organic broad spectrum hemp extract (up from 10 mg). The organic certified drinks contain 2 billion CFUs of probiotics and 4 grams of prebiotic fiber per can. Huney Jun redesigned its bottles to emphasize a premium feel. Changes include increasing the weight of the bottle and refreshing the cap design to call out the resealability of the package. The brand also grew distribution to more than 400 stores outside of the Pacific Northwest to NorCal, SoPac, and New York with UNFI and KEHE. Greenbelt Kombucha launched a functional keto-friendly pineapple, ginger, and turmeric oolong kombucha. The line retails for $1.99 and is currently available at HEB. Kombucha Town launched a new Live Seltzer product -- a proprietary blend of Kombucha Town’s Organic and nonGMO raw kombucha cultures, freshpressed hero ingredients and pure water from the North Cascade Mountains. This refreshing seltzer water comes with zero sugar, one to two calories per serving and the benefits of kombucha. Unity Vibration has launched HeartTunR Kombucha Spritz, its first line extension 46 BEVNET MAGAZINE – NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2020

since 2011. The line incorporates Hado (positive written messaging on the tanks) in brewing and the brand has added structured water to the line. The sales of each HeartTunR SKU will have some of the proceeds benefiting animal rights, woman’s and children’s rights and nonprofits committed to meditation and peace. Lupa’s Kitchen updated its logo and branding for the GOOD VIBES line. The brand also launched Lupa’s Kitchen Wellness+, a line of kombuchas infused with nootropics. This low sugar kombucha is packaged in a sleek can and is affordably priced. Buddha’s Brew Kombucha released its 2021 Seasonals Line up. They include Meyer Lemonade, Hibiscus Rose and Raspberry flavors. NessAlla has filed for bankruptcy and has sought to sell its whole business and assets, not including liens and debts. The company will be up for auction in November. Wild Tonic has gained distribution in select Wegmans stores, The Fresh Market, Meiher, Bristol Farms, Lazy Acres, Erewhon, Lassen’s, Natural Grocers and select regions of Whole Foods Market. Buchi Kombucha is now available in Southeast convenience retailer Mapco. Buchi’s launch into Mapco includes three unique flavors -- Fire, Water, and Sovereign Kombucha -- and will retail for $3.49 per 12 oz. bottle. After celebrating the brand’s first birthday on Halloween, Ferm Fatale is gearing up to add a new 4-pack variety in addition to its Shrub-Bucha 6-packs. Each flavor of Shrub-Bucha will be available in one case: Cosmopolitan, Madame Mule, Margarita and Nojito. Coinciding with its national expansion this fall, Better Booch debuted the first SKU in their Seasonal Artist Series, Ginger Spice. Due to its popularity, Island Mango kombucha has expanded distribution to 4,500 stores. Island Mango will join Brew Dr.’s lineup of canned kombucha offerings

in 2021. Brew Dr. Kombucha’s Uplift product line is also relaunching under a new sub-brand, with a fresh look and new taste to further highlight ‘Energy Infused with Goodness.’ The revamped Brew Dr. Uplift line features Mango Passionfruit, Blueberry Raspberry, and Blood Orange Lemon flavors. Seeking to offer convenience during the COVID-19 pandemic, House Kombucha is offering free next-day delivery through Buffalo Market for Northern California and Los Angeles zip codes. LIVE has reformulated, adding more monk fruit to deliver a fuller, more satisfying taste. The line features 5-10 calories per 12 oz. can. Revive has launched its new Soda Pop Series Kombucha. Inspired by soda

flavors, and built on the healthy foundation of its “Original Cola” flavor, the line will feature Cherry Cola, Root Beer and Orange Soda flavors. Kombuchade has launched glass bottle packaging variety for its seven different flavors of probiotic sports drinks. The brand has also launched two canned products: an electrolyte-infused Performance Beverage and a CBD and Spirulinainfused Recovery Beverage. Health-Ade brand has launched an exclusive debut of its new “Strawberry Glow” flavor at Target stores nationally. The new flavor blends the taste of ripe strawberries with the tang of kiwi, and includes a bamboo extract with silica, to help promote skin and nail health. “Strawberry Glow” also contains biotin, which is recognized to support hair, eye, liver and nervous system wellness, in addition to skin health.


By Marty Caballero

For conventional dairy and plant-based milks, there’s a bit of a “best of times, worst of times” going on in 2020. To be fair, the divergent fortunes of the dairy and non-dairy fluid milk categories has been one of the major stories in the beverage industry for about a decade, and that trajectory hasn’t changed too much as of late. Enjoying tailwinds from shifts in nutritional preferences and environmental sustainability, the global plant-based milk market is projected to exceed $21 billion by 2024, growing at a rate of over 10% annually. In contrast, dairy appears to be in free fall with the bottom nowhere in sight. Americans are simply drinking less milk than they used to: Dairy Farmers of America reported a $1 billion drop in net sales for 2019, while a Statista analysis of data from the USDA indicates that per capita fluid milk consumption is down nearly 100 pounds since 1975 through 2017, even as demand for products like butter, sour cream and cheese continues to grow. As it has across all sectors of business, the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated existing trends in dairy and non-dairy while also shaping new types of consumption behaviors and shopping habits. For plant-based milks, the fi ght

for dollar share in a rapidly expanding and competitive set has fueled innovation and pushed the category into new areas of the store, particularly in supermarkets. Meanwhile, conventional dairy producers are doubling-down on pockets of growth within the space — such as ultra-fi ltered milk and creamers — in an attempt to reverse years of decline.

DAIRY PIVOTS Despite its troubling decline, conventional dairy milk remains a staple product for most Americans and families in particular. And during the early months of the pandemic in the U.S., that notion proved true as sales remained steady. Yet the long-term outlook for the space is harsh: U.S. milk consumption continues to fall, and global prices have been driven down as supply outweighs demand, forcing some producers to dump products. The decline in the number of licensed dairy herds continues to accelerate, going from down 6.8% in 2018 to down 8.8% in 2019, the latter figure representing a loss of 3,281 farms, according to data from the USDA Economic Service. The number of households that use


certified organic milk had been on the rise, hitting 13% as of 2018, but growth there has since stalled in that segment, one of the long-term effects of several large scale conventional dairy operators transitioning to organic production in the mid 2010s, pushing prices down and squeezing small organic farmers who had themselves made the switch in search of new revenue streams. With millions of dollars and jobs at stake, and traditional giants Dean Foods and Borden Dairy having already fi led for bankruptcy, the conventional milk industry is responding to this existential threat by pushing forward with new innovations and approaches. Plant-based products may be taking the spotlight, but there are some indications that consumers are responding to innovations in traditional dairy as well. Within the organic category, grass-fed milk, championed by advocates as a more nutritious and eco-friendly, continues to be a small but growing sector of the market, with sales of grass-fed dairy products surpassing $100 million in 2018. Organic Valley, Horizon Organic and Maple Hill Creamery have all staked a claim to the

segment, though the latter is the only one working exclusively in the grass-fed space with over 150 partner farms in New York State. Elsewhere, the New Zealand-based A2 Company, which markets dairy milk without the A1 protein that can cause digestive discomfort for some, reported a 91% increase in U.S. revenue to around $43 million, according to an annual fi nancial earnings report issued in August. The brand is sold in around 200,000 stores nationwide. The ultra-fi ltered milk category has also generated consistent growth for conventional dairy; as confi rmation of that fact, earlier this year Coca-Cola moved to fully acquire Illinois-based cooperative Fairlife, a pioneer in the ultrafi ltered milk space who’s platform also includes smoothies, protein shakes and creamer products. Fairlife’s products, which are made from milk concentrate that has been fi ltered to be lactose free and to contain more protein and less sugar than conventional milk, generated over $500 million in retail sales last year according to Nielsen data, and the company is set to add production capacity upon completion of its third facility in Goodyear, Arizona. In an indication of how Coke views the brand’s potential, Fairlife extended beyond liquid beverage formats with the introduction of a six-SKU line of light ice cream (made in partnership with Boardwalk Frozen Treats) in July. That kind of return has caused other producers to take notice. Both Organic Valley and Horizon Organic have introduced their own ultra-fi ltered and DHA Omega-3 enhanced lines, while Seattle-based Darigold, the marketing and processing arm of Northwest Dairy Association, announced in April a $67 million investment in expansions and upgrades specifically aimed at supporting aseptic ultra-fi ltered milk production at its Boise, Idaho facility. According to Darigold senior VP of consumer products Duane Naluai, the ultra-fi ltered segment has sourced over half of its incremental volume from non-fluid milk beverages. But rather than targeting the refrigerated case, Naluai said the producer is going aseptic to emphasize portability and price, while using the extended shelf life as a way to reduce the risk of retailers taking on innovations that don’t catch on. “What’s really important is that this is an investment in future technology for dairy that really allows us to compete


even better with macro beverages,” he told BevNET. Yet in a sign of the pressure which producers now fi nd themselves under, the Dairy Farmers of America is set to expand its interests with the expansion of its “Dairy+” line of traditional and plant-based milk blends. The hybrid products — available in four “Dairy + Almond” fl avors and one “Dairy + Oat” variety — are aimed at flexitarian consumers looking for a balance of taste, mouthfeel and nutrition. After testing the product at Minneapolis-area retailers over the past year, Dairy+ is expected to hit shelves at grocery chains including Stop & Shop and Giant in the Northeast over the coming months.

INGREDIENTS & INNOVATION As the COVID-19 outbreak spread in early spring, images of barren store shelves and rumors of widespread toilet paper shortages seemed to dominate the media landscape. Yet according to the sales data, what consumers were really looking for was oat milk. To put that demand into perspective, oat milk saw the biggest dollar sales increase out of any food or beverage product during the 31-week period ending October 3, according to Nielsen data. Though almond milk retains the top spot, oat continues to be a growth driver in the non-dairy space and this year displaced soy as the second most popular type of plant-based milk. According to Global Market Insights, the global oat milk market is projected to expand at over 10.2% CAGR through 2026 (over 9.5% CAGR in North America), with balanced growth coming from flavored and organic options. At just over $250 million currently, the market is projected to hit over $500 million by 2026. In a signal that the momentum behind oat milk is set to continue, this year has seen the category’s big players take on triple-digit investments from private equity as they gear up for the fight ahead. After Califia raised $225 million in January, Oatly secured $200 million in new fi nancing this summer in a round led by Blackstone Growth, as well as Oprah Winfrey and former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz. In recognition of the soaring demand, that funding is helping Oatly to shore up its North American operations with the coming addition of a third U.S. production facility. But for a unique and allergensensitive product such as oat milk, the increase in specialized production capacity amongst a handful of well-capitalized companies — including Chobani and Silk — looks likely to increase in importance. The ascension of oat milk has helped validate the idea of a plant-based milk set with a wide variety of source types, and encouraged innovative brands and startups to try and carve

out their own niches in the space. But as more seeds and nuts begin appearing on milk cartons, the true size of the market opportunity for more exotic ingredients is still unclear. Though still lagging far behind almond, oat and soy, by building stories and products around other types of plant-based milk sources, new brands have been able to make a splash in the category. At the request of the retailer, pili nut-based nondairy yogurt maker Lavva introduced a two-SKU milk line, as well as a creamer, exclusively at Whole Foods in September. Earlier this summer, Anheuser-Busch-backed startup Take Two -- previously known as Canvas -- reintroduced its fourflavor family of barley milk products, with more beverage items set to follow. As brands look for new plant sources that can meet consumers’ various nutritional, environmental and taste demands, the future of non-dairy milk may not be found in a field or on a tree but rather in a lab. Though the company said it has no immediate plans to release a product, in October, plant-based CPG giant Impossible Foods revealed that it had produced a prototype of an “Impossible Milk” with a creamy texture and that doesn’t curdle in hot drinks. A few weeks later, Chilean company NotCo, of which Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos is an investor, launched a line of plant-based milks in Whole Foods stores nationwide. The tech-driven brand created the product by replacing the animal proteins in milk with their most-similar plant-based alternative; the resulting whole and 2% fat milks are made from ingredients including chicory, coconut, peas, and more. Yet the challenge of scaling a brand around a single ingredient play is one that is yet to be solved, with some notable exceptions in Oatly and pea-based Ripple. As a result, the impetus has been strong even for younger brands to widen their plant-based milk portfolios, with creamers being the most obvious next route. According to an analysis of Nielsen data by the Wall Street Journal, sales of plant-based creamers increased 30% in 2019, outpacing overall creamer growth. The variety of innovative products -from Nutpods’ family of non-dairy creamers to powdered products from Laird Superfood to functional entrants from Super Coffee and Picnik -- reflects the ample white space still available in a $1.73 billion global category. But plant-based milks are also finding another kind of white space by moving into shelf-stable versions, a move that opens up both ambient shelves at retail and e-commerce opportunities. Last month, Texas-based Mooala, which entered the market as a refrigerated banana milk but has since expanded into almond and oat milks, as well as plant-based creamers, introduced its complete line in new shelf-stable cartons. “During COVID it has been interesting to look at how shelfstable and refrigerated have switched back and forth,” said Jeff Crumpton, Manager of Retail Products at market research group SPINS, during a recent virtual panel hosted by BevNET. “If you think about people going into stores and making decisions about long-term pantry stocking — you see where shelfstable milk or creamers really shine. But when you flip outside of that panic buying, normal consumption rates, you see that immediately start to reverse. I think what we’ve learned is that there is a place for both.”



Pillars Yogurt is building on its promise to deliver high-protein, pre-and-probiotic-rich, zero added sugar options with the launch of new 32 oz. multi-serve Drinkable Greek Yogurts, bringing the brand’s total portfolio from six SKUs to 10 with the introduction of several new flavors. Available in Plain, Chocolate, Mixed Berry, and Raspberry, the line launched in Central Market/H-E-B, Giant, Hy-Vee chainwide and in select Walmart stores in October with a suggested SRP of $4.99-$5.49. RISE has added to its line of vegan, organic oat milks with the release of Vanilla and Chocolate flavors. Available at Whole Foods, Amazon, and at, the MSRP for a single Tetra Pak is $3.99. After launching in late 2019 with Whole Foods North Atlantic, Harris Teeter, Roche Bros and Central Market, chocolate milk brand Slate is now available in the following stores: Giant Food, Giant Martin’s, (Wakefern) ShopRite, Kings and Balducci’s, Bristol Farms, Harmons, Market of Choice, and Haggen. The brand plans to be available in over 1,000 locations by January 2021. As the name suggests, Silk Oat Yeah “The Extra Creamy One” (SRP $3.99 per half-gallon carton) is craveable creamy oat milk designed for any occasion. Elsewhere, Silk Almond Hint of Pumpkin Spice Beverage (SRP $3.29 per half-gallon carton) is a limited edition seasonal flavor for the fall. Uproot is launching oat milk and chocolate pea milk in shelf-stable cartons for convenient and safe grab-and-go meals. Both products, available from food service distributors in the Northeast are made with organic oats and Fair Trade cocoa powder. Urby Modern Creamer, a high-protein creamer made with clean, plant-based ingredients, has partnered with Rise Against Hunger to donate a meal packed with essential nutrients for every jar sold. Rise Against Hunger is a non-profit organization growing a global movement to end hunger by empowering communities, nourishing lives and responding to emergencies. Elmhurst 1925 recently introduced Elmhurst Creamery New Fashioned Soft-Serve Ice Cream Mix. Available in delicious Vanilla 52 BEVNET MAGAZINE – NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2020

and Chocolate varieties, users will be able to make plant-based soft serve at home and deliver a creamy, sweet, frozen treat for the whole family. The brand has also recently launched seasonal plant-based creamers, available in Pumpkin Spice, Apple Pie Spice and Gingerbread. Mooala recently launched all seven SKUs of its organic and shelf-stable plant-based milks and creamers on Amazon. The line includes the Original Bananamilk, the Unsweetened Coconut Oat Milk, and the Unsweetened Almondmilk, which is available in both Original and Vanilla Bean varieties. The creamers which come in three varieties: Banana Nut, Oats ‘n’ Crème and Vanilla Bean. Ripple Plant-Based Original Milk is now available in a 32 oz. shelf-stable carton. Plant-based milk maker Nutty Life has launched in 13 MOM’s Organic Market locations in DC and Philadelphia. The brand is also launching organic almond milk in November to complement its existing organic cashew milk and organic oat milk lines. Califia’s latest innovation is Protein Oat, an enhanced line of nutritious, great-tasting plant milks made from pea, oat and sunflower proteins that deliver a complementary blend of nine essential amino acids. The product provides all the equivalent proteins of dairy milk plus complete omegas-3, -6 and -9 along with vitamins and minerals. Protein Oat comes in two flavors – Original and Vanilla – and is available now at Whole Foods Market and Sprouts Farmers Market nationwide. Carbon neutral dairy brand Neutral recently launched its Organic Half & Half. Just as with its organic dairy milk, the product is sourced locally from farmers that pastureraise their cows in the Pacific Northwest and 100% carbon neutral. Lifeway Foods, makers of America’s bestselling brand of kefi r, has introduced a new line of organic whole milk varieties: Vanilla, Wildberries, Lemon, Ceremonial Matcha, Coconut Honey and Blood Orange. Each

bottle is gluten-free, up to 99% lactose free, and loaded with probiotics to help support a healthy gut microbiome. Goodmylk Co is expanding its offerings by entering the oat milk game with Super Oat Mylk -- a first of its kind clean ingredient, nutrient dense oat milk packed with iron, potassium and protein thanks to its secret ingredient: tiger nuts. True to the brand’s values, Super Oat is free from gums, binders, oils or preservatives. Banana Wave’s newest dairy-free beverage offering is Mango, which features a base of whole bananas and fiber-rich oat milk, with real mangos. Banana Wave Unsweetened is available for $4 on Plant-based dairy startup Take Two Foods launched the world’s first barley milk earlier this year, and recently received the top prize at the Oregon Angel Food (OregonAF) investment event. Take Two Barley Milk is currently available in four flavors—Original (Unsweet-

ened), Chocolate, Vanilla, and Chef’s Blend—and can be found in retail locations across the Pacific Northwest, including Whole Foods and Market of Choice. As of October, Arizona-based Shamrock Farms is now offering its farm fresh milk and popular Rockin’ Protein in Dollar General stores nationwide. The following Shamrock Farms and Rockin’ Protein products are available in more than 11,000 Dollar General stores: 12-oz. Whole Milk and 12-oz. Whole Chocolate Milk, 12-oz. Chocolate Rockin’ Protein Builder and 12oz. Vanilla Rockin’ Protein Builder Due to consumer demand, New Barn Organics has relaunched its 32 oz. Unsweetened Vanilla almond milk – and it’s now officially Whole30 approved! The milk is made with just filtered water, lots of organic almonds (from a co-op of small producers in southern Spain), and a touch of sea salt and organic vanilla extract.


By Marty Caballero




all the tumult and drama of 2020, one thing remained consistent: in sickness or in health, Americans drank seltzer. This year, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, Americans did their drinking off-premise: with more than half of the U.S. population now having 90% of their meals at home, sparkling water has grown at nearly double the rate from the prior year, up 18.7% to over $3.7 billion. Whereas beverages dependent on c-store and food service channels saw sales declines as the outbreak spread, seltzers were well-positioned in grocery and club retailers to manage the situation, offering consumers the ability to pantry stock with multipacks and stores the flexibility to merchandise in case stacks as planograms shifted in the early weeks. In the context of business lockdowns and the shift to working from home, the value of sparkling water as a zero-calorie refreshment, one available in a wide range of flavors and brand personalities, was enhanced further. As the category continues its interminable march, however, the path is becoming crowded, with major beverage makers marshaling their considerable resources to fight for share with the long-time independent category leaders and private label brands. Within that mix, a buzzing community of innovative startups is using flavor, function and alternative routes to market to disrupt the establishment, as consumers’ embrace of alcoholic hard seltzers teases further potential for broadening the non-alcoholic set. Yet with only a fi nite amount of space for products, either on-shelf or in e-commerce fulfi llment centers, the need for seltzer makers to create differentiation is only getting more challenging.


For the most part, sparkling water’s success thus far has been largely authored by a handful of independent brands that have carved out leading category positions ahead of the chasing pack. Brands like Sparkling Ice and LaCroix — up 18.1% to $492 million — have helped defi ne the space as we know it today, but recent moves made by the major beverage brands indicate that things may soon be changing. Two years after entering the category in February 2018, PepsiCo’s bet on the fl avored seltzer craze is paying off. The company’s sparkling water line Bubly generated over $326 million in MULO (plus c-store) sales through October 4, according to data from market research fi rm IRI. That’s nearly a 50% year-over-year increase and well ahead arch rival Coca-Cola’s AHA seltzer, which reported $86 million in sales in its fi rst year on the market. Bubly was recognized as a $100 million-plus launch brand in June as one of the Top 10 Food and Beverage Pacesetters for 2019 by IRI. 55

More than simply moving more units, though, the brand has leveraged its broad appeal and versatility to extend its presence into different areas of the beverage business. That includes flavor extensions, promoted cocktail recipes and the addition of caffeinated varieties, but also outside of the can itself: in January, Bubly will release flavored drops for use with the SodaStream platform, which was acquired by PepsiCo in 2018. As it grows, the brand’s role within Pepsi North America’s overall beverage portfolio has shifted as well. In a November report by Goldman Sachs Equity Research, analysts noted “increased confidence” in Pepsi’s ability to drive margin expansion in beverage and that the company is “entering a period of elevated top- and bottom-line growth.” Part of that growth is expected to come from an increase in favorable category mix thanks to steppedup innovation in both energy (Rockstar, Mountain Dew) and non-energy drinks, including Bubly. Wherever Pepsi is, though, Coca-Cola is never far away: while it’s still playing catch up to Bubly, Coke’ AHA line, launched last November, posted over $86 million in fi rst-year sales through October 4. Yet despite more limited distribution and premium pricing, Topo Chico is resonating more strongly with consumers, enjoying 40% growth this year to over $215 million in sales. The stratification of Coke’s two sparkling water lines has come more clearly into focus as of late: while 56 BEVNET MAGAZINE – NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2020

Topo Chico enters into better-for-you fast-casual eatery Veggie Grill and prepares to launch an alcoholic hard seltzer next year, AHA has been pushed to mass audiences, with volume up 48% over the four-week period ending October 31, despite a doubledigit average price increase, according to Nielsen. Like with Pepsi, the growth in sparkling water has had a knock-on effect on Coke’s total beverage business. Speaking with the press during the company’s third quarter earnings report in October, Coca-Cola CEO James Quincey said that the cost savings derived from a mass cull of 200 portfolio brands — including Odwalla, Zico and Tab — would be directed specifically towards Topo Chico hard seltzer and new AHA innovations, amongst other products. Outside of the big two soda giants, the category continues to shift. Nestle’s expansion of its S. Pellegrino label into new products — namely the flavored zero-calorie Essenza line in 9.2 oz. cans, which grew 143% this year to $35 million-plus in sales — has proven a success, while the brand’s unflavored sparkling mineral water grew about 10% during the period. That success, however, helped spell the end of Nestle Waters

North America’s regional spring water brands, as the company announced its intention to sell those labels in order to focus on increasing sales of its imports. While still water provides the bulk of sales for Nestle’s regional brands, which include Arrowhead and Poland Spring, those brands also market carbonated products. Yet the impact of one of the biggest developments in the category this year won’t truly be felt until 2021 or later. Announced in July, Keurig Dr Pepper’s long-term franchise agreement with Massachusetts-based seltzer producer Polar Beverages establishes national distribution for Polar sparkling water in 34 states via DSD. The alliance is poised to take an already high-performing brand in Polar — sales were up 18.4% year-over-year to $224 million through October 26, according to IRI — and expand its ACV (around 35%, as of August) and retail share. According to a report by Goldman Sachs Equity Research, KDP’s top line growth estimates through 2025 are 3.8% (compared to 3.2% excluding the Polar deal). Over the five year period, Polar is projected to outpace overall category growth by 22% to 13%. Analysts noted that although there is some risk in taking a regionally popular brand like Polar into national distribution, KDP’s experience in DSD and its existing relationship with Polar, which has manufactured and moved KDP drinks for decades in the Northeast, ensures a high chance for success. “We expect 2021 to be the year that KDP builds distribution of Polar Seltzer as they invest in tactile marketing to drive ACV of the brand — with the contribution to top line growth and EPS stepping up in 2022 and beyond,” the analysts wrote. “Furthermore, we see this as an incremental effort for KDP to collaborate with Polar as their interests are now even further aligned, especially given our expectation that KDP will treat SPARKLING WATER BRAND



Private Label



Sparkling Ice



La Croix












Topo Chico



San Pellegrino












Canada Dry


-1.9% -9.1%

Sparkling Ice Lemonade


Poland Spring






San Pellegrino Essenza



La Croix Curate









Bubbl R



SOURCE: IRI, a Chicago-based market research firm-@iriworldwide% 52 Weeks through 10/04/20


Polar as one of its top brands given the potential opportunity. Based on their track record and given their ownership of the brands, we believe Polar Beverages has the ability to aggressively invest in its brands and innovate.”


The ability of Sparkling Ice, LaCroix and even private label brands to pivot and adapt to the mounting charge by Coke and its contemporaries will likely define their future in the space. The good news for them is that they are both well-positioned for the challenge. Sales of Sparkling Ice were up 27.8% to over $625 million, while LaCroix posted an 18.1% increase to $492 million. Of the two, Sparkling Ice has moved more aggressively, notably with the wide launch in November of a hard seltzer product, a move which coincided with parent company Talking Rain’s introduction of alkaline water line ESSENTIALS in October. Coming in at 80 calories and 4% alcohol by volume, Sparkling Ice Spiked will be available in a 12-count variety pack featuring the four flavors: Cherry Lime Cooler, Lemonade Refresher, Ruby Fizz and Strawberry Citrus Smash. Rather than looking outward, LaCroix has instead focused on adding more flavors, with Limoncello and Watermelon (Pastaque) being the latest. Further afield, the breakthrough and steady rise of Spindrift and Waterloo has provided optimism that newer independent brands can still rise above the noise. For the latter, that journey culminated in August with Waterloo’s acquisition by a group of investment firms led by Flexis Capital for an undisclosed fee. Thanks to traction in Whole Foods and Costco, the brand grew sales 147% year-over-year to $44.6 million, and it’s expected to receive a healthy marketing budget to boost awareness. Meanwhile, Spindrift continues to rack up strong sales — rising 89.1% to $61 million-plus — while pulling in more capital; a new $29.8 million funding round boosted the company’s total financing to at least $71 million. Yet in terms of truly disruptive innovation, most of the action is happening off Broadway. Much of that has come from positioning: as an example, while all selling very similar products, the colorful imagery of Ugly, Liquid Death’s snarky humor and the environmental appeal of Pathwater or Ever&Ever give each brand a unique angle to communicate to consumers. Some brands — like Nixie, Seasons Sparkling and Petal — have leaned into teas and botanicals to add some lowscale natural functionality, while others, including Hop Tea, H2OPS and Vyne, have embraced hops as a brand pillar. As seltzer’s prodigious rise continues to inform innovation across the beverage industry, expect to see the proliferation of infused seltzers (both CBD and caffeine) as well as category adjacent innovations — think low-calorie flavored seltzers with added probiotics, as in Huzzah.


The explosion in flavors and formats underscore the energy and enthusiasm behind the sparkling water category — which in turn presents one of its biggest hurdles. From LaCroix to Spindrift to Perrier, there’s a lot of brands and products for consumers to choose from, and only so much shelf space to fit them on. And that’s before mentioning private label seltzer, the

category’s aggregated sales leader, representing $655 million in sales through October 26, a year-over-year rise of 13.7%. For a retailer like Whole Foods — which sells its private label seltzer, 365 Everyday Value, as well as other brands, including Waterloo and Nixie — solving the question of space is critical. George Daines, Global Category Merchant for Beverages at Whole Foods, told BevNET that the chain closely scrutinized data when determining product assortment to ensure a balance between variety and velocity on-shelf. “We use substitutability metrics and need states defined by our customers shopping in our stores to be able to tell us if we discontinue an item that is a lemon and we already have three other lemons, how many of those sales will go into that next best flavor,” he said. “We certainly have to be more strategic in that now more than ever as we have so many entrants in the space and so many new flavor launches, and it’s only going to be able to grow so much when you look at the actual shelf space.” The combination of shelf space squeeze and desire to reach younger consumers has shifted some of the category’s younger brands to build an audience online before making the step into

retail. Ugly and Liquid Death both leveraged their e-commerce sales to enter traditional retail, while Miracle Seltzer and U.K.based DASH Water are using Iris Nova’s SMS-based ordering platform (as are Rishi Sparkling Botanicals and sparkling digestive tonic Olipop). On the other end of the spectrum, the potential for Coke, Pepsi and KDP’s combined DSD might to drive growth in c-stores will likely have knock-on implications for brands across all channels, depending on how they are received. However those scenarios play out, the momentum behind the category is still gathering speed, and its positive influence on the grocery ecosystem is being felt. According to Larry Levin, EVP of Consumer and Shopper Marketing & Thought Leadership at IRI, speaking on a BevNET virtual panel in October, when sparkling water makes the basket, the average ringed price is $77; when it doesn’t, it’s only $42. “That’s just another way for manufacturers and retailers to come together and recognize the value of this subcategory and the category in general — I think having a stat like that really shows the power of what happens when people buy in this category,” he said.



evian+ is a sparkling mineral-enhanced drink made with evian natural spring water, plus added magnesium and zinc that contribute to normal cognitive function. With a hint of natural flavors, evian+ refreshes both mind and body with no sugar, no sweeteners and zero calories. Available in four unique flavors -- Raspberry & Ginseng, Lime & Ginger, Cucumber & Mint and Grapefruit & Basil -- the product will launch nationally in March 2021 in 11.2 oz. single-serve cans and 6-packs. Coca-Cola is partnering with Molson Coors for the U.S. launch of its first hard seltzer under the Topo Chico brand, Coca-Cola’s first venture into the U.S. alcoholic drinks market since it sold its Wine Spectrum business in 1983. The launch is planned for 2021 and will help Coca-Cola expand its market for alcoholic beverages beyond Latin America and Japan. Crowd-sourced by their loyal consumers and community, Ugly Drinks features a rotating roster of limited-edition monthly flavor drops based on feedback from their engaged online following. Upcoming limited-edition holiday editions include: Fruit Punch (November)— a nod to the childhood favorite (sans food coloring and sugar coma)—and Candy Cane (December), packing a peppermint kick as the “it” flavor of the holiday season. Clayton Christopher, Sean Cusack and Jason Shiver of Waterloo Sparkling Water have been selected as Entrepreneur Of The Year 2020 Central Texas Award winners. The Waterloo team was recognized for their innovations in sparkling water, along with overcoming adversity, financial performance, societal impact and commitment to building a values based company, innovation, and talent management. In September, Perrier launched PERRIER x MURAKAMI, a global collaboration with renowned Japanese artist Takashi Murakami, and his first-ever beverage partnership featuring his original work. Murakami reimagined Perrier’s signature bottles and cans for a limited-edition line of Perrier Original (hitting shelves in early 2021) inspired by his colorful universe of signature smiling flowers and characters Kaikai and Kiki, as well as Perrier’s creative spirit. 60 BEVNET MAGAZINE – NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2020

This summer, S.Pellegrino Essenza added Blood Orange & Black Raspberry as the newest flavorx in its Flavored Sparkling Natural Mineral Water line. Inspired by the fruits of the Mediterranean, this new flavor is citrusy, mellow and light, perfectly complementing rich foods. Essenza is available nationwide at Target and on Amazon. LaCroix Sparkling Water’s three new flavors – LimonCello, Pastèque and Hi-Biscus – have established record volume for the brand. Along with updated packaging, hydrogen water brand HyVIDA this year has expanded distribution into Meijer, Harris Teeter, Earth Origins, and Popshelf with a focus on the Southeast. The company is also now licensing its hydrogen infusion technology for use in other carbonated and non-carbonated beverages. As further commitment to the brand’s mission to inspire and empower people to seek more in their daily lives, clinical herbalist and holistic health practitioner Rachelle Robinett has joined the team as an In-House Herbalist at FREE RAIN. Certified in Complementary + Integrative Health and Clinical Herbalism, Rachelle shares FREE RAIN’s core beliefs in the healing power of plant-based and natural medicines to achieve your most balanced, healthy lifestyle. Cloud Water + Immunity is formulated with 100% of the recommended daily allowance of Vitamin D & Zinc to deliver key immune system supporting benefits. The great-tasting flavors that consumers know and love from Cloud Water’s Sparkling Hemp line are currently available here: Blood Orange & Coconut, Grapefruit & Mint & Basil, and Blackberry & Lemon & Rosemary. Each SKU is made with allnatural ingredients, sweetened with organic wildflower honey and contains no CBD. Crystal Geyser is introducing two new flavors: Cranberry Clementine and Ruby Grapefruit. Paired with the “True Blue Value” messaging, the campaign brings awareness to the popular 1.25 liter size which is 25% larger than the standard 1 liter bottles.

BRAND NEWS In December, Andes will introduce Indian and Pica Lemon Premium Tonics, to be followed by a maqui berry flavored sparkling water in February 2021. Icelandic Glacial has added two new flavors to its sparkling water portfolio: Tarocco Blood Orange and Indonesian Lemongrass. Each flavor is sourced from the Olfus Spring in Iceland, and offered in a convenient 16.9 fl oz. PET bottle. The company is also launching its sparkling waters in 11.1 fl oz (330ml) glass bottles. The newest variety from Bubly is Passion Fruit, a limited edition flavor available for purchase on, and while supplies last. SodaStream, the world’s leading sparkling water brand, announced the upcoming launch of Bubly drops, marking the first partnership for SodaStream in North America since joining PepsiCo. Available starting January 2021, consumers can create their ideal customized beverages at home in six refreshing flavors Bubly fans know and love: grapefruit, blackberry, lime, strawberry, mango and cherry. Sparkling Ice has unveiled a new sleek, vibrant package design of its fan-favorite line extension, Sparkling Ice +Caffeine. Sparkling Ice +Caffeine will feature vibrant hues and energetic distortion to better represent the full-flavored, functional sparkling water. Meanwhile, Sparkling Ice Cranberry Frost Holiday is returning for a limited time this holiday season in festive holiday-themed multipacks as well as in single 17 oz. bottles. Finally, Sparkling Ice Spiked is a new fullflavored hard seltzer with 4% alcohol and only 80 calories. The product, currently sold in select launch markets, is available in 12 oz. slim cans in a variety 12-packs in four refreshing flavors: Cherry Lime Cooler, Lemonade Refresher, Ruby Fizz and Strawberry Citrus Smash. To increase sustainability and eliminate plastic six-pack rings, cW4k canned water is adding 12-packs and 6-packs of cartons to its lineup.The new cartons were designed by cW4k board member Peter Gorman of Brand Support 365. 62 BEVNET MAGAZINE – NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2020

NoMI sparkling water recently launched a new grapefruit variety, flavored exclusively with real grapefruits. Now through the end of year, Spindrift is teaming up with popular brands including Wild Friends, Stasher and Butcher Box to use their shared reach and audiences to raise awareness and donations for fantastic groups working to support communities in-need. Through three thoughtfully curated giveaways, Spindrift and their partners will award winners with family-focused products, pantry must-haves and fridge essentials. Each giveaway theme is tied to a different organization that will receive all consumer donations matched by the lead brand participants. All funds raised will benefit Soul Fire Farm, the Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation and No Kid Hungry. CForce Bottling Company has launched a new sparkling water line with zero calories, zero sugars and packed with all-natural flavoring. The line is available at Albertsons, Brookshire Brothers, Tom Thumb, Randall’s and Reasor’s, and on Amazon. Rambler Sparkling Water, a Texas limestone filtered sparkling water from Austin, Texas, has introduced its long-awaited new flavors: Lemon-Lime and Grapefruit. The company has proudly partnered with Texas Parks & Wildlife Foundation and American Rivers, helping to conserve natural areas for future generations. The new flavors are available at Central Market statewide in Texas, Whole Foods locations in Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and Oklahoma and nationwide via Amazon. SZENT, which uses the scent of essential oils to infuse flavors into water, is launching a new line of sparkling water available in four flavors: Grape, Cola, Grapefruit and Black Cherry. Source Water is re-launching its award-winning sparkling spring water in a sleek 330 ml can. Source Sparkling Spring Water is lightly carbonated and is perfect for on-the-go hydration or to enjoy in social settings. The product will be available at select retailers in Q1 2021.

PRESSING ING toPROFIT by Jennifer Cirillo


hile the pandemic has forced the forest of beer, wine and spirits makers to take stock of their route to the consumer, one branch of the tree has been particularly hard hit: the cider business. Always heavily reliant on sales generated on-premise, waves of closures early this year—and a second wave of closures in some states recently—meant that cideries have had to scramble for alternative ways to get liquid on lips and generate sales to survive. Jon Clarenbach, owner of Western Cider Co. in Missoula, Montana said that within a week of the cidery’s tasting room closing, the company started home delivery. This move was made possible by the state of Montana adopting new legislation to allow for curbside pick-up and home delivery. “This was very helpful in mitigating our loss of tasting room income and maintaining work for our retail staff,” says Clarenbach. “It was a great opportunity to connect to our fan base who really went above and beyond in supporting us when new, unprecedented developments were happening on a weekly basis. It was heartwarming to see the community support we have fostered over the years.” Michelle McGrath, executive director of the American Cider Association, said that many cideries across the United States resorted to curbside pick-up or home delivery. “On-premise sales were deeply impacted, but our members were able to introduce curbside sales and delivery services to make up for some of the loss,” she says. “Many of our members saw a large increase in online sales and some of the cideries with chain placement have experienced increased retail sales.” 64 BEVNET MAGAZINE – NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2020

socially distanced, we needed a new and easy way for people to buy multiple brands of cider together,” explains Emily Ritchie, executive director of the Northwest Cider Association. “We’ve had an overwhelming response so far. In the first two days 70 people signed up to be club members,” she says. The Northwest Cider Club wasn’t launched as a short-term solution, but a long-term sales tool to bring unique ciders to consumers. “People love that cider is young, vibrant, different,” notes Ritchie. “Cider is fresh, it is crisp, it is lower ABV than many drinks too. Cider is easy to fit into many events, meals and adventures so you can find one for any season.”

Clubbing The Northwest Cider Association, a non-profit trade organization that represents nearly 100 cideries across Oregon, Washington, Montana, Idaho and British Columbia, has recently looked to online sales as well, with the launch of the Northwest Cider Club. Members receive quarterly shipments of craft ciders made in the Pacific Northwest that can be hard to find. In addition, club members will also get a view into the community of cider makers and the regions they are from. Each box of six ciders is between $50-$60. “We saw that with so many people shopping online to stay

A Mixed Bag Covid-19 initially hit the 1,000 cideries in the U.S. pretty hard, but the industry is showing resilience. According to Nielsen, 60% of cider is sold on-premise. Seventy percent of cideries saw less than expected revenue since the start of the pandemic; 10% saw an increase in revenue and the remaining 20% maintained revenue year over year, reports the American Cider Association. This is a result of the measures taken by cideries and new legislation that allowed companies to introduce online sales, curbside pickup and direct to home delivery. “It remains to be seen if the enthusiasm for curbside, delivery and online are sustainable,” notes McGrath. “Total off-premise 65

cider sales were up 11.6% for the first two quarters according to our partners at Nielsen. This is largely a reflection of increased chain retail purchases of cider.” Jenn Martell, co-owner of South City Ciderworks (San Bruno, Calif.) divulged the impact of Covid on her business in a recent podcast, ‘Courage and Other C Words’. As the cidery doesn’t have a taproom or outdoor space to serve customers, it relies heavily on the on-premise can and keg sales—70%. Martell explains that she and her team needed to respond quickly to make up for that incredible loss. As many, South City Ciderworks resorted to curbside pickup and shifting cider in kegs into cans. But as demand grew so quickly for cans, a can shortage incurred creating yet another hurdle for businesses. South City Ciderworks is just one of many cideries that have been negatively impacted by Covid, suffering a 40% loss. Curbside pick-up has slowed, and the can shortage continues to be troublesome. John Behrens, owner of Farmhaus Cider Co. (Hudsonville, Mich.) says: “We have reinvented our business model four times

CIDER BRAND Angry Orchard




-2.9% 17.0%

Bold Rock


2 Towns






Austin Eastciders






Stella Artois Cidre



Downeast Cider






Incline Cider






Schilling Cider



Golden State Cider



Citizen Cider












Juneshine Hard Kombucha






Beak & Skiff



SOURCE: IRI, a Chicago-based market research firm-@iriworldwide% 52 Weeks through 10/04/20

this year, continuing to shift bases on the needs and recommendations of elected leaders, health department officials and most importantly our customers. We are in a part of the world with very distinct seasons and the needs and desires of our guests change with the seasons independent of and in addition to the changes caused by COVID-19.”

What next? Lester Jones, CBE, chief economist with the National Beer Wholesalers Association, said “The entire alcohol beverage market is tied to consumer health. The COVID-19 recession and subsequent business cycle are clearly having a disproportionate impact on consumers and markets around the country. Pay close attention to how your territory responds to consumers, businesses and policymakers during the next six to 12 months. Some areas will actually be better off, while others will be worse off. Overall, a mixed bag full of opportunities and risks.” Looking to the future, South City Ciderworks is looking to in-


novate with exclusive local partners to bolster sales. “We’re making a bone-dry cider and a fall seasonal cider for a local grocery chain,” says Martell. “A brewery in Fresno has reached out to us to make a cider for them which is really exciting… We’re focusing on building out new accounts for off-premise sales and expanding options at existing accounts. Mainly, we’re just going to keep canning and kegging and trucking along. It’s all we can do.” Western Cider Co. also looked to form partnerships with local businesses to not only show support but create a unique offering for its consumers and grow its customer base. “With our Estate Ciders we wanted to connect on the local level too,” says Clarenbach. “Our retail manager, Ellie Costello, brainstormed the idea for a pairing of an Estate Cider with local charcuterie and cheeses. We took pre-orders online and were able to double sales for the day. We will be using this model going forward for subsequent Estate Bottle releases. It’s a great way to illustrate how well more tannic, full bodied ciders go with food.” Other cideries, including Bold Rock (Nellysford, Va.), which is the second largest in the U.S. according to Fintch, for example, offered takeaway taco kits when picking up their cider curbside. However, not all cideries were quick to shift their sales model. Some, says McGrath, shied away from delivery or pick up services, cautious of how this might impact distributor relationships. The tides continue to change and there is no certainty in the future. However regardless of regulations, restrictions, closures, etc. those businesses that will weather the storm will be those that keep quality and high standards as top priorities. Behrens says: “The secrets to success remain unchanged by Covid; they’ve just proven to be even more important: Great products, great service and supreme adaptability.”



BRAND LISTINGS Introducing: Sliq Spirited Ice – Premium Alcohol Infused Freezer Bars 21 Holdings, LLC

New AMAZ Organic Yerba Mate + Amazon Adaptogens Amaz Project, Inc


Sparkling Yerba Mate RTD Tea enhanced with a proprietary blend of Adaptogens and Super Plants from the Amazon Rainforest. Organic. Zero Calories. Zero Sugar. Vegan. Sustainably-sourced. Regenerative. Plantbased energy, focus, and immunity.

Beckett's nonalcoholic sparkling cocktails and spirits feature the classic aromas, distilled botanicals and complex flavors of legendary adult cocktails and liquors. Low Sugar, low calories. Enjoy all the flavor, no regret.

New AQUAhydrate 64oz Built-In Grip Bottle

Sarilla Sparkling Energy Teas 3 Mountains


Beckett’s Non-Alcoholic Cocktails and Spirits

Better Booch launching first Seasonal Artist Series SKU Ginger Spice


Better Booch

With the growth of large-format hydration and the success of our Gallon size, AQUAhydrate has launched a unique 64oz bottle. With a large mouth cap and built-in grip for ease of handling and drinkability, this trendsetter will quench big thirst!

Coinciding with their national expansion, this fall, Better Booch debuts the first SKU in their Seasonal Artist Series, Ginger Spice. Spice up your life with this festive treat that features ginger, cinnamon, turmeric and black tea. Next flavor coming in March.

Introducing Big Easy Tepache Big Easy Bucha, LLC.


Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Refreshers with Prebiotics Bragg Live Food Products LLC

6 delicious, functional and on-trend ready-to-drink apple cider vinegar beverages from Bragg Live Food Products that deliver your ‘Daily Dose of Wellness’ in every bottle. Features and Benefits: Bragg combines the benefits of wellness with the promise of a deliciously refreshing beverage with 40 calories or less and no more than 10g of sugar per serving. Each bottle contains 2 tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar to support a healthy gut. ACV for Your Daily Dose of Wellness: - Helps support a healthy gut - Supports a healthy immune system - Crafted with functional, real food ingredients like green tea (containing EGCG), pomegranate juice (containing antioxidant polyphenols) and honey (containing flavonoids) 6 Refreshing Flavors: Concord Grape & Hibiscus Pomegranate Cherry Honey & Green Tea Apple Cinnamon Ginger Lemon Hone Lime Citrus

Black Water. Clear Benefits.

New: Zero Calorie, Zero Sugar Traditional Ginger Ale

blk. International, LLC

Boylan Bottling Co.

blk. is alkaline pH 8.0+ water enriched with fulvic trace minerals and humic acid which are antiinflammatory supernutrients to boost your digestive health, detox, and replenish your body for optimal health. Fulvic-charge your life!

Never skimping on quality, Diet Ginger Ale offers a distinguishable citrus ginger taste that contains 0 calories, 0 sugar & 0 caffeine. Enhance your favorite cocktails with a sparkling splash of Boylan or enjoy by itself for crisp, clean refreshment.

Boxed WaterIs Better® Sustainably packaged Water Boxed Water Is Better® The leading sustainable packaged water company is an alternative to plastic bottles and aluminum cans. Now offering a new 330ml size and new flavors as consumers demand safe, pure, recyclable and sustainable water. Contact us for more information.

Introducing Brew Dr. Uplift: Natural Caffeine Beverage with Probiotics Brew Dr.

Califia Farms Debuts Protein Oat Plant Milks Califia Farms This year Califia introduced Protein Oat, an enhanced line of oat milks with 8 grams of plant protein, 9 essential amino acids plus omega-3, -6, and -9, all in a creamy oat base. Available at Whole Foods Market and Sprouts Farmers Market nationwide.


BRAND LISTINGS Simple, Natural Social Tonics

Circle Sparkling Protein - 20g Collagen Zero/Low Sugar



Cann is making cannabis social and approachable for all, with the first cannabis-infused social tonic that is both low-dose and delicious. With only 30-35 calories per can and only five, allnatural ingredients, enjoy Cann at any social occasion.

Circle Sparkling Protein is the light, bubbly, refreshing way to get the protein your body needs without all the sugar. Collagen is vital to keeping your muscles, tendons, skin, and hair healthy. Sparkling Protein launches with 4 flavors.

CELSIUS Peach Vibe Energy Drink

Over 100+ CBD Products CBD Living

Cola flavored sparkling water with caffeine


Clear/Cut Phocus

CELSIUS’ latest flavor innovation, Peach Vibe, is a deliciously sweet special edition flavor that will have you feeling nothing but refreshing, good vibes.

Phocus changes the sparkling water experience with their addition of Cola. With no sugars, sweeteners, calories or carbs, get the cola taste you crave with 75mg of caffeine from tea. All the taste, none of the guilt. It’s what's missing that matters.

C4 Smart Energy - New Flavors C4®


The Next Generation Electrolyte Drink CF Nutrition

BRAND LISTINGS CF(Rehydrate)® Immunity+ Is A Must This Flu and Virus Season CF Nutrition

Cloud Water + Immunity with Vitamin D & Zinc for Immunity Support Cloud Water Brands

New! Organic Sparkling Yerba Mate Zero Calories #BETTERCAFFEINE CLEAN Cause

Tejava Launches Two New Flavors Crystal Geyser Water Company



BRAND LISTINGS evian+ Sparkling Mineral Enhanced Drink Danone Waters of America

Defiance Fuel - Premium Structured Water Søbrii 0-Gin - Canada's First Non Alcoholic Gin - Now Available Defiance Fuel

DistillX Beverages Inc.

42 years is how long it took to research, create and bring about what is Defiance Fuel is today. One of the finest Premium Waters on the planet. Available in 1L and 20oz.

Søbrii 0-Gin is a non-alcoholic spirit distilled using classic gin botanicals. Create familiar tasting bar drinks without compromising the cocktail experience. Best of all Søbrii has 0 sugar, 0 calories and is vegan. It is craft distilled in Canada.

Defiance Fuel Premium Sport Drink

Val de France Organic Sparkling Apple Juice Beverages

Defiance Fuel Defiance Sport includes the 5 Essential Electrolytes lost in exercise, 72 Key Minerals to help perform at the next level, OXYSTORM Red Spinach extract which supports performance, D-Ribose that supports recovery, with only 8g of Carbs and 32 calorie. Defiance Fuel - Premium Structured Water & All-Natural Sports Drink Defiance Fuel


The DELICIOUS Way to Support Immune and Gut Health Doctor D’s Sparkling Probiotic

Epicurean Food and Beverages Crafted in Brittany, France • USDA Organic • No Sugar Added • 40% fewer calories than similar juices • Non-Alcoholic • Natural Flavors • Genuine Champagne bottle & cork • 6 flavors available: Apple, Pear, Peach, Pomegranate, Raspberry & Elderflower.

BRAND LISTINGS New Cucumber Glow™ Cold-Pressed Juice.

#1 Selling Gaming Energy Drink

Craft Brewed, Non Alcoholic Beer & Wine

H2OPS Sparkling Hop Water - Zero Alcohol - Zero Calories - Unsweetened

Evolution Fresh




New Cucumber Glow is a refreshingly crisp blend of plant-based hydration with cool cucumber juice, a splash of lemon and a pinch of Himalayan pink salt – a good source of vitamin C perfectly balanced with a hint of sweetness.

G FUEL, The Official Energy Drink of Esports®, provides high-performance, sugar-free and antioxidant and vitamin-fortified energy products, including 16 oz RTD cans, that give gamers and esports pros the focus and edge they need to win.

We sought to create a line of craft brewed, non-alcoholic beers and wine because you deserve to stay healthy and have fun. Our bubbly rosé is made with a blend of Cabernet & Chardonnay grapes, is gluten-free and boasts only 60 calories per bottle.

Brewed like a craft beer but without the sugary malts and yeast. Astoundingly refreshing. Naturally zero alcohol, zero calories, zero carbs, vegan, keto and gluten free.1st to market category creator. Available in Original, Grapefruit and new MANGO.

Flow Collagen-Infused Spring Water

ENERGY + WELLNESS in one mighty shot | GO BIG

Flow Beverages Inc.


NEW Flow CollagenInfused Spring Water, with 10-grams of grass-fed collagen peptides, comes in 6 delicious flavors: Cucumber, Watermelon, Pink Grapefruit, Pomegranate, Meyer Lemon & Blood Orange. Get your collagen boost while you hydrate.

If an energy shot and a wellness shot had a baby, it would be GO BIG. We combined the best parts of each shot to make something exponentially better better energy, better taste, better-for-you. Low carb, low calorie, shelf stable.

Naturally Alkaline, Lava Filtered, Ultra Premium Water Hawaii Volcanic Beverages


NEW GT’s SYNERGY Kombucha Variety Pack


Harmless Harvest Introduces Coconut Smoothie

GT’s Living Foods

Harmless Harvest

GT’s SYNERGY Variety Pack is the best-selling Kombucha item at the world’s largest retailer. Featuring top-three flavors, Gingerade, Trilogy, and Gingerberry, this pack perfectly meets consumers’ growing demand for large and multi-serve offerings.

Harmless Harvest introduces yet another delicious iteration on pure, organic coconuts with the launch of their Organic Coconut Smoothie. A simple, single-ingredient blend of coconut water and meat, this creamy and naturally sweet smoothie offers all.

BRAND LISTINGS Introducing The Citra Bomb One Hoplark HopTea

Relief For the Energy Shot Category! New PEP300 Energy Pouch InterContinental Beverage Cap.

Experience a Bolt of Energy with our innovative, low-cost, and eco-friendly portable pouch. PEP300 is designed to help boost your Energy Shot Category by reaching loyal energy drinkers who are seeking alternatives to the high cost of energy solutions today: • 2 oz (60ml) Pouch packed with a giant boost of energy provides an experience equal to the category leader - 1200mg energy blend-230mg caffeine - Vitamins B3, B6, B12 - 12 calories - 3 grams of natural sugar • Portable for any occasion-slips easily in your pocket, handbag, the car, or gym bag • Eco-friendly Pouch uses 75% less material than conventional PET Bottles- helps to reduce carbon emissions and greenhouse gases • Eye-popping retail price points without sacrificing your margin • Turns unprofitable store real estate into profitable space: - PEP300 is easily merchandised in-store with superior location flexibility. Takes up a very small footprint and is a high margin package for you - Encourages multi-unit purchases with its unique display box and dangler • 3 Flavors: Mango, Mixed Berry, Lychee • PEP300 is a Dietary Supplement PEP300 is a New Innovative Product and Package from GBS, an affiliate of InterContinental Beverage Capital (IBC) Contact: Scott W.

High Brew Coffee Sweet Cream Nitro Cold Brew


New Imported illy Ready to Drink Cold Brew Coffee Beverage

The Undiluted Truth In Immune Support

High Brew Coffee

HyEdge, Inc.

illy caffe

Karma Culture, LLC.

A new NITRO is joining the High Brew family of cold brews! Each can is infused with fresh nitrogen, which, together with just a splash of sweet cream, creates a creamy, frothy, neverbitter nitro cold brew experience!

HFactor Hydrogen Water is shown to provide therapeutic benefits for fitness, health & lifestyle recovery and wellness and is now available in a larger (20 oz) carry-anywhere hydropack that maintains the integrity and pureness of its hydrogen content

NEW illy cold brew ready to drink CLASSICO, delivers a mild and balanced taste profile. Cold brewed for 12 hours, the taste is uniquely naturally sweet and balanced with less acidity. It is made with 100% Arabica Coffee and has only 5 calories.

Probiotics in kombuchas and premixed drinks deteriorate over time. But Karma’s patented, protective Push Cap guarantees that our proprietary blend of vitamins and cultures is delivered at optimal potency. #1 RTD for immune support!

The Ojai Valley - cold brew immunity shot with zinc & echinacea Humblemaker Coffee Co. Humblemaker adds a new offering to it’s roster of fresh, functional cold brew coffee shots: the Ojai Valley. A new, immunity-boosting shot infused with the 100% natural flavors of citrus and nutmeg. 115mg caffeine with zero sugar & zero calories.

NEW Icelandic Glacial Sparkling Flavors to Jelly Belly Sparkling Water arouse your senses! Icelandic Glacial NEW Sparkling Flavors, Tarocco Blood Orange and Indonesian Lemongrass! Each of our sparkling flavors are all natural, zero calories and zero sugar. Each offered in a convenient 16.9 fl oz PET and eco-friendly 11.1 fl oz (330ml) glass bottles.

Joffer Beverage Company Joffer Beverage Company is pleased to announce Jelly Belly Sparkling Water. Launched with 8 true-to-life flavors, Jelly Belly Sparkling Water is bringing fun and flavor to the category. Natural flavor and carbonated water, no sugar and no sweeteners.

Organic Sparkling Botanicals Kite Kite beverages are adaptogen based and brewed without concentrates, ‘natural flavors’ or sugars. These functional beverages are crafted using the wisdom of botanicals to build (your) resilience and help support balance & wellbeing.


BRAND LISTINGS BUBBL’R Antioxidant Sparkling Water New Flavor: lemon lime twist’r Klarbrunn

Kokomio - The Real Coconut Experience Kokomio LLC

New Koia Smoothies Koia



BRAND LISTINGS Liquid Core Gum Company Liquid Core Gum Company

KÖE Fruit-Forward Sparkling Kombucha

Organic Ingredients + Alcohol = Masq Hard Tea

KÖE Kombucha

Masq Fusions Hard Tea

KÖE is surprisingly delicious kombucha. It's fruit-forward, USDA Organic and packed with live probiotics to support the immune system and optimal gut health. Available in five sparkling flavors, KÖE's slim cans are shelf stable and easily recyclable.

Who needs another flavored seltzer? Masq delivers a better way to drink to health conscious consumers. We use an organic Yerba Mate base, organic superfoods for flavor, blue agave and monk fruit to slightly sweeten and a herbal blend to finish!

'Liquid Alchemist' Natural Cocktail Syrups

Honey-sweetened Lemonade

Liquid Alchemist LLC Founded 2009 in Los Angeles, Liquid Alchemist syrups are key ingredients for popular cocktail recipes and have many culinary applications. Our syrups are made in small batches from natural ingredients, featuring excellent shelf life.

80 Calorie Sparkling Fruit Drink MASH by Boylan Bottling Co.

MASH is a careful combination of two flavors smashed together to design a unique beverage that is unlike anything else you’ve ever tasted. Known for their bright colors and distinctive bottle design, MASH is sure to stand out wherever it is sold. With flavors so bold and tastes so rich, you won’t believe there are only 80 calories in the entire bottle. 84 BEVNET MAGAZINE – NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2020

Mighty Swell Delivers a Juicy Crush of Natural Flavor Mighty Swell Spiked Seltzer

Me & the Bees Lemonade With five great flavors and about 100 calories per serving, Me & the Bees Lemonade taste good and does good. Buy a Bottle...Save a Bee

BRAND LISTINGS HUZZAH Probiotic Seltzer Molson Coors Non-Alc LLC

CANABIX Probiotic + Hemp Wellness Tea

New Delicious Wellness Drink from New Zealand

Medicinal Cannabis of America

NO UGLY NO UGLY is a scientifically formulated wellness drink, with NO UGLY ingredients, only good. Vegan, Non GMO, Gluten Free, less than 1% sugar and packed with vitamins, minerals, and potent antioxidants, it’ll have you back TO GORGEOUS in no time.

US Patent Pending drink combining 30mg CBD from nano-emulsified hemp oil & shelf stable probiotics. Functional with a great taste, non-narcotic, THC free, CANABIX works without making you high. In Peach Tea, Lemon Cucumber, & Dragonfruit water. Clearly Kombucha

Introducing North Fusions - Escape your ordinary, drink the NORTH Molson Coors Non-Alc LLC With a crisp, refreshing taste and the lowest in sugar and calories, Clearly Kombucha is clearly a better kombucha for all.

AGUA BUCHA Kombucha-Infused Sparkling Water Mother Kombucha LLC

North Brands LLC North Fusions are lightly sweetened sparkling waters infused with 25mg broad spectrum hemp CBD, l-theanine, herbal extracts and minerals. Flavors include Peach Mango, Strawberry Guava and Blueberry Pomegranate. All natural. Zero calories.

Nuun Instant - Hydrates Faster Than Water Alone! Nuun Hydration


BRAND LISTINGS Hydrate Your Coffee

Perfect Hydration Alkaline Water - New 16.9 oz. Can

Craft Kombucha Available at Baldor

Help Support The Breast Cancer Research Foundation 365 Days a Year!

Oaza Cold Brew

Perfect Hydration

Pilot Kombucha

Positive Beverage

Hydrate Your Coffee with Oaza Cold Brew. Each can is infused with electrolytes for improved hydration and energy. Oaza comes in Black, Oatmilk, and Cacao Mocha, which are deliciously smooth and refreshing and just 0g sugar with less than 40 calories.

Perfect Hydration will be the first 9.5+ pH water available in an infinitely recyclable aluminum can. Purified through a proprietary 9-stage filtration process, Perfect Hydration is balanced with electrolyte minerals for a crisp, refreshing taste.

Certified organic & verified non-alcoholic, this is Brooklyn's hottest selling kombucha - it will fly off your shelves! Woman owned & operated. A unique selection of 8 culinary-inspired flavor combinations. Reach out for samples today! NE Region only

Fall in LOVE with the first sugar-free lemonade that's packed with 110% of all added vitamins plus strengthbuilding Calcium in a zero calorie, thirst quenching experience great for all ages. $20,000 plus 5 cents per can will be donated to BCRF


First Organic Sparkling Botanical Beverage

Optimum Nutrition, Inc.

Petal Sparkling Botanicals

ESSENTIAL AMIN.O. ENERGY® + ELECTROLYTES Sparkling Hydration Drink helps fuel active adults on the go. Each can provides energy from natural caffeine sources, amino acids to support recovery and electrolytes to support hydration.

Level up your sparkling water game and raise your vibe. Meet Petal, the first organic beverage experience that sparkles with wild, rebellious, flowerpowered goodness. No fake stuff—just crafted from the finest botanical essences and extracts.

Partake Brewing Craft Non-Alcoholic Beer Partake Brewing

Good energy = nootropics + adaptogens + premium coffee

First-Ever Plant Protein Water Launched

Pivot Coldbrew


Groundbreaking line of refrigerated cold brew coffee. Carefully crafted with a precise stack of nootropics & adaptogens, Pivot Coldbrew delivers sustained energy, calm focus, mental stamina, even a little immunity boost. All without jitters or crash.

America's #1 protein water debuts its new plant protein water in three riveting, refreshing flavors: blackberry-basil, lemongrasschamomile and key lime-coconut. Cans contain 15g vegan (pea) protein and contain no sugar with only 70-80 cals.

#1 Sustainable Bottled Water, Packaged in a Refillable Aluminum Bottle Pathwater

Pathwater®, the only bottled water company in the industry that offers electrolyte-enhanced purified water in a 100% refillable and sustainable aluminum bottle. Offering the convenience of bottled water, a healthy alternative to sugary beverages and leading the fight against single-use plastic bottles that are harmful to our planet. Go to to learn more. 86 BEVNET MAGAZINE – NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2020

BRAND LISTINGS Introducing Qumba’s Kombucha Powder Qumba

REZ The Restoration Beverage - Where Flavor and Function Meet

REBBL introduces eco-friendly bottles made with 100% recycled plastic! REBBL

Premium Craft Mixers for better cocktails at home or at the bar.

Recovery Brands LLC

Regatta Craft Mixers

REZ is a natural beverage made with plant-based glucosamine, turmeric, antioxidants, electrolytes, vitamins & minerals. REZ has 0-sugar, 10-calories, 1-carb, diabetic & keto friendly and has more immune supporting ingredients than any other beverage.

Since 2006, our award-winning mixers have used high quality ingredients to help you make better cocktails. Our products are all-natural, Non-GMO, and contain no artificial flavors or sweeteners. Available now in easy to carry 6-packs of 7.5oz cans.

New product launch! Red Bull Red Edition Watermelon is here! Red Bull North America Watermelon is back! Due to the popularity of the Red Bull® Summer Edition Watermelon, the bestselling Edition has become a permanent offering - The Red Bull Red Edition Watermelon - now available nationwide in 8.4 & 12 fl. oz cans.

RISE Organic Oat Milk - Vanilla, Chocolate & Original RISE Brewing Co

Berry Immunity - Craveable New Functional Beverage From Remedy Organic Remedy Organics Crafted by a holistic nutritionist, our craveable Berry Immunity pairs strawberry and dragon fruit with plant protein, prebiotics, healing adaptogenic herbs, botanicals as well as elderberry, camu camu, echinacea and lions mane to promote Immunity.

At RISE Brewing Co., we source the highest quality organic ingredients to create great-tasting beverages that fuel your mind and body. Our deliciously smooth Vegan Oat Milks are crafted with the highest quality organic ingredients on the planet. The natural creaminess of our Oat Milk tastes amazing on its own and can transform your coffee, cereal, smoothie, or anything you can imagine. It’s free from dairy but full of rich, creamy flavor. Our newest innovation is the Organic Vanilla Oat Milk & Chocolate Oat Milk - our Organic Vanilla Oat Milk celebrates the best tasting vanilla in the world from Madagascar and the rich flavor of our Organic Chocolate Oat Milk comes from chocolate found in the mountains of Peru. With only 4-6 ingredients in each of these products, you won’t find a cleaner & better tasting Organic Oat Milk on the market! Give all 3 a try today! Use the code “TRYOATMILK” for 15% off at 87

BRAND LISTINGS Shelf stable kombucha with 5g of sugar, 20 calories and 5b probiotics.

Top Selling TrueFit, Now In a Ready-toDrink Shake!

Revive Sparkling Kombucha

RSP Nutrition TrueFit is an allnatural, clean label protein based meal replacement shake. It's packed with 20g of grass-fed protein as well fruits & veggies, fiber & MCT Oil. It's zero sugar, Non-GMO Project Verified, Certified Gluten Free and Lactose Free.

Super Tasty Cold. Refrigeration not necessary for your storage or transport, and clinical probiotic trials that support your customers gut functions, digestion, and healthy immune system. Certified organic, vegan and non-alcoholic. CBD… Your way.

A Wellness Shot that Supports Immunity + Hydration

New plant-based Chia Beverage

SLRRRP Shots adds 5 new flavors with their Mash-Up Variety Pack

Seeds Of Wellness - SOW

SLRRRP AlcoholInfused Gelatin

SOW´s 100% plant-based, nondairy chia milk is available in 4 flavors. This shelf-stable beverage is smooth, naturally creamy, and satisfying. Low in calories, high in omega-3, in fiber, protein, and an excellent source of calcium. Gluten-Free.

World's first vegetarian gelatin shots. 5-flavor multipack: Cherry, Pineapple, Grape, Orange-Vanilla, & Strawberry-Banana Made with 6X Distilled Premium Vodka, 13% ABV. No refrigeration necessary.Unique Grab & Go Jar. 100% recyclable packaging.

Sherpa Chai - Brewed by Sherpas in Boulder

NEW CROWN SuperShot™


RSP Nutrition

Sherpa Chai


RIP N SIP liquid CBD drink mix is simpleto-use, pre-portioned, and flavorless. Perfect for on-the-go, these all natural, shelf stable packets are ready to add into any beverage, hot or cold, without impacting the taste. It's easy and fun!

A natural, shelf stable Shot to support Immunity + Hydration. Vitamin C, elderberry, echinacea, ginger, astragalus & black pepper for immunity. Organic coconut water, electrolytes, minerals & amino acids for hydration. A Shot for active lifestyles!

Sherpa Chai's authentic recipes have been small batch brewed in Boulder by Sherpas from Nepal since 2014. Our chai concentrate flavors include: Traditional, Unsweetened, Spicy, Decaf, Honey Vanilla, and Turmeric Ginger & Unsweetened Turmeric Ginger.

This New SuperShot™, has a trio of ingredients that have been shown to be anti-viral. This product is available nationwide at all Publix, through select distributors and retailers through-out the country and our website.Email us to sell or distribute

New Adaptogenic Kombucha! Blue Spirulina, Holy Basil, White Grape Seek North

SHINEWATER: Vitamin D - ZERO Sugar - 6 Flavors - Sunshine In A Bottle! ShineWater

Created by physicians and clinically tested, ShineWater delivers real health value rooted in nutritional science with no compromises. ShineWater has a full daily serving of Vitamin D, Zero Sugar, electrolytes, and other vitamins that are delivered in meaningful amounts to support what your body needs. It is 100% natural with 6 vibrant delicious flavors: Mixed Berry Acai, Peach Mango, Coconut Lime, Kiwi Cucumber, Poma Grape, and Strawberry Lemon. In a world of so-called healthy beverages that are often far from healthy, ShineWater stands out from the other sports beverages and enhanced waters that are full of sugar, caffeine, sodium, and artificial ingredients. We call it Sunshine In A Bottle! Find us at Contact us at 88 BEVNET MAGAZINE – NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2020

BRAND LISTINGS Solar Rain - 5-Star Private Water Bottle Labeler Solar Rain Bottled Water Co.

Uptown Wine Cocktails Create Excitement in RTD Cocktail Category Southern Champion

SOS Daily Hydration, Vitamin & Mineral Drink

NEW Steeped Botanicals & Sparkling Water Sparkling Botanicals by Rishi

ALO® Organic ZERO

SOS Hydration

SPI West Port, Inc.

SOS has brought out the worlds fastest absorbing electrolyte drink that is packed with electrolytes, vitamins and minerals to give your body everything it needs to get through the day. Non GMO verified, only 10 calories and no artificial nasties.

ALO Organic ZERO is the first major ready-to-drink USDA certified organic aloe vera product line that contains no sugar and zero calories. Gluten-free, fat-free, and vegan. Available in White Grape and Peach + Plum flavors.

Jèn Collagen + Aloe Vera Infused Water

Spindrift creates paradise in a can

SPI West Port, Inc. Jèn is the first and only beverage brand to combine the best of two ingredients – collagen + aloe vera. Non-GMO, gluten free, fat free, aloin-free & made with no artificial flavors. Available in Blood Orange & Lemon, Apple & Lychee and Peach & Plum.


Spindrift Beverage Company Spindrift made huge splash this year with the release of our 11th flavor, Spindrift Pineapple. Made with just sparkling water and real squeezed fruit, Spindrift Pineapple is made with delicious pineapples grown in Costa Rica. Cheers!

BRAND LISTINGS Spritz Tea - Softly Sparkling Infusions

Swoon Launches Zero Sugar Lemonade Made Naturally Sweet by Monk Fruit

100% Plant Powered Energy Drink

Spritz Beverages Co.



Softly sparkling, boldly flavored, craft tea infusions. Female founded. Zero calories, zero sugar, all natural, vegan friendly, keto friendly, gluten free. 4 SKUsPink Guava Hibiscus, Golden Peach Green, Wild Acai White, Bright Citrus Pu'erh.

Swoon is on a mission to take sugar out of society. Their newest line of Lemonade tastes just like the one you grew up loving. Only theirs doesn't have any sugar, and like everything Swoon, each flavor is made naturally made sweet by monk fruit.

Fast growing & nationwide. teaRIOT positively energizes you with the power of plants not chemicals. It provides steady energy without the dreaded negative effects caused by traditional drinks. Zero added sugar. Zero synthetic stimulants.

We believe a good cocktail should never be out of reach!

Outrageously Delicious Plant-based Specialty Coffee with Adaptogens

Introducing Teatulia's NEW Organic Cold Brew Canned Iced Teas



Teatulia Organic Teas

Mixology lovers rejoice: STRAiGHTAWAY is a new brand of bottled craft cocktails. These bottled cocktails are designed to be enjoyed anytime and anywhere - simply pour, sip, enjoy!

Taika is the world’s first perfectly calibrated blend of craft coffee and adaptogens designed to make you feel awake, aware and inspired. Our products are all plant-based, with no added sugar and a unique blend of adaptogens & functional mushrooms.

NEW stunningly simple, Cold Brew Iced Tea. No calories, no sugar, & always organic. Our iced tea is brewed from tea grown in our 3,000acre regenerative organic tea garden in Bangladesh. Available in four flavors. Taste the difference we are making.

Introducing Unique, Natural Juice Products from Sweet Living Farms Sweet Living Farms


Zero Alcohol, Zero Sugar Bitters & Soda The Bitter Housewife

NEW A88 Flavor Infused™ CBD Water 10mg Lab Quality Hemp Extract The Alkaline Water Company Inc A88 Flavor Infused™ CBD water has a smooth taste with 10mg of high quality, lab-tested hemp extract. The bitter hemp taste is replaced with a hint of natural lemon lime flavor. No calories. No sugar. No artificial ingredients, vegan and gluten free. NEW Alkaline88® Eco-Friendly Aluminum Bottled Water The Alkaline Water Company Inc Alkaline88® offers superior hydration with its perfectly balanced 8.8pH. Enhanced with Pink Himalayan Rock Salt and Electrolytes for great taste. Featuring our NEW eco-friendly aluminum, the 500-ml single serve is resealable, reusable, & recyclable.

BRAND LISTINGS Island Punch by Wyler’s Light – Zero Sugar Powdered Drink Mix To Go The Jel Sert Company

Super C - Vitamin and Mineral Powdered Drink Mix To Go The Jel Sert Company

Introducing: Tampico - Zero Sugar Powdered Drink Mix To Go The Jel Sert Company

NoMI Sparkling Water The Mitten Fruit Company


BRAND LISTINGS NEW A88 Infused™ Naturally Flavored Water – 6 Refreshing Fruit Flavors

Organic TREO Fruit & Birch Water

The Alkaline Water Company Inc

Treo Brands LLC Tastes good and good for you too. Plant-based, and powered by organic birch water, organic fruit juice and natural sweeteners, TREO is bursting with flavor and contains only 10 calories, 1g of sugar and 1 net carb per serving.

A88 Infused™ Flavored water is great tasting & ultra-hydrating. It’s naturally fruit flavored and pasteurized for optimal freshness. Available in 6 mouthwatering flavors, A88 Infused™ Flavored water comes in BPA-free, recyclable bottles. Award winning 1st Organic Kombucha Concentrate & Healthier Soda Mixers

Uncle Matt’s Launches NEXTY award winner Ultimate Immune Uncle Matt’s Organic

A New American Single Malt from AwardWinning Virginia Distillery Co.

The Soda Press Co Crafted for SodaStream, Soda Press Co creates a variety of award winning, low sugar, USDA cert. Organic Kombucha Concentrates (World 1st) & Soda Mixers. A single bottle make up to 13 drinks. Our products are end to end plastic free and 100% recyclable

Ultima Replenisher Electrolyte Hydration Drink Mix Ultima Health Products, Inc


Virginia Distillery Company After many years in the making, Courage & Conviction American Single Malt is now available. Aged a minimum of three years, this 100% malted barley whisky is matured in former Sherry, Bourbon and Cuvée wine casks.

3 Ingredients: 100% Blue Agave Tequila. Sparkling Water. Organic Juice Volley by Wholesome Spirits

BRAND LISTINGS Discover Plant-Based Performance W*nder

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water's New Refillable Aluminum Bottles

ZenWTR Alkaline Water in 100% Recycled Ocean-Bound Plastic Bottle ZenWTR

XL Energy Drinks - new look

Have it all with Zevia Zero Calorie Beverages

Waiakea, Inc

XL Energy Drink Corp


Waiakea was founded in 2012 adapting an unparalleled platform of healthy, sustainable, and ethical attributes and initiatives. In addition to the well-known rPET bottles, Waiakea is launching new, refillable aluminum bottles.

By creating a new modern design, XL Energy Drinks represent a much stronger, bolder and cleaner vision of where the brand is now and its vision for the future while keeping the classic taste.

Taking bold steps is what Zevia is all about. Our mission is to create zero sugar, zero calorie, naturally sweetened beverages that support the health of individuals and the communities we live in.

WILD TONIC Delivers the Buzz Without the Sting in a New Package WILD TONIC Jun Kombucha WILD TONIC Jun Kombucha is redefining the category through the unique use of organic honey, resulting in a refreshingly smooth taste. Traditionally in cobalt blue glass bottles, new 12oz slim cans are now available for both NA and 5.6% ABV products.

Yerbaé Sparkling Water - Plant-Based Energy Yerbaé, LLC Yerbaé enhances your sparkling water experience with our signature blend of plant-based ingredients for a big boost without the crash or jitters! Unlock your can-do attitude with Yerbaé!


SUPPLIER & SERVICES LISTINGS Tea, Coffee & Specialty items A. Holliday & Company Inc.

Scientific & Regulatory AIBMR Life Sciences, Inc.

Contract Manufacturing Azpack

PR Results that Deliver Blaze PR

For over 46 years, we've traveled the world to connect people with the finest products. At A. Holliday & Company, we source, test, and ship every product we carry. We supply bulk tea variety’s (extracts & leaf), coffees (extracts), antioxidants, herbal & superfruit extracts, natural caffeine, polyphenols, EGCG, Rooibos, coconut water powder, and our newest product, oil soluble tea polyphenols.

AIBMR is an industry-leading scientific and regulatory consulting firm, founded in 1978. AIBMR offers key services specifically tailored to the natural products marketplace, including toxicology studies, GRAS Independent Conclusions, FDA GRAS & NDI Notifications, label reviews, claims substantiation, FDA & FTC compliance, and manuscript preparation & publication.

Azpack is one of the fastest growing co-packers in the country. We offer co-packing services in cans and bottles. Our team of dedicated and professional staff are focused on delivering the highest quality products to our customers. Capable of producing cold fill preserved, hot fill and tunnel pasteurized products with onsite lab services. Visit our website to find out what we can do for you.

From global brands to start-ups, Blaze is the go-to partner for food & beverage companies hungry for a real piece of the marketshare. We have done it all before, failed, prevailed, and we know the difference. Our media strategies are meaty, creative and on-point because they’re backed by a thoughtful process that considers the particular world of each brand.

Flavor Manufacturer Abelei Flavors

The Ultimate Brand Accomplice Aid&Abet

Beverage Industry Navigators BevSource

Water Soluble Cannabinoids Caliper Foods

As a flavor manufacturer abelei creates delicious, application-specific flavors assisting our clients in getting to market faster with flavorings that fit their product requirements. abelei specializes in creating great-tasting sweet brown, citrus fruit, soft fruit and other top-note flavors perfect for beverages, dairy, confectionery, bakery, pharmaceuticals, and nutraceutical applications.

A strategic branding agency with a passion for specialty food & beverage brands, and proven success in the CPG space, Aid&Abet serves clients through a distinct industry focus and approach. Working with B2C and B2B entities on the hunt for the ultimate brand accomplice, Aid&Abet uncovers brand stories, harnesses potential, and delivers stunning, effective design to generate results online and off.

Nothing slows a beverage entrepreneur more than getting swallowed up by the details. BevSource will help you create and execute upon a custom operations strategy so you can focus on building your brand. Our expertise in development, quality testing, pilot- and full-scale production management is unparalleled. Take the stress out of developing and producing your beverage, & partner with BevSource.

Caliper ingredients are fast-acting, water-soluble cannabinoids that are easily introduced into any application using standard production equipment and with no noticeable impact to flavor, consistency, texture, or appearance. Designed for rapid go-to-market and scalable manufacturing across food, beverage, supplements, and topical care applications, and come with FDA-ready documentation.

Organic Functional Ingredients Applied Food Sciences (AFS)

Functional Branded Ingredients Bioenergy Life Science (BLS)

BLS creates innovative, scientifically based, functional ingredients for healthier living. We sell in bulk to businesses who manufacture or formulate functional foods & beverages, supplements, sports nutrition products, cosmetics, and animal nutrition. We are best known for the only patented & FDA GRAS-certified D-Ribose: Bioenergy Ribose®. Bioenergy Ribose is the true source of sustainable, cellular energy and is crucial to the production of ATP. Bioenergy Ribose increases energy for Endurance, Performance & A Healthier You. Our newest ingredient, RiaGev™, is a proprietary ingredient formulation that uniquely combines Bioenergy Ribose and Nicotinamide. The pharmacodynamics of RiaGev demonstrate it to be more efficient than NR at increasing NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) throughout the body, including muscle and brain, because it enters the salvage pathway directly. RiaGev maintains & enhances mitochondrial health by boosting NAD levels and inducing the creation of new mitochondria, thus NAD is vital for mitochondrial health. And by increasing NAD, RiaGev helps slow the aging process, reduce age-related cognitive decline, and prevent cellular damage from free radicals. RiaGev helps Repair, Rejuvenate and Defy Aging. Add these branded to your new or existing product innovations to help people feel, perform and look better. 96 BEVNET MAGAZINE – NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2020

SUPPLIER & SERVICES LISTINGS Natural Colors - Clean Labels California Natural Color


Real People. True Flavor. Callisons

Speciality Hydrocolloids CP Kelco

Since 1903, Callisons has created authentic flavors using the highest quality, natural extracts directly from nature. Known as the leader in mint, Callisons develops a diverse portfolio of true flavors with a passion for the Beverage, Confection & Oral Care industries. As tastes change and the market expands, we evolve and innovate to always remain on the forefront of the next flavor revolution.

At CP Kelco, we unlock nature-powered success by applying ingredient innovation and problemsolving for food and beverage manufacturers around the world. With nature-based ingredients like pectin, carrageenan, xanthan gum, gellan gum, cellulose gum and now citrus fiber, we help you create products that engage, delight and reassure your customers.

Global Food Ingredients Corbion

Energy. Naturally Occurring. Doehler North America

Corbion relies on more than 100 years of experience and we are innovators in the food industry. Corbion helps beverage companies by providing modeling tools to help achieve the perfect flavor, mouthfeel and nutritional profile. Our solutions help overcome product stability challenges so you can expand your geographical reach.

Consumer increased demand for energy drinks requires exciting taste sensations as well as natural & healthier options. Guayusa, a plantbased extract that provides naturally-occurring caffeine, is rapidly trending with its “super leaf” status & functionality. Step into this dynamic market & partner with Doehler for innovative energy drinks with extraordinary flavors using natural ingredients.

We are a supplier of fruit and vegetable concentrates, natural colors, and grape seed extract for the food, beverage, and nutraceutical industries. With the support of a strong supply chain beginning in vineyards and fields combined with state-of-the-art technologies for processing and packaging, we can offer unique product solutions. These capabilities and an unwavering commitment to quality resulted in California Natural Color becoming the world’s largest supplier of red anthocyanin colors. California Natural Color offers colors from natural sources in both liquid and crystal formats. We also offer fruit and vegetable juice concentrates and grape seed extract. Our colors are OU Kosher, Halal, and Non-GMO. In 2010, the company began using a proprietary technology converting fruits and vegetables into dry, crystallized colors. These unique crystals differ from typical spray dried colors because they are extremely stable, carrier free, have fast solubility, are less dusty, and contribute zero calories to a finished formulation.

Functional Ingredient Chemi Nutra

We Make Your Packaging Work Closure Systems International

Closure Systems International Inc (CSI) is a global leader in designing and manufacturing innovative closures for a wide range of applications in consumer and industrial markets. In addition to high quality closures and capping equipment, CSI provides unparalleled customer and technical services for high-speed application systems. Major categories served include carbonated soft drinks, bottled water, juices, isotonics, teas, adult beverages, dairy, foods, pharmaceutical and automotive fluids. CSI’s cutting-edge closure solutions help customers maximize profits by increasing the marketability of their brands and optimizing their total cost of operations. From reducing the impact of manufacturing operations to an industry-leading suite of sustainable closure profiles, CSI’s sustainability expertise and sustainable product offerings ensure customers stay on top of market trends and consumer demands. CSI is headquartered in Indianapolis, IN, and produces 50+ billion closures annually across its 9 manufacturing sites. For more information, visit CSI’s website at 98 BEVNET MAGAZINE – NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2020

SUPPLIER & SERVICES LISTINGS One-way keg for draft beverage DOLIUM One-Way Kegs

The IOT of Beverage Dispense Draftserv Technologies

Clean Label Ingredients Farbest Brands

FONA Flavor & Taste Solutions FONA International

DOLIUM is a leading manufacturer of 100% recyclable, always sterile, fully compatible, one-way kegs for draft beverages. Only keg with dynamic safety valve. We work with top brands in all beverage segments. Perfect for driving incremental sales in new markets and new products. Don't use your precious cash for more stainless steel kegs or lock yourself into a long term rental contracts.

Draftserv Technologies is the global leader in IOT Beverage Technologies. Our patented BevOS platform converts ordinary tap, fountain, coffee, and frozen dispensers into smart and connected devices with both real time product data visibility and beverage dispense controls. Full integrations with POS systems, cashless payments, loyalty programs, room keys, student dining, etc with back end data.

Farbest Brands can help you meet the demand for clean-label ingredients with a full range of high-quality dairy and plant proteins, gum acacia, vitamins, sweeteners, natural colors, as well as USDA-certified organic, and NON-GMO Project Verified ingredients No matter your budget, application, or label claim we can guide you to the ingredients that are right for you.

Consumers today want it all. You’re balancing the demands of great taste, regulatory hurdles and consumer acceptance. The experts at FONA can help. From ideation to launch, we can create a seamless, winning path for you. Design, develop and scale up using our Beverage Innovation Studios in Geneva, IL and Irvine, CA. We are FONA. Let us bring the best taste solutions to the table for you.

Secondary Packaging Equipment Douglas Machine Inc

Labels & Sleeved Cans DWS Printing Associates, Inc.

INTELLECT Container Inspection FILTEC

Decorative Labels & Packaging Fort Dearborn Company

Douglas provides customers with high quality automated packaging solutions for paperboard, corrugated and shrink film. We specialize in the design and manufacture of case & tray packers, shrink wrap systems, cartoners, sleevers, variety pack systems and palletizers. Based in Alexandria, MN, USA, Douglas has installed more than 11,000 machines in 30 countries. Employee owned, customer driven.

Established in 1865, DWS is a 5th-generation family-owned label printing and can-sleeving operation. Capabilities include Shrink Sleeves, PSL, Cut-&-Stack and Roll-Fed labels, and in-house Can-Sleeving. If you’re looking for a typical “label factory,” we’re probably not your best bet, but if you’re interested in connecting with thoughtful partners, you should think about giving us a call.

Founded in 1958, FILTEC is a leading provider of in-line inspection solutions for the food and beverage industries. With local offices and support in over twenty international territories, FILTEC has served some of the world's most iconic brands on a global basis for over half a century

We’ve got you covered. Fort Dearborn Company offers shrink sleeve, stretch sleeve, pressure sensitive, roll-fed, and cut & stack labels, flexible packaging and promotional printing in a variety of substrates, inks and finishing options to support your beverage brand building objectives. We service brands large and small. Contact us today to discuss your application.

Custom Flavor Development Flavor Dynamics, Inc.

Coconut Ingredients Franklin Baker, Inc.

We are the perfect choice for your beverage flavors. Our experienced team is guided by a commitment to creating innovative, superior quality products. Our "AA" BRC audit grade represents our commitment to food safety and quality assurance. Ask us for your clean label requirements, including Organic, Non GMO, Natural, Gluten free and Vegan. Our team is up to the challenge. Call us today.

Franklin Baker, Inc. is the largest processor of coconut ingredients in the Philippines and the premier supplier to the global beverage & food market. Franklin Baker offers an extensive portfolio of coconut products including Coconut Water, Coconut Milk/Cream, Coconut Concentrate, Creamed Coconut. Our extensive third-party certifications are unrivaled to the highest product standards.

Custom Beverage Development Flavorman

Natural Color Solutions GNT USA Inc.

Have a great idea for a beverage? Flavorman can help you bring it to life. Own your custom formula and benefit from value-added services designed for your success. With nearly 30 years of expertise in beverage development, Flavorman is the best partner to help you change what the world is drinking.

EXBERRY® by GNT is the leading brand of natural food coloring for the food and beverage industry. EXBERRY® colors are derived solely from fruits, vegetables, and edible plants through a process of chopping, pressing, filtering and blending. EXBERRY® products can be applied to a range of beverage categories including enhanced waters, carbonated soft drinks, dairy, and plant-based milks.

“Grab-and-Go” Barrel Pouch Fres-co System USA, Inc.

Did you know that 70% of consumers’ purchase decisions are still made at the shelf? To attract today’s active consumers, products need to taste great, look great and fit an on-the-go lifestyle. Modern and convenient, Fres-co’s pre-made Barrel Pouch does all that and helps you preserve the integrity of your shelf stable or refrigerated beverages. The Barrel Pouch is a stand-up pouch for beverages with a carrying handle for ultimate portability and a patented, pierce-at-first use tap to maximize barrier protection and shelf life. Other Barrel Pouch benefits include: •

Lightweight and Durable

Easy to Carry and Dispense

Non-Breakable and Ideal for E-Commerce

Fridge and Kid-Friendly

Quick Chilling

Customizable and Impactful to Stand out on Shelf

Cost Saving

Environmentally Friendly

For more information or to request a Barrel Pouch sample, visit us at 100 BEVNET MAGAZINE – NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2020

SUPPLIER & SERVICES LISTINGS Aseptic Packaging Solutions GoodWest Industries, LLC

Mobile Canning Solutions Iron Heart Canning Co

GoodWest offers a complete aseptic packaging solution for your bag-in-box beverages and mixes. We specialize in low-acid dairy, cold brew and coffee- based products. Organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, nut free and Kosher options are also available. BIB selections include bag sizes from 2 liters to 5 gallons. A wide variety of bag and dispensing fitments are offered.

IHC is your solution to guide you through the canning process! With over 175 MILLION cans filled to date, IHC offers unmatched Experience and Expertise. We service the Eastern US and deliver Quality you can count on – Guaranteed seams, All beverage types, All can sizes, Materials sourcing, & Co-Packaging Partners – whatever your situation we can get your product canned. IHC is your one stop shop!

Custom Ingredient Blend Mfr IFPC

Cold-Brew Master Extractors Javo Beverage Company

Master Crafted Culinary Matcha Ikeda Matcha

Unmatched Quality & Expertise Ikeda specializes in master-crafted Bulk Culinary Matcha by combining traditional farming, state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, and generations of knowledge. Our unmatched quality and expertise make Ikeda’s organic and non-organic matcha an umami, versatile, and nutritious option for beverages, supplement mixes and food. Over the last two generations, our family-owned company has grown from a sugar supplier to a one-stop ingredient shop. IFPC partners with beverage manufacturers across the country supplying quality ingredients, creating custom solutions, & providing expert advice. Our goal is to help you create the best products for your customers to ensure your business is successful.

Founded in 2001, Javo is an extraction company that uses a proprietary cold-brew method to produce fresh, clean-labeled coffee, tea and botanical extracts for the food and beverage industry. Our cold-brew process delivers a clean non-acidic authentic concentrate for your targeted application, whether a cold brew, nitro coffee, dairy, sauce or bakery item.

Sustainable Packaging Provider Graham Packaging Company


Our farms are in the fertile, volcanic soil of Kagoshima, Japan’s largest organic farming region. Each large-scale production run is curated by our 10th degree Chashi (Tea Master), who comes from generations of tea sommeliers and holds the highest designation of craftsmanship in tea. Matcha’s potential health benefits include EGCG catechins (antioxidants), stress-reducing L-theanine, caffeine without the jitters, and detoxing chlorophyll. Call us for info and a sample.

Non-detect THC - CBD Extracts Klersun Hemp Extracts

Fruit & Vegetable Solutions Milne

Klersun is a producer of high quality hemp extracts. We specialize in broad spectrum Non Detectable THC Extracts. Our NDT™ extracts are self affirmed GRAS. We sell our products by active ingredient and are capable of consistently providing large-scale quantities of extracts derived from industrial hemp that is grown and cultivated in accordance with the Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018.

Since 1956, Milne has been producing industryleading fruit and vegetable juices, concentrates, purees, and custom solutions. With a team of dedicated product developers, Milne has the experience, expertise and creativity to craft new product ideas and solutions to help your business stand out in the fast-paced food and beverage market.

Branding & Packaging Design McLean Design

Trust the monk.™ MONK FRUIT CORP.

We Build Powerful Brands — Brands are built on consumer engagement, meaning that a successful brand has captivated the consumer and enriched their life in some unexpected and enduring way. At McLean we use every tool at our disposal to reveal the core meaning of a brand and enhance the consumer's experience beyond the utility of a product or service. Realize the full value of your brand at McLean.

Monk fruit allows you to create great tasting, innovative products with significantly less sugar and calories - all from the goodness of fruit! Monk Fruit Corp is the recognized industry leader, with the best quality and widest variety of monk fruit products and the majority share of the global monk fruit market (more than 3X our nearest competitor). Looking for monk fruit? Trust the monk.™


Celebrating over 60 years in business, and 10+ years in their Made in the USA manufacturing facility in Rockmart, Georgia, Miura has become the world leader in steam boiler innovation and technology and a favorite of the Beverage and Food industry. Miura’s once-through watertube boilers are exceptionally reliable, efficient, safe, and feature a range of impressive benefits including: Cold start to full steam in less than 5 minutes, which allows users to turn units on/off quickly depending on load requirements, while conserving resources and reducing energy costs; enhanced operational reliability; modular, space-saving design; advanced controls and remote monitoring; and a best-in-industry safety record with zero catastrophic vessel failures resulting in casualty. In 2020, Miura, along with Hartford Steam Boiler and Armstrong Services introduced Steam as a Service (SaaS), a turnkey, fully-financed solution that meets the steam requirements of a range of users by designing, building, operating, maintaining, and continuously optimizing their steam generation onsite. Miura boilers are available in two series:The LX Gas/Low NOx Series, Low and High Pressure Steam Boiler (from 50 -300HP) uses natural gas or propane and are compactly-designed.The EX Gas/Oil Series High Pressure Steam Boilers (from 100HP and 50HP increments up to 300HP) are the most versatile boilers in the world.

Ingredients for Fortification MORRE-TEC Industries, Inc.

Manufacturer & supplier of ingredients to the pharma and cosmetic industries since 1987. Vitacyclix ,a division of MTI, formulates and manufactures a variety of unique water-soluble dry powders and liquid emulsions for the fortification of different beverages. Products range from water soluble vitamins A, D and E, in both powder and liquid forms, minerals, bioflavonoids and proteins.

Natural, Clean Label Flavors Omega Ingredients Ltd

Filling and Closing Solutions Pneumatic Scale Angelus

Bigger Better & Brighter Southeast Bottling & Beverage

Since 1895, Pneumatic Scale Angelus has designed and manufactured packaging equipment for filling, seaming, capping, and labeling applications. Our solutions set the standard for bottling and canning machines, scaled for the specific needs of a wide range of Beverage, Craft Beverage, Dairy, Food, and Pharmaceutical applications, and are fully supported by a global Service and Aftermarket network.

Ready-to-Drink Beverages & Liquid Dietary Supplements Organic & Kosher certified • More Capacity • More Packaging Options (Registered Film & Carton Pkging) • New registered film capability. tray, supported & non-supported. • SQF Level III • 150,000sf • Built to cGMP Specifications • Filling rooms individually temperature & humidity controlled with HEPA Filters • Finished goods storage

Beverage & Food Development PTM Food

Blending and Process Experts Statco-DSI Process Systems

PTM Food is your premier product development & manufacturing support firm. Our wide range of expertise, development, and creativity achieves an exciting point of difference between your product and competitors. We work hard to uncover key industry insights, developing products that have a competitive edge. Whether your project is simple or a complex one, we’re your team!

Statco-DSI is a full-service equipment and integration service provider to the food and beverage industry, with specialties in dry powder mixing, continuous inline blending, as well as de-aeration and carbonation. Operating from 11 offices coast-to-coast, we are able to assist with all of your beverage processing requirements.

Sustainable Packaging Handles PakTech

We are Omega Ingredients, Award Winning Creators of Natural Flavors & Clean Label Ingredients for Manufacturers of Food, Flavor & Beverage Products Worldwide. Our focus is on 100% Pure & Natural Ingredients, helping to create your next beverage from ‘Source to Sip.’ We specialize in the innovative fusion of biochemistry & natural materials to provide the finest extracts & natural flavors.

Flavor Manufacturer Mother Murphy's Flavors

Ideal Flax for Beverages Pizzey Ingredients

Mother Murphy's is a full service flavor manufacturer dedicated to supporting customer needs through quality and flavor innovation. At Mother Murphy's we specialize in flavor and prototype development for the beverage and snack industries and have over 60,000 flavors in our portfolio. We make the world taste better!

Pizzey Ingredients’ BevPur™ Flax enhances beverages with the nutritional benefits of flaxseed while providing a smooth and rich texture. BevPur™ has a guaranteed shelf life of two years and is available in organic and conventional varieties (both are non-GMO and pesticide-free). BevPur™ is ideal for a variety of ready to mix and ready to drink beverages.


SUPPLIER & SERVICES LISTINGS Pyure Trio Organic Stevia Pyure Brands LLC

Fruit & Vegetable Ingredients Stiebs

Stiebs, since 2005, has been devoted to sourcing, processing & delivering the world's finest plantbased products. We offer a full line of fruit & vegetable based ingredients as single strength juice, juice concentrate, purees, extracts & powders. From the beginning stages of product development to delivering an on-going supply of premium natural products, our team is here to help you succeed.

Beverage QC Solutions Sartorius

High-quality Solutions for High-quality Food and Beverages The Right Equipment and Consumables for Production and Quality Control in the F&B Industry Safety first: Whatever beverage you produce – beer, wine, bottled water, softdrinks, or spirits - you cannot afford to compromise on quality. Sartorius helps you meet the industry’s growing challenges with ever-increasing levels of safety, process optimization and quality control as well as legislation demands. Easy-to-use, up-to-date, ready-to-go: We keep your business flowing. Sartorius Solutions for Different Food & Beverage Segments Sartorius has several decades of experience in the food and beverage market and has developed a range of specific products, addressing the clarification, filtration and microbiological control steps along the differing beverage industry process chains, offering solutions from raw material to final finished product. Learn more about the Beverage solutions here: applied-industries/food-beverage-filtration 104 BEVNET MAGAZINE – NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2020

New Supplier of Juices in Bulk Sweet Living Farms

We are fourth-generation farmers who grow, harvest, and produce our products using sustainable and regenerative farming methods. Our products include sorgo grass juice, beet juice, watermelon juice, and our unique juice fusions. Our juices are available for bulk purchase - single strength, concentrate, or puree. Please contact us for more information or visit our website.

Bestevia Taste Solutions Sweegen

Inspiring Taste in Beverage Synergy Flavors, Inc

SweeGen brings you Bestevia Taste Solutions, a full taste experience for sugar reduced foods and beverages delivering the sweetness profile and mouthfeel of full sugar. Our sugar-reduction portfolio combines next generation stevia sweeteners with modulation and mouthfeel building blocks. All components are non-GMO, label friendly and nature-based.

Synergy Flavors is a leading manufacturer and supplier of flavorings, extracts and essences for the global food, beverage, and nutrition industries. Combining a long heritage of flavor development with modern extraction technology, we blend art, science, and market insight to create an exceptional array of tastes that captivate the senses and inspire innovation.

Stability with Integrity Scott Laboratories

SUPPLIER & SERVICES LISTINGS Packaging Line Automation Ska Fabricating

Flavor.Wellness.Sustainability The Coffee Cherry Co.

Shrink Sleeve Labeling Tripack

Upcycled Coffee Cherry is a showcase ingredient for RTD still and sparkling beverages, blending with ground coffee, custom tea blends and more. Plant-based functional nutrition, appealing flavor notes of dried stone fruit, berry, tea, earthiness and citrus, and traceable sustainability to drive Millennial/Gen Z purchasing decisions. Three particle sizes optimized for different applications.

Tripack offers a variety of shrink sleeve packaging solutions. As a leading manufacturer of sleeving systems for shrink labeling, multi packs, and tamper banding, our expertise makes us uniquely the best fit for your co-packing needs. Whether you want a system of your own, or need us to provide the packaging service for you, we have the total solution here. Pre or Post Fill. Bottle deco. Multi packs. Variety Packs. Call us today and let our 20 years of experience get to work!

Beverage Systems & Technology TechniBlend / ProBrew

At TechniBlend, we design, engineer and manufacture a complete range of beverage processing systems & solutions ranging from state-of-the-art blending and batching systems, to water, syrup and product Deaeration technology, HTST/Flash pasteurization, CIP On-Demand solutions, and industry leading Carbonation and Gasification technologies for the innovative beverage world. Based in Wisconsin, USA.

Beverage Ingredients Treatt

Innovative Ingredients The Wright Group

The Wright Group delivers custom nutritional blends, vitamins/mineral premixes, direct compression and microencapsulated ingredients for the functional food and beverage and dietary supplement markets. Our 100+ years of innovative expertise, accomplished R&D team, and comprehensive production capabilities allow us to provide faster lead times to successfully bring your products to market.


Branding & Package Design Watermark Design

Watermark Design has been helping craft beverage companies create & elevate their brands since 2007. Offering over 13 years of industry expertise in branding & design for alcohol, as well as low and no alcohol. From logos to labels, sleeves, cans and bottles, we have done it all and can help you through the process. We develop successful brands & beautiful packaging for your market. Co-Pack and Can Supplier Wild Leaf Beverage

Wild Leaf Beverage is a state-of-the-art, full-service, co-packing and co-manufacturing facility with locations in Baltimore, Sacramento and Las Vegas. We specialize in a wide array of beverage manufacturing services, as well as shrink-sleeved cans in a variety of formats, warehousing, and third party logistics.

SUPPLIER & SERVICES LISTINGS Delivering preferred taste Virginia Dare








21 Holdings, LLC

Kyle Harrington

West Chicago


(630) 876-4911


Jerry Schwartz



(973) 886-4877

Christine Renken



(416) 225-2217

3 Mountains A. Holliday & Company Inc. Abelei Flavors AIBMR Life Sciences, Inc. Aid&Abet




(630) 859-1410

Jared Brodin



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Ken Beasley



(215) 375-7735

Gustavo Nader

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Applied Food Sciences (AFS)

Brian Zapp



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Amaz Project, Inc

Azpack Beckett’s Better Booch BevSource

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Jordan Shulman

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Big Easy Bucha LLC

Alexis Korman

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Bioenergy Life Science (BLS)

Penny Portner

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Jason Miller



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Blaze PR

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blk. International, LLC

Jen Svejda



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Boxed Water Is Better®

Maggie Capisciolto

Grand Rapids


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Boylan Bottling Co.

Cassidy Meyer

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Bragg Live Food Products LLC

Wyatt Risser

Santa Barbara


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Brew Dr.

Byron Elder



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Declan Duggan



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C4® Califia Farms California Natural Color Caliper Foods

Thomas Lampe



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Jolene Jacobs



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Justin Biza





Jake Bullock

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CBD Living

Gabi Alemar

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CF Nutrition



Cardiff By The Sea


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Chemi Nutra

Chase Hagerman



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Komal Sheth



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Circle CLEAN Cause

Cortney Hollinger



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Clear/Cut Phocus

Ryan Smith



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Closure Systems International

Clint Rush



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Cloud Water Brands

Marc Siden

New York


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Corbion CP Kelco Crystal Geyser Water Company




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Rob Bulot



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Danone Waters of America

Ellen Johnston



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Defiance Fuel

Brian Burgdorf

Nashville, TN


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Defiance Fuel

Michael Gallagher



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DistillX Beverages Inc.

Bob Huitema



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Doctor D's Sparkling Probiotic

Susan Dimson



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Doehler North America

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DOLIUM One-Way Kegs

Matt Panucci



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Todd Welker



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Douglas Machine Inc

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Jose Hevia



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DWS Printing Associates, Inc.


Deer Park


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Epicurean Food and Beverages

Didier Arnaud



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Draftserv Technologies

Evolution Fresh

Christina Larigan



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Farbest Brands

Cheryl Pasiut

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Colleen Roberts

South Plainfield


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Phil Icsman



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Flow Beverages Inc.

Tim Dwyer

New York City


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FONA International

John Fishel



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FILTEC Flavor Dynamics, Inc. Flavorman

Fort Dearborn Company

Gwen Chapdelaine



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Franklin Baker, Inc.

John Slade



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Fres-co System USA, Inc.

Terry Baker



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Jack LoParco



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Jeannette O'Brien



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Vivi Mullen

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GoodWest Industries, LLC

John Ludwig



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Graham Packaging Company



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Niki Sawni




Graham Packaging Company GREEN COLA NORTH AMERICA LLC Grüvi GT’s Living Foods H2OPS Harmless Harvest Hawaii Volcanic Beverages High Brew Coffee

Sergio Valderrama



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Paul Tecker



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Christina Calabrese

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Miles Aghajanian



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Hoplark HopTea

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Humblemaker Coffee Co.

Chris Smith

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HyEdge, Inc.

Steve Torres



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Icelandic Glacial

Reza Mirza

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Renee Famula



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Ikeda Matcha

Leslie Crumpler

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illy caffe InterContinental Beverage Cap. Iron Heart Canning Co

Andy Baran

Rye Brook, NY


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Scott Weiermiller

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Roger Kissling - VP Sales



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Javo Beverage Company

Dennis Riley



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Joffer Beverage Company

Joffer Beverage Company



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Karma Culture, LLC.

Shanna Pagán



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Claudia Marion



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Tyler Hartmann



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Carl Jonsson



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Klersun Hemp Extracts KÖE Kombucha Koia Kokomio LLC KOMBUCHA COCKTAILS Liquid Alchemist LLC Liquid Core Gum Company MASH by Boylan Bottling Co. Masq Fusions Hard Tea

Jared Smith



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McLean Design

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Me & the Bees Lemonade

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Medicinal Cannabis of America






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Clint Janson



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Molson Coors Non-Alc LLC

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Mighty Swell Spiked Seltzer Milne

MONK FRUIT CORP. MORRE-TEC Industries, Inc. Mother Kombucha LLC Mother Murphy's Flavors NO UGLY North Brands LLC Nuun Hydration Oaza Cold Brew

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Omega Ingredients Ltd

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Optimum Nutrition, Inc.

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PakTech Partake Brewing Pathwater Perfect Hydration Petal Sparkling Botanicals

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Pivot Coldbrew

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Pizzey Ingredients

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Pneumatic Scale Angelus

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Positive Beverage


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PTM Food

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Red Bull North America Regatta Craft Mixers Remedy Organics Revive Sparkling Kombucha RIP N SIP CBD RISE Brewing Co RSP Nutrition Sartorius Scott Laboratories Seeds Of Wellness - SOW





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Solar Rain Bottled Water Co.

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SOS Hydration

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Southern Champion Sparkling Botanicals by Rishi

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Spindrift Beverage Company





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Spritz Beverages Co.

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Teatulia Organic Teas




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TechniBlend / ProBrew

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The Alkaline Water Company Inc

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The Bitter Housewife

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The Coffee Cherry Co.

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Island Punch - SLIQ - Super C – Tampico –

The Jel Sert Company The Mitten Fruit Company

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The Soda Press Co

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The Wright Group

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Uncle Matt's Organic

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Virginia Dare

Virginia Dare



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Virginia Distillery Company

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Volley by Wholesome Spirits

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Tanisha Robinson



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Waiakea, Inc

Ultima Health Products, Inc

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Watermark Design

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Wild Leaf Beverage

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WILD TONIC Jun Kombucha

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coto di casa


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XL Energy Drink Corp Yerba 233, LLC ZenWTR Zevia




RISE Brewing Co. and FOX Sports Help Fans Start Saturday Strong During the 2020 College Football Season Football is back in action and to ensure that college football fans are properly fueled to start Saturday strong, RISE Brewing Co., the nitro cold brew company, is teaming up with FOX Sports for the 2020 college football season. Through October 31st, fans were encouraged to fuel up for the BIG NOON KICKOFF pregame show on FOX with a RISE nitro cold brew and enter the RISE x FOX Sports Release Your Roar sweepstakes. “RISE Brewing Co. has always been committed to keeping consumers and athletes fueled through our long standing partnerships with USA Surfi ng & Climbing,” said Melissa Kalimov, RISE Brewing Co. COO. “To continue in that tradition, this year, we’re working with FOX Sports to run a co-branded sweepstakes, “Start Saturday Strong, Release Your Roar,” where each week participants will have the opportunity to win unique prizes.” In addition to the co-branded sweepstakes, FOX Sports ran a TV promotion throughout the month of October and RISE Brewing Co. displayed co-branded shelves in select retailers, giving customers a chance to grab a RISE Brewing Co. cold brew coffee ahead of BIG NOON KICKOFF, airing Saturdays at 10:00 AM ET on FOX. The RISE Brewing Co. x FOX Sports sweepstakes ran from October 1 – 31. For media inquiries and sample requests, please contact / or call or text Alex Luckey at 610-781-6801.


Body Armor adds Kyler Murray

BODYARMOR, the fastest-growing sports drink in the category, has announced Kyler Murray as the brand’s newest athlete partner. Murray’s partnership with BODYARMOR makes him the latest addition to BODYARMOR’s impressive athlete roster, including Mookie Betts, Christian McCaffrey, Mike Trout, James Harden, Naomi Osaka, and most recently – Ja Morant. “BODYARMOR is one of the most exciting and competitive brands out there today so I couldn’t be more thrilled to join the team,” said Murray. “I’m always looking to improve my game – and hydration plays a major role in that. BODYARMOR keeps me hydrated better than anything else out there and I’m excited to join an incredible team of athletes who are determined to grow this brand.” As part of the partnership, Murray will be featured in national advertising campaigns, retail activations and in digital and social media activations. At 23 years old, Kyler Murray is one of the brightest young stars in football; he won the prestigious award for the nation’s top NCAA football player in 2018 en-route to being the first overall player selected in the 2019 Draft. “Kyler Murray is one of the most electrifying, young athletes in today’s game,” said Michael Fedele, VP of Marketing at BODYARMOR. “Given his talent and how much the brand has grown, we’re excited to add a player of his caliber to our already impressive roster and continue showing fans everywhere that today’s top athletes are choosing BODYARMOR.” Murray, who is currently in his second year as a pro with Arizona and won last year’s Offensive Rookie of the Year Award, joins the BODYARMOR team at a pivotal time for the brand as its growth continues to accelerate and challenge the market leaders within the category. Now the #2 sports drink sold in convenience stores nationwide, BODYARMOR has incredible momentum at retail and is on track for nearly $1billion in retail sales by the end of 2020. BODYARMOR is a premium sports drink with potassiumpacked electrolytes, antioxidants and coconut water and is made with no artificial flavors, sweeteners and no colors from artificial sources. Consumer demand for an premium sports drink has made BODYARMOR the number three sports drink in the U.S. and it has been the hydration option of choice for many professional athletes and millions of high school and college athletes since its launch in 2011. 115