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4 First Drop The White Claw Treatment

34 Don’t Call it a Comeback Energy Drinks Surge, Even Amidst Slowdown (with Brand News)

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46 Flexing Muscles Strengthened through diversity, protein and meal replacement drinks are finding room to grow (with Brand News)

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DEPARTMENTS 10 Bevscape/NOSHscape/Brewscape ZenWTR Reveals Roster of Celebrity Investors; Grillo’s Sells to Bakery Brand; Firestone Walker Strikes Deal for Cali-Squeeze Brand 24 New Products Califia Farms, Recess, ITO EN, Super Coffee

52 Malternatives How RTDs Have Affected the Segment

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The White Claw Treatment With the arrival of a brand of spiked seltzer that promises to increase mental acuity, I think it’s fair to say that the silly season has arrived at the Gold Rush. It was one thing when White Claw became a runaway hit and, through quick copycatting and M&A, Truly (Boston Brewing) and Boathouse (AB-InBev, but they went in a different direction, see below) followed fast. As of now, there’s a runaway peloton, with White Claw and Truly accounting for about 3/4 of the category, and although there have been some successful launches recently, like Vizzy (Molson Coors), it’s been hard to carve out space beyond the top two. I’d argue that it’s not because the big beer companies haven’t reacted well -- I’d argue that they have. Rather than getting bled by a million cuts, as happened when craft beer opened up as a category, the big beer companies have a single target to chase with a product that lends itself to duplication rather than nuance. It’s not just the beer companies, though. Everyone’s getting into the act. Even Coke jumped into the game via a spiked Topo Chico. High-end fruited seltzer Spindrift went spiked; Sparkling Ice got spiked, so is Polar’s Arctic Chill. I’m not worried about these companies. Like the beer brands, they’re thinking if there’s grist out there for their brands, they might as well mill it. What I’m concerned about is the entrepreneurial energy going into the space -- the work and money and time -when there isn’t a lot of room to innovate toward a point of difference. Again, you’re chasing a single target, with a product that lends itself to duplication rather than nuance. Mental acuity would seem to be a claim that could be better associated with products that aren’t intoxicating, but that and other oddball characteristics seem to come out of the woodwork when there’s a breakout brand. I’d like to pull back for a second from the rush to join the spiked seltzer brigades to a time when there was another breakout new category: energy drinks. Around about the time that your parents started to learn there was a drink called Red Bull, the floodgates had already opened. Both the CEOs of the big soda companies (i.e. your parents) and a new class of copycat entrepreneurs began piling into the market, hoping to get rich off someone else’s idea. Very few of them lasted; about 15 years after Red Bull, Monster, and Rockstar took off with the category, it remained largely dominated by Red Bull, Monster, and Rockstar. In fact, it wasn’t until the past couple of years -- well after those leading brands had shown themselves to be as smart from an execution standpoint as they were from innovation -- that any kind of crack in the hierarchy appeared in the form of Bang and a cohort of “fitness-oriented” zero sugar, high-caffeine-and-aminos workout variants. As for the Old Glories and Grenades and WhoopAsses of the early energy period, it was clear that aggressive naming conventions weren’t enough of a point of difference to take on the first 4 BEVNET MAGAZINE – MAY/JUNE JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2021 2018

movers, and when big soda went after them, they weren’t willing to risk the franchise. After all, we didn’t see CocaCola Energy until 2019. Which brings us back to spiked seltzer, and why it’s so toxic for new entrepreneurs: the big brands aren’t waiting around to try to create their own products -- they’ve instead decided to extend brand equity to launch into a product category whose main strengths (fewer calories, refreshing, neutral flavor, lighter alcohol) are easily repeatable. So we’re seeing Bud Light Seltzer, Corona Hard Seltzer, Natural Light, Michelob, Smirnoff, and more: the beer guys, in other words, aren’t ready to lose their hard-won cooler space yet, not when they can still leverage pricing and marketing power to at least thin the herd of independents to just the original breakout brand, White Claw. The next phase is going to be interesting, as the reopening of the country and the demand for a hard seltzer as a product will give on-premise operators decisions about tap handles and cooler space. Do they offer an assortment, or just stock a few? This is, after all, a product class whose top seller is the White Claw Variety Pack -- and whose second place seller is White Claw Variety Pack No. 2. Will fine dining establishments draw their seltzer choice from a craft brewer? Will they hide the Mark Anthony trucks on the way in? Will bars rotate taps between flavors, or just stock black cherry like so much Bud Light? When an insurgent gets so far out in front as the face of the category, the call brand is often the product type: what happens in the bar when a Corona Hard Seltzer gets handed to a patron who requests a White Claw? You can bet the Mark Anthony lawyers are gearing up for that fight. But when it comes to the ability of entrepreneurial brands to crack the code, I’m not sure that there’s enough mental acuity formula in the world to allow a clear path forward for startups. Nothing is absolute -- Bang did make an impact, as did Harmless Harvest, which was able to get headway in coconut water after Vita Coco, Zico, and ONE were thought to have pretty much covered the category waterfront. But those upstarts rode into town years later, with a clear intent to be different, not the idea that they could win by acting the same. So what’s surprising in some sense isn’t the fact that so many brands are being launched around spiked seltzer, it’s the fact that so many existing brands are quickly trying to extend into it. And that’s where I start to think that, at least when it comes to booze, the big companies never, ever want to lose control of the market again. In recent months we’ve seen another big breakout category in the guise of ready-to-drink, pre-mixed cocktails. These are higher-octane, more heavily crafted versions of your runof-the-mill canned beverage and they, too, are poised for a breakout. On-premise -- even on tap -- what will happen?

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Barry J. Nathanson PUBLISHER bnathanson@bevnet.com Jeffrey Klineman EDITOR-IN-CHIEF jklineman@bevnet.com Martín Caballero MANAGING EDITOR mcaballero@bevnet.com Ray Latif CONTRIBUTING EDITOR rlatif@bevnet.com Brad Avery REPORTER bavery@bevnet.com Justin Kendall NEWS EDITOR, BREWBOUND jkendall@bevnet.com Carol Ortenberg EDITOR, NOSH cortenberg@bevnet.com Erin Cabrey REPORTER ecabrey@bevnet.com

Brands Come and Go, My Memories Always Remain I’ve been at this beverage game for 30 years now. It has been one of the joys of my life. So, every once in a while, particularly when I’m getting yelled at about deadlines, I like to reflect on what I’ve observed during those years in the arena. As I’ve mentioned repeatedly in previous columns, I have an archaic method of account keeping. It consists of an assortment of 5X8 index cards, one for every company I’ve worked with, still work with, will work with. Forget spreadsheets: these cards are spread OUT, in piles everywhere, like an ant massacre. There are thousands of them, mostly hidden away in places I’ve forgotten, although they’re called to mind at times when I’m looking for inspiration or loose change. That’s when I dig them out, re-thinking ways to tell this story, wondering what happened to the dimes and quarters I know I taped to the backs of many of them. These cards form a visual tapestry of all the brands I’ve had the pleasure to know - the profitable ones and the ones that are dormant, discontinued, or disappeared in the back catalogs of an acquiring strategic. They’re stiff-papered tributes to the thousands of entrepreneurs who have dreams of making it in this tough beverage marketplace. On occasion -- typically, as noted, when I’m on deadline -- I shuffle 6 BEVNET MAGAZINE – MAY/JUNE 2021

through the piles to conjure up the time that the brands were alive and well. I am struck, and grateful, by how many of them were advertisers. There are literally hundreds of those that have graced these pages, but are no longer in existence (Editor’s Note: we have found no connection between advertising in these pages and business failure). That I get to look back at those brands -- and the terrific people who worked with them -- is the greatest part of my job. I can count on one hand the marketers that I had disliked -- mostly because I’m shuffl ing index cards with the other. That’s not a bad track record after 30 years. It’s also nice when so many resurface, sometimes after years, and I get to befriend and work with them again. Their love of the beverages is as strong as mine, and they jump at the chance to be involved again. Good for them. In my reflection, I have a special respect for the brands that have sustained themselves throughout the years. To achieve success, to remain relevant after so many years is an admirable feat. If you want to take a trip down memory lane, beverage wise, stop by my office. It’ll be a trip worth taking. Please, though, don’t step on the piles. There’s change in there, I swear!


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Oatly Reveals Revenue Gains, Mounting Losses in IPO Filing Oat-based product maker Oatly (Oatly Group AB) has officially filed for an initial public offering. The much-heralded Swedish company, which entered the U.S. in 2017, has emerged as leader in the $2.5 billion plantbased milk space, which now represents 15% of the milk category according to data from the Plant Based Foods Association and the Good Food Institute. Oatly generated around $421 million in revenue last year, according to paperwork filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The brand’s success — including a nationwide retail partnership with Starbucks — has helped push oat to become the second most-popular non-dairy milk in the U.S. this year, and has given Oatly momentum as it moves into other food categories such as ice cream and yogurt. Along the way, it has attracted attention and investment from celebrities including Oprah Winfrey and Natalie Portman, as well as global investment firm Blackstone. Oatly products are currently sold in 7,500 retail locations and approximately 10,000 coffee shops nationwide. In 2020, revenue increased 106.5% year-over-year, outpacing the 72.9% growth from the year prior, with U.S. revenue representing $100 million, according to SEC documents. Citing Nielsen data, the company reported that retail sales in the U.S. grew 182% year-over-year. Gross profit for 2020 was $129.2 million, while the company reported a loss of $60.4 million for the year (up from $35.6 million in 2019), which it said reflected “our continued investment in production, brand awareness, new markets and product development.” “Going forward, we intend to continue to invest in our innovation capabilities, build our manufacturing footprint and expand our consumer base, all supporting our growth trajectory,” the company stated. Outside the U.S., Oatly has focused on expanding its presence in Asia through food service, including a branded partnership with Starbucks China in over 4,700 stores. As of December, Oatly products were in 11,000 coffee and tea shops and more than 6,000 retail and specialty shops across the continent, and the company is planning to open two additional production facilities later this year in Singapore and Maanshan, China. The brand has also found traction online: e-commerce accounted for 21% of revenue in China for 2020. The documents also reveal that Oatly has an agreement in place for an additional listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange if it generates more than 25% of revenue from sales in the Asia-Pacific region for two consecutive fiscal quarters. The company’s largest shareholder, Nativus Company Limited, is a subsidiary of China Resources Verlinvest Health Investment Ltd., a 50-50 joint venture between Belgian firm Verlinvest SA and Blossom Key Holdings Limited The documents also make reference to future potential challenges to Oatly’s supply chain. Acknowledging that “financial 10 BEVNET MAGAZINE – MAY/JUNE 2021

performance depends in large part on our ability to arrange for the purchase of raw materials in sufficient quantities at competitive prices,” the company stated that neither supply nor price were “assured” and that any disruption amongst its five global oat suppliers could cause delays or shortages. “We may have general difficulties in obtaining raw materials, particularly oats, due to our high quality standards,” the company stated. Oatly also sources a variety of enzymes used in its production process, including a specific type for its Barista Edition. In the filing, the company noted: “While we believe we maintain a good relationship with this supplier, there can be no assurance that we will be able to continue purchasing the necessary enzyme from this supplier on favorable terms, or at all, in the future.” The impact of climate change looms as a potential threat as well. In addition to dealing with increased frequency of extreme weather and natural disasters, the company “may also be subjected to decreased availability of water, deteriorated quality or water or less favorable pricing for water.” Ramping up production will be a key part of serving rising global demand for oat milk, as reported in the documents. Following the opening of an additional four facilities currently in development in Utah, Singapore, China and the United Kingdom, the company projects it will increase output to 600 million liters of finished oat base in 2020, up from 301 million liters last year. That will increase to 1 billion liters by 2022 and 1.4 billion liters by 2023. Just over half of Oatly’s 52% products were produced through co-packing and complete outsourcing in 2020, with 24% through a hybrid model and 24% through the company’s own end-to-end manufacturing. In March, Millville, New Jersey-based Innovation Foods announced that it is building a new $45 million processing and packaging facility to produce plant-based aseptic and extended shelf life beverages for the Swedish oat milk maker.

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ZenWTR Reveals Roster of Celebrity Investors Marking its unofficial transition from soft launch into wide release, ZenWTR has revealed its slate of celebrity investors ahead of a retail push that aspires to take the brand into 50,000 locations by the end of the year. The list of existing backers, announced in April, includes names ranging from hip hop stars (Lil Jon, 2 Chainz) to Academy Award winners (Juicy J, Anne Hathaway) to full-time celebrity entrepreneurs (Paris Hilton, Khloe Kardashian). The roster also includes actors Jessica Chastain and Zoe Saldana; pro athletes Tristan Thompson and Julio Jones; singer Ellie Goulding and sisters Erin and Sara Foster. “Plastic-free is best when possible, but there are times when it’s not an option,” Hathaway said in a press release. “It’s something that keeps me up at night so I’m excited that I have decided to invest in ZenWTR. In our world where plastic water bottles are seemingly inevitable — and a very important necessity for some — I’m so relieved there is now a more sustainable option that, over time, will keep a tremendous amount of plastic from reaching and polluting the ocean.” While there are currently no plans to integrate individual investors into brand marketing, the group has already been helping ZenWTR amplify its message through its collective social media reach of over 266 million, according to ZenWTR CMO Eric Berniker. “It’s not an endorsement or a sponsorship,” he said of the celebrity cohort. “They’re behind it and they are very active.” Founded by Lance Collins, ZenWTR has sought to turn one of bottled water’s biggest criticisms — its outsized contribution to the global plastic waste footprint — into an asset by using bottles made from ocean-bound plastic, with the goal of rescuing 50 million pounds by 2025. According to the company, every 1 liter bottle of ZenWTR is made from up to five bottles of recycled ocean-bound plastic,

defined as “plastic found on coastlines and waterways that feed into the ocean in a country or region lacking waste management infrastructure and collection incentives.” The company also contributes 1% of overall sales to organizations that focus on ocean conservation. Berniker said the brand is hoping to drive awareness and education as it seeks a bigger share of the water shelf. After starting in around 5,000 accounts in 2020, the company is targeting 50,000 stores for this year, spread across channels and retailers including Whole Foods, Target, Kroger, Quik Trip and others in 1.5L, 1L, 700ml sports cap and 500ml formats. In select regions, ZenWTR has partnered with both non-alcoholic DSD distributors as well as affiliates of Molson Coors, also an investor in the brand. ZenWTR isn’t the only water brand adding star power to its cap table. In March, Toronto-based Flow Water announced NBA All-Star Russell Westbrook had invested in the company (joining the likes of existing stakeholders Gwenyth Paltrow and Post Malone), while other eco-friendly water brands like JUST Water (Will and Jaden Smith) and PATH (Vernon Davis, Guy Fieri) have also attracted their share of celebrity backers. “What’s resonating with consumers and celebrities alike is just how easy it is to make a positive change with ZenWTR to reduce ocean pollution,” Berniker said. “Changing consumer behavior is one of the hardest things you can do, and that’s the beauty of ZenWTR. We aren’t asking the consumer to do something different or use a different format.”



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Report: Variety, Value Fuels Optimism for U.S. Cannabis Bevs Although growth has been slower than some have predicted, the U.S. cannabis beverage market is gathering steam as consumer trial rates and basket penetration increase, according to a recent study by market research group Headset. Overall, the category has maintained around 1% share of total recreational cannabis sales, dipping below 0.9% during the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic before rebounding into growth in Q3 2020. Yet analysts for Headset indicated that “for the first time in a long time” they are “bullish” on cannabis beverages, which the group has been tracking since 2015. “Between advancements in THC infusion technology, and a myriad of new brands catering to the occasional, low-dose consumer, there is a lot of reason to believe in the growth potential of this category,” analysts wrote. To support its conclusions, Headset highlighted the segment’s performance in several key metrics. First, basket penetration in the category has increased from 1.6% in January 2018 to 2.8% in February, an indication that consumer trial rates are gradually increasing. The percent of U.S. cannabis customers who have purchased beverages is also trending upwards, rising from 5.7% in 2018 to 6.5% in 2020; just three months into 2021, that figure is at 5.4% and projected to finish at around 7% at the current trajectory. However, data collected by Headset indicates that beverages are still seeking their place within broader cannabis consumption habits. Only 23% of total beverage baskets contained just beverages, suggesting that drinks are more often considered add-on purchases rather than trip-drivers. However, 34.4% of beverage baskets also contained edibles (more than any other category) and only 2.4% contained capsules (the lowest of any category), indicating that consumers are looking for a range of experiences and formats within orally ingested products. What products those consumers are able to find in stores depends on where they live: the report is based on recreational sales data from California, Colorado, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, Oregon (including medical) and Washington. In California, the market is enjoying both growth and stratification, with a broad field of brands helping to diversify the category. In 2018, 32% of sales went to the category’s top three brands at the time; as of 2020, that figure had dropped to 22%. But there’s more dollars to spread between them: California reported $15.5 million in beverage sales for January 2021, nearly six-times the amount from the same period in 2018. With a greater breadth of options to choose from, both new and experienced cannabis consumers have multiple entry points to the category. In California, where low-dose ‘social tonic’ CANN has emerged as the top-selling beverage brand, sales of products with 12mg of THC or less represent over 1/3 of the total market, split between 15mg (9.9%), 10mg (15.7%) and 12mg products (9.9%). “Currently, the majority of sales is driven by the higher dose products,” said Cooper Ashley, data analyst at Headset, in an email. “However, the low or ‘micro-dosed’ segment of the beverage market is growing at a much faster rate. For example, from 2020 to 2021 YTD the proportion of sales to beverage products with 100mg or greater serving sizes grew from 58.7% to 59.8%, a relative increase of only 1.9%. The sales share to products with serving sizes of 5mg THC or less grew from 16% to 18.5%, a relative increase of nearly 16%.” 12 BEVNET MAGAZINE – MAY/JUNE 2021

The breakdown also sheds some insight into how consumers in the Golden State interpret value in this category. CANN (2mg THC) has been one of the industry’s most highly visible brands through aggressive expansion, positioning as an alcohol replacement and endorsements from celebrity investors, despite having an average price per milligram of THC nearly eight times higher than the market average. In contrast, Keef Cola, California’s third best-selling beverage brand, offers value-priced 10mg and 100mg drinks at just slightly above market average. Furthermore, the report found that female customers are more likely to spend more on beverages than their male counterparts across all age groups, suggesting that brands have room to tailor dosage and use occasions to specific demographics. According to Cooper Ashley, data analyst at Headset, the market should continue to see bigger gaps between average price per mg of THC in beverages. “Brands like CANN are selling more than 2mg of THC in each beverage, they’re a lifestyle brand attempting to sell an experience,” said Ashley. “We expect to see the pricing landscape in cannabis beverages look just as diverse the beer or wine market in due time.” Outside of California, the low-dose beverage market is changing as well: drinks with 5mg of THC or less grew from 14.4% to 18.5% of category sales from 2018 to 2021 YTD, while products in the 20-50mg range fell over 10% during that period. Yet nationwide, the biggest beverage category (59.8%) remains products with 100mg THC or more. Under federal law, all legal cannabis products must be produced in-state, meaning each individual market is being developed at a different pace and being influenced by different factors. In Washington, for example, 100mg-plus brands hold approximately 90.3% of the cannabis beverage market. “With 9 out of every 10 dollars being spent on Beverages going to a 100mg product, there isn’t much room for anything else. Or perhaps this indicates a tremendous opportunity for Washington Beverage brands as, in contrast, sales to products of 12mg or less make up more than a third of the California Beverage market,” analysts wrote. That cohort of lower-dosed products — which also includes drinks from Lagunitas Brewing, another one of California’s topsellers — is growing at the same time as alcoholic “hard seltzers” continue to explode in popularity. Riding that same interest in intoxicating alternatives to traditional alcohol, the report noted that Cann, Lagunitas and others have emphasized their positioning as providing a booze-free buzz, while beer brands (Pabst Blue Ribbon) and winemakers (Rebel Coast) have also sought to get in the action. “If the future of cannabis seltzer is as bright as its alcoholic inspiration, there will be room for quite a few brands going forward,” read the report.

BEVSCAPE PATH Building Bridge Beyond “Water” With New Identity, Investors

Looking to take the company to the next stage in its mission to help the environment through sustainable packaging, bottled water maker Pathwater has rebranded as PATH, a move that comes as the company completes a celebrity-backed funding round and rapidly scales its retail footprint. According to PATH co-founders Ali Orabi and Shadi Bakour, the company dropped “water” from its corporate name to reflect a broader focus on environmentally friendly innovations outside of beverage. The company’s core line of purified waters in reusable aluminum bottles will remain labeled as “Pathwater” as it branches into new product types outside of packaged beverages focused around water and sustainability including technology plays set to be announced in the near future. “The whole point of PATH is that we want to become more of a brand that has an end-to-end solution, and not just a bottled water,” Orabi said. “Yes, we are a bottled water brand currently, but we want to become more of the Apple of the industry. You don’t say Apple iPhones or Apple Mac, it’s just Apple.” Founded in 2015, PATH has focused on disrupting the bottled water space with an anti-PET message, encouraging consumers to refill its bottles in an effort to save the environment. Last year, the company expanded beyond its single SKU still bottled water with new sparkling and alkaline varieties. Most recently, it has introduced accessories for its bottles, including nylon sleeves and swing caps, sold on its website. Over the past year, PATH has brought in a number of celebrity and athlete backers in recent months through a bridge funding round, including comedian Kevin Hart (whose beverage interests also include C4, Ellis Island Tea and previously Liquid I.V.), Ryan Seacrest, professional gamer Ninja, actor Sterling K. Brown, singer Becky G, NFL 14 BEVNET MAGAZINE – MAY/JUNE 2021

stars Mohamed Sanu and Frank Gore, MLB first baseman Luke Voit and journalist Adam Housley. The sum of the bridge round was undisclosed. According to Bakour, the celebrity backers will be highly involved in promoting the brand through social media as well as television and other media appearances. The company is also introducing collaborative bottles for many of its partners, including Ninja and Seacrest. The new backers join a roster of previous celebrity investors in the company, which include NFL tight end Vernon Davis, reality TV chef Guy Fieri, basketball player Festus Ezeli and actress Tamera Mowry. The company previously closed a Series A funding round and Bakour said the company is working towards finalizing a Series B round in the near future. “Most importantly, is that people like Kevin Hart realized that they want to join a movement that is actually making a difference,” Orabi said. “It’s not just about new packaging and with all of our investors, they’ve joined, basically, a movement. They believe in what we do and what we’ve accomplished and what we have to offer to the world.” The new investment comes as PATH scales its flagship water business nationwide, expanding its retail footprint to over 20,000 doors, up from 3,000 stores at the beginning of 2020. Among the chains the brand has added are convenience and gas retailers including Speedway, Tops, QuikTrip, Circle K, Chevron and AMPM, as well as Jacksons Food Stores, natural grocer Wegmans, and Rite Aid. The brand will roll out its Still and Alkaline SKUs into Sprouts and CVS stores in Q2. Citing internal data from IRI, the company said it was the fastest growing brand in the convenience channel in 2020 for brands with dollar sales over $1 million. According to Orabi, PATH has also turned to co-branding as a major revenue driver, creating custom bottles for corporate customers including NBC’s The Tonight Show, Lockheed Martin, State Farm Insurance, Four Seasons hotels, the Grand Wailea Maui resort in Hawaii, Orangetheory Fitness, RE/DONE, 1 Hotels, Empire, Bun Mee and Napa Farms Market. Many of these partners, including Orangetheory and 1 Hotels, have banned single use plastic, Orabi noted. The focus on co-branding opportunities follows a period of upheaval for PATH’s on premise and travel channel sales amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Orabi said. Prior to March 2020, one of the brand’s largest buyers was the San Francisco International Airport and the company also had a heavy presence in food service. “San Francisco alone was doing about 9,000 bottles per day,” Orabi said. “So going from that to zero, we have to expand our core brands footprint immediately, so we just added more gas to the fire when it came to co-brands.” To support the growth in retail and co-branding, PATH has built out its sales team with beverage industry veterans from Nestlé, Icelandic Glacial, The Coca-Cola Company and Red Bull, Bakour noted.

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Rebranded Evolve Line Pushes Pepsi Further into Plant-Based Space Amidst some of its recent high-profile moves in energy drinks and sparkling water, PepsiCo’s $465 million acquisition of Muscle Milk’s parent brand Cytosport in 2019 may not have grabbed the same level of attention.Yet as the conglomerate continues to expand and refine its breadth of better-for-you beverage options, one of the other lessheralded brands included in that deal may have a critical role to play. In April, Evolve, Cytosport’s plant-based protein platform brand, debuted a new brand identity and reformulated products across its range, beginning with its core shake line. With dairy-based Muscle Milk experiencing double-digit sales declines, according to Nielsen data, Evolve is positioned to be Pepsi’s primary growth driver in plant-based protein, a space that includes players like OWYN, Koia, Orgain and Aloha. “We are seeing plant-based protein just continue to take off,” said Laura Gardner, Senior Director, Active Fitness Portfolio at PepsiCo. “PepsiCo is really making a commitment to lean-in here and to bring plant-protein to consumers in a really accessible way.” Evolve’s updated lineup includes a line of pea-based protein shakes in four flavors: Double Chocolate, Berry Medley, Vanilla Bean and Cafe Mocha. Each contains 140-150 calories, 4-5 grams of sugar and 20 grams of protein per 11 oz. bottle or Tetra Park carton. Beyond “upping the bar on taste,” according to Gardner, and updating the individual SKU names, the biggest change with Evolve’s reformulation comes with the addition of 10 grams of fiber per serving (up from 1 gram). The rebranded line is rolling out now

across channels, including c-store/gas (Circle K, 7-Eleven, Speedway), mass retail (Walmart) and grocery. The brand’s new visual identity leans heavily into outdoor sports and lifestyle, both on its labels and in the advertising campaign that kicked off in April. The bottles feature images of National Parks like Big Bend and Glacier National Park, an extension of the brand’s ongoing relationship with the National Park Foundation, which will continue with a national advertising campaign and sweepstakes offering consumers a change to win a trip to a park. “That relationship is going to be really key as we build this brand,” said Gardner. “Thinking about the sustainability story that Evolve has — we’ve made a meaningful commitment thinking long term. We are not there [yet], but part of what makes this brand great is that it’s a progressive, future-thinking brand.” Evolve’s new look will extend to its bars and powders later this year; the latter products have been reformulated to match the nutritional content of the shakes. The bars will also undergo changes ahead of their reintroduction, though the company didn’t offer details. For Pepsi, Evolve’s rebrand is another in a series of steps towards furthering its interests in plant-based protein. The soda giant inked a product development deal with Beyond Meat last year, while Health Warrior, acquired in 2018, markets its own range of powders and bars. Pepsi’s interest mirrors that of consumers: According to data from Mintel, 55% of Americans are trying to add more plant-based food to their diet.




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Grillo’s Sells to Bakery Brand Breakout Boston-based pickle brand Grillo’s Pickles has been sold to bakery brand King’s Hawaiian in a deal that closed earlier this year. While exact terms of the deal were not disclosed, the Boston Business Journal reported that the company will remain in Boston, albeit with changes to the leadership team: CEO and founder Travis Grillo has left the company. The Massachusetts-based company had been in the market for an acquirer since last year. Grillo’s previously raised $4.6 million in 2018 and, according to SEC filings, an additional $2 million in March of 2020. Investors in the pickle brand included Breakaway Capital, Centerman Capital and Food Retail Ventures. Founded in the 1950’s in Hawaii, King’s Hawaiian has remained a family-owned and operated business. The company now largely produces its sweet rolls and breads in Torrance, California and Oakwood Georgia. Grillo’s was founded over a decade ago by Travis Grillo, who used a family recipe to develop his first product. What began as a pickle cart in Boston Common has since grown to a national packaged food brand, with presence in retailers including Whole

Foods, Target, Costco, Publix, Kroger, Safeway, Amazon and an array of other mass and natural grocers. The product mix has also expanded to include hot pickles, spears and chips, cold-pressed pickle vinegar drinks and a pickle de gallo dip. The company was one of the first national brands offering a cold-chain fermented product, but since then, the fermented food section of stores has expanded to include other national brands offering sauerkraut, kimchi and more. Grillo’s has remained trendy within the category with it’s irrelevant sense of humor, launching everything from clothing collaborations with Urban Outfitters to pickle-infused beer to co-branded Rugrats pickle packaging. However, with Grillo’s departure, the driving force behind many of these collaborations is no longer with the company. Attempts to reach Grillo were unsuccessful, with his email account at the brand no longer operational. In the wake of his departure, Adam Kaufman (COO at Grillos since 2018 and operating partner at Centerman Capital) assumed the role of President earlier in April. King’s Hawaiian did not respond to a request for comment and Grillo’s was unable to respond to press inquiries at this time.

Mid-Day Squares Closes Round, Looks to U.S. Expansion Looking to straddle the confection and nutritional bar categories, bar brand Mid-Day Squares announced the closing of a $4 million funding round that will allow the outspoken Canadian company to expand further into the U.S. market. The round was led by Boulder Foods Group (BFG), with participation from Selva Ventures, Harlo Capital, and several angel investors including Mike Fata, the founder of Manitoba Harvest. The brand previously had raised $2 million in a 2019 round led by BFG in addition to a $2.8 million low interest loan by the Canadian government. Mid-Day Squares, which produces a three-SKU line of refrigerated protein bars, currently sells its products in roughly 200 U.S. retailers, including Erewhon and Jimbo’s, and 1,300 Candian stores. The fouryear-old company expects to have $10 million in revenue for 2021 with “a very visible path” to $100 million in revenue within the next three years, co-founder Nick Saltarelli said. While the company’s first raise was to support the build out of its Montreal-based production plant, this funding will go towards marketing and sales expenses associated with moving further into the U.S. market, as well as the associated costs of producing larger volumes. Ideally, Saltarelli said, 20% to 30% of sales revenue will come from the U.S. by the end of 2021. As it grows, Mid-Day plans to work Eastward from the West Coast and a particular focus on the Southern California and Texas markets. “We’re not rushed to be in as many doors as possible,” co-founder Jake Karls said. “I’d rather be in less doors and instead focused on turns...because that creates fast growth and interest from everywhere.” From starting in Saltarelli’s condo kitchen, where he created the brand alongside his wife Lezlie Karls Saltarelli, Mid-Day has been able to quickly scale up to support more stores because it selfmanufactures. The co-founders opened their own production facility in January 2020, having decided to make the investment after being 16 BEVNET MAGAZINE – MAY/JUNE 2021

rejected by over 26 co-manufacturers, Saltarelli said. Part of the need to self-produce is because the bar uses limited ingredients and is not shelf stable, but also due to its texture and formulation -- which draws from both protein bar production and chocolate confection production. The end result, Saltarelli added, is a bar that has the snap of a typical chocolate bar but the protein content of a nutrition bar. Still, it’s not just the product that’s unusual. The team is committed to a methodology they’ve dubbed “millennial manufacturing,” where production employees feel as valued and connected to the company’s growth as operations, sales and marketing staff. Working with a co-packer, Saltarelli said, where production employees are treated like “second class citizens,” just wasn’t an option. The desire to buck trends continues into marketing. Karls, a former party and pop-up store promoter, has crafted a marketing strategy that relies heavily on social media. But rather than following the playbook of other brands, which tend to use glossy product shots, Mid-Day Squares shows behind the scenes footage of “the good, the bad and the ugly” of running a brand, he said. The company has a full time videographer to document its efforts, lending a reality TV show vibe to the brand’s social media channels. For example, recent posts on the brand’s Instagram page have featured everything from Karls Saltarelli and Saltarelli talking about “business therapy” and divorce to videos entitled “Building a Brand By Giving Zero F*cks.” “We really focus on getting people to feel that they are buying from their neighbor and the consumer knows who they’re buying from,” Karls said, “So that they go in the store and say ‘oh that’s Nick, Jake and Lezlie,” [because they’re not] going to go into the store and say ‘oh I want that healthy chocolate bar.’”

NOSHSCAPE Forager Expands Creamery Model with Ice Cream Launch

In April, former juice brand Forager Project announced it would launch plant-based ice cream -- the next step in the company’s goal to become a plant-based “creamery.” The ice cream will debut in five flavors: Vanilla Bean, Bittersweet Chocolate, Cookies and Cream, Salted Caramel and Mint Chip, the line will be available nationwide this Spring in retailers including Whole Foods Market, Natural Grocers, Market Basket and Earth Fare for $6.99 per pint. Using a base of cashew milk, coconut oil, sunflower oil, and oat flour, the line is soy-free, dairy-free and certified organic. CEO and co-founder Stephen Williamson said ice cream was a “logical pathway” for the company: Having initially launched with juices, Forager has shifted to that of a plantbased creamery over the years with the introduction of plantbased yogurts, (which account for the majority of the company’s revenues), milks, sour cream, and cheese. For most of these items, Forager has turned to organic cashews as its alternative to dairy. Ice cream, Williamson said, was simply another product that could be produced from this base and utilize a similar supply chain. Williamson declined to comment if the ice cream is made in the company’s Indio, California plant or at a co-packer -- Forager currently utilizes both production options. For R&D the team turned to Neil Gottlieb, former Three Twins Ice Cream founder and CEO, he said. The vegan ice cream set is competitive, with plenty of new entrants in the last few years ranging from Van Leeuwen, to Coolhaus to Brave Robot -- but there’s also opportunity. In 2020, plant-based ice cream and novelties accounted for $435 million in sales, growing 20.4%. To differentiate Forager’s ice cream from the competition and capitalize on that opportunity, Williams said the team focused on taste above all else. The goal was to produce a line that customers would see as indulgent, even if they are not 18 BEVNET MAGAZINE – MAY/JUNE 2021

vegan, he added. While plant-based is a trend itself, Forager also sought to avoid embracing any dietary restrictions that may quickly become a fad. For example, though the company prioritized using less sugar, Forager’s ice cream is made with cane sugar rather than alternative sweeteners. “We operate from this mental model of ‘when you taste amazing food. You just know it.’ It doesn’t have to be complicated,” he said. “I’ve watched many diet fads go in and out... we’ve tended to operate from the perspective of what’s better than just organic minimally processed food?” Forager’s move into ice cream follows the launch of plantbased cheeses in March. Available in Jack, Queso Fresco, Mozzarella and Parmesan, that line does have functional benefits, stemming from its base of probiotic cashew milk yogurt. Research found that most consumers use plant-based cheese as an ingredient in dishes, versus eating it on its own, so Williamson said the team focused on developing a cheese alternative that would melt, stretch and be incorporated easily into recipes. Though the pace of innovation has been brisk in 2021 already, Williamson said he recognizes some products may be more successful than others, noting that he has emphasized “creating a culture that accepts failure and takes risks,” at Forager. The company has also not been afraid to discontinue previous launches, including juice or plant-base creamers. That doesn’t mean these products are gone for good though, he added. For example, future launches may include other creamer products. Forager will also continue to invest in improving existing products, launching new formulations when needed. “Being better at [our] core business is [our] number one priority. I don’t want to be caught asleep,” Williamson said. “Forager Project is a really a way to eat and wherever there is the opportunity to create amazing tasting organic products, we will forage into that space.”

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Siddhi Capital Team Files for SPAC, Seeks a Better-For-You Brand

Having already made the jump from operational consulting to investing, the principals behind Siddhi Capital filed with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in March to launch a proposed special purpose acquisition company (SPAC). Anchor investors in the SPAC will include subsidiaries of hedge fund managers like BlackRock Inc. and Millennium Management LLC. The Siddhi network began with outsourced operations firm Siddhi Ops, founded by Melissa Facchina. Facchina went on to partner with father and son team Brian Finn (the former CEO of Credit Suisse USA) and Steven Finn to launch Siddhi Capital in early 2020. The firm is currently investing out of a $70 million fund, which includes $20 million from preexisting investments made by the Finn family, placing capital in emerging food and beverage companies. Portfolio brands include Sakara, hint, No Evil Foods, Maverick Snacks, Noops, Moku and Recess. With the formation of Siddhi Acquisition, the Siddhi Capital team is setting their sights on the public market. The Finns and Facchina will serve as co-founders, with Facchina and Steven Finn splitting the role of co-CEO while Brian Finn will also serve as chairman. Directors of the SPAC will include: Lauri Kien Kotcher, former CEO of personal care brand hello and former Senior Advisor at LCatterton; Susan Guerin, President and Chief Executive Officer of World Finer Foods; and Paul Nardone, former CEO of popchips; among others. One advantage Siddhi Acquisition has over other SPACs, the team believes, is its unique background in finance and operations, which has resulted in deep relationships with investors, financial advisors, investment bankers, attorneys, consultants, commercial bankers, accountants and large CPG companies. The plan is to continue to focus on food and beverage companies, seeking to take advantage of the “transformation” the industry is currently experiencing. Specifically, Siddhi Acquisition will seek a target that is focused on health and wellness or “better-for-you consumption,” such as businesses tackling sugar reduction, grain or gluten free options and plant-based meat and dairy analogs. “The food and beverage industry is undergoing a transformation as competitors, both old and new, innovate and adapt to an evolving consumer,” the filing states. “We believe that there are many potential targets that are more aligned with this macro trend that could become attractive public companies with long-term organic growth, attractive competitive dynamics and further consolidation opportunities.” 19



Firestone Walker Strikes Deal for Cali-Squeeze Brand

Molson Coors Makes Equity Investment in TRU Colors Brewery

Firestone Walker has reached a deal to acquire the Cali-Squeeze brand from SLO Brewing Co. Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed. The deal is expected to close by July 1, pending customary closing conditions. “We have been close friends with Hamish [Marshall] and Rod [Cegelski] for 20-plus years, and we’ve remained impressed with their commitment to innovation and the way they bring their brands to life,” Firestone Walker co-founder David Walker said in a release. “Cali-Squeeze presents a unique beer style for us to explore through what we like to call ‘Fruits with Benefits.’ As a traditional hop-forward craft brewer, we have watched these styles evolve and we see Cali-Squeeze as the beer to help with that discovery.” In an FAQ about the transaction, Firestone Walker explained that the Cali-Squeeze brand “aligns with our vision as a California beer company” and “from a branding standpoint it’s a natural fit.” Firestone Walker added that it has been “historically reluctant to develop beers outside the traditional footprint.” Nevertheless, the company has toyed with fruited beers but ultimately “recognized that Cali-Squeeze already had everything we were looking for.” And there is opportunity as consumers seek out fruited beers. Dollar sales of fruited craft beers have increased 8.2%, to $171.5 million at multi-outlet grocery, mass retail and convenience stores for the 52-week period ending March 21, according to market research firm IRI. San Luis Obispo-based SLO Brewing launched the CaliSqueeze brand in 2017 as a line of fruited hefeweizens, with flavors such as Blood Orange, Mango, and Tropical P.O.G. Last year, SLO Brewing produced 8,000 barrels of CaliSqueeze products. Until the deal closes, SLO Brewing will continue to produce Cali-Squeeze offerings to maintain supply in the western U.S., the companies said in a joint statement. Firestone Walker plans to transfer production of the CaliSqueeze portfolio to its Paso Robles brewery once complete. Cali-Squeeze will retain its own identity. The company’s initial plans are to focus only on Cali-Squeeze’s core beer offerings, rather than its hard seltzer, which “is under evaluation,” according to the FAQ. Firestone Walker has been reluctant to enter the $4.1 billion hard seltzer segment. “We’re focusing on the Cali-Squeeze beers for now, and we’ll go from there,” the company wrote. Firestone Walker added that it makes sense to align the CaliSqueeze brand within its wholesaler network. The company believes the combination of its distribution power and brewing operations can propel the brand “to the next level.” Firestone Walker’s acquisition of Cali-Squeeze represents the second craft-on-craft deal by top 10 Brewers Association-defined beer companies in 2021. Earlier this year, Deschutes Brewery acquired fellow Bend, Oregon-based craft brewery Boneyard Beer.

Molson Coors Beverage Company has made an equity investment in TRU Colors Brewery, a Wilmington, North Carolinabased craft brewery with a mission to end street violence. The deal is a unique one on several levels. TRU Colors (TRU stands for truth, responsibility and unity) was founded by tech entrepreneur and former Untappd chairman George Taylor, who is white, and leaders of the Bloods, Crips, and GD (Gangster Disciples) gangs. TRU Colors hires active gang members with a goal of leveraging their connections to end gang violence while also snuffing out economic inequality, generational poverty, and racial divisiveness. “At TRU Colors, we believe most street violence is driven by a lack of economic opportunity and societal exclusion, and therefore an inclusive economic solution is needed to stop it,” Taylor said in a press release. “Brewed by once-bitter rivals, our beer will be a symbol of the understanding and unity that’s possible when people are open to change. Through our partnership with Molson Coors, and the incredible talent of our team, the opportunities for our business and social impact are endless.” “This partnership represents an opportunity to not only invest in what we believe will be a successful business, but also in a brand with a strong social justice presence that will have an immeasurable positive impact on hundreds of lives,” Molson Coors CEO Gavin Hattersley added. Molson Coors will act as a strategic partner to TRU Colors and assist the company with distribution of its first beer release, TRU Light, a 95-calorie premium light lager that is expected to hit retailers in North Carolina and Virginia this summer. The company plans to expand distribution to the rest of the country within its first two years of operation, leveraging the Molson Coors distribution network. Molson Coors will also advise TRU Colors on brand positioning, building supplier relationships, marketing and advertising, and product formulation. TRU Colors is in the process of completing construction of a 56,000 sq. ft. production facility in Wilmington. The facility will be capable of producing more than 1 million cases of product annually. The facility will include corporate offices, as well as a wellness center, gym, recording studio, classrooms and a space dedicated for a “street intervention team.”


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GABF Competition to Go Forward in 2021 Despite Postponement of In-Person Event

The consumer-facing, in-person Great American Beer Festival tasting event will not take place for a second consecutive year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the Brewers Association (BA). However, the competition that accompanies the festival will go on as planned this yc ear, while the in-person event is slated to return in 2022 for GABF’s 40th anniversary. “Despite vaccination efforts and the gradual reopening of the country, the health and safety concerns for large indoor gatherings, like GABF’s 60,000-attendee event, remain,” the not-for-profit trade group said. “While we are disappointed to cancel the festival portion of GABF for the second year in a row, and we will miss celebrating with beer lovers and our craft brewing community, we are excited to continue with the GABF competition and national passport program this year.” The winners of the 2021 GABF competition will be announced on September 10, 2021, during the BA’s annual Craft Brewers Conference & BrewExpo America (CBC) event at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver. The awards ceremony will be live-streamed from the Bellco Theatre on The Brewing Network. Registration for the 2021 GABF competition runs from June 8-22. Judging will take place August 16 through September 4, 2021. The in-person festival is now scheduled to take October 6-8, 2022, at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver. In place of the in-person GABF in 2021, the BA is bringing back its national passport program from September 17 through October 17, 2021. Last year, more than 1,100 breweries from across the country participated in the program’s first year. Passports cost $20 and will go on sale in July. Brewery registration for the event begins June 29. “We are disappointed to cancel the festival portion of GABF for the second year in a row,” Bob Pease, president and CEO for the Brewers Association, said in a press release. “While we will miss celebrating with beer lovers and our craft brewing community, we are excited to continue with the GABF competition and national passport program this year. We look forward to convening in person for the festival’s 40th anniversary in 2022.” CBC in Denver from September 9-12, 2021, will mark the first major BA event since the start of the pandemic. Registration opens May 4. The BA expects between 6,000 and 7,000 attendees, pending state guidelines, about half of the event’s historical attendance, a spokesperson told Brewbound. 21

BREWSCAPE Goldman Sachs: Hard Seltzers Gaining Shelf Space in C-Stores Hard seltzers will be receiving more shelf space in convenience stores, according to Goldman Sachs analyst Bonnie Herzog’s latest “Beverage Bytes” survey of convenience store beverage buyers (representing 30,000 retail locations, or about 20% of the c-store channel). Of the c-store retailers surveyed, 90% said they plan to give hard seltzers incremental shelf space. A lot of that space will be allocated to the leaders within the $4.1 billion segment, Boston Beer Company’s Truly Hard Seltzer and Mark Anthony Brands’ White Claw. Other brands likely to gain space include Constellation Brands’ Corona Hard Seltzer; Anheuser-Busch’s Bud Light Seltzer, Michelob Ultra Organic Seltzer, and Cacti Agave Spiked Seltzer; Mark Anthony’s Mike’s Hard Lemonade Seltzer; and a potential entry from Monster. Hard seltzers were a hot topic in the survey. Overall, c-store retailers say they are “increasingly positive” about the future, due to increased consumer mobility and the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines. Nevertheless, the reopening of onpremise bars and restaurants has led to “a slowdown” in demand for alcoholic averages for at-home consumption. Still, some retailers reported “strong demand” continuing within their c-stores. Overall beer category sales decelerated by nearly half in Q1 (+12%) in convenience stores, down from +23% in Q4. Still, Herzog said the beer category’s performance remains “impressive given comps are getting tougher and it coincides with the broader reopening of bars/restaurants.” Out of stocks continue to be an issue and retailers surveyed reported a “slightly worse” situation in the first quarter compared to Q4, although they are “broadly less of a headwind to the category than they were throughout much of 2020.” Nearly 40% of retailers said out of stocks are bad today, up from less than 30% in Q4. Two-thirds of retailers surveyed said they expect 22 BEVNET MAGAZINE – MAY/JUNE 2021

out of stocks to persist through July and maybe beyond. Retailers said they expect alcoholic beverage manufacturers to increase pricing this year, which most major producers have already done. Back to hard seltzers, sales “remained strong,” increasing 95% year-over-year in Q1, and c-store retailers told Herzog that they are projecting +90% growth for the segment in 2021. Retailers surveyed also expect the hard seltzer segment’s top two brands, Truly and White Claw, to maintain their dominance of the segment, “leaving the rest of the field to compete head-to-head with new entrants.” Which brand emerges as the clear No. 3 player in the space remains uncertain. Even with an overwhelming tide of new products, c-store retailers said they are upbeat about the new products, especially from Truly and White Claw. The Truly brand family increased c-store sales 120% year-over-year, and retailers surveyed said they expect the brand to continue gaining share within the channel. Respondents said they expect Truly’s momentum to continue, with Truly Iced Tea Hard Seltzer, which launched in January, and the launch of Truly Punch in May. Although retailers said they’re excited for new Truly products, many said they

won’t be allocating extra shelf space to Truly Punch, instead cutting into Truly’s existing space, Herzog found. In fact, some retailers are questioning how much incremental growth is left in the hard seltzer segment. Other retailers said they were “maxed out” on space they can allocate to hard seltzers and they will run sales data to look for existing SKUs to replace before adding space. Herzog also shared retailers’ thoughts on several new hard seltzers. On Mike’s Hard Lemonade Seltzer, retailers shared positive views of the new offering, although some said it was too early to judge its success. Others said the brand is “off to a slightly slower-than-expected start,” and some said the brand hasn’t received much marketing support until recently. Molson Coors’ Topo Chico Hard Seltzer also generated mixed reception from retailers, with some saying it’s too early to know how it will perform and others saying they don’t believe the brand will resonate with consumers outside of the southwestern U.S. Just a few retailers said they were delayed in receiving the product. Emerging brands retailers said they were most enthusiastic about included Heineken USA and AriZona’s SunRise Hard Seltzer and Bang Mixx Hard Seltzer.

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Jim Koch Urges Beer Trade Groups to Fight Spirits’ Equalization Efforts Boston Beer Company founder Jim Koch is urging the leaders of the beer industry’s three major trade groups — the Brewers Association, the Beer Institute (BI) and the National Beer Wholesalers Association (NBWA) — to work together to beat back efforts by spirits groups to bring taxes on spirits-based, lower-alcohol, ready-to-drink offerings in line with beer, hard seltzers and FMBs. Koch — in the message addressed to BA president and CEO Bob Pease, BI president and CEO Jim McGreevy, and NBWA president and CEO Craig Purser — called for a “unifi ed and effective response” to efforts by the Distilled Spirits Council of America (DISCUS) and its members “to change the fundamental tax and regulatory structures of alcoholic beverages to tilt the current playing fi eld in their favor.” Efforts are already underway in several states with more to follow, Koch warned. “We need you to unite us with one message and one mission,” he urged the three trade group leaders, suggesting the industry form a task force to respond at both the state and federal levels. “Together, we are heavy.” Koch cautioned that the growth the beer industry has enjoyed from the second half of 2019 through 2021 will be threatened if spirits groups are successful in their equalization efforts. “They have publicly stated that they can reduce beer volume by 45 million barrels if they succeed,” he wrote. “If they succeed in changing state regulations, instead of a future of growth, the beer industry, brewers and wholesalers alike, would face virtually permanent declines in volume, revenue, and profits while liquor volume and profits would soar.” Koch pointed to DISCUS’s success two decades ago “to increase hard liquor’s share through expanded retail availability, access to TV advertising, marketing to millennials, et cetera.” “For twenty years, spirits companies have eaten our lunch,” he wrote. “We now have the innovation, the effi ciencies and the superior retailer service to win this fourth category, unless DISCUS and its allies can change the rules. Let’s not let them eat our dinner.” Each of the trade groups has since responded. BI president and CEO Jim McGreevy told Brewbound that equalization of the tax rates between beer and spirits is “an existential threat to the beer business.” “Equalization is always the biggest issue facing beer,” he said. “That’s why we should take Jim’s letter seriously.” McGreevy explained that there are fundamental differences between beer and spirits products, chief among them that beer is typically lower in ABV than spirits products, with beer averaging 4.62%, while spirits average 40%. Nevertheless, McGreevy said the trade groups, as well as state associations and guilds, have been already working together to prevent legislation from passing that would change the tax structure and regulatory environment for spirits. He added that there are efforts underway in Arizona, Hawaii, Missouri, Nebraska, New Jersey, Utah, Virginia, Vermont and Washington.

BA president and CEO Bob Pease issued a statement praising Koch for “bringing this issue forward” and affi rming that his organization does not support equalization. “Successful alcohol policy has always recognized the fundamental differences between beer and distilled spirits,” he added. “We accordingly take the threat of tax equivalency very seriously. To that end, we are in communication with the other national trade associations that represent the beer family. Rest assured that we do not support legislation that would tax beer and distilled spirits equally.” In a separate statement,NBWA president and CEO Craig Purser said the NBWA would also push back against equalization efforts. He pointed out that “beer, wine and spirits are each unique with regard to origin of production, level of alcohol concentration and manner of consumption.” “Policies related to how these products are taxed and regulated vary from state to state,” he wrote. “Public health concerns related to higher concentrations of alcohol are well known. NBWA will continue to work with distributors, state associations and brewers to stand up for beer and oppose the pursuit of equalization.”




Coffee Califia Farms is innovating in functionality with its new Mushroom Coffee, an unsweetened cold brew blended with organic cordyceps and lion’s mane mushrooms. The new SKU is available in Sprouts stores and comes on the heel’s of the brand’s new Mushroom Oat Barista Blend product. The plant-based drink is available for $5.49 per 32 oz. carton. For more information call (844) 237-4779. The latest offering from Kitu Life Super Coffee is Blueberry Latte. This non-dairy, plantbased latte is made using a unique blend of pea protein and will be available as a seasonal offering. Each 12 oz. bottle contains MCT oil, 10 grams of protein, 200 mg of caffeine and is naturally sweetened with monkfruit. The drink is available in over 5,000 retailers nationwide and on the brand’s website for $33.99 per 12-pack case. For more information email family@kitulife.com.

CSDs DRY Soda Company is building out its portfolio of zero proof Botanical Bubbly beverages with its new three-SKU Bitters & Soda line. Available in Spicy Sweet, Aromatic and Bright Herbal varieties, the drinks are designed to offer a complex, layered fl avor experience that hews closer to botanical cocktails than traditional CSDs. The zero sugar drinks debuted online for $39.99 per 12-pack. For more information call (206) 652-2345.

nostalgic fl avor of orange ice cream pops and was developed in response to strong consumer demand and feedback. For more information call (949) 525-3698.

Creamers Picnik is expanding its line of functional creamers with its latest SKU: Vanilla Oatmilk Adaptogen Creamer with Collagen. Each 25 oz. carton contains 1,500 mg of Picnik’s adaptogen blend -- including lions mane, cordyceps, eleuthero and ashwagandha -- and vanilla oatmilk and grass-fed collagen to promote satiation, relaxation and mental clarity. The product is available in Sprouts stores and online in two-packs for $14.99. For more information call (512) 772-5167.

Functional Beverages Expanding outside of CBD, Recess has debuted Recess Mood, a new line of relaxation drinks containing a proprietary blend of magnesium L-theorate. This caffeine-free “uplift” beverage is available in 12 oz. cans or in powder tubs and sticks. Three of the line’s fl avors — Blood Orange, Peach Ginger and Black Cherry — come from the fl agship CBD line while Strawberry Rose is a new addition. The ready-to-drink offerings are available online for $35 per 8-pack. For more information call (908) 723-3459.

Juice Shots

Poppi is embracing nostalgic soda fl avors for its ‘Classics’ line, featuring Classic Cola, Root Beer and Doc Pop varieties. Each 12 oz. can contains prebiotic fiber, 5 grams of sugar and 25 calories. Classic Cola and Doc Pop both include caffeine from green tea. The drinks are available online for $29 per 12pack case. For more information call (940) 867-3240.

Vive Organic introduced a line of singleorigin wellness shots in Pure Boost Ginger and Pure Boost Turmeric varieties. The ginger variety is made with 60,000 mgs of cold-pressed pure organic Peruvian ginger root and the turmeric features 30,000 mgs of Hawaiian turmeric root. Each 2 oz. shot will retail for $3.99. For more information call (877) 774-9291.

Olipop’s latest offering is Orange Cream. This summer seasonal fl avor is available on the brand’s website for $35.99 per 12-pack and will debut as a Whole Foods exclusive in retail. The fl avor is intended to invoke the



ITO EN’s latest addition to its Matcha Love line of RTD matcha beverages is Energy+.

NEW PRODUCTS Each 8.2 oz. slim can contains 5 calories, 50 mg of caffeine, monk fruit extract and zero sugar. Using a base of green tea blended with 100% Japanese matcha, each fl avor contains different benefits: Energy+ Soothe adds honey and ginger; Energy+ Immunity contains acerola and yuzu; and Energy+ Focus is made with blueberry and ginseng. The line retails for $2.49-$2.69 per can. For more information call (888) 832-7832.

Powdered Beverages LIFEAID Beverage Co. has introduced DREAMAID GO! As the latest addition to its line of powdered beverages. Made with 5 mg of melatonin, chamomile and valerian, DREAMAID GO! is intended to help consumers have a restful night’s sleep. Containing zero sugar and available in Tranquil Tangerine fl avor, the product is available in 30-packs of single-serve stick pouches online for $39.99. For more information call (888) 558-1113. Nuun is expanding its portfolio of functional products with its latest line extension: Nuun Energy. The dissolvable tablets contain a blend of 80 mg of caffeine sourced from organic green tea extract, Vitamins B5, B6 and B12, ginseng and electrolytes for hydration. The products are available in Berry Blast, Tropical Punch, Ginger Lime Zing and Watermelon Burst flavors. The line will retail for $8 per 10-tablet tube. Nuun Energy is currently available online direct-to-consumer and in stores at select retailers including Whole Foods, REI and Dick’s Sporting Goods. For more information call (855) 426-6886.

Sports Drinks Backed by Los Angeles Lakers star Kyle Kuzma, Barcode is a new sports drink brand available in Watermelon and Lemon Lime fl avors. Each 16.9 oz. PET bottle contains electrolytes, B vitamins and no added sugars. The drinks are made with functional ingredients including mushroom extracts and coconut water concentrate. The bottles feature tech-forward label design, including a scannable QR code which will activate a


virtual reality experience. The drinks are available online for $48 per 12-pack. For more information call (908) 370-6359.

RTD Cocktails Craft brewery Two Roads is launching into spirits with Daybreaker, a new line of RTD, vodka-based cocktails available in Blood Orange, Cran-Lime and Meyer Lemonade fl avors. All three are mixed with real fruit juice and vodka distilled at Two Roads’ Area Two research and development space. Each 12 oz. can contains 7% ABV and 2 oz. of craft distilled vodka, fruit juice and sparkling water. For more information call (203) 335-2010. Tequila Cazadores has introduced a lineup of premium, RTD cocktails made with 100% Agave Tequila Cazadores Blanco. The products are available in Margarita, Spicy Margarita and Paloma offerings. The drinks weigh in at 5.9% ABV and each 12 oz. can includes real ingredients and agave syrup. The line is available in 4-packs for $14.99. For more information visit www. cazadores.com.

Spirits Baileys new Colada is a limited edition summer seasonal release that blends its trademark Irish cream with rich coconut and sweet pineapple. The product is available now nationwide in 750 mL bottles for $24.99. For more information call 1-844474-9283. Vodka producer Pinnacle has debuted its “Light & Ripe” collection with two new varieties: Apricot Honeysuckle and Guava Lime. Intended as a better-for-you alcoholic offering, the spirits contain fewer than 75 calories per 1.5 oz. serving and zero sugar. The 60 proof product line is available now in stores nationwide and online through Drizly and ReserveBar. Each 750 mL bottle retails for $10.99. For more information call (312) 964-6999.



BOTTLED CRANBERRY JUICE Think Ocean Spray’s dreams didn’t come true last winter? How about the fact that a crowdsourced skateboarding video with a Fleetwood Mac soundtrack managed to ignite interest in this longmoribund category and make a venerable company hip all over again. That’s why brands are spending so much time trying to fi gure out every new social media channel they can. They captured lightning in a bottle — but can they keep rolling into the new year? We know one thing: they’ve still got dreams they’d like to sell.




Ocean Spray



Ocean Spray Diet



Private Label



Pepsico Ocean Spray



Minute Maid



Ocean Spray Light





10.6% -4.2%



Ocean Spray Pink






Old Orchard Healthy Balance



Old Orchard Cranberry Naturals



Ocean Spray Cran Energy



Ocean Spray Cranergy



Old Orchard



Mr Pure



Diet Snapple



Sobe Elixir



Nantucket Nectars



Family Orchard





















SOURCE: IRI, a Chicago-based market research firm-@iriworldwide% 52 Weeks through 3/21/21









Private Label



Sparkling Ice







Private Label






La Croix



Glaceau Smart Water






Nestle Pure Life






Poland Spring






Glaceau Vitamin Water



Topo Chico






San Pellegrino



Deer Park



















Bud Light



Lipton Pure Leaf




Michelob Ultra






Modelo Especial



Gold Peak



Coors Light






Miller Lite



Lipton Brisk



Corona Extra









Monster Rehab



Busch Light



Diet Snapple



Natural Light



Lipton Diet





Arizona Arnold Palmer




SOURCE: IRI, a Chicago-based market research firm-@iriworldwide% 52 Weeks through 3/21/21









5 Hour Energy



Gatorade Perform









Stacker 2 Xtra



G Zero



Vpx Bang



Gatorade Frost



Stacker 2



Bodyarmor Superdrink



Private Label







Gatorade Fierce


21.3% -51.6%



Vpx Redline Xtreme



Powerade Ion4


Stacker 2 Extreme Energy



Powerade Zero



Red Dawn













Starbucks Frappuccino



White Claw Hard Seltzer



Starbucks Doubleshot






Java Monster



Bud Light Seltzer



Coca Cola Dunkin



Corona Hard Seltzer



Vizzy Hard Seltzer



Smirnoff Seltzer



Natural Light Seltzer


36.5% -52.6%

Starbucks Tripleshot



Java Monster 300



Private Label






Bon & Viv Spiked Seltzer


Kitu Super Coffee



Michelob Seltzer



Starbucks Doubleshot Light






SOURCE: IRI, a Chicago-based market research firm-@iriworldwide% 52 Weeks through 3/21/21



Manhattan Murder Mystery Solved: The City’s Alive Back in 1994 when Starbucks finally was ready to take on the Big Apple, my colleagues and I at Brandweek magazine got word that they were having a soft opening that evening, at their inaugural location at 87th Street and Broadway. Once we cleared deadline, some of us headed up there to inspect this exotic spaceship. But we all were caught up short when we entered: Where are all the seats? What do you mean, demanded the CEO, Howard Schultz, who’d overheard us. We have more seats here than in any of our other stores, he assured us. Besides, he added, most of our business is to-go. Not here it won’t be, we retorted. Listen, Mr. Schultz, we live in tight spaces. This is going to be our new living room. To his credit, Starbucks’ leader didn’t blow us off -- a week or two later there were more tables and chairs in the joint as it fi ne-tuned its approach. It turns out urban planners actually have a name for this concept: the public realm versus the private realm. Out in the burbs, the private realm can be supremely rich: thousands of square feet of living space, a two-car garage, a lawn, a backyard, a billiard room, and hey, as long as I’m designing my dream home, a climate-controlled beer cellar with six taps. But the public realm is often lacking: you can’t walk down the block to the local tavern and you won’t necessarily fi nd a pickup basketball game in progress if you decide to stroll (or more likely drive) down to the park. It’s the opposite in cities: unless you’re rich, your private realm is – shall we say constrained? What does any of this have to do with beverages? It’s basically the foundation of my argument that, as the pandemic recedes, cities are coming back, offices are coming back (more slowly), people will willingly carve out more time to browse in stores and the food-service/on-premise channel is coming back. Contrary to what you may have read, affluent residents didn’t all leave the cities when the going got tough, just as most of my fellow New Yorkers didn’t leave the city post-9/11, when there was ample rationale to do so. We’re stubborn that way. We actually enjoy living in our cramped, congested, chaotic urban centers. Because we’re not walled off in cars and gated communities, we’re generally more used to getting along with people who’re different than us. So even during the worst of the pandemic’s carnage, cities didn’t go poof. Yes, downtown business districts were ghost towns, but residential neighborhoods were full of energy. We clanged bells at 7 PM to honor healthcare workers, and hoisted beers and cocktails in the parks, thanks to relaxed enforcement by the authorities. Restaurants and bars took over sidewalks and, sometimes, the entire street with their hedonistic sprawl. Don’t get me wrong, this past year still has been a traumatizing, awful time. But cities proved their resiliency, and residents eked out their pleasures where they could fi nd them. My wife and I whiled away our weekends riding on the roof decks of our spanking new East River ferry fleet, with a great brewery or two often within blocks of the landing. By now even New York, with its tighter Covid-related restrictions, is bustling when we get a warm, truly spring-like day. There 32 BEVNET MAGAZINE – MAY/JUNE 2021

seems to be an explosive level of pent-up energy and demand waiting to be fully unleashed. The other day I checked in with an old friend, John Chappell, who launched a mezcal brand called Lejana y Sola during the pandemic. He’d just popped into one of the best accounts for his existing PaQui tequila brand, an upscale Mexican place on the Upper East Side called Canyon Road, which has been buoyed by the outdoor seating the city allowed as an occupancy limits workaround. He said the owner, Ruperto, had reported that business is up over 2019 levels each week now – not 2020 levels, 2019 – and that he’s planning to open a mezcal place a block further downtown that will similarly embrace PaQui and Lejana y Sola. My own neighborhood on the other side of Central Park has been seeing an influx of new restaurants and cafes for many months now. These are not trends one detects in dying cities. By easing real estate pressures, the pandemic seems to have encouraged new retail activity and has made the city a bit more affordable for the younger, creative types who’ve lent it so much of its allure in the fi rst place even if some of the hedge fund types have fled. The situation for workplaces is more challenging. Yes, our working and commuting patterns have likely been forever changed. But as I noted a few months ago in this space, everything I’ve ever studied about innovation has pointed to its being richest where clusters of talented people freely mingle. While many corporations are attesting that they’re done requiring their workers to drag themselves into the office five days a week, I’m picking up many signs they’re going to want them there a lot of the time. Pandemic panic may have induced a collective adrenaline rush that maintained our productivity, but that may not be sustainable indefi nitely. Contacts both in and out of beverages tell me the quality of ideas has started to tail off as the workfrom-home thing goes on. So the pendulum will swing back to some degree. That will put the onus on employers to make their workplaces as pleasurable and rewarding as possible for those who’re forced to endure commutes again by restoring or enhancing amenities like free beverages and snacks in microkitchens. So let me go out on a limb and predict the following: The economic recovery will be very much V-shaped, and retailers will benefit too as shoppers rediscover the thrill of the hunt in bricks-and-mortar stores. We’re in for an on-premise boom (and all the ancillary effects that will bring, including taking some pressure off scarce supplies of aluminum cans and glass bottles as draft and fountain business is restored). Business districts will slowly re-emerge, maybe with some surplus office space converted to residential use (with the silver lining of extending the sales window for local retailers and eateries beyond weekday business hours). Let’s check back in a year and see if I’m right. Longtime beverage-watcher Gerry Khermouch is executive editor of Beverage Business Insights, a twice-weekly e-newsletter covering the nonalcoholic beverage sector.



L IT CK By Brad Avery

Energy Drinks’ Sales Surge Goes Beyond Pandemic Rebound

Last year, a once-in-a-century pandemic forced global industry to adapt within days. But even as the world came to a standstill, the nonstop, adrenaline-pumping, caffeine rush of energy drinks were not going to be slowed down. Outside of restaurants and on premise, convenience was among the hardest hit channels for food and beverage sales as daily commuter traffic froze. That chilled revenues for energy drinks, where the bulk of sales are made through the grab-and-go cooler. Meanwhile, product lines were already facing disruption amidst the growth of a subcategory of performance and fitness beverages. Now, as the fiscal year laps the onset of the pandemic, the energy category is seeing robust mid-double digit growth across the board. Market research firm Nielsen reported energy drink dollar sales were up 38.2% in the two-week period ending April 10 and up 12% in the 52week period to $14.8 billion. Volume grew 41% and 14.7% over the same respective increments.


Analysts from Goldman Sachs Equity Research noted the elevated numbers were in large part due to the pandemic’s initial impact on the convenience channel. But the growth, they suggested, is not all relative, as the rising sales ref lect the expanding consumer base and underlying growth that began long before COVID. As the world reopens and those work-from-home consumers return to the office and begin swinging back into the corner shop for their morning boost, they’ll be eyeing shelf sets that look radically different than the ones they remember from the “before times.”

The New Normal After facing months of declining sales and a peculiarly aggressive legal battle with its distribution partner PepsiCo, Bang has settled the dust and affirmed its position within blue trucks. With the growing pains of its transition from AB InBev coming to an end, the brand showed renewed strength with dollar sales rebounding 41.7% over the two-week period in the Goldman report; long term the bleeding has slowed to just -0.2% for the 52-week measure. As the brand gears up for its next act, however, it has emerged into a changed landscape. It’s archnemesis, Monster’s Reign line, has begun slowing down (down 0.7% in the 52-week period) but it faces a potential problem in the rise of CELSIUS and Nutrabolt’s C4, two longtime category players that appear to be approaching their moment. “What Bang told the retailers was that, actually, there is space for other brands to potentially work in the energy category if they come with something different,” said Laurent Grandet, food and beverage analyst at Guggenheim Partners. “Since Bang arrived, you’ve had numerous new brands like CELSIUS, like AShoc, like C4. There’s plenty of entrepreneurial brands that are all by themselves offering different functionality and health, so it’s a much more fragmented business.” Founded in 2004, Florida-based CELSIUS reported 222.8% dollar sales growth in the two-week period ending April 10, per Nielsen, and was up 81.7% for the year -- not count-

ing ecommerce and fitness channels, where the brand has a deep presence. The company now has about 1% market share of the category. Available in over 82,000 retail doors nationwide, CELSIUS CEO John Fieldly in part attributed the brand’s growth to the pandemic “catapulting” health and wellness trends forward. About 20% of CELSIUS’ sales are in the fitness channel, Fieldly said, which was broadly shut down for months last spring and is still recovering. But even as impulse purchase opportunities plummeted, CELSIUS never saw a decrease in demand for its products, he said. “The energy demand shifted from convenience to other outlets,” Fieldly said. “There were concerns in the energy category, about people working at home and brewing their own coffees and teas versus the energy drink at the office. So that was concerning, especially for us with those fitness locations closing down. But demand didn’t slow down, demand shifted to other channels.” As the company emphasized omnichannel sales and marketing tactics, CELSIUS also benefited greatly from Bang’s move to PepsiCo by tapping the vacuum in the 38 BEVNET MAGAZINE – MAY/JUNE 2021

Anheuser Busch DSD network to migrate its own distribution system away from a direct model. The bulk of the brand’s DSD is now through AB InBev, Fieldly said. Most recently, the brand transitioned all 7-Eleven accounts on the West Coast over to DSD with more divisions planned to f lip in the coming months. C4 was another beneficiary of the Bang/Pepsi deal. Nutrabolt chief commercial officer John Herman called DSD “transformative” for the brand, giving it coverage in nearly the entire country. The brand previously worked with New York DSD house Big Geyser among other major distributors around the country, but it was able to pick up AB partners in the Mid-Atlantic, Southeast and Midwest markets that filled the gaps in its coverage and has fueled its next stage of growth. C4 has also added some celebrity power this year, with the addition of comedian Kevin Hart as an investor. However, Hart’s got competition: hisfrequent big screen co-star, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, is putting his muscle behind a new brand in the better-for-you energy space with the Q1 launch of ZOA, a plant-based product developed alongside the Molson




Red Bull



Monster Energy



VPX Bang



Red Bull Sugar Free



Red Bull The Summer Edition



Monster Juice






Red Bull The Yellow Edition



Red Bull The Blue Edition



Reign Total Body Fuel



Red Bull The Peach Edition



Monster Energy Lo Carb



Monster Mega Energy









Rockstar Punched



Rockstar Pure Zero



Full Throttle



Coca Cola



Red Bull The Green Edition



SOURCE: IRI, a Chicago-based market research firm-@iriworldwide% 52 Weeks through 3/21/21

Coors Beverage Company. According to Goldman Sachs in their April ‘Beverage Bytes’ survey of c-store retailers, ZOA’s launch has been slower than anticipated as it fights for repeat sales in a crowded space and has yet to fully optimize its own DSD network. Many survey respondents said they plan to take a “wait and see” approach before stocking ZOA. But, of course, even if the set in convenience is receiving a makeover, there’s still the familiar faces -- though they too have gotten a touch-up. Monster reported 31.2% dollar sales growth in the two-week period per Nielsen and was up 9.6% in the 52-weeks. According to Goldman Sachs, a big driver for the brand has been its new 12 oz. can line, which debuted in Q1, and the company has continued to focus on innovation. Likewise, Red Bull -- up 20% in the measured 52-week period -- has tapped into innovation as its key growth driver through its seasonal ‘Edition’ f lavors. In the current market, however, Monster has little room to breathe. As Reign sales slow, Bang has outpaced the performance line in distribution, Grandet said. PepsiCo’s efforts to revitalize Rockstar may also prove to be a problem for Monster in the near future. “When Bang arrived three years ago, Red Bull’s market share didn’t move, it’s growth was really coming out of Monster,” Grandet said. “So I think with a more aggres40 BEVNET MAGAZINE – MAY/JUNE 2021

sive Rockstar, that would be probably positioned as a lower price product and more heavily promoted, [Monster] will again be attacked from underneath by a more aggressive competitor.”

On the Road Even if the numbers on paper look good, the view from the streets is a little different. Jerry Reda, chief operating officer of Big Geyser (which carries both C4 and CELSIUS, and carried Monster for several years), called the COVID era beverage distribution business -- at least in NYC -- a disaster “substantially worse than 9/11.” Recovery in Manhattan has been slow and the long lasting effects of the pandemic have meant not just a temporary reduction in foot traffic for bodegas and drug stores, but a permanent loss of consumers as residents f led the city for, often literal, greener pastures. “The chains -- the 7-Elevens, the Speedways, the Wawas -- they can weather the storm financially, but the independent retailers are struggling,” Reda said. According to a December report by location analytics company Unacast, a net 70,000 people left New York City in 2020, resulting in roughly $34 billion in lost income. However, in a Reuters report, Unacast CEO Thomas Walle suggested the exodus in raw numbers is overstated while the bigger impact is changing demographics with an inf lux of low income residents. To address the challenges of the pandemic, Reda said Big Geyser bought back all of its route owners and the company increased its service to make up for the collapse of fountain drink distributors. Now Big Geyser itself is well positioned: The company is in hiring mode and is looking to add additional routes. But Reda believes the New York market is the toughest it has ever been, noting that the up-and-down-the-street business is defined by a “survival of the fittest” atmosphere where many independent retailers are struggling to hang on while chain retailers weathered the storm. For energy drinks, however, Reda believes his stable horses C4 and CELSIUS are poised to be long term leaders in the category. According to Big Geyser’s internal syndicated data, the convenience channel market share in the New York market is shifting and C4 has taken a 2% share of the overall category (up 0.8% year-over-year for the period ending January 24) and CELSIUS took a 0.5% share (up 0.3%). Meanwhile, Monster’s share fell 1.5% in the same period to 25.2%. Red Bull rose 0.3% to 58.6% and Bang increased 1.1% to 6.6% share. Herman also noted that C4’s market share in New York just among performance energy brands is roughly around 12%. According to Reda, the new brands are succeeding on functionality and taste, which has brought in younger Gen Z consumers who are driving repeat purchases. “[High school kids] view Monster and Red Bull as their grandfather’s energy drink,” Reda said. “Reign was basically just a defense move that Monster did to try to slow down Bang and they’re basically killing themselves while CELSIUS and C4 are just exploding.”


A unique and creamy energy drink made with real milk, Ninja Melk contains no artificial flavors or sweeteners and is fortified with B vitamins and calcium to help improve focus and alertness without the crash. The brand also features a second flavor, Orangesicle, which is made with real yogurt and has just 25 calories and 1 gram of sugar. Ninja Melk products are sold on Amazon and Ninjamelk. com. In addition to entering all Circle K convenience stores in Colorado, Wingman Smart Energy has partnered with Mendez & Co., a Puerto Rico-based distributor who will manage Wingman’s expansion plans for distribution and growth on the Island and throughout the Caribbean. Kill Cliff is launching a new beverage in collaboration with Joe Rogan. The same spicy pineapple f lavor found in his original collaboration with Kill Cliff CBD, The Flaming Joe, will be available in Kill Cliff ’s clean energy beverage, Ignite. The product provides the same great f lavor without any CBD and the added bonus of 150mg of clean caffeine. BioLift, a caffeine-free energy drink available in three f lavors that uses a patented botanical formulation, has announced that parent company InnoBev recently submitted the protocol for the fourth clinical study on the impact of BioLift on attention and function in children with ADHD. To reinforce its commitment to a more long-term and holistic view on energy and health, LGND has increased the amount of nootropics in its low-caffeine energy drinks: Alpha GPC is increased by 50% and Citicoline by 100%, substances that speeds up the release of neurotrans-


mitters connected to learning and memory as well as higher endurance in athletes. Revamping its previously introduced Uplift kombucha line, Brew Dr. has paired yerba mate, guayusa, and green tea with organic fruit juices to create a line of tasty and natural energizers available in 16 oz cans. C4 has redesigned and expanded distribution on two of their core lines, C4 Ultimate Carbonated and C4 Energy Still. C4 Ultimate Carbonated has a matte black finish that nicely compliments the pop of color that highlights each of the four iconic f lavors. C4 Still’s new PET package will more closely emulate the C4 Energy can packaging, with all the same ingredients, minus the carbonation, while in a resealable bottle. C4 Ultimate Carbonated and C4 Energy Still are currently available in 3,000 Walmart stores and will be arriving in the New York market via Big Geyser in May 2021. XL Energy Drink is now being distributed to on and off-premise accounts by North Florida Sales in Jacksonville, Florida, a locally owned and operated service leader in the Northeast Florida beverage industry. Zest Tea introduced two new f lavors in their zero sugar/zero calorie plant-powered energy line: Cucumber Melon and Blood Orange Mango. Zest’s sparkling RTD products are currently available in over 1,500 stores across the Mid Atlantic and New England with plans for expansion into the Southeast, Texas and California regions over the next year. RUNA is launching a new 30 calorie, 16 oz line-up this summer in three new f lavors: Wild Black Cherry,

BRAND NEWS Tropical Passionfruit and Peach Paradise. With a new taste and new twist on the tired energy drink category these fuller-bodied f lavor profiles provide the sweetness of traditional energy drinks, without the calories or artificial ingredients, plus 150mg of natural caffeine for sustained energy, without the crash or jitters. After launching in February, sparkling energy drink line UP TO GOOD are now on sale at uptogoodenergy.com as well as at select retail locations on the East Coast in three varieties: Original Cascara, Lemon Ginger and Hibiscus Berry. Further retail placements in Southern California are set to go online soon. For summer 2021, Red Bull Summer Edition Dragon Fruit gets exotic with the unique and delicious taste pairing of red fruits and f lorals. The drink’s bright magenta color looks gorgeous when paired with a summer mocktail, a delicious addition to any BBQ get-together or outdoor adventures. Red Bull Summer Edition Dragon Fruit is available in 8.4 f l oz and 12 f l oz cans in matte green to be easily identified within the rainbow of colors offered in the Editions line. Be Mindful Beverages has just launched Be Mindful Energy, a new line of better-for-you, clean label, organic energy drinks targeting both specialty retail to direct-toconsumer markets. Offered in three sophisticated f lavors and energized by green tea, Be Mindful Energy provides a low sugar, low carb boost that is powered by purpose. During Q1 2021, Yerbaé has won approval for new authorizations including Stop N Shop, Lowe’s Foods


in North Carolina, Walmart, Circle K in the Coastal Carolinas and 7/11 in New York City as well as major airports in New Jersey (Newark) and New York ( JFK and LaGuardia). X2’s energy and pre-workout supplements are now available at select Subway restaurant locations, as well as GNC.com, Amazon.com and at CVS locations nationwide. Xtract Energy is a new line of sugar-free, zero calorie energy drinks that feature 20mg of CBD per 11.5 oz can. The product is currently available in three states -- Virginia, Indiana and Nevada -- at a special promotional price of $30 per 12 pack. For its latest f lavor, nicknamed “The Juice,” G FUEL collaborated with professional streamer and Luminosity Gaming star Félix “xQc” Lengyel. The Juice is now available for sale in 40-serving tubs and limited-edition collectors boxes, which include one 40-serving The Juice tub and one 16 oz. The Juicer shaker cup. Rowdy Energy, the energy drink line created by NASCAR legend Kyle Busch, announced in April that it will be one of the primary sponsors of ‘Blackjack’ Brian Brown when he competes in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series event in Knoxville, Tennessee this July. In April, Monster Energy celebrated 10 years of partnership with Evil Geniuses – one of the original and most recognizable organizations in esports – by announcing a multiyear extension to the sponsorship.

FLEXING MUSCLES Strengthened through diversity, protein and meal replacement drinks are finding room to grow.


To paraphrase comedian Chris Rock, loyalty is only relative to what else is out there. When framed against the backdrop of the protein and meal replacement category, there’s some truth in the joke. After comfortably dominating the segment on their own for decades, dairy-based and plant-based protein RTDs are now just two of a slew of beverage options for consumers, alongside smoothies, enhanced waters, kids drinks, shots and powders. The expansion of offerings indicates that protein drinks have transcended from the nutrition and fitness space into broader use occasions and audiences, a process that has also allowed enhanced versions of existing product types (think enhanced coffees, ultra-fi ltered dairy milk or even high-protein SKUs in existing lines) to further disrupt the traditional borders between categories. Elsewhere, the meal replacement segment has also been revitalized by new competitors eager to disrupt the market by leading with a digital-fi rst approach.

Flexing Muscle As with other categories, protein and meal replacement drinks have grappled with the challenges of adapting to the COVID-19 pandemic, from taking on supply chain issues to the shift to future consumption occasions. According to SPINS data from the Natural Enhanced and Conventional channels, sales for both protein and meal replacement beverages grew 1.5% over the 52-week period ended on March 21, 2021. Within that mix, powdered products were up 4.7% to just over $1 billion, while growth in RTDs was relatively flat at just 0.5%. A closer look at the data shows how the category is expanding and contracting across channels and positioning. The exploding plant-based food segment — up 27% to $7


billion in 2020, according to data from the Plant Based Food Association and the Good Food Institute — is also driving growth in the protein and meal replacement category, with sales of plant-based products increasing 4.6% to $363.2 million through March 21, according to SPINS; dairy-based drinks, meanwhile, fell 0.2% during the period. Yet in natural retail alone, the RTD protein and meal replacement category has slipped over 16% to around $14.2 million, while in conventional stores, liquid products grew by just half a percentage point. Instead, the biggest increase came from regional and independent grocery stores, which saw RTDs grow 9.4% to over $172 million in sales. Outside of the traditionally defined category, beverages that feature protein as a value-add were broadly down over the last year. The largest sub-segment of protein-added beverages, refrigerated juice drinks, was down 19% to around $125 million in sales, while the next closest, shelf stable coffee, fell 1% to $11 million. Elsewhere, shelf-stable enhanced waters dropped by over 50%, offset by triple-digit gains in shelf-stable tea and refrigerated coffee. Growth is also different on either side of the refrigerated divide: according to IRI data through April 27, 2021, dollar sales for shelf-stable protein drinks (under the umbrella of “weight control”) were up 4%, in contrast to a 8.6% decline in coldchain items. In the former, dairy-based Premier Protein, operating within the portfolio of BellRing Brands with Post Holdings as an investor, reported a 9.3% increase in sales ($549 million), while Muscle Milk (PepsiCo) lost ground and CORE Power (Coca-Cola) made gains. Fast-growing refrigerated brands like Koia and REBBL also posted solid growth during the period, but the strong turnaround for Bolthouse Farms’ protein drinks — its Protein Plus products were up 7.5%, while its Keto line soared over 2000% — were bright spots amid the overall decrease.

More Options, More Markets For plant-based protein, allergen-friendly brand OWYN (Only What You Need), growth hasn’t just been about adding more flavors and SKUs. The company already offers five different varieties of RTDs featuring 20 grams of protein per 12 oz. bottle, as well meal replacement drinks and the newly introduced higher-protein (35 grams), zero-sugar Pro Elite line. Last year’s introduction of TetraPaks (both singles and multipacks) has not only helped the brand build its presence at key retailers like Target, CVS and 7-Eleven -- with dry-shelf multi-packs helping to offset dips in immedi-


ate consumption traffic -- but also deepen its credentials as a primarily RTD protein brand that can serve multiple need states and consumer types. “The good part about our category for where we are going, from a retail standpoint, is that active nutrition and performance nutrition live together on the same shelf,” said Mark Olivieri, president of OWYN. “We’ve been able to create a destination on shelf, and that’s what we are working towards to have both the 20 gram line and Pro Elite side-by-side -- differentiated positioning, differentiated target occasions and demand spaces, but at the end of the day still living together.” OWYN’s shift into TetraPaks, the category’s most prevalent packaging type, is also a significant move relative to the competitive set. Earlier this spring, PepsiCo introduced a reformulated version of its plant-based protein line, Evolve, in TetraPaks, arriving shortly after the launch of another dairy-free product -- Happy Viking, developed by tennis star Venus Williams -- in December. Meanwhile, coconut-based protein line Aloha’s recent move in the other direction, now offering single-serve PET bottles alongside TetraPak multi-packs, shows that retailers are eager to find pragmatic solutions to fill gaps in their protein sets. “As we continue to focus on innovation within the same set in store, we are expanding our facings, which in turns drives brand visibility and awareness and ultimately leads to trial,” Olivieri said. “Instead of having three TetraPaks on shelf, we are going to have five to six TetraPaks on the shelf. That visibility adds a total halo lift to the brand.” As the category has developed, some brands have built their identities on either side of the plant-based divide: names like OWYN, Vega, Koia, Evolve and Orgain are focused on nondairy, while ICONIC Protein, which last year reformulated its products to remove added sugars, and legacy brands like Muscle Milk and Premier Protein are still innovating around whey protein. But others have found that their brand equity can either extend across both segments (as with Protein2o’s expansion from whey into plant-based options), or that other unique attributes and considerations can have a bigger influence. Global demand for animal-derived collagen (either bovine or marine-based) is set to reach $6 billion by 2026, according to Global Market Insights, helping lift collagen-centric brands like Vital Proteins

(acquired by Nestle last June) and boost innovation in creamers for the likes of Picnik and Super Coffee. Shifting focus to meal replacement drinks, Olivieri said that OWYN’s two-SKU line requires a higher degree of “incubation and nurturing” before it can make the move into brick-and-mortar retail, as a “strong brand story” is needed in order to compete with the established category players like Atkins and Slim Fast. But the Soylent model of building a buzz online before making the transition offl ine has opened the door for brands to take divergent paths towards building their respective audiences. Launched in February on Amazon with backing from incubator L.A. Libations, orro, positioned as an on-the-go “mini-meal” replacement drink, is taking a slow and deliberate approach towards selecting retail partners. For other brands with a more specific demographic or use occasions, the path can be more defined. CTRL, which debuted in October 2019 as a powder-based meal replacement aimed at gamers, marked its first step into brick-and-mortar retail by launching three of its SKUs -- Cinnamon Toast, Fruity Flakes and Cocoa Crunch -- at Vitamin Shoppe in March. The brand and retailer will also collaborate on a campaign to highlight “the importance of healthy dieting and nutrition in gaming and esports.” Elsewhere, Don’t Quit!, another meal replacement venture backed by L.A. Libations and distributed by Keurig Dr Pepper, has rolled out to chains including Safeway, Kroger, Sprouts and CVS. “This is a marathon, not a race for us,” Olivieri said. “At the right time, when we feel like we have that loyal following where we have enough customers where we are confident about going to retail, we will. We are trying to be as thoughtful as we can. We want to make sure it can stand on its own with healthy P&L before going into that space.”




Fruit-based, whole food smoothie line LovePlantz is now available at Whole Foods Market. Known for their powder workout supplements, Alani Nu has packaged their protein in a ready-to-drink bottle, making recovery on-the-go easy. The gluten and lactose-free drink contains 20 grams of lean whey protein, and only 6 grams of sugar in indulgent f lavors like munchies and fruity cereal. Soylent Complete Meal Shakes are now available in nearly 20,000 retail locations nationwide in both 14 oz (400 Calorie) and 11 oz (320 Calorie) sizes. Both sizes provide 39 essential nutrients at 1 gram sugar giving consumers more choices to fit their personal nutrition needs. In April, the brand launched a new f lavor of its Soylent Squared 100 calorie complete nutrition bar (Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip) and improved the formula to have higher protein and lower sugar. Aftrer being named “Best New Sports Nutrition or Active Lifestyle Product” at the 2020 NEXTY Awards, Après has used that momentum to begin a dedicated push into the Natural and Club channels. Après is now sold in over 500 doors across 16 UNFI and KeHE DCs nationwide, as well as on e-commerce marketplaces like Costco. com, Amazon, Good Eggs, goPuff, and SnackMagic. OWYN (Only What You Need) is introducing its newest product line -- Pro Elite, with both Chocolate and Vanilla f lavors featuring 35 grams of plant-based protein -- in TetraPaks (4-packs) at retailers including Target, 7-Eleven and Kroger. The latest new release in Premier Protein’s 30g High Protein Shakes line is Chocolate Peanut Butter,


introduced this spring. Each shake contains 30 grams of protein, 160 calories, 1 gram of sugar and 24 vitamins (including Vitamins C & E) and minerals per serving. They also help support a healthy immune system thanks to antioxidants Vitamins C & E. PepsiCo relaunched its plant-based protein line Evolve earlier this spring with a new look and formulation. Evolve’s updated lineup includes a line of pea-based protein shakes in four f lavors: Double Chocolate, Berry Medley, Vanilla Bean and Cafe Mocha. Each contains 140-150 calories, 4-5 grams of sugar and 20 grams of protein per 11 oz. bottle or Tetra Park carton. Launched in December 2020, Happy Viking, a line of plant-based protein drinks developed by tennis superstar Venus Williams, is now available in Kroger stores nationwide in 11 oz. single-serving TetraPaks. Plant-based protein brand Aloha is launching a new coffee RTD, its first new new f lavor since the line launched, in May, and has added a new line of single-serve PET bottles. The company also became B Corp Certified in March. In March, CTRL, the meal replacement startup focused on serving the video game and streaming community, announced a nationwide retail deal with The Vitamin Shoppe, establishing a presence in over 750 stores. In March, Ascent Protein announced an expansion of their Recovery Water product line with the addition of an Orange Mango f lavor, sold on Ascentprotein.com, Amazon and at gyms nationwide. The complete f lavor lineup also currently includes Fruit Punch, Pineapple Coconut and Watermelon.

By Beth Demmon


Flavored malt beverages (FMBs), sometimes referred to as “alcopops” or “malternatives,” enjoyed a heyday in the mid ‘90s, with brands like Bacardi Silver and Zima skyrocketing in popularity before crashing soon after. Slate specifically called Zima’s demise a “long, slow, torturous death,” reporting that “After selling an astounding 1.3 million barrels in 1994, the year it went national, Zima’s sales fell to just 403,000 barrels in 1996.” At the same time FMBs were declining, craft beer began its meteoric ascent, with the number of operational independent breweries in the United States increasing every year since 2007. Today there are more breweries operating in the U.S. than ever before: nearly 9,000, according to the Brewers Association’s last count. But for as long as beer has dominated the beverage alcohol space, its share has been shrinking for a decade as spirits have continued to climb. One contributing factor to spirits’ increased popularity is a higher demand for pre-mixed, canned, ready-todrink (RTD) cocktails. Global data research firm Nielsen calculated that RTDs saw 574% growth of annual sales in 2019, with spirits-based RTDs increasing 40% from the previous year and accounting for $62 million in sales alone. COVID-19’s influence on the alcohol beverage segment catapulted RTDs even higher; year-over-year off-

premise sales of RTD cocktails grew just over 90% after pandemic restrictions took effect. But even with this staggering rise in spirits-based RTD popularity, malternatives haven’t disappeared completely. In fact, well-developed FMB products like Mike’s Hard and Harder brands, Smirnoff, and Twisted Tea still dominate as the top sellers in the FMB category, collectively accounting for around half of the $3 billion captured in total U.S. multi-outlet with C-Store during the 52-week timeframe ending March 21, 2021, according to Chicago-based market research firm IRI. “We see no signs of slowing down,” says Taylor Roy, Sr. Communications Specialist at The Boston Beer Company, who owns the Twisted brand family. Roy goes on to explain that Twisted Tea currently holds a more than 93% share within the hard tea category. “With continued double-digit growth, up 47% YTD, Twisted Tea is now the fastest growing brand in FMB and is a top 20 beer brand family that is the fastest growing behind only Truly [hard seltzer],” he says. It’s impossible to talk about FMBs without mentioning hard seltzers. However, most research firms like Nielsen have broken out hard seltzers into their own category due to their position as an wildly high-performing outlier. Products that fall within

the more traditional definition of malternatives, like Seagram’s Escapes or Four Loko, aren’t experiencing the double- or tripledigit growth many hard seltzer brands are, but that’s largely due to their surprising longevity and well-established position within the segment. Similarly, RTDs are still growing as well, but not as abruptly as hard seltzer, according to alcohol ecommerce platform Drizy. “Over the past 12 months, we have seen both hard seltzer and ready-to-drink gain share year over year. Hard seltzer share of sales grew 20% YoY while ready-to-drink share grew 160% YoY,” says Liz Paquette, head of Consumer Insights at Drizly. “Though RTD share has grown at a faster rate than hard seltzer over the past year, they make up one-third of the share of sales that hard seltzer accounts for.” Despite RTDs and FMBs continuing to hold firm, if not grow, Amy Gutierrez, BevMo’s Category Manager of Beer & DSO Beverage believes that they’re flourishing independently of one another, rather than at the expense of either. “We don’t believe that they [spirits-based RTDs] are having an effect [on traditional malternatives],” she says, explaining that malternatives like Smirnoff and Mike’s variety packs actually exceeded sales forecasts during the pandemic. “During COVID, they ran out of stock on both of those. So the sales don’t even say what they could 53

have done. Those types of products are still doing very, very well.” She goes on to say that SKU growth and average unit sales of RTDs doubled compared to 2020, with sales volume up over 600% over the prior year based purely on year-to-date sales. Malternatives also saw strong growth at BevMo. “Sales in this category have grown over 100% in Feb and March of 2021 versus 2020 and over 50% 2020 versus 2019,” explains Gutierrez, saying they even added eight new products in 2020 versus 2019. Top selling malternatives remain variety packs, including Smirnoff Ice Party pack, Corona Refresca Variety, and Mike’s Variety 12-pack, all of which Gutierrez says experienced out-of-stock issues during the summer of 2020 due to an increase in customer demand. Both RTD cocktails and malternatives benefit from offering variety packs, as customers increasingly desire multiple flavors when purchasing new-to-them products. Some early entrants into the malternative space, like Not Your Father’s Root Beer, rely more on the steady stream of repeat customers rather than focusing on exclusively capturing new customers. “Those types of products are still doing very well,” says Gutierrez. “Not Your Father’s Root Beer, it’s still doing very high up there. People still can’t believe that people are still looking for it. It’s not crazy like it was, but… it still outsells lots of brands.” In her opinion, the individual, but concurrent growth for both RTDs and FMBs could be due to varying core customers. One theory she suggested is that people who have just reached drinking age or are in their early twenties are less likely to have the disposable income required to recreate the bar experience at home, leading them to rely more on premixed cocktails like Cutwater’s RTD offerings. “I think they can’t afford to go to the store and buy everything you need to make cocktails: you need the shaker, you need glassware, you need a bottle of vodka, you need these three ingredients,” says Gutierrez. “The people that are young, 21ish, they’re grabbing the total ready-to-drink… and then the people who are a little bit older who were already on the cocktail train, the Millennials who have the extra money, they’re staying at home, they’re doing cocktails, they can afford to buy quality ingredients.” Comparatively, FMBs tend to appeal more to the older drinker already less likely to select RTDs, as their desire for convenience can be often outweighed by their ability to more closely replicate a cocktail experience that’s not premixed. Their purchasing motivation may also differ when it comes to health and wellness, as traditional FMBs typically don’t fall into the low calorie or “better for you” camp. Products within the malternative segment haven’t evolved en masse to appeal to consumers who specifically seek out better for you beverages, simply because there’s no need to do so. “Mike’s and Smirnoff, if they really saw their sales declining, they would discontinue selling those products, and they’re not. They’re still doing well,” Gutierrez explains. “Same thing with Seagram’s Variety Pack—that has always done well, but that’s not low-cal. Neither is Mike’s and Smirnoff and Malibu and all those.” She goes on to say that after reviewing the sales of all 161 BevMo stores, the Malibu Splash 8-pack, remains the number one seller in the malt category and number eight overall, with the fi rst through seventh positions solidly occupied by hard seltzers. The next malternatives are Twisted Tea’s party pack at number 17, followed by Mike’s Variety packs in 18 and 19, with number 28 as Smirnoff Ice’s 54 BEVNET MAGAZINE – MAY/JUNE 2021

original pack. “That’s pretty high, when I have 466 products in that [malternative] category,” she says. It seems that despite spirits-based ready-to-drink cocktails’ upward trajectory, the segment’s impact on the traditional malternatives remains minimal. FMBs aren’t growing at stratospheric rates, but neither are they receding under the crush of new entrants. With different core customers valuing fairly different aspects of each segment, both spirits-based RTDs and traditional malternatives are poised to continue succeeding in their own siloes. FLAVORED MALT BEVERAGES BRAND









Mikes Harder



Mikes Hard



Seagrams Escapes






Bud Light Lime Rita


-23.7% -2.2%

Four Loko





Cayman Jack



Steel Reserve Fmb



Johny Bootlegger



Jack Daniels



Arnold Palmer



Pabst Fmb


591.9% -50.5%

Corona Refresca





Crook And Marker



Seagrams Escapes Spiked



Cape Line Sparkling Cocktails



SOURCE: IRI, a Chicago-based market research firm-@iriworldwide% 52 Weeks through 3/21/21



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The Super Hero of Hang Tags ElastiTag® - Bedford Ind.

For over 55 years, Douglas has provided customers with high quality secondary packaging solutions for paperboard, corrugated and shrink film. Douglas specializes in the design and manufacture of case & tray packers, shrink wrap systems, cartoners, sleevers, multipackers, variety pack systems and palletizers. Based in Alexandria, Minnesota, USA, Douglas is 100% Employee Owned, Customer Driven.

Grab attention and engage shoppers with the ElastiTag®. This custom-designed hang tag can kick off a promotion, offer a coupon, or provide valuable information in a look unique to your brand. The colorful elastomer loop grips bottles and cans and stays put. Even in refrigeration this durable tag keeps its cool. Versatile and easy to apply, this over-achiever is the Super Hero of Hang Tags.

Labels & Sleeved Cans DWS Printing & Packaging

Comprehensive ERP Software Encompass Technologies

Established in 1865, DWS is a 5th-generation family-owned label printing and can-sleeving operation. Capabilities include Shrink Sleeves, PSL, Cut-&-Stack and Roll-Fed labels, and in-house Can-Sleeving. Locations in Deer Park, New York and Austin, Texas. Looking forward to hearing YOUR story, and helping bring it to life!

Encompass Technologies’ cloud-based ERP software helps over 600 beverage distribution warehouses increase operational efficiency and manage growth effectively. The customizable system is specifically built for the distribution industry and functions to fit your unique business needs with products like WMS, sales execution, logistics, warehouse automation, retailer ordering tools, and more.


Flexible Packaging Made Simple ePac Flexible Packaging

SUPPLIER & SERVICES LISTINGS Clean Label Ingredients Farbest Brands


Our Ingredients. You Sourcing Simplified. We can help you meet the demand for clean-label ingredients with a full range of high-quality dairy and plant proteins, gum acacia, vitamins, sweeteners, natural colors, as well as USDAcertified organic, and NON-GMO Project Verified ingredients No matter your budget, application, or label claim we can guide you to the ingredients that are right for you.

We are flavor designers. We are flavor tastemakers and trendsetters. Now a proud member of the global Glanbia family, we are experienced flavorists that create and manufacture the memorable flavors that will have your customers coming back for more. Partnering with food, beverage and nutritional product industries, we deliver custom turn-key flavors and formulation support.

Custom Flavor Development Flavor Dynamics, Inc.

Executive Search Firm ForceBrands

We are the perfect choice for your beverage flavors. Our experienced team is guided by a commitment to creating innovative, superior quality products. Our "AA" BRC audit grade represents our commitment to food safety and quality assurance. Ask us for your clean label requirements, including Organic, Non GMO, Natural, Gluten free and Vegan. Our team is up to the challenge. Call us today.

ForceBrands is the leading executive search firm that helps innovative food and beverage brands identify and hire strategic leadership—Csuite, advisors, board members—for their organizations.

Beverage Development Services Flavorman

Decorative Labels & Packaging Fort Dearborn Company

Creating beverages in every drink category is what we do—but it’s not all we do. With nearly 30 years in the business, Flavorman offers a wide range of professional services—from R&D, product re-formulation, and value-engineering, to shelf life testing, regulatory assistance, production support and planning, consulting, and much more. Partner with Flavorman and change what the world is drinking.

We’ve got you covered. Fort Dearborn Company offers shrink sleeve, stretch sleeve, pressure sensitive, roll-fed, in-mold and cut & stack labels, flexible packaging and promotional printing in a variety of substrates, inks and finishing options to support your beverage brand building objectives. We service brands large and small. Contact us today to discuss your application.

FONA Flavor & Taste Solutions FONA International

Coconut Ingredients Franklin Baker, Inc.

Consumers today want it all. You’re balancing the demands of great taste, regulatory hurdles and consumer acceptance. The experts at FONA can help. From ideation to launch, we can create a seamless, winning path for you. Design, develop and scale up using our Beverage Innovation Studios in Geneva, IL and Irvine, CA. We are FONA. Let us bring the best taste solutions to the table for you.

Connect with an Expert Today Foa & Son

Food and beverage companies want to entrust their property, profits, and reputation to an insurance broker that has expert knowledge of their business. Over 120 food and beverage companies know that Foa & Son will: - Deliver risk solutions targeted to the industry - Help clients understand how to comply with regulations - Enable clients to protect their brand throughout the supply chain Foa & Son specializes in meeting the needs for insurance and risk management of a broad array of players in the food and beverage industry.

Franklin Baker, Inc. is the largest processor of coconut ingredients in the Philippines and the premier supplier to the global beverage & food market. Franklin Baker offers an extensive portfolio of coconut products including Coconut Water, Coconut Milk/Cream, Coconut Concentrate, Creamed Coconut. Our extensive third-party certifications are unrivaled to the highest product standards.


Flexible Packaging Systems Fres-co System USA, Inc.

For over 40 years, Fres-co has provided turnkey flexible packaging systems, printed laminated barrier materials and exceptional service to our customers. During our history of innovation, we have invented many breakthrough products, including the one-way degassing valve, modified atmosphere technologies and reclosure systems. Serving the coffee, food & beverage, ingredients and industrial/chemical markets, we collaborate with customers to optimize their operational performance and excel in their packaging operations. Fres-co offers a full line of state-of-the art customized packaging equipment for dry and liquid products, including Vertical Form Fill and Seal, Horizontal Fill and Seal and Multilane stick pack or sachet machines. Our liquid filling technologies include Low and High Acid Aseptic, ESL, Ultra Clean, Hot Fill, and Retort. Our packaging material capabilities cover a wide range of cost-effective, multi-ply high-barrier packaging solutions, including digital, flexographic and rotogravure-printed rollstock, premade bags, stand-up pouches and stock bags in various configurations and sizes, along with dispensing fitments and reclosure systems. Fres-co provides unrivaled technical expertise, solving packaging challenges quickly with creative solutions tailored to our customers’ unique needs. Collaborate with us to effectively and economically protect your products.

SUPPLIER & SERVICES LISTINGS Coffeeberry® Natural Caffeine FutureCeuticals

Going beyond great taste Givaudan

Prickly Pear Cactus Ingredient GAIA fruits

Put a WOW in your beer! Glacier Hops Ranch

Prickly Pear strengthens the Immune System. It is been attributed with healing properties since it is rich in Bioflavonoids that have strong antioxidant properties and give this fruit its distinctive bright red-violet color, and help the body detoxify and reduce inflammation. GAIA fruits is your trusted supplier of prickly pear puree and concentrate as a functional ingredient with an exotic flavor

Glacier Hops Ranch is changing the way you dry-hop your beer! Hopzoil® captures the mouthwatering flavor and aroma of fresh hops in a pure, water-soluble solution that will elevate your beer from good to great, while eliminating the yield loss experienced in your hop-forward beers.

Influencer Marketing Agency Get Hyped Media

Food & Beverage Scientific NPD Glasgow Consulting Group

Get Hyped is the leading influencer marketing agency helping lifestyle brands connect with their target market on social media. We take the guesswork out of influencer marketing with expert strategy and white-glove done-for-you services. Our team has an extensive network of proven influencers across Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, blogs, and podcasts. Contact us for a free consultation.

For 16 years, GCG has been developing delicious, next-generation Food & Beverage products for its clients. We specialize in challenging projects that use only natural/organic ingredients and have developed hundreds of products, many of which have won industry awards. With particular expertise in plant-based formulations, including all types of beverages, we also have an aseptic pilot facility.

Aseptic Packaging GoodWest Industries

As the global leader in taste and wellbeing, Givaudan recognizes that the beverage market is now more fluid than ever. The pace of beverage innovation is speeding up at an unprecedented pace. This can be attributed to the fact that people are very open to trying new drinks. It’s an inexpensive way to discover an enjoyable food experience and has led to a lot of creativity in the beverage space. For Givaudan, this means that customers constantly rely on our pipeline of innovation to create and respond to trends. Whether it’s a relaxing cup of tea, an invigorating wake-me-up coffee, a refreshing citrus drink or a botanically balanced beverage, we have you covered. Afterall, beverage is our largest segment for a reason. Our expertise and portfolio span across the entire spectrum of beverage possibilities. By partnering with us to co-create your next beverage innovation, you have access to our vast array of research and product expertise to help meet your consumer’s needs - including taste, natural colors, botanical ingredients for wellness, maskers, mouthfeel, delivery, shelf life enhancements, clean and clear label solutions, sugar reduction and much more. Visit https://www.givaudan.com/taste-wellbeing/solutions-segment/beverages to learn more about our expertise in beverages. Together, let’s shape the future of food. 69


Nut Butter-Seasoned Roast Nuts Grower Direct Nut Ingr. Supply

EXBERRY® by GNT is the leading brand of natural food coloring for the food and beverage industry. EXBERRY® colors are derived solely from fruits, vegetables, and edible plants through a process of chopping, pressing, filtering and blending. EXBERRY® products can be applied to a range of beverage categories including enhanced waters, carbonated soft drinks, dairy, and plant-based milks.

Grower Direct Nut Ingredient Supply is part of Grower Direct Nut, a California grower, processor, packer of walnuts and value-added walnut, almond, pecan, pistachio (and more) ingredients including beverage-grade Nut Butter for plant based milks. Roasted and Seasoned walnuts, almonds, pistachios, and more. State of the art BRC Certified facility. Organic Certified. OU Kosher Nutty Gourmet brand.

A Dash of Social Marketing Healthy Dash of Social

At Healthy Dash of Social, we have a passion and mission to work with brands in the health and wellness space. In a nutshell, we are a team of freelancers helping product brands and non-profits curate a refreshing social experience. We take on the marketing stuff you know you need to be doing, but don’t have the time for.

A Trusted Packaging Partner Graham Packaging Company

We help our clients with several priorities: - Social Media Management - Content Creation - Email Marketing - Copywriting - Digital Strategy - SEO - Graphic Design - Blogging - Influencer Marketing - Paid Ads Website: https://healthydashofsocial.com Email: info@healthydashofsocial.com

Sales & Merchandising Service Ground Up Group

Gusmer Brewing Solutions Gusmer Enterprises

Ground Up Group is a sales & merchandising For over 95 years, Gusmer has taken a agency bringing natural brands to market in New revolutionary approach to serving the brewer’s York City, Southern California, & New England. vision. It’s why Gusmer offers a full line of We open new retail grocery locations, ensure solutions for the brewing industry including shelves are well stocked, & develop additional fermentation and processing aids, filtration store level points of distribution. Excellent store media and equipment, analytical products and level execution, consistent communication with instrumentation, processing equipment, and our brand partners, & team building are highly analytical laboratory services. valued in our culture. 70 BEVNET MAGAZINE – MAY/JUNE 2021

Advanced Beverage Formulas Hidell International

We Power Great Packaging Inland

The company creates innovative nutritional formulations for the bottled water industry. These formulations are water neutral in that they have no color, taste or odor. They are pleasing to the palette and yet offer highly efficacious micronutrients for human consumption. The effort is to provide healthy hydration to bottled water consumers. The company has six international patents on file.

Inland is a third-generation, family-owned and operated label and packaging supplier. Inland works collaboratively with brand owners and industry partners to advance innovative, best-in-class solutions for your food, beverage, and consumer products packaging. Our product offerings include Cut & Stack, Pressure Sensitive, Shrink Sleeve, In-Mold labels, and flexible packaging. Let's Talk.

Custom Ingredient Blend Mfr IFPC

Mobile Canning Solutions Iron Heart Canning Co

Over the last two generations, our family-owned company has grown from a sugar supplier to a one-stop ingredient shop. IFPC partners with beverage manufacturers across the country supplying quality ingredients, creating custom solutions, & providing expert advice. Our goal is to help you create the best products for your customers to ensure your business is successful.

IHC is your solution to guide you through the canning process! With over 250 MILLION cans filled to date, IHC offers unmatched Experience and Expertise. We service the Eastern US and deliver Quality you can count on – Guaranteed seams, All beverage types, All can sizes, Materials sourcing, & Co-Packaging Partners – whatever your situation we can get your product canned. IHC is your one stop shop!

SUPPLIER & SERVICES LISTINGS Premium Japanese Matcha Ikeda Matcha

Beverage Re-Pack Specialists Keller Warehousing & CoPacking

Ikeda Grows Your Matcha Partner with Japan’s leading Manufacturer of superior quality matcha for your products. With the highest-ranking tea blending skills in the Japanese Tea Industry, Ikeda is renowned for its unmatched premium quality matcha. Ikeda has one of the largest production capacities in Japan with large scale, state-of-the art manufacturing technology, and a strong network of farmers not only in Kagoshima but throughout Japan. Ikeda is based in the fertile, volcanic soil of Kagoshima, Japan’s largest organic tea farming region. Ikeda’s organic and non-organic matcha is a flavorful, versatile, and nutritious option for beverages, supplements, and food. Matcha’s potential health benefits include EGCG catechins (antioxidants), stress-reducing L-theanine, caffeine without the jitters, and detoxing chlorophyll. We ship from our Los Angeles warehouse. Contact Ikeda Tea World for info and samples.

Portable Equipment to Promote Iowa Rotocast Plastics

IRP Inc, founded in 1986, is your trusted domestic manufacturer and supplier for a wide array of portable food and beverage equipment for POS promotion and event concessions. All rotomolded units and fabricated concessionaire equipment are made in the USA. IRP products can be seen in professional sporting arenas and stadiums in all 50 states. IRP products are widely used in convenience stores, grocers, restaurants, bars, resorts, casinos, amphitheaters, and amusement parks.


Your Trusted Partner Kerry

SUPPLIER & SERVICES LISTINGS Clean Labels, Long Shelf Life JBT Avure Technologies

Lallemand Beverage Probiotics Lallemand

HPP is cold pasteurization in water; using ultra-high pressure water to keep packaged food pathogen-free to stay fresh longer. At very high pressures bacteria such as Listeria, E. coli, and Salmonella are inactivated. Just a few applications include ready-to-eat and ready-tocook meats, ready-meals, fruits and vegetables, juices and smoothies, soups and sauces, wet salads and dips, dairy products.

Add a pinch of healthy™ with our B.subtilis Rosell-179, with gut health benefits. It can survive in conditions including low pH, sweet, high pressure process, pasteurization, boiling, microwaving. We can share our experience and guide you to the best formulation for your beverage applications including in kombucha, specialty water, fruit juice, non-dairy, powders and other – project dependent.

Beverage Industry Recruiters Kinsa Group

Supply Chain Advisor LogiChain Solutions

Kinsa Group connects talented executives, managers and professionals with food and beverage industry employers across the US. Our singular focus on the food and beverage industry ensures consistently better results in a very timely manner, averaging 60 days from launch to accepted offer. We recruit in Sales, Marketing, C-Suite, Operations, Quality, Food Safety, Supply Chain, R&D, Finance and HR.

Rene, an advisor and the founder of LogiChain Solutions, enables food and beverage companies to scale operations, optimize the supply chain, and increase profit margins. Working hands-on from strategy to implementation, Rene focuses on the company's operations and business goals while driving change that has both immediate and lasting impact. One focus area is B2B and D2C cold chain management.

Custom Solutions Klean Kanteen


SUPPLIER & SERVICES LISTINGS Clean & Natural Protection Lanxess Corporation

Looking to safeguard the quality and shelf-life of your beverage? LANXESS Corporation offers two unique and innovative technologies, Velcorin® and Nagardo®, that provide microbiological protection in a wide variety of beverages. Velcorin (Dimethyl Dicarbonate) is a cold sterilization agent that kills microorganisms during production, resulting in cleaner and more stable beverages. ®

Benefits of Velcorin® include: • • • • •

No impact on sensory profile Clean label solution Compatibility with all types of common packaging Cost-effective Application-specific advice and services from Velcorin® team

Nagardo® (Dacryopinax Spathularia) is a natural guardian that protects against beverage spoilage to secure and prolong shelf life.

Tea and Botanical Ingredients Martin Bauer Group

Trust the monk.™ Monk Fruit Corp.

Martin Bauer Group is the leading end-to-end manufacturer of tea and botanical ingredients to the Tea, Food & Beverage, and Dietary Supplement Industries. Our product portfolio consists of infusions, concentrates, fully formulated beverages, powders, powder extracts, proteins, fibers, vitamin mineral premixes, custom blends, and more.

Monk fruit allows you to create great tasting, innovative products with significantly less sugar and calories - all from the goodness of fruit! Monk Fruit Corp is the recognized industry leader, with the best quality and widest variety of monk fruit products and the majority share of the global monk fruit market (more than 3X our nearest competitor). Looking for monk fruit? Trust the monk.™

Branding & Packaging Design McLean Design

Enhance And Fortify MORRE-TEC Industries, Inc.

Understanding our clients, their markets, their unique needs, and most importantly, their consumers’ subconscious desires, allows us to create truly compelling brands and packaging engineered to enrich consumers’ lives. We’ve driven over $60 Billion in revenue with businesses of all sizes. We are a team of highly-trained specialists united by the common compulsion to create triumphant brands.

Vitacyclix a division of MORRE-TEC Industries, formulates and manufactures a variety of unique water-soluble dry powders and clear liquid emulsions for the fortification of ANY type of beverage. Our product offerings include a full selection of vitamins, minerals, bioflavonoids and proteins, in addition to water-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K2. Vegan and kosher options are available.

Benefits of Nagardo® include: • • • • • •

Achieve natural & consumer friendly claims Efficient control of a broad range of spoilage organisms No impact on sensory profile Broad application in a variety of beverages Easy integration into production process Application-specific advice and services from Nagardo® team

LANXESS Corporation hopes to conveniently meet all of your microbiological protection needs with our widely applicable technologies and services. For more information on Velcorin®, please visit https://velcorin.com/. For more information on Nagardo®, please visit https://www.nagardo.com/.


Matcha.com is your authoritative source for bulk matcha, with a grade for every purpose and price point, 100% from Japan. With our direct network of relationships with farms and producers and our high-quality standard, we work with you to customize your order and find the perfect grade to meet your needs. We work with companies of all sizes, from startups to the largest food companies in the world. Whether you’re new to matcha or looking to get a better price and quality than your current source, we will do what it takes to earn your long-term partnership. We have a wide range of organic and traditionally grown matcha grades to choose from and will help you find the perfect grade to best fit your application. The legendary health and wellness pioneer Dr. Andrew Weil co-founded Matcha.com with the mission to raise the standard of matcha available outside of Japan. Through meticulous sourcing and travels to Japan, we’ve established relationships with the finest producers in Japan’s finest regions. We have all of the paperwork and certifications ready to go to get you up and running with our product and satisfy every regulation. We delight in discussing matcha and are happy to answer any questions - engage with us today to receive a custom quote and receive samples within a couple of days. Level-up today with the finest 100% Japanese matcha at industry-leading prices. 74 BEVNET MAGAZINE – MAY/JUNE 2021

Natural Functional Ingredients Mibelle AG Biochemistry


Clean Label, Clinically Tested Natural Remedies

Celebrating over 60 years in business, and 10+ years in their Made in the USA manufacturing facility in Rockmart, Georgia, Miura has become the world leader in steam boiler innovation and technology and a favorite of the Beverage and Food industry. Miura’s once-through watertube boilers are exceptionally reliable, efficient, safe, and feature a range of impressive benefits including: Cold start to full steam in less than 5 minutes, which allows users to turn units on/off quickly depending on load requirements, while conserving resources and reducing energy costs; enhanced operational reliability; modular, space-saving design; advanced controls and remote monitoring; and a best-in-industry safety record with zero catastrophic vessel failures resulting in casualty. In 2020, Miura, along with Hartford Steam Boiler and Armstrong Services introduced Steam as a Service (SaaS), a turnkey, fully-financed solution that meets the steam requirements of a range of users by designing, building, operating, maintaining, and continuously optimizing their steam generation onsite. Miura boilers are available in two series: The LX Gas/Low NOx Series, Low and High Pressure Steam Boiler (from 50 -300HP) uses natural gas or propane and are compactly-designed. The EX Gas/Oil Series High Pressure Steam Boilers (from 100HP and 50HP increments up to 300HP) are the most versatile boilers in the world.

Turmacin® is an innovative, clinically researched, and patented ingredient that brings the joint and cartilage health benefits of turmeric to functional beverages. Turmacin® has the backing of five clinical studies and several preclinical studies. It is standardized to contain Turmerosaccharides™ and does not contain curcuminoids. Turmacin® is applicable as a functional ingredient in beverages (non-alcoholic) at levels of 50 mg per serving. Turmacin® is GRAS, Non-GMO project verified, Kosher, Halal, USDA & EU organic certified. With more than 21 million doses sold globally, Turmacin® is the best ingredient to differentiate your beverage and provide real value to your customers

Flavor Manufacturer Mother Murphy's Flavors

Organic & Natural Ingredients Nexira

Best-in-class plastic closures Novembal

Mother Murphy's is a full service flavor manufacturer dedicated to supporting customer needs through quality and flavor innovation. At Mother Murphy's we specialize in flavor and prototype development for the beverage and snack industries and have over 60,000 flavors in our portfolio. We have made the world taste better for 75 years!

Inspired by Nature since 1895, Nexira has developed a wide range of natural & plant-based powders for beverages. From superfoods and botanical extracts for nutritional fortification, to branded ingredients with targeted health benefits, Nexira’s solutions meet consumer’s increasing demand for functional & clean label drinks.

Nutraceutical Ingredients Nature’s Power Nutraceuticals

Meet Your World-Class Copacker Niagara Bottling LLC

For over 60 years, Novembal has been a leader in plastic cap design and injection for beverages, food, home, personal care, and other applications. Our extensive knowledge of the markets, our experience and our commitment to continuous quality improvement place us among the industry leaders. We support our customers in each step of the process by providing turnkey solutions, from the closure designs through industrialization and beyond. Novembal’s plastic caps are best-in-class and meet the highest quality standards to protect your products. Thanks to our comprehensive portfolio, we help bottlers to achieve their challenges in flexibility, product integrity, product safety, and excellent customer experience. We can tailor a closure to the needs of our customers, offering quality, convenience, and innovation. Already have a mold? By combining an existing customers’ mold and our resources, we can produce, finish, inspect and package your product. Ask us about our tolling options!

NP Nutra supplies premium quality nutraceutical ingredients produced at state-of-the-art facilities and validated by our supply chain Triple-T Verification® Program. Our commitment to purity, quality and reliability has earned the trust of the world’s leading functional food and beverage, dietary supplement, cosmetic and pet food manufacturers, who have become loyal customers through the years.

Leverage Niagara Bottling’s diversified manufacturing capabilities, vertical integration, and packaging innovation to transform your business. Vertically integrated filling capabilities include: hot fill, nitro-hot fill, cold fill, low & high acid aseptic, sparkling, & all water. With the fastest lines in the world, contact us today to help you drive drive the utmost in value on your next venture!

Our commitment to a more sustainable world As part of our sustainability commitment, we have taken a long-term view on the overall life cycle of our products and CO2 emissions reduction by: - Decreasing plastic material consumption - Optimizing packaging and transport - Decreasing energy consumption and continuously optimizing injection molding processes Contact us and ask for more information 75


All-in-one software solution Orchestra Software

Petainer Keg Solutions Petainer

Nor-Cal Beverage Company, Inc. is a full-service Contract Manufacturer with two production facilities in Northern and Southern California. Both locations offer a range of production capabilities and certifications. We also offer finished goods and distribution service centers positioned to supply West Coast fulfillment needs. Family owned and operated since 1937 also a Women's Owned Business.

Turn the many-headed beast we call running a craft beverage business into something more manageable and profitable. Orchestrated all-inone business management software provides a single source of truth for operations, data, and decision making to increase efficiency, reduce risk, and empower with real-time insights to drive your business forward. Let’s talk about how we can help you crush it.

Petainer offers lightweight, recyclable PET kegs designed for one-way use and universal compatibility with a wide range of beverages. Our kegs are lighter and easier to handle than stainless steel, yet function and protect the same. Our kegs are fully functional with High Pressure Processing (HPP) of juice, which is an innovative non-thermal approach to pasteurization that extends shelf-life.

Natural, Clean Label Flavors Omega Ingredients Ltd


Ideal Flax for Beverages Pizzey Ingredients

Self-serve Beverage Walls PourMyBeer

We are Omega Ingredients, Award Winning Creators of Natural Flavors & Clean Label Ingredients for Manufacturers of Food, Flavor & Beverage Products Worldwide. Our focus is on 100% Pure & Natural ingredients, helping to create your next beverage from ‘Source to Sip.’ We specialize in the innovative fusion of biochemistry & natural materials to provide the finest extracts & natural flavors.

Specializing in frozen & refrigerated pick & pack eCommerce order fulfillment. With warehouses in Ohio and California, we ship to 93% of the US with 2 Day Ground FedEx. Shipping D2C and small batch B2B (e.g 3-6 cases), we can help you reach your customers economically and eco-friendly.

Pizzey Ingredients’ BevPur™ Flax enhances beverages with the nutritional benefits of flaxseed while providing a smooth and rich texture. BevPur™ has a guaranteed shelf life of two years and is available in organic and conventional varieties (both are non-GMO and pesticide-free). BevPur™ is ideal for a variety of ready to mix and ready to drink beverages.

PourMyBeer’s self-pour technology enables faster, more efficient access to beverages by allowing consumers to pour their own beer, wine, and cocktails, all while paying by the ounce. As the world leader, PourMyBeer provides innovative self-serve systems to larger customers such as Whole Foods, Buffalo Wild Wings, the U.S. Air Force, Caesars Entertainment, as well as many small establishments.

Sustainable Packaging Handles PakTech

Filling and Closing Solutions Pneumatic Scale Angelus

Since 1895, Pneumatic Scale Angelus has designed and manufactured packaging equipment for filling, seaming, capping, and labeling applications. Our solutions set the standard for bottling and canning machines, scaled for the specific needs of a wide range of Beverage, Craft Beverage, Dairy, Food, and Pharmaceutical applications, and are fully supported by a global Service and Aftermarket network.

Route Accounting Software Prism Visual Software, Inc.

Prism Visual Software specializes in a route accounting technological solutions that generate operational efficiencies and cut costs in a distributor’s supply chain. Prism Software is sold with an EP accounting system and as an “all in one” DSD solution. Additionally, Prism Visual Software Suite can extend your existing accounting system including QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, AccountMate, or SAP Business One with specific automation addons. Prism Software’s tools and automation will enable your DSD company to exceed customer expectations, achieve better margins, and improve productivity with real time updates. Prism software suite is feature rich and includes modules and apps including but not limited to: - Mobile Sales App - Email/Text Campaign Communication Module - Mobile Route Sales & Proof of Delivery App - Route Optimization and Tracking System - Real Time Dispatch Dashboard - Promotion & Pricing Management - Inventory Control and WMS - Web Ordering and Online Bill Pay - Equipment Asset Management Solution - Inbound and Outbound Call Centers - Collection Management Automation 76 BEVNET MAGAZINE – MAY/JUNE 2021

SUPPLIER & SERVICES LISTINGS Keeping COOL is everything. Pro Refrigeration Inc

Since opening in 1990, Pro Refrigeration has built a reputation for producing top-quality equipment and providing outstanding service and support. From the beginning, PRO has been focused on innovation and technology. Starting from an initial goal of creating the first packaged chiller system designed to instantly cool milk, PRO has evolved into a technology company producing equipment and solutions for numerous industries. Our offering of products and services now includes Heat Recovery, Product Storage, Field Services and PROElliot Cold Chain Verification, providing system control and access to important data from any device. We plan for the future with expansion fittings and cutting-edge technology so production can scale as your business grows. Moving forward, PRO’s next step is to develop green solutions for more environmentally conscious refrigeration.

Flavor designers since 1946 PROVA

Supply Chain Experts Scoular

Celebrating 75 years of innovation in vanilla, cocoa, and coffee, PROVA leads the way in premium extracts and sweet brown flavors. We offer solutions ideal for all applications and processing needs, including organic, Fair Trade and sustainable, natural, and keto friendly. Our solutions range from masking to no-sugar to Clean Label, each designed to meet the high demands of today’s consumers.

A company with over a century of experience, Scoular provides diverse supply chain solutions for the food and beverage industry. We are engaged in buying, selling, storing, and handling grain and ingredients as well as managing transportation and logistics worldwide. We specialize in sourcing on-trend, non-GMO and organic ingredients to meet growing consumer demands.

Hard Seltzer Production Scott Laboratories

The PRO Team has grown to 80+ members strong with Regional Sales Engineers located across the country. Our facilities have expanded to include the original facility in Auburn, Washington, and a state-of-the-art East Coast production facility in Mocksville, North Carolina. If you are looking to add, expand, or upgrade your cold chain, we can provide a proven solution from a solid team to support you for years to come. Contact us for a free review, and we will provide a variety of options tailored to your needs. Sugar Reduction Ingredients Pyure Brands, LLC

Pyure Brands sells clean label sweeteners, flavors, and sugar reduction ingredients.

Beverage & Food Development PTM Food

Beverage Co-pack Bottling Stapleton's/California Copack

PTM Food is your premier product development & manufacturing support firm. Our wide range of expertise, development, and creativity achieves an exciting point of difference between your product and competitors. We work hard to uncover key industry insights, developing products that have a competitive edge. Whether your project is simple or a complex one, we’re your team!

Stapleton-Spence processes a variety of products including tea brewed from leaf, concentrates, juices, vinegars, functional beverages, sports beverages, syrups, edible oils, and more. 12 oz. – 64 oz. PET or Glass Containers. Shrink, C&S, and PS labels. Additional options may be available upon request. Certifications include BRC, FDA, USDA, Kosher, Organic, and USDA "Excellent" Rating.

Pyure is distinguished for pioneering the first-to-market USDA Certified Organic and NGMO Project Verified Stevia, Erythritol, Monk Fruit, Allulose & no sugar added chocolate ingredients to wholesale & consumer markets. We also produce a variety of sugar-free, no added sugar, low calorie & keto friendly foods including Chocolate Chips & Compounds, Plant Based Spreads, Syrups, Baking Mixes & more. Our team of food science, innovation, sourcing, regulatory & logistics experts have over 80 years of experience creating & supporting our manufacturing, foodservice & D2C partners in evolving global markets. Pyure clean label food, ingredient & sweetener systems are trusted for taste & quality by millions of producers & consumers worldwide who insist on reducing sugar consumption without sacrificing taste. Visit www.pyurebrands.com and www.pyureingredients.com or contact us directly for more information about clean label ingredients, low calorie food systems & cobranding opportunities. 78 BEVNET MAGAZINE – MAY/JUNE 2021

SUPPLIER & SERVICES LISTINGS Packaging Line Automation Ska Fabricating

Plant-Based Ingredients SunOpta

Inline Blending Leader Statco-DSI Process Systems

Fruit & Vegetable Ingredients Stiebs

Statco-DSI is the leader in continuous inline blending in the beverage industry. From parts to process systems, Statco-DSI is the nations largest independent supplier and systems integrator to the food, dairy, beverage, brewing and life science processing industries. Our broad knowledge base brings a plethora of knowledge to your process. We are your Partner in Process.

Stiebs, since 2005, has been devoted to sourcing, processing & delivering the world's finest plantbased products. We offer a full line of fruit & vegetable based ingredients as single strength juice, juice concentrate, purees, extracts & powders. From the beginning stages of product development to delivering an on-going supply of premium natural products, our team is here to help you succeed.

Ingredients for Innovation STAUBER

Contract Manufacturing SULIMAR

For over 50 years, STAUBER has provided innovative functional ingredients that support your clean-label & plant-based formulations. Our Beverage Solutions: Minerals, Acidulants, Emulsifiers, Flavorings, Collagen, Keto Boosters, Sweeteners, Plant Proteins. Our Top Trending Items: Organic Mushrooms, CBD-Soluble, Clean Label Preservatives, Soluble Vitamins, Coconut Water + Milk, Pure Mineral Sea Salt

With over 100 years of experience in the beverage sector SULIMAR is your expert in producing non-alcoholic & alcoholic drinks filled in CANS or GLASS bottles (150ml to 568ml). We’re producing cold fill (preserved or non-preserved) as well as tunnel pasteurized products as per highest production standards confirmed by world-wide certificates (IFS, BRC, FDA, USDA Organic). Let’s chat.

Targeted Retail Execution Survey.com, a Trax Retail co.


SUPPLIER & SERVICES LISTINGS Beverage Premix Solutions The Wright Group

Connect with the team of experts at The Wright Group to learn more about turnkey beverage solutions to add to your product portfolio. Beverages create ideal systems for functional ingredients since flavoring / sweetening systems can often mask unfamiliar tastes from functional ingredients. Microemulsion value-added ingredients often perform better in beverage delivery systems since they may not subject to the same cooking or mechanical stresses as in food production. Value-added premix solutions deliver performance and stability to your products...often at a cost savings! Custom nutrient premixes have been shown to work well in a variety of products even extruded bars, breakfast cereals and beverages. SuperBlend© custom nutrient premixes are engineered to perform at high temperatures and shear processes. The Wright Group delivers custom nutritional blends, vitamin & mineral premixes and microemulsion-value added ingredients for the beverage and nutritional supplement markets. Our 100+ years of innovative expertise, accomplished technical team, and comprehensive production capabilities allow us to provide shorter lead times enabling you to successfully bring your products to market. Plant-Based Proteins & More! Top Health Ingredients, Inc.

For over a decade, Top Health Ingredients has been a trusted supplier of plant-based proteins, prebiotics, fibers and natural sweeteners, to brands developing some of the most innovative and functional food products on the market. From plant proteins developed specifically to improve texture and taste in dairy and meat analog applications, to water-soluble prebiotics meant for easy, functional immune system support, Top Health is the ideal ingredient solutions partner for all plant-based food and beverage formulas. For industry & market updates, follow our social profiles on Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn - and be sure to visit our website to request samples at www.tophealthingredients.com!


Your Sales Team Solution Sunset Strategic Brands

Beverage Systems & Technology Techniblend Inc

Sunset is a proven outsourced sales, strategy, sales finance, and retailer marketing integrated partner that methodically scales your CPG business. Sunset is comprised of a national direct sales and support team of 16 individuals with extensive and proven sales experience spanning across Grocery, Natural, Mass, and Club Channels. We are not a Broker, rather we are YOUR Direct Sales Organization!

TechniBlend is a leading supplier of beverage processing equipment & systems utilizing cutting edge technology, innovative components & optimal design features. With over 150-years of combined experience, TechniBlend continues to develop new & innovative equipment and technologies aimed to deliver beverage producers quicker changeovers, greater flexibility, higher yield & improved product quality.

Creative Sweetness Solutions Sweegen

Shrink Shrink Solutions Tripack

Sweegen is on a mission to reduce the sugar in our global diet to improve health & wellness. We combine next-generation stevia sweeteners in our portfolio along with our proprietary flavor modulators and texturants to create a cost-efficient, full taste experience. Partner with Sweegen to find the right combination of natural sweetness, flavor and textures for your next reduced-sugar project.

Demand the PERFECT shrink sleeve solution. Tripack’s Contract Labeling service and/or Equipment divisions will improve your products' label quality and optimize your production efficiencies.

Inspiring Taste Solutions Synergy Flavors, Inc

Beer Centrifuges Trucent

Synergy Flavors is a supplier of sweet flavors, vanilla, coffee, tea, and botanical essences and extracts for the global food, beverage and nutrition industries. With over 130 years of expertise and understanding of front-toend-product development, Synergy blends art, science, and insights to create an exceptional array of profiles that inspire taste, drive innovation, and suit your label needs.

Efficient brewery operation and consistent, high-quality production is more critical than ever. If you're experiencing drags in production, a beer centrifuge could significantly enhance your process. Trucent sells, rents, and services centrifuges designed for beer. With ten different sizes and multiple automation options, Trucent accommodates all beer styles and facility sizes. Contact us today.

We Design to Taste Takasago International Corp

Beverage Co-Packing + HPP Universal Pure

Built on technology, Takasago has an extensive innovation platform including true to nature VIVID® Natural Flavors, taste modulating INTENSATES® Flavors, Consumer Insights and Market Research, etc. Vertically integrated in citrus, coffee, tea, mint, and vanilla to drive quality and sustainable raw materials for flavor creations, we promise to deliver impactful flavors for your product development.

We are your one-stop-shop for beverage copacking and high pressure processing (HPP), all under one roof. We offer beverage co-packing for juices, cold brews, and functional beverages. Our services include blending, filling, labeling, date-coding, and QA testing. We provide HPP as our food safety step and for shelf-life extension. Direct-to-consumer and additional logistics services available.

SUPPLIER & SERVICES LISTINGS Quality Used Equipment United Food and Beverage, LLC

Branding & Package Design Watermark Design

United Food and Beverage specializes in buying and selling used processing, packaging, bottling and canning equipment for the Food and Beverage Industry. Our 22+ years experience propels United to be a worldwide leader in used equipment. Our 80,000 square foot warehouse is based in the Charlotte, North Carolina region. Services include plant liquidations, rigging, certified appraisals and auctions. Industries that we serve include bottled water, soft drink, dairy, copackers, tea, breweries and food production plants. Quality Late Model assets are our specialty.

Turnkey Beverage Services US Beverage Manufacturing

Beverage Packaging Solutions West Coast Container, Inc.

We can turnkey develop and copack/manufacture all types of beverages, alcoholic and nonalcoholic, in aluminum cans, PET bottles, glass bottles, and flexible packaging. If you are looking for a one stop shop to take your beverage concept, manufacture it, and manage the sales and marketing, then look no further! We can supply all ingredients, materials, manufacturing, and delivery!

For 25 years, WCC has been delivering competitively priced packaging solutions to customers large and small, while providing exceptional customer service. We have printed or brite aluminum cans, along with glass, plastic and closure solutions to meet your packaging needs. Delivery options include full truckloads or purchasing pallet quantities from our convenient warehouse network. Call us, today.

Food Manufacturing Software Vicinity Software

Co-Pack and Can Supplier Wild Leaf Beverage

VicinityFood is a comprehensive, scalable food ERP & food MRP software system designed for food & beverage manufacturers. From lot traceability to recipe management to production scheduling and financial management, VicinityFood gives food manufacturers the real-time manufacturing solution they need to manage their food processing supply chain with food MRP software.

Wild Leaf is a world-class RTD beverage contract manufacturing and packaging company with facilities in Baltimore, Las Vegas and Sacramento. We offer aluminum cans in all sizes, as well as state-of-the-art production including pasteurization, cold storage, canning, and cartoning services, for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic RTD beverages. Contact us today to discuss your project!


Your Partner in Fermentation White Labs Inc.

White Labs Inc. provides liquid yeast, fermentation products, services, analysis and education to brewers, winemakers, distillers, kombucha and other fermentation professionals. We are committed to giving you the highest quality liquid yeast cultures and being your partner in creating the best products possible. White Labs has production facilities in premier beer regions in the U.S. and Europe and is dedicated to making yeast cultures accessible to all in the fermentation industry. White Labs offers instant ordering through the White Labs app, online at yeastman.com or through our Customer Service Representatives. Visit whitelabs.com for more information.

SUPPLIER & SERVICES LISTINGS Packaging Solutions Wunderlich-Malec Engineering


Zuckerman Honickman is a full service packaging company specializing in supplying glass and plastic bottles and aluminum beverage cans. With more than 100 years of experience our fourth generation family owned company prides itself in being experts in the supply side of the beverage industry. Our strengths are in our ability to provide beverage brand owners with many unparalleled advantages, such as volume buying, preferred production scheduling, custom packaging design, supply side networking, logistical planning, and much more. Our market expertise lies within our ability to supply a full spectrum of glass, plastic and metal containers to companies of all sizes. Our knowledge base gives us the unique opportunity to enable beverage brand owners to take their ideas from inception to reality to success. With hundreds of manufacturer supplier partners Zuckerman Honickman prides itself in being able to supply custom packaging, hard to find packaging, as well as stock packaging...all at a competitive price. Our National footprint enables us to supply packaging to all corners of the US and beyond. Zuckerman Honickman provides bottles and cans to all beverage verticals, including sports drinks, sparkling beverages, craft beer, craft soda, bottled water, tea, coffee, enhanced beverages, wine, spirits, and many more! Reach out to us and let’s see how Zuckerman Honickman can help! Premier Packaging and Printing Zion Pack








A. Holliday & Company Inc.

Christine Renken



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Abelei Flavors AIBMR Life Sciences, Inc. AIDP, Inc. Allen Flavors, Inc. Amano Enzyme USA Aperity, Inc. Applied Food Sciences (AFS)

Jared Brodin



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Brandon Babers

City of Industry


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Arryved Point of Sale

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Benexia SA

Axiom Foods, Inc.

Sandra Gillot

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Berlin Packaging

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axiomfoods.com benexia.com berlinpackaging.com


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Big Bite Group

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Big Tree Farms

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Bioenergy Life Science (BLS) BKON Blindtiger Design Blue Pacific Flavors Brothers International LLC California Natural Color




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CanSource LLC

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CFT Packaging USA

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Chemi Nutra

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Caliper Ingredients

Chewters Chocolates Chr. Hansen

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Clear Can Company

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CLS Farms

Closure Systems International

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CMC Beverage Solutions

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CODI Manufacturing

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Creamy Creation

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DAHlicious Deerland Probiotics & Enzymes Doehler North America

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DOLIUM One-Way Kegs

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Douglas Machine Inc

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DWS Printing & Packaging


Andrew Elkins

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ElastiTag® - Bedford Ind.

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Encompass Technologies

Jake Sampson

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COMPANY ePac Flexible Packaging Farbest Brands Flavor Dynamics, Inc.






Jeff Jacobs



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Foa & Son

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FONA International

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New York


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givaudan.com glacierhopsranch.com

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Graham Packaging Company



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Ground Up Group

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Grower Direct Nut Ingr. Supply

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Iowa Rotocast Plastics

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Iron Heart Canning Co

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JBT Avure Technologies

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Graham Packaging Company

Gusmer Enterprises Healthy Dash of Social Hidell International IFPC Ikeda Matcha Inland

Keller Warehousing & CoPacking Kerry Kinsa Group Klean Kanteen Lallemand

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Lanxess Corporation

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LogiChain Solutions

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Mother Murphy's Flavors

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novembal.com omegaingredients.co.uk

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West Coast Container, Inc. White Labs Inc. Wild Leaf Beverage Wunderlich-Malec Engineering Zion Pack ZUCKERMAN HONICKMAN, INC.




Sparkling Ice Announce Second Annual Cheers to Heroes Campaign Talking Rain Beverage Company, the maker of Sparkling Ice beverages, is proud to announce the second annual Cheers to Heroes campaign to honor and celebrate America’s everyday heroes. To kick off this year’s campaign, the Sparkling Ice brand is teaming up with one of America’s favorite hometown heroes, 3x Olympic Gold Medalist Gabby Douglas. The Cheers to Heroes campaign was created to recognize unsung heroes across America who have dedicated their lives to serving their communities. Last year, the call-to-action contest received thousands of nominations and heartfelt stories honoring local heroes – from first responders, community activists, teachers, healthcare workers and more. The winner of the 2020 Cheers to Heroes contest was local restaurant owner, Rosako Bailey of Bedford, Texas, who was recognized for his dedication to feeding homeless veterans. Beginning in April, consumers across the country can nominate a hero who makes a difference in their community for a chance for the hero to win $10,000. Cheers to Heroes nominations can be submitted now through May 31st on an online submission form.

In addition to the $10,000 grand prize, nominees will have a chance to win first, second, and third place prizes valued at $7,500, $5,000, and $500, respectively. Because the contest received over 3,000 inspiring and heartwarming nominations last year, the brand plans to award 300 nominees with the 3rd place, $500 cash prize as a way to further celebrate and thank the heroes for their community service. At the end of the nomination period, the Sparkling Ice brand will identify the top three submissions, which will be voted on throughout the month of July on the Sparkling Ice Rewards website. One grand prize winner will be announced on August 13. The finalist’s nominators will also receive a $500 incentive. In honor of this year’s Cheers to Heroes campaign, Talking Rain will continue to support the United States’ military heroes through the company’s sixth annual partnership with The Honor Flight Network, a non-profit organization that honors America’s veterans. Over the course of Talking Rain’s partnership with Honor Flight, the company has raised more than $600,000, sponsoring over 600 veteran trips to Washington, D.C. through past initiatives and donations from vendors, partners and individuals.

Monster Energy Extends Decade-Long Partnership with Evil Geniuses In April, Monster Energy celebrated 10 years of partnership with Evil Geniuses – one of the original and most recognizable organizations in esports – by announcing a multi-year extension to the sponsorship. For the last decade, Monster Energy and Evil Geniuses have built out esports’ fast-growing fan base bringing the world of gaming to a whole new arena. Together they represent individuals with passion and talent over labels like gender, race, or orientation to make a space representative for all. “We are extremely proud to celebrate a decade of gamechanging collaboration between Monster Energy and Evil Geniuses,” said Monster Energy’s CMO Dan McHugh. “We’ve loved growing with Evil Geniuses in the world of esports over the last 10 years and look forward to continuing leveling up together.” Evil Geniuses is an organization that brings in and retains the best talent in the gaming world paving the way for the next generation to expand esports to new markets and audiences. Monster Energy and their success in the esports world is traced back into partnering with a tier-one organization like Evil Geniuses. “EG and Monster Energy’s partnership has been a constant in an industry rife with change,” said Nicole LaPointe Jameson, CEO of Evil Geniuses. “Consistently fueling our players, fans, and organization through championships and world-class initiatives on and off the stage, we couldn’t be more proud to have Monster Energy alongside us through it all as one of the longest running team partnerships in esports and as a member of the EG family.”


Founded in 1999, Evil Geniuses is one of the top esports organizations with elite teams in top games like League of Legends, VALORANT, Dota 2, CS:GO and various toprated fi ghting games. Evil Geniuses’ drive and dedication serve as the foundation of Monster Energy’s gaming division. From the top-tier esports teams to industry-changing technology, Evil Geniuses’ goal has always been, and will continue to be, building champions. In addition to Evil Geniuses, Monster Energy has also partnered with some of the gaming industry’s biggest names including APEX Legends, Evil Geniuses-alum Jwong, and DreamHack.

PROMO PARADE Pwure Partners with Long Distance Runners

Pwure, the personalized, data-based sports nutrition company, welcomes three of the United States’ top long distance runners – Emily Sisson, Scott Fauble and Noah Droddy – as its newest investors and athlete brand ambassadors. They will represent the new Brooklyn-based, functional beverage and sports nutrition company at key sporting events, as well as being a core part of the company‘s brand and marketing campaigns. Using a proprietary methodology developed by athletes for athletes, Pwure individually formulates personalized, data-driven pre and post (recovery) workout shake blends for athletes of all levels engaged in endurance sports and activities. Each formulation is unique to the customer and consists of clean, all-natural ingredients designed to be used as part of their training and recovery regimen to help achieve their goals and personal records. “Pwure is both honored and proud to have such accomplished athletes as investors and ambassadors for our up-and-coming sports nutrition brand. As some of the biggest names in the running community, Emily, Noah and Scott are ideal spokespersons to introduce Pwure to professional and recreational athletes alike, sharing how Pwure helps them and others perform their best through better recovery, performance, and balance,” said Hadrien Royal, Pwure’s co-founder and CEO. “Unlike other brands who create individualized products only for professional athletes, Pwure uses the same data-driven, personalization that goes into developing formulations for world class athletes such as Emily, Noah and Scott‘s mixtures as it does for all of our customers.” Impressed by the measurable results and ability to recover quickly, the three athletes have become true believers in the 90 BEVNET MAGAZINE – MAY/JUNE 2021

brand, with each making their personalized Pwure shake formulations an essential part of their training and diet regimen as they seek to become the best distance runners in the world. “I started using Pwure before and after my hard efforts in training and it has been a game changer for me,” Sisson said. “Having struggled with pre- and post-workout drinks in the past due to a bit of a sensitive stomach, as soon as I tried Pwure I knew it was different. With its natural, organic ingredients it settles so easily with no stomach issues. At that point I was hooked and excited to be able to invest and transparently promote a product that I love.” “I’m honored to be a part of PWURE not only as an athlete representative, but also as an investor in the company,” Droddy said. “Having experienced the performance benefits myself, I believe in the future of personalized sports nutrition, and I’m thrilled to begin this journey of presenting PWURE to the world.” Pwure was co-founded by Hadrien Royal, who scored 50th at the Rio de Janeiro marathon and clocked 2:45:00 in the New York Marathon and Andrew Bumbalough, the former pro-runner with NIKE / Bowerman Track Club. Pwure is a direct to consumer, data-driven sports nutrition and functional beverage company that offers clean pre-and post-recovery workout shake mixtures. Each formulation is personalized and unique to each athlete based on their own fitness tracker data and/or fitness level and biological metrics. Pwure’s clean personalized pre- and post-recovery formulations are made from a data-driven mixture of seven all natural ingredients that offer the proper carbs to protein ratio to help enable athletes to train, recover and compete at their highest levels.

Sunwink Partners with Comedian Robyn Schall to Put Wellness Industry ‘On Notice’ Sunwink has boldly put the Wellness Industry on notice. The female-founded CPG brand in April presented its first-ever campaign “When Wellness Feels Impossible” with the goal to demystify, desaturate, and destress the often-overwhelming industry for consumers. With hundreds of thousands of SKUs, infinite “solutions” and more advice than anybody knows what to do with, it was time to make this vertical user-friendly. “When Wellness Feels Impossible” simplifies the saturated and polarizing wellness industry by offering plants as the solution to those who find themselves in doubt. Launched in 2019, Sunwink produces sparkling tonics that make it easy to integrate herbs and superfoods into everyday life. Most recently, the brand unveiled a line of Superfood Powders for smoothies, drinks and cupcakes to reconnect people to the healing power of the Earth. With original research in partnership with The Harris Poll, Sunwink identified that over three in five Americans are overwhelmed by the $4.5 trillion wellness industry, at a time when we have more wellness products, methods, rituals, influences, and media resources than ever. On the heels of this finding, Sunwink has unveiled an impact report and remains committed to giving consumers this key intelligence. In order to address the shocking statistics about consumers’ trepidation and anxiety toward the wellness industry, Sunwink looked at the industry in a playful way, introducing a digital and out-of-home campaign. The brand partnered with comedian Robyn Schall to champion realism and reach more diverse individuals than ever, all backed by the original research study that takes a critical look at the category. Schall stars in a parody video created with agency & Walsh led by Jessica Walsh and directed by Aleksandra Kingo that includes a goat, charcoal toothpaste, and other popular offbeat trends from the last few years.

The company’s “Overwhelmed by Wellness” impact report chronicles feedback from The Harris Poll and details Sunwink’s stance and impact on the industry at large, suggesting the following: • We celebrate the image of perfection and not the process. • There is a need for truth and clarity. Endless choices and claims have pulled us further from nature. • There is option overload. The industry rewards moreness vs. wholeness. • The current state of wellness overlooks the power of connecting with plants and connecting with people. The campaign went online on Tuesday, April 27 with Robyn Schall’s parody video alongside an original study mapping out consumer sentiment on the health and wellness category, all available on the brand’s website.


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BevNET Magazine May/June 2021  

BevNET Magazine May/June 2021  

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