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America’s #1 Girl Group TLC “Chilli” returns to the spotlight

Rozonda Thomas

VOLUME 41 March 2015 $3.50

Interview on Family, Hollywood and overcoming obstacles

Naomi Watts

Celebrity Skincare Guru Shares Secrets of the Stars

Scott-Vincent Borba

When Hollywood Goes To Bed They Call


Excellence in Writing USA Literary Awards

Amy Poehler

Cindy Rocker

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For thicker fuller hair

Peter Lamas Chinese Herbs Regenerating Haircare System promotes healthier hair growth and restores texture and body to thinning hair. Rich in botanicals, cutting edge science and exotic holistic herbs, this unique formula energizes weak hair and scalp for thicker, fuller hair.

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Please join us for a live event at Cinema Secrets Saturday, February 14th from 12pm-4pm. 4400 Riverside Drive Suite 110, Burbank, Ca 91505 (818)-846-0579. Product education and gift giveaways.

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LACMA 2014 Art+Film Gala Honors Barbara Kruger and Quentin Tarantino PRESENTED

by Gucci, the 4th Annual Art+Film Gala was co-chaired by Leonardo DiCaprio and Eva Chow with Gucci Creative Director Frida Giannini and a special performance by Culture Club. The Star-studded guest list was a Who’s Who of notables from the art, film, fashion, and entertainment industries who gathered at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) to honor filmmaker Quentin Tarantino and artist Barbara Kruger—champions for LACMA’s film initiatives. Proceeds from the gala support LACMA’s initiative to make film more central to the museum’s curatorial programming and, also fund LACMA’s broader mission. This includes a robust film program led by Film Independent curator Elvis Mitchell, as well as exhibitions, acquisitions, educational programming, and screenings that continue to explore the intersection of art and film. Flowing champagne for amazing evening was generously provided by Laurent-Perrier. Since its inception in 1965, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) has been devoted to collecting works of art that span history and geography, while at the same time, represent Los Angeles's uniquely diverse population. LACMA is the largest art museum in the western United States, with a collection that includes over 120,000 objects from antiquity to the present, encompassing the world and nearly the entire history of art. Among the museum’s strengths are its holdings of Asian art, Latin American art, from pre-Columbian masterpieces to works by leading modern and contemporary artists; and Islamic art, of which LACMA hosts one of the most significant collections in the world. LACMA shares its vast collections via exhibitions, public programs and research facilities attracting over a million visitors annually. Photos: Paul Adams Beverly Hills Photographer

Rachel Zoe

Quentin Tarantino

Ryan Seacrest

Will Ferrell & Viveca Paulin

Toni Garrn

Amy Adams

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Cara Delevingne with Kate Beckinsale, Selena Gomez

Jennifer Lopez

Jon Favreau

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West

Rande Gerber & Cindy Crawford

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Rhapsody Ball

THE YWCA hosted a star-lined gala to benefit its con-

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles Noche de Niños Gala

tinuing effort to help thousands of at-risk youth throughout Los Angeles communities. Actor/activist Sidney Poitier was on hand to present YWCA Greater Los Angeles’ coveted Silver Achievement Award to Cheryl Boone Isaacs, the first black woman to head the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences. Faye Washington, President/CEO of YWCA Greater Los Angeles also conferred the Silver Achievement award on United Way of Greater Los Angeles President/CEO Elise Buik; the Corporate Champion Award to Xerox Corporation (accepted by Senior Vice Pres, SBU Operations for Southern CA and Las Vegas, Ian O’Donnell. YWCA GLA Ambassador Kathy Ireland, a group leader fighting human trafficking and the forced prostitution of girls and young women terrorized into sexual enslavement, began the evening paying tribute to the 120 year old organization’s successful efforts to combat racism and empower women. Hosted by the Society of Benefactrix, a donor circle that supports YWCA GLA programs, the Ball is the main fundraising event to help fund YWCA GLA assistance to the areas most at-risk population, emancipated foster youth facing survival on their own with no resources and minimal training, and helping to support other underserved individuals throughout the YWCA GLA’s program areas. BHT

Bruce Greenwood, Cathy Siegel Weiss, Jamie Lee Curtis, Natalie Portman, Maria Menounos, Richard Cordova, Ted Samuels

THE fabulous Noche de Ninos event raised $3.1 million

to support the life changing work of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, a nonprofit hospital dedicated to the needs and support of all children. Natalie Portman, Sally and Bill Hurt and Costco Wholesale were honored for ongoing “Courage to Care” dedication at the hospital’s signature biennial gala. More than 1,200 prominent philanthropists, local dignitaries and supporters enjoyed the evening at The Events Deck at L.A. LIVE raising unrestricted funds which allow the hospital to fill its most critical needs, such as patient care, medical research and families in need. The “Carnaval Blanco” themed celebration kicked off with a performance by native Brazilian and GRAMMY winning music producer composer/keyboardist/vocalist Sergio Mendes and Brazil 2014. Guests enjoyed special pizza hors d’oeuvres in honor of 3-year-old CHLA patient Hazel Hammersley, who gained international fame last Photos: John Sciulli/Getty Images for CHLA

year when her mother posted “Send Pizza” to their hospital room window. Hazel now has “no evidence of disease” after undergoing cutting-edge stem therapy treatments at CHLA for neuroblastoma, an aggressive form of cancer in children—exemplary of the hospital’s innovative, compassionate care and the need for philanthropic support. Wolfgang Puck catered and E! host and entertainment darling, author, and founder of Take Action Hollywood Maria Menounos was master of ceremonies. Hospital heroes shared stories of hope and courage highlighting the staff of CHLA. A-listers included: Teri Hatcher, Maks Chmerkovskiy, Denise Richards, Melanie Griffith, Colin Egglesfield and James Van der Beek, with presenters Rashida Jones, Jamie Lee Curtis and CHLA Board of Trustees co-Chair, Ted Samuels. Sponsores were Delta Air Lines; Costco Wholesale; Kristin & Jeffrey Worthe; Erling West, Jr. Trust; Lisa & Adam Stoll; Carol and David Bienstock.

April Parker Jones

Cheryl Boone Isaacs with Sidney Poitier

Ken Weiss & Cathy Siegel Weiss Vickie & Jack Pettker Children’s Hospital (CHLA Trustee) Los Angeles Trustee, Marion Anderson Children’s Hospital Los Angles Trustee

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SEAL perforems

Jacqueline Bisset & Kathy Ireland

Andre Hall & Faye Washington

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ut s d st s

nt O rs

g d n s n.

ss g ns



Bodvar Hafström CEO/Founder Bodvár of Sweden – House of Rosés Entrepreneur, Rosé wine expert and originator of his own name wine, Bodvár of Sweden No.5 Rosé —Swedish maverick Bodvar Hafström is a connoisseur of the finer things in life. Along with his new wine comes a passion for collecting and enjoying the greatest Rosé wines from around the world and, he has recently brought them together under one brand and made them available to discerning customers in America. They are truly the world's only specialized Rosé House and are presented by the Boutique Wine Company Bodvár of Sweden - House of Rosés. At 44-years-old, Bodvar Hafström made the decision to not only continue, but expand the family tradition (as opposed to going on his own initiative to pursue his own dreams). He comes from a country born from tradition and history, and his family dates back to 1846 with cognac and cigars, then in 1855 with wine. “There’s always a balance when you do things, maintaining tradition while also looking ahead into the future,” he stated. Growing up with an importance on tradition means balancing your family history and strength with new concepts of entrepreneurship and always believing in yourself. It’s a reflection of history, with an eye forward to the future. “We have more than 160 years of tradition in providing the connoisseurs of the world with the best the world has to offer. In my family it has always been the tradition to explore the world in search of unique, high-quality alcoholic beverages and other luxury products,” said Bodvar. His great-greatgrandfather started one of the largest cigar brands in Sweden. Today, Hafströms of Sweden has an exclusive assortment of hand-rolled premium cigars. “On my mother’s side, the family founded the legendary Grönstedts Cognac in 1846, and it is still one of the top brands in the world,” Bodvar said. “Another branch of our family tree holds the Lindqvist family, importers of exclusive wines in the nineteenth century.” A world traveler, Bodvar says branding is key. “There are over 80,000 wine brands, we want to be clear and defined in communication and branding to consumers. One pure Rosé brand (no boxed wine or white wine or red) just one clear and concise brand.”


OF TRADITION Bodvar says that Bodvár of Sweden – House of Rosés was brought about by a passion to collect the greatest Rosé wines from all over the world under one brand, making them available to discerning customers as the world’s only truly specialized Rosé House. When asked what he believes attracts people to different wine tastes he stated. “If you like wine and something tastes good, then it’s a good wine. When customers go out and look at wines, they look at quality, grade, various different things. Of course, we do a wine-tasting as you never know how the consumer will like what you present. You need to look at the reaction from consumers. Generally, the more you drink, the more you go to the dryer side. Bodvár of Sweden wants to create the trends, not follow the trends. We are very active and very focused, and very strategic in our planning. We are business people. It’s a great lifestyle, but hard work.”

Enjoy Bodvár of Sweden No.5 Rosé at the Montage Hotel, Laguna Beach and Beverly Hills, Mondrian Hotel chain.

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The Best For Your Pet Ask Your Neighborhood Vet Look Familiar?

Dr. Kamran Nassi

FLEA Allergies

Fleas can cause severe and ongoing allergies in dogs and cats. Flea bites are painful and make your pet very itchy, PLUS fleas can cause anemia and infection. Fleas are very difficult to find when you try to look for them on your pet. And, in southern California, the flea season never goes away due to warmer climate almost all year long, wheatear, grass and natural reservoirs (scrolls, outdoors cats, grass, etc.). Fleas — small dark brown insects and ticks prefer temperatures of 65-80 degrees and humidity levels of 75-85% nothing is more purposeful for them than California weather. Dogs and cats frequently get infested with fleas and ticks through contact with other infected animals or contact with fleas and ticks located in an environment where they thrive. Fleas have strong hind legs which allow it to jump from host to host (area to area, body to body, environment onto the host. Fleas jump they don’t fly. A flea’s bite will cause itching and some animals are more prone to inviting fleas as well as some animals are more suspectible to a flea bite which can cause severe itching, scratching and infection. In severe cases a pet will experience hair-loss, inflammation and even even secondary skin infections. Some pets are so sensitive to flea’s salive that a single bite causes the above reactions. Fleas, mites and ticks operate under different living and surviving conditions. Just becuase your pet is scratching and biting him/herself doesn’t necessarily mean they have Flea fleas. They could have mites or ticks. How can you tell exactly what insect is making your pet a itching, biting and scratching Fleas formally known as pruritus, unlike mites and ticks do not like to burrow in the skin. Fleas scurry in a hurry along surface lines of the skin. Tick Fleas are dark tan/brown colored and the size of a pin head. Fleas know they have a short lifespan when discovered and that’s why they hide in the furriest areas. But if you pull a sneak attack the best place to see them running for cover is on your pets belly and inner thighs.



Dogs and cats can also develop tapeworms after eating fleas and pets can transmit the tapeworms to humans — especially kids. Proper monthly flea and tick prevention is the key to keeping them off your pet and out of your home. Most of the over-the-counter flea medication (topical) are not effective and flea sprays and shampoos only work for a very short time (less than few hours because they don’t repel). Research now recommends proper oral monthly flea and tick prevention. Even your indoor dogs and cats are not immune or protected against fleas and need monthly flea and tick prevention.

Beverly Robertson Veterinary Clinic

Allergies in Dogs and Cats An allergy is a state of overreactivity or hypersensitivity of the immune system to a particular substance called an allergen. Most allergens are proteins. The allergen protein may be of insect, plant or animal origin. Initial exposure of the dog and cat, or more likely multiple exposures, to the allergen may over-sensitize the immune system, such that a subsequent exposure to the same or related allergen causes an over-reaction. This means the immune response, which normally protects the animal against infection and disease, can actually be harmful to the body.

Major General Allergy Categories In Dogs & Cats

Food Allergies: A food allergy can develop to almost any protein or carbohydrate component of food. It commonly develops in response to the food protein of a particular food origin; beef, pork, chicken, or turkey are commonly associated with food allergies. Feeding your pet table food especially foods containing gluten, dairy, spices and certain proteins can cause food allergy. Food allergy can develop at any age and cause itching, skin and ear infection, digestive disorders, and respiratory distress. Food allergies occur with other allergies, such as environment (inhalant) allergies. Treatment requires identifying the offending component(s) of the diet, eliminate them, or start the patient on a special hypoallergenic diet. It takes 1012 weeks for all food products to be removed from the body, in which time the dog must eat a special diet exclusively for 10-12 weeks. It must be emphasized if the diet is not fed exclusively, it won’t be a valid trial. Table food, treats or vitamins must be discontinued during the trial period.

Atopy or Inhalant Allergies: A simple way to think of atopy for pets would be to say that the pet inhales an airborne allergen, but instead of sneezing and sniffling, the pet gets itchy skin and starts chewing and licking himself or herself. Atopy in dogs has an inherited predisposition and they show their allergic signs between 1-3 years of age. Due to hereditary nature of the disease, several breeds, including golden retrievers, most terriers, Irish setters, Lhasa apsos, Dalmatians, bulldogs and Old English sheep dogs are more commonly atopic, but many dogs, including mixed breeds can have atopic dermatitis. The incidence is increasing both in man and animals. While it would be nice to have a blood test that could tell us if a pet’s itching is due to atopy, it’s important to realize that such a test does not exist. Atopy reBrought to you by your mains a clinical diagnosis, which means the dineighborhood veterinarian agnosis is made based on history, examination Dr. Kamran Nassi findings and skin testing. Proper monthly flea preventative, annual fecal testing are recomBeverly Robertson mended for all indoor and outdoor pets. If your Veterinary Clinic pet is chewing, biting itching him/herself — it’s vital to bring your pet to a licensed veteri1800 S. Robertson Blvd # 4 narian. Avoid giving human allergy relief medLos Angeles, CA 90035 ications as they could harm your pet. At Beverly Robertson Veterinary Clinic we will discuss your pet’s allergies and will make your little furry one comfortable. BHT


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The Thalians Presidents Club Hosts An Evening Soiree

Fall In Love Beneath The Stars...

The Fab Four Musical Group

FOR more than 50 years, The Thalians have

enriched our community helping others. Assisting them in achieving their goals, several times each year the organization hosts red carpet events that bring together an A-list crowd of generous supporters. The Thalians Presidents Club, a special fundraising auxiliary group of The Thalians hosted an evening soiree — Fall In Love Beneath The Stars — at the home of Howard and Sonya Waldow. Event Chair Stephanie J. Hibler coordinated the fabulous evening that featured a cocktail reception with vendors, live auction, dinner and fantastic dance music by “The Four Fabs” — a Beatles tribute group. Also featured was the wonderful Michael Sherman as “Ed Sullivan” and singer Pamela Clay.

Dr. Irwin Lehrhoff, founder of The Thalians Presidents Club reported that The Thalians have raised more than $30 million for mental health services. Current fundraising efforts are focused on Operation Mend at UCLA which provides specialized mental healthcare services to our U.S. military men and women wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan. Thalians Board Chair Emeritus Ruta Lee introduced and congratulated Dr. Thomas Strouse of Operation Mend. Debbie Reynolds is president-emeritus of The Thalians and a special thanks went to Paul Matsumoto and Jeff Lehman of Edwards-Lowell Furs and Jonathan Ratter. Story: Stephanie J. Hibler Photos: Maxine Picard

Angel Sponsors Ben & Rith Flinkman-Marandy

Howard & Sonya Waldow

Ruta Lee , Stephanie J. Hibler

Founder of The Thalians Presidents Club Dr. Irwin Lehrhoff & Sherry Lehrhoff

Sandy & Wink Martindale

Dr. Thomas Strouse UCLA Operation Mend

Hugh & Virginia O’Brien

Phyllis Parvin Sheldon Slatten

Anne Jeffreys

Rabi Jerry Cutler Sue Rosenwasser

10 // //

Pedro Ferre, Suzanne Takowsky, Nataliya & Stephen Takowsky

Carol Connors, Sonya Waldow, Mara New, Barbie Benton

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2014 Astrology Details For You & Your Favorite Stars

Rihanna $3.50

James Dean Iconic Photos Of The Star Hit The Auction Block

What’s HOT For Spring Celeb Beauty Tips

Jessica Alba

Founder/Publisher SUZANNE TAKOWSKY

editoriAl direCtors


Pr • MArKetinG • sPeCiAl eVents

E-commerce Billionaire

Andy Khawaja

Johnny Depp

Honored with the Artisian Award for Movie Make-up


Model Turned Superstar

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News Entertainment Business Nightlife


Rebels Without A Cause Gala Honors A Tech Titan

Jimmy Kimmel



sets the world on fire with his upcoming online reality show

VOLUME 33 May 2014 $3.50

Grants Funds To Oceana To Help Clean Up Our Oceans

Leonardo Dicaprio


The REAL Change Project Helping Teachers & Students


Martin Sheen

The Unstoppable Foundation Gala Education For All Kids

Suzan Hughes

A Triumphant Victory Against All Odds

Art desiGn/ProduCtion JOHN BOOTH


reseArCh/soCiAl netWorKinG PhotoGrAPhers


Unsolicited Material Is NOT Returned

9903 Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 479 Beverly Hills, CA 90212

BHT assumes no responsibility for contents, products, services and reserves the right to decline content and photographs. All rights reserved. No reproduction.

ADVERTISING & INFORMATION 424-238-1000 310.993.7400

online magazine/press kit

VIP ALL THE WAY 310-993-7400 // // 11


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with Allison Kugel

TLC’s Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas The Future of TLC, Motherhood & Life as a Music Legend ONE third of the largest selling American girl group of all

time. Exotic chiseled beauty compounded by abs that won’t quit. A little girl lost vulnerability when it comes to true love. Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas is surprisingly low key about her own legend. You have to nudge her to remind her of what she and fellow TLC members, Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins and the late Lisa “Left-Eye” Lopes mean to the music industry and millions of fans who purchased more than 65 million TLC albums, worldwide. Chilli is in awe of the people who are in awe of her, yet, it’s evident there are still songs unsung in her heart. She speaks of a future TLC album with a combination of excitement and angst. It’s a longtime coming, and she knows it. In the meantime, Chilli has joined the ranks of other music industry heavyweights, gracing the judge’s panel on the new talent competition show, TruTV’s Fake Off — which aims to break the mold where talent competition TV is concerned. Ten versatile and talented teams compete in the art of “Faking,” by re-creating iconic pop culture moments through a combination of dance, mime, illusion, synchronicity, lighting and scenery. Think Las Vegas spectacular meets the TV show, Fame. As we drifted from topic to topic, Chilli’s demeanor lit up when conversation turned to topics of motherhood and the idea of soul mates, and her fan base of A-list musicians. Lady Gaga, Bette Midler and Prince all count themselves as proud TLC super fans! AK: I watched Fake Off. It’s like a big production in Vegas. Performance troupes are outside-the-box in terms of what is commercially viable entertainment. How was the show pitched to you and how did they come up with that name? Chilli: They sent over stuff you’d see in Vegas, and performances from overseas. Once they explained to me what “Faking” was, I said, “Wow, this is great!” I wanted to be a part of it. It’s called Fake Off because groups are given themes from iconic concepts, movies, cartoons, television shows — things we are familiar with. Then, contestants have to put their best “Fake” on it. It’s like when you watch something and feel like, “Wow! That was almost like the original!?” That’s the art of Faking — how to entertain an audience the way they do. AK: What’s it like judging other artists on the show? Chilli: It’s entertainment and I enjoy entertainment. My thing is: Can the person captivate me and the audience the entire time they’re on stage? I love judging, but t’s not easy to do. It’s not easy to make everyone happy with what you give them. AK: Watching performers on stage does it make you want to try something theatrical, like a Broadway musical? Chilli: I don’t want to do a Broadway musical, but I look at elements like lighting and am interested as far as [TLC’s]

12 // //

show on stage... things that could take us to the next level. AK: Iis motherhood all you imagined? Chilli: It’s awesome. Kids are the most amazing gift. My son, nieces and goddaughter are amazing kids. You can’t say boys are better than girls or vice versa, it depends on personality and how a parent shapes them, and who is around to influence them. I think the only difference between boys and girls is attention span (laughs). Parents have to equip ourselves for whatever comes up. We should be the best we can be for whatever God gives us. I began instilling good morals and values in my son since he was small. It’s important to pay attention to your child’s personality; you want to help shape it, but not break your child’s spirit. Teenage years are my least favorite, though my son is phenomenal and doesn’t get in trouble, teenagers think they know so much (she sighs, expressing the exasperation of parents everywhere). I tell him, “Tron, I’m telling you, I said the same thing to my mom!” They have to go through things to mature, gain wisdom. We want to shield them from the bad — but we can’t. AK: Do you see your son following in your footsteps? Chilli: He has the music bug. It’s in his DNA, he can’t help it. (laughs). I didn’t guide him to this, but he’s been around it his whole life. He’s a drummer, writes music and he’s really good. AK: Speaking of family, you continue to work with your ex and your son’s father, producer Dallas Austin, to this day. What makes him an ideal collaborator for TLC? Chilli: The last time we worked with Dallas was when we did a song… originally done for Lady Gaga. She went to him and said she wanted a TLC record — she wanted a song that felt like a TLC song; how we sing together and the messages behind what we sing. Dallas was the right person to go to. The song wasn’t released, but overall he gets it. He gets Tionne’s voice more than anyone. Dallas writes songs perfect for her voice and, produces her vocals better than anyone. It’s a win/win like Janet Jackson with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. AK: It must be incredible to hear Lady Gaga wants a sound similar to yours, or when a young Beyonce was screaming and jumping at the idea of getting to meet TLC. Chilli: Beyonce and Destiny’s Child toured with us. I didn’t meet them when they were small, but I understand meeting someone who inspires you. Michael Jackson had the “What About Your Friends” dance in “Remember The Time”. I was totally in love with Michael Jackson... to see that, I couldn’t breathe! Or Prince saying, “TLC is my favorite group,” and you’re like... “WHAT”?! Bette Midler, as iconic as she is, covered Waterfalls, and said really sweet words in a recent interview. That’s crazy to me!.

AK: Did you receive constructive criticism early in your career that made you better in some way? Chilli: Criticism I got early on wasn’t constructive it hurt me, but I got over it, and improved myself. One person who gave me insight to performing was MC Hammer. I watched him perform every night and it helped me with my performances. Here was this man with so many people on stage with him, but he is the one who stood out. And that was amazing to me.

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One of a kind tequila fruit infusion with the original chili kick. It’s good on many levels when people say things about us. It justifies certain things. We’re happy that we didn’t go against what we wanted to do or say. That what we did inspired people and got their attention means everything. AK: Do you feel Lisa Lopes’s presence when you’re writing or performing? Chilli: Not where it’s an eerie feeling. I’ve had dreams where she is alive. In my dream I know she passed away, but when I see her I’m like, “Oh My God! We have to let everybody know that you’re alive!” It’s like that. I haven’t had one of those dreams in months, but that’s how it is when I dream about her. Her passing was one of those times when I hoped she was pranking us. She would do stuff like that. She would just go missing. That day was one time I would have been alright with her pranking us. Unfortunately, it was not a prank. AK: You’re on this season’s The Millionaire Matchmaker. Are you looking for love... for the fairy tale? Chilli: Oh Lord! (Laughs). I’m definitely looking for love. When it’s real, and healthy it’s a real life fairy tale. With The Millionaire Matchmaker, I thought, “You never know when or how a person is going to walk into your life” I was being adventurous... something rare for me to do. Everything I want and need in a relationship — I also bring to the table. I exist so he has to exist, right? Will I meet my soul mate in this lifetime? I believe we have many soul mates. I think we have a soul mate that works for a certain time in your life, and then you grow apart. It doesn’t mean you’re not soul mates anymore. It means your time with that person is up. The soul mate you can be with for the rest of your life, it’s rare for many of us to meet that person. I was very, hesitant about doing the show, and the only reason I did it is because I wanted to meet someone. I’m not doing online dating. AK: Let’s talk about your non-profit organization, Chilli’s Crew where you mentor teenage girls on building self-esteem. Did you have self-esteem issues as a teenager, and how did you overcome them? Chilli: Being the smallest was always an issue for me. I didn’t care about my height, but in eighth grade I remember those girls with the boobs and the hips... I used to drink a weight gain powder drink you mix with milk (laughs). I would get up every morning to see if I had gained any weight, and it never happened. I was a late bloomer, and that was my big issue growing up. Now, I love my small boobs and feel very confident and comfortable with myself. AK: What do you hope the take-a-way message is for the girls involved with Chilli’s Crew? Chilli: Number one is their self-esteem. I work with them not to focus on little things that seem big right now. I remember at that age an older person telling me the exact same thing. Kids may think adults don’t know what they’re talking about, but the fact that I’m Chilli from TLC, they listen to me more and I love it. I tell them not to use their current circumstances as an excuse to not succeed. Young people say they’re a product of their environment and it’s all they know, but that’s no excuse. If you’re in a bad situation, maybe in foster care or abuse of some kind —whatever doesn’t feel good— don’t repeat it. Use it as a stepping stone to get out and make a difference, and spread the word about it.

Tequila, fresh fruit and Mama’s signature chili blend infused to perfection, creating the ideal spirit to enjoy on the rocks or in one of our specialty cocktails. Mama’s Boy Infusions: Sweet, but ready with a spicy kick.

Original Pineapple Mango Chili flavor with a vibrant, sweet-and-spicy twist. Made from all-natural ingredients, without artificial colors or sweeteners, using a careful distilling process with water straight from the cascades. Fresh fruits and chili peppers used to infuse Mama’s Boy tequila are grown in small farms in Bend, Oregon, setting the brand apart from “infusions” that use sugary syrups, artificial flavors and additives.

AK: When is the much anticipated fifth TLC album coming out? Chilli: I know, it is well overdue. We’re going to talk about this really soon. We have a lot of information we’re about to get out there. We were hoping it would happen a couple of weeks ago, but things got changed and it was out of our control. People will get those answers very soon. BHT “Fake Off” airs on TruTV, Mondays 10/9c. Follow Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas on Twitter @officialchilli

Allison Kugel is an entertainment journalist with hundreds of celebrity interview features published and syndicated. She is Creative Director for public relations and social media firm, Full Scale Media. Follow on Twitter @fullscale_media.

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2014 UCLA Visionary Awards

Benefiting the Department of Neurosurgery

THE 2014 UCLA Visionary Ball Benefiting the Department of Neurosurgery

raised almost $3 million at its Ball with a star-studded guest list and Red Carpet Honorees and celebrities including Kelsey Grammer, Arsenio Hall, and music performers Wilson Phillips. The event was held at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, in Beverly Hills and honorees included: world renowned physician, surgeon and scientist Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong, who was presented with the Medical Visionary Award; highly-noted Philanthropist Elizabeth Goldhirsh-Yellin who received the Visionary Leadership Award; Entertainment Industry icon Jonathan Dolgen and his wife Susan were presented with the Courage Award; and multi-award winning actor/director/ producer Kelsey Grammer was given the The Rodney Respect Award by actor, writer, and director Brian Klugman. The MC for the evening was Arsenio Hall. The Awards/Ball was hosted by Dr. Neil Martin, Professor and Chairman of the Department of Neurosurgery at UCLA with co-chairs Edie Baskin Bronson, Richard “Skip” Bronson, CEO of The Bronson Companies, LLC. The faculty members of UCLA Neurosurgery provide the most comprehensive patient care through innovative clinical programs in minimally invasive brain and spinal surgery, neuroendoscopy, neuro-oncology for adult and pediatric brain tumors, cerebrovascular surgery, stereotactic radiosurgery for brain and spinal disorders, movement disorders such as Parkinson’s disease and epilepsy surgery. Program collaborate with other large, multidisciplinary fields, including the Brain Research Institute and Departments of Neurology, Pharmacology, Orthopaedics, and Bioengineering. Diagnostic, consultative and therapeutic services address all neurosurgical problems. For Information:

Dr. Neil Martin Actress Greer Grammer

Jonathan & Susan Dolgen Dr. & Mrs. Patrick Soon-Shlong

Photos: Vince Bucci

Arsenio Hall Sherry Lansing with husband William Friedkin

Actress Marg Helgenberger Kelsey Grammer, Smokey Child, Joan Dangerfield

Performers Wilson Phillips Carnie Wilson, Chynna Phillips, Wendy Wilson 14 // //

Actor Roma Downey Producer Mark Burnett

Actress Stephanie Tarling, Actor Brian Klugman

NOVEMBER 2014_Beverly Hills Times 2/12/15 7:38 AM Page 15

Your personal beauty experience!

Bringing the magic of cinema to you. Special Effects & Beauty Makeup. Let us teach you how to do it yourself or come in and be pampered by one of our professional makeup artists.

PHOTOGRAPHER Toshi Sakurai & Michael Healey


Cinema Secrets 4400 Riverside Drive Suite 110 Burbank, CA 91505 818-846-0579

WARDROBE Xavier Othon

STYLIST Julia Perry

IG: CinemaSecRetail FB: https:/// Twitter: Website:

NOVEMBER 2014_Beverly Hills Times 2/12/15 7:38 AM Page 16

Flawless Skin Straight from the Kitchen

Scott-Vincent Borba Celebrity Esthetician • Nutraceutical Expert • Author "Scott-Vincent Borba's philosophy about treating your inner-health as much as your outer-health is paramount to healthy living." — Paula Abdul “Scott-Vincent Borba is so in spirational. I am very impressed with him!” — Mila Kunis "I absolutely love Scott-Vincent Borba!" — Nancy O'Dell

IN his new book, “Cooking Your Way to Gorgeous:

Skin-Friendly Superfoods, Age-Reversing Recipes, and Fabulous Homemade Facials” — Celebrity Esthetician, Nutraceutical Expert and Author, Scott-Vincent Borba offers life-saving tips on how to keep skin gorgeous from the inside-out. A pioneer in the nutraceutical field and ongoing beauty expert for multiple syndicated mediums including Extra!, QVC, E! News, The Rachael Ray Show, Good Day LA and others, as a teen, Scott suffered terrible cystic acne, rosacia, and was overweight. Despite his insecurities, he forged a successful career as a product development and marketing specialist in the health and beauty industry and discovered how nutraceuticals could heal the body as well as the skin. With the help of product specialists, his research combines topical ingredients with ingestible ingredients to achieve radiant health and skin. Today, his BORBA line of products helps top models, actors and people like you achieve flawless, glowing, and healthier skin.

Scott’s Secret Tips for a Radiant Complexion From the Inside-Out

“Your face is who you are and what people see first; it’s what they remember most about you. In the quest for a radiant, lit-from-within-glow, skin is overwhelmed with endless creams and serums. However, what we put in our body is an integral part of skin health and maintenance. What we ingest, use on our skin and the ingredients in our products must work in synergy for optimum results.” 16 // //

Whether you're battling wrinkles or age spots, problem acne or sensitive skin, clogged pores or cellulite... dig deep into your pantry to find your best solutions and a unique skincare solution that will lead you to healthy, glowing skin. An effective skincare regimen requires diet and exercise. Working these efforts in tandem achieves optimum skin health. My products are both topical and edible and designed to provide the body with nutrients that support healthy, beautiful skin and overall wellness. When you eat nourishing foods, and then apply products with the same key nutrients, you boost the ingredients power and see results twice as fast! I rely heavily on “super fruits” and was the first to tout the benefits of Acai. Other skin health essentials are Lychee, Camu, Grapeseed, Flaxseed and Red Palm Oil. Turning heads is as simple as turning on your oven, blender, or stove top. Almond-Oat Shortcakes with Strawberries; VanillaPumpkin Pudding; Sinful Skin-ful Nachos; Berry Blast Pizza... Skincare never tasted so good!

Embrace Exfoliation: Exfoliation is the key to stimulating cellular turnover and smoothing skin texture. To create a natural face scrub, head to the fridge and pick up some greens. Take a handful of kale and mince it finely. Mix in a bowl with mint extract and plain gelatin or pectin. Kale will gently slough off the dull, dead skin, while the mint opens the pores and pectin helps the mixture to adhere. Skin will be left smooth and radiant!

Green Machine: Greens don’t have to be limited to a salad. I have a recipe for crunchy, cheesy kale chips that are zesty and low fat. This antioxidantenriched snack is a fun, tasty alternative to traditional chips and all ages love them.

• • 1/3 cup extra-virgin olive oil. • 1/2 cup finely grated Parmesan cheese.

RECIPE 1 Large bunch kale, cleaned and dried with tough stems removed; leaves torn to palm sized pieces.

Preheat oven to 450°F. In a large bowl, use hands to mix kale and oil until leaves are coated. Spread kale evenly in one layer on a cookie sheet, sprinkle with cheese. Bake 15 minutes or until crisp. Enjoy immediately!

"What I particularly love about beauty is that it sits between science and fashion, and draws inspiration from both. You get the rigor and structure of one combined with the glamour and promise of the other. For me, that's the most intriguing and exciting thing in the world.”

Founder/CEO Scott Vincent Borba has a reputation as a prescient thinker and beauty business visionary. In developing first-of-their-kind beauty products for his company, he treats skin both from the inside and out, and has changed the way people think about skin care. His visionary thinking keeps him front row in his multi-faceted beauty industry career. Scott’s decade-long experience has produced an impressive track record of success with innovative concepts that are recognized across many industries. The ScottVincent Borba System is a line of synergistic beautyceuticals, nutraceuticals and topicals that address specific skin needs and complexion health. Scott’s products, supplements, and waters are sold in 300 luxury stores throughout the country; 1,000 nutritional stores; Walgreens; and HSN. His groundbreaking skin care expertise is found in People, US Weekly, OK!, Cosmopolitan, Elle, InStyle, Prevention, the New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal. Visit: BHT

NOVEMBER 2014_Beverly Hills Times 2/12/15 7:38 AM Page 17

beauty • fashion • celebrity action

Elaine Daneshrad’s Hit List

Although the holidays are generally our ultimate favorite time of the year to shop, any time is a great time to shop in Beverly Hills. And for those of you who haven’t quite recovered from your holiday walks though every department store, maybe it’s time to get out and check the fabulous window displays on Wilshire Boulevard and Rodeo Drive. Spring is right around the corner and there’s lot to see and of course... buy in Beverly Hills!

It’s Time To Shop...Shop...Shop Wardrobe

Clothing with sayings were all the rage in 2014... the trend continues into the new year. Why not get into the spirit? Photo Credit:

Accessories all year long!

The accessories you carry are as important as the outfits you wear. For the girl who has it all (literally… too much to carry and no room to put it), the perfect clutch is just what you need to get you through all of your everyday minglings. Photo Credit: Juicy Couture


Celebrity Trendsetters

Everyone’s favorite little Tiffany’s Blue box is on the top of every girl’s wish list all year long. Tiffany’s iconic Atlas collection in the 18 Karat Rose Gold set is the perfect gift. Photo Credit: Tiffany & Co.

Jessica Alba

Taylor Swift Is there anything Taylor Swift can’t do right? On top of teaching us about what it means to have a 5th consecutive successful album with “1989”, Taylor teaches us a thing or two about fashion as well. It was all about plaid last Fall; let’s see what 2015 brings.

When we think special occasions such as holidays and awards season, sequins come to mind. This look is perfect during cooler weather especially when paired with stockings and simple black booties as to not to take away from the outfit. Jessica Alba shows us classy done right in this black number.


Every girl wants that smokey twinkle on their eyes and perfect shades of hues on their lips. Prabal Gurung’s highlyanticipated collection with M·A·C Cosmetics gives us just that. It’s easy to run and grab the collection as a M·A·C store opened on North Beverly Drive. Photo Credit: M·A·C Cosmetics

Blake Lively Pregnant and still fashionable? Not a problem. Exciting and then expecting Blake Lively gave us months of perfect fashion chic while she was pregnant. This look with a thick hooded printed jacket can make anyone (pregnant or not) look magnificent (and warm!) while on the go.

Welcome to the world of fashion blogger Elaine Daneshrad whose talent for creating unique looks is followed by fans around the world. • Twitter: @iamfashionlaine • Instagram: @iamfashionlaine • FB: •

// // 17

Naomi Watts

NOVEMBER 2014_Beverly Hills Times 2/12/15 7:38 AM Page 18

A dramatic darling who is trading angst for pranks in two comedies talks about the rewards of being “a bit reckless”both on screen and in real life.

Naomi Watts

WATTS had an epiphany years ago on

a mountain in Vermont while skiing with her adored big brother. When photographer Ben Watts (20 months older) began whooshing down a treacherous, double-black-diamond ski trail dotted with moguls, the actress attempted to follow him. Big mistake. “I’m not an advanced skier,” explains Watts. She stopped in a panic midway down, much to the annoyance of a skier behind her. “This woman was like [Watts adopts a sneering tone], ‘What are you doing on this side of the mountain!’ And I’m like [she switches to a tearful voice], ‘I followed my brother!’ This is the story of my life: trying to keep up with him.” (She made it down by sidestepping the whole way while yelling at Ben.) The lesson learned? “That I’m not going to do that anymore,” says Watts with a laugh. It’s not a lesson she has applied to her professional life. When it comes to work, Watts challenges herself by taking big risks. She has earned her considerable reputation—and two Oscar nominations—playing characters who suffer through immense emotional and sometimes physical extremes in films such as 21 Grams, King Kong, The Impossible and

18 // //

Up Close & Very Personal

Diana, last year’s biopic about the doomed British princess. Now Watts, 46, is pulling a change-up with a rare foray into comedy in her new movies, St. Vincent and Birdman. “People think of me as this risk taker, but I don’t always feel like a person who’s full of courage,” she says. Watts has a beach home in Amagansett, New York, and also lives in Manhattan and LA with her partner of nine years, actor Liev Schreiber, and their towheaded sons, Sasha, seven and Kai, five. “Maybe in the workplace I have more courage than in other areas of my life.” Based on her two new films, that could be an understatement. In St. Vincent, Watts pushes the comic boundaries, playing a pregnant Russian stripper and sometime prostitute. In her very first scene, we see her sitting astride Bill Murray on a bed, ordering him to “giddyup, cowboy.” “I remember telling Liev about [the role], and he was like, ‘Wow, that’s definitely not something you’ve done before.’ So, yeah, I was terrified.” Even more intimidating for her was working alongside Murray and Melissa McCarthy, whom she calls “comic geniuses.” To cope, she stayed in character at all times,

even between takes. “I’d bust into Bill’s trailer and say [she adopts a thick Russian accent], ‘I need a drink! Gif me a drink!’ I had to stick with that character because otherwise my fear of being not worthy would take over.” Director Theodore Melfi, who says producer Harvey Weinstein suggested Watts for the part, was bowled over by the extensive research Watts did to nail her character. For months she obsessively watched videos on websites that featured Russian mail order brides, perfecting her accent. She even learned how to curse in Russian. “She digs in more than anyone I’ve met,” Melfi says. “I’m a workaholic, and she makes me feel like I’m always on vacation.” Watts’s other, darker comedy, Birdman, came with its own set of challenges. Watts portrays a nervous actress making her Broadway debut in a troubled stage production. Written and directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu, who guided Watts to her first Oscar nomination in 2003’s, 21 Grams (her second was for 2012’s The Impossible), Birdman is filled with dazzling, technically complex, extended takes. “It was one of the most terrifying experiences I’ve had in filmmaking,” Watts says. “The shots

Story by Leah Rozen Photographed by Mark Abrahams Styled by Isabel Dupré

would last 12 to 15 minutes with 10 or 12 people involved [on camera], and there was no room for error. If you messed up your lines, it would be such a bad feeling.” If you could start over what would you do more of? Have a bigger family. I should have had more kids, started younger. What do you appreciate more as you age? Surrounding myself with truthful people, even if it’s hurtful. I just want to hear the truth. More women seek to age gracefully. What’s your advice? Don’t look at the mirror too much, which is hard for me. Seeing yourself on a 50-foot screen — oh, it’s tough. Describe a moment in your past you wish you could relive one more time. I feel like the births of my children were so huge, but I don’t remember either of them well. I wish I could have it all back, but without the pain.

NOVEMBER 2014_Beverly Hills Times 2/12/15 7:38 AM Page 19

Not that she let her Birdman costars see her sweat. “Working with Naomi is like playing sports with a natural athlete,” says Edward Norton, who also played opposite Watts in 2006’s The Painted Veil. “She moves easily into any game and makes it seem effortless.” Watts learned the art of taking risks from her mother, Myfanwy “Miv” Watts, an interior designer. Naomi was born near London and spent her early years in England and Wales, but when she was 14, Miv uprooted her family and moved them to Australia. (Watts’s parents split when she was four, and her father, Peter, a road manager for Pink Floyd, died when she was seven). “My mother has always been a great inspiration,” says Watts. “I’ve seen her take on major challenges: moving around [the U.K.], [my father’s] death and then moving countries. She was 19 and 20 when she had my brother and me—everything she did was instinctual.” Like her mother, Watts moved from one country to another, coming to the U.S. to try to make it in Hollywood. At the time she was 25 and an established actress Down Under. “It was a gigantic risk, but I was young and naive enough to do it. As you get older, you over think and can talk yourself out of anything. It’s good to be a bit reckless and experimental.” The gamble eventually paid off for Watts, but back then Hollywood couldn’t have cared less about yet another pretty blonde with a résumé full of unfamiliar Aussie film and TV credits. While her BFF and fellow Aussie Nicole Kidman was already a major star, Watts struggled for years, auditioning endlessly and appearing in forgettable films before breaking through with a showy dual role in Mulholland Drive in 2001 and a bona fide hit with the horror film, The Ring in 2002. “Naomi is self-critical, and there’s a lot of self-questioning,” says actress Rebecca Rigg, a longtime friend and the wife of The Mentalist’s Simon Baker; she and Watts once shared a seaside flat in Sydney. “But she is tenacious. It’s a kind of private tenacity.” Watts flashed some of that grit when she said yes to playing Diana, Princess of Wales, in 2013. She was drawn to the challenge of transforming herself, physically and vocally. “We know I’m not five ten”—Watts is petite at five foot five— “or have resembling features of hers except blue eyes, and I don’t speak like her. It was going to be hard.” In the end, the movie was a commercial and critical flop. What went wrong? In hindsight, Watts says it was too soon—Diana died in 1997—to play someone with whom moviegoers were familiar and emotionally engaged. “People knew her too well or felt they owned her,” she says. “I was up against that.” It was a professional stumble, but luckily Watts, stays grounded in her rock-solid personal life. She and Schreiber fell hard for each other after meeting in 2005 at the gala of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute in Manhattan. “We both wanted the same thing,” she says. “A family.” (Asked if the two plan to marry, Watts offers a polite no.) Their parenting styles differ but complement each other. “Liev has a lot more courage than me. He’s always saying, ‘Let the kids do it. Take the training wheels off!’ My bit of fear balances him, and he balances my fear.” But that doesn’t mean that she won’t keep pushing herself and heading, metaphorically speaking, down the ski slope. “I hate the idea that fear will ever stop me,” says Watts. “I know my limits, but I still try things. I’ve always loved the expression — ‘Trust those who are seeking the truth, not those who have found it.’ I’m impressed by power and confidence, but I’m also impressed by someone who’s trying to be better, who is trying to grow.” BHT

Read More magazine for an array of information on every topic you can think of. MORE is for women! Visit: Twitter: @moremag Instagram:

Petersen Foundation Gives $1.2 Million To Jeffrey Foundation NOW in its 43rd year of service, The Jeffrey

Ed Lozzi & George Barris honor Gigi Carlton (Petersen) center with City & County Proclamations

Nate Holden, Beverly Cohen, Peter Mark Richman, Alyce Morris, Senator Diane Watson

Foundation celebrated a transformative gift of $1.2 million from the Margie and Robert E. Petersen Foundation. The Jeffrey Foundation is one of the country's oldest children's special needs charities and to honor this heartfelt gift renamed its main campus building— The Margie and Robert E. Petersen Foundation Building. A tribute award was given to Mrs. Gigi Carlton, President of the Margie and Robert E. Petersen Foundation. For decades, the late Petersen’s were recognized for their generosity. A VIP guest list enjoyed delicious food catered by Suz Landay; entertainment was by Larry Covin and recording artists Rebecca Holden and Antonio Sol. The event was chaired by philanthropist socialite Beverly Cohen; actress singer Elaine Dupont Bernard sang the National Anthem and actress socialite Ruta Lee and award-winning actor Peter Mark Richman served as MC’s. www.the

PHOTOS: Glen Lipton Photography

Ruta Lee with Lou & Carla Ferrigno

Associates For Breast And Prostate Cancer Studies Honors Billy Dee Williams, Annalynne McCord and THE GAME

THE Associates for Breast and Prostate Cancer Studies (ABCs)

hosted its 25th annual, star-studded, Talk of the Town gala at the Beverly Hilton Hotel to benefit breast and prostate cancer research at John Wayne Cancer Institute at Saint John’s Health Center. Award-winning actor, singer, writer, artist, Billy Dee Williams received the Spirit of Entertainment Award; actress, director, women’s activist, AnnaLynne McCord, was honored with the Spirit of Hope Award; actor/rapper, The Game received the Humanitarian Award. Sheri Rosenblum served as Gala chair and Beverly Cohen, Décor chair. Comedian, rapper, actor, writer, Brandon T. Jackson welcomed the more than 500 guests, then introduced Madison Gebbia, who welcomed her grandmother, The Game, AnnaLynne McCord, ABCs president Gloria Gebbia. AnnaLynne McCord’s ongoing Billy Dee Williams efforts to tackle sexual abuse and human trafficking have earned her a United States Congressional Honor Award. Grammy Award nominee and actor The Game came from poverty and now helps others to a better way of life by having personally given over $1 million of his own money to people in need. Prolific movie and television leading man, Billy Dee Williams is recognized for his contributions to the arts and displays one of his pieces at the Smithsonian. The legendary Temptations performed keeping the audience on their feet dancing. Dr. Anton Bilchik, Surgery & Chief of Medicine John Wayne Patrick Wayne, Gloria Gebbia, Michael Wayne Cancer Institute, Ms. McCord // // 19

NOVEMBER 2014_Beverly Hills Times 2/14/15 3:38 AM Page 20


BIG Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Los Angeles

honored Los Angeles community members at its Big Bash Gala at The Beverly Hilton Hotel. Award recipients: William H. Ahmanson, President, The Ahmanson Foundation received the Walt Disney Man of the Year Award; Jennifer Salke, President of NBC Entertainment received the Sherry Lansing Award; The Hollywood Reporter was recipient of the Trailblazer Award. Megan Colligan, Sheri and Roy P. Disney and Sherry Lansing served as the Honorary Gala Chairs; BBBSLA Guild Members Pam Dawber and Kim Vamos, Co-Chaired. Awardwinning actor, comedian/producer Sean Hayes hosted. The mission of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Los Angeles is to provide children facing adversity with strong and enduring, professionally supported, one-to-one mentoring relationships that change their lives for the better, forever. BHT

William Ahmanson & Pam Dawber

Katherine Heigl & Alfre Woodard

Mary & Fred Willard

Mark Harmon

Jennifer Salke, Sherry Lansing, Tiffany Siart

20 // //

Award honorees Janice Min, Stephen Galloway, Lynne Segall of the Hollywood Reporter

Emcee Sean Hayes

NOVEMBER 2014_Beverly Hills Times 2/14/15 3:39 AM Page 21

TOXIC THOUGHTS Free Your Life From THEM Sharyn Wynters

SEVERAL weeks ago I met a friend

I hadn’t seen in a while. When the conversation turned to health, she mentioned someone in her family was diagnosed with cancer, and proceeded to tell me how many in her family had been afflicted. She went on and on about one person after another and how it was in her “genes” to get cancer — as though she didn’t have a chance. I could tell she was scared. At some level, she believed she would be next. I finally had to stop her and explain something that I hoped would give her a different perspective, and would hopefully return her to a place of empowerment. What I told her (and what follows here) is not about cancer, or about how to avoid it. It’s about the power of your thoughts. Most of us have come to believe that our DNA controls the physical expression of our bodies. And, to a certain extent that is true — but that exists only with regards to the physical traits that we are born with. When it comes to health, our DNA may hold patterns, but it certainly does not determine the outcome. Our health is determined by our environment — and more specifically that includes the food we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink, the toxins that we are exposed to and, interestingly enough …the thoughts we think. Out of all the above mentioned environmental influences, it is our thoughts that are the most important.

Most of us have come to believe that DNA controls the physical expression of our bodies — and to some extent it is true. DNA may hold patterns, but it does not determine the outcome. Out of all the environmental influences that determine the state of our health, it is our thoughts that are the most influential.

The most powerfl influence in the universe is the power of our thoughts. Our thoughts send out magnetic vibrations that attract similar vibrations back into our lives. Positive, empowering, outgoing messages attract positive, empowering, incoming life experiences. Negative, self-defeating thoughts are toxic and they attract the same toxic circumstances into our lives. The most powerful force in the universe is the power of our thoughts. We are just beginning to understand that thoughts send out magnetic vibrations that attract similar vibrations back into our lives. We are like a broadcasting device that sends and receives messages all day long. Positive, empowering, outgoing messages attract positive, empowering, incoming life experiences. And, negative, self-defeating, toxic thoughts only attract the same toxic circumstances into our lives.


Most beliefs are the result of experiences from our early lives. Children can’t logically evaluate experiences they have. If something bad happens, they assume it’s their fault. Usually, the beliefs we carry into adulthood are developed before the age of six—before we are capable of evaluating circumstances in a logical manner. That’s why many beliefs make no logical sense. When children make mistakes; when adults lose their temper; and especially during traumatic events, it is easy for children to accept beliefs such as “I’m not good enough,” “I’m unlovable,” or “The world is not a safe place to live.” Decisions made during emotionally charged events, become beliefs that can eventually govern how we live our lives. Sometimes they are so illogical that they become buried beneath mounds of com

pensating behaviors. As an adult, we may not even know they exist. But as long as they remain the undercurrent beneath our thoughts and actions, we will continue to experience disappointment, ill health, and lack of zest for life. Unfortunately, many of us aren’t aware of the beliefs we acquired as children. We can live our whole lives unaware of how our core beliefs are affecting our feelings, thoughts, and actions. But imagine what we could create in our lives if we updated our beliefs, and were able to eliminate the toxic thoughts and negative emotions that keep us from our highest intentions.

Decisions made during emotionally charged events, become beliefs that can eventually govern how we live our lives. Sometimes they are so illogical that they become buried beneath mounds of compensating behaviors. As an adult, we may not even know they exist. But as long as they remain the undercurrent beneath our thoughts and actions, we will continue to experience disappointment, ill health, and lack of zest for life. It’s well-known when groups of people pray or meditate for a specific purpose, measurable changes take place. It’s not as easy to accept that we participate in shaping our own reality on a daily basis and our life experiences are the result of our underlying beliefs, thoughts, and emotions. In his groundbreaking book The Biology of Belief, Dr. Bruce Lipton provides the science that illustrates how, on a cellular level, our thoughts are the very signals that control the expression of our DNA— not the other way around. His vital work incredibly provides an entirely different and new perspective for understanding

that our bodies can be changed as we retrain our thinking. And, as it turns out, science is proving that positive thoughts and empowering beliefs are a requirement for a happy, healthy life. This is so important, I devoted an entire chapter to toxic thoughts and emotions in my book, The Pure Cure. It includes numerous ways to identify and “update” our habitual thoughts and beliefs so we can step into a more empowering life. Don’t get caught like my friend — allowing her “genes” to determine her health and her future. Take back your personal power and learn how to take charge of your life.

Most beliefs are the result of experiences from our early childhood we carry into adulthood and are developed by age six. Beliefs likely made during expecially traumatic events become beliefs that can govern our lives. Most of us aren’t aware of the beliefs we acquire as children. Imagine what we could create in our lives if we updated our beliefs and eliminated the toxic thoughts and negative emotions that keep us from our highest intentions. Sharyn Wynters is a naturopath with over 30 years experience in health and wellness. She is the author of the book, The Pure Cure: A Guide to Freeing your Life from Dangerous Toxins. Get a copy of her book by visiting her BHT

// // 21

NOVEMBER 2014_Beverly Hills Times 2/14/15 4:02 AM Page 22

WANTED VIN 1L1FM88W86Y632306

REWARD $5,000 By Suzanne Takowsky


High-profile Beverly Hills resident José Luis Nazar finds himself in a auto-nightmare over his dream limo. ONLY in Beverly Hills you say? NOPE. It can happen to anyone of us when we find ourselves doing business long distance.


A posted REWARD on the internet was unmistakable:

$5,000 REWARD Lincoln Limousine 2006, Caribbeanblue, 70-inch stretch containing antique silk tapestry, Rolls Royce flower vase, Cartier decanters, Waterford glasses, and Lalique art pieces. If seen, please contact me ASAP to notify authorities. José Luis Nazar, Beverly Hills, California

José Luis Nazar is a commanding presence in the Beverly Hills/Los Angeles community. Not only does he own commercial buildings which house some of the biggest entertainment companies in the city, but is the proud owner of fabulously famous residences, one being the historic Houdini mansion where he plays host at the numerous events he holds. Beverly Hills residents and prominent social circles worldwide know José for his generous contributions to multiple charities and non-profits. To that end, he also thrives in an extraordinary, exciting private life he has worked many years to achieve. To say José enjoys the finer things in life is an accurate assumption. With that said... the story that follows is not a difficult one to understand, even for us regular folks.

Throughout 2013, José received numerous calls and emails from Picasso Coach Builders about a “dream limousine” so, eventually he jumped on a plane to New York to check out what he says was going to be his dream limo. José didn’t fall in love with what he saw — a semi-abandoned limo that had been collecting dust for 5± years and was housed in a large warehouse with a “For Rent” sign posted on the outside. But what José did fall in love with was an image of what the classic limo (that particular model had been discontinued) would look like when it was enhanced with style. The seller of the limousine was a smiling Gualberto Diaz of Picasso Coach Builders; his “office manager” was his wife and a couple of workers were in the warehouse located in Rego Park.


“If they wild-west me, I will wild-west them right back; I posted a reward.” 22 // //

Diaz eloquently explained to José that he was the most reliable and customer-friendly limo builder in America...

a true artist with 30-plus years experience who presented customers with hand-crafted, custom automobiles that took their breath away. Some of his high-profile clients trusted him so much he said, they didn’t even sign a contract with him. Diaz pointed to a limo in the warehouse and said to José, “See that limo? I made that it for Donald Trump, look at the Trump family crest. He didn’t even have a contract with me.”

Diaz also told José his shop looked dusty and rundown because he had barely survived the “Great Recession” and was just starting to build his business back up. Diaz quoted José $56,000 for the 2006 Lincoln limousine in “as is” condition, even though Lincoln limousines of similar condition traded for a third of that price. “Despite the reservations I had, I decided to trust Mr. Diaz — America's Best Coach Builder. I agreed to buy the car and flew back to Los Angeles,” says José.

Over the following weeks, José began shipping special items to Diaz that he wanted placed in the limo to liven the interior. Cartier decanters, beautiful Waterford glasses, Lalique pieces for the dull interior, a silk antique tapestry, a Rolls Royce vase. The combined value of these items exceeded $10,000.

“Once Diaz received these embellishments that would transform my soon-to-be-gorgeous-like-new-limo, his attitude hardened and he began to stall; then he demanded an uncomfortably large down payment from me. I was fed up and ready to cancel the deal.” Out of the blue, Diaz agreed to lower the down payment to $10,000 C.O.D.

Life in the fast lane, enjoying a sunny view with the sun roof open? Not yet. It seems this limo took a wrong turn on its way to José in LA. continued to page 41

NOVEMBER 2014_Beverly Hills Times 2/14/15 4:03 AM Page 23

As seen on ‘Beverly Hills Pawn’

THE DINA COLLECTION Buy. Sell. Trade. The Dina Collection is a full service estate buyer and seller of diamonds, jewelry, complicated watches, fine art, luxury handbags and automobiles. Offering discreet collateral lending at affordable interest rates, The Dina Collection makes loans of all sizes. The owner, Yossi Dina, has been in business in Beverly Hills and globally for over 30 years. Dina’s 5000 sf showroom on South Beverly Drive is also the home of “Beverly Hills Pawn,” the international hit reality show on the REELZ channel. In addition to rare jewels and timepieces, you will find a selection of Hollywood memorabilia from stars like Steve McQueen, Marilyn Monroe and Liz Taylor, as well as, Rock ‘n Roll icons Elvis Presley, Prince and Taylor Swift. The Dina Collection is a high volume business with a family feel. Come in today to select from our collection of fancy colored diamonds, Hermes Birkin purses, Picasso paintings and Patek Phillippes luxury watches. Browse our cases for Rolex, Cartier, Tiffany and other signed pieces at up to 70% off retail. The Dina Collection is the biggest buyers of diamonds, watches, estate jewels and luxury bags. For a complimentary evaluation of your jewelry, watches and fine art, please stop by or call anytime.

The Dina Collection 249–251 South Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90212 310-888-8888 10:00AM - 5:30PM Monday - Saturday

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Around Town with Anita Talbert

The Zimmer Children’s Museum Gala Doggies Take The Red Carpet


The cutest dogs in costumes showed up with proud owners at the Amanda Foundation yearly fundraiser at the city's most posh address, 2 Rodeo Drive at The Via Rodeo. The Zombie-themed, "Night of the Living Dog" had Hollywood make-up artists turning guests into the un-dead. VIP guests included: Pauley Perrette, Robert Kovacik, Dr. Bruce Hensel, Kristin Bauer Van Straten, Lisa Vanderpump, Jacob Busch and Beverly Hills Mayor Lili Bosse announced plans for Beverly Hills’ first dog park across from Amanda Foundation headquarters. The Amanda Foundation headed by Teri Austin is California's most successful mobile spay-neuter program and only one of two veterinary practices permitted in the city of Beverly Hills. Honorary Chairs were Kevin Nealon, Lisa Hartman Black, Clint Black, Kurt, Linda Rambis and Tina Sinatra. Visit:

Teri Austin, Kristin Bauer Van Straten, Lili Bosse, Pauley Perrette, Thomas Arklie

Kiki de Montparnesse Fashion Show

Domestic Violence Awareness

Stunningly sexy lingerie held a crowd of movers and shakers in its sway. The show benefitted Domestic Violence Awareness month and Linda’s Voice which was created by three sisters, Amana Whitis, Kelley Whitis and Summer Harlow who lost their mother Linda to a tragic shooting by their stepfather. The event raised $50,000 to kickoff their new project, The Giving Tree which gives direct assistance to survivors of Domestic Violence. The party was held at the beautiful estate of William D. Johnson, Partner and Financier of Demarest Films.

Summer Harlow, Amanda Whitis, Adrienne Maloof, William D. Johnson and Kelley Whitis.

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14th Annual Discovery Award Dinner Gala

It was a grand gala event at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, in Beverly Hills for the Zimmer Children’s Museum Gala as the organization presented the 14th Annual Discovery Award dinner honoring Dick Lippin, President of The Lippin Group with the first ever Icon Award and Allison Shearmur with the Discovery Award. Robert Kennedy Jr. attended with his Actress Cheryl Hines, new wife, actress Cheryl Hines Robert Kennedy Jr. and his son Robert Kennedy III. The newlyweds glowed with happiness. When Hines was asked how it felt to be a Kennedy, she replied that it still amazes her to go through the books and albums of the Kennedy family. “So many incredibly famous people have been to their homes,” she said. Kennedy had recently joined other members of his family in support of his cousin Robert (Bobby) Sargent Shriver III who recently ran for Board of Supervisors.

Book Launch at Christofle 'Dinner Diaries’ by Daniel Cappello

Luxury French silver company Christofle, hosted an intimate champagne reception and book signing event celebrating Daniel Cappello’s Dinner Diaries: Reviving the Art of the Hostess book at its Melrose boutique. Guests included: Cameron Silver, Beth DeWoody, Christian Leone, Jane Ross, Sandy Hill, Sarah Gavlak, Shiva Rose, Alex Hitz Brooke Davenport, Wendy Benson-Landes, Michael Landes and others. Dinner Diaries features handwritten answers from experienced hosts including, Cynthia Rowley, Nanette Lepore and Giancarlo Giammetti and beautifully illustrated with seating charts, menus, guest lists, place cards and archival pieces from glamorous dinner parties. Although old rules of a dinner party are evolving, fundamentals are far from extinct, Dinner Diaries speaks to both traditional and new rules of entertaining, offering inspiration for everyone’s next event.

Cameron Silver Daniel Cappello

USA Literary Awards

24th Annual Gala

The literary community gathered at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel for the 24th Annual PEN Center USA Literary Awards Festival. Hosted by actress/author Aisha Taylor, the prestigious event drew the likes of Amy Poehler who was over the moon about her book, “Yes Please” being on the New York Times Best Seller list. Amy Poehler Poehler raced through the red carpet to backstage to complete her comments to Norman Lear for his Lifetime Achievement Award. VIPs included: award recipients Lena Dunham and Judd Apatow, presenters Amber Tamblyn, Chris Weitz, John Cusak and Bret Easton Ellis (American Psycho, Less Than Zero, The Rules of Attraction, honoree Jose Antonio Vargas. Apatow and Dunham won the Teleplay Award for their HBO episode of Girls called "Together"; Vargas received the Freedom to Write Award. VICE Media took home the Award of Honor.

LAPD Protective League

24th Annual Gala

The LAPD Police Protective League hosted its 13th Annual Eagle & Badge Foundation Gala. Many celebrities came out to support the foundation and the honoree’s Chief Jon McDonell and Robert and Linell Shapiro. Celebrity attendees included: Mario Lopez, Bachlorette Andi Dorfman and fiancé Josh Murray, Wilson Phillips, Eddie Cibrian, Larry King, Gretchen Rossi, Ernie Hudson, John Savage, Dolph Lundgren, Stephen C. Bishop, Adam Kaufman, Elisabeth Rohm, Lance Reddick, Erik Estrada, Scott Foley, Harry Lennix and Eric Christian Olsen. Bachlorette Andi Dorfman was sporting her Neil Lane diamond engagement ring from her fiancé Josh Murray.. The attractive couple were glowing after recently returning from a romantic vacation. Have they set the date for a wedding? Not yet, but it will be some time during the next year. So what was it like having cameras in your face on the Bachlorette when you were trying to be romantic? “I stopped noticing them because I was with the most beautiful woman in the world”, said Murray. He’s a keeper! The Los Angeles Police Protective League’s Eagle & Badge Foundation provides crucial assistance to current, retired and fallen police in the Line of Duty, LAPD employees, their children and their families in time of critical need.

Beth DeWoody, Firooz Zahedi,Jane Ross

Christian Leone Brooke Davenport

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h .

s y e s w t. e s d z, o, e e d


Plastic Surgery Tip-offs On The Red Carpet

by Tim Neavin, MD Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Artisan Of Beauty Plastic Surgery Center in Beverly Hills

LA red carpet events are in full swing in a city where vanity y d d o , h tt

il . t

e e f

is the rule. From awards shows and movie premiers to the most exclusive Hollywood after-parties... entertainment elite will be in their best form hair-to-toe! And, amid all the glitz and glamour, perfectly sculpted faces for the camera will most certainly fool even the most astute eyes. While it’s easy to spot someone who took the surgical knife “too far” it’s far more difficult and, sometimes almost impossible to identify good work by the hands of a skilled plastic surgeon. When it comes to injectables such as Botox, or fillers Restylane and Juvederm, subtle but significant changes are generally the goal. A solid understanding of aesthetic ideals and rules of beauty are paramount so they can be created (or recreated) as in the case of the aging face.


too much gone too wrong

FROZEN FACE Syndrome: there is little to no animation of the forehead when someone speaks: Botox, Xeomin, and Dysort weaken the muscles of the forehead and around the eyes to reduce wrinkles generated by regional muscles. The eyebrows are usually animated in conversation and serve as emotional barcodes to facilitate communication. When you see a favorite actor win an Oscar or wave from a red carpet with a face of expectance, it’s not because they aren’t surprised... it's because they just can’t raise their eyebrows.



1 week after 1cc Restylane to upper and lower lips. If the natural subunits of the lip & proportions are appreciated and enhanced, the results can look very natural. Tim Neavin, MD

TROUT POUT: We’ve seen it, but what causes it? Natural subunits of the lip must be respected if they are to be augmented with fillers. Trout pout is a result of disproportionate

product injected into upper and lower lips (usually too much in upper compared to lower), and injected too close to the corners of the mouth. Beautiful lips follow simple rules: The lower lip should be up to 50% fuller than the upper. And most of the pout should be on the peaks of the two “butts” on the bottom lip, adjacent to the two points of cupid’s bow. If your doc strays from this approach you can kiss beautiful lips goodbye.

BIG... I mean BIG CHEEKS: Full cheeks are the hallmark of youth and beauty. As we age, fat loss in this region imparts a tired or aged face. Addition of volume such as fat or injectables is a quick and easy way to erase years off a face. However, full cheeks can also generate an artificial look when it’s a patchwork job — when ONLY the cheek is addressed. The cheeks connect to the temples, and ignoring the temples with a substantial (ie. overdone) cheek enhancement can create a peanut head (probably not the precise medical term, but bear with me). Similarly, heavily injected lips or filling under the eyes without softening the laugh lines with volume may make the modification imbalanced.

WIND-TUNNEL FACE: Facelifts can be the most powerful rejuvenating procedure known to plastic surgeons. While the idea is to improve skin laxity, simply pulling the skin doesn’t make someone look better. The idea behind a natural looking facelift is to redistribute the volume (fat) under the skin to recreate a fuller upper third of the face, and to “re-drape” — not pull, the skin over this new internal architecture. Often, fat is added to the cheeks and temples to restore a heart shaped face of youth (and avoid “the peanut head”). Brow lifts and eyelid bag removals often accompany a facelift for balance, and laser resurfacing reduces wrinkle and skin discoloration. In a spirit of awards season, allow my 5th tip-off to honor the cinematic masterpiece, The Princess Bride. “Wesley, what about the R O U S’s?”, asks Princess Buttercup in the Fire Swamp. “Rodents of Unusual Size? I don’t think they exist”, remarks Wesley before he is jumped by a disgusting, overgrown hairy beast. While we may not find any ROUS’s on the red carpet, there will be no shortage of BOUS’s or Breasts of Unusual Sizes and, maybe a booty or two. Even advanced bras offer only so much magic or “illusion” to the naked eye (pun intended). Breasts too big and too perky to be natural often aren’t. But, I can assure you there are more women on the red carpet donning surgically enhanced bosoms than you think. But my lips are sealed. BHT

Artisan Of Beauty Plastic Surgery 9615 Brighton Way, STE 303 Beverly Hills, CA 90210 310.858.8811 Artisan No-Scar Hair Transplant Center Like us on Facebook: stories, blogs & discounts!

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DIVA ROCKER GLAM a life where excess is never enough!


does glitz better than Diva Rocker Glam owner, Cindy Rocker. Sitting high on her throne in her luscious showroom on Sunset Plaza, in West Hollywood, California, few doubt she is the designer queen to the rich and famous. For those of you who have no idea just how good... the good life can get... pay a visit to the spectacular Diva Rocker Glam showroom and get ready to mingle with the leg-long list of A-list Super Stars, political and business headliners and sports legends around the world who have put Cindy on the map, and are regularly seen in her store. Her intuitively creative, superior design concepts and the over the top, one of a kind, masterly crafted furniture and accessories her company manufactures furnishes their residences, offices, movie studios, television sets, and music videos worldwide. One step into the Diva Rocker Glam showroom and without a doubt you will see 10 pieces of jaw-dropping furniture and accessories you simply cannot live without! I saw at least 30!

What’s New In The World Of Want-Not?

STORY Suzanne Takowsky 26 // //


Due to requests from high-profile clients, Cindy decided to take her array of designer furniture and unique accessories to a new level by re-creating Home-Away-From-Home environments in exotic private residences to accommodate discerning clients who want more privacy than hotels offer. Whether an over-night stay, a month long vacay or extended living arrangement, Cindy’s custom design residences accommodate clients in security conscious luxurious homes, penthouses and apartments that offer personalized amenities above and beyond Five-Star Hotel status. A chef, workout trainer, massage therapist, valet, maid service, chauffeur, availability of exotic cars, limos and personal shopping — all in the comfort of your home-awayfrom-home. And, each is decorated with the outrageous furnishings from the spectacular Diva Rocker Glam line. The day I visited Cindy for our interview, I found myself sitting high above LA in a 5,000 square foot penthouse with 360 degree views from the Pacific ocean to the Hollywood Hills and beyond. Cindy was finalizing last minute details to the penthouse before her clients arrived the following day. In her words... “everything has to be perfect!” The extraordinary luxury of what she created for her client’s month long stay was far beyond my imagination. Her reputation for the best that life has to offer is well deserved.

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Private • Plush • Personal Chef • Fitness Trainer • Massage Therapist • Chauffeur Personal Shopper • Exotic Cars • Maid Service • Five-Star Security Accommodations A “Home-Away-From-Home” For The Ultimate Lavish Experience!


“When my clients came to LA, they all kept saying they wanted to stay in a Diva Rocker Glam residence, with the lush furnishings from my showroom, or like the environments that I had created for them at their residences. That is what got me thinking. So, I asked how much they paid at the hotels where they stayed, and was shocked at the daily rates. My clients from princes, to music icons, business moguls and studio executives; they pay top dollar to stay in hotels with NO privacy. Every time they go someplace or have guests to their room or want to dine out, everyone in the hotel knows about it. They all hated that intense invasion of their privacy and the attention and exposure limited their ability to enjoy themselves. I thought — why not offer exotic Diva Rocker Glam accommodations that provide luxurious furnishings, amenities and the ultimate in privacy.”

Several months ago, Cindy went real estate shopping for fabulous homes, penthouses and luxury apartments she could turn into dream-come-true accommodations for her clients. Her mission: Find unsurpassed accommodations that can — with Diva Rocker Glam furnishings —provide the consummate in glamour, city views, amenities, proxim-

residences it is all about them and what they love and what they need and what they want. I love to dream with my clients and I bring to them everything they ever wished for in grand home design.”

ity to A-list shopping and entertainment and high-end living whether it’s for one night, one month or one year. “A hotel can’t offer the personalized service and customized package of concierge amenities I can. I offer a personal touch dictated by the requests of clients from decor to food preferences, to grand pianos, large screen televisions and, professional speaker systems. I also help with requests for accommodations to A-list events, awards shows, and opening night galas for numerous Hollywood functions. While clients are staying in my

The Diva Rocker Glam showroom is a revolving door of the super-rich and highly visible crowd. The lifestyle that the the furniture and accessories offer clients is unmatched in luxury and superior design excellence. The latest VIP to stop Sunset traffic was Miley Cyrus who walked in looking for the perfect accessory and walked out with an eight foot horse! A Saudi princess closed the showroom to shop undisrupted amid the glam collectibles. “I’m thrilled with the response to my residences. As owner of the company, I have the advantage to do whatever I want. To be as outrageous as my clients want. To create their dream-come-true whether it’s for an LA get-a-way to relax, or work, or for their homes.” BHT For information about Diva Rocker Glam’s new residence accommodations visit: Diva Rocker Glam Showroom: 8711 W. Sunset Boulevard West Hollywood, CA 90069 310-652-8711 •

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Luxe Celebrity Auction Event Benefitting Project Angel Food

some guys have ALL the fun! Alex Popa

Owner of ACE Rare Collectibles

Autographed Collectibles, Sports Memorabilia Sought-After One of a Kind Collectibles, Sportscards Vault Kaufman Art, U.S. & World Currency, Rare Antiques


Popa wakes each day and heads to work like millions of other people. The difference: Alex’s Beverly Hills office is filled with the rarest and most unique collectibles in the world. Each piece is guaranteed 100% authentic and carries a collectibility guarantee with the ACE brand. ACE Rare Collectibles is one of the largest, most prominent and respected companies in the world recognized for outstanding quality, and rare finds. From culture lovers to those who purchase for investment or need an accurate assessment of a particular item, ACE has the funds and knowledge to investigate every piece that passes through their doors. ACE works with industry veterans with the knowledge to know what’s rare and to ensure that customer get exactly what they want.

28 // //


RARE COLLECTIBLES 1-800-991-7069

Beverly Hills, California

Jeff Lehman manager Edwards-Lowell, Woody Wilson, Alex Popa owner ACE Rare Collectibles, Jamie Brackett (model), Paul Matsumoto owner Edwards-Lowell

ACE Rare Collectibles, Empire Diamond,

Elite Auto Network, Over The Top Handbags, HINT water, Woody Wilson Fine Clothing and Edwards-Lowell Furs, hosted a fab night of shopping for a wonderful cause: to support Project Angel Food, one of the most effective nonprofit organizations in the nation. Project Angel Food feeds underserved men, women and children affected by life-threatening illness and accomplishes this by cooking and delivering more than 500,000 meals each year (free of charge) to homes throughout Los Angeles County. The motto of Project Angel Food is... for Life, for Love, for as Long As It Takes. Edwards-Lowell Furs is one of Los Angeles oldest furriers, celebrating 75 years in business. Founded by Merrill Lowell in 1940, the store has earned a reputation for original fur fashions and accessories that have over decades set the standard for the fashion industry. The 12,000square-foot building that houses the EdwardsLowells collection in Beverly Hills, teams up masterful furriers that clean, repair and restyle

furs and leather. The Edwards-Lowell collection showcases more than 500 vintage furs that are available for sale or rental. “We have designed furs for groundbreaking television shows including, “Dynasty” and more recently “Weeds” and “Breaking Bad,” stated store manager Jeff Lehman, who is consider the man to go to for the entertainment industries costume design requests. From vintage to the latest in fur designs, Edwards-Lowell under the guideship of owner Paul Matsumoto (one of the most knowledgeable and style-savvy furriers in the business) has established a track record of excellence when it comes to rare and beautiful fur fashion design inspiration, cleaning, repair, restoration and reinvention of vintage furs. The company’s ground breaking, innovative technique of texturing mink to create geometrics continues to set the standard throughout the fur industry. Edwards-Lowell’s commitment to helping the community is present with its monumental involvement in non-profit fund-raising.

Unique auction items by ACE Rare Collectibles


NOVEMBER 2014_Beverly Hills Times 2/12/15 7:38 AM Page 29

8712 Wilshire Boulevard Beverly Hills, CA 90211 (310) 360-0466 Hours: Mon - Fri, 9am - 5pm

Edward Lozzi, Darlene Friedman Stephanie J. Hibler, Pedro Ferre

Jeffrey Lehman, Kimberlee Duncan

Suzanne Takowsky Mark Tucker, Laurie Lang (Project Angel Food)

E Rare owell tion are

king ore ted the ries the the the s in d of tiful air, The chics the t to oning.

Orin Kennedy, Bernardo Puccio

Alan Aranoff, Cyma Lehman

75 Years As Your Trusted Furrier In Unsurpassed Quality Save Up To 60% On Beautiful Furs and Luxury Accessories Fur Cleaning • Fur Storage Designer Accessories • Leather Clothing

Singer Kelsey B.

Jewelry by Empire Diamond

Auction items from ACE Rare Collectibles; many offerings including an African Safari

Woody Wilson (men’s clothing designer), Christina Grewal, Dr. Navanjun S. Grewal

Furs by Edwards-Lowell

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Business Strategy Success for 2015 By Harvey Mackay

A successful person is an average person, focused. Harvey Mackay is a CEO and best-selling author, international speaker and business guru. His syndicated business articles appear in more than 100 newspapers throughout the United States each week. Mackay has sold more than 10 million books translated into 46 languages worldwide and distributed in more than 80 countries. Mackay’s books can be found in almost every library ever built.

3030// // //


love golf – both playing and watching the pros – so you can imagine my delight when my wife Carol Ann surprised me for my birthday with a trip to watch the Ryder Cup in Glasgow, Scotland, in late September. What a memorable experience, one that’s been on my bucket list for a long time. The only thing that would have made it better would have been a USA team victory! Along with the spectacular scenery and outstanding golf, the thing that struck me most was the focus of all the players. It’s easy to have focus when everything is going well, but great athletes keep their focus when they are staring at defeat. A sure way to fail is to lose focus. I remember when my close friend Lou Holtz was asked to speak to the American team at the 2008 Ryder Cup by then-captain Paul Azinger. Holtz told the players to remember the word WIN. WIN stands for What’s Important Now? Holtz told them to evaluate the past but focus on the future. If you just made a bogey, what’s important now? Your next tee shot. If you make a birdie, what’s important now? Your next tee shot. You play one shot at a time and stay focused. He finished by telling the players to enjoy the competition … enjoy what you are doing, but still stay focused. That team won, the last time the U.S. team brought home the Ryder Cup. I watched Holtz do the same with all of his football teams at Minnesota, Notre Dame and South Carolina. As Holtz said, think only about the next play or point, not what just happened. You can only focus on what will happen next. Don’t look back. Don’t complain. If you maintain your focus on the future, anything can happen. Years ago when I played golf for the University of Minnesota, my coach, Les Bolstad, drove home the point about focus. I remember practicing and getting ready for the NCAA Golf Championship Tournament at Purdue University. Les told me to focus on each shot as if it was going to be my last. I would say to myself, “This is the last drive I’m ever going to hit, so it better be good. This is the last putt that I’m ever going to make, and so on.”

It’s easy to have focus when everything is going well, but great athletes keep their focus when they are staring at defeat. You can only focus on what will happen next. Don’t look back. Don’t complain. If you maintain your focus on the future, anything can happen.

I’ve carried that philosophy through to my work life. “This is the last speech I’m ever going to give, so it better be good. This is the last book I’m ever going to write … This is the last acquisition I’m ever going to make …. ” It takes that kind of focus to succeed. I’m convinced that one of the top reasons that keeps people from getting what they want is lack of focus. People who focus on what they want to achieve, prosper. Those who don't, struggle.

Forbes Magazine did a story on the nine habits of productive people. One of them was on focus, specifically using your morning to focus on yourself. The article stated that: It’s a big productivity killer to start your mornings by checking your email and your calendar. This allows others to dictate what you accomplish. Start your day out right by ignoring your emails and having a good breakfast, reading the news, meditating, or working out. This ensures you’ve got the necessary fuel for a productive day. I couldn’t agree more. I make my to-do list every morning by working backwards: What do I need to accomplish by the end of the day? By the end of the week? The end of the month? That tells me where to focus. Is your work team focused on the right goals? The Change Management website offers this simple test: Ask everyone in your group what the organization’s mission is, how it affects their jobs, and how they contribute to it. If a significant percentage can’t provide a persuasive answer, you need to either communicate your mission more consistently and effectively, or change it so people understand their roles better. A business can not succeed without a common focus. A martial arts student approached his teacher with a question. “I would like to improve my knowledge of the martial arts. In addition to learning from you, I would like to study with another teacher in order to learn another style. What do you think of this idea?” The master answered, “The hunter who chases two rabbits catches neither one.” BHT

Mackay’s Moral: Attitude is the mind's paintbrush – it can color any situation. Stay focused on one thing. Trying to get everything will get you nothing.

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Beverly Hills Bar Association

Annual Installation Awards Dinner

Judge Barry Russell presided over the installation of President Linda Spiegel; BHB Foundation President Gillian Brown; BHB Barristers President Doron Eghbali.

BHB Association CEO Marc Staenberg accepts the Louis B. Fox Award for outstanding service.


Linda E. Spiegel was installed as President of the Beverly Hills Bar Association at the Installation and Awards Dinner at the Four Seasons Hotel in Los Angeles. The Honorable Barry Russell, Bankruptcy Judge in the Central District of California, administered the oath of office to Spiegel. NBC4 chief political reporter/anchor of the program “News Conference” Conan Outstanding Service Awards: Hon. Lawrence W. Nolan was the Guest Speaker. Board Crispo (President’s Award); Suzanne E. Schwartz of Governors officers sworn in were (Chief Executive Officer’s Award); Robert K. Wrede President-Elect Howard S. Fredman; (Board of Governors Award); Megan Peitzke First Vice-President Howard S. Fisher; (Barristers Lawrence J. Blake Award); Second Vice-President Richard Kaplan; Secretary/Treasurer LaVonne Lawson and Immediate Past President Diane Karpman. BHBA Barristers cabinet members installed: President Doron Eghbali; President Elect William Wenzel; Treasurer Yan Goldshteyn; Secretary Nadira Imam; Immediate Past President Autumn Ronda. BHB Foundation leaders invested: President Gillian N. Brown; President-Elect Stephen P. Webb; Vice President Development Steve Young; Vice Chair Scholarships Daren Schlecter; Vice-President Grants Jill Levin; Treasurer Jim Jahant; Secretary Marc A. Lieberman; and Immediate Past President Bonita Moore. Proceeds support educational/community outreach programs of the BHBA; Sponsored by Matloff Life, Health and Disability Insurance and the law firm Pachulski Stang Ziehl & Jones.

Conan Nolan

BHBA Past Presidents Steven Raucher, Diane Karpman, Nicholas Allis, John Rubiner.

Ronald Guttman, LaVonne Lawson, BHBA President Linda Spiegel & Adam Siegler

BHBA Past Presidents Emily Shappell Edelman, Cynthia Pasternak, Nancy Knupfer

Internet Hacking - How You Can Protect Yourself

by Scott Schober, BVS CEO President, Cyber Security Expert

THREE billion people — about 40% of the population surf regularly on the internet.

This will increase as costs for computers and smart phones continue to drop dramatically and the wireless foot print expands to all parts of the earth. The internet keeps us in touch via email, we research any topic, and can shop bargains without leaving the comfort of our homes or offices. For all the positive aspects the internet offers there is a dark side where cyber hackers target innocent victims causing disaster in our personal and professional lives. But you can protect yourself from cyber thieves and still enjoy all benefits the internet has to offer. It’s important to know what criminals are after besides your money, and the vast majority of cyber thieves are looking for clean, easy targets to minimize their chances of getting caught. Make hacking an insurmountable challenge using these three simple techniques that will allow you to surf the internet safely: Social media is the norm for most of us, but people give too much information for preying eyes. Never post on FaceBook or Twitter you are going to ‘Disney World’ the week of XYZ. Cyber thieves look for clues to move in and hack your wireless network, sell information underground so real thieves can rob your house while you relax in a pool outside Mickey’s Castle, or rift through your garbage looking for information about you. Cyber thieves only need a few key pieces of information to steal your identity. Most of this is easily obtained on the internet (name, address, birth date, mothers maiden name, pet’s name….). Putting information on the internet thru social media is handing thieves the keys to your front door while you are on vacation. Once cyber thieves obtain enough information, they use it to take out a credit card in your name and go on a shopping spree leaving you with a mess of bills that can and will destroy your credit.

Prevent Identity Theft: Don’t Be TOO SOCIAL On Social Media

Choose passwords difficult to crack, not passwords on personal information (child/pet’s name, birthday, school you attended...). In the world of social media, information is not as private as you think. Choose a password at least 15 characters long and a mix of numbers, symbols and uppercase and lowercase letters. An interesting stat: Symantec found 38% of internet users would rather clean a toilet than make a new password. Secure passwords don’t have to be difficult to create or remember. Acronyms of phrases make excellent passwords you remember. Change passwords often (once a month is recommended for sites with banking, 401k, or stock information). Don’t use same passwords on multiple sites as a cyber thief will try to log onto ALL popular sites using one stolen password.

Strong Passwords Keep Personal Data Safe & Secure

Phishing scams use fraudulent emails/web sites masquerading as legitimate businesses to lure unsuspecting users into revealing private account or login information. Even if you have PC security, you could visit a malicious web site without knowing it. It’s safer to type a web site directly into your browser or call to see if an incentive is real. Every day, people bite at shiny lures constructed by cyber thieves. If something looks like an unbelievable deal — IT IS — don’t get ‘hooked’ and click or a cyber thief can download a malicious virus that targets your contact list or hard drive. BHT

Don’t Fall for Phishing Scams — Never Click An Attachment In An Email

Scott Schober, President/CEO of Berkeley Varitronics Systems, Inc. is a Cyber Security Expert. He is the “go to guy” for individuals and companies wanting to protect themselves from cyber thieves by understanding security issues they can correct before it is too late. For more information:

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After Hours

“Good music is timeless. Music provides us with a feeling, the songs from the 70s and 80s remind us of our youth, family and love. There are songs I remember hearing at weddings when I was a kid that I play today. They get the same reaction on the dance floor now as when the song was brand new.”





Nick Alvardo

WHAT HAPPENED? All of a sudden the biggest parties

and private and entertainment events and venues switched from live bands to DJs. We get why. The biggest advantage to having an experienced high-energy DJ as opposed to a live band is that you can have all the songs you love by all of your favorite artists — and because they are from the original performers they sound just like you want them to. DJ’s offer a wide range of music which keeps your guests with happy feet on the dance floor. A DJ needs less space to set up, works with the hosts to keep the event flowing, introduces guests... you have a “professional helper with a microphone” to accomplish it. LA DJ Nick Alvardo is one busy guy. With summer entertaining just around the corner, here are Nick’s professional party-maker “to-do” list to rock your guests.

What are your favorite venues to play? NICK: There are so many venues that I play at every year it’s hard to say. From

1. The entertainment. Don’t skimp and hire cheap entertainment. The number one thing people remember from an event or party is always THE ENTERTAINMENT. Make sure you do your homework; research your options carefully. Ask for reviews on a reputable website (yelp, weddingwire, theknot etc). Make certain your entertainment is insured, even if the venue doesn’t require it. Get a connection going with who you are hiring. The entertainment is going to be the voice and personality of your event. 2. Professional vendors. Everyone from the photographer to the baker, hire professionals. Your event will run so much smoother, you will have less to worry about and everything will taste and look great. They are professionals at what they do for a reason. 3. Relax and enjoy your day! You hired professionals for a reason, let “US” worry about all the details and timing of everything. YOU HAVE FUN.

How do you choose music for events and how do you get people off their chairs and onto the dance floor? NICK: I work closely with clients to figure out

their music tastes. They can send me a list of what they want played, and I work with their list and use my years of experience to choose songs I know will keep everyone happy. As far as getting people off their chairs... if guests like to dance, I have no problem getting them out on the floor. Interaction with the audience plays a big part in giving people what they want.

my experience what really makes a venue stand out is the staff. Warm, genuine and friendly staff always make for a great event, and it also makes my job a little Contact: 626-502-8531 easier. When people work as a team things always go so much smoother. In my profession, nothing makes a DJ happier than to see people out on the dance floor email: having the time of their life. That’s when we know we are doing our job well. website:

32 // //

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YOUR 2015 FORECAST by Celebrity Astrologer & Past Life Regression Therapist Nicolas Aujula. Discover what planet of luck Jupiter and teacher of the zodiac Saturn holds for you in 2015! Nicolas Aujula is seen on the Biography Channel, Channel 4 and ITV. For a personal Astrology reading:


Aries: March 21-April 19

Celeb Twin: Kate Hudson needs to tap into her creativity. Jupiter allows you to shine like a diva and take center stage havinge fun. Let your hair down and balance play with work to enjoy life with a more light-hearted attitude. Learn to be more creative. Saturn propels you to end situations that no longer serve a purpose; people with whom past clashes have shown how mis-matched you are in life direction and values. It's time for a clean out. Astro-Mantra — I embrace a light hearted attitude.

Taurus: April 20-May 20

Celeb Twin: Penelope Cruz will be lucky in family matters. Jupiter creates an aura of optimism around the home and allow you to re-vamp or extend an existing home or even invest in new real estate. Family matters fare well, expect plenty of get togethers. Resolve old rifts for renewed relations. Saturn tests relationships. Examine whether to work through it, or to move forward alone. Astro-Mantra — I embrace relationships that serve my highest good.

Gemini: May 21-June 21

CelebTwin: Angelina Jolie teaches important values. Jupiter expands communication and sees you writing a book, engaging in public speaking or teaching. Spread your expertise to enrich other people's lives. New ideas bring success. Saturn can play havoc between people in the workplace — avoid getting tangled in petty disputes, stand your ground with authority figures. The truth will prevail in all situations. Astro-Mantra — I communicate with clarity and truth.

Cancer: June 22-July 22

Celeb Twin: Jessica Simpson gets cash lucky. It's raining money with Jupiter. Financial matters stand under a lucky star. Expect an rise in incomings; ask for a pay raise or move onto better paid positions — all is within your reach. Investing in real estate can be profitable. Saturn can make and party. Surround yourself with fiery outgoing people. Astro-Mantra — I am blessed with abundance.

Leo: July 23-August 22

Celeb Twin: Jennifer Lopez uses personality to prosper. Jupiter sees personal confidence sky rocket to new heights as you realise anything is possible. You have the ability to attract the right people and resources to turn dreams into a reality. A new business started now reaches great success and maturity in 10-years time. Saturn challenges you to explore the past and resolve childhood hurts, family disputes and old habits. This can be very therapeutic. Astro-Mantra — I radiate abundance and optimism.

It's time to reap the rewards of past efforts. Jupiter expands career matters. Recognition and positions of leadership open up with ease and your dreams finally come to fruition. Climb the professional ladder to more coveted positions. Saturn helps you overcome fears and limiting habits to bring forth a renewed personality strong and determined. Achieving your ideal body can bring confidence. Astro-Mantra — I reach new levels of success.

Virgo: August 23-September 22

Celeb Twin: Beyonce is interested in all things spiritual. Jupiter favors the spiritual — 2015 is about going within to understand your philosophy on life and how you fit into the universe. Conscious expanding activities such as psychic development, past-life regression, mediation and metaphysics enhance your life. Saturn tests attitudes/beliefs no longer in syc with your life direction. Time for intellectual restructuring. Astro-Mantra — I follow my spiritual path with ease.

Libra: September 23-October 22

Celeb Twin: Kim Kardashian looks to humanitarian causes. Jupiter expands social circles where people of different backgrounds and beliefs make a great impression. There is much to learn as new ideas and pooling of resources achieves personal and joint goals. Working for humanitarian causes helps you make a difference. Saturn can bring debt/losses that limit financial gain. Be prudent in money matters. Cash flow only grows through positions of responsibility. Astro-Mantra - I attract people who help my best interests.

Scorpio: October 23-November 21

Celeb Twin: Demi Moore will find unexpected career opportunities.

Sagittarius: November 22-December 21

Celeb Twin: Scarlett Johansson explores new cultures. Jupiter brings forth travel to foreign and exotic lands where new ways of living and different cultures expand your mind. Fine tuning skills and developing leadership qualities can enhance career prospects in months to come. Saturn brings endings in many areas; clean the slate and start fresh. Astro-Mantra — I embrace new beginnings.

Capricorn: December 22-January 19

Celeb Twin: Kate Bosworth needs to balance financial incomings and outgoings. Jupiter spices up things in the bedroom as your libido expands with a renewed desire to experiment and push boundaries. Sexual exploration brings much pleasure and stimulation. Saturn tests old friendships as arguments and disputes make you question what kind of people compliment your life. Stick to friends who are on a similar wavelength. Astro-Mantra — I clearly see the intentions of others.

Aquarius: January 20-February 18

Celeb Twin: Rihana experiences a new relationship. Jupiter expands matters of the heart as love blossoms and an important partner takes center stage. This can turn into something long-term as commitment and marriage are in the stars. Love is cemented in 2015. Saturn brings forth delays and detours; hard work is key to steer through career ups and downs. There will be many tests to help you find your true vocation. Don't give up, patience gives great rewards. Astro-Mantra — I embrace love and commitment.

Pisces: February 19-March 20

Celeb Twin: Eva Longoria focuses on improving personal well-being. Jupiter expands energy to pursue fitness goals to improve body and weight. Pay attention to what you eat; invigorate your life with a exercise regime that helps achieve optimum health. Your luck lies in anything that improves well-being. Saturn challenges your philosophy on life as certain beliefs come crashing down. You will be compelled to re-evaluate spiritual outlooks which help you make better decisions. Astro-Mantra — I am healthy in mind-body-soul.

// // 33

NOVEMBER 2014_Beverly Hills Times 2/14/15 4:54 AM Page 34

For Carla Gonzales former Miss United Nations International, competing in pageants and amassing titles has a different meaning than just wearing a crown. SHE started when she

was just nine years hold, then took a 20-year break before returning to competitions. What has happened in the life of this beauty queen? Well, for the past 20-years, Carla has been employed by the Oklahoma State Department of Health; and she earned a Master’s degree in Clinical Social Work from the University of Oklahoma; and holds a National Certification in Grief Recovery. If that’s not enough to keep a woman busy, Carla is a national certified Anger Management Specialist and certified as a Prevention Relationship Enhancement Program (PREP) facilitator through the Oklahoma Marriage Initiative. These days, Carla is spending a great deal of time on Bullying Prevention, in which she also holds a national certification.

“I always knew I wanted to do something that helped others. As a young girl I had genuine compassion and empathy for people and that feeling continues to this day. I have an interest in mental health and human behavior, so the social work path allowed me to utilize my natural skills combined with my education to do the work that is fulfilling, challenging and rewarding.”

Why did you choose these fields?

“I’ve worked as a public health social worker for over 20-years mainly working in clinics and providing counseling services. I devoted several years to studying, researching and training in the domestic violence area and began with students in schools, providing Teen Dating Violence Prevention education and volunteed at a domestic violence center in Oklahoma. I was asked if I would preside over anti-bullying. Even though I heard much about the issue, once I started to research it, I was overwhelmed by the information and statistics. I knew this was something that needed to be addressed, but what I didn’t know was what would unfold before my eyes once I started going to schools and speaking on this topic. Kids opened up and spoke about personal experiences being bullied. Each time several kids would stay after I spoke and talk to me. Most would break into tears from the suffering and pain they were enduring. This was happening in every school and affecting kids all ages. The experience was enough to make Anti-Bullying prevention my top priority, and take it on as a platform to bring community awareness and education to an issue that affects each one of us because we all have children in our lives whether you’re a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, school official, friend, neighbor, etc…”

Why bullying Prevention?

“During the week I’m booked with bullying/cyberbullying presentations in schools across the state of Oklahoma. I’m a member of the Human Trafficking task force and meet the third Wednesday of the month at the Attorney General's office where I do psychosocial assess

What does your work week entail?

34 // //

ments for women who come in for family planning services. Soon, I will make presentions in schools (mainly alternative education) on Teen Dating Violence Prevention. I provide a “group” educational class once a week to women who are court-ordered to be in-patients at the facility. These women have spent time in jail/prison and their children are in “DHS custody.”

“I hope to expand my Anti-bullying prevention effort to schools across the U.S. and eventually to other countries. If I make a difference to even one child, I’ve accomplished my goal. But my desire is to touch thousands across the world. Every child deserves to live bully-free.” With such a busy schedule, why did you go back to compete in pageants? “My competing was part of the plan I created to inspire and empower women, by showing them that life doesn’t have to end at 40. We can be moms, wives, employees, etc… and still do those things that we have interests in but maybe didn’t get to do when we were younger because other things were taking precedence.”

“To continue my classes to become a Board Certified Life Coach and finish my training as an Anger Management Specialist. I’m also taking acting and hosting lessons in Los Angeles, pursuing a career in TV/film, hosting and modeling.

What is in the future for you?

As for the use of her numerous titles, Carla is an active philanthropist not only in her state, but nationally and internationally. She traveles across the United States making appearances and doing public speaking on her platform of Anti-Bullying prevention. Carla added Empowerment of Women, hoping to inspire young girls and women all ages to always follow their dreams and never give up on achieving their goals... an example she strives to live by as a role model.

Carla has won numerous awards. The Power of One award was presented to her by the Oklahoma Coalition Against Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault for her efforts to prevent Teen Dating Violence in schools across Oklahoma. Her most honorable award came from the President of the United States for recognition and appreciation of her commitment to strengthening our Nation and making a difference through volunteer service. BHT Photos: Jasmine Baeza

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Beauty Nectar by Ashieda



Some salt is necessary, but foods with a high salt content dehydrate you, drying out skin, making you look tired. Other spices/herbs easily replace salt. FAB! Sugar promotes inflammation. Artificial sweeteners are worse, and contain aspartame associated with joint pain. Choose natural sugars like fruit. :)


Fried is your skin’s worst enemy and is packed with oil and trans fats—clogs arteries, stiffen blood cells, makes skin look dull and tired. HOLY %$#@


You don’t have to go all Atkins/no-carbs diet, but lots of carbs damage collagen in skin and take away that youthful/plump/healthy look. Worse Than Death!


Eating red meat more than once a week is linked to increased wrinkles, caused by the carnitine compound in red meat that hardens blood vessel walls. ICK.

RED MEAT Ashieda Founder Sarah Ehrlich

Forget standing at a coffee machine at work hoping to get a scoop on what’s

hot in skin care. Beauty Nectar by Ashieda is a luscious tasting beauty drink for all ages. Beauty Nectar comes in a slick looking box with 10 bottles filled with what can only be described as beauty you can drink. The formula is packed to the hilt with clinically proven ingredients specifically designed to hydrate and renew skin from the inside out. More than 80% of our skin is composed of collagen and as we age it naturally reduces, causing unwanted fine lines and wrinkles. Beauty Nectar is 100% natural and made without sugar, chemicals or additives, and provides the highest grade of hydrolyzed collagen. After drinking the 10-bottle box you will immediately see a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles as well as a visible improvement in your overall skin tone. In time for a spring uplift is the Drink Yourself Pretty Cocktail consisting of 1 bottle of Beauty Nectar, and 8 ounces of vodka with a cherry to top it off! Another product stimulating collagen growth is the Skin Renewal Mask by mask does it all! Easy to use at-home, it’s made from all-natural vegetable fibers and it addresses all aspects of anti-aging in one treatment with instant and lasting results. The Skin Renewal Mask is clinically proven safe with 67% of users seeing skin improvement in 6 months. The mask is used by men such as celebs Miguel, Matt Gross and Ed Sheeran. When Ashieda founder Sarah Ehrlich isn't globe trotting to find the next ancient beauty secret, she is a passionate philanthropist. In 2012 she helped start Help for Orphans International, a nonprofit charitable organization with the objective to establish schools and living facilities for orphaned children in underdeveloped countries to better their wellbeing and empower each for success. BHT

Preservatives can cause inflammation in the skin, making you look sallow and tired. Consider cold cut meats or processed foods a big ...NO!


Good for metabolism, not ideal for skin. Spicy foods can cause skin irritation, uneven skin tone and dilated blood vessels making skin older looking. YIKES.



UV rays are as bad for a 2-year old as they are for a 20, 30, 40, and beyond man and woman. 1 in 5 people get skin cancer. Some skin cancers are curable; others cause death. Is having a tan that important? Limit sun exposure and increase your chances of looking younger longer and staying alive. Always wear sunscreen with a zinc oxide base.


Sags, bags, wrinkles, dark spots, pimples, blackheads, large pores... your skin tells the story of how you take care of yourself. Coffee, cigarettes, stress, no sleep, alcohol, bad eating habits, poor skin cleaning habits, going to bed with makeup on, skipping out of the house without hydrating skin with moisturizer AND sunscreen, zero exercise. MY OH MY. If people your age or older look “younger” than you — now you know why.


Skin is made of 15% water. Seasonal changes, climate controlled buildings/homes, environmental rampages — everything in our lives robs our skin of moisture at a rate so rapid it’s impossible for skin to regenerate itself. Drink lots of water every day. Skip the “beverages” you know in your heart and mind aren’t good for you. Because they aren’t.


Feel like a rock star while you are drinking? Maybe. BUT the aftershock of alcohol is horrifying. Alcohol is a “hepatotoxin”— it targets the liver and damages it. What is the function of your liver? To keep your body “toxin-free” so — damaging the “machine” in your body built to keep you healthy by destroying toxins that invade it, you are not only killing your body BUT sucking moisture out of your skin leaving it sallow, dry, pasty, blemished and increasing the size of your pores DAILY. Any doubts? Just check out in a magnifying mirror how your skin looks the morning after a fabulous bender?


For further product and ordering information visit the Ashieda Website:

Fruit acids and enzymes are miracle workers at rejuvenating skin, clearing away dead skin, helping eliminate blemishes, and improving skin texture and clarity.


// // 35

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BEST way BEST body ask the trainer —Shaun Ryan Get Your Day Off To A Healthy Start

Guaranteed Workout Tips

Organic Unfiltered Unpasteurized Apple Cider Vinegar or Coconut Vinegar For a beverage try Bragg (known for subjectively better tasting options) use Coconut Vinegar (has higher vitamin content and more antioxidants) or Apple Cider are great at alkalizing the body which fortifies your immune system. They also reduce body fat, help maintain healthy blood sugar levels, improve digestion, normalize gut bacteria, detoxify, breath, help skin, cramps, and energy. How’s that for a list? To make it more palatable mix with fresh organic lemon juice and/or no-sugar cranberry juice, grapefruit juice, or your favorite pure juice. Fantastic first thing in the morning to get your system going.

The Absolute BEST Anti-Aging Supplement L-Carnosine

Free Weights vs. Machines Free-weights burn more calories because you are not moving in a fixed plane of motion and use optimal form without restriction. When you work harder to do an exercise properly you burn more calories. Free weights engage a multitude of muscles whereas machines train a single muscle or group of muscles. Still machines are helpful for bodybuilders, newbies to the gym or if you want to focus on a specific area. Example: a leg extension works the quads which are the 4 main muscles making up the front of your thigh; a split squat also work the other side of the leg, adductors & abductors, hip flexors, supporting muscles, calves along with your core including lower back.

Shaun Ryan is a Certified Personal Trainer who trains clients and celebrities for movie/ TV roles, photo shoots and red carpet events. His focus is to get clients lean and toned with long-term holistic health by combining high-intensity muscular training to make the most of workout time. His formula: Central nervous system training keeps workouts interesting and impactful; cardiovascular efficiency for longevity; balanced nutrition, proper eating habits and supplementation. SHAUN RYAN — NASM CPT 818-445-8715

36 // //

Jon Barron, one of my favorite holistic doctors turned me onto this years ago. Buy ONLY a quality version — it enhances longevity, helps to strengthen your memory, greatly aids in Alzheimer’s prevention, decreases cellaging (including skin aging), balance bodily processes, regulate blood glucose, aids in wound healing, and protects the brain.

Principles for Results: T.U.T. & Form

The primary principle in muscle growth and stimulation is Time Under Tension; muscles need 50 seconds under tension/resistance to change. Bodybuilders work long periods to stimulate as much growth as possible; it’s not workout a minute and call it a day; it’s per muscle per set. Form is the other variable that needs change in workouts. You need a full range of motion throughout an exercise with little/no pausing. Optimal results are from keeping a muscle(s) working through a full movement. When you reach the top of the movement go back to repeat your desired rep range. You don’t need a lot of weight to stimulate the muscles when you have great form and technique — you just need the right amount.

Don’t Hold on to Cardio Machines and Sidestep Ellipticals

It makes me cringe to see people holding onto cardio machines for dear life and deluding themselves that they’re burning all the calories the machine suggests. If you’re one of these people: Let Go. When walking we don’t do it like Frankenstein with both arms out grasping for something!!! When you grasp your treadmill, stairmaster etc. while exercising you do it because it feels easier. It’s easier because you don’t exert as much energy because your pulling on your shoulder joints, back and lower back to make yourself feel like you’re stable. All this does is put undue stress on those parts of your body and decreases the actual amount of calories you are trying to burn. I’m a big believer in balance and letting go in this regard — it’s a great way to help keep your body balanced. As to elliptical, they can be very misleading as to the calories you burn. The machine itself has a hard time telling you the TRUE CALORIES you have burned. Also, the machine is highly-leveraged and makes you feel like you are working you’re ass off — literally — when in reality the design of the machine is helping you. You aren’t doing all the work. If you want an easy warm-up or cardio-day or have special needs then ellipticize. Otherwise go to a treadmill and do the same speed (without holding on) and you will feel the difference immediately.

Detox: Imperative for Ideal Health

Do your body a favor and do a Colon Cleanse. Not colonic—it’s invasive and washes the good and bad out. Visit my site to see what colon cleanses I recommend; ideally it is an activated charcoal which is very healing and gentle. A colon cleanse eliminates things that have been lingering in you since childhood AND things you don’t need or want in your colon. This will enhance your fitness goals and reenergize you. Then, the next step is a liver and gallbladder cleanse. You likely have all the ingredients you need at home. This is a shorter, but more intense detox; however you can lose 1-2 pounds of fat over a 24 hour period from this holistic cleanse. How to do this is also on my site as well. This one is a great way to get rid of old toxins including bile, cholesterol and fat.

It Takes 6 Months for New Fitness Homeostasis

If you set a new fitness goal, worked hard to stick to it — and now have finally achieved your goals or at least are on your way to your desired body image... CONGRATS! It’s important to keep in mind that it will take about 26 weeks for your body to acclimate to this new state as your new baseline. Once you are there it will be harder to go up or down from there. This also applies to people who are just starting to workout; and especially if you have a lot of ground to cover to reach your desired results. Stick with it and stay disciplined — except for a weekly indulgence of HIGH QUALITY FOOD!

Nose-Breathing: The Way To A More Fulfilling Life

Breathing in, and ideally out your nose is ideal not only for your every day life but also during exercise — even High Intensity Training. The Tarahumara Indian Tribe of Mexico was known for running up to 62 miles a day on rocky terrain, into their 60s. They were solely nose-breathers.

Breathing From Your Nose Enables 4 Important Processes:

1. Nose breathing warms and humidifies the air you breathe before it hits your lungs. 2. Your nose hairs trap pathogens, etc. 3. Nose breathing acts as an efficient “pre-filter” for your lungs. 4. Your nasal passages regulate your breathing. Nitric Oxide is made by your nose and goes into your lungs thus increasing your oxygen absorbing capacity.

Breathing through your mouth unfortunately skips these vital elements for improved health. Mouth breathing can develop numerous problems including asthma; especially in children. Nose breathing may take a little getting used to, but I promise it’s worth the effort. People typically feel out of breath because they aren’t eliminating enough Carbon Dioxide from their bodies — not because they are not getting enough oxygen. This is automatially alleviated with nose breathing. BHT

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LA STYLE trending NOW! On The Hunt For Fabulous Everything!


By Summer de Almeida

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon Dr. Dennis Dass

SUMMER: Can a woman choose the “butt” size she wants or does it depend on her figure, height and weight? Who makes the decision? The doctor or the patient? DR. DASS: Most patients tell me to use my judgement to sculpt their buttock and create something pretty, that fits their figure. During surgery, I transfer enough fat until I get a nice result. However, I do have some patients who want to have an exaggerated/augmented look, so I inject more on these women.

The Brazilian Butt Lift Booties are Back!


. the air


athing. es into absorb-

y skips Mouth includeathing mise it’s f breath Carbon e they matially

Speaking with Board Certified, Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon Dr. Dennis Dass was an interview where his passion for his profession surfaced with each word he said. Unassuming and polite, quiet but confident, he is as “UN-Beverly-Hills” as a prestigious doctor in his coveted position can get. Dennis is a breath of fresh air. He doesn’t take the press he gets seriously. Even in the midst of gaining recognition as the “Brazilian Butt Lift” doc to go to for a luscious round derriere, he is modest when speaking about his success. Did someone say... Butt Lift? Who doesn’t want or need that? I took a poll among our BHT staff (99% women) and my girlfriends, and the vote came back “YES” to a sexier butt. No wonder Dennis’ practice is booming and he works sixsometimes seven days a week (I’m not kidding!) which doesn’t bother him in the least. Dennis is a Diplomat of the American Board of Plastic Surgery, a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgery, California Medical Association, and Los Angeles County Medical Society. As a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, he offers a wide range of cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery services, and more specifically, the procedure that has put him on the map — the Brazilian Butt Lift. SUMMER: What's the difference between a big butt and a Brazilian butt? DR. DASS: The Brazilian Butt Lift is a buttock sculpting procedure to create a beautifully shaped buttock...having a large buttock by itself does not mean that it’s pretty.





“The Brazilian Butt Lift surgery is extremely popular,” Dr. Dass states. “In fact, women are opting to hold off on breast augmentation in favor of buttock augmentation. This surgery involves liposuction of the midsection to contour the waist, and fat transfer to the gluteal region to sculpt and augment the buttock. The result is a dramatic improvement in the waist-to-hip ratio, ie. a beautiful hourglass figure. Another of my favorite surgeries is breast augmentation. Between these two, I can sculpt a woman's body into a figure that is both feminine and beautiful.” SUMMER: What is the fascination especially lately, with larger butts? DR. DASS: There is no question that the media has sparked added interest in larger butts, with the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, and Sofia Vergara. However, you will notice that these women typically have an hourglass figure, because their hips are wider than their waist. The waist to hip ratio is not a new concept, but an established marker of beauty. Studies have shown that men of all ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds are universally attracted to women with a small waist to hip ratio. I use the Brazilian Butt Lift to create a small waist to hip ratio, and sculpt the buttock.

SUMMER: Does an enhanced butt feel like a normal butt? What is a Brazilian Butt Lift? How long is the surgery and healing time? Does it last forever? DR. DASS: The Brazilian Butt Lift involves liposuction of the midsection to create a small waist. This fat is then processed and injected into the buttock which allows me to sculpt a woman's body into a very pretty figure. It is an outpatient surgery that takes 2-3 hours. Most of my patients take about a week off from work. Patients wear compression garments for six weeks (just like any liposuction procedure), and are shown how to avoid putting pressure on the buttock for the first six weeks. Results are long lasting. The buttock looks and feels natural. BHT Dennis Dass, MD Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Beverly Hills Office 310-878-4800 For more information and to see remarkable before/after photos check out:

Sofia Vergara

Some Women Are Born Bodacious...


the rest of us need a little help!

Salma Hayek // // 37

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Cathy’s Culinary Corner By Cathy Tuch

Yummiest Gazpacho The Go-To Soup Simple & Fresh!

The BEST DIP On The Planet & It’s Easy!

Caviar & Egg Salad Dip

Artichoke & Parmesan

• 2 cloves garlic • 1/2 red onion • 5 tomatoes • 2 stalks celery • 1/4 cup extra-virgin olive oil • 2 tablespoons red wine vinegar • 2 tablespoon sugar • Pinch of chili flakes • Dash of salt • 4 cups yummy tomato juice • 1 pound peeled/deveined shrimp • Avocado slices • 2 hard-boiled eggs • Fresh cilantro leaves Combine minced garlic, sliced onion, celery and diced tomatoes. Blend garlic, onion, oil, half of the diced vegetables in a food processor or blender. Slowly add vinegar, sugar, chili flakes and salt. With a ladle pour in 2 cups of the tomato juice and mix togther.


Pour mixture into a large bowl and then add remaining diced vegetables. Blend, add the remaining 2 cups tomato juice. Refrigerate 30-60 minutes. Saute shrimp and set aside.

Ladle the soup into bowls, add the shrimp, top with avocado slices, egg and cilantro leaves. Serve with toasted, crunchy bread. WAY SCRUMP.

• 1 dozen hard boiled eggs • 1/2 cup mayonnaise • 2-3 scallions finely chopped • Pinch of salt and pepper to taste • 1 small jar of black caviar • 12 oz whipped cream cheese • 1-1/2 Persian cucumbers thinly sliced INGREDIENTS

• Crackers/toast/pita chips for dipping Grate hard boiled eggs, combine eggs, mayo, scallions, salt/pepper lightly to egg salad consistency; pour in a round shaped bowl (16oz); refrigerate 1 hour for dip to take shape of bowl. Flip dip from bowl to a flat serving dish; in a mixer whip cream cheese to a smooth spread; cover egg mixture keep shape of round bowl. Refrigerate 30 minutes before serving. Remove from refrigerator, spread caviar over cream cheese. Spread sliced cucumbers around bowl for decoration. Serve with any assortment of crackers.


• 1 store-bought frozen pie crust defrosted • 1/2 cup sugar; 3 eggs beaten; 2 Tbsp flour • 1 cup corn syrup; 1-1/2 cups chopped INGREDIENTS

and toasted hazelnuts • 1 cup bittersweet chocolate chips • 2 Tbsp butter melted • 1 tsp vanilla extract; 1/4 tsp salt

Mix sugar, flour; add eggs, hazelnuts, butter, chocolate chips, vanilla, salt corn syrup. Stir well. Pour mixture into pie crust bake 1 hour at 325. Cool tart 30 min before serving. EXTRA TIP: Add extra hazelnuts on top with drizzled chocolate syrup during last 5 min of baking. GRAND APPLAUSE.


• •

Olive oil

1 box pre-made phyllo dough cups

2 Tbsp grated parmesan cheese 1 large minced shallot

• • • •

1 clove minced garlic

1 teaspoon all-purpose flour

1/4 cup milk

spinach, thawed and squeezed dry; chopped chives for garnish (optional).


Chocolate Hazelnut Tart

4 Tbsp unsalted butter

• 3 1/2 ounces mild goat cheese • 2 teaspoons grated lemon zest • 1 tablespoon white wine vinegar • 2 large eggs, separated • 1 10-ounce box frozen chopped

2 -13oz cans of quartered artichoke hearts; not marinated • 3/4 cup mayonaise • 3/4 cup parmesan cheese



• •


Pinch freshly grated nutmeg, Kosher salt and ground pepper to taste


Drain excess water from artichokes, mash into small chunks; Mix artichokes, mayonaise, parmesan cheese in large bowl til artichokes are seperated. Put in a quiche dish, sprinkle top with parmesan cheese. Bake at 350 until top is lightly brown 10-15 min. Serve with crackers and or toast. EXTRA TIP: Add extra parmesan on top before baking. YUMMY!!!!! SO GOOD.

Savory Spinach & Goat Cheese Cups

This is a winner at any event... your guests will love the flavors in this dip. This dish can be served as an appetizer, or along with the main course. EXTRA TIP: Dip a knife or spreader in warm water for easier spreading of cream cheese DE LISH!

Heat 4 Tbsp butter in saucepan over medium heat. Add shallots and garlic; cook until translucent. Add in flour and milk, stir until mixture is smooth (1 min). Add nutmeg, 1/2 teaspoon salt/pepper. Stir in goat cheese, lemon zest and vinegar until cheese melts. Remove from heat, mix in egg yolks, then spinach. Beat egg whites to stiff peaks and fold into the spinach filling. Spoon 1 tablespoon filling into each phyllo cup; top with remaining parmesan. Bake at 450 degrees until filling is set (15 min). Cool slightly in pan; remove, top with chives. Makes 24 cups.


Crab Dip


12 oz. canned crab or fresh crab (recommended)

• • •

1 small sour cream 1/4 C. chili sauce

1/4 tsp. worcestershire sauce Stir and chill Use dip with crackers or better yet... Potato chips. YUM.

Cathy Tuch is a first generation American from Greek parents, with Spanish ancestry. Her love for cooking came from watching her mother prepare daily, fresh from scratch— Mediterranean recipes handed down through the generations. Those Greek dishes were flavors from Spain, Italy, Turkey, and the Middle East. Cathy is a seasoned traveler who along with her husband have traveled extensively throughout the world, experiencing various cultures, enjoying their cuisines and learning their food preparations.

38 // //

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Certified Nutritional & Fitness Expert

Lori Kenyon Farley

“How To Avoid A Hangover”

Healthy Cocktails Tips • Recipes

The Downtown Glendale Association and Glendale Arts in Association with McCoy Rigby ENTERTAINMENT PRESENT




can you avoid a hangover and still enjoy yourself? Be Sensible: Stick with one type of alcohol. Mixing drinks is a big cause for a hangover, since different alcohols contain different additives, flavorings, and sugars. Mixed drinks can be particularly troublesome if you use sugary mixers like soda or prepared mixers, like “margarita mix.” Much better to choose a clear alcohol like vodka or tequila and combine with fresh juiced or muddled fruit with a high water content like watermelon, cucumber, or a freshly juiced citrus fruit, such as grapefruit, lemon, lime or orange.


One cause of a hangover is dehydration. Drink a big glass of water before your first alcoholic beverage, then drink at least one glass of water for every alcohol drink you consume. This slows down your drinking, and keeps you hydrated. Also dilute your drink with coconut water or soda water, to reduce alcohol consumption.


Your body uses enzymes and vitamins to metabolize alcohol, while alcohol destroys essential B vitamins. To help your liver do its job (diminish a hangover), take a vitamin B supplement, or have a shot of E3Live® —a blue green algae super high in B vitamins. Raw fruits, veggies and juices contain live enzymes and vitamins to combat alcohol effects. Eat them before you drink, while you drink, and the morning after. Mixing raw juices with alcohol is the best option. By pairing enzymes and vitamins with alcohol, your body gets the tools it needs to break down and process what you drank. If you’re not in the mood to “bartend,” pick up a bottle or two of raw, organic, cold pressed Ritual Mixers ( — Rio Mojito, Sol Margarita, and Calcutta Lemon Drop). Each bottle makes 8 drinks when mixed with alcohol and delicious served “virgin” style over ice.

Here are crafty & easy recipes to make your party a big hit!



Wine Spritzer Ingredients

1 bottle white or rose wine • 3 cups sparking water • 12 ice cubes Combine all ingredients in a pitcher. Stir and serve over ice.

Cucumber Watermelon Mixer Ingredients

2 cups cubed watermelon • 1 cucumber, peeled, seeded, chopped ½ lime • 2 Tbsp. agave nectar Juice lime using a manual citrus juicer. Juice cucumber and watermelon in a juicer, or in a blender until smooth. Combine all juices with agave and serve with rum, vodka or tequila over ice.

Pineapple Coconut Smoothie Ingredients

1 cup frozen pineapple • 1 cup coconut water ½ cup coconut milk • ½ cup ice • Splash of rum Combine/blend all ingredients until smooth in a blender. Photos: Megan Welker/Stylist: Beijos Events

Lori Kenyon Farley is a Certified Nutritional Consultant, Fitness Expert and she is the co-founder of Ritual Wellness. Lori is the author of “Avoid a Hangover + Healthy Cocktails & Recipes”.

// // 39

NOVEMBER 2014_Beverly Hills Times 2/15/15 5:40 PM Page 40

FOCUS ON BEVERLY HILLS REAL ESTATE Los Angeles Realtor Suzie Davie, and Beverly Hills Businessman and Realtor Al Khosravi team up to offer clients premium real estate services. and the Iranian American Chamber of Commerce. Over the years, he has received numerous accolades for community involvement, and outstanding, high-quality services and exceptional products. Team member, Suzie Davie has more than 20-years experience in the Real Estate industry in management, sales, sales training, interior design, staging, and property management in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills’ and the Greater Toronto area. Suzie Davie is working with Keller Williams West Realty for many years. She and team members Ashley Momtahen and Khosravi (with experience in marketing, Ashley Momtahen account executive, Suzie Davie, Al Khosravi printing, digital video and photo production) offer clients excellent marketing exposure to multi-million dollar listings and a worldwide web of clientele. Suzie Davie Premier Beverly Hills businessman Al Khosravi, founder of Digital Color/Golden Color who for more than 30-years has been a foremost authority in photo lab and printing services for speaks many languages including, English, Farsi, Italian, French and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design from Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma, with further accreditation and the Beverly Hills/Los Angeles area, recently received his California Real Estate license licensing credentials as Real Estate Broker, Real Estate Finance, Appraiser and Certified specializing in buying, selling short sale, foreclosure and financing is working with Keller Williams West Realty. Khosravi, an expert in photographic technology, marketing and sales, Transaction Coordinator. Davie, Momtahen and Khosravi combine their full service business and real estate experience into a premier buying and selling group for local, national and owns and operates a premier printing, editing video, commercial and recording, website international clients. BHT design, and graphic technology Beverly Hills company, producing the highest quality print, video, and digital material. Khosravi, works with individuals, businesses, corporations, Ali khosravi CA DRE# 01968694 phone 310-967-9530 magazines, schools, colleges/universities, movie studios, directors, producers and numerous Suzie Davie CA DRE# 01777486 phone 310-482-7171 avenues in the entertainment, motion picture and television industries, producing promotional Keller Williams West Side material. Khosravi is a Member of IMS Iranian Medical Society as Audio and Visual director

D igital C olor G olden C olor

Ali Khosravi is the Founder/Owner of DIGITALCOLOR. Since 1985, Al has served professionals in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles and Southern California in the business/film/entertainment/medical/retail industries with highend lab services. Producers, Actors, Directors, Cinematographers, Photographers, and everyday people trust Al with their valuable family photos and videos.

• • • • • •

Express Digital • Portfolio Canvas Printing • Photography Photo Processing • Videography Photo Books • Posters Video Production • Banners Video Recording Step & Repeat 835 N. La•Brea Avenue (between Melrose and Santa Monica Blvd.)

8562 West Pico Blvd., Beverly Hills/Los Angeles, CA 90035 West Hollywood/Los Angeles, CA 90038 310-274-3445 (West of La Cienega)

310-274-3445 Email:


40 // //

DVDs • 8mm Film Video • Production Photography • Slides

OnLine Services

• create photo albums • View & edit photos • order prints

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continued from page 22 José Luis Nazar —Where’s My Limo? It’s now May 2014. “I confirmed the rather high price of $57,500, with the limo to be delivered in five weeks,” says José. “Diaz would cover unsightly speakers, change old light lenses, install my belongings, update with new plugs, USB ports, fire extinguishers, etc. I was to travel back to New York to inspect the car before its shipment C.O.D. Two days later, I wired the $10,000 down payment. Almost three months later (August) Diaz called to say the limo was finished and I had to travel immediately to his shop "or lose my down payment." José says on his arrival, the supposedly “like new limo” was anything but. “I tested the moon roof with a hose, and water flooded the leather seats, sending us scrambling for towels. With Diaz at the wheel, the engine overheated, the airconditioning didn't work, and the radiator burst in front of The Standard (my hotel) expelling a stream of coolant and enveloping us in steam clouds. In September, José again flew to New York to see the car. Much to his dismay he found that a large patch of leather interior was still missing and the engine/ smog emission check had not been done. Disappointed back to Los Angeles he came. In October, José took the trip again to find still no smog test. Two days later Diaz told José he couldn't see him because his wife was sick. “From there, the conversation got worse by the minute,” says José. “He said I was the worst customer he'd ever had; that I didn't care about his wife’s health and, contrary to the contract, he wasn’t shipping the limo unless I wired the balance in advance. I began suspecting he was looking for an excuse to sell my limo to someone else, which, thanks to my belongings, had a distinguished interior that anyone would find attractive. When we finally spoke again, Diaz yelled that he was a “warrior" fighting problem clients like me. He was selling the limo to another buyer because I had "shown distrust" asking for my limo or my deposit back. This he said, gave him the right to keep my deposit and my limo. He became more and more self-righteous and irrational to the point of reneging on every point of our contract and even threatening my lawyer with the California state bar for "sneakily making him sign a switched contract.”

One day later, José was surprised by a peremptory notice stating that unless he wired the balance and flew out to inspect the limo within 24 hours, Diaz would go to another buyer and José would forfeit his $10,000 down payment. José was on his way to Europe and could not make the 24-hour time frame he was given. “Later, Diaz screamed he was keeping my art and belongings because he had spent $3,500 after the radiator explosion. I offered to arrive with a cashier's check for the balance and ship the limo myself. "Talk to my lawyer" was his reply. He hung up and has since blocked my calls.”

If you hear, “Trust me, I’ve been in business for 30-years,” it might also mean I’m retiring and don’t care about the business reputation any more. Despite José’s efforts neither Diaz nor his attorney returned his calls or calls from the Los Angeles police. For this article, myself and an associate at the magazine made several attempts to contact Diaz by phone (leaving messages) and emails. Our calls/emails were not returned. According to José, Diaz had mentioned he was retiring; possibly a little richer thanks to José’s money. José’s only recourse: pursue criminal charges for stolen belongings worth $10,000; civil charges for a $10,000 down payment, $10,000 in airfare, hotel, transportation, and obtain a judgment against a business with no apparent assets, more time and more legal fees worth more than the limo itself. Worse... no dream limo. José thinks Gualberto Diaz is so desperate for cash that he would do anything including sell the same car more than once. José later learned that while Diaz was asking him for $56,000 “AS IS” with a straight face, one of his websites listed the same blue limo for $48,750.

Beverly Hills Bar Association

Annual Installation Awards Dinner

Judge Barry Russell presided over the installation of President Linda Spiegel; BHB Foundation President Gillian Brown; BHB Barristers President Doron Eghbali.

BHB Association CEO Marc Staenberg accepts the Louis B. Fox Award for outstanding service.


Linda E. Spiegel was installed as President of the Beverly Hills Bar Association at the Installation and Awards Dinner at the Four Seasons Hotel in Los Angeles. The Honorable Barry Russell, Bankruptcy Judge in the Central District of California, administered the oath of office to Spiegel. NBC4 chief political reporter/anchor of the program “News Conference” Conan Outstanding Service Awards: Hon. Lawrence W. Nolan was the Guest Speaker. Board Crispo (President’s Award); Suzanne E. Schwartz of Governors officers sworn in were (Chief Executive Officer’s Award); Robert K. Wrede President-Elect Howard S. Fredman; (Board of Governors Award); Megan Peitzke First Vice-President Howard S. Fisher; (Barristers Lawrence J. Blake Award); Second Vice-President Richard Kaplan; Secretary/Treasurer LaVonne Lawson and Immediate Past President Diane Karpman. BHBA Barristers cabinet members installed: President Doron Eghbali; President Elect William Wenzel; Treasurer Yan Goldshteyn; Secretary Nadira Imam; Immediate Past President Autumn Ronda. BHB Foundation leaders invested: President Gillian N. Brown; President-Elect Stephen P. Webb; Vice President Development Steve Young; Vice Chair Scholarships Daren Schlecter; Vice-President Grants Jill Levin; Treasurer Jim Jahant; Secretary Marc A. Lieberman; and Immediate Past President Bonita Moore. Proceeds support educational/community outreach programs of the BHBA; Sponsored by Matloff Life, Health and Disability Insurance and the law firm Pachulski Stang Ziehl & Jones.

Conan Nolan

Ronald Guttman, LaVonne Lawson, BHBA President Linda Spiegel & Adam Siegler

No way José! José decided to post a $5,000 reward. Even though we don’t know where the Caribbean-blue limo is, the VIN number has not changed hands as of yet. But we know one thing... the limo is out there somewhere. Who knows you may be the lucky person to spot it and cash in on the reward. Says José, “Two years of work on this limo; I don’t want the money... I want my damn limo!” BHT

BHBA Past Presidents Steven Raucher, Diane Karpman, Nicholas Allis, John Rubiner

BHBA Past Presidents Emily Shappell Edelman, Cynthia Pasternak, Nancy Knupfer

// // 41

NOVEMBER 2014_Beverly Hills Times 2/14/15 5:38 AM Page 42

Fashion Forward

story Nataliya

Joy Prieto

photos Debbie


LA designers overflow with romantic flair.

IF you were seated in the audience at any of a number of shows during LA Fashion Week, you

were privy to an assortment of spectacular “must-have’s” for Spring and Summer. Some of our favorites looks were brought to us by designers, Le Jolie, Alexis Monsanto, JM couture, Sue Wong, Rosario, and Quynh among others. Certainly, we all know that fashion comes and goes with the changing seasons of the year, but here in Los Angeles we are blessed to have the fabulous opportunity to enjoy dress-to-impress weather all year long. Sleeveless, sheer, short, glittery, cleavage baring, a rainbow of colors, and what we out west refer to as our “Winter White” collection, are sassy staples in our closets 7/24/360 days and nights. How lucky are we to enjoy fashion at its finest, and the brilliance of our own LA designers who make it their job to dress us head-to-toe in their brilliance. What caught my eye this year was the array of sheer elegance that strutted the runways. Certainly, most of us would likely option for undergarments to accompany the designs, but needless to say the models wearing them gave us a sneak peek into a world of risque... not for everyone, but definitely for daring girls looking to make a grand entrance people won’t stop talking about. EVER! BHT




Desig Beau B 42 // //

NOVEMBER 2014_Beverly Hills Times 2/14/15 5:38 AM Page 43


TheF Haute Blondes & Barkin Bitches


(-!+ )(-%(!(- &

)-!& 3

!(-.+2 %-2



/!(.! )" -$! - +,



May 2015 Montage Hotel Beverly Hills

., %)., %(#!+%! !12 ( &!# (- %+!( ,$%)( $)0 1st 2nd -(3rd)0 PLACE “BEST DRESSED” Owners)4,& Their Dogs !1 - %*, -) '*+)/! ).+ )/!Awards %"! 3 For -%(# ( )(4-, ! -$! )' ( ! (4- %/! %-$).- 3 ! -$! ( /!+2 )' ( (-,

Dr. Ava Cadell

Bill Ferguson

Dr. Carole Lieberman

TV Personality/International Guest Speaker/Certified Sexologist & Best Selling Author of “The Sexy Little Book of Love Games” Gives Lasting Secrets On How To Create A HOT Sex Life!

Known as “The Love Counselor” Former Divorce Attorney/International Guest Speaker/TV Personality & Best Selling Author of “How To Heal A Painful Relationship” Takes the Conflict out of Men & Women Communication.

Shrink to the Stars/TV Personality/ International Guest Speaker and Best Selling Author Of “BAD Boys” and “BAD Girls” Details On How To Be One, How To Conquer One, or How To Dump One!


Designer Clothes & Chic Accessories Beauty, Health, Fitness Goodies Designer Clothes & Chic Accessories


Beauty, Health, Fitness Goodies Vendor Booths/VIP Sponsorship 424-238-1000


Adorable Rescue Dogs From Local Shelters 1 The Runway Dressed To Impress Walk Adorable RescueLooking Dogs For from Shelters A “Forever Home”

Dressed to Impress Strut the Runway


For Futher Information: #)"*, **.$+*)-*,-$%+ 000 $ /.# '*)"#- )" ,&%) %.!$#- !*( For Further Information:

NOVEMBER 2014_Beverly Hills Times 2/13/15 6:38 AM Page 44

Art For The Heart

For Information Email Mandara:

by Mandara Takowsky & Rosaline Paronyan

a star is born...

Olivia Young ART

44 // //

is extraordinary, unique, and talent is found in the most uncommon places. When you think “artist” one of the last things that could come to mind is an 11-year old, 5th grader equipped with a piece of paper, pencil, and purposeful vision. Olivia Young is an artist based out of Los Angeles and Las Vegas who has been developing her own unique style since she was 5-years old. “For me, art is a passion you can put on a piece of paper. Art is explaining your words in drawings,” she confidently states. Each of her drawings is a story, adorned with vivid colors and radiant characters. Her technique incorporates shadows and three-dimensional pieces that display a carefully and mathematical detailed artistry. The sources of her inspiration are limitless. Olivia says art draw inspiration everywhere. , Olivia studies the history of art, naming Leonardo Da Vinci and Picasso as her favorites. She admires aspects of Da Vinci’s works people can overlook; like landscapes and animals. Picasso’s modern style is her favorite period, and she is fascinated by the way in which the shapes, figures, and features in his pieces are mismatched. She believes he painted in this style because he saw the world much differently than most people. As for future plans, Olivia wants to become a famous and well-recognized artist, surpassing she says even the artists she admires. Currently, Olivia is remaking the Mona Lisa in her own idiosyncratic style, with plans to make that infamous smile a bit more mysterious, eyes brighter, and the palette more vibrant with an ocean view in the background. Olivia’s advice for young artists is that they should never be discouraged by the opinions of others and, must keep going; never giving up on their dream. “Never ever change the way you look at the world. This is what makes you special. Draw it, paint it as you think it should be. Don’t change your view if you think it tells your story. Your unique vision is your talent.” BHT

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Rita Wilson presents award to Lisa Paulsen. Performance was under the direction of SCLA founding Artistic Director Ben Donenberg.

Rita Wilson, SCLA Artistic Director Ben Donenberg, honoree Lisa Paulsen.

Colin Hanks Martin Short

Paul Simon

Richard Siegel, Kaitlin Olson, Glenn Howerton, Michael J. Davis, Head of the Western Region, Deutsche Bank

HOSTS Rita Wilson & Tom Hanks

Steve Carell, Bill Irwin, Sam Waterston Since 1985, The Shakespeare Center of Los Angeles has been a vibrant hub of events designed to make Shakespeare accessible to all. Its programs include, “Will Power to Youth,” an academic enrichment program combining hands-on artistic experience with paid job training and arts education for at-risk youth. SCLA’s “Veterans in Art” program helps veterans recover and reintegrate into mainstream Los Angeles civilian life such as using a full veteran workforce production crew and offering free tickets to active military, veterans, families and care givers. .

along with guests honored the Entertainment Industry Foundation and its President/CEO Lisa Paulsen at The Shakespeare Center of Los Angeles 24th Annual Simply Shakespeare Benefit with a reading of: “As You Like It,” at the Freud Playhouse, UCLA Campus. The evening of impromptu Shakespeare and music featured a star-studded cast including Paul Simon, Rita Wilson, William Shatner, Steve Carell, Martin Short, Colin Hanks, Gillian Jacobs, Christopher Lloyd, Glenn Howerton, Kaitlin Olson, Bill Irwin, Sam Waterston and Sheldon Donenberg. The event was sponsored by the Entertainment Industry Foundation and Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management. Proceeds support the SCLA and its arts based veterans employment and youth employment programs for inner-city youth, arts education in local schools, and professional union contracted productions at the Japanese Garden on the grounds of the West Los Angeles Veterans Medical Center. Photos: Ryan Miller/Capture Imaging

William Shatner, Bill Irwin, Christopher Lloyd, Gillian Jacobs

The Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF)) is a leading charitable organization of the entertainment industry. It has distributed hundreds of millions of dollars to support charitable initiatives addressing critical health, arts education and social issues.

Beverly Hills Imaging

Board-Certified, trained at Cornell Vascular Center specializing in Vascular Care, Cancer Care, Uterine Fibroid Embolization and Pain Management.

Dr. Amiel Moshfegh



“We are pleased to announce a Comprehensive Vein Care Program for patients with varicose and spider veins. Our cutting-edge technology and treatment for eliminating veins were invented at Cornell University and offer the latest in symptom control and vein elimination with zero to minimal downtime.” — Dr. Amiel

Love Your Legs





Call today for a FREE varicose vein screening by a Beverly Hills Imaging Vein Specialist

Beverly Hills


Toluca Lake

// // 45

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crazy • sexy • exciting • delicious • fun in the city



THE HUNGRY CAT Meeeeeeeeow!

For you hungry kitties looking for delicious chow, this place is THE place! A fun, busy, Hollywood location, great to go before seeing a show at Pantages theater. Sexy women in tremendously short skirts, men with excessive cologne, tourists, and sexy singles is what you will find here. Now, besides the eye candy — there is REALLY good cuisine here as well ;)).

Pig in a Blanket

SMALL friendly Italian restaurant in the very hip Silver Lake area of Los

Angeles. Zach Pollak (from the famous Sotto restaurant) brought us small plates of moderately priced Italian dishes and we were seated at the light wood tables, where we checked out the view of many tres sexy singles who were sitting at the bar. The delightful aroma that was coming from the kitchen made our starving stomachs growl like raccoons in heat. For our starters we immediately ordered the PIG IN A BLAKET — mortadella, spelt pastry, brovado, stracchino, the tiny little mustard seeds and tomato jam between the buttery flaky spelt pastry made this dish superb, and the delicious CHOPPED SALAD "amigliorata" tres fresh! Our entrees were the SQUID INK RADIATORI — red wine braised squid, mussels, peas, dried tomatoes — was so delicious it made us tipsy with its exquisite flavors. WHOLE WHEAT BIGOLI —summer tomato, pinenuts, crema acida, totally stimulated our senses and the scrump FUSSILI — cockles, fava leaves, serranos, smoked butter, a bit spicy and a lot fabulous. This intimate, cozy, white wall dining room is a great place for family celebrations, anniversaries and especially first dates where you can share a mouthwatering dessert such as the CHOCOLATE BUDINO — layered caramel, whipped cream, and sweetened bread cubes — all over a warm sugary first kiss. Bon Appétit!

ALIMENTO 1710 Silver Lake Voulevard, Los Angeles CA 90026 (323) 928-2888 Monday — CLOSED Tuesday - Thursday: 5:30 pm — 10:00 pm Friday - Saturday: 5:30 pm — 12:00pm Sunday: 5:30 pm — 10:00pm

46 // //

Sea Urchin

We started with OYSTER SHOOTERS — Oyster, blue iced vodka, lemon, Tabasco, and Maryland spice. These shooters warmed our bodies and made our stomachs salivate the cuisine coming our way! The SEA URCHIN PASTA — roasted sweet peppers, cherry tomatoes, poached egg, nori, MAIN LOBSTER ROLL — on a butter toasted roll, french fries, velvety and tender; the BRAISED MUSSELS — xo sauce, jasmine rice, bok choy, cilantro, pickled peppers — left us breathless and with a cry of relief. For our sweet tooth — CHOCOLATE BREAD AND BUTTER PUDDING — this dessert entered our wet awaiting mouths, at first slowly and then with every sweet bite more and more forcefully. Totally euphoric! MEYER LEMON CURD PARFAIT — sweet, tangy and fluffy. Great service and delicious seafood... What more can you ask for? Meooow!

The Hungry Cat 1535 Vine Street, Los Angeles CA 90028 (323) 462-2155 Monday - Wednesday: 12:00 pm — 10:00 pm Thursday: 12:00 pm — 11:00 pm Friday: 12:00 pm — 11:00pm Saturday: 11:00 pm — 11:00pm Sunday: 11:00 pm — 10:00pm

BLU JAM CAFE Ohhhhh! There is no better eatery than one

that serves breakfast ALL DAY! Defuckinlicious! Time to get wild and reckless! The BREAKFAST TRIO — three eggs any style, two classic pancakes or French toast with smoked bacon, or chicken apple sausage, super filling, BURGONDY OMELETTE — three egg omelets, Spinach, Mushrooms, Montchevre goat cheese, sundried tomatoes, chives, fresh tarragon, served with crispy potatoes and toast, sent tingles down our spine, and made us shudder with desire for more breakfast delicacies — CRUNCHY FRENCH TOAST—egg brioche dipped in batter, rolled in crunchy corn flakes and grilled to perfection topped with fresh fruit, served with vanilla bean sauce, tasted of sweet heat and naughtiness. For dessert ; ) — BLUEBERRY PANCAKES — with fresh blueberries and powdered sugar — perfect ending. For you breakfast lovers THIS is definitely the place to be! Quick service, fun crowd, happy atmosphere and wonderful sexy aroma of maple and eggs :)).

Blu Jam Cafe 15045 Ventura Blvd., Sherman Oaks, CA 91403 (818) 906-1955 Monday - Sunday: 8:00 pm — 4:00pm

NOVEMBER 2014_Beverly Hills Times 2/13/15 6:39 AM Page 47



Dining In



Exotic custom drink menu - $$$$ YUM 3515 Wilshire Blvd, LA 90010


GREYHOUND BAR & GRILL Barfly favs by mixologists - VIP crowd 5570 North Figueroa St, LA 90042



The most romantic place ever! If you want to make an impression for an ultra romantic night out — date, anniversary, birthday or just to enjoy a beautiful dinner in a magical wonderland — this is the place to go. Make sure you make reservations at least a week before! For our appetizers we started with the delectable PAN ROASTED QUAIL — Carrot puree, Maitake mushrooms, truffle vinaigrette, HAMACHI SASHIMI — Shaved fennel, Yuzu-Clemintine Caviar, Fennel Pollen Emulsion... the Meringue was simply mouthwatering! Our entrees — PAN ROASTED BLACK COD— Aromatic Coconut Broth, Roasted Cherry Tomato, Charred Leeks, Galangal, Lemongrass, Pea Tendrils — all were a thrilling and stimulating sensation. CHARCOAL CRUST PRIME FILET MIGNON — Creekstone Farms Natural Angus Beef, watercress, Baby Leeks, Carrots, Balsamic Onions, Black Garlic, Potato foam gave us shock-waves of pleasure! For our sweet tooth we enjoyed the MAPLE CHEESE CAKE — Brown butter, Raspberry gel, Caramel, Almond and Coconut crust, so intoxicating! and the MILK CHOCOLATE PUDDING — Cinnamon Caramel, Chocolate Soil, Banana, Brulee, Meringue, Espresso Ice Cream — so sweet and soft on our awaiting hot tongues and palates.

Nightclub Disco feel - TOO FUN 819 South Flower Street LA 90017

HARLOWE A drinking cave with FAB nibbles 7321 Santa Monica Blvd West Hollywood

BARELLA Voted “Best Happy Hour” in LA 2609 Hyperion Ave LA 90027

THE CHURCHILL Amazing fireplace & yummy bar favs 8384 W. 3rd St, West hollywood 90048

PARQ BAR Live music, romantic, scrump drinks

Inn of the Seventh Ray 128 Old Topanga Cyn Rd, Topanga Cyn, CA 90290 (310) 455-1311 Monday - Friday: 10:30am — 3:00pm Saturday: 10:00 am — 2:00 am Sunday Brunch: 9:30am — 3:00pm Dinner 7 Days: 5:30pm — 10:00pm

225 N. Canon Dr., Beverly Hills 90210

ACABAR Seductive, zesty cocktails, rose petals

Secret Family Recipes....

Romanian Eggplant Salad (Salata de vinete)

· 2 medium eggplants (1-1.5 lb) try and buy

eggplants that are long and slim not round— it makes it much easier to cook.

· 1tbsp. salt · 1/2 cup sunflower oil or Canola · 1/2 onion – chopped finely

Start by piercing the eggplant skin in several places with a fork. As per Romanian tradition we cook the eggplant skin over charcoal, but you can cook them over a broiler pan as well. TO DO: Place eggplant skins on a rack over a broiler pan so the surface of the eggplant is about 2-3 inches from the source of heat. Broil 45 min-1 hour; turn the eggplant each 15 min until they are soft and skin is partly blackened and charred. It’s normal for eggplant skin to break open during cooking. When cooked remove eggplant from broiler and place on a wooden cutting board. Let stand about 2 min. While hot pull off the skin (dip fingers in cold water to keep them from burning). Cut stem from peeled eggplants and press eggplant meat to squeeze out water and chop until fine. Put chopped eggplant meat in a deep wooden, glass or china dish, cover, place in refrigerator to cool. When cold add salt. While beating with a fork, add sunflower oil very slowly and a few drops of lemon juice (keeps Salata eggplant color de vinete alive or it will darken) slowly, then contine to beat another minute or two. Serve as a revitalizing appetizer or salad on small plates, you can decorate with a few olives or tomatoes. Place chopped onions on a dish for guests to use according to taste; mix into a salad if you like. BON APETIT..........

1510 N. Stanley Ave. Hollywood 90046 // // 47

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