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THE SECRET STATE These Boys In The Band Have Their Own Ideas On What It Takes To Rock The World...

From the Editor Suzanne Takowsky

A Night of Beauty... A Lifetime of Empowerment...

The Chrysalis Program Today, more than ever we have to make a commitment to help those who need a hand. So many times we find ourselves stuck in a “poor me” mode thinking about what we DON’T have. BUT what about what we DO have. We must start being grateful for all the blessings that come into our lives, and forget about acquiring “other stuff” that in the overall picture doesn’t really mean a thing. Not all we want we will get. And that’s OK. The universe somehow finds a way to bring us what we need, and those are the blessings that truly enrich our lives and bring happiness to our hearts. Right now there are millions of people struggling not to get ahead BUT with an urgent need to survive and feed, house and protect their families. By supporting organizations dedicated to helping people get to the next level in life, we will find that our own lives become enriched. Each spring, Chrysalis, a nonprofit organization that creates a pathway to self-sufficiency for homeless and lowincome individuals by offering the resources and support needed to help them find and retain employment, hosts a Chrysalis’ Women’s Empowerment Program’s female clients nine-week Women’s Empowerment Program. The event getting pampered at Planet Salon in Beverly Hills, California concludes with “MAKEOVER NIGHT” – a fabulous and transforming day-at-the-beauty-salon experience that truly makeup applications and beautiful clothes to wear on their new brings out the hidden beauty in attendees. This year’s event in job interviews. The women who completed the program had an April was hosted by Planet Salon, in Beverly Hills, California. opportunity to look and feel their best inside and out and then, off Stylists and makeup artists volunteered to transform the 35 they went with all the tools necessary to help them feel more women in the program with complimentary haircuts and styling, confident about securing their upcoming job possibilities. PLUS, a room of beautiful women emerged looking gorgeous from head to toe. Chrysalis’ services in Los Angeles County prepare for, attain, and sustain employment, giving clients a hand up, not a hand out as they build on their strengths reducing or eliminating any barriers to finding employment. Clients work closely with their Employment Specialists to build an employment plan for short-and long-term goals. In 2012, Chrysalis assisted more than 3,300 men and women in their job search with 1,781 of those securing employment. The “feel-good” stories the Chrysalis’ Women’s Empowerment Program provides can’t be put into words. The personal and professional transformations created are nothing less than miraculous, helping people out of the depths of hopelessness and into a world of endless possibility. For more information, please visit Many thanks to Planet Salon, 323 S. Robertson Blvd., Beverly Hills, California. Photo credit: Kristen Hanson l The beautiful and transforming before and after photos of Brenda Hearn part of the Chrysalis Women’s Empowerment Program

“Let us be sure that those who come after will say of us in our time, that in our time we did everything that could be done. We finished the race; we kept them free; we kept the faith.” — Ronald Reagan 10 // //

Founder/Publisher SUzANNE TAKOWSKy





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Star Power

Celebrity Fight Night XIX Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center Celebrity Fight Night XIX sponsored by Belvedere Vodka joined a starstudded crowd to raise money for the Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center at the Barrow Neurological Institute as the primary beneficiary. Hosted by superstar Reba McEntire (8th year as MC) money was raised for the charity with the efforts of performers Jennifer Lopez, Andrea Bocelli, Steve Martin and The Steep Canyon Rangers, Billy Crystal, Billy Ray Cyrus and legendary songwriter/producer David Foster returned for his 14th year as the Musical Director. Muhammad Ali honored Jennifer Lopez, Steve Martin and Dennis Washington with the 2013 Muhammad Ali Celebrity Fight Night Awards. VIPs included: Yank Barry, Keith Harkin, James Dean Hicks, Nick Lowery, Jennifer Lopez & Reba McEntire Evander Holyfield, Michael Johns, Mannie Jackson, Lennox Lewis, Harvey Mckay, Joe Manganiello, Miguel Montero, Sam Moore, Frankie Muniz, Lute Olson, Chris Rich, Ralph Sampson, Kevin Sorbo, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa and Verne Troyer. l

Mario Lopez & Muhammad Ali

Andrea Bocelli & Jennifer Lopez perform

Verne Troyer & Jennifer

I Have A Dream Foundation Helping Kids Get A Better Education and Have A Better Life

Helping kids in Los Angeles who don't get much help at all when it comes to their education, or having a better life, The 'I Have a Dream" Foundation - Los Angeles, adopts a third grade class and stays with them through the 12th grade. If students graduate, then incredibly “The I Have A Dream Foundation” will pay for the students college tuition. This is the 25th anniversary of IHADLA with a class of seniors on their way to graduation in the Boyle Heights school district. And this time of the year, it’s the grass roots “Prom Dress Drive” as was seen on ABC7 news which profiled Beverly Hills High School students who generously donated prom dresses they had collected for this special event. Defining courage in motion, an amazing group of young people from Boyle Heights defied all odds when they completed their schooling up to Rebeca Samayoa high school graduation and went onto achieving their dreams of going to college. Some are set to attend Stanford, Mills, USC, and UCLA to name a few. The “I Have A Dream Foundation” needs your help to gain more support so they can continue to support more kids throughout the LA area to help them to succeed in life. Students from Lincoln and Wilson high schools picked prom clothes, shoes and accessories for the biggest dance of the year and other items they will be able to use as they head to upcoming job interviews. The foundation works with students in impoverished communities helping them as they work towards their goals for a better life. A heartfelt thanks goes out to students and schools Wendy Perez who participated in the ongoing efforts of the “I have A Dream Foundation”. l

Magali Ramirez

Leslie Robles

Billy Crystal & Steve Martin

Performer Billy Ray Cyrus

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Joe Manganiello making wise cracks

Anibal Diaz

Efrian Riquelme

Alvaro Melchor

Juan Zyiniga


Power of a Mastermind Group

Real Estate Investment Management Entrepreneur

Denis Burke What

is a Mastermind? A Mastermind is the gathering of two or more for the honorable purpose of studying, learning, assessing problems, evaluating ideas and finding solutions using the collective power of their thoughts to generate greater results and, it’s been around for over 100 years. Steel magnate Andrew Carnegie (richest man in America in the 1880’s) had 50-plus people engaged in Masterminds in various facets of his diversified business. He believed that a positive mental attitude was the most vital thing each member brought to the group and that fear, doubt and negativity destroyed it. Mastermind Groups need a specific mission and focus. Some are for education so members study and learn; others solve problems like addictions to drugs, alcohol and food. Most are for business where trust, confidentiality, and integrity are important for success and it’s necessary to establish a Code of Honor and commitment among members. When people unify their minds and focus on a specific solution, vibrations of their thoughts bring a greater result than an individual thinking on their own. To understand the power of a Mastermind, you must understand how the human mind works. The mind consists of the conscious and subconscious. The conscious mind is the thinking mind. The subconscious mind is our emotional mind. Most people believe their mind is in their brain. But, the mind is in every cell in our body. The brain is like a switching station. The mind is neither a location nor a destination in a human, it’s pure essence—spiritual with a superior power fueled by a higher authority and serves as our mechanism to function. Years ago, J B. Rhine, a renowned mind expert at Duke University said, “The mind is the greatest creation in all of mankind.” I think he was right. The subconscious mind is active day or night, even when we sleep and vulnerable and receptive to information, both good and bad, which it receives from our sensing faculties. Research shows that minds vibrate at various rates of speed and like a radio broadcasting station receive and transmit thoughts. Evidence of this was discovered by Dr. Alexander Graham Bell and Dr. Elmer Gates when they determined it was possible to run human voice across copper lines. You have the ability to pick up thought vibrations of a person and someone else simultaneously picks up your thoughts. An example is a married couple deciding to dine out. One says “honey, why don’t we go to Gino’s for Pizza.” Then the other spouse realizes he/she had the same thought. Mastermind Groups don’t have to be living to gain strength and benefit. An interesting phenomenon in creating a powerful Mastermind Alliance is it can be developed in your imagination with people who have passed away, as they have the same spiritual essence as when they were in this world. The main difference after passing is they are no longer in a tangible, physical form. You can’t see them, but with meditation can slow vibrations of your mind to an alpha state by counting 25-1 or 10-1 backwards. When you engage in active visualization for 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes at night, you’ll significantly improve your imagination—one of 6 mental faculties we possess. The imagination is like a mental muscle. The more it is enhanced, the more benefit it brings. Be patient in the beginning. It takes time for this magic power to reveal itself. In the book, Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill shared his experience of forming a Mastermind Alliance with former Presidents, business leaders and prominent people he knew who passed away. The description he gave of his extraordinary results from this form of mastermind convinced me to try it. I’ve formed a daily Mastermind Alliance, using visualization and my imagination with my mother, younger sister and older brother—all have passed away. I’ve created a beautiful boardroom setting and see them crystal clear, sitting there smiling and happy. At first, the vision of them was fairly faded, but as I continued to practice, a picture of them became clear. I communicate with them as if they were here, by speaking aloud in a normal tone. I’ve shared challenges, opportunities and situations I’m dealing with personally and in business, and have great faith they have solutions beyond me. After two weeks I began to receive empowered strength, guidance and direction like I’ve never felt before. The more you practice and the longer you stick with it, the greater the results you will achieve. What you’re doing is tapping into your inner powers and higher intelligence using visualization and imagination. You won’t be asleep during this exercise, but have your eyes closed and be very relaxed. You’ll be aware of your surroundings at all times. When you are ready to come out of meditation, count from 1-5, you will awake, eyes open and feel great. You will feel like you slept a full night’s sleep. **This is not the practice of necromancy, nor is it my purpose to promote it. Dr. Denis Burke is a Senior Consultant and the Founder of He may be reached for a FREE Consultation by email or 877-997-MIND. No part of this article may be copied or reprinted without permission. You may now sign up for our Success Mastermind Webinars “Think and Grow Rich” or The Science of Getting Rich” by emailing l

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When You Are Away From Home...

For Special Occasions or An Evening out... Four Star Hotel Luxury

Just minutes from the most famous city in the world...Beverly Hills and a short drive to the famed beaches of Malibu and Santa Monica, The InterContinental Hotel presents 361 spacious guest rooms including 148 suites with glorious panoramic views. Guests enjoy elegant four star dining options in the hotel, a relaxing live music lobby lounge, SPA InterContinental, 24 hour fitness center, rooftop yoga and Zumba, sauna & steam room, outdoor heated infinity swimming pool and 15,000 sq ft of event space. InterContinental Hotel • Century City, Los An geles, CA 90067 2151 Avenue of the Stars Front Desk 310.284.6500

Join The Party 424-202-4747 // // 11

Tennis • Golf • Pool • Spa • Fitness Center Take a Belly Dance, Yoga or Spinning Class Lunch at the Pool or Romantic Dinner for Two!

The Beverly Hills Country Club Lifestyle

LOS ANGELES where movie history plays a major role and keeps us on the map, one of the most historical clubs is the Beverly Hills Country Club. Founded in 1926, by Elmer Griffin, the uncle of famed entertainer Merv Griffin, the Club has for decades represented the social, community, business and entertainment venue for VIPs from all walks of life. More than simply a place for fun, the Club is a family tradition that represents excellence at every turn. From a tennis match, day at the spa, private event, party, or a romantic dinner—the Beverly Hills Country Club is a cozy home-away-from-home where members are treated like family—and have been for generations. Located minutes from FOX and MGM studios, the Club is an accessible destination for successful professionals from every industry, offering options of privacy, accommodations, main dining room menu, outdoor terrace casual eating, intimate bar, larger lounge area, recreational sports and atmosphere for either a quiet meeting or large group gathering—and is open every day! Weekdays 5:30 am-10:00 pm Saturday 6:00 am-9:00 pm Sunday 7:00 am-8:00 pm Valet services during the day and into the evening.

Beverly Hills Country Club Members Enjoy

• Olympic Size Heated Pool • Indoor & Outdoor Dining • Social Areas, Meeting Rooms, • Cardio & Weight Room • Health & Fitness Spa Clubhouse, Banquet Room Fine dining, exceptional service and catering • Sauna & Steam Room • 10 Lighted Tennis Courts for special events, with intimate spaces for private parties, entertaining business clients or relaxing at • Golf, Pro Shop, Game Room • Group/Private Workouts the pool with a glass of wine. Members have privi- • Children’s Pools, Child Care • Massage Services leges at the Calabasas Country Club which offers an 18-hole championship golf course in the scenic and natural setting of the Calabasas country side catering to golfers at all skill levels—for men, women and juniors, complete with golf clinics and superb practice facilities designed by golf pro Dave Pelz. Practice area offers four chipping and pitching greens, two putting greens and three practice bunkers. Reciprocal access privileges at participating Passport Clubs throughout the world. Choose a vacation destination, confirm availability of the facilities in that location and inquire about using your Beverly Hills Country Club member card during your visit. The Membership office at the Beverly Hills Country Club can assist if you need a letter of introduction. A variety of daily exercise classes are offered from cycling, strength training, yoga, pilates, total body conditioning, to belly and Zumba dancing and low impact training. l

Beverly Hills Country Club 3084 Motor Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90064 310.836.4400

Time less Elegance... Unforgettable Style... From First Ladies To International Superstars — When It comes To The Sophistication of Business Attire, the Lavishness of Haute Couture and the Opulence of Bridal Splendor — All Eyes Turn To International

Fashion Designer Shahla Dorriz and Her Mystical, Hand Painted, Custom Clothes.

“I feel one of my greatest design contributions is my introduction of ethnic fashion to the world more than 25 years ago. The writings of peace, happiness and love I inscribe on many pieces in my collection are considered my signature work and recognized worldwide.” — Shahla Dorriz

Designer Shahla Dorriz, Secretary of S tate Hillary Clinton and Miss Fariba at a Persian charity event in San Francisco.

Breathtaking is one way to describe the aweinspiring romantic flair for the designs of famed fashion designer Shahla Dorriz. For more than 20 years, she has thrilled runways from New York to Paris with ethnic fashion, and now more than ever, high-profile women from politics to society, business and entertainment are wearing her fashions to promote a heartfelt alliance for world peace, love and compassion. Shahla’s couture has graced red carpets worldwide from the Oscars and Emmys on television soap operas, and the big screen, and are seen regularly on the pages of international magazines. “Each piece I create is with vision and purpose for love, of life and happiness,” stated Shahla. “My fashions appeal to women of all ages and ethnic backgrounds and women everywhere who appreciate the experience of wearing finely designed clothing.” Recently, at a concert in Dubai, international singing superstar Natalie Cole dazzled a sold-out crowd wearing a custom, hand-painted gown designed for her by Shahla. The legendary Ms. Cole told her thrilled audience, “It’s nice to see you, it’s nice to be seen. The dress has writings from the 13th century Arabic poet Rumi (referring to him as the Shakespeare of Persia), they are all about love,” she added as she elegantly walked to the edge of the stage to present an extended look at her show-stopping gown. Make your next grand entrance in unforgettable style. Visit the collections of both Shahla and Alexandre Dorriz (her son) at their fabulous showroom in Beverly Hills.

La Maison du Shahla Dorriz

131 North Robertson Blvd, Beverly Hills, California 90211 310.855.0456

Shahla and Natalie Cole in-house for a fitting; Shahla’s son Alexandre a seasoned designer with his own line.

International Singing Superstar Natalie Cole performs in concert in Dubai wearing custom couture by Shahla.

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Star Power Monsters•Aliens•Vampires•Puppets Hollywood Special Effects Makeup Legend

Illusion Industries CEO Todd Tucker

RED BULL CURATES: THE CANVAS COOLER PROJECT Art lovers flocked to West Hollywood’s Factory West for the Red Bull Curates:


for creating iconic creatures in films such as The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Pirates of the Caribbean, Big Momma’s House 2, Mrs. Doubtfire, Passion of the Christ, Van Helsing, Hannibal, GI JOE: RETALIATION and numerous others including the upcoming Iceman, starring James Franco and Sony’s—The Smurfs, Todd’s the guy who keeps us glued to our seats, scared and screaming, but enthralled. Having worked on more than 100 films/TV shows with the biggest actors and directors in the biz, Todd’s entrepreneurial vision came full circle two years ago when he and his business partner Ron Halvas who had worked as a team for years, founded Illusion Industries, in Los Angeles. Two years later, they had expanded their special effects, prosthetic makeup, animatronics, puppets, specialty costumes, and design expertise to New Orleans and Moscow offices as well. An only child, Todd says he spent the majority of his youth at the movies mesmerized by films such as Star Wars, The Dark Crystal and Gremlins. His talent for drawing and sculpting detailed creatures and characters revealed itself early and he remembers knowing even at a young age he wanted to work in the movie business. During high school and as a hobby, he learned to sculpt and create his own unique creatures. An advanced higher education and four years building his portfolio followed, before moving to LA and getting his first major film work as a key artist on Steven Spielberg’s 1991 film, "Hook" with Robin Williams. He said, "I did not take it for granted. I knew I had to work hard to keep working on major films." As for his favorite jobs, he says prosthetic makeup is the most enjoyable because of the process of transforming an actor and bringing that character to life. And, his favorite movie to work on was a comic book movie called, Trailer Park of Terror where his team created a redneck zombie family, and on the movie he got to produce and 2nd Unit Direct the film. Any advice for on-the-rise movie sculptors, molders and animators? “Learn to sculpt, mold, fabricate and apply. There are books and DVDs available online that offer a step-by-step guide and various techniques. Purchase material you need and, then practice over and over. When you feel you have enough experience, then put your best work into a portfolio to showcase your art. Research different make-up FX companies and try to get an interview to show Visit: them your work. That’s what I did.” l

14 // //

The Canvas Cooler Project where 20 artists transformed blank canvas-wrapped Red Bull coolers into works of art. Artists were paired with local bar, lounges and restaurants owners where the custom pieces will live forever in glory and pride. Judges were John Heilman (City of West Hollywood Councilmember/former Mayor), Holly Harrison (Curatorial Administrator of Contemporary Art at LACMA) and Marsea Goldberg (New Image Art Gallery). Artists James Haunt and White Buffalo were touted the two winners and will showcase their artwork at SCOPE Miami during Art Basel in December. When asked how she narrowed down 20 artists to two winners, Goldberg said, “I wanted to find somebody who was not only talented and original but hungry and deserved the break. I looked for somebody that was identifiable and fresh in a new genre.” Haunt (28) born/raised in LA trained in digital design in high school developing a Canvas Cooler Project Winner James Haunt passion for art and creativity. “This is the first project that I reintroduced my stencil work. I wanted to step it up and do something next level and intriguing; on one side there is a very intricate city scene with an explosion, a crashed cop car and buildings in the back. There are also eyes looking into your eyes. It’s personal for me. Downtown LA is where I reside. Sometimes the beauty of the drama is what intrigues me.. it was a tribute to that.” Buffalo said she felt like the underdog coming into this exhibition, “The little buffalo among the big dogs.” The 25years-old from a small town in South Dakota Canvas Cooler Project Winner White Buffalo came to LA two years ago to pursue art. A member of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe, she studied studio art at Iowa State and wants to educate people about Native Americans and the struggle, strength and beauty of her culture, which is why her art is so personal to her. “Everything is really organic. I wanted to make it an outburst of expression and put all of my feelings into it. I paint buffalos because they’re strong and represent my people and headdresses because they represent my culture. I used charcoal, chalk and pencil, whatever was at my disposal. I paint on different types of paper and collage it in there so it’s a painting within a painting.” Other artists were 2WENTY, AJL, Allison Hueman Torneros, Blinky Óne, Dan Monteavaro, Jill Knox, Look At, Man One, Mear One, Rose Masterpol, Sand One, SEK, SEPTERHED, TaylorSays, Teebs and Vyal One. Participating LA venues: The Bungalow, Viceroy Hotel, The Viper Room, Rock & Reilly’s, Pink Taco Sunset Strip, Brick+Mortar, The Craftsman, Barcopa, Akbar, La Cita, The Association, Salvage, Crocker Club, The Federal, KCRW Radio, Ameoba Music, Well and Mack Sennett Studios. This was the second in a series Visit of seven Canvas Cooler Project showcases. l


The All New Range Rover


: 9176 W. Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood,

90069 310.432.5900 •


ATELIER HEALTH Cardiovascular Health Program While most people worry about CANCER... HEART DISEASE is the #1 killer for men and women. Sadly, the first signs that a person has heart disease is seen in “sudden cardiac death.”

Ram Dandillaya, MD, FACC Vice-Clinical Chief of the Division of Cardiology at Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute opens his new state-of-the-art personalized concierge Heart/Health Care Facility in Beverly Hills to fight those odds.

MOST people start worrying about heath and disease AFTER they become ill. Certainly it’s true that preventative health care can be the best medicine money can buy. But with the rat race we live and try to survive in... how many of us bother to take the time to seriously evaluate our family health history, health challenges and lifestyle influences that are ruining our health? None of us know what could be around the corner in the way of a disastrous health crisis. But what we do know is that if we make our health a priority, and if we make a health conscious lifestyle plan, and stick to it—we just might have a fighting chance where chronic disease and a sudden health crisis comes into play. It’s not just about staying “alive”... it’s about being alive and healthy! I spoke with Dr. Ram Dandillaya, a leading cardiologist, noted clinical research physician and renowned expert in every phase of heart disease and preventative care. With five Board Certifications under his belt, the man is not just impressive on paper; in person his presence is impactful, and what he has to say could save your life! ST: How did you choose the name Atelier Health and what makes your heartcare practice different? RD: Atelier in the art/fashion worlds means an artisan's workshop. My partners and I came up with the concept to emphasize that medicine is both art and a science. We offer a unique and personalized experience for each patient. What sets Atelier Health apart is our commitment to excellence in coordinating every detail of a patient's care and engage the best in technology, science, and state-of-the-art wellness strategies. In the current era of managed and accountable care, health care has sadly lost its personal and customized touch for patients. We work with the finest doctors and practitioners in multiple health delivery networks, whether it’s Cedars-Sinai, USC or UCLA. In select, complex cases, we coordinate the care of a patient out of state, to top networks as Mayo Clinic or Cleveland Clinic. We advocate for our patients and, we find the best doctors to solve their problems. ST: Instead of waiting for a health crisis to unfold, are people taking a more proactive stance regarding their health? RD: I would say a qualified yes. Many of the proactive patients have had a personal experience with a relative or friend that compels them to come in for a health

16 // //

evaluation. However, heart disease is a silent killer and people can feel well until the later stages of the disease. This is why “preventive strategies” such as coronary calcium scans and carotid IMT screening are very useful in the absence of any symptoms that might arise. The new Atelier Health facility on Robertson Blvd., north of Wilshire, opened its doors to unveil a cutting-edge center with a full range of Internal Medicine and Cardiology care systems. All the physicians are advocates of preventative care. With a rise in health concerns, what Dr. Dandillaya and his team of Board Certified cardiologists and medical experts (all affiliated with Cedars-Sinai Medical Center) offer is a customized and individualized medical plan, backed with the most advanced techno-

logical services available, and a top network of physicians in every modality that are available to meet your needs across the board. Dr Dandillaya’s patient roster includes top politicians, celebrities, socialites, entertainment heavyweights and VIPs around the globe from every industry. His work in cardiology research, care and preventative medicine is internationally recognized and has made him a top heart physician to pro-athletes, international patients, and royalty.

“My motivation in opening this facility is the cold hard fact that heart disease kills more men and women than any other disease. While we have made tremendous progress in certain areas of cardiology, the fact remains that we have not moved forward enough. Heart disease kills more people than all cancers combined. The medical impact necessary to reduce the increasing numbers of people dying from heart disease needs to increase... we need to do more.” — Dr. Ram Dandillaya ST: What do you offer that can be viewed as the basic elements for achieving a healthy heart lifestyle? RD: We emphasize our Comprehensive Physical, "The Program" which is done on an annual basis. Heart problems and disease can easily go unnoticed by patients until it is too late. Our goal is to increase an individual's health span through aggressive screening programs and close follow-up of cardiometabolic parameters through laboratory analysis and imaging. Assessment and treatment of inflammation, through established and novel methodologies (such as cytokine analysis) is a key component of our program. Our research based and clinically validated protocols focus on advanced lipid and metabolic analysis, advanced atherosclerosis imaging, and lifestyle modification. Depending on a patient’s age and risk profile, we not only screen for cardiovascular disease, but help identify root causes of disease, including

inflammation, genetic, and environmental factors. At Atelier Health we utilizes a battery of tests to create a risk “fingerprint” for each individual. Traditional methods of evaluation that are used including the Framingham model, significantly underestimate global cardiac risk, particularly in women and certain ethnic groups. ST: What are the 3 biggest causes of bad health and the top 3 elements for good health? RD: Stress. People need to develop an ability to cope better with stress in jobs and relationships because the stress is not going away. Unhealthy eating. We all have choices when it comes to what we eat. Why choose foods that don’t protect your body? We know what good food is and we know what bad food is. It’s an easy decision to make when your health and life, and that of loved ones is on the line. Lack of exercise. It may sound redundant,

but not “moving” contributes to bad health. We sit in a car, we sit in front of a computer, we sit and watch TV, we sit in the movies, we sit when we are with family and friends... Get up and MOVE. Exercise. Walk. Take the stairs not the elevator. Go to the gym. Do something each day. For good health eat a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol and high in fruits, vegetables and healthy oils. Check your health regularly. You have a better chance to stay healthy if you catch a potential problem before it turns into a chronic disease or life-threatening illness. Yes, genetics plays a part in health, but you can counteract many genetic factors with proactive medical care and lifestyle changes (no smoking, improved diet, etc.) And I would say that getting enough sleep is extremely important. Improving your sleep habits improves your overall mental and physical health because while you sleep, your body is literally regenerating itself. l

ATELIER HEALTH Cardiovascular Health Program Ram Dandillaya, MD, FACC Internal Medicine Cardiovascular Medicine 150 N. Robertson Boulevard Suite 150 Beverly Hills, CA 90211 Telephone 310.854.4995 Fax 310.652.4053 For further information or questions about Atelier Health Services please contact: Peggy Orebo Executive Coordinator 310.962.4137 // // 17



4 Things Cell

phones are a staple in our lives. But how much do you really know about something you never leave home without? There are a few things that can be done in times of grave emergencies. Your mobile phone can actually be a life saver or an emergency tool for survival.

#1 — Emergency Emergency Number worldwide for Mobile is 112. If you’re out of the coverage area for your cell network dial 112 and your cell phone will search any existing network to establish the emergency number for you. The emergency number 112 can be dialed even if the keypad is locked.

#2 — Hidden Battery Power What if your cell phone battery is very low? To activate,

18 // //

press the keys *3370#. Your cell will restart with the reserve and the instrument will show a 50% increase in battery. The reserve gets charged when you charge your cell.

#3 — (How to disable a STOLEN mobile phone?)

To check your Mobile phone's serial number... key in the following Digits on your phone: *#06#. A 15-digit code appears on the screen. This number is unique to your handset. Keep it somewhere safe. If your phone is stolen, phone your service provider and give them this code. They can then block your handset so even if the thief changes the SIM card, your phone will be totally useless. You might not get your phone back, but whoever stole it ... can't use or sell it. If everybody does this, there would be no point in people stealing mobile phones.

#4 — Free Directory Service for Cells Cell phone companies charge $1.00 to $1.75 and more for 411 information calls. But, they don't have to. Most of us do not carry a telephone directory in our cars. This makes the situation even more of a problem. When you need to use the 411 information option, simply dial: (800) FREE411 or (800) 373-3411 without incurring any charges at all. Program this into your cell phone now.

This Is Sponsored By McDonalds

How To Make an Emergency Request If there is a dangerous emergency involving a serious health crisis, life-altering injury or death to a person that Twitter may have information necessary to prevent —you can make an emergency disclosure request to Twitter by sending an email to: (which is continuously monitored). SUBJECT LINE: Emergency Disclosure Request. Don’t forget to please include all of the following information for speedy compliance: 1. Identify the person who is in danger of death or serious physical injury. 2. Identify the nature of the emergency (e.g., report of suicide, bomb threat etc.). 3. Twitter @username and URL (e.g., @safety and of the subject account(s) whose information is necessary to prevent the emergency. 4. Identify any specific Tweets you would like reviewed along with the specific information requested and why that information is necessary to prevent the emergency and any other details or context regarding the circumstance. 5. You can also FAX emergency requests: 1-415-222-9958. Faxed requests may result in a delayed response. l

“It’s Only Weed, Mom!” In my 30 years of practice as a psychotherapist, and 10 years as a NeuroIntegration therapist (balancing the brain cells), I have never seen this much attraction and desirability to abuse drugs and medications amongst our youth. America has the highest rate of adolescent drug use among all industrialized nations. By Dr. Nanaz M. Pirnia, Ph.D., MFT


than ever our children are looking for ways to relax, feel numb, and free of stress. Sadly, they’ve developed a culture of self-medicating to deal with problems. This attitude endangers their well being and future. Without considering the heavy risks involved with self-medicating, they put their lives in danger. More alarming are the pharmaceutical companies that benefit from the increase of unnecessary drug sales. The hard fact is that doctors do not use proper discretion when prescribing drugrelated medications. Practically anyone complaining of symptoms, regardless of his/her age, can gain access to hazardous and addictive prescription medication. Drug education should begin at home with parents. Our children are growing up in a digital era where misinformation about substance use is often wrong. It’s time for families to come together and fight the drug epidemic. With our children’s lives at risk, we can’t allow the media, drug culture or pharmaceutical companies to hijack, brainwash, and destroy our children’s brains and futures. You must become knowledgeable about drugs in order to speak with your children on issues of drug abuse. Drug addiction, overdose, accidents due to alcohol/drug use, irreversible body/brain injuries ...drug abuse the #1 problem among our youth. How far will you go to save your child’s life?

MARIJUANA Marijuana is the most commonly used drug. Medical marijuana is legal in 18 states which translates into removing state-level criminal penalties for those who possess a “written or oral recommendation” from a physician stating they “would benefit from medical marijuana.” BUT the amount of marijuana a person is allowed to possess is outlined by the law, and limited to an amount deemed appropriate ONLY for personal use. State laws regarding the use of marijuana have nothing to do with Federal law. Regardless of any state laws, there is no such thing as “medical marijuana” under Federal law. Marijuana is a Schedule I substance, meaning that it has no accepted

“medical use” and is considered a high potential for abuse. Marijuana remains illegal under Federal law and can be prosecuted for use, selling or growing. Marijuana and Hashish (Cannabis) come from an Indian hemp plant. Children argue that marijuana is a plant and not harmful. The true answer: yes, it’s a plant. No, it’s not safe. Marijuana is a drug, a hallucinogen; a psychedelic that distorts reality, perception and awareness. Some 400 chemicals create distortion and alteration that occurs in the brain. The main ingredient is THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) varies from plant to plant, but percentages of THC has greatly increased in the last 20 years, making marijuana harmful. THC remains in the body for many months gradually destroying organs and damaging the immune system.


• Marijuana is highly addictive. Side effects are more than other drugs, destroying brain cells and body organs and it is as poisonous to the brain and body as tobacco is to the lungs. • Marijuana smoke has 50%-70% more cancer-causing substances than tobacco smoke (one Marijuana joint can damage the lung as up to 5 cigarettes that are smoked in sequence). Regular use and/or early use of Marijuana before age 18 increases risks of developing severe mental illnesses, psychotic symptoms, schizophrenia up to 7 times more and depression-up to 4 times more. • Side Effects to the brain and body short and long-term: increased rapid heartbeat, risk of heart attack, disorientation, sore throat, lack of physical coordination, distorted perception, hallucination, confusion, sleepiness, sedation, severe impact on lungs and immune system, poor memory, learning disabilities, temporary sterility in men, interruption to the menstrual cycle, severe hereditary defects, premature babies with birth defects, mental abnormalities, increased risk of Leukemia, lack of motivation, poor grades, inability to understand clearly, extreme anger (hitting, breaking, pushing), mood swings, panic attack and coma. SCARY STATISTICS

• 12-17 year olds over 9% use Marijuana. Use before age 18 increases probability of psychosis by 35%; interrupts and changes the connectivity of the brain cells forever. • Over half a million emergency room visits are due to Marijuana use. Majority of teens arrested for DUI: first cause is alcohol, second Marijuana); 11% of youngsters who die in car accidents use Marijuana. • Marijuana users may decide to use stronger drugs to mask problems. 80% of teens think drinking on weekends with friends and smoking pot is OK.

WHY OUR YOUTH USES DRUGS Technology changed our lives, making it comfortable, exciting and resourceful to use the internet, facebook, twitter, video games, and texting. We are bombarded with massive amounts of information and little time for human contact, communication or affection. Technology hijacked our emotions. We live in an era of brain hecticness, chaos, and confusion resulting in anxiety and stress. Drugs and alcohol are a way for people to escape reality, calm their brains and release stress. Marijuana, other drugs and alcohol mask problems for a few hours, then reality and unsolved problems return more intensely making us more sad, mad, and fearful. People use drugs and alcohol not necessarily to feel good, but to keep from feeling bad! As children become over-indulged, stressed, impatient, and anxious, a need for instant gratification increases as does selfcenteredness and isolation. One-on-one communication is in the past and children have minimal contact with families verbally, mentally and physically. Technology replaces human touch and connectedness. Our youth abuses drugs and alcohol to get high and feel nothing. Take action if your child is struggling with drug or alcohol abuse. I see many parents in denial for years until it is too late. l Nanaz M. Pirnia is a psychotherapist, nuerotherapist and educational psychologist in private practice for over 24 years. A consultant to many schools including the Beverly Hills School District, she specializes in children and adults with behavioral, emotional, social, psychological or educational problems and full evaluations of children, adolescents, marDr. Nanaz M. Pirnia riage, family counseling, and neurointegration therapy. She appears regularly on TV and radio offering innovative, neurointegration therapy seminars to optimize the brain for improved health. Her 20-page booklet, ”It’s Only Weed, Mom” gives vital information on drugs and the side effects and consequences of drug abuse, specifically with Marijuana. To purchase the 20-page booklet and an educational DVD on drug abuse call 310.286.1480 or email: For further information to find help for yourself or someone you love.

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The Road Trip of A Lifetime! A free-spirited artist discovers love takes many forms in Open Road a coming-of-age story. Blu-ray & DVD May 21st.

Andy Garcia, Juliette Lewis, and Camilla Belle.

Beverly Hills Bar Association

Litigation Awards Dinner The

legal community honored two legal luminaries at the Beverly Hills Bar Association’s Third Annual BHBA Litigation Awards Dinner. The Hon. Christina A. Snyder, Judge of the U.S. District Court for the Central District of CA, received the “Ronald M. George Award for Judicial Excellence,” named for the former CA Supreme Court Chief Justice who retired in 2011. Marshall B. Grossman, a highly respected trial lawyer and partner of the LA-based law firm Bingham, received the “Excellence in Advocacy Award,” honoring a trial lawyer whose case successes resulted from expert legal skills, unique trial strategy, courtroom teamwork and Jonathan Stein Chair Awards Dinner; Honorees Hon. Christina A. Snyder; Marshall B. Grossman; gives back to the legal profession and comGov. Pete Wilson; BHBA President John K. Rubiner; BHBA Executive Director Marc Staenberg. munity. “Judge Snyder & Marshall Grossman are standouts among their peers and help to advance the legal profession in many ways in and out of the courtroom,” said BHBA Pres. John Rubiner. The BHBA is heralded for championing access to justice, an independent judiciary and the Rule of Law. l

# 1 COMEDY From the producers of TED!

Jason Bateman Melissa McCarthy a smooth talking thief shops her way across the country living the highlife on a stolen credit card. Blu-Ray/DVD June 4th

Mark Wahlberg Russell Crowe Catherine Zeta Jones Crime thriller bringing together a gun for hire private investigator with a big city mayor and his suspected cheating wife. DVD & Blu-Ray April 30th 20 // //

Presenters: The Hon. Richard Paez; Presiding Justice Norman Epstein; Patrick Kelly, Pres. State Bar of CA; The Hon. Audrey Collins; Governor Pete Wilson, Honorary Dinner Chair; Dr. C.L. Max Nikias, USC President.

Beverly Hills Leads The Way

Inaugural Forum

BHBA First Vice-Pres. Linda Spiegel Legislation Committee Chair Mike Sohigian

The Tomorrow Inaugural Forum brought visionaries to share innovation and inspiration for Future Beverly Hills Tomorrow Executives. Speakers were Nancy Aossey (President & CEO, International Medical Corps); Michael Burns (Vice Chairman, Lionsgate); Lynda Resnick (Vice Chairman, Roll Global); Dr. Eduardo Marbán (Director, Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute); Henrik Fisker (Founder, Fisker Automotive) as the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce launched its signature event. “We designed the Tomorrow event to celebrate the great ideas and bright minds that help make Beverly Hills, and Southern California in general, such an innovative region that draws people from all over the world to reside as well as do business here,” said Alexander Stettinski, Exec Director of the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce. “Without the foresight of important cultural and business leaders who founded the city 100 years ago, and contributions of many others throughout the 20th Century, Beverly Hills could not have evolved into the cultural icon and beacon that attracts the world’s attention, welcoming thousands here each year. That’s why we want to look to local visionaries who are helping to shape the way the world thinks and offer specific insights into the way business evolve as we progress further into the 21st century.” Participants included Emcee Frank Mottek, veteran broadcaster/host of the top-rated Business Hour and anchor of Money News, KNX 1070 News Radio and Nancy Aossey (President/ CEO, International Medical Corps) who transformed International Medical Corps into one of the largest relief and development humanitarian organizations delivering more than $1.4 billion of assistance, health services and training to tens of millions of people in 70 countries since 1984. Audience included business people of diverse backgrounds from small business owners to CEOs and entrepreneurs. l

BH Mayor John Mirisch, Nancy Aossey BH Vice Mayor Lili Bosse, Dr. Eduardo Marban BH Mayor John Mirisch, Henrik CEO International Medical Corps Fisker Founder Fisker Automotive Director Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute

Photos: Brittany Smith

Beverly Hills Vice Mayor Lili Bosse, Lynda Resnik speaker Vice Chairman, Roll Global

BH Mayor John Mirisch, Speaker Michael Burns Vice Chairman Lionsgate

that kill your credit

Everything’s Negotiable and here’s how to do it!

Achieving and keeping good credit is


MISTAKES easier said than done. Credit no-no’s include late payments, not paying and spending every penny on a card. We also make mistakes that aren’t so obvious. How many of these credit busting mistakes have you done? Closing Credit Cards Accounts Surprisingly, closing a credit card is as bad as paying late or not paying and shows up as a credit error. A closed credit card account won’t fall off a credit score for 7 years. Information keeps recycling and recycling from the last date you used the card and simply updates each month showing you closed the account. An open account that you don’t use is better. Good credit needs long term accounts over many years. Short term credit is not favorable and lenders see it as risky. A history of older, open accounts says stability. Keep balances low and make steady payments. Missing A Payment Not making credit card payments is brutal to your credit score. Lenders look at your credit history of paying on time. It’s like looking into a crystal ball...if you paid late in the past you will pay late in the future. That brings a resounding “no deal” from lenders or possibly raises the interest rate you will pay. As far as late payments go—the earlier that you pay late—the better! Settling A Past Due Account Not the best idea, but better than nothing. If you’re in debt a sum you can’t pay—more often than not you can settle with a creditor for less than what’s on your statement. BUT this doesn’t mean all is forgiven. It is still reported as negative on your credit report, and a creditor can report is as an account “deficiency” meaning there is money that was not paid. If you make a deal not to pay the entire amount talk to your creditor about NOT reporting the deficiency or resign yourself to paying them in full. If not your credit stays negative for 7 years. Charging Cards To The Max Having high balances on credit cards causes your credit score to plunge. Charge as little as possible and keep balances low. Pay off your card each month or pay more than the payment owed to keep your interest low. Stop Filling Out Credit Aps Filling out credit applications means your credit is constantly being checked. Every “inquiry” is required by Federal law to be posted and shows on your credit report for two years. The less your credit is accessed, the better. People who have a lot of credit inquiries are considered higher credit risks and that costs you points off your total credit score. www. l


matter what industry you’re in, or how far you go in your career, the ability to effectively negotiate can make the difference between success and mediocrity. It doesn’t really matter whether it’s a multimillion-dollar contract, or an offer of a house sale.

The Rules Of Good Negotiating Are The Same

• Know what you want. Don’t go to the table without a clear, realistic idea of what you want to achieve. It will help you negotiate with confidence.

Finance Before you start any negotiation look beyond the “TITLE” and make sure the person you are dealing with is in a position of authority to sign off on the agreement.

• Ask for what you want. Don’t be afraid to make the first offer. You’ll set the tone for the discussion. Studies suggest the negotiator who goes first usually comes closer to getting what he or she wants. While I often counsel people to let the other person go first, someone has to start the process. I have found that either way, I need to be clear about my expectations or I will be disappointed.

• Understand what your adversary wants. A successful negotiation should satisfy both sides. Instead, of trying to crush your competition, find out what he or she hopes to get, and try to work together toward a solution that works for both of you. • Don’t concede unilaterally. Usually one side or the other has to give something up. If you offer something, be sure to get a comparable concession from the other person. Giving away something for nothing will be taken as a weakness to be exploited. The playing field needs to be level. You don’t have to accept being bullied. Be ready to walk away. This can take a certain amount of courage, but it’s necessary to avoid being backed into an agreement you don’t want. If possible, keep an ally in reserve – someone with the power to approve or reject the deal. This can give you an out if you need to turn down a deal, or motivate the other side to make the best offer possible. •

Don’t rush. Time can be your friend if you’re willing to wait for the right deal. If the other side senses a deadline, he or she may be motivated to hold out until the last minute, or try to force you into accepting unreasonable terms. Be patient and let the time pressure work against the other side.

• Be ready to walk away. This can take a certain amount of courage, but it’s necessary to avoid being backed into an agreement you don’t want. If possible, keep an ally in reserve –someone with the power to approve or reject the deal. This can give you an out if you need to turn down a deal, or motivate the other side to make the best offer possible. •

Listen. Sometimes what the other side says is not the same as what they want. They say the price is too high, but their most important demand is quality, which almost always costs a little (or a lot) more. Pay attention for cues that will help you direct your response to a better outcome for all. Financier J. P. Morgan once wanted to buy a large Minnesota ore mine from John D. Rockefeller. Rockefeller sent his son, John D. Jr. to talk to Morgan. Morgan asked, “Well, what’s your price?” He was unprepared for the response. Junior said, “Mr. Morgan, I think there must be some mistake. I did not come here to sell; I understood you wanted to buy.” l

Mackay’s Moral: There is no such thing as a final offer.

Harvey Mackay is a best-selling author, international speaker and business guru. His syndicated business articles appear in more then 75 newspapers throughout the United States each week. Mackay has sold more than 10 million books which have been translated into 37 languages worldwide, are distributed in more than 80 countries, and found in almost every library ever built. // // 21

22 // //

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SpotLight ...

Beauty & Health Tips For Summer

... Dr. Oz’s 2013... “Miracle Solution” Every month is American Heart Month so care for your body, heart and health. Simply changing cooking oil improves health. Whether its olive, almond, coconut, peanut, canola, walnut, safflower or avocado none compare to the powerful virtues of virgin organic Red Palm Oil, one of the most nutritious and edible oils in the world. Palm fruit oil’s red color comes from a high count of betacarotenes and lycopene. These powerful antioxidants give vegatables and fruits their red/ orange colors. “Research shows by adding red palm oil to your diet it can remove plaque buildup in arteries and prevent blockages,” Juka Ceesay states Juka Ceesay, founder of Juka’s Red Palm Oil, an exclusive 100% organic and natural African oil made in its native land. "It’s to our benefit as Africans to stand against deforestation as at Juka's Palm Oil. It’s our duty and to our benefit as Africans to protect our environment and preserve our primary resources. Wildlife and rainforests are what makes Africa unique and special," she said. Fats and other oils (margarine) take a long time to break down and are stored as fat. Red palm oil goes to the liver igniting metabolism, burning calories faster. Dr. Oz suggests using Red palm oil in oatmeal and on sautéed meats and veggies. From West Africa, Juka has been in the Palm Oil business for years and hopes to help African farmers sustain a source of income by breaking stigmas about African palm oil and deforestation. Red Palm Oil in African specialty markets or online. l

LOOK YOUNGER...FAST! Tips For A Sun-Free Tan Toni Brattin is founder/owner of Toni Brattin & Co., Inc., a beauty & cosmetics company based in Oklahoma. Her self-tanning product line is on the Home Shopping Network and includes faux hairpieces and spa-products. Here are her TIPS for a fab summer filled with successful tanning without the sun or a tanning bed.

24 // //

Exfoliate and Moisturize During cold months people don’t moisturize skin properly and develop skin covered with dead surface cells. Tanning without removing dead skin means your tanning dead skin that sloughs off leaving splotches of lighter colored new skin where old skin was. When you selftan with lotions and sprays, areas like elbows, knees and ankles absorb more product and turn Toni Brattin darker than other areas. Thoroughly exfoliate first and moisturize problem areas BEFORE you tan. It helps ensure an even distribution of tanning product and an even tan. Jump Start An Indoor Tan A little natural sun is OK for some people offering vitamin D and stimulating melanin

in the skin which is a boost for faster and darker results. Enjoy the outdoors, but protect against dangerous sun exposure. A little exposure achieves a great tan without damaging skin and a quality self-tanning product ensures a beautifully tanned summer body. l

Spot on Beauty Blemish Busters Stop picking, probing or prodding pimples. Here’s a terrific solution that gets results

FAST! These NEW spot treatments have you covered! Intensive Spot Treatment by Santalia A powerful booster neutralizes new forming breakouts before they emerge. The clear, quick drying gel calms inflamed skin and controls bacteria. Natural, unisex aroma of sandalwood. $25. l

The Blemish Stick by Indie Lee A clear liquid can be used daily, speeds up healing, reduces and/or eliminates blemishes. May be applied before/after makeup. Contains zinc, salicylic acid,

camphor, and witch hazel for a calming effect. The small stick fits into a purse. $28. l

properties. The broad SPF 25 UVA & UVB protects against sunburns and visible signs of premature aging. Available in one shade; a selfadjusting pigment technology is perfect for all skin tones. Available at select online retailers and spas nationwide. l

Get Kissable Feet Hydrate: emerginC Grape Stem Cell, White Tea + Seaweed Body Butter. Make your feet silky smooth by moisturizing to combat roughness. emerginC introduces a new fresh, citrus scented total body cream containing grape stem cells, algae, spirulina, green/white teas, shea butter, jojoba seed oil, vitamins A, C and E, palmira palmata, pine bark extract and other natural, ingredients to feed the skin. The Scientific Organics collection from emerginC is paraffin-free, petrochemical free, synthetic/ fragrance-free, and with a minimum of 70% organic ingredients in every item. ($45) at leading spas nationwide and online: Exfoliate: JMSR Biooglycolic Resurfacing Body Scrub Smooth rough, dry feet with Jan Marini Skin Research’s Biooglycolic Resurfacing Body Scrub. Formulated with glycolic acid and polishing granules, this scrub provides an aggressive, but safe approach for noticeably improved skin rejuvenation by addressing roughened or calloused areas while enhancing overall softness. Users experience unparalleled softness and results that increase with use. ($37) Available at leading spas nationwide and or online: l

Mineral BB “Beauty Balm” creams are the rage for good reason! They are simple make-up routines that offer numerous benefits – including anti-aging and sun protection. The latest launch from G.M. Collin skincare is the Mineral BB Cream SPF 25, an all-in-one cream—a primer, foundation and SPF, coupled with hydrating and protective

Nexcare’s 2013 “GIVE CAMPAIGN” Nexcare Bandages, America’s Blood Centers and The American Red Cross celebrate the 10th Anniversary of World Blood Donor Day June 14, 2013 where Nexcare launches a limited edition of give Bandages inspired by seasons fall, winter, spring and summer to remind us that... “It’s Always in Season to Give Blood.” The collection offers two chic bandages per season: flipflops for summer, snowflakes for winter, foliage for fall and more.

REMEMBER... • One pint of blood can save three lives. • Blood shortages are more frequent in summer due to vacations. • Someone needs blood about every two seconds. • If 1% more people give blood, national blood shortages would completely disappear for the foreseeable future. • Most Americans will need a blood transfusion at some point. • Donors can give whole blood up to six times a year.

America’s Blood Centers Founded in 1962, America’s Blood Centers is North America’s largest network of community-based, independent blood programs. Recognized by the U.S. Congress for critical work in patient care/disaster/preparedness/response and provides blood products and services to more than 3,500 hospitals and healthcare facilities in North America. l

Don’t Worry About Cholesterol!

Health & Wellness

By Jonny Bowden, PhD, CNS aka “The Rogue Nutritionist”

I’m going to tell you a secret—something that the smartest, most cutting edge health professionals know and have been talking about amongst themselves for a very long time. Get ready to be shocked.

High Cholesterol Doesn’t Cause Heart Disease Yes, you read that right, and before you dismiss it, consider this: More than half the people admitted to hospitals with heart disease have “normal” cholesterol while fully half the people with “elevated” cholesterol are healthy as a horse. Yet talk to people about keeping their hearts healthy and you’ll invariably hear someone say, “Yup, gotta do something about my cholesterol”. Recently, cardiologist Stephen Sinatra and I came together to write a book—“The Great Cholesterol Myth: Why Lowering Cholesterol Won’t Prevent Heart Disease and the Statin-Free Plan That Will”. We believe that a weird admixture of misinformation, scientifically questionable studies, corporate greed, and deceptive marketing has conspired to create one of the most indestructible and damaging myths in medical history: that cholesterol causes heart disease.

It’s Not True Trying to prevent heart disease by lowering cholesterol is like trying to prevent obesity by cutting out lettuce. The famous Lyon Heart Study found that certain dietary and lifestyle changes reduced deaths by 70% and reduced cardiovascular deaths by an even more impressive 76%, all without making as much as a dent in cholesterol levels. The Nurses Health Study found that 82% of coronary events could probably have been prevented were people to adhere to 5 lifestyle prescriptions, none of which had anything to do with lowering cholesterol. And that’s just the bare tip of an ever-growing iceberg of the research we review in “The Great Cholesterol Myth”. The real tragedy is that by putting all our attention on cholesterol, we’ve ignored the real causes of heart disease: inflammation, oxidative damage, stress and sugar. Things we can actually do something about using food, supplements and lifestyle changes, none of which have the costs—nor the side effects—of drugs.

Cholesterol Is A Vital Nutrient Cholesterol is the parent molecule for the sex hormones and vitamin D. (No wonder loss of libido is one of the most common side effects of cholesterol-lowering medication!) It’s vitally important in the brain where it lives in a specialized region of the cell membrane called the lipid raft, making communication between cells easier. Cholesterol is vitally necessary for memory and thinking (loss of memory is one of the most frightening “side effects” of cholesterol-lowering meds). The idea that there is a movement underfoot to put children and teenagers—whose brains have not yet developed— on a statin drug to lower one of the most important molecules for brain function, is an idea that should truly frighten the informed parent. Want more? The Framingham Heart Study, which began in 1948 and is still going on, actually shows

clearly that high cholesterol is protective in older adults —those in the study who lived the longest tended to be those in the “highest cholesterol” category.

The Real Causes of Heart Disease So if cholesterol isn’t the cause of heart disease, what is? The short answer is this: The primary cause of heart disease is inflammation. Here is the simple version of what happens. Small injuries to the vascular wall; injuries can be caused by anything from high blood pressure to toxins and attract all kinds of biochemical riff-raff (including but not limited to oxidized (damaged) LDL-B particles) that then take up residence in the area. The immune system responds by releasing inflammatory cytokines creating even more inflammation. More free radicals (oxidative damage) form, more inflammation accumulates; eventually resulting in plaque and an increased risk for heart disease. If there was no inflammation or oxidative damage, arteries would be clear. Cholesterol is a minor player and certainly not a causal factor. Note that I mentioned LDL-B particles. Perhaps you’re not familiar with those, but you should be. The old “good” and “bad” cholesterol tests are woefully out-of-date, a point we made on the Dr. Oz show. We now know that LDL cholesterol—so-called “bad” cholesterol—comes in several flavors, and not all of them are bad at all. LDL-A cholesterol is harmless. LDL-B is not. Your doctor can easily determine which type of LDL you have with a simple test called a particle test. (Google it—it’s offered by several different companies, and insurance sometimes covers it.) Any other cholesterol test is utterly useless. Best of all, LDL particle size can be changed by diet. You’re not “stuck” with the bad kind (LDL-B); particle size. Distribution changes and responds dramatically in response to the right diet. (Hint: the “right diet” is not low-fat!)

A 7-Point Program... How To Prevent Heart Disease The following is my 7-point program for reducing the risk of heart disease. Note that lowering cholesterol isn’t on it. Pay attention to these seven action items, and you just may find that you don’t need to worry quite so much about cholesterol after all. 1. Eat an Anti-Inflammatory Diet. The plant kingdom is full of natural anti-inflammatories and anti-oxidants. Berries, apples, onions, and cherries are outstanding examples, but not the only ones. Wild salmon contains anti-inflammatory omega-3’s as well as astaxanthin, a powerful antioxidant. And put green tea, pomegranate juice and dark chocolate in heavy rotation on your menu. 2. Reduce grains, starches, sugar and omega-6’s. For many people grains—particular wheat—can be very inflammatory. Sugar contributes to heart disease by creating damaging and toxic molecules known as AGEs (advanced glycolated end-products) that contribute to inflammation in the artery walls. (1) And omega-6 fatswhile necessary are pro-inflammatory, and we consume too much of them. Refined vegetable oils like soybean and corn oil are loaded with omega-6’s. Switch to olive

oil, macademia oil, butter, real lard and coconut oil for most of your cooking and balance your intake with fish oil and flaxseed oil. 3. Supplement antioxidants, vitamin C, Coenzyme Q10, omega-3’s. Omega-3’s... are among the most anti-inflammatory substances on the planet and should be part of everyone’s heart-healthy supplement program. Ditto with antioxidants vitamin C. Coenzyme Q10 is fuel for the heart, but depleted by cholesterol-lowering medications, so if you’re on one... you must supplement with Coenzyme Q10 on a daily basis!) 4. Manage Stress. Stress is a powerful contributor to heart disease; its hormones create inflammatory events that explain why 40% of atherosclerotic patients have no other risk factors. (2) They raise blood pressure which in contributes to vascular injury. Doing damage control on stress levels is a critical part of your anti-heart disease program. Whether meditation, deep breathing for a few minutes several times a day, a warm bath with candles, find time to relax. Your heart will thank you for it. 5. Exercise. There’s probably no better thing you can do for your heart (and brain)! Even brisk walking 30-45 minutes 5-7 days a week can considerably reduce your risk for heart disease. 6. Drink only in moderation. Alcohol is shown to be somewhat cardioprotective, but, as they say, God is in the details. Alcohol is involved in addiction, accidents, crime and domestic violence. The key is whether “moderation” is something you can do. If not... don’t start. If it is, then one drink a day for women and two a day for men is fine (with red wine being especially recommended). 7. Don’t smoke. This one seems quite obvious, yet it’s impossible to overstate how important it is. If you want to reduce your risk of dying from heart disease—not to mention cancer—throw out your cigarettes. Just do it. No kidding. Lowering cholesterol and lowering the risk of heart disease are very far from being the same thing. The latter is important. The former is just about irrelevant. l REFERENCES 1) 2) Jonny Bowden is a board-certified nutritionist and the author of the national best-seller, “The Great Cholesterol Myth”. Visit him at follow him @jonnybowden.

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Warming Trends in Spring Haircolor Named “Best of LA” For His Non-Ammonia Haircoloring Celebrity Stylist & Founder of Nelson j Salon in Beverly Hills

Master Colorist Nelson Chan Offers Clients Hollywood Style, Glamour & Sexy Hair Color

With the transition of spring to summer, women

love to lighten their hair BUT “lighter” is not for everyone. If your goal is to appear more youthful and refreshed here are some HOT Hollywood Tips.

Colorful Ideas For Your 20’s Not battling age offers more choices in hair color. For spring...ombre haircolor continues to reigns supreme, but is less dramatic than last year. Go light on the ends, but not dark on the roots. Thanks to Christina Aguilera pastel hair can be your greatest wardrobe accessory. Be cautious, however, it takes just minutes to destroy hair, but several days to fix it.

In Your 30’s... The Look Should Be Natural Keep it simple and stay close to your natural shade, like Jennifer Lopez. I use warm chestnut browns and golden medium blonds. Bright colors fade fast and require too much maintenance, especially reds. All women above 30 should focus on enhancing their natural beauty.

40 And Above: What To Avoid Ash colors, specifically ash blonds looked amazing in your 20s, but it's time to move on. Ash colors have cool undertones and can look almost gray. Use warmer tones for a more youthful look—they make complexions come alive. Try a blond shade with warm, golden undertones like Naomi Watts or warm red or brunette shade like Kristin Davis. Tell your stylist you want a warm shade, or if you dye your hair at home avoid anything labeled ASH.

Common Mistakes In Your 50s Most common: going too dark or too light. I see women coloring their hair black or very dark brown. Covering gray hair with black or any dark color looks unnatural as if a black halo has been pasted at the hairline. Instead, add highlights or use a color remover on the before dark, then switch to a light brown. Women also tend to go too blond—another mistake. Too light adds years to your face because it makes you look pale and unnatural. Bleaching also causes hair damage. For a youthful tone apply a medium golden blond gloss. Problem fixed in 10 minutes. Brassy colors are mistakes that happen when you try to go lighter than your natural dark and cover gray hair. Try two new formulas: one for gray hair which contains more pigment; and one for dark hair which contains ash tones.

26 // //

Save Time & Money On Hair Color Maintenance The best TIP to keep roots from showing too quickly is color your hair close to its natural color. It doesn’t mean you can’t have can still get gorgeous and sexy highlights, but when you have a lot of gray, color gray with a lighter shade, and then add highlights around the front. Roots won’t grow out as fast. At my salon, we do quick and easy “root retouching” to cover gray in 15 minutes using a new technology from Japan. Also partial highlights address the issue of regrowth in 15 minutes.

Should I Let My Hair Go All Gray? If you are going to do this, I advise you start the process with as flawless skin as possible. Gray hair definitely will age you. Second, make certain your gray hair is after silky, smooth, shiny and very healthy. Third, make certain your hairstylist knows how to choose a flattering style for your shape face. Hair must remain in healthy condition, as gray hair is often coarse, frizzy and dry. Part of your regular hair care routine must include awesome moisturizing treatments which involve gloss and hydration, which is routine at my salon for those who opt for the glamorous look of natural gray. l

"Be true to yourself, but let your hair style and color be an expression of your inner fantasies." — Nelson Chan

Nelson j Salon • 350 N. Bedford Drive Beverly Hills, CA 90210 • 310.274.1553 •


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MAXFERD JEWELRY & LOAN SINCE 1884 /0#) #Jewelry ' , 65& Co0',•#.6Cartier 0'#. Diamonds ' ,+ "/' 6 ,/+0"/•#6Estate #3 6#3,#))" •66Gold ' ,)"•56Tiffany , ) # 4 6 0 # ( & ' ) ' # 6 1 " # * / ' % 1 # 0 6 6 . + ! ( 1))#. ,)#4 6Rolex 0#(• Patek &')'--Philippe # 6 1"#•*Audemars / '%1#0 Piguet 6 6• IWC . +!•(FranckMuller 1))#. 2 ) % ' 6 * # % 6 ' # 0 6 1 ! ! ' 6 . # ' 0 ) ' + % 6 # ' / # ) / 0 ' # + 2)% 'Bvlgari 6 *#%• Omega 6 ' #•0 Piaget 6 1!!•' 6Gucci .#'0)•'+Breitling % 6 #'/#•)/Keiselstien 0'#+ #.0,Coin '/ 6 1'.00,"+• 6Prada . " '" David 1. *'"Yurman 61. * , #•.06Roberto , ,,'+ ,1',/'+LouisVuitton 1'0,01 ,+ & # ) 6 1 " ' 0 & # ' # . * , . # Chanel& • Judith #) 6 1Leiber "'0& #& ' #more! . **See ,.# Store For Details


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Health & Wellness

Using Natural/Integrative Intervention for Lung Cancer Dr. Carl O. Helvie holds masters degrees from Johns Hopkins, the University of California and a doctorate in Public Health. Witrh more than 60-years experience as an author, educator, researcher and nurse practitioner, he has numerous prestigious awards from the American Public Health Association and is listed in several major national references including Who’s Who.

People think lung cancer is a death sentence. More deaths are from lung cancer than breast, prostate, and colon cancer combined. A lack of symptoms in early lung cancer allows progression to a late stage before diagnosis. However, as a 38 year survivor given 6 months to live by conventional medicine, I know it’s not only possible to overcome lung cancer but live into old age free of chronic illnesses and prescribed medications. What can one do to prevent lung cancer? Causes of lung cancer: cigarette smoking (89%); secondary smoke (3%); radon, asbestos, diet, and unknown factors. Preventions include smoking cessation, avoidance of secondary smoke, detecting/venting radon away from living areas, avoide contact with asbestos, and proper diet. I believe these are primary causes, but not the cause, as additional factors for example, account for one smoker getting lung cancer and another not and may include improper diet, lack of supplements and exercise, inadequate sleep/rest, stress, negative attitude toward life, and others that suppress the immune system, making individuals more susceptible. Research has identified these factors as influential in cancer causation, treatment and prevention. Detection may begin with x-rays showing a change in the lung not previously noted. These are usually followed by a biopsy to confirm the diagnosis. Many primary doctors and oncologists offer patients chemotherapy, radiation and/or surgery that usually have a poor prognosis. The 5-year survival of stage 4 cancer of any site is usually not more than 5%. When faced with lung cancer, I chose natural interventions. My alternative physician’s prescribed plan included: 1) laetrile; 2) supplements; 3) special diet; 4) detoxification. I took Laetrile orally at 2,000mg daily for 2 years. Theoretically it’s specific for killing cancer cells as enzymes in cancer cells release the cyanide in laetrile whereas normal cells lack these enzymes and are protected. Supplements were pancreatic and digestive enzymes, therapeutic doses of vitamin A and E, vitamin B5, B15, vitamin C, yeast, calcium, magnesium, and lecithin. This was similar to a vegan diet of 75% raw fruit, vegetables, cooked ones, grains and nuts. No simple sugar or protein was allowed. Detoxing consisted of fruit and vegetable juices one day each month. To this physical regime I added mental and spiritual interventions such as meditation, affirmations, prayer, visualization, serving others, strengthening patience and forgiveness. After 2 years of treatment the spot in my lung was gone. Still using a modified version of this lifestyle plan, I’m almost 81, free of chronic illnesses, prescribed medications and remain cancer free. Other successful integrative interventions in my book by physicians include the Forsythe Treatment used by Dr. James Forsythe consisting of Poly MVA and other plant-based homeopathic substances; 500 stage 4 cancer patients using this formula had a 46% survival rate at 5 years. Dr. Francisco Contreras discusses high dose IV Vitamin C therapy, Ozone therapy, therapeutic doses of vitamins, herbs and natural supplements. The 5-year survival rate for stage 4 patients using his interventions greatly exceed those of traditional medicine. Other chapters highlight body mind medicine, nutrition, and protocel. l Carl O. Helvie, R.N., Dr.P.H. Helvie, Carl O (2012) You Can Beat Lung Cancer: Using Alternative/Integrative Interventions. London: Ayni Books. Additions by Bernie Siegel, M.D., James Forsythe, M.D., HMD, Francisco Contreras, M.D., Kim Dalzell, PhD, R.D., and Tanya Harter Pierce. MA, MFCC

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SHARE, INC. Funding Gala The SHARE ladies, representatives of the facilities SHARE supports

and 130 guests went to the Hollywood Museum for its Annual SHARE Funding Reception. Chairman of the Board Mandie Rush said, “It is a wonderful evening and very rewarding to watch the difference SHARE makes in funding these terrific facilities”. Facilities that received grants are: Ahead With Horses, CASA of Los Angeles, Center for the Partially Sighted, CSUN Music Therapy Wellness Clinic, Exceptional Children's Foundation, Hathaway-Sycamores Child and Family Services, I Have A Dream Foundation - Los Angeles, Sophia T. Salvin Special Education Center, Stuart House and Team Prime Time. The upcoming 60th Annual "Denim & Diamonds Boomtown Event,” May 11th at The Beverly Hilton Hotel’s International Ballroom and will honor Donelle Dadigan with the Anne Jeffreys Sterling 2013 Shining Spirit Award. Donelle Dadigan is Founder/President of The Hollywood Museum in the Historic Max Factor Building. The Boomtown Show is SHARE’s main annual fundraiser and this star-studded western-themed party includes dinner, a silent/ live auction, and musical performance by the SHARE ladies, surprise celebrity entertainers and actor/comedian John Byner will emcee. SHARE, INC. is a non-profit philanthropic organization of women committed to raising funds for “at risk” youth, developmentally disabled, abused, neglected children, and medical research for developmental disabilities. Founded in 1953, SHARE, INC. has raised $50 million. 310.274.5361, or l Donelle Dadigan, Kate Linder

Corinna Fields, Joanna Carson Lois Feldman Bloom, Joan Rush Susan Bernard, Lee Purcell, Erin Murphy

SHARE Board & Officers. Back Row: Jane Jelenko, Merri jean Ross, Gloria Franks, Dolores Nemiro, Nanette Pattee Fancini, Dana Grilikhes Nassi, Nancy Huston Perlman. Middle Row: Ellen Feder, President Debra Cirilov Couch, Chairman Mandie Rush. Front Row: Samantha Falkner, Caryn Mintz, Annabelle Weston-Shulman, Lynn Brody Slome. Not pictured Joanna Pitt. Photos by Rick Canter

Star Quality

LA-Based Indie Soul Artist Laura Jane Not new to the music business, Indie Soul artist Laura Jane has a proven track as an in-demand vocalist. She rousted onto the music scene with her debut album titled, TO MY PLANET BOO which was released independently in 2005. Having taken some serious soul-searching time to write, recreate and redefine herself as an artist, she has released a sophomore album, EVERYTHING CHANGES. This soul-rooted collection of easy listening melodies and captivating lyrics not only emphasize her musical quilt, but more than adequately showcase what makes LAURA JANE unique. With extreme elements, of jazz, soul, poetry, Brazilian, Latin soul and even pop on included, EVERYTHING CHANGES has a little bit of something for everyone. Laura’s lyrics are thought provoking and innately well assembled—all come together to display a serious growth and nurturing ability at serious songwriting. Laura Jane is an undeniable talent in an industry well known for come-and-go artists and not only an inspiration to listen to but a true beauty to watch perform! For Laura Jane updates make sure you check out her incredible website. You can also up for a regular mailing list on the website and listings on her schedule. On twitter: and check her youtube laurajanesmusic. MY CONFESSION – Official Music Video - LAURA JANE watch?v=eqrxUSKxZuk EVERYTHING CHANGES —Official Music Video— LAURA JANE l


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Animal World Building Relationships Between Pets By Cathy Unruh HE is young, frisky and super-

Nationally Recognized Animal

charged. She’s older, slower, Advocate and Best Selling accustomed to her independAuthor of “Taming Me: Memoir ence and own particular pace. He rushes to her eagerly, expectof a Clever Island Cat ing an enthusiastic welcome. But she arches her back, raises her fur, hisses and swats. He yelps, tucks his tail between his legs and cowers, slouching slowly away. His new human looks on in dismay: what can she do to overcome this disastrous introduction? This scene plays out regularly in homes as pet owners happily walk a new animal companion across the threshold and the pet or pets already in residence take exception to the intrusion on their turf. But it doesn’t have to unfold this way – especially if humans do our homework. To help build harmonious relationships between pets, first know and understand • If either animal displays aggression or the personality of the animal who already true abhorrence of this new creature, you resides in your home. A mature dog not may want to separate them and grow the prone to chasing may well welcome a cat relationship more slowly. Confine the new as a companion whereas a rambunctious pet to a room with a baby gate or in an runner after every moving object may view ample crate. Let the animals get to know her as a toy. A well-socialized cat who each other with this safety barrier between loves to interact with others may greet a them, then begin open playtime together, puppy with curiosity and play behavior, with supervision. Immediately interrupt any while an aloof cat given to solitude may negative behaviors by redirection or sepfeel intimidated and infringed upon. With aration. Reward any positive interaction the recognition that each animal is different, with love and praise. Gradually increase and that some homes already have multhe amount of time that the animals tiple pets when a new animal is brought spend together. in, here are some general guidelines: And, remember, when it comes to sen-

• Consider a new companion who is younger and smaller than your current pet. This reduces the chances that the new resident will be seen as a threat. • Create a calm, comfortable environment for the introduction. Have some of your current pet’s favorite playthings or treats on hand. Ensure that the new animal is somewhat tired out so that the initial meet and greet will not be overly energetic. • Reinforce any positive reactions on either animal’s part with words of praise and pats of affection. • Stay with the animals as much as possible during the initial phase of the relationship, but let them set the pace and work out the parameters themselves, just as long as they are being peaceful.

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tient beings with individual personalities, there are no absolute rules. That cantankerous aging dog may think a new kitten batting his snout is more fun than a walk in the park. The pair of cats who have ruled the rug for years may think the giant German Shepherd rescue is their own personal bodyguard brought in to serve them. Almost any combination of animals can work, given the appropriate space, time, and encouragement. l Veteran TV Journalist Host of “Up Close with Cathy Unruh” is a Member of the Cat Writer’s Association and the Florida Writer’s Association. Cathy helps people who are considering bringing a cat and a dog into the same household and teaches pet owners how to become aware of their pets interests and instincts which are key for both pets to get along.

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Businessman • Real Estate Investor • Sports Franchise Owner • Chemist

The Amazing Life of an Incredible Man

Dr. Jerry Buss By Dennis Freeman

Charity begins at home. For the late Dr. Jerry Buss, charity was not something to be executed with lip service. It meant putting in the time, money and energy when it came to helping others. As one of the most distinguished professional sports owners of all time, Buss walked the walk when it came to impacting the lives of those less fortunate. He kept a righteous focus and philanthropic commitment to education, eradicating homelessness and bringing a smile to a stranger. He didn’t give back to the United Negro College Fund because it was a mandate for him to do so. His desire to uplift, encourage and inform came straight from the gut. Becoming involved with The Smile Train was not a pretentious act. For Buss, it was a desire for others to have an opportunity to smile just as he did. Seeing people live on the streets struck a chord with him. The homeless world is one without secure shelter; moving from place to place for food; peddling money to survive, being forced to watch your back 24/7 from all kinds of criminal elements. The homeless plight in and around Los Angeles lit a fire under Buss so much so that it moved him to do something about it. He made numerous financial donations over the years such as in 2009, when he gave $100,000 to the New Image Shelter to combat homelessness in LA. This was reflective of where his heart stayed right up until his death this past February at age 80. These many acts of kindness in helping others were not a strange occurrence. Buss identified with the hunger pangs that shot through a young child’s body. He knew what it felt like having to go without. He understood lack. Contrary to images of the glitz, glamour and fame that came with the territory of owning the Los Angeles Lakers, perhaps the most marketable franchise in professional team sports, Buss was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He came from an impoverished background. Born in Salt Lake City, he and his other siblings were raised by his mother (Jessie) after his father walked out leaving the family to fend for themselves. Over the years he watched helplessly as his mother struggled to make ends meet. When Buss was nine years old, he moved with his mother to Los Angeles. “Along those lines, he understood the taxation of poverty on families and on kids,” said Bob Steiner, a close friend. “Maybe his own background raised in him an obligation or sense of responsibility or desire to help.”

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There we have it. A small-town kid who made it big in the land of milk and honey. Through his charitable works, he wanted others to know of the many gateways to a better life. The first was education. He parlayed that message through monetary contributions to the University of Wyoming and University of Southern California (USC); schools he attended and graduated from. Armed with a chemist degree from USC, Buss began as a chemist for the Bureau of Mines (Mine Safety & Health Administration) and worked in the aerospace industry. He landed on the faculty of USC's chemistry department and was a contributor to the Trojans’ athletic programs, ultimately creating an endowment in the school’s chemistry department. In 2008, Buss donated $7.5 million to USC's Department of Chemistry to fund two endowed chairs and an endowed scholarship fund for chemistry graduate students; the two chairs were to be named after his mentors at USC, professors Sidney Benson and David Dows. As an inaugural member of the USC College Board of Councilors, he never stopped stressing the importance of education. He went to school and got an education to escape poverty. His need to reach back for those left behind had little to do with a tax write-off. His heart was in it to change lives. For a man whose net worth reached upwards $600 million (according to Forbes) the need to help others never left

him. And, his ongoing philanthropy extended to people who were associated with the Lakers. As when former Lakers player Walt Hazzard, a then adviser to the team, suffered a catastrophic stroke in 1996. Buss kept Hazzard on the teams’s payroll, and told Hazzard's son that his father would remain a Lakers employee for as long as Buss owned the team. When Hazzard died in 2011, he was still a Lakers employee. “Jerry Buss will be remembered as one of the greatest owners in pro-sports history, as well as a very bright and successful businessman,” said USC Athletic Director Pat Haden in a statement that appears on the USC Trojans athletics blog. “Those of us at USC also knew him as a great Trojan. He had an affinity for USC and its teams dating back to his days as a student and teacher here. He was extremely giving of his time and support for his Trojans. Over the years, he was a familiar figure at many USC sporting events and he had a particular affection for Trojan football, basketball and track and field, as well as the Trojan March Band. The Trojan Family will miss him dearly. We extend our deepest sympathies to his family and to all those in Laker Nation who loved him.” The importance that Buss put on education reached far and wide. Among others, he created an endowment at Michigan State with the Magic Johnson Scholarship.

“He was very, very intrigued and captivated by the United Negro College Fund,” Steiner said. “It fit right in with Jerry’s desire to help education. He and the Lakers were major contributors to the United Negro College Fund.” Buss religiously displayed a great love and support for several nonprofit organizations including the Boys and Girls Club of America as well as the Muscular Dystrophy Association. While Buss was involved with well-known organizations, he also managed to find time to get behind smaller ones with miniscule resources on board. He saw education and philanthropy as tickets to help make society better, Steiner said. “Well, there were two driving forces:

One was education. He used to say that education was freedom. That is what it was for him. By going to college he was able to avoid a career as a laborer and be able to get out of a small town. The other driving force for him was to help those charities that had little resources. The major charities... The Red Cross and American Cancer Society are very worthwhile. But his heart was also helping the homeless and poverty stricken. The two important things were education and trying to provide resources for organizations that had less chance of helping themselves.” The rags-to-riches story of Jerry Buss is an envieable one and fit for the big screen. The age-old adage of... “to much is given, much is required” is often overused, but on occasion does not come close to adequately describing individuals who can conduct a carefully crafted orchestration in the give-back-department —under the radar. Buss didn’t carry himself like a pompous king on a throne. His destiny was forged early in life with hard work, sweat and tears. A rough road for some, but for Buss, it fueled his desire for financial success. In the beginning, he entered real estate investing to provide an income so he could continue teaching. His first investment in the 1960s was $1,000 in a West Los Angeles apartment building. From there, he pursued real estate investing full time, while also dabbling in the movie business. In 1979, he purchased the Los Angeles Lakers of the NBA and the Los Angeles Kings hockey team of the NHL,

The Forum, and a large ranch from Jack Kent Cooke. He sold the Kings, but retained ownership of the Lakers and The Forum — a combined $67.5 million investment. He reached an advertising agreement with Great Western Bank for the naming rights to The Forum, then officially changed it to the Great Western Forum Today, the LA Lakers franchise is estimated to be worth a cool $1 billion. What made Buss a true businessman was his ability to carve out a bond with the people of LA. Through his Lakers, he combined the excitement of sports with the excitement of Hollywood and Los Angeles. It started with Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul Jabbar and James Worthy, then with Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol and Shaquille O’ Neal with coaches Pat Riley and Phil Jackson. The Lakers flaunted a rock star aura becoming the flash and dash team of the NBA personified with the entertainment industry as a backdrop. Buss didn’t want just any team. He wanted excitement; he wanted pizzazz. He brought a sexy buzz to the NBA with the introduction of the Lakers Girls. A high-stakes poker player, he liked to win — which the Lakers have done better than any other team in the NBA. Buss is widely recognized as the defacto creator of the “Basketball Showtime Era,” he is an NBA owner who collected 10 of the franchise’s 16 NBA championships. No owner in professional sports has come close to the degree of success Buss enjoyed as the Man behind the Purple and Gold reign. It wasn’t just sports... it was entertainment. With a desire to bring the Lakers and their community together, Buss and his Lakers reached out to underserved and at-risk communities and organizations, partic-

ularly those involving children and through them thousands of tickets allocations and donation funds funneled down to make it possible for those who never have a chance to go to a Lakers game... find themselves courtside. Much of this came from the Lakers Youth Foundation, an organization Buss founded to reach at-risk youth and the underserved. “Well, the record of his personal involvement and the Lakers personal involvement speaks to that pretty clearly,” Steiner said. “He was raised in a very impoverished situation. His father left his family when he was very young. He was raised by a single mother, along with a half-brother and half-sister, and later on a step-brother. He could see what poverty could do. There are stories of him collecting newspapers trying to raise money for the family. He saw what poverty could do.” Buss may be gone, but the legacy he built and left is great. A father of six, his children are involved and work for the Lakers franchise in different capacities and Buss' controlling ownership of the Lakers passed to his children via a trust managed by sons Johnny, Jim and daughter Jeanie, with Jeanie assuming his previous title as the Lakers' governor as well as its team representative at NBA Board of Governors meetings. Whether it was overseeing shrew business strategies, collecting NBA titles or developing invaluable community partnerships, Buss left an invaluable imprint in this world. The biggest testament to his greatness was his humanity. The Los Angeles Lakers will continue as gatekeepers for that vision. “He felt the Lakers could because of their popularity, be a force for good in the community,” Steiner said. "The NBA has lost a visionary owner whose influence on our league is incalculable and will be felt for decades to come. His impact is felt worldwide," said Lakers Guard Kobe Bryant. l At a Lakers game at the Staples Center; Jerry and his daughter Jeanie Buss

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PURSUIT LA For help with your online concerns email:

social networking • video games

BIG PICTURE Out now and by the way...fantastic is Steam's new BIG PICTURE which comes complete and ready to use on your television. I honestly think this new Steam feature will change our thinking about what we believe a television is used for. BIG PICTURE can not only be used for television and movies, but also to browse the internet, download and play games from Steam's huge library of games, and socialize with your friends on the Steam community. It is very smooth and has a great feel. The thing I like the most is that it is very user friendly. I use it everyday to browse the internet, chat with friends and play games.

interesting, and then see it released on Steam. Every game that gets posted on Greenlight is customized because the game developers post specific information about the game like videos, screenshots and basically whatever they want releaed pertaining to the game. This Greenlight feature gives anyone in the world the opportunity to make a game, and then contact Steam and have the chance to get it released on the market for millions of people to see. I have personally seen several incredicle games released on Steam Greenlight and I enjoy getting a first look at what I believe will be a sure winner for gamers.

Niko Takowsky

Steam Community. Steam is an incredible program that I use on a daily basis on my phone, television and computer. In my opinion you can’t go wrong with Steam and their services and prod-

ucts. For more information on Steam visit and be sure to play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Dota2 — both of these games are fantastic 10/10.

STEAM GREENLIGHT Steam Greenlight is a system that uses the community’s input to help choose which games they will release next. This program is awesome because it gives everyone a chance to pick what they want next. It’s great voting for a game you find

One never learns by success. Success is the plateau that one rests upon to take breath and look down from upon the straight and difficult path, but one does not climb upon a plateau. ~Author : Josephine Preston

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50 Million & Growing Happy Gamers Worldwide.

Meet The Team That Brought Us Valve

Gabe Newell - President With 50+ million bated-breath users whose mouths stay in a carp-like trance waiting and hoping for the next megavideo game from Valve to hit the market, few can deny that Newell is God in the gaming community. From the way he runs the corporation since it began in 1996, it’s referred to as a “bossless company” with perks floating around the Bellevue, Washington DC office that include free massages, espresso and laundry service. I want a job! How does this uber-cyclonic gaming company motate without bosses? Quite well. Business increased by 50% last year. Although it might be all games over at Valve... NO bosses doesn’t mean it’s all fun! Leadership trickles down from higherups as employees oversee employees and rank job performance “voting” on who they believe are valuable to the company—or not. Newell (a Harvard man) and former employee at Microsoft—13 years in various positions in the Systems, Applications, and Advanced Technology divisions that included running program management for the first two releases of Windows, starting the company's multi-media division, and pioneering information for the Information Highway PC, has taken his company to new heights as one of the biggest software/game developer/ video game distributor on planet earth. Steam owns one of the rare independent app stores, second only to the iTunes store and holds the reigns over 70% of the PC video game digital download market to the tune (excuse the pun!) of $2-3 billion in revenues. With accolades mounting, Newell among other mentionables received the BAFTA award for his contributions to gaming which helped fulfilled a prophecy back in December 2010, when Forbes touted him, "A Name You Should Know" for the major successes of the Steam Team. A little over a year ago, Newell’s estimated net worth sat in the ballpark of $1.5 billion. Who says video games are a waste of time? My mom used to, but I’ve been changing her mind. l

Robin Walker - Lead Designer If you haven’t played and... been obsessed with Team Fortress 2, then stop reading right now because neither this article nor any of my future articles are for you! Since starting with Valve back in 1998 as a Software Developer and Programer, Walker got his name in headlines as the co-creator of the very first Team Fortress mod for Quake. The game was so successful that Valve came knocking at this door asking him to join their team. His position as the lead designer for the monster hit Team Fortress 2, created the most widely played, most popular franchises in the world

#1Video Game Developer & Distributor of Planet Earth!

of gaming. Within the Valve family, he emerged a true Valve frontrunner developing Portal, Half-Life 2, Counter-Strike: Source, HL2: Episode 1, HL2: Episode 2, Left 4 Dead, Opposing Force, Blue Shift and Half-Life: Counter-Strike. Walker is the appointed voice for TF2, and does most of the blog posts at, the games’ website and continues to be responsible for design, code, and management on various Valve products. l

Joe Ludwig - Software Developer/Programmer Nobody quite comes close to Ludwig’s sense of the Valve style as he does making the rounds in the high tech virtual reality headset designed specifically for Team Fortress 2. S i n c e joining the Valve team in 2009, Ludwig has spent his long work days behind the scene as a programmer and seasoned game develper. Though not in the capacity of an “official” Valve correspondant, Ludwig frequents the vast internet gaming community getting up close and personal with his loyal followers in the extensive blogs he is so well known for, explaining the detailed ins and outs of MMO tech and game development. Before there was Valve, Ludwig spent years in the Flying Lab Software department and, currently he is being touted as a lead in the ongoing future of Valve in the extended virtual reality efforts that the company continues to develope. l

Greg Croomer - Design & Communication With a mantra of... “Getting rid of bosses makes for better games...” Croomer is an advocate for Valve’s organizational working structure stating at a conference, “The actual career growth in an environment like Valve’s is incredibly accelerated and it is something that allows people to make progress exactly limited only by their own desire and ability.” With big ideas on expanding the world of adult gaming to a kidfriendly environment of fun and teamship, he’s a spokesperson for his dream project titled Akzidenz-Grotesk—a gamers wonderland for the younger set. Before Valve, he was a freelance product designer, went to Nintendo and moved onto Microsoft where software products. l

Eric Johnson Business Development Recognized as the lead guy behind the Dota 2 conceptual team, Johnson has come along way since his days as a shoe and used cars salesman. He was initially introduced to Valve as one of Sierra's Half-Life testers, then offered a position as a Valve shipping manager before evolving into a company business development authority, a job that comes with a heavy load of responsibility in the areas of pioneering game platform and making certain that every detail from cutting-edge conception technology to distribution is perfectly executed for one of the worlds premier online gaming companies. l

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By Niko Takowsky

The Best Of The Best Whether you are a kid wanting to outfit your room with all your favorite film, comic and gaming characters, or an avid collector of pop art figures from Star Wars, Marvel, DC Comics and more — there’s one place that pretty much has whatever you are looking for with insane sixth scale figures, statues, prop replicas and life-size figures — SIDESHOW!

Men On A Mission Doors opened in 1995, in a tiny garage with a few buddies who had no idea they were going to make history. Looking back they refer to themselves as being, “a handful of over-ambitious, undernourished friends…” Fast forward 15 years, and these guys are known worldwide for their profitable ventures in a serious minded industry that’s all about art, fun, iconic games and characters. Big business can’t get better than this! SIDESHOW’s claim to fame: they want to help people all ages celebrate their ongoing love affair with the popular figural creatures we can’t get enough of.

This amazing Superman is set to release in January 2014 with a limited edition of 5,000. He stands 25” tall with incredible details down to the life-like head sculpt and fabric costume.

In terms of legendary scale figures this is the best that money can buy. Darth Maul stands 40” tall and features a Light up Saber with amazing attention to detail. Great for everyone and certainly Star Wars fans.

It Takes A Village The SIDESHOW crew is a multi-cultural mix of artists, administrators and detailed techs who live and breathe perfection every minute of their day job. Their success comes from the overwhelming passion they have for what they do, and it shows in the life-like figures they offer—exceptional right down to the smallest detail. No wonder their collaborative relationships with filmmakers and special effect houses the likes of Guillermo del Toro, Stan Winston Studio, Legacy Effects, Spectral Motion, Amalgamated Dynamics Inc. and KNB Effects are long-standing. The award-winning limited edition collectible figures you find at SIDESHOW range in different scales, but are primarily: 1:6, 1:4, 1:2 and life-size.

Let The Show Begin Once a collector... always a collector, and whether you are a kid or an adult, you want the best. And, the amount of choices are endless whether it’s Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, Marvel Entertainment, DC Comics, Indiana Jones, Terminator, Predator, Alien, Disney, Avatar, Transformers or G.I. JOE and beyond… you will find what you want, or can find out when you can get it if it’s not available yet. SIDESHOW’s proprietary retail lines reflect the passion of their in-house artists, including dinosaurs (Sideshow’s Dinosauria), zombies (The Dead), and historically accurate figures (Live By The Sword, Fife and Drum, Brotherhood of Arms, Six Gun Legends, Bayonets and Barbed Wire). Get ready. If you’re a collector… a new life has begun! l My favorite and one I‘ve been waiting for a long time is the Dr. Doom Legendary scale. Check Sideshow’s website for info. 1.855.SIDESHOW

Available right now is the Captain America Premium Format figure. It has a small limited edition of 1500 and is a very nice edition for any collector.

36 // //

The Classic Punisher which is set to release January 2014 is 23” tall and features his automatic shotgun and fabric costume.

Definitely one of my favorites and soon to be in my collection is the Wolverine Legendary Scale Figure standing an amazing 31” tall and about 35 pounds. Featuring metal claws and the classic Wolverine costume we all love. This figure is set to release very soon.


SportsFit treating chronic back pain without surgery!

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By Anthony Phills Welcome to the Digital Lowdown. My name is Anthony Phills, your go-to guy for all things digital. On this page I’ll bring you information on the new digital future opening up before us today. I will keep you up to speed on the latest gadgets, the evolution of the digital home, the advent of intelligent cars, the miniaturization and expansion of computers, the growth of mobile platforms and the other innovations that will change our lives. As a technology consultant I have been assisting celebrities for over 10 years with their tech needs. In doing so I have been exposed to some amazing stuff, from essential machines to beautiful toys. Since technology moves so fast you’ll want to know whether to get what’s hot now, or wait for things to get cool. That’s where I come in. I’ll get you the 411 to make the right decision for you. E-mail me at with your questions, I’ll give you the digital lowdown.

I was looking for an app to help you with your fitness goals. Who better to ask than Sandra Jersby, a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and a Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES) with a graduate degree in Nutrition and Food Science. She guided me to the My Fitness Pal. Loose weight for free with! “MyFitnessPal is a diet and fitness community with one purpose in mind: providing you with the tools and support you need to achieve your weight loss goals,” Jersby said. Research has shown that keeping a food and exercise journal doubles your weight loss. By staying consistent with your food tracking the more successful you will be with your weight loss, which is why so many successful weight management programs suggest logging your food intake in an activity log. It is easy and fast. Since you are more likely to stay on track, the more likely you are to succeed in your fitness goals.

you can add your recipes and access them at any time. MyFitnessPal also offers support and motivation in their discussion forums and lets you ask questions, receive motivation to stay on track, get tips and make new friends. This system also lets you be flexible if you are following a specific diet plan, such as the South Beach Diet, the Zone and more.

Sandra Jersby

But, if you want that one on one attention, I would recommend Sandra. She is one of my trainers and does a great job in keeping me fit and up-to-date with new training techniques. For more information contact Sandra at, visit her site: or call her at 424-262-4FIT. Then check out and join and start your path to healthier living today!

Last month I was invited to the opening of SportFit Physical Therapy & Fitness in Santa Monica by Rick Rafael, founder and Melika Rafael, co-founder to see the new DRX9000 to treat chronic back pain. SportsFit is one of two companies in southern California with the DRX9000. Rick has been looking around for a solution for his clients with chronic back pain. He found the DRX9000 which is effective in treating low back pain associated with herniated discs, bulging disc and degenerative disc disease, allowing patients to return to an active lifestyle. Melika said that it takes about 20 sessions over the period of six weeks and each session lasts 30 minutes.

Garmin Edge® 810

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Design Corner

I went into my design archive and found the custom FILA shoes I designed for Barry Bonds when he became the Home Run King in 2007. How Does it Work? First download the free MyFitnessPal app on the iPhone or Android phone. It’s a simple format that lets you store food easily on your phone or computer from anywhere with an internet connection, and it remembers what you’ve eaten and done activity wise. The more you track your meals, the easier it gets! With database over 2 million items and growing, you are able to create your own personal food database where

I haven’t been riding my bike because of all the work I’ve been doing, but the new Live Tracking feature from Garmin lets me follow my friends as they train or race in real time. Simply invite followers using email or social media, and they can view your live data on Garmin Connect. Once your friend get the email invite, they can follow and see your stats and location on the map. For more information visit http://

Melika and Rick Rafael infront of the DRX9000 Spinal Compression System.

Where’s the tech in this? First you input key information on the touch screen about the user into the DRX9000 system and select the lumbar segment to be treated. Then when you start the process, the DRX9000 gently releaves pressure between the discs and allows the back to begin a natural healing process. After each treatment your session information is stored in your DRX9000 profile or you can printed out for your records. For more information contact SportFit Physical Therapy & Fitness on 2010 Wilshire Blvd or call 310-776-7878. Rock on // // 37

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The Boys In The Band Combining their passion for making music with of love of their country and allegiance to the soldiers fighting for our freedom, this incredibly talented crew of musicians takes the experiences they had while deployed in the Armed Forces in Iraq and Afghanistan and hits the music scene with all the power of men on a mission. By Suzanne Takowsky

ROCK BANDS! Certainly it’s the excitement of the heart pounding beat and gyrating lyrics that touches our souls and draws us into the very moment of their love, pain, happiness, betrayals, love and loneliness. But let’s face it… just as compelling as the music is the over-riding lure of the Boys-in-the-Band. It’s their drama, stories and journeys in life and all of their struggles and triumphs— ALL that is what we feel with every beat of the drum, string of the guitar and word they belt out. And, looking at the backlog of all these oh so very famous Boys-in-the-Band, the genius behind the songs that make them unforgettable is an undying undercurrent of provocative and compelling words of wisdom. Words of wisdom from a ROCK BAND? YEP. Boys-in-the-Band have managed for decades to usher a worldwide web of generations through the road map of life as we made our way through the trials and tribulations of war, civil unrest, political upheaval, international discord, and generations coming of age. And they do it with music and lyrics as their muse, and a roaring combination of raw showmanship and unbridled talent. I can’t count the times I’ve been in the trenches of a crappy moment or hour or day, and am driving in my car, switching radio stations desperately on the hunt for a song to take my focus away from the downpour I’m having. Then, it happens. I hear the beat. Lyrics climb through the voices like old friends greeting me. And I’m off on a tangent singing along to a song that is meant just for me at that moment in time. The realism attached to the songs we love carries the power to initiate a burst of happiness, inspire love and romance, or bring tears to our eyes as we translate what we hear into what’s going on in our own lives. But what the Boys-in-the-Band go through to gain our acceptance and loyalty is nothing short of a miracle. Most certainly we fall in love with the romance of their “over-night success stories.” Likely it’s because their rags to riches sagas keep our own star-seeking fires fueled with the hope and desire that one day… maybe one day just like the Boys-in-the-Band… we will “make it” too. In real time, however, most over-night successes take years to achieve. And what we think of as amazing luck or perfect timing is nothing less than pure determination and the perseverance and passion of a person —or a group—that wouldn’t give up their dreams. All those on-the-road, tall tales we hear from musicians recalling periods of poverty, living in cramped rooms,

sleeping on dirty couches, eating only because of the generosity of family and friends. Hard to believe? Well, sort of. Especially, since before us sits a successful, uber-talented music star who makes it impossible to imagine that he/she could have lived any other life than the one they have right now. The key here seems to be the ability to navigate though the ups and downs and twists and turns in an industry filled with more talent than guts. The music business is not a job opportunity for the faint of heart. But for those not afraid to fight for what they want, longevity and success in “the biz” all comes down to a very old saying: It’s not about whether you want something. It’s about how much you want it! When I told my kids I was off to interview a real live rock and roll band I got a heartfelt round of verbal applause. First question: My sons asked…who is the band? Second question: My girls asked…. are they cute? The band is called THE SECRET STATE, and YES the Boys-in-the Band are very cute. Even at my age, it’s not difficult to appreciate the sex appeal of five adorable guys (20s and 30s) who get on a stage and make magic with a collective talent for creating great music. Band Members include: Daniel (Dan) Martiniano, lead vocals; Piano Joshua (Josh) Jones, guitar and vocals; Hunter Schafer, bass, backup vocals; Daniel (Danny) Espinosa, digital performer; Michael (Mike) Marx-Gibbons, drums and violin. Make no mistake. This is no flash in the pan—let’s give it a shot—get-together. These are serious, dedicated musicians and performers, who have fine-tuned their combined talents for writing and playing music for many years. And, the “band” is not an after-thought they turn to when their day jobs end. Their music is their passion and their passion is their life. That said, they have not had an easy time getting to where they want to go. And they still aren’t there. But they are getting closer day by day. THE SECRET STATE continues to reach new career heights and gain industry recognition as opening acts for bands including Hinder, Jack’s Mannequin, Tantric, Shinedown and others. Their great sound and energetic performances both nationally and internationally have garnered the a HUGE following, and they are a hot ticket on Facebook, Twitter and Utube. After performing three consecutive years at the famed South By Southwest (SXSW) music festival in Austin, Texas and making the rounds playing concerts, live music bars, and outdoor

concert festival venues, the group is finally reaping the rewards of their long, and at many times difficult journey. The critical acclaim they are receiving from fans, peers and music industry higher-ups now is a testament to their strength of character, a unique electronic tinged sound and their boy-next-door good looks. On the cusp of what they have been working towards their entire lives, Dan, Josh, Hunter, Daniel and Mike have all the makings of a slow burn of greatness just over the horizon.

“We finally just made the decision that we had to go with our passion and belief that we had what it takes to make it in the music business.” Three of the guys who started the group (Dan, Josh and Mike) have been together since they were teenagers in the same small town in Ellicott City, just outside of Baltimore. They were friends before they were bandmates, which according to Josh doesn’t mean that they don’t have creative disagreements and arguments over the usual roommate/workmate day-to-day. But because they were friends before they were a band, the history of who they were, where they came from, with an eye on where they want to go—keeps them grounded in the comfort of having one another to lean on. Another HUGE element of the group’s compa style comradery-flow stems from the fact that three member of the group, Mike, Josh and the group’s second Dan (Espinosa) all served tour duties in the Armed Forces in the early 2000’s. And, as overnight success stories go, their combined years duty time in Afghanistan, South America, and Iraq took place before, during and after they had formed their core group, and made plans to move from Baltimore to Florida to begin their musical careers. In theory it could have been an easy slide. But as things go when reality steps in… not quite. continued page 40

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A dramatic scene filmed for the video takes place at the “Painted Rocks” a place where every military unit that has completed training at Fort Irwin paints their unit patches on a gigantic rock outside the front gates. This budding music scenario, however, actually began when the Boys-in-the-Band were just kids in grade school. Josh for instance started playing the violin when he was 10-years old, as did the other members all who found their musical beginnings in school plays, music classes and a longing to have what they heard on the radio. From there it was onto high school bands, and always the lure of music followed them even as they went off to college. Most of the guys by then, had without a moment of true acceptance reluctantly succumbed to the idea of going to college and getting good grades to get good jobs. No doubt, lucrative careers were waiting in the wings with 9 to 5 white shirts and black tie jobs. But standing in the way of this perfect picture was the fact that none were happy or at peace without music in their lives. “Dan, Mike and I went to high school together and started the band during our sophomore year,” says Josh who spent his early years living in different countries that were tied to his father’s job-related position. “When I got old enough to attend high school, my parents decided it was important for me to be settled in one school and start getting things set so I could attend college.” When I ask Josh how it was always moving from place to place, he chalks the experience up to teaching him about life and giving him the tools he needed to make the “world” his friend. “I never thought about it as odd or difficult. But rather I saw it as a way to learn about people and different cultures around the world. Yes it’s hard to leave the friends you have gotten to know. But you are also in a position to make new friendships as you grow, and the experience that I lived broadened my ability to appreciate what people in different culture go through in life. It prepared me for a life of being in a band.” Let’s talk about that “band” kind of a life for a minute.

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The guys tells me it’s like being in a dysfunctional marriage—only with FIVE men. A scary thought! And making it work in the day-to-day comes down to accepting and adjusting to different ideas, different backgrounds and different personalities. But they all agreed on one thing: without question there is always a conflict over something that tends to put things on hold even if it’s just for an hour or two. The group also agrees that adjusting to and working through differences and accepting that no matter... they will come is just part of the creative process; part of the mayhem; an element of the “band” process that never goes away, but does go into creating a great sound and great music. It’s a process most bands go through, and it makes the difference in whether a band makes it or not. It also moves along the process of weeding out members who don’t quite fit, and offers an open space to those who do. THE SECRET STATE went through numerous bass and guitar players and selections of who should stay. And who would go... it was a collective decision that every band, every business has to make if they want to move forward. In this case, creating and playing outstanding music was the goal and these guys were prepared to do what it took to make it happen. As Josh says… “We just finally made the decision to go with our passion and our belief that we had what it takes to make it in the music business.” Needless to say, at least for the time, out went the college educations and any hint of college diplomas that might have been lurking around the corner, and an absolute true-blooded band was born. Not surprisingly, none of their parents were thrilled with the prospect of watching their sons give up the promise of good paying future employment to hit the skids looking for a career playing rock and roll in smoke-filled bars filled with every vice known to mankind. Too bad.

All was a “GO” for the day-to-day of city to city tours, midnight gigs, little sleep, lots of hard labor lugging equipment from venue to venue, little pay and living in a van filled with cramped everything, eating drive through food when they could afford to eat. The “good life” was coming on fast, and the taste of their music dreams coming true were in sight. BUT not yet. Ironically Mike got deployed to Iraq to serve as a combat medic for the U.S. Army on the eve of their departure to make it BIG in Florida. That left Josh and Dan to take a close look at Plan-B if they wanted to move forward with rooting the band. Not an easy task.

“Night after night touring, living in a van, pulling a trailer for months at a time, eating crackers... just barely surviving and then there were those calls to our parents asking for money when we had to get something fixed or we needed to buy food.”

RUNWAY RHYTHM By Nataliya Joy Prieto

LA Comes Alive

Fashion • Celebrities • Kids • Fun SUR Lounge

on Robertson Blvd., i n L o s A n g e l e s hosted "Untapped Fashion & Music" to celebrate Fashion Week. More than 500 guests attended for a night of fab and fun starting with Celebrity DJ Lindsay Luv who rocked turntables for the first half of the evening before DJ Big Chunk took over and kept the crowd bouncing until the wee hours! Six designers: Adriana Marie Designs, Divine Elegance, Heidi Gardner, Diva Steps,

Get Kids Growing Interactive Gardening


Voots® Veggie-Fruit Tarts & in Partnership with celeb mom Christina Milian hosted a day of fun showing kids how to grow their own veggies and fruits, and learn to eat good food for a healthy body. The event was held at The Americana at Brand in Glendale, Christina Milian, daughter Violet CA. and kicked off as Milian delivered a message with goosd food tips.All were greeted by a six-foot Eureka lemon tree housed Keli Couture and Humanity Bracelets by in a seven-foot gardening Josh Pino were showcased via a live still pot, surrounded by thouinstallation in the beautiful Sur garden. VIP sands of mini gardening guests included NFL player Brandon London, pots ready for kids to grab Stassi & Jax from Vanderpump Rules, Emmy and plant their own carrots Rossum, Patrick Hartigan, Calvin Seabrooks, and tomatoes, and learn Kelchhi Francis, Parker Wright, Mona May, how to garden. “We are Kaitlyn Benson, Ivan Sergei, Teyana Tayor, here on this beautiful day Edward Finlay and others. l to teach you all about the importance of eating fruits and vegetables and staying active,” said Milian. Nataliya, husband Stephen Takowsky During the with their daughter Edith event Voots Veggie Fruit-Tarts along with announced the new “Get Kids Growing” Garden Grants, a program that will implement gardens at schools around the country. Voots VeggieFruit Tarts supplements for kids 4-plus provide Vitamin C antioxidant power of 3-servings of fruits and veggies. International Supermodel Event Founder Jordana Photos: Voots® Brand l Sam Sarpong DJ Linsday Luv

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Artist Tommy Hollenstein with kids at Play Day

Shane's Inspiration's My Play Club My Play Club, a free community program brings together kids of ALL abilities for a play date. Tommy Hollenstein, a Shane's Inspiration Board Member and noted artist was on hand to give painting pointers. He uses the wheels of his wheelchair as his paintbrush and showed kids how he paints. He helped them create spectacular paintings they took home. The Shane's Club Youth Choir performed Frank Sinatra's, "You Make Me Feel So Young" at the Good Time Share! at Aidan's Place Inclusive Playground at the Westwood Recreation Center. The Malibu Jewish Center was the Arts and Crafts sponsor and Nancy Arnold, a volunteer sponsored the Accessible Bus and donated a new microphone for use at Shane's Club. Photo: Jerri Hemsworth/Inspiring Play Magazine l

A Star Is Born...

STACEY WOODS was born in Lodi and raised in Stockton, California. At three years of age she began ballet, tap and jazz, and was already in love with the performing arts and loved making friends and family laugh to tears and side aches with her one-girl-show performances. At her dance studio she began student teaching which landed her a spot on a competitive dance team. After high school, Stacey moved to Southern California to follow her dreams and attend a college with superior modern dance, rhythm tap, salsa, swing, and improv programs. Working her way through school, it was the famous Hollywood face-in-the-crowd scenario when she was approached and encouraged to meet a woman who soon after became her agent. The modeling world was new and exciting and brought incredible traveling opportunities as one door led to another. Acting was fast becoming a new a passion, and because of her love for improv, as her acting career took off... she became involved with sketch comedy groups that morphed into bit TV roles and film. It seems her reach for continuing her education never stopped. Learning so much from hours upon hours on sets of various TV shows and films, she became intrigued with behind-the-camera action, and driven by her creative artistic collaborations is building towards a production company of her own. Stacey resides in Malibu, and enjoys a full time career of modeling and acting. Quiet time is spent writing, hiking, she practices yoga, loves scuba diving, and plays a mean game of golf and tennis. l

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LA ART SCENE By Mandara Takowsky mtakowsky

Aaron Redman presents “This Is LA”


a brilliant book on the most famous city in the world! LA was so beautiful..." Then, I know that I am doing it justice. Finally!

When people think of Los Angeles...

an exciting visual of Hollywood isn’t far behind. LA is built on special effects and the grandeur of a big city with the cliquishness of a small town people can’t get enough of. LA-based photographer Aaron Redman has assembled an incredible book of images that make Los Angeles truly a city of dreams. Aaron’s photography career began when he was 12-years-old and his grandfather gave him an old 35mm Ricoh rangefinder camera. After shooting his first roll of film and seeing what his efforts brought forth there was no going back. He says he was hooked and has loved shooting, developing and spending every moment he can in a darkroom printing. LA is as known for its history as much as the movies it makes. You rise above the obvious and bring the everyday to life. Growing up in Orange County, Downtown LA was a mysterious and infamous city... "Don't go to Downtown LA, you might not come back"... In the 70s-80s maybe that could have been true, but not any more. For the first time, my wife, a friend and I went to a movie at the Los Angeles Theatre on 6th and Broadway. We walked the streets of DTLA at night, and nothing happened. I wanted to find all the places "you shouldn't go" and bring attention to them. It's OK to walk the 3rd Street tunnel, or walk under Grand Avenue. Yes, there are homeless people, but they are as afraid of me as I am of them. Or so I tell myself. I choose obscure locations and then show them off in a better light. When people tell me, "I didn't know Downtown

44 // //

Is it hard getting a perfect natural light shot at just the right time of the day? I’ve always photographed by the theory... right place, right time. I shoot with both eyes open so I don't miss what's around me. You would be surprised at how much you miss when you're not looking. I'll take shadows over bright lights. There’s so much more character in shadows; things you may not want to see in the daylight, I put the “spotlight” on it in a new way. How did you choose locations in a city filled with thousands of options? There’s something special about LA. It has a million stories to tell. It's unfortunate we live in a "throw away" society. But the reality is nothing really goes away! If you look enough, the untold, discarded stories are for the taking. My goal is to bring all these incredible stories to life for us to enjoy forever.

What do you love about photography? Growing up, and due to a medical condition, I was small for my age and the victim of horrific bullying. Photography was the one thing I found that I didn't need in order to "fit in." I could be me. I could be on my own and have fun. Looking back it seems that the only time I wasn't being beat up, or put in a trash can, or jammed into a locker at school, was when I had a camera in my hand. Maybe that is the reason I prefer to shoot all the discarded stories... Everyone, and maybe everything deserves a second chance to "fit in." My work is my passion. l

LA -based photographer Aaron Redman unveils a true visual effects book based on the City of Angeles filled with nothing less than a spectacular real-life Hollywood movie.

Star S Sta ar Studded S Studd ded Excitement...

U S A D a n c e Nat Na at ion al Dan c eS Sppo po r t C h am mppi p i o n s h iipps ps “Dancing With The Stars”

Bruno Tonioli as Honorary Judge M More

tro Meloni of Ernest Borel Swiss W Thomas Huggler & Pietr Watchmaker; Watc Bruno Tonioli;Yang ang Chen Co-MC of USA DanceSport DanceSpor event; Yang Ken Richar hards DanceSport Vice President

Ken Richards (USA Da ance), Thomas Huggler (Ernest Borrel), Bruno To Tonioli, Pietro o Meloni (Ernest Borrel). Winners: Ty Tyler Li & Anjelica Lo owe, San Francisco, National Pre-Teen II Gold Standard and Gold Latin win nners and recipient of the USA Dance Star ar Quality Award (that Bruno judged judge and awarded).

th than 1,000 of America!s top ba allroom and ngeles at the Latin danc ce athletes competed in Los An 33rd annual USA DANCE National Da anceSport /hosted by USA A DANCE, D Inc., Championships, organized/h the National Governing Body for DanceSp port in the U.S., and USA member organization of the U.S. Olympic Committee ee and World DanceSport Fed deration (WDSF). The 3-day, continuous dance event at the e JW Marriott at LA LIVE, brought amateur DanceSport athletes who had qualified throughout hroughout the year at one or more of the 12 USA Dance National Nat Qualifying y g events in the U.S. The event 8am and went until 11pm each day with the began at 8 excitement growing with each dance. Superstar “Dancing With The Stars” judge Bruno Tonioli added to the thrill as Honorary Judge giving trophies to winners. The USA Dance 2013 National DanceSport Championsh hips is the official National Championships Cham for Ballroom/L Latin competitive dancing an nd the most prestigious and largest competitive dance event of its kind in America. A bon nus was the prestigious 4th annual USA Dance Star Qu uality Awards on Friday and Saturday nights, sponsored b by Swiss watchmaker Ernest Borel, a brand sponsor of o USA Dance Inc. USA Dance Inc, a 501c3 nonprofit organization i i h has 174 chapters representing social, recreatio onal ballroom and latin dancers from pre-schoolers to sen iors. Along with the WDSF, USA Dance supp orts world organiz ganizations to gain national an nd global acc ceptance for DanceSport as an official medal sport in the Olympics. With 23,000 000 U.S. members financially supporting the programs, and with an outreach of 225,000, USA DANCE serves as a leader and is authorized to solicit and receive dona donations to support its promotional and educational programs including K12 after-school dance programs. Its mission is to improve quality and quantity of ballroom dancing in America. !

Taras Savitskyy & Tatiana Selivertova a (NJ couple), National Championss International Standard and Star Quality Award recipients nt nts

Kiril Kulish & Jenna Johnson, Studio City, CA, Under 21 and Adult Latin Championship finalists; winners of a USA Dance Star Quality Awards,

Photos: Carson Zullinger Winston & Lilly Chow, San Francisco, Senior III Standard Championship finalists

Pietro Meloni (Erne est Borel), Emrhys Cooper (award d winning Actor/Dancer - LA area) a), Anne Jeffries (Hollywood Legend, acctress, Golden Globe winner - LA Area), Bruno Tonioli, Ken Richarrds (DanceSport VP, USA Dance), Angela Prince (USA Dance National PR Director), Thomas Huggler (Ern nest Borel USA).

Lev Khmelev (boy) & Natalina Chen (Los Angeles) National Champions, Amateur Pre-Teen I Gold Latin Championss

4 45