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Volume 55 Issue 6

Congregation Beth Shalom Bulletin May’s General Membership Meeting to Discuss Future of CBS

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May and June are watershed months for Congregation Beth Shalom. First it is at the end of June that Rabbi Senter will say his farewells after 5 years with the congregation. His departure will mark a point where at this time there is no successor rabbi-in-waiting (as of this writing). The congregation in an effort to prolong its independence and not merge with another; will forgo the additional expense of a full time rabbi. Even the proposition of forgoing the expense of a rabbi altogether should be on the table for the membership. General Meeting on May 13 @ 7:30PM is the time to bring your questions and concerns to the Board of Directors. May is the month that they project our future expenses and the congregation’s members accept or reject those budget projections. Every Board member and chairperson who has a responsibility for a particular expense will be attending and available for questions. If you question the money spent for any given item, come to the meeting and find out why we have such expenses. We would certainly like to hear from you on how to reduce any of our operating costs or any way that we could raise more money. June is also the last time we will send the CBS Newsletter as a free print publication to your home. The newsletter will move online to where we have a few past issues along with this issue available for viewing. If you wish to continue to receive a print copy by first class mail (rather than bulk) you can purchase a subscription for $36 from the Office. The details of this change are spelled out in another article, “This is Penultimate Issue,” pg. 6.

Gerrard Berman Day School Solomon Schechter of North Jersey in Oakland will be holding a Parent Education Program on Tuesday, May 4 at 7:30 pm at the school. 45 Spruce Street in Oakland. "How to Listen so Teens will Talk" is geared to parents of incoming Middle School students. The program is FREE and open to the community. RSVP or 201 337-1111 ext.208

Sisterhood’s Golden Book Cards call: A-H Debbie Lees 973-839-6388 I-Q Anne Kirk 973-628-9064 R-Z Alice Spira 973-839-4940

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C o n g r e g a t i o n

B e t h

S h a l o m

From The Rabbi’s Study

“The recognition of positive actions is as important as reporting the unfortunate tragedy of abuse by clergy..”

In the event of an emergency Rabbi Senter can be contacted by cell phone at 973-713-8727

Recently there has been much media attention regarding the actions of Pope Benedict during his tenure as the Cardinal in charge of the office of Doctrine of the Faith. In this position Pope Benedict, then known as Cardinal Ratzinger, supervised the process of canonical trials. Such proceedings determine the status of Catholic clergy. Of particular focus is the case of Father Lawrence Murphy who was accused of molesting over 200 deaf boys between the years of 1950 and 1974. Father Murphy’s actions did not come to Cardinal Ratzinger’s attention until 1996. At the direction of Cardinal Beretone, the Assistant to Cardinal Ratzinger, a canonical trial was initiated and Father Murphy was about to be defrocked. Father Murphy wrote a letter to Cardinal Ratzinger asking that the proceedings be suspended given that he was in poor health and the case was beyond the Church’s statute of limitations. Father Murphy died shortly after this correspondence to Cardinal Ratzinger. It is unclear if Cardinal Ratzinger responded to the letter or interceded on Father Murphy’s behalf. A current lawsuit has been initiated by five of Father Murphy’s victims. The Archdioceses of Milwaukee is accused of “a Church cover-up” in the case of Father Murphy. The lawsuit charges that in 1974 Father Murphy, a known child

predator, was moved to another diocese and continued to function as a priest with free access to children for twenty four years. The response of the Vatican to these recent charges has been controversial to say the least. The Pope’s personal preacher, Father Ranero Cantalanesa, compared the focus on Pope Benedict to “the collective violence ag a ins t J ews in the Holocaust”. He quoted from a letter written by a Jewish friend, “The anger at Catholic leadership over the sexual abuse scandal reminds us of the most shameful aspects of anti-Semitism” The response to Father Cantalanesa’s statement was dramatic. He immediately recanted the statement and apologized stating that “The Pope did not inspire the sermon. Like everyone else, heard my words for the first time during the liturgy”. I believe that Father Cantalanesa’s statement was ill conceived and unfortunate. I do not believe that it was anti-Semitic. Unfortunately faith communities did not understand the reality of child sexual abuse and abusers. The Catholic Church was not alone in their misguided approach to dealing with child predators. Sadly pedophiles are drawn to professions which give them access to children. Many of them hide behind clerical clothing, a teacher’s desk, or the uniform of law enforcement. We like to

think that these predators can be rehabilitated. In an effort to do so, our schools, houses of worship, and law enforcement agencies have become enablers. As we have come to understand the nature of these predators, we have learned the necessity for a zero tolerance level. I believe the Vatican and the Pope should be applauded for their recent emphasis on cooperation with civil justice authorities in abuse cases. Whatever the Pope’s involvement may have been in the Murphy case, it is clear that his current perspective is compassionate and evolving. The Church appears to be on a path which protects the children rather than the abusers. In our country, Church authorities are aggressive in addressing abuse by clergy and cooperative with civil authorities. This represents a significant shift from previous Church policy. As the Catholic Church continues along the path of evolution and understanding, other faith communities are going through similar journeys. The press continues to play an important role in providing needed information and focus. Public scrutiny is part of the checks and balances that preserve the integrity of those in leadership positions. I applaud the ongoing role of the media in the evolution of our perspective on this and (Continued on page 3)

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Message from the President– Larry Tornow Shalom to all, I hope that you all had a good Pesach and that you have finally gotten rid of all the Matzoh. I know I am still having some to get rid of and I only bought a few boxes since I live alone. Oh well it is that kind of holiday that calls for sacrifice. We had our Yom HaShoah program with Mr. Jonathan Gunther from The Holocaust Studies Center at Ramapo College in Mahwah, New Jersey. He spoke of his experiences in Hungary during that awful period of our history. At that program we hosted the Jewish congregation from Kinnelon and Rabbi Ettinger joined with Rabbi Senter to present a meaningful and memorable program. I personally would like to thank all who worked so hard to bring it about. The Oneg was sponsored by the Goll’s in honor of Abe’s brother who perished in the Holocaust. Turnout by both congregations was heart warming. The evening of April 16, we participated in services at

Temple Beth Tikvah in Wayne as part of a collaborative effort to strengthen the Jewish Community of Passaic County. There are a number of events that our Hebrew Schools also participated and hope to continue. These events are supposed to be on a round robin basis with the various shuls hosting the others. The Brick Fundraiser is going on. It is going on slowly but going on. Please if you are planning to have a brick in the garden please fill out the form and send it in so that we can have a proper dedication. Sisterhood is planning the Tricky Tray and Fashion Show that needs donations and volunteers. Please get in touch with Ellie Weiner and/or Jill Berson to offer help and support. We had a Board of Directors meeting last night (4/15) and had a look at the current and future budget. I will tell you that there is a great lack of financial support that we are not getting from many of our members. It seems that for what ever reason some mem-

(Continued from page 2)

unfortunate tragedy of abuse by clergy. May we be blessed with the strength to comply with the will of God by protecting the most vulnerable of God’s creations. The children are our future. With Torah Blessings,

other issues. This being said, I am concerned regarding the focus on the past downplaying the significant accomplishments of recent history. I pray that the press will be vocally supportive of the evolving position of faith communities, particularly the Catholic Church and Pope Benedict. The recognition of positive actions is as important as reporting the

Rabbi David Roth Senter

bers have only paid the first quarter of the annual dues. That makes it impossible for the congregation to pay the bills that are required. It also makes it impossible to have any events. If you owe money either from dues or pledges please remit to the office as soon as possible. If not Congregation Beth Shalom will be on life support and may be going into Hospice within the next year. This may also be one of the last mailed bulletins that you will receive as a hard copy. As you are all aware the Post Office somehow delayed our March issue and a few of you got it in the first 2 weeks of April, much past the time that the Pesach information was needed. We are looking into the bulletin being published on line and only a few members actually getting hard copies. Due to publishing costs, the lack of cooperation of the Post Office and other factors there may be a subscription set up at a minimal cost for hard copies to be sent. Most of you know that I am usually a very optimistic and fun loving person. I try to look forward and not backward or to the massive disruptions that have occurred here at CBS over the last decade. However, I must tell you that I am beginning to be very pessimistic. We have a membership list of over 120 families and the same 20 or 30 folks, not families, come out to participate and support what we do. We need your help to continue. This is not an idle promise, but if we can not get our financial and vol-

unteer houses in order we are going into that Hospice situation very soon. I and the Board of Directors do not want to see that happen. See You in Shul? Shalom again.

“...We have a membership list of over 120 families and the same 20 or 30 folks, not families, come out to participate and support what we do. We need your help to continue.”

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C o n g r e g a t i o n

B e t h

S h a l o m

Sisterhood - Ellie Weiner

Sisterhood is an important part of the ‘life’ of Congregation Beth Shalom. Won’t you join and participate with us!

Our upcoming events for the spring are here. We are well underway planning our Fashion Show and Tricky Tray event. This is always a fun evening and this year promises to be the best! We also are planning our annual Torah Supper. This event helps Women's League contribute to the Jewish Theological Society with scholarship funds and funds for undergraduate housing. Torah fund is a vital source for JTS and our future in Conservative Judaism. Please keep your calendars open for these great events to come. Hopefully I have tempted you with some ideas for each of you. Looking forward to seeing our friends both old and new!

Have a Special Occasion coming up? Share it with us! Sponsor an ONEG SHABBAT or KIDDISH! Contact Jennifer Karasik 973-839-1361

Shalom, Ellie Weiner


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C o n g r e g a t i o n

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This is the Penultimate Issue of the Newsletter! - Stan Sidlov, Ed. After 55 years, this is the next-to-last print version of the Congregation Beth Shalom Newsletter. While I have been pretty happy being the editor of the newsletter for the last 5 years, and enjoy thumbing through the final print copy, the expense of its production and distribution is something that the congregation can no longer afford with our severe financial crisis. It takes more than the full dues of a single family membership to print and distribute each year. Over my tenure I have made several changes of vendor for our printing alone, which has cut our costs by hundreds of dollars each month. While we continue to save $1500 a year by mailing the newsletter as bulk mail, the USPS has changed the rules for bulk mail in such a way that this year we had to purchase a $1,000 software package to generate our paperwork and labels. The renewal cost of the software is $800, and we must renew to be able to continue to generate and certify that our mailing list is accurate. Only the newsletter uses this software as none of our other mailings would meet the minimum requirements. In addition we must take the bulk mail to a specific Post Office that is not in Pompton Lakes. Many of you have

noticed that we don’t even have a guarantee of delivery, as the March issue arrived very late at some homes after the April issue. I have heard that some members have not received the March issue at all. Finally, the number of copies we send as a courtesy and those must now mail to ourselves to make the minimum mailing amount requirement can total half of our print run. (In the old days we used to not have to print and mail them, we would have the post office just charge as if we mailed them, but they can’t do that anymore due to automation counting and the varying price we pay for postage due to zoning.) We will follow the lead of many other congregations and continue to publish the newsletter and make it available on-line. The vendor that I have chosen to do this with is and it is free to nonprofits. This is a very popular professional website that allows us for the first time, to offer all of our old issues along with our current issue. You will be able to share (via email) copies of the newsletter. You can easily print selected pages (or the whole issue) of the newsletter for the forms that we often publish or any articles or photos you wish to keep. Issuu’s format al-

lows you to thumb through the newsletter as if it was a print copy in front of you. Those of you who have joined any of the major supermarket or catalog websites will recognize the magazine-like animated page flipping. Also, you will be able to zoom in on the text and make it much easier to read than our print issue. I know that it will take some getting used to, but it’s the best thing for the synagogue’s bottom line. You can see this month’s issue and a few of our back issues by going to: I will make every effort to put up all the past editions of the newsletter from the last 5 years. [Issuu is not compatible with iPad or other devices that do not support Adobe’s Flash. This may change at a later time.] The Board of Directors has suggested that we will print about 25 copies each month to have and distribute from the congregation’s lobby. In addition we will offer a first-class mail subscription to the newsletter for those of us who feel that a printed newsletter is the only way to go. The subscription price is $36 per year. This amount will cover first class postage, and printing. If you would like to continue to receive the newsletter by mail in a more timely fashion, please mail a check to the Office marked, “Newsletter” in the memo line or call Bea and ask that your credit card be charged, an additional $1.08 processing fee.

Support the Local Food Bank Please bring canned and other dry goods for distribution to local families in need. A Beth Shalom Community Project

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Auditions for our NEW Community Theater at the Y This Jewish Community Theater project is a collaborative effort of the various area synagogues and the YM-YWHA of North Jersey. Auditions for NUTS (drama) May 10 and 11 - 7:30pm A hit for both Broadway and Hollywood (starring Barbara Streisand), NUTS has been called the best courtroom melodrama since Witness for the Prosecution and The Caine Mutiny Court Martial. Set in a courtroom in New York's Bellevue Hospital, the story follows a high-priced call girl incarcerated on a charge for killing a violent "john". The State, represented by a court appointed psychiatrist and an aggressive prosecutor, say Claudia Faith Draper is unfit to stand trial. As testimony from experts, physicians and her parents unfolds, with her psyche and childhood dissected, she proves to the judge that she isn't "nuts" and stands legally sane at trial for manslaughter. Show Dates - October 28, 30 and 31, 2010 Cast Needed: males and females - 20's 60's - 9 roles to be cast Rehearsal dates will be determined after the cast is chosen, but it is expected that they will begin in late August or early September. Please bring the dates that you can't attend rehearsals to the audition to help in the casting process.

If you are unfamiliar with the play, scripts can be obtained prior to audition. You can check out a script with a $5 refundable deposit. Auditions generally will include a cold reading from the play, so determine ahead of time which roles interest you. Director – Andy Leib, Shomrei Torah, Wayne Assistant Director – Aimee Greenspan

Advisor – Cantor Ilan Mamber, Temple Beth Rishon, Wyckoff For further information, please contact Cheryl at 973595-0100 ext. 228 All auditions will be held at the YM-YWHA of North Jersey, One Pike Drive, Wayne, NJ

Visit our web site and download a CURRENT bulletin in Color! Give it a Try & Tell Us!

Try our new newsletter on-line format at:

Buy Supermarket Gift Cards for A&P, ShopRite, and Stop & Shop These Cards return up to 5% of your purchases to the synagogue Your normal weekly shopping will contribute hundreds of dollars over the course of a year. Call: Leslie Kantrowitz 973-694-4821 (Bea also has gift cards in the office)

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B e t h

S h a l o m

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C o n g r e g a t i o n

B e t h

S h a l o m

MAY 2010 – IYAR / SIVAN 5770

CANDLE LIGHTING TIMES FOR POMPTON LAKES, NJ 07442  May 7 7:41PM  May 14 7:48PM  May 18 7:52PM  May 19 8:59PM  May 21 7:55PM  May 28 8:01PM  June 4 8:07PM

May 1 7th graders help lead Shabbat service Junior Congregation

10:15 AM – 12:00 PM 10:30 AM 11:30 AM

2 Lag B'Omer Youth Group - spring planting 1:00 - 3:00 PM Singles Group meets 6 Executive Board meeting 7:30 PM 7 Pre-schoolers + 1st graders help lead Shabbat service Oneg Shabbat sponsored by Sisterhood 8 Shabbat services at Cedar Crest, none at CBS 9:30 AM 10 Sisterhood Board meeting 7:45 PM 13 GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING—BUDGET 7:30 PM 14 Eric Jankowitz leads Shabbat service Oneg Shabbat sponsored by Helena & Mark Jankowitz in honor of Eric becoming a Bar Mitzvah 15 Eric Jankowitz becomes a Bar Mitzvah 9:30 AM 17 Sisterhood's Annual Fashion Show and Tricky Tray 6:30 PM 18 Erev Shavuot No Hebrew School 19 Shavuot – services 9:30 AM 20 Shavuot – services + Yizkor 9:30 AM 21 Oneg Shabbat sponsored by Bae & Sy Katz in honor of Bea's birthday 9:30 AM 22 Shabbat services at Cedar Crest, none at CBS 23 Last day of Hebrew School classes 25 Hebrew School Graduation and Honor Roll Ceremo7:00 PM nies 28 Jennifer and Jay Karasik invite the entire member6:30 PM ship to Shabbat dinner Jessica Karasik leads Shabbat service Oneg Shabbat sponsored by Jennifer & Jay Karasik in honor of Jessica becoming a Bat Mitzvah 29 Jessica Karasik becomes a Bat Mitzvah 9:00 AM 31 Memorial Day

NOTICE Please respect our Sanctuary  Turn off your cell phones  All men and boys should wear yarmulkes. Those past Bar Mitzvah age should wear tallit if appropriate  Women and girls should dress modestly  Very casual wear is not appropriate except for the very young

Office Hours: Monday to Thursday 9:30 AM to 3:00 PM We welcome articles and photos for print. Please submit your articles or photos by the 10th of the month for publication in the next month’s issue. email: —Stan Sidlov, Editor

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Jankowitz and Karasik to become B’nai Mitzvot My name is Eric Jankowitz and I will be called to the Torah on May 15, 2010 as a Bar Mitzvah. The Torah portion I will be reading for my Bar Mitzvah is Bamidbar from the Book of Numbers. I am a seventh grade honor roll student at Anthony Wayne Middle School in Wayne, New Jersey. I play baseball and am presently on the Wayne PAL Wolfpack Lacrosse team. I also have a magic business with my friend, David, and we perform magic shows for children’s birthday parties. For my Bar Mitzvah project, my friend, David and I, performed complimentary magic shows for the residents in local assisted living facilities. We realized that the residents could not go to shows but we could bring the entertainment to them. It was a very uplifting experience for them and we hope to continue doing this. The first facility that we went to was, Care One, where my Grandpa Barney resided. A couple of weeks ago,

I am Jennifer Karasik and for my mitzvah project, I have been volunteering at the Bloomingdale Animal Shelter (B.A.S.S.). I would appreciate anyone willing to help leave a donation of cat or dog food or supplies in the box in the coatroom at the synagogue. It all adds up.

we performed at Sunrise Assisted Living in Wayne and the residents were waiting for two and a half hours for us to perform. They were very excited during the performance and asked us when we would be returning. My family invites the congregation to join us on Friday evening, May 14th, to celebrate my Bar Mitzvah and to join us at the Oneg Shabbat. We also invite the congregation to join us on Shabbat morning, May 15th for services and the Kiddush.

There are many beautiful cats and soon kitten season will be here (most cats give birth in the Spring). They also have some nice dogs there. I have learned alot about the animals since I started there. I want to continue with this after my bat mitzvah.

Jessica Karasik is a third generation member of our congregation and will be called to lead the services on Friday, May 28th. Her parents invite everyone in the congregation to share in their blessings by sharing a Shabbat Supper with them that night. They ask only that you RSVP to them by May 12th (see below). Jessica will also lead services on Saturday, May 29th.

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C o n g r e g a t i o n

B e t h

S h a l o m

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Gilbert W. Foster, husband of Shelley Foster

Pauline Gliner, mother of Libby Saltzman

Rea Finkelstein, mother of Robert Fields

Samuel Wasserstrum, uncle of Dr. Alan Wasserstrum

Pearl Wallace, mother of Eleanor Spreiregen

Pearl Wolfe

Samuel Nochimson, husband of Mildred Nochimson

Jesse Rock, father of Michael Rock

Harry Elinowitz, father of Vivian Weiss

Martha Steuer, mother of Phil Steuer

Betty Shwartz-Smith, sister of Patty Shwartz

Marsha Kregstein, grandmother of Mildred Nochimson

YAHRZEITS to be read on MAY 28 + 29

Samuel Green, father of Jerry Green

Deidre Rindner, granddaughter of Lois & Herb Goldstein

Herman Sirota, father of Barry Sirota

Maurice Benchimol, brother of Mary Greenberg

Rae Katz, mother of Lou Katz

Bertha Manberg, mother of Renee Gladstein

Dora Goldman, mother of Alan Goldman

David Tornow, father of Larry Tornow

Stephen Katz, brother of Ann Wolman

Libby Lerner, mother-in-law of Blossom Lerner

Irving Finkelstein, father of Robert Fields

Irwin Weiss, husband of Vivian Weiss

Jack Greenberg, brother of Irv Greenberg

Florence Hiller, mother of Alan Hiller

Jean Ruth Shwartz, mother of Patty Shwartz

YAHRZEITS to be read on MAY 7 + 8 Ida Ezorsky, mother of Maxine Berger Edythe Kanefsky, mother of David Kanefsky Frank Petok, father of Sondra Rock Anna Block Rosen, mother-in-law of Ellen Rosen Norman Klein, father of Blossom Lerner

YAHRZEITS to be read on MAY 14 + 15 Wayne Klein, son of Donna and Norman Klein Grace Ritter, mother of Sylvia Rothman Dr. Woodrow J. Frankel, father of Mered Frankel Samuel Yenk, father of Bob Yenk Sarah Bialer, sister of Sol Maizel

YAHRZEITS to be read on MAY 21 + 22 Beatrice Walker, mother of Gerald Kirk Edna Gelman, aunt of Ellen Rosen Abraham Ellias, father of Jack Ellias Alexander Kafka, grandfather of Mered Frankel

MEMORIALS Donate Etz Hayim (or Chumash) to the Synagogue. Honor a beloved departed with a plaque on our NEW Memorial Board. Call Sandy Yenk: 973-839-4908

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C o n g r e g a t i o n

B e t h

S h a l o m

Please pass this on to your children or grandchildren whose ages are in their 20s and 30s. There are really no Jewish Singles groups catering to that age group in Meets the first Sunday northern New Jersey. Why should they wait till they are 40 years of age to join a Singles group desiring friendship and companionship? Also, if you have friends or fellow congregants with children who want to be part of a Jewish community with people of the same age group, please forward to them.

“For all your Judaic Shopping” Congregation Beth Shalom Gift Shoppe        


of the month at Congregation Beth Shalom @ 2:00PM ! Singles.jewish@

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SYNAGOGUE FUND Ina Bruskin & family, in memory of beloved mother, Sheila Robbins Fran & Jerry Green; Blossom Lerner; Vivian Weiss; Vivian & Alan Lovitch; Muriel & Stan Lehrer Debbie Till & family, in memory of beloved mother, Sheila Robbins Blossom Lerner; Jill & Steve Landau & family BARI GOLDSTEIN FUND Ina Bruskin & family, in memory of beloved mother, Sheila Robbins Lois and Herb Goldstein; Leslie & Alan Kantrowitz ELIOT SAKOLSKY FUND Ina Bruskin & family, in memory of beloved mother, Sheila Robbins

Harvey & Bill Sakolsky

Lenny Small, Happy “special” birthday

Harvey Sakolsky

JEWISH NATIONAL FUND Ina Bruskin & family, in memory of beloved mother, Sheila Robbins

Fran & Harold Gordon

Consider Making a Donation to the Synagogue Sometimes only the big donations get all the attention. Some of us are happy to be able to donate hundreds or more, and see our names in print or on a plaque. It is not only the big machers who can afford to donate. There are lots of small ways to donate in every day life to the Congregation to help it without making a fuss or huge dent in your wallet. CBS has a number of programs that help earn a little extra towards the bottom line. We have many different funds and areas of the congregation’s activities that require funding of any amount. We have Jewish National Fund, Speaker Fund, Torah Maintenance, Synagogue Fund, Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund, memorial & scholarship funds such as the Eliot Sakolsky & Bari Goldstein Funds, the Library Fund, Shiva Basket Fund, our Shimcha Tree and many other ways to help us improve our congregation and the activities we sponsor.

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C o n g r e g a t i o n

B e t h

S h a l o m

HEBREW SCHOOL - Bea Katz So glad that we are finally enjoying such delightful spring weather, , and that Passover is behind us. I can’t believe that it’s already May and the end of another Hebrew School year which went very well.

The PJ Library® Jewish Bedtime

Please mark your calendars for May 7th when our preschoolers and 1st graders will be helping lead the Friday night service. I’m certain that it will be an “adorable”

evening. Our Graduation and Honor Roll Ceremonies will be on Tuesday, May 25th. Please join us on May 15th when Eric Jankowitz will become a Bar Mitzvah and on May 29th when Jessica Karasik will become a Bat Mitzvah. Each of them will be leading the Friday night service on the weekend of their celebration. As of writing this article, the March bulletin seems to have never been delivered to all of

Stories & Songs for Families. Receive free books monthly for children!

PTO Corner—Jennifer Karasik Thanks to all that made our PTO functions possible. Spring is here and summer is around the corner. Join us in May for our annual planting during Youth Group sessions.

our members, I am including in this article something that I wrote for that issue: “Regretfully, I will be stepping down from my role as Hebrew School Administrator as well as Hebrew School teacher at the end of the current 2009-2010 school year. I have been involved in teaching here at CBS for over 27 years and administrating for over 16 years. I have enjoyed all of my years doing this but I now need to tend to personal obligations. I thank all of you for your constant support of our program.”

Whether you still cook, nuke, or order in, you will enjoy our latest publication. More than 300 recipes Some old, some new, some borrowed just to please you! Get Your Copy ! Contact Sisterhood or Bea in the office

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Page 19

Simcha Tree Leaves and Rocks

SIMCHA TREE LEAVES and ROCKS There are spots available on the Simcha Tree which is prominently displayed in our lobby. The cost of each engraved leaf is $180 and each engraved rock is $1,800. Please call Bea in the office if you’d like to honor someone with a special gift such as this.

____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ _________________________________ Total:

Method of Payment Name

Check Address

Bill Me



C o n g r e g a t i o n

B e t h

S h a l o m

21 Passaic Avenue Pompton Lakes, NJ 07442

LEV LALEV TZEDAKAH DRIVE The organization for this year’s Hebrew School Tzedakah Drive is Lev LaLev (Heart-to-Heart). Lev LaLev provides for the physical, emotional, educational and spiritual needs of girls at the Rubin-Zeffren Children’s Home in Netanya, Israel, by sponsoring programs, services and special projects for girls living in this Israeli orphanage. In the past year, the Lev LaLev Fund has sponsored the construction of an outdoor playground on the grounds of the Orphanage, a computer media center and music room, in addition to food, clothing, tutoring, mental health services, holiday programs, recreational trips and summer camp. Please join us in helping an orphaned child in Israel build a better future. You can send in your donations to the synagogue office. This campaign will end on the upcoming High Holidays. Thank you for your support!

Phone: 973-835-3500 E-mail:

Member Updates Get Well: Richard Charnet Frieda and Morris Friedmann Sandy Goodkin Fran Green Mary Greenberg Debbie Lees Anita & Sol Maizel Esther Moskowitz Hy Nadel Marvin Newman Leo Raven Helene Wolf

NONNON-PROFIT ORG. C o n g r e g a t i o n S h a l o m

B e t h


21 Passaic Avenue Pompton Lakes, NJ 07442

Wayne, NJ PERMIT NO. 439

Phone: 973-835-3500 E-mail:

Return Service Requested

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Dated Material Delivery by April 30, 2010 requested (always deliver)


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Family Shabbat service - 7th grade helps lead service

10:15 AM- 12:00 PM

Junior Congregation

10:30 - 11:30 AM

LAG B'OMER Youth group - planting for spring

1:00 - 3:00 PM


1st + 2nd graders help lead services

8:00 PM


Eric Jankowitz leads Friday night services


Eric Jankowitz's Bar Mitzvah

9:30 AM



No Classes


SHAVUOT - services 9:30 AM


Last day of classes


Honor Roll & Graduation Ceremonies


Jessica Karasik leads Friday night services


Jessica Karasik's Bat Mitzvah


Memorial Day

7:00 PM 9:00 AM

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