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CONGREGATION BETH SHALOM Affiliate of the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism

NOVEMBER 2009 – CHESHVAN / KISLEV 5770 Volume 55 Issue 2

Congregation Beth Shalom Bulletin 2009-2010 TZEDAKAH DRIVE Inside this issue:

Rabbi’s Study


President’s Message


Sisterhood/Men’s Club




Ritual Committee






Hebrew School/PTO


Member Updates


Would you like to advertise in our Bulletin? Call Bea 973835-3500 and tell us if you’re interested. Pompton Lakes’ Holiday Stroll Saturday Evening, December 5th Volunteers Needed! Call Mered Frankel 973-616-8048

The organization for this year’s CBS Tzedakah Drive was submitted by Hunter Lederman, a student in our Hebrew School’s 3 grade. He selected Lev LaLev (Heart-to-Heart). This organization supports orphaned and disadvantaged girls in Israel who have no families to nurture and care for them. The girls arrive at the Orphanage in Netanya, Israel on a moment’s notice with nothing but the clothing they are wearing that day. They need to be set up with appropriate wardrobes for that particular season and be placed in a community school appropriate for their level of learning and educational background. Tutoring and mental health services often need to be provided to help them cope with past traumas, abuse and neglect. Lev LaLev provides for the physical, emotional, educational and spiritual needs of girls at the Rubin-Zeffren rd

Children’s Home in Netanya, Israel, by sponsoring programs, services and special projects for girls living in this Israeli orphanage. In the past year, the Lev LaLev Fund has sponsored the construction of an outdoor playground on the grounds of the Orphanage, a computer media center and music room, in addition to food, clothing, tutoring, mental health services, holiday programs, recreational trips and summer camp.

Milk and Cookies Story time and Music The Gerrard Berman Day School Solomon Schechter of North Jersey will be holding a Milk and Cookies Story time and Music program on Tuesday, November 17 at 9:30-10:30 am. Preschool age children, ages 2 through 5, and their caregivers are welcome to partake in a fun filled morning. In conjunction with this event, everyone is invited to enjoy an outstanding Book Fair with Judaic as well as general theme books. For further information and reservations, please contact Sylvia Berger, Director of Admissions at 201 3371111 ext. 208 or

Please join us in helping an orphaned child in Israel build a better future. You can collect for this charity throughout the year or send in your donations to the synagogue Sisterhood’s Golden office. Book Cards call: Thank you A-H Debbie Lees 973-839-6388 for your I-Q Anne Kirk 973-628-9064 support! R-Z Alice Spira 973-839-4940

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Congregation Beth Shalom Bulletin

From The Rabbi’s Study Dear Synagogue Family,

High Holidays are sacred moments of opportunity. We are given the gift of a time in which we can focus and reflect. We create a perspective which allows us to examine our memory of the past as we author the memories to be cherished in the future. Each moment of our life is in fact an opportunity to pen memories which can serve as a sacred gift or God forbid a painful recollection. “Beth Shalom was built on dreams. As long as we dare to dream, the future is bright and boundless.”

In the event of an emergency

Rabbi Senter can be contacted by cell phone at 973-713-8727

The 5770 holiday season at Beth Shalom is now inscribed in our collective memory. This holiday season becomes part of the continuum that is the dream of Beth Shalom. Our children on the Bimah announcing the Shofar blasts and their processional at Havdalah were highlights of a wonderful holiday season that brought together generations in the true spirit of L’Dor Va Dor through all generations. Over the past few years we, at Beth Shalom, have demonstrated that Conservative Judaism

has a vibrant and compelling future in our area. As the middle ground within the landscape of the American Jewish community, we have the ability to reach the broadest spectrum of Jews and Jewish families within the community. The growth that Beth Shalom has experienced over the last few years is not an anomaly. We have demonstrated that strong sense of community coupled with dynamic programming and community outreach is what families are looking for. We have also demonstrated the ability to meet families and individuals where they are without sacrificing our identity and ideals. Have we experienced challenges as a result of difficult family dynamics? Of course we have. Every family experiences such challenges. It is the nature of families. Successful families overcome their challenges. The growth of the past few years has been a demonstration of what could be. Is it possible to recapture the vibrancy that made us

the fastest growing synagogue in our area? Is it possible to reharness the energy that gained the attention of the United Synagogue with four Synagogue of Excellence awards? The answer is emphatically yes. Beth Shalom was built on dreams. As long as we dare to dream, the future is bright and boundless. Once the dream dies, once hope is gone, the future is lost. The dream of Beth Shalom is a collective dream that is not contingent on one individual. As I begin my final term in the pulpit at Beth Shalom, I look forward to a year filled with dreams and dreamers, building, transitioning and writing the memories of tomorrow. With Torah Blessings, Rabbi David Ross Senter


55 Issue 2

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Message from the President– Larry Tornow This year marks the 75 year since the founding of this congregation. The question I raise to you is this; how long can we th

continue on?

What needs to be done is somewhat simple and yet complicated.

We need more and new members. 2) We need more fresh and new ideas. 3) We need more of our members to be active participants in all the spiritual and secular activities that happen in and around the Congregation. 4) We need new programming and our members being part of those programs as producers, as consumers and participants of those programs. 5) We need more volunteers. 6) We need more Gelt. 7) We need a commitment from all of us that Congregation Beth Shalom is going to continue. 8) We need you all here for more than the three days of Rosh Ha1)

shanah and Yom Kippur. 9) We need participation in Shabbat services, in holiday services and in many other things here at CBS. The demographics of our community have and are continuing to change. No longer do almost all of our members live in Pompton Lakes. We have members in all of the surrounding communities and even as far away as Florida and beyond, and in this economy many others are moving away. Selling their homes of many years and moving to locations that are considered less expensive and less taxing. Now of course the biggest issue that we have is financial. There are a number of fixed costs that we must fund. Just like everyone here in this room today that funds their household budget; there is a struggle to find the monies for these fixed and unexpected costs. This is where we all come in. I know that the economy has put a severe crush on each of our families. I am asking all of us, myself included, to reverse the concept of deep pockets and short arms and

reaching a little further and raise your pledges by 5 to 10% over last year. Of course more would be better to help pay off the deficit of the Congregation. Will that be hard to do, well maybe? Your pledge can be paid off on a monthly basis, quarterly, or all at once. There is also the option of having a credit card payment to CBS. Your donations will of course be part of your tax deductions come the 15 of April. th

I also have heard that on Yom Kippur I did not give many of you a chance to fold over the tabs for the pledge cards before they were collected. For that I apologize. Take your time now and please make a financial commitment that will enable Congregation Beth Shalom to continue and send your donation to the office. Thank you for your time and donations. Larry Tornow, President

“..Take your time now and please make a financial commitment that will enable Congregation Beth Shalom to continue and send your donation to the office.�

General Membership Meeting November 12, 2009 8 PM

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Congregation Beth Shalom Bulletin

Sisterhood - Ellie Weiner

Sisterhood is an important part of the ‘life’ of Congregation Beth Shalom. Won’t you join and participate with us!

Sisterhood events are now in full swing. We were happy to see everyone at our first meetings and hope you enjoyed spending time with Sisterhood while learning some new things. Our October meeting was a joint meeting with Men's Club. Our guest speaker, Dr. Harvey Winters gave a very interesting talk about converting ocean water into usable drinking water. Dr. Winters is an expert on this topic and was very informative about the timely and worldly impact of this work. Thank you Dr. Winters for enlightening us.

I would also like to send out a great big THANK YOU to all who responded to our Project Interfaith. We all helped our area food pantry with much needed supplies. Don't forget this project continues through November 21st. We also are starting our Coat Drive on November 1st. Has the shopping bug bitten you….no room in the closet….. just bring us your older coats and

help out someone in need this winter. We will appreciate coats for men, women and kids in good condition. Speaking of winter, we have a fundraiser coming up to let you know about. We will be headed to Morristown Bickford Theater on Sunday, January 21st to see CROSSING DELANCY at 2pm. Anyone interested please advise Leslie Kantrowitz or Bea in the office. We also have a fundraiser currently ongoing the "Tealess Tea". We all need to take advantage of some quiet time for ourselves so please enjoy our tea and remember to help out Sisterhood as well. Finally our big event for November 22nd will be our Paid Up Membership Brunch. This year we will be learning Israeli dancing and enjoying a lovely Mediterranean spread. We look forward to seeing everyone attending this year as this is a wonderful opportunity to mingle with your sisters and have some fun. This year, as always, our new

synagogue members are invited to enjoy a complimentary membership to Sisterhood for the first year. So please feel welcome and join us for a taste of Israel and a taste of Sisterhood. Shalom Ellie Weiner

*Project Interfaith-Thanks to all who brought food during High Holidays and please remember this will run through 11/21 and any additional help is appreciated *Coat Drive will start 11/1 and end 12/15 *Bus Trip to NYC for “Marvelous Wonderettes” cancelled due to low participation *Bus Trip to NYC for MSG Tour and Holiday Lights, canceled due to date conflict. Coming Soon: *Crossing Delancy 1/31 3pm $30 Morristown theater in the museum. If interested see Leslie or Bea. *Paid Up Membership Brunch 11/22 Sunday


55 Issue 2

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Men’s Club—Bruce Weiner Men’s Health Tip of the Month Walking: Your Steps to Health

Moderate exercise is excellent for health and walking is the poster boy for moderate exercise. Study after study shows clear-cut benefits of walking in reducing death rates generally and heart attack specifically. Make walking part of your daily life:  Walk to the store (or at least park at the far ends of the parking lot)  Go for a walk at lunchtime instead of sitting at your desk or in the lunchroom  Use the stairs instead of the elevator for short distances. To stay motivated Walk with a friend  Listen to a radio or MP3 player  Walk with your dog Remember you can walk outdoors or on a treadmill indoors. You can walk at home or while you are away on vacation. You don’t need any special equipment to walk. You don’t need special skills or lessons. And best of all, walking is free! So why not do something good for your health and get started walking today?

Darkness Into Light Scholarships It’s time for Congregation Beth Shalom Men’s Club to order Yom Hashoah yellow candles from the Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs for the coming holiday – but did you know that there is a connection between those candles and the annual “From Darkness Into Light” scholarship program

run by the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism? This program provides scholarships to teenagers for the United Synagogue Youth's Israel Pilgrimage/Poland Seminar, and because our Congregation Beth Shalom Men’s Club distributes the Yom Hashoah yellow candles, the teens of Congregation Beth Shalom are eligible for the scholarship. So, if your teens will be traveling in the summer due to this scholarship, thank your nearest Men’s Club member.

Mitzvah Yomit

The Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs continues to join with the Women’s League of Conservative Judaism in its quest to have all Conservative Jews consciously perform at least one Mitzvah per day, or Mitzvah Yomit. For detailed information on the initiative, please check the Women’s League for Conservative Judaism web site,, click on “Education/Program”, then “Programs for You”. Also consider acquiring a copy of Rabbi Bradley Shavit Artson’s book, “It’s a Mitzvah!” Did you ever consider that the Hanukkah story is one of the earliest records of an energy crisis? It’s true! Despite Hanukah's place at the end of the olive harvest, when the Maccabee’s went to rekindle the lamps in the Temple, they found themselves in dire need of oil! As we contemplate the numerous wonders that Hanukkah represents, please join with the Men’s Club and work for a “greener” world by considering the ways you can reduce the ecological footprint of your home, workplace and synagogue by buying compact fluorescent light

bulbs and lowering the thermostat. Or see me, to buy soy-based Shabbat candles through the Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs. The officers of Congregation Beth Shalom Men’s Club are happy to get involved in Mitzvah Yomit, and we hope you’ll join us. Shalom Bruce Weiner

Have a Special Occasion coming up? Share it with us! Sponsor an ONEG SHABBAT or KIDDISH! Contact Jennifer Karasik 973-839-1361

Visit our web site and download a CURRENT bulletin in Color! Give it a Try & Tell Us!

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Congregation Beth Shalom Bulletin

A WELCOME TO THE NEW YEAR FROM SISTERHOOD It’s time to “chill” Do what you will To make it through the day. Take some “me” time Call it “tea” time And brew some right away. So, while you muse Kick off your shoes And send a check our way

This is Sisterhood’s Mini Fundraiser. Please try to contribute by sending a check to CBS SISTERHOOD Good health to all

Alan Lovitch wishes to remind the congregation that there is membership for BJ’s available through the office. See Bea

Buy Supermarket Gift Cards for A&P, ShopRite, and Stop & Shop These Cards return up to 5% of your purchases to the synagogue Your normal weekly shopping will contribute hundreds of dollars over the course of a year. Call: Leslie Kantrowitz 973-694-4821 (Bea also has gift cards in the office)


55 Issue 2

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*Please wear comfortable shoes.

Title Name Title Name Rabbi Rabbi David Senter Rabbi DavidR.R. Senter Rabbi Synagogue Administrator Bea Katz Katz Synagogue Administrator Bea Synagogue Larry Tornow Larry Tornow Synagogue Pres. Pres. First VP Bruce Weiner Bruce Weiner Sisterhood President EllieBursom Weiner Jill Men’s Club President Bruce Weiner Second VP Jill Berson Jill Bursom Financial VP Corresponding Sect’y Jacki Wasserman Jacki Wasserman Recording Sect’y Beverly Berkowitz Beverly Berkowitz Finance Budget Herb Kalmeyer Herb Kalmyer Budget &&Finance Membership Committee Ellie Weiner Ritual Committee Dr. Charles Sokol Education Jennifer Jennifer Karasik Karasik Youth & Education Adult Education PTO President Jennifer Karasik Jennifer Karasik Event Programming Anne Kirk Youth Activities Jennifer Karasik Bill Baig Security Bill Baig Mered Frankel Community Relations Mered Frankel Janel Building & Maintenance Mike Mike Janel Endowment Endowment Chair Chair Stanley Sidlov Newsletter Newsletter Stanley Sidlov Sandy Yenk Memorial Memorial Plaques Plaques Sandy Yenk Lou Katz Cemetery Cemetery Lou Katz Kalmeyer Supermarket Supermarket Gift Gift Cards Cards Thelma Leslie Kantrowitz Lees Sisterhood Sisterhood Gift Gift Shoppe Shoppe Debbie Debbie Lees Jennifer Karasik Library Library Committee Committee Jennifer Karasik Jacki Wasserman Jennifer Karasik Oneg Shabbat Oneg ShabbatChair Jennifer Karasik Fundraising Fundraising Chair Publicity Eleanor Osborn

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Phone Phone Number Number

E-mail E-mail Address Address

Congregation Beth Shalom Bulletin

973-835-3500 973-835-3500

973-835-3500 F:973-835-9785 973-835-3500 F:973-835-9785 973-728-1281

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973-839-2627 973-839-2627

973-693-1323 973-693-1323

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973-694-7613 973-839-1361 973-839-1361

973-839-1361 973-839-1361



973-835-4025 c:201-415-8494 973-835-4025 c:201-415-8494 973-616-8048 973-616-8048 973-835-0078 973-835-0078 973-616-6220 973-616-6220 973-839-4908 973-839-4908

973-696-1130 c:973-768-5791 973-696-1130 c:973-768-5791 973-696-3981 973-634-4821

973-839-1361 973-839-1361 973-839-2627


973-839-6388 973-839-6388 973-839-1361


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CANDLE LIGHTING TIMES FOR POMPTON LAKES, NJ 07442  Oct 30 5:38PM  Nov 6 4:30PM  Nov 13 4:23PM  Nov 20 4:17PM  Nov 27 4:13PM  Dec 4 4:11PM

Congregation Beth Shalom Bulletin

NOVEMBER 2009 – CHESHVAN / KISLEV 5770 November 1 5 6 8 9 12 13 14 15 20 21 22 27

NOTICE Please respect our Sanctuary


Turn off your cell phones All men and boys should wear yarmulkes. Those past Bar Mitzvah age should wear tallit if appropriate Women and girls should dress modestly Very casual wear is not appropriate except for the very young

28 29

Singles Group meets 2-4:00 PM Executive Board meeting 7:30 PM Oneg Shabbat sponsored by Bea & Sy Katz in honor of Sy’s birthday and Jessi and Drew’s 1st anniversary No Hebrew School classes – NJEA weekend Sisterhood Board meeting 7:45 PM CBS Board meeting 7:30 PM CBS General Meeting 8:00 PM Oneg Shabbat sponsored by Joyce & Eric Goldman in honor of their 46th anniversary Shabbat services at Cedar Crest, none at CBS

Sock Hop at CBS 7:30 PM PTO meeting 10:30 - 11:30 AM Youth Group - crafts for Chanukah 1:00 – 3:00 PM Oneg Shabbat sponsored by Sharyn & Stewart Nadel in honor or Sharyn’s special birthday Family Shabbat service – 7th grade helps lead service 10:15 AM - 12:00 PM Junior Congregation 10:30 - 11:30 AM Sisterhood Paid –up Membership Brunch 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM Oneg Shabbat sponsored by: Lois Goldstein in honor of Herb’s birthday Paulette Schwartzman in honor of family member’s birthday Shabbat services at Cedar Crest, none at CBS

No Hebrew School classes – Thanksgiving weekend

PROJECT INTERFAITH ends on November 21st and COAT DRIVE ends on December 15th. OFFICE HOURS: MONDAY – THURSDAY 9:30 AM – 3:30 PM CBS’s Newsletter welcomes comments and articles each month from members on any topic. Deadline is the 10th of the month for the following month. Email Stan Sidlov, Editor


55 Issue 2


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Congregation Beth Shalom Bulletin

The 2010 ENTERTAINMENT BOOKS are now available. $30 each and packed with over $16,200 in local savings:

• 248 Dining Discounts • 138 Attraction Discounts • 197 Shopping Discounts • Over $15,000 in Travel Discounts • Movie Ticket Discounts • And Much More...

You can pick yours up from Bea in the synagogue office during regular office hours or call for different arrangements. SIMCHA TREE LEAVES and ROCKS There are spots available on the Simcha Tree which is prominently displayed in our lobby. The cost of each engraved leaf is $180 and each engraved rock is $1,800. Please call Bea in the office if you’d like to honor someone with a special gift such as this.

Simcha Tree Leaves and Rocks

____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ _________________________________ Total: Method of Payment Check Bill Me

Name Address



Congregation Beth Shalom 21 Passaic Avenue Pompton Lakes, NJ 07442

Phone: 973-835-3500 E-mail:


55 Issue 2

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Selma Hirschmann, grandmother of Joyce Janis Samuel Rothman, father of Stanley Rothman Sylvia Youngman, mother of Howard Youngman Ida Weiss, mother of Dr. Irv Weiss Esther Tornow, mother of Larry Tornow Rabbi Bernard Schecter Gloria Janis, mother of Roger Janis Maurice Kaye, father of Neil Kaye Armin Taube, father of Marge Rostoker Max Berkovitch, father of Paulette Schwartzman Samuel Lebowitz, father of Debbie Lees Rose Greenberg, mother of Irv Greenberg Ann Weiss, mother-in-law of Herb Diamond

YAHRZEITS to be read on NOVEMBER 13

Dr. Sidney Gelman, uncle of Ellen Rosen Isidore Steuer, father of Philip Steuer

YAHRZEITS to be read on NOVEMBER 27

Solomon Kleiner, grandfather of Dr. Verna and Dr. Jack Atkins Robert Perez, father of Paula Edelstein Harold Shwartz, father of Patty Shwartz Gertrude Petok Levinson, mother of Sondra Rock Harold Levin, brother of Sandra Kaye Arlene Sakolsky, mother of Harvey and Bill Sakolsky Leona Wecht, wife of Bernard Wecht Gertrude Kleiner Zimmerman, aunt of Drs. Verna & Jack Atkins Emily Jane Hirsch, niece of Sydelle Fischer Bella Corn, mother-in-law of Leo Raven Lee Bogatz, mother of Phyllis Vogel

If you wish to discuss any needs for a gravesite or multiple

YAHRZEITS to be read on NOVEMBER 20

Sylvia Kantrowitz, mother of Alan Kantrowitz Bertha Lipschutz, aunt of Eleanor Osborn Philip Gliner, father of Libby Saltzman Rachel Nussbaum, daughter of Elaine and David Nussbaum and sister of Deborah and Zachary Anne Kroll, sister of Dr. Bernard Tell Allan Berger, brother of Barry Berger William Berow, friend of Blossom Lerner Sam Siegel, uncle of Lester Wolfson Richard Bernson, son of Ethel Bernson

sites together, please contact Cemetery Chairman: Lou Katz



Donate Etz Hayim (or Chumash) to the Synagogue. Honor a beloved departed with a plaque on our NEW Memorial Board.

Call Sandy Yenk: 973-839-4908

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Congregation Beth Shalom Bulletin

“For all your Judaic Shopping” Congregation Beth Shalom Gift Shoppe




Always open during Synagogue Office hours (see Bea Katz) or by appointment with Debbie Lees 973-839-6388 Shop for all your Holiday and Special Occasion Gifts


55 Issue 2

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Renee Reiss, in memory of beloved husband, Ed Reiss Ellen & Phil Steuer; Debbie & Lou Lees; Mary Susan McConville; Muriel & Stan Lehrer; Jennifer & Jessica Karasik & Bill Harris Renee Reiss, in memory of beloved brother, Charles Levy Ellen & Phil Steuer; Sue & Richard Charnet; Debbie & Lou Lees Renee Reiss, in memory of beloved husband, Ed Reiss, and beloved brother, Charles Levy Fran & Jerry Green Irv Nurik, in memory of beloved sister, Bert Ellen & Phil Steuer Debbie Lees, in memory of beloved mother, Sylvia Leibowitz Fran & Jerry Green; Muriel & Stan Lehrer; Mary & Irv Greenberg; Phyllis & Irv Brettschneider Sandy Hauser, in memory of beloved husband, Stanley Bea Goldberg & Morris Dansiger Dawn Kiron, speedy recovery Phyllis & Irv Brettschneider Lou Lees, speedy recovery Phyllis & Irv Brettschneider LIBRARY FUND

Debbie Lees, in memory of beloved mother, Sylvia Leibowitz Fran Green, speedy recovery

Sue & Richard Charnet Sue & Richard Charnet


Renee Reiss, in memory of beloved husband, Ed Reiss Renee Reiss, in memory of beloved brother, Charles Levy

Leslie & Alan Kantrowitz

Lois & Herb Goldstein; Leslie & Alan Kantrowitz Debbie Lees, in memory of beloved mother, Sylvia Leibowitz Lois & Herb Goldstein; Leslie & Alan Kantrowitz Tara Freifeld, speedy recovery Lois & Herb Goldstein; Leslie & Alan Kantrowitz Lou Lees, speedy recovery Lois & Herb Goldstein Fran Green, speedy recovery Lois & Herb Goldstein JEWISH NATIONAL FUND

Renee Reiss, in memory of beloved husband, Ed Reiss Debbie Lees, in memory of beloved mother, Sylvia Leibowitz

Sue & Richard Charnet; Anita & Sol Maizel Anita & Sol Maizel


Ella Ross, in memory of beloved husband, Ed Ross The Rosen Family, in memory of beloved father, Ed Ross Sol Maizel, in memory of beloved brother Renee Reiss, in memory of beloved husband, Ed Reiss Debbie Lees, in memory of beloved mother, Sylvia Leibowitz Irv Nurik, in memory of beloved sister, Bert Wendy & Mitchell Rosen, Congratulations on your new sanctuary

Billy and Harvey Sakolsky Billy and Harvey Sakolsky Barbara & Abe Goll Barbara & Abe Goll Billy and Harvey Sakolsky Billy and Harvey Sakolsky Billy and Harvey Sakolsky

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Congregation Beth Shalom Bulletin

Hebrew School - Bea Katz I









article Holiday


been a very busy one this
















from we






which was yummy. chat

for Families. Receive free books monthly for children!








And remember, we always




of It








was a

So, please let either Jenni-


fer Karasik or me know if


you are available to lend a


hand. We



Hut” following services for

13 .








kot, we had “Pizza in The















gone very smoothly.

On October 4 , for Suk-

Stories & Songs

Please see the flyer in this


though it seemed to have

up on lost time.

Jewish Bedtime

well the

nally get on track catching

The PJ Library® -






portunity to get aliyahs as












these services.

Best wishes for a safe and easy winter!


And a fine

job he did!







Sunday, October 11 , gave



all of the children an op-




annual Chanukah which




PTO, Youth Group & Library— Jennifer Karasik PTO Plans are underway for our Chanukah Supper. Please remember that this event is open to everyone. Bring your extended family. We are pleased to announce that R.J. Lewis, a fabulous magician is making an encore appearance. He wowed us at our Supper in 2007. Please get your reservation forms in asap. Volunteers are needed to assist with the setup and cooking for the supper on the morning of Dec. 13th. Please contact me. LIBRARY Need reference materials? A special recipe? Confused

about the holidays and how to observe them? Bet we have a book that can help you. Sit down and savor the knowledge! Our congregants can join The PJ Library® - Jewish Bedtime Stories & Songs for Families and receive free books monthly for children. Visit their website at

HEBREW SCHOOL We are pleased to announce that instead of having a preschool reading hour at the Library, our hebrew school will offer a Sunday class for our youngest members. This class is opened to our 4, 5, 6 and 7 year olds. It is never to early to start learning

about their heritage. History, holidays and Alef-Bet will be introduced. Please let your child be a part of our growing family. YOUTH GROUP Youth Group had it's first meeting at the Ice Vault on October 18th. Thanks for all that came for fun! Assisting our skaters was our own Jessica Karasik. Thank you Jess! Join us at the synagogue on Nov. 15th from 1pm 3pm when we will make crafts for Chanukah. Its never too late to join Youth Group. Membership is $25. for first child, $20 for (Continued on page 19)


55 Issue 2

Caregiver Conference Sunday November 15, 2009 Jewish Family Service of Bergen and North Hudson presents

Caring For your Loved One: You Are Not Alone. Conference for Caregivers Sunday, November 15, 2009, 12:45pm to 4:00pm at UJA Federation of Northern New Jersey 50 Eisenhower Drive, Paramus, NJ. Conference will include: Panel Presentation on Care Options, Medical, Legal and Financial Issues; Workshops on Sandwich Generation, Caring for Yourself, and Accessing Community Support; and Community Resource Fair For more information or to register call and ask for IRA - Intake and Referral at: 201837-9090 or Email CoSponsored by UJA of Northern New Jersey, Kaplen JCC on the Palisades, Bergen County Y and Jewish Family Service of North Jersey.

Page 19

Member Updates Get Well:

Richard Charnet Don Fritz Sandy Goodkin Fran Green Mary Greenberg Lou Lees Anita & Sol Maizel Marvin Newman Leo Raven Sheila Robbins

Condolences to:

Sol Maizel on the loss of his beloved brother Renee Reiss on the loss of her beloved husband, Ed Reiss Renee Reiss on the loss of her beloved brother, Charles Levy Cliff Hirsh on the loss of his beloved mother, Charlotte Hirsh Debbie Lees on the loss of her beloved mother, Sylvia Leibowitz

New Members:

Marjorie & Jack Ellias, Ashley and Brianna Wayne, NJ PTO‌. (Continued from page 18)

each additional child. If you did not receive an application to join, they will be available in the office.

I would like to thank the entire Congregation for their outpouring to me in my time of need.

You are indeed an incredible Congregation and I am very lucky to

Thank you. Best regards, Jennifer Karasik

be one of you.

Thank you for everything you have done to keep me and my family going in our time of need.

Hillary & Stephen Samuels Wayne, NJ Laurie & Paul Shupack Wanaque, NJ Ann Wolman Wayne, NJ


Jeremy Wasserman on being inducted into the National Honor Society .

Renee Reiss and family


Congregation Beth Shalom


21 Passaic Avenue Pompton Lakes, NJ 07442

Wayne, NJ PERMIT NO. 439

Phone: 973-835-3500 E-mail:

Return Service Requested

Dated Material

We’re on the Web !

Delivery by October 30, 2009 requested (always deliver)


NJEA Convention - Autumn Recess

No Classes

15 PTO meeting to plan the Chanukah Supper Youth Group - crafts (make something for Chanukah)

10:30 - 11:30 AM 1:00 - 3:00 PM

21 Family Shabbat service - 7th grade helps lead service Junior Congregation

10:15 AM- 12 PM 10:30 - 11:30 AM

29 Thanksgiving recess

No Classes

Congregation Beth Shalom November 2009 Bulletin  

Cong Beth Shalom November 2009 Bulletin

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