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Project:Identity Fall 2014 Edition II

Collage by: Heather Roeder


Project: Identity participants found in this issue: Ariana Auclair, Katherine Bakalis, McKinley Bernitt, Cerrwida Brown, Kristen Buckstad, Rebecca Budrock, Niya Burgos, Ember Cermilli, Will Colpoys, Elizabeth Dos Santos, Kayla Gagliardo, Massimo Glynn, Ashley Hendrickson, Savannah Iavarone, Leah Jacobson, Bobby Kehrley, Mary Kellerman, Kacia Kern, Kayla LaBagh, Brittany Leventoff, AJ Lumalcuri, Anthony Lupardo, Ayanna Martine, Kayla Mathews, Naomi Ortiz, Isabella Pizzo, Ana Ponce, Heather Roeder, Paige Russell, Aliza Santos, Leizel Schlott, John Torres, Alyssa Trotti Bellina and Emily Zachariah.

Meeting Michael Shrieve Woodstock Festival Alumni

by Ember Cemelli

My name is Ember and I'm 15. On October 19th, at Bethel Woods Center for the Arts Project:Identity, of which I'm a part of, and Rock Academy from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania joined together to met Michael Shrieve, the drummer from the band Santana (1969-1974). Even though I'm not a musician it was fascinating to hear Michael's life story and how he got to where he is today. It was also pretty cool being able to ask him questions during his speech. Some of the teens from Project: Identity asked him what kinds of music he likes and if he could name some of his favorite bands. After he named some bands like Cream, The Who, and The Band, our group peppered him with the names of more contemporary bands, asking whether he liked them. Proving he really knew his stuff, he had a knowledgeable opinion about every band we named, even challenging us: “What is it that you like about Skrillex?” He acknowledged liking many new artists and bands from my generation, while also really knowing his own contemporaries as well as vast musical history. This has inspired me to learn about not only music from my generation, but also music from my parents’ generation. I hope in the future Project Identity will give me, and many other teens, the opportunity to meet more people with life experiences they can share with us, so we’ll be better equipped for when it’s our turn to wander out into this big world we live in.

Cerrwida Brown

Paper Towns

By Ember Cemelli From the start this book caught my attention. Paper shelves. I’ve heard rumors about it becoming a Towns by John Green, is a story about Quentin or movie, and I sure hope it does because I think it just Q, a boy who’s loved Margo Roth Spiegelman would be a great one. This young adult mystery is full of adventures and jokes that don’t always make from a far, since they were kids. sense. But here I’ll tell you what the title means. One day when she opens a window between them and asks him to go on a wild adventure with her, So the title of this book is Paper Towns, and what he can’t say no. So in the middle of the night he that has to do with the book is, the character Margo sneaks out to help Margo get revenge on people has always stated to Q that they live in a paper she feels have hurt her. As Margo says in the book, town where everything and everyone is fake. Now “We won’t do any breaking and entering, we’ll they don’t actually live in a fake town that’s just just break or enter.” They take off, making many what she sees it as. But before she runs away she stops including the store to get a list of things she tells him that actually shes the one who’s fake, needs for her plan. Half this book is about just this she’s the one made out of paper. Everyone has one crazy night. But after it is finally over and he always seen her as someone she really isn’t. And wonders what well happen next, she goes missing. so now she’s run away. In the book there’s a place called Agloe, which is a Paper Town in the book but is also a dot on a real map, locally, in Sullivan County. A paper town is a fictitious village created and inserted into tourist maps as a copyright trap. Maybe one day I’ll visit a Q searches for clues she might’ve left behind, Paper Town or go on a really long road trip like Q following her bread crumb trail, but he finally gets and his friends did. stuck and realizes that he has to see the world through Margo Roth Spiegelman’s eyes if he’s One of my favorite quotes from the book has to do with the fact that the parents of one of the friends ever going to find her. of Quentin has a collection of twelve hundred black When it comes to the day of graduation Margo still santas everywhere in there house. The quote is, hasn’t been found so Q and his three friends ditch “IT’S NOT MY FAULT THAT MY PARENTS OWN Graduation and go on a 21 hour drive to Agloe to THE WORLDS LARGEST COLLECTION OF try and find this paper town where they hope to find BLACK SANTAS.” I know it sounds pretty random, Margo. They have a time limit so on the way they but it almost makes sense in the book. only make four stops each six minutes long, and they learn how to hold their pee for a really really Not trying to give anything away, but you might need a box of tissues for the ending of this book. long time. And yes this is one of those books I throw across This is my one of my favorite books. John Green the room because the ending made me want more, Is an incredible writer and I love his novels. Paper and sadly as I’m aware there is no sequel. Towns came out in 2008, but is still flying off the This isn’t the first time that she has run away and Margo’s parents and most of Quentin’s friends aren’t so worried, but all he can think about is finding her.

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Ember Cemelli

Heather Roeder

by Heather Roeder by McKinley Bernitt

by McKinley Bernitt

by McKinley Bernitt



My name is Ana Ponce. I like to write poetry and work with different mediums of art. I also play drums in my school’s Jazz Ensemble and the marimba for the school’s symphonic band. I have been a percussionist ever since I was in the fourth grade. I have been playing for eight years now.

Meeting Alyssa Adams by Christine Bunce

On November 19th, 2014 Alyssa Adams came to Project:Identity to share her work with the teens. As a photo editor for TV Guide Magazine, she was able to give the teens insight into the editing process and so much more. She prompted the group by asking them questions she asks of herself: “Which one do I like?” “Why do I like it?” “Is the image sending the message I want my audience to know?” By asking ourselves these questions in anything we do, we can be our own editors. In a time where technology is moblie and accessible, we have to edit what we share with the world and how we critically interpret the messages and images we recieve. During Alyssa’s discussion many of the teens came to realize they where photographers through the prolific use of their phones. Another highlight to Alyssa’s visit was when she shared her husband; Eddie Adams photography work. A Nobel Peace Prize winner, he photographed many iconic movements and people of the 1960s. Alyssa shared his correspondence when he received the Nobel Peace Prize and other letters Eddie had kept throughout the years. Before Eddie passed away, he made 4x6 images for Alyssa and his friends that were shared with the group. These images included his infamous images from Vietnam, portraits of celebrities such as Jerry Lewis and other artistic creations from his long career. The teens’ walked away with a deeper understanding of the creative process and the importantance of editing. Through Alyssa and Eddie Adams’ own artistic experiences Project: Identity teens had a once in a lifetime learning experience to take lessons from the past and apply them to their lives today.

Will t Colpoys

Sleep When we admit Fear We are vulnerable but, Are we showing weakness Or strength? When we sleep we are vulnerable, because your mind shows you, your highest HOPES,

and your innermost FEARS. When we allow Others to see us as we SLEEP, WE give THEM our TRUST and FAITH Fully & Completely WE don't give our Love to THEM yet WE continue living, WITH or WITHOUT them... Until we give them our HEARTS. THE Love we feel is a SICKNESS, that we feel in our HEARTS. Tears are Shed, Breathes are held, until our cheeks are DRY and we continue to BREATHE. The Love we feel is a gift that is CRACKED and WORN WITH AGE, Yet we keep it anyway. BLISS and PAIN, Opposites that complete one ANOTHER. THEY are a part of our Love and LIFE. but, the Most important is to have LIVED, UNTIL you can't go on, ANYMORE.

by: Kendra LaBagh



Secrets Lies Ways of passing, Time Small town Unreserved judgement, Rumors Sadness Victims of friendship, Loyalty Death Emotional breakdown, Bound Adultry Nothing left of this Ghost town Secrets Lies Left alone, Time Small town Narrow minded thoughts, Rumors Sadness Deep Depresion, Loyalty Death A Resounding sound, Bound Adultry No one is coming Back. Everyone leaves, it's only a matter of time.


by Rebecca Budrock My mind moves fast like a speeding train, Lips moving, Fingers touching, The wheels spinning in their brains, Thinking, thinking, thinking, Of the words to say, The right words to say, But only when they’re spoken will the blue eyes watch, The brain waits and waits To make the connection that the small upwards curve of the lips is a good thing, A positive thing, A happy thing.

by Heather Roeder

Meeting John Collura by Laura Ferranti

On October 26th, 2014, John Collura, formerly of the band The Ataris and an owner of his own independent recording studio, was a guest speaker at Project: Identity. The teens were highly engaged and really enjoyed John’s insight into the music industry. He talked about the trajectory of his career, highlights of his career, the music touring industry, and how he got to where he is today based on the power of networking. The main point he really impressed upon the teens was the power of networking in whatever you choose to do with your life and career – “seek out the people you need to talk to.” He began his talk with how he became a part of The Ataris: starting as a guitar tech for the band on the Vans Warped Tour, where he knew if he helped the general Warped Tour roadie crew with loading in and out and made friends with them, they would be able to help him. “It is all about respect… I showed them respect, and they gave me respect in return – again the power of networking.” Though he knew none of them before the tour, they started to help him with his load in and out after about the third day. Once hired by The Ataris as the guitar player, he toured with them around the world, made numerous TV appearances, including MTV Live, Late Night with Jay Leno, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Kimmel, and other late night shows, and recorded albums and EPs with the band, including The Ataris’ GoldCertified So Long, Astoria album.

While not previously aware that Project: Identity commemorates the accomplishments and talents of the participating teens in a zine, he made a great connection by talking about how zines play an important role in the music industry. While he is a musician, his insights, discussion of zines, and identification of essential life skills resonated with all the teens – those that identify as musicians, as well as the poets, writers, painters, actors and dancers! He closed his talk with a pragmatic breakdown of a touring band, including the array of jobs involved, an expense breakdown and the numerous considerations for which need to be accounted. It really gave them an overarching concept of what the touring side of the music industry entails from business managers and band/tour managers to booking agents to legal to ancillary expenses like payroll, bus, merch, hotels, and production costs (to name a few). He created a great opportunity for the teens to more deeply understand the value of hard work, dedication, networking, and selflessness in all that they aspire to become.

Rebecca Budrock United Once upon a time, There was life, There was freedom, Everything had colors, And everything was different Once upon a time, We lived in a diverse world, Where being weird was inspiring, And where chaos was beautiful,

I Am From

I am from the mountains, Long winding trails lead to a magical place, A place to lose yourself, A place to be free, I am from being on the loose, On the loose, I can live the way living should be, I am from the greens, The light, The bright, And the dark all make me my special self, I am from the world around us, Just as we all are.

And then once upon a time everything dulled, The colors died and blended together, Now it’s only black and white, But we still go on day by day, Living and leaving the dullness unnoticed, Even though once upon a time all it takes is one person One person to pick up that living and colorful flower and put it behind their ear, One person to tell the world that its more than okay to be different and weird, And if we try, And I mean really, Really, Try Then maybe we can all be that person, Because everyone is different, And everyone is beautiful, Just like that lone, Bright, Flower in a field of grey.

AJ Lumalcuri

Below the Rainbow Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high lies hopes and dreams of all people alike. Where blue birds fly and trouble melts like lemon drops, people smile and people laugh. Oh, somewhere over the rainbow things are nice and peaceful.

But what of that place below the rainbow?

What of the places of grey and crying?

The place where people are dying?

Where people starve and people carve into each other’s hearts?

Do they ever get beyond the rainbow?

Do they ever get to fly over, carefree with the birds?

Oh why, why can’t they?

Are they held down by disappointed frowns? Are they weighted with the expectations of others?

Are they being controlled by a higher power? Why can’t the rainbow be around all the time? Why do people have to make things miserable for the innocent?

Sweetie You’re Better Then Vogue

People say she’s beautiful, but no one wants her because she doesn’t fit their image. People say she’s loved, but no one likes dealing with her. People say she’s wanted by so many, but there is always no one there. Words are nice, but actions are so much better.


y a J y A e n i t r Ma

Photo by Jeanne Eschenberg Sager

McKinley Bernitt

Oh Sweet Catastrophe Oh Sweet Catastrophe celebrated their one year anniversary of being a band this year! Band members, Kayla M., McKinley, AJ and Kayla G. pictured above performed in Jeffersonville, New York on October 31st, 2014. They where a part of the Halloween festivities that gave the public a safe place to spend their Halloween and enjoy an awesome show.

Thank you Thank you Bethel Woods Center for the Arts’ CEO, Darlene Fedun, Museum Education Manager, Christine Bunce, Arts Education Manager, Mark Robinson, Education and Outreach Coordinator, Laura Ferranti, Senior Director of Arts and Humanities, Kathleen Christie and the entire Bethel Woods staff for their support of Project:Identity. A special thank you to Bethel Woods’ Board of Trustees and their significant contribution and ongoing passion for our mission. Alan Gerry, Chairman Darlene Fedun Kathy Frommer Jeffrey Gerson Ronald Greenberg Paul Guenther D.W. Porto Stuart Salenger Keith Suehnholz

We wish to thank our sponsors, members and individual donors that help to underwrite the maintenance of this exceptional venue, the presentation of innovative, captivating performances, exhibitions, museum, community outreach and educational programs of the highest quality. Bethel Woods’ educational and children’s programming is made possible in part by: Annelise Gerry and Family and The Rhulen/Loughlin Family- In Memory of Trevor John Loughlin

Fall 2014 Project Identity Zine  

The official zine from the Fall 2014 Project Identity program at Bethel Woods Center for the Arts.