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THIS LEGISLATION SPECIFIES THE CONTENT OF A PLAN MANDATED IN 1991……..BUT NEVER DONE There are funds to pay for the plan ---State Solid Waste Fund TCA 98-211-803 (a) “It is declared to be the policy of this state, in furtherance of its responsibility to protect the public health, safety and well-being of its citizens and to protect and enhance the quality of its environment, to institute and maintain a comprehensive, integrated, statewide program for solid waste management, which will assure that solid waste facilities, whether publicly or privately operated, do not adversely affect the health, safety and well-being of the public and do not degrade the quality of the environment by reason of their location, design, method of operation or other means and which, to the extent feasible and practical, makes maximum utilization of the resources contained in solid waste”. Why hasn’t this been done and who made billions? TDEC is developing a ‘State Wide Plan’ which has not been bid. This TDEC ‘Plan’ camouflages their pro-landfill policies. The Plan relies on local government initative—for example, if Metro Nashville government wishes to compost food waste from schools, fast food, restaurants, and universities, Nashville Public Works will have to call on the 700 commercial, government and institutional generators of food waste OR landfill. TDEC’s “Plan” is the latest in the long line of tricks and subterfuges to landfill, landfill, landfill—such as crediting landfilled construction waste as recycled and multiple ways to count waste. NOTE

TDEC claims 50% diversion from landfills. A national survey by Columbia University and Bio-Cycle Magazine (2010) rated Tennessee at 4.74%

TDEC has left heavy fingerprints in solid waste ---false information and testimony to win approval of the “Waste Reduction Regulation” ---only state to credit landfilled construction waste as recycled ---three ways to count waste so that every county gets a passing grade ---Dickson County Landfill—poisoned underground water—very, very racist ---Jackson ‘A-1 Landfill’—State Board overturned local decision when attorney ‘forgot’ to introduce local plan in evidence [April Chancery Court hearing] ---Camden ‘EWS Landfill’—Inept operator caused severe health problems ---TVA Coal Ash disaster and fraudulent application by New Johnsonville Coal Ash Landfill

Solid waste could be the raw materials to create 6,800 jobs Not landfill materials

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