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Atlanta’s “go-to” guide for health, beauty and happy living!

August 2016



2016 Official Guide

Join more than 16,000 runners and walkers for the world’s largest office party! p. 43

Testing 1-2-3 Genetic Testing Reveals Health Clues p. 49

Best Cause


Follow local Olympians on the road to Rio p. 41

Best Bites Summer Fruit Delight p. 16

Best Fun

Dog-Friendly Hiking Trails p. 18

Tails of Hope: Canine CellMates p. 56

Give-Back Guide

Volunteer Around Town p. 57

Hearts of Gold

Amanda eWeir Joins Local Olympians t p to Swim for a Cure p. 35

fie se l selfie PHOTO CONTEST pet

PHOTO CONTEST 0816_000-001_COVER.indd 1

Winners Take a Bow-Wow-Wow p. 29 7/26/16 3:34 PM


NOW ONLY $85 $125 VA LUE

Includes a FREE TAKE HOME SKIN PERFECTION SAMPLE KIT Contains 11 Products to Maintain Your Results at Home

detoxify your skin at home.

CALL TODAY 404.261.5199 $ 107 Value

One per client. Not to be combined with any other discount or promotion. Offer good through August 31, 2016

Call Today: 404.261.5199


Institut’ DERMed Spa www.Idermed.com 3726 Roswell Rd, Atlanta, GA 30342


institutdermed_full.indd 0816_002-005_MASTHEAD.indd 1 2


client. Not to be combined with any other discount or promotion. bestselfatlanta.com Institut’ DERMed Spa, 3726 Roswell Rd., Atlanta, GA 30342 - www.Idermed.com 7/22/16 7/25/16 9:14 3:02 AM PM


14 AM


From everyday to high fashion or runway, we got you covered

404.264.9006 bestselfatlanta.com

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7/13/16 7/25/16 12:20 3:02 PM PM



Anderson 0816_002-005_MASTHEAD.indd Hair.indd 1 4



7/25/16 4/4/16 2:03 3:02 PM PM

03 PM



Atlanta’s “go-to” guide for health, beauty and happy living!


Laser Resurfacing


Laser Hair Removal

Chemical Peels

Sherri Adair


Patti Stephens




Juvederm • Kybella • Voluma Stretch Mark and Scar Removal

Alex McCray

Medical Dermatology


Laser Resurfacing Free Aesthetic Consultations

Stacy Moser

Chemical Peels Laser Resurfacing



Carmen Koehler

Laser Hair Removal


$169 Acne Facial + Acne Kit

Chemical® Peels (Retail $230) *Limited Number*

Candace Bivins

CoolSculpting Laser Hair Removal


NEW PATIENT SPECIAL $59 Signature Facial

® CoolSculpting Ultherapy

Arlana Bennett

(Retail $90)



$99 Microderm or Peel (Retail $125-150) *One per person*



Dona Halliday

Juvederm • Kybella Voluma AUG 17 •Lunch & Learn 12:00 - 1:00, Join us for lunch and a Stretch Mark and Scar Removal round table discussion on Skin Care.


Miguel Velázquez

Juvederm • Kybella Sponsored by SkinCeuticals. • Voluma

Medical Dermatology Stretch Mark and Scar Removal RSVP events@gardnerdermatology.com.


Free Aesthetic Consultations AUG 20 Cosmetic Saturday!

Gail Sawyer

Medical Dermatology Special Pricing on Fillers and Botox,


20% off all retail products. FreePlusAesthetic Consultations Limit appointments available. Call the BACK TO SCHOOL SPECIAL office 770-952-2100 for special pricing

Jessica Dauler Nyssa Green Madison James Katie Lambert Lynn Lilly David Purdum

and to make your appointment. $169 Acne Facial + Acne Kit

BACK TO SCHOOL SPECIAL Laser Resurfacing (Retail $230) *Limited Number*

Chemical Peels

$169 Acne Facial + Acne Kit

2550 WINDY HILL ROAD - SUITE 204 (Retail $230) *Limited Number* MARIETTA, GEORGIA 30067 NEW PATIENT SPECIAL

Laser Resurfacing

$59(770) Signature Facial OFFICE (770) 952-2100 SPA 952-1977 Hair Removal NEW PATIENT SPECIAL Chemical Peels Laser


Vic Bonvicini Catrina Maxwell


(Retail $90)

$99 Microderm or Peel GARDNERDERMATOLOGY.COM ® Laser Hair Removal CoolSculpting

® ALAN GARDNER, MD CoolSculpting

$59 Signature Facial

(Retail $125-150) $99 *One per person*

(Retail $90)

Microderm or Peel

® Ultherapy Ultherapy®

For print, web, email and digital advertising information contact us at: 80 West Wieuca Road, Suite 115 Atlanta, GA 30342 (404) 303-9333 x27 FAX (404) 303-0030 info@bestselfatlanta.com

Juvederm • Kybella • Voluma Stretch Mark and Scar Removal

Medical Dermatology


Free Aesthetic Consultations

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Best Self Atlanta magazine uses soy-based ink and is printed on 100 percent recyclable paper. Our print partner, Newpoint Media Group, recycles all excess paper, printing plates and any other recyclable materials used in the printing process.

BACK TO SCHOOL SPECIAL $169 Acne Facial + Acne Kit (Retail $230) *Limited Number*


| BEN ROSEN, PA-C(Retail $125-150)

*One per person*

AUG 17 Lunch & Learn 12:00 - 1:00, us for lunch and a AUG 17 Lunch & Learn Juvederm • Join Kybella • Voluma round table discussion on Skin Care.

12:00 - 1:00, Join us for lunch and a

StretchSponsored Mark and Scar tableRemoval discussion on Skin Care. byround SkinCeuticals.

RSVP events@gardnerdermatology.com. Sponsored by SkinCeuticals. Medical Dermatology RSVP events@gardnerdermatology.com.

Free Consultations AUGAesthetic 20 Cosmetic Saturday!

AUG 20 Cosmetic Saturday!

Special Pricing on Fillers and Botox, Pricing on Fillers and Botox, Plus 20% off allSpecial retail products.

Plus 20% off all retail products. BACK TO SCHOOL SPECIAL Limit appointments available. Call the

Limit office 770-952-2100 for+appointments special $169 Acne Facial Acne pricing Kit available. Call the office 770-952-2100 for special pricing and to make appointment. (Retail $230)your *Limited Number* and to make your appointment.


$59 Signature Facial 2550 WINDY HILL ROADHILL - SUITE 204 (Retail $90) $59 Signature Facial 2550 WINDY ROAD - SUITE 204 (Retail $90) $99 Microderm or Peel MARIETTA, GEORGIA 30067 MARIETTA, GEORGIA 30067 (Retail $125-150)

$99 Microderm or Peel

OFFICE (770) 952-2100 SPA (770) 952-1977 (Retail $125-150) OFFICE (770) 952-2100 SPA (770) 952-1977

Inquiries and submissions regarding advertising and editorial should be directed to the address above. Best Self Atlanta does not knowingly accept false or misleading advertising or editorial content, nor does Publisher assume responsibility should such advertising or editorial appear. Readers are encouraged to notify Publisher when they suspect false advertising. Best Self Atlanta reserves the right to edit editorial for clarity and space availability. No content i.e. articles, graphics, designs and information (any and all) in this publication may be reproduced in any manner without written permission from Publisher.

*One per person*


*One per person*

AUG 17 Lunch & Learn GARDNERDERMATOLOGY.COM GARDNERDERMATOLOGY.COM 12:00 - 1:00, Join us for lunch and a round table discussion on Skin Care.

AUG 17 Lunch & Learn



Sponsored by SkinCeuticals. RSVP events@gardnerdermatology.com.

12:00 - 1:00, Join us for lunch and a round table discussion on Skin Care.

AUG 20 Cosmetic Saturday!

Sponsored by SkinCeuticals. RSVP events@gardnerdermatology.com.

Special Pricing1on Fillers and Botox, DrGardner_2thrds.indd Plus 20% off all retail products. Limit appointments available. Call the office 770-952-2100 for special pricing and to make your appointment.

0816_002-005_MASTHEAD.indd 5


7/18/162016 1:34 PM5 AUGUST

AUG 20 Cosmetic Saturday! Special Pricing on Fillers and Botox, Plus 20% off all retail products. Limit appointments available. Call the

7/25/16 3:02 PM


2016 Official Guide


Join more than 16,000 runners and walkers for the world’s largest office party! p. 43

Hearts of Gold Local Olympians Swim for a Cure


Testing 1-2-3 Genetic testing reveals health clues p. 49

Follow local Olympians on the road to Rio


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26 Best Fitness

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54 Business News

16 Best Bites

55 Reader Resources

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Thoughts from the Editor Expert Information

New Ideas and Activities Healthy Eats and Treats

18 Best Fun

Dog-Friendly Hiking Trails

19 Fun Calendar

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Look Good, Feel Great

Live Your Best Life Together Stay Strong and Active News to Know

Complete Guide to Our Advertising Partners

56 Best Cause

Tails of Hope: Canine CellMates

57 Give-Back Guide

Volunteer Opportunities

Pet Selfie Contest Winners take a bow-wowwow and win money for their pet charities p. 29

On the cover

Featured: Amanda Weir at Georgia Tech’s McAuley Aquatic Center Photography by: Catrina Maxwell (CatMax Photography)

Photos by Catrina Maxwell of CatMax Photography (top left), Vic Bonvicini (bottom right)



7/26/16 3:29 PM


Before I got my

LEGS done...

My legs looked like they belonged to someone twice my age! Because of the blue and purple areas, people actually asked me if I had bruises. After getting my legs done, they feel lighter, look normal and I feel like me again. Now that my legs don’t hurt, I can play football with my boys, and I’ve taken trips to Italy and Paris! I don’t think twice about my legs.

Visit our ra website fo er ft before/a o gallery f VI legs!

Lisa Staats Communications Strategist

Now open on the Southside!

Call today for your free screening!

VEININNOVATIONS.com bestselfatlanta.com

VeinInnovations_Full-Ver_01.indd 0816_006-007_TOC.indd 7 1

Sandy Springs Midtown Johns Creek





7/25/16 7/7/16 4:28 3:02 PM

from the publisher

3 Essentials When Choosing a Cosmetic Dentist

Go for Your Gold It’s hard to believe that over 20 years ago I sat at Underground Atlanta, along with some of the very people that work with me today at Atlanta Best Media, when the president of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) announced that the 1996 Olympic games had been awarded to “the city of Atlanta.” That single moment in time is shared by so many of us. The following years of unprecedented growth and change built Atlanta into what it is today—a beautifully diverse city alive with energy and possibilities for the next 20 years to come! As the 2016 Olympians strive for gold this month, we get ready for our own annual awards season... of sorts. This is the time of year you, our reader, get to tell us the professionals and businesses you feel should receive our Best of 2016 awards. These are people who go above and beyond to help us look and feel our very best. Do you have a trainer who has helped motivate you into a healthier lifestyle or a therapist who has healed your aches and pains? Do you have a favorite give-back event or outdoor retreat? Nominate your favorites at bestselfatlanta.com through September 15th with opportunities in over one hundred different categories. Your favorites might earn a place among this year’s elite.

1) Research their credentials. Many organizations only require payment to become accredited and do not screen applicants by skill or experience. Choose a cosmetic dentist who is accredited by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. Applicants must undergo a rigorous selection process that includes extensive continuing education, and presenting completed cosmetic cases for acceptance by industry experts.

2) Select the professor, not the student. Your mouth is not the place for on the job training! Choose a cosmetic dentist who performs smile transformations daily, and has the artistic skill needed to design a beautiful and natural looking smile.

3) Understand not all smile transformations are created equal. Sherri Adair, Publisher sadair@bestselfatlanta.com

Coming in September Masters of Makeover – Meet Atlanta’s experts who bring their clients the very best in care — from mommy makeovers to amazing fitness transformations. Farmer’s Friend – Meet Mary Blackmon of Farm Star Living and learn how her commitment to her family farm opened up a whole new career focus. ADHD Challenges– We continue our brain health series with a look at updates on ADHD.

Your dentist should consult with you to know what changes you would like to see in your smile. In dentistry, one size doesn’t fit all, so it’s vital to work with an experienced cosmetic dentist who has the expertise to craft a treatment plan custom made to your smile needs and goals.

404-994-2562 www.GeorgiaSmiles.com

Coming in October Join us for the Healthy Living Expo September 22 adjacent to Turner Field. Showcase your business to more than 16,000 active Atlantans. For more information contact pstephens@ atlantabestmedia.com




BEST SELF ATLANTA DrKing-13rd.indd 1

0816_008-009_PUB.indd 8

6/2/16 9:57 AM 7/26/16 3:00 PM



WORLDWIDE At the Atlanta Center for Cosmetic Dentistry, we know what a powerful impression a beautiful smile can make! Dr. Debra Gray King and her team have the experience and credentials to design the smile of your dreams. Dr. King is one of only 50 dentists worldwide to be an Accredited Fellow with the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. Reserve your consultation and experience the difference for yourself.


404-994-2562 AtlantaCenterforCosmeticDentistry.com AS S E E N ON

drking_full.indd 1 0816_008-009_PUB.indd 9

7/25/16 6/2/16 9:57 3:02 AM PM

Let’s Create a Healthier You

note to self In April 2008, I picked up our chocolate lab, Gibson, from the groomer. As I waited for him a tiny, terrified dachshund shuffled over to me. The manager behind the counter said, “Isn’t she sweet?! She was abandoned by our dumpster. She’s older, seven or eight we think. We’ve tried to figure out her story all week, but now we’re placing her with a rescue group.” As if on cue, the little

“UNTIL one has LOVED an animal, a part of one’s SOUL remains UNAWAKENED”

Dana Neacsu, MD

Integrative Medicine and Functional Medicine

Medical Creation’s goal is to eliminate the cause not just mask the symptoms • Extensive testing using both conventional and science based functional medicine approach using Dr. Andrew Weil methods • Micro Nutrient testing and Biometric Screening for company wellness programs • Certified therapeutic grade supplements and botanicals • Trusted network of practioners including medicine specialists and nutritionists

Schedule Your Free Consultation Today

Medical Creations Integrative Medicine

Sandy Springs | (678) 732-9065 www.creationsintegrativemedicine.com 10


thing sat up on her bottom, begging. Soon, I arrived home with freshly fluffed Gibson on a leash and a new doxie in my lap—my kids ecstatic, my husband shaking his head in deference. She was my spirit animal, Madame Cayenne Peppah, named as much for her spicy personality as for the reddish coat covering her diminutive, yet elongated, frame. Even as a writer, it’s difficult to find the words to describe our connection, but the term “symbiotic” feels most accurate. Cayenne seemed to read my mind, intuitively sensing my needs. She slept curled at my feet, awakened me with a nuzzle under my chin, sat on my towel while I showered and, when I grabbed my keys, ran to my car, jumping into a seat. When we snuggled into bed at night, she’d gaze at me lovingly and then let out a dramatic sigh of contentment before burrowing down into her preferred spot. We were constant companions. When she died in 2013, I resembled Linus from the Peanuts gang without his blue blanket, missing some of the warmth and softness in my life. How does that happen? I’ve read theories about energy pulling people together through faith or karma or luck; maybe that energy transcends human interaction. Oddly, loving Cayenne taught me the power of focused positivity—a nine-pound creature radiating joy, as though she’d set intention on that purpose. If a little lost dog can generate that much force, then what limitless opportunities exist for all of us?! With concentrated, constructive efforts, what could you build or achieve? With unceasing compassion and unconditional support, who could you help?



Medical-Creations-Integrative-Medicine_1-2v.indd 1 0816_010-011_NOTE.indd 10

—Anatole France

Photo by of Sawyer Photography

Do you have any of these symptoms? • Constant Fatigue • Suspect Hormonal Imbalance • Can’t Lose Weight • Digestive Problems

7/18/16 4:31 PM 7/26/16 2:34 PM

SouthernPlasticSurgery_halfh.indd 1

7/5/16 9:03 AM

Kind, Compassionate & Skilled Women’s Healthcare We are a full-service gynecologic and reproductive endocrinology practice that offers routine preventative care and specialized advanced treatment for patients ages 8 years of age and older. Our board-certified physician, Dr. Carla Roberts, and our nurse practitioner, Cyndi Witt, provide a comprehensive patientcentered approach to women’s healthcare in a soothing, friendly and elegant environment.

Call Today


GYN Services Include • Adolescent gynecology • Annual well woman exams • Bleeding abnormalities • Cervical cancer screenings • Contraception/birth control • Endometriosis/pelvic pain • Hormone replacement therapy

Quick & Convenient Appointment Times Carla Roberts, MD41

Our Address Cyndi Witt, FNP-C

1800 Northside Forsyth Dr Suite 380 Cumming, GA 30041 ReproductiveSurgicalSpecialists.com

northside-Reproductive_halfh.indd 1 bestselfatlanta.com

0816_010-011_NOTE.indd 11


7/11/16 AUGUST 20163:09 PM 11

7/25/16 3:02 PM

partners in health

Advising us with expert information for optimum wellness FERTILITY SPECIALISTS

HAIR LOSS TREATMENT & SURGERY Georgia Reproductive Specialists

Since 2000, Georgia Reproductive Specialists has been honored to Anne Brawner Namnoum, MD, Mark Perloe, MD, help countless & Desireé McCarthy-Keith, MD couples navigate the often complicated journey of infertility and ultimately realize their dream of parenthood. It is the goal of our physicians and IVF laboratory team to provide you with the latest healthcare innovations, in four convenient locations: Atlanta, Decatur, Buckhead and Alpharetta. 404-843-2229 | IVF.com

The Griffin Center of Hair Restoration & Research Diagnosing and treating all forms of hair loss for 40 years, board-certified dermatologists Dr. Edmond Griffin and Dr. Ashley Curtis combine the latest FUE and FUG (strip) technology and medical advancements with the most sophisticated surgical and non-surgical hair restoration techniques to provide both men and women with fully customized treatment plans that achieve artistic, natural-looking results. 404-256-4369 | griffincenter.com

Ashley R. Curtis, MD Edmond I. Griffin, MD


Marietta Eye Clinic Dr. Ho is Board Certified by the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) and a member of the American Association of Pediatric Ophthalmology Society (AAPOS). He is one of a very few ophthalmologists in the Atlanta area who work with both pediatric and adult patients. Dr. Ho specializes in advanced laser cataract surgery, as well as treatment of eye muscle conditions such as strabismus and amblyopia. Read more on pg. 53. 770-427-8111 | mariettaeye.com


Dr. Charles Ho

David Martin, RN, is the president and CEO of VeinInnovations, which he founded in 2002 as Atlanta’s first dedicated vein care practice offering every available minimally invasive technique to treat venous insufficiency and varicose and spider veins. With four locations and five physicians, VeinInnovations is a preferred provider for every major insurance company and is the place to “get your legs done” with little or no downtime.

David Martin, RN

Sandy Springs ~ Midtown ~ Johns Creek ~ Southside


678-731-9815 | veininnovations.com

Y Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Dr.Yalif is a triple board-certified plastic surgeon. His sub-specialty in breast surgery has given him the privilege of being part of many women’s and men’s journeys to restore or attain a healthy self-image. Additionally, Dr.Yalif provides excellence in cosmetic surgery of the face and body, as well as restorative hand surgery. His personalized care and expertise also extends to rejuvenation with fillers, Botox, Asaf Yalif, MD, FACS ThermiSmooth and ThermiVa. Dr.Yalif looks forward to welcoming you to his Atlanta practice. 404-822-4402 | yplasticsurgery.com



0816_012-013_PIH.indd 12


MENTAL HEALTH New Beginnings Today Marcus J. Green, EdD, is the CEO of New Beginnings Today, a community counseling agency based in Atlanta with additional locations throughout Georgia. As a highly skilled mental health professional, Dr. Green specializes in behavioral health counseling, including substance abuse. 404-346-3471 | nbtatlanta.com Marcus J. Green, EdD bestselfatlanta.com

7/25/16 3:03 PM



0816_012-013_PIH.indd Face-and-Body-Expo_FP.indd 13 1




7/26/16 7/25/16 1:18 9:18 PM AM



Southern-Institute-of-Aesthetics_FP.indd 0816_014-015_BULL.indd 14 1



7/20/16 3:03 7/25/16 4:44 PM

:44 PM


Photos courtesy of Second Self Brewery (top left), Decatur Book Festival (middle left), Ben Robi Photography (top right), ClassPass.com (bottom right)

Back by Popular Demand

After a brief hiatus for expansion, local craft brewery Second Self Beer Company has reopened its doors Jason Santamaria and Chris Doyle of and unveiled a Second Self Beer Company new tasting room designed by Square Feet Studio. The brewery will host weekly tours and tastings as well as other events like popup dinners with local chefs, comedy nights and even yoga classes followed by tastings—delightfully referred to as Yoga and Hoppiness. Details: 1317 Logan Circle NW., Atlanta, GA 30318; secondselfbeer.com

Literary Losses Literary heavy-weights will celebrate the life and works of Atlanta native and renowned author Pat Conroy on September 2 at the keynote event of the 2016 Atlanta Journal-Constitution Decatur Book Festival presented by DeKalb Medical. Cassandra King Conroy and Rick Bragg, accompanied by friends and family, will share their favorite passages from Conroy’s works. A legend of late-20th-century Southern literature, Conroy penned, among many others, The Prince of Tides and The Great Santini, which were both developed into Oscar-nominated films. Details: Schwartz Center for Performing Arts at Emory University, 1700 North Decatur Road Atlanta, GA 30322; decaturbookfestival.com

Make Healthy Happen It can start with a few slips, like opting for fries instead of fresh fruit or skipping that spin class, and before you know it the healthy habits you’ve worked so hard to create begin to lose their traction. Reinvigorate your passion for health at the Atlanta Ballet Centre for Dance Education’s Healthy Living Day on August 28. Get inspired with food demonstrations, healthy living and nutrition seminars, a book fair and performances by the Atlanta Ballet’s own Wabi Sabi. Details: Michael C. Carlos Dance Centre, 1695 Marietta Boulevard NW Atlanta, GA 30318; centre.atlantaballet.com bestselfatlanta.com

0816_014-015_BULL.indd 15

Sips-N-Stilettos Sip, strut and shop for a cause at Sips and Stilettos hosted by Susan G. Komen Greater Atlanta ambassador and multimedia personality Madison James. Celebrating Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the October 16 event features exclusive shopping from Bally and a reveal of the latest collection from breast cancer survivor Tracy Nicole. A percentage of proceeds will directly benefit Susan G. Komen Greater Atlanta. Details: Bally Phipps Plaza, 3500 Peachtree Road NE; komenatlanta.org

Pick of the Month Class Pass A month into my ClassPass.com membership and I couldn’t be more pleased with the unlimited workout options. This brilliant fitness program accesses thousands of different Altanta area studios, classes and instructors via one membership. Try yoga, boxing, barre, cycling, even belly dancing, at a variety of locations. This model is ideal for commuters, busy executives and anyone who loves their neighborhood gym but wants to schedule a workout in another part of town. Rates start at $55/ month for a 5-class pass, $100/month for 10 classes or $160/month for unlimited classes.The website and app are simple to navigate; locate classes by instructor, area, studio or interest. Details: classpass.com

Use this link to start your membership with a $20 credit! class.ps/d1li4 Jessica Dauler jessicashops.com




7/26/16 2:35 PM

bestbites Peach-Blueberry Cobbler Dreamin’ As part of their 25th anniversary summer tour, Dave Matthews Band recently stopped by Atlanta. Inspired by Georgia’s signature fruit, DMB Head Chef Fiona Bohane created an original recipe for a summer treat using sweet peaches and Dreaming Tree Crush wine, aptly named after one of the band’s classic hits. Serves 6–8 people INGREDIENTS FOR FILLING:


1 pint blueberries

1. Place all ingredients in a pot

3 lbs fresh peaches, peeled and sliced

2. Heat over medium-high heat, stirring occasionally until mixture comes to a simmer and the liquid becomes clear, 5–10 minutes

1/2 cup light brown sugar 2 Tbsp cornstarch

3. Turn off heat and carefully transfer to an 8 x 11-inch glass or ceramic pan



1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour

1. Pre-heat oven to 375 degrees

1/3 cup sugar, plus 2 Tbsp

2. While filling heats, mix together all dry ingredients—pulse in food processor if available. Add the cubed butter and pulse until incorporated, with no large chunks of butter visible

1/2 tsp baking powder 1/2 tsp baking soda 1/2 tsp salt 1/2 tsp cinnamon

3. Transfer to a bowl, add 2/3 cup kefir and vanilla and gently stir with a wooden spoon until batter forms

1/2 tsp ginger 1 pinch salt 6 Tbsp cold unsalted butter, cubed 2/3 cup kefir, buttermilk or heavy cream, plus 2 Tbsp 1 tsp vanilla extract

4. Using a spoon or your hands, drop biscuits on top of filling. The topping covers most of the filling, but leave a small space between the biscuits to allow the heat to escape

5. Brush tops of biscuits with reserved kefir and sprinkle with remaining sugar 6. Bake for 40 minutes, until nicely browned and biscuits cooked through 7. Allow to cook for at least 30 minutes 8. Serve with ice cream Recipe courtesy of Fiona Bohane, head chef for Dave Matthews Band Details: dreamingtreewine.com

Refresh Recipes with Fresh Herbs Fresh herbs enhance flavor and aroma without adding any fat or salt. Mint is a refreshing herb that flourishes during early summer. Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta’s Strong4Life campaign suggests these cool ideas on hot summer days: Add mint leaves to water for an invigorating punch of flavor or chop mint leaves and sprinkle over cubed watermelon to make your melon pop. Details: Strong4Life.com.



0816_016-017_BITES.indd 16


Photos courtesy of The Dreaming Tree Wines (top right)

2 Tbsp white wine


7/25/16 3:03 PM




www.freshnfitcuisine.com 678 - 208- 0341

Fresh_n_Fit.indd 1

7/7/16 3:12 PM

An Advanced Weight Loss Practice

. LAP-BAND System . Non-Surgical Gastric Balloon . LINX Reflux System . Thyroid/Parathyroid Surgery . Gallbladder Surgery . Hernia Repair . Robotic Surgery

Procedures We Offer ®


Regain Your Health and Mobility! We specialize in non-invasive, minimallyinvasive and robotic techniques for advanced weight loss and general surgery procedures. Let Dr. Srinivasa Gorjala, a board-certified physician, and our on-site dietician help you to live to your full potential with one of our medical or surgical weight loss programs.

For More Information: Call: (404) 250-6691 Visit us at: BariatricInnovationsAtl.com

Our Location: 6135 Barfield Road, Suite 150 Atlanta, GA 30328

northside_Bariatrics_halfh.indd 1 bestselfatlanta.com

0816_016-017_BITES.indd 17


3/25/162016 11:11 17 AM AUGUST

7/25/16 3:03 PM

bestfun Paws on Parks: Take a Hike with Your Pooch Georgia State Parks & Historic Sites challenges hikers and their four-legged companions to venture the trails with their dog walking club, Tails on Trails. Hikers who tackle all seven trails earn a t-shirt to proclaim their bragging rights and pups receive a bandana to show their participation. Details: Tails on Trails membership card $15, gastateparks.org

1. Red Top Mountain, Acworth


Take in the scenery on this light hike along the 1-mile White Tail Trail loop through a hardwood forest that ends overlooking Lake Allatoona.

2. Fort Mountain, Chatsworth With easy access from the campground, lower guest cottages and day-use area, the 1.1-mile Lake Trail loop makes for a great activity on a nature-filled weekend getaway.


3. Don Carter, Gainesville


Enjoy the 38,000 acres of beauty within Georgia’s newest state park on the 1.5-mile Lakeview loop, taking its name from the area where the Chattahoochee River meets Lake Lanier. Or, keep it breezy by walking in the shade of the forest on the 1.5-mile Woodland loop.


4. Fort McAllister, Richmond Hill Far to the east, the 3.1-mile Redbird Creek Trail loop cascades through salt marshes and coastal wetlands under a blanket of Spanish moss.

The 3.2-mile Mountain Creek Trail loop weaves a scenic route through Georgia’s largest state park. Get there around sunrise or sunset and you might see a deer grazing in forest glades or hear a woodpecker searching for a snack.



6. High Falls, Jackson The breathtaking waterfall view and chance to cool off in the Towliga River rewards a moderately difficult 1.5-mile Falls Trail loop through hilly forests.

Photos courtesy of Georgia Department of Natural Resources

5. F.D. Roosevelt, Pine Mountain


7. Sweetwater Creek, Lithia Springs Whether on the 2-mile Red Trail loop or 5-mile White Trail loop, explore the ruins of the New Manchester Manufacturing Company, abandoned and destroyed at the end of the Civil War.



0816_018-019_FUN.indd 18



7/26/16 2:36 PM

fun Events


For more events, visit bestselfatlanta.com

Old Soldiers Day Race and Parade August 6 This celebration for veterans kicks off with an 8K road race at Wills Park and continues with a parade down Roswell Street complete with 150 floats, marching bands, classic cars, clowns and candy. awesomealpharetta.com

Dirty South Yoga Fest


August 6 Time to once again “root down and rise up” at the third annual event highlighting the Atlanta yoga scene while benefitting Centering Youth, a nonprofit bringing yoga and mindfulness to young people in the juvenile justice system. dirtysouthyogafest.com

Game Night at Sips Under the Sea August 12 Add a little friendly competition to your date night at Georgia Aquarium’s game edition of their monthly cocktails series. Play classic games while enjoying live music, cocktails and nibbles. georgiaaquarium.org

Piedmont Park Arts Festival August 13–14 This two-day arts festival features works from painters, photographers, sculptors, glassblowers, jewelers and crafters. Enjoy live music, artist demos, family-friendly play areas and healthy food options. piedmontparkartsfestival.com

Give Me Five August 14 This much anticipated culinary event brings together five of Georgia’s most talented chefs to prepare a five-course dinner complemented by wine selections from local sommeliers. ce.strength.org

Ultherapy is the only non-surgical procedure FDA approved to lift skin on brow, neck, and chest.

• Eyebrow lifting • Jaw Line tightening • Neck lifting

Hair Loss? Aging Skin? Ask about our PRP Therapy.

August 20 More than just a mud run, this fun-filled event includes mechanical bull riding, volleyball, pie-eating contests, beer…oh yeah, and plenty of obstacles. Are you crazy enough to give it a try? ruggedmaniac.com

Miss Mary’s Ice Cream Crankin’

Grant Park Summer Shade Festival August 27–28 Atlanta’s oldest park invites you to enjoy one last summer hoorah. This popular family-friendly festival includes a 5K Run for the Park, food trucks, a kids’ zone, farmers market and bike valet. summershadefestival.org bestselfatlanta.com

0816_018-019_FUN.indd 19

• Décolletage lifting

Call for free Ultherapy consultation with one of our aestheticians.

Rugged Maniac 5K Obstacle Race

August 21 Head to Roswell Square for this 12th annual event. Scoop-up samples of more than 100 flavors of homemade ice cream, participate in ice-creameating contests, enjoy live music and kids’ activities. missmarysicecream.org

• Face lifting

Ulthera has the ability to treat the skins underlying support from the inside out.

2678 Buford Hwy NE Atlanta, GA 30324

678.500.1066 www.harleyantiaging.com Harley_2thrds.indd 1



1/20/16 PM AUGUST 20165:06 19

7/25/16 3:03 PM

besthealth&beauty A new spa-oasis now calls The Shops of Buckhead home. Urbana Wellness Spa’s combination of holistic healing, aesthetic rejuvenation and pampering creates a one-stop-shop destination for relaxation. In addition to traditional spa services, guests can enjoy Reiki energy healing, yoga and meditation classes, as well as a tea lounge featuring more than 100 international loose-leaf teas and a signature tea ceremony. Join their membership club for your pick of services each month and exclusive discounts. Details: 240 Pharr Rd. Atlanta, GA 30305; urbanawellnessspa.com

Brush Up on Technique Former model turned plastic surgery consultant Carol Martin knows a bit about beauty. After years of steering faces to beauty pros, Carol has created a new tool that puts the power of transformation in the hands of every woman. blendSMART™ is an automated rotating makeup brush system that features interchangeable heads for applying moisturizer, sunscreen, liquid foundation and even powder makeup, like blush and bronzer. Add this rotating brush into your beauty routine and take the guess work out of achieving seamless blending and flawless coverage. Details: Woo Skincare + Cosmetics, wooskincareandcosmetics.com; Richie Arpino Salon, 326 Pharr Rd. NE, Atlanta, GA 30305

Beauty from Down Under Luxury Australian skincare brand, Auspect™ has made it stateside and presents all-natural ingredients with no mineral oils, parabens, artificial fragrances or animal-derived products. Try out a starter kit including a gentle cleanser, exfoliator, serum and an intensive hydrator. Plus, travel-friendly packaging means no worries about bottles exploding in your bag. Details: Natural Body–Morningside, 1402 N. Highland Ave., Atlanta, GA 30306; auspectskincare.com



0816_020-021_HnB.indd 20


Peel Back Time Medical-grade chemical peels have long offered patients great results—yet sometimes with side effects and a lengthy recovery time. Now, The Perfect Derma™ Peel layers on a powerful antioxidant, Glutathione, in a formula that applies quickly with glowing results in about a week. Details: 4684 Roswell Rd. NE, Atlanta, GA 30342; buckheadplasticsurgery.com

Nyssa’s Nod: Beauty Bottled

Atlanta-based Beauty Water™ is a female-owned company determined to offer a better source of hydration. In recent years, reports have revealed that bottled water can sometimes Nyssa Green just be purified tap water. Not Beauty Water! It’s produced with a 10-stage reverse-osmosis process to ensure cleaner, healthier and great-tasting water. “We stand firm behind providing superior water that is free of bacteria, microbes, lead, salt and pesticides,” says Vony-tza Cine, company president. Extra Tip: Put Beauty Water in a spritzer bottle and use as a hydrating mist. You could even add lavender or rosemary. Details: beautywaterusa.com

Photos courtesy ofUrbana Wellness Spa (top left), Carol Martin (middle left), Auspect Skincare (bottom left), Bella Medical Products (top right), Beauty Water (bottom right)

A Deeper Relaxation


7/26/16 3:05 PM



0816_020-021_HnB.indd Atlanta-Face-and-Body-Center_FP.indd 21 1




7/25/16 7/19/16 3:04 4:54 PM PM

bestfamily Tack It Up The annual back-to-school rush can become an unorganized mess. Keep everyone at the top of their class with this activity schedule board project from Lynn Lilly, founder of the Craft Box Girls. There’s room to note everything from homework and home chores to practices and playdates.

5. Flip each frame over, insert the scrapbook paper with the design facing outward. Next place the cork in the frame and then place the frame back on and secure.

MATERIALS: - 8 x 10” Frames (shown here with 5) - Roll of Cork - Decorative Scrapbook Paper

6. Lay frames facing up onto the flat covered surface, arranging in your desired formation.

- Staple Gun - 3 Feet of Rope or Twine - E6000 Glue

7. Spread the E6000 glue along the sides and firmly press sides together, holding in place for 1–2 minutes.

- Command™ Strip Hook (holds up to 4 lbs) - Scissors

1. Remove glass and backs from each frame.

Photos courtesy of Lynn Lilly (top photos), Catrina Maxwell of CatMax Photography (bottom left)

8. Allow the frame formation to dry for 45 minutes.


9. Using the staple gun, secure the rope to the back edges of each frame.

2. Lay out your design on covered flat surface.

10. Secure it on the wall with the Command™ Strip Hook, following package instructions.

3. Using the frame glass as a template, trace an 8x10” rectangle onto cork and cut out. Repeat for each frame. 4. Now, trace that 8x10” rectangle on back of each piece of scrapbook paper. Cut out.

11. Title each frame using small sheets of paper, markers and tape.

Armed with a glue gun and confetti, author and DIY expert Lynn Lilly inspires women and youth across the country to live a creative lifestyle through CraftBoxGirls.com, CBG TV on Apple TV, her weekly television segments on NBC’s Atlanta & Company and her brand-new book, Screen-Free Crafts Kids Will Love. When Lynn is not crafting, you can find her teaching workshops, hosting DIY events across the country and spending time with her husband and three dogs. Details: craftboxgirls.com



0816_022-025_FAMILY.indd 22



7/25/16 3:04 PM


Dentists That Make You Smile Voted Best of 2015!

Family & Cosmetic Dentistry Happy visits starting at the age of two - we’ll keep you smiling with our fun crew!

Post Riverside, 4405 Northside Pkwy, Suite 110, Atlanta, Georgia 30327 Connect With Us On Facebook And Twitter.


0816_022-025_FAMILY.indd atlantasmiles_full.indd 1 23

| 404.262.7733





11/15/15 7/25/16 3:04 1:19 PM PM

bestfamily Healthy Helping

Emotions on Display

Maintaining a daily routine becomes an incredible challenge for breast cancer patients during their treatment. Ford Warriors in Pink launches its More Good Days initiative in an effort to lessen that burden. Understanding the needs can help us all be a part of an extended support network. Check out these facts and consider new ways to offer a boost.

The latest exhibit to come to the Children’s Museum of Atlanta encourages kids to explore their emotions and the many ways

Details: warriorsinpink.ford.com



of Americans are sure how to best support a patient going through treatment. 1

of communicating them.“XOXO: An Exhibit About Love & Forgiveness” features interactive technology such as a voice tone analyzer, facial expression interpreter and sculpture that responds positively to hugs. Visitors also have the chance to do hands-on activities, like creating their own “love tokens” to give to friends, and releasing negative emotions by writing them down on a piece of paper and then shredding it.

Small acts Big impact have a




of breast cancer patients report that maintaining routines of day-to-day life is a primary concern.2



A precocious toddler might be just as headstrong about their outfit as the most fashionable trendsetters on the catwalk. The

need help completing household chores.

40% 24

Shades for Babes

of breast cancer patients agree that small gestures from family and friends can make a big difference.2



need help running errands. 2

need help preparing meals during treatment.



need help maintaining a positive outlook during treatment. 2


The Ford Warriors in Pink Breast Cancer Awareness survey was conducted online using the field services of TNS, on behalf of Ford Motor Company, March 18-22, 2016. The 2,500 respondents surveyed were a nationally representative sample of U.S. adults, 0816_022-025_FAMILY.indd 24 18-plus in age with a margin of error of ±2.0%. 1


folks at Atlanta-based Babiators thought it was about time someone gave these budding fashionistas some cool protective eyewear of their own. Babiators specializes in flexible rubber sunglasses for kids ages 0–14. Each pair offers 100 percent protection from UVA and UBA rays, shatterproof lenses and safety testing for parental peace-of-mind. Snag a pair for the coolest “babes” you know. Details: Starting at $20; babiators.com

Photos courtesy of Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh (top right), Babiators (bottom right)


Details: Admission $14.95; 275 Centennial Olympic Park Dr. NW, Atlanta, GA 30313; childrensmuseumofatlanta.org


7/26/16 12:30 PM

Specializing in the Detection and Treatment of Pediatric Digestive Disorders

Expert GI Care for Your Children At Atlanta Gastroenterology Associates, our pediatric gastroenterologists care for infants, children,‘tweens, and teens with any type of digestive or liver condition, including: • Abdominal Pain • Lactose Intolerance • Celiac Disease • Eosinophilic Esophagitis

• Acid Reflux • Hepatitis/Liver Disease • Constipation/Diarrhea • Irritable Bowel Syndrome

• Ulcerative Colitis • Colic • Feeding Difficulties • Crohn’s Disease

For appointments: 404.843.6320 SANDY SPRINGS 5445 Meridian Mark Rd NE Suite 490

ALPHARETTA 3300 Old Milton Pkwy Suite 225

Dr. Tejas R. Mehta

DULUTH 2660 Satellite Blvd

www.AGApediatrics.com AGA is a participating provider for Medicare, Medicaid, and most healthcare plans offered in Georgia. AtlantaGastro_HH.indd 1

7/18/16 9:24 AM


Low T / HRT / BHRT / Pain Management / Scar Care

Request Topi-CLICK® For Your Next Topical Dosing Treatment ✓ Scientifically Proven Most Accurate* ✓ Easiest-to-Use ✓ No Transfer to Unintended Areas Featured on nationally syndicated shows including: Oprah Winfrey, Dr. Phil, The Doctors and The Suzanne (Somers) Show.

Built-in Applicator

#1 in Accuracy*

*Among Dispensers Tested by Analytical Research Laboratories in an Independent Study. Request study at http://doselogix.com/accuracy_study. Save a copy of this ad for your next doctor’s visit or pharmacy refill. To request samples or www.DoseLogix.com 877.870.8448 info@DoseLogix.com obtain more information visit www.DoseLogix.com, call 877.870.8448 or email info@DoseLogix. DOSE_LOGIX_HH.indd 1 bestselfatlanta.com

0816_022-025_FAMILY.indd 25


6/8/16 PM5 AUGUST 20163:33 2

7/25/16 3:04 PM



How can I stick to a workout routine in the summer?

A: If your summer entails travel

Pedal with Peachtree Ron Tarson, general manager of Westin Peachtree Plaza is one of the rare folks that actually enjoys his morning commute. In fact, Ron’s love of his scenic bike ride inspired Westin Peachtree Plaza’s latest fitness amenity, Bike Concierge—guided fitness rides that explore local sites like the BeltLine, Freedom Parkway, the Jackson Street Bridge and the Martin Luther King Memorial. The hotel has also partnered with Bicycle Tours of Atlanta to offer group rides for those looking for a more relaxed sightseeing experience. Details: 210 Peachtree St. NW, Atlanta, GA 30303; westinpeachtreeplazaatlanta.com

Raising the Bar Don’t let those clanging weights at the new East Atlanta Barbell Club intimidate you. Lead by USA Powerlifting Club Coach Lis Saunders, Savannah Weightlifting Team member Robert Hall, and local weightlifter Jim Chambers, the club provides a welcoming space for longtime lifters and those just getting started. They’ve settled into a great space and already plan future projects—including partnering this fall with physical therapist and movement specialist Lauren Polivka and her nonprofit, Lift with Passion, to launch a free strength-training program for young women. Details: 530 Flat Shoals Rd., Atlanta, GA 30316; eavbarbell.com



0816_026-027_FITNESS.indd 26


Time to Train While the Jeff Galloway Race Weekend may still be months away, the time to start training is now. For the first time ever, race participants can take advantage of a customized training program. To help make sure all runners have as safe and enjoyable a running journey as possible, newbie and experienced runners alike can benefit from incorporating a personalized training schedule for the upcoming race. The training program also includes drills for form improvement, a Jeff Galloway training e-book and weekly video chats with Galloway Training Directors. Details: jeffgalloway.com

Healthy Lifestyle on the Go By Madison James, radio/TV personality and lifestyle enthusiast

Warmer temps can often motivate us to get more active, but sometimes we need an extra push to stay on track. The advanced technology of a fitness tracker might help. I love the newest addition to the Fitbit line, the Fitbit Alta™. The Alta is sleek and fashionable and tracks daily fitness goals while sporting serious style. My favorite feature is the Bluetooth-enabled text alert. The Fitbit Alta starts at around $130; it’s perfect for all fitness levels and the interchangeable bands give great options for different looks.

Details: fitbit.com

Photos courtesy of Jess Henderson (top left), Westin Peachtree Plaza (middle left), Jeff Galloway (top right)

that disrupts your regular fitness routine, commit to spending 15–20 minutes a day doing a few simple body-weight exercises such as the ones we do in our barre classes. They are efficient and effective and will keep your fitness goals on track. For example, hit the floor and plank it out! Hold your plank for 90 seconds. For more of a challenge, lift each leg off the floor to do a single-leg plank. Or use a chair to walk your feet out and place your hands behind your seat for tricep dips. —Tara Joiner, owner of Pink Barre


7/26/16 12:31 PM


We're at our best so you can be at yours.

Our massage experience is second to none. In fact, if you don't love it, the next one is on us. So take some time for you and schedule a relaxing session today, because when your inner happiness shines through, it makes everything in life a little better.

Buckhead 404.254.4050 4285 Roswell Road Suite 4 Chastain Square Shopping Center elementsmassage.com/buckhead

Massage session includes time for consultation and dressing. Void where prohibited or otherwise restricted by law. Other restrictions may apply; see studio for details and information about The Elements Promise™. Each Elements Massage™ studio is independently owned and operated.

ElementsMassage1-2H.indd 1

7/18/16 4:36 PM

Your Best Body Starts In The Healthy Fit Kitchen TEAMS UP WITH The



DELICIOUS. FRESH. DELIVERED. Michelle Moomey Age: 39 Mother of 4

EST. 2014


to create meals specifically designed for their clients. Your Meals cooked by

Chef Yasin Corder Your Fitness Plan created by

Steve Payne houseofpayne_halfh-2.indd 1 bestselfatlanta.com

0816_026-027_FITNESS.indd 27

Go to trainwithpayne.com to get started!

We shape bodies. It’s what we do. 4565 Lawrenceville Hwy., Lilburn, GA 30047

678.641.9188 • www.trainwithpayne.com BEST SELF ATLANTA

6/14/16 PM AUGUST 20164:07 27

7/25/16 3:04 PM



A NON-SURGICAL SOLUTION FOR: • Herniated or Bulging Discs • Degenerative Disc Disease • Posterior Facet Syndrome • Sciatica • Acute or Chronic Back Pain



• Fewer incidents of back pain • Pain relief, even after a few sessions • Shrinkage in disc herniation • Increased mobilization • Return to an active lifestyle • 85% Success Rate!

We will pre-certify your insurance!

Midtown Neurology P.C.


Atlanta’s Premier IDD Therapy Center | www.MidtownNeurology.com AUGUST 2016

0816_028-033_PETS.indd Midtown Neurology_FP_0813.indd 28 1




4/21/16 7/25/16 12:10 3:04 PM

:10 PM


t e p



Photo (in tablet) by Vic Bonvicini


etween selfie sticks and smart phones, capturing life’s memorable moments has never been easier. In a split second an everyday occurrence can become the perfect photo-op, including special time with beloved pets. For our annual “Best Pet Selfie” contest, we asked readers to submit selfies with their pets as part of an effort to raise funds for local pet-related charities. Through votes from friends, family and the Best Self community, the top three contest winners were able to win cash prizes donated to Puglanta Dog Rescue, Atlanta Pet Rescue and Adoption and Good Mews Animal Foundation.


0816_028-033_PETS.indd 29




7/26/16 3:08 PM


Specializing in Hair Color, Cuts, Styling and Skin Care. 3220 Paces Ferry Place - 404.848.0047 - www.carterbarnes.com

“Like” us on Facebook carterbarnes_halfh.indd 1

5/24/16 2:01 PM

Juvederm Ultra $400


1 Syringe 1.0 ml.

Strawberry Laser Lipo Delivers Immediate and Measurable Inch Loss with every Treatment AS SEEN ON: Non-Invasive, Painless, FDA Approved !

BOTOX $8 a unit

Dysport $8 a unit

SkinPen Face and Neck $300- Add the chest or hands for free!

nirvana (n): a state of harmony, calm or joy



www.nirvanalasercentre.com 4380 Kimball Bridge Road • Alpharetta, GA 30022 3 0niravanaspa_halfh.indd AUGUST 2016

0816_028-033_PETS.indd 30



4/18/16 10:04 AM bestselfatlanta.com

7/25/16 3:05 PM


selfie PHOTO CONTEST First Place Winner Kelley Pierce and Miss Lola Awarded $250 for Puglanta Dog Rescue, Inc.

From the very second Kelley Pierce laid eyes on Miss Lola, she knew that precious, irresistibly cute, wiggly little creature, with a cinnamon bun tail and eyes on opposite sides of her head had captured a piece of her heart. She says she is thankful every day for “this sweet and gentle pug who’s responsible for so much joy and laughter and whose unconditional love inspires, encourages and lifts me, and so many others, up each day!” At 13 years young, Miss Lola just might be one of the most stylish pugs you’ll meet. She recently won a pug “Dress & Impress” contest at a Pug & Mug event in Virginia-Highland—and that’s just the start. Miss Lola looks forward to getting into modeling, creating her first pugcalendar and being featured in her very own book. Her latest escapade was trying her “paw” at riding skateboards. But Miss Lola isn’t all about looks and adventure, says Pierce. She is also American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizencertified and enjoys serving the community as a therapy dog with Happy Tails Pet Therapy. Although Miss Lola herself wasn’t an adopted rescue, since bringing her into her home Pierce has become a staunch adoption supporter, which is why she chose Puglanta Dog Rescue to receive the first place prize money. “I feel adoption provides a pet with a chance to experience love that they otherwise may never have the opportunity to know.” Fans of Miss Lola can follow her Facebook page “Miss Lola The Pug” to see what she’ll be up to next. Details: puglanta.com

Second Place Winner Sheila Jordan and Nash Awarded $150 for Atlanta Pet Rescue and Adoption

Sheila Jordan often jokes that her Yorkie/ Poodle mix, Nash, “has no clue he is a dog.” When the two of them aren’t exploring the city, Nash can be found squeezing in quality time with his neighborhood best friend, who just so happens to be a cat, or chasing the ever-elusive “dot.” The two recently celebrated the second anniversary of Nash’s adoption from Atlanta Pet Rescue and Adoption (APRA). Jordan reminisces on how helpful APRA was during the process of bringing Nash home. “It was great! APRA ensures that their rescues are going to loving homes that are dedicated to the well-being of the pets. They also act as a resource to help with any needs that might arise once you take your furbaby home.” Thankful for the joy Nash has brought into her life through adoption, donating prize money to APRA to assist with finding homes for other pets was a no-brainer to Jordan. She says, “Animals may be voiceless, but their souls speak volumes. Being able to do my part in making a difference in the life of such a sweet angel was my motivation [to adopt].” Details: atlantapetrescue.org bestselfatlanta.com

0816_028-033_PETS.indd 31

Third Place Barb Murphy and Cora Awarded $100 for Good Mews Animal Foundation

Every birthday is special, but the year Barb Murphy received Cora as a surprise gift from her husband and stepson was extra special. Not only is Barb a longtime pet lover, she’s also a huge adoption supporter. So when her husband and stepson decided to surprise her with a pet, they knew adoption was the way to go. “There are too many animals out there that need to find their forever home and too many animal shelters that need help,” says Murphy. They brought Cora home from a Planned Pethood event at PetSmart and her spunky personality quickly made her a favorite of the whole family. “Cora is a nut! She drinks running water out of the faucet, talks all the time, is constantly underfoot and loves to hang around her mom,” says Murphy. “Cora was the best birthday present ever! The gift that keeps on giving!” Details: goodmews.org BEST SELF ATLANTA



7/26/16 2:39 PM

Your healthy lifestyle is our practice style.

Roberta D. Cann, D.M.D.

Hot and Traditional Yoga

Cann Dentistry has been mercury-free for more than 25 years. We have created a welcoming and respectful environment for your care, including: • Biocompatible dental materials • Dental Ozone treatment • Very low-radiation digital x-rays • Safe removal of mercury fillings • Perio Protect: Breakthrough non-invasive treatment for periodontal disease

Call today, and join those who share your journey of health.

Joyce Kim, D.M.D. Cann Dentistry welcomes chemically and environmentally sensitive patients, as well as patients who simply want their dental care to be in harmony with their healthy lifestyle.


30 Days of Unlimited


CannDentistry.com 3525 Piedmont Road Building 5, Suite 408 Atlanta, GA 30305

for New Clients $49

The Lift. And the Falling Away. Korsi Hot Yoga 555 S. Atlanta Street, Ste. B-300 Roswell, GA 30075 404.542.7458 info@korsiyoga.com



CannDentistry_4th.indd 1

www.korsiyoga.com *check website for current schedule

out k r o W e t le p m o C e Th a t n la t A o r t e M n i e Plac

7/15/16 Korsi-Yoga_1-4v.indd 12:57 PM 1

5/6/16 9:49 AM


MONTH TO MONTH MEMBERSHIPS GET IN TIP TOP SHAPE - TRY THIS PROGRAM FOR FREE FOR 7 DAYS! REAL RIDER SPIN CLASS - Easy as riding a bike, but with a twist-or shall we say, with a tilt! LADIES BUTT & LEGS CLASS - Lose the pounds, tighten & tone!

FITNESS 3 2TruAllianceFitness.indd AUGUST 2016

0816_028-033_PETS.indd 32



3555 Gwinnett Place Dr Suite 104 Duluth, GA 30096

678-916-0610 www.trualliancefitness.com

8/25/15 12:38 PM bestselfatlanta.com

7/25/16 3:05 PM



Lisa Mohager, Bentley Bear, Paj Mohager

Ashley Autrey, Jasper

Hillary Tapley, Humphrey

Emily Day, Colt

Jamie Starzinski, Bo

Hal Schlenger, Sarah

Megan Rasmovich, Bella

Michael Fellin, Quincy

Cledra Gross, Frisco Billy Ray Cyrus Gross

Sarah Rossetti, Sunny D

Leah Thomson, Champ

Ashlie Patterson, Highway Girl

Ally Brown, Keke Reginald Brown

Nancy McRae, Paisley


0816_028-033_PETS.indd 33




7/26/16 2:22 PM

Find Your Greatness. Our gold medal offer only comes around once every four years. Go for the gold by August 16.

Studio-style training. Indoor & outdoor pools. Social events. Court Sports. Personal results. You belong here.

Call 770.698.2000 or visit ConcourseClub.com 8 Concourse Parkway | Sandy Springs, GA 30328 EASY ACCESS Exit 4C off GA400 34 AUGUST 2016 BEST SELF ATLANTA *Restrictions and terms may apply. Offer ends August 16, 2016 and cannot be combined with any other offer. 2016 Wellbridge

0816_034-041_SWIM.indd CONCOURSE_full.indd 1 34


7/18/16 7/25/16 10:13 3:05 PM AM

:13 AM

Photo by CatMax Photography

Hearts of Gold Local Olympians Swim for a Cure By David Purdum


n an early spring morning in May 2013, approximately 300 swimmers of all ages showed up at Lake Spivey, near Jonesboro, Georgia, for the inaugural Swim Across America Atlanta Open Water Swim, a just-for-fun jaunt out into the lake to raise money for cancer.


0816_034-041_SWIM.indd 35




7/26/16 3:15 PM


CHASTAIN-SANDY SPRINGS Fountain Oaks Shopping Center 4920 Roswell Road NE Sandy Springs, GA 30342

(404) 963-8339


458 East Pace Ferry Road BUCKHEAD, GA (404) 848-1550

1145 Woodstock Road ROSWELL, GA (770) 857-3269 The-Exercise-Coach_HH.indd 1

6/6/16 10:08 AM

Aging or Wrinkled skin? Tired of Shaving or Waxing? Unwanted Fat or Cellulite? • Body Contouring/ Skin Tightening as low as $120 • Laser Hair Removal As Low As $25 • Chemical Peels, Microdermabrasion And IPL Photofacials As Low As $55 • Botox $7 Per Unit For Your First 20 Units • Juvederm Ultra Plus Xc $399/Syringe, Voluma $799/Syringe • DermaStim™ Micro-needling as low as $120 per session includes the DermaStim™ Hyaluronic Acid Serum. • KyBella $500/Vial

New Buckhead/Lenox Mall Area IS NOW OPEN! Show us this Ad and choose one of these offers. New Customers Only. (exp. September 30, 2016)



Small Area Laser Hair Removal Session Pain-Free New Lasers

GET ONE IPL, CHEMICAL PEEL, Microdermabrasion or Facial (Reg. $110)





11720 Medlock Bridge Road Suite 170 | Johns Creek, Ga. 30097


227 Sandy Springs Place NE Suite 378 | Atlanta, Ga 30328


2140 Peachtree Road Suite 315 | Atlanta, Ga. 30309


3330 Piedmont Road Suite 23B | Atlanta, GA 30305


3310 Buford Drive NE | Suite 33 | Buford, Ga. 30519

(770) 212-2242

www.dermanimedspa.com 3 6DermaniMedSpa_1-2H.indd AUGUST 2016

0816_034-041_SWIM.indd 36


7/7/16 9:53 AM bestselfatlanta.com

7/25/16 3:05 PM

Conditions were not ideal. Temperatures may have reached 60 that day, barely, and the lake water wasn’t much warmer. While setting up the weekend event, organizers were pummeled by heavy rain and wind. Buoys flew all over the place as the course was being marked, and rain seeped through tent roofs onto volunteers below. By the day of the swim, the volunteers were covered in mud up to their knees. They pulled the event off, though, even managing to decorate the grounds with reminders of why everyone was there. Yard signs, each with a picture of the face of a child battling cancer, were everywhere. Current Olympic superstar Amanda Weir and two gold-medal winners of the past, Steve Lundquist and Doug Gjertsen, were among the volunteers. Weir, a product of Brookwood High School in Lawrenceville, started the summer in a position to earn a spot on the U.S. Olympic team for the third time. Lundquist won a pair of gold medals in the 1984 Summer Games in Los Angeles, and Gjertsen won two gold medals at the 1988 Summer Games in Seoul. The trio of Olympians had never met before getting involved in the Atlanta chapter of Swim Across America. Lundquist and Gjertsen even lived in the same area near Lake Spivey, but didn’t know each other.

Photos courtesy of Alisha McKellar for Megan Melgaard

“We all kind of met through Swim Across America,” Lundquist explains. “And that’s cool. Swim Across America has brought a lot of Olympians into my life that I would never have had a chance to meet. It’s fun to get to know them and do some good charity work as well.” Lundquist, who now works on the commercial side of the insurance firm Stewart Title, lost his grandmother to stomach cancer, and his father underwent chemotherapy in the spring for nonHodgkins lymphoma. “Look to your right and to your left, you’re going to find one person you know who has or has dealt with cancer in the past,” he says. For Gjertsen, Swim Across America provided an avenue for him to honor an elementary-school classmate who passed away from kidney cancer during the middle of sixth grade. He attended Austin Elementary School in Dunwoody bestselfatlanta.com

0816_034-041_SWIM.indd 37

OPEN WATER SWIM TIPS Transitioning from the pool to the open water brings forth new challenges. Megan Melgaard,, national safety director for Swim Across America (SAA) and event director for Swim Across America Atlanta suggests a few (of many!) things to consider before jumping in for your first open-water swim: 1. TRAINING AND TECHNIQUE • Target a distance—check out local races to assess the length of the course • Build up endurance by training with specific workouts in the pool • Practice proper form with supervision from a coach • Develop an efficient freestyle stroke and breathing technique, as well as another “go-to” stroke to rely on if you need a break (sidestroke, breaststroke, treading, floating on your back) • Learn how to “sight”, or spot, in open water—there’s no black line at the bottom like a pool, so practice lifting your head to the front when you take a breath in order to stay on course 2. BRING THE PROPER GEAR • Wetsuit or comfortable training swimsuit • Brightly colored swim cap so you’re visible in the water • Goggles 3. TEST THE WATERS AND BE SAFE! • Become familiar with the environment of the swim area, including the water temperature, visibility, depth, currents and possible weather conditions • Get comfortable with the shoreline and depth—begin with short distances and swim close to the shore • Always swim with a group or buddy for safety Swim Across America Open Water Clinics are provided by Fix My Swim in preparation for the September 17 event. Dates: August 7 and September 11   Rates: $25 for registered SAA participants; $35 for unregistered   Clinic: Register at fixmyswim.com Event: Register at swimacrossamerica.org/atlanta BEST SELF ATLANTA



7/26/16 1:53 PM

Limited number of appointments. Call 770.504.6243 to reserve yours.

LUNCH N LEARN Call 770.504.6243

August 24 | 11:30AM-1:00PM Presentation by Dr. Maloney 12:00PM-12:30PM www.MaloneyCenter.com

Call TODAY to reserve your spot. (770) 804-0007 Limited space available.

All patients who participate in the speaking portion of the event will receive an additional discount




for the month of August (value = $2,000)

6111 Peachtree Dunwoody Rd, Bldg E, Limited number of appointments. Ste 201, Atlanta, GA 30328 Call 770.504.6243 to reserve yours.

Limited number of appointments. Call 770.504.6243 to reserve yours.

A National Trainer and Educator for Allergan (makers of Botox® Juvederm® & Voluma™) Dr. Maloney’s artistry and specialized approach has resulted in regular features on: BEFORE


PATIENT AFTER 1 TREATMENT Maloney-Center_HH.indd 1


7/25/16 11:19 AM



In-Office Laser Whitening

Starting at $2999

New Patient Exam X-rays & healthy mouth cleaning For patients without dental insurance

All that is good begins with a smile

Call 770.504.6243

Call 770.504.6243



KIMBALL BRIDGE D E N TA L C O M M O N S 6 8- 56-6304 • www.kbcommons.com 4380 Kimball Bridge Rd., Alpharetta, GA 30022

Now open late on Tuesdays! ast appt. at 6 pm

aser Dentistry • Cosmetic Dentistry • Porcelain Crowns eneers izi ite ral Cancer Screening • White Fillings mercury free • Fi ed Bridges Non-Surgical um Treatment • Root Canal Therapy • Cleaning Polishing • Boto • uvederm

3 8KimballBridge_halfh.indd AUGUST 2016

0816_034-041_SWIM.indd 38


3/7/14 4:58 PM bestselfatlanta.com

7/25/16 3:05 PM

Photo by CatMax Photography

and remembers learning of his classmate’s diagnosis of kidney cancer around Christmas. By Valentine’s Day, his friend’s hair was gone. In April, he passed away. It was the first time Gjertsen had lost a friend to cancer. It stuck with him.

finish the race and make sure everyone got back to land and some warmth.

experience,” recalls Sheri Hart, the Atlanta chapter’s director.

But it has grown, and three years after that memorable day at Lake Spivey, Swim Across America will accomplish a fundraising milestone “It was my first with this September’s experience with anything event. (In a strategic like that, so it had a decision after profound impact on inaugural fiasco, the me,” explains Gjertsen, open swim was moved who has been a coach to late summer for the for SwimAtlanta since sake of warmth.) Last 1993. “I have always year, 325 swimmers remembered that. It participated in frustrated me terribly the swim and 200 that there was nothing attended an Olympic that could be done to Clinic at Georgia Tech. Just a bunch of Olympians comparing medals—Amanda Weir (middle) improve his situation.” The Atlanta branch of shows off the size of her bling to Doug Gjertsen (left) and Steve Lundquist. Swim Across America “I think everyone has raised more than involved in the race America feared not everyone’s memory $800,000 for cancer research and expects will remember that blustery day for a long of the first event would be positive. to cross the million-dollar mark in 2016. time,” Weir chuckles. With their teeth “We were told that it would be hard Nationally, the nonprofit organization has chattering, Weir, Gjertsen and Lundquist raised more than $65 million. It to grow the swim given that first year’s swam alongside participants to help them Organizers who were trying to jumpstart an Atlanta chapter of Swim Across

Atlanta’s Premiere Matchmaking Service

Our mission is simple.

We create a successful dating plan for smart men and women.

Our clients recognize that although they may meet the textbook definition of "having it all", there is something or someone

missing. Life is good, but you know it can be GREAT. Do you want a life filled with love, passion, purpose and fulfillment? Our proven approach to matchmaking is personal... and will change your experience with dating in Atlanta. It's time to have MORE.

Single_Atlanta_HH.indd 1 bestselfatlanta.com

0816_034-041_SWIM.indd 39

SingleAtlanta.com | 404.250.9292 BEST SELF ATLANTA

5/15/16 PM AUGUST 20163:32 39

7/26/16 3:18 PM



A-New-You_FP.indd 0816_034-041_SWIM.indd 1 40



7/20/16 7/25/16 10:32 3:05 PM AM

:32 AM

also has created a bond between three local Olympic swimmers. Now in its fourth year, the Atlanta open swim has outgrown Lake Spivey and, for the first time, will be held at Lake Lanier on September 17. The 2016 Olympic Summer Games, which kick off in August in Brazil, always produce a boost in the public’s interest in swimming, so the event has a chance to grow even more this year. Weir, a sprinter who prefers to follow the black line across the bottom of the pool rather than swim in open water, is committed to September’s swim. She is heavily involved in growing swimming throughout the metro area and says she’s around high-school swimmers every day. “Swimming has grown like crazy in the past several years,” Weir said. “[In] the Atlanta area especially, with huge numbers in the summer neighborhood swim leagues, there’s a tremendous pool of young swimmers who might decide they love it enough to continue on into year-round club swimming and/or high-

WHAT: Swim Across America Atlanta Open Water Swim WHEN: Sept. 17, 2016 WHERE: Lake Lanier Islands


Amanda Weir

Lawrenceville-native Amanda Weir makes her third trip to the Olympic games this year, swimming freestyle and vying for another medal to add to her collection. Weir began swimming at age eight, made her Olympic debut at the 2004 games in Greece and then swam again on Team USA in the 2012 London games. When this 30-year-old powerhouse is not in the water, she’s pursuing a career in interior design.

Watch for these Georgia athletes on TeamUSA at the 2016 Rio games! Jenny Arthur Gunnar Bentz Kristi Castlin Christian Coleman Glenn Eller Yijun Feng Vincent Hancock Matt Kuchar Jay Litherland Maya Moore Kelley O’Hara Christian Taylor Amanda Weir Kendell Williams

Weightlifting Swimming Track and Field Track and Field Shooting Table Tennis Shooting Golf Swimming Basketball Soccer Track and Field Swimming Track and Field

Gainesville Atlanta Atlanta Atlanta Columbus Alpharetta Eatonton Sea Island Greensboro Atlanta Fayetteville Fayetteville Lawrenceville Kennesaw

4x200m Free 100m Hurdles 4x100m Double Trap Singles, Team Skeet 400m IM Forward Defenseman Triple Jump 4x100m Free Heptathlon

GET INVOLVED: swimacrossamerica.org

Photos courtesy of Team USA

school swimming, which is awesome.” Swim Across America attracts a network of Olympians with Atlanta ties. Weir, Lundquist and Gjersten have looked forward to the event for months. They see each other often these days and were having fun together at a photo shoot this spring, talking about what Olympic athletes talk about with each other. “You always ask about training,” notes Lundquist, “and what they’re doing—especially the younger athletes— how they have no respect for us old people, because they keep getting faster and faster.” bestselfatlanta.com

0816_034-041_SWIM.indd 41

Kristi Castlin

Christian Taylor

Jay Litherland

Gunnar Bentz




7/26/16 1:53 PM

Chronic Shoulder Pain? Tendonitis? Sprain/Strain? Solution: Bio-Regenerative Injection Therapy Because the shoulder has the greatest range of motion of any joint in the body, it must balance strength, flexibility and stability. This balance can be maintained through exercises aimed at stretching and strengthening the supporting structures to avoid pain and injuries during specific activities. Problems are generally due to overuse, which weakens and destabilizes the rotator cuff. About 20% of sports injuries involve the shoulder. So what to do? Enter Bio-Sclerotic Proliferation Injection Therapy! The treatment causes the proliferation (growth, formation) of new ligament tissue in the areas where it has become weak. A biological (not toxic, non steroidal) solution is used, which is injected in the suspect area. This causes a localized inflammation in these weak areas which then increases the blood supply and flow of nutrients and stimulates the tissue to repair itself including increased cytokine production, which are the building blocks for cartilage and other connective tissue.

We are in-network.

Our Treatments Are Covered by

Medicare • Blue Cross • Aetna • Cigna United • Humana • Coventry • Great West and most others.

Regenerative & Physical Medicine 6315-B Spalding Dr. Norcross, GA 30092 Tel: 770-416-9995

6690 Roswell Rd. NE, Ste 510 Sandy Springs, GA 30328 Tel: 678-999-8531

www.TotalHealthMed.com CALL TODAY FOR APPOINTMENT 42


Totalhealthcare_full.indd 0816_042-047_KP.indd 42 2



7/20/16 7/25/16 10:35 3:05 PM AM

:35 AM


2016 Official Guide to the Annual Kaiser Permanente Corporate Run/Walk & Fitness Program 16,000 + Runners/Walkers and Over 400 Companies Enjoy Fun, Fitness & Company Friendship Thursday, September 22, 6:30 p.m.

Event Information

Photo courtesy of Tim Nettleton from TrueSpeedPhoto.com

Calling all runners, walkers and joggers and everybody who likes to move in a fun atmosphere. If you’re looking for a great way to improve your fitness, bond with your fellow co-workers or meet new friends, join the largest organized corporate fitness event in the Southeast: Atlanta’s 2016 Kaiser Permanente Corporate Run/Walk & Fitness Program. Under the leadership of U.S. Olympian and America’s running coach Jeff Galloway, this workplace-organized fitness program has become a beloved annual tradition in the Atlanta business community since its start in 1983. The 2016 event will continue to be among the most talked-about events of the year. This year’s 5K Corporate Run/Walk & Company Party takes place Thursday, September 22, 2016, at 6:30 p.m. in Downtown Atlanta at Turner Field.

What’s included?

• Ongoing weekday walks and runs with pace groups at Phidippides stores, Atlanta’s premier running/walking specialty stores (Wednesdays at 6:15 p.m. in Sandy Springs, Thursdays at 6:30 p.m. at Ansley Mall and Saturdays at 8:00 a.m. at Ansley Mall). • Kaiser Permanente Boot Camp starting on Saturday, August 6, 2016.

2016 KPCRW Boot Camp Dates Boot camp* is held on the oval in the center of Piedmont Park on these dates: Saturday, August 6 Saturday, August 13 Saturday, August 20 Saturday, August 27

A unique eight-week training program, starting July 25, 2016, for registered participants features:

(skip Saturday, September 3 – Labor Day weekend)

• Walking and running training schedules from Jeff Galloway for beginners and seasoned walkers and runners.

Saturday, September 17


0816_042-047_KP.indd 43

Saturday, September 10 *The program is limited to 500 participants. BEST SELF ATLANTA



7/25/16 3:06 PM

The boot camp will run from 7 to 8 a.m. at the Piedmont Park Athletic ield and will be led by celebrity fitness instructor Tammie eady. Paid parking is in the SAG parking deck participants are encouraged to carpool, use A TA, walk or bike to the activity if possible. Other program highlights include: • A itness complimentary 3-week pass • itness and nutrition tips emailed weekly • iscount coupons on fitness items and services

The Main Event—September 22, 2016 • 5K (3.1 miles run walk winding through the streets of owntown Atlanta, with thousands of participants and spectators celebrating the day • Personalized bibs and electronic race timing itness • Access to the popular Best Self Atlanta ealth po,where numerous companies e hibit their products and services • nteractive one with games, nutrition tips, entertainment and more • A inish ine Celebration, commemorative 2016 race T-shirt, photo option to pose for team and candid photos, live music by The upert’s Orchestra and a spectacular awards ceremony • The World’s argest Office Party with company teams consisting of employees, family and friends gathering under

Photo courtesy of Tim Nettleton from TrueSpeedPhoto.com

ere’s what to e pect on race day:



Orlando Sablon Age: 53

4565 Lawrenceville Hwy. Lilburn, GA 30047 www.trainwithpayne.com 678.641.9188 4 4houseofpayne_halfh-1.indd AUGUST 2015

0816_042-047_KP.indd 44


To hear Orlando talk about how he keeps fit, go to BestSelfAtlanta.com.

6/29/16 2:43 PM bestselfatlanta.com

7/25/16 3:06 PM

2016 OFFICIAL GUIDE illuminated tents for hundreds of picnics and a good time (Individuals who may not have a company team are encouraged to register and will have the option of purchasing a boxed dinner from Jason’s Deli at registration.)

Photo courtesy of Tim Nettleton from TrueSpeedPhoto.com

• Corporate Can Contest benefiting the Atlanta Community ood Bank, Back on y eet and the Atlanta Braves oundation (Greystone unding Corporation is the reigning champion and challenger—donating 20,000 pounds of food!)

Run/Walk Details Separate, monitored start areas will be available for elite runners, C Os, runners joggers and walkers. Seeded runners must include a qualifying event on the registration form, and elite-category runners must submit official 2015 2016 documentation for qualifying times. • Open

en 6 minutes mile

• Open Women

Peach-Dish_1-2h.indd 1 bestselfatlanta.com

0816_042-047_KP.indd 45

minutes mile


en ( 0

asters Women ( 0

6:15 minutes mile :15 minutes mile


6/6/16 AM5 AUGUST 20159:31 4

7/25/16 3:06 PM



678.336.7414 | Across from Wild Bills Visit www.jejusauna. com for more information and more photos of our facility

• Meditate on Heated Jade Floors • Breathe in Gem Stone Steam Saunas • Bask in Dry Saunas (Salt, Clay, Jade, Charcoal) • Swim in the Jade Marble Jr. Olympic Size Pool • Soak in the Jade Marble Hot Tub • Warm & Cold Pools • Dine in the Authentic Korean Restaurant


JeJu Sauna


for Healing, Relaxation & Increased Energy



ONLY $25 FOR THE ENTIRE DAY jejusauna-1-2h.indd 1

“Bringing Brighter Days Ahead” New Beginnings Today is a counseling agency committed to empowering the lives of children, adults and families. This is done through counseling session and general health check-ups. We offer a comprehensive range of services to meet the unique needs of the individual. New Beginnings Today’s programs provide a comprehensive range of services to address the range of needs such as mental health, substance abuse and behavior modification.

1 SELF ATLANTA 4 6NewBeginningsToday_HH.indd AUGUST 2016 BEST

0816_042-047_KP.indd 46

4/21/16 11:42 AM

“NBT believes that through empowerment and education, children, adolescents, and adults can address challenging situations that interfere with their normal level of functioning. We believe that providing a comprehensive range of services can assist in meeting the unique needs of each individual and/or family.” —Dr. Marcus J. Green, CEO

New Beginnings Today, LLC 404.346.3471 | www.nbtatlanta.com 5/26/16 11:52 AM bestselfatlanta.com

7/25/16 3:06 PM

Photos courtesy of Tim Nettleton from TrueSpeedPhoto.com


Awards will be given to the top Overall and Masters Men and Women, fastest team times, highest overall participation and the winner of the T-shirt design contest. CEO Cups will be presented to the fastest male and female CEOs. The Kaiser Permanente Corporate Cup is presented to Atlanta’s “Most Fit” companies in four categories, based on the number of full-time employees. Participation awards are also given to companies in each of 38 industry categories.

How do I sign up? Visit kpcorporaterunwalk.com or call (404) 843-8727. Follow the program on Facebook and Twitter.

Celebrate with KAISER PERMANENTE another successful year and be part of the 2016 KPCRW.

Holistic Healing Meets Modern Medicine

Dining in the Dark is a unique sensory awareness experience that will give you a glimpse into the lives of those who are blind. Enjoy a culinary encounter while your table host shares their intimate journey of vision loss.

Dr. Tim Nguyen, MD and Amber Barry, RYT

Call To Schedule Your Free Consultation Weight Loss • Hormone Replacement • Immunotherapy Yoga • Skin Care • Food Allergy Testing • IV Therapy Meditation • Mindfulness • Massage Therapy • Nutrition


1891 Howell Mill Road, Atlanta, GA 30318 www.atlantaintegrativemedical.com

Benefiting Vision Rehabilitation Services (770) 432-7280 for tickets


bestselfatlanta.com Atlanta Integrative Medical Center_QTR.indd 1 0816_042-047_KP.indd 47

BEST SELF ATLANTA 7/8/16 Dining-in-the-Dark_QTR.indd 4:40 PM 1


47 6/23/16 11:31 AM 7/25/16 3:06 PM

We’ve taken the wait out of kidney stones.

1-855-STONE11 Appointments within 24 business hours for kidney stone pain. As the Southeast’s largest private practice urology group, Georgia Urology strives to provide the most comprehensive urological care. The experienced physicians at Georgia Urology offer innovative services and excellent care for the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the genitourinary system in men, women, adolescents, and children.


GAUROLOGY.com or call 404.256.1844




0816_048-053_GENETIC 14-91-018 Best Self Print GAUrology_Full.indd 1 SELECTS.indd TESTING.indd 1 48


7/25/16 12/4/14 7/7/16 9:28 3:06 2:36 AM PM

:36 28 AM PM

Testing, Testing, 1-2-3 Genetic Testing Reveals Health Clues

By Katie Lambert ll mistakes are not equal. The famous leaning Tower of Pisa wasn’t meant to lean, but its construction on soft soil hasn’t resulted in much other than a charmingly tilted structure. The series of mistakes that led to the sinking of the Titanic, however, resulted in catastrophe. Gene mutations are like that, too. A cell can replicate and slightly scramble the genetic recipe, swapping out one nucleotide for another. Perhaps the results produce nothing more than another “charming tilt” as the cells make do with what’s there. Or, that change in code may dictate devastating effects on the human body. bestselfatlanta.com

0816_048-053_GENETIC TESTING.indd 49




7/25/16 3:06 PM

Genetic testing is a broad term covering a variety of purposes. The forensics testing used in criminal investigations identifies DNA in blood at the scene of a crime. Similar testing methods might also predict how well a woman with breast cancer will respond to certain medication. A few types of genetic testing even allow a little glimpse of the future, such as the predictive testing and the genetic tests done before the conception and birth of a child.

Mapping It Out Each of our 50 trillion or so cells contains the DNA often called our blueprint. Encoded in DNA are the instructions for life—such as directions that tell cells whether they belong to the eye or the kidney, and whether their job is to pump blood or fight bacteria. DNA molecules are tightly wound and packaged into 23 pairs of chromosomes. These chromosomes are made up of thousands of genes, each with a specific function or the potential to activate new characteristics. Occasionally gene mutations occur. Some of these are hereditary and known as the germline mutations from parents. The other kind, acquired or somatic mutations, crop up during our lifetime —UV rays from the sun, for example, can damage some genes, as can the chemicals in cigarettes. Sometimes cells simply damage themselves when they replicate.

Looking for Signs The genetic testing process doesn’t really target those harmless mutations. It’s meant to search for indicators of ovarian cancer, sickle cell anemia, Huntington’s disease or other causes of human suffering. Kimberly King-Spohn, a certified genetic counselor and manager of the genetics program with WellStar Health 50



0816_048-053_GENETIC TESTING.indd 50

System, describes genetic testing to her patients this way: “When we do genetic testing, it’s like we’re proofreading a book. We’re looking for typos, extra letters and larger errors that change the meaning of the whole sentence.” Dr. Mark Perloe, medical director at Georgia Reproductive Specialists, says, “We talk about genetic screening with every patient who’s thinking about getting pregnant. Each year, half a dozen couples come in after their first pregnancy was a disaster—either the child was lost or had mental insufficiency or another condition. An equal number

Jewish heritage, for example, should be offered a screening for Tay-Sachs disease), but there are additional options available. There are also prenatal tests administered to pregnant women to help identify conditions like Down syndrome. “We present the spectrum of what’s available and allow patients to self-identify with what meets their needs,” says King-Spohn. As a genetic counselor, it’s her job to discuss the possible psychological effects of results before testing ever takes place. She must consider: “Would this information be valuable to the patient? Would it be useful to them to help direct their treatment or allow them to prepare for the future? Or would it just cause them anxiety? Would the knowledge hang over their head or make them unable to sleep? Then it’s not helpful.” For example, if knowing that testing positive for the risk of Down syndrome would not change the course of the pregnancy, the patient may not want to know at all.

"When we do genetic testing, it’s like we’re proofreading a book. We’re looking for typos, extra letters and larger errors that change the meaning..."

come in having no idea that there is a 1-in4 chance of their child having a genetic condition because they are a carrier couple.” Carrier couples each have one copy of a mutated gene that, in them, causes no problems. But combine the two through reproduction and there is a 25 percent chance they will have a child with a condition like cystic fibrosis or sickle cell anemia, and a 50 percent chance that the child will be a carrier as well.

Pondering Direction The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends specific tests to certain groups (couples with Ashkenazi

Finding Clues

Predictive testing carries its own weighty decisions. It allows a doctor/scientist to scan the genome for genes known to be related to certain cancers. The best-known of these is probably the blood test for BRCA1 and BRCA2, genes known to harbor harmful, inherited mutations that sharply increase the risk of breast and ovarian cancer. The medical options for women who test positive for BRCA can be tough, both psychologically and physically. Often, these results start a series of frequent mammograms and MRIs, possibly adding chemopreventive drugs or even riskreduction surgeries such as the removal of both breasts and ovaries. “Removing your ovaries is what saves your life if you’re BRCA-positive. The outcomes bestselfatlanta.com

7/25/16 3:06 PM

ini just arrived to The CooroalM F ll your skin care needs

NORTH ATLANTA DERMATOLOGY for ovarian cancer are dismal because we can’t find it early,” says

Adultcounselor & Pediatric Katie Lang, certified genetic and Dermatology Hereditary Cancer Program Coordinator at Northside Hospital. “But that’s a huge decision. It puts you in menopause. If you’re a woman who hasn’t had children or isn’t in a relationship, you have to start thinking about things like whether you want to do an egg harvest and freeze your eggs, or whether you want to adopt. You are suddenly under pressure to make life choices you thought you had more time to make.”

North Atlanta

Dermatology Adult & Pediatric Dermatology

A Family Affair The big difference between carrier testing and predictive • Diagnosis & Treatment of Skin Cancer testing is that• Treatment when there of areSkin, two prospective parents Hair Loss, Nail Diseases, present, they inherently haveMoles, all the Psoriasis, information needed.etc. Acne, Warts, Eczema, When testing• for gene mutations like BRCA, it’s necessary to Vbeam Vascular Laser for Rosacea check in with and the whole family.of Leg & Facial Veins Treatment Lang says that genetic counselors always joke about their • Coolsculpting for Fat Reduction nosiness. If your mother died of breast cancer, they’re not • Laser Hair Removal (All Skin Types) just going to ask you about her—they’re going to ask you • Botox, Dysport, Latisse, Restylane Silk, about her mother, your sisters, and where Juvederm, your aunt lives so Restylane Lyft, Radiesse, they can recommend a testing center. If your mom’s sister Sculptra, Bellafill, Voluma & Chemical Peels tests negative, then you don’t need to be tested for BRCA. 1230 Bald Ridge Marina Rd, Suite 300, Cumming, GA 30041 She was the missing piece. (Across from Costco) Genetic counselors3370 are very careful to Suwanee, explain what test Paddocks Pkwy, GA 30024 141, Close to BP Gas Station) results can mean. A positive(Offresult for BRCA, for example, Hill Rd., 30096 does not mean that3850 youPleasant have cancer, or Duluth, that youGAwill get (Between Peachtree Industrial & Buford Highway) cancer. On the flip side, testing negative for BRCA doesn’t 3331 Hamilton Mill Rd., Suite 1106, Buford, GA 30519 mean that you won’t get breast or ovarian cancer—most (Across from the Kroger Shopping Center) women with breast cancer do not have the BRCA mutation.

www.naderm.com Both Lang and King-Spohn urge patients to talk to their relatives about their family’s medical history. “We can’t do genetics with just one person,” says Lang. “We solve the puzzle with everybody. That M. Sabini, MD • Charles J. Douchy, MD can be hard. Maybe Gabrielle your relatives have passed away, maybe they Matthew J. Reschly, MD • A. Damian Dhar, MD don’t want to be tested. Maybe you don’t access to your family Stephanie S. Gardner, MD have • Weston T. Waxweiler, MD history or have a very small family. Risk is a•spectrum, we don’t Anjana M. Patel, PA-C Sara A. Barr,and PA-C Kincaid, PA-C • Nikki Orciuch-PA-C • Julia Ro, PA-C know where youKarly fall on the spectrum.”

770.814.8222 All Board Certified

There are researchers who, every day, spend hours in a lab looking for genetic clues to conditions like autism, diabetes and Alzheimer’s. They’ve already found puzzle pieces for breast and ovarian cancer, colon cancer and sudden cardiac death. The field will keep advancing, and it will save lives. While those facts don’t make the choices easy, the knowledge does empower patients with greater understanding.

For all your skin care needs

Resources: American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology— acog.org FORCE, Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered—facingourrisk.org Georgia Reproductive Specialists—ivf.com National Cancer Institute—cancer.gov National Library of Medicine—ghr.nlm.nih.gov National Society of Genetic Counselors—nsgc.org

• Diagnosis & Treatment of Skin Cancer • Treatment of Skin, Hair Loss, Nail Diseases, Acne, Warts, Moles, Psoriasis, Eczema, etc. • Vbeam Vascular Laser for Rosacea and Treatment of Leg & Facial Veins • Coolsculpting for Fat Reduction • Laser Hair Removal (All Skin Types) • Botox, Dysport, Latisse, Restylane Silk, Restylane Lyft, Radiesse, Juvederm, Sculptra, Bellafill, Voluma & Chemical Peels 1230 Bald Ridge Marina Rd., Suite 300 Cumming, GA 30024 (Across from Costco) 3370 Paddocks Pkwy., Suwanee, GA 30024 (Off 141 close to BP Gas Station and Laurel Springs Sub. Div.) 3850 Pleasant Hill Rd., Duluth, GA 30096 (Between Peachtree Industrial & Buford Highway) 3331 Hamilton Mill Rd., Suite 1106, Buford, GA 30519 (Across from the Kroger Shopping Center)


770.814.8222 abrielle M. Sabini, MD • Charles . Douchy, MD Matthew . eschly, MD • A. Damian Dhar, MD Stephanie S. ardner, MD • Weston T. Waxweiler, MD • An ana M. Patel, PA C • Sara A. Barr, PA C arly incaid, PA C • Nikki rciuch PA C • ulia o, PA C All Board Certified

For all your skin care needs

Northside Hospital—northside.com WellStar Health System—wellstar.org bestselfatlanta.com

BEST SELF ATLANTA NorthAtlantaDermatology_2-3V_.indd 1

0816_048-053_GENETIC TESTING.indd 51


51 6/7/16 1:48 PM 7/25/16 3:06 PM

Get Fit, Have Fun & Party with Your Company!


5K Corporate Run/Walk & Outdoor Party September 22, 2016

Get Active Atlanta!

Complimentary 3 week pass

FREE Training Program July 25 – September 22, 2016

Corporate Teams


Friends & Neighbors

KPCorporateRunWalk.com | 404.843.8727 BROUGHT TO YOU BY:




©2016 Kaiser Permanente . All Rights Reserved.




0816_048-053_GENETIC kaiserperment_full_INSIDE.indd TESTING.indd 1 52

Your guide to health, beauty and happy living!



7/25/16 7/7/16 3:04 3:06 PM

04 PM

partners in health Pediatric Eye Health: The Earlier, the Better

When it comes to pediatric eye care, it’s best to start making routine eye exams a priority sooner rather than later.

Photo courtesy of Marietta Eye Clinic

“Between ages 3-4 is ideal because at that age they’re still young enough that if we catch something it’s quite treatable,” says Charles Ho, MD, of Marietta Eye Clinic. He stresses that routine eye exams are critical for children, because the reliance solely on symptoms to determine when to see an eye care specialist can lead to common eye problems going overlooked. In newborns Dr. Ho says he often sees nasolacrimal duct obstruction, which prevents tears from draining. For older children, poor development of one eye, amblyopia, can be a common issue. Amblyopia can cause Charles Ho, MD farsightedness, nearsightedness, Marietta Eye Clinic astigmatism and/or a difference in the power of the eyes, called anisometropia. Due to the fact that amblyopia is caused by a deeper level of lack of visual

development, it is not correctable with glasses or contacts. For most other common pediatric eye conditions treatment options can include eye patches, glasses, prisms within glasses and sometimes eye muscle surgery as a last resort. When the time comes to select an eye care provider for children Dr. Ho and his pediatric optometry team member Katerin Ortiz, OD, both suggest looking for an ophthalmologist certified by the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) and the American Association of Pediatric Ophthalmology Society (AAPOS) or an optometrist who has completed a pediatric residency.

Sponsored by: Marietta Eye Clinic - East Cobb | 3939 Roswell Road | Marietta, GA 30062 (770) 977-8000 | www.MariettaEye.com bestselfatlanta.com

0816_048-053_GENETIC TESTING.indd 53




7/25/16 3:07 PM

businessnews The Georgia School of Orthodontics (GSO) named winners for its orthodontic-care giveaway—Eli Apted (14) of Conyers, Lia Stone (11) of Sandy Springs and Dana De La Parra (12) of Lia Stone, Dr. Pramod Sinha and Kevin Stone Marietta. The winners were announced at GSO’s grand opening and ribbon-cutting event in Sandy Springs. gaorthodontics.org

Kayal Dermatology & Skin Cancer Specialists held a ribboncutting ceremony with the Cobb County Chamber of Commerce in celebration of the opening of a new Marietta office location. For more than 13 years, Kayal has provided cost-effective, high-quality private dermatology services in northwest Georgia. kayaldermatology.com Piedmont Atlanta has received the American Heart Association/ American Stroke Association’s Get With The Guidelines–Stroke Gold Plus Achievement Award with Target: StrokeSM Honor Roll Elite Plus. “The American Heart Association and American Stroke Association recognize Piedmont Atlanta for its commitment to stroke care,” said Paul Heidenreich, MD, MS, national chairman of the Get With The Guidelines Steering Committee and professor of medicine at Stanford University. piedmont.org The Atlanta Falcons recently donated $30,700 to the Northside Hospital Foundation in support of their work with cancer patients. The team presented the check during the groundbreaking celebration of the new Northside Hospital East Cobb Former Atlanta Falcons quarterback D.J. Shockley, Northside Hospital Foundation’s Freda Hardage Medical Center. and current Falcons placekicker Matt Bryant during northside.com/ a check presentation at the Northside Hospital foundation East Cobb groundbreaking ceremony.



Southern-Proper1-2v.indd 1 0816_054-055_BUS_NEWS_RR.indd 54

Photos courtesy of Georgia School of Orthodontics (top), Kayal Dermatology (middle), Northside Hospital Foundation (bottom)

To meet increasing demand for service on the south side of the metro area, VeinInnovations has opened a fourth location in Jonesboro. Founded in 2002, by David Martin, VeinInnovations was among the first in the Southeast to offer minimally invasive, in-office treatments for varicose veins. veininnovations.com


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reader resources COSMETIC SURGERY


Atlanta Face & Body Center ................ 21

Fresh N Fit ............................................... 17

The Maloney Center for Facial Plastic Surgery ....................................... 38

Peach Dish............................................. 45

Southern Plastic Surgery ....................... 11 Vinings Surgery Center ......................... 58 Y Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery ....... 12 Hello Beautiful ....................................... 57

BARIATRICS Northside Hospital ................................. 17

DENTISTRY Atlanta Center for Cosmetic Dentistry ................................................8, 9 Atlanta Smiles and Wellness ................. 23 Cann Dentistry....................................... 32 Kimball Bridge Dental Commons ......... 38

DERMATOLOGY Dermatology Center of Atlanta ............ 55 Gardner Dermatology & Med Spa......... 5 North Atlanta Dermatology .................. 51 Southern Institute of Aesthetics ............ 14

EVENTS Dining in the Dark ................................. 47 Face & Body Expo ................................. 13 Kaiser Permanente ................................ 52

EYE HEALTH Marietta Eye Clinic ..........................12, 53

FITNESS/FITNESS CENTERS Concourse Athletic Club ...................... 34 House of Payne Personal Training ...27, 44 The Exercise Coach .............................. 36 TruAlliance Fitness ................................. 32

GASTROENTEROLOGY Atlanta Gastroenterology ..................... 25

HAIR REMOVAL Dermani Med Spa................................. 36

HAIR RESTORATION Anderson Center for Hair ........................ 4 Hello Beautiful ....................................... 57 The Griffin Center................................... 12

HAIR SALONS Carter Barnes ........................................ 30 Steve Hightower Hair Salon & Day Spa..... 3

HORMONE REPLACEMENT Harley Anti Aging Institute ..................... 19

INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE Atlanta Integrative Medicine ................ 47



DoseLogix .............................................. 25


MENTAL HEALTH New Beginnings Today.....................12, 46

NEUROLOGY Midtown Neurology............................... 28


The FDA approved, non-surgical solution to permanently remove stubborn fat in problem areas: • BELLY P0UCH • LOVE HANDLES • SADDLEBAGS & INNER THIGHS • DOUBLE CHIN OUBLE CHIN

GA Urology............................................. 48

PAIN MANAGEMENT Total Healthcare .................................... 42

PERSONAL TRAINING Concourse Athletic Club ...................... 34 House of Payne Personal Training ...27, 44 The Exercise Coach .............................. 36



Georgia Reproductive Specialists ........ 12 Northside Hospital ................................. 11



Southern Proper Hospitality................... 54


SKIN CARE/MED SPA/SPAS A New You Skin & Body Clinic ............... 40 Southern Institute of Aesthetics ............ 14

9900 Medlock Bridge rd, Johns creek, gA 30097 | www.derMAtology-AtlAntA.coM

Atlanta Face & Body Center ................ 21 Dermani Med Spa................................. 36

DermCtrAtlanta_1-4V.indd 1

Gardner Dermatology & Med Spa......... 5 Harley Anti Aging Institute ..................... 19 Institut’ DERMed ....................................... 2 Jeju Sauna ............................................ 46 Nirvana Med Spa & Laser Center ........ 30 North Atlanta Dermatology .................. 51 Steve Hightower Hair Salon & Day Spa..... 3

STYLIST The Green Room Agency .................... 55

UROLOGY GA Urology............................................. 48

VEIN TREATMENT Vein Atlanta ........................................... 59 VeinInnovations ..................................7, 12

WEIGHT LOSS/NUTRITION Harley Anti Aging Institute ..................... 19

The Green Room Agency represents top talent in the fields of HAIR, MAKEUP, NAILS, AND WARDROBE.

The Exercise Coach .............................. 36 Fresh N Fit ............................................... 17


Medical Creations Integrative Medicine ............................. 10

Kaiser Permanente ................................ 60



Elements Massage................................ 27

Atlanta Integrative Medicine ................ 47


Korsi Yoga............................................... 32

Single Atlanta ........................................ 39


Agency owner Nyssa Green is an Emmy Award winning makeup artist and Style Editor for 11Alive’s Atlanta &Co. OUR CLIENTS INCLUDE:

MTV,CNN, Bravo’s Real Housewives, Bravo’s Married to Medicine, a host of brides, celebrities, authors, and entertainers.

678.772.5088 BEST SELF ATLANTA

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Dermatology Center of Atlanta ............ 55


55 3/11/16 3:33 PM 7/25/16 3:07 PM









Tails of Hope: Canine CellMates



hen Susan Jacobs-Meadows, director of the Canine CellMates program, answered a phone call from a “client,” she had an uneasy feeling. Her clients have spent time in the Fulton County Jail, and with Georgia’s recidivism rate of 43 percent within a threeyear period (as reported by the Pew Research Center in 2004), she wasn’t wrong to be concerned. What she encountered instead was the voice of the other 57 percent. “I just want to say thank you. Thank you for letting me be in your program ... for everything I learned ... for everything you’ve done for me since I got out ... for helping me believe I could live a life that had better choices and that I deserved more than I was giving myself,”said Orenthal. He explained to Susan that a former friend had recently been arrested in a large-scale drug bust … and he recognized that he could have been there too, had it not been for Canine CellMates.

The Canine CellMates program strives for a happy ending for both man and beast. Navigating the world as a convicted felon is no easy feat. Cellmates that display particular dedication to the program and achieve significant progress can, upon their release,“graduate” to an aftercare program by Canine CellMates, which assists them with housing, food and job placement through the support of caring volunteers. Volunteers are crucial to the success of both inmate and aftercare portions of the Canine CellMates program. There are always opportunities to help with adoption coordination, dog fostering, dog transportation, community outreach, program coordinating, event planning and fundraising. Details: caninecellmates.org

Photo courtesy of Kelly Kline Photography

Susan started the program after learning about similar efforts in other parts of the country and, by 2013, had developed this partnership in conjuction with Fulton County’s Sheriff’s Department, Fulton County Jail and

Fulton County Animal Services in hopes of creating a lasting positive change in the inmates as part of an effort to reduce recidivism. For eight intensive weeks, select inmates are given the chance to educate, train and care for shelter dogs. The ultimate end goal of the program for the dogs is to help them pass the American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen test and find a welcoming home.



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thegive-back guide Featured events

-BACK IVE August 11

COOL DADS ROCK SOAP BOX DERBY Derby dads and kids show off their soapbox racecar creations at the 4th annual Cool Dads Rock Soap Box Derby. Speed demons are invited to watch the friendly competition at Old Fourth Ward Park. cooldadsrock.com

EATS & BEATS Some of Atlanta’s most popular restaurants fill a spectacular evening with food and wine at the 5th annual Eats & Beats event, donating 100% of the proceeds to Children of Conservation and The Giving Kitchen. childrenofconservation.org

August 13 MEDSHARE INTERNATIONAL’S KALEIDOSCOPE GALA Take a trip around the world through international cuisine and live entertainment at MedShare’s fundraising gala at The Foundry at Puritan Mill. For nearly 20 years, MedShare has been providing lifesaving medical supplies and equipment to 97 countries. atlantaeventful.com

For more events, visit bestselfatlanta.com

grow their food. Enjoy food and beer from local restaurants while raising funds to support farmers recovering from damage by natural disasters. thefarmerfund.org

August 27 CHRIS TUCKER FOUNDATION 2016 CELEBRITY GOLF TOURNAMENT Take to the green at this golf tournament benefitting the Chris Tucker Foundation and its mission to support local programs supporting youth locally, nationally and abroad. christucker.com

WALK, WAG, N’ RUN 5K RUN & 1K FUN RUN Bring your four-legged friend along for this fun run and 2017 Peachtree Road Race qualifier benefiting Ahimsa House and victims of domestic violence. This course takes a scenic route to the finish in Lenox Park. ahimsahouse.org

THE ROCK AROUND THE CLOCK 5K Starting at midnight at Town Center Mall, run a rock-n-roll route, jamming along to music selections from the 50s–90s. Then enjoy the big finish with a huge post party—all supporting Enduring Hearts’ efforts to fund research for advancement in pediatic heart transplants. enduringhearts.org

August 29 JEFFREY FASHION CARES Jeffrey Fashion Cares glams it up at Phipps Plaza with a pre-show cocktail reception, auctions and runway show. Over the past 23 years the show has become one of largest fundraisers in Atlanta for AIDS and breast cancer research, benefiting Susan G. Komen Greater Atlanta and the Atlanta AIDS Fund (AAF). jeffreyfashioncares.com

AREA 13.1 HALF MARATHON Get out your glow sticks and become a true ATLien at this nighttime half marathon through parts of the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area and Morgan Falls Reservoir. This race helps support Bwanali Chipole Victory, Inc., a nonprofit that feeds and educates children in Malawi, Africa. alienhalf.com


August 20 MAGNOLIA RUN This family-friendly run and walk at Perimeter Mall benefits the Epilepsy Foundation of Georgia. Each year, the EFGA honors runners/walkers with epilepsy with a special purple shirt. epilepsyga.org

ASK US ABOUT OUR: Vampire Facelift Vampire hair restoration for women Non-invasive Vaginal Rejuvenation

August 22 CALENDAR RELEASE PARTY The Farmer Fund holds a summertime bash at The Cathedral of St. Philip, launching its 2017 calendar of local chefs wearing only aprons while promoting the farmers who

Look for this icon to find out where you can volunteer.




4375 Cobb Pkwy Suite C Atlanta, GA 30339 (678) 324-3530

4075 Old Milton Pkwy Alpharetta, GA 30005 (470) 375-4489

5139 Jimmy Carter Blvd, Ste 206 Norcross, GA 30093 (470) 273-5175

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Actual 58 Patient


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45 PM

FREE SCREENING: FREE SCREENING August 1616 AUGUST a.m. –- 44 p.m. p.m. 77 a.m.


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Nothing should come between you and a long, healthy life. So we’ve removed the barrier between health care and coverage, giving you the care you need and the coverage you deserve. It’s simply health care made simple. Visit kp.org/georgia today because together we thrive. Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Georgia, Inc., Nine Piedmont Center 3495 Piedmont Road NE, Atlanta, GA 30305 (404) 364-7000



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Best Self Atlanta magazine is your resource for health, fitness, beauty and giving back to your community. The August issue cheers on Georgi...

Best Self Atlanta 0816  

Best Self Atlanta magazine is your resource for health, fitness, beauty and giving back to your community. The August issue cheers on Georgi...