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Publishers’ Note

Welcome to the 2018 issue of Vermont Trend Watch! It’s filled with great ideas and the latest new products and trends, so we’re certain you’ll want to keep this issue close by for a long time. How fortunate we are to have such talented craftspeople in our area, ready to make our home and yard dreams come true. One example is Peregrine Design/Build. Read about how homeowners are transforming the garage, to make it so much more than a place to park the car. We also look in on the Adam Hergenrother Companies and their comprehensive approach to building and real estate solutions. Wake Robin introduces us to their latest living options—an amazing Shelburne residential community on nearly 140 acres, and Hickock and Boardman introduce one of the newest neighborhoods in the area, Hillside at O’Brien Farm. Now that spring is here, you’ll want to spend more time outside, so we’re also bringing you the latest in outdoor furniture and patio accessories from Ann Roche Outdoor Furniture. And if you’re ready to add beauty and timeless tradition to your outside space, you’ll find established companies like Church Hill, di Stefano, and more within these pages. Are you dreaming of traditional stonework, a water feature, or a fire pit? These talented and creative landscape design and maintenance groups will create unique outside spaces within your budget. And when summer heats up, Otter Creek has a variety of awnings to meet every need. Let’s go indoors too, where we spotlight beautiful home décor including cool items from Slate on Burlington’s Church Street, kitchen gems from The Store in Warren, and beautiful linens and more from Stowe Kitchen Bath and Linen. Whether you’re thinking about closet organization, heirloom-worthy furniture that’s locally built, or window treatments, you’ll find the latest in this issue of Trend Watch. We’d like to thank Mike Dunphy, Elaine Ambrose, Janet Hutchens, and Robbie Alterio for their work putting this comprehensive issue together. Enjoy!

John and Robin Gales Check us out on | 9






Today’s garages are more than just places to keep the car. In fact, in many cases, they are used for just about everything but the car.

eregrine Design/Build, views your garage as an opportunity to add dynamic, functional and bonus square footage, to your home. It is an area that is often overlooked and can easily be converted into an office, guest bedroom, recreation room, or light-filled studio. And Peregrine has the expertise to discover the hidden potential in your project and make it work for you. For over 30 years the South Burlington based team has provided design and construction services and has built many unique and beautiful homes. ACHIEVING YOUR GOALS “We always start by asking questions about a customer’s ‘wish list’—what they want to include; how long they plan to live there

and what they need for storage. Do they want a workshop, a home office, or to add actual living space above the garage, like rec rooms," says Cliff Deetjen, head of design. “It’s also important to consider the existing architectural style and use complementary materials, sizes, and proportions so the new garage isn’t too big or too small.” It's a great opportunity to add value and space to your existing home. DESIGN IN ACTION One recent project—a carriage-style garage in Burlington— highlighted some of the challenges and rewards of taking garages to new levels of style and comfort. The garage is a freestanding, self-sufficient building designed to | 11

This new garage addition included a mudroom entry, bathroom, and formal dining room in the back, with beautiful views of Lake Champlain. The fully insulated garage has a special private entry to a music studio above where private lessons are conducted. The painted cedar exterior is highlighted with copper gutters, bronze light fixtures, and mahogany decking.


complement the home. It has warm, inviting spaces, including a kitchenette with a tough epoxy floor surface, a three-quarter bathroom, and a glass garage door that opens to the outdoors with a beautiful bluestone patio complete with fire pit. Large windows in the dormers provide ample natural light and spectacular views of Lake Champlain. “The owners wanted a functional space that would work for them now and well into the future,” says Cliff. “When the couple’s children are grown and gone, the space can also be reinterpreted and split to create a rental apartment, or they could rent their house and live in the carriage style structure themselves.” Another project saw a more traditional style garage added to a beautiful, early 1900s brick home. An attractive mudroom entry with a tile floor was installed so family members and visitors no longer need to enter the home by the front door, and covering it all is a slate roof with wood and copper details, including gutters and downspouts that match the look of the original, century-old home.

“The garage was designed to look and feel as if it’s always been there rather than being a new addition,” adds Cliff. “It has a separate entry to the music studio on the second floor that’s a really inspirational, professional space with great natural light and views that lend themselves to composing beautiful music.” From a design perspective, the challenge is to tie the new building in with the existing structure in appearance, style, and proportion so it complements the home. But cutting through the red tape can be just as difficult, particularly on city lots with strict zoning regulations and rules around lot coverage, setbacks, and property lines. Thankfully, the team of professionals at Peregrine Design/Build possess the skills, expertise, and experience to meet these challenges efficiently and successfully.

Peregrine Design/Build 49 Commerce Avenue Unit A1 South Burlington, VT (802) 383-1808 | 13


CUSHMAN DESIGN GROUP Specializing in creative and enduring design BY MARY GOW

A burgeoning interest in fly-fishing led the owners of a large and remote tract of land in Northern Vermont to seek a new relationship with their property. A lovely stretch of river on the land, complete with pools and cascades, beckoned. The landowners wanted to spend time there fishing, snowshoeing in winter, and being close to nature. They envisioned a small but comfortable retreat in harmony with its idyllic surroundings. 14 | VERMONT TREND WATCH | 2018

Above: The main living space of Butterfly Ridge awash in natural light. Photo by Susan Teare. Above right: The Cahill Cabin's living room opens to the surrounding forested landscape. Photo by Derrick Barrett. Right: A recent kitchen renovation provides a comfortable, functional space for the owners of this New York home. Photo by Susan Teare.

The landowners turned to Cushman Design Group of Stowe. Founded by Milford Cushman in 1988, Cushman Design Group has built its superb reputation over 30 years by providing personalized architectural, interior, landscape, and master-planning design services for residential and commercial properties. The firm specializes in creative and enduring designs developed through close communication and understanding of their clients’ lifestyles and desires.

“The most important role we have as designers is to help guide our clients through the process of design, budgeting, and construction in a way that achieves their goals in a meaningful and efficient way,” says Chad Forcier, CDG project manager. “We help define goals through thoughtful conversations with our clients, where we prioritize listening with intention before proposing a solution or design.” The collective experience from having worked on hundreds of projects allows CDG to bring keen

insight into how to tailor the design process to each individual client.

CAHILL CABIN The fly-fishing property owners were familiar with the firm’s approach. They had previously worked together on a residence, a much larger scale property with a very modern aesthetic. With the fishing cabin, the owners still wanted uncluttered clean lines but an ambience that fit the setting. Focusing on the river, including its soundscape, was a priority. | 15

Right: Concept sketch for a farmhouse renovation project in rural northern Vermont. Middle right: The Cahill Cabin at dusk. Photo by Derrick Barrett. Lower right: Butterfly Ridge on a summer evening. Photo by Susan Teare. Opposite: Silhouetted brown trout over the fireplace at the Cahill Cabin. Photo by Derrick Barrett.

Complications arose because the site had very limited access; the cabin would be off the grid and inaccessible to cement trucks and other usual construction vehicles. Developing a plan for the Cahill Cabin, as it came to be known, Chad and Kelley Osgood, the project managers on the team, turned to one of CDG’s time-tested tools. As they worked with the clients, they hand-sketched possible designs. “We find hand-drawing (sketching) to be an enduring technique that maintains its relevance alongside some incredibly powerful computer drafting and modeling programs. The timelessness of a handdrawing’s ability to convey a concept and capture one’s imagination has long cemented its place within the craft of architecture and design,” says Chad. “Sketching and hand-drawing are frequently used to fulfill two distinct needs. First, we are able to rapidly explore the merits of a concept visually, whether a construction detail or an entire architectural scheme. This can be done at any level of design, from loose sketching of forms and massing to a fully resolved detail we propose to be built,” says Chad. “Free-flowing design thinking and creative problem-solving happen concurrently with a free-flowing pencil or pen, unburdening one’s mind from exacting constraints to allow for the rapid iteration of concepts before choosing those to resolve fully. “Second, our hand-drawings and sketches are used to present schematic design work to clients for their input and the continuation of the collaborative design 16 | VERMONT TREND WATCH | 2018

process. The inherent imprecision of working by hand preserves the perception of an idea’s malleability for us when working through a design, as well as for our clients when they provide feedback,” says Chad. Now complete, the “Just Big Enough” cabin brings together rustic and contemporary elements. Roughsawn wood framing and interior walls complement ample windows with sleek trim. The outdoors literally comes in as a large, glass overhead door opens to transform the combined living, dining, and kitchen area from interior to al fresco. The river, changing with the seasons and the daily weather, provides the cabin’s soundtrack. Aware of the homeowners’ angling impetus for the cabin, CDG included an artistic detail—the silhouette of a brown trout cut into the wood shingles swims above the fireplace. In addition to new construction, Cushman Design Group brings its attention to clients’ needs and changing lifestyles to remodeling and renovation. “One of our greatest strengths as a design studio is our ability to create intimate spaces regardless of the architectural style requested by our clients,” says Kelley. “We have developed an intuitive ability to create design solutions that transform tired, dark, and dysfunctional areas into comfortable and inviting light-filled spaces. Unique detailing within these refreshed spaces enables our clients to express their own personalities and put their signature on the space.”

Cushman Design Group P.O. Box 655 100 Mountain Road Stowe, Vermont (802) 253-2169 | 17


Collaboration came naturally for Ned Gaston and Erica Ell when they joined forces in 2000. With Ned’s lifetime of experience in the construction trades and Erica’s training in residential design and experience as a set designer and interiors photo stylist, the two quickly found their shared design and building aesthetic. Their first project in Richmond, Vermont, became the jumpingoff point for their business, HAVEN design+building llc. Dedicated to creating lifestyle-enhancing, rejuvenating spaces for clients, they’ve been reimagining and transforming living spaces —kitchens, bathrooms, remodels, additions, historic restoration, and custom homes—with function and style ever since. 18 | VERMONT TREND WATCH | 2018




design+building llc

A PLAN FOR SUCCESS HAVEN provides comprehensive design and construction services, imagining and transforming living spaces to create unique, functional, and uplifting homes for their clients. From the first concept through a series of interactive meetings, Ned and Erica work closely with homeowners to develop designs and details for each aspect of a project, including cabinetry, fixtures, finishes, and lighting plans. Once the collaborative design process is complete, the construction services HAVEN provides are basically turn-key, resulting in a “hands-free” home transformation experience for homeowners. Their clients range from second-home owners to busy young families with two professional parents. Dedicated to excellence, their highly skilled carpenters, craftsmen, and tradespeople take pride in their work. “Clients experience our team to be accessible, professional, respectful, and friendly,” says Erica. Ned and Erica take pride in advocating for their clients’ interests throughout the project, and they’re there for

them every step of the way. “It’s tremendously gratifying working so closely with clients to give form to their ideas and dreams,” says Erica. “It gives me a lot of joy to be able to use my creative talents to help people in this way.”

TRANSFORMING A HOME For one recent project, the design challenge was to renovate an existing Cape Cod–style starter home in Underhill to create a bright and airy kitchen–living space that would take in views of a beautiful meadow and distant mountains beyond. One of the homeowners, an avid natural-foods cook, dreamed of having a cheerful, light-filled, highly functional kitchen. For cooking with lots of fresh, natural ingredients, the homeowners needed plenty of good-sized counters, ease of access to cooking equipment and supplies, organized storage, energy-efficient appliances, plenty of refrigeration capacity, and space for pantry supplies, cookbooks, and a large dehydrator. They brought HAVEN design+building | 19

Above: The pop-up downdraft exhaust vent by Best provided a solution for the homeowner’s preference for having a range top on the island facing the view and keeping the space feeling open and airy. Below: A pull-out unit with containers for cooking utensils is a convenient storage option near the cooktop.


in to create a design solution to meet those needs. “What we proposed was to construct a vaulted-ceilinged, great-room addition to the east that would capitalize on the southeast views and light, as well as provide access and a connection to the garden and views beyond,” says Erica. “The addition would include a kitchen, dining space, and a sitting area, and it would open into the existing home in two different rooms, creating circulation that was formerly unattainable. “The former kitchen space would become a large pantry, entry/mudroom, and laundry, opening up to the new kitchen (ending trips to the basement to do laundry). The room would also open into a den on the other side to allow a flow between the old house and the new addition, giving a formerly tight little den a more spacious feeling.” HAVEN design+building llc handled every aspect of the design and construction and worked closely with the homeowners on each detail, helping select fixtures, finishes, and furnishings that functioned for them and suited their taste and desire to incorporate color. “The pop-up downdraft exhaust vent for the range top on the island that we suggested was a key factor in being able

to keep the interior views uncluttered and open,” says Erica. “Planning pull-out storage inserts for cooking utensils and plenty of spice storage right next to the range allowed for meal prep with the ease of access to essentials around the range top.” Erica consulted with the homeowners on the furnishings and color scheme to help tie together the indoors and outdoors. This included a custom steel base for a vintage tabletop the clients owned as well as fabrics, lighting, and seating. The homeowners were able to move to their summer cottage during construction. When they returned a few months later, it was like moving into a new home. The result was exactly what they had dreamed of: a transformation of their existing home to include a highly functional kitchen in a cheerful, uplifting space, with wonderful views of the beautiful meadows and mountains beyond.

HAVEN design+building llc 374 Snipe Ireland Road Richmond, VT (802) 434-6086



AARON FLINT BUILDERS A positive process and a beautiful product PHOTOS BY SABIN GRATZ PHOTOGRAPHY


aron Flint grew up on a dairy farm in southern Vermont, where he learned that a tenacious work ethic combined with a commitment to community could take him far. His passion for building spaces that honor the history and landscape is evident in his work. Aaron moved to Waterbury in 2000, and two years later, he started his own business: Aaron Flint Builders. Aaron and his team at Aaron Flint Builders are all highly skilled design and build professionals, many with over 20 years of experience. Their combined expertise and knowledge set them apart and enable them to offer clients a positive process and a beautiful, sustainable end product. Framing a new home or adding small touches to finish carpentry, each member of the team has a passion to ensure that services are consistent and that every step in the process is built upon trust, reliability, efficiency, transparency, and attention to detail.

A COLLABORATIVE SPIRIT Aaron has been building homes in central Vermont for over 20 years. His commercial work includes retail remodeling, hotel renovations, and design/build services. And his residential construction includes new homes, remodeling, custom millwork, and design/build services. In fact, he lives in a home he built in Waterbury Center with his wife Jill and two children, while his office is located on Main Street in downtown Waterbury.

tive to the needs of clients throughout the process.


He enjoys working alongside clients, designers, skilled tradesmen, and artisan craftspeople to create spaces that are beautiful, functional, and sustainable. His aim is to make every project a true collaboration—from initiation to fruition. To achieve that goal, he strives to provide transparency, open communication, and mutual respect on each project. At Aaron Flint Builders, every member of the team understands the importance of providing opportunities for creativity, personality, and vibrancy, while attending to each detail in an organized, reliable manner. Aaron approaches each project with the knowledge that it is unique, with every space reflecting the lives of the people who pass through it. He also knows that building a new home or remodeling an existing one can be stressful and challenging, so he’s sensi-

The initial consultation is usually in the client’s home or place of business. At this step, the team works to collectively translate the client’s ideas and desires into a functional list of priorities. The collaborative effort continues as the design is modified, which helps to determine budget, building parameters, and the proposed timeline for a project. Recently, the company implemented a cloud-based estimating software program called CoConstruct, with the aim of facilitating client interaction and efficient scheduling. “CoConstruct helps enhance the building process and our communication with our clients,” Aaron explains. “It’s a highly rated custom builder and remodeling software that allows clients to interface in real time with the contractor, the work schedule, the budget, and more as the project evolves. “We will finalize the pre-build process by meeting once more to present a full construction package,” Aaron explains, “which includes high-quality architectural renderings, specifications, and a detailed schedule.”

Aaron Flint Builders 11 North Main Street Waterbury, VT (802) 882-7060 | 23


Rustic accents meet modern design in this luxurious master ensuite bathroom, with custom stone and reflective tile, as well as a domed ceiling with a chandelier. Photo by Kyle Eddy. Opposite: Custom seating and vaulted ceilings lined with Douglas fir invite you into this dining nook overlooking Vermont National Country Club. Photo By Joe Anger.



HERGENROTHER A visionary entrepreneur in our midst



oundless energy and a drive to achieve excellence— those are the stand-out traits you’ll notice in each interaction with Adam Hergenrother. He’s the kind of person who is intrinsically motivated to create a vision and then strategically execute it. So it comes as no surprise that his businesses continue to grow and thrive. From real estate endeavors to construction projects, his passion to be the best is woven throughout every facet of his work. This life perspective easily translates to giving potential clients seeking to build a home the sense that their ideas matter and and that their personal vision can be realized. And that’s Adam’s goal. Adam’s drive stems in part from his teens years, when he realized that he had control over his destiny. He was 15 years old, 100 pounds overweight, and involved with drugs,

and one day, he decided he’d had enough. Within a year, he lost the weight and, on a whim, partnered with a friend to invest $500 in a car they ended up flipping for a profit of $1,000 each. This small taste of leveraging assets led Adam to try his hand at doing the same with condos and, ultimately, becoming a commercial underwriter. While he was working as an agent at REMAX, he began to realize that he couldn’t live “the biggest life possible” as someone else’s employee, so in 2006, he launched the Hergenrother-Ostiguy Group with his wife Sarah Ostiguy Hergenrother. In 2010, he opened the first Keller Williams Realty office in Vermont, now the largest real estate company in the state. This achievement was followed in 2011 by the founding of Hergenrother Realty Group, and in 2012 he joined forces | 25

Above: This expansive kitchen offers casual elegance by mixing coffered ceilings with classic Shaker cabinets, a marble backsplash and custom island, and glazed custom wood flooring to match the ceiling insets. Photo By Kyle Eddy. Right: Custom craftsman home at Vermont National Country Club.

with his brother Tom, who already had a successful residential construction business, to form BlackRock Construction. He launched Adam Hergenrother Training in 2016. This business venture allows him to share his thoughts on leadership and life, and he hosts one-day seminars around the country designed to teach others how to apply his methods to achieve their own goals.

CREATING YOUR RUSTIC MODERN HOME Interested in building a rustic modern home? That’s where BlackRock Construction enters the picture. In 2017, BlackRock was ranked number 42 on Inc. magazine’s annual list of 5,000 “greatest (and most inspiring) entrepreneurs,” reaching number one in both the Vermont companies 26 | VERMONT TREND WATCH | 2018

and construction categories. BlackRock has received numerous awards over the past couple of years, including four construction awards from the 39th Annual Better Homes Awards. The company does both residential and commercial construc-

tion and development and has over 700 units in its pipeline, from homes to senior care facilities to apartments. According to Hallie Warner, chief of staff for Adam Hergenrother Companies, “BlackRock Construction is pretty versatile, yet

the majority of our homes are rustic modern; that's a trend that plays well here in Vermont, both for year-round residents and for our clients who are building second homes here.” Adam describes rustic modern homes as timeless, with lots of wood details; large, open kitchens; and steel elements blended with 10-inch wide pine, for example. The idea is to approach building a home not only with an eye to the shelter it will provide but also for the experiences it will offer. When people interested in building first visit BlackRock, they sit down with team members to determine what they want and can afford within their budget. They have the opportunity to walk through the showroom, see clients’ homes, and most importantly, explore options rather than being restricted by what a builder wants to construct. The focus is consistently on the experience the client is hoping to create. Clients can choose from a multitude of options when it comes to design features. These include, but are not limited to, the use of Douglas fir; coffered, cathedral, dome, and circular ceilings; wainscoting or custom-wallpaper accent walls; wallpaper accent walls; three- or four-season porches with fireplaces; custom storage alcoves; stone work; loft areas with library ladders; whole-house AC; heated garages; radiant heat flooring; smart wiring; solar solutions; and ambient lighting. Keeping it local is always an option. Clients can choose materials from Burlington Marble and Granite, Cyr Lumber, Lathrop’s Maple Supply, the A. Johnson Company, and Lamell Lumber among others. Adds Tom, “In addition, we often use salvaged barn board if a client requests it. In one of our most recent projects, we used a live-edge piece of wood from Shelburne Farms as a coffee bar and countertop in the pantry.”

RUSTIC BUT CUTTING EDGE Clients can also take advantage of a hardware package that involves options such as surveillance cameras and lighting systems and, increasingly, smarthome technology, | 27

such as syncing one’s smartphone to internal home systems like thermostats. Adam strives to stay ahead of the artificial intelligence curve. Imagine having your home know when you are three minutes from arrival and turning on the lights and opening the garage door for you. The future is here, and Adam is using his own new home to experiment. Controlling the stereo and TV with a centralized app and having devices embedded in walls that predict residents’ habitual movements are also being implemented nationwide, especially at senior facilities where there are concerns about patients with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Some of these technologies even let adult children track their older parents’ movements, giving both parents and adult children a sense of security and safety. Adam 28 | VERMONT TREND WATCH | 2018

Opposite top: A classic take on this craftsman home in Shelburne complete with cupola and wrap-around porch. Opposite bottom left: This contemporary kitchen earned the 2016 Better Homes Award for New Kitchen, 150-square-feet and under. Photo By Nicholas Gentile. Opposite bottom right: A custom stone fireplace, wood surround, and custom windows (which open 75 percent) create a cozy four-season porch. Photo By Joe Anger.

recognizes the need to embrace this fourth industrial revolution that will ultimately make people’s lives easier.

FREEDOM LIVING This concept of freedom has also made its way into Adam’s latest venture, Freedom Living. A complex of 27 luxury units being built in Essex, Freedom Living offers an “on demand” experience. Choosing to live there allows retirees to select from a menu of concierge services including in-house care, dry cleaning, food deliveries, and cleaning services. It’s a concept Adam hopes to trademark and launch in 17 states. This idea of freedom speaks to the growth of the sharing economy and also allows people to travel with the reassurance that their residence is in good hands in their absence. Ultimately, Adam’s mission is for each of his businesses to be a conduit for personal growth and to help people live their best lives. Like his clients, he gives his team options; they don’t have set working hours, and they’re given the tools they need to exceed expectations, both his and their own. Adam allows the people he hires to be who they need to be, and it is that freedom and flexibility that extend to fulfilling every client’s vision for a unique version of their own rustic modern home.

BlackRock Construction 68 Randall Street South Burlington, VT (802) 861-1120 | 29





All the comforts of indoors right in your backyard BY KELSEY WEIDMANN • PHOTOS COURTESY OF LANDSHAPES


utumn’s first cool breath is often a melancholy one. The end of summer nears; outdoor festivities come to a close; and nobody is ready to retire inside for the chilly seasons. If only there were a way to hold onto the yard just a few weeks longer. Fortunately, there is. Meet Landshapes, the business that makes it possible to live outside for as long as possible. They extend all the comforts of your home just beyond your back door. Grab a blanket and add a log to the fire pit. The family sing-alongs are not over yet!

BRINGING LAWNS TO LIFE Landshapes is a full-service landscaping company. When it comes to their expertise, no stone goes unturned. The team provides everything from landscape design, architecture, and hardscaping to construction and installation, and lawn and

garden maintenance. As the website proclaims, “Landshapes simplifies the outdoor beautification process.” Just about anything you dream can become a reality. Call on the crew to transform your patio into a true living space complete with cozy furniture, stainless steel kitchen appliances, and a San Juan fiberglass pool or spa. If simplicity is more your style, complement your yard with a stunning stone wall or chic walkway hewn from local stones that will align beautifully with the rustic New England scenery. Add a splash of excitement to either project with a lively waterfall or a glistening pond. “These features bring people together and add value to the home,” says Manny Dutra, sales manager.

BUILT TO LAST Landshapes has seen much success since the company was founded more than 26 years ago. General Manager Jason | 31


Beautiful stonework, fire tables, and shade umbrellas are just three of the ways Landshapes can extend the use of your backyard this season and for many years to come.

how everything will hold up in the snow and ice. One of Landshapes’ priorities is to “design and build their hardscapes to endure the harsh elements of Vermont winters.”


Hutchins completed numerous landscaping projects for his neighbors and family in Charlotte, Vermont, before starting the business in 1992. It’s now one of the largest landscape design and construction firms in northern New England and Upstate New York. “Our company’s success and growth are attributed to achieving the highest customer satisfaction through employing and retaining true professionals and experts in the field,” adds Manny. The firm employs 26 full-time staff and several seasonal workers. More than half are OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) certified. According to the website, “a majority of the 32 | VERMONT TREND WATCH | 2018

crew have been with [Landshapes] for half a decade or more, and this is evident when you see how well everyone works together to complete an installation.” The team’s talent in practical masonry, site work, and horticulture means you’ll receive customized advice to help you choose what’s right for your property’s character and future. One of those de­cisions will be about materials. Granite is a popular, versatile choice. “From paving stones to stairs and wall caps, the range of colors and textures plus its longer lifespan compared to bluestone granite is a great option in the landscape,” says Manny. Whatever you do, don’t worry about

Although the crew has gained lots of experience and knowledge throughout the years, they still have not seen it all. Manny says client-driven requests sometimes surprise and lead them to try new things. Like the landscape itself, Landshapes is ever-evolving. “We invest heavily in new equipment and training techniques, constantly aiming to complete jobs more efficiently,” Manny says. What are you waiting for? Let Landshapes make the most of your property, and enjoy your yard even when that cool wind begins to blow.

Landshapes 88 Rogers Lane Richmond, VT (802) 434-3500



Ann Roche Casual Furniture New ways to chill this spring, summer, and fall


fter the winter Burlingtonians and other New Englanders have endured, we share a common goal—enjoy the outdoors from early spring to late fall as often as we can. And Ann Roche Casual Furniture can help us achieve that goal, whether we want aluminum, wrought iron, or wicker seating and tables; Adirondack-style chairs and swings; durable hammocks; or deep and comfy seating around a fire pit—all built to last for years. Whether you plan to relax on a deck, patio, porch, or three-season room, Ann offers extensive collections for your prime chillin’ spot. You’ll find high-quality casual furniture and more


to fit every budget, all made by a large number of manufacturers. Trending this season is comfortable deep-seating furniture where family and friends gather around the fire table. Fire pits include tabletop pillars, outdoor heaters, and gas varieties that are safe and simple to maintain. This spring there are boundless furniture options in a wide variety of styles, sizes, and colors, all availabe in Sunbrella fabrics. Countless solutions to provide shade include state of the art cantilever styles, wall-mounted options, and fashionable market umbrellas to make an impact in your space. As grilling season approaches, the Big Green Egg remains

a popular choice for the outdoor chef. The versatile Egg, available in seven sizes to accommodate any size family, can grill, roast, smoke, and bake. Come visit us at Ann Roche Casual Furniture to uniquely design your sunroom, porch, patio, or outdoor space. Our goal is to fulfill your vision with the latest 2018 trends.

Ann Roche Casual Furniture 370 Dorset Street South Burlington, VT (802) 985-5300


di Stefano Landscaping Crafting beautiful landscapes, healthy plants, and intelligent design


ith a reputation for bringing expert workmanship, pride, and professionalism to every project, the team at di Stefano Landscaping works together to produce landscapes homeowners can be proud of. A second-generation landscape professional who grew up on his family’s tree farm and nursery, owner Chris di Stefano has been digging in the dirt since he was old enough to hold a trowel. His heritage as a Vermont-raised and trained artist of the land gives him an inherent ability to understand how local stone, soil, plants, and trees work in harmony to create serene, natural backdrops for his customers. This knowledge extends to the rest of his team. “Our mission is to enhance the beauty, health, and value of our clients’ properties while exceeding every expectation,” says David Burton, a landscape designer at di Stefano Landscaping with more than 15 years of experience. “We take on this goal as a team. From the newest lawn technician to our project manager to the owner of the company, we all play a vital part in accomplishing this goal.”

GETTING STARTED Their work begins by thoughtfully planning every detail of your project to match your budget, timeline, and expectations. “We start with a questionnaire that helps us understand the scope of the project,” says David. “We then meet at the site for a complimentary consultation. From there, we start the design process, considering all of the established goals and constraints to provide a design solution. “We work with the client to make sure the solution fits the budget, and then move forward from there. Once we have a clear path to proceed upon, we start procuring all the best hardscape and plant materials available. Our project manager then oversees the communication with the client regarding the details of the instal­lation, while our highly trained and talented team installs the project.”

NEW INNOVATIONS With a focus on intelligent landscape design that improves a property in both aesthetic and practical ways, the di Stefano team strives to make outdoor

spaces functional and to maximize the homeowner’s enjoyment of the space. “We are installing more community gardens based on the research and writings of Thomas Rainer and Claudia West, who have both spoken at past Green Works meetings,” David says. “These gardens consider the growing characteristics of individual plants and how they interact together to result in a sustainable and beautiful tapestry of textures and colors throughout all four seasons.” Whether they’re masterminding a multiphase installation that encompasses every corner of your property or meticulously caring for your lawn, you can expect nothing but courtesy, quality, and beautiful results from di Stefano Landscaping.

di Stefano Landscaping Jericho, VT (802) 279-5900 | 35


otter creek awnings


Welcome the sun but keep out the burn

ermonters love their outdoors, and when the spring sun finally dispels the last of the snow, it’s time to polish the barbecue, sweep off the deck, unfold the Adirondacks, and swizzle the ice cubes. But as June turns to July, even the cool Green Mountain air can whither in summer’s heat and leave locals feeling more than a bit exposed on their decks and patios, at least without the right protection.

CHOOSING THE RIGHT AWNING FOR YOU For more than 40 years, Middlebury-based Otter Creek Awnings has been installing rugged all-weather, windproof frames covered in top-quality outdoor fabrics from Sunbrella that can last 10, 15, or even 20 years, be it over your patio, porch, balcony, or windows. With a team of more than 20 professionals in design, welding, sewing, graphics, and quality control, you can be assured that your goals will be achieved to your complete satisfaction. It starts with a free in-home consultation with one of Otter Creek’s expert designers, who will listen to what you want to ac36 | VERMONT TREND WATCH | 2018

complish and brainstorm creative shade solutions, demonstrating the company’s dedication to each client. “Our customers are our top priority,” explains co-owner Elizabeth Warren, “from setting the appointment and asking about their project to one of our sale design team members visiting the client at their home or business to measure, talk about their needs, and provide a quote.”

BENEFITS OF GREAT AWNINGS The right awning in the right place can also reap financial rewards for businesses, enticing potential clients to linger in front of shop windows or order one more glass of wine on the patio. Indeed, that’s often how customers come to Otter Creek Awnings. “Most customers notice our awnings while sitting at a restaurant or entering a business,” says Elizabeth. “You can’t walk downtown Church Street with-

out seeing one of several awnings that we’ve designed and installed.” The financial benefits of a good system of awnings don’t stop there. Roll-up, retract­able solar shades, which deflect the sun’s heat from your home or business, can reduce interior temperatures by 15 to 20 percent, thus requiring less air conditioning. Best of all, the advanced mesh fabric blocks the sun but not the view. “This unique combination makes them the perfect solution for those who are struggling with solar gain through their glass but don’t want to compromise their view.” The heavy-duty exterior versions keep working during the winter too, when they provide wind and weather protection for the home.

RECOGNIZED BY PEERS & CLIENTS Otter Creek’s craftsmanship has been recognized by its peers, earning an award in

2017 from Houzz, a popular online magazine about home design and improvement. Another national trade publication, Remodeling, dubbed Todd and Elizabeth Warren one of the “Big 50” for their exceptionally high standards of professionalism and integrity. But no one says it better than the customers themselves. “What a joy to work with such a reputable company!” declares one. “Our awning was installed before the scheduled time, and we love it!” Another writes, “Thank you! I picked you for your reputation, and your company did not disappoint.”

Otter Creek Awnings 9 Echo Place, Williston, VT (802) 864-3009 (888) 284-4680 toll-free | 37


Church Hill Landscapes Designing, building, and maintaining outdoor retreats to enjoy for years to come P H OTO S BY S U S A N T E A R E


ate Carr is a man on a mission. His aim is to provide families with great outdoor spaces to enjoy. He and his team of stonemasons, certified horticulturists, and designers have been building beautiful, diverse landscapes in Chittenden, Washington, and Addison Counties and beyond for 16 years. “We connect with our customers to get them the project they are hoping for and they’ve been dreaming of,” Nate says. “Every chance we get, we bring our creativity, and we’re always problem-solving on a job, whether that means


meeting a budget or helping a customer express a particular design goal in an outdoor setting.”

HAPPY TEAM EQUALS HAPPY CLIENTS The team at Church Hill is often called in as soon as a family identifies a particular need or desire for their landscape. Maybe they’re installing a pool or need help creating an outdoor living space or want to transition their existing gardens into bird- and butterfly-attracting habitats. Nate has a passion for helping his customers arrive at the

the project is done, we feel great that we have helped folks create an outdoor space they can feel comfortable in. Our ultimate goal is to give people a reason to spend more time outside.”


Above: Challenged by a steeply sloping backyard (above), Church Hill was commissioned to create a pleasant, comfortable place to relax. Local fieldstone and bluestone were used to terrace the space and provide two patios, sitting walls, steps, and walkways. Below: To create a sense of privacy and peace in this urban backyard, Church Hill installed a main patio and created a second outdoor “room” with a Vermont fieldstone retaining wall and patio tucked into the sloping lawn.

best solution for their project and budget, and planning the look and the feel they're aiming to achieve. Building an outdoor living space can be a disruptive experience, but the team at Church Hill Landscapes strives to

make the process as pleasant and fun as possible. The members of the team are personable and outgoing, and clients end up being very excited about having them around and seeing the progress of their project unfold. Says Nate, “When

Nate says most of the team’s projects feature an outdoor living space that provides shelter and sanctuary for clients. That might mean taking advantage of a niche in the home’s architecture or creating an enveloping space. He notes that people are responding to the idea of creating a quiet, safe, and tranquil space outdoors. And Nate believes that providing space to live part of life outdoors is elemental. “We have to have it,” he says, “and science is finding that being in nature not only makes you feel better, it actually contributes to your overall physical well-being.” As for current trends in landscape design, Nate says that among the ideas trending this spring is the concept that a sheltered outdoor space can take a number of forms. In a small city lot without much land, it can be achieved with a well-designed patio and with a simple, classic umbrella to shield the sun, or even better, a light and airy pergola, providing just enough shelter to feel comfortable and to create a sense of privacy in a natural setting. With Church Hill Landscapes, clients are offered creative outdoor solutions that are within budget and that meet their particular vision to create a beautiful, restorative space that makes them feel at home outdoors.

Church Hill Landscapes, Inc. 287 Church Hill Road Charlotte, VT (802) 425-5222 | 39


Morning Dew Landscaping

Enhancing clients’ homes and lifestyles with beautiful outdoor spaces


orning Dew Landscaping is a landscape design and build firm rooted in the artistry of dry-laid stonework. “Our stonework adheres to the timeless construction techniques of the Old World,” says Matt Leonetti, owner of Morning Dew. “We are well-versed in all different stone materials, and we work tirelessly to find the right blends and combinations that are best suited to each individual project.”


Morning Dew’s artisans are dedicated to their craft and the intricate details that are necessary to create a project that not only fulfills but also exceeds expectations. “We never lose sight of our project objectives, and we strive to ensure that the process and the final product are above and beyond our customers’ expectations,” Matt says. Belonging to many industryrelated organizations helps Matt stay at the forefront of industry trends, familiar with new plant materials and products,

and aware of the best, safest, and most cost-effective solutions for any landscape issue. Contact Morning Dew today to see what they can design and craft for you.

Morning Dew Landscaping Richmond, VT (802) 760-7577



The Trailside Barn is 36x30 feet with two 10-foot overhangs.

Unique & Stylish Choices


he Carriage Shed has a large display of storage sheds on its lot—more than 60 at any given time. Customers are able to walk around and compare different sidings, roof lines, and sizes, and from there, can customize a structure that meets their exact and unique requirements. The Carriage Shed’s products are often used as sheds, but they can also be transformed into studios, home offices, greenhouses, and chicken coops in addition to larger structures, such as horse barns, garages, and certified homes. Every customer’s needs and wants are different, so The Carriage Shed strives to make each experience a personal one.

COUNT ON EXPERTISE The area in which owner Robert Therrien’s construction expertise has come into play over the years is the larger modular, panelized, or stick-built structures. Selling a building is easier when customers can get exactly what they want. All buildings are constructed to code for the town they are being built for, and wind and snow loads play a part in this aspect of construction. The Carriage Shed can also supply stamped engineered plans for the towns that require them. And they serve not only the Upper Valley but the entire country. The largest barn they have ever built is located in California, and they’ve even transported a barn to Nantucket on a barge.

A WELCOME TREND One of the trends they have seen expand over the years is the use of environmentally friendly products, from siding choices to poly furniture (made from recycled milk | 41

containers) to efficient insulation materials. The Carriage Shed continues to strive to expand their green offerings as more green products become available. The Carriage Shed has always worked to have a strong connection with the Upper Valley community. You may have seen their sheds set up at the Polar Express, VINS, the New London Fire Department, or the Quechee Balloon Festival. They received the 2017 Chamber Partner of the Year from the Hartford Chamber of Commerce. They know it’s vital to take part in the community and do what you can to make it a better place, whether it’s donating your time or products to make someone’s day easier.

ABOUT THE COMPANY Robert Therrien bought The Carriage Shed 14 years ago with a mission to develop the highest-quality products that could be sold at a reasonable price. It began with storage sheds and grew from there. Robert worked diligently with his Amish vendors to develop different concepts for how to break down the larger structures so most of the labor was done in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and then shipped to the customer’s site, which keeps the price down for the consumer. With his 49 years in construction, Robert is able to offer a unique experience of designing your building—no matter what the size—from the ground up. Quality is one of the most significant concerns of The Carriage Shed, and working with Amish craftsmen has greatly reduced this concern, as they build structures to last and use the best quality products.

THE CARRIAGE SHED 1195 VA Cutoff Road White River Junction, VT (800) 441-6057 42 | VERMONT TREND WATCH | 2018



knauf landscape Architecture Important trends for 2018 and beyond The days when landscape design meant creating yards with expansive lawns, using exotic plant varieties, and laying vast asphalt parking lots are waning. And thank goodness! Due to habitat loss, our main pollinators are under siege, with a number of species in serious decline.


e need honeybees, butterflies, moths, hummingbirds, bats, and beetles for pollinating our flowering crops, which in turn produce most of our fruits and vegetables, as well as alfalfa fields for supporting our beef and dairy industries. Bird habitat is also disappearing. According to the Audubon Society, “Birds are important because they keep systems in balance: they pollinate plants, disperse seeds, scavenge carcasses, and recycle nutrients back into the earth. But they also feed our spirits, marking for us the passage of the seasons, moving us to create art and poetry, inspiring us to flight and reminding us that we are not only on, but of, this earth.� | 43

Bright colors in your landscape will not only attract butterflies and hummingbirds, they will also help attract other bird species to your bird feeders and baths, water sources, and nesting sites. In addition to being attracted by flowers, birds will be enticed by color on fences, trellises, pots, benches, and garden-shed doors. Photo by Peter Larsen.

RESTORING HABITAT AT HOME, WORK, AND IN PUBLIC SPACES Publications, classrooms, and communities are all sounding the alarm, and with warnings about habitat loss growing louder and more frequent, more people are now aware of the problem and interested in learning how to remedy it. Homeowners, businesses, and municipalities are asking how they can increase habitat as they embark on designs for renovating existing landscapes or creating new ones. In spite of the dire warnings, the timing is perfect for initiatives being developed globally that are designed to address habitat loss. For example, the American Society of Landscape Architects is encouraging professionals to help rebuild pollinator populations by incorporating pollinator-friendly habitats in their designs, and they and their clients are stepping up to the challenge. Whether the goal is a contemporary, formal, cottage, or Japanese style landscape, landscape 44 | VERMONT TREND WATCH | 2018

architects are incorporating drifts of flowering native perennials, shrubs, and trees for pollinators, and berry- and seed-producing plants that provide food for birds. Lawns are being downsized, allowing more space for gardens and meadows. New businesses and commercial developments are calling for minimalist parking areas that leave space for rain gardens and wild areas that serve a dual purpose—handling storm runoff and providing habitat for birds and pollinators. The variety of the plant palette is also important for supporting diversity. Blossoms must provide an orchestra of color throughout the growing season, plus a variety of shapes and sizes. Moths and bats need night-blooming varieties, and seeds and berries must be available summer through winter to support the wide range of birds. Other strategies for helping pollinators include providing a

salt lick for bees and butterflies, a feeder for hummingbirds, and a few dead limbs as nesting places for native bees.

MEDITATIVE SPACES Relaxation, reflection, and inner peace are no longer explored only in yoga studios or in home spas surrounded by candles. People have begun to appreciate the meditative aspects of an outdoor space, and this can be as simple as a cozy corner of their yard where they can take slow, deep breaths of fresh air and leave behind the stresses of the day. Such spaces can be intimately sheltered by a well-crafted pergola and adorned with features and elements of beauty, sound, and fragrance that connect us to nature and offer a sense of calm.

Knauf Landscape Architecture 215 College Street Studio 2C Burlington, VT (802) 655-0552

CONNECT WITH NATURE Cynthia Knauf, founder and owner of Knauf Landscape Architecture, has a passion for connecting people to nature. Here are several of her suggestions for ways to create a peaceful spot for pollinators as well as people. • Gentle sounds of water trickling over rocks or bubbling in a birdbath • Rustling sounds of birch leaves or grasses that sway in the wind • Fragrances of lilacs, roses, peonies, and phlox all season long • Reflections in a pool • Meaningful sculptures • Plants that ensure sounds of birds chirping and bees humming • A flickering fire in a fire pot • A sense of privacy and protection beneath a pergola or trellis.


[Robbie: PHOTOS: Vincent (3): 1 flowers + 2 pergola Carpenter Stowe (2) Labenski (3)] | 45

Wagner Hodgson BY N A N CY H U M P H R E Y CA S E | P H OTO S BY J I M W E ST P H A L E N P H OTO G R A P H Y

Sculpting landscapes with a sense of place


Jeff Hodgson and Keith Wagner of Wagner Hodgson Landscape Architecture don’t see landscaping as something to be designed after the buildings are drawn up. To them, architecture and landscape are integral to each other and, ideally, inform and inspire each other. “We consider all the indoor and outdoor spaces together— all the geometry,” Keith says. “We like to pull the building geometry into the landscape.” | 47

Above: View of the drive engaging the orchard and the plantings expressed in layers. Opposite top: View across pool terrace to the meadows, neighboring barn cluster, and the Green Mountains. Opposite bottom: Granite bands create a stitch from the dooryard to the front entry porch.

A WELCOMING APPROACH In creating a new “farmhouse” in Cornwall, Keith worked closely with architect Lee Grutchfield of TruexCullins from the early stages of the project on. In collaboration, they shaped land and buildings into one harmonious whole suggestive of the farms that dot this part of the Champlain Valley. First, Keith “tried to create a sense of arrival.” A long gravel driveway winds through a hayfield bordered by an existing hedgerow, crosses a natural drainage swale, passes through a mini orchard that mimics the apple orchards on Cornwall’s hills, and ends facing the home’s front entrance. The sequence suggests a warm welcome to this modern interpretation of a vernacular Vermont farmhouse. The home itself comprises several architectural forms, with the garage, a wing of the house, and a barn-like recreation and entertainment room enclosing what feels like the traditional farm “dooryard.” Leading from the auto court to the home’s front door is a wide walkway of 2-by-5-foot granite slabs laid in the lawn. “The clients own land in Maine,” says Keith. “We wanted to bring


in material from their home state.” He chose the same dark-gray granite for “hitching posts” that flank the beginning of the stone walkway. “But we used them in a contemporary way,” he says. “They’re not trying to be ‘ye olde granite posts.’” To tie the house to the open site, Keith and Jeff designed a series of dry-laid stone walls—“a strong plinth”—on the side of the house that faces the meadow. “They anchor the house,” he says, “as if it has always been there.” A few well-placed, large sugar maples and burr oaks contribute to that effect and “bring down the scale of the house,” he says. More sugar maples soften the gravel drive— not by lining it in a regular pattern, but by a few specimens strategically placed to frame views of the surrounding landscape, including a cluster of old, weathered barns the clients liked. “Like an English landscape,” Keith says, “the views are borrowed from neighboring properties.” In return, he was careful to preserve the neighbors’ views. Keith sees a home and its designed landscape as a sculpture, and in the design process he tries to balance everything, asking himself, “Where do you view it from? Who else can see it?”

ACHIEVING PERFECTION The neighbors of this Cornwall home gave Keith and Jeff the ultimate compliment when, in the end, they said, “The house looks like it has been there for a hundred years.” To add to the authentic farmhouse effect, he chose to plant perennials in rows suggestive of crops, such as blackeyed Susans, Shasta daisies, and ornamental grasses. A hedge of lilacs, which have traditionally graced antique farmhouses, borders the lawn on one side of the house. The lilacs are roughly parallel to an existing hedgerow of mature native trees—an example of Keith’s skillful hand in blending the sculpted landscape into its environment. Greater than the sum of its parts, the whole effect is that of a home that reflects its rural surroundings and rightfully belongs on its unique spot of earth.

Wagner Hodgson Landscape Architecture 7 Marble Avenue Burlington, VT (802) 864-0010 | 49



RED HOUSE BUILDING Well-crafted projects built with integrity


ed House Building of Burlington is one of a very few worker-owned, cooperative building companies in the nation. With a goal to create a business environment that attracted and retained top-quality employees and craftspeople who were fully invested in their work, Red House Building became employee-owned in 2003 after a successful decade as a small custom-building firm. From new builds and renovations to light commercial fit-ups and historic restorations, the team at Red House Building is fully committed to bringing superior customer service and quality craftsmanship to every project. “We are a full-service general contracting firm for renovations, new construction, and historic preservation,” says Chris Quinn of Red House Building. “Our projects range from small interior renovations to heirloom architectural retreats. We work a pretty broad area, from the Lake Champlain Islands, the Champlain Valley, Stowe, and Mad River Valley down to the Middlebury area.”

BUILDING SOLID RELATIONSHIPS The team at Red House Building takes as much pride in their relationships with clients as they do in their trade and craftsmanship. From the earliest planning phases to long after completion, 50 | VERMONT TREND WATCH | 2018

they take good care of their clients. “We really prefer to be engaged from the very beginning of the project and, quite often, that is the case. From this position, we can provide the best services to help guide the project to meet client goals and expectations,” Chris explains. “We find that we are a very valuable resource to the design team as well when engaged early. We run a transparent operation, so the clients and design team have full access to our information as we help develop the project’s scope and budget. We like to think we have pretty solid systems for project management, job costing, and scheduling and have formats to share this information with clients.” Excellent planning, professional project management, and the valuable experience of their craftspeople are all assets when navigating the challenges of any project. “Custom building comes with a lot of challenges,” Chris says. “One of our biggest assets is our people and their depth and combined years of experience. We have a very stable workforce, so that makes for many years of combined experience. Sometimes with challenging architectural elements, it’s a combination of art, engineering, and resourcefulness.”

Opposite: Open kitchen and dining area featuring Danby marble and custom ebonized oak table by Red House. Left: A modern addition to a family retreat in Cornwall. Above: Monolithic granite sink hand-carved in Barre. Below: Champlain sunset beyond a custom gas fire pit. All photos this page by Jeremy Gantz.

WHAT’S NEW? Red House Building is conscientious about its building approaches, and the team continues to learn in order to stay current with best practices and ahead of building trends. According to Chris, the company has recently tackled challenges presented by many high-design structures. “We have been involved and will continue to be more involved in modern, high-design residential projects,” he says. “There are many challenging elements in these projects that are often not easily evident. Very large door and window assemblies are common elements. We’re in the final stages of a project in Stowe that has assemblies weighing nearly 1,500 pounds. We now have a special device affectionately known as ‘the squid’ with multiple suction cups and vacuums that allow us to easily lift, maneuver, and place these giant assemblies.” Chris says they’re also more involved with sound mitigation, which can be tricky with some modern design styles and materials. “It’s quite common to have large, open spaces with the combination of hard materials like glass, steel, wood ceilings, and

concrete floors. These assemblies can provide unique challenges for managing sound reverberation and transmission. Identifying this early is critical so attenuation solutions can be designed into the project.” Whether your project is a renovation, new build, historical restoration, or simple service visit—their Home Services division was developed to better serve past, current, and new clients with maintenance and smaller projects—Red House Building will work with a broad range of budgets, and their talented, committed team can calibrate to the needs of any job. “We pride ourselves on providing high-value, well-crafted products with integrity,” says Chris. “We stand by our services.”

Red House Building 382 Hercules Drive, Suite 5 & 6 Burlington, VT (802) 655-0009 | 51




A legacy of community involvement, integrity, compassion, and hard work | 53

A new, elegantly planned neighborhood in South Burlington is currently being built, with homes on a hill surrounded by mature trees, views of mountains, walking paths and parks, and easy access to all Vermont has to offer.

A SENSE OF PLACE AND HOME Hillside at O’Brien Farm has a variety of homes for people in all stages of their lives, from young professionals and growing families to baby boomers looking to downsize. Single-family houses and townhomes come in multiple styles, including farmhouse, craftsman, and colonial, with a variety of floor plans to choose from. There’s really something for everyone. O’Brien Brothers takes pride in their commitment to quality construction and the environment. Each home was designed for homeowners to be able to appreciate their surroundings as much as possible, with oversized windows allowing for abundant natural light, energy efficiency for comfort and savings, and tasteful landscaping. “Market trends are showing that today’s buyers want smaller, energy-efficient properties near communities with amenities. Hillside at O’Brien Farm offers all of that within a modest price range,” explained Steve Lipkin, Realtor/Broker at Coldwell Banker Hickok & Boardman Realty.

BUILT WITH HEART Founded six decades ago by native South Burlingtonians Leo Jr. and Daniel J. O’Brien, O’Brien Brothers operates on a mission of providing quality construction, superb customer service, and lasting value to their customers. Their time-tested 54 | VERMONT TREND WATCH | 2018

consider. O’Brien Brothers works with local craftsmen on each home to ensure that every detail is perfect.


and proven reputation is built upon integrity and a commitment to always do the right and fair thing for their customers and the communities in which they do business.

Customization is a key selling point for the Hillside homeowner. While there are many styles and floor plans for buyers to choose from, there are over 300 options and upgrades for the homeowner to

The property took on special significance to the O’Brien brothers and their family over the years as both brothers started and raised their families in neighboring houses on the crest of the hill separated only by the iconic red dairy barn. Leo and his wife raised six children in the original farmhouse, and Dan and his wife followed suit next door, raising five children of their own on the idyllic setting with panoramic mountain views. As their business, O’Brien Brothers, grew and as Vermont changed with the times, the brothers transitioned the business from cattle dealing and farming to developing and building homes, apartments, and commercial spaces to help local businesses grow and thrive. In 1994, O’Brien Brothers sold the last of their herd and fully transitioned out of | 55

The Model Home includes a complete Design Center with on-site design coordinator. Your entire selection process, from flooring to fixtures, solar to smarthome technology, and everything in between, is available on-site to ensure that your homebuilding process is as easy as it can be and within your chosen budget.

farming, but the cultivation and connection with the land continue to run deep within the family. Today, three residences housing three generations of O'Brien family members are still on Old Farm Road, and while the use of the land continues to evolve, the commitment to stewardship, integrity, and vision guides every aspect of the Hillside at O’Brien Farm project. Today, O’Brien Brothers continues to be a family-owned, locally focused real estate development, management, and construction company with a diversified portfolio of commercial and residential properties. Leo and Dan—now in their 80s and still active owners and board members of the firm—have created a legacy of community involvement, integrity, compassion, and hard work. 56 | VERMONT TREND WATCH | 2018

The vision that they created long ago to develop and construct properties that their children, grandchildren, and now great-grandchildren can be proud

of continues to this day. The brothers and the rest of their family are pleased and proud to now invite others to live, raise their families, and create their own

Founded six decades ago by native South Burlingtonians Leo Jr. and Daniel J. O’Brien, O’Brien Brothers operates on a mission of providing quality construction, superb customer service, and lasting value to their customers. Their time-tested and proven reputation is built upon integrity and a commitment to always doing the right and fair thing for their customers and for the communities in which they do business.

memories on the land that has meant so much to the O’Briens for generations. Hillside at O’Brien Farm is now taking reservations for home sites, and building is underway. Recognizing that every family is different, O’Brien Brothers wants to help each member of their community feel at home. From updated takes on the traditional farmhouse style to cozy and iconic craftsman designs and spacious and popular colonial architecture, there are multiple floor plans to accommodate every family’s needs and desires. O’Brien Brothers recognizes the importance of this investment in family and community, and they are committed to helping aspiring homeowners throughout the entire process. After the customization process, four months is all it takes to hand you the keys to your new home, new community, and new lifestyle at Hillside at O’Brien Farm. For more information, visit | 57


New facilities bring new opportunities

Wake Robin Makes Itself at Home PHOTOS COURTESY OF WAKE ROBIN


or senior citizens in Vermont, Jena Necrason is just one more example why Wake Robin—a nonprofit Continuing Care Retirement Community set on 136 acres in Shelburne—is such an attractive place to live. A longtime theater professional in New York City teaching students at the Stella Adler Studio of Acting and New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, Jena now serves as Wake Robin’s program and events coordinator and makes every day an adventure.

INDEPENDENT LIVING Wake Robin’s three-part Maple expansion project, scheduled for completion in mid 2019, offers one more reason for the community’s excellence. Not only does it offer a brandnew apartment building with 38 units but also an expanded community center. The project says a lot about the demographics of the region as well as the quality of Wake Robin’s facilities, which are in high demand. “What it tells us about this area is we’re aging,” says MaryBeth Dudley, marketing and public relations coordinator, “and people are looking for the best options. We’re about 95 percent occupied right now, so there’s defintely a need for us to expand.” 58 | VERMONT TREND WATCH | 2018

Residents of the new Maple apartment building will be able to choose from one- or two-bedrooms apartments ranging in size from 833 to 2,144 square feet. With nine-foot ceilings and six-foot windows, balconies, energy-efficient appliances, and seven options of open-floor plans, the units nearly meld with the surrounding nature, welcoming lots of sunlight and looking out to the lake and woods. The Maple apartments also serve as the “financial engine” for the project. “This is an exciting phase in Wake Robin’s history,” says Patrick McKee, president of Wake Robin. “Over the years, there has been an increased demand for Life Plan Communities like Wake Robin, and the Maple expansion project allows us to meet that demand while making improvements to Wake Robin life.”

A NEW RANGE OF PERKS This wide-ranging effort, the first significant expansion to Wake Robin since 2008, includes improved and additional new homes in the Linden Health Center, a five-star skilled-nursing facility divided into three “neighborhoods” according to the needs of residents. In fact, it was the upgrade to Linden that sparked the entire redevelopment.

“The primary motivation for the expansion,” explains MaryBeth, “is to update Wake Robin’s Linden Health Center, which houses residential care, skilled nursing, and memory care. The health center was built 25 years ago, and our method of delivering care has evolved from a strictly medical model to deliver-

ing medical care and services in an environment that feels more like home and less like a hospital.” The Community Center will also see significant expansion and enhancements, explains MaryBeth. “Wake Robin also wanted to be sure that the Community Center (the Hub of Wake Robin) had the

services and amenities to meet the needs of both current and future residents. It starts with a new fitness center in a bright location, while the light and airy dining venues will continue to feature the farm to table freshness that have earned so much praise over the years. In fact, many of the ingredients, from | 59

the honey and maple syrup to tomatoes and zucchini, are raised on-site by the residents themselves, with the help of 60,000 ladybugs as natural pest control plus solar power. It’s all part of the environmental policies that earned Wake Robin the Governor’s Award for Environmental Excellence in 2012, The Innovation Green Award from the International Council on Active Aging in 2016, and attention from the New York Times. Improvements will include a new fitness center, as well as a larger casual dining venue with open kitchens and an intimate, fine dining restaurant—both allowing Wake Robin to showcase the farm to plate focus that has been a feature for many years.

VERMONT FOCUSED, VERMONT BUILT The 39-million-dollar project is also a distinctly Vermont one, with 85 percent of the 54 subcontractors local firms—a reminder of how Wake Robin got started in the first place when a group of local people decided to create a community where they would like to retire. Perhaps it was former Vermont state senator and chair of the Senate Health & Welfare Committee and current resident Sally Conrad who said it best. “What I was looking for was a philosophy of doing with, rather than doing for. To me, there’s a world of difference. If you’re doing for, you’re seeing people as helpless. If you’re doing with, you’re seeing people as having rich backgrounds, skill sets, and approaches to life. For me, that’s what Wake Robin offers.”

Wake Robin 200 Wake Robin Drive Shelburne, VT (802) 264-5100 60 | VERMONT TREND WATCH | 2018

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CLOSE TO HOME Slide (and lock) the door and think unlacquered brass, ease of maintenance, and aging in place


liding doors, otherwise known as barn doors, continue to gain popularity for sectioning off dens, playrooms, offices, and pantries from the rest of the living space. Once sporting a primarily rustic appearance, with black iron tracks and hardware, this trend is going contemporary, adopting polished stainless steel that aligns with an industrial chic aesthetic. And it’s that design change that’s bringing the doors to bathrooms, where until recently there wasn’t an ideal way to lock a sliding door for privacy. Manufacturers have now caught up and have introduced a privacy function for sliding doors. The decorative hardware also allows these doors to be unlocked from the outside in case of an emergency like someone falling and unable get to the door or a child accidentally locking a door from inside the bathroom. It’s not just doors where changes in the bathroom are happening. Clients are asking about unlacquered brass for hardware, hinges, knobs, and pulls. Don’t have a 1980s’ flashback, when polished brass was all the rage. Yes, unlacquered brass starts off shiny, but because it is uncoated, its rich tone will take on a patina over time, making it look like it’s been there forever and adding graceful charm to a more traditional bathroom. Today’s bathrooms are also being designed with ease of cleaning in mind. Linear drains, for example, can give you a shower without a threshold, which not only looks sleek but

Linear drains and wall-hung toilets make aging in the home easier.

is also great for aging in place, when a homeowner’s dexterity, strength, and balance may begin to diminish. No threshold means no stepping up and over to enter and exit the shower, and a wheelchair can even be rolled in. Wall-hung toilets, vanities off the floor, and uncluttered countertops not only make cleaning a breeze but also help to relax and calm the mind, while heated floors and lighted mirrors lend a comfortable spalike sense of serenity.

Close to Home 10 Farrell Street South Burlington, VT (802) 861-3200 | 61


Polished Fantasy Brown quartzite vanity tops with an Ogee edge. Photo by Jeremy Gantz, Red House Building.


BURLINGTON MARBLE and GRANITE High tech comes to an ancient product BY M A RY G OW • P H OTO S BY J I M W E ST P H A L E N P H OTO G R A P H Y U N L E S S OT H E RW I S E N OT E D


ong elegant veins sparkle in Ghibli Gold granite. Contrasting black, white, and blue crystals give a topographic quality to Blue Persa, almost resembling an aerial view of the snow-covered Alps. Smoky gray veins flow subtly through Danby White marble, giving it a soothing quality. “Natural stone is all truly one of a kind. There are thousands of colors, and every piece is unique. Even on two consecutive slabs, the inclusions and veining are different,” says Mike Richburg, founder and president of Burlington Marble and Granite and one very stone-savvy guy.

PRECISION PLUS ARTISTRY Burlington Marble and Granite, located just off Shelburne Road, manufactures and installs top-quality, handcrafted stone countertops and interior surfaces. With decades of experience and state of the art technology, the team brings precision and artistry together. Their expertise includes marble and granite but also extends through a vast range of natural and synthetic countertop surfaces—limestone, quartz, soapstone, slate, onyx, travertine, and serpentine among them. “We are experts in countertops,” explains Mike, who founded Burlington Marble and Granite 15 years ago. “We offer a truly custom experience that nobody else in the area offers. We have the

whole package—templating, layout process, fabrication, and installation. We are stone guys. We really know our product, and we specialize in it. We don’t try to do everything. We leave cabinets to the cabinet guys— they are experts in that area.”

A PASSION FOR STONE When Mike founded Burlington Granite and Marble in 2003, he already had extensive experience. While his college education and early career were in marketing, in the 1980s— during a wave of interest in stone countertops—he began working at a friend’s stone business, one that focused on monuments. The beauty of the material and the craft of transforming it had lasting appeal for Mike. “It’s an amazing product and a very rewarding trade,” he says. His enthusiasm led to his expertise and to building a business that delivers the highest quality stone and finished countertops. “We work on some beautiful custom homes and kitchens. These great custom builders we work with orchestrate things so carefully. It’s cool to see how it all comes together so harmoniously—to walk into a kitchen and see how the stone fits with the views, the cabinets, and the space.” | 63

Right: Two slabs of Honed Montclair Danby marble backsplash. Below: Park Industries' state of the art CNC saw. Opposite: Slabsmith layout station allows for the precise “book-matching” of Danby marble slabs pictured left.

NEW TECHNOLOGY LEADS TO PERFECTION In the company’s early days, Mike explains, “We were cutting with a SkilSaw and a diamond blade and a hose on a makeshift table. We’ve come a long way. Today, we’re a fully digital stone shop.” The firm’s attention to detail and skill with stone have always been present, but advances in technology allow them to take it to an extraordinary level. The stunning precision of the company’s countertops starts with a laser beam. With their laser-templating system, the company’s engineers set up tripods on site and shoot every relevant point for the countertop. “We get a perfectly scaled image of a kitchen, within a 32nd of an inch. For example, if it’s going to be next to a stone wall, we get every minute bend and curve,” explains Mike. By this time, the homeowner or designer has already selected the slab of stone for the project. The high-tech Slabsmith system then allows them to match the image of the future countertop with a digital image of the specific slab of stone. It doesn’t just project it; programmer Sameer Patel can move the template around on the stone, deciding how the stone’s features will best fit the space and veins can be matched to connect to a backsplash or an extended edge. Once the plan is finalized, the slab, weighing between 1,000 and 1,500 pounds, about the same as a small car, goes to the company’s saber saw, which cuts exactly the layout that was planned on the screen. “It is precise to within one thousandth of an inch,” says Mike. “It’s pretty remarkable.” Another high-tech machine, the Titan digital stone fabrication system, then cuts the sink holes and other details with 64 | VERMONT TREND WATCH | 2018

speed and accuracy. From there, final bits are finished by hand, inspected, and moved out for installation.

A WIDE SELECTION A huge selection of stone is always on hand— usually over 100 slabs. “They come from all over the world. Most of the marbles are Italian; many of the granites come from Brazil. Closer to home, there is a lot of beautiful white marble from Vermont, and there are several granites native to North America,” says Mike. Paley Anderson, the company’s sales manager, visits high-quality importers several times a year to peruse warehouses, examine colors, and see what’s new. Paley also has an eye for the different surface finishes now available, including polished, honed, and brushed. “Polished is a traditional high-gloss finish. Honed, using paint terminology, is a matte finish, which is a little more subtle and subdued and changes according to how the light lands and reflects off it. Brushed is slightly textured, thanks to diamond-tipped brushes that take down the soft minerals of a slab, leaving harder parts raised, making it look more organic,” explains Mike. With its wide selection of materials in so many colors, textures, and finishes combined with the team’s skill, artistry, and experience, Burlington Marble and Granite’s “stone guys” will remain busy for many years to come.

Burlington Marble and Granite 4740 Shelburne Rd Shelburne, VT (802) 860-1221 | 65


Brenna B Interiors Telling the unique story of every home


ucked away in the heart of Stowe Village is Brenna B Interiors. This full-service design studio offers all aspects of interior design throughout the New England area, reimagining everything from condos and commercial buildings to ski chalets and lakeside retreats. Brenna Brochhausen and her team take great pride in restoring historical farmhouses to their original splendor and bringing


new life to beloved family homes. Since collaboration is the key to a successful process, the strong relationships they’ve forged with exceptional contractors and trade professionals are paramount. Brenna has always had a passion for color and design and their ability to transform living spaces into unique retreats. Every home has a story, and the team inspires clients to tell that story as,

together, they create the home of their dreams. To Brenna, it’s vital to create spaces where people can live their best lives and enjoy serenity and comfort in their homes.

AMAZING METAMORPHOSES Every project presents its own problems, but whenever possible, the team aims to prevent them from occurring in the

first place. In order to provide her clients with as much insight as possible, Brenna maintains an open dialogue with everyone involved in a project, as communication is an integral aspect of any project. The importance of great collaboration between client, architect, builder, and designer cannot be overstated. Rather than stamp each project with her own style or ever-changing trends, Brenna’s expertise lies in her ability to bring to life each client’s specific style while weaving in the fresh, clean look of a Brenna B Interiors design. This blend of collaboration, vision, and imagination culminates in an amazing metamorphosis, leaving clients awestruck and captivated by their new surroundings. Timeless design is crafted with simplicity, function, and a sense of surprise and delight. These essential ingredients ensure that when a client walks through the doors at the end of the day, it truly feels like home.

Brenna B Interiors 109 Main Street Stowe, VT (802) 760-6499 | 67


TruexCullins Architecture + Interior Design

Enhancing communities at home and beyond for 50 years


t was in 1968 that Bill Truex joined Eugene Alexander to form a new architecture firm in Burlington, later joining Bill DeGroot and Tom Cullins. This year, TruexCullins celebrates a half-century of architecture and design, and their reach extends far beyond Burlington. For the last five decades, TruexCullins has played a vital role in creating buildings that contribute to lasting value for their inhabitants and communities. They remain committed to designing structures of all functions, sizes, and scales that are safe, comfortable, efficient, and sustainable. “The firm’s guiding philosophy is built on the belief that design has the power to transform communities and improve lives,” says marketing coordinator Julie Bellino.

outstanding client service is the foundation of our business philosophy,” Julie says. “Our ability to listen as well as our collaborative approach allows us to respond to our clients’ needs with flexibility, imagination, and distinctive design.” When Bill Truex and Tom Cullins retired around 2006/2007, the firm was reorganized into five studios: Workplace, Education, Resort/Hospitality, Residential, and Interiors. Today, David Epstein, AIA, is the managing principal. Additional leadership is provided by principals Richard Deane, AIA; Kim Deetjen, ASID; Lee Grutchfield, AIA; Rolf Kielman, AIA; and Associate Principals Keith Nelson and Matt Bushey, AIA.

FIVE STUDIOS AND AN EXPERT TEAM TruexCullins offers the combined expertise of a team of highly skilled architects, interior designers, and support staff—all well equipped to handle any challenge. “Providing 68 | VERMONT TREND WATCH | 2018

IMPACTS ON COMMUNITIES NEAR AND FAR Stroll around Burlington, and you’re bound to encounter several outstanding buildings by TruexCullins, including the

US Coast Guard Station on the waterfront, the North Beach bathhouse, Saint Paul’s Cathedral (designed by Tom Cullins and Bill Henderson), the brick residences at College and Battery Street, the UVM Davis Center, and a number of buildings at Champlain College and Saint Michael’s College. One of their earliest projects was the Church Street Marketplace, inspired by Europe’s open air markets. Bill Truex was the driving force and principal architect for the project. Recently, TruexCullins completed the Downtown Transit Center, which involved improvements to the Cherry Street/St. Paul Street corridor. This will strengthen the downtown core of Burlington, encouraging people to rely less on their cars and more on public transit. “We also designed Burlington City Arts’ new home on Pine Street after Memorial Auditorium was shuttered in 2016,” says Julie. “Our Interiors Studio did the Hotel Vermont in Burlington. We are currently working to finish renovations at Williston Central School, and we have worked on a number of schools.”

TruexCullins’ portfolio includes projects throughout Vermont and New England, Wyoming, Florida, California, and more. The Resort/Hospitality Studio recently completed projects in Wyoming and on the coasts of Florida and Maine. Though TruexCullins has been working internationally since its founding, in 2006 the Education Studio expanded to serve the this market too. Since then, they've worked on projects in countries including Brazil, Russia, Uzbekistan, Belgium, the Czech Republic, and Ethiopia. As it has for the past half-century, TruexCullins will continue to design buildings and spaces that are admired and loved, fulfill their functions effortlessly, and age gracefully throughout the community and beyond.

TruexCullins Architecture + Interior Design 209 Battery Street, Burlington, VT (802) 658-2775 | 69



bouchard-pierce A formula for success

Experience and energy are a terrific combination for any business, and Bouchard-Pierce of Essex Junction has that magic formula. Now in its fifth decade, the third-generation, family-owned appliance, kitchen, and bath dealer located next to the Champlain Valley Exposition Fairgrounds remains committed to service and quality while continuing to innovate.


A Williston, Vermont, kitchen featuring Candlelight Cabinetry in a Snowflake White Plymouth inset door.

SERVICING WHAT THEY SELL “Service drives 100 percent of what we do,” says Mike Pierce, manager of kitchen sales, and that philosophy has been in place since the shop’s founding in 1976 by William Pierce (Mike’s father) and William’s father-in-law, Andre Bouchard. Opening a 1982 flyer written by his father for a trade show, Mike points to the lines about the shop: “Better quality, better service, better price. That has always been our goal. Since day one, we have strived to stock the

best-quality brands available. I have no reservations when I say our appliance service department is second to none in Northern Vermont.” Such commitment has earned BouchardPierce an impressive following of repeat customers while attracting new ones. Developing high-end custom kitchens, assisting customers with replacement or update of an appliance or two, or kitting out kitchens and baths in new multifamily projects, the Bouchard-Pierce team works with all budgets and sizes of projects.

Bouchard-Pierce is unusual today in being a servicing dealer, a rarity in this era of big-box chain stores. “I think we’re the only servicing appliance dealer in the region,” Mike says. For customers, this offers a benefit beyond the convenience and confidence that Bouchard-Pierce will be there when they’re needed. From installations to maintenance and repair, the team knows not only which products will stand the test of time but also how to ensure that they do. | 71

Above and right: A Waterbury, Vermont kitchen featuring Medallion Cabinetry in Maple Smoke and Irish Creme Potter's Mill full-overlay door.

THE BEST PRODUCTS AND TOP ENERGY EFFICIENCY An authorized dealer of appliances from A to almost Z—Asko to Whirlpool— and exclusive dealer of many of them, Bouchard-Pierce also keeps up with the latest in appliance trends. “They have accelerated as of late with smartappliance technology and Wi-Fi connected appliances,” Mike notes, “and companies are trying to achieve maximum energy efficiency.” Among high-end appliances, Sub-Zero & Wolf continues to be a leader, says Mike. The brand made its reputation in refrigeration with a dual-compressor system that cools air separately for the freezer and refrigerator compartments. With dual compressors, appropriate humidity can be maintained in both sections, and research has shown that food lasts longer with this system. The company is on track 72 | VERMONT TREND WATCH | 2018

to release a high-performance dishwasher in the near future. For cooking, Bouchard-Pierce is the exclusive dealer in this area for Thermidor, in the Bosch group. With European-influenced style, Thermidor ranges are known for their patented star

burner. “With the star shape, there is more surface area for optimum flame adjustability,” Mike explains.

PERSONALIZED PROJECTS The Vermont Kitchen Designs division of Bouchard-Pierce helps clients customize

high-quality kitchens that meet their lifestyles, aesthetics, and budgets. “Our focus is on educating customers and developing the design that works best for them,” says Mike. “For example, we have them go through the steps of making a favorite meal so they get a feeling for where everything is and how it works. We really dive in to make sure customers know what they’re buying and going to get.” With two locations, Essex Junction and Berlin, Bouchard-Pierce has a total team of 35 employees; five are family members. “One thing we have going for us is that we’re all pretty low key,” says Mike about the dynamics of family business. “We don’t step on each other’s toes. We have defined roles. We all know what we’re doing and which direction the train is moving.” This year, that direction includes a major update and interior remodeling of their Essex Junction showroom.

TRENDS: It’s a formula that works exceptionally well and stands apart in an otherwise aging industry. “We are in another great year of growing the business,” says Mike. “We have grown in double digits every year since 2010 and are gearing up capacity to do more.”

Bouchard-Pierce/ Vermont Kitchen Design 127 Pearl Street Essex Junction, VT (800) 870-1188 | (802) 878-4822 1400 US Route 302 Berlin, VT (802) 476-6644

1. Vermont loves “rustic contemporary.” This means cool, clean lines and textures of Scandinavian design but with Vermont materials, for example, one-piece cabinet doors, which are very contemporary, but made from cherry or maple with a lot of wood grain and tone and variation. 2. Cool colors are in. Consider a palette of whites, grays, and blues. 3. Style comes in all budgets. The staff at Bouchard Pierce aims for customer satisfaction at an affordable price. | 73


slate What you’re looking for and more Modern and innovative Newgate clocks designed in London.

Earthy soy candles scented with allnatural essential oils are poured into hand-thrown, reusable pottery. Chevron herringbone throw in pearl gray, handwoven with soft cotton.

Wire-brushed oak meets black top-grain leather for a naturally distressed, modern and comfortable chair. Also available in palomino with golden oak.

Brushed cotton canvas and weathered gray oak chair. Its hand-shaped oak frame supports deep, low seating covered in soft, removable cotton covers.


Seductively simple. The perfect geometry of this coffee table is created with substantial acacia wood and natural peroba.

Fair-trade handmade wooden bowl, carved from ecologically harvested hardwood, is available in 14, 17, and 20 inches.

Indigo and natural pillows made with vintage cottons and linens.


Plum jar table lamp in navy glass with a natural raffia shade.

89 Church Street Burlington, VT (802) 540-6850 | 75


stowe kitchen bath and linens For a life well-lived

Fill your home with an enduring sense of classic comfort that embraces your lifestyle. Stowe Kitchen Bath and Linens has a brand-new, incredible 7000-square-foot post and beam store, with a staff who are passionate about helping clients put their dream rooms together. And they’ve been creating beautiful interior designs for more than 20 years, with prices and quality of service that are second to none. Kate Carpenter has curated her shop with treasures sourced locally, regionally, and globally. She’s driven by a passion to stay on trend and to consistently deliver exciting new items. To meet those goals, she works tirelessly with manufacturers and designers, and sources products and price points that satisfy the unique individuality of every client. Events and activities bring customer service to a new level at Stowe Kitchen Bath and Linens. New this summer is the professional kitchen where world famous chefs offer weekly classes. Allow lots of time. This is a shopping experience worthy of Yankee Magazine Travel Guide’s designation as “Best of New England—Editor’s Choice” Award. If new furniture is in your future plans, you’ll find very affordable sofas at every price point, starting at $1,000—plus a great deal more at Stowe Kitchen Bath and Linens. 76 | VERMONT TREND WATCH | 2018

Everyone is in love with this trending gray chandelier

The Lastra White Olive Oil container is a rustic and chic addition to your kitchen. An overlapping wooden mold, used for centuries throughout Italy, inspired this collection.

Your summer table is always on trend with VIETRI handmade dinnerware.

This contemporary chandelier is one of many options.

Interior Design Your Way From penthouses in New York to townhomes in Boston, Nantucket, Aspen, the Adirondacks, Lake Champlain, Stowe, and Rye, New Hampshire, Kate and her team travel everywhere and make it easy to create enduring interiors that turn houses into homes. Home décor has never been easier. Call or come in for a free consultation.

Ines duvet cover: Stowe Kitchen Bath and Linens is one of the largest bedding stores in New England.

STOWE KITCHEN BATH AND LINENS 1813 Mountain Road Stowe, Vermont Open daily 9:30am–5:30pm (802) 253-8050 | 77


The store

Fun finds for your kitchen

C E L E B R AT I N G 52 Y EA R S

Love garlic? Find items that make it easy to peel, slice, mince, and save.

Farmhouse-themed melamine plates are dishwasher safe and perfect for year-round fun inside and out.

Love cheese? Love Vermont? This bamboo cheese board is perfect for your kitchen, and it makes a great gift!


The Store 5275 Main Street (Route 100) Waitsfield, VT (802) 496-4465

Reduce your use of foil and plastic wrap, and green up your kitchen with these colorful silicone lids that keep foods fresher. They can be used in the oven, microwave, refrigerator, and freezer. And they‘re dishwasher-safe. | 79


POMPANOOSUC MILLS Earning the Pompy name takes quality, consistency, and craftsmanship


ack in the early 1970s, Dwight Sargent dreamed of building furniture using old-world traditions while maintaining a level of unsurpassed craftsmanship and quality. He began to realize that dream in his small woodshop in Norwich, Vermont, where he built heirloom-quality furniture that customers fell in love with. Still handcrafting fine hardwood furniture almost 50 years later, Pompanoosuc Mills operates from a 75,000-square-foot workshop on the banks of the Connecticut River in East Thetford. Their commitment to founder Dwight Sargent’s dream remains unchanged, however, and all their furniture is still made with the highest levels of craftsmanship and quality.

journey, every piece of furniture is in the hands of their skilled, knowledgeable team—from the time the order is taken, as the piece makes its way through the workshop, and up to the moment it’s set into place by Pompy’s delivery team in the customer’s home. In keeping with their founder’s vision, every piece is designed and crafted with three basic tenets in mind, and no piece is stamped with the Pompanoosuc Mills name until each is achieved. First, a piece must be visually pleasing in every aspect. Second, it must function perfectly to perform the job for which it was designed. And last, each item that earns the Pompy stamp must be made to endure and stand up to the rigors of everyday use in a home where quality of life and comfort are paramount.



Pompanoosuc Mills is a company deeply committed to quality, consistency, and customer satisfaction. On each step of its

The team at Pompanoosuc Mills handcrafts furniture according to each customer’s specifications. Although there are more than


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9,000 designs from traditional to retro to choose from, the team will also work with customers to modify any design in order to meet their preferences and space needs. Then, customers select a wood, a finish option, and hardware or fabric depending on the item. Wood choices include sustainably sourced American hardwoods such as ash, birch, oak, maple, cherry, and walnut, as well as exotic specialty woods like quilted maple, Bastogne walnut, and reclaimed

redwood. Each piece is then custom-built by Pompy’s experienced craftsmen at the Vermont workshop. There, they also upholster pieces that have that element. When an item is finished, the delivery team takes the piece to customers’ homes and sets it in place. To see their talented craftsmen at work, visit the East Thetford workshop and showroom, just 90 minutes from Burlington. Pompanoosuc Mills has seven additional showrooms in the

Northeast—in Hanover, Concord, and Nashua, New Hampshire; Boston and Natick, Massachusetts; and West Hartford, Connecticut, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Pompanoosuc Mills 4 Market Street South Burlington, VT (802) 862-8208 | 81


vermont custom closets Organizing the way you live


hile Vermonters are blessed with ample space among mountains and valleys outdoors, the same can’t always be said about the rooms inside their homes, where overflows of clothes, shoes, toys, and more often spill from closets, tumble off shelves, and slip underfoot, particularly when jostled by passing traffic, be it the two- or four-legged kind. Organization, vision, and design are the keys to bringing the outside in—a mission that Vermont Custom Closets has been pursuing and achieving since 2003. Owned and operated by Burlington residents Todd and Elizabeth Warren, the 3000-square-foot showroom and design center—Vermont’s largest closet and organizational showroom—features more than 15 different closet and organizational vignettes, from master walk-in closets to pantries and entertainment centers, home offices, garages, and more. 82 | VERMONT TREND WATCH | 2018

EXCEPTIONAL PRODUCTS, IMPECCABLE SERVICE What’s more, everything you see is guaranteed for life. “We proudly offer our clients a limited lifetime warranty, covering defects in materials for as long as you own your home,” explains Elizabeth. “This industry-leading warranty gives our clients peace of mind and confidence knowing that if at any time in the future they have a problem with the materials used for their project, we will replace them for free.” But it’s the customization carried out by a dedicated staff of professionals where the greatest value lies. “We consider our team of professional staff to be our greatest asset,” emphasizes Elizabeth, be it the ever-present can-do attitude, professional certifications, or extensive experience with a diverse clientele. The same goes for the instillation process, which the team makes sure is completed on-time and with limited disruption. Judging by the continuous customer praise online, Vermont Custom Closets is succeeding. “We had a wonderful experience with Vermont Custom Closets,” writes one happy customer. “The work was professional, and the service was incredible. We now have the closet of our dreams!” Another writes, “This company has their act together! Their showroom is terrific, and they are very helpful!”

Above: Laundry Room with Driftwood finish. Below: Walk-in Closet with River Rock finish.

AN EASY THREE-STEP PROCESS The route to state of the art organization begins with a free inhome consultation with a certified design consultant, who will step into the actual space with you, listen to what you want to accomplish, brainstorm creative storage solutions, and create the vision of your dreams. Technology also plays a key role in bringing it all to life, Elizabeth adds. “Our certified designers will use our specialized computer-aided design software that allows you to see the space in 3D and experience what your new space will feel like when it is complete. The software allows us to make real-time changes to the designs, updating the drawings and pricing with each change.”

BALANCED ON THE CUTTING EDGE As fashions change, so does Vermont Custom Closets, always staying balanced on the cutting edge. Its 2018 palette adds 13 new colors, with a range of warm and cool tones, neutral solids, and woodgrains with unique textured finishes to suit a variety of aesthetic requirements. The selections are not chosen willy-nilly either, underscores Elizabeth. “Our new 2018 offerings are a result of extensive research and evaluation with experts to ensure that we have the styles, colors, and high-quality materials to meet the needs of the everevolving home market,” She adds. Three of the new colors come with a “true” texture, which offers the look and feel of real wood,

providing a high-end, realistic appearance to add elegance and refinement to any design solution. While the quality of design, product, and service may appear beyond the pale to most new customers, it’s just another day at the office for the staff of Vermont Custom Closets. “Our mission,” Elizabeth affirms, “is to provide our customers with exceptional products and impeccable service in a fun, friendly, and professional way so they will remember.” Step inside the showroom, and you’ll see why so many do.

Vermont Custom Closets 17 Echo Place Williston, VT (802) 658-0000 | 83


vermont furniture designs Quality craftsmanship creates furniture that lasts


ew England tradition and craftsmanship are alive and well on Tigan Street in Winooski. Vermont Furniture Designs has been handcrafting beautiful, heirloomquality hardwood furniture for more than 38 years. Working in native walnut, maple, and cherry, a small team of highly skilled artisans crafts each item with a sense of pride and a deep respect for the rich history of New England furniture making. Classic yet elegant styling gives Vermont Furniture Designs’ products a timeless quality. Traditional mission, Shaker, arts and crafts, and mid-century modern styles are all faithfully represented in their vast collection. Never overly ornate, each item adheres to the company’s trademark clean, sweeping lines, and,


based on their return visits, clients seem to appreciate that. Rave reviews from across town and across the country have made their furniture highly desirable in Vermont and beyond. With a combined 44 years of experience building fine furniture, co-owners Adam Blaisdell and Rob Bachand work alongside the rest of the team on the production floor most days. They break away only when the opportunity arises to head up to the showroom and chat with new and returning customers. Rob and Adam share a passion for designing custom furniture that is both aesthetically pleasing and functionally solid, and in that process, they satisfy a wide range of customers’ wants and needs.


Opposite: Cherry Greenwich bed and Horizon tall storage chest. Below: Walnut heartwood 10-drawer wide dresser. Bottom: Owners Rob Bachand (left) and Adam Blaisdell (right) with cherry heartwood tall storage chest.

Rob and Adam’s dedication to crafting distinct furniture has also given birth to the off­shoot known as Vermont Handcrafted Furniture. While Vermont Furniture Designs remains rooted in more traditional pieces, Vermont Handcrafted Furniture embraces local artisans working in stone, metal, fabric, and other materials. These collaborations have resulted in new and exciting designs and even more fine furniture built to hand down to future generations—all produced in the Green Mountain State. Stop in at the showroom and chat with Adam and Rob next time you’re in Winooski.

Vermont Furniture Designs 4 Tigan Street Winooski, VT (802) 655-6568 | 85



THE CLEAR CHOICE Excellence in every season



art of living in the beautiful Northeast means enjoying the outdoors— and keeping constant tabs on the weather. On winter mornings, we must decide whether there is enough powder on the slopes to go skiing or if Yaktrax are required to avoid a fall during a walk. Springtime means gauging the amount of mud on the driveway to figure out your footwear before venturing forth. Fortunately, Windows & Doors By Brownell provides us with large, stylish windows for making the best assessment of the seasonal conditions outside.

HERE FOR YOU Les Brownell founded the family-owned company in 1991, and customers will still find him at any of three showrooms: in Williston, Vermont; West Lebanon, New Hampshire; or Plattsburgh, New York. The business is 100 percent committed to Marvin Windows & Doors because the company’s Minnesota-made products are the best in terms of quality, aesthetics, and performance, says assistant marketing manager, Jackie Turtur.

And the talented Brownell team is eager to help outfit your home according to your personal style. Their passion is uncovering your home’s unique traits and translating them into practical aspects. “We provide inspiration, ideas, and advice on projects. Our goal is to understand our customer’s specific needs, wants, and desires,” Jackie says.

Windows & Doors By Brownell 800 Marshall Avenue Williston, VT (802) 862-4800 8 Glen Road West Lebanon, NH (866) 928-5558 795 State Route 3 Plattsburgh, NY (877) 500-3393

Brownell provides plenty of services to assist you with the buying process, whether you’re a builder, architect, or homeowner. Besides their extensive showrooms, designers offer computer aided design (CAD) services to help you visualize what your windows will actually look like in your home, office, or business. In addition, fully insured installers, technicians, and a paint shop (with their partnership with Vermont Paint Craftsmen) ensure that every detail will be executed to perfection.

STAY SAVVY Trending nowadays are modern-rustic styles, fresh and simple touches, and personalization, Jackie says. Looking to open up your space? Dramatic scenic doors will be just right. Make a bold statement by painting your window sashes and frames in contrasting colors, or embrace the modern farmhouse look with oversized double-hung windows. Finally, let the staff assist you in positioning your windows to let in as much light as possible. Because, after all, it will be a sunny day with Brownell at your side! | 87


gordon’s window decor Customer care comes first


otwithstanding the aggressive dominance of Amazon and advances in technology easing the chores of everyday life (“Alexa, put paper towels on the list”), brick-andmortar businesses will continue to flourish. “Yes, you read that right. Despite the doom and gloom being reported in certain retail sectors (i.e., department stores), we firmly believe that brick-and-mortar retail is alive and well,” says Forbes magazine. Consumer predictions for 2018 are for personalization and customization down to the last detail. Think about it—you aren’t just buying “stuff.” You want an experience you won’t find anywhere else. And that’s what gets the team at Gordon’s Window Decor (GWD) so excited. Theirs is a team of passionate professionals who love what they do and are always ready and eager to create an invaluable customer experience you won’t find online or at a big-box store. 88 | VERMONT TREND WATCH | 2018

BE INSPIRED There’s a lot to be said for being able to see, feel, and truly experience a product before investing in it. That’s just part of the value of a brick-and-mortar showroom like Gordon’s. And consumers appreciate the consultative relationships they build with Gordon’s team and how they can help their dollars go farther. Moreover, the money customers spend will be invested in a service or product that meets all their needs as well as the test of time. They also appreciate knowing that the GWD team stands by their products and will continue to provide service and advice long after the sale. Even fairly straightforward projects like café shutters benefit from the consultative process. Discussing clients’ needs and wants helps prevent disappointments, wasted money, and other potential pitfalls and ensures that their project aligns with their needs, which might include natural light, privacy, and a specific aesthetic.

High-quality products including insulating cellular shades, roller shades, wood blinds, draperies, and solar shades give customers the options they desire to make every room function according to their vision.

A PERSONAL TOUCH Retail is becoming far more vibrant and diverse, with more independently owned stores and businesses rather than fewer, as one might expect. Artisan products and specialized services are carefully crafted for potential customers to not only fall in love with but also to cherish and eventually return for more. The national and international news of the past year may have given rise to an impulse in many to focus on their homes. And the team at GWD has knowledge, experience, and passion to make every house a home. Social media outlets provide numerous avenues for sharing the stories of small but highly successful family businesses,

and Gordon’s is no exception. Complicated projects with endless variables, integrated motorized systems, and complex logistics can be daunting, but accessing the expertise and experience of the GWD team allows consumers to bring their visions to life.

AT-HOME CONSULTATIONS Gordon’s Window Decor has always been about putting the customer first and striving to create a personal experience. That is the epitome of their complimentary shop-from-home consultations. What other location could be more appropriate for designing the décor for your home? Color swatches found online are misleading, and the texture of a fabric can’t be discerned from your smartphone. Nor can the quality of a window covering's operating system be relayed by a twodimensional diagram. Consultations at your home are fun and inspiring and allow the team at Gordon’s to make sure all aspects of the project, including everything from lifestyle to tricky mounting conditions, are achieved with expertise.

PROFESSIONAL INSTALLATION On the day of your installation, the team from GWD will not simply put up your blinds. They’ll devote as much time as you want to show you how to operate and care for them. They’ll ensure that you understand everything you need to be comfortable and satisfied with your purchase. Programmable motorization will be thoroughly reviewed until you’re comfortable. That’s Gordon’s Window Decor—a family company created by Vermonters that will leave you feeling assured your money has been well invested.

Gordon’s Window Decor 8 Leroy Road, Williston, VT (802) 655-7777 | (800) 869-2199 | 89


Left: Nils Johnson, Connecticut River Bend. Oil on canvas 30x40. Center: Mareva Millarc, Flight. Acrylic on canvas 20X24. Right: Douglas Biklen, Western Sky. Color photograph.

Burlington City Arts Beautifying the community since 2004


urlington City Arts has been working with Vermont artists and placing artwork in local businesses since 2004. Their leasing program, facilitated by Public Arts Coordinator Kate Ashman, is available to clients and venues who have publicly available space with room to exhibit. “Our curatorial staff works with the client to select artwork and then professionally installs work on a rotating basis to ensure a continuously stimulating and appealing environment suited to the clients’ taste, needs, and budget,” says Kate.

ARTWORK TAILORED TO EVERY CLIENT As a nonexclusive advocate for the arts, BCA has the opportunity to broker or commission artwork from unlimited sources for both corporate and individual buyers. “We have a database featuring a large number of local artists, and original artwork is available in all media and for any budget,” says Kate. “Our wide90 | VERMONT TREND WATCH | 2018

ranging expertise and experience allow us to design a program tailored to each organization and its needs. We are also available to provide consulting services for private clients and offer short-term leases for private functions.” BCA tailors installs to their clients’ schedules, curates selections according to clients’ tastes, and provides sample images in advance for approval, so installs generally run very smoothly. Kate explains, “First we plan a site visit to meet with a potential client, see the space, and find out more about their art needs, budget, etc. We then provide a written proposal based on the amount of artwork and frequency of rotations. Once the client is on board, we provide a contract, information about hanging systems, and artist images for them to select from. Before each install, we will reach out to confirm a date and approve artist selections. For all exhibits, we provide labels, price lists, and insurance information.”

BRINGING A UNIQUE ARTS EXPERIENCE TO THE PUBLIC Just a few examples of currently participating leasing venues are the UVM Medical Center, the Burlington International Airport, the Maltex Building, and Burlington’s City Hall. BCA has also placed permanent artwork in many venues, including the Hilton Garden Inn, Hotel Vermont, the Marriott, and an extensive (and growing) collection at the UVM Medical Center. BCA’s art sales and leasing program gives Vermont artists greater exposure and provides the community greater access to local contemporary artwork— and it adds beauty and interest to our public spaces.

Burlington City Arts 135 Church Street Burlington, VT (802) 865-7166


The Window Division at Overhead Door Company High-quality windows and outstanding customer service



he window division at Overhead Door Company was born nearly 38 years ago and has since grown to become one of the largest millwork dealers in Vermont. Overhead Door has established itself as the premier choice for contractors, developers, and homeowners for high-quality windows and doors. Overhead Door offers the highest quality windows from renowned manufacturers such as Jeld-Wen, Harvey Building Products, Lepage Millwork, FiberFrame, and Velux. Don Johnson, Eric Lykens, and C.J. Smith lead the window division with years of experience among them. “Overhead Door’s customer service has been a hallmark of the window division for many years,” says Steve Millette,

who manages shipping and receiving at Overhead Door. “Builders know they are in good hands when doing business with us.” Overhead Door serves as a distribution hub for its clients, and Steve strives to accommodate its clients with prompt delivery of its products, from order placement in the beginning to final shipment. Overhead Door has strong business relationships with prominent builders and developers. “Typically, a builder will send their clients to meet with our staff in our spacious showroom,” Steve explains. “It’s in the showroom where the client is shown a myriad of options to choose from when planning on building their home. The showroom has beautiful samples on the floor, where the

client gets a real hands-on feel for the product. The results of the meeting are then relayed to the builder, and then the wheels start in motion.” Overhead Door is a proud supplier for noted projects in the Chittenden County area, including Finney Crossing, Severance Corners, Bayberry Circle, Oak Ridge, and the Cider Mill, to name a few.

Overhead Door Company of Burlington 5375 Williston Road Williston, VT (802) 448-4752 | 91


Overhead Door Company of Burlington An award winner with a long history of success PHOTOS COURTESY OF OVERHEAD DOOR COMPANY OF BURLINGTON


on Johnson started the Overhead Door Company of Burlington out of his home back in 1948, and it’s now in its third generation. One of the largest overhead garage door and electric operator installation companies in Vermont and New Hampshire, and one of the largest firms of its kind in northern New England, it has consistently won national awards and recognition. Overhead Door Company sells the entire product lines of Overhead Door Corporation and Haas Doors, as well as handcrafted custom wood doors manufactured by Carriage House Door Company. The staff includes Joe D’Anna handling the Commercial Division; Don Johnson and Eric Lykens working closely with builders and developers;


Patricia Alto Cournoyer and Steve Millette working with residential customers; and Trevor Nadeau, an outside salesperson with a mobile showroom. The Overhead Door Division’s goal is to provide outstanding, prompt service to northern Vermont and northwestern New Hampshire. With six service trucks and two commercial trucks, they can dispatch service personnel rapidly, so customers don’t experience significant downtime with their garage doors. The fleet allows the company to service residential customers and take care of heavy commercial work too. Every garage door application is a unique situation, so the trained service staff must be able to come up with creative solutions at job sites to ensure every customer’s complete satisfaction.

When a customer decides to upgrade an existing garage door or is building a new home or garage, a staff member provides information about the many options and models available. Customers use the website for ideas or visit the showroom and meet with staff for guidance. In addition, smarthome technology continues to grow in popularity. The ability to operate a garage door with a smart device is gaining traction with homeowners of all ages.

Overhead Door Company of Burlington 5375 Williston Road Williston, VT (802) 448-4752



Installed Products Insulation experts and more


ver the last 30-plus years, Builders Installed Products has developed a reputation as one of the highest quality subcontractors and insulation providers in the Northeast. They are dedicated to providing top-quality products installed to high standards at affordable prices—all with incredible customer service to back their products. Working with builders and homeowners on everything from existing homes to new construction and commercial work, their installers are highly trained and qualified to provide a seamless installation experience. “We are proud to have provided solutions for many projects including schools, churches, sports complexes, and residential homes with some of the top builders across New England,” says Andrea Chabot, assistant regional vice president. Builders Installed Products’ specialists have a combined expertise spanning over a century, and consultations are always free. “We pride ourselves in customer service and providing clients with the knowledge and understanding they need to make the correct choice for their project,” says Andrea. “We work with clients from start to finish, managing every level of the process.”

Overhead Door Company & Builders Installed Products 5375 Williston Road Williston, VT (802) 448-4752 | 93



Industry leaders talk about some of this year’s trends BUILDERS AND CONTRACTORS “Our clients are consistently looking for comfortable spaces filled with natural light with simple, clean details. Many homeowners are seeking clutter-free, easy to clean entry and mudroom spaces with built-in storage solutions. There continues to be a strong push toward the use of natural and reclaimed materials and repurposed items.” — Kelley Osgood, Project Manager, Cushman Design Group “Clean lines and open spaces continue to be a strong trend. They’ve been trending so long, they may be considered the norm now. People want to be able to entertain, cook, and share experiences with the family without being boxed in.” — Rachel Cloutier, Marketing, Peregrine Design Build “We are living in the fourth Industrial Revolution, which you can see with the move toward artificial intelligence (AI) in all areas of our lives, including smarthome technology. We’re a culture of convenience. AI is now standard in most vehicles. You are going to start to see AI as a standard in all new homes as well.” — Adam Hergenrother, Founder and CEO, Adam Hergenrother Companies 94 | VERMONT TREND WATCH | 2018

“Outdoor living spaces are a huge trend. More people are opting for multipanel doors to blur the line between interior and exterior. Clients are also asking for the same amenities they have in their indoor kitchen for their outdoor cooking spaces.” — Rachel Cloutier, Marketing, Peregrine Design/Build “Clean lines are front and center. Mixing modern elements such as concrete countertops with rustic elements like live-edge wooden shelves creates a lot of character while still maintaining a minimalist feel.” — Tom Hergenrother Jr., President and Co-Owner, BlackRock Construction “Partly as a result of the availability of solar photovoltaic energy, our clients are requesting mechanical systems that are electrically driven as a means of both self-reliance and reducing the use of non-renewable fossil fuels. We’ve been focusing on system designs that allow for flexibility, occupants’ comfort, and the ability to perform seamlessly at the low temperatures we experience in the Vermont winters. This has translated to air-to-air heat pumps, air-to-water heat pumps, and other innovative systems.” — Chad Forcier, Project Manager, Cushman Design Group

“The LED lighting revolution is a movement we’re participating in, and our particular focus has been achieving near-to-no dropoff in quality of light from traditional incandescent sources. Over the years, one of the pitfalls of adopting new lighting technologies has been the industry’s focus on efficiency over quality. We believe that quality of light cannot be left behind in the pursuit of efficiency. With that in mind, we have for years been totally focused on specifying only the highest quality color-rendering lamps available.” — Chad Forcier, Project Manager, Cushman Design Group “We have also seen more clients looking to use what was once considered unusable space to create bonus rooms, such as using the space above a garage for a music studio, an office, a home gym, and even a home theater.” — Rachel Cloutier, Marketing, Peregrine Design Build “Another trend I hope continues is creating spaces to get away from the television—reading nooks, home yoga studios, library/bar areas, or a “secret room” for the kids to play in.” — Rachel Cloutier, Marketing, Peregrine Design/Build

“Our living spaces must incorporate our need for experiential living—secret rooms, radiant flooring, transitional furniture, and indoor/outdoor spaces. It’s how the space looks, feels, and functions for busy individuals and families.” — Adam Hergenrother, Founder and CEO, Adam Hergenrother Companies

INTERIORS “For kitchen trends—matte black finishes, natural selections—think white, gray, washed wood, two-tone cabinetry, dedicated chopping and baking stations and bleached or limed floors. In addition, we’re seeing more color back in the kitchen, gray and blue tones, large floor tiles, and warm wood accents.” — Rachel Cloutier, Marketing, Peregrine Design Build

HOME DECOR “We’re seeing a movement toward comfort and ease. People are choosing less ‘fine and fussy’ furniture in lieu of beautiful materials that are livable and feel good—think high-quality, long-wearing linens and cotton blends for upholstery, wool and sisal rugs, textiles that showcase vintage patterns, and textured fabrics.” “Modern farmhouse style continues to be strong. The mix of reclaimed wood combined with brass, copper, and/or stone brings a contemporary style to the home that is simple and beautiful.” — Nicholas Stokes, Slate

WINDOWS “Many contemporary homes being built Unt doloribus incia estrumquis recte dis acitoday are all about unobstructed views and lique omni blabo. Ignatin corpore nis consed modipsunt. large expanses of glass that bring in lots of Ipsa nimint qui cum fugitem peliassus et quo natural light.” moles eum et escius, sum excepeliqui berciis re vitaquodi corerio num et —nsequos Jackienem Turtur, Marketing, plam quam laudaep erernatis as erum ium Windows & Doors By Brownell faccuptatqui consed mos doluptaecus re nus pos a quaeria eossedi ostibusant amus nulloreclean samet lines faceptionse is doluptiat “Bold are here to stay in contemporary design. Use dark interior window finishes to create a fearless statement in a room’s interior design.” — Jackie Turtur, Marketing, Windows & Doors By Brownell

“The new and growing trend in homes today is bringing outdoor living inside. With scenic doors like the Marvin Bi-Fold, Multi-Slide, and Lift and Slide doors, people can utilize exterior spaces in their floorplan. This adds valuable living space without adding to the home’s square footage.” — Jackie Turtur, Marketing, Windows & Doors By Brownell | 95

CLOSETS “It’s all about maximizing space these days and rooms becoming multifunctional. For example, with a Murphy bed, a home office, exercise room, hobby room, or playroom can easily convert to a guest bedroom. Comfort and convenience are also important. Murphy beds use a regular mattress, and the unit is spring-loaded for easy access. Gone are the days when guests have to sleep on a pullout couch with the bar hitting them in the back or an air mattress that takes up space during the day because it’s a hassle to deflate.” — Cheryl Bodette, Marketing Manager, Vermont Custom Closets

OUTDOOR LIVING “Most restaurants have the challenge of expanding seating in spring, summer, and early fall. And residential customers who live at higher altitudes or lakeside have wind challenges to consider. The Gennius awning is the solution. This heavy-duty product can handle wind, provide shade or sun, and is designed to capture rainfall and rout it into its gutter. It can also be retrofitted to an existing pergola. Last year, Otter Creek Awnings helped Spot on the Dock to design and construct the retractable Gennius that diners sit under and enjoy. This spring we have two new Gennius projects planned, one at Edson Hill in Stowe and the other at The Essex, just in time for summer.” — Cheryl Bodette, Marketing Manager, Otter Creek Awnings “People are responding to projects where we provide sheltered spots to lounge, eat outdoors, and just relax. With the pace of life these days, all folks really want is a nice place to kick back and take it easy.” — Nate Carr, Church Hill Landscaping

GARAGE DOORS “Smart home technology continues to become more popular. The ability to operate your garage door with your smart phone or device is gaining traction with homeowners.” — Stephen Millette, Overhead Door Company of Burlington 96 | VERMONT TREND WATCH | 2018

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