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Middle Selection Booklet (with Questionnaire) 2018 AIESEC in Taiwan NTHU

Selection Process

Application complete & Consulting

Pass subcomboard


Selection Timeline 06/14





Special round application release

Middle Selection Info. Session

DDL of special application

1st interview release

DDL of 1st interview



Final Middle Announcement Training Day MUST ATTEND

EB team e-mail LCP 黃柏霖(Berlin): VP TM 陳譽升(Johnson): VP FN 楊智堯(Kevin): VP IGT 簡宜蓁(Anla): VP IGV 顏士傑(Eric): VP OGX(Proxy) 陳譽升: VP Branding 沈書瑜(Jorie):

Reminder (read carefully) • • • • • •

Please submit your form before DDL. No late application will be accepted Application should include general questions and specific questions Application should be send to LCP, VP TM, and functional VP you are applying Applicant CAN apply for more than one position at a time and please state exactly which position you want to apply for. (ie you can apply for only one position or at most two) (Each position will be evaluated after the interview and will be negotiated by the EB team. We want to seek the potential of all of you so try as much application as you can.) You can finish this application in Chinese or English

Format: PDF File name: 2018_middle-selection_(name)_(position).pdf Subcomboard: Functional VP(function you chose) + LCP + VPTM will host your interview

Obligation (read carefully) • •

Before coming to be subcomed, please read the AIESEC way/ New Customer Flow / AIESEC Six Values You should attend the Middle Training day (How to plan/Team Management...)

In next semester, there will be regular middle meeting. And all middle should attend it

You can negotiate with your vice-president and come up some strategies for function

Every month LC will hold a space for monthly review to improve our operation, and middle need to make their team report to present it in monthly review

Middle Structure Let’s start your amazing journey.

Middle Structure LCP






Team Leader


Marketing Manager

Team Leader

Project Development TL

Customer Relationship Manager

Talent Management Learning & Development Manager Talent Evaluation Manager

Job Description What am I going to do exactly?

IGV-Project Development Team Leader ●

Raise Embrace Taiwan Project ○ Raise new project ○ Re-Raise ET2.0 project (ie. Migrant Worker) New Project Development ○ New project design (Fit what society needs) ○ New project raise Project Management ○ Communication with TN (except schools) ○ Project JD Management

IGV-DBL Team Leader ●

Raise DBL Project ○ Miaoli Re-Raise ○ Raise school by school in Hsinchu DBL Project Management ○ Communicating with Schools & Government in Miaoli County ○ EP & School Allocation ○ Project JD Management New Education Project Development ○ Design New Education Project for Schools in Hsinchu

IGV-CEM Team Leader ●

Matching Management ○ Allocate interview ○ Interview Management EP Experience Management ○ EP Buddy Allocation ○ 16 Standards Fulfillments ○ Holding EP Activities(ie.IPS.City Tour & Farewell Party) ○ Tracking & Recording Realizing EPs Host Family Program ○ Building the Data Base of Host Families in Hsinchu & Miaoli ○ Cooperating Hostel(巷仔內) Management

OGX-OGV Team Leader ●

OGV Team Management ○ Member Education Cycle ○ Tracking & Coaching ○ FM Management Customer Experience Management ○ Info. Session Management ○ Follow-up Process Control ○ Lead Session Design

OGX-Customer Relationship Management Manager

Returnee Management ○ Collect all EPs closing report and implement it for attraction ○ Have good relationship with returnees Info. Session Quality Control ○ Find out the Info. Session Speaker and communicate with them ○ Design info session topic and come up key content to DGs

OGX-Marketing Manager

Product Positioning ○ Do a marketing research ○ Analysis the target audience ○ Find out the product position Promoting Product ○ Holding the PR event for increasing exposure ○ Info. session position management and promotion

IGT-Team Leader

IGT Team Management ○ Member Education Cycle ○ Tracking & Coaching ○ FM Management Operation Management ○ Raise operation executing ○ Match operation executing

TM-Learning & Development Manager ●

LCM Management ○ Brainstorming how to promote LCM to TMP and implement it ○ Design LCM content for engaging TMP into AIESEC Resource Management ○ External resource collection and implement ○ Alumni resource management (Holding the AG) Professional Competence Development ○ Design Education content for TMP to have enough learning point ○ FM Education Plan negotiating

TM-Experience Evaluation Manager ●

Talent Evaluation ○ Create the team report template and track MS ○ Evaluation team report and come up with some insights ○ Talent Regular Coaching ○ Design Evaluation Task and make a report to give MS insight Education Channel Evaluation ○ Coordinate with Learning Manager to judge education channel(LCM etc...) is useful or not ○ NPS Survey management Membership Survey Management ○ Analysis 360 / Membership Survey and get some insight and feedback ○ Education TMP/TLP how to finish the survey and follow up

“It is the chance to change.” “Let’s be the better one.”

2018 AIESEC in Taiwan NTHU

General Question Let’s discover yourself.

General Questions

All applicant is required to finish and complete the following questions followed by specific questions. If applicant has any questions or further concerns about the question being asked, it is wise to look up or consult one of the VP for the further information.

Every applicants should finish all general questions.

Remember there is no right or wrong answers when we ask you to define or ask opinionated answers. Good Luck!

General Questions 1.Why are you here running for this position? 2.What is your goal during your term?and What do you want to learn from this position? 3.As a leader. List your 3 strength and weakness, and explain how they are gonna affect your team.

General Questions 4.Can you tell me what is middle structure(Compared with VP,MB)? 5.Please explain what is the AIESEC way(why/how/what). What is your own connection with the AIESEC way? (Reference: (video) (article)) 6.How do you think about Inner and Outer Journey which is mentioned in the AIESEC way? (Reference: (article))

General Questions 7.Please explain what is the six values of AIESEC. What kinds of leader you want to be? (Reference: (article)) 8.Please state the New Customer Flow and explain its importance of each flow in the function you applying. 9.What are your biggest faith(/hope) and fear in this role ? What action will you take initiatives during these situations?

General Questions 10.What is your positioning(定位) in this function, especially with the role you apply?(explanation:What can you do for this team / How can this team cultivate your ability..etc or you can analyze the relationship between your VP/memebr and you, and also think more about your connection with this role )

Specific Questions Let’s start your amazing journey.

Specific Questions Applicants should finish the functional questions which you are applying. If applicant has more than one choices, please remember to finish all specific questions of both two functions with clear function name stated.

Applicant should have specific knowledge for the position that he or she will be applying. If applicant has any questions or further concerns about the question being asked, it is wise to look up or consult one of the VP for the further information. Remember specific questions will require critical thinking and reasons behind your strategies. So be clear on your answers.

Specific Question ●

Talent Management Please list down the Talent Flow with every step and the thing you need to do? And analysis why do TM need to do these Incoming Global Volunteer Why should we run the GV project? Tell me 3 things that you concern the most of running IGV product. Incoming Global Talent Please analysis the accounts of CC/Meeting in 2017 & 2018 and write down your insight (Hint: You can find the data in Salesforce) Outgoing Global Exchange Why do NTHU need OGV product? Tell me 3 things that you concern the most of running OGV product

End of Booklet (Looking forward to receive your application! Free feel to contact any EBs. )

2018 AIESEC in Taiwan NTHU

2018 autumn middle selection booklet  
2018 autumn middle selection booklet