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Few places in America can compare to the communities in Michigan’s Harbor Country. With incredible natural beauty at every turn - from the beaches and waters of Lake Michigan to the sandy dunes nearby, and with close proximity to Chicago - Harbor Country easily has something for everyone. Known as the Riviera of the Midwest, Harbor Country offers a tremendous lifestyle with the best of everything including countless outdoor activities, boutique and antique shopping, festivals, fine dining and more. We’re proud to call this our home. At its heart, real estate is a local business, and we participate in and give back to the communities we live in and love. At Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Chicago, we are passionate about what we do and continually strive to be the foremost provider of superior real estate services.

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St. Joseph 19

Benton Harbor 5

Stevensville 20

Berrien Springs 6

Three Oaks 21

Bridgman 7

Union Pier 22

Buchanan 8 Coloma 9


Fenville 10

Beverly Shores 24

Grand Beach 11

Chesterton 25

Harbert 12

Dune Acres 26

Lakeside 13

Long Beach 27

Michiana 14

Michigan City 28

New Buffalo 15

Miller Beach 29

Saugatuck 16

Ogden Dunes 30

Sawyer 17

Porter 31

South Haven 18




South Haven

Coloma Benton Harbor St. Joseph

Stevensville Baroda Bridgman Sawyer Harbert Lakeside Union Pier New Buffalo Three Oaks Grand Beach Michiana

Berrien Springs





Baroda is located near I-94.

Located in Berrien County in Southwest Michigan, the village of Baroda was incorporated in 1907 and has rolling hills, vineyards, wineries, and orchards. Baroda boasts two parks, with a variety of activities for outdoor and sports enthusiasts. The Village Park is along Hickory Creek and offers public tennis courts, basketball courts, and playground equipment. 29-acre Hess Lake Park includes nature trails, fishing on Hess Lake, soccer and baseball fields, and a covered pavilion. The countryside of Baroda has expanded its catalog of small businesses, offering many farm stands, orchards, wineries and microbreweries in the area.

$243,906 100





101MILES Incorporated as a village in 1866, Benton Harbor became a well-known town when its main canal became a lake port. The 1870s was a time of huge growth where ships were loading more than 300,000 packages of fruit a year. During that time, a high school, a college, a street railway, an opera house and a national bank were established. In recent years, Benton Harbor has also become home to many local businesses such as new specialty retail shops, art galleries, and restaurants.

I-94 is located within 10 minutes from downtown Benton Harbor.

Benton Harbor has many different parks within its district including Jean Klock Park, Hall Park, Riverfront Park and the Benton Harbor City Boat Launch. Each park has its own unique attraction which offers a variety of outdoor activities. I-94 is located 10 minutes from downtown Benton Harbor. Commuters also have the option of taking the Amtrak train from the nearby station in St. Joseph, 8 minutes away.

$139,984 110



$267,279 5


94 MILES Berrien Springs is named after John M. Berrien, who was a member of President Andrew Jackson’s cabinet and former Attorney General. “Springs” was added to the name when mineral springs were found in the area. Berrien Springs is located near US-31 and I-94.

The village is surrounded by Oronoko Charter Township to the west and Berrien Township to the east. Nestled along the banks of the St. Joseph River, Berrien Springs is also in the Lake Chapin area of Michigan. Andrews University and the Berrien County Youth Fairgrounds are both within close proximity. The Berrien Springs Public School system serves the area and includes Berrien Springs High School. Berrien Springs is accessible through US-31.

$235,550 $195,000 6





86 MILES Home to the Weko Beach Campground and close to Warren Dunes Park, Bridgman is a great location for those who enjoy being outdoors. Platted by George C. Bridgman in 1870 and centered around a railroad station, Bridgman grew rapidly as nurseries were established in the area. Today, Bridgman is described by its residents as a pleasant rural community. With I-94 and the Old US Highway 12 running directly through Bridgman, transportation by car in and out of the village is easy. The nearest Amtrak station is located within St. Joseph, which is approximately 25 minutes away. Students attend Bridgman Public Schools.

I-9 4 runs directly through Bridgman.

$244,090 90



$379,000 7



Buchanan is located near US-31 and I-94.

Known as the Red Bud city, Buchanan is located in southern Berrien County, along the banks of the Saint Joseph River. It was originally a milling town that was founded in 1833 by Charles Cowles and today it is a gateway to Michigan’s wine country. Keeping its original charm, Buchanan has two historical districts and is also home to Pears Mill, a working water mill that produces flour. Buchanan offers a bevy of recreational activities. Boating, kayaking and fishing can all be done along the Saint Joseph River, while running, biking and walking can all be done along the McCoy Creek Trail. The downtown area is full of restaurants and shops to enjoy. The area is served by Buchanan Community Schools for elementary through high school education.

$166,055 108





107 MILES Coloma is named after a town in California and is located between Chicago, Illinois and Detroit, Michigan. Peaches, grapes, cherries, and apples are grown within the area, giving it the nickname of “the fruit belt�. The Coloma Community School District includes Coloma, Bainbridge, Benton, Hagar, and Watervliet Townships in Berrien County and Covert Township in Van Buren County.

I-94 is located within a few minutes of Coloma.

$195,897 120



$179,083 9



Fennville has access to I96.

Fennville in Allegan County, Michigan, was originally named Fenn’s Mill after E.A. Fenn who opened a sawmill, but the moniker was eventually changed in the 1800s. Incorporated as a village in 1889, Fennville officially became a city in 1961. Bed and Breakfast establishments, wildlife and wineries serve as characteristics of Fennville. The city is near Saugatuck and South Haven. Students have the option of attending school within the Fennville Public School District. Allegan County has numerous parks for recreational use, and Fennville is ideally located close to Lake Michigan. Amtrak service is available in nearby Holland, and Fennville has access to I96.

$275,816 150





75 MILES Located within New Buffalo Township, Grand Beach is known for its architecture and close proximity to shopping, casinos and botanical gardens. Founded by the Grand Beach Company around 1903, Grand Beach was home to the Golfmore Hotel. In its heyday, it was one of the finest of the Great Lakes vacation spots with many film stars choosing to visit. Lost to a fire in 1939, the hotel’s name has been preserved through the lake estates, neighborhoods and streets. Today, Grand Beach is thriving as a picturesque village on the lake.

I-94 is located 10 minutes or less from almost all points within Grand Beach.

I-94 is located 10 minutes or less from almost all points of the town of Grand Beach. Drivers can take I-94 to Chicago in approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes. Grand Beach Road also runs directly through Grand Beach as an alternative transportation option for drivers. New Buffalo schools serve the Grand Beach area.

$137,500 85






I-94 is located 10 minutes or less from almost all points within Harbert.

“Harbert is out of the ordinary, not out of the way” proclaims the Harbert Business Association, which reflects the feeling and picturesque atmosphere of the town that was created by Scandinavian families. Harbert’s close proximity to Lake Michigan and the amenities offered by surrounding communities make it a great destination. With the Warren Dunes located mere miles away, Harbert has access to many outdoor activities, as well as shops and restaurants. Harbert’s shoppers will encounter art galleries and antique shops, while a wide variety of trendy shops are located in nearby communities. Harbert is served by the River Valley School District. I-94 is located 10 minutes or less from almost all points of town in Harbert. Red Arrow Highway also runs directly through Harbert as an alternative transportation option for drivers.

$755,300 90





80 MILES Originally named Chikaming, an Indian word meaning “at the shore of sea”; Lakeside prospered as a popular turn of the century resort town. Chicagoans began visiting Lakeside as a vacation destination in the early 1920s. Shopping in Lakeside includes many art galleries, boutiques and antique stores. Located 10 minutes from the Lakeside center is the Warren Woods State Park which offers a variety of outdoor activities. Individuals looking for a larger range of activities also have the option of the Warren Dunes State Park which is one of the state’s most popular parks.

I-94 is located 10 minutes or less from almost all points of town in Lakeside.

Lakeside is served by the River Valley School District. I-94 is located 10 minutes or less from almost all points of town in Lakeside. Travelers on 1-94 can reach Chicago in 1 hour and 25 minutes. Red Arrow Highway also runs directly through Lakeside as an alternative transportation option for drivers.

$878,423 85





70 MILES Positioned along the shores of Lake Michigan, Michiana’s name comes from its location on the border of Indiana and Michigan. The community is known for its quiet and relaxing cottage life, quaint log cabins, relaxing beaches and an overall soothing environment. I-94 is located 10 minutes from almost all points of town in Michiana.

I-94 is located 10 minutes from almost all points of town in Michiana. Traveling to Chicago on I-94 takes approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes. Grand Beach Road also runs directly through Michiana as an alternative for drivers. Michiana is just 7 miles north of Michigan City, which is home to Lighthouse Place Premium Outlet mall and its dozens of well-known designers and retailers in one location. New Buffalo schools serve the Michiana area. Aside from the many water-themed activities on Lake Michigan, the neighboring town of Union Pier is approximately 25 minutes away from the Warren Dunes State Park and offers many outdoor activities.

$323,000 85





75 MILES Located at the mouth of the Galien River on Michigan’s west coast, New Buffalo was officially recognized in 1836 as a safe harbor for ships traveling the Great Lakes. The town is now known for being the capital of Harbor Country, and is home to the Michigan Travel Center. New Buffalo and its surrounding areas have long been a vacationer’s dream with miles of sandy shoreline to enjoy. New Buffalo also boasts unique dining, gift shops and a wide range of outdoor activities that make it a very memorable and exciting place. Forest Beach, an exclusive residential community with numerous amenities, is also within New Buffalo.

Amtrak offers train service from New Buffalo to Chicago’s Union Station.

Individuals looking for outdoor recreational activities have plenty from which to choose. In addition to bicycling, sightseeing, kayaking, boating, and going to the beach, The Galien River County Park Preserve features 86 acres of upland, wetland and marsh habitats. For those who wish to travel to and from Chicago, Amtrak offers service from the New Buffalo station to Chicago’s Union Station which takes approximately 1 hour. New Buffalo is served by the New Buffalo School District.

$485,463 85



$393,116 15



Saugatuck has access to I96.

Located in Allegan County, Saugatuck is a city known for its booming tourism scene. Saugatuck has 10 miles of shoreline on Lake Michigan and a beach named by Conde Nast Traveler as one of the top 25 beaches in the world. The city was originally a lumber town and port, along with its adjacent city of Douglas. Visitors and residents can enjoy shopping at a number of boutiques and dining at a number of local eateries. Students can attend Saugatuck Public Schools, which offers elementary, middle and high school learning options.

$397,806 $276,864 16





85 MILES Sawyer is the northernmost community of Harbor Country and is home to the most frequently visited state park, Warren Dunes. Sawyer was founded by Silas Sawyer, in the mid-1800s. He had a vision of keeping the land’s natural beauty. Subsequently, he set about planting many fruit trees, many of which still remain today. The town of Sawyer grew into a hub for the agriculture and lumber trades, yet still remains the quaint town Silas Sawyer envisioned. Sawyer is known for the Warren Dunes, several hundred acres of sand dunes, campgrounds and beaches. Sawyer’s shopping is very true to the quaint feel of the town, with various storefronts throughout.

I-94 is located 10 minutes or less from almost all points of town in Sawyer.

I-94 is located 10 minutes or less from almost all points of town in Sawyer. Traveling on I-94 will bring commuters into Chicago in approximately 1 hour and 25 minutes. Red Arrow Highway also runs directly through Sawyer as an alternative transportation option for drivers. Sawyer is served by the River Valley School District.

$352,215 90






South Haven has access to I96.

J.R. Monroe was the founder of South Haven and was granted a land patent from the U.S. Government in 1833 that spanned over 65 acres along the shore of Lake Michigan. With roots in the lumbering industry, South Haven saw a boom in fruit growing, fueling it into a fruit industry centric city. Most of the city is a part of Van Buren County, with a portion of it in Allegan County. South Haven is a tourist attraction that offers numerous beaches, restaurants, and boutiques for visitors and residents. Students can attend South Haven Public Schools, which include elementary, middle and high school options.

$313,595 $324,272 18





90 MILES Located just 90 miles from downtown Chicago, St. Joseph is a quaint resort community that has prospered throughout the years through its support of a balanced mix of industrial, commercial and residential development. St. Joseph is not only a great place to live, but also offers a variety of activities for tourists including shopping and festivals. Thousands come every year to relax on the beaches of Lake Michigan. Either within the village or very close by are the Dickinson Park, the John and Dede Howard Ice Arena, Kiwanis Park and a dog park. The Harbor Shores Development has a Jack Nicklaus-designed golf course, homes and a marina, and nearby is the Silver Beach Carousel.

Amtrak offers train service to St. Joseph.

By car, one can take I-94 east to exit 27, then head north for approximately 5 miles. Amtrak offers train service to the St. Joseph station located within the city limits of St. Joseph. The St. Joseph community is served by the St. Joseph Public School system.

$281,717 100



$284,479 19


92 MILES Since 1893, when Stevensville was officially proclaimed a village by the State of Michigan, the village has been a quaint and small township that greatly values its local heritage. The railroad company laid a rail line through the village, helping it grow into the town that it is now. I-94 is within close proximity to Stevensville.

Nature activists will love the Grand Mere State Park, located 5 minutes from the village center. Grand Mere State Park offers many outdoor activities such as hiking, swimming, a boat launch, a picnic shelter and a beach. W ith I-9 4 and Red A rrow Highway running directly through Stevensville, transportation by car in and out of the village is easy. The nearest Amtrak station is located in St. Joseph, which is approximately 15 minutes away. Stevensville is served by the Lakeshore Public School System.

$279,914 $202,039 20





80 MILES This charming and quiet town is located just 7 miles inland to the East of New Buffalo and Lake Michigan, which gives visitors easy access to many outdoor activities including canoeing, golf, hiking trails, horseback riding and more. The Harbor Arts organization in town sponsors many activities and festivals that are fun for all ages. Three Oaks is close to shops, beaches and outdoor recreational activities including the Region of Three Oaks History Museum. Three Oaks is served by the River Valley School District.

Located 10 minutes from I-94.

Located 10 minutes from I-94, 20 minutes from I-80 and 15 minutes from US-31, Three Oaks is in an easily accessible location. Pulaski Highway runs directly through Three Oaks, a great advantage to commuters heading out of town.

$207,559 85






I-94 is located 10 minutes or less from all points of town in Union Pier.

Union Pier has something for everyone. While it is known for exquisite nearby wineries, this beachside town hosts a plethora of outdoor activities. Union Pier originally acquired its name from the shipping piers that used to transport timber to Chicago during the 1800s. Then as tourism replaced timber as the area’s main industry in the 1900s, the village was transformed into a charming town with many unique shops and the name stuck. Aside from the many water-themed activities on Lake Michigan, Union Pier is approximately 10 minutes from the Warren Dunes State Park which provides additional activities. Union Pier boasts numerous art galleries and home dÊcor shops. The New Buffalo Area Schools and River Valley Schools serve the Union Pier area. I-94 is located 10 minutes or less from almost all points of town in Union Pier. Traveling on I-94, drivers can reach Chicago in approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes. Red Arrow Highway also runs directly through Union Pier as an alternative transportation option for drivers.

$632,179 $315,667 22





Long Beach Michigan City Beverly Shores

Dune Acres

Ogden Dunes

Porter Chesterton

Miller Beach




I-94 is located close to Beverly Shores

In May 1927, Chicago real estate developer Frederick Bartlett purchased 3,000 acres of lake front lands from the estates of local owners. After selling his properties to his brother Robert in 1933, Robert constructed schools, a golf course, theater and other venues and by 1947 the community was incorporated as a State of Indiana town within Pine Township and Porter County. Today Beverly Shores attracts many visitors who are able to enjoy beaches, marshlands, bird watching and the Indiana Dunes. Students can attend school in the Michigan City Area School District.

$426,778 85





48 MILES Chesterton is known within the region as an artistic community and has a number of art galleries and historical sites. Outside of its artistic prowess, Chesterton also has numerous recreational options for its residents and visitors that include the Coffee Creek Watershed Preserve. Those wanting to hike can enjoy the newly constructed PrairieDuneland hiking and biking trail. Students can attend school in the Duneland School Corporation, which are a group of public schools in the area.

Chesterton has direct access to I-94.

$277,607 70



$172,532 25



I-94 is close to Dune Acres.

Dune Acres is located just off of Lake Michigan and is just minutes away from neighboring Chesterton and Valparaiso. A lakefront community includes around 165 single family homes with architecture ranging from original log homes to new construction. The natural landscape of Dune Acres is appealing to both residents and visitors, with rolling hills, natural sand dunes, views of Lake Michigan, and the Chicago skyline in the distance. The Indiana Dunes National Park borders the town and Dune Acres has some of the highest levels of plant diversity in North America. Students can attend school in Duneland School District, which is a consolidation of Westchester, Liberty, Jackson, and a part of Pine School Townships.

$252,836 $175,294 26





65 MILES Long Beach in Michigan Township and LaPorte County, Indiana, was originally established in the 1920’s when it was mainly a summer getaway. Today, the town still attracts a bevy of tourists with its beaches, dunes, and beautiful shoreline. The town has a fitness center, community center, and golf course that all serve as recreational options for its residents. Students can attend school in the Michigan City Area Schools.

I-94 is close to Long Beach

$212,540 90



$188,862 27



I-94 is close to Michigan City.

Michigan City is a city located in LaPorte County, Indiana. Local residents in the area refer to it as being a part of the Michiana region. Michigan City is a tourist attraction, boasting beaches that include two popular inland lakes. Washington Park has a two-mile stretch of Lake Michigan shoreline and the Pine Lake Waterpark features paddle boats, water slides, and other fun aquatic activities. Michigan City also lies near the Indiana Dunes National Park, where around 50 miles of trails over dunes serve hikers and nature guests. The area also has four golf courses, blueberry farms, orchards, and botanic gardens. Students can attend school in the Michigan City Area School District.

$115,026 $149,501 28





45 MILES Miller Beach is located in Gary, Indiana and is also where the Indiana National Dunes Park begins. Encompassing five and a half miles of continuous beach, Miller Beach also has a number of restaurants, bars and boutiques for visitors and residents to enjoy. The Miller Beach Arts and Creative District hosts music events and gallery showings. 20 miles of trails connects to the historic downtown area, the Indiana Dunes, Lake Michigan beaches and the Miller South Shore Railroad Station. Students in Miller Beach can attend school in the Gary Community School Corporation.

Miller Beach has access to the South Shore Train.

$132,701 60



$218,167 29



O gden Dune s has ac c e s s t o I-9 4 and I-9 0 and t he Sou t h Shore train stops in the town.

The town of Ogden Dunes is a small residential community within Porter, Indiana. Named after Francis A. Ogden who owned the land until 1914, the town was officially incorporated in 1925. The town was once billed as have the highest ski jump in the United States, due to the 192 foot tall jump constructed by a ski club. Today the town is known for its Lake Michigan shoreline views and proximity to the Indiana Dunes National Park. Cyclists have 70 miles of biking trails to enjoy and the Dunes Nature Preserve serves as the perfect setting for bird watching. Porter Township Schools serve the students of Ogden Dunes.

$184,185 $189,280 30





45 MILES Porter is a town in Westchester Township in Porter County Indiana. It originally served as the home of a local fur tradesman and in the 1850s, the railroad was extended to the town. Today Porter serves as a lovely oasis for visitors and residents alike, with beachfront properties, small-town charm, restaurants and the Indiana Dunes to explore. Porter neighbors Chesterton and Dune Acres. Students can attend school in the Porter Township School Corporation.

Porter has access to I-94.

$277,607 70



$172,532 31


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