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Fannie Mae Multifamily provides a credit facility execution that allows a borrower to arrange flexible financing terms for a portfolio of properties on a cross-collateralized and cross-defaulted basis, with property addition, property release, property substitution, and borrow-up capabilities for all asset classes.

Why Berkadia?

Berkadia currently services 28 active Fannie Mae credit facilities and bulk deliveries totaling $4.6 billion in unpaid principal balances

We have consistently been ranked among the top Fannie Mae structured debt providers

In addition to conventional, Berkadia has closed credit facilities comprised of seniors, affordable (MAH) and manufactured housing assets

In 2022, Berkadia was Fannie Mae’s #2 DUS lender and ranked #2 in combined Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae and FHA origination volume

Recent Examples:

y $204.6M Sponsor Initiated Affordabilty (SIA) facility with a 1.20x DSCR and 35-year amortization

y $158M initial advance with 7, 10, 12 yr., and SARM tranches; funding after multiple borrow ups and conversions totaled $242M

y $226M in funding, including multiple borrow-ups, for the same client across multiple conventional and MAH credit facilities closed over several years

y $989M in funding for a large manufactured housing client across four credit facilities closed in 2017, 2018 and 2020

Features of Fannie Mae Credit Facilities:

y MBS execution that allows ultimate flexibility in portfolio management

y Allows opportunistic sale or release of properties

y Expansion feature allows easy addition of properties

y Recognize portfolio improvements with first lien borrow-ups

y Retain favorable interest rates with property substitutions

y Ladder maturities with multiple tranches of debt

y Pre-negotiated loan documents provide for certainty of execution and fast closings for facility expansions

For more information:

Please reach out to your Berkadia mortgage banking professional or visit

The Credit Facility Option Creates Significant Flexibility: A Case Study


A large regional borrower with limited Fannie Mae experience has partnered with a large pension fund to acquire small portfolios. The initial acquisition is a portfolio of five value-add, market-rate properties valued at $250 million and they intend to grow the partnership to $500 million over three years.


The borrower anticipates holding most of the assets long term but would like the flexibility to opportunistically sell as needed. Ideally, the borrower expects to obtain additional financing when NCF improvements are realized.


Because we matched the credit facility structure and features to the borrower’s strategy, they mitigated their exposure to interest rate risk and realized huge savings over the term of the facility.

The Fannie Mae Advantage
No maximum facility amount
No unused capacity
No rebalancing
No penalty fees for long-term debt 12/11.5 Fixed-Rate 10/9.5 Fixed-Rate 10-year Structured ARM 5/3 Fixed-Rate Borrower finances initial acquisition with three tranches of debt Initial advance Borrower releases trapped equity by borrowing up against portfolio improvements Property improvements generate additional NCF and value Borrow-up Borrower sells three properties and pays down the variable-rate debt tranche Release Borrower releases a property and adds a new one up to 180 days later Substitution Borrower adds five properties Addition 7/5 Fixed-Rate Solution

Fannie Mae Credit Facilities

Credit Facility Size

Minimum initial advance of $100 million with unlimited expansion capacity.

Term Flexible credit facility and loan terms. Generally, credit facility term exceeds initial loan terms by five years.

Interest Rate Fixed, variable, or a combination of fixed and variable tranches. Variable-rate advances may be converted to fixed rate.

An interest rate cap or other interest rate hedge is generally required for variablerate advances.

Minimum Facility LTV/DSCR Up to 75%, depending upon asset class and product type. DSCR starts at 1.25x.

Credit facilities that only include multifamily affordable housing properties allow up to 80% and may start at 1.25x.

Structuring Options/Features • No rebalancing required.

• No unused capacity fees.

All structuring options/features subject to the terms of the Master Credit Facility Agreement.

Prepayment Availability

Borrower Entity

Flexible prepayment options available, including partially pre-payable debt, yield maintenance and declining prepayment premium.

A single purpose, bankruptcy-remote entity is required for each borrower in any general partner, managing member, or sole member that is an entity.

Borrowers must have common sponsorship.

Timing of Rate Lock and Closing

The time frames for rate lock and closing are subject to the number of properties, property-specific issues, locations, complexity of ownership issues, complexity of closing or execution requirements, and the level of document negotiation.

The minimum closing time frame for a new credit facility is 60 days from signed term sheet/loan application. For collateral additions and substitutions, the closing time frame is 30 days from signed application.

Origination Fees

The lenders origination fee must be approved by Fannie Mae and is determined on a case-by-case basis prior to application based on the size and makeup of the collateral pool for the initial advance.

Fannie Mae charges a structuring fee of 10 basis points on each advance.

Other fees (e.g. due diligence, substitution, release, assumption, and review) will apply.

Structured Transaction Experts

Dan Brendes

SVP, Head of GSE Lending 301.202.3551

Steven Long

SVP, Agency Structured Transactions 312.845.8563

Liz Diamond

SVP, Head of Affordable Originations 415.646.7704

Emily Schultz

SVP, Head of Fannie Mae Originations 301.202.3562

David Leopold

SVP, Head of Affordable Housing 301.202.3547

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